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I kept getting strange emails and tweets from people who said they’d seen me at Emerald City Comic Con yesterday but were too shy to say hi.  And that’s weird because I’m usually the shy one, and also because I’m not at Emerald City Comic Con.  And I wondered if my evil doppleganger had appeared, or if I was accidentally  astral-projecting.

Turns out, I was not.  But?  Next best thing:

bloggess cosplayer

The red dress.  The curlers.  The obsession with Doctor Who.  This woman is possibly more me that I am.

Never change, internets.

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  1. Beyond awesome. And I thought you were already a big fucking deal. Now? Now you’re like a goddamn comic-book hero. Granted, blogging isn’t quite as cool a super power as, like, that self-healing, immortality thing Wolverine has going for him, but still…

  2. Is it wrong to say she appears to be 30 to 40% moar you than you are?

    (I suspect she’s at least 40% more awesome since she’s out being fabulous at a comic con while I’m here hermiting at home and living vicariously through her. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  3. I’ve decided there is a new class of “famous people”. I call it “regular people who do interesting things”. You and Brandon who does FB Humans of NY are two. This makes me think that if I find a niche and work it I could have an interesting occupation. Thanks for being you.

  4. If only she had a bathroom stall around her.. Also, I’m assuming there is a taxidermied critter in that lunchbox.

  5. That is hilarious! You are officially “iconic.”
    I have a doppelgänger which has been around since I was 11. People always think they know me from somewhere. I’d love to meet her. Maybe we could swap and see if we could fool our friends and family!

  6. This woman is fabulously creative. And you know you’ve made it when someone dresses up as you.

  7. I’m pretty sure you’ve really “made it” when someone is cosplaying as you. Damn, girl. When’s your movie coming out? 😉

  8. You’re totally famous now! Nathan Fillion can suck it. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if a bunch of Bloggess cosplayers saw him at ComiCon and started badgering him for a picture holding twine?

  9. Proof that you are a truth-telling, depression-conquering, chaos-celebrating super hero! I’ve been a reader for at least 6 years now (even back to Chron days) and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve posted. This is amazing. You are amazing. May the reign of the Bloggess be long and fruitful!

  10. Having someone cosplay you? That would be mind blowing.

    The tally on her shoulder is my favorite. That’s awesome.

  11. Hmmm, I am taking my daughter to Comic Con in St. Louis this weekend and I hadn’t decided who to dress up as. I have a taxidermy alligator and curlers. I could maybe find a stuffed unicorn
    or glue some mushrooms to my nipples?

  12. How cool that someone dressed up like you at a Comic Con! For a nerd like me, that would be the signal–Yup, I’ve made it.

  13. This is why you should never go to comic con unless you’re wearing a costume. You are world famous; you can no longer go as yourself. If you decide you want to go as The Wifely Person, let me know and I’ll forward you a grey hoodie.

  14. All that’s missing is a “giant metal cock” (so says my fiancé). But seriously, she needs a Beyonce with her!

  15. I don’t remember you having shoulder tats.

    Best-selling author, million-reader blog, friends with celebrities? Nah. But NOW you know you’re somebody!

  16. I’d be very concerned that judging by the count on her shoulder she’s seen at least 22 Silents at Emerald City comic con, I hope they’re not on the ceiling, I hate it when they do that.

  17. I need a red dress so I can cosplay you!

    And a wig with rollers and a TARDIS lunch box. I think I have a lot of work to do.

  18. I will go as you for the Ottawa Comicon next month. What an awesome costume. It isn’t much of a costume for me. I look like this most days, at least in my mind.

  19. She looks fabulous, just like you always do. And BTW? I always come across people who are more me than I am. Usually it’s me from yesterday and he’s always like, “You changed dude!” And, what can I say to that because I have.

  20. While you may not have been to the ECCC, you should go as yourself to either the Dallas or Austin Comic Cons.

  21. Just think of all the spare time you’ll have now that there are two of you. You can just sit in your PJs drinking tea (or other more entertaining beverages) and when someone challenges you, you can all be “Shows what you know. I’ve already walked the dog, dug a well and at this moment I’m doing the dishes.” Now all you need is a cctv link into “other-you’s” house so you can tape record (how old am I?) your productive activities for future proof.

  22. Per a previous commenter who said she needed a Beyonce. I now demand that two someones go forth and cosplay, one as The Bloggess, and one in Epic Beyonce Armor.

  23. Does ANYONE wonder what the shoulder tats mean? I mean, they are lines. Is that how many souls she has in her cleavage? Like isn’t that what prison guys do? Mark off a notch for every person they killed? What if she’s a psychoaxe murderer luring Bloggess fans in with her seductive hot rollers so they can be another notch on her shoulder. If that’s the case, she seems really successful at what she does like there is no way I’d get that many notches. Maybe it’s how many men she’s slept with, in which case I totally got her beat there.

    (We need to get you caught up on Doctor Who. It’s for your own benefit. ~ Jenny)

  24. The only thing better than someone with an amazing costume is one who also brings props. Love it. I am having flashbacks to my aunt’s Muppet party…

  25. LOVE love love the cosplay! You’ve made it, now. You will forever have that to hold over people’s heads. In fact, you might be the only non-fiction person to be Cosplayed? hmm.

    Speaking of, I saw this and thought of you: – possibly the strangest taxidermy store in the world?

  26. Ok, actual list of what was in my TARDIS:

    Sonic Screwdriver of 11th Doctor
    Sonic Screwdriver of 10th Doctor
    3D glasses
    #VandalEyes from Bonnie Burton and Anne Wheaton
    “Invisibility Tablets” given to me by a very sweet hobbit.
    Gum that says “If I was a dog I would so lick your face right now.”
    Gum that says “my new personal model! f[%$]k it”
    Cthulu Minths (the tin says mints, but let’s face it, with so many tentacles Cthulu is bound to have a lisp). (pic here)

    Sadly, I left my taxidermied squirrell in my other dress. She looked better in it than I did anyways. 🙂

    (You. Are. The best. ~ Jenny)

  27. If she doesn’t have wine slushies in that Doctor Who lunch box, I’d be severely disappointed. I mean, she should be able to carry a bunch since it’s larger on the inside, and all.

    And now I have to add “have someone dress as me for cosplay to my bucket list.

  28. I think you should attend a comic con thang … one day… cosplaying yourself. It might break some brains, but it would be hilarious. We’re going to need xanax, rum punch, and cake.

  29. I saw her there! My boyfriend was confused and I tried to explain it to him but I still don’t think he got it. Whatever, I really enjoyed it!

  30. Well.. I sat on a plane next to you headed to Palm Springs last year… and this chick looks nothing like you 🙂 but she probably wants to!

  31. Cosplay = awesomeness. Very cool that you are now in the lexicon of nerdery. Now, move aside slave Leia.

  32. Ok, I thought I was going to Fan Expo in August as a steampunk gal, but now….hmmmm….

  33. That is so fucking awesome! Of course it does making going to Comic Con a little awkward for you I suppose. You will be the only person there with people cosplaying the real you.
    Which I think means you win Comic Con.
    I will pay bounty to someone cosplaying the Bloggess and getting a pic taken with Nathan Fillion. If you manage to whip out a ball of twine at the last second, I’ll give you double.

  34. That is just brilliant! She’s captured the essence of you so perfectly. Right down to the Silence tally on her shoulder — clearly this is a woman who knows who’s iconic and how to portray her!

  35. I have just read your book whilst recuperating from flu. I laughed so much that I coughed up part of my lung!

  36. Now I’m daydreaming of you and Shell Adams going to a con together in that iconic outfit…with taxidermied animals on casters, being towed behind you both. Shell, you have well and truly earned the @MoxieBombshell moniker!!!

  37. No one is more yo than you, Jenny!
    Still, I admire her chutzpah… whatever the hell that is.

    How does it feel to be so famous others are emulating you? I realize fame was never something you sought out, but it must feel good to know you’ve brought hope into others’ lives, right.
    After all, hope is a good thing, perhaps the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.
    So congratulations, Jenny Lawson, you are now immortal, after a fashion.

  38. And that’s when you know you have achieved greatness- when somebody not only cosplays you, BUT OTHER PEOPLE GET IT! Wow. I’m in awe really.

  39. Is it safe to assume that everyone who comes here has, at one time or a dozen, thought up a fabulous costume you were so very proud of only to be met by vacant, confused stares by people in “normal” (read: unimaginative) costumes? Which makes you feel indignantly superior, rather than embarrassed? And then when the ONE person in the room who gets it acknowledges you, you feel the self-righteous pleasure of vindication when all the “I told you no one would get it!” naysayers STFU?
    Or is it just me?

  40. That is beyond awesome. (And I love that several other people also wondered about whether there were taxidermied critters in the lunch box.)

  41. She is close in resemblance, but she doesn’t quite capture your ‘do not fuck with me, you will not win’ smirk that so endears me to you!

  42. That is massively cool. Also, there might be something wrong with my brain (well, there totally is, but something else now too) but has this happened previously? I really feel like this is not your first cosplay doppelganger. Ugh my poor, battered mind.

  43. Oh. My. Gosh. Pretty sure the next step is to have your head carved onto Mt Rushmore…because, what else IS there?


  44. Emalo–you’re right. I mainly remember the other one because her name was Holly Nicole (I’m Hollie, and my dearest friend is Nicole). It’s just proof that Jenny is perpetually amazing.

  45. That’s kind of genius, actually. Dressing up as the real life superheroine (super female hero, not super drug, I’m not sure why I even have to clarify other than… it’s your blog I’m commenting in? now this is waaay too long of an interruption) who brought us

    Didn’t make sense to finish that sentence. One, I botched it up, two, people here already know you’re awesome. If they are new to the blog, they’ve seen the picture of someone dressed as you in a red travelling dress and… ’nuff said.

    Never been to a con, but Jenny is a superhero I can totally look forward to dressing up as. 1) She has pockets, 2) her outfits often include pyjamas (i.e. best uniform ever), 3) no unrealistic body image standards, 4) she’s like Mother Teresa, only better.

  46. Okay. So when I lived in West Hollywood, there was a guy there was did an amazing drag Cher. He was incredible. And Cher ended up taking him on tour with her so there were two Chers on stage. (You’d see him in town and you’d think, damn. You look just like Cher.) So when I saw this, I think it makes total sense that that’s where my mind went.

    You should take her with you on book tours, just like Cher took the drag Cher.

  47. That is SO awesome! All the words for “awesome” that can be coined. So, is @MoxieBombshell taking new friends on Facebook? Because I SO want to tell her how amazing her TARDIS Converse are (and want to know if she made them, or if they exist out there somewhere….!) — I never have found a good pair of blue Converse (I have almost every other color!), and you just cannot go wrong with TARDIS blue!

    So… is that The Dream? Being Cosplayed? Because it feels like The Dream. I’m jealous. But then, you worked for it.

  48. OMG, I just noticed there’s a typo in my screen name. How have I not noticed that before? dying of embarrassment

  49. This is one of the two signs of true stardom. The other is of course a scandal. You can pick, DUI, sex tape, or twitter fued with lady gaga. Choose wisely.

  50. OMG! I just realized that if I find a wig and a dress I could cosplay as you at our local anime con! (My hair may be the right color, minus some grey, but it would never grow out long enough in time, besides which the last time I had it long it just sort of fell flat.) This would be sooooooo much easier to do than the Hetalia France costume that I’ve been wanting to make for two years for which I have boots for and sort of a wig, only I don’t think the wig is going to work.

    I need to sew to make that, and that means I need to buy material and modify a pattern and ……


    Watch Hetalia someday, it’s kinda skewed.

    This is all to say that this cosplay is all kinds of awesome!!!

    Someone needs to turn your book into an anime. Or a graphic novel. But animes have gorgeous guys. Just think, Victor as an anime cartoon hottie bishie, just for you.

    Then again, someone would probably write fanfic about you both. Along with Beyoncé the metal chicken…..

    Maybe we need to rethink this idea…………

  51. That is seriously awesome, absolutely love it.
    Maybe we should make it a thing; the stuff we’re not good at, are too anxious to deal with, or just can’t be bothered, outsource it to a doppelganger! (Surely you remember the ganger storyline, where it turned out Amy wasn’t the real Amy?!)
    Are you sure she didn’t melt at the end of it all and get recycled though?

  52. totally awesome … does she have a ball of twine in her lunch box??? 😉

  53. I really MUST go to a Comic Con before I die — they look like scads of fun! I just need to find the perfect, kick-ass, leather boot wearing, sword carrying, slightly graying, middle-aged superhero that I can emulate. If it embarrasses my children — that’s just icing on the cake!

    PS – it is apparent that I’m way behind the curve on Dr. Who — I am still in season 2 — so I didn’t realize the tats had a Whovian meaning. This obviously calls for a Dr. Who binge session this weekend!

  54. You’ve been cosplayed, and she included your love of Doctor Who. That is the ultimate compliment! Congrats!

  55. This is totally awesome! A massive Trekkie-esque fan club is long overdue for you! Today a besotted fan, tomorrow papparazzi!

  56. Love! I’m jealous…I wish I had thought to do this first! You both ROCK!

  57. Wow… just, wow. I love this! Now, all you have to do is sit back and watch as dopplegangers come out of the woodwork worldwide. How amazing would that be? A Bloggess for every country… What a world.

  58. This isn’t a comment on a particular entry. It’s just a kudos to you on your fabulous book. I laughed so hard that a little bit of pee came out . . . that happens when you get older. :-). It’s the highest compliment I can give you. Thanks for making my weekend.

  59. (oops hit send too soon)
    Jana One thing you might want to look into is the Drow out of Dungeons&Dragons — it’s matriarchal, so the older the spellcaster, the higher her rank in society!

  60. My Halloween is now officially planned. I’m just trying to workout how I can make our chihuahua channel more Ferris Mueller….Stand by.

  61. Wildrider51: The shoes are regular TARDIS blue (silly Converse calls them radio blue) All Star lows, black sharpie and some patience.

    I just outlined the letters in a superfine sharpie, and colored around. They still smudge a bit, so I just re-sharpie every few months. I’m sure if you look closely at the big pic of them (I think it’s public if you have more questions), you can see which lines I colored between.

    Get some shoes and DIY! I believe in you!

  62. What I love is that people just ASSUME you would go to a con in curlers. What does that say about them, and wha tdoes that say about you? 🙂

  63. Ok, is the 8 pounds of uncut cocaine being smuggled in her lunchbox? Or is it hidden in her cleavage? Do tell, Shell!
    Simply amazed I’m the first to wonder….

  64. Ah, crap, I missed Seattle comic-con, I promised myself I would go this year. And I would have seen The Bloggess follower and other lesser interesting people.

  65. Oh! I saw this lady late Saturday. My first thought was “dang why didn’t I think of that outfit?”

    Hello from the Star Trek lady near the sock booth!

  66. Bahahaha! That’s awesome and that chick so stole my costume idea for Halloween 2014. Although she probably pulled it off better than I would.

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