See you next Tuesday.

I’m a big fan of this lovely mug, which cleverly uses the “C” of the handle to let you be terrible in person:

unt …and it really inspired me so I designed this:

Victor says no one will buy this but I disagree.  Then he asked if I was going to buy one and I was like "God, no."

Victor says no one will buy this but I disagree. Then he asked if I was going to buy one and I was like, “OH GOD NO.”

And then Victor was like “The whole point of the first mug is so you can walk around with profanity on your glass but not have it be noticed” and I was like, “Yeah.  Obviously.”  And he was all, “I’m pretty sure everyone will know what ‘unnilingus’ means”, but I just typed it in and spellcheck was like “THAT’S NOT A WORD.  NO GUESSES FOUND” so I’m pretty sure that proves it’s more subtle than Victor thinks.

Then Victor argued that, “You can’t just expect spellcheck to suggest ‘cunnilingus'” and I was like, “God, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that.

Because then I’d have one nickel.

I also thought about making a mug that said “amel-toe” but that seemed weird and so instead I just wrote “WORD” on a mug.  That way you can carry it around  and people will think you’re just really into Vanilla Ice, but really it says another thing completely.

It's subtle.  And then not subtle at all.

It’s subtle. And then not subtle at all.

If you don’t see it then you aren’t looking hard enough.

PS. Use the promo code: VETERANDAY14 at checkout to get 15% off all my profane mugs until Friday.

PPS. Some fabulous(ly disturbing) requests and suggestions have come in.  See the comments for even more terrible things.

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  1. This is great.

  2. I’ll take one that says:

    notquiteold recently posted Write-In Campaign!!.

  3. I’d drink my tea in your ups any day. Thanks for the laughs!

    Burns the Fire recently posted My Uncle was Gay and I Want to Tell the World.

  4. My husband makes bags that just say FN because they are effin bags.

    Steph recently posted I Will Learn to Whistle.

  5. Can I get the last one if I am just really into Vanilla Ice? You could make a second one that says “ollaborate” and just embrace it…

    Also, the best part of this post is the humor of the juxtaposition between the code word and the profane mugs (I wanted to say the irony, but I’m continually told that I use that word wrong. Sigh)

    Anna Kristine recently posted My Subconscious Has Great Taste in Music.

  6. You could cleverly disguise the message with something like “until next time…” or “untethered greatness” Then, provided the recipient is right handed, everyone else would get to see the message in his/her hand.

    I’m a fan of trickery. And also profanity. 🙂

    notesfromthebathroomfloor recently posted 10 Reasons Not to Date Me.

  7. I think these make fabulous hostess gifts! Word.

    Kristine @ MumRevised recently posted Not in The Kingsway!.

  8. I dig the C WORD one.
    You should make one that says OCK.

  9. I may just do my Christmas shopping now!!

    Ann St. Vincent recently posted Hands and knees on the bed. Now..

  10. Oddly, Vanilla Ice has a special place in my heart. I need that last mug.

  11. Why can’t I find a C word in your wonderful store?

    (The mugs are new so they won’t show up for a bit in the store. Just click on the pictures and it’ll take you there. ~ Jenny)

  12. What I love particularly about the 1st mug is you can pretend you’re walking about with a University of North Texas Mug.

  13. I go to the University of North Texas and am thinking about getting the UNT one for a particular professor…

  14. “You can’t just expect spellcheck to suggest ‘cunnilingus’”

    If Clippy ever offers to help me with cunnilingus, I’m throwing my computer out the window.

    Spoken Like A True Nut recently posted How to trap The Nut, in one easy step..

  15. I want to buy the last mug for pretty much everyone in my family. I’m also thinking that one that says RAP would make a lovely holiday gift.

  16. 16

    I think a cunnilingus mug would be perfect for getting my co-workers to NOT talk to me before I’ve had my coffee.

  17. I need all of these mugs… and more cupboard space to house them in…

    Lauren recently posted Bucket List.

  18. I appreciate these laugh out loud, coffee coming out of my nose posts….

    Mary-Anne recently posted The Blogosphere.

  19. This has no relavance to the above post, but I still find it funny. I was up feeding my infant son in the middle of the night and trying hard not to fall asleep. I think I did fall asleep briefly and had a dream that you and Victor were having a conversation about whether or not bad guys return books to the library. You said they did, Victor said they didn’t.

    I agree with you. 🙂

  20. The possibilities are endless! If you have a bff named Cathy, you could do an ATHY mug. And maybe a handle shaped more like a B and then tada, you’ve got an ITCH! Think of all the Christmas shopping just DONE. Excellent.

  21. Haha! So C-lever. When I was growing up my neighbor (he was in his early 20s) had a license plate that said, “U-KUF.” I think eventually the police saw him in their rearview mirror because it didn’t last long.

  22. If you made a two-handled mug, you could go both ways, with OCK on the other side. Just saying.

    Or you could make an UM mug, but then no one would want to drink the contents.

    (That is awful. And such a good idea. ~ Jenny)

  23. Genius. Word to your mother.

    The Dose of Reality recently posted Oops, I Did It Again.

  24. Absolutely love it. I need a set of six!

    Cassandra recently posted Signs from a Secular God.

  25. God, those are absolutely fabulous. All of them Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  26. The subtlety is profound.

    Psychobabble recently posted Halloween Just Got Cuter.

  27. Don’t forget about the gays. Can we have one with “ock” after the darkened handle?

    Cary Vaughn recently posted How to Keep a Cat Out of Your Closet.

  28. Yikes! Devilishly clever!
    Thanks for sharing, Jenny.

    The Hook recently posted No Fancy Titles, Just One Man’s Opinion..

  29. I am a huge fan of the C Word. May need to ask Santa for this.

    Aussa Lorens recently posted I Am Already So Good At Marriage.

  30. Maybe I should get this mug for when I start my new job. Then expectations can be set right at the get go.

    Michelle recently posted I Have Two Things On My Chest.

  31. My husband and I refer to Sallie Mae as “pirate c**t.” I was trying to describe them and was saying they’re not like the nice sweet little lady that “Sallie Mae” makes you picture, more like the opposite… and “pirate CUnexTuesday” was the closest that I could come to the opposite.

  32. Send the “unnilingus” one to Michael Douglas!

  33. Will it come with my beverage of choice? I’d love a heaping C-Word cup of red wine.

  34. Too bad I work at home and can’t shock anyone. Especially not my husband. The first one would raise his eyebrows and the second, his spirits. I don’t know what the third one would do to him, but it might be fun to find out.

    Janet Coburn recently posted Butt Check.

  35. I took a pottery class once where I made an obscene pot by mistake. I could never bring myself to throw it away, so I wrapped it in brown paper and stuck it in the back of a drawer. I need to know when I’m going to die so I can take a hammer to it right before this tragic event. There’s nothing subtle about my pot or these mugs.
    meow meow meow

  36. 36
    Katy del Moxie

    If you drink left handed, only you would be able to read these mugs. Maybe that’s a plus. 🙂

  37. Makes a great house-warming gift.

  38. having my morning coffee is like a spiritual experience for me. if I could have that same experience and throw in some subtle sassy humor… I’d be all over that. Kudos

  39. Have you designed the 2015 calendar yet? I need one of those

  40. 40
    Maggi Oswald

    You are pixilated. Keep it up!!!!

  41. Well, that explains the “OCK” mug my wife gave me on my birthday.

  42. Just stopped everything I was doing and bought that unnilingus mug. Guna just slip it into the cupboard and wait for my boyfriend to notice…

  43. As requested:

    The nice thing about this one is that no one will use your mug because ew. Plus, it really just says “UM NO” so it’s letting people down gently in case they want you to do actually work.

  44. I’ll have to get 2 for the kids. They’re not allowed to say ‘cheese’ because it gets the dog all excited so instead they refer to it as ‘the c-word’. As in “Oh Jackson, what a good dog! You sure love “the c-word”, don’t you!” and informing guests that “Jackson just can’t get enough of “the c-word”. Good times.

    The Dusty Parachute recently posted A Tribute to My Amazing Husband (after 2 glasses of wine).

  45. This is the greatest thing I have ever read.

  46. Laughing. Thanks, I needed this post AND THE COMMENTS. Especially that Clippy one at #14.
    My family is going through a bit of a trauma today. When I saw notification of your post, I was so grateful.
    I am also a fan of trickery and profanity abd to find trickery and profanity at 50% off in your shop, well, its a Bloggessaniamism non holiday miracle. Bless you Jenny, you hear the frustrations of your tribe and bless us with gifts of hilarity.

  47. you are awesome!

  48. Totally spelled our brand spanking new religion wrong, I will do penance with my dictionary and thesaurus.

  49. I think they’re hilarious! I especially like the subtle-yet-not-subtle unnilingus mug. The WORD mug is pretty awesome too, but I’m not sure how many people will get it without the context of the others.

  50. 51

    I’m glad I’m at home right now because trying to explain the tears running down my cheeks would be difficult. 🙂

  51. Thanks for the laughs!

    Because Amendment 1 passed here in Tennessee yesterday, I’ve been disturbed all morning by this move to legislate women’s bodies. Perhaps I will reclaim a bit of my body with one of your fabulous coffee mugs.

    Thanks again. I needed that!

  52. Love the WORD one. The others, the kids might figure out. And I’d really rather not get investigated.

    The Imp recently posted My Family Is Evil.

  53. C? This is why we love U.

    Thanks to your alert readers, I’m off to search for Clippy Porn next.

    Brian recently posted Shake this.

  54. You win the internets today. The UM NO ~ incredible. Thank you for making my impossibly shitty day so much brighter. It’s like you’re the fairy godmother of potty mouths.

  55. Also, as requested:

    This one is nice because technically it just says “ROCK” on it, so people can’t complain and technically they will only see your c0ck when you hold it a certain way.

  56. How about ‘offee”. Then everyone would assume you had coffee in the mug (except the stupid people you work with wouldn’t get it and ask why you had a mug that had offee on it instead of coffee in it) and they would never guess it is really rum and coke. Oh, my, my, the things I have to do to stay at work. If it weren’t so close to lunch time, I would run away. Love the mugs!

    Rachelle recently posted This Is Long, So Wait For The Next One If You Don't Have That Kind Of Time To Kill - But I Swear It Is Worth Reading.

  57. I love “c-word.” I regularly cuss at the office saying “eff-word” or simply “cuss word”… This is magical.

  58. That’s actually genius in a scary way. recently posted Yadda Yadda Yadda.

  59. How about ucking funt

  60. hahhahahahhaah i love you!

  61. OMG!!! You should have one with a curved handle that says “hit on someone”, but with the handle, it will say “shit on someone” or maybe just “hit” or maybe a “hit on you”. Eh eh eh? Smart, right?

  62. HAHHAHA…only see your c0ck when they hold it a certain way.

    Wait..that’s not funny. It’s kind of sad. Poor little thing.

    Michelle recently posted I Have Two Things On My Chest.

  63. I was disappointed to not see the “UNT” mug on your website. However, being in the Unicorn Success Club is a win. Therefore, I purchased two mugs-one for me and one as a gift.

  64. The C-word is brilliant. How about “LIT” and you’d get both the literature crowd and the sexual empowerment crowd. Or maybe “LITORIS” which seems ambiguously Latin – like it’s a geographic feature or something.

    Anubis Bard recently posted Election Day 2014.


    The UNT mug also looks like it says NOD if you turn it all the way around. That being said, I’m having some rather frightening visions of what a “_UNT NOD” might look like …

  66. How about making some that are backward, with the handle making a letter D? You could do TUR or BAAA or DEA, and they would be even better because you would be the only one to see it when you were holding the mug, and maybe you sit across from someone who is a total turd, then you could look down at your mug, look up at the person across the desk from you, and just smile.

  67. OOPS.

    That was supposed to be your UM mug I was referring to, not the UNT one. I blame the tears of mirth for blurring my vision.

    It was actually a “_UM NOD” I was trying to picture. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure which of those two images is more frightening …

  68. This is so awesome it almost makes me want to step out of my hermit hovel of an office studio to rent a co-working space JUST to have co-workers I could shock with these mugs…. but I don’t think the co-working spaces around here are generous enough to match your discount. Sigh!

  69. I like the RAP idea. Also, if you’re having a day and that annoying coworker comes in to talk to you you can drink left handed so only you know you’re calling her an UNT. She will be confused by the smirk on your face and wander away. WIN-WIN.

  70. Instead of UM NO, it’d be awesome to see UM, NOW.

  71. Think of the silent wars you could have across the meeting table with someone who also has a snarky mug.

    Laurie recently posted A Spooky Place....


    This one is my favorite mug of all time!!!! I want to get a few of these and go into an office meeting and see who notices it first! HAHAHAHA

  73. I don’t get the joke? What’s so clever about the word aunt on a mug? Aunnilingus – is that even a word? And what in blue blazes is the a-word? Maybe it’s an oddly shaped o? If so what’s the o-word? Ozone? 😉

    Aria Bauer recently posted Thanks For: Mother Desperately Trying to Understand Technology.

  74. Mug that says “C U tuesday”..flipping the bird

  75. I want one of these mugs but I don’t think I could carry one at work and I can’t use one at home because my six-year old can read now. Damn you woman for giving me the desire for something I can’t have! 🙂 That “damn” is totally said with love, in case you can’t tell.

    Gina W. recently posted Turns out we all suck at bowling.

  76. The UNT mug was actually originally available on the University of North Texas’ website. Oops. I wanted to get one for my dad, who recently retired from UNT, but it was taken down pretty quickly. Go Eagles!

  77. These are brilliant. And scary. But mostly brilliant.

    wendykate recently posted Trendy Wendy Wednesday * Embracing My Bovine Ancestry.

  78. LOVE LOVE LOVE. And tell Victor that he is razy.

  79. I am totally getting a unninglingus mug! Brilliant!

    hollie recently posted It is Tuesday…morning.

  80. Genius!!!! I want one, no I want TWO!!! One for work, one for home 🙂 WORD to your mother!

  81. sly literary usage there… posts even nice individuals see… as sometimes helpful, outstanding, laughable euphemisms ! C U Next Tuesday – you sly dog 😉 Thanks for the fun.

  82. I love this, with the exception of the fucking Vanilla Ice ear worm. Let’s kick it!

  83. THIS made me laugh out loud. I would happily purchase!

  84. If the handle of the last mug was in the shape of a cow, I would buy that,one. I’m too much of one to purchase the,other ones and use them at work.

  85. Brilliant! Love the WORD mug. This post reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from Curb Your Enthusiasm and I posted it in a comment earlier, but I’m thinking because I included a youtube clip, my comment went straight to spam. Never showed up on here. In any event, if you haven’t seen it, you can find it by typing in Beloved aunt. It’s 1:20 long. Hilarious. Just like you. 🙂

  86. I love you. And would totally buy your cunnilingus mug. Just saying.

  87. Karen, they ain’t gonna buy the ow if they can get the um for free.
    milk. i meant milk. totally milk.

  88. And… I have just purchased my 1st two Christmas gifts for the year.

  89. brilliant

  90. 92

    All I can think of is AD:

    michael bluth: get rid of the seaward.
    Lucille: I’ll leave when I’m good and ready.

  91. Might I suggest LIT as yet another option? Oh, and for double the fun (per my sister’s suggestion) the other side of the mug could sport OCK. Choose which hand you hold the mug in depending on whom you’re speaking with and what you’d like that word to oh-so-subtly impart to them. ~:-)

  92. Love it! You rack me up.

    Shari recently posted New Book The Secret Lives of the Harvested.

  93. I prefer Cnut mugs, named after the famous Danish king who tried to turn the tide.

    Bryan Hemming recently posted How old is your brain?.

  94. Huh, why WORD? clicks on link to mug Bwahahahahaha. Genius.

    JJ - 84thand3rd recently posted Kimchi Grilled Cheese.

  95. In my adventures as a dyslexic writer I have learned that spell check will tell you that you have spelled vagina incorrectly but it will give you no suggustions as to HOW you have spelled it incorrectly. sigh First world problems…

    jehanfor recently posted How did I learn Portuguese?.

  96. common, come off it y’all. don’t use the C word. because of all these suggestions I have decided to go for cups that don’t have a C- shape handle especially now that everyone seems to have got creative ideas for cups. So, it’s simple- if i see a cup with an “unnilingus” on it, I would just rip off the handle and have my nice cup of tea. cheers! 🙂

  97. What about “ULT” so that people get really suspicious and keep their distance. And add in a devilish smile too. I’m a huge fan of the C-WORD too, it always makes me laugh. I’d rather get called that by my worst enemy than bitch!

  98. How is it possible that nobody in the comments have yet referenced the Arrested Development C-Word joke yet? It was Gob’s yacht name! “When Michael tells Gob to “Get rid of the seaward” and Lucille misunderstands it as “Get rid of the C-word” she says “I’ll leave when I’m good and ready.”

  99. I want one that says U N HELL. Because that is apparently where all my friends will be.

  100. Please please make the LIT one. Please.

  101. hmm ok cool. i’d want a cup that has “ups” written on it. so when you have four of those cups on a table then tada you automatically have an F- word. #justsaying 🙂

  102. I think you’ve stumbled upon something amazing.

  103. I love the Cunt Word. That is all.

  104. I definitely want one.

  105. 107

    How do I upload a picture? I have a teapot that goes with the UNT mug! You’ll love it, Jenny. I promise.

  106. Comment 54 is the most disturbing application of Rule 34 I’ve come across yet. And no, that’s totally NOT a challenge.

    Kes recently posted Owning my SJW badge, nammit..

  107. Thanks a lot for making me buy YET ANOTHER DAMN MUG. I will one day die when a tower of excess (but totally awesome) mugs falls out of my cabinet and squashes me flat. My dog will be very sad, because my husband thinks she’s overly needy and will refuse to make up my end of the cuddling quotient.

  108. “olonoscopy” A great mug for coffee…

  109. I’m racking up

  110. Hahahha! I enjoy the “see you next tuesday.” Sometimes it’s just…the most accuratest word to use.

    Mayor Gia recently posted Cat Eating Halloween Monster.

  111. Love the post AND the comments! (C) lever, (c) lever!

  112. I wouldn’t mind a RAP mug for grumpy days. A large mug full on RAP. nods

  113. (So if I put asterisks around something, it shows up in italics? Live and learn.)

  114. My mother got me a mug last Christmas that says “I’d rather be sleeping”. What she didn’t realize when she bought it is that the bottom of the mug says “with your mom”. We’ve had many a good laughs over it.

  115. 117
    Boston Karen

    Surely, MANY of us would love it if spellcheck would suggest cunnilingus. Or anyone, really …

  116. Put an “I” on the other side, than u p like an iCup, but an inside joke, too I-c-u-p, get it?

  117. I know I am late in reading this, but I saw the title of this post and thought… “She doesn’t know… Of course she does.” Hah! 🙂

    Fun alternative to “See you next Tuesday” is “berk”. I just learned that one today!

  118. ugh I can’t get the promo code to work. I love these mugs. Want them all. lol

    (Sorry! That promo-code expired this morning. But you can use the code VETERANSDAY14 for 15%-60% off until next Tuesday. ~ Jenny)

  119. Fantastic.

    NancyTex recently posted learn, baby, learn.

  120. hey bloggess, my fave bloggess! you’re on buzzfeed, but with no credit!
    Not cool.

  121. I have a mug from the University of North Texas (UNT) and I will never ever look at it the same way. I am quite ok with that, it’s funnier now.

  122. While walking around my house today, it finally hit me. See (C) you (U) next (etc) Tuesday (etc). That was a slap my forehead moment (and yeah, maybe a little bit of a blonde moment too).

    kdcol recently posted Down the rabbit hole I go.

  123. How about LITTER US? Did someone say that?

  124. I can’t believe that I read your blog at home and then listen to your audio book on the way to work and back. How did this even happen? And when I get to work laughing hysterically my co-workers try to give me coffee to settle me down. This has gone too far.

    superyards recently posted Snow Removal can be Fun. Or Not..

  125. HA! Just figured out what “See you next Tuesday” meant. Funny.
    So many of these type of memes going around. Check this one out

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