So on Black Friday you’re supposed to go shopping, but for people like me who panic in crowds that’s like saying you can get 20% off a sweater but the sweater is stored in a big box of live spiders.  Then there was Small Business Saturday which everyone ignores because small businesses don’t have enough money to promote themselves.  Then yesterday was CyberMonday when things online go on sale but it’s never what you want.  I don’t know what today is supposed to be so let’s call it Check-Out-This-Shit-I-Made-Tuesday and you can promote anything awesome you made in the comments.  Link to the best thing you’ve ever written, or to your book that needs more eyes on it, or to your art that you sell on etsy, or the taxidermied mice you dress in clothing, or the painting or photo you created but never showed anyone because you weren’t sure it was worth showing.  If you made it, put a link or picture in the comments (with a sentence telling what it is so people will know what they’re getting into).

I’ll go first.  I made a haunted dollhouse filled with allusions to my favorite stories years ago.  It took me a year just to build it and another five to furnish it and it’s still not done.  Some of the stuff in the house is bought but at least half I made myself or broke apart, bastardized, repainted, etc.  I created secret tunnels and tiny books and stitched tiny rugs and learned how to make miniature wigs and sculpt dragons.


Your turn.

PS.  Also, five seconds after I posted this I read on twitter that it’s also Giving Tuesday, so after you check this stuff out then maybe consider giving to a worthy cause.  Or give someone a compliment.  Or give me a fist-bump.  Whatever works for you.  Have you checked out World Builders?  Because it’s awesome and worthy of your attention.  I’m buying a goat in your honor right now.  I don’t know if we get to name the goat, but if so I say we call him “Mr. Pumpernickel” because it’s fun to say.

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  1. Your dollhouse is pretty much amazing. And brilliant.

    I have a Zazzle store with some random cool art that my boyfriend created…and some other crap.

    You have to make sure the filter is off though, because I made a tee-shirt about feeling bitchy and flask inspired by your most-recent special mug…(I kept hearing my ex-boyfriend’s voice using his favorite acronym for girls who were mean to me. CANT. UNDERSTAND. NORMAL. THINKING.)

    So there’s that.

  2. I’m not sure anything I can post here would be anywhere near as awesome as that. I am really amazed!!

    I am not crafty at all, and other than a summery wreath for my front door made out of collected shells (which admittedly is pretty awesome), there is not much I make.

    But I’ve been blogging for a year and the post I’m most proud of it one that was really embarrassing to write (and is also one of my most popular, probably for obvious reasons):

  3. Jenny, you are a truly amazing, talented person. I’m grateful that you share your gifts.

  4. I love your dollhouse so much. I want an I Spy book with each page a different room of your dollhouse. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    My big achievement is that I started a blog this year. It’s called The Next Delusion, because my guy and I are delusional that we will eventually be able to quit our “real jobs” and make a living from writing full time.

  5. WOW! I love that dollhouse! All I’ve got is a deviantart page with some writing shorts and pictures I’ve taken.
    I know, not nearly as cool, but I’ll post it anyway…

    Expect naturey (natury? nature-y?) photos and writing about wierd stuff I’ve done or the stories the voices in my head tell me to write…

  6. Crap. Let me try again – I write a blog about books I READ (not write, even though I do write books, just none have been published yet and that might be weird to write about my own book anyway.)

  7. WOW! I love that dollhouse!
    All I have is a deviantart page with some photos I’ve taken and writing shorts.
    I know, not nearly as awesome, but I’ll post it anyway…

    Expect natury (naturey? nature-y?) photos and writing about weird stuff I’ve done or short stories the voices in my head told me to write…

  8. That dollhouse is amazing! Is it Blythe sized? That would be so much fun for pictures! I wish I was that talented.

    I made a blog entry yesterday, a review of The Little Prince, for my classic book a month challenge. Here’s my blog in general: It’s all about books and reading. I’m also making my way slowly thru the entire Baby-Sitters Club series and reviewing each one + Claudia Kishi outfits for each. 🙂

  9. You guys are amazing. Also, Burn the Fire, I would TOTALLY buy that portrait.

    PS. If your comment doesn’t show up right away that’s because my spam filter puts a temporary hold on links sometimes. It’s not you. It’s my blog.

  10. Okay, I could never hope to live up to that dollhouse (seriously. AWESOME.) but hey totally check out this shit i made on my etsy shop because I have no head for promotion but like making stuff in my spare time (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Spare Time!):

  11. Jenny, I love that dollhouse – seriously, it’s insane!

    I wrote a short e-book for preteen girls and their mothers, available on Amazon for Kindle or B&N for Nook, it’s called Dear Grace, I hope you don’t get your period in gym class.

    I also write a blog, Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer

    I’m new to blogging, so right now it’s sort of just embarrassing, but I’m trying!

  12. I love all these things and wish I could click “like” everywhere. I write for a living, but it’s business-to-business stuff, so not very interesting for people outside our industry. I’d post a picture of my amazing kids; they really are the best I can do.

  13. I made this mug in commemoration of all the shit I lost in the flood of 2013 that filled my condo to the ceiling. I am not exaggerating, there was 7 feet of water in there. I make lots of pottery, but I am feeling a bit blue about STILL not living in the home I was forced to evacuate 1.5 years ago, but have been paying the mortgage and condo fees on the whole dang time.

  14. I’m not clever enough to post a picture of it but I made a baby.
    Pretty proud, just sayin.

    Probably not for sale.
    Will trade for gravy.

  15. My heavens. That rug. It’s deeee-vine!

    I’m writing a book, but it won’t be ready until next year. So can we do this again please? Maybe in August or July?

  16. I don’t really have much to share because I don’t really make anything, but one thing I’m doing is my annual blog awards and you got nominated for Favorite Tweeter. And also a whole lot of other people are nominated too, and folks can vote for their favorite bloggers here:

    So I guess that’s what I made. I made an awards show. For bloggers.

  17. I’m not clever enough to figure out how to post a picture but I made a baby and am pretty proud of that.

    Probably not for sale though.
    Will trade for gravy.

  18. My friend, the comic artist The Gneech, is having a horrible year. So I have a friend who is going to Midwest Fur Fest this coming weekend who is going to find Gneech’s table in the Artist Alley and give him this. I hope the hat’s a manly enough purple. If not, there’s a note saying he can pass it to Mrs Gneech, whose year has been equally sucky. And then he’ll still have the bag I made for his game dice or pencils or whatnot.


  19. I am drawing a webcomic~! I am really proud and love it though my update pace is outrageous. It also includes PTSD and an anxiety attack so I guess I should warn about it… Comments are open so any words of encouragement, if you like it, are appreciated 🙂

  20. I write a blog and sell cups, magnets and bracelets there, too. I didn’t make a single one of those but I did make up the words on the blog. Count for something? And I really like Margaritas.


    COOL MESSENGER BAGS, TOTES, and BACKPACKS for Interesting People*. All eco-friendly, heavy cotton canvas, unstructured and printed with original high quality colorful designs.

    This year, you can build your own bag in the “Bag Lab”. Pick from 100+ designs and 20+ bag styles and colors. See your custom bag immediately. Buy it, and I’ll ship it in 2-3 days.

    *men, women, kids, readers, students, adventurers, superheroes, lovers, fighters, zombies, monsters, aliens, geeks, and nerds of all stripes.

  22. I make a webcomic called “Highly Motivated”. It’s about some people who work at a games company named “Hellfire Cowboys” and some other people who work at a beauty salon that may also be hell. My art is … cough … not… very… impressive? I’m still learning. But that’s why I’m doing this. 🙂
    The link goes to the first page of the story.

  23. I heard on the radio this morning that it’s “Giving Tuesday”… I wonder why it was decided that giving should come after everyone spends all of their money…

  24. Awesome idea! We can all give each other a little love for Giving Tuesday. (See what I did there? )

    I wrote this cookbook and actually put it on Amazon, which was pretty gutsy for me.

    I also write a blog, but don’t post very much anymore. I’m trying to get motivated to start it up again. There’s a link below this if you want to check it out.

  25. I have no talents whatsoever. Really. But I can give you a fist-bump for the awesome dollhouse and for Mr. Pumpernickel, the goat.

  26. I write weird stories and poems, a friend made a website for me and everything. My best story is a very twisted mash up of Goldilocks and Puss In Boots. (reader beware, my friend made the website using unfinished and still in need of edit versions as practice for school so please be forgiving of the typos).

  27. Here is a link to a true cat story I wrote. With pictures. ‘Nuff said? (Also, remember during the presidential campaign when the Republicans called it a “terrorist fist-bumb” because the Obamas did it? I didn’t make that or make it up, but I think of it Every Time someone fist-bumps.)

  28. I make the posts in my blog. Clicky below.

    But in the hopes that there are animal lovers out there who want to do #GivingTuesday, I serve on the board for the local animal shelter. The staff there does an awesome job, helping the smaller communities and working with local partners to find homes for all the local critters (we even had a pig this year!). The only standing between them and more awesome is funds. Please help us save more lives:

  29. My wife Amy & I have a little two person multi-instrument band called Two White Squares and we made this video of a song I wrote for her. It’s not as much weird or whimsical as probably most of what is in the comments here, but we’re pretty proud of it.

  30. My magnificent therapist once said that he wasn’t put on this earth to counsel people, but that he was created to be a poet. I was created to be a singer. This was the time when I most felt myself living my reason for being:

  31. You’re awesome to let us share things we created! I write, a humor blog of hilarious true tales about embarrassing kids, exasperating coworkers, vexing spouses, and the ever-perplexing public. The story I’d like to post here is one that I’m excited to say was shared over 4500 times on Facebook, which is a big number for me! Your readers might be able to relate to it — and especially my friend’s unique funny solution to a potential catastrophe!

  32. Jenny, I would fly to Texas just to give you an actual fist bump, but that would probably makes us both anxious… So virtual fist bump instead!

    I don’t really make anything to sell, per se. But I try to make pretty photos for people, and I am trying to make that my full time job. Oh! I did just make my website, although some of it is still in progress.

  33. I feel totally outclassed by all most of the awesomeness in this comments feed, nevertheless I started a blog this year and realised that I have a thing for oversharing. I’ve talked about being addicted to gaming, my aversion to religion and surgery on my man-bits.
    My goal next year will be to start the book I’ve been promising myself I’d write for years.

    Would love a few new readers!

  34. I have made several holiday wreaths for my closest friends out of things I found in the yard, primarily severed squirrel tails, shed snake skins and wasp nests. I put a little plastic baby jesus somewhere on there to make it season appropriate. Wish I had a photo to post of one, but the people I gave them to probably burnt them to ward off the evil spirit.

  35. My husband and I made a short Christmas film about the Krampus. It’s sort of like a TV holiday special for people who like funny, creepy things. Also, it’s all-ages-friendly, so you can set the kids in front of it to teach them what happens to naughty children, but not have to worry about nightmares later. It’s gotten great reviews, almost won a Rondo award (1st Runner-Up), and you can watch it for free on youtube:

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity! I love seeing what everyone’s done! 🙂

  36. So here in Canada it is #givingTuesday today. Basically you are supposed to feel bad about all the shit you bought on Black Friday and give some money to charity. No but really, it is supposed to kick off the season of giving with a gesture of charity. Seems right up this crazy crew’s alley i think. So whatd’ya say, if you’re reading this join us crazy Canucks and make a donation to your favourite charity. This is an actual thing I swear:

  37. I love your doll house, and I’ve never been a big doll house fan. But yours is so cool.

    I make stuff. I make music which you can find here. There are new links on the way.

    I also make jewelry. My site is here and my next show is this Saturday for Boston area people. Anyone who comes up to my table and says “knock knock motherfucker” gets 10% off. My etsy page is here

    And then of course my hubs and I write. Our blog is linked below and also here We write about dogs and cats and history and life and trying to get work and all the things that make life hard and beautiful and funny and painful.


  38. I know that I’m repeating what has already been said dozens of times, but that’s a truly awesome doll house. And I’m impressed with the creativity shown by many of the posters here.

    This isn’t at all “crafty”, merely political, but this year I wrote a book laying out my arguments for a revised constitution to restore our federalist form of government. It’s available in e-book form on Amazon (, but I don’t really care if people actually buy it so I have a free pdf version on Dropbox (

  39. I once made my friend a photo frame out of cigarettes. I also made a housewarming gift of one of those crochet crinoline lady doll toilet paper covers…but mine had the head of Jack Skellington.

    I also bought a goat (instead of sending Christmas cards). Last year I bought bull semen. 🙂

  40. I love your dollhouse. I wish I had the time and talent to do one half as awesome.

    In the spirit of Giving Tuesday: For my birthday, I’m running the Star Wars Half Marathon on January 18, 2015 (which is 5 days after my birthday) for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I’m asking everyone to help me celebrate by joining me as a St. Jude Hero –

  41. I’m most proud of these two videos I’ve made:

    – backpacking in Wyoming to honor a great friend

    – chasing the light in Argentina

    that dollhouse is pretty great and very creative!

  42. I quilt 🙂 and I’m under 60 so this is shocking to people. My business is called 2quilt or not 2quilt. Because I like to do other things as well, but quilting is my biggest passion. Lately I’ve been mostly working on customers quilts, either finishing their pieced top on my longarm or a total start to finish quilt for a non sewer. Looks like I’ll have free time at the end of January to work on my own project and I’m giddy with anticipation! My Facebook page ( is the best way to see my works as I’m terrible about updating my website. Actually the last time I updated it I somehow erased a years worth of posts…. I want go show a photo of my favorite quilt I’ve ever done, a tribute to a traditional Amish quilt, but I don’t see how to add a photo. So I’ll just share it in my Facebook if you want to look 🙂 time for an update anyway!

  43. I make memes to remind my co-workers to complete their time sheets. I also make messes and I made some babies. Oh and I make an ass of myself. Soooo, virtual fist bump.

  44. This year has been a roller coaster. My wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary by having a big re/wedding, my brother disappeared into the forest in June and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. My parents moved to the property he went missing from and the King fire destroyed their home.
    I’ve also been making fun steampunk-y things, writing about my wife’s transition (mtf) and other life based craziness on my blog (, and generally surviving having all 5 kids in school (finally) while going back to school myself.

    (PS- I showed my 10yr old the pictures of your doll house and he thought it was amazing!)

  45. divorce therapy
    It was just after my divorce from my first hubby and I stumbled upon our cake topper from our wedding. I had a friend paint it black for me and I went in and added some detail to it. 5 years and my new fabulous hubby later it still sits in my china hutch. Im that proud of it.

  46. I make quilts and baby girl dresses. I just finished three dresses for my 3 great nieces for Christmas. I’m not posting pictures, cause my nieces are on FB and I want the dresses to be a surprise. The oldest of the three great nieces, Calliope, chose the colors for the other girls.

  47. Here is a link to my project album on Facebook. I have made many other things, but these are the ones I have posted. I don’t sell this stuff. Some of it is for gifts, some is for my daughter, some of it is stuff I do for myself (like the gardens). I hope you all can see it. I am not sure my settings will allow it to be public and I can’t figure out how to change it, but FB said anyone with the link would be able to see it so I hope it works. Thanks for checking out my stuff! 🙂

  48. I am a lampwork glass artist and I make floral inspired beads that I combine with sterling silver and Swarovski crystals to make wearable gardens in glass. Currently neither my website ( nor my etsy store (lookingglassarts) is functioning correctly, as there just aren’t enough hours in the day and everything decides to crap out all at once… FB seems to still be working (… for now! Thanks for letting us toot our own horns! Toot! Toot!

  49. What an imagination! And such creative energy represented here. And updated/current websites. (Feeling a touch of shame, now.)
    I make books. Here’s the most recent:
    And I also helped these people with theirs:
    Not sure why pictures aren’t showing. Can I take it back if they don’t show? Only for the woman who introduced me to the True Beyonce would I leave a reply! (And my husband almost bought me a giant iron rooster, just because I laughed SO HARD at that post.)

  50. Here’s the link to mine and my husband’s website for our arts and crafts business, Batty4Arts based in the Austin, Tx area. Not only do we make all the wonderfulness we sell (more listed all the time!), my husband designed and made the website, and I’m now responsible for keeping it updated- probably why there’s a few hiccups in the system I have to work on. I don’t usually leave comments, but this business is my current full time job, so I’m a bit of a marketing whore. Enjoy!

  51. I LOVE your dollhouse. That is a labor of pure LOVE.
    I used to sew and craft, but now I create worlds with words. I feel so powerful-like now…

  52. So…being the talentless shlub (no spellcheck, not shrub) that I am, I will forego a link. But I will give you a straight from the heart (and the end of my arm) fist bump. Thanks for brightening my days.

  53. I made a blog. It’s not new, it’s not for sale, but I like it and a handful of other people like it too. Mostly my family, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that they are people too. (Don’t tell the 16 year-old-me).

    Oh, I also grew some human beings and made a pretty mean chili for dinner tonight, but I still like the blog better.

  54. I have a three pictures I drew in pencil from 1986. They’re not the best thing in the world, but they represent one year in my life when I was unemployed and didn’t know what was going to become of me. I have always kept them. It was also the last time I drew anything as life kind of took over and I’m just too much of a wreck to even sit down and draw anymore.

    I’d post them here, but I can’t figure out how as I really suck as a computer person.

    So, if you could all just imagine the most beautifully drawn red-tailed hawk, white-tailed deer, and my (or “any” since you don’t know me) golden retriever/lab mix from the pound, that’d be great.

  55. Wow! What amazing things!
    First I made a baby, and that was hard. Then I made milk to feed the baby, and that was even harder. So, then I wrote a book about how hard feeding a baby is (Breastfeeding is a Bitch, But We Lovingly Do It Anyway) and had my best friend, Katie Boyer Clark, make this amazing cover.

  56. I’m with you on the whole shopping experience.
    After numerous close calls with panic attacks I succumbed to online grocery shopping some months ago, and will never go back.
    I can handle going into a shopping centre (on quieter days, or early in the morning), but this time of year is not good for my anxiety.
    You may also be interested to know that over here (a day ahead of you), it’s International Day of People with a Disability:

    In a sense there are many of us with disability who either don’t self identify that way, or are seen as normal because there are no obvious physical signs of disability.

    Being married to a woman who uses a wheelchair for mobility, and who manages to hold down a stressful job, whilst also juggling care arrangements for her mother who was recently moved into an aged care facility with dementia has really made me look at myself more closely.

    I haven’t held down a job for over 3 years now, and no longer have any intention or inclination to do so, as I find being a carer, house husband and dog owner pushes me to the limit of my stress capacity, so with that, and various mental health issues, I’m starting to realize that if I don’t identify as having a disability, I certainly should.

    When my wheelchair using wife can manage to do things I can’t it’s clear that there is something not right with me, and the fact it’s beyond my control means it’s clearly more than a passing phase or laziness.

    Anyway happy whatever day it is where you are, and remember, no matter how bad it gets in life, there’s always someone else doing it tougher (just a shame sometimes you can’t see them to put things into perspective).

  57. Wow. There is some incredible stuff here! I can make crap with my hands, but I can’t write. My main Etsy shop right now is here: with all handmade paper goodies. Greeting cards, journals, origami stars, calendars.

    I think the cooler thing we are doing is an online bazaar to help promote Etsy shop owners. It’s free to join and participate and we send shoppers back to Etsy to buy directly from you. All you have to do is promote it on social media once a week. Hopefully we’ll all get a few more eyeballs finding our shops. Everyone is welcome. We’re trying to make it a kick-ass place to find cool/unique stuff, so if you have a shop please join us! Or please support the people who make cool stuff!

    Now please excuse me while I go find some new blogs to read! (Thank you, Jenny!)

  58. I love it here, but I feel kinda hurt about the Small Business Saturday remark… It’s BECAUSE us small businesses have a hard time affording to promote ourselves that this little PR boost from Amex (who incidentally charges us biz owners ridiculous per transaction fees compared to other cards) is a little help to us.

  59. I always suggest Pumpernickel as a name for animals and no one ever goes for it! Here’s a fist-bump for great ideas. You’re kind of blowing my mind with that dollhouse. It’s fucking amazing.

    I make things all the time, so I have to mention my Etsy Shop. I just re-opened it this year to sell my brightly colored paintings. There are abstracts, whimsical animals, and flowery portraits there. Everything ships free worldwide until Dec 15th.

    Just in the last few days I made myself an artist website, and it just went live today.

  60. Awesome dollhouse. I want to live there, actually.

    The following is a link to my authors’ page on amazon. New, full-length novel released soon!

  61. I don’t make things but I do have a booth in a fun and funky vintage store. I’m proud of it because it is my second career. I will never be rich but I’m happy and having fun. It is in downtown San Angelo and its called Madstyle Vintage. Information Technology was killing my soul. Finding and selling vintage is renewing it.

  62. Wow, you guys make so many amazing things. I am loving this post so much.

    I wanted to share (for anyone who is interested on this Giving Tuesday) that Groupon has a deal today for my very favorite charity, They are matching 10 for 10 dollars! You can check it out here:

    Now that the selflessness is out of the way, I also make silly designs. I am so excited about my newest, silliest seasonal design, dedicated to Professor Hinkle. Think Nasty!

  63. A book that needs more eyes (and buys!)

    As Hanukah approaches, “snow whirls about the shtetl, and a family with ill-behaved sheep, heedless chickens and ducks, and a wayward cow receives an unexpected visit. Slowly the four-footed visitor will work her magic…”

    Dreidle is a perfect Hanukah or Christmas gift for children or adults who love animals and dogs in general, folk tales, gentle humor and magic.

    A beautifully illustrated book with a well told, sweet and moving story. A story that can stand alone or also be part of the Hanukah season.

  64. Just finished writing this historical romance . . . though my children are eating cold cereal (again) for dinner, so obviously finishing the book wasn’t a win for everyone. And still trying to get my husband to model tight breeches for the cover . . . not sure anyone is winning now . . . Wait, I am. Cause the book rocks.

  65. I write a blog about crafting. I’m rather proud of this post about not being perfect-

    I also made a Pledgeme (New Zealand Kickstarter) campaign to go to Webstock (big awesome NZ web conference), and the rewards are all stuff I made- so I thought I’d just mention it here because I only have 2 days left and not a lot of backers…

    Maybe other people don’t love getting cool stuff in the mail as much as I do.

  66. I want a haunted dollhouse! This is such an incredible use of time! (Obviously you haven’t gotten hooked on Candy Crush Saga.) You have an enviable imagination, and follow-through, to boot. When I’m not playing that evilly addicting online game, working, or sleeping (my worst addiction, actually, and that’s saying something), I write a blog, “Patsy Porco’s Blog: Free and Worth It!” Here’s a recent post that I wrote about my brother, which I hope you enjoy today, on “Check-Out-This-Shit-I-Made- Tuesday.” Backstory: my brother has OCD and is a germophobe. That has nothing to do with the blog post, but it’s fun to mention.
    Or, you might prefer a post about pornographic food names:

    Next, to commemorate “Giving Tuesday,” I think I’ll compliment my neighbor on his hideous Christmas lawn display.

  67. Fist bumps for everyone. I’m not surprised there is so much talent among the readers of this blog.
    The haunted doll house is stunning.
    And as usual you hit the nail on the head with but for people like me who panic in crowds that’s like saying you can get 20% off a sweater but the sweater is stored in a big box of live spiders”.
    I’ve decided that I want to be a poet/lyricist when I grow up (I’m only 48, lol) but nothing is ready for print. Ive got so many ideas that I’m hoping something happens for me.
    Thanks for Mr. Pumpernickel (spell check wanted to change that to phentermine, now I gotta go look that up.

  68. I’m a keen gardener, and have built a wall garden using trellis, an old wooden pallet, and some old sleepers; I just hang the pots off the trellis using coat hanger wire.

    I’m also a home brewer, so I guess that’s kind of a creative thing, as I like to doctor up recipes to get the flavours I prefer.

    Other than that the odd amateur repair work here and there.

    I’d like to do more creative stuff, but it takes a bit more motivation and incentive than I have to get around to doing that sort of thing; maybe if I joined a group like a Mens’ Shed or something I could learn a few more things I could make.

    I also tend to cook from scratch, sometimes with a memorized recipe, sometimes I just wing it, but I haven’t poisoned myself, my wife or my dog yet (touch wood).

  69. Super cool things in these comments!! I’ll be looking at all this stuff forever. My latest blog post has pictures of some of the luminaries i like to make.

  70. Best.Haunted.Doll.House.Ever.

    My husband is a picker, blogger and author – he’s also a Grammy nominee and sort of cute – here’s his main blog (there are a few – all linked to on the main blog)

    I’m a teacher and an actor – I’ve been a rep member with The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company (the only professional touring year round Shakespeare company in Michigan) for the last few years. Here is our FB page (website is being updated)

    We’ll be touring All’s Well that Ends Well in January – I’m playing LeFue (and will be donning a beard for the part!)

  71. I draw comic about terrible creatures that are sometimes friends, sometimes frenemies, and sometimes just want some more chunks of unicorn in their ice cream, darn the rest of you. Prominent characters are Elliot the jerk angel, Xinthar the Helpful, Kate the Rabbit/Hell-beast, and Space-cat, the space-cat.

  72. I draw a comic about terrible things who are sometimes friends, sometimes frenemies, and sometimes just want more unicorn chunks in their ice cream, the rest of you be darned. Prominent characters include Elliot the jerk angel, Xinthar the Helpful, Kate the Rabbit/Hell-beast, and Space-cat, the space-cat.

  73. The doll house is lovely but as an engineer who needs to know the scale, you should photograph it with a quarter or a ruler or a pencil – any object of known size – for comparison. Is it bigger than a bread box? (Does anyone even use that expression anymore?)

    Also, I know I was supposed to put a comment with something I made in it but I did. I made this comment 🙂

  74. I love that dollhouse so much – your attention to detail is mind-blowing. You also have the most amazingly talented readers – there is so much good stuff on this page!

    ooh, I can really put a link here? the idea of you looking at my stuff makes me a little woozy, but here goes. I design and make clothes, mostly for curvy girls and I’ve got a few things listed in my Etsy shop

  75. I already commented earlier, but all these cool links inspired me to actually update my blog with the photos and recipe for the cupcakes I made on Saturday. Y’all rock!

  76. I didn’t know I wanted a doll house with secret tunnels, but apparently I do.

    I have a blog called Words by the Glass. You can find me at I write about a variety of things, but didn’t really have an official blog until a silly post I wrote went viral earlier this year. That post is here:

    Here is one of my most recent short stories:

    I focus mostly on comedy because life is nothing to face without cocktails, swear words, and shenanigans. However, I do have some more serious stuff as well. Would love for you folks to drop by.

  77. Love this, Jenny!

    Malas (which can be worn as jewelry or used as a meditation tool) remind us of who we really are (in the moments when that’s challenging).

    Mine are made with crystals and wood and silk and lots of Love and Healing Energy. I’ve been studying meditation and yoga for 22 years and just started making these, so there only a few up on the site… you can email me if you’d like one custom made for you!

  78. Lots od really amazing work here, I love seeing the stuff other people make. I am completely in awe of the carved egg shell, that is amazing work. Jennifer I love the fish mandala, I keep going back look at it because it would make a fantastic design for leather tooling. I’m mainly a leather worker although I do a bit of cooking and have been told I make a mean dill pickle. These are a few of the leather things I’ve made:

    I’ve got an Etsy shop too, but its a bit empty right now

  79. My Book.


  80. I make and sell weighted therapy blankets because mine has been a lifesaver. I just sell locally right now, but I am in the process of getting an etsy shop up and running. 🙂 Stay tuned.

    I also make/sell ruffle purses. Because I like purses. And ruffles. 😉

    And, I write. A lot. But, it’s all on a hidden blog only I can read. Someday I will be brave and unlock it for the world. Today is not that day.

  81. Oh, and the therapy blankets I make/sell are being sold to help me raise funds for a PTSD therapy dog. 🙂

  82. My favorite thing in your dollhouse is possibly what I think is your reflection in the vanity mirror in the bedroom. It’s like they are haunted by a giant ghost. Awesome lol.

    I am a photographer and I mostly do children’s portraits. I love my stuff to be pretty, whimsical, and have the occasional edge. I make a lot of the props and wardrobe and have several big, themed shoots in the upcoming months. I wish I could shoot the stuff I love all the time, but generally I just do basic portraits because that’s what pays the bills. Photos can be seen here:

  83. I wrote a piece shortly after my mother’s suicide a year ago yesterday (that I just recently had the guts to post to my blog) in which I tried to express some of the conflicting emotions I was experiencing following complicated grieving, and tell a little of my story growing up with a mother with severe mental illnesses. Although my instincts sometimes tell me to protect my stories rather than share them, and thus protect myself, I think it’s important to stop hiding mental illnesses in a dark corner. By sharing our stories, we can start shedding light on the stigmas attached to them and start instigating change.

  84. I have a rock band…if you click the link, you can see the music video I made and just released and click through to listen to music on the album we’re about to release. (There’s also links to lyrics, cos apparently I’m quite the lyricist.) Hurrah!

    Also, I had a wee bit of time and finally got one of my poems published:

    And loads of thanks in advance if you watch/listen/read <3

  85. This is a link to my pintrest board of my painted leather jacket.
    I am a 36 year old woman who found a biker jacket I could afford over the summer. I’ve wanted a jacket like this since I was 19. This is way more affordable than tattoos.
    Things I will add when it gets warmer:
    1. The right shoulder will have a bouquet of daisies with a garden spider hidden and a banner wrapped around that reads, “Better to ask forgiveness than permission.” It’s something my Dad says a lot.
    2. Carl Sagan giving double finger guns with “We are all made of Star Stuff” quote
    3. I want the Gaelic lyrics from the song Release by Afrocelt Sound System because it sounds beautiful and the lyrics give me chills. I don’t speak Gaelic and I can’t find it written out. I can only find the translation (He’s singing what Sinead O’Conner is singing, but in Gaelic.)
    4. The Dead Milkmen logo from their Texas tour last year. It’s to memorialize me getting to see them play live after 20 years of waiting.

    I have several people who now want me to pain things for them, but no one has come up with the said items or cash to pay for the art. I’m thinking of splurging on a jacket at the thrift store. I went looking a few weeks ago and could only find leather jackets that were the patchwork style that is no longer in fashion, but I’m thinking I could paint Sally from Nightmare before Christmas on the back and then paint some of the patches different patterns, paint some big mismatched stitches throughout. That would keep me busy while it’s cold enough to wear my jacket.

  86. I love your dollhouse! My dad made a secret tunnel for us when he turned the attic into a bedroom for my sister and me. (Also, I have read your book a billion times and am obsessive about your blog.)

    I write a blog called “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom” with my best friend:
    I paint, I take photographs, I knit a little, and I quilt – because I don’t know how to insert a picture, here is a link to a post on my quilting with pics:

  87. I like to design knitting and crochet patterns, and I made a combination knit/crochet Ood mask for a cosplay I did (the cosplay is still a work in progress and needs improvement.)

    Considering all the ridiculously amazing stuff already posted (That rug! That egg! That painting! That necklace!), I’m going to shamelessly name-drop because Mark Sheppard totally randomly yelled out that my mask was cool outside of the con. And since I’ve got a picture of the mask that also has Mark Sheppard in it, why would I ever link one that doesn’t? And he’s wearing a Crowley shirt! (Seriously, you guys, you are all amazing!)

  88. The dollhouse reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock. It reminds me of being a kid in my Ma’s house, my great grandmother, where everything was old and a mystery and safe. I love it.

    I tied some hemp to some branches and hung it on the door. It’s Christmas-y and smells good.

    I write some stuff. Some stuff gets published. Some doesn’t.

  89. I made a website! Well, technically I made a blog, but the writing has always come out of me on it’s own, so really the thing I am damn proud of is finally having the balls to create a place to keep it and share it with people! I’d describe it as Sex and The City meets Broad City meets Suburia. Check it out! Thanks Bloggess, & happy Check Out This Shit I Made Tuesday!

  90. As a lifelong comic book fan and a man raised by several strong women I know firsthand what real strength is and that some of life’s most interesting characters don’t fit the traditional Hollywood mold. In fact, most of the characters that hold my interest look more like Molly Solverson than Escher girls. I believe it is well past time that there were more interesting female leads that actually look like real women in comics.

    Thanks to my wife, another strong woman, I am in the process of making my life long dream come true by creating a comic book filled with all female leads called ‘Callahan’. It is the result of years of work and collaboration with several influential women I am proud to call friends. If all goes well I hope to start my own comic book company run predominately by women, with predominately female writers, artists and creators.

    This is just one way that I am a #HeforShe

    Here is a preview of Issue 1.

  91. So much talent and seriously cool stuff here. I wrote a short novella, titled, “Divorce: A Family Affair”, based on my brother-in-law’s divorce, which we shared because he was living with us at the time. I haven’t properly promoted it because I don’t feel confident enough but here’s the link:

    I also have a Zazzle store:

    And I am venturing into making custom gift baskets but I have no pics available as yet.
    Keep up the amazing work, people!

  92. I wrote a novel titled ‘Holy Crap,’ about three people who start their own religion. There are some… uh… let’s say ups and downs.

    Visit my website for more details, a sample chapter, review quotes, ordering info, a blog, some movie reviews, and a bunch of other neat stuff. You’ll have fun, I promise!*


    Facebook Page:

    *Promise not legally binding.

  93. How fun! Can’t wait to go back and follow links. 🙂 First, your shit is totally the shit. Love! I want a video tour so I can see the hidden passageways. My son wants this Lego set that’s coming out–I got him all hyped about it, because I thought the guy said there were secret passages in it. If there aren’t, I’mma carve those summabitches out myself.

    Since we’re talking about shit, I thought I’d share my favorite blog post from November’s NaBloPoMo(fo). It was a goofy prompt that I had some fun with (and included some shit):

  94. Wow, you guys have some pretty amazing stuff. I’m not sure I should be posting here with all this amazing stuff, but here we go anyways.

    I have a Cafe Press site ( ), that’s been pretty dormant for a while now. Mostly cat stuff. And this, my favorite thing I’ve ever made ever. It’s an idea that’s been floating around in my head since like, ’97 or something, and I finally made it into a shirt. Hope you enjoy it.


  95. Wow, there’s some really amazing stuff here. I’m almost afraid to post anything now.

    I’ve had this Cafe Press site for a while, that I think has about 4 hits. Zucchini Ink. It’s mostly cat stuff on shirts and what not. And then there’s this shirt, my pride and joy. An idea that had been floating around in my head since I was in elementary school that I finally made into a shirt.


  96. Have you heard of ‘ello’ yet? It’s a social network (oh yeah we totally need another one. That’s kinda sarcasm) but this one is full of really amazing artsy people. Not me – I putter. But it’s fun to look around in. Fair warning that it’s still in beta mode so there are sometimes funky glitches (hmm Funky Glitches – great band name, isn’t it?) I have temporarily made my profile public so y’all can see see some art that my daughter and I have made. If anyone out there is on ello already, I’d love some friends. And if the prospect of a new arts focused social network excites you, I can do some referrals (only way to get on at the moment, but I think I’d need an email addy to send you a referral code). None of what I post there is ever posted on my Facebook. I think people I know consider me kind of non-artsy. Boo!

  97. Holy shit, y’all are talented. I’m just good at getting good deals in Craigslist and complaining to companies when their products are defective, but that doesn’t photograph well. I’m also excellent at drying shoes with a hotel blow dryer after the California drought ended on my kids’ heads while at Disneyland today.

  98. Love this idea! I recently started an etsy shop because the pottery I’ve made is crowding me out of my apartment and I’m trying to get over feeling its not good enough to do anything with except give it away for free. If anyone would like to check it out, its at

  99. Love the dollhouse; it reminds me of how much I loved The Borrowers books as a child. I am craft-impaired, but this is a story I told at The Moth in Chicago about scars, Dr. Seuss, and forgiving myself. I was terrified, but felt driven to tell the tale. I thought you might empathize with the stage fright. You make me laugh and think, Bloggess, both gifts to be treasured.

  100. But how do you keep the cats out? I’ve had dollhouses and cats and the dollhouses usually become cat B&B’s with a little bit of Disneyland thrown in.

  101. Oh yeah, I’m going to post some link to my lame stuff after all that. What, I accept my insecurities. 🙂

  102. Love the dollhouse. It makes me want to shrink so I can get in there and walk around, but maybe not since it’s haunted… And the talent on here is mind blowing!

    I started a blog ( this year and one of my reader favorites is this piece I wrote about 10 years ago, the day after my grandpa died. It figures, my blog is really meant to be more fun and snarky, and most posts are, but oh well.

  103. I made this little blue dude several years ago. He wants to live in your dollhouse, for reals. He will use kung fu to destroy spiders because he freaking hates flying into their webs. Hopefully this picture link will not be dead. [img src=”“]

  104. I make all sorts of stuff, mostly jewelry, textiles (weaving, lace, and dye work), and painting. The painting’s been going the best lately. I’m kind of a jack of all trades,really–if i need it, I can probably make it. Link has pretty much everything–jewelry, scarves, hats, experiments, and, if you scroll back to last year, a punch and die set I made to make jewelry with. From scratch. Yeah, I’m particularly proud of that one.
    (I would post pictures, but am technologically inept.)

  105. I was finally convinced to start an Etsy shop for the stuff I crochet. There’s not much on there yet, but I’m seriously excited about it! So far, my favorite creation has been this custom stuffed giraffe I made for a friend’s new baby girl (hopefully the 2nd link works for the picture since technology hates me and I can’t get it to show up in the comment). 🙂;gda=1426614938_458ae64406db4d6f8cdf0ddd46c1532a

  106. Saying “I made a HAUNTED dolls house” makes it sound like you made a dolls house (or just bought one) and then killed someone and trapped their soul to it

    I kind of hope you didn’t…. and yet at the same time…. I KIND OF HOPE YOU DID

    If you did, please share how, because um… that would be a cool life skill to add to my resume…

    I also make shit. But I’ve not managed to attach anyone’s soul to anything yet… so I don’t feel I want to share. I did attach a picture of my husband to my wedding dress (note, he was my fiance when I attached it…. I didn’t wear a picture of one husband at the marriage to my second husband, that would be ridiculous… I DON’T EVEN HAVE A SECOND HUSBAND…. one is enough) ((unlike biscuits, where one is NEVER enough)) and if pictures really DO steal the soul, then maybe I have. I sort of own him now anyway… well, I have a peice of paper that says we’re tied and shit like that so maybe we are…. MAYBE I MADE A WEDDING DRESS AND STITCH MY (then future, now current) HUSBANDS SOUL INTO IT….

    I really wish I had. That would have been the best wedding dress EVAR

  107. This is an absolutely awesome idea.

    I have books. There are a couple of traditionally published novels, Child of the Hive, and Shadows of Tomorrow. There’s a series of novellas that I’m self-publishing, Omega Rising and Traitor in the Tower. They’re all science fiction adventures suitable for teenagers and adults. There’s also a technical manual on forms, but that’s rather less fun. They are all available in physical and e-book versions.

    I’ve just signed a contract for publication of Between Yesterdays, which is a sequel to Shadows of Tomorrow, so I’m really hoping to give Shadows a boost. It’s an action story dealing with parallel worlds, creatures breaking through from another universe, martial arts, and a man who can remember his future.

  108. Your doll’s house is terrifyingly gorgeous! And it reminds me of a story I read when I was a kid about… funnily enough, a haunted doll’s house. It was an exact replica of the protagonist’s house, and every night the furniture and dolls would move and re-enact a murder that happened years before. Scary as fuck.
    Your house is sweet though – er, DOES the furniture move by itself and the dolls cry and be murdered every night?
    Anyway, here are two posts of mine I’m especially proud of, partly because I liked how they came together but mainly because I love the photos I took – I did a photography course this year and have been practising heaps, though I still hardly understand the technical side of it.
    First post is about chasing dragonflies and FINALLY getting the shot I wanted,
    and second post I somehow fluked the correct settings and I can hardly believe I took all the photos myself.

  109. I haven’t made much lately, except obsessive Christmas lists. I do, however, have several new books on my Kindle, thanks to this post.

  110. I too have social anxieties, but I did ok for Thursday and Black Friday shopping. Kmart started sales 5 AM on Thanksgiving, and I got there at 9AM, and nobody was there. I had a personal Kmart employee shopping helper follow me around answering questions and then I checked out at electronics with no line. When I hit Walmart for door busters (Xbox 1 gear), I grabbed a porcelain piggy bank of Toothless from the Dragon movies, and I held him in my left arm, tightly. He was my dragon fortress of personal bubbles. Too bad he couldn’t fly me over the crowd…

  111. Ok, so it’s no longer Tuesday but if I can just squeeze in here with my plug, I’m grateful Bloggess. Here’s the deal, visions and scary things that went bump in the night and day. Seeing dead people, who really aren’t dead by the way, they just left their body…….spontaneously speaking indigenous tribal languages and realizing I’m a psychic medium. All that and more! It’s true, it’s a pretty unusual story. Be sure to head over to Amazon and look it up when you have a little time! Thanks and remember: Spirits…They Are Present!

  112. I make lots of weird things… like Hall and Oates unicorns for the blogger at I Want a Dumpster Baby (she had twins).

    and I painted Jesus once (it’s really bad… I’m not a good painter)

    But this painting, I was kind of proud of. It’s a broken heart, or is it two people about to kiss? And the male side is thinking about some sort of blow job penis worship while the woman is thinking about equality…

  113. Jenny, I have this friend an he is a brilliant writer/poet. His name is Keye Martin and this is the link to his poetry. (He is also a PhD in math and Rhodes school but that was a bit of an afterthought). Like many brilliant writers there is the question of “Am I good?” and if so “When you I quit my day job, follow my heart and write everyday” (I suspect you a can relate to this) You can also see his picture on (he is wildly handsome, 42 and single – – just sayin.., ). PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a look at his poetry. Specifically the next to the last one titled “excerpt from a suicide note”. If you like his work, please send him a note at I will be forever in your debt as he has NO idea how brilliant he is. Thank you SO MUCH!!! Carla Ronk

  114. Just when I think I’m a little left of centre, you go and publish a forum for cool shit made by seriously left of centre people and I somehow feel less alone in the world. Gracias amiga! Unfortunately, I don’t ‘make’ things, but I did make a huge life decision by moving to Mexico with my dog and husband. Okay, I did make a few stories about it, and here’s one I like best because it was inspired by my dog, and he’s one of the smartest people I know.

  115. I love the dollhouse! There are so many talented people here. I can’t do a damn thing. But I CAN read YOU, Jenny!

  116. Dear Bloggess,

    Thank you for starting this wonderful chain of events. I’ve found some new blogs I’m excited to read and have had new visitors to my site because of this post. It’s nice to see the internet be a nice place every once in a while.


  117. Oh, Oh, Oh, Pick me, pick me (my hand is WAYYY up in the air and waving)! I just found a post that you MUST go see! I’m so excited I can hardly type straight. The first several images are great, but scroll down to the fourth image. I think you found your Easter decoration for 2015!!

    PS – I really, really enjoy your website. You are awesome. Now I am intimidated and can’t think of anything else to say … So, hi!

  118. I haven’t made them yet but I’m in the process of cross-stitching irreverent recovery bookmarks, because I have to joke about almost dying from addiction and how I got better or it’s like it never happened. I know you know that we cope how we cope.

    PS I love you, Jenny.

  119. Canova Woodworking makes custom designed, hand made items. I had a bit box made out of cherry with finger joints and a drawer. He is making a black walnut bedside table now, has made tack boxes, grooming totes, chairs, tables, etc.
    The great thing is that you can actually design exactly what you want. Check out

  120. Wow, just wow. I came to this blog originally for Jenny because after reading her book I know how awesome and creative she is. But you guys?? I am blown away by these items and will be checking out several books and hopefully buying some stunning jewelry!! Thank God you are all a welcoming and supportive group – I clearly scored low on the Talent portion. The best thing I ever made are my two sons. Both are kind, hardworking, funny and talented (they take after their Dad).

  121. I haven’t made anything awesome, but I wanted to ask you, is that globe in your haunted dollhouse actually a pencil sharpener? It looks just like one I had as a kid! (I’ve decided to generate a random Church name every time I post a message on a blog…which is like 5 or 6 times a year)

    (It totally is. I repainted it and distressed it and added a dragon, but it’s a pencil sharpener. ~ Jenny)

  122. Your dollhouse is AMAZING. I love the snake on the floor. Hilarious and so you that you’d put a snake on the floor. I made some beach glass Christmas ornaments, but don’t sell them, nor do I know how to post a picture here so oh well. Everyone loses. ha ha ha.

  123. I’m one of those left brained people that can’t create a thing. However, I absolutely LOVE your Haunted Doll House and want to see more of it. The one pic you posted is amazing!!! Need to see the rest of it, including the secret tunnels!

  124. That dollhouse — ! I agree with Cassandra – we need an “I spy” book. Also, the talent among your readers is truly amazing. As for me, I wrote a book called “Let the Dogs Speak!” about adventures in puppy raising for Canine Companions for Independence. Well, actually, the dogs wrote the book – I just did the typing. All my royalties are donated to CCI. Here’s a link: (Also, for anyone looking for a publisher, you might check out mine: Booktrope. They are always looking for new authors.)

  125. My sister makes some pretty spiffy hand-painted necklaces and sells them here:

    I’m going to attempt to attach a photo. We’ll see how this goes.


  126. I started out baking cupcakes for all of my coworkers’ birthdays… then took a couple of online classes and started making awesome cakes for my kids’ birthdays; I’m entirely self-taught and make everything from scratch. Then I started getting friends asking me to make cakes and cupcakes for their kid’s parties….. It has sort of blossomed into a really fun side-business. 🙂
    Here’s the link to my page and photos:

  127. I am surprised no one posted a picture of their children as “something they made”.

    You have amazing and talented readers!

  128. My friend and I make scented necklaces and write short ebooks on stones, colors, aromas and herbs. Our etsy shop –

    The ebooks are also on Amazon at

    And just this summer I decided to start painting. I’ve never had an artistic bone in my body, but I’m finding it a really good stress relief thing. The paintings aren’t very good, but who cares?!

  129. Wow! What amazing things! There are so many talented people out there and I am so happy to “know” you all! Here is my contribution:

    First I made a baby, and that was hard. Then I made milk to feed the baby, and that was even harder. So, then I wrote a book about how hard feeding a baby is (Breastfeeding is a Bitch, But We Lovingly Do It Anyway) and had my best friend, Katie Boyer Clark, make this amazing cover.

  130. Zomgs, y’all are motherfucking BADASSES of creativity and wonder!
    Burns the Fire, you get to work now, ya heard? Your etsy site will sell out in a flash if you make one and I have anything to do with it.
    Geoffrey, that Digory stipple painting floored me. Must have taken a million.
    Laura Mack, I want to be an Ood for Halloween so I can wear that amazing mask! And I want a hug from Mark Sheppard, who makes me want to go straight to hell.
    I love you people. My heart has grown like thirty sizes. I’m off to the hospital and it’s totally worth it.

  131. Sorry I was at the freakin dentist when I got the urgent notice. so here is our Mini Pony Calendar page we are currently wrapping up production for the new years version check us out and like us

    I mean seriously who doesnt love those furry fat little bastards – so cute

  132. I have the perfect gift for everyone who’s living somewhere depressing and cold this winter: A Handful of Summer/Beach in a Tin! ( ). It’s a tiny collection of shells and beach sand packaged in a little window tin….to remind you that there really is sunshine at the end of the tunnel!

    I’m also loading up m Etsy site with other summery items. So if you need to beat the winter blues, come check out my other things for sale:

    (To The Bloggess: Thank you so much for allowing us to promote our stuff on your site! And thank you for all that you do. You truly make the world a better place. XxOo)

  133. I have long admired your dollhouse, Jenny, but somehow missed the hidden tunnel info. Cool!

    I made my husband write a romance novel. Then he wrote two more, forcing me to line-edit all three. We nearly killed each other only once. Per book. But the stories are light and funny (I admit it was weird editing the sex scenes).

    You can check him out at “Man Writing a Romance” and get the books on sale as a set right now:

  134. Wow to the dolls house. I love it!

    We made a fantastic sandcastle on the beach this summer. OK, we might all be over 30 but that doesn’t stop us doing “child” activities. When we went to go home a seagull moved in to the inner castle walls.

  135. Ha! I made this for my niece after we saw an old woman at the zoo wearing a shirt with this on it (and coincidentally, the same expression):

    That’s the back, but you know how to use flickr if you want to see the front.

    I also made up this whole story about my Frankencow and her friends when they went to Wonderland. I thought you might appreciate the humor in this little series:

    I had to find some way to amuse myself. Now I’m thinking of pulling Frankie and Bingo out of their box again. 🙂

  136. I’m late to the party, but I make musical commissions for people to give as gifts. One minute bespoke of experimental / avant garde music is very reasonably priced, and is certainly a unique gift.

  137. Love the dollhouse. It needs a tiny toilet with a snake in it. I would make one for you except I don’t know the scale of your dollhouse… That and the fact that I am lazy.

  138. My book, and my blogs. I work from home and I want to give you an insight as to what it entails and to discuss whether it is right for you. No lists, No jobs, just a day in the life sort of thing.

    I am working on a non fiction work right now, publication date 2015. My blogs are just that. check them out and my fb fan page! 🙂


    That last one is found on the Word Press servers. Please check it out!

  139. That dollhouse is epic. Wow.

    I paint. It saves me from myself, and my bipolar disorder. I sell my work on etsy. Lately I’ve been painting as a form of protest in response to current events here in the US and to assert that #BlackLivesMatter. I currently have two prints for sale that I’m donating to profits to orgs dedicated to youth empowerment and racial justict (Race Forward and Black Youth Project 100) and to the fund set up for Tamir Rice’s family. Currently have a !5% off discount code too, since this is my birthday month. Check it:

  140. Love the dollhouse! And all the comments, everyone is so talented! I recently started an etsy site to sell my artwork. I’ve always loved art, and love creating new and interesting pieces. I also find it to be a sort of therapy when my depression gets bad. I’d love for you all to check out my site:

  141. You definitely deserve about a million fist bumps, Jenny! Love the dollhouse! I want to make one now!! But what I did make was the covers for two of my backlist books that I then put up as ebooks! One is a novella set in Tir Na Nog, sweet romance. The other is Science Fiction with romance in it, kind of Star Trekish, except Captain Kirk is a woman. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. What I mean is the Captain of the rebel vessel is a woman. Yeah.

    So go to for THE FAIRY BRIDE novella for TO TOUCH THE STARS, the Star Trekish one.

  142. All goats should be names Mr. Pumpernickel! Loved the haunted doll house! I didnt build a haunted mansion, but I did paint something on a few peep’s walls! No, it wasnt graffiti! It was an incredibly cool pirate ship ( and some other random stuff) From Texas, to Florida, to NC! IT’S EVERYWHERE! LOL
    Pics are on my webpage under the “Paint, mural, and the voices in my head tab!”
    I love your blog! I re-read the giant chicken story every time I need a pick me up!

  143. Hi there. I NEVER leave replies but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for sharing. It was amazing looking at everyone’s stuff. I still have more to look at but it was/is inspiring.

  144. i’m a new blogger and i write great great stuff! i’d like for you to go check my blog thanks! i’m sure you’ll love it!

  145. Hey lOVE the doll house! I’m obsessed with trees…they keep me sane. This is my painting. This is my website

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