UPDATED: If you need help, or if you want to help…

UPDATE! I’ve lost track of where we are but we’d Donated over $10,000 of toys in the first 24 hours & it’s been snowballing since then. My blog only shows 700 comments per page before making you click “newer comments” so here’s a sHortcut: click here for comments 700-1400, here for comments 1400-2100, here for comments 2100-2800, and here for comments after 2800.

Remember in 2010 when I gave out gift cards in the name of James Garfield (the taxidermied boar) to the first twenty people who told me they didn’t know how they were going to afford toys for their kids this year?  And it was awesome until  it became very apparent that there were more people who needed help, but then you guys came to the rescue and suddenly there were $40,000+ worth of donations from strangers to strangers?  That was awesome.  And exhausting.

Then in 2011 we worked together to sponsor Project Night Night Bags (a bag with a security blanket, a book and a stuffed animal) to 750 homeless children.

In 2012 we helped get Project Night Night Bags to 1,000 children who were homeless, or were displaced by Hurricane Sandy.

Last year we donated tens of thousands of dollars of bees, oxen, and llamas around the world, and again supported Project Night Night.

This year I say we do it all.  It’s been a good year for some of us.  A bad year for others.  Give if you really can.  Take if you really need.

You can click here if you want to donate $25 to sponsor a Project Night Night bag for a homeless child.  Or click here to help end world hunger and poverty by buying the ass end of a pig as an honorarium for someone you don’t like.  Because who is going to complain about getting a helpful pig ass in their honor for Christmas?  No one worth going to the mall for, probably.

Or if you are struggling to buy a single present for your child then do this…make a wish-list on Amazon (SEE UPDATES BELOW) and leave a comment below (with the age of your child, a link to your wish list, and anything else you want to share).  I’ve made money this year in affiliate ads because you guys have supported me here, so I’m giving back to help those who need support this year to get by.  So that means that – even if you don’t have the money to donate this year – if you supported this page in any way, then the donations from me are also from you.  Literally.

A few words of warning…I only have a limited amount of money so I can only help a limited amount of people.  If you choose to share your wish-list then gift-givers will be able to see your name and city, but your actual shipping address is kept confidential with Amazon.   Also, if you choose to be a gift-giver and pay for something on someone’s wish-list please know that I can’t verify anyone here so you have to go with your gut.

I’m in the middle of family visits, deadlines, and book edits but I’ll try to keep the comments updated as much as I can.

PS.  I just bought a live sheep and a bunch of Project Night Night bags in your honor.  Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/GoodGravyGiving.  Thank you for letting me be part of such an amazing community.  You have no idea the difference you make.

PPS.  If you’re looking for something wonderful and inexpensive for your child I cannot over-recommend books.  Books were some of my best friends and still are, and they can take you miles away.  If you need suggestions, GoodReads has a great list of 100 Children’s Books to Read in a Lifetime.  Some of those books are like coming home again, and all are available for free at your local library.

PPPS.  It seems only fitting to end this with the taxidermied boar who inadvertently started this whole ridiculous thing.

James Garfield and I love you.
James Garfield and I love you.

UPDATED:  I’ve tried to buy several things on several wish lists but keep getting a  message telling me that there isn’t a verified address to send the presents to, so I’m just going to assume that I’m an idiot and instead I’m sending Amazon gift cards to the email addresses as noted in the comments.  Maybe someone smarter than me can tell me what I’m doing wrong.  Also, if you want to leave an email address in your comment you can but I won’t share it unless you actually type it into the comment box.

UPDATED X 2: Make sure you update your amazon profile to have a confirmed shipping address set up for your account.  See the comments for pointers.  So far almost everyone doesn’t so people aren’t able to ship to you.  Giant thanks to those who want to send me money so I can pass it on, but so much would be eaten in fees and taxes so it’s better for you to donate directly.  I’m sending gift cards for now but I suspect people will fix their profiles soon to make it easier.  And thank you for such an amazing response.  I love you guys.

UPDATED X 3: GOT IT!  Okay, the reason why we’re unable to ship to lots of you is because Amazon makes you select a shipping address for your wish list in a really complicated way.   I made a graphic to show how to do it but it’s 1:30am so forgive my typos…


December 26th update: I’ve lost track but you guys have donated well over $75k to helping struggling families during the holidays, including giving over $32k Night Night bags to homeless children, and donating to end world hunger and poverty.  I don’t even have the words, y’all.

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  1. I love that this blog post is becoming my own holiday tradition. Although, I don’t think hubs appreciated the bees as much as I thought he would. I’ll get them for my mother this year.

  2. Every child in America needs a copy of “The Book With No Pictures.” It’s the ultimate read-aloud book.

    That is all.

  3. So sweet Jenny! I got laid off this holiday season so I won’t be donating this year, however I will use some of my new found time off and volunteer at some shelters and such. Happy Holidays to all!

  4. Donated some bees for Heifer Project through Worldbuilders because I really wanted to see Patrick Rothfuss kiss a llama. It was worth it. Appreciate your efforts as well!

  5. Jenny, you helped me out over the summer when I was barely hanging on. I can’t say thank you enough times. Your generosity of spirit just another wonderful facet of you. Thank you for helping out so many other people as well.

  6. thank you so much for compiling this page.
    now i’m off to play eeny-meeny-miney-moe to decide who gets the ass end of a pig honorarium.

  7. I have only one wish this year. That the non-profit crisis hotline I volunteer for http://www.responsehotline.org/ whose funding has been cut yet again, gets some much needed donations. If you can, it would be wonderful if anyone can stop by the site and donate a little. Thank you so much. (and for the record, even though we’re a “local” hotline we don’t ask or care where you’re calling from, we’re there to listen and support anyone who needs someone to talk to, whether you’re suicidal or just need to vent.) <3 Thank you <3

    (Donated. Thank you for being awesome. ~ Jenny)

  8. You’re amazing and this blog restores my faith in humanity on a regular basis. One of these years, I’ll be able to donate, but until then I’ll draw warm fuzzies from everyone being amazing!

  9. Donated some bees to Heifer Project because my mom always supported them and she passed away this year from pancreatic cancer. Plus, I wanted to see Patrick Rothfuss kiss a llama for Worldbuilders. Totally worth it. I think you should ante up and volunteer to kiss something as well!

  10. I love you. And that crazy ass James Garfield. I’ll never forget the day we all told you to GO BACK AND GET HIM FOR GOD’S SAKE! There was a very special reason he was waiting just for you.

  11. Also, now I want bees. For myself. Which may or may not be ill-advised. Although I am the only non-stung survivor of The Swarm of 1972. (Someone disturbed a nest.)

  12. Im keeping my eye on comments. I don’t have much but I’m here for the tribe. Ill throw down on the first wish list i see. Children of the church of bloggess shall NOT go without!

    (I love you guys. I’m guessing it may take a bit of time for people to make a wishlist. I’ll be covering as many as I can myself but if you see some in the coming days and want to help that would be amazing. ~ Jenny)

  13. Oh and I am not wishing for anything, besides maybe a healthy dose of vodka to tolerate the in law drama on Christmas but that’s probably not the kind of wish one should make on Christmas.

  14. Project Night Night has become a part of my annual giving since you introduced me to them.

    I love the Amazon Wishlist idea

  15. My daughter was diagnosed with autism this year and I was diagnosed bi-polar, so out treatments and medications have severely drained us financially. She is six,and so super excited for Santa.This is her wish list. http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2N4PE61MTDG5F/ref=cm_wl_huc_view

    (Thought it worked but it bounced back and you didn’t leave your email address. Can you leave another comment and I’ll just email you a gift card? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  16. Im keeping my eye on comments. I don’t have much but I’m here for the tribe. Ill throw down on the first wish list i see. Children of the church of bloggess shall NOT go without!

  17. I’m a mom of twin eleven-year-old girls, and I’m newly separated from my husband – he decided being married was too hard. I’m struggling to make ends meet as it is (I get no support from him whatsoever when it comes to feeding or clothing my girls), and Christmas is looking rather bleak this year. My girls have their lists on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/giftlist/9H6TTKM6YL5U/ref=cm_go_nav_recip_gl?

    I love your book and your blog, Jenny – and I think you have a heart of gold! Thank you!

    (Couldn’t get your address to load so I just emailed you an $80 amazon gift card. ~ Jenny)

  18. I’m not sure how to go about it, but I would really love to give my friend a leg up so she can have a nice Christmas with her little girl. She’s a young single mom, struggling to pay her bills and take care of her daughter, and one of those cautiously optimistic, always trying to believe the best in people types. I’m a broke student so I can’t help her as much as I want to, but if anyone has any ideas, I’d be extremely grateful.
    Get the warm fuzzies from these projects each year, Jenny. Thanks for putting the pieces together.

  19. Project Night Night bag sponsored. However, I’m pretty pissed that I finished all my Christmas shopping before I became aware that it was possible to donate the ass end of a pig to people. I hope I remember this for next year …

    Happy Holidays, Jenny, and thanks for being you (and for following me on the Twitter, because it sometimes makes people think I’m cool).

  20. Love that you are using Heifer, my family is now used to having chicks and ducks in their stockings. Thank you for being caring,vulnerable, hilarious you. Peace.

  21. This is an awesome opportunity. I’ve been struggling. 2014 has sucked for a myriad of reasons, the most financially draining being my father passing away and the travel back to San Angelo and missed time from work and my second oldest being run over by a semi truck (he’s doing great and walking again, we’re very thankful!) and the two months off from work nursing him. I haven’t bought a single present yet and having even one gift per child (I have four boys) or a great birthday present for the one who had the accident (Christmas baby, 12/22, he’ll be 12) would be awesome. I’m going to put a list together right now. It would be a blessing. If presents for four children is a little greedy, my friend of 25 years is battling a rare blood cancer and has a go fund me page for her cancer treatment. Despite our best efforts, it has not gone viral. I’d love to make that happen. https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/5qv5/neesh-s-cancer-fundraiser?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=fb_wall&utm_campaign=dsp_dt3

    (Check your email. I sent you a $160 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  22. I saved one of the James Garfield cards that I put on our mantle every year. One Project Night Night bag donated in honor of the great JG!!

  23. No Amazon wish list because I don’t have children. But I have enormous student loan debt and started a GoFundMe account to see how many good people there are in the world. I will be donating to various animal shelters on behalf of those who donate to me – that is my gift and your reward.

    You can donate here: gofund.me/f04e9o

  24. I just saw my post which I thought didn’t go through, went through, so I’m seriously not asking twice, lol.

  25. If anyone has a little extra to donate, please consider the agency I work for: Crisis Services in Buffalo, NY. We have the county suicide hotline, a mental health outreach program, a homeless program, and my program – advocates for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse. We got hit hard by funding cuts this year and had to cut staff and services. Anything helps! Thank you and Happy Holidays!


  26. This is the first Christmas that we’ve ever really struggled and I was so hesitant to ask for help. But here I am. My husband is a disabled vet who got laid off a few weeks ago and I’ve been walking around just hating the holidays this year. Your post gives me hope, whether or not I receive any help for my kids, because there’s people out there like you who give a damn. Thank you. http://amzn.com/w/280WS10CHWIX6

    (Just sent you an $80 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  27. Jenny,
    In 2010 my family benefited from your generosity. This year, we can’t do much, but I donated to Response Hotline in comment 14. Thank you for being you. You’re amazing.

  28. I don’t usually do this, but this year we have no money for gifts at all. I have 2 kids who have been a great sport about it and know that we can’t do anything so have asked for nothing.

    My Gift List for Krysta (female) 12yr old

    My Gift List for Parish (male) 13yr old

    (Couldn’t get amazon’s wish list thing to work properly so instead I just emailed you a gift card for $80. ~ Jenny)

  29. I’ve loved this blog since I woke up my husband late one night snickering over Beyonce. Thank you for restoring my faith in humans and providing a safe spot to go when I am overwhelmed and need a smile.

  30. Crossing my fingers and counting on a job offer before the holidays. If so, I am totally gifting someone a pig’s ass!

  31. This is my girls’ Santa list. Due to my ongoing illness and a broken car,we haven’t been able to get a tree or do our usual art & cooking projects. I was hoping to be able to get them each one thing. Asking for help is so hard, but any little bit would help. Love to all who are struggling right now. 2015 will be our year. -Jen

    (Couldn’t get it to send properly so instead I emailed you an $80 amazon gift card. ~ Jenny)

  32. Jenny, you are so amazing, and this post has made me bawl. We are in such a hard financial place this year that even the smallest gifts seem out of our budget. My son is 10, and loves to read, draw, and is very much into engineering, robots, Minecraft, and science stuff. This is his Amazon wishlist:

    So much love to you and everyone in this community. <3

    (Problems with Amazon so instead I emailed you a $40 amazon gift card to help with presents. ~ Jenny)

  33. Julie — I don’t see your a link to the Amazon wish list? If you’ve now posted 3 times, make it a 4th for good measure 🙂

  34. My wish list is for lots of kids in Nairobi, Kenya. My BFF and I have been raising money for this school for five years now. It’s just us, no organization, but that means no overhead! Kelley has connections in the school, has been there and verified its needs and worthiness. The dollar goes far there, so just $5 will make a difference in a child’s life. Kelley and I believe that the only way out of poverty is through education. If you are interested, please visit our Go Fund Me page, http://www.gofundme.com/hcvf58 . For more on the school, check out the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/StellaMarrisCommunityEducationCentre?ref=aymt_homepage_panel .

    Thanks, Jenny, for all you have done for this broken Texan. Live long and prosper. 🙂

    (Donated. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  35. This community is amazing! I will be donating what I can. Thank you all for keeping me laughing throughout the year!

  36. 4 boys, 15, 12, 11 and 7. Here is their wish list: http://amzn.com/w/29LIZW9QJ62JB DS Game for the 15 year old, microscope for the 12 year old, camo bedding for the 11 and dino toy for the 7 year old. Books for all. 🙂

    (I couldn’t get your link to work so I just emailed you a $160 amazon gift card. ~ Jenny)

  37. This is amazing. 😀

    No wishes from me, but unfortunately no donations or help either. Poor hubby has been off work for over 6 months (stress/depression/anxiety), and probably will be for another 6.

    However, a suggestion for those not wanting/needing a wish, but can’t give. Homemade cards to those that might need some love can really help, especially this time of year. (Did that once to a few folks on the street. Many hugs to be gotten. But my person phobia prevents that now 🙁 )

    Another suggestion for older families, our whole family (mom and Dad too) have little money, so we draw a name out of a hat and get something small for one person ($25 – $50 limit), and IF we can, small homemade or penny gifts for the “stockings”.

  38. I have a friend with a serious brain tumor who could some use help. I know moneys tight for some but of y’all could retweet or post his gofundme page that would be awesome! http://www.gofundme.com/c84wts ill return the favor with the hashtag #gravyforall! Also sorry for the multipost, im on my phone!

  39. Such a great idea. Thanks for using your platform to make a difference!! Today my son brought home a “wish list” he wrote at school (the link below will take you to a picture of it). My wish is that all of us could learn how to really see each other just a little better. I think your blog helps people do that.

  40. I have suffered with depression for many many years. I am on good meds, see a great therapist and am able to see the light again. I reached out And started volunteering for a cat rescue called Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue. We are 100 per cent No Kill, 100 per Not For Profit and 100 per cent Volunter run. I applied as a Foster on a Wednesday and had my first pregnant kitty on the Friday. That was 3 years ago and my family and I have fostered 124 pregnants, abandoned, surrendered, sick, and/or neglected cats and kittens. Vokra provides aide to almost 2000 cats PER YEAR!! II believe working with these amazing volunteers and the kitty’s saved me as much, or more than, the meds/therapy. My foster cats bring me joy and laughter and light and a purpose. Our organization runs on donations and adoptions fees and we’re always in need of funds. Our biggest debts are for vet bills and cat food. If you or anyone is able to donate 5, 10 or 20 dollars you will help thousands of felines in need. Vokra is a registers charity and the link will take you to thier donation page but if you’d like more info feel free to check out thier site at Vokra.com. The donation page is at http://www.orphankittenrescue.com/donate. Thank you for doing this again Jenny! You are a miracle worker every day. You bring light and joy and love to so many people!! Happy Holidays!! Xoxoxox

  41. Who does Project Night Night love? The Bloggess and her readers!! Thank you guys for stepping-in to help us at the holidays again. It breaks our hearts to think of children in homeless shelters at any time of year, but certainly at the right now. Tomorrow, we are putting together big boxes of Bloggess Bags (our Night Night Packages underwritten by Bloggess readers) and off they will go to kids awaiting them. We love ya Jenny. We love ya readers.
    P.S. We made a special page on our website once we saw this post. 🙂

  42. Sending a night night and wishing I could do more — thank you for having such tremendous heart.

  43. Purchasing a night night bag–thanks for all that you do, Jenny! I also want to post on behalf of my brother and sister-in-law. My nephew, who had been struggling with depression for most of the year, committed suicide right before Thanksgiving. He was only 17. They are devastated, and struggling with finding a way to memorialize him. They are also both on extremely limited funds, and have set up a gofundme account to try to raise enough money to take a simple road trip and spread some of his ashes every place he lived. If you are so inclined, here is the link to her site. Thanks, everybody!

  44. I just realized I hadn’t added a shipping address to my kids’ wish lists, also…I forgot to mention…I in no way am asking for everything on them, just things I WISH I could get for them. I added my email and updated the shipping address on the lists…Happy Holidays!

  45. I just did a Night Night bag in honor of a friend who lost her 4-year-old grandson last year. Then, a gift of goat’s feet in “honor” of the bitches who fired my daughter two weeks ago. I’m not sure which about the second one makes me happier – helping people who really need it or secretly thumbing my nose at those assholes.

  46. Jenny, any idea why there isn’t a shelter in San Antonio connected with Project Night Night? Anyway, thanks for the push to get outside of myself. Depression is drawing me down, but I think it will help me to help others.

  47. I just submitted a donation to Heifer International. Not enough for a whole pig’s ass, but a little something towards one! Thank you so much for doing this each year and encouraging us to all come together and do something wonderful. Happy holidays!

  48. This is not for me. This is for my son, who has three sons (ages 2, 3, and 8). They have been struggling all year and have no money for Christmas. And worse, this year I am as broke as they are (possibly broker, if that is a word). I don’t think I have ever felt more useless than I do right now. I made a wish list. Any help would be appreciated. I hope to be on the other side next year!

    My list link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/20O6P4DV8M49B/ref=cm_wl_huc_view

    (Just sent you a $120 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  49. I can’t believe I am doing this, but this year has been horrible for our family. Job loss, plus so many things piled on top. If someone would consider looking at the lists for my two, I promise to pay it forward next year. As it is, I have just started working again this week, so next year WILL be better, and I WILL pay it forward. This is my daughter’s: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/giftlist/2S5QFCJU55QF6/ref=cm_go_nav_recip_gl?
    And this is my son’s: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/giftlist/2SNL304IEB8EK/ref=cm_go_nav_recip_gl?
    Thank you.

    (Just sent you a gift card for $80. ~ Jenny)

  50. our family has grown by 2 in the past few months via foster care. I would love to be able to do more in terms of gifts for our 7 year old foster son, who had endured more than any child should. He came to us with essentially nothing, and I want toakd this Holiday season magical for him. His wish list includes Legos, a brio wooden train set, and he LOVES to read (Babymouse and Junie B are his favorite book series!)

    (Just sent you an $80 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  51. This is amazing!!! I personally am out of gifting money since I found out a domestic abuse survivor and her 2.5 yo have nothing for Christmas. I “adopted” them with a few friends to help their Christmas. We’re all single parents with low incomes but every kid needs a Christmas and every person needs to feel like someone cares, so we’re making it happen 🙂 I threw a list together if anyone wants to help us Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.ca/registry/wishlist/1MZ071ASC8Y1H/ref=cm_sw_r_ip_wl_o_Nf7Jub05N6BEW

    We didn’t know our friend and neighbour was hurting so bad because she was always helping us. Time to reach our hand out to her.

    Merry Christmas yall! I hope everyone feels important and special this year 🙂

    (I’m not in Canada so I don’t think I can send anything but I’ll leave this up in case someone with a Canadian account can help. ~ Jenny)

  52. Thank yiou for posting this tonight Jenny. It’s been an ok year for us up until last month. I was working but started to get real sick and had to leave several times early to go to the ER. So I lost my job. My Dr thinks I have lupus and hopefully the test results will be in tomorrow. The pain just gets to be too much sometimes and I breakdown. I have 5 amazing kids, ages 17, 10, 7, 2 and 3 months, and they aren’t going to have much under the tree this year and it’s really depressing me. If anyone can help it would be so appreciated. I made an Amazon list real quick. A book and a toy/craft/diapers for the youngest 4 and a book and a shirt for my oldest. Thank you for reading. I hope you all have an amazing holiday.

    (Just sent you a $200 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  53. Donated to Project Night-Night and bought a share of a goat. I’ll be keeping my eye out for an amazon wish list too, not sure how much I’ll be able to give for that but I know I can help in someway. Thank you and James Garfield for accidentally starting this a few years ago 🙂

  54. The generosity and gratitude of people never ceases to amaze me.
    This is me, throwing my hope out to the universe, hoping someone can help us. I have three kids, ages 3,6 and 7. The past two years have hit us extremely hard. My chronic illness and medical bills, student loans, and just daily bills. I’ve put together a wish list for my girls because my son is young enough that I can wrap his own toys and he will be excited, but my girls know and I want so badly to give them something, but I simply can’t. I hope someone out there will be our blessings. Thankyou.
    New Wish List
    Link: http://amzn.com/w/2B42P0IAQ874P

    (Just sent you a $120 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  55. :http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/C1S8B6OXTB2V

    I’ve never done anything like this. But it’s been a rough year. And I’m definitely coming up short. Which wouldn’t bother me so much, but my son is 9 and I think this is the last year he is going to believe in Santa. But the fact is he does believe. And I know he is going to be disappointed with how little will be under the tree .As it is, his birthday was just a few days ago and it was a struggle pulling that off ( cake and a gift at this time of the year). I know alot of people are going to be linking their wish list here, but I thought I would give it a shot anyway! I will be a faithful reader no matter what though. There have been many times where I have come to this blog and you’ve posted the exact thing I needed to hear ( read). So thank you for all of those times!

    (Just sent you a $50 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  56. I am happy to pick some items off a wish list or two. Thank you for bringing everyone together again this year for a chance to get help/ give help as needed. If more of this happened in the world what an even greater place this planet would be to live in. Happy Holidays (whichever you celebrate) to all.

  57. This is so awesome. I would like to give a shout out to Don Re in this forum. He’s a St Louis police officer who participated in Cops 4 Kids. The kids are given some money, but Don kicked in some of his own, and asked his FB friends if they would be willing to contribute. Many did. I did. I don’t know how much he ended up with, but I hope this sweet little boy ended up with the shopping trip of a lifetime. I hope your readers who post here for help get the same response. I hope it’s OK for me to post this, because I post this in the spirit of the season–Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Man. Don Re is an amazing person. If everyone in this world was half as good, we’d have a hell of a great place to live.


  58. This year has been really hard on our family. My husband lost his job and hasn’t been able to find another and my paycheck doesn’t even cover our bills. Honestly the only reason we’re not homeless is due to our landlord who lets us pay a little of our rent every payday. I’m not asking for much just that my son, 4, and my daughter, 2, need a couple warm things for winter and they love reading stories. Thank you Jenny for setting up something so beautiful so that my kids might have something on Christmas morning. Here is the link to our little wish list. https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1YD7IB8RUWB2Q/ref=cm_sw_r_an_wl_o_qk7Jub1380EWT

    (Amazon isn’t giving me your shipping address so instead I just emailed you an amazon gift card for $80. ~ Jenny)

  59. I would love to be able to donate but I’m barely making it by. I’m in the middle of a divorce and on the other side of the country from all of my friends and family…. Not really able to do anything for Christmas this year… since i’m struggling just to pay basic utilities. BUT I hope one day I’ll be well off enough to donate to a lot of these great places!!
    To all the people that donate… you are amazing and the world needs more like you!

  60. I can’t wait for the year when I can afford to do this. One of my favorite posts every year.

  61. I don’t have any biological kids, but I’m a school social worker at an inner city elementary school and I consider all of my kids my babies. I’m also a grad school student and am basically living off of school loans, but trying so hard to provide for my kids the things they desperately need. Some of my kids bathe in the bathrooms before school because they live at a shelter or with a relative and are overlooked… I have been buying soap, toothpaste, etc. Sadly, my supplies are dwindling and I’m barely scraping by as a grad student. My kiddos are the best…they’re in 1st – 4th grades and are so resilient and bright, despite the challenges they face at home and in their communities. If anyone would like to contribute to their healthy hygiene (or a few other fun items I added in that I know they would love), I would be so incredibly grateful.


    (Thank you for all you do! I just emailed you a $200 amazon gift card. ~ Jenny)

  62. Thank you for putting this up! I just bought honeybees for a special birthday gift. I was trying to think of what to buy to go with another present I had already bought and this was perfect!

  63. Actually everyone in my family has been basically paid for early (the joys of being Jewish I guess), but we did have a pretty big unexpected expense when my service dog had to have emergency surgery. Unfortunately he didn’t make it, so we have been trying to ask for donations to get his final expenses paid off which were more than I, as a disabled person, make in a year. gofund.me/hk77n0 Just in case anyone wants to help.

  64. Also, all the talk of honey bees makes me feel there is hope for humanity. I love this page!

  65. I’ve been donating to Project Night Night in the names of my siblings since 2011. They all can get themselves what the want. Donating to charity is nicer.

  66. I learned about Project Night Night from you, Jenny. My daughter’s Brownie troop is donating 12 bags they put together using money they earned this year during cookie sales. I am so proud of them for voting to support it.

    If anyone is looking for another organization to support, I would like to suggest a non-profit in Sacramento, California, called River Oak Center for Children (http://www.riveroak.org/index.html) which helps children at risk, troubled teens, and families through mental health services, social services, behavioral therapy, and family counseling. River Oak’s programs are crucial to so many children and families with limited resources. My mother works for River Oak, and we adopt a family each holiday season with the goal of fulfilling the needs and wants they place on a wish list. I am proud to say we have been able to do that again this year, but River Oak can use support year-round. If anyone is interested in donating, please visit http://www.riveroak.org/GetInvolved.html. A sincere thank you to anyone who takes the time to research this organization.

    Happy Holidays!

  67. I would like to ask for something not for me, but for an old employee of mine, or rather her children. She was murdered this Thanksgiving by her husband, after attempting to flee and seek help for domestic violence. Her death leaves her two biological children (ages 1 and 4) and her stepdaughter (age 13) without a mother. The children are currently in foster care and cannot even return to their home to retrieve their belongings because it is where the murder occurred and is therefore a crime scene. Kelsey was an amazing mother and was attempting to secure a safe and violence-free future for her children. It breaks my heart that she will not be able to do this for them, and I know that she would so appreciate any help that could be given to helping these children during their first Christmas without her. Here are links to the story: http://journalstar.com/news/local/911/lincoln-woman-was-beaten-shot-husband-charged/article_6ecfe23a-8237-5038-9c38-53b4d239b5b2.html as well as to her GoFundMe page: http://www.gofundme.com/ifgzrc?fb_action_ids=10152436527021540&amp;

  68. Are people going into their list profiles and adding an address? I have not been able to send a gift to anyone. It is accessed through a dropdown menu called “List Actions”, then select “Update List Profile.”

  69. @Linda (#58), I tried to send your grandson some Magic Tree House books because my daughter loved them so much, but it seems there’s no shipping address on your wishlist. I only have the option to ship to my own house. If you add an address, Amazon can keep it secret for you, but we can still send things to the boys.

  70. I also tried to by something for someone from their Amazon list with no luck. Can we send you money via PayPal to contribute? I’d contribute to something to help someone who needed to buy presents for their family via you buying Amazon gift cards…

    (I love that you offered but if you sent me money it would get eaten up with fees and taxes so it’s best to just wait and see if they update their profile with shipping or send an email address. I wish this was easier but it’s so nice that people want to help even when it isn’t easy. ~ Jenny)

  71. What a beautiful tradition of giving back! I’ve followed your blog for years and you are one of the most genuine blogger I “know”. You also have the best readers- love your comment section! So much love going around here tonight.

    My daughter is almost 2 and we’re quite tight this year but I’m going to try my best to make Christmas special anyway. Her wish list is here – books are her favorite thing in the world! 🙂

    Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/T94HHFK4PRDC/ref=cm_sw_r_ip_wl_o_VB7Jub0MYBE25

    (Just emailed you a $40 amazon gift card. ~ Jenny)

  72. My niece could use just a few things – her mom is single and on disability. I do what I can but the little stuff makes a difference.


    (Couldn’t send through the wish list so I emailed you a $40 amazon gift card. ~ Jenny)

  73. I sent a flock of ducks as a special holiday gift for that person that is impossible to buy for. I’m keeping an eye on wishlists, as well. <3 My favorite time of the year.

  74. I love shopping. I just had a blast plowing through wishlists, sending ass ends of pigs and bees and goats and getting a mess of night-night bags. I went through 4 years of some of the hardest times I’ve ever had to and don’t know how I made it through but this year; I can give back. So I did! It feels AMAZING to be able too! Jenny, this is the best idea ever! You ROCK!

  75. Girl. You are an inspiration on every level. I don’t lie. I want to give you such a squeeze. Please stay on our planet for as long as you can stand it. You are truly one of the good ones.

  76. Purchased a Hope Basket and a Flock of Chickens on Heifer – been meaning to do this for a while, so Jenny thanks for the reminder. Like many here I have had a rough year but I still have my job, and my house and my cats and am financially stable so am happy to give to a good cause.

    To those who want to help but are lacking funds, your best donation is time, babysitting, caring for a sick or elderly person and giving the usual carer a break, helping someone with cleaning or gardening, walking a dog, all those kind of things. I know someone who makes up little voucher books for her loved ones to cash in over the next year, it even includes hugs 🙂

    Even just sitting and talking with someone and being there for them can have major impact, the little things matter more than we realise sometimes.

    Proud To Be on TEAM BLOGGESS!!

    (you should make that a tshirt if it isnt already LOL)

  77. I have three wonderful kids, my daughter, who is 6 and my sons who are 12 and 15. Times are extremely tough right now. Our car unexpectedly died and we had to use our Christmas money to put a deposit on a used one. My boys don’t want much and understand how rough things are right now, but my little one just doesn’t understand. Any help would be appreciated and I will pay it forward as soon as I am able. Link: http://amzn.com/w/CDB3DKZ68GWU

    (Just emailed you a $120 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  78. I am slightly broke this year and skimping a bit on my own Christmas shopping (for my family, not for myself), but I was able to sponsor a Night Night Bag. I like to help when I can and that was a great way to do it. Thank you, Jenny, for posting this.

  79. What a wonderful thing you are doing! For us, Christmas this year is going to the cats. We have fifteen wonderful felines who are being relocated to a cat rescue in Colorado next month, where they will be able to find loving furever homes. We are also trying to raise money for this huge endeavor – which we have discovered is not all that easy at Christmas-time! If anyone can help, or just share this link, we would be so grateful, and so would the kitties (especially the one who is grabbing the mouse right now). Thank you again – the world needs more of this!

  80. Jenny,
    You’re not doing anything wrong in not being able to actually SHIP anything out.
    The person that creates the Wish-List has to actually enter a preferred shipping address after the list is created. Amazon will NOT publish their address for the sender to see, just the name and city and state.

    The instructions for creating lists are somewhat convoluted, but they are here:

  81. Jenny,
    Here’s the copy & paste version of their instructions.

    Note adding an address in step three!

    Create Your Wish List

    You can create a Wish List profile and add items to your registry to keep track of the items you’re eyeing.

    To create a Wish List:
    1. Hover over Wish List at the top of any Amazon.com page and select Create a Wish List from the drop-down.
    Note: If you’re creating multiple Wish Lists, go to an existing Wish List and click Create another Wish List under your profile name.

    2.Click Create your Wish List. Your Wish List will be available and you can change its name by hovering over the list name and clicking the Edit list name link.
    3.Select Edit list profile from the List Actions filter at the top of your list to update your default shipping address, birthday, personal description and preferences.

    The shipping address you select will remain confidential. Gift givers will only see the name, city and state.
    Amazon will only use your birthday for Wish List birthday reminders chosen by the customer and to generate information on the site.
    You can designate whether your list is for organization and have the option to provide organization’s website URL details.
    You can update this information again anytime.
    4. Click Save and browse for an item.
    5. Click Add to Wish List under the Buy box on the right-hand side of any item’s product detail page.

    You can add items for sale by Amazon.com to your Wish List, except out-of-print books, out-of-stock products, cell phones with service plans, items that don’t have release dates, and items with quantity restrictions.
    You can add items available from sellers to your Wish List. Potential purchasers will see See Buying Options instead of Add to Cart next to the item, since the same copy of the item may not be available later.

    You can repeat this process to create multiple Wish Lists; there’s no limit. Your default Wish List is the one that items are added to when you click Add to Wish List. For more information on moving items between lists, go to Edit Items in Your Wish List.

  82. Grabbed a couple Night Night bags and donated some bees for my husband. (He was super-excited last year. We’ve even considered getting Mason Bees ourselves.) Thanks for the kick in the ass/reminder about these great causes.

  83. My comment is still “awaiting moderation’ (under ‘hjmsmith’ above) and I’m thinking I shouldn’t have used my wordpress account to comment. Let me know if I need to fix something please. Also, you’re all wonderful. All this love has made my horrible, awful Monday a little less awful.

    (It’s not you. It’s me. Working my way backward. Just got to it. Sent you a gift card. ~ Jenny)

  84. This has been one of the worst years ever for me and my little boy.
    I was 20 weeks pregnant in January and lost the baby, another beautiful little boy named Emery, 5 days before my son’s birthday. I left their dad not long after. I checked myself into the hospital for suicida thoughts in March. My ex, my daughter, and ex-friend all lied in court and said I was a danger to my children so my ex got custody of my son while I was hospitalized. My heart is still broken from so much betrayal.
    I finally found a job I really like. I’m still struggling to pay bills though.
    My dream gift for my son is a tablet. I had one that we would read on the Kindle reader app and it was amazing. My little guy LOVES to read. He also likes to play games. (Did I mention he’s almost 7?) My favorite that I’ve seen for his needs is the Kindle Fire HD 6″. 8 or 16gb. Green. The grown-up one doesn’t have a case and is just over $100. The kid version is closer to $150.
    And I’d really like to get my daughter some drawing pads and some sketch and colored pencils. I have no idea how much those cost.
    Can you help me?

    (Sent you a gift card for $80. ~ Jenny)

  85. Thanks, Jenny! I’ll check back and see if people update, because I’d love to buy some books for some of the folks who say they want to buy something but can’t. You’re the best–thank you for using your powers for the good!

  86. My husband had to change jobs this summer and now barely makes enough to pay our bills, and I can’t work due to craziness [a.k.a. Asperger’s-induced anxiety/panic attacks]. We’re unable to buy anything for my brother’s kids for Chrismukyule* this year [*we’re a multi-religion family]; it’s especially hurtful because my husband and I are their only uncle and aunt [so no gift from us is conspicuous]. I am crocheting them each a personalised ornament, but kids don’t really care about stuff like that. I usually try to get them each at least one book and one science/learning-type toy, but I had been hoping this year to get each of them a box set of books [since I don’t think anyone else ever buys them books]. If anyone could help us, we would be so grateful. They are 10, 7 [8 in Mar.], 5 [6 in Feb.], and 2.


    (Just sent you a $160 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  87. ACK! Apparently my default shipping address does not carry over to the wish list. I have now checked the “gift address”, which I think fixes it. Thank you so much!! (sitting here crying now)

  88. Annnnd I’m in tears.
    I was sitting here, feeling at a complete loss of what to “give” this year and this post crossed my feed.
    So I click around and land on Project Night Night. And click there a little and they donate to a shelter in my city. And it just so happens I have 3 brand new snuggly as heck blankets and a few plush animals I made (I sell them and am CPSC compliant).
    So I’ll be calling in the morning to arrange to donate.
    You made my heart happy again.
    Thank you.
    Now I’m gonna go ugly cry and snot on my sleeve.

  89. Donated to the crisis line Metz mentioned above

    You sent a mobile payment for $20.00 USD to Response of Suffolk County, Inc.. A message has been sent to the recipient asking to accept or deny the payment.

    Please note that it may take a little while for this payment to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.

  90. I have 5 kids. I work very hard all year. My husband has uncontrolled seizures that started when my youngest turned 3. We barely keep our head above water. I receive no public assistance of any kind because I am just above the poverty level. I pay my bills and barely have anything left for groceries. I pay high premiums and copays. I have no credit card debt, but I do have a mortgage and one car payment. If anything comes up, it comes out of the grocery budget. This is hard for growing kids. I have 2 teenage boys, a teenage girl, and 2 elementary school age kids . (boy and girl) We spend a couple of days a month with specialists trying to pinpoint my husband’s seizures. my oldest daughter and youngest son have ADHD. I suffer from major anxiety. Trying to keep my family going takes a serious toll sometimes. I’m doing my best to raise well mannered, well rounded, respectable kids. I feel like I give everything of myself that i can. But there are no programs for people who are not on public assistance. There aren’t many options for people like me who make too much for assistance but too little to make ends meet. I can stretch a dollar very far, but at Christmas it is impossible to stretch it far enough. I do not ask for help. I just do whatever I can to make it fun or special. But if there are any angels out there who wanted to help a worn out, stressed out mother of 5 that has no other options, I would be eternally grateful. I hope someday to pay it forward when I am in a better place. My kids are boy,, 17, Boy 17, Girl 14, Boy 11, and Girl 8. I put together a wish list, but it is truly just a suggestion. My kids are not picky and are grateful for all they have. http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2CVNGZ0Y52QTR/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_o

    (Just emailed you a $200 gift card ~ Jenny)



  92. Panya, if you don’t think they would care about ornaments, maybe make them stuffed animals instead? Ravelry.com has over 300 free crochet stuffed animal patterns to choose from and a lot of them are palm sized or smaller. There are things like hamsters and bunnies, but also My Little Pony, Totoro, Cthulhu, Jiji the Cat, and Baby Groot. Give it a look.

  93. FYI for Amazon purchases – if you use smile.amazon.com, then Amazon also makes donations of a %age of the total purchase price to a charity that you choose from a long list of organizations (at no further cost to you). You can also wait until you’re done adding things to your cart then just refresh the page as smile.amazon.com and it’ll switch to the page where you can identify what organization to donate to, without losing the items in your cart.

  94. I hate doing this, but this year has been tough for us, and your blog has made me smile when I was struggling to find a reason. A couple of times I went back and read from start to finish when I needed something to make me smile or get me out of a deep funk. Beyonce always made me laugh out loud.

    A little over a year ago I was in a near fatal car accident. I could go into tons of detail about it, but mostly it’s too emotionally exhausting to go over, and lead me into the worst depression of my life. My identity was wrapped up in being able to provide for our four kids, I’ve been primary breadwinner most of our marriage and a work horse. We pretty much lost everything and wound up over 70K in medical debt due to the car accident, after insurance paid everything it would. We negotiated that down to 36K, but it’s still an astronomical amount for us, especially with me out of work. With my health shot and then an IUD failure leading to an unplanned pregnancy when we thought we were done at four, it’s been a rough year for mental adjustment. Probably the most painful part for me was that I’d FINALLY convinced my husband I should seek counseling for depression (he’s terrified I’d be put on meds that would have terrible side effects like his sister had) and the baby, though wanted despite not being planned, derailed that.

    I finally found work after an 10 month recovery and search only to step on a nail, get MRSA, and wind up in and out of the hospital for 3 months, my treatment complicated by my pregnancy. Obviously, not being able to work meant not keeping the position, and by the time I could reliably walk no one wanted to hire a visibly pregnant woman who was due at Christmas. One of my husbands 3 jobs closed up unexpectedly, without paying anyone, and another over hired for the holidays and after 5 weeks of few to no hours, finally let most of the staff, including my husband, go. Luckily his other job is enough to pay the bills, but Christmas is tight. I know there are others worse off, we’ve got a roof over our heads and food on the table, but if anyone wants to buy a gift for our three boys and daughter (and pray that this baby who is now over a week late hurries up!) we’d be very grateful. Or if you know someone in the Upstate SC region who wants to buy some barely used tires (our van engine exploded less than 3 weeks after we put on new tires) we could afford to buy some gifts ourselves.


    (Just emailed you a $160 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  95. I am not in the position to help out monetarily at this point but I did want to say thank you to you all for restoring my faith in humanity. The Bloggess, you started this ball rolling and continue to see that it keeps going. Thank you. And, a heartfelt thank you to you all who continue to see how they can give to those in need. This is what Christmas is all about, y’all.

  96. I just wanted to add my thank you to the pile.
    Thank you for this and your blog. Right now I’m “happy” and I did the bees thing but thank you for being here when I’m not so happy or broke and can’t do things like donating bees (and not even feeling like getting dressed!). I click on your blog everyday. You bring to words how I feel sometimes so well that I’m amazed there is someone else out there who gets it.
    Thank you!

  97. Comment #78 here. Thank you…oh, Thank you. And your sweet readers continue to contribute and fulfill items that I know my kiddos would absolutely love, and some that they very much need. Getting teased at school for unbrushed teeth or unwashed bodies is crushing for them. This community is amazing. My heart is so full right now. -Kristen

  98. Oh my, thank you. Tears of gratitude and joy here, and not just for the gift card. I found your blog a couple years ago when my depression got really bad and it just helped. YOU helped me, with your up-front and humorous approach to this horrible thing I struggle with every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  99. Jenny, I don’t have anything to ask for, and it’s frustrating to not be in a position to give this year, but I think it’s pretty fuckin’ awesome that you’re giving as much as you do. I know you’re a big time celebrity and all, but a couple thousand bucks (and counting) is an incredibly generous show of caring, and I can’t even articulate how impressed I am by everything you do. As stupid as this sounds coming from a 38-year old man, you are kinda my role model. At first it was for “business” reasons of wanting a blog/career like you’ve built, but over time I find I want to be more and more like you as a person.

  100. Hi all! Desperately poor & hoping to get any help this year…underemployed grad school single mom w/19 years’ experience living with a child-abuse-induced traumatic brain injury. Just learned my IQ dropped 72 points from high school until now…having to switch careers from medical writing to advocacy & mediation due to word finding & memory issues. Trying to shine a light–I know I’m not the only one with this condition! Look at all the issues football players have with repeated concussion injuries…and children & young adults in abusive situations have NO padding. No one deserves this…anyhow, trying to be advocate, not victim. Any & all help is GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks!!
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1IXQE8TAGDN2O

    (Just sent you a gift card for $40. ~ Jenny)

  101. Sent an amazon gift card towards the cause. Does your fan mail email address still work? Just making sure it went to the right place.

    (Jenny@thebloggess.com? Yes, but I only check it once a few times a month. I’m terribly irresponsible. ~ Jenny)

  102. We have had a tough year. I am amazed to be alive after a year of horrendous medical issues. My girls are wonderful and amazing and grateful. They said that they would like a surprise for Christmas from Santa.I know that they would love some board games to play together and some hats and gloves and socks. My 12 year old loves to read, my 6 year old loves to draw. It is hard to post this but I would love to have something for them for the holiday.


    (Just sent you a gift card for $80. ~ Jenny)

  103. No words can express the emotions I feel right now. Relief. Love. Joy. Awe. A major weight has lifted itself off of my shoulders. You are truly amazing. Thank you. From the bottom of my soul. I am stunned and grateful.

  104. I made comment number 55 about the non profit cat rescue. It’s a Canadian organization and I’m not sure if a) it was appropriate to link them and b) if it is ok if anyone can donate if they are not from Canada. I will certainly remove the post if it’s inappropriate or the link isn’t viable. I only posted t because the volunteers there are truly selfless and work all hours to help save these cats and kittens. The volunteers there, if given the choice of money for
    Themselves or money for the cats, would choose the animals. Let me know if
    I should take it down and if you (or anyone else) does make a donation, thank you. thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

    (Totally okay to link. Anyone who saves kitties is alright by me. ~ Jenny)

  105. My kids, while older, have been troopers these past two years. We lost our home, moved in with my mother, their dad has been ill and I have been fighting to overcome my agoraphobia. I crammed 4 years of High School math into my head in under two months, figuring out the angle of a slope almost did me in, and got my GED. I forced myself to go out and find work and did so only to be thwarted by the inability to leave the house the next day. The thought of walking onto the factory and being bombarded by the noise and all the people walking around me and behind me had me throwing up. I couldn’t do it and I failed. Their dad has been ill and after four months was finally diagnosed, after being told he had everything from acid reflux to appendicitis, with a bad gallbladder that has to be removed. That’s happening the 19th of this month. He’s actually having two surgeries that day. One for the gallbladder and the other for an ongoing bladder issue. As of right now, thanks to a friend that gave me a gift card for my birthday on the 9th, they each have a new winter coat for Christmas. That’s what they needed and what I could afford. I have made a wishlist for them on Amazon because they deserve something other than something they need. They haven’t complained once about anything and knowing we are broke told me not to worry about Christmas. My oldest even told me that I better not spend my birthday gift on him. I did put frivolous things on there instead of things they need like boots (too expensive for a wishlist) or clothes because every kid needs a bit of fun. They both need a bit of fun and time not to worry about anything other than what chapter they are on or if that was their last life. They are both boys and are 15 and 17. (yes, I know older than the small children so I will totally understand if they are above an age limit) Anything on the list having to do with tanks my oldest would love. Anything book wise my youngest would love. Anything game wise either would love. All of us would be grateful.

    (Just sent you an $80 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  106. Meh. Comment 57 not 55. I’ll stop talking now!!😉

    (My fault on the comment numbers changing. Some go to moderation and you don’t see them until they’re approved and it messes the numbers all up when you refresh. Sorry! ~ Jenny)

  107. Thank you so much, Jenny! For the card, but even more for being such a wonderful person. I have to be up early and I should really go to bed but it is such a wonderful experience sitting here and watching such love and magic transpire before my eyes – I don’t want to leave. I am in awe . . THIS is how we change the world! Thank you!!

  108. My son is 6 and I’m feeling really crappy because money is so tight this year and I can’t really afford to get him nice presents. I don’t want to go into details publicly but things have been really rough and I’m battling severe depression which makes it that much harder to give him a good Christmas. Here is a wishlist I made for him, he’s reading the Magic Tree House books right now so I mentioned the Bailey School Kids books and he said he’d probably like them. Also he loves to catch butterflies (he caught over 20 in one weekend alone) so I thought a field guide would be cool. And he loves Legos. I know they’re are people out there worse off than me and I know I’m not explaining my situation but I would really appreciate any help. Also, if I may ask for something for myself? I’d really love some cheering up so if someone wanted to send me a Christmas card… I haven’t gotten any this year. Thanks in advance and I’m sorry this is such an awkward post. https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/12MKXA40CE0T3/ref=cm_sw_r_an_wl_o_qo8Jub1MD4KMG

    (Just emailed you a (singing) gift card for $40. ~ Jenny)

  109. i had just lost my job and I got help that year. I was grateful but stupidly I still feel embarrassed about it too. You were very kind & encouraging to me over the following couple of years when I reached out to you. I’m doing tons better now. Thank you for being you. That is to say, a bright light in the darkness.

  110. I don’t know what to really say other then time are rough for us, just like most the people asking. Husband took a pay cut to keep his job and my hours got cut. Problems with tires, husband’s back, and a molar falling apart in my mouth has sent all the money we save for Christmas to unexpected bills. So this year I had to explain to my 7 year old her only gifts under the tree this year would be from Santa (which we got at the dollar store). Our 1 year won’t notice much but I was sad I couldn’t get them anything nice this year. I’m lucky that I could get a few things at the dollar store for them but I would love to be able to surprise them with something nicer. It’s not the worst story but it’s still sad for me. So here’s my wish list of I could buy them anything.


    Lil is in to mine craft, doctor who, and twilight from my little pony. She’s a size 7/8 or 10/12. She loves art and creating and building things.

    Kat will be 16 months on christmas. She loves music and things with lights. She’s a size 18-24 or 2t.

    I work for gymboree so I get a discount there if anybody wants to send gift cards for that. The girls could use some new clothes. You’d think they wouldn’t need them with me working at a clothing store but I can’t even afford it with my discount.

    I asked for help the first year and helped the next two. I’m hoping next year I can help someone just as I was helped 3 years ago and maybe this year. Thank you if you can, and if not the on you for those you could help this year. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

    (Just sent you a gift card for $80. ~ Jenny)

  111. I feel so awkward even doing this here. I have two boys and we are recently on our own. I’m doing okay. The kids eat and have a safe, warm place to sleep. They are such kind, compassionate kids. I feel lost. Their dad is nowhere in their lives anymore and there just isn’t room for extras. They don’t ask for much. Ever. It breaks my heart at times that a 3 and 6 year old know so much so soon.

    You are doing so much. And we aren’t going to starve. Please help those that have nothing first.We have food and a roof and we are so incredibly thankfully for that small comfort these days.


    (Just sent you a gift card for $80. ~ Jenny)

  112. Jenny, I’m so grateful I’m all teary and snotty faced and hopefully going to go into labor. My husband works nights, a big burly security guard who’s now crying at work because I called him, scared him making him think I was finally in labor (I never call unless it’s an emergency) and he was so touched by your kindness. He wanted me to say, things like this keep him hopeful, that someday soon we’ll be back on solid ground and be able to help out the people around us instead of needing help ourselves. Without that hope, it’d be far to easy to give up. Thank you tons, and merry Christmas to you and your family.

  113. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do and how you’re willing to share your life with all of us. You have helped me embrace my own sense of crazy and love who I am. My family is scraping by this year so I’m unable to donate this go around. I hope I can join with the rest of you next year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  114. …and then I cried and woke my husband up. That’s how the story is going to end of how The Bloggess saved Christmas. Thank you for the gift card doesn’t really express how much it means to me.

  115. Jenny, you’re amazing and you always inspire me to be a better person.Life can be so tragic sometimes, but it’s always an opportunity to step up and help out. Thank you for the reminder. We can get so caught up in our family drama during the holidays, we forget the most important things, like helping others. Here’s the story about Christine, a woman who recently lost her husband and is battling kidney disease and she’s afraid her son might be left parent-less: http://www.myfoxla.com/story/27576707/widow-waiting-for-new-kidney-worries-her-son-will-be-left-parentless

  116. This is pretty fucking HAWSUM, Jenny. I wish I could help. I just got my kids’ gifts covered by a last minute gig, so I feel incredibly relieved that my sons will have a few presents under the tree. I wish I had the money to fulfill some people’s wish lists. 2015 will be better, and I will.

  117. Ok, so my baby isn’t here yet, but he will be very soon. I’m due January 22, if I make it that far. My husband has been working his butt off, but we are really struggling. I have Epilepsy and Dysautonomia, plus Bipolar, OCD, and a long list of other “fun” things. I cannot work, and have been fighting with Disability for a while now. They see no need to help in a timely manor.
    We have a crib, a stroller, and a car seat. Plus a bunch of used clothes. But, that is it. I could use as much help as possible. So, in desperation, I am posting here. Merry Christmas!


    (Just emailed you a gift card for $40. ~ Jenny)

  118. Jenny, I am in shock. Thank you so incredibly much. The stress you feel when you cant provide some very basic things for your children overtakes every aspect of your life. I really just don’t even know how to express how much this means to me.

  119. I am a single mom to an amazing 10 year old with autism, adhd, asthma, seizures, CVID and a bunch of other medical issues. We have been barely getting by since I made the decision to move to Denver so that he can recieve better medical care. He is such a sweet child despite everything that is going on with him. I have been waiting for a stipend to come in from school so that we can finally get a place of our own and there seems to just be one delay after another. He still believes in Santa and it kills me that the odds of me actually getting my money in in time to be able to get a place, let alone presents, seems to be getting worse. He has been through a lot lately and deserves to have some good happen for once. I made a lst of things he has specifically asked for and some things I know he likes and will love to get. The peanut ball would be great for helping him relieve some stress and I know he will love it. I added options for some of the things he likes such as the art suplies. I know it is a big list and I by no means expect him to get even a quarter of whats on there but I am greatful for any help I can get in making sure he has a good Christmas. http://amzn.com/w/2NOAWQPHTG1K2

    (Just sent you a $50 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  120. Anathica, I would love to send you a Christmas card, but I can’t figure out how to do that. If you or anyone else would like a card in the mail, please send me a mailing address (or email, if you’d like an e-card) at cerilee@hotmail.com so I can get something to you.

  121. I was pointed here by a friend. Im a long time Bloggess reader, but lately have been concentrating on school and rebuilding me and my kids lives. Its our first Christmas in a new town, new apartment thats so much smaller than where we had to leave from. Their father left them 3 years ago, and hasnt spoken to them since. He doesnt support them, contact them, or anything. I recently graduated from college and found a wonderful job, but getting us into this apartment drained every cent I saved and its taking all I make to pay bills and manage to at least get a tree. Ive struggled so much to make Christmas good for them, and theyve understood but I want to surprise them this year.

    My son is 13 and super into Minecraft and video games, and my daughter is really into reading and fashion. Their father always promised to get them each their own Kindle when they started doing well on AR goals, but I could never afford to keep his promise.

    This is Aryns list http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/284CEF0718NIS

    And this is Brads http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/10G2NO3VW3T3A

    I know these are games they want very much, but refuse to ask for because they know I cant afford them right now and it makes me so sad. I let them each pick a few things off Amazon to share with Santa. These kids have been the hugest motivating factor in me getting my associates, they deserve to have some happiness. When your 13 year old son brings you a plate of mac and cheese because you are studying, and your 12 year old daughter washes the dishes so you can keep studying, you know you have amazing kids. And I want them to have the Christmas they deserve.

    (Just emailed you an $80 gift card. ~ Jenny)

  122. My God, you guys are amazing. I’m all kinds of sniffly and I love you all. Those who asked for help and those who helped and those who left kind words when that was all they had to offer. I am so incredibly lucky to know you. Thank you for giving me my Christmas present.

    It feels really unfair for you to thank me because we’ve had those “how are we even going to keep our house” years, and being able to give to people who need help is like being able to give to the me that had some very thin Christmases. The stress can be overwhelming but I can also tell you that in the end I don’t remember any of the presents or lack thereof. I remember my family being together and that’s what your kids will probably remember too.

    I don’t know how much more I’ll be able to give because I think I’m pretty close to my limit but if you want to leave a wish list (MAKE SURE THE SHIPPING IS RIGHT OR IT WON’T WORK) or your email address in the comment section others might be able to help. Either way, know that you are loved and that there are some really excellent people in the world… This comment section is proof of that.

  123. Last year an amazing human (no names!) helped me out of a financial bind when I was at my absolute lowest.
    I did my utmost to pay it forward – donating copies of my children’s book to area hospitals and to toys for tots. Both my son and I volunteer at our local animal shelter (and somehow wound up with a special needs kitten and puppy…. who is now 80lbs of moose)…
    This year things are moderately better for us both. We moved back to Texas, and away from toxic “family.” I got a great job, started a new business, and we appeared to be on the right track. My business will not generate an income until March (yay for beta?!)… and then I lost my job.
    I battle depression and anxiety daily, but I’m in a better place than I was last year. My son inspires me to get up each morning, to get things done.
    I am keeping us afloat with freelance work, but did have to file for bankruptcy.
    My son (almost 6) is all too painfully aware of what financial struggles look like – and he doesn’t ask for stuff. He watches commercials and gets excited over toys, or expresses interest in a bike, but doesn’t ask. A commercial for a blanket with eyes came on today, I asked him if he liked it. He sighed, “No, mommy. It costs money. We need to buy food.”
    At his age. It’s sad. What truly broke my heart is what he actually asked Santa for… he asked for our two dogs to come back from heaven (both lost to illness last year), and he asked for a daddy. Both things I cannot give him. He knows this, but he also has that beautiful belief that Santa can make miracles happen. 🙂

    He’s an amazing, amazing child. Compassionate beyond belief. Hates to read books for some reason, but loves to make up and tell me stories! Would live off of Pirate’s Booty if he could! 🙂 He loves dinosaurs, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, being outside with me in our veggie garden… he is my little miracle.

    I hate writing this actually – it’s… not me. I stand on my own two feet, without any family assistance. But this boy – this child who is my source of strength. Oh how I want him to feel just a bit of magic this year.
    I understand we are in a better spot than many, and for this I am honestly thankful.


  124. No idea how I missed this amazing exchange the past few years, I’ve spent the past couple of hours catching up on prior years, shedding lots of tears and getting back some much needed perspective. I am so excited to be able to buy bees, chicks, trees and a project night night package..they will make perfect gifts for a few folks who have everything they need. And I’m sure I’ll help out with someone’s wishlist, it’s been a rough few months financially but I am blessed to still be okay. Thank you SO much for doing this again, and for posting it on Facebook where I couldn’t miss it again. (p.s. My early Christmas present to myself was your C Rock travel mug…it gives me something to laugh about at work.)

  125. There ARE some really excellent people in the world – this entire post is proof of that. Everyone here is amazing and I am just so touched and happy to be a part of it. I would rather be on the giving end – and because of the kindness here, I will be! THANK YOU!!!

  126. I IMMEDIATELY thought of you when I saw this artist’s whimsical portraits of anthropomorphic birds resplendent in Elizabethan, Baroque and Edwardian attire. Check it out! (as described by and found on Archie McPhee’s blog) http://www.katrinarhodesartist.com

  127. I am raising my 7 yr. old grandson. I am disabled and can’t work and his dad is an army vet with severe PTSD and bi-polar illness. We get by but money is terribly tight and not much left to buy Christmas. It’s usually me helping others and I’ve never asked for any help but this year has been a doozy! He loves books and anything Minecraft. http://amzn.com/w/1576LHV14U83

  128. This is the best! Also, for those of you who have your regular wishlists up and connected to the kid wishlist you linked…I may have sent you gifts, so don’t think you have a stalker. Or think you have a nice stalker. 🙂

  129. To #27, I tried to buy your girls something off of their lists, but it’ll only let me send them to me. Please update your address and I’ll try again.


  130. Jenny. I ordered Thera Ledet comment number 156 the Groot Figure for her son but shipping says it will not get here until after Christmas which sucks. Would you email her and let her know in case she doesn’t see this?
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this and hoping everyone has a good Christmas.

  131. I’m sat here on a cold winter’s morning in london and I’m in tears. This is amazing. I want to help and I can – a little- but I can! I’ve sent something to any wish list I can find with a shipping address but there weren’t many. It isn’t much but if it’s one thing extra it’s a gift from Santa all the way from the UK with love.
    Add shipping addresses please!! Xxx and merry Christmas

  132. I love reading these posts, and love reading everyone helping each other out. We moved this year, from Fort Hood, TX to a small town in Arizona. We, my husband and 3 kids, live in a two bedroom apartment. My husband works full time and goes to school full time(getting GI benefits.) We depleted our savings when my husband didn’t have a job at the beginning of the year, and our big move. We are living paycheck to paycheck, and praying our van makes it to tax season.

    We will be making Christmas from a church friend buying our kids a present, and help from family.

    I’m writing this to say thank you for all who help people struggling to make Christmas for their kids. It’s heartbreaking to feel like you can’t afford to give your kids presents. Especially when they still so strongly believe in Santa.

    So thank you all you Santas! <3
    God bless and praying for you all

  133. Hi y’all, I’m hoping you can help. This is for my niece (10) and nephew (8). Basically, due to, well, how do I put this? Their mom is having serious issues, and just lost her job. My nephew, James, is now living with my mom (his grandma), away from everyone he knows. His sister, Lizzy, is at home with her mom, but her year has been seriously rocked, too. Anyways, really rough year for both of them.

    I’m not in a financial position to get them more than one present, and neither is my family (including their mom). I was just hoping for more for them, after the year they’ve had.

    I made an Amazon wish list for each of them. Please don’t think I’m asking for everything here – these are just the things they told me they wanted for Christmas. The video games on James’ list are ones I picked out. He, uh, is used to playing Xbox 360 games rated M (like GTA 5 – yes, he’s 8), so even HE doesn’t know what an age-appropriate game looks like. So, if there’s any kids games you could recommend, I’d really appreciate that, too. He does have Mine craft.

    Here are the lists. Hope I did them right:
    James’: http://amzn.com/w/MWS3CVH4WO1A
    Lizzy’s: http://amzn.com/w/3JGHJLAH7AOXP

  134. Jenny, you are an awesome person who leads others into being awesome too. I would love to help again this year but I just lost my second job this year due to depression issues. 20+ years as a nurse and I just don’t think I can do it any more. Anyway, thankfully my adult kids and my grand kids are all good for Christmas and so far things are fairly ok for me too.

    I do have one thing I’d like to ask for myself though:

    If any of the tribe would like to email or if they live in the Portland, Oregon area and would maybe like to go out for coffee (or wine!), I’d love to have someone to talk to that isn’t related to me. My email address is dani.ever62@gmail.com. Hope this isn’t inappropriate but it’s hard to meet new people sometimes and I figure talking to fellow Bloggessians would be the best place to start.

  135. Donna – I wish we did. I hope you find someone fabulous to talk to, drink wine with and giggle alongside.
    Kristina – have chosen a few things from your list for Lizzie and James (but both sent to Lizzie for ease) Merry Christmas to them and to you

  136. If we’re allowed to nominate other people’s children, I’d love to nominate my week old god-daughter. Her mama is my best friend and she’s struggling to make ends meet over her new baby’s first Christmas. She’s a beautiful amazing woman trying to cope through those scary first weeks of morherhood, and I’d love for help brightening her holiday season. I made a wish list for her daughter that includes things she needs like cloth diapers and special little things like board books to read to her new baby.
    Rowyn’s Wish List:
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/VHID2J0THORX

  137. Things have been really tight for the last few months. We welcomed our son in November and I worked until the Saturday before he was born. My midwife wants me out an additional month more than I planned. I was only working part time but it covered daycare for elder son – a situation we were forced into in September when free family daycare became unsafe.

    My work is not paying for any sort of leave as I’d been told they would pay 60 percent of my wages. We’d saved for the inevitable discrepancy in income but not enough to cover a total loss. To say Christmas will be modest is an understatement. I had to make arrangements with our auto finance company to offset a payment just to keep the other bills from falling too far behind. My husband has been doing work from home when he can to save on commuting costs so we can have something under the tree for the kids.

    I put together a small list for the boys here. The eldest is 2 1/2 and loves to read, build with Legos (Duplos) and anything that has wheels. The baby is well, a baby and we are fortunate to have many things from his elder brother.


    (Either your items were all bought or you don’t have your boys wish list set as public yet. Just FYI. Thanks! Jenny)

  138. We’ve had a hard year here with my husband unemployed for half the year and myself and my son dealing with chronic illness, so I can’t donate unfortunately. But, I want to share a story about being on the receiving end of anonymous kindness. Three years ago, we were foster parenting two little boys, ages 1 and 3. We were able to buy all the gifts for them and our son at once, so I placed much of it on layaway. When I went to pick them up right before Christmas, I found out that someone had anonymously paid off the layaway amount! It was so, so heartwarming and such a blessing! The thing that still warms my heart about the whole situation is that this layaway angel didn’t even know those gifts were for two little boys who had known more pain in their short years that most know in a lifetime. Luckily, those sweet boys are now adopted into their forever family and will have a lifetime of sweet holiday memories.

    Thank you for all you do, Bloggess! You are like that layaway angel, giving without expectation of return. Your kindness touches us all. The happiest of holidays to you!

  139. Well, see how you are Jenny… wonderful. Mostly I give to Heifer – love them goats! We made it to the other side of long-term joblessness; homelessness, and we are still adapting to our new normal. Thankful for those who helped see us through our rough patch. Grateful for the likes of you and this extraordinary community. Merry, Merry, Happy Good Gravy, & Joyful Festivus For the Rest of Us 2014 to you and yours… all of us. xo

  140. I do my best to donate to the causes closest to my heart…

    That being said, my mother is the dietary director for a nursing facility in West Texas…

    …after the passing of my father,…our entire family was dreading the first Christmas without him….but, she (being an amazing woman) decided that we needed to create new traditions.

    Thanksgiving Day? We are there — this is our family. We actually contact and ENCOURAGE family members to join us for a meal — at no cost to them. Our family is happy to absorb the cost and we volunteer our services to cook, serve and enjoy the residents and their families before we clean up.

    And, for Christmas?
    EVERY single resident in the facility receives a gift. EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT.

    It has become an amazing labor of love — we save up throughout the entire year and do our best to ensure that we have sufficient supplies.

    There are a few residents who have caring family members who will pick them up on Christmas morning and spend a few hours with them and then deposit them back at the facility.

    But, there are dozens who have no visitors…noone to care for them. We stuff gift bags full of hotel-sized toiletries, combs, brushes, socks, gloves, scarves. Fruit, candy, crackers, snacks….and we crochet and knit throughout the entire year to try to ensure that every single resident gets a personalized gift from one of us.

    I know it may be difficult, if not impossible to help — if you have the ability to help, the amazing residents at Nolan Nursing and Rehab will benefit from your gift….and, if you feel the need to gift others closer to you ….. then I encourage you to seek out a nursing and rehab facility in your area. There are some amazingly beautiful souls and fantastic stories nestled in these lovely people.


    (Love this idea but it says there are no public items on your list. Not sure if they were all bought already or if you just need to fix your settings so that people can see the wish list. Just an FYI. ~ Jenny)

  141. This isn’t for me or my (as of yet unborn/uncreated) kids, however, I am Creating Stuffed Hippos for kids at my local children’s hospital who have to be there on christmas day. I’m also making blankets I have created an indiegogo campaign, and I’m just trying to get enough money together to cover the cost of supplies seeing as I’m a very recent (3 days ago) college graduate. Anything helps, even a dollar.

    Also, All Hail James Garfield!

  142. Would you send an email Christmas card to my amazing 10 year old autistic son. His name is Alex. My email is spncrombrg@hotmail.com. We’ve had a bad couple of years. I suffer from depression,aniexty and PTSD and do the best I can. Things are starting to turn around for us. My son is amazing. He took his money he earned from recycling bottles and bought all of his friends gifts from the dollar store for Christmas. Last month when I told him I was sorry I couldn’t give him more. His response was life was great and in his eyes it is. We lost our home and then our truck. My son and I share a bedroom and moved in with a family friend. My son thinks that sharing a room with his mom and living with a family friend is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. I told him that there was no Santa claus this year and while disappointed he took it well. We talked about gifts being slim this year and that it is more the thought that counts so emailed cards to him would be awesome and make both our Christmases. I struggle with the guilt of not being able to do a lot with because of the depression and he deserves so much. Thank you

  143. This is hard for me because every year we struggle to make sure our kids have memories of joy, laughter and Santa spirit under the tree. To prepare we always have a “toy clean out” and we also pick a family from the giving tree at school to donate to so the kids can feel the true spirit and joy that comes from giving.
    Earlier this year however, my husband was stationed over seas and so our bills doubled trying to support 2 lives, so to speak, on the same income. Over the summer I had to uproot the kids from our home at Ft. Hood and move back to Ohio to save money and try and make ends meet. In that process I sold most of their toys because space was so limited. There are a few things they have been asking for in the moving boxes that I just keep saying “they are in there somewhere” not having the heart to tell them the truth. We are far from Army resources this year, making things harder. I was able to purchase 1 small gift each for them, but that’s it for under the tree. We focus on family, but still… it breaks a momma’s heart. They are also confused and worried went we aren’t giving to the giving tree this year. I don’t know how to say “I can’t afford it” so I found some extra money in our last check to do 1 child this year. It was too touching to me that they cared so much still. I had to do it.
    If there is anyone out there willing to help my children, all I can say is “thank you” and am virtually hugging you from the bottom of my heart. And Jenny, thank you to you and all of the others for your kind hearts, love and spirit not just in the holidays, but all through the year.

    My son Aidan is 12 and my daughter Bella is 5. Caerbrigit@gmail.com

  144. Umm… hi there.
    I hate to ask, but this year has just been… crap. I know there are people in a lot worse positions than us, but dear goddess this year has been rough. The house that we rent is up for sale, and between the landlord not keeping up with repairs, energy bills we have massive arrears to, getting behind with rent, and people traipsing around the house and judging (I’m really twitchy about visitors), my nerves are shot.

    I have severe recurrent depressive disorder, fibromyalgia, migraines, diabetes, and degenerative disc disease, all of which have been impacted severely this year by the additional stress. I just feel like I haven’t been there for my family like I should be. I’ve had to be in bed a lot, and haven’t been able to do as many active and crafty things with them as I’d like.

    My eldest at 10 has done brilliantly this year academically, but has struggled with how his autism and ADHD has impacted his social life as he grows up. My heart aches for him, and he just absorbs the extra stress around the house like a sponge, I just want to give him some carefree fun kid time, where he doesn’t have any worries. He’s been trying to learn to swim this year, with support from my parents, but he could really do with specialist support. He gets so frustrated and upset at himself 🙁

    My littlest at 3 is your typical busy 3 year old 🙂 His life is getting impacted too though, as I struggle to get outside, and my partner is stuck looking after me all the time. He should be in a toddler bed by now, but he’s still in his cot 🙁

    I just… hate this. My partner is trying to transition, but can’t afford hair removal, or travel to support groups. We’re both out of work, and my partner is limited with potential for work as it needs to be from home in order to help me (my primary carer) and to help look after the home. We can’t afford a car, so we’re stuck.

    This year, we’ve had to really pare back for Christmas. The kids have main presents, but not extras, not what we usually do. It’s hard for my eldest to accept change, and he keeps asking for things we can’t afford. They both need new shoes, haircuts and all of that, but it’s getting put off and put off, and I feel like such a shit mum.

    I’m so sorry to ramble, but somehow I feel safe to do it here. We’re struggling, but we will survive this, I know that deep down. I’ve posted a link to our joint family wish list below. It has some basics on it, as we’re struggling for the food bill, and some dream items I’d love to get for my partner (we both had to forego birthdays this year) and it would make all the difference, so I hope people don’t mind. Anything would make a difference right now. I’m trying to pay things forward by providing an ear on local support boards for people struggling, and doing what I can, when I can. I usually like to donate to local food banks at this time of year, but with struggling for our own food I’ve been unable to do that this year. If people would like to do that in our name, I would really like that, and I’d love to know if you’ve done that too. Otherwise there’s also Oxfam Unwrapped where you can buy things like goats, teaching for women, farming education, clean water for those in other countries who are desperate.



    Thank you if you’ve read this far, and once again, thank you Jenny for making me laugh in the hard times, and for finding the right words so many times. And for this, always for this xx

  145. OH MY GOODNESS YES, please. Single mom here – self-employed – 15 year old daughter who is AWESOME and amazing and keeps me going, frankly. We had a huge housing crisis here this month which was solved through some generous friends who raised rent money for us. But I could absolutely use some help with the kiddo’s Christmas list. Here it is! http://amzn.com/w/2DE6RR48VYARI

  146. Jenny, you, and your community here, are just amazing! Much love and Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.
    I will donate what I can, and in the mean time I just bought 4 copies of your book from Amazon, Jenny. I love it so much I want to spread the fun and laughs to my friends and family.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful laughs and for being you. You are wonderful!

  147. I haven’t anything to give financially since I have my fair share of issues (read that as mental illnesses, plural), but if anybody is feeling really lonely this holiday season and would like a personalized, snail mail card, please email me at queen_elizabeth_tudor@yahoo.com with your address (and maybe some information about yourself – whatever you feel comfortable sharing) and I will try my best to get you a card in the mail by New Year’s at the latest. I used to work for a fine stationery company and could probably run a store out of my apartment, as I have so many boxed cards (I really loved the product and bought soooooo much of it).

    In the meantime, go Team Bloggess! You are all amazing. Especially you, Jenny, for getting us all started with the sharing, and the giving, and the crying, and the loving. 🙂

  148. Hi Jenny! Just donated $10 to Project Night Night. Plus this year I gave a bunch to Toys for Tots – it’s great to give back and give thanks!

  149. It’s 5:41am and I am bawling. These people amaze me, awe me, and inspire me. So incredibly blessed to belong to such an incredible tribe. Can’t even begin to express what it feels like, after 50 years of being “weird”, to find a group of people where I not only FIT IN, but also feel welcome and loved for my weirdness. This is a TRUE religion to me, and I know I have finally found my HOME and my FAMILY. May you all be blessed as much as you have blessed me…OVERWHELMING!!!

  150. Is there anyone on here who could use some beads to create a gift, or to give as a gift? I’ve donated as much as I can, but I run a little bead shop on etsy and I’ve got lots of bits and bobs, one offs and packaging leftovers. I’d love to send little packages to create a bracelet or earrings or some such, to people who could use them. Shoot me an email to riata.dal@gmail.com. https://www.etsy.com/shop/DrBead

  151. You are so awesome! I didn’t start following you till this year and I think this is great! It has reminded me that I have been blessed this year and can afford to spread the cheer.

  152. Night night bag given and one wish list item. I have been there too, recently, and an so glad to be able to help others

  153. $25 to Project Night Night and $10 to the Ferguson Public Library and $20 to my local food bank and I’m getting ready to scroll through the comments and find someone to buy a gift for from an Amazon wishlist. I don’t have a lot, but I have enough to share a little and I love doing so, especially this time of year!

  154. It’s probably too late but we’ve had a rough year with my husband being out of work for a few weeks and me struggling to get enough clients in my home daycare. We’re behind on nearly everything and depending on food pantries at local churches. I feel like a failure of a mom because I have to tell my kids no so much. I have twin 7 year old girls that want to be famous fashion designers one day and a 3 year old boy who is obsessed with helicopters, tools, and wants to be a construction worker. Thank you for doing this, Jenny! https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=1VNK69X661CG5&type=wishlist

    (I tried to send something but I think you’re missing your shipping or haven’t made the list public. ~ Jenny)

  155. JodiSonoda (#72) I AM in Canada, and would love to send something on your behalf to your
    “adopted” family. Amazon.ca doesn’t seem to have your shipping address. Please update your account, or provide your email address so I can gift an Amazon gift card your way. (And thanks, Jenny Lawson, I’m a new regular to The Bloggess this year, and loving it)

  156. Sierra (#29 above) – One free thing you can do for your friend is offer to babysit so your friend can run errands, do chores, or simply take an uninterrupted bubble bath with a glass of wine.
    If it’s possible (I don’t know your schedule/location or child’s age) offer to take the child for an outing — the park, a high school basketball game or holiday concert, caroling, etc. Teach the child something you know how to do — juggling, karate, yoga, flute!
    Help the child make a holiday gift for mom (lots of dirt-cheap ideas online…anything made by a child is a treasure…especially with a handprint.)

  157. Jenny you are amazing and inspiring. I have donated to Project Night Night and challenged everyone I know to do the same. Thanks for everything.

  158. I was helped in 2010 and I’d like to ask for help again. It’s just your basic single-mom fiasco; I work as a university secretary and we’ve had some very good years, but this year my department’s budget was slashed and my hours were cut to less than part-time. We’ve been scraping by — moved to a two-room house, got rid of the car, stopped doing anything but going to work and school — but it’s been really hard on my son. (Connor, by the way. He’s nine and has his own hashtag and title. #bestkidever. I’m not even the only one who uses it, which should tell you something about how awesome he is.) I got a second job recently, all hail the big empty universe, but I won’t be paid in time to do anything for Christmas other than make excuses and pretend the calendar is wrong. “What? Christmas? Don’t be silly, it’s March, go back to bed.”

    If it’s okay to ask for help twice, his wish list is here (assuming I know how wish lists work): My Gift List for Connor
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/1W9AR2LV0BIZH

    Thank you for doing this. It was amazing to have help when I badly needed it, it’s been wonderful to watch how the event has changed and to help when I could. You’re — I mean, Jenny and also everyone else — good people.

  159. Do you think it would be possible to have someone send a letter? Holidays are a lonely time for me because I spend them by myself. I can’t safely see family and while normally it isn’t a big deal, this holiday season feels extra hard and big. My email- brittisgood at Gmail dot com. This is so vulnerable to ask this.

  160. Thank you for this post. $50. to Project Night Night and endless hugs and love to you and your family.

  161. These young people need support. They are adults but still very young and have no one to help them launch into the world. This is for older former foster kids and/or homeless young adults.


  162. I’ve tried this three times already and I am in tears because I can’t get it to work. Would anyone be willing to just send a letter/card? Holidays are lonely for me because it is unsafe to see any family. Normally I am fine but this year it is hitting me really hard. I’ll mail you one back too if you would like. This feels so vulnerable and scary to ask for this. It feels too much. My email is- brittisgood at gmail dot com.

    (If I did Xmas cards I would mail you one but since I never have stamps I’ll instead tell you that I adore you and you’re incredibly special. ~ Jenny)

  163. Jenny, thank you for doing this. I have enjoyed going through the lists and being able to send some items. It feels good to give back. Dianne, your link isn’t working.

  164. I am in Canada and would love to contribute to the lady who posted earlier, but Amazon tells me they can’t send to the given address – judging from the posts above I’m not alone – if you have her email address please pass it on 🙂

  165. (I also tweeted the short version of this; sorry for the repeat if you see it there, too.)
    A lot of AFP’s fans couldn’t afford her book when it came out last month, so we rallied — some people bought multiple copies and sent them out as gifts, some people sent on their copies once read. We mostly used massmosaic.com to take the pressure off any single person having to match up the… I can’t think of a better way to say this, sorry, but to match up the “haves” with the “have nots”. (I don’t have to feel like an asshole for saying that, right? Because we were all about the sharing, and lots of people who were gifted a book even passed it on to someone else who didn’t have one to read….)

    ANYWAY. It was super useful, and just needs someone to create and broadcast a group for people to post their needs in so anyone who can help out can find them. You might want to check it out, Jenny, or any of my fellow Bloggessianists. (I’m at the JUST CAN’T ONE MOAR THING AGH FUCK HOLIDAYS DONE NOW DONE DONE DONE HIDE CRY stage.)

  166. Bought some things on amazon for Megan on Rowyn’s gift list. (#176) Hope it helps bring her a Merry Christmas. I love what you and your community do, Jenny. Have a wonderful holiday.

  167. Just donated a Night Night bag as a Christmas gift to my mother. She watches my precious little girl every day while my husband and I are at work, so I thought it would be nice for another child in the world to know the love of a Bebe too 🙂

  168. Donate to Project Night Night. Done. My holiday to-do list just got shorter. It’s awesome here in the bloggessphere.

  169. @aliciayoungplus3 — sent some toys your way. Tried to do a mixture for all your kids 🙂 Happy Holiday!

  170. The more I read, the more I love.
    Your big heart was evident through your entire book and continues to shine through here.
    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to help in a small way. xo

  171. so proud to be a member of the church of Bloggessianism. Nice to be accepted even though I don’t like gravy. Going to help as many as I can.

  172. I’m a long-time lurker here, but I had to comment on this one. Last year, I donated through your blog. This year, I work at a school with a big high-needs population. At the holidays, staff get together to “sponsor” those kids who have the greatest need. My pick was a little girl who loves Frozen and coloring books and whose family was in real difficulties.

    I took my (slightly bratty) 16 year old cousin shopping with me to buy gifts, and it was honestly the best part of the holidays. That selfish little teenager turned in to a thoughtful, enthusiastic and engaged girl who was really excited about the opportunity to help someone have a wonderful holiday. She picked out every toy with care and made sure we also got clothes, school supplies and other things that would help the girl and her family well beyond the holidays.

    That experience was the highlight of my holiday season. My cousin probably got more out of that than she has from receiving the many gifts I have given her in the past. It really reinforced for me how much giving is what this season is all about. Just wanted to share.

    Thank you for everything you do, Jenny, and for letting your readers be a part of it.

  173. Done and done. Sponsored a bag at Project night night. I’ve worked with homeless high schoolers who talk about their little siblings and how they wish they could protect them. Hopefully this will help.

  174. Bought the ass end of a goat in my fiancé’s honor 🙂 Gonna check out the Amazon wishlists now. Thanks for doing this!

  175. Project Night Night, done. Heifer was already on my list – and it makes me smile that the Blogessphere (FU autocorrect that is too a word!) is helping to save the world, one pig butt at a time. <3

  176. Ashlynn is my 8 year old daughter who still believes in Santa and the magic of Christmas. This year has been tough, as I have been out of work since being laid off in December of 2013. We have also taken in my FIL, who is disabled and unable to work. However being able to watch the close relationship between my daughter and her grandfather is priceless. Unemployment ran out in July and we barely squeak by each month. We have enough for “the 4 walls” but nothing extra and make too much for transitional assistance by $50/month. I’m not asking for much, but anything will help. We are a family that always helps others and it’s tough to be in the position to be asking for help for ourselves. I would just like for Ashlynn to still be able to believe – in Santa, in miracles and in the goodness of others. Thank you in advance and we appreciate ANY help given – it will be passed on four fold when we get back on our feet.


    (I had to share…I went to get two small things from your list but by the time I went to order one of them had already been purchased in the minute it took me to log in. Made my day. ~ Jenny)

  177. You are all awesome. I donated chickens in honor of my parents and mother-in-law this year because we are all blessed and don’t “need” anything. My mother-in-law liked the idea so much she donated a flock of geese and got my sister-in-law to donate too. Keep paying it forward awesome people.

  178. Thank you for reminding me of the gift of sharing. Donations to Project Night Night and Heifer International in honor of my hardworking mother and father.

  179. Brittany – I just sent you an email. With a more proper one to follow later today. I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Jenny – I’m just speechless. You are truly an angel to us all. Much love to you and yours this holiday season.

  180. I am scrunching up my face and hitting “post comment”- If I don’t ask, I can’t get help, right?

    I’m the 40 year old single mom of a 14 year old daughter. I’ve lost three weeks of work due to a nasty eye infection called periorbital cellulitis and a corneal abrasion and I’ve been in an out of the emergency room and doctor’s offices and I’ve spent our grocery budget on prescriptions to keep the pain and inflammation at bay. I’ve had five ER trips and five antibiotic IV drips and I keep refusing inpatient care because my daughter needs me and well, there’s no way I can afford inpatient care. . It’s starting to look a little bit better but the pain is still keeping me down. I’m going to be on antibiotics for at least two more weeks and the pharmacy has been gracious enough to sell me a few at a time. I’m worried I won’t be able to finish the pills because I won’t be able to buy them.

    We already didn’t have much but this cuts into all of our Christmas- and my daughter is old enough to understand that we have less this year- but the hospital bills will be here and the time lost from my job is going to hurt once Christmas and the end of this month creep up on us. No going to work= no paycheck. My job isn’t in jeopardy, but our holiday and our pantry are.

    This is her holiday wish list: 5SOS, shoes, books- I asked her to put it together this morning:

    I appreciate this being read. And I will keep an eye out to see if there is anyone that I can help in any way.

    If you need a Christmas card because whatever reason. Please reach out. I’m happy to send you one.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Much love and many blessings,

    (Hey Sara! Yours is the first wish list I clicked this morning that had shipping set up right. Yay! Sent a book and some poetry stuff from your list to test it out and they’ll be there by the 18th. One present won’t get there until after Xmas but the other two will get to you this week. ~ Jenny)

  181. sarawr Please update your address on Amazon. It will only let me send the gifts to me 🙂

  182. Donated to Project Night Night and I’ve also sent a message through Amazon to sarawr up there, since she doesn’t have a shipping address enabled. Thanks for helping to un-Grinch so many readers, Jenny!

  183. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that some relative will be receiving the gift of bees and other animal parts via Heifer this year. Thank you for the reminder!

  184. This has been a rough year for us financially. My son is 2.5 and has autism. He’s in therapy and preschool and is doing amazingly well, but those are each running over $12,000 a year. Since I had to leave my job to take care of him, finding an additional $25,000+ a year is impossible. Goodbye savings! Goodbye investments!

    It’s totally worth it, though. He’s sweet and charming and smarter than I am already.


  185. sarawr I was unable to get the whole list. I wish I could have. I hope you and Connor have a wonderful Christmas. I will be thinking of you both.

  186. You guys are amazing. Amazing. Thank you so much. I can’t even… there aren’t words for how grateful I am and how happy my son is going to be. I would love to send pictures of his Christmas morning if any of you are into that kind of thing and not, um, creeped out by the enthusiasm/oversharing.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  187. One Night Night Bag purchased! Good News! Heifer just sent an email to their donor list. For the next 36 hours, all donations will be doubled! That’s two pig butts for the price of one!

  188. Erin, just sent Ashlynn a couple of items from your wishlist. Hope you and yours have a very Merry!

  189. I’m so loving this and you’ve inspired me to donate and volunteer my time this year and season.
    I don’t have much to give financially but I’m healthy and able and can give of my service.
    Here is my link, I feel so weird posting this as my kids don’t go to bed hungry and have a roof over their heads but gifts will be scarce this year for us like so many. Due to layoff and hospital bills and taking in family, life just sometimes throws too much at once. The kids understand though and haven’t asked for much, I cried a little when one just asked for a new blanket and pillow.
    I hope everyone has a very merry and joyful holiday season.

    Thank you for always making us laugh and grow in love!


  190. Heifer Int’l has a donation matching program for the next 36 hours, so now is a perfect time to go buy a pig’s ass in honor of your least favorite relation! (I myself went for a flock of ducks, but only because I’m not mad at any relatives at the moment).

  191. You guys are better than enchiladas filled with magic.

    FYI…today I tried a few amazon wish lists and the people who fixed the shipping problem seem to be good to go.

    A few pointers for givers…when you buy something from their wish list it disappears from the list so they don’t get a ton of the same thing. It doesn’t show you what’s already been bought so just because you see a list with lots of stuff still on it that might be because the person has received presents but hasn’t deleted their list yet. Several people listed lots of things in case someone wanted to buy something specific and they plan on deleting their wish list once they receive a few things.

    A few pointers for giftees…check to make sure your list is public and make sure you’ve chosen your shipping address as outlined above. It’s fine to put several things on your wish lists for your kids so that people can have options but once you’ve gotten a few presents for each kid you can delete the rest of the wish list to let people know you’re covered and they can go on to the next person. Also, some have asked if they can add kids clothes to their wish list and yes, of course you can. Last thing…some of the things you choose might be sold out so check back to make sure your wish list stuff is available. Additionally, look for the items labeled “Prime” because they’re usually available for delivery before Christmas, and for those of us with a Prime membership we can mail “Prime” items with two-day shipping without paying for shipping.

  192. Omg did not mean to share link twice, I wasn’t done before I hit send and thought I could cancel it. I’m so sorry for that.

    (No problem. I deleted the double-post. I’m trying to catch those as they come in but the comments telling me about them help. Thanks! PS. I sent two things from your registry to be delivered by the 22nd. ~ JennY)

  193. What a wonderful, thoughtful person you are, Jenny! And, yes, it definitely helps depression to get outside myself and think of others. I have already donated my set-aside funds for Christmas because I totally forgot about your Night-Night bags and pig’s asses, but I did forward gofundme requests to my Facebook account and will definitely purchase the pigs ass next month. I need nothing myself and have only love to give and this I do, as much as anyone would like. And love to you, Jenny!

  194. OMG You guys, Christmas is going to happen at my house for my beautiful daughter and I have you to thank for it! I can’t thank you enough! I am smiling so big, I wish you all could see it! Thank you! (Exclamation point abuse!)

  195. I donated honeybees in my husband’s name (he keeps bees in our backyard) and a flock of chicks in my sister’s name, who’d like to have her own chickens but she lives in Anchorage and bears would probably eat them. For real.

  196. Sara at 8:07 comment 230 – I got you covered. Hope it gets there for the holiday. Peace out.

  197. Jenny, this is one of my favorite things you orchestrate. It’s like a real-time, instant gratification Angel Tree! I’m a single mum with 3 teen boys. We have everything we need, even though things are often a bit juggly. We were able to travel to reunite with far-flung family for Thanksgiving this year, which was fantastic. After spending $ on that trip, though, I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to pull Christmas together. But things always have a way of working out, even when I don’t trust that they will. This time, I just decided to trust, and sure enough, over the last few weeks, the money has indeed shown up (plus some!). I don’t do extravagant Christmases anyway, and I want my kids to understand that even when we feel like we have nothing, we always have enough to share with someone else, even if it’s only a little bit. So, Juleah B, there’s a small gift on its way now, and we pre-ordered one that will come later (because I love unexpected packages in the mail and stretching out celebrations). My kids were delighted to share with a fellow Minecraft nerd. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  198. Dang it- Jenny did not see your comment that you had taken care of Sara @comment 230. Sorry for the overlap

    (It never hurts to help too much. ~ Jenny)

  199. Threads like this make fill up the happy place in my soul. Thank you for posting this and to everyone who is donating.

    Erin @ 225: Happy to help spread some holiday cheer to you and Ashlynn. I hope she enjoys her toys and you all have a Merry Christmas!

  200. Oh! I also noticed that Amazon won’t ship to a wish list address for item sold from some third-party sellers. If it says “Offered by Amazon” or “Fulfilled by Amazon” it’s probably OK.

  201. Donated to Project Night Light and my employer matched it 100%. Thanks Jenny for bringing awareness to such a wonderful charity.

  202. One night night bag purchased. Wish I could do more, but money is tight this year. Thanks Jenny for reminding all of us to give.

  203. Jenny, you might want to consider blacking out the address in your wishlist shipping address image..

    (Thanks, but that’s just my PO box. Better safe than sorry. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  204. I didn’t track numbers of who I helped. I have sent some items to Megan, Kristin and someone with the last name of Schuster. I will try to be better.

  205. You make me laugh AND restore my faith in humanity.
    This year was an difficult one for us. My husband was in a car accident at the beginning of the year, then was laid off. He was out of work for 199 days (yes, I was counting). For months we’ve been watching our savings dwindle to almost nothing. Im happy to say he landed a job that started yesterday & we’re all breathing a huge sigh of relief. We will have a Christmas this year & we dont need any help.

    I just wanted to say thank you for this because I have been on both the giving & receiving end of help – and while its easy to give help, its hard to ask for it. Youve created a community full of kindness & thats an amazing thing.

  206. I was struggling to find a present for my ex-in-laws. When their son decided he didn’t want to be married any more, they picked me. I think a pig’s ass would be perfect. Off to donate now!

    Thank you so much for everything you do. We’re it not for your humorous take on some very painful subjects, I would not be able to make it through some very difficult times. I love you, Jenny.

  207. Jenny-I have never in my life felt so happy as I do right now. I clicked on two different lists and helped families for Christmas. I am a very fortunate woman in so many ways. I often yell at myself for feeling so lost when I have so much. But later this year when the anxiety gets overwhelming, I will look back and think on this day and remember Depression Lies and someone needs me at Christmas. And I will continue onward. I look forward to next Christmas so that I can help again.
    Thank you. Thank You. Thank You.
    And Thank You to all your readers who give someone like me a chance to be a giver.

  208. I tried to post earlier, but it didnt show up: ( I have been working exra hours this December, only to be told by the corporate company that someone made a mistake and our checks won’t be sent until after Christmas (we were supposed to get them 2 days before). My daughter has been through a rough year, I apologize for not wanting to leave details, but anything would help me so very much. Otherwise, she will be going without! http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1ZHYGF3S4Y90

    (Your original post was approved a few hours ago but it can get confusing. 🙂 I sent a few things. ~ Jenny)

  209. I’m a mum of four kids 8 and under, two girls and two boys. My husband lost his job last spring and remains unemployed, although he has been so fortunate to have been able to find odd jobs here and there, from assisting disabled people in the community to helping on dairy farms to even preaching Sunday sermons to pastor-less congregations in our area. I’ve a Master’s degree in literature and have found myself somewhat unemployable, at least in my field; I have been doing daycare from my home while my kids are young. Money is tight, and many of our gifts this year are homemade. We don’t do Santa with our children partly because they’d wonder why they’ve not gotten much for Christmas when all their friends seem to have everything they wanted and then some. It hurts to ask, but if anyone could help with even one item on my wish list, it would be so very, very appreciated. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=1J2AEI2IHDYF0&type=wishlist

  210. I’ve been reading your blog since 2011, which is when I learned of Beyonce the BMC. You are one of the most powerful writers I know, which of course, when depressed, sounds like I’m saying you talk too much, but depression LIES (something you taught me).

    Never has a writer inspired me to action, to cheerfulness and to hope as often and as deeply as you have.

    I hope you have a fanSTABulous holiday!

    PS I link to my wife’s blog because she’s awesome, FYI, not plugging myself. 🙂 I mean if I plugged myself, like with that deflated Paris tree, that could get ugly. This PS may have said too much.

  211. I was feeling not-so-very-Christmas-y when I read this post and realized that there is one person that means the world to me that I have never found a Great Gift for. Her gift this year will be the knowledge that a family will have animals to start them on their way to a better life. Nothing would make her happier than to help someone else.

  212. Sarawr, I sent you a gift, but it might not get there till after Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  213. Hi Brittany (#206) check your email, I’d like to send you a card. If anybody else would be cheered by a card in the mail, please email me I would love to send you one: emeraldearring (at) yahoo (dot) com

  214. Love this idea so much.

    Emily (#235), a couple things are on the way for your boy. Merry Christmas.

  215. Thank you. I can’t say anything more than thank you for saving my daughters Christmas. I am humbled beyond belief at people’s generosity and I don’t know what else to even say that would be enough to convey my gratitude. Obviously I am rambling.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Blessed Kwanza, and Happy Hannukah.

    Side note: I have deleted my daughters wish list as she has gotten more than enough. Thank you all!!!!!

  216. Sent gifts to the last 3 people I saw on the list (looks like some new ones have been added since then.) I think these gifts will be enjoyed more than spending money on more-expensive gifts for my family, who will enjoy a less-pricey gift just as much.

  217. Erin -(comment 225) please hug Ashlynn and wish her a VERY Merry Christmas from Santa’s helpers. Amazon box on its way.

  218. Hi there, all of you amazing folks! I’m a little late to the party, but I’d like to throw my kids’ wish list up here as well just in case. Our little family of four is squeaking by, but it’s definitely been a really rough year, living paycheck to paycheck like a lot of others. I had carefully planned out a meager toy budget for Christmas this year and was waiting for this week’s paycheck to split $150 between both kids for their presents while hoping and praying the heating oil wouldn’t run out till next week. But of course, this morning we woke up to a freezing cold house. As I sat here, plugging in the electric space heaters and piling some extra blankets on the kids’ beds with tears in my eyes, trying to decide whether to call the oil guy and cancel Christmas or go shopping and hope for warm weather for another week, I stumbled across this.

    I hate to ask for anything, as I know there are so many more people out there who have it way worse than we do – I volunteer with the local homeless shelter, so I know I should be grateful for the fact that we have this home, and warm clothes, and food on our table (or even a table to put it on), and a Christmas tree, and people who care about us, etc… but there comes a point where the juggling is just too much and something’s got to give.

    In any case, thank you so much for doing this, Jenny. You and your readers are all amazing, wonderful people, and it’s so beautiful to see real proof that there are some really great people in this world. Merry Christmas to all of you – your selflessness is inspiring!

    So yeah, here we go:

  219. Not for me but for my very good friend and her family (my godschildren). She’s a disabled single mom and has fibromiagia and mental heath issues that she works so hard to get under control. Her children are wonderful, kind and compassionate. They don’t have much, so I know that anything would be appreciated.

    Family wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/TWWYX2C9F8YV
    Mom’s wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/3OYKQKS9O0MON
    Godsdaughter’s list: http://amzn.com/w/1MIVN2D9HP77F
    Godsson’s list: http://amzn.com/w/3P74XD9IN85ZH

    PS. If you change the http://www.amazon to smile.amazon then you can also pick a favorite charity for Amazon to donate part of your purchase price to.

  220. Mom to three young children: Aidan is almost 4, Alice is 2, and Charlotte is 9 months. Our list isn’t long, but we could certainly use the help. I know there are others who are in worse shape than us so please give to them first. If you should make it this far down the list of comments though, my children love books.


  221. This is so fun! I’ve bought off of three Amazon lists and this has been more fun for me than buying my own family’s gifts. Thank you Jenny, for letting me play Santa.

  222. OK, for the record, I got to comment 115. I’m having to take a break because I’m in tears. For those who are struggling to pay bills, check out ModestNeeds.org. They can’t help everyone, but they do amazing work helping to keep people out of poverty and homelessness. If you have some money to give, consider looking at them as well.

    Also, this year has been horrible: In the past 6 months I’ve lost 3 family members and someone who was like a second father to me when I was a kid. Two of my friends had to put down animals and then I lost one of my beloved girls. I hate 2014 and have been pretty down. This thread makes me feel better. I’m going to make some donations in honor of those I”ve lo

  223. Not sure what happened to the rest of my comment. At any rate, I’m going to make some donations in honor of those I’ve lost. I hope everyone here gets the help they need.

    (Also, to clarify, one of my girls is one of my 15-year-old cats. It’s not as painful as losing a child, but it still hurts every day.)

  224. Jenny, you are one of the reasons that keep people and their dreams alive. I love what you do each year, you know that. I AM NOT asking for anything, I could given our circumstances but you doing this is just as special if not more. Reading these things (like the red dress comment I tweeted) gives me great joy. No life threatening diseases, my college kids are coming home, my shelter dog snuggles with me and we have a small house that we live in. We have enough for food and that’s enough. Wishing Happy Holidays to you Jenny to all of your fans (which includes me!!) Love and Peace

  225. Looks like lots of the wish lists are working now. Yay! Sent a few wish list presents to 10 families this morning and all went through. Two more pointers: Some people who’ve asked for donations have received enough and have deleted their wish list so that the next family can get help, so if you see some wish lists missing when you click that’s often a good thing. Also, if you’re making a wish list avoid things that aren’t fulfilled by Amazon because things from third parties can’t always be sent because of shipping address issues.

  226. I have a 16 year old son who says it is “Okay” that I can’t get him anything for Christmas this year. Breaks my heart. After 10 years in an increasingly abusive marriage I took my ex-husband to work and then went to the courthouse and filed a domestic violence protective order (which he violated twice and was arrested). I had to move out of the house we had lived in and loved for years because it was a rental and I couldn’t afford it. Before I moved I was on a ladder and fell and shattered my spine. The good news is that I am still walking. The surgeon had a man with the same fracture just an 1/8″ inch over and he is paralyzed. I know I am lucky to be walking around, even if it is with two titanium rods and 24 screws in my back. To make it worse, family agreed to take care of my son and two dogs while I was still in the trauma unit, and then gave away one of my dogs. So now my son and I are in a tiny apartment with one of our dogs and we are starting our lives over. I am so blessed by my son. He is helpful and wise beyond his years and I regret that the past year has been so much hell that he feels like he is no longer a child. He is an excellent trumpet player, an aspiring writer, wants to go to college to become an RN and he is handsome, intelligent, kind and has an amazing sense of humor. I don’t need anything for myself other than not to miss out on helping my son have Christmas. Thank you if you can help.

  227. PS. If you encourage people to go through Amazon Smile to place these orders (smile.amazon.com) then a portion of the sale will go to the charity they select. We can get real meta with this giving shit! xoxo

  228. Sara with the 14 year old daughter, I ordered her the Listography book – it’s one of my favorites! I’m sure she will love that. I’ve had cellulitis in my eye before (I was about your daughter’s age) and it was incredibly painful and scary. I hope you’re mending well, and Happy Holidays! I wish I could send more!! xoxo -Kristen

  229. Katrina (280) My daughter loves Bubble Guppies so I knew I had to send you one of the DVD’s. I also sent a backpack. Merry Christmas,

  230. This is getting me more in the holiday spirit than anything else this year. My job gives us an Amazon gift card in lieu of a holiday party/luncheon, which is helping me stretch the amount I can spend on people’s wishlists.

  231. We’re a happy family of 5. We had a baby boy join us 7 weeks early this time last year. My 2 girls love him to pieces and he’s made this momma’s heart swell with more love than I though possible. With my unexpected hospitalization when I was pregnant because of complications I had to quit my job and while it wasn’t a glorious job it meant the difference between surviving and the threat of bill collectors. Now that I stay home with my kids it’s been a little tough on the pocketbook. My wish list for my kids is attached. My girls love crafts and my 5 yr old has a lot of talent and imagination. God bless you Jenny for all the humor you share with everyone, I’ve snorted more than once while reading your blog. I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas filled with love, laughter and good company.

  232. To Jenny and Anonymous: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! The Stella Marris kiddos in the Mathare Slum of Nairobi (comment #49) thank you! For children with literally the clothes on their backs, your generosity means everything. Bless you, every one! <3

  233. PS Jenny, you know I write, do you have the address where I could write to soldiers who have no family or just want new friends to wish them a Happy New Year? I don’t have money for gifts but I could do this!!! Suggestions from anyone please?

  234. When I saw your instruction, I was wondering what you were thinking providing your address. A quick search showed it was your old Pearland address, so dangerous stalkers will end up in the wrong city.

  235. I hate asking for help. Really hate it. My two little girls are all set – they have grandparents who have overbought presents for them. But my 20 year old daughter, Olivia, has been a rock for me this year, all while battling a lot of her own health issues as well as going to college full time and working part time. I can’t afford to get her much of anything this year, so I’m putting my Amazon list on here. I would love to give her the necklace, which is the first item on my list, because she’s an amazing daughter and I don’t think I tell her enough how much I appreciate her.


    (The necklace will arrive by the 19th. It’s beautiful. ~ Jenny)

  236. Apologies for the Debbie Downer post, but 9 days ago, my mom passed away from complications from dementia . 9 days from now is Christmas. Low on funds, I wish I had $$$ to give right now. I never thought I would be grateful to be laid off. Between mom being gone & my screwed up back, arthritis and fibromyalgia, I’m a hot mess. I’m collecting unemployment at least. A coworker’s wife called. They are members of the local Mennonite church. They will be over to our house to sing on Sunday. Thankfully they say they stay outside the house, because they would probably shit themselves if they saw all the pagan stuff in our house. Yeah, that made me giggle.

    My sisters took mom’s clothing & dropped them off at the nursing home so any of the ladies there that need more clothing can have it. I imagine that’s giving. If there’s shoes & more stuff in the walk in closet, I’ll drop them off the battered women’s shelter. I have a bunch of soaps & shampoos from various hotels I’ll drop off as well. At least I can make someone else’s life a little bit better.

  237. Melodie #41 – I sent an item from each of your wish lists, your son’s should arrive on the 18th and your daughter’s on the 24th.

    Sassafras #82 I’ve sent a couple of books which should be delivered on the 17th and 18th.

    Happy Holidays everyone! Big thanks to Jenny for allowing people to help other at this time of year!

  238. I had a whole eloquent response typed out (trust me; it was poetic and probably Nobel Laureate level stuff) but it got eaten. I just wanted to say that I’m stoked to be able to help this year. I have nieces & nephews – blood relatives & chosen family alike – and they’re lucky. For the most part, they’ve never had to wonder where they’ll sleep or what they’ll eat & they’ve always had Christmas. I’m disabled and didn’t have an income for 2 years but do receive disability benefits now. And it’s not much, but it does mean I can give back. I can help others have a little bit of joy this year. And you, Jenny, rock. Because you bring a bunch of different crazy people together in the name of a festive dead boar to make Christmas happen for more people. That’s as close to superpowers as I’ve ever seen. (Except for my SIL potty training her youngest daughter. That was borderline miraculous. You can’t always win. ^_~)

  239. Most of the wishlists still don’t have an address 🙁
    Also, jenny, regarding #72, one CAN send gifts or gift cards to Canada. It’s your same email address and password. You just have to sign in again to the site. You can also buy things from the French Amazon, the UK amazon, etc.

    #72, I’m trying to buy something but there’s no address. 🙂

  240. Would you post a gofundme link?

    (You can leave a link if you like. I think most people are focused on raising for kids here but you can always ask. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  241. What you are doing is a wonderful thing. I wish everyone could also, if they can afford it, give a toy to their local toy drive. I know in our area they don’t have enough toys for all of the kids in need and it breaks my heart to think of any kids waking up on Christmas morning with nothing. If everyone gave just one toy all those kids could have a good Christmas. Last year our Christmas was very hard with both my husband and I not working and trying to provide for our kids and now that we are back on our feet we have been trying to help all that we can but can only do so much like everyone else. So seeing you do something like this brings me to tears because it is so beautiful. There are also shelters that always need help with donations for those who would like to help our 4 legged friends.

    (Excellent points. Also, if you want to give but don’t have any cash shelters are always looking for old towels, blankets, that you might otherwise throw away. ~ Jenny)

  242. (Please white out anything with even a partial home address on it…specifically the “existing address” field in last night’s post. There are so many weirdos out in the world with time on their hands.)

    (That’s just my public PO box. But thanks for caring! ~ Jenny)

  243. You guys, I have received so much already, may I ask that instead of helping me further you help my friend? Her name is Meagen. She’s a mom to three amazing kids (12-year-old Laizren, 8-year-old Jordan, 4-year-old Darcy) and her husband works a harsh factory job to keep them afloat. She stays at home and keeps her kids engaged, active, and happy through absolute rafts of shit sometimes. She paints fantasyscapes all over the house so it’s like a wonderland just, you know, so they feel like they live somewhere special. (Current project: she’s painting their entire hallway with Zentangle-style dense designs.) She and her husband are in the middle of some excruciating but very necessary home renovations and she’s really worried about making Christmas happen with that expense taxing their single income.

    I think she’s hoping to make her own post later, but she’s (hah, such irony) overwhelmingly busy today getting her daughter’s glasses from our neighboring town, keeping her preschooler engaged in holiday activity, working on the home repairs, and painting her husband’s Christmas gift by hand. Her wishlist is here: http://amzn.com/w/DGDW3R4Y6D2P

    She is truly wonderful. She drops everything to help me out of a jam at least once a week, she never has anything but kind words for anyone, and she’s fantastically talented and dedicated to her family.

  244. I know, I’m 284 and then realized I didn’t link to the wish list so I’m 287. Don’t know if you can delete the one without the link (then I don’t know what number I would be). Guess I had brain freeze or something. I just fell in September so the injury is recent, maybe knocked a few of those screws loose…… 🙂 Anyway, sorry for posting twice, but I had to get the link in there.

    (Already fixed. Deleted the one that didn’t have a link. ~ Jenny)

  245. this blog has become my happy place… thank you all for being you. Happy [fill in your favorite greeting here] to all.

  246. I just want to say how beautiful all of this is. I don’t have anything to spare at this time, but I will be setting some money aside for next year <3. We've struggled a lot ourselves, but are not currently in need of anything. Happy Holidays to everyone, and especially Jenny for changing so many lives.

  247. We’ve had a bit of a rough year – new house; new baby; two totaled vehicles; one PITA insurance company who wanted to deny our claim after their guy hit me head-on fully in my lane and we are STILL trying to get thru the settlement on that (it’s been 8 months); hubs job transfer that involved empty promises of a pay raise to go with the new extreme commute; and my mother’s husband left her for some flousy, so she made the 14hr drive out here to live with us while she attempts to get on disability – So, yeah, rough. I keep holding out hope that our insurance claim will settle and we’ll have money to get caught up and be able to breathe a little on the financial end of things, but I don’t see it happening before Christmas.

    We have 3 children – boy 12y; girl 7y; boy 10mo – and Wish List on Amazon for some items they want but we’ve been just unable to make it happen, at least for the next few weeks. http://amzn.com/w/YMFCVU4SGDU7

  248. Thanks for the clarification – going to fix all my wish lists. And thank you SO much for the gift card. You are amazing in so many ways.

    Baby is 4 months and I’m sure you know how much just daily supplies add up for an infant. Merry Christmas!

  249. @Erin (#225) — It’s not much, but I was happy to be able to get one of the smaller presents for your daughter. Hope you have a joyful holiday!

  250. Katrina (280) – be on the lookout for Blueberry Girl. Should be there Thursday. Happy Holidays!

  251. Katrina 280- sent two adorable little backpacks, but the butterfly won’t arrive until 12/29 or 1/2/2015! Maybe it fell off santa’s sled 😉 Best wishes!

  252. Blessed this year with the birth of my first son. Can’t imagine kids without a warm snuggie… Project Night Night bag donated!

  253. This request is not for me even though we have been doing a lot of struggling while dealing with the VA regarding my husband’s medical retirement (100% combat disabled) and transition to the VA. My request is for those Veterans that may not be as lucky as we are and don’t have such amazing friends/family to help them through the hard times.
    Veteran suicide rates are ridiculously high. The VA support system has been proven to be failing miserable at linking at-risk Veterans with resources that can help. Because of this, there have been many organizations formed to try to do what the VA refuses to do. Unfortunately, there have also been many bogus organizations set-up using at-risk Veterans to scam caring, giving people out of money and keeping that money for themselves instead. There is ONE organization that I trust and that organization is GallantFew, Inc.
    They are amazing. They assist with suicide prevention by trying to link up at-risk Veterans with local mentors that will stay by their side and help them through the hard times. They try to provide financial assistance when they can to those at-risk Veterans who are only at-risk because of financial hardships. They really do go out of their way to try to decrease the Veteran suicide statistics. However, all of this takes money and there never seems to be enough to go around. If everyone just donated $1 or volunteered just a few hours of their times, there is no telling how many of these heroes lives could be saved.
    Merry Christmas or whatever holiday your family enjoys this time of year!

  254. Seeing this restores my faith in humanity. Even if nothing gets purchased off my wish list I still think what each and every one of you are doing for all of these people is amazing. I am blessed to be mama to 5 wonderful crazy kiddos 16, 14, 10, and 8 yo twins. And of course 2 fur kids. I have been out of work for almost two years due to fibromyalgia and depression all the while battling for disability pay. This has been the hardest holiday season ever. Our family has suffered the loss of two loved ones this year, Uncle Johnny and Papa Doug may you rest in peace. Everyday is a struggle but even still I know we are more fortunate than most. We have a roof over our heads, food on the table and most importantly each other. Thank you for all you Jenny for all the laughs you’ve provided me and for always showing me I am not alone in my struggles as a mama and as a woman. and thank you for creating such a wonderful opportunity. Thank you to all your awesome readers and secret santas out there. You are truly amazing people. Merry Christmas!!!

  255. This is wonderful!!! I did the Amazon ‘secret’ santa – because while I like the organization donations – I much prefer to work on an individual level. 1 person making a difference for another person.

  256. I love this community and these posts are beautiful. I’ve tried many times to explain to my littles what the ‘spirit of Christmas’ is supposed to mean, I think this is it.
    I’m really uncomfortable posting this but everything happens for a reason, right? Usually I’m the one who gives, not receives, and I think I prefer it that way! Christmas is going to be tough this year. My husband is the sole provider for us and is a carpenter. Recently our home was broken into and many of his tools were stolen. We’ve replaced what we can, but it was a huge hit.
    It would be great to have some extra help so my kids (4 year old girl, 7 year old boy, 9 year old girl) have something under the tree.

  257. Jenny, thanks for inspiring all of us to do good!! I am grateful that I am able to donate this year. I’ve been a recipient of Christmas donations in the past and it feels great to be able to give back. I kicked in for a Night Night bag, what a great project!! Thanks for all you do!!

  258. Steph, merry Christmas!
    I apologize bc one of the ponies might not be there in time (I ordered two though). Tell your daughter that pony is slow. 🙂

  259. Julie #313 I’m in Canada too, I was able to click on the wishlists on here and purchase things through .com 🙂 It’s just in US dollars that’s all !
    waves from West Coast

  260. Emily (with the 2.5 year old autistic son), I bought you the bike and helmet you had picked out but Amazon says that the helmet won’t ship until January or February. If you would like to pick out another helmet that is in stock I would love to get that for you (I can cancel the other one). I’d hate for your son to get a bike for Christmas that he can’t ride until January or February because he doesn’t have a helmet. 🙂

  261. I’m completely overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity – you folks are truly angels! I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for making our Christmas so much brighter! I’ve taken my list down to let others get some help that they need. Thank you so very much, everyone. I’m looking forward to be able to pay it forward as soon as I can. 😉

  262. I just want to say that this is the most amazing thing EVER. Jenny, the gift card was the best blessing I could have asked for abd then to realize people were buying things off the wish list before I could had me completely moved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m not a religious person but I at least have restored faith in humanity. Thank thou everyone!

  263. Melinda @ 291, you have a few things coming your way. Hope you have a great Christmas!

  264. Jenny, thanks so much for doing this. I’ve had ups and downs since I was laid off three years ago but got through them thanks to the kindness of some good friends. I’ve bought a Night Night bag. Everyone deserves some warmth and kindness. It is wonderful to be able to pay it forward a little bit.

  265. Actually, Melinda @ 291, I can’t access your address on the wish list, so I can’t send anything so far. Post a message when it’s updated and I’ll complete the order.

  266. I’m leaving my 17 year old nephew’s wishlist. He has been in foster care since he was 13 and is about to age out of the system in June. My sister is deaf and addicted to heroin and has never taken care of him. We are working with CPS to get him moved out to our home in hopes that he will make it here before he turns 18 so he can get an education. His wish list isn’t big or fancy. He told me he needed some new clothes because he didn’t have much and that he really needed help studying for his GED.
    We are doing what we can for him but his need is so great. I would greatly appreciate any help you guys can provide.
    In the name of the Bloggess, Beyonce the Chicken, & James Garfield, AMEN! 🙂


    (FYI…Looks like some of your stuff is from a third party so you might want to select stuff that ships from amazon so it’s available to buy. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  267. Sorry . We are retired , no pensions and w Medicare payments taken out we are hurting . I have 3 other Grands whom I also don’t have gifts for . I used to give and volunteer and give now as much as I hate to asking I need to do . Nothing huge but at least a book for an 17 an8 and7….. namaste

  268. I’ll only be able to give in small ways, but once I get my paycheck I may be skipping here and there in a few of these wish lists…I’m calling it a celebration of the fact that my own shopping is FREAKIN’ DONE.

  269. My wife has been on maternity leave and, as she is the main breadwinner, we have been barely scraping by the last few months. She just went back to work, but she has been so heartbroken over the fact that we just can’t afford to give our boys gifts this year. She doesn’t know about this, and I would love to surprise her with the gift of being able to provide for her babies.



    (Looks like you don’t have a shipping address selected yet. Check out the post to fix that so people can send things. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  270. Last year, our 10 year old son had almost decided there was no Santa. His last test was to put his Christmas list on a digital post-it note behind his password-protected computer profile. He figured if Santa was real, he would see the list and get him what he wanted. He didn’t realize that every time he left the computer, he left his profile open so I was able to see his list and take care of his presents. Obviously Santa was real because we couldn’t have known what to get him. This year he did the same thing. When I checked his list though I was upset to find the only thing he really wanted was a PS4 and Little Big Planet 3 (and two pc games to be downloaded through Steam that might not even work on our old computer.) I realize this is a huge ask, but he knows we are hanging on by a string. If someone can help us keep the magic of Christmas alive for one more year it would be amazing. He also loves Minecraft so I added some more things he would like to the list. (My email is Random111@aol.com if anyone needs it).


  271. Ooh, quick question – should we get gift-wrap on the Amazon orders or just send them as-is?

    (I’d say “as is” because that way the parents can see what the present is first. Otherwise it’s hard to know what they’re getting. ~ Jenny)

  272. I’m the mother of two fantastic little boys, ages 6 years and 6 months. Shortly after our baby was born, my husband decided he was being neglected and found himself a girlfriend. He is living with her now, spending all kinds of money on a motorcycle, tattoos, piercings, etc. It’s a fight to get money from him and I’ve even had to ask my parents to help out when I can’t quite pay for day care.

    Both boys are precious, but obviously the 6 year old is more aware of what is going on. He loves to help with his baby brother and he is a huge mama’s boy. One of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard was when he told me one day recently “you know when I love you the most? When you smille”. Obviously he’s seen me teary eyed a lot the past few months, but it’s getting better.

    He’s hearing from older kids that ride the bus with him that Santa is not real. He’s already dealing with the fact that his daddy is living with someone else and is seeing her kids more often than he sees his. I’d like to keep the magic of Santa and happiness alive for him this year, he needs it and deserves it.

    I was able to get a few things for the boys already, but here are few wishes. If he could only get one thing off of this list, the PS3 controller would be great. We only have one controller and if he had another, he’d be so happy if I could play Minecraft with him (he’d have to teach me, though)! He LOVES Minecraft!! Soccer cleats would be a close 2nd!

    The baby is pretty good on toys because they were a lot less expensive to buy. There is no such thing as too many baby socks though!

    Thank you and bless all of y’all who are helping make Christmas special for so many people!!!


  273. This is such a wonderful thing you’re doing. I like to give donations in honor of family members. I do it through Heifer International. One year I “gave” my dad a sheep. He was not thrilled. Oh well. I would be happy if someone donated a sheep to a village somewhere in my name so a family could have a means to survive when we have so freaking much here that we have to rack our brains & search for something the people on our list don’t already have. This year the school was doing a toy drive for a nearby school so my daughter & I went out and bought as many toys as our little arms could carry to school the next day. I wish I could do more.

  274. Wow. Thank you so much to everyone who pitched in for my kids! So amazing. I want to give back if I can. If anyone else is lonely this year, feel free to send me your address and I will mail you a handwritten letter. I mailed one to Brittisgood above this morning. msaliciaa at hotmail dot com

  275. My name is Michelle, and I run Charm City Animal Rescue. I know you’ve asked people who have children to post their wish lists, but I wanted to suggest that some people cannot have kids. So they adopt awesome little furballs that are currently in the care of rescues like ours. We have nearly 100 cats, many whom are special needs, waiting on a home. We’re struggling to open our area’s first adoption center, and could really use any help with food, or any of the fun things on our wish list. We’ve got 2500 sq ft to work with, it’s just extremely hard to raise the money for fun stuff when you’re so overwhelmed with vet bills.
    Also, Jenny…you are the best. Every single night, when I’m done with an insane day of seeing animal abuse, neglect, surrender, etc., I come here for your words of nonsense and hilarity. I know you probably don’t know your impact, but you have a mighty big one in many lives. Thank you for your honesty all the time, your generosity, and your incredible sense of humor. <3

  276. I’m so thankful for the chance to get my kids something they’ve asked for for Christmas. I’m a single mother of four and going to grad school. Things are so tight right now but I know they will get better and then I plan to pay it forward. http://amzn.com/w/177V4G11ZCXD8 Thank you, thank you for even considering us.

  277. I really appreciate your kindness and compassion! What a great way to make someone’s season a little brighter! 🙂

    I did want to mention that I am concerned about gifting animals:

    (Transparency is important. Heifer does offer sustainable farming, trees, send-a-girl-to-school, small business loans, etc. if you want to focus on non-animal stuff. I think a lot of people like the idea of animal because so many of us depended on animals we raised in the past, but it’s important to look at the details. Goats were assholes for us because droughts caused too little grazing ability, but chickens were a godsend. I think it depends on the area and situation. ~ Jenny)

  278. Skinny Malinky, I think I fixed it. I made it public and even added my address again under my name instead of my husbands. I hope it works. Thanks so much for your kindness!

  279. I just put my Amazon Prime to good use. I matched up comment # where I could.

    Stephanie B
    #303 sarawr sent to Meagan J
    #280 Katrina L
    #235 Emily R
    #230 Sara U
    #225 Erin D
    #263 Stacey P
    Lylah D
    Kristen S
    #140 Brandi P
    Amanda F
    #146 Nichole P
    #156 Thera L
    Elizabeth P

    All have boxes on the way. Should arrive Dec 18. Merry Christmas!

  280. This year I can’t help but I also don’t need help. Except I did need some help it turns out.

    I’ve had a terrible two years, the worst two years of my life. Things have happened that were so bad that it has just been living in hell. It’s made me question everything. But the worst of it has been that it has almost completely stolen my belief in people. That’s been the hardest.

    This … I remember the original James Garfield miracle happened and to tell you the truth, it’s been one of the things that I have had on my list of people-really-are-good-remember-that. It’s literally helped me get through my life. A list of good I’ve observed so I remember that humans are this also.

    So I’m sitting here in tears because you are all making me feel so good. Those who are here asking for their children: you’re amazing parents and relatives and friends. You are an inspiration to doing what needs doing. There is strength in the asking. And the stories you have shared have made me feel much less alone, although I’m sorry any of us are going through it. I am so proud of each and every one of you.

    Those of you giving: you are amazing. You are reminding me with every one of your comments that there are truly good people in the world. I cannot thank you enough.

    Those of you with words of encouragement: I am one of the many benefiting from them. Thank you. They help.

    To everyone going through hard: we’ll all get through this. We have it in us.

    Jenny: I can’t express to you how much this means to me. Thank you. Another page in the Bloggess chapter of Good I’ve Seen Done. Thank you.

  281. @bloggess- I’ve updated my wishlist. 🙂 THANK YOU guys soooo much!!!! @Kim (#348- Emailing now!)

    (Works now. Just sent a little something. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  282. Would love to send a blanket to Shayna, but cannot ship 3rd-party items to gift registries. Shayna, please update your list with Amazon-shipped items, or add an Amazon gift card to your list!

  283. Katie and Catherine and everybody else who contributed, THANK YOU!!
    Jenn G – I added a different helmet that is available now. http://amzn.com/w/128MW65VWMZTF
    Thank you SO much for your generosity. Seriously, to all of you. I cannot begin to tell you how much this means to me and to my son. I can’t wait to see how excited he gets on Christmas!

  284. Reading and crying and wishing we could help more-I will donate our used items in lieu of giving money or new items this year since it’s what we can do. Our kids are more than taken care of for Christmas thanks mostly to extended family. We have had a good year with a new and stable job/income for my husband, so even though some things have attempted to knock us on our butts lately we are getting through it and will be fine. Jenny, what you have done with the little corner of the Internet you inhabit is freaking amazing and I am so happy that you are so brave to share your life and struggles with the world-that in itself is a very scary thing and inspires so many others to be courageous as well. You’re saving lives. Seriously.

    I am saddened that the world is such that we have to do these things and that there is such a need, but am also so grateful that folks are more and more able to use their public mojo for good. Thanks for being an awesome example of that. <3

  285. Kim L (#349) — I just wanted to say how great you are! I mean everyone here is great but I think your offer was especially cool. This whole thing is really improving my day! Thanks all! Happy Holidays!

  286. Davida-thank you so much, you have no idea how touched I am. I promise that I will repay this favor some day and make someone else feel as grateful as I am right now.

  287. hibernationnow.wordpress.com – I wish your site had a contact form so I could be sure you got this. Email me at my name (at) yahoo (dot) com to follow up. I’ve reached out to some vet friends to see what letter programs for soldiers they support/suggest and will let you know ( and post here ) as that is also a fantastic idea. 🙂

  288. Jenna (#336), I sent some pants and flash cards for your nephew. It’s not a lot but I hope it helps. Merry merry to you and yours!

  289. Danielle #346 – I got the robot set. MERRY CHRISTMAS! You are such a great momma! I am so proud of you for raising your kids and going to grad school. Graduating from grad school allowed me to be able to give this year. Keep it up! You are doing great!

  290. Emily (#235), there’s a couple of prezzies headed your way for your little dude! I hope he enjoys them.

  291. We ended up having a little more in our gift budget at the end of this year than we need (husband and I are foregoing gifts to each other this year), so I’ve just be going into random wish lists and buying gifts. What warms my heart is that more often than not, the gifts have already been purchased by y’all. Getting the “this might be a duplicate” warning is proof of how awesome this group is! Group hugs all around!

  292. You’re awesome, Jenny. I wish things were going well enough that we could help out. We’re no longer homeless, but not in a position to purchase gifts. Our daughter asked for one thing, which we managed somehow, although we’re struggling with bills. (My husband’s company is giving the employees 10 days off to celebrate Christmas with their families. This means after this Friday (which is rent money) we have no income for other bills/gas/food.)

    Normally I don’t mind not getting anything, but this year I kicked off a photography business and to progress and provide for my family I really need a new camera. Up to now I had been using a point and shoot (which was ok, but doesn’t do what I need it to do) and have taken portraits for friends, but my camera is limited, and now it’s broken (someone borrowed it, returned it broken). I have a portfolio now and with a push I can get people to pay me enough to help our family pull ourselves up (I know this because I’ve put myself out there and get inquiries frequently–which I am now turning away because of the camera situation). I chose photography because I’m good at it and because if I have a business unto myself then I can support my daughter and myself should anything happen to her daddy (he just had his third heart attack…he may or may not be around to provide for us). This would be a gift for my family, and not a hand out, but a way to help me help us.

    We’re good people. We believe in “paying it forward.” We had some people come to our aid when we were homeless and when we have the funds we buy food for people who need it, we donate clothing to shelters, we give a few dollars when we can to my daughter’s class so that a child whose parents couldn’t afford it can have ice cream on ice cream day. We do what we can when we can…and sometimes when we really can’t, but we’re so thankful we’re not homeless. (My husband encountered a homeless man at the dollar store, asking for change…it’s cold here. He didn’t have much and was very thin. My husband, even though we didn’t have “extra” money, went in the store and bought various kinds of food for the man to keep him relatively healthy. He had concerns for our safety, which is why he didn’t invite the man over. If he lived alone he would have done that too.)


    There is my wishlist. I’ve comparisoned shopped. This is a low end camera, but way out of our range right now. I’m heartbroken. It’s a lot of money…but if a few people could send giftcards…it would really help us so much. In comparison, the cost of this would get us through one month. The camera itself can help us the rest of our lives. (And someday when I upgrade and move on I will donate this camera to someone else who needs one.)

    Sorry this is so long. I’m trying to stay positive for my family, and also freaking out about the upcoming two weeks with no pay. Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far.

    (You might consider adding a few amazon gift cards to your wish list so that people who want to donate but can’t afford that much can help chip in. ~ Jenny)

  293. Oh Jenny! What a wonderful woman you are. I couldn’t afford to make any donations last year but this year things are looking so much better. I have 3 kids and they are going to have a good Christmas this year. Luckily we have money left over after shopping so I purchased 3 night night bags in honor of my munchkins -Stephen, Carolena & Logan.

    It breaks my heart to think about any child being without at any time of the year. I’m glad that I know at least 3 more will have something warm, safe and snuggly this year.

    So proud to be a member of this maxing community! Free gravy and chocolate for all!

  294. Cara-thank you so much, my son tested so highly on his school tests that he got accepted into a robotics club and that’s why he wanted that so badly, so he could work on them at home too. He will be OVERJOYED thank you, thank you. And beyond your gift your words of encouragement left me in tears, thank you. Merry Christmas and bless you.

  295. Christie – Please update your wishlist to add a registry address. See the Bloggess’ updates. I tried to buy something but it wouldn’t let me choose a registry address.

  296. I hate that I’m having to throw my name in here. I had been so worried about my sister not having anything for her son that I forgot to worry about the fact that I don’t have anything to give to mine. He’s only one, he wouldn’t even remember. He’s just happy to sit with me and watch cartoons, or chew on the cat.

    I had really thought I would be working by now, and I know I’m lucky that my son’s father is with us and working, but trying to survive in California is almost impossible on a single income. Add to that the fact that I haven’t been able to see my mom or sisters in over 5 years; I’ve got a niece I’ve never met and my mom has never seen my son outside of pictures. It’s been hard. Still, we have a roof over our heads and food on the table, so I’m grateful for what we have. I’m not super worried about the toys on the list, but I had my heart set on Christmas pajamas and new shoes for my son.

    His name is Wyatt, he’s one year old as of last month.

    Here’s my wishlist. http://amzn.com/w/1LV74SCYD6YTR

  297. Steph (307) the Magic cards and Monster High doll are on their way. Hope things get better soon!

  298. Donated to Project Night Night and played Santa for some folks with wish lists. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  299. You are quite inspiring. and you do make people better, every day. and also? I just want to share this…


    at the bottom of the article it says, “UPDATE: According to Cards Against Humanity’s Twitter feed, the boxes cost $5.80 to produce and mail, and they donated the $6,000 proceeds to Heifer International.” I don’t know why, but I totally get the warm and fuzzies that poop proceeds go back to cow butts. That’s full circle y’all!

  300. I love this Jenny.

    I wasn’t going to ask for help, but I broke down because I can’t even find the cash for milk right now. I gotta be honest, my boys want a tree, and a Christmas, and I’ve gotta pull my head outta my ass and start asking for help. A single mama can’t do it all on her own.

    So here is their list: The Boys
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2B3W86U43LJPB

    My oldest is autistic, and really into the idea of time right now. Any help would be welcome.

    Thank you Jenny for making a safe place to ask for help.
    Xo Kim

  301. I’m taking things to the women’s shelter in Utah, and just donated a ton of dog toys and treats to our nearby rescue so they have things to play with while they wait for love. Next year I’ll have to do this too! Great idea!

  302. @Jenny – Just checking which email (never gotten an emailed gift card and I want to make sure your gift isn’t missed in spam) that was sent to. I’d hate for your help to look like it was ignored. 😀

    (Thanks for the heads-up! Apparently I left off the m on the end of your email so it bounced back. Just resent with the correct email so let me know if you don’t see it. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  303. That was so much fun! Just shipped off some presents from one of the Amazon wish lists. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to share the joy Jenny!

  304. Love seeing everyone responding to all the wishlists! I wonder what it would take to get an amazon smile page set up through the Bloggess for everyone to shop through to keep the rewards coming? Anyone have any connections with Amazon? How can we make that happen? You might need to be an actual charity, but maybe someone somewhere knows how to help out!

  305. Hi,
    This has been a terrible one for me and my daughter – hell given that I live in Christchurch New Zealand where that awesome earthquake that’s still screwing us up now happened – it’s shaping up to be a pretty naf decade 😛 This year I have become very ill, I have Fibromyalgia which is normally under control but it seems that either the Fibro has decided to be ten times more awful than usual or I have something else as well. My daughter suffers from social anxiety, which is being exacerbated by the stress of having mum sick. With medical bills coming out my ears there isn’t much left for Christmas this year. I wish I’d known about this earlier, it’s probably a bit late now. And a lot to ask for something when I live at the bottom of the world.

    Look how adorable she is! 🙂 http://bit.ly/1zsP5jw

    Amazon Wish List http://amzn.com/w/2VJY7WLYZ9FJM

    or a New Zealand based store


  306. #342 Christie, the controller is on its way! The delivery dates were between 12/23-1/9. I hope it makes it there by Christmas.
    fingers and toes crossed
    Merry Christmas, Haley! You’ve got a pretty awesome mom to play Minecraft with you!

  307. Boy Senioroments , I am so unused to ask , The parents of said Grands are the new , working poor , not able either and Granny wants them to have something . Glen lives w me most times…. sorry for the 3 part

  308. I have a 8 y/o child with autism who isn’t able to attend school full time, and requires a parent as a full time caregiver, plus my 4 and 6 year old, and a 15 y/o step-kiddo. we are truly thankful for all of the wonderful opportunities life has to offer us.


  309. Tried to spread the love around a little –

    Heather (264), Elizabeth (329), Stephanie (307), Sarawr (for Meagen – 303), and Katherine (317) – your wish lists are all a tiny bit smaller now. Happy Holidays!

  310. Bought some bees in honor of my family. You are the very best! Thank you for posting links, offering options, and just being you. 🙂

  311. This is Natalie (#322). I am in tears right now. Thank you all so much for your incredible generosity. In less than an hour I had a gift for each of my children purchased, as well as some lovely warm winter gloves for them.
    I’ve deleted the rest of the list, so that others can benefit from this amazing spirit of giving. Thank you so much. You will never know how much this means to all of us. I wish there was something more I could do to express my gratitude for you amazing Bloggessians.

  312. Christie – Some of the items on your wishlist won’t come until after Christmas (the baby socks and the charger for 2 PS3 controllers, so you’ll keep getting packages until January (tell your son that some of the items must have fallen off of Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve!). But the rest of the items should get there by the 25th! Lots of love to you and your little ones. Have a wonderful holiday!

  313. This is the most amazing thing ever. Jenny, you are using your amazing powers for good – and inspiring me to do the same. I’m checking back for wishlists…

  314. This year has been really tough, but not in a way that Amazon wish lists can help. My 5 year old son has been struggling and I have been struggling as per my ushe. Yesterday was one of the worst days in a long time and I felt so useless as a mother, as a therapist and as a human. Giving up is not an option, but dude, I wish it was.

    Then you brought back that joyous holiday cheer feeling from the first James Garfield Christmas. It saved me that year and I feel it saving me again. I love all the things you do, Jenny. All the ways you give back and inspire. But I love this one the most because it gives us the chance to connect more to each other in this wacky, uniqueacorn community you built and shared with us.

    And then a got a call for an actual appointment for an eval that will result in OT services for my SPD kid. So, like Ice T always said, it was a good day.

    I’m still struggling today, of course. Depression doesn’t go poof when you get a happy. But there was a happy, two of them. That’s something. And something is everything.

    Don’t give up, peeps. Shit be hard, but look at the magic and the love that’s out there in the world. It’s there for you too. You are all fantastic.

  315. Donated bees in honor of my very hard to shop for SIL. Thank you for a great idea and solving the last gift idea on my list! Jenny, you do great things. So glad I am a reader of your blog.

  316. The first link I randomly clicked on was someone in Philadelphia, my home town. Crazy! I hope your students like the basketball – my kids play basketball, and I would love to see others get joy out of the game. Thanks, Jenny!

  317. Do you know what’s freaking awesome – clicking through and saying “add entire wish list to cart”. Did it 4 times. Merry Christmas and thanks for making me CRY!!!!

  318. Oh my gosh, ALL of you have me crying. I posted up a wish list for my niece, Lizzy (10), and for my nephew, James (8) last night. This morning when I checked, you all had sent Lizzy almost everything! I’m so sorry I didn’t get to it sooner – I took her wish list down.

    Thank you so much, ktdobkin, for helping. I can’t even express the depth of my gratitude – I’m overwhelmed. Can you email me at alteredtome at gmail dot com? Or anyone else that helped? I really want to send you Christmas cards.

    I’ve left James’ wish list up. He loves Legos. 🙂 http://amzn.com/w/MWS3CVH4WO1A

    Jenny, all of you, I can’t even express how much joy is in my heart, knowing these kids are going to feel SEEN, and that there’s a whole world of love waiting for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Also, please email me if you want a Christmas card. THAT I can do!

  319. Elisa (370): it asks for your email address when clicking on the gift cards. You can either provide your email address OR you’ll have to add several lines of gift cards for several amounts. Makes sense?

  320. This is for my best friends’ children. He’s disabled and working on getting disability (worked since he was 14 until he was laid off, then worked until he physically couldn’t.) She works at a grocery store full-time. They are fighting to pay their mortgage, so Christmas is out of them.


    The kids are 14 and 9 and just awesome.

    Thanks to anyone who could help

  321. Elisa (#370), could you give us your email address? I went to try to send you a little amount towards your camera (I’m sorry it’s not gonna be much at all, but I’m kinda hoping that if enough people just give a little amount, then you can get your camera). However, it’s asking for your email address, even though I’m going by the link in your wish list.

  322. Thank you for the reminder about Project Night Night. I had $25 left in our giving budget and did this last year but had forgotten it for this year. Perfect! I appreciate you for everything you do, say and write.

  323. Jessica@396, I don’t know how..I did have it in when I clicked to add it to the wishlist so I put it in the comment on the cards. Sorry…I don’t usually shop online…or anywhere right now. lol Thank you.

  324. qwertygirl, ahhhhh, thank you so much!!! Please email me at alteredtome at gmail dot com. Christmas cards!

  325. Just wanted to check that me posting a UK based Amazon account was okay? I think you can log out and re-login to the different countries, is that right? I’ve felt bad about posting a large list all day… just wanted to explain that by no means was I expecting everything (or even anything). Just thought I’d post a range of prices. And it’s for the whole household. Ugh, paranoia 🙁

    Also, just wanted to add how inspiring and humbling it is to read this thread, I <3 it. My stamina and writing speed aren't great, but I love to send physical cards in the post when I can get to the post office! Getting post that isn't bills always cheers me up, and I'm hoping others will feel the same. That little 'hello' can make all the difference, I know from personal experience. I don't know how best to set this up for security… Jenny, any ideas?

    And everyone on this thread? Keep on rockin', you're all ace!

    ~Gaynor xx

  326. Kristina, Just got James the hat and an Xbox game listed. Hope he and your family have a wonderful day. You all deserve it. Know that many of us on here are happy to make someone else happy. Best to you!

  327. Jenny, thank you so much, there are no words to express my gratitude for what you’ve done here for everyone. Wow, just wow. You’ve inspired me and tomorrow my family and I are volunteering at Toys for Tots for a 4 hour shift. It’s not much and we can’t give financially but you’ve helped me remember to give in any way possible so thank you.

  328. Julie Diers, thank you so much!!! You all are amazing!! I deleted everything from James’ wish list now – you all have MADE their Christmases. Julie, could you email me at alteredtome at gmail dot com? Would love to send a Christmas card.

  329. You too, Catt!! Please email me at alteredtome at gmail dot com. So much LOVE to you all!!

  330. Since it was 1:30 am, it may be that you showed an address you didn’t want to show, in your screen shot. It may be your post box (the one we are not supposed to send live kittens to) or maybe it’s a decoy. In any case I thought I’d point it out. Headed over to donate to Night Night now.

  331. I wish I could buy every single thing on everyone’s wish lists, but things are extremely tight on my end this year. However, I’d love to send Christmas/holiday/whatever cards to anyone who would like one! I’ll leave my email below, and you can send me your address along with what kind of card you would like! (Christmas, Hanukkah, general holiday, etc.)
    (Jenny, if this isn’t okay I will delete it!)
    Email: springlily19@gmail.com

  332. Four years ago my goddaughters, Taylor and Tori, experienced a devastating loss when their father took his own life. As you can imagine, this has been a severe blow to their family. During the saddest and most difficult time, both girls found solace in the discipline and art of dance.

    In the year that followed, I decided to try their mom, a public school teacher, cover the cost of their dance classes. It was one thing I felt I could do from afar that I knew would mean every day would be better for her and the girls.

    This is my 4th annual fundraiser for them. As you can imagine, it’s easy to get donations that first year. But after that it gets harder. Meanwhile the loss is still the same. If you want to help two amazing girls dance and be awesome, please check out the fundraiser:

    I was so thrilled to donate up thread to this community that I thought I’d share this here since it just launched today. Donations are tax-deductible because they fund a need-based scholarship that the girls receive. Thank you in advance.

  333. You are an amazing person Jenny and give me faith in humanity. I had already ordered bees a few weeks ago (love Heifer) but today I donated one Project Night Night bag and one gift off of someone’s wishlist. Happy holidays to you, your family and this family. MUCH LOVE XOXO and thank you for being you!

  334. Thank you for doing this!!! Year before last the kids and I celebrated Christmas without a home. This year we have a place, a tree, and mom’s working two jobs. Blessed doesn’t cover it 🙂

  335. Tried to buy an item for #162 from her wishlist but she doesn’t appear to have a mailing address linked. 🙁

  336. I woke up this morning and was so surprised that I cried. Thank you to those that sent something to my children. It means so very much to my husband and I. I feel like a little bit less of a failure knowing they will have something other than the winter coat they needed under the tree. It takes some stress off my husband so he can concentrate on recovery after his surgery Friday. May everyone, be they giftee or gift giver, have a wonderful and safe holiday.
    Brandi comment #140

  337. I just wanted to let you all know how very much you have lifted my spirits. I still have no idea how I’m going to get anything done for Christmas for our family, but we will be just fine without gifts. This is the first time I have been able to help, even if it was only a little. Thank you Jenny for making this possible.

  338. Elisa (370): Awesome! your address is now to the left of the link to buy. Sorry it’s not for a lot but I hope it helps! To others: DON’T COPY PASTE THE ADDRESS. You have to type it in yourself or it won’t recognize it.

  339. Once again you bring tears to my eyes. What an awesome lady you are, Happy Holidays to you and all your readers.

  340. I am practically in tears here. I hate asking for help like this, but for my kids… I am getting a divorce and my ex made terrible decisions with our money, leaving me with tons of debt as I try to move forward. So I am struggling to give my kids a nice Christmas and have been feeling so down about it. If anyone could help with this, I would be eternally grateful. And even if not, thank you, Jen for this opportunity.You are so amazing!
    Here is the list for my boys, Noah, 5, and Brady, 9. http://amzn.com/w/2B3Z5NYCC2MPC
    Thank you again!

  341. Just donated to Night Night, Heifer, and got a couple of gifts for some wish lists. I wasn’t having a good day until just now, so thank you Jenny.

  342. SisterCarrion!!

    Tried to send you a gift card but for some reason it is only allowing me to send it to myself (which isn’t particularly useful!) Not sure how exactly to get around this? Wondering if maybe adding an e-giftcard to your wish list would work??

  343. Michelle @ 345: please enable an address. Or either I’m an idiot. But I can’t figure out how to ship to you guys.

  344. For anyone able to help out a charity directly: I am a part of Remember Betty – a breast cancer foundation. We are raising funds and putting together care baskets for breast cancer patients currently going through treatments to be personally delivered by Team Betty members. All of the information (as well as photos and videos of the last round of baskets that were delivered) can be found at http://www.rememberbetty.com/the-15-project and the Amazon wishlist for the care basket items is linked there and is here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2EHPJIVLOL74G

    Thank you all! <3

  345. Wow, this is a great idea! I hope by this time next year I will be in a position to be on the giving end. I have two boys, ages 8 and 15. The 8-year-old loves Pokemon, and the 15-year-old is a huge Nirvana fan. Here’s my wish list: http://amzn.com/w/2MVTG07Y9K09S
    Items for the kids are listed at the top. You can ignore the stuff at the bottom. That’s just stuff I already had on my wish list and didn’t want to delete and lose.

    In case you want to know more about us: I finished graduate school in 2013, and it took me until just this summer to finally find a regular full-time job. Had to move out of state to do it (and moving is EXPENSIVE!), and then wouldn’t you know it turns out that we were financially better off when we were on welfare? At any rate, I love my new job and hope that things will be better once I get my tax refund here in a couple of months. Unless something major happens, like my car breaking down (knock on wood), I’ll be back next year to purchase a pig’s behind for someone. Happy holidays!

  346. Added a Project Night Night bag and a Basket of Hope to the fray. Also sent a few things for Kristen’s kid’s in Philly! Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

  347. Who would have thunk a Christmas boar name James Garfield would embody all that is good and wonderful about the holiday season. Project Night Night donation completed. Happy Holidays everyone!

  348. If anyone wants to buy some stuff for a charity – I am a part of Remember Betty, which is a breast cancer foundation. We’re gathering items to put together care baskets to be delivered directly to breast cancer patients going through treatment by Team Betty members and hope to do the next round in January. All of the information about the charity and the project can be found here (as well as photos and videos of the past round of baskets) http://rememberbetty.com/the-15-project/ and the Amazon wishlist for the care basket items is here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2EHPJIVLOL74G

    Thank you all! <3

  349. I am a self-described Grinch. I have been that way since my mom took her own life when I was 15. I put on a brave face while my daughter was young but she is grown and has basically been out of the house for a decade.

    Plus – this is the busy time of year for my profession. I would be okay if they just cancel the holidays. It feels like a chore to me to buy gifts for my family who is very comfortably middle class and rea