Hunter S. Thomcat is a traitor. An adorable, fluffy traitor.

Rolly is the kind of cat who will sometimes let you pet her but then will unexpectedly bite you in the eye because it’s Wednesday, and if you try to pick her up SHE WILL FUCKING DESTROY YOU.  Hunter S. Thomcat takes a slightly different approach…

HST is a bit of a traitor

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  1. HAHAHAH…Fuck you guys. I’m saying that to everyone I see today. Except your cat. Which I probably won’t see anyway. But he does look a little scary

  2. I only have one cat, so he does his best to be all things for me. By rubbing up on my ankles and purring for a while before he suddenly and viciously attacks my leg with EXTREME PREJUDICE and MANY TEETHS.

  3. I suspect that underneath Rolly’s icy exterior lies a successful yet lonely ’80s heroine in a romantic comedy who JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED. (I might be projecting?)

  4. Can’t take it. Hunter is an awesome little lovebug, and the disdain on Rolly’s face is priceless.

  5. I feel like orange cats are just like that. Our grey, Roxxie, views things in much the same way as Rolly, but Ike, the orange, is tolerant of pretty much everything.

    (I was just saying that to Victor. We’ve had 3 gingers and they were always the sweetest little pillows. ~ Jenny)

  6. I have recently acquired a psychotic cat named Suzanne who I think would be much happier living with you. Please?

  7. Sigh I had a cat like Hunter – it’s like having a living, breathing hug – he sadly passed away last year. Now I have a cat like Rolly… hard to adapt, but dammit, the mofo will take my love AND LIKE IT if it’s the last goddamn thing I do (and it truly might be). I think I’m breaking him down – he’s far more likely now to just lie back and think of England when he sees me coming than to hide under the bed/couch/litterbox/bathtub/rug/other cats/dogs.

  8. Every orange tom cat I have had has been a lover. I currently have a female tabby, she is an unbelievable bitch who wants everyone and everything in our house dead, except for me. She’s a charmer.

  9. Thank you for this, Jenny. I laughed out loud, heartily, for at least a whole minute while I was admiring the pretty pictures with the “ugly” words.

    I fucking love cats. 😀

  10. I have a 6 lb. polydactyl cat who thinks she is a freakin saber tooth tiger. I like to force cuddles on her.

  11. Ahh…so that’s why you don’t talk about Rolly too much…got to love him on HIS terms…I had a cat like that I laughed at him a lot which probably pissed him off even more…so what I was the one with the food and the treats…

  12. Hunter is just the sweetest, snugglyist, orangest, awesomest boy! My cats are the same, one won’t get out of my face and the other won’t let me pick her up, but when she wants pets, I had better be on the ball!

  13. I had a ginger tabby that was the meanest thing on the planet (you couldn’t pet him, and he eventually ended up on kitty valium for “aggression”). Then we had a ginger Maine Coon that was the sweetest (and fattest) boy ever. It always a luck of the draw with cats.

  14. Hunter S. is just like my beloved Khan. He is such a lovey boy. And an orange tabby. They are pretty, adorable, fluffy, and traitorous.

  15. Awwww. Hunter is the huggiest kitty I’ve ever seen. I suspect Rolly will school him later, in private. It’ll be like trying to teach Gomer Pyle.

  16. Yup! I have a cat that will roll over on his tummy for any stranger to pet him, he is not shy and loves to be loved. Our other cat though will decide when and if she wants love and how long. And definitely DO NOT pick her up. My kids will never pick her up to get her out of their room, they will call me to do it. We have a mutual understanding. Don’t hurt me and I’ll continue feeding you. 🙂

  17. My orange cat is the same way. My husband used him as a guitar this morning while having a Bad Religion dance party. He has a stump tail too. It’s spins like a propeller when he’s excited. I’m convinced it’s magical.

  18. Rolly is like our Kiddo, though she seems to be mellowing a bit with age. Our Kayla is cuddly on her terms, but she never bites or scratches.

  19. Trying this again! LOVE the ginger kitties. 2 of my 5/6 are ginger. DO NOT attempt to pick them up. It’s like trying to pull up a shark out of the water with your bare hands. Of course, they do love to come to you on their own terms, and climb in your lap & want hours of love. Just when you’re about to get up to go to the bathroom, or get a drink. Yep.

  20. Both of my orange boys (ages 2 and 4) are assholes to everyone but me. The younger one will actually growl and hiss at my son on command. My fat black girl cat (age 3) is the sweetest, most tolerant and quite useless cat ever. She wants to be an asshole to my son, but she’s just too sweet to do it. My little grey and white girl (age 12 weeks) – well I’m not sure about her yet. She seems sweet until she gets hungry. Then my ankles are fair game to her viciously sharp little kitten teeth.

  21. You have to love cats. I had a devil cat once that despised me..he was the farthest thing from a lap cat that existed… but an elderly and ill family member came over and that cat was on her lap for hours. It was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen. I guess he knew she needed some extra love.

  22. I miss my husband’s cat. He didn’t give two shits about anything you did to him as long as he didn’t have to stop purring.

    look at cat Cat purrs.
    scream obscenities at cat Cat purrs.
    wear cat as stylish hat Cat purrs and drapes legs decoratively around face.

  23. Our ginger cat is a menace – more like Rolly. The only time he comes for a cuddle is at 6am, when he jumps on your head. In reality he’s just sucking up your warmth from being outside all night (he won’t sleep inside). So he’s kind of like a cat-vampire. Wanna Trade?

  24. I think this is why everyone with cats should always have 2. Invariable one is the freakishly adorable spawn of Satan (cough…Oliver…cough) and the other is a snuggly wuggly schnookie face (Katybelle)!

  25. My Bobby was a snuggly, purring sweetheart who let me love him and squeeze him and I should have called him George. It’s been a week since he died and I’m still crying. Thank you for sharing your kitties with us. There is another kitty in my future, probably 2, but I have to wait until I move in a month. Meantime, please keep the kitty pics coming.

  26. Just like our Woogie and Best Girl. Though Woogie gives fewer hugs and more headsittings.

  27. Hunter is such a traitor to his kind… under their violent and murderous furry outer layer is a soft, loving, nougatty core, AND NO ONE CAN KNOW.
    No one.

  28. One of our 6 cats, misnamed Angel, was sitting on my lap purring and turned her head and gave me a “love” bite on my boob – a nip nip if you will. Daughter thinks it was hilarious. I now tend to cross my arms protectively (and proactively) when she (Angel, not daughter – but might be a good practice to start there too) comes near…

  29. Let’s see… four cats. One grey/white tabby who is a big purr baby AND an ass-hole. His name is Ash. I call him Ash-hole every so often. He doesn’t know how to play without involving ALL HIS CLAWS, so I usually resort to toys on sticks. (Side note: his favourite toy is on a stick and he will carry that thing all over the house, mewling at you to play. He’s 22 pounds and meows like he’s Mike Tyson.)

    Cowbert (my mildly Internet-famous cat) is stupid. But sweet. I always say that he’s soft… all the way through. He’ll let me pick him up, cradle him on his back, and rub his belly. He gives love bites, but nothing involving teeth or claws really. He will also fall off furniture, rolling around to try to get you to rub his belly. And occasionally, when he’s begging for pets, he will startle at those weird things we call “hands”. So. Stupid.

    My tortie cat has the required tortitude. She’s a talker, and her usual way of getting your attention is to wander under your desk, usually when you’re in shorts (or lacking pants in some way), and inform you of her presence using the gentlest method of SPEARING YOU WITH HER CLAWS. I mean, seriously, everything this girl does is very ladylike, even as you are gushing blood and patting her back apologetically for not noticing her sooner.

    Finally, my little black cat thinks^H^H^Hknows I am at her beck and call, follows me everywhere, sleeps on me or near me, but never gets feisty with me at all. She’s tiny (I can pick her up one-handed with no strain). She’s also aloof and can often be found atop the six-foot DVD case, looking like a carved ebony statue of Bast. She is my constant reminder that Egyptians once worshiped cats as gods — and cats have never forgotten this. (Old quote, but still so appropriate.)

  30. Both of my cats are lovey – Obi just needs me to sit really still and not touch him or acknowledge his presence while he’s kneading me or laying in my lap. Oliver loves me HARD. Like, concussion-causing head butts hard.

  31. I think everyone at my office needs some of what Hunter is giving out. Because a lot of them have faces like Rolly right now.
    Also, Hailey is beautiful just like her Mom.

  32. For some reason, I read the line in my head as “Fuck! You guys!!” More of a general disgust. My 7 are pretty non-hostile–except to each other at times: “You’re staring at me!” “I am not!” “You are, too!” (slap! slap! hiss!)

    The one who’s all furry like Rolly is a laidback, total love cat—he would let me put a Halloween costume on him I think.

  33. My cat loves to be petted but hates to see hands. So if she starts to turn her head back to see what you’re doing, you must stop until she resumes facing forward. It’s pretty odd, and people always thing I’m crazy when I tell them not to let her see their hands, and then they end up getting scratched.

  34. Hunter is completely destroying Rolly’s credibility, one cuddle at a time. I suspect he will get a stern talking to soon. That look screams “you better sleep with one eye open -imma get you sucker.”

  35. In my family there has been 3 orange cats – best kitties ever.
    2 tuxedos – super friendly, great personality. 2 grey kitties – mean psychos with no remorse. 3 calicos – nasty, one person cats. 1 black one – super sweet and cuddly. 1 white – extra demanding for cuddling 24/7. 2 siamese – 1 nutcase and 1 lover.

  36. We had an orange cat named Hobbes who was the BEST! He’s been gone almost 12 years now and I still miss him… He would sleep under the covers with me, with his head on the pillow.
    We’ve got a white with grey spots cat named… Spot! He’s a total people kitty, even people that don’t like cats like Spot, since he acts more like a dog than a cat. Our all black cat Phineas likes to be scratched behind the ears? But do not ever try to pick him up. You could lose a limb. My husband is convinced Phineas is trying to kill him, sine he leaves his toys in the stairs every night.

  37. Hunter is clearly the alpha cat. We had two cats like that. And then when the orange cat passed away, the grey one suddenly became all cuddly and lovable. Apparently the orange one had been hissing death threats at the grey cat for all of those years if he so even thought about going near the people. Who knew?

  38. What’s Ferris Mewler like?

    I adopted a cat, who eight years is still half-feral. I can only pet his ears and the top of his head for a little while before he scratches and bites. Playing, I’m sure, but I don’t have fur.

  39. I got a cat because I needed some fluffy kitty lovin’. Mostly, he bites and scratches me, but he follows my husband around and lets him hold him like a baby. I am less than amused.

  40. Okay, here’s what I’m thinking . . . have Hunter cloned and then drop the Hunter clones via Amazon’s delivery drones behind enemy lines EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD, because I’m pretty sure that if terrorists got cat hugs like that all the damn time, their hearts would get all melty and they’d stop being evil bastards.

  41. Awe, what a lovey! My ginger, Cheeto, is a total spaz, like he’s injested meth kinda spaz. He’s technically my daughters cat, but will only love on me, which then makes my daughter shoot daggers from her eyes at me. Lol!

  42. GOoooooooooooooRGEOUS.
    What the hell do you feed those furry felines?
    PS. when are you going to let me interview you for my blog? I’m not staking, I just fucking begging. X Remember, chocolate chip cookies are involved. Call me or email! MY INNER CHICK.

  43. I met Stephen King once. I won’t go into all the details, But I will say that it was not at a gay bar. Was NOT.
    Anyway, I asked him if he was a dog person or a cat person and this is what he said, no lie:
    “I used to be a cat person. Then I became a dog person. Kind of like a change in sexuality.”
    It was such an awesome, off-the-cuff response that I forgave him for “Rose Madder.”

  44. I LOVE those photos. Oh, Rolly.

    In our house we have Buckminster Charles III (Bucky) who is a lovable black Halloween kitty aged 16years. He’s the elderstateskitty and he still rules the roost despite the fact that he’s thin and elderly. Bucky prefers to sit on my chest when I’m in bed. He’s the first to poke you, usually in the face, when he wants something. Like food. NOW, human.

    The young 5 year old whippersnapper is Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds (Scratch). Scratch needed about 2 years of Prozac to stop humping inanimate objects and me when I was trying to sleep. He’s not a lap cat, he’s a shoulder cat and if he doesn’t want to get down he’ll hold on for dear life, claws and all. DH and I have the scars to prove it. This doesn’t bother Scratch at all. Humans are supposed to bleed, right?

  45. I have a cute little tailless cat who tolerates pretty much everything. I can mess with her for hours and she just looks at me with resignation. But, and there’s always a but, if I am wearing socks and she in her “hunting” mood, my feet and ankles get shredded to bloody pieces. Still, I would never change her for any other cat in the world.

  46. My 15-pound tortie is super snuggly and you can do anything you want to her – belly rubs, petting her fur the wrong way, whatever – and at most she’ll get up and walk away.

    Then she pees on furniture in the night.

  47. My late cat Tilly tried to rip my right eyelid off once, seriously. I have the scar and the urgent care clinic bill to prove it. My current two hooligans Jack and Mitzi are less paws-on. If they injure or kill me it’ll be from leaving toys in the middle of the floor for me to trip over.

  48. My cat is definitely not like Hunter. She hates people. Just try to pick her up, I dare you. That’s probably why she’s mine. Anti-social birds of a feather and all.

  49. My husband’s family used to have a cat that was all Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde — it took them a long time to figure out that he (the cat) was allergic to people. Really. The cat would come begging for attention and be all cuddly until >pffit< little cat sneezes began. And then the cat would glare at the petting human because the human was OBVIOUSLY being mean to the cat by making those sneezes happen again. After the first couple of sneezes, claws & teeth would punish the human for being mean to the cat. Problem was… if you tried to walk away BEFORE the cat was done with you, you'd get even more claws & teeth.

    I love cats despite my allergies — but not that one. When I saw that one coming, I went the other way. Fast. Unless I was wearing rose-and-raspberry pruning armor, in which case I'd let him stick around.

  50. My male cat will let you pet him and hug him and then BAM bite you! Why? No clue..He’s male! However he has also learned that if he scratches at the door and I tell him no, he walks over and attacks our female cats until I have to let him out. Cats you can’t have just 1.

  51. My ginger, whom we affectionately call Dumbass, is loving and adoring…when she’s hungry. Once she’s fed, she’s all like Rolly, fuck you, I’m fed, go away.

  52. I just love it that you make it cool to post cat photos! I have a friend who runs a twitter account for her new kitten @pusspusseleven More cats of awesome please.

  53. I intentionally mess with my cats from day one. They are well behaved and well socialized, Kids can come over and pick up anyone of them by the tail and they won’t raise a paw. Even better, i can clip and even file their nails!!!!

  54. This is totally off topic, but I just saw this clip of Wil Wheaton and knew you like him:

    Totally cool. Where was he when I was a kid? Oh, yeah. He wasn’t born yet. Glad he’s around now!

  55. HA! Hunter knows which side of his bread is buttered! Don’t ask where I came up with that.

  56. Rolly is the re-incarnation of my cat, Penney….. That cat would actually flip me off when I would walk in the room!

  57. This is why it is necessary to always have more then one cat. When one cat wants to be left alone, you just go find another cat. You repeat this process until you run out of cats, I have 1 and a half cats right now, I have issues. (I can only find him half the time)

  58. Ha! We have a tabby named Percival that is a combination of both. He is a world class snuggler, right up until he decides to bite your face off. He came from the pound, where he was labeled “aggressive” and his previous family had turned him in because they thought he was psychotic (they may have had a point).

    What happens, is that Percival will decide that it’s petting time (announced by jumping into your lap with the full force of his 14 pounds, or by sitting in front of the computer monitor and knocking everything off the desk or biting your mouse hand until you acquiesce and begin the kitty pets), gets comfy, purrs, and is generally happy with the petting. At some point he will then decide that now is a great time to rip your face off, usually by pawing at your face, and then by biting your nose (he sometimes tries to bite my head, but he can’t get his little kitty mouth around my skull). For some reason both my husband and I find this behavior endearing. We find Percival to be more bratty than psychotic, and at this point, I’m not sure how much is his natural brattiness coming through, and how much is us rubbing off on him.

  59. This is why I like cats – that own other people. When you die, a cat will play with your toe tag as they wheel you out, a dog will feel real sadness and then go drink out of the toilet bowl.
    Change of subject for you…. saw this on Kickstarter and thought you had better pay attention!
    Make a stuffed animal.
    Or a film about taxidermists.
    Learn more about starting a project.
    Yipppeeee, new project!

  60. Girl you make me laugh and cry…..too cute of pics of Hayley and Hunter…thanks for being “out there” willing to say what so many of us feel but are hesitant to say for fear of reprisal….a lot of your comments really hit home for me….so this ramble was mainly to say “thank you for being you” and being “out there”.

  61. We can’t have a cat so we entice all our neighbour’s cats in for cuddles. So far we’ve managed to get about six different cats into our flat over the past couple of years, some of them quite regularly. We don’t feed them or keep them for long, just a cuddle then let them out if they get restless. I feel a bit bad, but we need cat cuddles, man! We need those purrs and nuzzles!

  62. My cat Oliver is trying to kill me. When I walk down the stairs he zigs zags in front of me. I know he’s trying to trip me up. Probably because I won’t keep faucet in the bath running for him 24/7

  63. You have no idea how much I needed that today Jenny! THANK YOU Haley, Hunter, Rolly and Jenny!

  64. It’s so funny when you can see the little wheels turning in their brains.

  65. Your Hunter looks like my Grover, and your Rolly like my Winnie. Every time I see your pictures of them, I get all confused and for a split second, wonder how you got a picture of my babies. Then I remember I’m not the only person on the planet with cats. (When you’re a hermit with 6 cats, you sometimes forget there are other people outside in the world.) Anywho, I love your blog. On nights when I can’t sleep (which is every night) I come and read. Some nights, I laugh so hard at your posts that I have to come into the living room so I won’t wake my husband. But then I wake the cats and they give me the Rolly eye.

  66. I thought the heading of this post was “Hunter S Thomcat is a TRAILER” and I thought, Jenny made a movie about her cat? Major fucken props because I can hardly even face this miserable day but you wrote TRAITOR and the photos are adorable and I don’t even like cats.

  67. I’m attempting to type this with one hand as my cat is semi-wrapped around my neck. She is most definitely a cuddle cat and not a biter 🙂 I did have one like Rolly for a while, she also used to destroy paper towels if she could get hold of them, would eat all the house plants and would beg for lettuce if you had salad. Funny wee soul!

  68. oh my god, i die at teh snuggles Hunter S. Thomcat gives Hailey! AhhH!!! My Jack (a tuxedo) is the sweetest dude, but afraid of everyone/thing except me. I suppose that is what happens when you live alone with a cat. When going to the SPCA to adopt one, my friend told me to handle the cat in every which way to know if he/she would be a cuddly/chill cat, which I did–and can still do 6 years later. He did swipe at me last night because I was trying to pick litter in between his toes last night. I suppose he didn’t like that so much. I did scold him sternly, in which he stared at me with his ears back against his head until I felt so bad that I apologized. lol.

  69. We adopted an orange and grey tabby brothers. We were warned that the grey’s tend to bond with their litter mate but the oranges love people. Couldn’t have been more accurate, all our 3 orange tabbys have been awesome cuddle bugs…the greys are assholes

  70. I just moved in with some friends that have a cat and the only way I have to describe it is that it’s a total dick. I don’t care if she is a female, she’s a fucking dick. Don’t leave anything on the table or counters . . . it will be on the floor in the morning, if she waits that long. The only person in the house that can pick her up, she still hisses and growls at. What possesses people to chose these demons as pets?

  71. We have a 125 Bordeaux (Turner and Hootch dog) named Bazinga. I have a pic (I’d post it, If I knew how, damn it) of her LAYING on the baby’s feet. It was like, “Bazinga? Allow me to define, BABYSITTING.”

    I’m too emotionally needy to handle a cat. It would try and eat my face, and I’d be curled up in the back of my closet snivelling, “Why don’t you love me? I feed you, damn it!” Dogs at least act like they like you. Especially if you have bacon. A cat would just claw your hand off and take it. And the bacon.

  72. Rolly sounds a lot like my Mia — she will actually jump on me, nuzzle me and get all affectionate, and then suddenly maul the crap out of my hand, hiss and run away. I’ve sort of learned her tells by now and almost know when to move my hands out of range.

    She still likes to try to bite me on the tip of my nose, though. I think she thinks it’s showing affection. Love hurts. 😛

  73. I’ve found that, generally, boy cats are more into affection, snuggles and socializing that lady cats. Not that the girl cats don’t permit pets, but it is definitely on their terms; whereas the boy cats that I’ve had and known through others more actively seek out (and better tolerate unbidden) lovins.

  74. Rolly has the best (worst?) evil looks. Stephen King worthy, really.

    Love the photos! Hunter S. Tomcat looks like he’s exactly where he belongs.

    I wouldn’t turn my back on Rolly, though. Ever. shudders

  75. Boy cats, girl cats. : ) We have the same vibe going on in my house. But your Rolly looks SO MUCH LIKE one of our cats, a boy, who passed away in 2010. I really thought it was him the first time I saw Rolly’s pic. He was a snuggle bug. Slept next to my head on my pillow every night. 16 pounds. Yep. I didn’t get much of the pillow.

  76. awww…i needed an uplifting, happy visual today and seeing Hunter with your daughter just made my day! So adorable! Thank you!

  77. I also have three cats, three different personalities. Currently I am trying to psychoanalyze the one that follows me EVERYWHERE in the house, talking to me incessantly. It does not stop! How can a cat have that much to say? How can I teach her English? I talk back to her, pet her, brush her, feed her, give her water in several bowls all over the house, let her come outside with me – what is the story she’s trying to convey???

  78. you have got to love cats. we just adopted a kitten last week, after losing a cat a few months ago. he is still in the sweet kitten phase, where he will roll over and beg you to rub his belly, and then all of a sudden he is biting you with those sharp little teeth and going off like a rabbit with his hind legs….. but i guess that never leaves huh? the jaw just gets stronger and the claws sharper.

  79. Thanks for the sweet and hilarious cat stories you post. I had to put my cat down on Wednesday and your funny cats cheered me up.

  80. My daughter is the exact same way with our cats! They let her treat them like babies but would rip my arm off if I tried that shit.

  81. Rolly looks exactly like my kitty Bubbles! Except Bubbles thinks she is a dog and runs out to greet you as you pull in the driveway and rolls over for a belly rub – she’s a little speshul 🙂

  82. A. Your daughter is adorable. B. As are the cats. I love the bitchy ones, it just makes me more of an asshat to them. I just lost my first love, a Siamese with so much attitude, who “played” with everyone in that they were her personal biting toys. But the cuddling we would do. My other cat is a short hair who is all GTFO me. I don’t, though. Because I saved you, you ungrateful little twit, so you will take my love…or walk away.

  83. Lol this is awesome. Sometimes I wish I could have a cat, but since I’m allergic it’s probably not a good idea.

  84. I think it is the orange tabby boys that are the greatest!! I have one and I have known 2 others and they are just the sweetest things!! Mine is called Toby.

  85. aww! my Ozzy used to let me snuggle the crap out of him…then he died. Now all I have left are the furry jerks who just use me for food.

  86. My cat Mr. Rigby Furrypants was like Hunter until I got pregnant. Then he freaked. He’d sit on my lap, thn suddenly leap up attack my arm (bear hug plus teeth style) then shoot out of the room ears back. I think my baby must have protested bring sat on. Either that or Rigby watched Aliens with us too much as a kitten….

  87. Another vote for orange cats being lovers. I have 4 cats and have had 8 in my lifetime. The orange one is definitely the smartest and most loving of all of them. He hugs me too, just like Hunter.
    Here’s a tip – never play with a cat with just your hands. A lot of people tend to do this with kittens. It teaches them it is OK to bight and scratch humans. I never did with my last 4 and it made a huge difference. Always use a stick, feather, toy, etc for playtime!

  88. We’ve had a variety through the years…my favorite was Smokey, who adopted us and hated everyone but me. His love for me was demonstrated by demanding a lap sit once daily, during which he sat and glared at me for ten minutes while I was perfectly still to avoid being attacked in the face.

  89. So, tell me again. What do you do when you find yourself in the spot where- hey- no, depression is NOT a big fat liar, but really you were too hopeful to see the dark shit reigning down?

    (Hmm. I don’t think I understand the question. Do you mean when you come out of a depression and you have to deal with the aftermath and with the fact that things are sometimes still really shitty even without depression? If so, I lean on friends for help. I remind myself that dealing with this will make me stronger. I cry. I vent. I try to change to become a better person. I reanalyze to make sure I’m not really still in a depression but just think I’m not. I talk to my therapist. I breathe and I wait and eventually things are better. Sending you love. ~ Jenny)

  90. Haley looks so much like both you and Victor–neither one of you can ever deny that one! It’s so obvious that she and Hunter love each other very much, awwwwwwww….! Poor Rolly will just have to learn to ignore the traitor who shares the litter box, but I agree with the posters who want to see more of Ferris Mewler–bring him on before he gets jealous of the other two!

    Supposedly male ginger tabbys tend to be among the friendliest of cats, surpassed only by tuxedo (black and white) cats, whereas one book I have (Do Cats Need Shrinks?, written by a British pet psychologist named Peter Neville) claims that the biggest bullies he’d ever heard of/dealt with were your classic grey/brown tabbies. He didn’t cover tortitude, but I’m all too familiar with that, having been Jezebel’s human/slave for almost 18 years; they tend to bond very tightly to one particular human, and IIRC the term they used at the shelter when I adopted her was “permanently attached to your leg”! My current feline overlord is a big grey/brown polydactyl tabby named Romeo, who was rescued from life on his own in upstate NH by the former student of one of my oldest friends; she named him Romeo because he’s such a loverboy.

  91. Lol. We have a 3 yr old ginger boy who looks like Hunter, he is not cuddly at all, but is so beautiful I can forgive him anything, from biting my hand off ( when I do try and cuddle him) to sitting on my chest and drooling in my face – his favourite way of showing love.

  92. Haha! Hunter is one of those new-fangled cats that simply does not respect the sacred principles of cat-hood- being cool and aloof at all times, and making their humans feel inferior! What a cutie!

  93. I love Rolly’s ears. When we get ‘the ears’ around here, we know the cat means some goddamn business… and it usually ends in a maiming.

  94. This is fantastic!!! I have a fluffy orange kitty like Hunter and he is very cuddly though sometimes I think he is a little annoyed 🙂

  95. I’ve had ginger cats, and I am convinced they are in their first cat life. Mine have done dogg-ish things like fetching, walking with me on errands, etc. I have also had dogs that were clearly going to be cats in their next life, because they were SO ginger-kitty.

  96. My last housemate’s cat was a ginger and exactly like that! Such a cool cat, I still miss him (he didn’t die or anything, they just moved interstate)

  97. I do not have cats but i do have a dog that is the same way. He would let you pet him but out of nowhere will bite your ass like your a total stranger!

  98. A hug is really just an unsuccessful attempt at strangulation. Keep an eye on Hunter, it’s always the cute, innocent, ones that snap.

  99. Jenny, thank you ( more than I have words for right now) for your thoughtful reply. I still don’t know the answers to what I was asking but I am on the far side (Right Side) of my first serious battle in quite a few years.

    Depression quite likely IS a big fat liar, or maybe I am too damned hopeful.for a happy ending
    Either way, I prefer the hopeful side.

    Thanks again,

    Me Again

  100. It seems like Rolly is quite unpredictable with her behavior, and she can go from allowing you to pet her to suddenly biting you in the eye for no apparent reason. Additionally, if you attempt to pick her up, she will respond with aggression. On the other hand, Hunter S. Thomcat takes a different approach. Could you provide more information about Hunter’s behavior or what sets him apart?

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