Not fit for decent society.

Someone left me a comment recently saying that I was “not fit for decent society.”  And they’re right and I sort of wonder who they thought they were surprising.  I’ve known I wasn’t fit for decent society since I was seven and did a book report while wearing roller skates and twirling a baton (true story).  But that’s okay.  Because decent society isn’t really a good fit for me either.  In fact, “in decent society” is one of the most terrible places to spend any real time.  “In prison” is almost as bad as “in decent society” but not really because at least in prison you don’t have to wear panty hose.  Also, you might be judging me for choosing jail over country clubs because of panty hose, but I think that just proves that I’m not fit for decent society.  I just proved myself right in an argument I was having with no one.  In other words, please stop trying to insult me because I’m much better at it than you are because I have more practice.


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  1. I can relate since my filters disappear at the oddest times. I may be Molly Brown’s reincarnate and hope to be as unsinkable.

  2. “Not fit for decent society” is a kick-ass compliment in my book. It might be bad that I teach kindergarten.

  3. Don’t you go changing for anyone and we’ll be one big ‘indecent’ army, right by your side!

  4. I kind of feel like that might the best compliment ever..who the hell wants to hang out in decent society anyway? They use like 4 kinds of forks just for dinner!

    (And none of them are acceptable for stabbing other people. Total waste of forks. ~Jenny)

  5. Insults are the only reasons I get out of bed. If I can’t be threatened by the end of the day then I’ve failed

  6. The WORST are the people that use the words “decent society.” you know what? Fuck them, they are BORING!

  7. No, you’re right. Pantyhose are THE WORST. I would totally choose jail over the country club if the club wanted me to wear pantyhose.

  8. I checked with my boyfriend, a retired prison superintendent (aka: warden) and he confirmed that you do not, in fact, wear pantyhose in prison.

    Plus, in prison everyone knows you’ve royally screwed up to get there, so deviancy is expected.

    So yeah, prison > country clubs.

  9. Ha, that’s what makes you awesome. Ya turn an insult into a t-shirt I wanna buy. Poo on the chucklehead for trying to insult you though. People just suck a lot sometimes

  10. A while back, I was in a car with 2 Very Important people from work. After about an hour of driving around lost, we suddenly realized a guy had given us very bad driving instructions just to mess with us. “FUCKING ASSHOLE!” I yelled, spontaneously. Fortunately for me, they weren’t fit for decent society, either, because they fell out laughing. I talked to one of them 3 weeks later and she said she was still laughing. So you see, I provide a public service.

  11. Decent society is somewhere I certainly don’t want to be. I have absolutely nothing in common with those people. Keep on doing what you are doing. Marilyn

  12. WTF is a “decent society”? When you find one of those, let me know. Our society is made up of humans. The ONE direct link between ALL humans is varying degrees of imperfection. We’re all fucked up. The most decent person alive has lashed out at someone once. Has broken a heart. Even the most evil of people, say, Hitler, may have helped an elderly person across the road. We’re all just animal bi-peds who know how to use sarcasm. Show me a person without some form of mental issue, and I’ll show you a robot.
    I adore you Bloggess. You may not belong in a “decent society”, but I’m damn sure glad you’re in our society, and you not only fit in, but are likely the Queen of all things. Esp. giant metal roosters. Big hugs. Water off a ducks back and stuff!

  13. ‘Decent’ society traditionally hides an undercurrent of warped depravity and immorality. just look at the Victorians. Some of us just like to wear our warped side on the outside.

    (Also – hug and tea because even if your feelings weren’t hurt no one should speak to other people like that).

  14. I’m uncomfortable around people who are “fit for decent society” and actively seek out the company of others who are not… making the fit the unfit, perhaps? Hope s/he enjoys the decency of soul-crushing mediocrity.

  15. No one interesting has ever been fit for decent society and no one fit for decent society is fit for anything else. 😉

  16. “Decent society” is highly overrated and boring as hell! I gave up the panty hose life years ago and have never looked back. Indecent society is much more fun!

  17. “Because decent society isn’t really a good fit for me either.” Well said, and brilliant.

    I had a family member who apologized years later for her poor behavior towards me, and added, “I hope I didn’t mess you up.” I said, “No, I’m capable of doing that myself.” I think the better response would have been to nod and accept the apology and keep my mouth shut. In other words, let’s not insult ourselves. We deserve better.

  18. If decent society is telling me to wear pants today than I am no longer fit for it and these leggings will do nicely.

  19. Aw, I was about that same age when my English class had to draw a scene from Beowulf (you know, a moderately sanitized, elementary school version) and I drew Beowulf holding aloft Grendel’s bloody, severed arm. My parents got a phone call, because none of those motherfuckers up at the elementary school appreciate ART.

  20. Yeah, “decent” people don’t go around telling people they’re unfit, so I think they lumped themselves in with you, in which case, F-them, because they’re not decent enough to clean your toilet. (Perhaps that makes more sense in my head.) <3

  21. Decent Society? What?—– did this person fall out of an Edith Wharton novel? Who even uses that term? Maybe it’s a time traveler from the late 1800′s…but then again if they learned to use a computer -that makes it all the way more interesting!

  22. What a complement! I wish someone would tell me I am not fit for “decent society” because I view “decent society” as close minded, cold people trapped in what they think is the “real world” while ignoring and denying the unique and quirky. You rock like a Fraggle, never apologize or feel bad for being the amazing person you are!

  23. Why do people feel so free to say hurtful, judgmental things to others, or about others, on the internet? I get that it’s anonymous, which gives them power to do things they probably wouldn’t do face to face, but why take it on themselves to do these things? How do they gain? Does it make them feel better about themselves?

  24. I’m sure those nutjobs that are part of Westboro church think they are decent people. It’s all bullshit. Not many people know who they are and you do. Screw the douche canoes who want to impose their definitions on others. I like you just the way you are.

  25. I’ve always felt that becoming unfit for decent society was an important step in developing one’s creativity and individuality.

  26. I want to know what book your report was on. It sounds fun.

    And you’ve created your own society here, which is much better than the “decent society”.

  27. Decent society’s for prats and twats anyway, thank goodness you’re neither!

  28. I am laughing hysterically. I just might pee myself. That happens post childbirth, you know.

  29. What the hell is decent society anyway? My best friend and I have been saying for years that we wish you were our neighbor. My 14 year old daughter has read “LET’S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED” so many times now that she can quote most of it. What I’m trying to say is that you are my kind of society– that I’d be happy to share with friends and hope my daughter relates to: real and honest.

  30. Apparently that person didn’t listen when their momma told them “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” And besides, who cares? If decent society means wearing panty hose and not having fun, I’ll pass.

  31. I haven’t seen the original comment but if all the person said was “you’re not fit for decent society” maybe they were making a compliment. Cause, what you said.

    Michelle, Douche twizzle. Would only have been funnier if you’d said douche twizzler. And less fit for society.

  32. Right there with you! I’ve always thought that decent society wasn’t at all what it was cracked up to be and actually not very decent at all! I’m happy to be right here outside of “decent society”.

  33. I love people who think they’re insulting me. I was once called a Traffic Nazi, for keeping children safe as they crossed the street while leaving school. Made a T-shirt out of it too. If that’s “decent society” then I’ll revel in my indecency.

  34. “Not fit for decent society”, is there such a thing as decent society? I find society boring and if you are one who does not conform, as I am, you are automatically deemed not fit. I’ve been on the unfit list for as long as I can remember (and am proud of it)! I, unfortunately, work in an office setting where (just like high school) the popular get to decide what is decent society. I am, of course, not in with the “in crowd”. I am searching for a different career, I really loathe this type of setting…

  35. Freaking love you Jenny. It always fills me with the happies when you post about how none of us are “normal.”

    Try visiting Alaska, most of the people I met there aren’t fit for decent human society either, hence why they moved to Alaska 🙂

  36. I want “not fit for decent society” on a t-shirt! I’d wear it proudly.

  37. You may not be “fit for decent society”, but I’m not really a fan of society. Not that it says much, but you’re the kind of person I would want in my circle of friends – hell – a number of my friends read this, and we think you’d fit right in. Screw “decent”.

  38. I have only just realised that people who shout LESBIAN at me in the street are actually attempting to insult me. It seems so ludicrous that people would pick the single most awesome thing about me to shout.

    I still give them the thumbs up or try to high 5 them cos I am like “I KNOW IT IS BRILLIANT!!!!”

  39. Truly decent people would never make such a judgement of another person. Clearly, this individual has no clue, and we should feel sorry for them that they need to lash out at others to feel better about themselves. You rock, we know it, and that is all there is to be said about this matter.

  40. If somebody doesn’t like what you have to say, all they have to do is use their mouse to take them to another page. The fact that they instead chose to (attempt to) insult you shows that they aren’t fit for decent society themselves.

    I don’t want to be part of a society that requires pantyhose either. Can I be your cell-mate?

  41. Is there even a such thing as a decent society? Like we are in a time and era where we lie on job interviews, like if that’s decent society, then I don’t want to be decent. I’ll just be unemployed and indecent.

  42. Have you named book #2 yet? That “insult” would make a mighty fine title. Or maybe we should all break away and form our own non-decent (indecent?) society.

  43. So called “decent” society made up of judgmental assholes? That’s not decent at all! Being accepting of all and creating a community for those who feel less than because of the assholes? Most decent thing going! Guess it all depends on whose standards you use! His suck …

  44. I hope you make a lot of money from the “not fit for decent society” shirt. A lot.

  45. “Decent society?” What the ever loving fuck is that?!? Seeing as how it’s barely noon and I’m already hitting the rum because it’s March 16th and it’s fucking SNOWING outside, (I live in Arkansas) I’m going out on a limb and guessing I don’t fit into decent society either. Thank Thor for that one!! I would say I need the shirt to announce it to the world, but I think most people can figure it out about two seconds after I open my mouth. 🙂

    If this makes no sense, I blame the rum and the snow and father winter. Seriously. When is that old man going to go bother the southern hemisphere for a while? I think we’ve had enough of him up here.

  46. Oh please, please; publish the name of the minus habens who said this. His/her email, PO box, address. And an ID photo of this individual.

  47. Living in the Bible belt trust me I am so far removed from their definition of ‘polite society’ but the difference is I know their skeletons as well so they really don’t want to push me on that one.. I write erotica and can quote the bible all in the same hour.. bwhahhaah wanna see a pastor’s head spin round fling that one on them..

  48. none of the interesting people I know would be fit for decent society, they’re all too busy being awesome to join a country club anyway.

  49. Dear time traveler:
    we don’t actually use that term anymore, but thank you. Nowadays we say, “OMG I just snorted out loud during a meeting!”

    Good luck fixing your flux capacitor…

  50. I’m pretty sure decent society doesn’t approve of drinking wine before noon on a Sunday, so that counts me out.

  51. I’ve never been considered fit for decent society. I’ve always been accepted by the outcasts and welcomed by the broken ones. We have more fun and cookies than decent society anyhow.

  52. Wait, was it really meant as an insult because I always am proud when I don’t fit in with that sort of crowd. They are boring and so stuck in trying to fit in I can’t see they are enjoying themselves.

    We should really pity those that are fit for decent society. Poor little lemmings.

  53. Jenny. be a doll…can you get these phrases put on travel mugs? Because I’d be all over that like white on rice.

    I’m also not fit for decent society. I called someone a c-u-next-tuesday at work when I was talking to my boss. That’s what happens.

  54. I think it’s all what your definition of “decent society” is. I would say the person who said that isn’t fit for decent society. Since actual decent people aren’t total douche hats who would say crap like that. I would say WE are the ones with the decent society. That person is from Ass Hat Town.

  55. Does “decent” society even exist? Someone needs to define that term aloud! because last I checked, socially we are anything but decent! Violence run amok, civil servants arresting jay walkers and beating homeless people and elderly to death, a government on high alert trying to take away our privacy and posting military FEMA camps and storage bunkers near every university (that’s not scary or anything…), activists marching for everything from gay rights and abortion to eliminating the debauchery of corporation! The Bible belt is on a rampage of judgment and persecution and right-wingers are taking flight into an “I’ve got a serious pole up my ass” dogma of financial acquisition and what marks success. Honestly–throw that into the fact that we brutally kill and maim our food and call it dinner and turn a blind eye to it supporting AG-GAG laws and chemical poisons endorsed by Monsanto, Syngenta, and Dow, and one can’t help wonder what the definition of “decent” society is. Last I checked, you were one of the few humanoids on the planet that actually has a sense of humor about how fucked we all are! lol ~Cheers

  56. Please put the not fit for decent society on mug, I NEED a mug like that.

  57. Don’t worry, you fit right in with us in the indecent society. We have a better bar anyways.

  58. Even if you’re not fit for “decent” society, I think you’ve created your own “society” here. Who needs normal people?!

  59. “Decent Society Need Not Apply” (something to add to your blog title?)…..No one here is “decent society” and that is because we all get it…..I’m sure “Captain Decent Society” accidentally fell into your blog while looking for something “decent” on the internet….

  60. Those of us not fit for decent society will be the ones to survive the zombie apocalypse. So glad you will be joining us!

  61. I am so glad I’m not fit for decent society either, that would be incredibly boring!

  62. Jenny, I have a really desperate special request. I would dearly love to have a coffee mug with Juanita weasel that says, “There’s cat hair in my coffee!” Normally I wouldn’t bother someone of your fame and stature with such a selfish request, but I think you might sell a few. So please consider this. I would get more than one, just in case no one else wants any. Thanks!

  63. I’m clawing my way up out of a bout of depression and knowing that depression lies is a huge help. I wouldn’t have known that if not for you and your blog, Jenny. You help people and that’s the most decent thing ever.

  64. “[P]lease stop trying to insult me because I’m much better at it than you are because I have more practice.” — THIS needs to be a bumper sticker. Or a notebook cover. Or a book title. It’s brilliant, and it drove me out of lurker-dom to plead with you to make this available in tangible form.

  65. On the contrary, decent society includes the funny, warm and accepting friendly person you are. Judgmental and pretentious snobs like the one who wrote you that message are the ones who do not belong in decent society. I hope you read this you judgy person! No one likes a jerk who thinks they are better than everyone else.

  66. I’d rather be on the same side of the street with you than with someone who prefers “decent society” – decent society is the place where common courtesy doesn’t exist any longer.

  67. I kinda feel sorry for that person. They must be truly unhappy in general. I’m glad you are okay with who you are – we all need to be enough and happy in our own skins. Keep on just being you.

  68. Good lord, who wants to be in decent society? And what is decent society doing on the internet? They certainly don’t belong here.

    Maybe the person actually meant it as a compliment. As in, “good for you, you are better than that asshole, decent society.”

    Here’s to hanging out in spectacular society. Let’s stay in interesting society. I will always strive for fascinating society. Welcome Jenny! You are one of us.

  69. That person thinks entirely too much of themselves, as if they have the authority to define what society should be. Perhaps instead of seeking the attention of a well-loved, eclectic blogger, they should seek the attention of a physician for their Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Just saying.

    I’m finding more every day just how content I am with being unfit for “decent” society. Thank God I’m free from the prison created by snobs and control freaks who believe they’re “normal”.

  70. Not fit for “decent society”? That’s okay; I hear only only assholes live there.

  71. Can we start a “Fuck Decent Society” club? And I say this as someone who doesn’t mind wearing pantyhose. Well, I prefer tights, but you get the point.

  72. Come with me, Hail Mary
    Run quick see, what do we have here
    Now, do you wanna ride or die
    La dadada, la la la la.

  73. YOU are awesome!!!
    Any society worth being ‘fit’ for would know this.
    And I know this, cause I am not “fit” in any sense of the word!

  74. And you’ll find that “decent society” isn’t any more decent than the rest of it. I saw a meme today that said something to the effect of, “Be yourself. No one can tell you you’re doing it wrong.”

  75. “Decent society” isn’t fit for anyone who wants to be free and happy to be themselves. I’m delighted to be an outcast of “decent society” and share the journey with you & the result of us misfits!

  76. I’m with Jessica. When that tshirt is ready, I’ll buy a some in different colors. I mean, I may not be good enough for decent society, but I know enough to match my tshirt and socks colors.

  77. Not fit for decent society? What an AWESOME compliment! What do I have to do to be deemed unfit???

  78. It is my belief that people who make comments like that are not comfortable in their own skin so they choose to focus outwardly by “fixing” everyone else. It’s really more sad than anything. Happy people don’t spend their time tearing others down.

  79. Personally, I think you should ask Skullwoman if you could make her comment into a shirt. “I’m not weird, bitch, I’m limited edition” sounds like something your tribe would appreciate.

  80. Decent society is BORING. End of story. Why would you even want to fit in there?

  81. I think everyone thought I was kidding when I said I thought Alcatraz seemed like a nice place to live. You got decent meals, a library, and your very own cell that you could be left alone. 😁

  82. I thought I’d find the sign up form at the bottom of the comments for the “Not Fit in Decent Society Club” Am I in the wrong place? Pfffft, you know this already, I’m sure, but a lot of people hide behind their manners & perfect society *and then “touch feet” in public bathrooms in the airport!

  83. Who exactly is decent society anyway? People put on a façade of good manners but at home they could a serial people beater for all we know. “Decent Society” people always turn out to be the least likely to be suspected of anything when in reality they are the ones who do the dirty deeds of the world.

  84. F*** ’em if they can’t take a joke. I think you’re awesome, and I am so totally getting that t-shirt. Well, I will as soon as I can make myself get out of bed to reach my credit card.

  85. Oh my gosh, your reply to comment 5 was the only thing I’ve heard that makes sense in 5 years,honestly. And if you leave the douchebag’s name and phone number, I will gladly leave the person a menacing voicemail that will make him so scared he will change his name and live in a treehouse. And THAT proves I’m not fit for decent society either. But who would want to be grouped with those people anyway? And you are totally awesome,Jenny. 🙂
    “There is no beauty without strangeness.” (My favorite quote.)

  86. You are fit for OUR society! We would never make you wear pantyhose and we watch Dr. Who.

  87. You’re in good company. I don’t know what I’d do if someone tried to make me fit into decent society. But I imagine it would involve a lot of screaming and throwing random shit while demanding the freak gets the hell out of my house. And panty hose are just the work of evil bullies who wanted to cause intense humiliation among women for future generations. So, um, how did this genius think he was insulting again?

  88. It’s like saying you aren’t good enough for herpes, take it as a compliment! Note to that knob, in decent society you wouldn’t attempt to criticize someone!

  89. I would choose your company over that of any ” decent society” or it’s members thankyouverymuch.

  90. So confused! I thought you were accused of not fitting, indecent society.

  91. F&*# them – they clearly aren’t fit for your society. And honestly, your society is way more entertaining anyways.
    Don’t listen to the asshats. … That’s supposed to be general life advice, but upon rereading it actually gives me an awesome surrealist kind of image in my head…

  92. I’m surprised someone could post that comment seeing how far up their ass their head must be. If indecent society is wrong, I don’t want to be decent. I must get a t-shirt! Love ya, Jen!

  93. Decent society is code for boring and proper. I never understood the appeal. Besides which you’re a fucking Czar and decent society can kiss you boss’ furry ass.

  94. Take as a compliment! Fo sho ! Hatahs gonna hate playah so play on 🙂
    I wrote out words to 5 minutes of funk for a 3rd grade poetry assignment bc teacher told us to find poem that inspired us in what we wanted to do in life. & 5 minutes of funk summed it up for me then & now

  95. When I hear the word “decent” used this way, I always think back to the words of Elliot Garfield: “I am decent. I also happen to be naked.” It sounds to me as though you actually aren’t fit for judgmental, rude, and stupid society. And that’s okay, because I doubt you wanted to be with them, anyway.
    Fuck “decent” society. Take indecency any time. 🙂

  96. All the best people are unfit for decent society. It makes me sort of sad for decent society. They’re missing out on some magic.

  97. BRAVO to you Jenny!! Judgmental people are such a pain in the ass – frankly I think folks that judge are trying to make up for their own insecurities. “Decent” society doesn’t seem like much fun – I would always rather live on the edge where we have more fun and don’t worry about “fitting in”.

  98. isn’t “decent society” an oxymoron?

    once someone left me a comment saying, “no wonder you’re depressed, you’re writing is banal and mediocre, at best.” (ouch)

    internet trolls are the least decent people in every society.

    p.s. you’re defining a new society – one that’s honest and fearless. i hope you don’t stop speaking for those who can’t.

  99. Somehow I imagine giving a book report while twirling a baton and wearing roller skates isn’t that odd of a thing in Texas. Maybe I’m just stereotyping.

  100. I’m going to order one of those shirts, because I believe in truth-in-advertising. Although I generally prefer to phrase it with a line stolen from Steel Magnolias “Too twisted for color tv”

  101. Looked up the definition of decent and you seem to be the perfect blend of decent and indecent.
    Decent 1: conforming to standards of propriety, good taste, or morality (okay, we all know this is pointless and no fun at all)
    2: showing kindness : seeming to care about the feelings or problems of other people
    By the most important definition, you are one of the most decent people out there.

  102. Jenny, I love you so much. Exactly as you are. Your stories make me feel less alone.

  103. In 8th grade I had to make a crossword. My friend and I made it “dark ages diseases” themed. We thought it was great. Teacher said we were “difficult” and “flaky”. I maintain it was clever and interesting. Decent society is overrated.

  104. you know what? fuck that person. sometimes when i’m having a really bad day, or week as is the case lately, you’re the only person i can stand to have near me and the only person i can talk to. and, since i don’t even know you, that means i read your book again. and since depression is a lying motherfucker with no sense of decorum or decency that means i’ve read your book about dozen or so times. so i guess i’m part of indecent society and if that means i’m a small part of your society i’m damn proud to be there.

  105. Decent society — meh. If being a member of THAT means I have to conform, color inside the lines, follow every damn rule regardless of how pointless it is, and be a yes-man/woman for authority, then count me out.

    PS – have you ever noticed that after you have read “decent society” over 150 times, it just starts to look weird and silly? Which is kind of fitting, right?

  106. Jenny: you are brave, you are honest, you are compassionate, you encourage others, you bring a hell of a lit of imsight into the world and make us laugh while you are doing so. The only thing that might possibly tell bigger lies than that bastard we call Depression are those people who deems themselves members of “decent society” . Screw them.
    Go put on your red dress and dance because you are an awesome human being. I’d much rather be in your company than spend time with douche twizzlers who have nothing better to do than troll the internet with one hand, spreading their nastiness, and patting themselves on the back with the other.

  107. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Give me a break. You know what’s decent? Raising awareness about depression. You know what’s not decent? Sticking your nose so far up in the air you can’t see goodness in others. I swear, some people. Keep at it Jenny. You make me smile, and society needs that way more than folded napkins.

  108. Are you sure that wasn’t a complement, because I’d consider it one. “Decent society” scares the crap out of me, and I’d say the less you have to do with it the better! And I’m totally with you on the panty hose, I haven’t owned any in years and much prefer being covered in dirt most of the time… That’s probably not very “decent” either.

  109. Wait. That wasn’t a compliment? I grew up around decent society. It’s for suckers.

  110. You are fit for my society. 🙂 “decent society” here in Australia at the moment is all for locking up refugees, denying climate change is real and is super excited about fracking,chopping down and digging up all the things. So that society is no society for me.

  111. I wouldn’t be too worried. Decent society is only fit for people with no imagination.

  112. they probably was just wearing their panty hose too tight when they made that comment. people say the rudest things when their legs itch. xoxo

  113. Anyone who is going around telling people they “are not fit for decent society” does not sound very “decent” to me. In fact, the person sounds like a bully. So basically you were just told that you are not fit for a society that approves of bullying. That person is really bad at insults.

  114. I’m also not fit for decent society. As in I was never asked to come over to the nice church people’s house again after dropping the F bomb when my drill didn’t work right while trying to make holes in rocks for them. As in, I dropped that bomb and it bounced like it was on steroids and then rolled down the driveway. I didn’t notice my language until I looked up and they were all staring open mouthed at me. Oops. And I never wear pantyhose. I saw Princess Di in a dress with no hose and figured if she could get away with it, so could I.

  115. The TRIBE that you, we, I, belong to is a decent society because we nurture and care about each other. Let the so-called other “decent society” members point fingers and call names all they want- they’ll never understand what’s really important in life!

  116. Congratulations! I KNEW you were exactly the sort of person that America needs to have…Frankly, when I read about the big, metal chicken, and, Victor’s reaction to it standing at the door…I was totally convinced. Keep up the good work!

  117. Hey, isn’t Decent Society that shithole between Snobsville and Stick-Up-Your-Ass Ave?

  118. Or maybe this could be the beginning of a protest movement: “Throw a fit for a decent society.”

  119. Decent Society? Who wants to fit in there!? This is not the time of Downton Abbey, when appearances were everything… Besides, most of the characters on that show are “unfit for decent society” if you really get down to it, they’re just better at pretending to be “normal” and in my book “normal” is just code for “boring!” 🙂

  120. Jenny, I know you’ve probably read this a hundred times, but you’re so awesome. You make me feel like I’m not so crazy and the weird things I do are normal in the eyes of many people. I would much rather hang with you than with someone who feels the need to judge and criticize others for no reason.

    Who is the better person here? You. Because you lift people up. You don’t try to bring them down. You have saved lives, Jenny, and you have a great heart. hugs (because if I were saying this to your face, I would hug you at this point…what can I say? I’m a hugger.)

  121. My boss told me Friday that I was “too casual in my demeanor” at work. I think he meant “not fit for decent society.” That kind of makes me feel better. Thanks!

  122. What kind of fun does decent society have? Out here with the strange, misfits, geeks, malcontents, overly medicated bunch-this is where the action happens.

  123. I feel really awful for the person who thinks decent society is something to strive towards. How horrible to actually WANT to be around boring, politically correct, overly sensitive, nice-to-your-face sheep. Not literally sheep of course…I like real sheep. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with THEM.

  124. I am glad you exist. Your blog is sometimes the happiest part of my day. Thank the baby Jesus you do what you do the way you do, do. You, you, you.

  125. Isn’t it just amazing, how 1500 people can praise us, but when that one jerk decides to get some fake internet points (!) by writing a scathing criticism (and not even a specific one at that!), that’s all we can focus on. I say “we” because I don’t know a single person who doesn’t give too much energy to the jerks in the universe. It never crosses my mind that these poor sad people actually have little self esteem and so try to gain some by putting others down. All I can see is their criticism. Take heart, Jenny – the problem (obviously) isn’t you – it’s the poor soul whose mother didn’t love him/her enough.

  126. pretty much the whole reason I became a writer was so that I wouldn’t have to wear panty hose. so, in that sense, my life = success.
    cept that people don’t even wear panty hose anymore, do they? unclear on the social customs of regular people.

  127. In my experience, people who strive to label who should be part of “decent society” have failed to grasp what it means to be a decent human being.

    “What have I always believed? That on the whole, and by and large, if a man lived properly, not according to what any priests said, but according to what seemed decent and honest inside, then it would, at the end, more or less, turn out all right.” – Sir Terry Pratchett

  128. Why is it that when I read ‘decent society’ I immediately flashed to Mr and Mrs Howell from Gilligan’s Island? Is there a salve for this problem?

  129. I’m so sorry someone was rude. I hope you make a killilng off of the t-shirt. I like the idea of an indecent army. You can be our fearless leader and we will be your loyal, kickass, indecent soldiers.

  130. You’re my kind of normal, which is much more fun and honest than “decent society”. I’d buy that t-shirt!

  131. There’s a “decent society?” Good grief, where have they been hiding that?

    I found you (well, your blog – I’m not outside your window with binoculars or anything, honest coughs) when I was in a very dark place and your words of hope, warmth and humour have helped keep me going. I would take a lifetime in jail with you over a week with what ever mythical clique this person imagines exists in a heartbeat.

    You rock! That is all.


  132. “My idea of good company…is the company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company.”-Jane Austen, Persuasion
    Jenny, you and your blog have been endorsed by Jane Austen, an author culture snobs have appropriated, along with many good words, such as “decent.” I have a Dude bobble-head next to a Jane Austen action figure in my office to remind me that humor trumps snobbery every time–and this blog is proof.

  133. Very well done! I am most definitely not interested in being a part of anyone else’s idea of ‘decent’ Let the sheepeople have fun on their long, slow, self congratulatory march towards the middle…I’m busy dancing on a cliff and enjoying the view.

  134. Someone said you weren’t fit for decent society? What a wonderful compliment! Decent society does things like network without irony and use lint rollers on their clothes. I do neither. I’m the awkward looking, silent one in the corner covered in cat hair.

  135. Let’s just make our own society. Our official Tshirt could show a fancy place setting and have the scroll-work lettering say “Total waste of forks”.

  136. That is hilarious! What planet did that person come from? Have they looked around recently…anyone “in decent society” disappeared around the 1960s! It’s way more fun when you can just be yourself. Love you Jenny!

  137. Well, I guess next time someone tells me I’m not fit for decent society – although to be fair, that’s never happened, I have been told that I should check myself into a mental hospital, that I shouldn’t be allowed around normal people, and that it’s pretty cool the monkeys let me out for day privileges – I’ll just take it as a compliment.

  138. That person doesn’t even deserve a reply since he isn’t decent society, he’s rude. And a prude. I bet he didn’t even laugh when he read your blog….so he get his just reward a day without laughter. Decent society for me is YOU.

  139. I saw this quote the other day, don’t know the attribution, but I’ve been trying to embrace it, and I think it fits here.
    “You’re not broken, you’re hurting. You don’t need to be fixed, you need to be loved.”
    I think the number of followers on your blog, your book sales, etc., show how loved you are, so really, you have nothing to worry about. 🙂

  140. You go Jenny! You are HBIC and do not allow anyone to determine your “appropriate parameters!!” As my young friends say: decent “sucks balls”

  141. I LUV LUV LUV paragraph 1! “Not fit for decent society”=badge of honor. Judgmental fuckwads are, well – fuckwads! “Decent Society” is not even remotely amusing, unless you count the ways in which they can be so easily tormented, so really who needs that shit?? 😉

  142. “Decent society” those are the self righteous people that condemn everyone one else for being themselves and then later you find out they have a torture basement and the men wear pantyhose when no one is looking cause everyone on this planet is just as fucked up as everyone else, some are brave enough to admit it.

  143. I guess it depends on how you define “decent”. Where I come from (which is, admittedly, the Ozarks and the Bill and Ted generation), decent means someone who is kind and cares about their fellow human. I’m pretty sure that’s the only form of decency I give any sort of shit about. Otherwise, the hordes of indecent folk are probably a much better party anyway. And at least you know they’ll be decent to each other.

  144. Just wanted to let you know that I think your writing is great. And guess what, there are all parts to society and I appreciate you being part of it so much. You are my go to blog to make me smile. So if someone has a negative opinion of you in any way, well their loss. You have always been considerate and called out if you thought you might offend someone and you apologize for it in advance. If that is not decent, what is? Unfortunately, the person who wrote the comment didn’t learn the golden rule. Maybe if they did, they could some day become part of that decent society they so wish to protect. Please keep writing and I am so excited for your next book!

  145. I have yet to find any sign of “decent society.” All I have seen are assholes, dipshits, and douchebags. The small portion of people who are kind, caring and thoughtful of others are all excluded from society as a whole. We have to just know that there are other nice people out there, and when we find another kind soul, cherish them.

  146. I am not fit for decent society either & do whatever I can to avoid it. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one like this! Love your blogs, they make my entire week 🙂

  147. I saw “double double unicorn success club” and thought maybe I’m not cool enough to be in that club… I’ve never even HEARD of that one! pout

  148. I recently turned down a job offer because I learned that I had to dress in corporate attire of pant suits and/or skirts. Ummm….let’s all be real. There is no way that I can ever go back to wearing panty hose and heals every day. I have gotten to the age where this is just not worth my time.

  149. Why would anyone be insulted by that remark? I consider “not fit for decent society” to be a compliment. 🙂

  150. Why are they reading your blog if they find you so distasteful? Sounds like this person needs to find something better to do that to insult you!

  151. I think you’re awesome. In fact, a lot of people think your awesome. In this case, majority wins!

  152. What is ‘decent society’? Is that the place the conformists gather, all of them fearful of buying countertops or a car until they’ve looked to see what everybody else is getting first? The same people whose opinions are based on what commercials have told them.

  153. I’d take that as a compliment. “Damn straight I’m not fit for decent society! Thank God for that!” 🙂

  154. O lawd. I’ve been in “decent society” a few times, and felt SO damned uncomfortable. Give me jello shots & a mess of rowdy people playing Cards Against Humanity ANY FREAKING DAY. When I have to run to the bathroom because I’m laughing too hard, I know I’m having a good time.

  155. I think a better way to look at it is that “Decent Society is not fit for me.” Decent society is dull, boring and asinine. I don’t like decent society.

    Being told I don’t belong in decent society would get a heartfelt “thanks” from me. I don’t want to be lumped in with those assholes.

  156. Wow. Just wow. Emily Post (the Queen Mother of Decent Society) would say that was a rude comment and rudeness is also not for “decent society.” Ironically, I bet the irony is lost on the poor fool. I also bet this person thinks they’re a “good Christian” and it’s totally their place to judge others.

    This is why I dislike people and work from home. Decent society my ass—does this person think everybody lives in The Hamptons?!


  157. Your book made me feel, and that’s so much better than anything “decent society” has ever done for me.

  158. I’m not sure what constitutes “decent society” but it sounds hideous.

  159. Why is “decent society” reading your blog in the first place? I think it’s indecent to tell someone they’re not decent. I have absolutely no tolerance for intolerance.

    That shirt will be mine…oh yes, it will be mine.

  160. I can’t believe that someone would actually say that to you. Obviously they are selective in what they consider decent society. The really really sad part to me is they probably consider themselves Christian, tolerant and several other things that should be good, but which they disproved by leaving such a hateful comment on your blog. I will say that while I don’t always agree with you, and sometimes am sadden by what I read or see (not just you – the rest of the world too) I love your sense of humor, your take on the world and how FIERCELY you defend your family and your tribe – who at times are one and the same. You are a survivor, and one who has done so with grace and love and who inspires the rest of us. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently.

  161. People are entirely too hurtful with their comments when they don’t have to say the words to someone’s face. Typing out an insult and hitting the enter button is a cowardly act

  162. Thank you, Commenter #2…”Douche Twizzle” is now my favorite phrase!

    I hate “decent society”…they make me feel inadequate and insignificant…both of which I know I’m not but I hate those feelings.

    I do wear panty hose, though…but they’re thigh highs and I love them because I feel all daring and sexy and I like to pull my skirt up and take iphone pics of the lacy thigh high tops and send to my hubby at work. I’m such a hooker for my hubby. 🙂

  163. I think people who make rude judgments about people they don’t even know aren’t fit for decent society. Of course, I just did it myself, but I’m OK with being unfit. 🙂

  164. I think people confuse “decent society” with what I like to call “the judgmental, hypocritical bullshit place they have created in their own heads.”

    And that place doesn’t exist. So you belong in this world, with the rest of us, who very much love your blog and your whimsy. And they are probably just jealous of you – they can go cook soup for Jesus or decent.

  165. Jenny, not only are you fit for decent society, you are decent society. Your blog keeps me company. I actively seek you out. I just wanted you to know you are making a difference in my life. I laugh when I read your blog, and I cry when I read the posts and links about depression. If you are not fit for decent society, then there are plenty of folks who choose to be unfit right along with you. Count me in.

  166. I think “decent society” is not fit for you. I really enjoyed the book Heist Society although now I’m getting off topic.

  167. So, my question is, What was a decent member of society even doing ‘trolling’ the interweb thingy to even find your page? Sounds like a deviant member of society to me who is a bit of a prick

    And anyone who can win an argument that wasn’t an argument with herself over an insult that was actually a compliment, is a decent member of the indecent fraternity of nutjobs IMHO

  168. we NEED pins or bumper stickers, or even t-shirts: “I am not decent society.” or “No decent society here.” We need to be able to identify each other!

  169. People like that make me so angry. Any society that would actively go out of their way to belittle other people who aren’t doing anything cruel or harmful does not deserve the adjective “decent”.

    …Unless they mean “decent” as in clothed. I’m pretty sure they do mostly wear clothes. Were you naked when they left that comment?

  170. seriously, I am glad that you won that argument. well done, and decent society? go pick on someone else.

  171. “Someone insulted me and so I stole that insult and put it on a shirt. That’s how the internet works.” That may be the best thing I’ve ever read on the Internet.

  172. I want to know what ‘decent society’ is doing here? Does the rest of society know that decent was slumming? That must make decent unfit as well. huh. how bout that!

    Also thank you for blowing my mind. I especially liked the Olympic gold. including spotter.

  173. Jenny –please don’t ever stop being you and saying what you say. Your fans–me included–love you. make us laugh when we need it.You And for those of us who also battle depression–you are a REAL person to whom we can relate and not feel so alone in this uphill, sometimes seemingly never-ending battle. Ignore the idiots. Those don’t ” get you” don’t DESERVE you. There’s our next affirmation tee. “If you don’t GET ME you don’t DESERVE Me!” There is a whole legion of people who are glad you are in our world.

  174. ”In prison” is almost as bad as “in decent society” but not really because at least in prison you don’t have to wear panty hose.
    That was freaking brilliant! I love indecent society!

  175. I hate pantyhose and love thigh highs – which probably also makes me unfit for decent society. I’ll hang with you instead.

  176. um, I just googled “decent society” and according to Avishai Margalit’s definition, I think you’re totally fit for it. I think you could run for queen of Decent Societyville.

  177. Sorry Jenny, but I think your endorsement of Expert Vagabond / Matthew Karsten is a bit off.

    A website where each page you read irrevocably takes you to a “want to travel more” dialog asking you to subscribe which you can’t get rid of (!) and doesn’t give you any other links to click on (!).

    And where you get solicited with the following message – “Join 70,000 Monthly Readers! (includes free gift)”

    Looks like he’s done a bit of traveling in South America, and a few other places (Europe lately, it seems, although that’s hardly uncharted territory), but not that much really. And then you get listicle articles such as “20 Awesome Instagram Travel Photographers You Need to Follow” in the recent postings section.

    And postings from game-parks in South Africa. That’s not really intrepid traveling.

    My feelings? Good pictures , well written but pretty mainstream copy, and not really a lot of substance to the site. Honestly don’t think it deserves to be listed near anything you post.

  178. I’d wear a shirt that says “Not fit for decent society.” Just sayin’. I’ve put so many things into my ‘8 lbs. of uncut cocaine’ cart that I can’t decide what not to get so I decide to start over and then I never buy anything.

  179. I was once told during a phone interview for a job that i was “not fit for the corporate environment.” To which my response was “WOW! and you haven’t even seen my tattoos yet.” Best compliment I have ever gotten.

  180. Pssht. All the most interesting people in history have been “unfit for decent society.” This was supposed to be an insult?

  181. I’d take “not fit for decent society” as a compliment. Anything that involves pantyhose is off my to-do list. And I haven’t worn a dress or skirt in 10 years. Unless you count a split skirt. Like pants, but wider. Those are cool.
    My head just exploded.was awesome. Thanks for posting it.

  182. To celebrate my 80th birthday this week, I started reading my first blog. Until now, I though a blogger was a person who cut down trees. The good ones are a-bloggers and the not quite so good are b-loggers. Now that I know the difference, I’ll be checking out your blogs regularly. So think of me like I was your grandpa and watch your uncouth mouth and shit like that! Oh, and I got there by reading your book which I didn’t buy but neither did I steal or beg for it. Can’t see print on paper any longer but can enlarge the type to about a 48 font on my Kindle Fire. Write another book soon as I might not be around much longer to read it.

  183. Think about moving out of Texas. Decent society here in rural WI and MN wears flannel shirts and jeans. No pantyhose in sight ANYWHERE.

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  185. Agree with this: “Insults are the only reasons I get out of bed. If I can’t be threatened by the end of the day then I’ve failed”

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