Any publicity is…um…you know what? I’m not even sure anymore.

A friend of mine just told me that if you search for “giant dildo” on Amazon you get something very unexpected on the very first page of results.  So I tried it.  And she’s right.

I don’t even have the words, you guys.

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  1. Hell yeah, ALL publicity is good sister! Living in Los Angeles is proof of that or have I been living here too long? Totally possible.

  2. You learn so much from the internets! Apparently your book has multiple uses…

  3. Am I the only one wondering how your “friend” came by such knowledge? Though I suppose it’s not all that noteworthy. Carry on, then.

  4. Congratulations on one of the most creative ways to publicize a book I’ve ever seen, even though it wasn’t a conscious decision. Every horny woman on the planet will be aware of your book. This totally rocks!

  5. omFg!!! Well I suppose, but if you’re seriously looking for a giant dildo, you might be disappointed at book recommendations…maybe they think if we are searching for GIANT dildos (as opposed to small ones?), maybe we should just sit down and have a good laugh instead?

  6. I have to tell you about our book club’s experience reading your book…see my mom is in our book club…and see my mother is from Spain. So she likes to participate in our book club for her vocabulary and it gives her a chance to engage with other ladies too. So the other day as she was finishing up your book she called me and asked me about a particular word that she didn’t know what it was, the conversation went like this:
    Mom: “Que es un dildo”
    Me: “es un vibrador”
    Mom: “UN QUE???”
    Me: “Ahem…for self-pleasure Mom”
    Background: my kids going “EWWWWWWWWWW” then they asked who I was talking to and when I said their grandmother they both “EWWWWWWed” even louder

    This was a particular example of when you do NOT want to google search a particular word.

    Thx for the laughs that have extended far beyond laughing from just reading your book.


  7. YOU WIN. Now I want to try googling Mediocre Dildo and see what… comes up. WAY TOO EASY, ME.

    It’s been that kind of morning.

  8. Lmao. Now this is marketing. although if they do a combo special someone is going to be disappointed that your book doesn’t contain enough porn.

  9. Your book has no flange. It’s not safe.

    also, vaginal paper cuts is a phrase that I really don’t want to think about.

  10. This is plain awesome. Have you searched for baby doll head bongs too? I bet your book is among those items as as well (that chapter made me laugh harder than any other). 🙂

  11. Ok, let’s think about this… the heading on the page is “Health and Personal Care”

    SO…if you look at all of the things on the page, they are all things that have the potential to make your day better and bring a smile to your face.

    Additionally, all things on the page could, theoretically, be used to bludgeon a scorpion.

    All are things one might put on their nightstand (although your book is the only one that can safely be left in plain sight if you are having company).

    And the clear advantage of your book over the other listed items is that it is eligible for free super saver shipping! (I would imagine the other things on the page have additional freight charges due to length/weight).

  12. Got it –
    Page 192: … This sex company sent me a giant metal dildo wrapped in a Kate Spade … See a random page in this book.”
    It’s all about the key word search.

    I’m more interested as to why when I was typing giant dildos in the search box “giant dildos in Office Products & Supplies” was suggested.

  13. lmao……….it’s because of the excerpt……………Excerpt
    Page 192: … This sex company sent me a giant metal dildo wrapped in a Kate Spade … See a random page in this book.

  14. Wait, I was supposed to get a dildo with my book? Is that only with the paperback? Cause those of us with digital copies got sacrewwwwwed. I’ll order a paperback copy ASAP!

  15. Seriously? Someone made a mistake, that’s the “soft” cover. They obviously need the “hard” cover on this page.

  16. Look at it this way: You’re reaching a BROAD audience. Someone once found my blog by searching for lady chubbies. I have no idea what that was about.

  17. Ha! Next time you have a “girls” weekend and write about it.. you get put in the “dildo” category cause you like the Kate Spade bag the “dildo” came in.

  18. All because you used the word “dildo.” I knew Amazon was efficient but, WOW!

  19. Why not? After all they didn’t call you a giant dildo. This way more people will learn about your book. It’s all good.

  20. Sorry, gotta go search “giant dildos” on Amazon now. Got a gift card burning a hole in my, um, pocket.

  21. Yup, The same as Tee said above: This sex company sent me a giant metal dildo wrapped in a Kate Spade

    That’s… special!

  22. I’m thinking the next release of your book should be in plastic and include a bonus chapter on origami.

  23. Yeah – it’s all good.

    Here’s the thing: if someone orders a giant dildo, and then they’re like, “You know what? That book looks pretty awesome. And it’s suggestively sold with giant dildos.” Then they buy it.

    Anyone who purchases a giant dildo is clearly not uptight. They’ll love your book.

  24. i think it’s really great how you’re breaking down gender barriers all the time. i mean, who googles dildo expecting to find a taxidermy-collecting, big-metal-chicken-buying, bread-sack-shoe-wearing, convention-bathroom-hiding, miracle-boar-owning, silver-ribbon-creating, awe-inspiring woman?!?!? no one. that’s who. they expect to find a rubber dick.

    you, missy, are a fucking pioneer.

  25. After having the same first reaction as you seem to have had, I had to think about it.
    I think this probably is good publicity.
    Remember, this doesn’t say that your book and giant dildos meet the same needs.
    It just means that people who have needs that your book meets tend to also have the needs that are met by giant dildos. DON”T JUDGE THEM.

  26. I’m fairly certain this means you win advertising!

    Also… well I don’t know that there is an also to this… except why was your friend searching “giant dildos” on amazon?

  27. WTF?!? LOL You never cease to entertain or amaze me. Unbelievable! *Nods Head-Yes* Publicity in any form is always a good time, gotta keep ’em talking about ya! Love ya Bloggess!!!

  28. I’m so confused; none of my copies of the book came with a giant dildo… not even a small dildo. hrmpf… I’m starting to feel a little jilted here!

  29. That’s the best Happy Meal prize… ever. Brilliant marketing. I wonder if the guy in the Amazon drive-thru will ask if it’s for a boy or a girl? There’s two, right?

  30. I, personally, own 2 out of 3 of those items. they both get two thumbs up.

  31. There are worse things to have your book come up under. At least it’s giant dildos. That means it’s inspiring, right? It’s for people who want a challenge…

  32. So was your friend actually searching for a giant dildo on Amazon or was she/he searching for your book using the search term “giant dildo”?

  33. Well, tell your publisher. Forget seeding bookstores with Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Clearly, you need shelf space in places like Toys in Babeland or Good Vibrations or whatever your local equivalent to the respectable, ahem, accessories store is. Cross-marketing, people!

    Hehe. “Seeded.”

  34. Did you ask her why she was searching for GIANT DILDO or is that a don’t ask/don’t tell situation?

  35. Yeah, but your book is available for free super saver shipping, take that dildos. Not even going to ask why she was searching for that term on amazon, on the other hand, why not.

  36. I just got your book (not while searching for giant dildos, I assure you, and anyone else who might be reading this including CIA people who monitor my traffic and silently judge me DON’T YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO??) and I am about 7% of the way in, according to my Kindle. Somewhere around raccoons and pants. Because 7% is a great part of any book to discussing raccoons and pants. No matter what any editor says.

    I laughed pretty hard. Which may have woken up my wife even though she wears a CPAP, which is not rated for “laughing at raccoons in pants” in any percentage (I looked on the box… nowhere). But your style of writing is more hilarious than a barrel full of monkeys, a saying I have always wondered about, since that sounds pretty fucking terrifying. I mean, it may depend on what kind of monkey, to be sure, but I bet they’d be pretty mad and would only be funny if you’re the type of person who can spell “Schadenfreude” without looking it up. You know, have a TV monitor, while angry monkeys take out their revenge on nearby people from being trapped in a wooden keg that smelled of stale corn mash.

    At least that’s what they said in the court hearing. I will never be allowed to run a petting zoo again in SEVERAL STATES, that’s for damn sure.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the other 93%.

  37. Omfg. Lmao.

    I did do the search. The Eric one is scary looking! No thanks.

  38. HAHA! I already posted but then I went to Amazon to try it and there it was!

    It was listed because the excerpt read ” This sex company sent me a giant metal dildo wrapped in a Kate Spade …”

    Now we know why!!

  39. Of course it’s good and maybe a public service! Dildo users like to read too! …so I’ve been told….

  40. I would be afraid of getting paper cuts, they are bad enough on the finger. I would think the paperback would work better then the hardcover as well. I would also be afraid of breaking my kindle.

  41. I don’t understand. None of the words even match, so who decides that your book = giant dildo? Maybe someone received great pleasure from reading it (I certainly did, but not in “that way”)? Wow. Maybe it’s Amazon’s way of suggesting another route for pleasuring oneself. Reading instead of…. 😉

  42. Well Amazon does like to give you the ‘people also bought this or searched for this’ option. So maybe your book and dildo’s are being purchased together. There’s a lovely thought.

  43. Did the book come with a giant dildo and I got cheated? Because I have the book and no giant dildo came with it. I would have remembered that.

  44. Well… Who would be in the market for a giant dildo? Presumably someone with a good sense of humor who would enjoy your book. I mean really. Who can google “giant dildo” without laughing?

  45. You’ve finally made it! You’ve climbed the ladder and have made it to the top! 1st page search reults for the Giant Dildo!!! Congratulations!!!

  46. Can someone please tell me what the suction feature is for? I mean, I have thought and thought about it and just don’t know.

  47. *snort*
    Of course, I had to go do the search myself and I love that a little further down, there’s a book with a donkey’s butt on the front and it’s entitled “Look What I Pulled Out of My Ass”
    Much needed laugh……

  48. I love that you are now educating hundreds, if not thousands, of readers about giant dildos.

    (BTW, spellcheck stopped me from writing “dildoes.” Thanks, google.)

  49. I suppose that when you think about it, your book was full of metal dildos and giant cocks along with squirrel hand-jobs (or putting your hand inside a squirrel … I can’t remember exactly … STOP JUDGING ME!!!) and potential racoon pants-removal. Frankly, I’m surprised that it’s not available on Adam & Eve’s website as well. Which begs the question … can you imagine the takers if your Giant Dildo Book came with some lubricant?

    OMG, Cross-Platform Marketing, people!!! The possibilities are fucking ENDLESS!!!

  50. Of course I had to try it. Interesting. That and “Mythology for Dummies”. What is this world coming to?

  51. If Giant Dildos are wrong, I don’t want to be right. Your book…er…dildo helped pull my best friend from high school out of a rut!

  52. I find it far more interesting that your “friend” was searching giant dildos and had no qualms telling you about it. Or that the first 11 or so were not adequate and they needed to scroll down. Ha!

  53. A significant number of people find my blog by googling things like “lonely fucking.” I can’t imagine how much disappointment I’ve spread just by titling a post “This isn’t Lonely Fucking Planet.”

  54. Now I have to make sure the kids don’t log in to see what Amazon reccomends after I just *had* to search for myself.

  55. Hm… How intriguing… I mean, that’s just a whole demographic of shoppers I didn’t even think of.

  56. I’m guessing it has something to do with a key word search. Mention lady gardens enough and you’ll end up in the dildo search results. Or something like that. 🙂

  57. My other question would be, “why are you searching Amazon for giant dildos?”

  58. I think they’re saying that If you can’t find a partner, this is the next best fucking thing!…So to speak.

  59. my only question is why was your friend searching for giant dildos? bahahaha Better than small ones, I suppose.

  60. Thanks for the laugh. And in answer to your question about is any publicity good publicity. I’d say yes most of the time. My mother would vehemently disagree.

  61. I, too, wondered why your friend was searching for “giant dildo”. Has she ruined a surprise party for you?

  62. BWAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, all I can do is laugh. I suppose anyone looking for a giant dildo might also want a good book to read while umm you know, using said dildo?

  63. Pretty curious as to who came upon that – was it your friend or did someone tell your friend about it? Who the fuck knew you could buy ANY dildos (nevermind giant ones) on Amazon? Are you supposed to buy these giant dildos sight unseen given that they’re censored? I mean, what if you order a giant dildo and when it arrives it’s so ugly you won’t even fuck yourself with it? I’m not really sure what would make a giant dildo that ugly, but it could happen. However, your book showing up in the search results? Amazeballs.

  64. I want to know what it says under the section “purchasers of this item also purchased…”

  65. I’m not even surprised. I’m much more interested in why, specifically, your friend felt the need to use the modifier “giant” when searching for dildos.

  66. Ok, so I am at work & despite this I had to go search for giant dildo at amazon, because how can you not? Probably this will go down on my HR & IT permanent record but I can just point to the book and say it was what I was looking for & it’s hardly *my*fault I had to search for a giant dildo to find it. Don’t blame me, blame Amazon for its keywordings.

    Just the other day my husband discovered they sell sex toys on Amazon (not sure how he’s missed them all these years) and he came across, much to his shock and awe, a listing for a 50 gallon drum of lube.
    Just imagine what must be going on the lives of some that they need to buy their lube in 50 gallon drums. Sure maybe some of them are reselling it in smaller containers but can you imagine having to explain it to the UPS guy. “Oh this lube? it’s not for me, I sell it to others.”

  67. Well… 1. Amazon has NEVER had so many people search for “giant dildo” in 1 day, guaranteed. 2. Those dildo pics are NOT censored. 3. If it makes you feel better, there’s also a book called “Look What I Pulled Outta My Ass” that comes up in the search results, so you know… You’re sharing space with publications of that caliber. So there’s that.

    There’s also a dildo with a little swordlike handle at the bottom and it’s called Doc Johnson The Manhandler – presumably so you can STAB yourself in the vagina with a giant dildo. Where the fuck were you with this post before Mother’s Day? I coulda had my gift all picked out in advance and shit LMAO. PS – why do all of these dildos come with balls? Balls are gross, they’re like the worst part of a penis – are there women that are like “Damn, I ordered this dildo and it didn’t come with balls – I’m SO returning it.” So many questions. Clearly, I’m not nearly well-versed enough on the topic of dildos, I have so much to learn…

  68. The better blog would be the story of your friend actually searching for “giant dildo” to have discovered this…
    Did hers break, and she need a new one?

  69. I can’t wait until comments start showing up saying that this dildo wasn’t very comfortable and didn’t mix well with lube.

  70. It’s just because you’re long, and you’re strong, and you’re down to get the (non)fiction on.

  71. Yes, and yes….it is all Beyonce’s fault for being such a giant……

  72. So….can I assume your friend already HAD a copy of your book before making this discovery? ‘Cause that would mean she was actually in the market, and searching for, a…

  73. Laughing out loud at all of the comments! The readers of this blog are the funniest people on earth! (And Jenny, too, of course!) My blog was found once by someone entering the search terms, “Kick Dr Pepper’s ass.”

  74. I want the story on why “Giant Dildo” was mysteriously entered in the Google search in the first place.

  75. I now know that I will never have to leave the house again. Amazon has everything I could need or want on one page.

    And it’s all so affordable.

  76. It is because of page 192 !! You wrote about receiving a “giant metal one” in a Kate Spade bag !

    …. and yes, but no, not all publicity is good… (hmmm almost typed Pubic Lice instead of publicity…)

  77. So, you are telling us it was your “friend” that was searching giant dildos on Amazon? Uh huh…Riiiiiight…

  78. I am now convinced there is a conspiracy going on against you on ebay. When you were in Phoenix for you WONDERFUL book signing, B&N kinda conned me into buying an extra book of yours…geez, I already had 3 books and 2 of your AWESOME Metal Chicken cut outs from Zazzle…but. lone story there…so, I had you not sign a name and you wrote: “You Rock!…” I have had it for sale on ebay THREE times and no on has purchased it. I have a picture of you doing your reading and everything. Jenny, it not that I don’t want your book, but I already have 3 things that you signed and just thought someone else would like to enjoy one of you autographed books. I also gave you a “People I Want To Punch In The Face” book…I suggest you put ebay as your #1 entry…that is, if you haven’t already tossed it because you thought WTF, Lady!

  79. Holy shit I needed that laugh. Get ’em to name one “Beyonce, the Giant Metal Cock” and you have a helluva cross-plug (huh huh) tie-in!

  80. haha. My #1 google hit is still “big butt” (followed my many variations on that theme). I only hope to be as successful as you and move up the ladder to dildos (that’s a ladder, right? not a slide down to hell?)

  81. I’m sure you’ve already asked her why she was googling “Giant Dildos”. Sometimes when I’m alone, I google myself. 😉

  82. So the question is, do you get a discount if you buy a giant dildo + the book? And did the fan ever find the dildo of her dreams?

  83. perhaps the thing that might be more disturding is to why your friend was looking up giant dildos on amazon? isn’t just the word dildo good enough? she must have birthed children.

  84. I’ve known a lot of people who deserve to show up in a search for “giant dildo”.

    Yet none of them do.

    There is no justice in this world.

  85. I am with everyone else and want to know just HOW your friend discovered this. And I want her number, she sounds like a lot of fun.

  86. You realize, don’t you, that if I search for “giant dildos” on Amazon, the NSA is going to find out? I’ll just take your word for it.

  87. I’ve never shopped for giant dildos before, but just looking at that screenshot I can see that they’re fairly reasonably priced. Way to go, economy!

  88. That’s hysterical. As far as why she was ordering it, not everyone finds that to be a big deal and Aldo it is a very common gag gift at bridal showers. You giggle, show your honey and about 2 kids later you are tearing the house apart looking for that sucker

  89. It sort of fits in with your mother’s day post in which you said that mothering was a crazy hard job, but I thought you said crazy HAND job. I did think you might be confused as that isn’t how you make babies, but didn’t want to shatter your illusions.

  90. Of course most of the people who saw this post probably hopped right on to Amazon to try if for themselves and if they happened to be logged into their Amazon account they’re now all going to get the most interesting recommendations every time they get onto the site.

  91. …and Ebay won’t let you sell a killer toy but… oh please help me………

  92. OMG…didn’t even enter my mind to search for your book that way. Nor a use I would consider for it. But, on the plus side (oh goodness, that was an unintended pun!) — I bet you reach a whole new audience of people, so yay you!!

  93. Jenny, Love, I’ve read your book. This does not surprise me. Though I do think it could be a very good part of the next book

  94. Is big in dildo searches better than being big in Japan?? If so, you’ve truly made the big time (not in a dildo sense).

    And whoever said vaginal paper cut – oy vey – youch.

  95. I’d say that’s interesting, but I’m afraid that doesn’t even do this post justice. That’s crazy.

  96. This begs the question, did you discover this for yourself, or did someone else point it out to you? And if so, how exactly does one bring that up?

  97. I just love the fact that you have a friend who was looking for a giant dildo on Amazon.

  98. I’ve noticed that my views go up whenever anything in my blog is associated with sex, so consider this excellent publicity!

  99. I know you have a huge metal cock in your yard, but how did Amazon make that match?!?! How damned crazy, scary, funny, weird, slightly frightening, is that?

  100. Soo you don’t have an email address to send this junk to, that I can find. But I’m pretty sure you’re going to be interested in this.

    I also found some other really fucked up shit that I’m just not even going to share with people. But mostly i like the robotic violin playing fox torso.

  101. So, thanks to you, I know where to buy my next dildo. You know, after the suction feature on mine stops sucking. OMG you (and the commenters here) crack me up. BTW you totally win marketing.

  102. ….I don’t think that’s how books work….unless I’ve been doing something terribly wrong in which case I wonder how many people have been judging me for the amount of books I own and proudly display in the living room…

  103. Not that I didn’t believe you, but I had to try this myself. Sure enough, there was your book. Also, I am hoping you gave your friend a hard time about searching for giant dildos…

  104. Well, there’s my mistake. I’m always searching for “giant dodo”. That’s why I can’t find your book. Or anything else really satisfying.

  105. That’s glorious! Do you know how many folks are trying to find dildos? That mean all those horny bastids will find your book. You can’t buy that kind of SEO magicks.

  106. Enormous Eric has a 9inch cock, AND 9INCH BALLS? WTF!?? What do you do with 9INCH BALLS? You could seriously hurt your self whilst being teabagged by those bad boys! I’m not sure I’ll buy that dildo……just your book it is then, seems less dangerous.

  107. I’m a bit disappointed that they’re selling used copies of your book (who would dare part with it?). I’m pretty glad to see they aren’t selling used giant dildos however.

  108. First, what was your friend searching? never mind I think I get it.
    Second, this is awesome, at least you were not in the category of small dildos, because I think being under giant ones, is so much better anyway….

  109. The only thing I’m surprised at is the bargain pricing of those dildos.

  110. I hope no one accidently confuses your book for a giant dildo. Even the paperback edition, while more flexible , still will leave evil and hard to explain papercuts…
    Who is selling your book? Why would you get rid of this? That’s not okay!

  111. So is this another example of you undermining the market place?

  112. ahhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    I just peed my pants.


  113. At least you do reference a giant dildo in your book. I can’t figure out why Mythology for Dummies comes up in that search. 😀

  114. you know how you love taxidermy? Future GWP (gift with purchase): stuffed dildo on a plaque

    just sayin’

  115. The “benefits” of writing about a giant cock??
    As for how your friend discovered this… she may have some ‘splaining to do. 🙂

  116. As per Kris’ comment @10:47am I googled “babydoll head bong” and lo and behold, Jenny’s book shows up! No Shizz!
    Oh how you make me laugh Jenny. And always a good ol’ belly hurting laugh when I need it.

  117. There’s cuckold and then there’s cock-hold. I think your book was being tenderly held by gargantuan love members.

  118. Could be worse. Like, say, a search for a small dildo? I don’t know. But this is somehow magnificent and in keeping with my views of you. In that you attract strange, not that you’re a giant dildo. Though that can happen. (Not really.)

  119. Oh yeah, and I’m sorry Jenny, but you just don’t do it for me that way.

  120. No one expects The Spanish Inquisition. Or books, when they’re searching for Giant Dildos. Pretty random, Amazon.

  121. Why hasn’t anybody noticed that the “Eric” cock and balls has suction? WTF!? Why would it have suction? That is more wrong than your book being the cream in a cock sandwich!

  122. It’s because you have a bit in your book about getting a dildo on page 192. “This sex company sent me a giant metal dildo wrapped in a Kate Spade…”

    You’re welcome for me solving this mystery. You can repay me by sending an autographed copy of your book as you can’t autograph my Kindle 😉

  123. That’s almost as awesome as being listed next to “animatronic taxidermied mongoose that makes coffee.” Not that I’ve ever seen this, but it would be kinda cool.

  124. But don’t people like dildos? So really, you’re lumped in with something that makes people happy….at least for the most part.

    You’re also lumped in with an item that violates people, so I guess they cancel each other out.

  125. I’m just confused as to the WHY your book comes up when searching for giant dildos. I mean, there’s got to be some sort of trigger word. And why was your friend searching for giant dildos in the first place?

  126. Hilarious….and you are sooo right what words?
    I’ll be honest I have not read your book, but it has now moved up to the top of the must read book list.

  127. Your book and dildos; two things that give me pleasure in two very different ways! I love that your friend was looking up “giant dildos” on Amazon. I usually just go there looking for books and small appliances. I need to expand my horizons 😉

  128. OMFG. I just had to try it myself. I think the “look inside!” tag is a bit much when you’re sandwiched between two giant dildos!

  129. What is the official qualifying size to be considered ‘giant’?

  130. That is awesome! It’ll give dildo users something to do while they’re waiting for their batteries to recharge!

  131. This is a very happy start to my Wednesday.

    (I’m glad I searched for the comment that immediately jumped to mind, as that particular observation has already been noted for the official comment record. Great minds and all that . . .)

  132. You have weird, um I mean interesting, friends.
    How hysterical!

  133. You just can not make that shit up! Also, there is a lesson here, Amazon sells Giant Dildo’s which, I never knew! This will come in handy, when shopping on Amazon, it’s just not for books anymore!

  134. Not sure what I’m enjoying more – your original post or the 274 comments following – all have made me laugh out loud and wake the pets.

    Thank you everyone. 🙂

  135. I was expecting to see a photo of the Abercrombie idiot, I would associate him with giant dildos long before your book. Weird.

  136. You mean we were supposed to get a free dildo when purchasing your book? I got ripped off.

  137. Oh, hon! You couldn’t ask for better PR. You are totally blessed by the dildo goddess!

  138. I purchase a lot of things from Amazon. However they felt compelled to only ONCE send me a follow-up email/survey. The subject line read something like, “Tell us about your experience with your Personal Massager”. OMFG I am so glad I was alone when I opened my email and that I could delete it right away!

  139. I searched on my Amazon mobile app. Your book didn’t come up, but “Clifford The Big Red Dog” was #16. Wtf, Amazon?

  140. I bet if you ask nicely, you could get Berkley to include a small battery compartment in your book’s next printing. They are the type of publisher that would totally do that.

    I’d also buy myself another copy.

    Oh, and make it waterproof, too. Thanks! 😉

  141. Not that I don’t believe you….because I would believe you if you told me that the skies were yellow with polka dots….however when I searched on Amazon (although yes it was on the mobile search because I’m not looking up “giant dildo” on my computer at work) I didn’t find your book but the children’s book “Clifford the Big Red Dog” was listed between a 7 inch cock and balls in blazing blue and the “Brawny Brandon” an 8in vibrating thick cock with suction. I’m tweeting you the picture now.

  142. I would have some questions for this friend regarding how they discovered this interesting fact, but then again…

  143. Oh dear. I tried to test the Canadian Amazon site, hoping to report back that it wasn’t the case. Well, I typed it into the search bar… and searched the whole internet. So not the same. My eyes.
    But yes, your book shows up as #7 or so out of 38 results for giant dildo.

  144. Now I wonder if Amazon’s recommendation algorithm is going to think everyone who searches for your book might also be interested in giant dildos…

  145. Did you ask your friend how she came by this information? Does one accidentally google “giant dildos”?

  146. Living in Texas if I searched “giant dildo” I would expect to get redirected to Rick Perry’s website.

  147. Coming from English, the equivalent of giant dildo could be translated to the insult version of “massive dickhead”. Now I have a an image in my head of a massive dick head, and for some reason, it’s dancing. Thanks Jenny.

  148. Do you realize how many hits your page probably owes to that arrangement?
    Don’t look a gift dildo in the mouth, Jenny.

  149. Oh my!
    I’m not sure whether to say that’s horrifying or freaking awesome (tbh i’m leaning towards awesome).
    I also love that your friend was searching for giant dildos on Amazon 😀

  150. I was skeptical at first, but I was certainly not disappointed! Book in cart 😉

  151. Please tell me there is also one of those reviews that says “I ordered this dildo but when it came it was a book, no stars.” or something along those lines

  152. 1. I apparently own a new sex toy.
    2. I definitely just searched “Giant Dildo” on amazon for good measure.
    3. Amazon has good prices….

  153. Now we need to get together and decide which Giant Dildo we are all going to buy along with the book (again). I want to influence the Amazon marketing of “customers who bought this item also bought” or “frequently bought together”. Think of the possibilities……..

  154. You know I had to try it, and it is TRUE! I love you Jenny (Forest Gump accent)!

  155. Being someone who rarely trusts anyone, particularly if they are online, I had to go check out Amazon for myself…now if my wife checks my previous searches she may get a little too excited the next time an Amazon package shows up…

  156. There is another book in the list called, “Look What I Pulled Outta My Ass” Hmmm….

  157. ok it took me 3 times to find it, cause first I put big dildos, then gigantic, 3rd time was a charm and your book was on the top spot!!!

  158. OK, this just made me laugh – like stupid-why-is-she-laughing-like-that loud.

  159. I think the question should be why is she searching for giant dildos. I have never googled that…….omg…..I am so tired…….I should sleep.

  160. That is just what I would expect. Why on earth would you NOT be listed on the giant dildo search page? I mean jeez, that’s just common sense.

  161. I’m really sad that I didn’t see this earlier, because there were only 19 of those Enormous Eric jobs in stock, and I might have missed out. (I already own your book so that is besides the point).

  162. does this qualify as ‘undermining trust in the marketplace’? LOL

  163. Heheheeee….I checked:) If you really want a giggle…click on one of the vibes and read some of the reviews.

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