UPDATED: If you need help, or if you want to help…

UPDATE! I’ve lost track of where we are but we’d Donated over $10,000 of toys in the first 24 hours & it’s been snowballing since then. My blog only shows 700 comments per page before making you click “newer comments” so here’s a sHortcut: click here for comments 700-1400, here for comments 1400-2100, here for comments 2100-2800, and here for comments after 2800.

Remember in 2010 when I gave out gift cards in the name of James Garfield (the taxidermied boar) to the first twenty people who told me they didn’t know how they were going to afford toys for their kids this year?  And it was awesome until  it became very apparent that there were more people who needed help, but then you guys came to the rescue and suddenly there were $40,000+ worth of donations from strangers to strangers?  That was awesome.  And exhausting.

Then in 2011 we worked together to sponsor Project Night Night Bags (a bag with a security blanket, a book and a stuffed animal) to 750 homeless children.

In 2012 we helped get Project Night Night Bags to 1,000 children who were homeless, or were displaced by Hurricane Sandy.

Last year we donated tens of thousands of dollars of bees, oxen, and llamas around the world, and again supported Project Night Night.

This year I say we do it all.  It’s been a good year for some of us.  A bad year for others.  Give if you really can.  Take if you really need.

You can click here if you want to donate $25 to sponsor a Project Night Night bag for a homeless child.  Or click here to help end world hunger and poverty by buying the ass end of a pig as an honorarium for someone you don’t like.  Because who is going to complain about getting a helpful pig ass in their honor for Christmas?  No one worth going to the mall for, probably.

Or if you are struggling to buy a single present for your child then do this…make a wish-list on Amazon (SEE UPDATES BELOW) and leave a comment below (with the age of your child, a link to your wish list, and anything else you want to share).  I’ve made money this year in affiliate ads because you guys have supported me here, so I’m giving back to help those who need support this year to get by.  So that means that – even if you don’t have the money to donate this year – if you supported this page in any way, then the donations from me are also from you.  Literally.

A few words of warning…I only have a limited amount of money so I can only help a limited amount of people.  If you choose to share your wish-list then gift-givers will be able to see your name and city, but your actual shipping address is kept confidential with Amazon.   Also, if you choose to be a gift-giver and pay for something on someone’s wish-list please know that I can’t verify anyone here so you have to go with your gut.

I’m in the middle of family visits, deadlines, and book edits but I’ll try to keep the comments updated as much as I can.

PS.  I just bought a live sheep and a bunch of Project Night Night bags in your honor.  Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/GoodGravyGiving.  Thank you for letting me be part of such an amazing community.  You have no idea the difference you make.

PPS.  If you’re looking for something wonderful and inexpensive for your child I cannot over-recommend books.  Books were some of my best friends and still are, and they can take you miles away.  If you need suggestions, GoodReads has a great list of 100 Children’s Books to Read in a Lifetime.  Some of those books are like coming home again, and all are available for free at your local library.

PPPS.  It seems only fitting to end this with the taxidermied boar who inadvertently started this whole ridiculous thing.

James Garfield and I love you.
James Garfield and I love you.

UPDATED:  I’ve tried to buy several things on several wish lists but keep getting a  message telling me that there isn’t a verified address to send the presents to, so I’m just going to assume that I’m an idiot and instead I’m sending Amazon gift cards to the email addresses as noted in the comments.  Maybe someone smarter than me can tell me what I’m doing wrong.  Also, if you want to leave an email address in your comment you can but I won’t share it unless you actually type it into the comment box.

UPDATED X 2: Make sure you update your amazon profile to have a confirmed shipping address set up for your account.  See the comments for pointers.  So far almost everyone doesn’t so people aren’t able to ship to you.  Giant thanks to those who want to send me money so I can pass it on, but so much would be eaten in fees and taxes so it’s better for you to donate directly.  I’m sending gift cards for now but I suspect people will fix their profiles soon to make it easier.  And thank you for such an amazing response.  I love you guys.

UPDATED X 3: GOT IT!  Okay, the reason why we’re unable to ship to lots of you is because Amazon makes you select a shipping address for your wish list in a really complicated way.   I made a graphic to show how to do it but it’s 1:30am so forgive my typos…


December 26th update: I’ve lost track but you guys have donated well over $75k to helping struggling families during the holidays, including giving over $32k Night Night bags to homeless children, and donating to end world hunger and poverty.  I don’t even have the words, y’all.

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  1. I know this is near the end and people above may not read it, but I WAY over ordered Christmas cards this year (like 100 of them, when I needed half of that). I have a ton left. I’ve already maxed my budget on wishlishts, but if anyone wants a card mailed to them, please email me your address (I promise I’m not some freaky stalker person – just a chick living in Georgia) to kara @ karacooks . com. My blog is linked and you can go read some of my cooking posts and about my house if you want to make sure I’m real. 🙂 I’ll send out Christmas cards until I run out of cards or stamps!

  2. Erica R (#1920) – Mickey Mouse Figurines will be delivered by the 23rd. All the best to you and your family. Merry Christmas!

  3. Lisa Stimac #1521

    Teegan has a playdough set, a remote toy, and Violet the puppy on the way!

  4. Well, I got the beating ( pillow only ) that I was anticipating but man, was it worth it. She has been so happy this morning. I’m off work today and I got the pleasure of seeing her all bright eyed. When she’s happy, she’s in less pain… her oxsat is SO much better, and she just enjoys life more. The gift card, and the anticipation and suprise of some gifts coming has made her just giddy.

    She made Christmas magic last night for the kids. Since we are leaving today for my moms Santa came and left a small present for the car ride for each of them and she made those footprints with powdered sugar. Then I carried her upstairs to bed again. You sweet people helped me make Christmas magic for her, too, and I thank you so much for doing something for my wonderful wife that I couldn’t do myself.

    From our kids and myself, thank you and Merry Christmas. We are leaving in a bit but I will make sure she comes back to share pictures after her surgery New Years Eve is done.
    (just in case http://amzn.com/w/1DXRYLZU5N3O5 here it is again)

  5. My husband and I are in shock this morning!! Thank you, thank you!! A million times thank you!! Our 2 little ones are going to be ecstatic come Christmas morning!! I am going to officially take down their wish lists, they have received more than I ever thought they would. To all who contributed to make this the best Christmas ever, we LOVE you. From the bottom of our hearts we express our gratitude. Jenny, Stephanie, Dawn in OH, Marci, and Holly: you truly are Christmas angels!!!

    Love, K (#1563)

  6. Here is my original post – back in the 1700’s!! (number keeps changing for some odd reason)

    Hello Friends –
    I’m trying to help my girlfriends family – both Mom and Dad had an extended period of unemployment this year, due to a serious motorcycle accident that left Grandpa with a traumatic brain injury. Mom lost her job, due to having to stay at her fathers bedside for 8 weeks or so, and dad had to take a voluntary lay-off to take care of their young kids (5&12). This list includes something for everyone. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to wrap the items as they come in, and hand deliver them to them Christmas morning – along with some groceries. Times are very tough for them right now. Thank you for all you are doing to lift the spirits of others. It truly is the meaning to the season to share good will. XOXO


    P.S. – Thank you, April for the Harry Potter movies. They will surely be appreciated. The list is largely untouched – would love to really lift this family up.

  7. MaryAnne Savage #1921 – Angela’s crochet hook, batteries and some yarn should be on your doorstop on the 23rd. Hohoho!

  8. This has been such a remarkable experience. My thanks to all those who have bought something from my etsy store (link in my name). You guys have put gas in my car and bought my dogs a bag of food. You’re all amazing people.

  9. It’s so darned hard to wake up each day and not know how you’re going to make ends meet. I’ve spent the year dealing with shut off notices, losing our home and moving in with family, applying for government assistance — all things I never thought I’d have to do, and all because I had to have surgery and my antidepressants crapped out on me afterward. For the record, psych drugs and anesthesia don’t always mix well.

    We’re in absolute shock this morning…it’s been the toughest year, and I’ve gone from having one handmade item and one toy each for my kids to really being able to give them a happy holiday. I’m so, so grateful for everything that you fine folks have done for us. Thank you, thank you…I really wish there was a way to know how to send a personalized thank you note to everyone who’s made a purchase for my littles. But since I can’t, I’m just hoping that people are still reading the comments. There are no words for how grateful I’m feeling, and it’s so wonderful to finally have a little bit of hope.


  10. Caz! Wow thank you so much for a toy for each of my children! You are so kind and generous! The amount of families you have helped is mind blowingly amazing, the true spirit of Christmas!

    • I am absolutely floored by the generosity I have seen here, I honestly did not know people like this existed, and am so happy to see that I was so very wrong! My children have a few little things for Christmas, so please, if there are children with nothing, ignore this and gift them. However if there is an extra Christmas Angel for my littles let me tell you a little about us. I will keep our story short, as it is like so many others, my husband lost his job last spring, and we in turn lost our home (it was only a rental, but still our home nonetheless) we lived in our car for a bit in the summer, going to a few different states looking for work, finally we ran out of options and moved in with family. My husband has found a job, however he brings home less then $700 a month, and for a family of four with two children in diapers, that leaves no room for extras… (and some bills unfortunately) Rosie and Loch are almost 2 and 1 and they are the sweetest, silliest, most loving children. They adore each other, their family, and their animals. They are creative, spunky, active, and adorable, and they deserve so much more then we can give them right now. this is their wish list. I also have a food and needs wish list here with diapers and basics (with some junk food…. :s as well…. hey I just had two back to back babies lol) If there is anyone who would like to share some love with our family, I can promise you, we will pay it forward when we get back on our feet. Happy Holidays, and God Bless.
  11. I’m late to the party but it’s a last resort. The kids are 8 and 11 and amazingly awesome (who doesn’t think that though, right?) I’m working two jobs but struggling this year. I’ve been reading comments.. you guys are so wonderful! Just seeing all of this makes the year a win. Next year, I’m joining the buying side. http://amzn.com/w/3IUQ4O263W96R (hoping I did the shipping thing right) Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas! (P.S. I know it seems like a weird list.. lots of sensory stuff.)

  12. Breanne a book and a DVD are on their way and should be there by the 23rd. Merry Christmas.

  13. @MaryAnnSavage #1921 – Also sent Angela a couple of light up crochet hooks and a Kindle gift card. I also added some tips on getting free Kindle books and audiobooks on the gift notes. Merry Christmas!

  14. @carrie – see comment 1794 for R.p. ‘s email. My heart is another twenty sizes bigger today seeing all the love. 🙂

  15. April some puzzles are on their way and should be there by the 23rd. Merry Christmas

  16. Someone said that we should repost with “UNTOUCHED LIST” in the heading. I am no computer expert. I don’t know why the link to my kids’ lists isn’t working. I did make it public and I did the address thing. But I still haven’t seen or heard that anyone bought anything for my babies. OK, babies is a stretch, as Rosie is 14 and Sean is 16, but they will always be my babies! Both my kids have ADHD and LD and Rosie has ODD and Sensory Processing Disorder, maybe someone could buy her a weighted blanket?My son and I suffer with Depression and Anxiety, but thankfully we are happily medicated and use our crazy senses of humor to get by.
    Here is Rosie’s list; http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/giftlist/3A4XJZTNIPGLK/ref=cm_go_nav_recip_gl?

    And here is Sean’s;http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/giftlist/VJZE9D6V0PB7/ref=cm_go_nav_recip_gl?

    Please, God, I hope I did it right this time. If you see this is not working, can you please tell me what to do? Thank you! Merry Christmas to our whole big crazy Bloggess family!

    (Your wish list for Sean won’t work because it doesn’t have a shipping address. You have to create a shipping address for each wish list. Also, a lot of the stuff on your list is unavailable or out of stock. Emailing you a gift card so you can get a DVD for the family. The one you asked for is currently out of stock. ~ Jenny)

  17. One more Project Night Night bag has been sponsored. I did it as a tribute so my mom gets a card. She’s over 90 and her arthritis has finally stopped her from knitting premie hats — after decades of making them to donate to our hospital’s NICU.

  18. Jenny’ you are amazing. A bright light that makes this world a better place. I am not n Ned of help nor am I able to help unfortunately but just wanted to thank you for this amazing gift you have made possible for so many,

  19. @Heather #2007 – Never too late. Some putty, kinetic sand and tops are heading your way. Should all be there by the 22nd or 23rd. I hope that was something off of each of your kids lists but if not I think that kinetic sand looks awesome for someone at any age…I kinda want some myself. 🙂

  20. Just in case whoever did it missed my thanks. Thank you for my daughters shoes. (post #1876). That is a major blessing for her. My son still has not gotten anything and I updated things for my grandson. I also have cats that asked for food. Anything for them would be greatly loved. Here is my updated list link. I am not good at asking others for help and I really am grateful for all that anyone does. http://amzn.com/w/1YX3HDIRJNIUC Everyone have a blessed Christmas. Right now no one even cares if it comes in by Christmas. We are doing ours on the 26th so that we can all be home at the same time. Thank you very much.

  21. Good Morning!

    I’m sorry to have to do this, but I have one last request. My husband’s cousin (they are like brothers) asked me this morning if we had any money we could spare to help him out. He wants so desperately to be able to buy his little girl something for Christmas. Unfortunately, he is going through a divorce and got stuck with child support as well as some other bills from his ex that were unexpected. He loves her dearly and is a great father. So, I am hoping someone can help.. I have added a few things to my sons’ wishlist that she will enjoy.


    A little bit about her:
    Her name is Bella and she is 5. She’s a brilliant little girl who wants to be a paleontologist when she gets older. She LOVES horses and dinosaurs. In fact, she was a dinosaur for Halloween (it was too dark for any good pictures, but she was adorable!). She does karate and enjoys painting and bossing her cousins (my sons) around.

    If you can help. That would be amazing! Thank you.

  22. Reading the thousands of comments over the last few days just puts such a light in my usual dark/cold heart! lol… Happy Holidays to ALL OF YOU!!! thank you for my Christmas angel Jen Smith 🙂 My girls will be ecstatic to be receiving gifts this year..

  23. Someone hit some items on our list! I am forever grateful! To have anything to give to them is amazing!!!! (Post #1495)
    I honestly cannot wait until I can do the same for others, in the mean time, I will continue to volunteer every Friday evening at our local animal shelter here in town.
    Honestly I have been struggling lately, and this has restored so much faith for me, people are innately good. Blessings to all!!!

  24. @Caz I literally teared up seeing that I had a book coming for me. Especially after A bad night, I was so glad to see something that I can disappear into. I feel a tad.. Off.. Adding a couple more books, but I figured it’s worth a shot. If you have a book that is on my list, and don’t want to keep it, or if you have a book that you think suits well with the others on my list, please email me at Liz.stoenner@gmail.com I don’t need new books, I just need to get out of my head.

    The list for reference: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2MMBUM0BA0OC8

  25. @Heather #2012 I have a son with Sensory Processing Issues so I understand your list perfectly! The BodySox and Balance Board are on their way. Should be there by the 23rd. Merry Christmas!

  26. Hello, tribe!

    Thank you for being so generous to strangers. It truly warms my heart. Today I added a couple items to my list for my own children (list was started for my best friends children). The past couple of years have down right been horrible for me, and I could use a Christmas miracle or two! Those who know me know I never ask for help, so this is very hard.

    I lost my sister last year (she was 54), my brother this year (42 – after spending the last 14 years as a vent dependent quadriplegic as the result of an auto accident). I raised his daughter who was 4 at the time of his accident (her Mom was killed), and she turned 18 and moved out in September, not even a proper goodbye. I went through a separation (which culminated in a divorce this year); fighting to keep my house out of foreclosure; I turned 50 in October; and I’m raising my 3 sons (one of whom is disabled) alone now. I always have the “I’m superwoman attitude”, but lets face it. I’m not. During all of this I’ve been facing a medical condition myself, that requires monthly infusions; and I work a full time job, but I’m just exhausted and could use a little help. I put a couple items for my boys, and a pair of socks for myself. Thanks for considering helping us.


  27. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now all my babies will have something for Christmas. Blessings to all of you. (1876)

  28. Brittany 2024 – I picked up a few things for Bella and hope she enjoys them. Merry Christmas to all!

  29. Thank you for the presents! Some boxes came yesterday and my kids were asking me what they were and I told them they would have to wait until Christmas to find out, but that they were from someone who loves them. They had the biggest dopey grins on their faces. I can’t wait to see them on Christmas morning. You all are the best. I’m going to put my link out there one more time in hopes that maybe someone would get 1 more thing for my oldest (Gracie) to even things out. http://amzn.com/w/2W6GX5F3WGD7R
    You guys are amazing and I have been so blessed to find your site Jenny, you’re right depression does lie. I’m currently on 5 different meds a day for depression and anxiety. Your posts have helped me in so many ways. I appreciate your honest take on it. It helps knowing that I’m not alone and it’s okay to ask for help. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  30. Brandy, when you paste the link it should have a bunch of letters and numbers on the end, or else it just redirects to the wishlist of whoever clicks on it. If you’re having trouble sharing it publicly, you can always tell us what email address it’s listed under so we can search for it!

    Lost post numbers,
    Anthony S, headphones are headed your way!
    Jennifer M. I hope the whole family can enjoy the chromecast

  31. Ive noticed people talkin about kitties on here does anyone know what kind of dog food I can get my chihuahua to eat she loves chicken an turkey but i dont feel safe feedin her table food anymore???? Please feel free to email me any tips places I can get coupons or even free stuff I can use all the help I can get raising 2kids with no job due to having cancer is hard im so sad all the time .sissy30577@yahoo.com thank you and God bless

  32. Brandy #2035 – you are posting the wrong link, I think (I did the same thing yesterday). When you are in your wishlist at the top right there is a share button. Click on that and a window pops up with your link on it, simply copy and paste.

    Here is my link: http://amzn.com/w/368YQ8HSUOQ6A

  33. My OP~wondering if someone can help my oldest niece the other 2 are taken care of~thanks and many blessings to you!

    Here goes nothing. I’ve read this blog over and over, yet I delayed posting my wish list. Not because I’m embarassed, but because I’m sad I can’t help more. This wishlist isn’t for me, its for my sister. Single mom of 3 who lives with my 83 year old grandmother to be her 24 hour care provider. Her children’s father left when he decided “he didn’t want to be a family anymore”. She can’t work since she’s my grandma’s sole caregiver, and has a 3 year old daughter still at home. (and a 6 year old boy and 8 year old girl).
    I try to help as much as I can, but I know it pales in comparison to the selfless sacrifices she’s made to care for our family. Please help give her children the Christmas she can’t.


  34. Brandy I was able to find you with the email address, so the throw and the sticker book should both arrive by Christmas!

  35. There are so many new comments that I cantnsee who purchased more gifts for my son. You have no idea how much this means to us…to me. Complete strangers have made my son be able to have an amazing Christmas and I can’t show how thankful I am. I’m just in tears. He is going to be so happy and I can’t say how appreciative I am in words. I’m just speechless. Thank you all so so much. It means the world! <3

    Original post #1594

  36. Thank you so much guys for helping out my sister and her son, Chase. This means the world to me, and to her and my mom (she was seriously threatening to cut into her grocery budget, which I forbid because she’s on SSD). I hope you all have the absolutely best Christmas, Yule, every-holiday-in-the-world EVER!!! I don’t know if the Church of Bloggessianism has a beatification system, but you’re all saints in my book.

  37. So I’m floating along knowing that my kids have gifts in the mail, thanks to you ladies, then stop and check facebook, and I see this:

    Vivian ******

    (Took a screen shot but couldn’t figure out how to post it.)

    Vivian is my mother in law, but obviously we are in no shape to help. My sister in law is even worse off than us, and MIL is a young woman, too young to go because of lack of insurance. I looked at oxygen concentrators on Amazon in hopes of making a wish list, but due to the high prices I think a gofundme would be better. Does anybody have advice on how to proceed with this? I’ve asked her for more info about what she needs and how much she has towards the price, but she’s not online yet.

    I’m looking into the matter, but if anybody has advice on where to find these super cheap, please email me. knottymama@ymail.com

    PS – If any homeschooling moms have used materials they can part with for grades 5-8, please email me.

  38. I just can’t stop reading all of these comments, what an amazing thing you’ve/we’ve all done here. I’m just coming off what was clearly the worst year of my life, but this has reminded me in a billion zillion ways that I’m going to be okay. And I am so blessed, to have been able to help a couple of people on this list, even in a small way. So thank you all for that gift too. Cindy #1235 – baby formula on its way; Misty #1450 baby clothes for your new little one! and Shannon #1718 – the marble toy set, which was my absolute favorite thing when I was a kid! Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  39. Allison-thank you so much.She is going to be one happy little girl on Christmas morning. Her dad is sitting here in tears because of the compassion of strangers. Ive tried to explain how things work in Bloggess land……..the blog may have a new stalker! lol
    Bless ya’ll,and bless Jenny & her family this Holiday season, you all rock. <3 Much Love,
    Brandy,Richie & Ava Louise
    ( & the chi's PeanutButter & Jelly )

  40. Found something in my amazon cart from someone’s wishlist (an incline cat scratcher)…didn’t finish the order last night because my credit card wasnt handy. So I forget whose list it was! That makes it a surprise for both of us. 🙂 It will be there by the 23rd.. love from the kitties..

  41. I have woken up to a miracle! I posted last night and was hoping for 1 or 2 gifts for my amazing kids and you guys have gone above and beyond and blown me away!! Thank you VERY much to katherine, courtney, JT, Allyfwells and the anonymous gifter/s plus a kind soul sent me a gift card as well! I am sitting here crying my eyes out, I just can’t believe strangers would do this for my family. You are all angels! Thank you!

  42. There are eleventy billion posts here which is freaking amazing! Can someone help find one? A gal posted about needing a memory foam mattress. I know how awesome those mattresses are for people with pain or sleeping issues and I so want to help. Either she or her son were in the Air Force and the only thing on her list was a mattress. It is a Prime item but a bit steep for me so I wanted to ask her if she would post gift cards so maybe a bunch of us together could help her sleep better? Can someone help find her?

  43. R.P. – It appears that my cat got online while I was at work and ordered a couple more items for you and your babies. She is such a sneaky sneak! ^_^

  44. I was post 1986, a little ways up. Scrolling back through the comments, I keep seeing people mentioning pets and realized I hadn’t thought to include our cats, who my kids would never forgive me for leaving out.

    We have a 5 year old calico mixed breed female, named Stella, who is very fat and bad and hilarious and far too sassy for her own good.
    And a silver Oriental Shorthair female, named Athena, who is very skinny and so sweet and docile she may not actually know she’s a cat. We adopted her from a shelter that couldn’t really tell us how old she was, but she has no teeth and spends all her time snuggling, so we assume she’s a pretty old lady.

    So if any other cat lovers come along who’d like to spread some Christmas cheer to kitties, I added a few things for ours –


  45. I’m just absolutely blown away by the generosity of the tribe. Many thanks to mastiffcat and everyone else. Those kids are going to have an excellent Christmas thanks to everyone. They have NO idea that this stuff is coming. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes because I just can’t believe how people band together. You all rock my socks and those kids socks (although they don’t know it yet) Happy Holidays to everyone! Now off to coach the oldest through her final exam of the semester.


  46. I am just bumping to see if anyone can specifically help with the 2 blankets remaining, one of the boy toys (either the cars, Knex or Tinkertoy), the Monopoly and the Risk games. The Friends series would be a super appreciated gift mostly for the autistic boy, but his brothers love it as well – so all would enjoy it. Hugs and Much Love, what you all are doing here is a beautiful thing.


  47. @Amy RE: Oxygen Concentrators
    I have had several over the years, with and without insurance. There are many reputable medical equipment rental places that will rent to you monthly even without insurance. You might have to put a hundred or two down as a deposit without insurance but otherwise it should be a matter of 20ish dollars a month. Those things are several thousands of dollars and by the time you pay one off it has been outdated or your needs have changed.

    Message me if you want more info.

  48. Amy (2047), I see one on Ebay for less than $250 inc shipping. No idea if this is the kind she is looking for but here is the link. http://www.ebay.com/itm/OXYGEN-CONCENTRATOR-RICH-OXYGEN-SUPPLY-LOW-NOISE-ENERGY-EFFICIENT-EXCELLENT-/111227677927?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Mobility_Disability_Medical_ET&hash=item19e5aface7

    I would suggest that people could simply send you money through PayPal if they want to contribute to the cause. GoFundMe charges about 8%. PayPal charges about 3% for a regular transaction but if people use the “send money to a friend” option, there is no fee at all.

  49. Our tribe is simply amazing. There are only a few things left on my friend’s wishlist. I am just stunned at everyone’s generosity. In case anyone is looking for another wishlist to check out, I’ll repost the link to see if I can get those last few things taken care of.

    Link: http://amzn.com/w/1AS4O6P7HJG89

  50. So, I got the kids off to school this moening, came back home, and there was a package on our porch. As soon as I opened it up, another one showed up. I just realized every last thing has been purchased off of jamie and alyssas list. U guys are absolutely amazing. Thank u all so much for making my babies have the Christmas they so deserve.

  51. Stephen (way, way back in the comments) –your little girls’ socks should arrive today. Sorry I couldn’t do more…

  52. I am currently trying to get my cousin to come on here and post a list– he has a total of $8 right now due to some really fucked up situations, and now has to look for a new car. If he doesn’t show, just send lots of good vibes his way, this dude desperately needs it.

  53. LisaP@2058 can’t get anything there by christmas. Please add a gift card (maybe you could buy local replacements?)

  54. I posted a list yesterday for myself but my best friend Amy needs it more than I do! She is a single mom of 3 Kali 16, Corina 9, and Jackson 7. She works over 50 hours a week just to keep a roof over her head! There father isn’t paying child support out of spite because after 15 years of being in a abusive relationship she finally had the courage to leave! I am so proud of her and I just wish she could catch a break so she could sit back and smile and watch her kids open gifts on Christmas! Thank you for any help you may be able to give! <3 <3

  55. @ Lisa P

    Your Friends DVD set is on the way – should arrive on Christmas Eve 🙂
    Happy Christmas!


  56. I am overwhelmed with the generosity I see in just reading the comments. This blog has been a literal life saver for me this year, and I appreciate Jenny, her family, and this tribe. My husband and I are doing ok with having a little Christmas, but I would like to ask for help for my brother’s daughter, she is 7 months. After five years of infertility and multiple miscarriages, my sweet niece came. She is helping him deal with his untreated depression. If you can help that would be great. He worries if I give too many presents. Her list is: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/PPU35XITGUD9/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_v?

    My email is:kme2283@gmail.com

  57. @Linda (2060) I found some on Amazon but the reviews were discouraging. They’re only appropriate for very short outings for patients with light needs. I’m still waiting for more details from her on what her doctor recommended, but she has had severe health problems for a while and spent a few scary months in the hospital last year.
    @Laura Ann Swanson (2059) I will look into the rentals, I just started googling the medical supply companies and was shocked at the prices.

  58. Jenny, thank you so much for the DVDs, he will just love them and love to hear that Victor was saved by the CG. <3 I read your posts with conversations with Victor quite often and he gets a big kick out of Victor "suffering" like he does, haha. His favorite was the star trek/star wars mash up and asked me if you and I are related! Y'all are just making me cry the happiest tears all day. 🙂

  59. I just wanted to bump this for any dog/cat lovers out there since I think their list got lost in all the posts. The humane society has over 250 dogs and cats that they are caring for right now, lost their local pet food sponsorship, and are doing tons of fundraisers and adopted events trying to provide for the ones they have and find homes for as many as possible. Tonight they are having a 24 hour overnight event, but I’m not sure how many people will go at 4 AM to adopt a pup, lol. Any help with food bowls, paper towels, food, treats, etc would be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone for helping out so many people and animals this season! http://amzn.com/w/2E9ZMFSVWZ1R2

  60. @ Lisa P
    If you’re able to share a link to a pic at all, I’d be delighted to see it!! Enjoy your day!

  61. To Jen Smith (#2054), who asked about the person needing a mattress – I think it was Bonnie (# 1510). (I can’t spend much more, but the least I can do is help connect people if I can find them.)

    Also, I have a small, but hopefully helpful suggestion for folks, now that there are so many comments (which is absolutely un-surprising and totally fabulous!!): If you are trying to find an older comment, but can’t remember exactly where it is or the person’s name, etc., use your computer’s “find” function.
    I have a Mac, and to search a web-page for specific text, I hit my “Command” and “F” keys together, which brings up the “Find” function; then I type in the word I’m looking for (name, a keyword from their comment…); then I press the “Command” and “G” keys to scroll through the matching words.
    On a PC, the process is very similar, and I am not sure, but I believe you use the “Control” key with the “F” key. (PC users out there, feel free to correct me if I am wrong!)
    Don’t know if I’ve explained it clearly (there are lots of short, clear tutorials online about searching for specific text in a document or web-page, etc.), but I’ve been doing this routinely to find people whose lists I wanted to check out again, and it’s made things a lot quicker (and is SO much easier than scrolling.)
    Anyway, all this has absolutely made my Christmas (which I mentioned already at # 1670), and so I hope this helps everybody a little bit. : ) Long live Wonderful Jenny and Santa James Garfield!!!

  62. Mary Anne Savage (comment 1921) some crochet items are on their way for Angela,but since they are coming from Hong Kong, they may not arrive til January. Jut a heads up for you 🙂 much love and peace this holiday season!

  63. #434 I just ordered the Legos and Frozen For The Munchkadoodle. They say you’ll get the package by Christmas.

  64. Amy – understood. I lost my mother to COPD in 2005. The rental is a very good idea! Another thought just occurred to me. You might see if there are any manufacturers local to your area and contact them. Manufacturers have salespeople and salespeople have samples. When a new model or version of anything comes out, the salespeople start hawking those wares, but the previous model/version sample might be available to you for a much lower cost. The same idea with medical supply companies – they might have “last year’s model” on deep discount, but if they only have one or two, you won’t find that price online. Once you know exactly what she needs, it might be worth making a few phone calls. All I have to offer is good thoughts and prayers and I am sending those your way!

  65. I typed up a long post earlier this morning, but I do not see that it posted!

    I wanted to thank each and every person who purchased something for Tyler– especially his new comforter that should be arriving soon! I can’t believe three of you all jumped at the same time to help him out with the blanket set and not everyone was able to purchase it for him. He would have LOVED the solar system set, but I selected a plain black set under $40.00 for his list. We received one box today and I can NOT wait to open the packages and wrap the gifts to put under the Christmas Tree. I think it is the science kit he wanted. 🙂 (He loves learning)

    The only other big item wanted/needed is a new bike since he out grew the last one, but unfortunately, there are none cheaper than $100.00 on Amazon. I found out how to add items from other stores and found one for less than $80 from Wal-Mart. Maybe someone would be able to help me with that item. He rides his bike everyday when it is warm.

    If anyone is able to help out with that last item, please give me your e-mail address so I can send a picture of him on his new, cool, big boy bike.

    This is the last time I will be posting a link to his wish list.

    Thank you again to all who were able to help me with my brother’s items.

  66. Anonymous #1957, BAZINGA! Thank you SO MUCH! He’s going to be so thrilled! The cookbook will be used and loved daily. Funny story, it’s a copy of a cookbook we had in the family as kids that was lost, much to our heartbreak as that’s the cookbook my mom taught us to cook from, the cookbook she made christmas cookies from, and when I met Mike as a kid? She made cookies from that book and they are now his favorite christmas cookies. This will be so very special to us. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I am so excited to watch him open everything. You are amazing! Much love and many blessings to you. 🙂

  67. @Rachzilla and @BeffyDee
    Thank you, you lovely ladies, what I believe to be several packages from you both arrived today. I am so so happy that I have these things to wrap for the kids. It really does swell my heart. And yes, love and metal chickens indeed 🙂 xx

  68. I’m posting for a friend, I’m trying to help her out this Christmas. But money is tight, so I asked her permission to share her story and we created a gift list for her son. Caleb is almost 3. He is the sweetest little boy, he loves anything with wheels. Especially Disney Cars. Caleb’s mother Jen just recently became a single mother. Every financial burden was left to her. She doesn’t have a single gift for Caleb, nothing at all. She won’t be able to get him anything at all for Christmas because her rent is due, and money is just very tight. Caleb has been through a rough couple of months, and he really deserves a great Christmas. I know you are a wonderful group of people, and I’m sure you can help her out!

    Let’s all help make Caleb smile on Christmas morning!


  69. PAIGE: Thank you for the Princess Bride! A much beloved film in our home, and we can’t wait to read the book! Your generosity is so very heartwarming and I can’t wait to tell Mike about you! It is the kindness and support of you and people like you that keeps him going on the long, hard days. A happy holiday to you, and many blessings. <3

  70. What a fabulous experience this has been!! Both to be able to help a bit, but also receive some help for my dear friend’s daughter (I’ve closed off my list now that’s she receiving a few things). What a blessing. Like many of you, I’ve shed many tears of delight the last few days, and just thinking of what love & happiness is going to be filling so many homes over the Christmas season because of what Jenny has started. It gives me goosebumps!! I’m still scrolling through all the comments to find who my mystery Santas are, but a hug and a big thank you to you!!

  71. Jacqui @ 679 – your friend’s daughter should get a little something right before Christmas.

  72. Brenda B (post 2076) – pick out the most awesome bike you can find for Tyler on Amazon; don’t worry about the price, and I will happily buy it for you! Just repost the list, or send me an email at erica.massie@gmail.com with the link.

  73. Jennifer K, a Cars Book Set from Santa James Garfield will be delivered for Caleb by Monday. Tell you friend Jen not to worry.

  74. Erica R #1845 – Your boys’ list reminded me of my boys’ list. So there are a few more things on the way for Matt and David… A couple Sims games plus the Soul Eater video and t-shirt should be arriving sometime Tuesday. Merry Christmas!!

  75. Also, if anyone needs Christmas cards sent, please let me know. I can at least offer those in return to make someone’s day a little brighter. I plan to save any gift cards I get and re-gift them to others on this list that still need something in the new year! Merry Christmas!

  76. Jennifer – comment 2080 – a little something is on its way for Caleb. Delivery is guaranteed for 12/23. Merry Christmas and much love to Jen & Caleb!

  77. Jennifer Kulesza (2080): Your friend should be seeing a few items in the mail by the 23rd. Happy Holidays.

  78. I am just bumping to see if anyone can specifically help with the 2 blankets remaining, one of the boy toys (either the cars, Knex or Tinkertoy), the Monopoly and the Risk games. Hugs and Much Love, what you all are doing here is a beautiful thing.


  79. Paige, I just saw your comment. Any tablet will do. I honestly just looked for a low cost one on amazon since the kids have been bugging me about it. I’m still in shock that most of their homework is through their online programs.

    A big thanks to Mrs. Claus as well, and to anyone I’ve missed who fulfilled bits not only on my wishlist, but on the others. The kids are going to be shocked, as well as their mom. They have NO idea. Despite the pain I’m in, I’m now inspired to run out and grab some wrapping paper from Dollar Tree. I haven’t wanted to leave my house in days, so thank you for pushing me to get moving.

    To everyone: You are a beautiful, wonderful person. Jenny started this, but each of you has kept it rolling. We never see something done on such a massive scale. Because of you, countless families and people around the country, around the world, are going to have a blessed Holiday. I am thankful to know you, even in such a small way. I am a big believer in what comes around goes around, and you all will get so much good brought back into your lives.

    Know that next Thursday, you are going to have 5 children with tears in their eyes, getting presents from Santa. They truly don’t think they are getting anything because they aren’t stupid and they know what their Mom’s money situation is. But you guys have multi-handily saved the day. You’ve not only helped them get some fun stuff, but also some practical stuff that they desperately needed. That, my friends, is MAGIC. You are magical. Hats off to every single one of you. Now, pour yourself an eggnog. If anyone deserves it, it’s you.


  80. You guys….This is going to be my daughter’s face on Christmas morning thanks to you all!


    A few people have asked me to add some “mom and dad gifts” onto our list so I have added a few things on there if anyone would like to help. I also combined the Girl’s Christmas Lists into the family one, so it is all one big list now. 🙂

    Thank you guys SO much! This is an incredible community and just an overwhelming showing of kindness and support! <3

    Julie D~ Post #1021 http://amzn.com/w/MOVY70VHHPK8

  81. Thank you to all who sent or are sending ry something he is going to be so amazed. From being told no Christmas to having an amazing Christmas from all of you. Thanku and while we may not be able to buy gifts we will be paying this forward any way we can. He has presants to open. If anyone is and to help with stocking stuffers I would be forever grateful even more than now. Email t_baillie@yahoo.com. May each of you be blessed beyond measure….

  82. Liz Stoenner 1451 if you see this, will you add a gift card to your wish list?

    So easy to update my bookmark from amazon.com to smile.amazon.com, didn’t have to update anything! Supporting Salem Animal Rescue League. The bestest most-est awesome-est cat in the entire universe (both know and unknown) is from there. ;.) She is Nikita Banana, and we love her.

    Please pass me some more merry gravy, JG, I’m drunk on goodness and love!

  83. Thank you Alice, Pinksesh and Kathy!!! Caleb is going to be so appreciative, and Jen is currently in tears! She can’t believe how amazing you all are!!

  84. April #1882 Thank you!!! You made me squee with giddy excitement <3 I can't wait to read Jenny's book.

    SqualorHouseGail #1866 Thank you, but it looks like I got my wish.

    Thanks to you all and Merry Christmas!!

  85. @ Jennifer Kulesza
    One fire truck and one ‘roadworks’ book en route! Should be with you by the 23rd…

  86. Hello: my name is jinell a lady from church emailed me a link to this site and said there may be a few nice people that would be willing to help my children and I if it’s not to late. I am a single mom of 2 girls one 11 almost 12 and a 3 year old. we have just moved to ohio from florida due to unfortunate reasons. my ex fiancé used to beat me on a regular basis and just recently found out he is also an addict and one day 2 weeks ago as he was beating me my 11 year old walked in and that’s when I had the courage to finally leave and escape the abuse and try to give my children a better life so I have a great friend here in ohio that offered us to stay for awhile until we are able to get settled on our own. we left florida with a bag of clothes each and hopped on a greyhound bus. but we surely were not prepaired for the cold ohio weather so if any of you would be so kind to offer a great Christmas for my girls and provide us with some clothes more suited for the weather here I would be forever grateful. thank you and happy holidays.
    hopefully I did this correct, Mariah and mischa and myself thank you tremendously for taking the time to read this


    (Minnie Mouse hoodie on the way. ~ Jenny)

  87. We lost our house the week of Thanksgiving after finding out that our landlord had let the house go into foreclosure. The bank evicted us with less than 30 days notice. We put most of our things in storage and moved in with friends temporarily. The added expense of moving has wreaked me financially, not to mention the stress, anxiety, and depression its caused. My boys dont want for much. Neither of them even bothered to make out Christmas lists. With Christmas looming, I’m at a bit of a loss. I know they would be happy with anything. Collin is 10 and reads like crazy. Jack is 7 and is my crazy builder.
    I cry writing this because Ive never needed help before but Im out of ideas. I work hard but this year it wasn’t enough.

    (Sent a few books. ~ Jenny)

  88. Lisa P ~ Santa James Garfield tells me that a Tardis will appear on your front porch on the 24th. But you’ll have to keep a sharp eye out since some Tardises (Tardi?) look like cardboard boxes containing blankets and k’nex.

  89. so i have enough christmas presents for my daughter but my son has very few and i was wondering if anyone could help me out with a couple more presents for him? i would really appreciate it. he’s a great kid and he listens to everything i say and ask him to do. he gets straight A’s in school. i just feel bad because my daughter has a lot more than he does and he has 3. thank you so much. i’m really grateful for the help that i have received and i will continue to be grateful for this. i can’t thank you guys enough.

  90. Just checked my list and (unless I’m crazy, which is entirely possible) it looks as though all 3 of the boys blankets were purchased (if they are no longer on the list, I’m assuming that’s what it means)! Only a few items remain on the list. Guys – thank you so much. The Monopoly and RISK games would be awesome, if anyone is still looking (that way they each get a blanket and a game). I’m teary eyed here at work, and trying to keep myself together. XOXO


  91. Jennifer – comment 2080 – another little present is headed to Caleb. It should be there 12/23. Merry Christmas 🙂

  92. Nicole (#2095), my son is also a LEGO Movie fanatic. He was happy to help be Santa and we just picked out the Melting Room set for Jack. It should be there by 12/23.

  93. Lisa (1324 & 1931) The shoes, a Simon game, and a book should arrive Dec. 23rd. Merry Christmas!

  94. Jennifer Kulesza, Caleb will have a giant firetruck puzzle on 12/23. :-)It’s the least that I can do after so many others have helped my mother in law. I told her that she’ll have a few Secret Santa gifts arriving, and she’s been in tears. Thank you all! http://amzn.com/w/29BNRMO7BLRH8

  95. @ jinell
    A pink ‘Glacial’ hoodie is en route too. Stay warm at Christmas, you guys. I hope 2015 brings you many good things.

  96. http://amzn.com/w/3RD4N4VKM5DRX
    If anyone could help with any of the doll clothing it would be greatly appreciated!!! Grace loves her baby that was given to her by an older cousin and would love to be able to dress her. Her baby goes everywhere with us. I cannot say enough great things!! Thank you all so much!
    Post (1495)

  97. I have no idea where my original post even is, so I can’t reference it but I wanted to share a little about my daughter, Cassady. She is 14 years old and struggling with anxiety, depression and PTSD due to being assaulted by my ex husband when she was 9.

    She’s working with an amazing therapist to overcome her self hatred and shame and guilt – things that no child should ever feel.

    I would love to be able to get her an ipod to help her when she’s having flashbacks or when she’s super upset and can’t calm herself down.

    Here’s the link to her list:


    I’m so proud of her for being strong – it’s been a rough few years with suicide attempts, hospitalizations and self harm … but it IS getting better.

    Thank you for your time and compassion – have a happy holiday season!

  98. @ Nicole Helak

    The LEGO glider is on it’s way – should be with you by Christmas Eve 🙂
    Wishing you and your boys a much better 2015…

  99. Wow! In less than an hour, and you guys are giving this little boy an amazing Christmas! I just spoke to his Mom about his needs, and she informed me that he doesn’t have a bed. He has a mattress from his crib, but doesn’t have a bed. I searched Amazon high and low, and I think I found this most practical and economical bed. This would mean the world to Jen and Caleb!

    Updated: http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/2WY5VTJQC5S3G

  100. My original post was #1328 and I am so grateful for the boots for my youngest and coat for my oldest daughter. They are teens, so past the toy stage, and are quite alright with these practical things being all we can manage this year because they are amazing and understanding like that. My husband gets his second paycheck the day after Christmas and this post has literally made the difference in the girls having something to open on Christmas day and us being able to pay our heating bill and put gas in the car.

    I just wanted to post one update because I added a hat and some gloves if anybody is able. This would be the first time since they were much younger that they haven’t had makeshift winter clothing in some way, boots that are a bit too small trying to stretch another year out of them, coat that is not really meant for WI winter, those stretchy thin dollar store gloves. Those things are fine for me because I hate winter and try to avoid it as much as possible, 🙂 but the kids have to be out there for school and it’s been something we’ve struggled with providing for years. They are done growing, for the most part, so these items will last them a long time and I’m so, so appreciative.


  101. You guys have been so generous, and I thank you. I’m going to take pictures of my gifts when they arrive.

    I hope that this is okay, but my neighbor could really use a good Christmas too, so I’m going to link her wishlist now. If that is okay. She has had a pretty bad year, and it’s only just now starting to perk up. She keeps getting hassled by people offline about not “looking” disabled, when she is. I just don’t think that’s fair of people.


  102. Jenny, this isn’t directly related to Santa James Garfield, but i hope you don’t mind my plugging one of my favorite charities that might be able to help Bloggessians in other ways.

    Modest Needs (www.modestneeds.org) is an amazing program.
    “Modest Needs is a national nonprofit empowering members of the general public to make small, emergency grants to low-income workers who are at risk of slipping into poverty.”

    Modest Needs’ mission statement:
    “To responsibly provide short-term financial assistance to individuals and families in temporary crisis who, because they are working and live just above the poverty level, are ineligible for most types of conventional social assistance but who (like many of us) are living one or two lost paychecks away from the kind of financial catastrophe that eventually leads to homelessness.”

    Modest Needs issues GRANTS, not loans. They come no strings attached and do not have to be repaid. The funds are paid directly to the vendor (for example, if someone needs their car repaired, the money is sent directly to the autoshop). There is NO COST to apply for or receive a grant.

    “Individuals and families are eligible to apply for assistance from Modest Needs if:
    –You are at least 18 years of age;
    –You are a legal resident of the United States or Canada;
    –You intend to apply for assistance either for yourself, or for a person living in your home;
    –Your household has at least one active bank account OR has filed a Federal Tax Return within in the past two years;
    –You have regular access to a computer and the Internet and can check your email the Modest Needs website daily for the entire time that your application is active;
    –You have the ability to access a scanner or a fax machine for long enough to scan and upload or fax the documentation to support your application that Modest Needs will request from you during the grant application process;
    –If you rent (rather than own) your home, your household has a legal lease that your landlord and a member of your household both have signed. This lease must show the monthly cost of your rental, whether or not you pay all of this amount yourself;
    –Your household passes our ‘income’ and ’employment’ tests, both of which are explained in the application process.”

    Modest Needs does not fund on-going expenses, nor can they help the unemployed or homeless (the reasons for this are explained on the website). The focus is to help working people with the kind of debt that can weigh them further and further down until they lose their homes, because they can’tor who cannot afford something they need to keep their job or better their situation.

    I remember one woman who had finally found a job and an apartment, but was sleeping on the floor which was hurting her back so much she was afraid she’d lose her job and asked for a mattress. Another woman had a job in a factory but couldn’t afford the dues necessary to join the union which would allow her to move into better paying jobs. Car repairs or tires so you don’t lose your job. A child needs glasses but the parent can’t pay for them and rent and food. Behind on rent and utilities because out of work due to illness. Funeral expenses or veterinary bills.
    Modest Needs funds all kinds of requests.

    If you or someone you know is in trouble, check out Modest Needs website. Their review process is tight, but it’s worth it i think.

    Disclaimer: i am not affiliated with Modest Needs other than having been a fan for years.

  103. I need to take a minute to say thank you. Last night I posted a request for help with rent. What I received is a gift I’ve been needing for a long time. I told my truth. This community has created a space where I felt safe enough to tell the truth about my situation. I have struggled with so much shame for so long regarding my mental health issues and my husband’s arrest. Because of the shame, I don’t tell anyone about anything in my life. But I come here and I not only told the truth about our situation, I asked for help. Those are two things that are incredibly difficult for me to do. I’ve been reading these comments for a few days and have been overwhelmed by the kindness I see. If there were ever a purer expression of human kindness, I have yet to see it. I know that there are people here who have needs much greater than mine and I hope those needs are able to be met. I am just so grateful for the unexpected but much needed gift that all of you have given me. To have a community of like-minded people as incredible as all of you is more than I ever thought I would have. Thank you, from the depths of my oh-so-grateful soul, for all your kindness, generosity, humor, love, and acceptance. And to you, Jenny, thank you for being the angel who brings us together every day. My heart is so full right now. My cats are looking at me like I’m a little nuts (a common occurrence in our home) because I am sobbing and laughing with joy. I am truly blessed. Jennifer Lawson is a true miracle worker and this community is proof. Happy Festivus to everyone! May your days be filled with all the gravy, chocolate, and love that your beautiful soul can handle.

  104. Kim (1879/2016), Carrie (1939), and Brittany (2059) – I’m sorry for the delayed reply, but I’ve had appointments out of the house all morning. (Thank you for pointing out the email, Kim, and it is in the list now as well.) I cannot begin to thank any of you enough for your kindness and generosity. I fed my cats this morning without worrying about how much was pouring out of the bag and it felt wonderful.

    Thank you is something I’ve been saying a lot lately and I wish there was a way to imbue it with all of the feeling and gratitude that I do have. For the longest time I was scared to let people know I was hurting and in trouble; I was afraid I’d lose my few friends and be seen as broken and worthless. Not only have they not abandoned me, but I’ve found a whole new group of people who don’t know me personally but since you are generous, kind, and compassionate people, you’ve reached out to help.

    Please understand that this help hasn’t just made it so I can think, “Okay, I can take good care of my cats now without worry for a while; whew, what a relief.” This is true, undoubtedly. But it’s more like, “People have wanted to help me. People will help. Things can get better… maybe I will make it through this after all.” I still have a lot of big problems to solve in the next few weeks and a mess to rebuild after that, but I have more confidence that it can indeed be done. I have hope. That’s a tremendous gift.

    I will always remember this and will do my best to give others this feeling in the future.

    Happy holidays to you all and a most wonderful new year!

  105. I am just bumping to see if anyone can specifically help with one of the boy toys (either the cars or Tinkertoy), the Monopoly and the Risk games. Hugs and Much Love, what you all are doing here is a beautiful thing.


  106. Erica (2094) I just sent you an e-mail. Your post must have been under moderation review because it just now popped up for me.THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS! I can’t believe what has happened the passed two days.

    This is the link to Tyler’s list with the bike. http://amzn.com/w/M00RZYFL8EEO

  107. @stephanie I hope things look better for you going forward, and that you were able to find help with your rent. I am also having rent issues and while I haven’t had any lucky getting assistance with that yet, just knowing that there are so many people around who care enough to give a warm comment makes me feel better.
    link: http://amzn.com/w/3JPIGRMOBGILS

  108. Amy from 2047 again, I did get in touch with the MIL and thankfully one of the cheaper models will do for her needs until she gets approved for disability – which puts the price in the hundreds and not thousands, thank goodness. I looked into the rentals and they are a few hundred per WEEK, if anybody knows of rentals in the $20/mo range referenced earlier, please let me know.

    I made her a wish list on my account and will add a oxygen concentrator from amazon and gift cards totalling up to the price so that people can contribute just a bit til we have enough to buy it. My address is on the shipping, but that will be changed once she gets back online to give me hers.

    If you can, please share her list on your facebook!


  109. Hi wonderful people. I posted a thank you recently and asked for stocking stuffers. I also said I would repay the help received in any way. Well I just got a phone call from Ohio child protective services asking if I was still willing to take in Baby Gabe. (His mom use to be my neighbor, and I watched him from time to time.) He will be six months old on Christmas day. He comes with clothes on his back, they can’t locate family and mom is in a comma. I was listed as his emergency contact from when he had surgery st four months old for his feet. So he will be here Monday and I have nothing baby, my son is nine. This is going to be a learning curve. As you’ll see from the wish list, we need so much. Thank you for reading and helping if you wish. I asked about help from the state but because he isn’t going to be a ward of the state there’s no help for him. http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1ME255E4O9P9Z

  110. PS – There is also more about the situation in the blurb above her wish list, as well as several different types of equipment which I went ahead and left up as price comparisons. I apologize if anybody has left new messages for me on this thread, I really need to get away from the computer until later tonight. Please spread this around!

    PPS – Does it seem scammy as it’s posted now? Nobody has any way to verify where it’s going…maybe I should go the gofundme route and eat the fee…

    Again I can be emailed at knottymama@ymail.com
    (Yeah I had dreads for a hot minute years ago but stuck with the email lol.)

  111. Chad, Nicole H., Mary S. Your items should arrive Christmas eve.
    Sarah S & Amy R, your items will arrive after Christmas, I’m sorry.

    Jenny – please take a deep breath, relax, and join your Bloggess army in a wine slushee salute to the holidays. They WILL be MERRY (if they know what’s good for ’em and if there are enough wine slushees).

  112. Elisa McCrea (# 1426) – tried to buy a gift card but Amazon keeps telling me that “There is a problem w/recipient e-mail address.” Is there another one I could try?

  113. We are in a good place this year and I’ve been have been getting so much joy at being able to share that by playing Secret Santa through this comments section, but now it’s my turn to ask for help, not for me, but for my community.

    Something has happened with Toys for Tots this year and several of our local charities have found out they are not going to be receiving toys to give children this year–I’ve linked a few of the news stories.




    This is a link to an emergency toy drive to help those charities out if anyone can lend a hand:


    Thank you!

  114. Amanda (#513) it took a little while to find your original post …sent you the slippers and the computer mouse…Merry Christmas!

  115. @csoar – added the gift card at your suggestion. If anyone can specifically help with one of the 5 year old boy toys (either the cars or Tinkertoy), and the Monopoly and Risk games for the older boys to each have a “toy”, that would be amazing, and our list completed. I am flabbergasted at generosity of strangers. XOXO Hugs and Much Love –


  116. @sharon Thank you! Oh man, they are going to be so excited! You guys really have no idea what it means to me to be able to put something under the tree for them this year. I feel so lucky and blessed to have been brought into this community!

    Erica R Post #1845

  117. Thank you so much to whomever bought from my wish list for my son. I’m on my phone so it’s difficult to see the comments. I’m just posting this now so you know I’m not ignoring anyone. I’m almost crying. I can’t express what you have made me feel. Thank you.

    I’m pretty sure the retired can apply too, not just the currently employed, since i know i’ve seen applications from retired people. I don’t want any one to not apply because they’re retired.

    If you’re currently out of work, but assistance can help you get work, apply. It can’t hurt.
    Modest Needs works to keep people from being pushed over the cliff into free-fall of homelessness and poverty.

  119. Is there anyone that can help me try to get the Kindle for my son? I know it’s expensive and a lot to ask but it’s the last thing he for Santa to bring him. If anyone can even spare money towards a gift card that I can use towards it, would be awesome.

    Wish List
    Link: http://amzn.com/w/ZVIF7UP41R6L


    I am also totally down with posting pics of my son opening the gifts you have all generously got for him. Instagram #blogesschristmas ? Anyone else want to do that too?8

  120. to Amanda (#2047) I just purchased your little boy’s coat/hat, socks and underwear. I guessed size medium on the underwear (size 6-8) . Amazon says delivery by 12/23/14 and the coat is already wrapped! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!

  121. I am overwhelmed at the compassion and genorosity of the Bloggessphere. Every item on the wishlist I created for my friend and her family has been purchased. I have no words. My heart is full.

  122. Tribe – just wanted to share a story to put things in perspective for all of us. My sister is a middle school teacher. The police just came to her school to pull a 6th grader out to take him to the elementary school where they were going to get his 7 year old sibling out of class to tell them their mother was murdered by her boyfriend today. Yesterday not to far from where I live a 5 year old was killed by his 19 year old cousin. I’m sickened by this news, and just want to hold my kids a little bit closer today. Why? Just why?

  123. Hello my name is Jennifer (Miller)Whitehead I am a mother of 2 boys and a step daughter. I had a great job and had everything going for me until 3 months ago my past boyfriend beat me I almost lost my children due to it and going through a divorce. He is now incarcerated and will not be returning ever. However due to the beating I was unable to work and was terminated. I had to choose between paying rent and electric or Christmas, I have no way of making sure my boys and girl get what they deserve and am asking for anyone to help if they will. I understand it may be a lot however I believe in God and all he does and I know that if even one thing is bought they will wake up Christmas morning and be excited, please help me make sure this year is happy and not without a gift. Thanks in advance to any and all who may help me.


  124. @stephanie 2136
    I am right there with you. My rent bounced twice because my debit card was compromised two separate times. My account was wiped out both times and when you’re a single parent living off of disability for your only income it was earth shattering. I was so embarrassed (I still am). The depression from having chronic pain with my disability combined with the depression of feeling like a failure as a mom has been the hardest hole to try to pull myself out of. I’m embarrassed to tell my friends that the reason I can’t come over to hang out is because I cant waste the gas in my car to go more places than absolutely necessary. And I can’t afford the tolls to get to them. The toll may only be 2.05 but 2.05 when you can’t even afford to buy milk seems like a lot of money.

    Sorry for rambling, but I think sometimes it helps to know that I’m not the only one struggling with all of this. Jenny, that’s why I love your blog. You’re so open about your depression and that takes a lot of courage. I hope that this post may help another person who is in a similar situation and feels they they screwed up their whole life and that you’re a bad parent for not being able to provide for your kids. I still struggle with this everyday but I am trying to remember that I’m doing my best and when complete strangers come together and help out like this, it makes me feel like there is hope that I will get out of this dark place.
    Hugs and love to anyone who may be struggling with the same issues that I am. You’re not alone ❤️

  125. I shouldn’t have posted – just was overwhelmed with hearing the sadness in my sisters news telling me the story. It seems to make all my worries feel trivial is all.

  126. No, Lisa, it is good that you posted. Tragic terrible news like that make the beauty and magic that we have all shared here even more important. Can you please find out if the kids need anything that this group can provide them with?

  127. Jenny, thank you so much for all that you do to bring joy and understanding into our lives. Your website means the world to me. I just donated a goat and some bees as well as a Night Night package. Merry Christmas!

  128. A box arrived today and I see a single friend of James Garfield purchased the entire list I posted. Thank you again good sir! Your generosity is amazing.

    I also got a mysterious package of boys sweatpants that most definitely were not on my infant girl’s list. I’m not sure how and who they were supposed to go to. :/ If someone here needed a size Sm Youth black sweatpants I apologize that they didn’t get to you correctly. Email me at frzndaqiri at gmail and I’ll try to get them sent along.

    Next year I plan on setting aside a “James Garfield Pay It Forward” fund so when this starts up again I can repay the awesomeness and then some. 😀

  129. thank you for making my kids and I feel so blessed

    they almost all have something


    original post

    Hello: my name is jinell a lady from church emailed me a link to this site and said there may be a few nice people that would be willing to help my children and I if it’s not to late. I am a single mom of 2 girls one 11 almost 12 and a 3 year old. we have just moved to ohio from florida due to unfortunate reasons. my ex fiancé used to beat me on a regular basis and just recently found out he is also an addict and one day 2 weeks ago as he was beating me my 11 year old walked in and that’s when I had the courage to finally leave and escape the abuse and try to give my children a better life so I have a great friend here in ohio that offered us to stay for awhile until we are able to get settled on our own. we left florida with a bag of clothes each and hopped on a greyhound bus. but we surely were not prepaired for the cold ohio weather so if any of you would be so kind to offer a great Christmas for my girls and provide us with some clothes more suited for the weather here I would be forever grateful. thank you and happy holidays.
    hopefully I did this correct, Mariah and mischa and myself thank you tremendously for taking the time to read this

  130. Lisa@2151 dang, forgot to tell you that you need to add an email address for the gift card.

  131. Tiffani:2059

    For anyone who also names their cats after Goddesses, from our Athena to yours (guess who just jumped in my lap to put some “fur in the game”)

    Btw, since a lot of your items were add one, you need firm products, so I added something. Should be there the 23rd!!!

  132. Linda (# 1768), Santa James Garfield is bringing you a copy of Moreta, by Anne McCaffrey. (I manage a bookshop, used to read Anne McCaffrey all the time, and that one has my favourite of all the Pern covers, so there was no way you weren’t getting it.) : ) Unfortunately, I don’t think it will arrive by the 25th (I’m so sorry!), but I hope it will be a good New Year’s gift. Enjoy and be well!

  133. Shannon811
    As someone in your situation with chronic pain and being a single mom my heart goes out to you. Well wishes for a happy holidays.

  134. Thank you so much Baillie. Just knowing other people “get it” helps more than you know. Describing my situation to people who have never been there often gives me advice like, just get over it or it’s all in your head. Sometimes a little understanding goes a looooong way 🙂

  135. Remember that wish list I put up for my young cousins? My aunt just posted this on Facebook:

    “Just had the shock of my life ups pulled up in the yard and said he had a pkg for me well it turned into 8 pkgs and it was for kids have no idea,who did this but hope they have a very Merry Christmas and happy new year all i can say,is wow”

    THANK YOU for making that happen!!

  136. Thank you so much for helping out Jen and Caleb! I’m so moved by everyone on this page! You have certainly helped make a little boys Christmas dreams come true!!!

    I have another friend. His name is Harry. He is a single Dad with 3 kids. His oldest daughter has type 1 diabetes. Money is very tight for him, he has recently had to move into his parents house because he is unable to afford rent on his own. Kayleigh is 11, Kam is 6, and Kristopher is 5. It would be greatly appreciated if each child could have at least one item under the tree for Christmas! With Dads help, we created this list. Thank you so much for helping!


  137. I’m not sure if anyone has seen these but just an update of who’s getting what, and when

    ELIZABETH ORBETH – Kraft macaroni & cheese, Tuesday or Wednesday
    PINKSESH – ‘Fault in our Stars’ tshirt, between 24th and 31st Dec
    JINELL – Caldore girls leggings between 29th Dec and 2nd Jan.

    Hope this helps!

  138. Lisa (#2159), don’t feel bad for posting. Are you near New York State’s Capital District? We are, so I think know the story of the five year old you wrote about. It broke my heart, too – you are not the only one so saddened. It’s good to share if you feel you need to, and you reminded us all of how lucky we are in so many ways. Hang on to all the goodness that is going on here!

  139. Jennifer 2129: a bed for Caleb is on its way. My son, who is 11, even chipped in some of his own money! Makes me so proud!!!!!

  140. Linda (#1768), Santa James Garfield is bringing you a copy of Moreta, by Anne McCaffrey. (I run a bookshop, used to read her books all the time, and that one has my favourite cover of all the Pern books, so there was no way you weren’t getting it.) : ) Unfortunately, I don’t think it will arrive by the 25th (I’m so sorry!), but maybe it can be a nice New Year’s present. Enjoy and be well!
    (Please forgive me if this posts twice, my laptop hiccuped a little the 1st time I tried.)

  141. Laura Jane Kelley – just ordered some items for your 3 kids. Paid for faster shipping so fingers crossed the items are there before Christmas.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas from Canada! 🙂

  142. @Jennifer Kulesza I ordered one things for each of the kids. Two should make it there on the 23rd and one on the 24th. I hope they are all there on time.

  143.  http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/NB2YU45CQGJ7Carrie thank you so much for the kindness youve shown me sending $25 gift card plus advice me and Pear appreciate it very much.
    To my angels out there I cant thank you all enough for the support I received some packages today an the girls were in shock.

  144. jinell – jeans, gloves, leggings, and a play-doh set are headed your way. Delivery Dec. 23rd…Merry Christmas!

  145. J. Thank you so much!! That was actually one of my things I was going to get for a friend whenever I could so this is a wonderful surprise! I love the Pern books – I have probably read all of them ten times. A friend of mine is a nurse and she was fascinated when I was telling her about Moreta and the epidemic and the centrifuge – and she wants to read the book! Again, thank you!!

  146. Jennifer Kulesza (post 2089), A few of the Car toys will be headed Caleb’s way and should be delivered by Dec, 23. I Hope he enjoys them.

  147. There are so many incredible people here, I’m blown away by the care and generous nature of people who I’m blessed to have be a part of my life.

    My children asked for one thing this year – bathrobes. Thanks to the unbelievable support of you guys, they now will have them – and also a few others gifts that they’re not going to expect and I guarantee they’ll be blown away. Between health issues and general financial strain, I worried that they wouldn’t be able to have much, yet here they are more blessed than anyone could have predicted.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. If I knew of a way to say it and have it reach all the way across the world, I would. You all are my (and my childrens’) angels.


  148. Linda – Groovy, so glad the love is going to be spread even further afield! : ) (Gonna pull out some of my old Pern books when I get home, haven’t read them for a looong time…)

  149. Jennifer K ~ Santa James Garfield is going to drop off somethings at your place on the 24th since he doesn’t know where Harry lives.

  150. @ #264 Heather – Lego coming your way from a fellow Canadian. Should arrive on the 24th.

  151. I feel like a split personality since one of my posts came in as one ID, and the other as this ID. I want to thank everyone who purchased stuff for my youngest daughter. I sat here at work blubbering about the first thing that went off my wish list – a very expensive piece of physical therapy equipment. And I meant to turn off the list once three things were gone because of what we call “the 3 Wise Men rule” at our house (Baby Jesus got 3 presents, so that’s good enough for you – except stocking stuffers which don’t count), but all of a sudden 6 things were purchased – the Bloggess Christmas Spirit is fast and furious!!!! Thank you, thank you! And to add a piece of good news, we had someone pay for her school band trip in the spring, which we had told her she probably wouldn’t get to go on. Please pray for our continued search for a group home for my oldest daughter. Jenny – you and this blog are a group of wonderful people!!!!

  152. Jennifer Kulesza … Ninja Turtle tattoos, markers, Monster High Doll, Minecraft Gollum on their way. Should arrive by the 23rd with 2-Day shipping. Best of luck to your friend and his kids. 🙂

    Also, Jenny … I was able to get my office to donate the proceeds from our small $5 Christmas Raffle to Project Night Night. So … there’s $125 donated to them as of today. Enough to get five bags sent out!!!

  153. J – Awesome!! My favorite has always been Dragonquest. I really think my friend is going to like Moreta and not just for the healer aspect. Cheryl has an affinity for winged creatures (and wants to learn how to fly). I think dragons will be right up her alley! 🙂

  154. guys i posted a gofundme link on the first page and it got over thirty retweets and posts and some breathtakingly generous donations from you guys and i have no words to thank you. Nathan is so beyond thanks right now. to those who tweeted it and shared thank you SO much! you just helped a man gain the strength to go on knowing people give a shit. and to those who donated. There are no words for your generosity. you just prolonged a life, gave a man time with his friends and family, gave hope where there was none. Im trying not to cry at work. I hope you know what it is you accomplished because your god damn angels. im just realising how thanking people online feels so MEAGER compared to how i feel and how i want to just hug you, and thank you, and cry.
    I love you so hard right now THANK YOU! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!!

  155. WOULD ANY ONE WANT – or know someone who wants – the GRIFFIN & SABINE books?

    I have all three of the G&S books that i was planning on getting rid of, and since these books are both beautiful and strange, the perfect solution would be to send them to a Strangeling.

    If you’d like them, post your email and i’ll email you for your address, or the strangeling who needs them.

  156. I just wanted to bump my original post, in case anyone wanted to help this young man for Christmas. He doesn’t really have a “wish list” as all of our focus right now is on affording copays, gas to and from various specialists and nutrition. Thank you so much for reading his story, and sending words of encouragement! Even though he is a year out of chemo, he still fights the side effects of treatment and is unable to work due to recovery and constant pain and fatigue from chemo and invasive surgery to replace his femur, knee and part of his tibia…
    (post 1509) Figured it wouldn’t hurt to add this, my son is fighting an aggressive childhood bone cancer. Though he has completed chemo he still battles daily with the harsh side effects from treatment, including loss of hearing, brain damage, and recently was diagnosed as failure to thrive (he is continuing to lose weight, started at 170 and is now down in the 120’s and no one can figure out why) and needs a bone marrow biopsy to figure out why his body isn’t producing platelets. The costs for all of these specialists are astronomical. Despite all of this he continues to stand by and help other kids going through the same battle, he is my inspiration daily. Any help is greatly appreciated <3 http://www.gofundme.com/Team-Jeremy paypal teamjeremy2013@gmail.com
    Follow his story: facebook.com/goteamjeremy

  157. Breanne #2186 Mad Libs headed your way. They should be arrive by the 23rd. My friends and I, adults all, still love playing Mad Libs… of course they always end up being child inappropriate. LOL.

  158. I really really hate to post again since everyone has been so generous to my babies and myself.. I have a electric heater on my wish list now. And I really really could use it. We use electric blankets and things because electric heat is just too high. With this. I can hear my bedroom. For just a couple dollars a month… thank you merry Christmas!

    http://amzn.com/w/1W2WK85WS9F06My wish list

  159. Holey Bajoley! Wowzers! and all kinds of other hyperbolic exclamations of surprise and joy!

    I am amazed and humbled by the generosity of so many people!!!

    Bee – I thought you would like to know the art set and the speaker arrived today. I’m excited to know the pounding bench will be here by Christmas!

    This has been such an amazing experience. Each of the kiddos will have a couple things to open on Christmas day! We put our tree up last night, and it was a joyful experience for everyone. I wasn’t sitting with dread looking at the empty floor underneath wondering what I was going to do. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Thank you, also, for thinking of my wife and her testing. Unfortunately, she will need more surgery, but that will have to wait until the pneumonia clears up. We’re not sure when that will happen, but hopefully soon.

    Thanks again Bee and thank you Jenny! This has been quite an inspiration!

    Love love.

  160. @Jennifer Kulesza – Ordered a couple of small things for Caleb. They should arrive 12/23.

    P.S. I live in Derry too!

  161. Ally (2179) THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! I cannot express my thanks enough!! Please know how much my children will appreciate it and if you could get me your email, I am more than happy to send pics along with a true thank you!

  162. Someone mentioned James Garfield as Santa, and my quirky brain started trying to imagine that – then I realised I don’t have to, Terry Pratchett got there first – The Hogfather! This all feels even more special now 🙂

    I have to thank @Bee (extra thanks for braving US shipping – I think they think New Zealand is on the moon)
    @BeefyDee AGAIN, and yes it is totally mental that it’s cheaper to ship from the UK and Europe than from the US

    @Reb if you’re still out there; Hello fellow Kiwi! The phone book probably doesn’t show my current address as I moved to a smaller place recently (and cut off the landline) I’m in Papanui, just around the corner from Northlands Mall.

    FYI everybody, the reason I’m posting a not amazon list is because the shipping from the US is MENTAL, however the local company seems to be crap at handling wishlists, so I’ll just have to hope there are no stalkers around (I am so not worth stalking)


    My address is:
    6/128 Harewood Road
    Christchurch 8053
    New Zealand

    I wasn’t going to repost, but then I thought back to the days when I had the money to give and how much fun it was…


  163. Jennifer K – Caleb is going to look FANTASTIC in those nifty tshirts… guaranteed delivery by 12/23. Happy Holidays from a fellow New Englander ~

  164. Thank you Paige #1802 for the coat! It is so needed and appreciated!

    Since we can’t afford to donate monetarily this year, we will be spending a day next week donating used clothes, toys, and have a few new pet items to donate to the local humane society. So many people around the world are being blessed here, I’m so proud to be part of the church of bloggessianism!

    This has been such a rough couple of years for us and we’ve given up so much to make ends meet…it’s such a relief and a blessing to be able to see my step son receive a few things he’s been wanting and needing for a very long time that wouldn’t have been possible without you guys! I added some amazon gift cards to save up for the more pricy items, or to help with things we will need after our upcoming move. Happy Christmas everyone!!!

  165. Just donated to Heifer and send a wishlist item to a fellow Bloggessarian. Blessings to you Jenny, and the entire Bloggess family (real and virtual). 😀

  166. Jennifer K – Ordered some things from Caleb’s list. I have Amazon Prime, so they’ll all be there on the 23rd or 24th. Merry Christmas to you, Jen, and Caelb

  167. DinaB a book and movie are on it’s way. The Princess Bride won’t be there until the 30th though..so it will have to be a new year”s eve present.

  168. It is probably pushing it to link this again, but since I only have til next week I am a little anxious. I am in danger of being evicted, so if anyone could even just retweet this go fund me link or put it on their facebook so it gets around, I would really appreciate the assistance in that way. Even if you cannot donate to it yourself. Thank you:


  169. Jenny…I know this will be buried in the avalanche of comments, but I just wanted to say thank you for this. It’s been such a comfort to help people, even in a small way..both of my boys are struggling with depression right now..it’s making it hard to feel very merry. This helps. More than I can say.

  170. Baillie ~ Santa James Garfield says no one needs two vacuum cleaners, so you should remove that one from your list.
    So it and diapers, and baby wipes for baby Gabe should arrive on the 24th. And some baby formula. Oh, and a baby bed.

    You are an amazing angel, a wonderful spectacular person to open your home to baby Gabe. Anything i can give absolutely pales next to your generosity. I thank you and thank you and thank you that you let me be part of helping Gabe. I have had a shitty year, stuck in a depression all year, and to be able to do this has helped me so much.
    For the first time since this giftapalooza started, i have tears in my eyes, and it’s thanks to you and your huge heart. Even being able to give you the vacuum is a gift for me: i broke my neck when i was 20 so i feel very close to you as a fellow survivor and to be able to do this for you is huge for me.
    All the blessings of the universe on you, my dear sweet lady.

  171. To Janis is Nebraska: I just got a notification that the gift I sent to your son wasn’t deliverable 😒 Is the address you entered incorrect? Has anyone else had this issue? I want to make sure it’s gets there!

  172. I have lost the comment numbers but Nicole H. the Heroes of Olympus box set is on the way, Corazon B, you have a Jenga set and a CD coming your way, and Amelia D. the Ever After sketchbook should be delivered to you. All in time for Christmas. 🙂

  173. I know this is out there late but I just heard about this site. My boys Pj 10 and kegan 7 have been good boys this year and deserve a decent Christmas. They both have similar interests like sports , science, and especially video games. We did get a few gifts from Raoc but would love to add more if possible. I also put a couple things for my grandsons Jaiden and Greysn because my daughter has been having a really rough year. She is a hard worker, a awesome mother, but is 7 months pregnant with the father of the new baby in the picture. [here] (http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/QF6DBD4WX57X) is there wishlist. Thank you for taking the time to read. It is truly amazing how many Santa’s are out there to help out again thank you.

  174. Not sure of the comment #’s. Amelia D: Darice Artyfacts Portable Art Studio has been purchased. Jennifer K: Temporary Tattoos and Minecraft Core Creeper figurine are headed your way. Nicole H: The Yellow House Mystery, and Suprise Island should be there soon!

  175. I’m hoping for a few more items for my babies and I . Each of my kids received 1 gist and my baby received 3 outfits for my baby from a wonderful Santa here! I have a 2 month old, a 4 year old, a pre teen, and 2 teens! It been a rough year and I really want to give them some gifts this Christmas! Thank you again to the wonderful person who gifted us already! It means so much very to me!

  176. So, I don’t think recipients get text notifications, so here’s a list of what’s been delivered.

    First, the snafu: Elizabeth P. In Colorado Springs. I sent the monster high design portfolio. I received a text that the package was undeliverable to the listed address, so the package is with the post office.

    Now, delivered to date:
    Sara K in NM: First big book of space, Uncle Milton moon in my room
    Annie S in NC: Avatar the last surrender
    Ravi G in OR: journal and dalek socks. One item with no listed shipping date.
    Stephanie B in FL: Marvel super heroes + 2 unofficial gamer books
    Ginger in MN: 4 books Inc. 2 Gregory books
    Kristi S in OH: Play-doh
    Shannon T in ME: American girl owls
    Natalie W in WI: art drawing kit and sketch pad
    Emily R in GA: astronaut helmet and space book
    Erin D in MA: Lego jungle first aid bike
    Stacey P in FL: Lalaloopsy girls
    Susan Jane in VA: nerf zombie striker and darts
    Elizabeth H in MO: Toothless and 2 books
    Amanda C in GA: Boxerjocks and girl’s hipsters
    Katherine A in MI: navy leotard
    Jennifer J in MI: Lego super heroes iron man
    Daerian B in OR: Serious scientific answers book
    B Kwakwea in CT: uncle Milton moon in my room
    Virginia S in NC: easel paper
    Shannon D in PA: Star Wars lego
    Natasha H in VA: Disney princess book block
    Malayalam in IN: Maze Runner
    Brenda H in MI: huggies wipes
    Tiffany B in AZ: map, book on the way
    Robyn c in WA: Cars wall decals
    Natausha B in MI: science kit + book

  177. Shipped items cont:

    Tom W in AZ: Baymax. Shirt on its way
    Jennifer C in NY: washable paint and paint brushes
    Shannon D in PA: Lego batman movie
    Julia in VA: gift card

    That’s it for now. Sorry for any confusing autocorrects. Ironically, Kindle corrected that to confusing autoworkers.

  178. I have done a bad job of letting folks know what’s coming, apologies. I’m posting a summary so that folks know to watch for packages and can post if things have gone astray in delivery. Please let me know if there are any problems!

    For delivery by Tuesday:
    Reading Adventures Cars Level 1 Boxed Set
    Shipped to Jennifer R. in Derry

    Tuna Salad Kits
    Shipped to J.E. F. in Christianburg

    BE Amazing Toys Energy Stick
    Shipped to Tiffani in Arcadia

    Poof Slinky Scientific Explorer Sour Candy Factory Kit
    Shipped to NIcole in Southampton

    Melissa and Doug Fairy Fantasy Jigsaw
    Shipped to Tricia A in Nashua

    Minnie Mouse Toddler Girls Pajama Set
    Shipped to Emily H. in Mount Angel (Hello from Portland!)

    Merry Christmas, Stinky Face book
    Shipped to Rachel in Rosemead

    A perfectly Messed up Story book
    Shipped to Eric S in Everett

    Knuffle Bunny book
    Shipped to Emily H in Mt. Angel

    Tinkertoy set
    shipped to Jenny H in Brunswick

    A Walk Down Sesame Street Pop-Up Book
    Shipped to Emily R. in Atlanta
    (I’m so sorry! This is not going to make by Christmas! Emily R, if you want to switch for something else, please post something!! I don’t want you present-less on Christmas!!!)

  179. J. (#2175) – yes, I was referring (in part) to the poor boy in the Capital District. Details are just now being released in the Binghamton area about my sisters students Mom. It makes me so sad. Just awful.

    In any event, if anyone can specifically help with one of the 5 year old boy toys (either the cars or Tinkertoy), and the Dr. Who Risk game for the older boys, that would be amazing, and our list completed. I am flabbergasted at generosity of strangers, it’s truly amazing what is being done here.
    XOXO Hugs and Much Love –


    Ok, this is just really stupid of me because i’m supposed to be a rational sceptic who does not believe in anything supernatural or mystical, like lucky charms or whatever. So of course even though i know it’s absolute rot, there’s still this one particular number (“##”) that’s been my special number because because. I stupidly always get a bit of a smile when i punch in my credit card number, which i’m ashamed to say makes me happy because it has ## in it.

    So anyway, i got kind of carried away here because after a really shitty depressed year that amounted to a big pile of nothing, Santa James Garfield’s giftapalooza has made me feel like i can be more than i’ve been. And i could say so much more about how this has helped me deal with the stress of the dreaded christmas holidays and the burden of buying and wrapping and sending gifts and how fucked up in the head i am about being afraid to spend money (long story) even though i’m one of the lucky ones and although i’m not “rich” i know i have more than most people on this planet, and how liberating and freeing it is to be happy and guilt free whipping out the old credit card. And i was thinking, shit, how much money is going around thanks to the Bloggess and Santa J.G., and i guessed that i’d probably spent almost $500 and thought, fuck it, i’m good with it, and besides, i kept getting a kick out of seeing ##. but i was curious this morning so i started adding it up and it was already over that, and then i saw some more that i couldn’t not give, and it was fuck yeah! I’m going for $1,000, that’s a bargain for how much this is helping me. (i swear i’m not saying the amounts for praise so don’t, but because they actually matter to this story.)

    then i saw how Baillie just did the most amazing thing and in spite of needing so much herself, opened her home to a baby in desperate need, and it was like i HAD to get her these things because fuck, i’ve never been in the situation of needing like that and i can’t imagine it, and how the fuck can i not help someone like her even though it was a boatload of $ and i didn’t know where i was in my budget, so i just said, fuck it and hit the “go” button.
    And i just totalled up my Santa James Garfield binge again and it came out to $1,0##.00. To the fucking penny. Like i said, i don’t believe in miracles and stuff, but holy fuck, i couldn’t have done that if i tried.
    It is clearly another miracle for Saint James Garfield. I know i am a total idiot for thinking this is significant, but i don’t care, it really is the magic number!

    Seriously you wonderful blessed tribe, this is so amazing. I am so grateful. i swear i’m going to put a photo of St. J.G. in my wallet so if i ever start to feel like shit again, i can look at his mangy face and remember how much beauty there is.
    Thank you so much, you crazy Strangelings!

    And one more thing: can you all please chip in a buck or two to help Elizabeth Orbeth with her rent so she doesn’t get evicted? If we all give a buck, we can do it.

  181. EVERYBODY: I didn’t realize I’d left a few items unpurchased in my Amazon car that I just deleted–I hope that doesn’t mean they showed as Purchased. I’m so sorry if that’s what happened!!!!!!

  182. Many months ago, my neighbor introduced me to the Bloggess. I was going through a rough time, between a divorce and the loss of my son’s dog that he was very attached to. I’ve tried to make everything better, to reinforce the idea of Rainbow Bridge, and to just give my kids the best life possible. At times it seemed impossible to keep a smile on my face when they weren’t looking, but then there was Jenny. Reading her entries kept me smiling and laughing and nodding along when I realized that’s she’s right – I’m not alone.

    She mentioned to me earlier that this wonderful group of people was wanting and willing to help, but I tried to tell her I didn’t need it – pride is one thing I can afford and I was certain to keep my fear of an empty Christmas from her. The next day, my son came to me and asked me if for Christmas he could get a stuffed puppy – one that looked like the dog he lost. I didn’t know how to even begin to explain that I’d spent all I could on a meal and a few coloring books for them.. and that’s when I decided to accept help if it’s possible.

    My son and daughter aren’t asking for much – in fact, aside from the puppy, his biggest wish is a new color for his cat and a toy for his new dog. Her wish is for “books and things to do” – I tried to keep everything on the list small, and please know that if anyone can help I’d be eternally grateful. If not, I’m still happy knowing that this group of people, and Jenny herself, exists and was able to get me through the toughest period in my life.


  183. @SqualorHouseGail – no worries, Amazon doesn’t take it off the wish list until it’s paid for.

    As to the rest of your post – HUGS. signs like that are awesome. 🙂

  184. Tamara Salazar, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I got notification that the gifts were delivered. I wish I could have done more, I hope your kids enjoy. Heck, I would enjoy that fuzzy bear! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  185. Oops, part of my last post was supposed to be to Mastiffcat. (You are awesome! yes, signs like that are awesome.)

  186. Thank you for the game Miss Secret Santa!

    A few people have asked me to add some “mom and dad gifts” onto our list so I have added a few things on there if anyone would still like to help give me and the hubby a little something under the tree as well. I also combined the Girl’s Christmas Lists into the family one, so it is all one big list now. 🙂

    Thank you guys SO much! This is an incredible community and just an overwhelming showing of kindness and support! <3

    PS I created a WordPress account so my name changed!

    Formerly Julie Valentine Dowey~ Post #1021 http://amzn.com/w/MOVY70VHHPK8

  187. Hi everyone I know I am posting this pretty late but I only heard about this site today. I am looking to get a little help for my two boy Pj and kegan. As well as my two grandsons Jaiden and Greysn. My boys both like similar things sports, science things, and video games. My son Pj has his birthday the day after Christmas so it gets even tougher. My daughter is a hard working, amazing mom, but is seven months pregnant without the father. She has been struggling to make ends meet but try’s so hard to stay positive. here is there wishlist. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and hope you all have a merry Christmas!

  188. My OP~wondering if someone can help my oldest niece (8) the other 2 are taken care of~thanks and many blessings to you!

    Here goes nothing. I’ve read this blog over and over, yet I delayed posting my wish list. Not because I’m embarassed, but because I’m sad I can’t help more. This wishlist isn’t for me, its for my sister. Single mom of 3 who lives with my 83 year old grandmother to be her 24 hour care provider. Her children’s father left when he decided “he didn’t want to be a family anymore”. She can’t work since she’s my grandma’s sole caregiver, and has a 3 year old daughter still at home. (and a 6 year old boy and 8 year old girl).
    I try to help as much as I can, but I know it pales in comparison to the selfless sacrifices she’s made to care for our family. Please help give her children the Christmas she can’t.


  189. I cannot begin to express how overwhelmed and happy I was to come home to boxes of presents for my son. Everyone has been so generous. I’ve been crying all afternoon. Just reposting his list in case someone is able to help a bit more. Especially with pillows. Everett has none and he really needs to be at an angle to sleep well. Thank you so much for everything that has been done. Ya’ll have made me not hate the world anymore. I kept feeling like everything and everyone was against me and my family. Xoxo


  190. Brenda B, Tyler’s bike is on its’ way. Unfortunately it won’t arrive until January 2 (standard shipping was the only available option for that item), so it will have to be a New Years present rather than a Christmas present. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and Tyler!

  191. Update on Charlie, the doggie with bone cancer. As you know this was his fundraising page:

    You can still read it and see his photos but it is not set up for anymore donations.
    His mom has set up a paypal account and it is linked to her email lpottios@aol.com She is grateful to everyone who donated. I hope we can help her meet her original goal of 3500. so Charlie can have his operation and be with her for more than the short five years that they have had. Charlie has helped her through many things and is her exercise buddy.
    Thank you to everyone for considering donating and I hope your holidays are wonderful.

  192. Marilyn and others who are going to bless baby Gabe thank u so much as big asy heart is, yours all match it.

    Mastiffcat- you- you made me cry!! Thank you for that and everything you got for baby Gabe. I hope this coming year you will see the light and not be so down. I could choose to be down, but knowing I have a roof over mine and my sons head, and believe in the good of all that is good, I know that opening my heart and home to anyone in need is something I can do. Esp a little guy, to know I’m worthy of caring for him, makes me smile. I’ve been shown a unique kindness here, welcomed with open arms, no judgment.

    Thank you to not only my, Ry’s and baby Gabes Santa’s but to everyones Santa’s.

  193. Changed the list. Now it only contains 3 cups (one for each boy) and 3 towels (one for each boy) and 1 Board game to play together.

    They are all Dr. Who obsessed!!

    Thanks for considering helping to finish it up. I tried to make sure it was fairly distributed.
    Without your help, this wouldn’t be happening for us this year. Thank you, so much.


  194. My dear friend Nadine is a brilliant, funny, lovely woman who also suffers from lupus and several other rare autoimmune diseases. She worked ferociously hard to get her doctorate and become a professor despite having been ill most of her life. A few years ago, her diseases started attacking her brain and her lungs, which has now fully disabled her from work. At 45, this woman who has worked her butt off her whole life is now living off of social security, and because of the “donut hole” in medicare coverage she owes thousands of dollars a year in medications that she needs to live but cannot afford.

    Amazon gift cards will allow her not only to buy something lovely for herself (like a book) but also because she’s in Seattle, she can use to buy groceries and household items which she desperately needs. Can you help? Here is the amazon list I set up for her. Let’s surprise her with lots of goodness! http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/1RSBBQUPKLIJC

  195. Mandi (2071) I sent a $50 gift card to Amy. I was is a similar situation so I can relate.
    I hope things are better for her in 2015

  196. You are all amazing! My cousin called me crying today because she received two packages for her kids she didn’t know it was coming and was confused at first but since my name was on the package also she knew who to call to ask about it. She cried on the phone for an hour about how overwhelmed and appreciative she is! Can I ask one more tiny favor? Can any Santa out there buy the baby wipes off her wishlist? Their funds are barley putting food on the table let along diapers and wipes it would be a huge help! http://amzn.com/w/3D8CXH6FDSDUQ

    Thank you <3

  197. @lisa i have to admit seeing the alert yesterday then the news this am, one of my second thoughts was to the commenters who posted here who were able to escape those environments even though it meant things would become harder. While such tragedy dims the glow of the efforts here a bit, it is a little bit comforting to be able to help.

  198. @MandiReed (#2071) I have a 7-year-old boy, too, like your friend Amy. I’ve sent Amy’s Jackson a few items, although 2 of them will arrive in time for Christmas. He should expect the gray 1/4 zip sweater and the Matchbox Fire Station (arriving 12/23), the blue plaid PJs (should be there by end of the year), the Superman blanket (not available to ship until 12/23, so arriving 12/29). Thanks for being such a good friend to her. She’s a lucky girl.

  199. I am so grateful to everyone who has donated and will donate later or has even just tweeted or posted about this. I am crying. Crying. I love you all.


    my neighbor’s list: http://amzn.com/w/2YU3GOLYR1EMR

    I hope everyone gets everything they wanted for the holidays, be it Christmas or Hannukah or what be it. I am so grateful for everyone. I haven’t felt this warmhearted in so long. It makes me look forward with hope and not dread.

  200. I want to say thank you all so much ! My rugrats are going to be so excited Christmas morning ! I was also wondering if someone would be able to get a gift for the oldest ? I also wanted to share a picture of one of my girls (youngest ) to put a face to the post ! Had to cover the other child’s face(I don’t want to post other people’s children) http://imgur.com/xM6mnhs My youngest as “Mary”
    Thank you and Merry Christmas !

  201. I am so grateful to everyone who has donated and will donate later or has even just tweeted or posted about this. I am crying. Crying. I love you all.

    I hope everyone gets everything they wanted for the holidays, be it Christmas or Hannukah or what be it. I am so grateful for everyone. I haven’t felt this warmhearted in so long. It makes me look forward with hope and not dread.


  202. Bonnie (1605)–I was performing my annual review of elvish labor laws when I noticed that a herd of small, drunk elves running by had a couple of gifts that seemed to be directed your way! Using incredibly scientific methods that are so proprietary I couldn’t possibly begin to explain them without breaking a whole stack of super-secret Christmas non-disclosure agreements, I calculated that their trajectory and velocity point to an early delivery, right around December 23rd. Merry Christmas!

  203. I’m new to following this blog and have yet to fully join the community, long time lurker first time poster, but I am in awe of what this group has accomplished in a few short days. I’ve been crying at my computer all day and I wish I could give something to everyone in need and gave what I could. I do KNOW that next year I will be going back to my tradition of donating on behalf of my family and friends instead of buying gifts that we want, but truly DON’T NEED. Thank you to y’all for reminding me of the true reason for the season.

  204. @Kim, thanks for the hugs. I keep looking at the spreadsheet and it keeps saying the magic number, down to the penny, and my smile just gets bigger. Hugs back!

  205. My comment is in moderation, Mandi Reed, so I’ll try again: @MandiReed (#2071) I have a 7-year-old boy, too, like your friend Amy. I’ve sent Amy’s Jackson a few items, although 2 of them will arrive in time for Christmas. He should expect the gray 1/4 zip sweater and the Matchbox Fire Station (arriving 12/23), the blue plaid PJs (should be there by end of the year), the Superman blanket (not available to ship until 12/23, so arriving 12/29). Thanks for being such a good friend to her. She’s a lucky girl.

  206. Baillie, thanks for your good wishes. I’ve battled with depression my entire adult life and while i’m much much better, i’ve not been able to get past this flat nothingness for more than a year, which is so frustrating i’ve been having to battle to keep from backsliding.
    My meds are at max dosage and just last week my therapist admitted he didn’t know what to do next, and said in all seriousness, “maybe you should go spend six months at a buddhist monastery in Tibet.”
    Church of Bloggessianism for the win!

    I think i need to build a little shrine to St. J.G.

  207. Breanne,

    Crazy Silly Putty, a recorder and the Earth to Echo DVD are on their way to you as we speak!! Should be there by the 23rd with 2-day shipping!!!

  208. @mastiffcat – I think a shrine sounds like an excellent idea! I work retail, so have quite a loud inner voice that often says “people suck” or “I hate people”. That voice may be permanently silenced after the past few days, if it isn’t there is a much louder voice now to fight back that says “HOLY CRAP people are fucking awesome!!!” Church of Bloggessianism for the win, indeed.

  209. I don’t know if anyone can help or if they are willing to but I am a single mom to a 3 year old and I just got laid off from my job. I’m not asking for Christmas presents or anything like that but I am going to have trouble paying rent at the beginning of January, and unfortunately, if I can’t pay my rent then I have to move out and I really don’t have any family or anyone I could stay with. If no one can help, I completely understand! Thanks! -Christy

  210. Aloha, I want say first that reading your blog posts have gifted me with laughter and that most awesome feeling of being understood. This year has been truly challenging. I have two lovely girls who have touched it out beside me without complaint. Through Hurricane Iselle damage no running water and electricity out they found good things to say about going to bed earlier and getting up at sunrise. I live in Hawaii on the Big Island outside of a town called Pahoa. We have been facing being cut off from the rest of our Island community by a lava flow that is now half a mile or so from crossing the highway. We have a gravel evacuation route that will open. We are so lucky the flow moves slowly. The air quality suffers, but we aren’t in danger and our home isn’t currently in the path. My girls school had to relocate half of the students. And our grocery store has closed. I know it’s late, anything would be appreciated. I made a list and I hope it works cause I don’t have Internet at home. I can check my phone if I drive a few miles down the Rd . If somebody could let me know if my address shows up properly. Oh, my girls are 12 and 6. They love to sculpt, paint, make tiny bits for their numerous dollhouses, sew. And stuffed Ewoks. No other Star Wars characters matter a shred. I don’t know why. Maybe they’re building an Ewok village that I haven’t noticed. http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2380IZOIA7XZE
    Merry Christmas! Mele Kalikimak! Happiest New Year! Lono I ka Makahiki! Please Pray for Pahoa.

  211. Thank you for buying the baby wipes for her, it seems silly but something like that will make a big difference for her.

  212. Wow guys!! We got tons of books and some gifts in the mail today! I can’t even believe it. I did not know how wishkist worked and it appeared like nothing was purchased from the list except for a couple people who asked for my address because at first my list was messed up!! I guess it doesn’t show you that things are purchased unless you uncheck a button!! Ummmm. Wow!!! Can I just say thank you to the bloggess, and too the many people who have purchased things for my kiddos for Christmas. They are so blessed!! I was shocked this morning!!! Thanks everyone. They will be so happy!! What a Christmas miracle to see that shipment! At the beginning of this week we were choosing between paying the electric Bill or picking up a couple gifts for Christmas and now due to total strangers our kids get to have christmas and someone even purchased us diapers!!

  213. Just a heads up, I told one of my best friend’s about this page. She is a single mama of 3 kids, one of which is only 4 months old.Her worthless ex-husband walked out on her when he found out she was pregnant with their 3rd baby and she has been struggling ever since. Keep an eye out for her if you wouldn’t mind, she has been so stressed out about Christmas and you should have seen her face when I told her about this place! Thanks 🙂

  214. Jennifer, here is what I have finally figured out. The stuff on “my” wishlists stay there after purchase unless I use the filter. But on the lists I put under “Friends”, when something is purchased, it disappears from the list. I have no idea why Amazon did it differently – and one definitely makes a lot more sense than the other! But there it is.

  215. Hi I am Bonnie #1510
    I am cringing just posting again (untouched list, but definitely not complaining!) but someone on previous page (Jen Smith) was asking about my post. I updated the Amazon wish list to just
    include Amazon gift cards toward the purchase of my selected item.


    I hope I’m doing this correctly – I have never made a wish list on Amazon.
    **also would love to send you a pic (email) of my son just before his military discharge as well
    as a few more personal details about our situation if anyone is interested. I’ll use my “junk” email so if it gets spam, it’s ok….. bonbon100ev@yahoo.com

  216. https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/bwx5/alpine-band-to-carnegie-hall?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=fb_wall&utm_campaign=dsp_dt9

    I’ve tried this a few times, but I will try again. I am from a small town in West Texas and this isn’t a wish list for one child but a whole band. They have been invited to play at Carnegie Hall and our school district being as small as it is cannot afford to fund this amazing opportunity for the kids.

    If you cannot donate could you boost the signal? I would really enjoy that.

  217. Guess who came home from the park to siscover santa (dressed like the ups guy to fool us) delivered a box of goodies from this awesome community. Raiden wanted the box while I was dying to see inside. I’m so grateful and awed by this community of givers. You have made Christmas for my son.

  218. I know it’s late in the game to be putting this list up, but it’s for my teenage son who otherwise won’t be getting much of anything this year. As with so many people, times are tight, for us it’s due to having to care for a grandparent with increasingly advanced dementia, which comes with shockingly little help from her insurance. We don’t mind it, but because of how much time and effort goes into my grandmothers care, I can’t work much, which means very little for Christmas. Anything is appreciated.


  219. @Elizabeth orBeth Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. It does help to know someone else gets it. I’m so happy that people are coming forward to help with your rent. I hope everything works out for you and things get better soon. This place really is amazing. 🙂

  220. I had an insane day at work and hadn’t been able to check anything but it looks like 4 things have been bought off my kids’ wishlist. What a truly amazing surprise. Thank you to whomever did this for my children, I can’t even begin to thank you enough.

  221. @Elizabeth OrBeth, donation sent. Good luck to you!

    @ Jennifer Kulesza #2173 – sent one item sent for each of Harry’s kids, but as of right now they say the TMNT bowling set won’t be there before Christmas 🙁

    Merry Christmas!!

  222. I posted earlier and was feeding the baby at the time so it came out all crazy! Lol So I’ll edit all my mistakes =) I love reading all these wonderful stories btw. This place is amazing!
    I’m hoping for a few more items for my kids and I. Each of my older kids received 1 gift, my 4 year old received 2 and I received 3 outfits for my baby. All from a wonderful Santa here! I have a 2 month old, a 4 year old, a pre teen, and 2 teens! It’s been a rough year and I appreciate the gifts more than I can say! All I really want is to give them some gifts this Christmas! They ate such wonderful kids!!! Thank you again to the wonderful person who gifted us already! It means so much very to me!


  223. Hello, I know this is really late on the comments to ask for help. I have been waiting for a hearing to be scheduled for disability since August. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m on public assistance. I’ve managed to scrape together enough to buy clothes and stocking stuffers for my boys, but I couldn’t get them any real toys. If you could find it in your heart to please help, that would be amazingly awesome. I don’t care if it gets here after Christmas. My boys are grateful for anything in this tough time and it might be like a second Christmas! Thanks for your consideration.

  224. Susan @1884 – I wasn’t able to send you much but you gave me a gift this year by letting me send a little. Thanks, and Merry Christmas. Everyone else, check out her list, still a bunch available to purchase: http://amzn.com/w/38KT4HCGSLA6H

  225. Carline, you need to provide a link to your wish list! And don’t forget to attach your address. (See the tutorial in the OP.)
    Please don’t be embarrassed. It’s not shameful to need help. What’s shameful is people making others feel like shit.

  226. I’m posting on behalf of my godson, because his mother (my cousin) would never ask for help, although she needs it. My mom and I have bought some gifts for him (as well as buying a few different gifts from lists on here!), but Alexander deserves a much better Christmas than I can give him on my own. My cousin is raising him alone, while pursuing her education and work, and has very little money to spend at the holidays. Alexander is 11 years old and has autism. He started attending a specialized school this year that he loves, and 2014 would be so wonderful to come to a close with gifts that he’d love and appreciate, that are of interest to him, and that he is able to fully engage with. Thank you so much to anyone who is able to help. He’s an amazing young man and I love him dearly.

    Link to Alexander’s wish list: http://amzn.com/w/297DCGNR92X96

  227. @Carline #2258, please follow the steps in Jenny’s update #3 (in the original blog post) and set up a shipping address so we can send you gifts! Thank you!!

  228. Hi y’all, I’d really appreciate the help if anyone is still giving. I am struggling with the after-effects of cancer treatments and can’t keep or get a job. We’re facing foreclosure, repo of my car, and bankruptcy. I run a podcast for other breast cancer survivors (Badass Survivors) and had hoped to get sponsorships to help with my end of the bills, but I don’t have any sponsors, though I love podcasting and sharing stories for other survivors so I’m doing it anyway! I’ve always been the one who could give to others, so asking for help is SO HARD and I hate it. I owe my parents a lot of money for paying for my most recent surgeries and I have other medical bills too, aside from the credit card and car people calling me every day. Even if the link just got shared, I’d be super appreciative: http://www.gofundme.com/cancerbankruptcy

    Thank you so much for all you guys are doing. You make this a very special and wonderful community. xoxoxo

  229. Good evening amazing people. A bunch of you have helped with making this Christmas amazing for my two littles. I just received a call from my dear friend Krystan. Krystan is an amazing mamma to a 3 year old daughter whom has had a rough year. Most recently she was attack by a dog and had to receive over 30 stitches to her face. Krystan is also pregnant with TWIN boys. Krystan was laid off from her job tonight. While it helped to cover expenses and prepping for the arrival of the boys, she now needs help. I’m asking if anyone could please extend some of the amazingness you gave to me. They are currently staying with family and need a pack n play for the boys to sleep in. This loss of her job will prevent them from obtaining their own place before the boys arrive. She truly is a great Mother, and he daughter is just the sweetest little girl. Thank you all so much again for helping me. Merry Christmas.

  230. Olivia Brown @1312 – The camera she wants is a nice one, but you could get her a less expensive digital SLR camera and let her learn how to use it and give her a goal. Like if you get comfortable shooting in full manual mode, which means she understands how to use all the available shooting settings, then we can work on the new fancy camera. I bought a used Nikon D60 many years ago (very used) and I still use it most since I learned on it. There are lots of used DSLR’s out there on Craigslist and on Amazon that would be good to learn on. Look for an older Canon model (same feature sets) in used or refurbished condition like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B004J3Y9U6/ref=dp_olp_refurbished?ie=UTF8&condition=refurbished
    I promise you have 99% of the technology in an older model for a new photographer who won’t use the bells and whistles until later.

    Hope that helps!

  231. Brandi #140
    After a long day at the hospital, where my husband had two surgeries today, I came home to a package. I may have left home in the dark and came home in the dark but that package brightened up my evening.

  232. I posted earlier about my godson Alexander, but I think the comment is linking incorrectly to MY wish list. This is the link to the things my godson is wishing for this Christmas. Thank you again!
    Alexander’s Christmas Wishes:

  233. @ Tricia #2300 – stamp set for Sonya and wipes for the babies on their way.

    @ Jill #2293 – a little something is on its way for Alexander (Santa likes to dress up like the UPS man, I hear)

    Merry Christmas!

  234. Ellan in Hawaii #2275 your address isn’t showing up for the wish list. If it’s easier for you with your spotty internet access, we could send you Amazon gift cards if you give us an email address to use.
    Best wishes for the safety of your family and loved ones.

  235. @ Susanne Hicks thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I know Jackson will love it all!! I wish I could hug all of you!!

  236. Elizabeth OrBeth GoFund me takes out fees, one for them and one for the company they use to transfer funds to account.

  237. @ Maggie S thank you so so much I know that will mean a lot to Amy!! Merry Christmas to you and your family <3

  238. @ Elizabeth OrBeth – if you and other people are comfortable doing so, they can send you money directly through PayPal. If they use the “send money to a friend” option, there is no fee for either of you.

  239. @RTMiss in New Zealand: do you have a paypal account? That’s another way people can help you out without paying killer shipping.

  240. Linda, we are obviously on the same wavelength, although you’re a genius for pointing out that paypal is less $ than gofundme.

  241. Hello. A good friend of mine referred me to this amazing blog and site. I want to start off by saying that I prefer to be on the flip side of the coin by giving to those in need as much as I can. I am a big proponent of paying it forward. I believe wholeheartedly in that you reap what you sow. I am unfortunately in the position where I am seeking some assistance due to hardships beyond my control. This is has been a tough month for our family. I am a stay at home of four amazing kiddos. They are my world and I wish that I could give them the world. My husband is a firefighter/paramedic and works hard. I recently asked my 8 year old daughter what she wanted for Christmas and at the top of her list read, “I would like to play in the snow with my family all day. You can give my toys to children in need.” It made me smile and warmed my heart. That is what this season is all about.
    I am in this position asking for help for several reasons. We started this winter off by having to purchase a brand new furnace. We weren’t prepared financially and it hit us hard. To compound all of this, our eldest son has a complex medical history that requires constant care. Nathan will be 13 next month and has been ill since he was born. Nathan went into congestive heart failure when he was 9 days old. He was transported to Boston Children’s Hospital in order to get him stabilized. We spent a week inpatient and Nathan improved. We enjoyed every coo, smile and moment with our precious boy until our world came crashing down on us on July 19, 2002. Nathan was diagnosed at 5 months of age with Infantile Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It carried a 40% of survival. We went on to spend three months straight on the oncology floor at Boston Children’s Hospital as Nathan fought for his life. Nathan achieved remission and was able to receive chemotherapy on an outpatient basis at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Ten months into treatment, our world was once again turned upside down. Nathan’s cancer had returned. His only hope for a cure was a bone marrow transplant. Nathan achieved remission once again after spending two months in the hospital. He was so incredibly sick but never lost that beautiful smile or fighting spirit.
    Nathan received a new lease at life on August 8, 2003. A woman from Texas donated her bone marrow to our precious boy. We can’t ever thank her enough for what she did.
    Nathan has had a long, turbulent road of uncertainty as far as his health goes. The chemo and total body irradiation has caused permanent damage to Nathan’s body. Nathan had open heart surgery in Boston on February 2010 to repair the defects in his heart. (Main one being a coarctation in his aorta.) Nathan currently has sixteen doctors that manage his care. Nathan is autistic and has severe osteoporosis. We live in Goffstown, NH and have to travel to Boston to see most of Nate’s doctors. It has drained us financially and once things seem to settle down and stabilize, we get slammed with something else. The most recent turn of events with Nathan’s health has progressed over the last 3 weeks. Nathan has 4 orthopedic doctors that follow him in Boston. What seemed to be an issue with his leg, has now become something more challenging and scary. We went down to Boston last week to see Nathan’s orthopedic surgeon to see if Nathan’s hip deformities or the chronic issues within the bones of Nathan’s legs was causing him to have a change in his gait and balance. There has been a rapid decline with his symptoms so we went back down to Boston today. His orthopedic surgeon confirmed it is indeed a neurological issue or an issue with his spinal cord. Nathan will be having an MRI of his brain and spinal cord on Friday, December 26th down in Boston. (Their first available appointment.)
    This is a crushing blow and we are praying it is something simple. We are terrified. Defeated. And sad to see Nathan suffering and struggling once again. Nathan lives for Christmas and counts down the hours until Santa comes. 🙂 He has a heart of gold and he is the sweetest kid. Our younger three children have been through the ringer as a result of all of this. I wish we had the means to give them an amazing Christmas to offset the emotional trauma we all experience with Nathan’s health scares.
    I want to thank you all in advance for listening. It feels good to vent. I am emotionally drained but determined not to let all of this take the joy away from these kids that deserve so much more.
    Be well and God bless. Thank you all so very much. Merry Christmas. <3

    If you want to contact me or have additional questions, feel free to contact me at beckylaforge@gmail.com

    Wish lists:
    Nathan age 12: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1K179WG9C83ER

    Julia age 11: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/309KPBZ6DOVQA

    Madelyn age 8: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1UQUAFG3EXPHF

    Noah age 5: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2SKB2TUJGOJL0

  242. I tried this earlier, but it was from a Kindle, so I have the suspicion that something went awry. I thought I’d post things that have been delivered, as I suspect that recipients don’t get the same text alerts I do and packages sometimes are left in interesting places. And, I suppose, so that it’s all in one place, I’ll also put up the estimated delivery dates for the things that haven’t yet arrived.

    First, the snafu:
    Elizabeth P in CO: I sent the Monster High Design Portfolio, but received a text that said that it wasn’t deliverable to the address listed. They said to check with your carrier.

    Now, the rest:
    Megan H in FL: 2 books by Nancy Tillman, EST ARRIVAL Dec 20

    Sara K in NM: Kids First Big Book of Space and Uncle Milton Moon in my Room, DELIVERED

    Annie S in NC: Avatar: The Last Airbender Lost Adventures, DELIVERED

    Tavi G in OR: Pocket Journal, Dalek Socks, DELIVERED (Who MadLibs, est arrival unknown)

    Stephanie B in FL: Wii U Marvel Super Heroes and 2 Unofficial Gamer’s books, DELIVERED

    Ginger in MN: 4 books, including 2 Gregor books, DELIVERED

    Kristi S in OH: Play-Doh case of colors, DELIVERED

    Shannon T in ME: American Girls crafts Owls, DELIVERED

    Natalie W in WI: art drawing set and sketch pad, DELIVERED

    Emily R in GA (waves from somewhere in the same city): Astronaut helmet and space book, DELIVERED

    Erin D in MA: Lego Jungle First Aid Bike, DELIVERED

    Stacey P in FL: Lalaloopsy Girls, DELIVERED, LEGO movie EST ARRIVAL today but no confirmation text yet

    Susan Jane in VA: Nerf Zombie Strike Crossbow and darts, DELIVERED

    Elizabeth H in MO: Toothless and 2 Frozen books, DELIVERED; Olaf EST ARRIVAL Dec 23

    Amanda C in GA: Boxerjocks and girl’s hipsters, DELIVERED; Gaming headphones EST ARRIVAL Dec 20; Sports bras EST ARRIVAL Dec 23-29

    Katherine A in MI: Navy leotard, DELIVERED

    Jennifer J in MI: Lego Superheroes Iron Man v Mandarin, DELIVERED

    Daerian B in OR: Serious Scientific Answers book, DELIVERED

    Tracy C in TN: Bodyblade EST ARRIVAL Dec 24-31 (From one injured shoulder to another)

    Amie G in NM: Science Wiz Chemistry Plus kit, DELIVERED

    B KwaKwea in CT: Uncle Milton Moon in My Room, DELIVERED

    Ginger K in WI: Light up DNA balls and confetti bouncy balls, DELIVERED; Giraffes Can’t Dance EST ARRIVAL Dec 23

    Virginia S in NC: easel paper, DELIVERED

    Shannon D in PA: Star Wars Lego and Lego Batman Movie, DELIVERED

    Bonnie C in PA: John Deere Silver Plated hat, DELIVERED

    Natasha H in VA: Disney Princess book block, DELIVERED

    Juleah B in AZ: Swim gloves, DELIVERED

    Janis C in NE: easel paper and 50 counting bears, EST ARRIVAL today but no confirmation text yet

    Tamara S in OH: First 100 animals book and Minecraft collectible figures 3-pack EST ARRIVAL Dec 22

    Makayla in IN: Maze Runner, DELIVERED

    Darryl T in IN: Socks and 10 books, EST ARRIVAL Dec 20 and Dec 22 (multiple boxes)

    Mary S in MO: Minecraft Squid Plush, EST ARRIVAL Dec 22

    Laura S in TX: Riley Blake Stacker, EST ARRIVAL Dec 20

    Misty R in AZ: Towel set, EST ARRIVAL Dec 20

    Brenda H in MI: Huggies wipes, DELIVERED

    Tiffany B in AZ: Map, DELIVERED; 5,000 Awesome Facts book EST ARRIVAL Dec 22

    Robyn C in WA: Cars wall decals, DELIVERED: Good Night, Lightning book EST ARRIVAL unknown

    Natausha B in MI: Magic Science for Wizard’s kit and science experiments book, DELIVERED

    Tom W in AZ: Baymax, DELIVERED: Baymax shirt EST ARRIVAL Dec 22

    Elizabeth in MI: Surprise book, EST ARRIVAL Dec 22

    Jennifer C in NY: washable paint and paint brushes, DELIVERED

    Angela BJ in OH: Fleece hunting gloves, EST ARRIVAL Dec 22

    Terri O’N in FL: Cupcake Diaries collection, EST ARRIVAL Dec 22

    Julia in VA: Gift card, DELIVERED

    Elizabeth S in WA: Dangerous Book for Boys, EST ARRIVAL Dec 20

    Tyler B in MD: Ipod dock cable, EST ARRIVAL Dec 20

    Leslie H in GA: Owls Journal, EST ARRIVAL Dec 20

    And, that’s it. I’ve learned that repeatedly typing the word DELIVERED makes it take on a autopsy-ish tone. On a less morbid note, happy holidays to all. I wish I could have helped more, but on the whole, maybe this will help a little.

    Bonnie – 1510 needs a new mattress since she gave hers to her son. I asked her to add gift cards so we could all chip away at the price and she can have a comfy place to sleep.

    Ellan – not sure what number but lives in Pahoe Hawaii which we have been reading about is about to disappear under lava sometime in the not to distant future. I cannot imagine what that loss must be like. Ellan you need to search Jenny’s site for her haunted dollhouse for your girls to check out. It is fantabulous!

  244. @Kim Akre, Thank you soooooo much. You have no idea how much he loves Pokemon and how much he is going to love having something for Christmas. I hope I can post pics on here later for you. Or post them on my fb page and that way everyone can see what they have helped with.

  245. My son just wanted to say thank you for the overwhelming generosity that’s been shown to us <3 He is going to be so happy Christmas morning when he sees everything wrapped under the tree. Because of all of you, I get to see my boy smiling! I didn't think I could find any joy this holiday season with the recent passing of my grandfather, but you have all given me that spirit back. I Am so thankful!! <3


    Original posting #1594

  246. @Mastiffcat – No genius but thank you! 🙂 I am just very familiar with PayPal – it is completely free to send money to a friend.

  247. Thank you so much for the generosity you guys have shown to me and this family I had tried to help for Christmas. Sadly, after I agreed, my situation changed and I no longer had the funds to provide a Christmas for them. At someone’s suggestion, I have added in the names of the kids on each present, so you will know who they are for, in case you have any generosity to spare. This will be the first Christmas in three years the kids have gotten presents. I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart! The Bloggess Army is incomparable. The link to the wishlist is below, in case anyone wants to check it out. Thank you again!


  248. My Groceries List.. Can whoever bought the Cream of Chicken Soup ..Please cancel I did not realize it was 3 SMALL cans. That would make it over $5 a can ! I though it was the family size cans. I really appreciate it but that is too much !

  249. Janis with the hearing impaired boys (my browser said #752 or 753; I’ve forgotten) : I bought a few things on your list then read down further that you’d be away at Christmas. Amazon estimates delivery for after Christmas ( Jan 2nd – 6th) Perhaps you’ll be back by then? Hope the packages reach you and your children. Happy holidays.

  250. I appreciate all of the help I have received from everyone on this thread in getting gifts for my son. While I have very little, I know I can spare a few dollars ELIZABETH ORBETH to help with your rent situation. As I stated in previous comments, I had a problem with my rent twice this year and there is no worse feeling than thinking you might lose your home.

    How long will you be taking donations for? I will be able to give you something once my disability check arrives this month. Whatever I can do to pay it forward, I’ll be doing every chance I get because my son’s list is almost gone 😊

    My son’s wish list
    Link: http://amzn.com/w/ZVIF7UP41R6L

    Shannon 811

  251. @Shannon811 I’ll be leaving it up for however long it takes! If I keep giving them the money as it comes in, I think they will hold off on activating the writ of execution or whatever it’s called.

    I wish they could hold off until January, as I’ll have money coming in then, but they will not. But if I can get this done, when I have money I’ll pay this forward to others.

  252. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Two people from here sent gift cards toward my requested item! Thank you so, so much! I am Bonnie (#1510 and 2282). Jen Smith – a big thank you and Saint Nicholas! lol….whoever you are, you have blessed me more than you can ever know. I won’t post the pic of my son here (did email one to Jen) but St. Nic if you would like the pic, just email me (bonbon100ev@yahoo.com) Again, thank you both so very much.

  253. I may actually end up sending people a couple of amazon gift cards this weekend, because I earn them through doing online surveys, and I’d rather do that wth them then anything else.

  254. @Tricia #2299 I sent your friend a little something from the list. <3

  255. I stumbled across this website a few years ago and return to it often because the bloggess makes me laugh and sometimes touches my soul. Seeing how this community has responded to the needs of strangers gladdens my heart. In the name of Saint Nicholas, I’ve sent off items from several lists, which hopefully should arrive by Christmas. Peace and hope to all.

  256. Gosh, I hope I’m not too late.
    I really need help but we need help with necessites like shampoo and soap before gifts 🙁
    I have 2 kids, Jace (5) and Olivia (7) and we were evicted because I missed so much time at work with Liv needing tubes in her ears and I couldn’t send her to school with a fever, or they’d always call me at work to come home and get her when she was sick at school. I just fell so behind when I missed so much time at work. We need to be out by Jan 1st, so all our Christmas stuff is in storage with the rest of our stuff that I’m taking little by little to pack up and store. It is what it is, at least we’re alive, right?
    Any help would be super http://amzn.com/w/2WMA9K3GPH3JB
    I also do tarot readings, so if anyones interested in a tarot reading in exchange, or even a gift certificate to give a friend, I’d be happy to oblige 🙂

  257. I really wish I coukd posts photos here. We got a box with gifts in it today for my artsy engineer girl. When I was making dinner she turned the entire box into a bird! It’s kinda amazing! Lol.

  258. Jennifer, if you post it somewhere where it is publicly viewable, you can post the link and it will show up. Example – earlier I posted a link to a Facebook photo that was set to Public.

  259. Carline, can you make sure you have your address on the Amazon wish List? I can’t get it to work. Or, if you post your email address here people can send gift cards.

  260. I can not possibly express just how blessed you all have made this season. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I look forward to the year I can lighten someone’s load and give them joy and peace the way you have for us. I send you all good thoughts,hopes for health and the gratitude of a mother who will delight in her children’s splendor.



  261. Jenni (1457) you’re items are on the way! Glad I can help! One is set to deliver the 26thbu the other two on the 24th. Merry Christmas!

  262. Dawn in Ohio, thank you. I was worried because I can’t edit my list profile on my phone, even using amazon’ full site. My email is ms.ellan.jones@gmail.com. The paved road may be closed by Monday and our post office is on my side of where they expect the lava to cross. I will be so grateful for anything for my girls, no matter how long it may take to arrive.

  263. MandiReed #2071, I’d like to get some nice PJs for Amy, but the ones on the wishlist are out of stock, and the reviews say they smell like chemicals and fall apart in the wash. The Bottoms Out brand gets good reviews, has inventory, and ships ASAP via Amazon Prime. If you want to add it to the wishlist and let me know, I’d be happy to send it along to her. I’m at susannehicks2@gmail.com. I can’t add it to my order because her affiliated shipping address comes up only when it’s on her list.

  264. Hi,

    I’m hoping I can get a little help for my son. I’m a student and I’ve had to cut way back on my hours at work, so this year has been really tight for us. My husband owns a taxi company and while he’s doing pretty well there’s just not a lot of money for extras. We do have a couple of things for him, books and clothes mostly, but I’d love for him to be able to open some Legos Christmas morning. He’s 6 1/2 and he loves Legos and Thomas the Train. The link below is for his list (its a sub-list of mine, so if it takes you to a list with a bunch of grown up books and kitchen stuff his is the one called “For Alex” on the left side of the page… hopefully I got the link right.)


    Thank you so much to everyone who is helping out a total stranger. Once I’m out of school and I have a real job I promise to do the same.

  265. Greetings,
    Thank you for taking the time out to look over our daughters wishlist.She is an awesome 10 year old and really deserves to have a good holiday.Times are so hard on us right now we can’t afford to do a lot of things this year and without your help we wouldn’t be having a Christmas at all.Here is a link to our wishlist…


    Also if you can send money donations to our paypal.com via. Heightsofcreation@gmail.com to help us pay some bills this Holiday as well. We would really be appreciative for all the much needed support.

    Thank you so much!!!

  266. Packages are starting to arrive! Thank you, thank you to everyone that got the kids a little something! They are excited to see what’s in these mystery boxes! You have no idea the weight that has been lifted from my shoulders knowing that they’ll enjoy their Christmas Day (I think I was #346)

  267. Baillie: Baby wipes and sock monkey towel set (LOVE sock monkeys) coming for Baby Gabe. You are doing a wonderful thing.

  268. Pascal #2285 Just sent a board game that is supposed to arrive on December 23rd. Hope it gets there on time! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  269. Thank you to whomever purchased the Firefly DVDs and counting book for Mike and our little one. 🙂 Y’all are amazing! I am just overwhelmed! -Denise G.

  270. I would like to help out in some sort of tangible way, would it be helpful to anyone if I went through and made a Google Doc of wishlists that still need items?

  271. Whom ever purchases pj’s for mt friend Krystan’s twin boys, Thank you so very much. She was in tears when I told her I did this for her. Thank you thank you!!!! xoxox

  272. @Ellan in Hawaii – gift card sent. I’ll be praying for you and your neighbors. Please keep us posted how you’re doing! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  273. I made a wish list for my kids after my apt was broken into and we were robbed, anything helps a week before Christmas as all my saved money is gone too.

  274. @ Elizabeth, I thought about doing that too, so I’m happy to help if you decide to do it. It’ll be a huge job! My Santa fund is about depleted but I want to keep helping somehow if there’s still a need. Let me know!

  275. My wish list is under Amy Livingston. Wish list name is Christmas for my kids after being robbed

  276. You guys are beyond wonderful! I got a couple of packages today and when I checked my daughter’s list earlier there was only one item left on it besides a gift card option. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this Christmas special for her. I hope that by next Christmas I can repay some of the kindness by paying it forward to someone else in need. I used to wonder if there were any decent people left out there but now I kn