How did this happen?

Happy birthday, Hailey.  You are our sunshine.


Now please stop growing up so quickly or I will be forced to freeze you in carbonite, like a tiny Han Solo.  And this is the first year that you will totally get that joke and you will make another, far more obscure joke about Clone Wars and I won’t get it at all, and you’ll give me that look like, “Aw.  Old people are adorable.  Bless your heart.”  And I will still love you because you’re amazing.  But I’ll also be stockpiling the carbonite.

You’ve been warned, my sweet girl.

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  1. Aww. She shares a birthday with Jim Henson. And the first episode of The Munsters on tv. (And with my daddy)

  2. Aww! She looks so much like you. My oldest is now 13, halfway to 14. My baby is no more a baby at age 9, and my darling Diva is 11. Time flies far too fast.

  3. She’s been warned but… they never listen. (also save some carbonite for me. Dealing with the same “growing up” bs with my son.)

  4. Happy birthday, Hailey! From me and my just-turned-10-daughter, Athena! (Her birthday was a week and a half ago.)

  5. She’s precious. And my fifteen year old has never listened when I told her to stop growing up either.

  6. Happy birthday, Hailey! It’s actually my birthday today, too. (I’ll be turning 29. For the tenth time…) 😉

  7. It’s awful isn’t it? Mine just started college. I’m not sure if I’ll ever forgive her for growing up.

  8. she looks so much like you, a lovely vibrant girl, happy birthday child, may the world always hold wonder for you

  9. Ohh…she’s gorgeous…and it does happen so quickly! My oldest child is balding. BALDING! How did this happen? Well…other than genetics.

  10. Keep every bit of her childhood in your heart. Pretty soon she’ll be married.

    (BITE YOUR TONGUE. ~ Jenny)

  11. Awww… when my youngest (now 10) was a toddler, I called him my tiny and I asked him if he would always be my tiny and he said yes! So I’ve always told him that no matter how old, how big, he will always be my tiny! (He’s getting to be a pretty big tiny). Happy birthday to Hailey! And may she always be your tiny! 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday, Hailey!
    Side note: I’m still trying to figure out how my son is 14 and how the heck he grew to 6 feet tall. I was just cradling hi in my arms last week….

  13. Happy Birthday, Hailey!
    My step daughter, Ashlyn Lawson is 10 days older than you. Her 10th birthday was September 14.

  14. Happy Birthday to Hailey and to you!
    My baby girl turns 15 in a few days, and I just can’t believe it…

  15. Bless your heart, indeed. Be very careful, because before you can sneeze, she’s leaving for college. (It’s been a rough year)

  16. Wow. This is the first picture I’ve seen of her and thought “I can see here grownup face” in the little girl face. Scarey

  17. Happy birthday Hailey! Hope your mom’s weirdness rubs off on you! The world need more fun people!

  18. Happy birthday to Hailey! People warn you that kids grow up too quickly after you give birth and you think they are crazy as time just drags. Suddenly…POOF! you’re kid is taller than you. Keep on enjoying the joy she brings to you two.

  19. If you would be so kind, could you forward me your carbonite dealer’s number? The coffee and cigarettes I’ve been feeding my four-year old to stunt her growth don’t seem to be working AT ALL.

  20. OH GOD. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. I used to watch videos you had of her in her crib, singing to her at night. Can’t believe she’s 10!!! She so looks like you now, weird how they seem to grow into it. Beautiful.

  21. When I saw the picture…at first I thought she had dred locks…nope, it’s tree limbs…Whew!

  22. Child, I have you beat. My Big Kid will be 25 this year. How the Hell do I have a child who is nearly a quarter of a century old?

  23. My daughter turned 10 yesterday, so I totally get where you’re coming from! I can’t believe the last ten years has just flown by. And I want to lock her in her closet to keep her my sweet baby girl forever, but I hear Child Protective Services frowns on that, so……… 🙂 Happy Birthday Hailey!

  24. As a father of 14-year-old and 11-year-old girls, I can say the post-10 years unbelievably are even better. Well, except when they aren’t like when they realize that they are smarter than you. That’s a bad day.

  25. It doesn’t work. They still grow. My girl, age 13, is taller than I am. I make her get things out of cupboards and off shelves for me. Serves her right for growing.

    Happy Birthday Hailey!

  26. How wonderful! And she looks like the perfect mixture of you and Victor; what a lucky girl to have such loving and wonderful parents. Not to mention all the stuffed animals…

  27. We have at least one thing in common. My sole child is a delicious daughter. She is getting married in 6 weeks. WHAT? Enjoy your doll faced and clever girl. Happy birthday, Hailey.

  28. I get my son EVERY TIME….”What did you do today?” I ask.
    “Went to school.”
    “What else?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I know what you did, and you’d better stop it before you get your butt whipped.”
    “But I didn’t do anything?”
    “Oh REALLY? You didn’t GROW? I’ve told you before, I don’t appreciate that crap. Stop immediately.”
    Eye roll.

  29. When I was around two years old, my older sister told my mom to feed me every other day so I wouldn’t get bigger. Maybe you could try that! Or a time machine…

  30. Happy birthday to your daughter! I hear she’s got an excellent sense of humor and perhaps wants to open a club for all hence to be known as Hailey’s Comic Club…

  31. Awwww… so many feels. They just keep growing up! It’s too fast!

    I am liking the carbonite idea. You should totally start selling that in your shop!

  32. Oh I hope your beautiful girl enjoys her 10th birthday. I remember when my two hit 10 (now 17 & 22) and we celebrated a little bigger because they were officially double digits now. They also refuse to stop growing even with the threat of carbonite or cryogenics. Trust me I tried the cryogenics plea on both of my children and it didn’t work. Although it did convince my youngest to stay shorter than me so maybe carbonite will be a better threat to stop her aging.

  33. Oh wow happy birthday to her, she’s grown up to be such a beautiful girl! Careful momma you’re going to have to break out the “no boys” wiffle ball bat someday! My mom literally has a bat, we named it “Kindness”, because we were always told to kill people with kindness. Lol You should try an “I agree to stop growing contract, and when all else fails, invest in carbonite stocks.

  34. And a Happy Mother’s Day to you Jenny. 10 Years ago you began the most important job and what a wonderful employee you have been. Congrats to you and Hailey. My baby turned 13 yesterday and I still don’t know how it happened. I know it wasn’t while I was napping…

  35. love love love. My James turned 10 this summer. He’s handsome and funny and smart and just all sorts of awesomeness. And I’m totally thinking the carbonite thing is a great idea…

  36. Happy Birthday to Hailey! I’m already working on my 11 year old son to fall in love with her so that we can be in-laws and best friends. Um, maybe that’s TMI, and possibly seems stalkie (or is it stalky) Forget I mentioned it. You will be surprised when they introduce us.

  37. Happy 10th Birthday, beautiful Hailey! My daughter, also named Hailey, was 14.5 on the 22nd. It’s amazing how, no matter how much we want them to stop, they just keep growing!

  38. Happy Birthday Miss Hailey…you are a exceptional young lady.
    And Jenny buck up for Christ sake..
    It’s also my birthday…awesome!!!

  39. I understand that if you strap textbooks to the top of her head it will not only stop her from growing but will also make her smarter as she absorbs the info by osmosis.

    Happy Birthday Hailey!

  40. Happy birthday Hailey!!! My almost 9 year old knows every single minute detail of the Clone Wars too – he and Hailey would get along famously!

  41. Happy Birthday, Hailey!!! Now, next time your mom says, “I love you,” you say, “I know,” and see what effect THAT has. : )

  42. We put rocks on the kids heads to get them to stop growing. That never worked either.

    (I put a brick around her neck but it kept falling off and now her feet are enormous. ~ Jenny)

  43. I just want to kiss that adorable sweet face. But that would be weird since I am a stranger. Hailey’s birthday and my wedding anniversary are the same; yesterday was my 20th. Hooray for September 24th!

  44. Awww, this is such a sweet post. Hailey looks like such a happy person – ya done good, mommy!

  45. If you ever figure out how to get kids to slow down, or even invent a remote control for kids so we can pause them, let me know. Been looking at my son’s baby pictures too and it just amazes me how fast time flies

  46. Happy Birthday to Hailey (and to Jenny Happy Birth giving day) Get your shit ready Jenny, my beautiful baby girl is in her first year of teaching. 10 year olds!! (5th grade)

    P.S. It speeds up, just fyi.

  47. Oh yeah, and she really looks a lot like her momma! but I have told you that before. I just wonder if you see it too Jenny??

  48. Happy Birthday to Hailey!! Saw an ad for an Estate sale here in Columbus, Ohio and couldn’t help think of you. Posted: “many albums, 45’s, 33’s and 78’s including an incredible amount of rare childrens records still in sleeves, crystal stemware, taximery armadillo, cast iron nutcrackers, ” I feel like I might have to go buy this.

  49. Happy birthday Hailey! My oldest just turned 10 on Monday, and I am wondering where the time went?! I like your carbonite idea…

  50. Also, my oldest is now 21 and my youngest is 19. While I miss their younger years sometimes, I must say that I LOVE the relationship I share with them right now. It’s completely fantastic. Don’t feel too sad that she’s getting older, just revel in the fabulousness of each new relationship and bond you make with her.

  51. When I was little, my Auntie Pearl used to say she wanted to put a brick on my head to keep me small. It’s probably too late, but you can still try this with Hailey.

  52. She always has the best smile in her pictures!! Happy Decade Birthday, Hailey! And congrats to you and Victor for raising such a ray of sunshine!

  53. Happy birthday Hailey! I hope she has an amazing day filled with glitter, unicorns and cupcakes! What a beauty she is Jenny! She looks just like you. 🙂

  54. Awesome! Happy birthday! – I’m on the same page…we sent our oldest to a university last month, and she’s Out There on her own, suddenly (and doing great! pats self on back). My desk pictures are scattered with her at age 3, 5, 11, 16, 18… what an adventure it’s been!

  55. Nerril, 100, and her “Kindness” whiffle bat have me giggling now. All I can think of is the South Park episode where Cartman shows up at Kyle’s door, saying, “I’m going to kill you now, Kyle, but all I could afford was this whiffle bat. Hold still, this may take a while.”

  56. One thing does not change over the 10 years – Hailey radiates joy and delight. What a neat kid she is Jenny, how wonderful for you and Victor! Happy Birthday Hailey!

  57. She looks very much like you – oddly enough, I”m surprised I see that. I still don’t think any of my children resemble me in any way, shape, or form. What do I know? I’m just their mom. I do, however, know this: she is going to hate the fact that we have all seen this photo – until she’s of a certain age. Go listen to “You’re Gonna Miss This”. They should not be allowed to play that song on the morning commute to work. So true.

  58. Crazy…it was 5 years ago or so I found you and she was 5 and mine was just born. Its just amazing how time just feels like it flies by. You are part of the reason for that. You bring us all such joy. Hailey is part of that because you allow us a glimpse every now and again of that beautiful and brilliant little nymph. Happiest of birthdays to Hailey and to you who brought her into the world and just might take her out if you try the freeze. Instead of the freeze, consider having your legions of fans find you a real vampire to transform her into a child vampire. Could work..right?

  59. Awesome, that is how us parents keep the scales in balance as they outsmart us! Happy Birthday Hailey!

  60. Good luck with that. I have been instructing my children to stop growing for YEARS, and they have not complied. Kids are jerks.

  61. Awww…happy (belated) birthday, Hailey! You seem like a great kid, but with your mom and dad, how could you be anything else? hugs

    Jenny, I’m thinking the top half of her face (eyes, forehead, hairline) looks just like you, and the lower half like Victor, esp. her cheeks and chin. Definitely an adorable kid–you guys did good! 😉 I suppose you could see about putting her in suspended animation, but the last I heard they were still working the kinks out of that one, so maybe not…

  62. I have two babies, six (boy) and three (girl), so I get this. Hailey’s eyes are the same from the pictures you posted from when she was younger. Amazing, slightly heartbreaking with my kids– I look at them and they are cool people. Part of me wishes I could snuggle and whiff that baby smell, and part of me is thankful that is over. Does that even make sense?

  63. Happy Belated Birthday Hailey!!

    I still had to log into wordpress to leave a comment no matter what I tried, so I did & filled in everything afterwards just because. 🙁

  64. I wish I had thought of freezing my little one in carbonite. 18 and college comes too soon.

  65. I understand this one oh too well. My youngest just turned 10 a week ago. sigh They grow up too fast

  66. That baby picture! She’s such a sweet little gummy bear, I almost died from cuteness! Hard to believe she’s 10 already. Hope it was an awesome birthday!

  67. Happy Belated Birthday, Hailey!!!

    And I know how you feel, Jenny! My nephew is going to be 10 in one month! I am amazed and keep asking myself, “How did this adorable little bundle of sweet babyness turn into a grown boy so fast??” Oh, how a decade passes with the snap of our fingers…

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