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  1. Jeez. I guess I need to start watching Doctor Who. I didn’t want to start part-way into anything because I figured I’d be totally lost. But now it’s on Netflix. And I don’t have cable. I guess I’ll see everyone in about 4 months.

  2. What do you call a whovian who skipped most of the episodes that take place in the past (except for the one with the clockwork robots, that one was cool).

    (A Cuckoovian. ~ Jenny)

  3. I haven’t watched yet either. Don’t know where to start. Seems like there’s too many years/confusion about it for me to pick a place. It’s overwhelming.

    (Go to Netflix and start watching the 2005 season. Call in sick to work for the week. You’ll be up to speed and needing your next fix like the rest of us by next week. ~ Jenny)

  4. I think you forgot the Bluevian, whose favorite color is Tardis Blue ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Ooh. So good. ~ Jenny)

  5. I wanted to watch the show, but then I went into one of those movie stories at the mall and had a minor heart attack the prices. For that amount of money, I’ll just imagine it.

  6. Just got the confirmation email that the entire series is waiting for me on DVD at home. I’ve seen them all, but now the BF is hooked so we’re starting from the beginning (of the new series).

  7. What do you call someone that liked Doctor Who until Matt Smith appeared? He just doesn’t have the charm of previous Doctors.

  8. I used to watch Doctor Who a long time ago, and then watched a few of the new series episodes, but lost track of what was going on… I should probably start from the beginning again – one day if I have time I guess I will!

  9. My favorite costume at Halloween this year was an adorable, super polite little boy dressed like Dr. Who. I recognized his costume immediately even though I (shamefully) haven’t seen the show yet. If it’s as awesome as he was I should definitely be watching (and apparently should start with season 5 to catch up. On it. Pronto).

  10. BooHoovian = you just watched “The End of Time part 2” and the cry is so ugly your family can’t be in the same room as you!
    These are great btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. What should I call my friend who made the doorway to his office/mancave look like a Tardis? Wife gave permission. Maybe falls under HomeBrewvian?
    Signed – NewWhovian

  12. Honey, you just took an absolute shitter of a day and made it good. You’re a gift.

    Tattoovian: Sports at least one TARDIS, Weeping Angel or the phrase “bad wolf” on their skin.

  13. I think I fall under quite a few of those categories.

    I’m currently on a search for the perfect TARDIS blue nail polish. What would that be? A CosmeWhovian?

  14. You are the only person who could’ve gotten me to laugh today. You are the Laugh-Maker! Thank you – also, I qualify as a NewWhovian…and I’ll stop calling him Doctor Who as of now.

  15. That’s not a sign of too much time on your hands, that’s a sign of genius.

  16. Netflix has all but the last season of Dr. Who. If we watch an episode and leave out a member of our household, we are severely punished by that family member.
    Famwhovian: Whole family watches Dr. Who together.

  17. Anybody who has not seen “Blink” is a sad, limp husk of a could-be-person. Sorry to get judgey, but the bit with the video footage? That’s perfection, that is. It’ll make you weep, it’s so perfect.

    Plus, Doctor Who is genuinely funny. I keep having to tell people this. “Scifi? Funny? Ah, yes, like one-liners in Star Trek, and those bits at the end of Knight Rider where they….” “NO NO, it’s actually genuinely ROFLy, you will occasionally hurt yourself and have Small Accidents”.

  18. I’m a Truewhovian….. have watched it since the very first ever episode. Yes, I’m that old, but since time is all wibbly wobbly and bumpy wumpy and timey wimey….. maybe I’m not ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I am so “tardis” to the party that I fear I’ve missed out on being cool-vian. But I’ll take those suggestions and give it the ol’ college try.

  20. GANJUVIAN: Young adult who after swearing for years that it’s the stupidest show their parents watch, exits a dense, smoke-field room, only to declare Doctor Who is the best television ever made.

  21. BooHoovian: Just watched “Doomsday” and will now ugly cry every time they see, smell, or hear the word: Rose.

  22. Mewvian – You do realize this is why some cats are insistent in coming into the bathroom with you? They are certain it *is* the Tardis, and as soon as you close the door, you will forever disappear, leaving them stranded without food, and with the crazy family and possibly *foul dog* you’ve kept in the house, pretended you weren’t secretly one of The Doctor’s Companions, hiding the Tardis, cleverly disguised as a bathroom.

    At least, that’s what my cat says. But she’s weird.

  23. I adore The Doctor. I was so happy to hear Chris may actually make an appearence in the 50th anniversary special.

  24. I LOVE The Doctor….I just started watching the classic Doctor Who episodes on Netflix. Has there ever been a bad Doctor.

  25. Totally love these!!

    I teach high school and I have students who like to discuss where they are in the series with me. I love seeing another generation being sucked in.

  26. Love the list, but what about a Tennantvian – A person who believes that David Tennant was the best Doctor ever, and cannot be convinced otherwise (even thought Matt Smith is doing a great job) ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. My ten-year-old started watching Doctor Who this year. I told her she was now a Whovian, but she thought I said Who-ligan, which we think is a better term for kids who watch the show.

  28. I can’t quite claim Truewhovian status. I’m not old enough and an American to boot. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I have watched since I was knee-high with my Dad. Mostly the Tom Baker era. When the series, relaunched, my Dad called to make sure I knew. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was recently directed to Amazon Instant Watch, where they have a ton of “classic” Who episodes available for streaming. Looks like double of Netflix’s classic offerings.

  29. Barbara – please watch Dr Who. As a Brit growing up with The Doctor, I’d love to read a blog (or a college thesis) about the parallels between Dr Who and Downton Abey.

  30. May I add – Screwvian: Those with intense physical crushes on the Doctor (you know who you are); Curfewvian: Those who stay up past their bedtime to secretly watch the show (your parents know who you are); and Ingenuevian: Those who focus more on the Doctor’s often gorgeous companion more than the Doctor himself (we know who Billie Piper is).

  31. Love it! Typo in EtTuVian. 2nd word in description missing a “w.”

    (Dammit. I figured as soon as I closed the graphic I’d find a typo or two. ~ Jenny)

  32. At the moment I’m a flu-vian. Someone who has spent the day off work snuffling and watching their favourite episodes under a duvet. Or should that be flu-duvet-vian? Flu-vet-vian? You’re much better at this.

  33. Also for those who haven’t watched-if you have amazon prime you can stream 2005 on for free. I started watching because of you, Jenny, and the Big Bang theory. Also, Sherlock is genius. Moffat is my BFF.

  34. I’m a NewWhovian, thanks to you. I actually just started watching season 3 today.

  35. Oh dear, I’m a BooHoovian. Just watched Vincent & The Doctor, and it never, ever fails to get me dribbling in the last ten minutes.

  36. I might need a poster of this, or perhaps a delightful thumbnail of it that we can disperse to the internet.

  37. Man I know so many EtTuVians it’s not even funny. Sometimes it’s really necessary to say “I told you so, bitches.”

  38. Proving, once again, that Jenny’s commentators are just as awesome as Jenny.

    Beginning a two week “vital exhaustion” medical leave. Or as I am calling it, a laycation. Two episodes in. Can fit in about four more tonight, right?

  39. I’m a Smugovian – A Doctor Who fan who watched the original Dr. Who back in the 80’s or before and feels that they are better than the rest of you because they know who the fuck Tom Baker is!

  40. I’ve been a Throughvian for so long. I had no name for the disorder. And knowing is half the battle. So I’m ready to be a Renewvian. Matt Smith, here I come *sobs* I CAN’T I’M STILL NOT READY. I think I need help.

  41. But where do you begin? I’m the anal type, so does that mean I have to go back 11 Doctors to the very first? Who I can remember watching from behind the sofa? That I wasn’t tall enough to see over?

  42. I had a truly difficult time adjusting to David Tennant. Now I miss him like a limb. Cute as he is Matt Smith is….awe hell I’m still watching. “Who” am I kidding?

  43. Listen statutes are never what they seem…right….:) what do you call someone who watched the Dr. Who marathon, even falling asleep with the TV on (me)? Addicta-Whovian?

  44. My 9 YO son and I got hooked on Doctor Who 2 years ago, still ugly cry when I watch the Vincent episode, and tend to speed up in the car when I pass a certain cemetery on my commute that has three of the creepy ass angels…

  45. I *still* can’t look at statues without getting the heebie jeebies after seeing ‘Blink’. That is the stuff of nightmares.

  46. Retrovian

    Watched it in the60’s and 70’s before they revamped it and made it really coolvian

  47. And not to forget the Truevian – someone who’s incredibly smug about the fact they’ve been watching Dr Who since the 70s and looks down on the Matt Smith fans ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Watched the old Original BBC episodes of this when I was a kid.

    I can’t bring myself to watch the new ones, with their fancy-pants big budget and quality production values.

  49. I am 77 years old, and I just finished reading your book . You said it took you 11 years to write! Hurry up with the next book, already, or I will not be here to read it! ( I love the book.) You are a very nice and funny lady, thank you.

  50. Umm, I resisted watching Doctor Who until a few weeks ago. Then I watched Season 1 through 6 (of the revamp) in one week straight. About halfway in, I realized that I recognized the “exterminate” voice from when I was a kid. I probably watched some of the early originals with my parents, and just forgot about it. Now I need to go back and watch ALL the originals. So I guess that makes me a Remembervian (one who remembers it from blocked childhood memories). Thanks for the laughs!

  51. Re-curiosvian? Watched 4 episodes in college back in 1983, forgot about it totally for 30 years, and now my interest is piqued!

  52. How about someone who just plain doesn’t watch television, ergo never saw The Doctor.

  53. How about a WazooVian? Someone who insists on stuffing Dr. Who up your a$$? And no, I’m not accusing anyone.

  54. Now what would you call someone who was traumatized as a child by the spooky music and generally creepy appearance of the 4th doctor when the show would start immediately following The Polka Dot Door. I have tried to watch the show, most recently one episode with the 9th doctor, and the first episode featuring the 11th, but the scary opening credit song still triggers an emotional response not unlike a minor panic attack!

  55. The quick transition from WhoPoovian had me reading the Woo-Hoovian definition as “Cannot contain their excrement at a new episode”

  56. Totally a NewWhovian who started with the Eleventh Doctor b/c of her love of BBC Sherlock. I know I know, everyone hates on Matt Smith, but he’s all I’ve ever known — and I do find him oh-so-charming (in a Benedict Cumberbatch kind of way).
    Looking forward to finishing Season 6 (of revamp) and backtracking to the beginning of the revamp. That in and of itself feels very timey-wimey to me.

  57. My brother has been obsessed since he was around 8. He is now 40, has seen every episode, read and probably owns every book, and is the editor for a major Canadian fan fiction magazine. As a result I grew up with a strong desire to create in our home an atmosphere of Feng Shuivian – so I am a lifetime Nothankyouvian (which is technically the same as Eschewvian, except we are more polite in our refusal to watch). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  58. Hulu-vian : Doctor Who fan without access to BBC, who laments the show is not available on (and has written many emails about this to) Hulu.

  59. I want to start watching it, but I don’t know which series to start with. It’s overwhelming because there are decades! I remember a series in the 70s when I was a kid, but never watched it. Should I start back there? Or the current incarnation? Or Who?

  60. On my way home from work today, I passed by City Hall. The lights in front of City Hall were blinking off and on. My first thought was, “cyber men!” I do that type of thing a lot these days. Oh, and I’m still having nightmares about Blink.

  61. 1) WTF can mean Who TF

    2) Dr Who is not the only one who pokes dangerous shit and crime fights

    3) Although not all of us have a Tardis

    4) Some of us have to use the toilet while we humm

    5) Wait, let me explain that…

  62. Love this!
    Still way behind, but love The Doctor! And love that my daughter and I love it together!

  63. I wonder if my TARDIS costume from Halloween 2011 makes me a HomeBrewvian? I’m afraid my love of the fourth doctor above all might make me an OldSchoolvian…

  64. I’ve watched the 9th, 10th and 11th up to date so far. I used to watch out of order Doctor’s when I was a kid, the older ones. I have watched all of Torchwood (I LOVE CAPTAIN JACK AND CAPTAIN JOHN). Now, I’m watching Sarah Jane. I wish I had been on board from day one so I could have seen all in order. Now I’m trying to keep my timelines straight between different shows…But I am definitely getting there. Love it all so much.

  65. I’m totally a Boohoovian. That fucking episode. So many ugly cries every time I watch it.

  66. This is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’m a NewWhovian transitioning to a regular Whovian, with quite a bit of Statue-vian thrown into the mix. My mother/daughter trip to Europe (with all those statues) this summer will be quite a ‘who-ot’… *groan*

  67. If you miss the doctor while he’s away, watch Torchwood and the Sara Jane Adventures!!

  68. I did not know before this moment that I am a Yabba Dabba Doovian.
    It’s like learning about the donkey punch on the internet, and discovering that you are intrigued.

  69. You forgot to write one for people who have been watching since classic who was on! (I started watching about 24 years ago).

  70. Soufflouvian – One who wishes souffle girl was added completely halfway through last season instead of waiting for pondoovian to occur.

  71. How does one START watching Doctor Who? Do I need to start all the way back at the first doctor to understand what’s going on?

  72. What’s the word for someone who has never seen Doctor Who, but performed the song in high school marching band-one such as myself…?

  73. Hey Jenny, since you’re like, the ultimate Whovian, do you know where I can watch ALL of the seasons (starting with the original black and white shows–First Doctor)? I’m dying to see it all the way through!

    (You can get a lot of the old specials on netflix if you search for “Doctor Who”, and some of the episodes are on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIwjLrhBLsw ~ Jenny)

  74. Two more:

    Gruevian – someone who wishes they’d come up with a Doctor Who text-based computer game.

    And my nomination for “fans of David Tennant”: IrnBruVian.

    Those of you who’ve asked “do I need to start all the way back with the first Doctor” – no. The first episode with Christopher Eccleston gives you a basic intro to “what the hell is up with this character anyway”, and many fans will nominate other “must-see” episodes after that.

  75. soo true! I just changed the cover of my iphone to reflect my fandom of Dr. Who (since I was a kid). It’s a dalek dressed liked The 4th doctor (tom baker).

  76. Totally an EtTuVian. Like psychotic level trying to stay employed while neglecting all else. My forever WhoVian BF is loving this. Even when I cry (like gasping, sobbing, devastation-level). Or refuse to blink around angel statues. Or when I ask for an adipose as a pet. Or my newfound love of yelling “Allons-y” whenever possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Along with being irritated at people calling him Doctor Who I am also irritated at the ones who abbreviate Doctor.

    The title of the show is a question, not a name. Because The Doctor is his nickname, which always prompts people he’s just met to ask, “Doctor who?”

    “Dr.” only works as an abbreviated title. It is not correct to use it to substitute for the regular noun-that-is-not-a-title. “I went to see my dr.” is not proper grammar. Therefore, neither is “Dr. Who.”

    It’s really pedantic and stupid but there it is.

    Also I love this list and I totally shared it.

  78. CindyLooWhoVian – Only watches Dr Who at Christmas time when the SciFi or Space Channels run marathons.

  79. How about a “Who-knew-vian” – someone who is always pointing out how they’ve been watching Dr. Who since the Tom Baker days and were a card carrying member of the DWFCA (that would be the “Dr. Who Fan Club of America” to you) in 1984. (Um yes that MIGHT be me.)

    Also? I really wish my apartment was a TARDIS, we need to extra space.

  80. Choochoovian – one whose favorite Dr. Who episodes involve trains
    Screwvian – one who likes to have (what I can only assume would be awkward) sex whilst watching Dr. Who
    Brewvian – one who can’t watch Dr. Who without a six-pack nearby
    Antedilwhovian – one who watched Dr. Who since it originally aired

  81. Just started watching Dr. Who. Almost through sesason 1 of the 9th Doctor. It’s been a bit difficult to get through this season. Everyone keeps telling me to wait til David Tennant takes over.

  82. I had started watching Dr Who when my cable connection got digitalised and BBC Entertainment was kind enough to bestow us with the Doctor’s presence! Now the whole damn channel is gone…and I miss watching Doctor Who. ๐Ÿ™ Don’t even ask me to download stuff because the internet speed in India..is a corkscrew!

    I guess that makes me an EstrangedVian….:(

  83. What is this Netflix of which you all speak?

    I remember watching the old version as a kid with the Darleks who couldn’t get up stairs.
    Have not seen any episode until ‘Blink’ and now I’M HOOKED!

    I guess I’m a NewWho-vian/Statue-vian quickly becoming a WooHoo-vian.

    *must* remember in order to fit in I will need to refer to him as ‘The Doctor’ from now on…
    I’m the nerd in a nerd’s world – How sad is that?

  84. Is there any Whovian who isn’t also a Statue-vian? “Blink” was the ep my friends used to get me into Doctor Who (thus ruining me for live, obviously), and now I’m convinced there ought to be a law criminalizing stone angels. Also, mannequins. And snowmen. And…look, Doctor Who, could you just stop bringing things to life before I have to lock myself in a bunker somewhere?

  85. I grew up watching John Pertwee and Tom Baker back in the 70’s/80’s. Haven’t seen most of it since it started again so feel too far behind to catch up now. I might have to check out Netflix and see if I can.

  86. I resemble so many of those! I’ve got two of my three kids watching and loving it! Ten is my favorite but Eleven is growing on me. Can’t wait for it to come back! I have gone back and am in season 7 of the classic Doctor Who. Can’t wait to see how Four is…heard a lot of good things about him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. I keep hearing about this show and have never seen it. I am not avoiding it, I just haven’t seen it. My girlfriend is trying to get me into it, but I am just not sure that I want to start watching another show.

    I know she will win eventually.

  88. lovely. so clever and just enough mirth to help end a pathetic foray into white trash hell end on a good note (ie: my weekend dealing with moving relatives).

  89. I need to put an order in tonight for netflix and then get cable. PBS is a season behind and its only on at 11 o’clock on Saturday night I can commit to that, but I can’t get my husband to stay at home.

  90. Ok Whovians, anyone else going to Gallifrey One in L.A. next month? Do we need a secret Bloggess sign to find each other? Jenny – would ask you, but, crowds and all! Only reason I cope is that I have a hotel room in the same building and can escape as needed.

  91. I’m sure you could fit more in there…what about a Voodoovian? That’s my offering. But please accept my humble thanks as a Whovian with no Whovian friends for restoring my hope by including EtTuVians.

  92. Just printed this for the wall in my WhoPoovian…

    I started watching The Doctor about 3 months ago…totally addicted, will sit and watch half a season with blinking…thanks, Jenny, for turning me on to this…sort of…nothing else gets done around here…

  93. “Statue-vian” <– I was terrified of statues before the episode and developed an eye problem related to being unable to blink properly following it…

  94. Sooo… although I pretty much tell everyone that they need to go read your blog, I had to forward the think to this particular post to my few fellow Whovians… My desk at work is scattered with random Dotor Who things. ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Im such a Statue-Vian.

    I can’t not look at them. They’ll get me if I blink. My moms house has a statue of an angel inside. She purposefully moved it in the middle of the nite to mess with me. Ill never sleep again.

  96. I am definitely a Confusedvian … but since I have great faith in you because you always make me laugh (or cry) I will attempt to follow the advise you gave Nicole and start with the 2005 season on Netflix. Who knows, maybe I will be converted to a NewWhovian!

  97. As one who can only watch through Netflix and is sad to be missing out on all of the new shows, would I be a Sad-Netflivian?

  98. You forgot Eyebroo(brow)-vian. A life long Dr Who fan who can’t bring herself to watch the new ones these days because Matt Smiths lack of eye brows (broos) creeps me out…..Also Jenny, please stop ninja posting! I checked this site last night and no updates…until about half an hour after I checked and BAM! I mean, come on, I am supposed to be your BBF. The least you could do is warn me that you’ve posted an update….*adjusts arms on straight jacket*

  99. Oh, my six year-old is a total Juvian. If I want to bring her in to instant compliance, I’ll threaten her with weeping angels.

  100. And then there’s the “Can I sleep with Youvian?”, which is what my 12 year old son said for a month after he watched one episode.

  101. I call on the combined hive mind to help me out with new names–
    1. People who watched old-school Who religiously in college but haven’t seen any of the new episodes.
    2. People who never watched any but are intrigued and want to.
    3. People who just bought their first TV in 15+ years because the new episodes sound good…now if we can only figure out how to fit it in our non-Tardis living room!

    Wot, o…yes that’s us!

  102. I need to get back to Dr. Who. I’m more of a casyoo-vian. I watch casually. Here and there. Without getting completely obsessed. Although I totally want that Tardis entertainment center I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest.

  103. Hubs kept telling me he thought I would really really like Doctor Who. I kept saying, “meh.” At the end of the summer, no new shows to watch, months till Castle started up again, he showed me Chris Eccleston (9th Doctor) and I met Rose. I just finished season 7 in December. However, I didn’t see much of my husband in October. I just say he brought it on himself, introducing me to another man like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now I’m watching Torchwood… in my Tardis-shaped entertainment center he made me for Christmas.

  104. Oh, and Karen Gillam and Catherine Tate now live in L.A., so I hear. *Must not stalk the red-headed companions.*

  105. And if your kids are scared of the weeping angels… start them off with this:

    Weeping angel kitten. My 6 and 3 year old watched it over and over.

  106. You are the BEST Person on earth!
    Who knew there were so many kinds of Whovians! And yes I also have a Mewvian.

  107. I started with the new series a few months ago on Netflix, I’m now into season six. I will have to say that Matt is not my favorite Doctor. But then again David grew on me and I didn’t like him at first either. I’m hoping this new doctor grows on me also as it appears he is still the current Doctor. So…. I am a

    NewWhoVian, Statue-Vian, Boo-Hoovian, RenewVian, DeJaVuvian!

    Oye! And I miss Piper! I loved her but Karen Gillian is really growing on me. I do like her a lot and her guy too!

  108. Ha! I actually have a friend who falls under the WhoLooVian category. Her downstairs loo if filled with all manner of Who stuff!! Must share this with her. ๐Ÿ˜€

  109. I am a NewWhovian. I decided I needed to try watching based on your referencing of Doctor Who. Discovered the episode “Blink” playing on the BBC channel so now I am also a Statue-vian. Our family has been working our way through all of the seasons of “The X-Files”. We watch at least one episode nightly…before the kids go to bed. On more than one occasion, they’ve slept with one eye open. We were just having a discussion about what series to watch next. I’m going to suggest Dr. Who. I set my DVR to start recording…

  110. I was hoping the JuVian was a Jew who liked to watch Doctor Who on Sabbath, but I guess it would have been a BadJewVian.

  111. anal-compulsivian: one who wants to print this out and frameit, but can’t until “The Doctor and Vincent” is corrected to “Vincent and the Doctor” because it would annoy her all out of proportion to the insignificance of the error.

  112. My friend bought me a purse for my birthday that is SO LARGE that things go in and disappear. I don’t watch Dr. Who (I may now…with her persuasion and your list) but she started calling it the Tardis because it’s bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. So now when I can’t find it I say “where’s the Tardis”? Confusing looks from husband ensue.

  113. I’ve watched the series a bit out of order, and just got around to watching the “SIlence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” two-parter, which may be my new favorite episode of all time. So clever.

  114. There should be one for the old Who fans and New Who fans. Apparently there is a lot of rivalry between the two fans of the Doctor. I for example am a New Dr. Who fan while a friend of mine is a fan of the Original, Old Dr. She wont watch the new ones and I cannot be made to watch an old one.

    Suggestions: OriVian: for those who like the original or old ones and CurriVian for fans of the new Dr.

  115. Whooligans actively search for aliens and time-disturbance events to ‘solve’. May cause chaos in the process. I’ve been a whooligan for a long time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Tom Baker was my Doctor. Though I remember watching Pertwee reruns as a child. I’m so old.

  117. nuwhovian or newwhovian-ones that prefer new who to classic who. i’m a straight up whovian, i like it all, even if i don’t 100 % love a doctor, companion, or story. i find something to like. the worst part of the who fandom? classic and new whovians getting pissy with each other cos one prefers either classic or new who over the other. i’m also probably going to become a homebrewwhovian, cos i have made a cubee craft tardis, painted a galaxy scene that i plan to add a tardis (that i’ll make out of scrapbook paper), and i want to make other who crafts…wait, would that be more of a craftwhovian? i want to learn how to make a doctor doll lol btw i have a life-sized 10th doctor stand-up that’s looking at me all weird. i didn’t cry all that much at the doctor and vincent, but 10th doctor’s last two episode, and when rory and amy left…but only cos of rory. haha i’m getting ready to blog about how i scared my husband with the 10th doctor sonic screwdriver lol

  118. @a-who wants to know where to start. start at the beginning with the 9th doctor ‘rose’ is the 1st episode. then delve into some classic who, too. i enjoy 1, 3, 4, 7-11th doctors so far. 2nd doctor is okay, i gotta check out 5 and 6.

  119. How about campanionwhovian: One who loves all the companions from the first doctor to the preset

  120. I’m definitley a homebrewvian. I have a life sized 10th Doctor dummy (it’s soft, so mannequin isn’t the right word), dressed in complete Tenth clothes. I also have the Tardis towel on my bedroom door, so it looks like you’re entering the Tardis. And yes, the dress, night light, shirts, mugs, iPhone cover/wall paper, etc. etc.

    YuleWhovian–People who live for theDoctor Who Christmas specials.

    Previewvian–People who troll for spoilers before a new episode

    Reviewvian–People who can’t wait to get together the next day to discuss the episode, new theories, etc.

    Ruevian–People who had to DVR last night’s episode and don’t want to be anywhere near a Reviewian. (as in “I rue the day…”)

    Torchwoovian–People who wish to God Captain Jack would come visit the Doctor again!.

  121. Perhaps a person who has watched for more eons than the show has been around is an Antidil-who-vian. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  122. I’ve been forced to watch Series 6 (after trying the 1st 2 episodes from Series one) and I still don’t like it. What is that called? Tried-really-hardvian?

  123. You need one for someone who lives in the US and doesn’t have cable (and by extension, BBC America) and must wait for new episodes on Netflix Instant Queue. Instantqueuevian. It is a sad designation. But episodes appear in a batch of 10-20 and we watch them all in a weekend.

  124. My 16-year-old son laughed out loud at your list, which just goes to show that — like Dr. Who — The Bloggess speaks across generations.

  125. i saw this from dana “Along with being irritated at people calling him Doctor Who I am also irritated at the ones who abbreviate Doctor.” so i have to interject here lol calling the doctor, doctor who or abbreviating it to dr. who, is both correct in the whovian world. in the credits of classic who, the character has been listed as both ‘doctor who’ and ‘dr. who’. so anyone doing either of those things is basically right. ๐Ÿ™‚ there’s an interview out there where matt smith refers to himself as doctor who. i’m not totally cray, but i’m somewhat obsesswhovian lol finally did the post about scaring my hubs w the sonic screwdriver haha

  126. How about new Whovians who plan to buy/make a Tardis tent for the sole purpose of hiding from her family
    Because I don’t do new-show-obsessions half-assed. No way.

    I might be a woman who spent into the wee hours of the morning trying to track down how to become Christopher Ecclestonโ€™s companion.

    Does that make me Stalk-Whovian?

  127. The level of geek goes deep in this family – we are definite HomeBrewVian stock! Built a cardboard Tardis to disguise our front door in honor of the season 7 premiere, put up an extra Christmas tree just to decorate with all Doctor-themed ornaments and I am building an Etsy business out of custom Whovian necklaces…..you’re definitions are spot on! Love it!

  128. I would term myself as a complete and utter Woo-Hoovian; my husband has to wear earplugs because I can’t contain the squee.

    Will you hate me if I tell you that I might get a chance to visit the set this year and stand in the TARDIS? There’s room for Beyonce if you want to come with ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. Two of my favorite things – your blog and Doctor Who. I’ve been a Whovian since the reboot, a frequent BooHoovian, and who in their right mind wouldn’t be a Statue-vian. Although not sure who is creepier, the Weeping Angels or The Silence.

  130. What’s the term for the person who watched it as a child, specifically the Tom Baker period, and was terrified forever after and now just the thought of anything related to Doctor Who gives said person hives?

  131. My three year old daughter is totally a Juvian. Usually doesn’t even watch from behind the couch but will punctuate each viewing with cries of I HATE THE DALEKS! I KICK THEM! I HIT DALEKS!

    Whenever we watch anything on TV, and I mean anything, even a nature documentary, she’ll shout WHO IS GOING TO SAVE THEM? IS IT THE DOCTOR? IS THE DOCTOR GOING TO SAVE THEM?

  132. I am a closet Doctor Who freak. I realized this when I started looking at my armoire and thinking, that would make an excellent Tardis. Now all I need is a bucket of blue paint.

  133. I only discovered Doctor Who a few months ago after my brother, a die-hard Whovian, told me about The Angels Take Manhattan. At his behest, I tracked down the first season of the revival and devoured every single episode. It took about three weeks. So I am now a full Whovian, and also a BooHoovian as I totally did the ugly cry during The Doctor and Vincent. ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. I’m a Statue-vian Whovian who has created 2 Juvians. Currently Boohoovian – but I’m not to Vincent and the Doctor yet, I’m boohoovian because the 10th Doctor just regenerated – which has also made me a Throughvian (again – 1st time after Rose left, 2nd time after Donna left), but no doubt I’ll soon be a Renewvian – like probably tonight.

  135. Lol to the supreme! Seriously though, i’m close to being a throuhvian. I miss Amy so much!

  136. Need a word for someone who won’t accept they changed the theme music anytime after 1972. I’ll bet there are a surprising number of these.

  137. That list was so funny! But didja know that BBC America is showing 1 old episode a month (they just did Doctor #1 from the 60s) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show?? I didn’t watch cuz I had to go to work, but just thought I’d let more people know!! (plus the new season is rumored to begin on the anniversary date in Nov.!!!)

  138. BooHoovian… that was me this weekend! I didn’t even know that was a thing! (zomg the feels…)

  139. Oh you hit the nail on the head with the Boohovian. When Ten left Rose at Bay Wolf Bay the first time, I sobbed. The Vincent episode was right up there, though. Fabulous list!

  140. Oh come on. Most of us have watched an episode or two behind the couch. Starting with “Blink” and “The Silence”.

  141. i’m ttly a statue-vian.played sardines whit whovian friends after watching blink. never again..

  142. I am not a usual commenter, but I was catching up on your posts, and this reminded me-

    I was thinking the other day that it’s lame the only people who seem to share my love of Doctor Who with are (awesome) strangers on the internet, and, I suppose my Mewvian, but he is a piss poor conversationalist. In unrelated news, I am adopted. I found a few members of my biological family on facebook a while back, and while I don’t have a desire to meet them now (a whole other family? Ain’t nobody got time for that), but I do let my curiosity get the better of me occasionally. I went to one of the profiles that day and saw that my “little brother” dressed up as Doctor Who (10) for Halloween. My mind was blown! I told my husband that everything mades sense now. It’s genetic to be this awesome and I am not alone.

    So, thank you all for being awesome internet strangers, and for listening to my story since my friends don’t care about Doctor Who and probably wouldn’t understand the significance of this discovery.

  143. I’ve become addicted in the last couple of months. And I just noticed the next one up for me is Vincent and the Doctor.

    So thanks for this, because I knew to stop watching and wait until I had the time and energy to invest in the next episode.

  144. LOL, perfection as always. ๐Ÿ™‚ And for me, BooHooVian is definitely Doomsday and End of Time Part 2! EVERY TIME (and I’m a little ashamed to admit how many times I’ve seen those episodes).

  145. I will admit, I never watched Doctor Who before because growing up I thought it looked like Star Trek, and I didn’t like Star Trek. BUT THEN. BBC America had a 5 day marathon over Christmas, and my husband was watching an episode. I stopped in the room for part of one episode, and 5 days later I came up for air, completely and totally hooked (and more than a little confused, since they decided to show them out of order – who does that???). I am already calling him The Doctor, but probably because everyone on the show seems to call him that.

    I remembered your costume from a few years ago and decided to pull up your posts on The Doctor – SO EXCITED to see them!!! Thanks for all the fun! And for a place that makes me feel like I’m not crazy.

    Mucho love to you!!!

  146. certainly like your web-site but you need to check the spelling on several of your posts.

    Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to tell the reality on the other hand I’ll definitely come again again.

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