Thanks, Youtube

I got on youtube and they gave me a bunch of suggestions of shit I should look at and most of it made sense because three of them were things that I’d uploaded myself, but then the fourth thing suggested for me was “BEAR’S ENEMA” and I thought “Oh, that makes perfect sense because it’s right in between me singing songs to African orphans and a video of my daughter dancing and then there’s A BEAR ENEMA VIDEO.”  And what’s even more unsettling is that the bear enema video has like 500,000 times more views than any of my videos.  This is a metaphor for my whole life.



In unrelated news, it’s time for the weekly wrap up.

What you missed in my shop (tentatively called “Eight pounds of uncut cocaine” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):

What you missed on the internets:

This week on shit-I-didn’t-come-up-with-but-wish-I-did-because-it’s-kind-of-awesome:

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  1. Bear enema, Bear’s enema. All the same really. Unless Bear is giving the bear an enema? That sounds dangerous. He should definitely put that on youtube. Maybe this is the new thing you could send to PR firms?

  2. Hi Jenny,
    If you have a chance please watch the attached YouTube video and consider posting it on your website. It was made by students of my son’s school (Symmes-D’Arcy) in Gatineau, Quebec. They officially launched the Pink Tuque campaign (also called Not In My School) to combat bullying. This was an initiative of the students themselves and we as parents are so proud!!!

    It’s worth watching!


  3. Very startling. Bears are nothing to mess around with. I mean having it so close to your young is crazy. The youtubes are just being very irresponsible with your child here.

  4. “Man vs. Wild”
    hmmm… if you’re looking for more views, maybe you should be
    recording those conversations and engagements, between you and Victor…
    “Man vs. Wild” takes on a whole new meaning when you are
    watching a guy discover a giant rooster on his doorstep!

  5. oh. lord… “for NBC News, Boca Rattan (sic), Florida… ”

    Boca RaTON, people. You know. RAT’S MOUTH. And if you go there, and if I ever work up the energy to go back there, just north of where I grew up way too many years ago, I can SHOW you the little strip of coastline that forms the rat’s mouth– two long strips of land with jaggedy rocks on the inside.

    It’s like these people aren’t even trying. I mean, even I can burn some toast and scrape letters in it with a butter knife. That isn’t a call from Satan. It’s a cry for help.

  6. Voted! For you, if that wasn’t obvious. Also, thanks for the book recommendation last week or the week before – Awkward Moments with Men. It was a great read! I hope the fact that you used them as a sponsor brings them lots of business.

  7. Wow. Bear enema, huh? I think that would worry me if it threw that in the middle of a bunch of stuff I posted. Then again, I’ve read your book and it kinda makes sense in a twisted sense of humor way. Sorry. 🙂

  8. No way I’m going to watch a bear enema video, no matter whose name is “Bear”. But, I thank youtube regularly for making it possible for me to watch the video you made of Hunter giving you hugs/ practicing his murder moves.

  9. Thank you for the lovely reading suggestions – AND – I love your videos WAY more than ‘bear enema’…..just saying…


  10. Wow that almost made yesterday less sucky, at least internet algorithm didn’t flag me as someone who appreciates watching a good enema.

  11. Youtube doesn’t make any sense. It always tries to suggest video game stuff when I’ve never watched anything about video games since I don’t even play them, but that’s not as weird as a bear enema. WTF is a bear enema anyways?

  12. Oh man. The cosplay. The freakin’ genius cosplay. I was watching the video and thinking to myself, “there’s actually a human being inside that inflatable. There’s a freakin’ human doing that. That’s awesome!”

  13. What ends up popular on YouTube is oftentimes surprising. I have a number of truly inspired videos on my channel and what do you suppose has been the most viewed? The fucking EGG PEELER!!! Thousands of hits. It is pretty funny…but not as awesome as my triple spatula, my running nun, or my semi-pornish Nuun music video. The evacuation of bowels evokes widespread curiosity…I think because for some of us it is a very difficult (and daunting) process.

  14. The things you can find on youtube. My husband discovered a do-it yourself liposuction…just in case I was interested. I about shoved the computer down his throat.

  15. I remember posting on Facebook many years ago, that people should be looking at YouTube. Like I discovered it or something. It is good for things you want to know and especially things you don’t want to know.

    It looks like we are both thankful today my friend.

  16. I suppose there’s no real need to worry about the Bear enema unless of course the next time you drive into Yellowstone Park, the Ranger issues you with an enema pack and instructions what to do with it should you happen across one during your visit!

  17. The key to that video is that it is gross, humiliating and has been on Soup and other shows. You don’t want to be in that kind of company anyways!

  18. Hot tip: include some lemurs and your rating will sky rocket. I uploaded a short video (less than a minute) on my daughter meeting some lemurs on the loose and it got like 2,400 views without even trying. (Disclaimer: other species of animals might or might not work.)

  19. Bear enema? I’m not curious enough yet to watch it, but I question Bear Grylls’s motives. I’d choose your dinosaur dance video below it any time.

  20. As a bestselling author, I’m pretty sure that if you give a bear an enema on YouTube, it would be far more popular that that guy’s video.

  21. I’m never quite sure what to make of it when Youtube suggests animal mauling videos to my bleeding-heart-vegetarian-self.

    I was watching a mini-pig and a great dane playing… but sure, fire up the ole guy getting his face ripped off by a bear.


    Thanks, Youtube!

  22. I’m gathering from the comments that it was Bear the man who got the enema, but I can’t watch because my brain is still holding onto the image of him guzzling his own urine. And that’s what happens when I’m not in charge of the remote. Bad stuff in my brain.

  23. That’s Bear Grylls, but that doesn’t make it sound any better. I really hope enema is a typo.

  24. OMG, I can’t believe you know all of the words to the Don Gato song! I LOVED that song when I was a kid! 🙂

  25. Oh…if only I could load my 8 week old nephew’s “This is my awesome pouty lip before I UNLEASH HELL FROM MY FACE” look on that new card…heehee.

  26. This totally made me think of the Charmin commercials with the bears! Who apparently don’t need enemas because they poop so much already. Or maybe they poop too much? That’s why they use so much toilet paper? And why would a bear need an enema in the first place? Don’t they eat, like, ALL fiber? This post just turned into my free prose paper from my senior year of college. Thanks Dr. BEASLEY. My apologies for the run-on, there are just so many questions that come from the simple idea of a bear enema :/

  27. Enemas.

    I remember watching a Kardasian episode (can NOT for the life of me remember which of their shows it technically was, just because they are so many and it’s all the same thing…) and two of the Kardashians got an enema. What?

    Then they did it on Beverly Hills nannies.

    Is this a “thing”? Because… it’s not a “thing” I’d like to try…ever.

    For me, shit goes in the toilet. Not some tube that was inserted inside of you. Weird.

  28. I would definitely NOT want to be the person administering an enema to a bear. That’s got to be the world’s most dangerous job.

  29. A metaphor for your life? Awww, come on. Your life is better than a bear enema. You have to admit.
    But as always, thanks for making me laugh in like the space of two sentences. You rock.

  30. Now you know how real singers all over the world felt when Justin Bieber won Artist of the Year last night at the AMAs… Or how I feel every time I see a copy of Snooki’s book…

  31. At first I questioned why anyone would watch a video of a bear enema, and then I remembered that it took millions of people to make Jersey Shore and all of the train wreck housewives as famous as they are and I’m actually surprised it doesn’t have more views.

  32. If you watch the video that my realtor made for selling my house, you get suggestions for a couple of other houses that are listed through her and then videos about stamping out prostitution. That’s definitely what I want people to think of when they think of my house.

  33. Because sometimes Youtube just knows what’s best for us. Let’s be honest, don’t you have a secret desire to perform a bear enema? It’s freaky the way the internet knows our deepest desires. . .

  34. YouTube told me that I’m like a video of Robert Pattison saying that he’s glad that “Twilight” is over. I guess they’re half right.

  35. I like you, and I’ll watch a video of you anyday, but I’m afraid I am going to have to take a pass on the bear enema. Nothing against the bear.

  36. I am an admitted comment whore. There’s probably a 12 step program for people like me.
    The comments here are almost as funny as the post. Almost.
    Here are my comments about the comments (since everything constructive has already been said about the post).
    #1 – Sure… Bear’s Enema and “bears enema” are two different things. That’s for pointing that out.
    #2 – “Bear’s enema” is gross. At least if it were “bears enema” it would be interesting in a scientfic way. But seeing Bear Gryllis’ enema = disgusting.
    #3 – I need to spend more time on YouTube.

    That is all. Carry on.

  37. Does YouTube think you’re incredibly narcissistic and that you like poo? It usually gives me suggestions of things I’ve already watched. Was Bear coaching your daughter for her pageant? “My biggest challenge yet, helping Hailey to compete and win her pageant. Unfortunately, we had no go-go juice and couldn’t quite get the handle of rednekonizing.”

    Good luck with Good Reads!

  38. These “intuitive” sites provide some great entertainment. My friend recently did a search for “exercise” under a “Health and Personal Care” category on Amazon. The third recommendation for her was Kegal weights.

    Perfect. 😉

  39. Maybe YouTube read the colon cleansing chapter in your book and thought you’d be interested in enemas? Or maybe their logarithm system is actually a roulette wheel. When I watched the video about the Satan-infested toaster, YouTube then offered me a UFOPorno video to watch next.

  40. Out of curiosity, isn’t “doxie” a 19th century term for hooker? Because if so, that is an AWESOME company name, and I am thoroughly entertained.

  41. Saw your book highlighted on the Biography table at Barnes and Noble as suggestions for holiday gifts. I picked it up and said very loudly to my husband “THIS IS THE BOOK I’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT! IT’S GREAT AND EVERYONE SHOULD BUY IT!” You’re welcome.

  42. Maybe people clicked on it hoping Bear was giving a bear an enema and they were hoping (as I was) that he would in turn get mauled by said bear. That would be a video worth watching…

  43. Dont know where else to ask….but when are you going to write another book? I need it!!! Physically, mentally and emotionally!!! 🙂

  44. I suppose the difficult part is living in a world where bear enema videos are so popular. It’s not what it says about YOU, it’s what it says about the rest of us. Although I did just post a video of myself impersonating a home shopping host which leaves me no ground to stand on. I think.

  45. No, the bear is a metaphor for what’s popular versus what’s art. Yogi would outdraw my website, too, but it doesn’t mean he and Booboo are writers.

  46. I was all, “How do you even administer an enema to a bear?” Then I saw that it was Mr Grylls and remembered – DON’T LOOK, JENNY!!!
    Too late.

  47. I kinda know how you feel. My video was the #1 comedy pick on ALLTOP for one day, until I was unseated by “the kitten hugging a bunny”. Dangit. In the next life, I wanna come back as an animal with a successful career in social media.

  48. Hahaha! That’s Bear Grylls, he’s an explorer type, and he really does give himself an enema on camera, I forget why, but it is a very strange bit of TV. (Oh yes, it was originally on his TV series.) And do you know what is funnier? He’s the Chief Scout – excellent role model Bear! For some reason I haven’t shown the Cub pack this one just yet…

  49. Someone may have already said this, but Bear is a person not a real bear, he’s giving himself an enema whilst on a raft at sea.
    And you think you’re weird, you got nothing on us Brits 😀 xx

  50. Can I tell you that I’ve watched three of the four videos you posted (sorry, Hailey, I didn’t watch your Christmas video), but I have never, ever had a desire to watch a Bear Enema video?

    You’re welcome. 😀

  51. I don’t even have anything witty to say because I. CAN’T.STOP.LAUGHING. The satanic toaster is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. When she’s showing the toast and is all “it seems to be aware.” I have no idea how that interviewer kept a straight face. I’ve been home with a sick kid and am completely sleep deprived. That video just completely made my week.

  52. Jenny! I have been your devout and almost-wetting-my-pants-you’re-so-funny follower for a long time, but haven’t commented before because it seems so complicated and I always get overwhelmed and just say ‘fuck it, i’ll send her love vibes telepathically instead’, BUT you sang Don Gato! I have made a fool of myself for years asking everyone if they know this song, and NO ONE DOES BUT ME AND YOU, and I had forgotten most of the words (though some of yours are a little different, I forgive you), so I had to say I love you extra now!

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