So that’s…disturbing.

There’s this new thing going around where you’re supposed to google your first name and the word “meme” and post the images that come up.  And I thought, we should totally do this.  I’ll go first…


Aw.  That’s sweet.


Fair enough.


Well, that took a turn.


Okay.  Feeling a little uncomfortable now.


What…what is happening?


No.  Do not like.


Am I supposed to feel like I’m being stalked?  Is that how this is supposed to work?


How did you even get in here?


My name is not even on there.


I get the joke but it still feels weirdly threatening at this point.


Yeah.  I don’t like this anymore.


I want to go home now.

PS.  I also looked up “bloggess meme” and it was much less threatening and took me to thousands of pictures you guys made of Juanita, my taxidermied weasel.  Some of the very best are collected here.  I highly recommend it as a palate cleanser.

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  1. That’s why I refuse to google my name. Nope. Not going there. (Also because I find relative’s mug shots when I google my maiden name.) WTF is wrong with people?

  2. The first few pages of Ryan are all Ryan Gosling memes… interrupted by a single Paul Ryan Working Out meme before switching to Feminist Ryan Gosling.

    I feel blessed.

  3. As a joke you should get your husband the a couple of the really inappropriate memes made into t-shirts for Victor. I’m thinking specifically, “I love you Jenny but mostly your tits” and “Jenny Y U no touch my balls?” It would be a great conversation starter at any upcoming holiday events. Obviously casual events where a t-shirt would be appropriate attire.

  4. Mine is a photo of a man’s left palm with “Jill” written along the thumb and fingers and the caption, “Jill: The best girlfriend a man ever had.” So yeah.

  5. I have to say this was an excellent suggestion.

    Mine are also all angry pictures of the Queen. They are awesome.

  6. Ummmm, I was ok with mine until I got to the one that says “Jesus doesn’t like Emily”

  7. I just did the same thing. Totally disturbing. And most of mine are in Spanish (like there are so many Hispanic women named Wendy???). Thank God for the pallet cleanser.

  8. Yeah, I did that with “Kevin,” and it got weird in a HURRY. I don’t recommend this game.

  9. I was ok with mine until I got to the one that says “Jesus doesn’t like Emily.”

  10. Wow. I’m a shaken strangeling. I’m afraid to do this game. Though I will say that since I don’t really exist and this world is just my fevered dream, all memes will lead directly to me.

  11. Bwahahahaha. All of mine are in Spanish but for the Dino one that says “Corri…. A poop head?” I kind of love it.

  12. Oh my god. This is disturbing. My first result says “Surprise Buttsex.” WTH?

  13. Well…. my name is apparently a spanish word (or other latin foreign language that I can’t read). That leads to some very interesting memes.

  14. Mine all came up Hunger Games and bad grammar. And the crazed chick from OITNB.

  15. No memes for “Jami” showed up. Plenty of memes for those sluts named “Jamie”, but THAT’S NOT ME! If I use those, I might as well look for “James” memes. Or “Trixie”. (Now going to Google Trixie memes.)

  16. Most the memes with my name are “Linda, LISTEN, listen Linda…” kid telling his mom he needs another cupcake. All the rest were in Spanish, and I don’t speak Spanish.

  17. The first two weren’t bad. From there on out it got really weird. I’m not sure who the Denise was they were making memes about but I hope she’s someplace safe. Eek!

  18. Many of the Diana Memes are in Spanish …. but oddly include Snickers. Excellent.

  19. My results had Scotty from Star Trek, Doc Brown from Back to the Future and Michael Scott from The Office, which I’m happy with. However, there were also references to some guy who’s dating/had kids with one of the Kardashians…

  20. Apparently ‘Scumbag Sandra’ has a whole page of them, yet none contain my name….

  21. Did it with my nickname Dani, mostly Spanish or very, very weird! Using my real name was much more satisfying Donna and The Doctor FTW!

  22. I am getting a lot of Lewinsky and Gellar stuff. And Denzel Washington but I have no idea why. Oh…and lots in Spanish. Alrighty then

  23. Usually I love that I share a name with you. Sometimes I internally hijack the outpouring of love that is directed at you: “Jenny, you are magnificent,” “Jenny, You are the best person who has ever existed and you can totally finish that thing you’re avoiding!” I steal these affirmations for my own motivation and benefit. Today, I don’t really know what to do. Excuse me while I distract myself doing a meme search my cat’s name.

  24. yeah..I got a scary monkey and lots of asian Anime….who knew Karin was soooooo Asian??????

  25. Hmm. The problem with having an unusual name is the lack of entertaining memes. pout

  26. Mine were all Rocky related. Because, you know, my name is not actually Dynomoose.

  27. I have a funny feeling that some of these may be the result of someone taking all of the “creepy” meme templates and plugging every name in that exists and uploading all of them just for kicks.

  28. I did this a while back, and because my name is Juanita, well, you can probably imagine what results google gave me. Which I was fine with, really. Still am. 🙂

  29. So far only 1 had my actual name in it (“Keep Calm and Be My Only Lorien”!???); the rest were just super-weird Frodo cut-and-pastes, lots of Boromir crap and “I Hit it With My Axe” nonsense…

  30. I’ve been doing this on my Facebook account – the results my friends are sharing with me is awesome (and, yes, very disturbing).

  31. Mine was mostly Margaret Thatcher memes, but there was one of buddy Jesus telling me I rock, One of Ryan Gosling wishing me a happy birthday, and one of Liam Neesan in taken saying that that he is going to find me and do stuff to me. Hmmmm…

  32. So… My name is Anna. It is horribly obvious what came up. Tho, I am VETY pleasantly surprised by the Ryan Gosling professing his undying love for me. Yes, Ryan, I am totally down. Ha.

  33. Mine is a picture of Dwight Schrute that says “Can’t hug every cat? False. Angela has.” I’d say that describes me perfectly.

  34. Mine was mostly pictures of the Mona Lisa doing duck faces or variations on that theme. The best one was a picture with forest gump saying, “lise needs medical cannabis for her fibromyalgia. Would you like some chocolate with your medical cannabis?” Can’t argue with that logic

  35. So, all of mine are in a different language. Apparently my name means angry in Malay.

  36. My parents gave me a name that’s not a name so much as a prefecture in Japan, so all I’m getting is anime and languages I don’t speak. . . and right when I was going to stop looking through the results, a girl making out with a unicorn. You’re everywhere.

  37. I googled my name and NOT ONE SINGLE meme with my name came up. I will go through life anonymously – whether I want to or not – thanks to my dad. Dad, was it really such a wise choice to name me Rachelle? A name that is literally NO WHERE unless you are named Rachelle. I am scarred for life over this…

  38. Hmmm…I get a ludicrous amount of anime, a whole bunch of Sarah Palin, and one of Jesus giving a thumbs up with “Let’s see some new angles of that ass, Sarah.” I feel very…unsettled.

  39. really not a good game for someone named Carrie . . . I think I’ll pass . . .they’re all gonna laugh at me.

  40. When your first name is Michelle you get to wade through a lot of racist Michelle Obama memes. 🙁

  41. Mine only shows Mona Lisa memes. 🙁 Thought my name would be popular enough to generate a meme but noooo….

  42. Aside from a few creepy clowns (one of whom are waiting for me when I get home…) I got mostly hot shirtless men wishing me Happy Birthday. Can’t say I can complain about that. =)

  43. Funny – I googled my husband’s name and apparently, there is a real person named Gerald Meme.

  44. So yeah, since my name is Linda most of mine are in Spanish and I don’t read Spanish so that makes me worry about the stalking and I won’t even know cause I can’t read it!

  45. Oh man this was great! hahaha. Victorias and Toris have got some good ones out there! holla!

  46. So I was gonna post a pic of Richard Simmons wishing me a Happyy Birthday, but apparently I don’t know how to paste an image.

    Stupid WordPress! (unless it’s a user error, LOL)

  47. Had to use my middle name (my first name is basically “one of a kind”, and not so much in a good way…) So, there’s this whole thing with the “Wrong-Lyrics-Christina” meme – they’re hilarious! Also, LOVE all those pics of Juanita!

  48. My name is Dean so all I got was a lot of Supernatural memes (which I’m very OK with) and a bunch of pictures about wrestling (because apparently people still watch wrestling and there’s a wrestler named Dean) which I’m not OK with.

  49. I got Jesus telling me in a very threatening way that I am not allowed to have hair er.. there. I don’t understand. The others are mix of hilarious and disturbing

  50. I learned that there’s a porn star named Sara and that people have made a lot of memes about her….

  51. I get nothing but then again I grew up with the name Maura… Fun times on the playground (marching to the beat of my own drummer) but hey, no memes as an adult seems fair!

  52. Yeah, I’m with the other Jill (#19), we got bad memes for our name. Urg.

    I’m going to pretend the ones with the cute kittens on cell phones with the whole “IDK my BFF Jill” thing from the old commercials is in 1st place instead. Because the internet is made of cats.

  53. I don’t know if image tags will work here so my apologies if you just get garbage. Though to be honest for the sake of your eyeballs maybe it’s better if it doesn’t work.

  54. Hmmm…”Tammy” is apparently a ho. So, I do not feel especially good. Ron Swanson also has a lot to say to me.

  55. Mine was that dude from Lord of the Rings saying, “One does not simply just go crazy, like Denise.” I cannot really argue with that, it’s a pretty good tip.

  56. I did my name and apparently a My Little Pony is named Lyra so yeah some disturbing memes about horses and humans interbreeding came up.

  57. Thanks to this, I now know that someone has posted my passport photo (taken when I was 29) on a website about car memes on a thread titled “Ugly Old Lady Car Memes”, leading to no small amount of confusion (it’s a passport photo. I cannot even begin to imagine how they’ve managed to relate it to cars, and refuse to click through and find out!) and once again proving that I should always go with my gut when it tells me that what I’m about to do is monumentally stupid.

  58. wow! so with a obscure name like jennifer hardly anything even popped up! ha! i don’t know about these newfangled internet games. who knew? hmmm.

  59. Apparently there’s a thing called Princess Sarah Memes, and I have no idea what language it’s popular in.
    Although seeing Ryan Gosling shaking his fist at me and asking how dare I was pretty nice.

  60. I googled my name, ‘Nalini’. All I get is hundreds of pictures of Indian women. Because ‘Nalini’ is an Indian woman’s name.

    Yours is so much more FUN.

  61. All of mine are related to The Walking Dead, which I do not watch because I am a wuss. (Plus, Andrew Lincoln’s terrible fake accent makes me sad. Mark forever!)

  62. So… Lots of Kim Jong Un/Kim Jong Il and Kim Kardashian. It’s a good day to be a Kim 🙂

  63. Well now you know I’ve done this. And yes, it’s scary. Not quite as bad as Jenny memes, though. You might want to change your name to Kristine:).

  64. Mine says, “Jesus says Beth is a cunt”
    Kind of abrupt Jesus, but if that’s how you want to play it, fine by me.

  65. Many of mine were wonderful, but this bit of randomness is my favorite, I think.

  66. Oh. Dear.
    Mine has a picture of a cat saying, “Deborah just isn’t that into you. Shit on her desk.”
    That explains a lot. (And I couldn’t get the picture to post either.)

  67. I got all the Ellen Degeneres memes. Including one where she reminds us to ‘turn down the sexy’. Well, if I HAVE to…

  68. okay, well, it turns out that “Meme” is a common nickname for MaryEllen (48 years and I never knew this), so all I got was a bunch of links to bios of people who have my first name and use that as a nickname. Boring.

  69. I was stunned to see a picture of Sasha Grey, holding a book whose title had been shooped to read, “Triple Penetration for Dummies.” I think I just won something, but I’m not sure what.

  70. When I do my nickname I get Korean boy band themed ones, and my full name…well, it’s alot of porn.

  71. I was shaking the bed so hard trying to keep my laughter silent that I’m pretty sure it registered on the Richter scale. Needed that.

  72. These had me cracking up so badly that I wanted to give it a go. I got a lot of Spanish memes, Angelica from the Rugrats, and Mother Angelica? Boo. I also think one porn star, but don’t quote me. Also, she was not me.

  73. So I guess I’m the last one to find out about the Bad Luck Brian memes. Seems meme-worthy. sigh

  74. I’m Michelle, so I got a bunch of misspelled Michele Bachmans and a bunch of Michelle Obamas on mine. Loved it the first thing to pop up is President Obama saying, “Michelle, bring yo ass here,” not that I fantasize about our President, yes I do, but I’m just saying the lady garden got some fresh water on that one. Only the Bloggess can give me a lady boner at 8:30 in the morning.

  75. Yeah. So my name is Molly. I made the mistake of Google searching per your suggestion. I am now extremely educated about the fact that drug use = perspiration. Cheers!

  76. Yeah, disturbing, but funny. [img][/img]

  77. 

  78. “Debra” brings up every storyline from Dexter involving murdering people horribly and crushing on your brother. Disturbing…

  79. I got some sexy Ryan Gosling (yeah, baby), then some creepy stuff (ew, no thanks), then some kinda sick Amanda Todd stuff. Now I’m sad.

  80. Apparently “Scumbag Stephanie ” is a thing….. The best was posted by another Stephanie above.

  81. Wow. There was only one Leslie meme, and it was Leslie Nielson from one of the Airplane movies. Unsatisfying (which is kinda how I felt being named after my grandfather almost 60 years ago).

  82. I just got a shitload of pics of Anne Frank. Mostly very… i dunno, I feel like it’s still too soon to joke about the whole holocaust thing, maybe wait another 100 years? But then i saw this

  83. I am that person rolling laughing at my desk and people in the office are staring at me like I’m insane! You really need to stop with this shit or I will get fired. Except don’t stop…more please!

  84. Jeez us cheezus there should be a freaking clown warning on pages. AHHHHH. Thank God I didn’t try to read this at night. Also those memes are creepy. Except the 8675309. That was kind of funny.

  85. Hilarious! This is what happens if you turn over one too many stones on the internet. It goes dark real quick. lol

  86. I was hesitant to try this because of my name, but I did it anyway because I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t sometimes make bad decisions. As I expected, most of the memes referenced the hurricane. However, my first attempt was actually funny and a little bit creepy. My wireless keyboard went wonky and dropped a few letters, resulting in “ati” showing up in the search bar, causing Google to think I was searching for something else entirely. 😀

  87. Google thinks I don’t know my own name (Sonal). It want’s to know if I mean:
    Soon meme
    Sona meme
    Sonic meme
    Seal meme

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