Zazzle thinks I’m some sort of serial killer.

me: I wanted to make something new for my shop but all I’ve come up with is a shirt that says “This is where I keep my nipples.

Victor:  Hmm. How about “My meemaw can kick your meemaw’s ass.

me:  Maybe.

Victor: What about a shirt that says “My other shirt has diarrhea on it”?

me:  Ooh! And then you get your partner to wear a second shirt and that other shirt just says “Diarrhea.”

Victor:  Um…I think you’ve gone too far.

me: No, it’s like having matching outfits, but less lame. And with more diarrhea.


Victor:  That’s too much diarrhea.

me:  Can you really ever have too much diarrhea?

Victor:  Yes. Yes, you can.

I decided to just put all of these ideas up for sell and zazzle was like “Hey!  Check out your designs on other products!” and I was like, “I don’t think that’s a good idea” and Zazzle was like, “YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT.”


You’re making it weird, Zazzle.


And now, the weekly wrap-up of awesomeness:

Sketch by Ray Friesen

(Sketch by Ray Friesen)

Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):

This week’s wrap-up is brought to you by Caitlin Sweet’s new book THE DOOR IN THE MOUNTAIN

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  1. I’m rethinking my Christmas present choices now. The Tshirt is perfect for my ex-husband 🙂

    Ann St. Vincent recently posted Sweet bloody hell. I’m your dating counselor now?.

  2. I was very ill last weekend. These shirts would have been appropriate.

    Michelle recently posted How To Survive Your First Week At A New Job In Under 30 Days.

  3. How many fights did you have with spellcheck when spelling diarrhea?

    The Dusty Parachute recently posted Wishing You a Very Craigslist Christmas!.

  4. I think we know what shirt (shart?!) just shot to the top of everyone’s Christmas list this year! 😉

    The Dose of Reality recently posted Would You Rather: Talk Santa Or S-E-X?.

  5. Totally getting the nipples mug. Christmas is coming.

  6. ALMOST as amazing as my “C WORD” coffee cup! 🙂

  7. Desperately want the “nipples” shirt! Make it so! Request: The wording needs to be somewhere around belly button. Because kids.

    RachRiot recently posted Thank You For No Longer Being Thankful.

  8. Drinking coffee from a mug marked with the word “diarrhea” actually totally appeals to my twisted, disgusting sense of humor. Not even joking.

  9. What kind of serial killer keeps his victims’ diarrhea in a mug (never mind the other thing)? Wait, no I don’t wanna know.

    The mugs, I must admit, would be a great way to prevent people from drinking out of your cup. Or if you wanted to never again have to waste time socialising with you coworkers.

  10. My housemate really wants the coffee mug that says “This is where I keep my nipples”. I guess, if we’re exchanging gifts…….

    Jen Donohue recently posted NaNoWriMo 2014: done!.

  11. Love the nipples shirt. Not so much the diarrhea.

    Cassandra recently posted Throwdown Thursday: Let Them Bake Cake.

  12. I’m just shocked that your store didn’t already have a diarrhea mug available. Seems so obvious now that it exists!

  13. Nipples mug is now on my Christmas list.

  14. I really need to teach Wolf how to do online shopping. Cause buying myself a nipple mug is just…wrong…somehow.

    The Imp recently posted Christmas and Growing Up.

  15. This was related to your ship on Amazon. I’ve never seen one that needed to be inflated, but…

  16. The nice, scripty font makes your diarrhea much more formal. “I got my diarrhea at a black tie event.”

    kstewand4cats recently posted A Thanksgiving Without Strippers and Rockstars….

  17. I want the nipple shirt so bad, but I could only wear it at sci-fi conventions, which is the only place I can be so bad.

    Janet Coburn recently posted I Was a Teenage Ninja.

  18. Mmm. Does anything say winter like curling up fire-side in a toasty sweater, with a hot cup of nipples in your hand? I think not.

    notesfromthebathroomfloor recently posted Life Prize! It Could Happen To YOU!.

  19. Nipples & diarrhea.. an interesting Sunday 😉

  20. Zazzle always goes just the one step too far.

    Manicmom recently posted Of pizza-lovers and poor memory.

  21. I love Victor ‘ s idea!

  22. I vote for more Mee-maw related Zazzle items! As long as it’s not about Mee-maw’s nipples, that would just be in poor taste altogether!

    Erin aka Weekly Joy recently posted These are a few of my favorite things...2014 edition.

  23. So I started a blog a couple weeks ago, and my very first post is all about diarrhea. Seriously. Stop reading my mind.

  24. I bought a few gifts from your zazzle shop for my friends. Although, one I had to get a refund because the way it looked in the picture wasn’t quite what I got. =( Zazzle was fast about refunding me.

    (Which one? I try to buy samples every month to make sure they’re printed right but every once in awhile I have to resize it. Thx! ~ Jenny)

  25. At first I thought the word “diarrhea” was on the back of the shirt. So you could make a shirt that says, “I have diarrhea on my back.” and then flip it over and voila! “Diarrhea.” That’s kind of a stupid idea. But at least it’s classy.

    And all I can think about, seeing that guy in that shirt, is two young women talking, saying, “Hey Bren, check out that hot guy in the diarrhea shirt.” “Mmmm. Scrumptious.”

  26. Yeeeeah im not sure its zazzle that is making it weird, however i feel a strangely tittilated at the idea of having that nipple mug.

  27. I’m reading this in bed laughing. My husband asked what was so funny. He’s not laughing. Clearly I’m the weird one.

  28. It’s sad to say, but if I got a t-shirt or mug with “Diarrhea,” people who know me wouldn’t bat an eye. This post has me laughing out loud, or it could be the three glasses of wine I just downed. Cheers! 🙂

    kdcol recently posted I finally get it!.

  29. It’s all very funny , until someone shits the bed. Diarrhea everywhere. Party over.

  30. Can you make that Tee in velvet?

    notquiteold recently posted Paranormal Prowess.

  31. 31
    Robin the mad photographer

    OK, Jenny, is it just me, or do you have a bit of an obsession with the concept (not the actuality, mind you, but the concept) of diarrhea? I mean, between this and the whole “I HAVE DIARRHEA! AND AIDS!” bit, which gave you the opportunity to scream “I HAVE DIARRHEA!” in bookstores across America (and which I’m sorry I missed, because I hadn’t discovered you before then, but the next time you’re in Boston, I promise to bring you lots of yummy chocolate things and take good care of you; plus, my friend Laurie and her then-baby son Xander met you, and she spoke highly of you, so I know you rock)…I mean, I’m starting to get a little worried about you right about now…

    (Your thoughts, no doubt, are along the lines of “Who is this crazy person and why is she posted in my comments section?” and “Um, you’re only just NOW getting worried? Where the hell have you BEEN?!?”)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that, while I don’t think I can actually bring myself to drink out of a mug that says “Diarrhea” on it, the concept did at least make me laugh my ass off, which, considering my current state of nursing a busted-up knee (don’t ever fall down the steps of a Green Line subway train, guys; there are definitely better ways to meet people, even though everyone who had to take care of me, from the paramedics to the firemen to the T employee to the high school kids who looked after me until everyone else showed up were all very sweet), I really really needed, so thanks. 🙂

  32. True story: My ex-stepmother had a habit of pretending people no longer existed after they did some minor imaginary shit to her. My father would refer to this as “Judy killing people”. My brother & my sister-in-law were driving with my niece to visit dad & Judy and we’re talking about how Judy had just killed me and killed her own sister,brother and daughter previously. Sometime after the trip my then 10 year old niece went to her father with the inevitable question:
    “dad, is grandma Judy a serial killer?”
    So it’s easier to be mistaken for a serial killer than one might think.
    Just heard this story at thanksgiving, where it was also brought up that Judy had killed my sister Karen multiple times but Karen refused to stay dead
    So apparently I have a serial killer in the family and she created a zombie
    Which makes my family even more fucked up than I thought and that’s saying something

  33. I would love to drink my extra chocolate hot chocolate in a diarrhea mug. It would help keep my kids from taking sips!

  34. I have an idea for a shirt. Please use it so I can buy the shirt and wear it. Shirt should read “Dry thoroughly before putting away”

  35. If you’re going to have diarrhoea on your shirt you need the right colour scheme. It also needs to be a free flowing style too.

    Gary Lum recently posted Ricardo’s Cafe.

  36. Oh man, I’m so bummed I already finished my shopping. Nope, all finished, I checked. Yes, I’m sure. whistles

    Mayor Gia recently posted Gia Want Sugar.

  37. Having recently been made pretty ill by some Costco beef containing maggots, me and the bf could do with those t-shirts.

  38. I had a stomach thing Saturday night, so those shirts…perfect.

  39. Victor thinks YOU went to far?
    Can The Bloggess EVER go too far?
    Now that’s a question to pose to your legion of readers, Jenny…

    The Hook recently posted Saturday In A Nutshell..

  40. Diahrrea . . . only the strong survive.
    Diahrrea . . . it’s not for everyone.

    There you go. A few more ideas for you!

  41. My 86 y/o mother thinks this boxer commercial went too far. She is horrified every time this one comes on:
    Jingle Bellies | Kmart Joe Boxer Commercial 2014 …:

  42. Ironically, I just received an email with a coupon for up to 65% off! How convenient, diarrhea mug here I come!

  43. This has nothing at all to do with mugs or diarrhea, but have you seen this?

  44. Sorry, Zazzle was the one making the diarrhea mug weird??

    Kristine @ MumRevised recently posted Search Term Fun – Ass Pics Galore!.

  45. I really want that diarrhea mug but damn, $19 is a little steep.

  46. Thank you, you’ve made this 44 year old man starting chanting “Uh uh, diarrhea! Uh uh, diarrhea!” in my head. It’s a good way to have fun on a Monday.

  47. You saved me today. I’ve been living in a black hole for over a week now, just existing. You know the place. But this morning I sat down to review “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.” I’d already read it, but it’s our book group selection for the month, and the meeting is tonight. Thought I’d better refresh my memory.

    I laughed so hard I almost choked on my toast. Out loud, table pounding, tears (maybe a little snot) streaming laughter. I am mentally twenty pounds lighter, and I owe it all to you.

    The black hole is still twining around my ankle like a hungry cat, but I’m not inside it and I feel like I can breathe. And kick some ass. Thank you.

  48. I love all of these eccentric items but I can’t help but wonder how many of these images will filter through our brains (OK, my brain) and show up as odd dreams. Looking forward to seeing the creepy unicorn drink from a diarrhea mug tonight. Thanks Jenny! (That’s not an annoyed, bitchy “thanks” but sincere one because you make my life more interesting.)

    Gina W. recently posted "Potato influenced art" is my new favorite phrase.

  49. The “diarrhea” cup is gross, but immediately followed by the “Shit I Did…” tag is funny. I’m seriously considering the nipples cup – that’d be a hell of an ice-breaker (or maybe intimidation as hell). Either way, I kind of think I need it sitting on my desk.

  50. This post made my drink come out of my nose. I almost kind of HAVE TO HAVE the nipples coffee mug now.

    Karen Marie Peterson recently posted Review Extravaganza: January, February, and March.

  51. I would totally buy those mugs by the way. The diarrhea one especially. Just think Austin Powers…

    Jessie recently posted Our Trip to Isla Mujeres.

  52. I’m sorry, but why is that unicorn sweatshirt on Amazon 63 freaking dollars? I just can’t bring myself to pay $63 dollars to freak myself out whenever I see my attire. It would only be worse if it was on a model that was also a clown.

  53. Awww . . .Victor bought you a book in a bookstore? And that’s how you met? I LOVE that story. That makes up for anything else he’s ever done, right? 🙂

    candidkay recently posted Christmas tree left of center.

  54. Holy crow, what perfect timing. I was just joking about commissioning a line of “Aspire Attire” t-shirts. Obviously no pressure, but if inspiration strikes, please have at it!

  55. My wife just injured her sore throat from laughter. Nothing a steaming mug of nipples won’t fix.

  56. I can not hear the word Diarrhea without thinking or saying CHA CHA CHA! Anyone who watched Beavis and Butthead will get it.

  57. I LOVE those models. I have the Black Pearl and the Golden Hind chasing each other across the living room shelves. I want the gold plated Golden Gate Bridge, and the castles, and all the Star Wars and Star Trek ones too.

  58. “A Mug Full of Nipples” would be a great band name. I wish I could sing.

  59. “Party horns!” So that’s what they’re called. When my daughter was tiny she called them Blower-Come-Backers. It stuck.

    “This is where I keep my nipples” makes me want to tell you this story shared by a mom at a Nursing Mothers of Raleigh meeting thirty years ago (only because it involves nipples, not the storing thereof). She was getting ready to take her first trip after the birth of her child and asked the doctor for any advice he might impart. He responded that she should boil her nipples often. Every woman in the room did what did just now—clapped both hands firmly over her breasts and cringed.

    I miss Carl Sagan all over again.Thank you for the lovely video.

  60. I have to add that you should also offer sweatpants with Diarrhea written across the butt (like the ones with Juicy, etc.).

  61. Perhaps they should spend more time on their ability to ship products they currently offer instead of pushing for more items. The items ordered through your store has become this years christmas ‘adventure’.

  62. Thank you for making me laugh out loud! You’re the best.

  63. I am sure that isn’t how you spell it…it’s Died In A Rolls Royce Having Over Eaten Again, isn’t it?
    DIARRHOEA….That’s how its spelled in English in Tanzania. Bye bye. x j

    janelle recently posted Pitchin' Up....

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