64 thoughts on “EVERY DAY IS WORLD CAT DAY (Except for Sunday. Sunday is for celebrating cheeses.)

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  1. WOO HOO world cat day! I shall use this day to further my campaign on getting my own kitty.

    Love the pics..holy shit, they are adorable.

    Hope the trip was fun!

  2. It’s also World Cross Stitch day apparently… which makes a lot of sense that it’s tied in with Cat day because SO many of the ladies I know that stitch have cats on their lap while they stitch (someone has to keep us warm) and we end up stitching a lot of cat hair into our work!

  3. My initials are CAT. I always feel like this day is also for me…

  4. We don’t hear or see too much of Rolly…good to see they are all appreciated for what they are. We love cats!

  5. That’s just what my cat needs – a day to make her feel special. She already thinks she’s queen of everything. And not JUST because of the crown.

  6. They are acting like they don’t want to be recognized but they are secretly happy that at least for one day we are smart enough to celebrate their superiority. The rest of the year we might just be too dense.

  7. Can I just be really supportive of your having cats, and by watching cute cat videos? Is this part of an agenda to convert dog people?

  8. @Manicmom: Only agenda might be just to convert dog people to ‘both-ers’—-have both kinds, which is awesome!!! My cats and I miss our doggie.

  9. I need to make this happen. I greatly need a kitten in my life. I’m so worried my dog will eat it though. If anyone can think of a way to test this theory with minimal bloodshed, let me know.

    Also: My link looks awesome in the sidebar, huzzah! Thanks for writing it like that with my name, it looks way better. You’re awesome.

  10. Shit…#23… anyway, my kitty Cliff was confused when I told him it was World Cat Day. He had assumed everyday was World Cat Day. Cocky little bastard.

  11. Ahh, yes. I knew it was something today. I thought all three of ours were lounging around inside because it’s too hot to be outside, but now I know they’re celebrating. Duh.

  12. No wonder one of my cats was rooting around in the cabinet where I keep the catnip. My little guys want to party!

  13. I wonder why there are so many cats on the Internet? I suppose it is because they are beautiful and unfeeling, and those are things that our world values today. Only cats have the glamour and gloss with nothing inside down to a fine art. Celebrities can imitate all they like, but they will never reach their lofty standards.

  14. My cat runs out to the car to greet me when I get home from work. The dogs don’t, husband doesn’t and the kids don’t. I’ll spoil my cat today then since she’s the only one who seems to appreciate me.

  15. Reading through your comments and seeing familiar names, I think to myself, “Man, I wonder if she actually knows all these people who always post on her stuff or if they’re just crazy stalkers?” Take minute to think that over… then wonder if I’m a crazy stalker for reading enough comments to recognize other posters.

    I haven’t come upon an answer I’m satisfied with yet. I’ll keep you posted.

  16. I’m convinced that 90% of the reason for the existence of the internet is just just show me awesome things involving cute cats. And I’m totally fine with that.

  17. I’m good with cats, but I’m impressed more that you’ll be celebrating.cheese! Food of the gods.

  18. My cats keep me busy playing fetch. One will only fetch rubber bands. . . The other has brought me money, pop tarts, need darts, and her favorite. . Caps off my green tea! It was so cute, for awhile!!!

  19. There are three or four cats in this building that get together and scream at each other pretty much every night, usually between midnight and 1AM. They only freaked me out the first couple of times, but I still haven’t figured out how to sleep through them.

  20. Under the category of Random Crap, http://www.london24.com/news/quirky-london/where_can_you_buy_a_zebracorn_a_broadsword_and_paul_mccartney_s_door_1_3713845

    A Zebracorn! Go to Christies and check out the e-catalog for the whole list of things – it’s fascinating, weird, and makes me realize art really is in the eye of the beholder. A plastic “Aloha” sign? It’s in there (pg 28)! Naughty painting for Prince Albert? Yep, it’s there too (pg 52).


  21. I have several stuffed cats and a litter of stuffed kittens. Smuggled in from Thailand, they are beautiful to look at and easy to take care of. A little dusting from time to time keeps them clean and there’s no messy bowls, smelly cat litters, or puddles of liquid vomit behind the sofa.

    No I don’t. Believe it or not, It’s called suspension of disbelief.

  22. I thought every day was World Cat Day here as well. Although mine is currently not a happy bunny as I’m trying to get her to wear a bandana for a photo shoot! May have to send you a pic when I finally get this done!

  23. My 4 cats totally salute your 3 cats. They did say however if I took pictures of them and posted them online, they would take me out while I slept. Sooooo…..I am skipping the montage. 🙂

  24. My cat would not let me take her picture, she got the idea from this post of your cats. I have a feeling that the Cats are trying to take over the world! Its only a matter of time before they really start talking!

  25. World Cat Day = World Allergic Reaction Day, for me. Think I’m gonna go snort some Benadryl now and refill the Kleenex box, Achoo!

  26. I treated my cats to new cat toys…ok, not really – the biggest baby chickens escaped the brooder as I was cleaning it & the cats were scared to death of the things with wings. Hilarity ensued as I kept a close eye on the situation. Yes, I was attempting to gather the feathered friends, but I was laughing so hard it was difficult to catch them, or breathe. All is well & no feathers were lost in the rounding up.

  27. We have two cats. One is Normal Cat, who acts like a normal cat. Well, if you want a boring cat who sheds and makes me sneeze. The other is Crazy Cat, who also acts like a normal cat. The type who sits in boxes, climbs on the tops of walls, and steals your Legos. My X-Wing Fighter is missing a leg to its X. Not cool, Crazy Cat.

  28. Personally I’m very excited to think of Sunday as cheese day. I must make this short in order to go stock up on cheese.

  29. The cat lady at the end of my road was down to 46 at last count! I love my one cat, Burnt Toast except when he delivers gifts of large vermin at 2.47am. Happy cat day to you to!

  30. Right before I read this I had to rescue one of my cats from the blinds. He was just hanging there like, yeah, I’m cool but maybe you could untangle me?
    I love cats. They have such great attitudes. My wish for my next go round in the wheel of existence is to come back as a cat in my house. They live like royalty

  31. My husband wishes I was more like Hunter S. Thomcat. I wish I was more like Rolly (the flexibility). In reality, I’m the most like Ferris Mewler.

    Yes, I just made this all about me.

  32. I am convinced that we won’t see peace in the world until the great scourge called cats are outlawed and sent to cat island somewhere in the middle of Antarctica.

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