Rescue an animal. Let an animal rescue you.

My friend Anne is heavily involved in helping rescue animals and each year she makes a calendar of people with their adopted pets to give as a “thank-you” to anyone who donates at least $40 to Team Wheaton to help fund the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA.

This year I’m in the calendar.  And more importantly, Ferris Mewler, Hunter S. Thomcat, Beyonce and Copernicus are in it.  (Plus actual famous people and their adopted pets.  See the video.)


Here’s what it looks like:

If you want one, just donate $40 here.  It’s 100% tax deductible.

Hunter was fairly relaxed and okay with being held during the shoot at my house.  Ferris, on the other hand, bit me.  Like, literally, he bit me on the other hand.  Go to the 1:08 mark for proof.  He also kept jumping out of the shot so Victor hid behind the chair and petted him to keep him from running.  It was a team effort that ended up with minor blood-shed.

But it made for a good shot.

So go make a donation if you can.  Or go to your local shelter and snuggle the cats, or volunteer to take the dogs for walks, or drop off all of your old towels and blankets for them.  And then fall in love with these little faces and let them rescue you like you’ve rescued them.

Don't they look happy?  Answer: Yes.  If "happy" means "bitey and a little confused."
Don’t they look happy? Answer: Yes. If “happy” means “bitey and a little confused.”

PS. Below are just a few pets up for adoption at one of my favorite no-kill shelters (Austin Pets Alive).  If you adopt any of the ones pictured below I’ll pay the adoption fee myself.

pets adoption

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  1. As a former U.S. Army Military Police K-9 handler, I can honestly say I love dogs, and always thought I would have one.
    As a parent of two young children, I can honestly say I have no desire to be responsible for keeping anything else alive. (My stance on this matter has made me very unpopular with my children.)
    But I wholeheartedly support the work of no-kill rescue shelters. Just as long as I don’t have to take a pet off their hands.

  2. Oh yeah, they look happy. About as happy as when we took our cat to a professional photographer. He hated the car ride, and the thunderstorm during the car ride, and the photographer and us too – for many days following. The resulting photographs were, well, creepy.

  3. I have a rescued cat named Susy who is incredibly weird and awesome and hates people, except for me and my husband. She does tolerate our children, but only because my daughter, Adele, refuses to listen to Susy’s growling and hissing. All she needs is more hugs, obviously.

  4. Austin Pets Alive! is such an amazing organization! I look forward to the day I can adopt another dog from them, but one is all I can handle right now. Thanks for your support of Texas no-kill shelters!

  5. I wished I lived in Austin, because Vulture looks amazing! Work that bandana, you crazy minx you.

  6. Thank you! As the head of a local SPCA that functions without even a shleter..$40 can make a huge difference to local animal rescue groups!

  7. There are also hundreds, if not thousands of animals up for adoption here in Houston. Not to mention the 1.2 million homeless strays on the streets. Please support your local grassroots organizations! Spay & neuter. Adopt. Educate. <3

  8. Amen sister! Adopt all the fur babies! I have two adopted cats and I can’t wait until we have a bigger home (one bedroom apartment just doesn’t cut it) so that I can rescue more.

    I’ve always said – rescue animals are like finding that little missing part of your soul and bringing it home. It’s just an amazing experience!

    Sorry about all the biting. But you got some great pictures out of the pain!

  9. Honestly I don’t know how you’re not a librarian. You would fit in with our crew so easily it would be like you were always one of us (and I mean that in a good way)!

  10. Jenny, you are a dear, sweet person. I recently adopted a kitten and she is the spawn of Satan. Seriously, the cat is driving me batshit crazy. I will pay you to take her.

  11. My wife and I just adopted a puppy from Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, due largely in part of Anne Wheaton’s influence. The puppy is a complete brat, but we love her anyway. <3

  12. All my dogs are rescues and I encourage people to adopt fully grown dogs. You always know exactly what you are getting that way! The one time I agreed to adopt a puppy (because my husband was a deprived child and had never had a puppy) she grew up to be … kind of dim. Sweet as pie, but very dumb. Adopt a mutt, people! Purebreds are inbreds!

  13. I notice the claws are fully deployed….

    (Honestly, when he bites he doesn’t break the skin. It’s just a warning. But the claws are another matter altogether. ~ Jenny)

  14. We were adopted by a 4 month old shelter puppy almost 1 year ago. She’s the sweetest little clown ever. All 70 lbs of her.

    We’ve also got 2 shelter cats that have been with me for 12 years now. If I tried that picture with them they’d have the same confused looks accompanied by growling and kitteh trash talk.

  15. I am in awe. Love the pictures. Now I have something new to aspire to. I will not rest until Blind Murphy, Zoe, and Mr. Tiddles have their own month on a calendar….somewhere.

  16. I would so adopt if I was anywhere near that shelter…and I wouldn’t even make you pay! Guess I will have to adopt locally which is not a bad thing.

  17. Ferris Mewler looks THRILLED to be there. I couldn’t imagine having to hold BOTH of my dogs, I think Danni would sit just fine, but Ponyo would probably wiggle her way out of my arms like Andy in “The Shawshank Redemption.” We actually adopted Ponyo from a Dallas shelter on my birthday last year, it was completely unexpected and kinda nerve-wracking but so worth it! I really think nothing beats the joy and gratefulness of an animal getting a new home and a second shot at life.

  18. Gahh, I want Flash! He or she makes the same face I do in pictures 😛 I keep getting signs from the universe to move to Texas. That face could make me pack up and leave right now!!

  19. Look at the face on Lucky Charms!!!! I hope someone adopts that dog, and all of the other animals pictured!

  20. Don’t you have a third cat? Puffy and gray? I remember because I have a kitty that looks just like him. We have 4 rescue cats, one from behind a friend’s washing machine, one from the crawlspace at my husband’s building at work, and two from the humane society.

    (Rolly. She’s lovely but she’s not a rescue and the calendar is focused on rescues and adoptions. We bought her from a pet shop a million years ago when Hailey fell in love with her. She was quite happy to watch the photoshoot from a distance. ~ Jenny)

  21. Oh, my lord, I need Skeeter in my LIFE. Unfortunately, I live nowhere near Austin. I’ll have to check my own shelters out.

    P.S. I love the angry, splayed-out cat feets and bursting with happiness smile in the last picture 🙂

  22. Love it! My husband and I have two cats and a dog. All adopted from local shelters. We also became foster parents for a while after discovering a mama cat and her babies that were not being well taken care of by their owner. All five have since been adopted out!

  23. You look so happy and that makes you beautiful (though you’re always beautiful, even when you’re not happy). Also, your picture is full of whimsy. Also your necklace. It’s perfect.

  24. you so rock for doing this. I work with a local rescue group (in Robertson County) and we are always begging and pleading to find adopters and donations and, well, everything. Thank you so much for speaking up for those that can’t speak for themselves. Currently I have “too many” dogs in my house but it’s a labor of love, because eventually they will go on to be someone else’s pet and maybe, just MAYBE, someday they’ll be in a calendar.

  25. I always go look at rescue kitties even though I can’t adopt another one. I figure if 20 (or 30 or whatever the number is) people look at a cat before it gets adopted, then I’m doing my part to help the odds. And my squeals and coos probably attract other potential adopters. 🙂

  26. We adopted a female orange tabby kitten a few weeks ago and named her Hermione. Jay took her to the vet for her first check up today and the vet initially didn’t believe she was a girl because apparently female orange tabbies are really rare! But she’s definitely all girl and just as healthy and cute as she can be!

  27. Vulture is kickass. someone down yonder adopt that obviously brilliant and diabolical kitteh! Thanks for all you and everyone else related to this do for some of the best citizens on the planet!

  28. I have been told that I’m not allowed to adopt any pets until I can take care of them (and not be working and commuting 12 hours a day.) I told the boyfriend that I would be willing to quit my day job to take care of the aforementioned pets, and he didn’t seem to keen on that, either. Instead, I’ve been told that at some time in the future, when I am not working (but this can only happen if there are, apparently, babies involved), I’ll get to adopt a lovable furry snuggle buddy of my very own. I wonder how one makes that sort of thing happen…

  29. Oh those little faces! If I wasn’t currently maxed out on my allowance of pets (live in apartment), Lucky Charms would have to come to Washington State! 😀

  30. Just rescued….literally rescued a small 3 week old kitten from inside a brick wall. Just dropped her off at a loving forever home today. Rescued animals are the best.

  31. I’ve already ordered mine. I’m so excited you’ll be in it. My son really liked that Adam Savage was in the 2014 calendar.

    We rescued a dog in August. She’s been such a great addition to our family. Thank you for raising awareness about pet adoption!

  32. I already have 3 cats all of them tech recuses. However I thought of you today when I went to good will. When I went to the back to do a drop off there sat a small cobra snake and the head of an alligator. Both donated and the employees said they were the stores mascots….lol. They are your kind of people.

  33. I hope that your readers will support their local humane society or rescue group, by their calendar, volunteer at their local shelter and donate..adopt..and care. There are loads of great calendars out there (I can personally recommend the OMHS Homeward Bound Calendar) buying one will help animals in your community have a better tomorrow. We all work incredibly hard, stretch every donated dollar till it squeaks, so without ourselves so the animals can do with. So, support your local shelter…it’s the kindest way to make miracles happen!

  34. I have my maximum-allowed-by-the-apartment-people two adopted cats, but man if I could I’d get Flash and Vulture. Those two are totally in on some sort of shelter conspiracy together. Just look at those faces.

  35. Our house is full, 3 of our 4 are rescues. So for now , donations only. I can’t work/volunteer the front lines of shelters/ hospitals (though I did try for three months) . I have a hard enough time leaving my house sometimes, and a front row seat to the results of human cruelty on the abused rescues that come through the door literally breaks my heart and I cannot function. I can’t even watch the commercial with Sarah MacLaughlin singing without risk of sobs, dry heaves and anti-anxiety medication, I’m sorry and embarrassed to say. But forty dollars is not a problem for such a worthy cause. The kick ass calendar is a bonus on top of a win.

  36. I love this cause and your promotion of it! We rescued a dog a little over a year ago. Just after my divorce. She saved my boys and me as much as we saved her. I don’t quite understand people who aren’t animal lovers. Tells me something creepy about them . . . a black hole in the soul? 🙂

  37. My family adopted an adult American bulldog and she is so great. Her only really bad vice is occasional poop rolling. We will definitely adopt another rescue when the time comes. I think I may have to get that calendar!

  38. OMG I would adopt Skylar and Vulture in a minute except i’m about 1500 miles away, and my dog is antisocial with other dogs.But know that they are loved from a distance I hope they find their closer families soon. And is it just me or is Ferris Mewler looking a little grumpier these days … sort of like Ben Stern?

  39. All lovely, and heartwarming, and I think trying to get a good photo with our five cats would be potentially life-threatening, but … I totally love your necklace. 🙂

  40. They look like they want to kill you in your sleep 🙂 That’s what we say about our furry kids. Proud mom of 3 rescue cats, 1 dog and a turtle. Great cause!

  41. Rescue critters are the best! I wholeheartedly agree with the “Who Rescued Who” sentiment because my rescue cat Leo has changed me for the better. Boulder Humane Society FTW. Go Team Wheaton!

  42. Fluffy Prozac! I have two rescue pups currently and sometimes their waggly tails and head rams of affection are the only reasons to get out of bed.

  43. I wish I could attach a picture of my (then) kittens with Santa. It was a swell day, starting with Isabelle relieving her bowels in the carrier. Both cats were in the same carrier, too. The photographer did a splendid job of quickly snapping away, and even got one usable photo for my annual Christmas card. (Yes, this was the year I succumbed to the crazy cat lady diagnosis.) Both cats greedily eyed the gorgeous tree that was part of the set decoration. Both cats squirmed but, to my knowledge, never scratched Santa. A full three minutes into the photo shoot, Isabelle broke free, and I chased her for another three minutes. Fortunately, she didn’t seek refuge in ol’ Tannenbaum, but underneath some empty equipment cases. Cats have now been banned from this photographer’s studio. I can’t say that I blame her.

  44. Those kittens are so cute! Alas, I’m in Canada and have more than enough cat on my hands with two rescue cats who are total assholes but adorable cuddle-monsters anyway and I love them to pieces.

  45. Congrats for you and the kitties being in the calendar! As a dog lover and owner of a rescue, this hits home. Gonna head over to the site and check out purchasing the calendar.

  46. Got to get my calendar! Princess Puffy Pants, Minerva, Pounce deLeon, Donna Moe, Hobbes, Bogo, Pancho, Oscar, and SuperCalifragilisticespialodocious will all enjoy it. Alas, there is no room at the inn for another rescue. (I actually keep saying that, but Oscar joined us last month and fit in perfectly, but he’s small.)

  47. Psst… your crazy cat lady is showing.

    I keep arguing for shifting the comma in that sentence. Personally, I like to think I
    am a crazy cat, lady. Not a crazy, cat lady.

    I have two secondhand cats, not quite rescuees but close. They are the bane and joy of my life.

  48. Our first rescued furbaby kitty passed away at 18 this past NYE – our new rescue Furbaby joined our family a week later. Both lovely balls of joy (ok sassy and sometimes scratchy) who we couldn’t imagine life without!

  49. This is so sweet! Once upon a time, when I live in a place that allows pets, I will get a rescue dog. Until then, I’ll have to make do with this calendar!

  50. Fantastic to see some high profile folk, celebrities endorsing pet adoption.
    We’d love to adopt some of your featured pets, but don’t have the space (in a two bedroom villa), besides the fact we’re on the other side of the world.
    We adopted Harry, an ex racing greyhound in January.

    As one who lives with Asperger’s Syndrome, and suffers with Anxiety, Depression, and likely Bipolar, I can honestly say that Harry has been a life saver for me.

    When things are down and I can’t see any point in living, I look at Harry, and see a big ball of fur and love that relies on me, and that is very willing to show his affection, albeit in subtle and not so subtle ways.

    It’s a tragedy what happens to so many unwanted pets, that so many puppy and kitten farms flourish whilst unwanted pets are left to fend for themselves, suffer, or are killed simply because they are unwanted, and clearly there are still many pet stores that only exacerbate this problem, displaying cute puppies, kittens, and rabbits in their windows.

    It is also an absolute crime what happens to many Greyhounds; they are killed if they don’t make it as a racer, or are killed when they reach retirement age, or have an injury that with some TLC they could certainly recover from.
    I have no idea of the stats in other places, but estimates in my home state say that at least 100,000 Greyhounds are killed each year, for the reasons listed above.
    I guess that makes our Harry at least one in 10,000 (the adopted Greyhounds in my home state only reach the 100s, so it’s easy to see that adopted Greyhounds are definitely the exception to the rule.

    So far as what happens to them in their racing career; well lets just say that not all of it is legal, ethical, or humane – I’m sure there are some responsible, and caring owners and trainers in the Greyhound Racing Industry, but the stats would indicate they are either in the minority, or a very slim majority.

    Many Greyhounds find their way into Veterinary classes, simply because it is so easy to get a dead Greyhound, as so many are euthanized each year; literally the first surgical experience for many student Veterinarians is dissecting a Greyhound, that died for no other reason than that the owners and trainers had little thought of the long term wellbeing of their dogs, and chose to retire them with a needle, rather than to a nice home.

    I just have to say, for those considering a dog; please consider a Greyhound, they are affectionate, quiet, placid, and do not need much exercise.
    Our Harry sleeps easily 20 hours per day, and is quite satisfied with 2 walks each day of around 20 – 30 minutes duration.
    Other than that two feeds a day of a quality dog food – not canned food please, it’s too processed for their tummies to handle, and they’re right as rain.

    For my mind, having had poodles, beagles, mixed breeds, and interacted with many other dogs, I can’t think of a better pet.
    BTW – you don’t need much space, an apartment, villa, townhouse or small dwelling is fine, so long as they get their regular exercise, and generally they’re already house trained.
    The only issue is that they can fret if left alone all day, so either another pet, or have arrangements so it won’t be left at home more than say 4 hours per day.

  51. I love you Bloggess. I mean not in “you must live in a cornfield because I’m stalking you” kind of way. More in “thanks for all you do, wish there were more like you” kind of way.

  52. I foster for Austin Pets Alive and have five beautiful 5 week old kittens right now. It’s so much fun! Everyone should do it. There is nothing better than kitten therapy.

  53. My high regard for you just increased tenfold with this post! P.S.- I try to take “selfies” with my cat, and it generally turns out looking as if I’m either holding him hostage or he’s OD’ed on catnip.

  54. It absolutely kills me how few apartment buildings in my city are pet-friendly. I mean, pets make you happier and healthier. Landlords should WANT happier and healthier tenants, right? So why can’t I adopt a dog, you soulless jerks?!?

    I informed my husband long ago that rescued four-legged creatures are going to vastly outnumber us two-legged ones when we can finally afford to buy a home instead of renting. He took it pretty well.

  55. We adopted a tiny baby kitten from the local human society 3 years ago and I always say she picked us. My husband sat down and was just waiting for me to pick one…and she jumped in his lap and took a nap. Obviously we had to take her.

  56. We love your blog and applaud no kill shelters. We started with 4 cats that were all rescues. Not from shelters but rescues none the less. We have inherited/been adopted by/magically acquired 6 more over the last 10 years. So now we have 10 cats and one very confused dog. Hubby says we have 10 because we DONT WANT 11. sigh he just doesn’t understand. I could have a worse addiction than cats, right? like taxidermy, or drugs or something… Love the pics. Love you Jenny. Love having someone I can relate to. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. 🙂

  57. I was looking for a “LIKE” button, but I couldn’t find one, so this is it. As the adopter (Adoptee? One can never be sure) of two horses, five cats, a hen and the cutest mouse that my one of my cats almost got, I salute you.

  58. Thank you for supporting rescue! After five years of running a dog rescue that I helped launch, I am PASSIONATE about this, and it just lifts my heart to read stories like yours. My guy and I have six dogs, a horse and a donkey, all rescues, and all greatly loved.

  59. I’ve had such a hard day and you always restore some of my faith in humanity. Thank you jenny

  60. Two kitties are joining me next week when I move into my new apartment, I can’t wait. Because I miss my sweet Bobby who died on 8/14 – he was the snuggliest.

  61. October – for me – is “Emma adoption month,” as 12 years ago, I adopted my first and only pet, a corgi/blue-heeler mix (i.e. two cattle herders put together), whom I named after Jane Austen’s heroine Miss Woodhouse, from the Nashville Humane Society. It was only later, as she grew up and we got to know each other, that I realized how appropriate my name choice was. She is intelligent, stubborn, clever, beautiful, food-motivated, fiercely independent, and unquestionably the love of my life. On those days where I find myself succumbing to depression, anxiety, and OCD (which is still quite often), she is the reason I get out of bed; she always makes me smile when I can find nothing else to smile about.

    Adopt (and spay/neuter while you’re at it)! It saves more than just one life.

  62. And a reminder that. Just cats and dogs end up in shelters. Rabbits are the third most often surrendered pet and offten found abandoned in the months after Easter. They make awesome pets as long as you do your homework. My bossy little bunnygirl is lying in wait in the hall outside the kitchen, so that she can’t possibly miss dinnertime

  63. My friend Arielle Beastmaster (her name on FB) is going to go to this Austin shelter and check out the kitties you have posted. 🙂

    (Awesome! If she gets one drop me an email on which one and I’ll pay the adoption fee. ~Jenny)

  64. I have five cats, all rescues (including the two “kittens”–now 12–and their mother, who I got when I went to the shelter for ONE kitten…) Yes. I’m insane. And your question?

    Love the calendar 🙂

  65. After the last of my shelter cats passed away earlier this year at the age of 15, I swore I was going to hold off on another adoption until my scheduled move next summer. I do miss having cats around, though! If I was anywhere near Austin, I’d be paying them a visit.

  66. Thank you for participating in the calendar and supporting animal rescue. $40 can mean so much to a rescue organization. With my rescue, $17 can buy a first round of vaccines. $28 buys a microchip. $45 buys flea treatment, a tablet instead of a topical for a dog with skin issues. Every little bit helps. My donation this month goes to Pugs U Gotta Save in memory of my Isabelle, a rescue pug I set free from cancer on Thursday.

  67. Oh Fannie, what a cutie! We only adopt dogs from a shelter. We’re on our second dog, her name is Lexi. Many people I know, including my sister have bought dogs from breeders, spending thousands of dollars. I don’t get it, I’m glad you don’t either. xoxo

  68. My Seamus is a mostly Maine Coon Cat I adopted two years ago after the largest local cat shelter flooded (really, it sucked) and they were moved to a temporary facility. I went to adopt an older cat who would be unlikely to be adopted, when I sat down in the room to fill out the application form, this beautiful, tiny long haired cat climbed in my lap. Every time I tried to write, he took the pen, Then, he put his paw onto the application and just looked at me…they told me he’d be a small, long-haired cat. Today, he is an almost 16 pound mini-horse, who is the most loving and affectionate thing ever. Every year, he picks a charity and makes a donation (yes, really, his first year it was for a animal oxygen mask apparatus for rescued pets from fires. Last year, it was for pets that were rescued from a town that was struck with a tornado. I love this idea, and will consult him for his opinion on if this is where he’d like to make his donation this year. I love that you got both kitties to participate in your shoot 😉

  69. We recently adopted an abused and neglected Great Dane that had been wandering our community for about 6 weeks. No one could get near him but I persevered, well and perhaps cheated a bit luring him in with some deer steaks. He’s been with us just under 2 months. Got rid of the ticks, check; gained 20 pounds, check; neutered, check. cleared the worms, um, still working on it. gross.
    Wish I could post a pick of Henry, he’s quite the fabulous boy 🙂

  70. Love your post and all the fur babies! We just adopted our dog about 6 weeks ago from a local no kill shelter. We will only adopt, not buy. Our previous dog, Willie, was a Bichon mix who lived to about 22 year old. (Yes, you read that right, 22 years.) When he passed, it was heartbreaking, and my hubby didn’t want another pet. It took about 5 years, but I wore him down. Our new dog, Connor, is a Havanese mix. His face got me and he is soooo sweet! The poor thing was in a hoarding situation, in a barn. He had to have most of his teeth, the molars, removed because of trying to eat the hay. Another dog there also broke his jaw and he now has a plate in it. But, he is now in a loving, safe home and doing so much better. He just learned how to navigate stairs. I am so glad we got him. Dogs are the best for relieving stress and anxiety.

  71. Your pictures is lovely! All my 7 kittehs are rescues as was my dear, departed doggie Nicky who was the best dog ever! I’ve heard it said that “If you hang around a barbershop long enough, you’ll wind up with a haircut”—too many trips to the shelters is essentially how I populated the House of Squalor!

    Fostering a Mom with kittens is a great cure for Kitten Fever without the long-term commitment 🙂 !

  72. I love that second picture, where Ferris Mewler looks all cool and bored, but his back leg and claws are ready to gouge someone’s eye out.

  73. It looks like my current House Rabbit Society foster bunny is finally getting adopted, assuming she can get through a bonding without biting anyone. Her nickname is Little Miss Bitey, though she’s very affectionate other than the occasional random bite, but it’s made her harder to adopt out. Then there will be a new foster, as well as four rescued rabbits of our own!

  74. I love the title of this post! My animals have definitely rescued me!! I am a HUGE believer in rescue animals. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats that have come from shelters and they give me just as much love and joy as designer dogs and cats! Keep up the good work!

  75. I’m in CA with two rescue cats — one we’ve had for 12 years, originally from a shelter in north Idaho, and one abandoned by the previous adopter whom we took in after he broke his leg. But sending love your way!! Will buy the calendar!

  76. Oh…my…God, the Bloggess is wearing my necklace!!! Bloggess fans may want to check out the reverse side, which features photos of some familiar friends. This has totally made my day — there’s nothing I like better than people wearing jewelry I’ve made. It always gives me a Sally Field moment. (“They like me! They really like me!” Or, at least, the jewelry.) The icing on the cake is that it’s all to benefit animal rescue. As part of a 4 animal rescue family, I could not love this any more. Thank you so much for supporting such an amazing cause, and for risking your life (or at least your hand) in the process.

    (I’M SO GLAD YOU COMMENTED. I always tell people that I got this necklace on tour but I could never remember your website. I still wear it all the time. ~ Jenny)

  77. I would Love to adopt Skeeter, But my cat wont let me, and I’m not in the US. But good on you for supporting an amazing cause!!!

  78. Poor Fannie, I snickered. I’m in the UK and here that’s a vulgar slang word for a woman’s lady garden.

  79. #1 – You ARE just as famous as the “actual famous people” and so are your pets
    #2 – I think you are incredibly awesome for offering to pay the adoption fees for that specific handful that obviously NEED new homes right away
    #3 – I love Anne and Wil almost as much as you (and yes, I mean that in both ways you can read that sentence)
    #4 – my two rescued-from-feral won’t allow me to rescue any more (I’m in a 1-BR with them and my hubby), but I’m walking distance from my local shelter, so if I continue to find myself with too much time to spare (not this week), I will seriously consider volunteering my time. Thank you for the suggestion

    You and the Wheatons really make a difference. Don’t you forget it.

  80. How awesome that you are offering to pay! If I lived in Austin, I would totally take you up. But NC is a wee bit far away. One of our dogs was a shelter rescue, the other we found through Craigslist and managed to get so he wouldn’t have to be taken to the shelter. LOVE animal rescues.

    Also, noticed your scrabble Bloggess necklace in the outtakes video. That is the

    (Someone made me that necklace when I was on book tour. On the other side of the scrabble tiles are pictures of Copericus and Beyonce and a TARDIS and all the things I love. One of my favorite things ever. ~ Jenny)

  81. And as an added bonus, October is Adopt-a-Dog month. We’re almost there, get an early start. BTW, I have a Gordon Setter who may be up for adoption. She just totally counter surfed my kitchen and made it look like a home invasion. Would anyone like her? (No, no, just kidding.)

  82. Oh lookit all the little faces!

    I fully intend to rescue an adult cat someday. Unfortunately this past Monday I just put my 12-year-old Cazzer to sleep. He had fluid in his lungs caused by heart failure and we had to end his suffering. I got to hold him one last time. I miss him so much it makes me physically ill. But yes, someday. When I’m ready.

  83. We are doing our part by NOT giving our dog (also called Hunter) to the SPA, even though he bit my kids and bit the neighbour and almost bit my face earlier today because I was carrying him away from the workers so he wouldn’t escape (or bite them).

    We are complete dog novices and THIS is the dog we got. (sigh) Even our trainer – who trains the police dogs in France – said there was something ‘off’ about him. But we all love him and we know he would be put to sleep if we gave him up, so we do our best with what we’ve got. And we hope that part of his excitability is just the fact that he’s two.

  84. This post really makes me smile. I’m so very impressed at your outreach.
    And I’m giggling that Victor’s presence is in the calendar even if his image is not.

  85. This is SO wonderful. Tears of happiness watching the video. And LOL at Victor behind the chair in your clip of the video. You are an amazing lady.

  86. Thank YOU so much for raising awareness about the need to rescue and what wonderful animals are out there waiting for homes! So many do not make it out of the shelters alive, and it just breaks my heart. All of my animals are rescues. That is the only breed I will ever have. And, they found me. Adopt. Rescue. Foster. Spay and neuter!

    I donated to get my own awesome calendar. It was super easy, and Anne Wheaton is currently the number 2 fundraiser for the Wiggle Waggle Walk. Let’s help make her #1!

  87. I love your photos! We adopted our second cat in April and she’s settling in really well. Both of our cats were young adults, one is black, and they are more difficult to rehome because of that. They both took considerable time to fully settle and realize that 1) food would always come, 2) hugs are good and 3) they landed on their feet/paws with our family and live the life of Riley. My children are now wanting us to get a puppy. I’ve never had dogs in my life, only cats, so it would be a whole new learning experience for me. I would like to get a dog with a temperament that would work well in a crazy house with 4 children (aged 5-12), 2 cats and 2 adults. So far I’m leaning towards a golden retriever, but I also love the idea of adopting a mutt. Have any readers had really good or bad experiences adopting dogs? Any pointers on what to look for when considering a puppy? Any advice would be welcome. I love in Saratoga Springs, NY and we have a rescue shelter here. Thank you!

  88. This whole post made me happy. I hope you’re able to post a follow up on your Austin Pets Alive picks and their new homes!

  89. I rescued my beloved kitty, Fluffbutt, from the shelter in Port Angeles, Wa. I now live in Flagstaff, Az and Fluffbutt is almost nine years old. She is my joy!

  90. All my critters were homeless on their way to me. But they rescued me. Just ask them. They did me a favor. I am not easy to live with–they are furry little saints, every one of them

  91. so glad to see PHS getting some good support. They are a great organization. I adopted a wonderful one year old cat from there in 1994, and she really did rescue me as much as I rescued her. I had her for 20 wonderful years before losing her this summer to lymphoma. She was the best cat.

  92. You look so pretty!!! No wonder they wanted you and the kids in their calendar. (said in a non-stalking, GF, not creepy kind of way)

  93. Awww my furbaby is a rescue. I was looking for an adult cat, probably a year or 2 old so I wouldn’t have to deal with “kitten” behavior. But oh no, there I was trying to coax an older cat into playing when this little black ball of fuzz climbs in my lap and is all, “you’re bringing me home right?” So I got a kitten. And 5 years later, he still acts like a kitten. But I’m his human so I tolerate his 3am antics because he give good snuggles.

  94. That look on Ferris Mewler’s face beats grumpy cat’s any day of the week. He even looks like he’s raising an eyebrow in disgust. It’s disgruntlement personified. (Holy cow, keyboard recognizes disgruntlement as a word, go me!)

  95. We adopted four rescue kittens in May. Good thing we love them to bits because they’re terrible. 🙂

  96. I love how Beyonce is in a picture for a Pet calendar. DEFINITELY a rescued “pet”. 🙂 Rescued animals are the best–even if they’re slightly bitey cats and giant metal chickens. They love you unconditionally and don’t talk back. I think I’m still talking about Giant Metal Chickens because I know my cats definitely talk back now and then, and Ferris Mewler bit back.

  97. So sweet! If I didn’t already have FIVE, I’d drive to Texas and adopt one. You’re awesome to do this.

  98. When I was a kid, both of our dogs were rescues from a kill shelter, one of which was a puppy one of the workers brought home because she couldn’t bear to see him put down. I don’t think my mother ever forgave me for asking if we could take him but we had about 12 good years with him. Where I am now won’t let you adopt unless you already have a history with the local vets (moved about 1300mi from where I grew up so that was a big nope) so I did end up buying my current dogs. May drive me up the wall sometimes but I am glad I ended up with them.

  99. I just love rescues. All of my cats have either been a rescue or a re-home. My black girl is a re-home from my vet clinic and my white girl is a rescue. They are both a little crazy but then so am I.

  100. I have even more respect for the Wheatons now. This is wonderful.

    Personally, I love rescue pets. One of my kitties was a stray who just strolled into my yard two years ago. I’m pretty sure that makes him a rescue! I’m also fostering a cat from the local rescue. I volunteer there a few days every week and I just love those animals. Honestly, I feel like volunteering at the rescue is one of the best things I could do with my time. I highly recommend it!

  101. So glad you included a black cat and a black dog in your pictures. For some crazy reason, they have a harder tme finding homes.

  102. I want to put out there that there are so many ways to help animals in need. Money is awesome, adopting is great, but there are other options. I can’t financially handle more than my 1 cat, but I found a rescue group where I can volunteer from home (I screen applicants and help match them to kitties). Knowing I’ve placed almost 40 cats into awesome forever homes is almost as good as if they’d come to my home. 🙂 We cover the US east of the Mississippi. And no, you don’t need to only like Siamese, you just need to want to help.

  103. And this is why the two kittens currently hanging from our curtains redecorating are all your fault. The beagle and the Jack Russell Terrier are both traumatized. I’m guessing strikethrough html won’t work here but you get the point.

  104. Jenny – you are too good. May the 4-pawed gods look down on you with thanks and love. And no biting 🙂

  105. The necklace is pure genius! We love our rescues (in Oregon) and have been highly enriched by their existence, especially if enriched=covered in cat/dog hair:) We only hope they love us as much as we love them, we’re pretty sure the dogs do, but not confident about the cat.

  106. We rescued 30 kisties (there was a colony). We found homes for all but the most Completely Mental. And now we’re left with 7. Yes seven. Don’t judge me. Now we have to move home because no one wants them and the yard’s not big enough. So all of them are quite mad, demented; we’re gonna spend a kabillion dollars to move them up the coast of Australia, and anyway, we don’t care.


  107. A black kitten named Vulture? I really need her/him! Like really, really. How grateful am I that I live too far away to make this a reasonable adoption? Because I am at max capacity for living creatures I am responsible for. KITTENS!!!!

  108. I love Austin Pets Alive, even though I’ve never been to the rescue. Great organization. Keep up the fabulous work, Jenny! Thank you for looking out for kitties!

  109. All the yays to this!

    I’m a Brownie Leader & when we had our Pow-Wow at the start of term to get the Brownies’ ideas about what they’ like to do, they voted to do the Friend to Animals badge. We’ve just completed the badge, but our efforts to support our local animal charity are only just starting. Luckily for us, the Celia Hammond Animal Trust ( are collecting used stamps to recycle to raise money – I say luckily for us, because collecting used stamps is something Brownies can do themselves (have dinned it well in they are to ask permission & not go around taking stamps without asking the owners of them first) & it means we’re not asking people to give money, because that can be tough, let’s face it. We’re also sponsoring one of the cats who can’t be adopted: the Brownies decided on Friday that we’re going to sponsor Mr Brown – Did have to gently let down the Brownie who was hoping we might be able to adopt a cat as a Brownie Unit. I think she was imagining we’d make the cat a wee home in the cupboard with all our equipment. Or maybe she thought Sooty Owl & I would take the Brownie Cat on a joint custody basis & our own cats would be delighted about this development. Or perhaps she thought the priest would see to Brownie Cat for us. I wasn’t going to enquire into how she thought it might work as it would be giving her False Hope.

    My balletcats came to me instead of ending up in a rescue. Mummycat gave birth to her umpteenth litter of kittens in the loft of a local house & the chap living in said loft, knowing it was the height of kitten season, elected to care for mummycat & her litter of 6 himself rather than taking them to a rescue. Loftchap was not catowner: catowner was a neighbour of loftchap’s elderly father, whose house it was mummycat decided was a good spot to have her kittens. Loftchap was working 3 jobs so wasn’t around much (funnily enough) & couldn’t manage to keep the furry family for more than a couple of months. So, on the day they turned 8 weeks, I went to collect Mssrs Balanchine & Nijinsky & brought them home. I’d been to see them the week before after a card went up in the window of our local café-cum-florist (what do you mean, you don’t have one of those?) seeking homes for the kittens. Had been about to start the adoptions process, but it was obviously an unwanted litter & my brother & I were worried about who might answer the advert. So I did. My aunt went with me to see the kittens, because even though my bit of Inner London pretends to be a little village, it’s not, & going off with Strange Men is not A Plan. Honestly, is very good thing she DID come, because the whole “the kittens are in the loft” situation could have come from a Stranger Danger book. The kittens had clearly read ALL the books on Stranger Danger, because their approach to humans was, well, to not approach at all, but instead to run away & hide, pretty much. Because they were just so unused to them. But they were adorable & in need of homes. So I picked out the little blond boy & the black girl (but when I went back to get them was given Mr Nijinsky instead as someone else had taken the girl but I do not care & wouldn’t swap Nijinsky for any other cat in the world).

    Although they’d read the Stranger Danger books, the balletcats didn’t read the books about how if you don’t socialise kittens by 8 weeks they’ll become feral. They’re very shy with New People (Jinny remains so, but Lanny will make friends) but are frankly ridiculous articles when it comes to me. It only took a couple of days for them to progress to climbing all over me & snuggling up on me to sleep (from their initial Utter Terror at New Human) & their idea of bliss is the three of us being snuggled up together on my bed. They sit & watch for my return from the sitting-room windowsills (& have quite the human fanclub as a result) & will run to the front door to greet me. They’re very chatty with each other & with me – they never lost the habit of calling for each other through the house & extend it to the humans. They get up to all sorts of mischief (all of it inside, I have agoraphobic cats) but I love them anyway. Yes. They are life-enhancing. In all sorts of ways. Including the very unexpected discovery that the vibrations from their purrs work to declag lungs, respiratory-physio style. The only problem being that they get really quite upset when you disturb them with your coughing…

  110. All of the pet’s my family has ever owed have all been rescued. (current pets)
    Angel- tabby cat who my parents adopted 19 years ago.
    Pato- Chihuahua/ Jack Russel Terrier mix who we adopted from my uncle who really mistreats animals 🙁 about 9 years ago.
    Bradley- tabby cat rescued about 9 years ago. My sister’s friend found him when he was tiny in the woods.
    Ninja-beautiful cat who adopted us by using our doggy door and making himself at home. About 8 years ago.
    Coco- a Pit bull who my fiancee adopted about 3 years ago
    Jack- a Pit bull who my fiancee and I adopted about 2 years ago
    Pax- My BABY. He was about 2 weeks old when I rescued him. Some workers found him in a ditch by where my fiancee works and brought him and his brother’s and sister’s to his place of work. I went by just to play with them. I was feeling really terrible because my close friend’s funeral was the day before. (She was 22) I just wanted to pet kittens, but ended up picking this tiny thing up and he immediately fell asleep in my arms, and I just couldn’t put him down so I just took him home! He will be 4 months old on October 13th.

    All these mischievous little idiot jerks are honestly, the BEST addition to my family that I could have asked for. They scratch sometimes, and bite, and pee on all your clothes (I’m looking at you, Angel) But I’d be so empty without them.

    BTW, all of Pax’s siblings were adopted by another person, but they got too cold one night and they all died. There were four, I believe. It breaks my heart to think that if I hadn’t taken him home, he wouldn’t be alive right now either. He is my heart.

  111. That look on Ferris Mewler’s face beats grumpy cat’s any day of the week. He even looks like he’s raising an eyebrow in disgust. It’s disgruntlement personified. (Holy cow, keyboard recognizes disgruntlement as a word, go me!)

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