UPDATED: Hey. You there. You probably need this.

Hey there.  You.

It seems like everyone I know is having a really rough month.  Me too.  But things are going to be okay.  Promise.  October is right around the corner.

Until then, here’s a kitten meeting a donkey for the first time.


The only way this could be more adorable would be if Benedict Cumberbatch was riding the donkey, while hugging a sloth, who was giving a hedgehog a bath.

UPDATED:  My extremely talented friend, Darth, just sent me this:


Granted, it sort of looks like Benedict Cumberbatch is making a tossed salad of sloths and hedgehogs while his donkey eats a kitten, but somehow it still makes me incredibly happy.

See, world.  It doesn’t take much.

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  1. What the ever loving hell is up with this past month? I don’t know what we collectively did to piss off September this year but I hope next year it goes easy on us. Kittens headbutting things are good. Here’s hoping October is full to bursting with headbutting-kitten levels of good for us all.

  2. What IS the deal lately? Everyone I know (including us) has had some sort of horrific incident or tragedy blindside them in the past two weeks. Seriously, WTF is going on?

  3. Thank you! 2014 Has just been a shit year so far and I swear pics of kittens & puppies are the only things getting me through it. Laughing to keep from screaming obscenities at the world!

  4. I really needed this. Thank you!

    Also, now I can go home and say “a kitten and a donkey made me cry, and that was the best part of my day.” 🙂

  5. Nationwide. Worldwide. Statewide here (wild fires, etc. etc.) Personally – September has been pretty freaking awful all around. Yes, please. Cute animals ftw. Needed that.

  6. You’re the bomb. This week, month, year just have not been easy. I must have been ice skating in la la land since last October. 2015 will be our year!!! Till then, keep on coming on with this awesomeness.

  7. Thank you. I’ve been sitting here angry at the universe because of medical bills and crappy timing, wondering how I’m going to provide for my family this month. One foot in front of the other, right?

  8. Thank you. I have increasingly been listening to “This Year” by The Mountain Goats to get myself through this month. This gif is MUCH cuter though!

  9. You have no idea. Thank you. It’s amazing how cruel people can be and how deep their words cut.

  10. I’d like it even better if the sloth were giving Benedict Cumberbatch a bath. Just sayin’.

  11. Chocolate would make me feel better. Or Benedict Cummberbund coated in chocolate. But not covered in nuts. That would be too extravagant.

  12. Also I recently saw a video of a giant anteater getting a bath and he was kind of like a sloth with a floofy tail who got his nose stuck in a hole and pulled. Highly recommend searching for it.

  13. I agree.. Benedict C. could improve this. But he can improve just about anything he touches. God how I love that man.

  14. Thank you so much for the link. My poor husband was traumatized in Grade 5 when he did a speech on penguins and called them pingwings the whole time. I sent him the link so he will know that he is not alone 🙂

  15. Probably? Nope — that’s exactly what I needed. Thank you. And here’s to October being way, way better than this month…for you, for me, for everyone who needs that to be the case.

  16. Okay, the weird thing is last night I had a dream about Benedict Cumberbatch, dressed as one of Musketeers (The fictional character, not the candy bar) (and he was dressed as a musketeer not me).

    And I have had a terrible month, and I don’t have a lot of hope for October. Careerwise, moneywise, and healthwise. Currently writing this as I’m lying on the heating pad, hopped up on Benedryl, too sick to decorate for Halloween, which I would normally be doing already. Maybe the Benedryl is why Ben is a Musketeer in my mind. So I’ve got that going for me, but not much else…

  17. Yes, I have had a SHIT month. Thank You SO Much! I won’t try to explain…BUT death, illness (me) and ALMOST job loss

  18. Yup. September sucks so far. First my housemate died very suddenly and now I have a mega chest infection. Next week will also be pretty poo for me though because I am a teacher and have been off school with said chest infection. Next week I have to make sure that my students didn’t totally procrastinate in my absence and that the material I wrote for them to do was actually done.

  19. Thank you this is just what I needed, well and maybe some Tom Hiddleston leading the donkey for Benedict, oh let’s not go there.

  20. It has been a tough month for many of us. Your posts never fail to make me smile. Don’t change a thing about yourself.

  21. As well all know, by the rules of the jungle, that cat now owns that donkey. It’s been marked and claimed. Or for the gutterbrained, Pussy owns Ass.

  22. Going on two years of tough. I wish I was exaggerating. I’m not.
    However, things always look up when there are kittens and donkeys involved.

  23. I did. I DID need that. And tanktronic, I also needed the cat fist-bump. I didn’t realize it, but I did. Shitty shitty month, but at least it’s ending on a very positive uptick.

  24. really, you could have stopped at, if only it was Benedict Cumberbatch….
    and thanks. xo

  25. really, you could have stopped at, if only it was Benedict Cumberbatch…
    and thanks. xo

  26. On August 31st my friend of 28 years died suddenly of her 2nd brain aneurysm in 10 years.

    On September 13th my 80-year-old father, who has congestive heart failure and kidney failure had a minor heart attack and has been in the hospital and now a rehab for 10 days.

    On September 13th my husband’s grandmother was moved to hospice.

    On September 15th my husband’s grandmother passed away.
    The viewing and funeral were on September 18th and 19th.

    Looking on the bright side? The horrific stress has made a mess of my stomach and I’ve lost 10 pounds. So there’s that. shakes head Apparently horrific stress is a great diet.

  27. I had a crap start to the week…which ended Wednesday with my boss suggesting I take two days off.
    This helped too.

  28. Thank you Jenny! Yes, this month/week has sucked for me and my girlfriends. I almost miscarried this week, my one girlfriend is out of work due to PSTD from being held at gunpoint during a bank robbery AND her mother found out she has breast cancer this week and another one is ready to quit-just quit- and needs to sort her stuff out. And on top of that, my husband and I bought my grandmother’s house and it is turning into a nightmare of problems, including plaster falling down during the night. I really needed to see a kitters own a donkey!

  29. If he does that in the film, while being the voice of a pengweng, I may go all splodey wit joooooooy!

  30. Thank you. I’m hoping September is what is going on with my son. After a week of calling around, I was finally able to get an appointment with a child psychologist. I’m not sure what exactly is going on in his head. He’s eight, and I’m trying to make things better for him. . .but it’s hard when he can’t tell me why he’s freaking out. I’ll look forward to October and some professional help.

  31. I did need that, thank you, how did you know? It’s right up there with the youtube video of the sneezing baby panda, and the Slow Mo Guys video of the firecrackers in the little jars of glass paint…I could watch that one on loop for an hour.

    September has been full of major ass-hat-ery, and to top it off it’s almost October and the temperatures are close to 90F when they should be in the 60s. sigh October will be better, right?

  32. Thanks for that 🙂 Going through some tough times in a divorce, but little reminders like this make me remember to smile 🙂

  33. I think the only way this past September could be properly described is by my high school freshman chorus singing ‘September Morn’ off key super slowly. And the piano player losing her place. Group hug and fingers crossed for October.

  34. Thank you. My husband is in the hospital fighting to keep his donar kidney from rejecting and subjugating him to a lifetime of dialysis. I’m barely keeping to together. This brought a much needed smile to my face.



  35. Yes, yes it is. One friend in the hospital for a quadruple bypass. Another went on vacation with his ladylove and their tour bus was smashed into and she was killed and his hip was broken and… and she’s the one who always helped cheer up everyone else when craep like this happened.

    For the woman whose husband was traumatized by mispronouncing “penguins”, I’ll give him a story to cheer him up — a French friend was visiting the US and excitedly talking about going to Alaska to see all the seals. Except her English failed and she repeatedly used the French word. Which is phoque. Which is pronounced fock. And it took some time before she went bright red and blurted “SEALS! I MEAN SEALS!”

  36. Thank you, I have had a terrible month as well and needed cheering up. Hope things improve for all of us…

  37. The past year has been incredibly hard and this month the doctors tell me they think I might have leukemia. Today I had massive dental work and they told me flatly that the next five days are going to be rough.
    So yeah, I could use a snuggly kitten. Or an entire bucket. A bucket of kittens would be fabulous.

  38. Would I be spoiling the whole warm-fuzzy mood here if I said I have always tried to keep jackasses away from my sweet little pussy, and now I wonder if my whole life has been a mistake?

  39. I just finished drowning my sorrows in spicy chicken wings. If only I had seen this first. (Then I would have had adorable entertainment while eating my wings.)

  40. LOL’ing at all of this. September is traditionally for me kind of a downer—here in Chicagoland, the leaves are changing and that means the bells are tolling doom because winter is coming. ICK. But nothing compared to people with real STUFF going on. I send {{{HUGS}}} to my tribe members.

    I can tell I’m older than many of you—lots of rawr’ing over Mister Cumberbach but not one (yet) has mentioned that Mr. Clooney is getting married this weekend. Le sigh.

  41. Oops! Not “MY tribe members”—-meant to write “my FELLOW tribe members”. Sorry about that.

  42. …and all of that happening next to a pond where a family of otters is swimming. Yes.

  43. I can’t believe I had to scroll down to the 61st comment to see the first pussy and ass reference (well played, Kristen). I am disappoint.

  44. Not to share shitty stuff happening when you’re also having shitty stuff happening, but yesterday was an absolute bastard. Thank you for brightening up my day of recovery from the miscarriage of what might be our only pregnancy. Jenny, I love you & thank you for being a part of my tribe.

    It really will be okay. Thank you.

  45. It isn’t every month that you get to use “radioactive human waste” in a formal memo.

  46. Oh great, I saw this and it’s super cute and all, then I went and did a search on how the earth is doing some magnetic flip or something–something I caught on the radio the other day about the flip possibly causing weird stuff to happen–then reading all that brought me down so then I had to come back and look at the clip of the cat and donkey. Okay, I feel better now. Thank you.

  47. OMG! Why do I feel like Benedict Cumberbatch would totally make this happen for you? And that would be AMAZING!

  48. You had me until “sloth.” I really can’t be the only one who sees through their deceptive slowness and appreciates that they are furry humans with massive claws, can I? One day, sloth-livers, you’ll learn the truth. And I will mock you, as you mock me. I’ll bandage your sloth gashes, but I’ll still mock you.

  49. I needed this today. Thank you! This is why I hang out here. Also, found some other Bloggess fans on a wedding planning forum. Mentioned Beyonce on a thread about a woman’s fiancé registering for a 3 lb. chocolate turkey that he wants to name Terrance and there were a few responses of “my mind totally went there too!” These are my people.

  50. I’ve actually been enjoying the beautiful weather of late September. For me the scary months are January until March (lack of light and all around weariness) For those who are going through a hard time KNOW that this TOO shall pass (except during the scary months) 😉 xo

  51. Gorgeous, like many I’m having a bit of a weird month; mother in law in respite care, pending permanent placement in an aged care home; she’s only in her 70’s, but is deteriorating rapidly with dementia.
    It’s been a real battle to get her properly diagnosed, assessed, and get the services she needs; she’s been in denial for over a decade as we’ve all been left unable to help.

    On the other hand, my previously estranged 14 y/o daughter who lost a leg to cancer has started communicating with me via sms; which we have to keep secret from her overbearing mother.
    It’s not my first preference, but you’ve got to take what you can get, and clandestine text messages on a mobile phone is better than no communication.
    Just wish I was able to keep up with the speed teenagers text at!

    Oh and neighbours that make our lives difficult; nothing we can do about it that we haven’t already tried, so just have to tough it out, and hope they go before we go insane!
    Not that I have far to go to get there, Anxiety, Asperger’s mild OCD, and Bipolar/Depression.
    I literally can’t sit on my front porch and enjoy my garden, or have a smoke without this neighbour taking offence.
    Apparently she’s entitled to quiet enjoyment of her property, but she won’t extend us the same courtesy!
    I guess karma will catch up with her, but it’s hard keeping quiet whilst someone is trying to provoke you!

  52. I too, have not had a very good couple of months. Reading these comments. I should be glad I am still here. I hope and pray all of you have a much better, simple, happy October( and rest of the year).

  53. 🙂 for the kitty and donkey, and also for the owls in comment #13.
    I hope thunfs get better for everybody, or at least that those in bad places have someone to lean on.

  54. I really did need that, my depression has been bad recently, and my clients keep telling me how awful I am and I’ve been wanting to give up. It’s nice to smile for a minute

  55. . . . while Dr. Who and Clara invite the donkey to continue the hedgehog bath in the Tardis while in transit to visit London’s National Gallery where a dinosaur is waiting to warn the Doctor that all things small are destined to become large and all things large are destined to disappear unless those of the Ood Sphere are given the power to revitalize all known concepts and introduce the universe to the World Wide Web Toes.

  56. Simple pleasures… Father has major accident and hospitalization, care flight back to Tx, rehab still, young son gets pneumonia, office floods( own business), Thanking God for blessings unseen.

  57. My personal September hasn’t been horrible, just stressful (going back to school for a Master’s in Library Science, still trying to find a job after more than a year & a half out of work, worrying about money and am I making a horrible mistake going back to school, etc.), but too many of my friends have had trouble; everything from miscarriages to melanoma and back again. Wake me up when September ends, indeed…I’d just like the universe to stop crapping all over people for once–is that really too much to ask for? sigh

    Hang in there, everyone, and yes, Jenny, the kitty and donkey were definitely needed and much appreciated. You of all people Get It… hug

  58. Okay…kitten and donkey=golden. But I had a fairly decent September….seeing as how my very awesome Mom took me on a cruise on the Mediterranean. But I get that not everyone got to do that last week.

  59. I hate September with a passion and always look forward to October. Bad stuff always happens in September and I think we should erase the whole month. The worst September bombshell was this year when I found out my husband was cheating on me, even though we have a 6 year old and a 3 MO old. I swear the song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” was written about me…

  60. AH, that’s perfect, September has been HORRIBLE. Thankfully October should be better, since there’s Halloween and my birthday. I may have just jinxed that though. Hoping that saving this gif and viewing it later makes me feel the same as snuggling both the animals in it. * ^*

  61. Thank you! I’ve had 3 out of the last 4 weeks in hospital with a sick baby girl. Donkeys and kittens don’t quite fix that, but they did make me smile. Who knows the healing power if Cumberbatch had been involved too.

  62. Thank you. For this, and for all the posts that made me think maybe I mattered still, even though my anxiety often makes me think I don’t…

  63. Oh, thank you. If misery loves company, a little happiness just adores a crowd. In that vein, it’s made my day to see that you too like (admire? crave?) Benedict Cumberbatch. And of course, a donkey rubbing noses with a kitten is always a slice of heaven. Like a bit of animal kingdom Lexapro.

  64. This made my morning! I’ve been in the hospital for the past 5 days, in intravenous antibiotics for MRSA. Not fun, really painful, and the nausea… Oh, the nausea. Kittens and donkeys make it all better, at least for a little while.

  65. @ Katie T: my son is 10, and September is doing a number on him as well. Actually, 2014 has been tough for him, behaviorally. We had some concerns about possible ADD, ODD, but the psychologist gave us the “good” news – it’s not anything medical, it’s “just” behavior… Hang in there, Katie 🙂

    I also needed the kitteh/donkey combo. We have been thinking about getting a dog for months (kiddies and hubby super keen. Me? Not so much – I’m a crazy cat lady). We went to the shelter and met Stella, who is lovely. We have reserved her until this afternoon when hubby can get to meet her, I dropped huge amounts of money in Petsmart, and now I have MAJOR canine-induced cold feet. I will be the World’s Worst Villain if I say No now 🙁

  66. @Leah: I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones. Take care xxx

  67. I needed this so much that my eyes welled up with tears that some incredibly great woman on the Internet who doesn’t know me knew that I may have needed this.
    I lost my step-dad a week and a half ago. He and my mom have been together since I was 4 or 5. He actually spent more years in my life than my own father because he died 9 years ago. I’m 31 and have lost two parents. I know it isn’t the worst thing ever, but it isn’t a great record.
    My son, who is 8, just adored him and I hate that the “funniest guy he knows” is now gone. Move nights, a Saturday ritual with Boppa, are gone. We can recreate them, but they’ll never be the same for him.
    Words are hard to come by when you’re this sad sometimes.

  68. First off I would like to say awesome blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.
    I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your head prior
    to writing. I have had a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out.
    I do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be lost just
    trying to figure out how to begin. Any ideas
    or hints? Many thanks!

  69. Sometimes I am amazed at your seemingly telepathic empathy. Thank you for the smiles and honesty and unabashed strangeness — my life is better because you share yours with us.

  70. This was just the right end to this month (what IS it with this year?). Trying to get past a PIA month, following a PIA year, while looking (so not) forward to winter, so yeah– this helped. Summer’s still over, but at least we still have pets, right? right???

  71. Yes, September sucks…Thanks for the cuteness. May October suck less.
    (And I am totally resisting making a comment that uses other terms to describe these two animals that could make it very naughty.)

  72. :/ sadly, not even this kitten has helped. I wish it did. I do appreciate your trying to help a bunch of internet randos, though. Hole’s just too deep for me, right now.

  73. And my husband scolds me for getting weepy over kitties! They’re just little fluffy balls of adorable love with a side of razor-thwack for when you hug them just a little too much… Stuff like this makes me miss my Freeta (which is also why I tear up when watching kitten GIFs & videos) =^..^= 🙂

  74. Even though Benedict looks like he’s possessed I still find that image supremely awesome and it puts a smile on my face so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

    Also, I am SO excited for Fall and all of its attendant wonder (corn mazes, haunted hayrides, pumpkin pie!!). 😀

  75. As excited as I am for fall, I can’t abide rainy weather– intracranial hypertension makes me feel pained and stabby when the weather gets bad. I’m kind of dreading the cloudier mornings we’ve been having here lately. :/

    Also, Benedict Cumberbatch totally looks like he’s saying, “Look at this bowl. Now back to me. This bowl is now a sloth.”

  76. Please, do check a book called “An English Room” with Benedict on the cover. Impossible not to crave for it 😉

  77. This is the first time I have left a comment for you, although I always read your posts and am frequently uplifted, amused, amazed, etc by what you have to say. Thanks for assuring me that October will be better! I needed to hear that.

  78. I so needed this. Thank you. It’s like you know me. Do you? I mean, it’s weird. You haven’t been peeking in my windows or or reading my thoughts or anything, have you? Where’s my tinfoil hat?

  79. Obviously, with all the comments, it’s been a shitty month for a lot of people, okay, crappy, okay bad. Or they love sloths or Benedict Cumberbatch. All of the above for me.

  80. I seriously hope October is the turn-around point for the end of summer shitstorm. I work at a hospital and apparently yesterday was “Let’s see who can be the biggest Bitch” day. If it’s true that women who spend a lot of time together eventually get in sync, then the collective PMS was palpable.

  81. I used to have a cat that was very popular with my sheep. He’d walk into the pasture they were in and they would all crowd around him and wait their turn to be greeted. Some he would face bump, some he would wind between their front legs, and some he would rub under their bellies. Once they had been greeted, they would wander back off to eat more grass. It always amazed me, watching him and how patiently each would wait their turn. We had 3 cats at the time, and he was the only one they cared about.

  82. I needed this so badly today. The only thing that would make it better is if someone else made dinner. Seriously, I made dinner last night and the night before that (and the night before that). Do we really need to eat every day?

  83. All the while, Benedict Cumberbatch is giving you the bedroom eyes.
    Mmmmm tossed sloth and hedgehog salad, in beddddddd.

  84. So it wasn’t just me? September SUCKED, which is ironic since I had a birthday wedged in there. It was truly rough for me, my boyfriend (who lost both grandparents) and my sister (for a whole crap ton of reasons.) What the HELL universe? But yes, Cumberbatches and sloths and kitten-eating donkeys make it better. Actually, most of your posts do.

  85. September is the suckiest month of all. You’re right though…there are few things that can’t be made better with the addition of Benedict Cumberbatch and a pile of cute animals. Thank you!

  86. I am testing the comment section. If this were an actual comment, you would have been instructed to put on your tin foil hat and run outside, screaming like a chicken. We now return you to your regulary scheduled blog.

  87. Just when I think you are possibly my soulmate, you post something like this to completely confirm it.
    Benedict Cumberbatch. So lickable…

  88. I don’t know what it is about September this year, but it seems to be a struggle for a lot of folks I know, myself included. Including Cubby, our 1 year old, getting stitches this week.

    I have to admit, I don’t get the Cucumber…Cumberbutch…Cumbersome…Cumberbatch appeal. Now, if we’re talking Shemar Moore…or Jason Statham…hyperventilates and passes out

  89. My husband died. An absolute total bummer. I have to say the sloth and hedgehog salad was a real after funeral pick me up. Love you kiddo.

  90. It’s been a kind of lousy September. Very estranged father died, requiring incredibly expensive plane tickets on three days notice. Job is awful. No, not the book of the Bible. Am burning out and no end in sight. I think the next utility kilt I order had better be red.

  91. My September hasn’t been horrible, but a picture of Cumberbatch, a donkey, a kitten, a sloth, and hedgehogs makes everything better.

  92. I haven’t been on here for a while — only excuse is life got in the way — but to come back and see THIS makes me realize I just how much I missed you!

  93. well, I’m rather glad to know that my Sept wasn’t the only awful one. Condolences and commiseration to everyone out there who needs it.

    Myself, I was rather ill the last week of August and by Sept 5, I was in surgery to remove necrotic tissue (in my ass cheek) that apparently just spontaneously got infected. I was in surgery two more times (the sixth and the eighth) and spent just over two weeks in the hospital because neither my blood pressure nor my kidneys appreciated the treatments (for the infection in my ass cheek). Now, I’m nearly tube-free and mostly hospital-free (have to go back three times a week for a dressing change and I have an ass vacuum attached to suck the goo out of my open wound) (sorry, it’s gross and really really funny today even though I haven’t had a Percocet).

    Anyway, hooray for October! Here’s hoping for a better month for all of us. 🙂

  94. it’s really nice of you to post this. and i’m doing my damnedest to hang in there. but i don’t see how the day changing from september so-and-so to october so-and-so will make any difference whatsoever. i don’t matter so much in the grand scheme of things. i don’t even matter in the smaller scheme, really, so…

    this is just depression fucking with me. this is just a day. and it’ll be over in seven hours, forty minutes. but tomorrow’s not some sanctuary in which i can find solace.

    i’m sitting at pappadeaux’s, and again, i don’t feel welcome. i feel like some pathetic writer wannabe. and i should go somewhere else, but the feeling would follow me.

    and my friend kate had to remind me today that when my parents are gone, i will be in a deeper layer of hell…

    i’m trying. maybe not as hard as i could… but just getting out of the house, and screwing with the traffic on the interstate and lugging all my writing shit to this here restaurant… i can’t do much more than that.

    how is october going to make that better?

    (Whenever I’m deep in the hole I feel like I’ll never get out. Until I do. Keep breathing. Keep waiting. Even if all you can do is sit on the couch while you wait for meds to kick in or therapy to start working or your brain to straighten out. The fact that you’re out and even showered is something to be proud of when you’re battling depression. Be proud. And be gentle with yourself. You deserve that kindness. ~ Jenny)

  95. This might have just made my night. Or morning. I’m not sure which one… I haven’t been to sleep yet so….. Yeah, thanks Insomnia. But now I’m giggling which is an improvement 😀

  96. “Granted, it sort of looks like Benedict Cumberbatch is making a tossed salad of sloths and hedgehogs while his donkey eats a kitten…”

    I needed this today. It made wine come out my nose, which hurt like a motherfucker, but it was worth it.

  97. I’d suggest we start collecting emergency photos of cute under hashtag #KitCumberDonk but that sounds kind of wrong…

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