Happy Halloweird

Happy Halloween from the entire Lawson family.  Also, to distract yourself today I highly recommend picmonkey’s halloween photo morphing.  Here’s Hailey after I got finished with her:

I asked Victor what he thought and he said he hated it and that it was very disturbing. WIN.

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  1. You’re my kind of people.

    Julie recently posted Halloween 2012.

  2. Adorable!

  3. I’m guessing Halloween is your favorite holiday. You should send out cards with a Christmas style “family letter ” (you know, “This year Timmy got promoted from fry cook to register!”) with a picture of you all in zombie makeup.

    Heretic Husband recently posted "A Year of Biblical Womanhood": A pre-review.

  4. super win!

    Suz recently posted Health setbacks … again???.

  5. You need to turn HST into a zombie/vampire kitten as well!

    Jillian recently posted Short Post and a Song #25.

  6. You definitely win. Happy Halloween, lady!

    Adrasteia recently posted Hurricane Sandy.

  7. I see the cat came out unscathed in these.

    I guess there’s a first for everything.

    moooooog35 recently posted A Halloween Pictorial - Mental Poo style.

  8. Happy Halloween!

  9. Those are great! Bottom left one looks like the cat scratched her on the cheek. And that she’s pretty disappointed about it.

    Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd recently posted Facts I Made Up About Scary Movies.

  10. Simply adorkable 🙂

    Joely recently posted Filed Under: Where to buy all the wrongest things..

  11. Victor’s just jealous that he didn’t get special pictures.

    Kristina Waters recently posted Final Farmers Market Recipe for the Year!.

  12. Freaky – perfect for frightening the children!

  13. Disturbing and creepy, my kind of gal. Well done! Happy Halloween!

    @bluenotebacker recently posted Returning to form….

  14. You left the cat unscathed??

  15. LOVE IT!
    I know what I’ll be doing all afternoon now…..

  16. That’s fabulous. I have to do one of my nephew.

  17. Very nice and disturbing.

    Corey Feldman recently posted Sex.

  18. I think it looks lovely. Boo, Victor. Boo I say.

    Sisifo recently posted Urban Legends.

  19. Hah! I spent much of my day doing exactly this. The fruits of my efforts can be found here: http://www.cheekypinktulip.tumblr.com

    Maria xx

    Maria @ Cheeky Pink Tulip recently posted The Pumpkin That Never Was....

  20. What does Hailey think about it? 🙂

    Brenna recently posted Philosophizing.

  21. Reminds me of Andy Warhol’s artwork. Very chic!

    For Love or Funny recently posted Proof my dog is possessed..

  22. That’s awesome.. I have a friend that does some awesome scary photoshop work:


    andie recently posted Parenting Win plus Other Things..

  23. Beware Jenny…Hailey is going to write a book some day too!!! ;o)

  24. What? No blood for HST? That sweet little girl is true gothic horror…. I love it!

    Synnove @ Don't Chew On The Dinner Table! recently posted It's Halloween Day!.

  25. I’m totally using that to mess with pics of our furbabies. Excellent.

    Happy Halloween to your family!


    Jess recently posted Home Again. Jiggy..

  26. Creepy yet beautiful. You should frame those.

    Observacious recently posted Babywearing Mother of Dragons, A Game of Thrones Variant Costume.

  27. duh, victor – that is the point of halloween! i would also like to know what HST is going to be tonight!

    Jen recently posted How to Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran.

  28. That is awesome. You should do it to the cats as well. Ferris especially.

    The Kidless Kronicles

    Nicole@TheKidlessKronicles recently posted Tuesday: Space Issues and Selling Hollywood.

  29. “That’s right, pose as cute as you want. I’m going to turn you into a monster anyway.”

    neal recently posted Need something to creep you out till Halloween gets here?.

  30. Hailey would make a lovely Claudia if they remade “Interview With the Vampire.”

    Anne Dodd recently posted Romney, Ryan and Ritchie Rich.

  31. Aw, she’s adorable!! Also, KITTY!

    You need to take a pic of the kitty and morph him. That would be awesome.

  32. I am boycotting halloween in that I am eating candy corns, taking my daughter trick or treating, going to a party,but complaining the whole time. BUT I am very excited about Day of the Dead tomorrow. pic on top left is perfect for my one woman Dia de los Muertos dinner party I’m hosting tomorrow nite

    Christine from FLY FISH CHICK recently posted Meanwhile, A Few Parishes Away….

  33. LOVE Your PicMonkey pics!! Are you handing out candy tonight or taking Hailey out trick or treating?
    Oh btw- if you do take her trick or treating- Do you dress up as well?

    Happy Halloween!

    Candypolooza recently posted Happy Halloween.

  34. Hailey is the BEST KIND of monster! She’s still so cute underneath the horror. She’ll pull at your heartstrings… And then she strikes. Awesome. (HST only contributes to the adorable vulnerability.)

    Katie recently posted Books That Scare Me: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

  35. Oh, this probably means I will be late picking the kids up from school. I smell another “Elf Yourself” incident and cereal for dinner day. Thank you Ms Lawson.

  36. Well there meant my work day productivity….

    John recently posted fit stuffed bell peppers.

  37. Happy Halloweird to you, too, from me and Emily Pumpkinson!!

    Kathleen recently posted Emily Pumpkinson.

  38. I’m always in favour of claw marks across cheeks, dark rooms and blood stained mouths, so the bottom left corner pic wins my vote. Suck that, Victor. 😉

  39. Oh, this probably means I will be late picking the kids up from school. I smell another “Elf Yourself” incident and cereal for dinner day. Thank you Ms Lawson. You might enjoy my kids as Doogie Howser MD and Vinnie and can I say that the parents did give them more candy, mostly because only the parents knew who they were.

    Abbie Gale recently posted Halloween Costume Voting is the the Best Kind of Voting.

  40. I too am disappointed that Hunter S. Tomcat was not included in the fun. He will, no doubt, dial up his efforts to strangle you in your sleep should you not rectify that! 🙂

  41. I’m totally doing this to a picture of Honey Boo Boo.

    Amy Mac recently posted Spooky Southern Cemetery.

  42. You are pure awesome. I think you should use that quad image for your Christmas card this year.

    Naked Girl in a Dress recently posted Frankenstorm Update: Naked Girl Opines on Hurricane Compatibility.

  43. Nice photos!

    Ashley recently posted Hoopdeloop.

  44. I had big fancy-dinner-making-for-friends plans for today until I saw this.

    Leftover White Castle burgers is almost exactly the same as Beef Wellington right?

    Lauren@FilingJointly recently posted Five Things Friday On A Tuesday Because Of How Hurricanes Discombobulate Everything.

  45. If I said Hailey is gorgeous and that she looks a ton like you, Jenny, would that be a compliment based on this series of photos? Well…as neither of you look like this on a daily basis (that I know of), what I can confirm is that you are both lovely and that she is a lucky girl to have such a fabulous, mischievous mom.

  46. Hell yes! And I bet Hailey loved it!

  47. Spookily done. She looks angelic and therefore evil as hell.
    And if Victor is freaked out, then it’s a win-win.

    Melissa recently posted A Not-So-Daily Encounter.

  48. Happy Halloween….

    I live in nj. As of now Halloween is postponed :-/
    I should be ok with this since I’m 28 and have no kids to take around…. But last Halloween was a disaster. I spent 8 hours in the ER after a very bad panic episode that led to a bad self harm.
    This year I was dreading Halloween but my therapist talked me into making a costume for the treatment centers big Halloween party. So I hand sewed a big fluffy tutu and apron and got fun tights and was going to go as Alice in wonderland. But then Sandy hit. The treatment center is closed bc of no power. I have no electricity. Cell service is crappy. In the next town over people lost everything. Like walls of their houses are missing.

    Soooo I’m trying to stay positive despite all the crazy going on…
    This is such a Debbie downer reply :-/
    I’m going to put on my costume and read f”Fight Club aloud to the cats. Just cause I can.

  49. 49
    Claudette Turdici

    That is an awesome site. I just spent too much time away from work playing.

  50. Sppoookkkyy!!

    Jenn Jones recently posted An Insight Into My Awkward Little Mind.

  51. That is just awesome! And I agree with some other posters, there totally needs to be some zombie HST pictures as well.

  52. I think I need to tell my wife about this… She would have a field day!!!

    TheFeelGoodDepot recently posted The Tomb Of the Unknown Soldier – IS ALWAYS MANNED.

  53. I just zombiefied myself… this totally rocked my lunch break! 🙂 Thanks! Happy Halloween!

  54. She’s gorgeous! Even when she’s disturbing.

    Jaime recently posted But I don’t even like Bud Light, Sebastian.

  55. Nice! The third one (bottom left) looks particularly horrific. She has a classic look, she could totally do period work.

    Amanda recently posted 31 Days Series: Another hat..

  56. Nice!

    C Vanderwicken recently posted Happy Halloweird.

  57. How awesome! I love that Day of the Dead face painting is ‘trendy’ this year. I suspect hipsters are at the root of this.

    Kaitlyn recently posted Hallowe'en shenanigans!.

  58. that right there is the kitties titties…

  59. That’s totally awesome and I can’t wait for my kids to beer old enough to be zombiefied! Our I guess I can, because I have to.

    Andreas Heinakroon recently posted The uncanny valley.

  60. We spent a good couple of hours on PicMonkey this weekend making ourselves all creepy. What a great add-on!

  61. They are all great!

  62. Love the Sugar Skull…but I might be a little biased.

  63. ahh…she looks so badass as the day of the dead chick, love this!

  64. She is very photogenic, even as a zombie! Adorable!

    Melisa @ Just Begin From Here recently posted how to knit a cat fur sweater in three easy steps..

  65. Hailey seemed like such a nice girl before the zombie apocalypse.

  66. That is adorable. Hopefully she always has that love for Halloween. I used to. However with a mid term last week and one this week I am dressed up as a tired college student because I am in fact a tired college student. Maybe next year I can muster up the energy to do Halloween. For now a nap then I get to read wordsworth. I live such a glamorous life.

  67. I love love love picmonkey.

  68. So awesome. My girls would now like to know if you will please adopt them as I am “no fun at all”!!

    thedoseofreality recently posted Shelter From the Storm.

  69. You’re awesome. Never stop being awesome. I think we’d make great chat buddies, as our sense of humor is so similar. My poor wife is just like Victor– always putting up with my crazy shit. haha.

  70. Hailey totally looks like you in the photo on the bottom left. Except she’s holding a LIVE animal.

    Melanie recently posted Lessons from 12,000 Feet.

  71. Just freaking adorable!

    Ragemichelle recently posted Rage Advice For Halloween.

  72. I’m going to zombify one of my wedding photos. It’s almost our one year anniversary. My husband is Mr. Zombie Preparedness and he will be thrilled. Thanks, Jenny!

    Kelly and Geoff recently posted Points to the right side of the page –>.

  73. Happy Halloween to you and your weird family!!
    I think Haley makes a fine zombie. And vampire. And sugar skull. And…green thing.

    Erica recently posted I may be coming down with witchy powers. Or a brain tumor..

  74. Wow! Now that’s MY idea of photoshop! I’m going to set to work on all of my family’s snaps…would it be bad to do the ones of my dead grandparents too?

    Sam Whiteoak recently posted Kelly’s Mangina..

  75. Poor HST, he looks resigned to his fate…


    EdT. recently posted WW: Halloween Edition.

  76. 76
    elaine kurpiel

    Victor wins! Though I must say that the suggestion of doing the same with Honey Boo B00 is a great idea. Hailey will be able to write her own book soon and it will rival Leave it to Beaver. You will look …. in heels and apron; Victor will wear a sweater ala R. Santorum; HST will be the wise Wally; Hailey will be long-suffering.You have a wonderfully dysfunctional family!!!

  77. Love it! Picmonkey is the best for just this sort of thing. Very handy. 🙂

    Kristen @ The Balanced Bowl recently posted The “After the Holidays” Diet.

  78. I think you totally win! Way to go! 🙂

  79. Way to go! You totally win! Now I’m gonna go do some for my friends…….. 🙂

  80. That is some talent- taking an adorable face and making it look so creepy!

  81. Lol, I did the exact same thing about a week ago and put it as our desktop background..hubby wasn’t as amused as I was.

    Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life recently posted Last Night’s Dinner: No-Boil Lasagna.

  82. She makes a much better vampire that any in Twilight. So does the kitty actually.

    Rachel recently posted Happy Halloween: Part One.

  83. I like the first one best!

    Renia Carsillo recently posted The life of a salesman. Why common courtesy has everything to do with it.

  84. What a gorgeous kid!

  85. We love it! I got my daughter addicted to it! My husband thinks it’s weird too… halloweird for the win!

    Rebecca recently posted Crossing another natural disaster off my bucket list….

  86. I wonder if it would let me morph my zombie hermit crab….

    Stephanie recently posted Michelle’s Halloween #BlogHop.

  87. and I’m addicted and no longer getting anymore work done today.

    natalie recently posted Awwww you guys......

  88. You should send this out to friends and family as a halloween card. Amazing.

    Christina @ The Beautiful Balance recently posted Coconut Nectar Cornbread.

  89. Loved the second on best.
    Did you notice that Hunter S. Thompson looks exactly the same in all four pics? Further prove that cats are scary and evil by nature (and we love them anyway- or because of it, maybe).

  90. Happy Nightmare Night!

    The pictures are wonderful… Hailey is beautiful, hauntingly so…

    Hope you get many treats and no tricks!

    MsDarkstar recently posted The Right Resources.

  91. I love it when you always win!! And Victor is the best kind of loser, 🙂

    Miss Gee recently posted Introspection..

  92. Very cool! I should do one of my ex! He would totally hate me for it. win/WIN! (The win in caps is mine.)

    Mona Andrei recently posted I am not a hypochondriac. And thanks Apple for giving me the tool to believe that I have eyeball cancer..

  93. I wonder if it works on dogs, and, perhaps Hunter S. Thomcat?

    I totally spelled his name wrong, but I am too lazy to go back and check.

    Happy Halloween, Jenny!

    Stephanie C | Seriously? Really?? Seriously? recently posted OMG, That Was Unexpected, "Anon".

  94. Happy Halloween! Just for you I dressed in a sexy nurse costume. Except as I tell people, I am NOT dressed like a nurse, I dress like a nurse everyday as I am an actual Registered Nurse. Today for Halloween I dressed like a Whore. 😉

  95. Too bad the kitty didn’t get morphed, too!!

  96. …and there goes my productivity for the day.

  97. …and there goes my productivity for the day.

  98. Perfect! She could pass for edward and bella’s daugther in the 4th pic…did I just admit to watching those movies in writing? It must be Halloween! 😉 Happy Halloween!

    I love pic monkey!

  99. Sick – and wonderfully creative!
    Happy Halloweird, Bloggess!

  100. Creepy and freaky and wrong and… kinda adorable.

    Happy halloween!

    Alverdine recently posted Affirmation: deserving love.

  101. I love the Day of the Dead one, but they’re all awesome.

    Courtney recently posted Because I can totally relate.

  102. I think the day of the dead one is my fave but it’s a tough one. All so creepy and fantastic

    KaraB recently posted Long walks and random animal parts.

  103. He clearly hasn’t mastered reverse psychology. She looks creepy cute, though.

    Karen Sanders recently posted One Track Mind Full of Randomness.

  104. she should have been in breaking dawn part 2. she makes a much better resneme (or whatever the vampire baby’s name was).

    Simone recently posted I'm not kidding.

  105. Those look amazing. Victor should know better 😉

    keaven neely recently posted Buried Alive.

  106. Renesmee. Yea.

    Cathy recently posted Sandy has to end somewhere. I've found it..

  107. Hunter & the dress were a nice touch. But then, I always think kids are creepy…

    Amy recently posted Petty Goals.

  108. That is equal parts wicked, horrifying, and awesome!

    Hj recently posted Happy Halloween 2012.

  109. I’m doing that to our wedding shots ASAP.

    Mom Off Meth recently posted Awesome week and Happy Halloweenie.

  110. Unlike Victor, it takes a lot to disturb me. I happen to think Halley looks fantastic! I love the theatre of Halloween. You can take off your everyday mask and replace it with your true, creative self. It lets you shift paradigms, alter personalities, assume postures you may not usually have the courage to exhibit in public. It’s too bad that Halloween is not everyday.

    Lynne Thomas recently posted Of witches, mummies, goth girls, and ninjas…oh my….

  111. It is very disturbing, but in a hilarious way!

    Cheryl D. recently posted X-traordinarily Strange.

  112. Awwww….I love them!!! I don’t have a favourite, so instead, the bottom left is my least-favourite. It’s not creepy enough.

    Klementine recently posted Being self-conscious. And not being so self-conscious anymore..

  113. But whay did Hailey think? 🙂

    Kelly at Cibatarian recently posted Up-coming Events.

  114. The thing is, your little girl is the most beautiful zombievampireclowndollthing I’ve ever seen!

  115. Jenny, thank you so much for this tip, I’m obsessed with PicMonkey, now. I did a blog post today linking back to yours and I hope you don’t mind that I played around with a picture of us- so fun.

    Girl to Mom- Heidi recently posted PicMonkey Photo Editor.

  116. 116
    Geek Goddess

    Wow. Beautiful work. Eric, you know what I mean.

    I went as Amy Farrah Fowler. Which means I went straight from work.

    Geek Goddess recently posted The joy of escargot. (don’t eat the thingy).

  117. i hope picmonkey is eternally grateful for your advertisement as I would NEVER have found them w/out you.

  118. I love PicMonkey (and your pictures)! My friend did a guest blog post last week about PicMonkey where she zombified some wedding pictures and one of her pug.

    Sabine recently posted Some Snazzy New Marketing.

  119. She’s beautiful. Even with the zombie face, you can tell. Good baby makin’ you guys!

  120. Haley will treasure these someday. “oh, grandma was so cute when she was little!”

  121. Even when you do super creepy things to her face your daughter is still so beautiful.

  122. Dear Bloggess,

    Now that’s thinking! Figuring out a way to keep your daughter young and alive-ish forever should be the goal of every mother. Once girls get older, they’re too busy texting to do the dishes for you or take out the garbage. Keep ’em young, ’cause enslaving people who aren’t related to you is illegal these days.

    Miss Snarky Pants

  123. Those are awesome! I love picmonkey. For our Hallween party, I took all the mushy-wedding photos out of their frames upon our mantle and inserted morphed photos of our party guests instead! Tinypic isn’t working now, or I’d insert a link 🙁

    Laura L. recently posted South Pacific Vinyl Record - 1958 by MyVintageVaria.

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