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Last night I was so lucky to be invited on Geek & Sundry‘s Story Board hangout (hosted by the amazing Patrick Rothfuss) with John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton to talk about writing.  I was terrified because I was the misfit girl in a sea of icons, but it was actually great fun.  If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to see how we all act in real life when we forget the cameras are on and tell our deepest secrets then you should watch it.  Or put on headphones and listen to it while you do your work.  Because there is a lot of cursing.  And cats.  And taxidermy.  I’m going to stop writing now.

Also, I apologize for this not being a “real” post, but I’m very busy today getting ready for a Civil War reenactment.  I’m going as time-traveler and Hailey is a Pilgrim who I picked up along the way.  Victor is going as “that guy in jeans refusing to participate” because he thinks dressing up for the wrong time period to confuse people reenacting another time period is weird.  Victor is very judgmental.

(You may need to rewind it if it doesn’t start from the beginning.)

PS. I just found out that Let’s Pretend This Never Happened won the People’s Choice award for Best Humor Book at Good Reads and I quite literally screamed. Thank you again for all of your support!  Seriously.  None of this would be possible without you and I’m mentally licking each of you on the face right now.

PPS.  Patrick Rothfuss’ World Builders Charity Drive is bad-ass and you want to be involved.  This is not hypnotism.  It’s real.  And it’s awesome.

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  1. I watched it last night, totally worth the wait. So fun watching you all interact. Though you’re very different writers, you have lots in common too (ie: hilarious and talented) so I really enjoyed. Especially since I could LITERALLY see a book by every one of you on my shelf while I watched. So cool. Oh! And that was my question Pat asked you, about managing your fanbase and whether you missed the more personal interactions of a smaller fanbase. SOOOO excited when I heard him read it. So glad you got to be a part of it, it means so much to fans like me to get encouragement and wisdom from heroes.

  2. Victor has just become the 21st century visitor you picked up to keep the pilgrim company.

    Yay for participating Victor!

  3. I had to get up and check on my cats during the broadcast to make sure that the feline hissy fit wasn’t on my end. Thanks Luna!

  4. You are an icon, without you..Rambo in Jamz would not make me giggle EVERY TIME I THINK OF IT…Plus, tell Viktor he is missing out, doesn’t your imagination go limp if you don’t utilize it often?

  5. Jenny,
    I got a great kick out of the note that you wrote on your arm for this forum.

  6. While I’m still holding onto the dream of seeing you do an episode of Table Top, this will suffice for now.

  7. I watched/listened to the whole thing! It was great fun and you all looked like you were having a blast. I can’t seem to get the words “cheeto penis” out of my head. I am going to need to find a context to use them in…

  8. I haven’t known you for that long, but yes, I vote that you are an icon.

  9. When I saw Scalzi tweet about this, my first thought was, “I wonder if Jenny can get him to take a picture with twine.” And then I was ashamed of myself. But only a little.

  10. There is one in every crowd… so I guess Victor was going as “One”. Plus, this is so a real post, and it comes with entertainment so that should count double or something. You should take extra credit.

  11. Oh Civil War Reenactments. Reminds me of my youth. Because my dad is a huge history buff and often dragged me to those things as a child not because I am a real time traveler and actually grew up in Civil War times.

    I actually now know so much about the Civil War that I do a pretty fair one-woman-show-reenactment sometimes after a glass or two of whiskey. I am excellent at the fake bugle.

  12. That was the best 90 minutes of my week. So awesome. Also I got linked to it through Jen Yates (ala CakeWrecks) twitter post and spent the first 45 minutes thinking John was her husband who sometimes blogs for her. So confused.

  13. Victor could be a guy who is in 2012 and doesn’t believe in time travel so you picked him up on the way too, hence why he’s only dressed in jeans and tshirt!

  14. Does Victor not realize that by going in jeans he’s actually just going the really lazy route of dressing in the wrong time period?

  15. This was inspiring, educational and all around awesome to watch last night. And now I feel old for having been a huge Buffy fan back in the day!

  16. This just furthers how much I’d like to hang out with Jenny and Wil Wheaton over coffee… or maybe cocktails.

  17. Awesome! Love Wils reaction to Hamlet!! Ha ha!
    I think you should guest star on the Big Bang theory as Wil Wheaton’s friend, so we can see how Sheldon reacts! I reckon it’d make a brilliant episode!

  18. Congrats on the award!! I missed seeing this live last night because I was watching Serenity and it was very emotional ( this i feel is a valid excuse) But twitter kept me updated on the whole thing and I’m excited to watch it now 🙂

  19. Uh oh Jenny – don’t tell Victor but …. and I quote ”
    Fabrics such as the cotton/wool blend linsey woolsey, cotton jean cloth and homespun were popular during the Civil War, often because of economy and availability. Jean cloth, which is essentially denim, was worn by both women and men because of its price and functionality. Jean cloth was widely-used for military uniforms as well, when original-issue wool uniforms wore out, or became too uncomfortable in the heat.

    Read more: Fabrics Used for Civil War Clothing | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_8428071_fabrics-used-civil-war-clothing.html#ixzz2ED2gXMt9

    PS — You, Wil & Scalzi -TRIFECTA. You make our hearts purr…..

  20. Thanks to you, I’ve been looking at Shelf Elves gone wrong on Pinterest, for an hour…

  21. I LOVED this video SO much! Some of my all time favorite people talking about memoir blogging which is something I am just now starting fall in love with entirely! Thank you SO much for being you and for sharing all of your wonderful stories and experiences with us. 🙂 You are most definitely one of the reasons why I started blogging so I loved hearing you talk about how and why you write. You are awesomesauce. Hugs!

  22. This explains everything! I’ve not yet become a millionaire blogging phenom because I don’t have a cat! NOW I get it!

    Also, I blame my husband. He doesn’t want me to be successful, obviously, since he’s deathly allergic to cats and all. Bastard.

  23. If you’re winning things, that makes you an icon. If your book is banned in places, that makes you an icon. If you go places in the wrong time period clothing, that makes you awesome. You are raising your daughter right.

  24. I literally have brownie mix on my cheek because *I* was busy licking the beaters after mixing. So, as you have mentally licked my cheek in appreciation, I taste like brownie mix, so I have returned a gift to you. It’s like the most awesome cycle of gratitude. Filled with salmonella.

  25. I am so glad to hear you won the Good Reads award…and you don’t have to lick my face.

  26. Don’t be nervous! You are an icon in your own rite. Who care what that asshole Nathan Fillion thinks!

  27. I love Civil War Reenactments. I once over heard to kids describe it as the “WWE of History Buffs”. Congratulations on your award! You are most deserving!

  28. I was totally still listening. I have many issues, but ADD isn’t one of them. And I think you’re spectacular. 🙂

  29. Congrats on the award! You deserve buckets of awards!

    And I’m only a mere 987 taxidermied animals away from being like you and Victor. Sorry, Mr. Wheaton.

  30. Congratulations on the GoodReads win! I voted for you, ’cause your book rocked. When can we expect the next one??

  31. Too many comment to read through, but if it has not already been mentioned you must do this either as Dr. Who, or the cast from Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure.

  32. I, too, do not trust Civil War reenactments. Do people dress according to the time period all the way down to underwear? That’s weird. And even more weird that I’ve spent 15 minutes thinking about it.

    High-five and fist bumps (or whatever the young kids do these days) on the award. The only award I got this week was who ate the most dinner rolls in one sitting. Ugh.

  33. I love Scalzi! And of course, you and Wil ‘The Collator’ Wheaton, too. I’m having a three favorite people squee moment. Congrats. 🙂

  34. Does Victor know that wearing jeans at a Civil War reenactment is dressing up in the clothes from the wrong time period?! Of course, he is going to claim that it is somehow not meant to confuse the Civil War people, but seriously, if the people from the Civil War actually saw someone in modern clothes at one of their battles (if they are playing their part right), they would be confused.

  35. @Rothfuss “I knew this group wouldn’t need much prompting.”

    I too was shocked that people who write memoirs were so willing to talk about themselves…

  36. I frackin’ love you… I’ve watched you go from talking ABOUT Wil Wheaton to talking TO Wil Wheaton. Full of win. An amazing life you lead. Keep those awesome moments coming!

  37. Thanks to twitter I caught this last night just before I was shutting down to go to bed. Wish I could have staryed to the end but I knew I had to quit about a1/2 way thru or I would never have made it to work this morning. Thanks for posting the video so I can finish watching when I get home tonight- don’t dare watch at work as my cube mates will think I’m having some type of episode when I start rolling on the floor laughing like I did last night.

  38. you are awesome. and thank you for sharing your awesomeness. you are like an inspirational flying rainbow unicorn that hands out candy to children (but not in a creepy way) and who hugs the sad and maybe even tosses a fiver at the smelly guy on the corner.

  39. Also — Jen, had a random thought… I wondered what you’re doing with all your cat wigs? We haven’t heard about them in a v long time. Can If you’re not doing anything with them, might I suggest nailing them to a canvas and selling it to an upscale art gallery titled “Wigs That Lived On My Cat”, and then donating proceeds to charity.

  40. Cool podcast and congratulations on the award! I love Goodreads and I finished your book up last night…it was great, so much fun, but also so relatable and insightful. Thanks for that!

  41. I agree – you’ve got as much iconography as any of the guys. Actually, if I had to put you all in order of my favorite icons, you’d be first. Scalzi and Wheaton would have to tussle for second place and I hope someone would make a YouTube video of that.
    And now I’m just rambling. Sorry about that.

  42. Oh! And also? I SOOOO want to meet Wil Wheaton so I can tell him I met Copernicus IN PERSONhomicidalmonkey. Wait, has he met Copernicus? Cuz if he has, my bragging will be pretty useless.

  43. I just finished listening to the story board. This was incredible. Lots of great information and funny stories. I don’t post on Blogs very often, but wanted to say how much I loved the book, love the Blog, and look forward to more great stories ahead.

  44. I met Patrick Rothfuss at OddCon 2009 when he was guest of honor with Emma Bull. Have you read his books? Even one? What about Emma Bull because “War for the Oaks” is awesome.

    Wait, Patrick Rothfuss lives in Wisconsin. I’ve met him. You’ve met him. I’m 2 degrees of The Bloggess!

  45. I watched this entire video thinking it would be amusing and delightful. It was. Of course. Except this was also so inspiring and wonderful and exactly what I needed to hear right now. Of course then Wil mentioned cheeto penises and that image was forever scarred onto my brain….

  46. OMG Will Wheaton totally gets you! Is it wrong that his knowledge of your brilliantly labled and dressed collection of dead things – raises his hotness level like no tomorrow?

  47. Is that like being licked by puppies?
    ‘Cos you know that solves all the world’s problems…

  48. That was probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen. You totally belong there! And because of you, I now love Wil Wheaton!

  49. You can quit licking me. I only bought 4 hardbacks & one kindle edition. But Christmas is coming up, and I intend to to better!! Spread the laughs around!

  50. Hey Jen, Rosie just mentioned your book as one to read. Yay you! (look in the “ask Rosie” section

  51. Excellent discussion, and I loved how the sub-title for Will changed occasionally!

  52. Thanks, Jenny! That was very valuable programming, & more fun than TV! 😀 As a writer, I feel nourished. ^g^ <3

  53. I certainly voted for your book on Goodreads. My friend read parts to me until I ripped it out of her hands slow reader. Then I gave it to a friend in the hospital and she won’t give it back although she is out of the hospital. Now I have to buy two more, one for me and one for the first friend. Damn you for so much humor.

  54. Congratulations on the win, you totally deserve it.

    Loved the book, loved the podcast, loved the laughter, even loved the tears. Plus, having been at the convention where the official Scalzi measurement was determined, loved the Coke Zero comments. (FYI – a “Scalzi” is a weight equal to 8.5 cases of Coke Zero) So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, thanks for giving me so much to love this evening.

  55. OH my goodness I really hope there are pictures to follow! My husband and I went to a re-enactment and it was awesome in the ” some parts made me want to giggle, some were sad, God get me out of here it’s embarrassing and HEY lets dress up in the photo booth” way plus…there was a wedding.

  56. Congratulations on the book award. You so deserve it! I was standing in the aisle of a bookstore on Spring Garden Road in Halifax (Nova Scotia) reading it and making a scene snorting and guffawing. Got more than a few sideways glances until my husband came over: “C’mon, let’s go buy it and get outta here. You’re embarrassing me.”

  57. Off subject, but you were definitely in my inbox because goodreads.com said your book was among the top 100 for the year! It was features as the top in the humor category. I know you don’t know me, but I’m proud of your accomplishments.

  58. I am so embarrassed that I have read so many John Scalzi books and didn’t know he had a blog, so there goes productivity at the office for the next few weeks… Also your book is so freaking funny!

  59. As someone who often loses all hope that anyone will ever pay attention to my ramblings… I have to say that you are the biggest inspiration to me. Thus, I absolutely think you fit into that “sea of icons,” and in fact, are the boss of that particular topic.

    Will is totally my “pretending to fly a fake spaceship” hero, but you win at blogging.

  60. Congrats on the award. Loved storyboard. Hate Entertainment Weekly. Cheeto Penis. ADD readers. Juanita. And I love that you choose to stand for what you stand for, and some things are just yours.

    Also, Jenny your hair looks awesome–hot rollers and hairdryers really make you beautiful!

  61. So glad you shared this! It took me a while to get through all of it–primetime television shows and what not–but it’s fun to see all these web personalities who we know through their writing speak and laugh and talk about crazy stuff, real stuff, and really crazy stuff!
    Thanks again!

  62. Congrats on the Good Read Humor award! That’s awesome!

    Have fun messing with people at the Civil War reenactment. That sounds hilarious!

  63. OMG, “Cheeto penis” and “bottle service at the douche bar”, and “there are so many good reasons not to like my book”. Best. Panel. Ever. I want to have all of you over to my house, and then refuse to come out of my room because I’m intimidated by your awesomeness.

  64. It sounds like fun. We are into Steampunk which is kind of reenacting without any sort of even vague reality to it at all.
    Congrats on the book! I keep recommending it in class!

  65. Congratulations on the People’s Choice award. You deserve it. (and your vote count smoked the other entries.)

  66. Of course I love you, and read your book in maybe 4 hours. ?? Your blog is the bright spot in my work day, thanks to you I have a tremendous amount of love for Wil, and Patrick Rothfuss??? LOVE! I waited oh so patiently for the 2nd book to come out, and was not disappointed. Anywho, I love it when peeps I love all get together 🙂 Now I’m just rambling. Have a fabulous day, all, and if you have not yet checked them out, The Name of the Wind and Wise Man’s Fear are an excellent, excellent read!

  67. So he is actually participating as the guy in the “waist overalls” from the future. Victor, you’ll never win mwhahahahahhahahahaa..

  68. You gave me the courage to put my ridiculous life out there for the world to read through my blog. I don’t know how many people I really reach with each post but it’s kind of my therapy and you gave me the balls to do it and not care what people say. As long as I make one person laugh with each post, that’s all that matters.

    Your book is the next on my Kindle list as soon as I finish the literal porn that is “Reflected in You.” I would’ve read yours first but it’s porn! YOU’RE AMAZE, Own your badass!

  69. Thanks for brushing your teeth before licking my face. Your breath is oh so fresh and fruity!

  70. I read “I’m mentally licking each of you on the face right now” and imagined it and shuddered IRL. My hubs licks my face during hugs to creep me out. It has apparently affected me. **Shudder**

  71. I’m so happy you were on that episode! Boyfriend and I caught the last half of it live. It helped me. It was like you were all talking directly for me, it was awesome.

  72. Hi Jenny,
    I wanted to let you know that Library Journal has named Let’s Pretend This Never Happened as one of their best books of 2012!

  73. I just watched the whole thing (ADD & all…) — very fun — Wheaton and the Cheetos … good lord. Laughing hysterically… xoxo

  74. I watched this and then donated a flock of chicks (my daughter was very excited about that), also I have some new books for my wish list and a few new books on hold at the library. Woot!

  75. You were on STORYBOARD!!! I watch that all the time because two words Patrick Rothfuss. LOVE HIM. I’m ridicously happy that you were on and all I have to say is now I have a mental image of a Cheeto Penis/Penis Cheeto, not sure which way is grammatically correct so that people realize it’s a penis covered with Cheeto not a Cheeto made to look like a penis, although I’m sure those are available too.

  76. It’s probably wrong that knowing you all have incredible anxiety about things, and just fake your way through them makes me feel better, but I don’t care, because it totally does.

  77. I watched the whole thing…and Wil Wheatons screwed up Cheetos for me, but beyond that, it was great and I don’t need to eat Cheestos anyway…and to think I watch that guy on TBBT.

  78. I have ADD, and I watched the WHOLE THING. bwaahahahaaa…. Thanks so much, jenny, for being you. I felt like the nerdy girl listening in on the cool kids at the coffee shop.

  79. Congratulations on the Award – well deserved! I’m so glad my friends passed along your book to me – it’s one of my top reads for 2012!

  80. Awesome video! I’m working on my personal blog and this helped a lot on how to tell the stories of my day better. 🙂

  81. You win. Found this blog yesterday through a really bizarre chain of events. I haven’t slept cause i cant stop reading so the next series of events might not make since.. I read the posts, I laughed, I cried, I know I wet the bed laughing some more and I haven’t felt this good in 20 years. Read about the red dress. Saw this post with my all time favorite author, Patrick Rothfuss. I squealed like a live mouse (not the dead stuffed ones, those go crunch, I digress) I can buy his book, he will sign it and give the money to Worldbuilders…..but that would still be something frivolous, non-sensible and not smart….FUCK THAT! I spent $120 for the book, a necklace and a t-shirt AND I donated to the cause as well (more money than at the store cause I am so excited about how he is running this fundraiser) I DID IT! I. Fucking. Did. It. This mother of 6 is going to take pics wearing my favorite authors SIGNED AND PERSONALIZED book as a skirt and my first new t-shirt in 10 years. Jenny, you gave someone their red dress and didn’t know it, till now. Thank you.

  82. This video is really awesome, my favourite part is when Wil Wheaton says: -Here’s one guy who’s like: You’re a shitpile and I hate you!
    -OMG, He knows!
    That is gooooooold. I laughed so hard I cried and it woke up everyone in the house and they weren’t really pleased and didn’t laughed when I showed them, but that is their problem, because they have a shitty sense of humor and couldn’t appreciate Wil Wheaton even if he would come here and do the laundry AND the dishes.

  83. You, Pat, John and Wil were great! I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. It is interesting on how the hang-out itself is actually similar to blogging from the whole putting yourself “out there” perspective. It’s even more brave in that you can’t edit a hang-out or have someone look it over before it goes out on the internet. If you say “something stupid” it’s out there for all time on You Tube. So thanks for putting yourself “out there” in your writing, your blog and google hang outs with a bunch of other silly folk. I was great watching you all feed off each other.

  84. Congrats on the award. Watched the entire video…very inspiring! You four are awesome. 🙂

  85. Why can’t anyone caption that shit before putting it online? Wil Wheaton regularly ignores that request too.

  86. Thank you for giving me a mental facelicking. That’s exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

  87. Oh girl, I’ve been sick the past few days and this totally made me feel a BILLION times better. BILLION, I tell you. Seriously, doctors should consider prescribing YouTube channels and blogs to their patients. Thank you!

  88. I am extremely late in finally watching this even though it’s like something hatched out of my fantasies. My favorite fantasy author, my favorite blogger and my childhood crush (I’ll let you decide who’s who) together, discussing, among other things, children and depression.
    With four boys, two with autism, one with bipolar disorder who’s just been released from hospital, it’s hard to find the time to watch things online, even fantasies come true. Thanks for the truly delightful mini break. I threw caution to the wind and watched it on my iPhone while in a bubble bath. I’m pleased to say I didn’t electrocute myself even though I was horribly drunk.

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