“I saw this and thought of you.” ~ My shrink

Today I went to see my shrink and it was a great visit where I vomited out all of the crap in my head and she sifted through the pieces and put them back together like a Jenga tower made out of my neuroses.  I’ve gone through lots of shrinks to find the right one for me and I’m very lucky to have a doctor who will listen and then say “That’s totally normal” or “We can fix that together” or “Wow. That sounds shitty” depending on the issue.  And at the end of our hour she insisted I watch a video on youtube that she said reminded her of me:

So basically a video about a drunk woman, and a stabbing made my psychiatrist think of me.

And that, my friends, is how you know you’re with a doctor who truly understands you.

May you all be so lucky.

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  1. That is a pretty fabulous medical practitioner that you have there. Wish they could all be so understanding.

    Also, now I want nachos.

  2. That’s so funny, because I saw this a few weeks ago and it made me immediately think of you also. I believe I may have even tried to share it on your Fb wall. It’s good to be able to see the humor in the macabre.

  3. My friend just showed me this less than a week ago and I have been laughing ever since. 🙂

  4. I LOVE that video. My sister sent it to me a while back because it made her think of me. I suppose that makes us equally disturbed…

  5. I think it’s more psychologically telling that the HUSBAND added a stabbing to the animation of the joke. Love ya, Jenny. May we all find the shrinks & therapists we need, and may they somehow be affordable. 😀

  6. I can’t even imagine seeing a female therapist. Our cycles would sync up, and our sessions would devolve into sobbing about what jerks are signficant others are.

  7. Ha! I like that…sounds like a wonderful and helpful person to work with. I hope you got some of the buttons removed that the past few days have been pushing!

  8. I’m pretty sure the psychologist I saw had to review my file before every appt to remember my name.
    Homicidal tortilla chips would have been AWESOME.

  9. I love that video more than I should. My favorite dumb joke my husband tells me when I’m feeling down is:
    “What did the snail riding the turtle say?”

  10. The things my friends post to my Facebook page shows me how much they know me…like Unicorn Poop cookie recipes.

    I’ll be laughing about that video for the rest of the week

  11. I love this! My therapist is a perfect fit for me, too, and it’s truly amazing when you find that perfect person. Ok, so, the joke wasn’t that funny but that would totally be me telling a corny (pun intended 😉 ) joke like that and thinking it’s hilarious!

  12. Ummm, Maybe she could email me some referrals. 🙂 That would be great!!! And might save a life!!! lol

  13. I can tell how well my friends know me by the stuff they post on my Facebook page with “I saw this and thought of you”. The last one was a recipe for Unicorn Poop cookies.

    1. Your shrink is awesome.
    2. This video is hilarious! I’ve seen it before and love that the husband animated a video of her joke. Am I weird for thinking that’s the sweetest thing ever?
  14. Next time you see your therapist, tell her she made the whole Internet crave queso.

  15. Connecting via a sense of humor is of utmost importance to me in my relationship with my therapist. Wish he’d send me stuff like yours does, but he thinks I’m in love with him, so probably doesn’t want to lead me on.

  16. My husband periodically pulls up this video and laughs like a hyena. It just never gets old.

  17. My old therapist used to help me discern between things that are merely unpleasant and things that suck. Once I told her a story about my brother and she said, “Your brother sounds like a dick.” Then I knew I was under the proper care.

  18. I think this is actually more of a commentary on you and Victor than just you drinking wine and getting all stabby. Because he would SO animate your drunken babbling.

  19. And Oh! I have a joke!
    So in the forest, there was a beech tree and a birch tree.
    In between these two trees a new tree started to grow.
    The trees asked each other, “Is this a son of a beech, or a son of a birch?”
    They couldn’t figure it out so they called on their friend, the woodpecker to help them identify.
    So the woodpecker sampled the little tree and declared,
    “This little tree is neither a son of a beech or a son of a birch….but it’s be best piece of ash I’ve ever sunk my pecker in.”

    I’m here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  20. That was funny, and it’s awesome that your therapist just “gets you” like that.

    On a related note, that video was done by Adam Patch, which of course made me think of Patch Adams, who of course was played by Robin Williams. Well played, Robin, well played. And we miss you.

  21. I tell people, “I want to share my favoritest really stupid joke.” And I show them this video and most laugh, and some say (as if they hadn’t been warned), “That was really stupid.” It’s a good litmus test.

  22. that is a horrible joke. I must share it.
    Jenny, I really envy you your shrink.Mine was a bit of a twit, but hey, he got me the meds and stuff I need, so I guess he’s not too bad.

  23. Your therapist needs to clone herself….she’d make a fortune! And you should get royalties for referring her!


  24. I love this video. Every time I see it I want to record all my friends telling drunk jokes and make videos out of them. Your therapist sounds like a gem. Having the right therapist is EVERYTHING, I think. I know finding mine changed my whole life.

  25. Jealous. I once had a wonderful shrink. He died. I still talk to him because sometimes he has better (and snarkier) answers than my live shrink.

  26. Marianne, that joke is fantastic … and truly awesome for those of us also looking for a bright spot in the aftermath of Robin’s passing. Love you tremendously. Keep up the good work.

  27. If only nacho chips really did bleed queso I’d be killing them all the time. And that would be ok, right?! I think I need your shrink.

  28. I think Freud was full of s$*t, but we could go that route. I’m sure the drunken woman would represent true creative freedom and the stabbing getting to the heart of the matter. There. Now don’t you feel better?!:)

  29. I truly love that video and it’s made me laugh many a time. I think it’s just because I love Mexican food related jokes. Seriously. It’s a thing.
    What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese.
    What’s not to love?

  30. I just totally laughed out loud at a completely inopportune moment watching that video. So what’s a buckaneer? Too damn much to pay for an ear of corn! Lmao!!!!

  31. Oh man, I really needed that today. Praise for silly comedy to help me swim through the shit sea that is mothering an angry autistic kiddo today.

  32. That’s so cool. I like my therapist, and she laughs at my jokes, but I wouldn’t mind turning the tables a little. Someone fat and bawdy, like Mae West — who would tell me my ex is a douche.

  33. That video cracks me up every time. I drive my husband crazy with it and still say I’m nacho friend!!!

  34. I just watched this and then told my husband that he HAD to watch this. He watched it and never laughed. I’m now worried about the state of our marriage. How could he NOT laugh?!? Is he too, NACHO friend?

    Your doctor seems really cool. Makes me miss the best doctor I had.

  35. I like my cats’ veterinarian so much that I wish she were my doctor, too. LOL

  36. Also, good day today–my husband brought real croissants back from his business trip to (nearby real city), and we had them for dinner.

  37. Have you seen puppycat yet? I think it’s something you and your daughter could enjoy together. One of my favorites, and I watch it sometimes when I’m sad and want to feel awesome:

    (sorry, I don’t know how to magically turn it into a link. I’m not a wizard.)

  38. That is the BEST. THE BEST. My therapist is single-handedly saving my life right now. I’m actually pretty sure it’s been his lifes work to build all of his knowledge up and expend it to me at this moment in time. So narcissistic of me but I can’t help it. Yesterday I asked him if I was his favourite client, he fucken ROARED laughing but I was all come on, I’ve asked you before please answer, am I?


    Fistpumped, sitting right in that red chair where I do all that crying.


  39. I love this video and my husband says it’s me- insert Ambien for wine! It makes me laugh out loud, very loud and say ” I am NACHO friend” for days every time I watch it!!

  40. Not sure if I like your psychiatrist or the husband who animated this more? this is really a Sophie’s choice moment.

  41. Everyone else is funny, I laughed and smiled but my wit is not very sharp today.
    But I just have to say, it you haven’t found the right therapist/ shrink yet, keep trying until you do. I know that when one is so depressed it is so hard to be pro-active and advocate for oneself, but please don’t give up. Despite being so depressed and suicidal that I was hospitalized several times, in keep seeking treatment with therapists and doctors until I found the one who totally’ “got” me and I’m so glad I white knuckled it until I did. Not all of the others were bad, there were two or three though that were so effing arrogant/ incompetent or outright apathetic that I guess my level of pissed offed-ness was enough to counteract the depression, and I finally found the right doctor.
    If you need a shrink/therapist I encourage you to keep finding the one you need, the one that is the right fit for you. You will know it when you find him or her because you will find yourself able to talk about anything to them, no matter how dark, ugly or embarrassing. If you’re seeing a douche, fire them.
    My first shrink just wanted to talk about his brand new leather sofa one time, he just somehow needed me to have an opinion about it. Yeah, didn’t go back.
    Please, don’t give up until you find the help you need.
    Sorry if I rambled on too long.

  42. I’m sure you must have seen it but Eddie Izzard, death star canteen skit has been providing much amusement through a dark time, can’t help but laugh every single time … I’ve now got one of my therapists hooked on it too … pretty good for bringing a giggle in even at the most precarious of times (other gem sketches are Pavlov’s cat, Do you have a flag, Cake or Death – could be wrong but I figured your type of humour)…

    thanks for being fabulously funny!

  43. I crack up at this video every time I watch it. Especially the laughter at the end – I think it’s the best part of the video. And it makes me start laughing…I think I’m one of those people who start laughing whenever someone else is laughing. Laughter is contagious!

  44. Was that the voice of Marcel the Shell (with shoes)?? Sure sounded like it! Love Marcel!

  45. I was meant to find your blog. This video is evidence of that, I watch it anytime I am having a bad day. <3

  46. I saw this a while back and thought of you too! I guess that make a good reader/follower. 😍. Keep it up!

  47. Just think how much free analysis you get just from her reading your blog…unless she sends you a bill every time she reads your blog.

  48. Clearly, your therapist is an awesome person and a true professional.

    Aren’t you thrilled she decided to take on your quesadilla? 😀

  49. My shrink talks to me with this Fear-of-God voice and says things like, “YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP LISTENING TO THE DARK VOICES IN YOUR LIFE, ESPECIALLY YOUR SISTER.” See I was thinking he meant the dark voices in my head, but apparently he was referring to the ones that aren’t imaginary.

  50. Amazing. That you have a therapist who would recommend chip animation and also because it led me to view more funny drunk people on you tube. Who knew drunken strangers could be a pick-me-up?! Thanks again bloggess, don’t know what I’d do without you to get me through my work day! 😉

  51. Holy shit … it terrifies me to think that – if I had a shrink- what they would find that reminded them of me. Nope… staying home and opening another bottle of wine for now.

  52. I saw this video a couple weeks ago and laughed my ass off. My co-workers and I then proceeded to make chip-related jokes for the next 20 minutes.

  53. How easy was that -DRUNK entrepreneur ! .I used to event things after I used to paty for an hour out then back at boring home.I didn’t like to drink when their were no people but one time I had two one two many and got the new video out ,my boyfriend was gone and I was all alone so I went around the house interviewing objects with no personality at all.The painted flowers on the wall wouldn’t say hi to the veiwers,Bah I said dragging this big cam.I went in the kitchen and then I turn the camcord towards me and it recorded me saying things I did not remember saying .I told the camera I was a better cook and I knew how to turn the stove on and I was so sorry when I accidently put the weight gain body powder for making milk shakes into an empty spice Italian jar and for some reason the weight gain in the spice was used by you when we had new company and you made a delious sauce so when you grabbed the Italian jar ,it looked the same color and it shook out just like the parmasean cheese that used to be in that jar ,never thought anyone would use it ,at the time I think I did that to throw away later and forgot.The company was served and my boyfriend tasted the sweet weight gain powder on his sauce and when he looked at me as if to say What did you do now? I shrugged my shoulders and smiled .Our guest had never had spegetti ,he had lived in Germany all his life and could hardly speak English and I heard him -Yumm,Yumm,Goot,Goot -he got a refill and so we had to laugh and he was told but the man liked it so much ,what we told him about it not being parmasean cheese but weight gain food.Earlier they had tlked and the guest was doing good on his diet .RIGHT?? unitll he went to eat dinner with this couple us.My boyfriend never trusted me in the kichen again

  54. I am so thrilled that you have a shrink that understands you! Finally, people are starting to realize that mental check-ups are just as important as full physicals!

  55. ‘… doctor who…’ — is this a subconscious reference? Because we all know you’re a geek fan girl who paints her cat’s claws TARDIS blue 🙂

  56. Jenny, you just casually used “doctor who” twice in a post. In context. I see what you did there. Good job!

  57. I actually saw a new shrink yesterday and absolutely love the guy (not in the gay way . . . not that there is anything wrong with that). He totally gets and understands and even sympathizes with my “fuckedupism”. I scheduled another appointment for as soon as possible, but he didn’t have anything available for later in the same afternoon. Best thing I ever did. Then I gave him the link to my blog. And he still likes me.

  58. And yes, me and my blog vanished for three years. Depression, tragic life events and general lack of enthusiasm kept me off the internets for a while, but I was digging through some stuff the other day (after I moved across the country) and I came across my little acrylic giant metal chicken, and my need to write was inspired once again. All this time, Jenny, and you still inspire me. I am forever grateful to you for that.

  59. I’m just going to giggle over that insane joke for the rest of the day, thanks. I think the delivery made it 🙂

  60. Know what made me think of you today??? They were making a taxidermy raccoon on honey boo boo and they showed video of blow drying out the head.

  61. ahhh to be that understood… although my BF wants to take me to a Mac & Cheese festival this weekend at the beach, so I might be getting close to finding that someone who really gets me.

  62. That is the best tree joke EVER! I told it to my husband and he laughed until he cried. Can I steal this?

  63. My husband posted this on facebook a few weeks ago and tagged me in it knowing how much I would love it. It is a wonderful thing to be understood.

  64. Is it sad that I’m extremely jealous that you have a shrink to vomit it all out to? I’m sitting here trying to rearrange my schedule in my head, so that I can go find someone to tell all to, knowing the whole time, they will most likely be thinking, “Wow, this is one fucked up chick!” All while nodding their head, and smiling, watching the clock and hoping the hands would go in to supersonic mode.
    By the way..have totally missed reading you! Not sure why I ever stopped. Now, I have a bunch if catching up to do! 😉

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