You are the best Godzilla ever.


This is a disjointed post as my is family here for an early Christmas since my dad will be manning his taxidermy shop on actual Christmas.  Because nothing says “Happy birthday, Jesus!” like being elbow-deep in a warm deer.

I just want to say such an enormous thank you to everyone who asked for or offered help this week on our 5th Annual James Garfield Miracle Post.  I’ve lost track but my best estimate is that over $75k has already been donated this week to helping kids have at least one Christmas/Hanukkah present, or giving a security blanket, toy and book to a homeless child, or giving a gift through Heifer to help better the world.   Project Night Night and Heifer have both reached out to say that they are seeing a ton of donations come from here, and the comments of people sending toys and receiving them have given me back my Christmas spirit.

My friend , Joe Baden, surprised me with an amazing illustration he made for me this week:

bloggess joe badon

And it’s perfect because at first I thought it was me fighting Godzilla, but then I looked closer and realized it was more like Godzilla and I are on the same team and he’s totally got my back.   As if I was like, “LET’S DO THIS SHIT.  LET’S SAVE CHRISTMAS AND TURN ALL GUNS INTO CHOCOLATE AND MAKE PAJAMAS FOR COLD SLOTHS!”  And Godzilla was all, “Have you been drinking again?  You’re in your pajamas and you’re armed with a blow-dryer.  And it’s not even plugged in.  Jesus, lady.  JUST LET ME HELP YOU.”

That Godzilla is you.

If you’re part of the community.  If you helped.  If sent a word of kindness.  If you donated, or plan to donate in the future.  (Heifer and Project Night Night always need help.)  If you were humble enough to ask for help, or selfless enough to pass on help to others once your needs were met.  No matter what part you played, you are my Godzilla.

Thank you for being my Godzilla.

PS. If you want to leave comments of thanks you can do that here, but if you’re asking for help, or including a link for help please just leave those comments on the original post so we don’t end up with confusion, okay?

PPS.  For those still struggling to make the holiday special for their children, or those who weren’t able to get their present delivered before Christmas here are a few ideas:

Go on youtube and create an entire playlist for them of songs that remind you of them, or that you know they’d love to hear. I made a playlist for Hailey and she listens to it over and over. It’s like the free mixtape of the future.

Get a pinterest account (it’s free), search it for the cool stuff they love, and pin those things to a board you made just for them. Motivational words, art they’d like, meme’s they enjoy, movies they like. I have one for Hailey and she loves to check it out because it’s all about the Star Wars and Night Vale and Doctor Who and funny animals, and it reminds her that I’m thinking of her.  This is a mirror image of it if you want to see how it works.  I keep the real one marked “private” so I don’t have to worry about her seeing comments 10 year olds shouldn’t read.

Go to the library and get a GREAT book you loved at that age. Then turn off everything but a single lamp and read aloud. Even now I love listening to my mom read.

Do art together. Maybe it’s coloring. Maybe it’s doodling. Maybe it’s getting out your phone or camera to take funny photos.

And remember that, no matter what, if your children have your love they are already ahead of the game.


And now, the weekly wrap-up of awesomeness:

madebyroundtablecompanies 2

Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):


Shit you should buy or steal because it’s awesome:

This week’s wrap-up is brought to you by the creators of THE KEGEL BEAR, an adorable children’s book about vaginal exercise.  That sounds weird, but it’s actually quite genius, as outlined in the video and also makes a fabulous baby shower gift.   No bears or vaginas were harmed in the making of this product.  

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  1. I always click the links on the weekly roundup and when I clicked on the samurai comic one I saw that Joe Badon lives in my hometown so I had to donate to his kickstarter! Yeah Godzilla!

  2. As I sit reeling over yesterday’s senseless and devastating events I am desperately in need of reminders of the goodness & kindness that is in the hearts of so many…and here it is.

  3. Because nothing says “Happy birthday, Jesus!” like being elbow-deep in a warm deer.

    You win the Internet today for that one, Jenny. (OK, so you win it pretty much every day, but let’s make it Official today. 😉 Can’t afford to donate to anyone else, not quite broke enough to need anything (plus I don’t think my cat Romeo counts as a child, even if I do think of him as my baby), but it’s wonderful to see so many people doing so much for each other. Here’s hoping that everyone has the wonderful holiday of their choice, and may 2015 be a much better year for all of you! Oh, and give James Garfield a pat on his snout for me, will you?

    (PS: I saw knee socks with sloths on them the other day and thought of you…)

  4. I definitely want to thank everyone who have contributed to my gofundme for my service dog. I have about a third of what I need to pay off Caelum’s final expenses.

  5. I am so eternally grateful to you and all my Godzillas out there. You … you made me cry. And NOBODY needs to see that shit. But it’s all good. My kid will be over the moon. IT’S ALL GOOD.

  6. I want to thank you andcthis awesome tribe of people you’ve gathered for not only making my son’s Christmas but for giving me a beacon of light in this dark tunnel of stress and frustration.

  7. Fantastic ideas for just being with and loving your kids. You are awesome. And I bought bees again this year. Two years in a row and not a single bee has written or stopped by to say hello.

  8. Love all of your low-cost ideas. I’m part of a team that helps do clean up and landscaping around my kids’ school. We made sure to do a clean up a couple weeks ago so the teachers could have a nice, pretty place to come to work – it’s amazing how much they appreciate having the gardens that their windows look out to weeded and raked.

  9. Although we had already done all of our annual giving on Giving Tuesday, I heartily applaud all of you who helped with this project. Jenny, maybe next year you could start a little earlier? Giving Tuesday is the day after Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving. Confused yet? You’re welcome.

  10. What a wonderful gift the Bloggess gave to all of us – those who need and those who need to be needed. This was truly one of the best parts of my Christmas. Thanks Jenny, and the whole precious tribe.

  11. Happy to be part of your Godzilla and grateful to those who make up my own.

    Also that Doctor Who toothbrush is awesome. My teeth have never been cleaner.

  12. In addition to Heifer, microloans via Kiva and donations to teachers and classroom projects at are two of my favorite places to make a difference locally and around the world.

  13. You must go on Facebook and “Like” Janis Ian, the musician. She and her friends write amazing Godzilla Haiku. “Patiently I wait/ As they rebuild Tokyo/ Optimistic Fools.”
    You two were meant for each other.

  14. In the ‘Strangelings’ link – I would guess that the reason for the Jane Austen/dodo t-shirts is because of the Jasper Fforde ‘Thursday Next’ series of books. They’re excellent! Silly books for vaguely well-read people. I’d highly recommend to a friend!! 🙂

    I’m feeling very connected to the rest of the strangelings after the last couple of days… It’s been incredibly special. Thank you for putting it together, good laydee. xx

  15. Below is a link to a post I wrote over 2 years ago when Jenny was coming to sign her book here in Portland. Just noticed it’s been two years since I wrote anything. Anyway, you don’t have to read the post but I couldn’t help but notice that the little post-script I added at the end is as appropriate today as it was back then.
    …”* Just had to note, spell-check keeps suggesting I change @TheBloggess to Togetherness. Guess they know what they are talking about!”

  16. I sent my husband out just a minute ago to get some cheese for our daughter’s special gluten free biscuits for our feast tonight. When he did, he say that we had a package, a package containing a backpack for my daughter that was on my Amazon wish list. I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy, my daughter was ecstatic. Thank you so much, to who ever sent it, you amazing, and so is everyone else here.

  17. Nothing says Christmas like Godzilla. Little known fact. Godzilla was actually in the manger that night, but manger politics being what they were back then, he got left out of the original story. So, Merry Christmas!

  18. As someone who always spent her early childhood Christmases surrounded by presents, I would have LOVED if my parents or grandparents or aunts/uncles had done any of the things you suggested in your post. Love and togetherness is what matters during the holidays. It took my family a while to come around on that, but now that they have, I love this season so much more. Happy Winter Solstice, everyone!

  19. I wanted to say a huge thank you to you, Jenny, and to Kara H. for the gifts you sent for my girls. I am really hoping that 2015 will be a better year for me and next year, I will be able to be on the giving end of things. Nothing would make me happier.

    I do love this community.

  20. I decided to make coloring pages from family pictures this year. You can do it on, or yourself in Photoshop. I am hoping my family likes it as much as I do 🙂

  21. Beautiful gift ideas for those who might be struggling financially. Love and the spirit of giving is more important than anything else at Christmas. All the money in the world can’t buy it. So if you have that, it is priceless and puts you way ahead of a lot of people out there who do not understand how lucky they are…or are they? xo

  22. I’m not one of your Godzillas. I am not able to donate anything to anyone. I’m not asking for help. I was able to scrape together a tiny bit of money to send each of my 3 grandchildren a very small gift. Thankfully, my adult children understand that i won’t be able to do anything for them again this year. But I am very grateful to be able to say that yes, I am a strangling, a member of a very special community. Thank you Jenny for always making me smile. And sometime laughing so hard my sides hurt.

    (I was able to fund $4k in donations this week because strangelings like you supported this page and its sponsors and links. That money came directly from people like you over this year. You are a Godzilla and you don’t even know it. ~ Jenny)

  23. Finally made a Project Night Night donation. I started probably a half dozen times since the first of this year’s James Garfield’s posts, but I would get sucked into reading all of the comments, and start looking at lists, and get completely overwhelmed, and shut down, and end up doing nothing. Not exactly logical, eh? In any event, donation finally made, and I am exceedingly glad that most people rise to the challenge instead of feeling crushed by it. Go tribe go!

  24. The Godzilla image and the cheap ideas for Christmas reminded me of this– even if you have no musical talent (like me) you can make up silly songs with your kid that they will remember forever. A personal favorite in our family is about my son’s dinosaur bath toy: “Dinosaur Lifeguard”. It’s sung to bad 80’s rock with lyrics like, “He is going to save you. He is your FRIEEEEEEEEND!” It’s not copyrighted, so feel to use those lyrics yourself. 🙂

  25. One thing I did when we were too broke for squat was write the kids each a story, w/themselves as the hero. Diva did the same the next year, but illustrated hers. Hers kicked ass. I can’t draw stick people.

    (I would seriously keep that present forever. What an awesome idea. ~ Jenny)

  26. Jenny, thank you so much for linking to my article! I usually visit all the sites you mention, it was a wonderful surprise to see my own words staring back at me. Best holiday gift ever!

  27. You are a tremendous inspiration, and I have never said that about anyone who has compared me to a big, green lizard. It’s a season of firsts. Merry, Happy, Fa-La-La!

  28. I can never express enough thanks to you and the kind people who helped my family out this Christmas. My husband and I are deeply humbled by the love, kindness, and generosity. Our three kids will have a lovely Christmas because of them.

  29. I stayed up into the wee hours last night trying to make sure late comers got help, too. Some lists were swarmed over in mere minutes after posting. I’ve never seen such an aggressive outpouring of love and support. Thank goodness that this tribe of strangelings uses its power for good! Jenny, you are a force of nature and an inspiration! Please don’t ever change. <3

  30. Love to you and yours, Jenny, this Christmas and always.
    While Christmas shopping for my kids I saw a young man cold and homeless, in such dire straits. I bought him a hot drink; I fretted that I could’t do more. So now I’m a volunteer worker at my local food bank.
    Hurray for you and your Godzilla army of compassionate souls

  31. Jenny, thank you so much for everything you have done, for me and my family personally and for the big beautiful magical event you started that has filled so many people with joy and Christmas spirit. Thank YOU for being MY Godzilla.

  32. I’m sending a Godzilla-sized thank you for the help y’all gave to the kids of Stella Marris Community Education Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. You have made some children with nothing very happy. I will try to get a photo to share so that you can experience their gratitude yourselves. Wishing all a very blessed holiday season.

  33. Oh my GOD Jenny. Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your sonic toothbrush link! My daughter, you know, the Whovian whom I made a Tardis bathroom door for recently, is also a very reluctant tooth brusher. Your link was in time for Christmas, and for that you have my eternal love and obedience. Well, you already had that…so i guess just…thanks?? 😉

  34. You all have made me cry (in a good way) and given me back my Christmas spirit. So Thank You, all you wonderful Godzillas!

  35. Jenny,

    Your shirt that says “Oh Bless”, could you make one with out the swearing? I work with young boys on the wrong path and would so love a shirt like this but it would be deemed unprofessional and inappropriate the way it is designed currently. I love it but my boss wouldn’t; you know?


  36. Another inexpensive craft idea — this weekend my husband turned $8 into Christmas gifts for a dozen people and fantastic fun for the 3 of us. He got a tub of air-dry clay, and we made Christmas ornaments for gifts. One or two of them, she made to fit spirograph drawings she’d done the day before, so she can paste them together. Dad made a dog and a couple of heroes for the stories he & the girl tell each other. I made a mushroom (a bolete, complete to pores). The girl made something mysterious that she hid away in a box. And she says she’s going to paint some.

  37. I’m going to tell my family and friends they are my Godzilla. And because it’s coming from me, I won’t get any weird looks. They’re used to it. Thanks for the nice post, Jenny! I know I’m not your only reader who will say, “I’ll be your Godzilla any time, Bloggess!”

  38. Now I know what I want for Christmas! A drawing of me and Varan (big iguana with fangs and webbed limbs that allow him to glide) Thanks for the idea and I’m thrilled to be part of such a cool group of folks who help one another with love and generosity.

  39. Wow, i’m a Godzilla. Seriously, to become an official Strangeling and a Godzilla in one week, I feel wonderful.
    Thank you, Jenny, for being such an inspiration and rallying point for all of us.
    I haven’t been this excited about Christmas since i was a kid, and more importantly, I haven’t been just plain happy in far too long.
    Thank you Jenny, and Santa James Garfield, and the Strangeling tribe of the Church of Bloggessianism!

  40. Love you and Godzilla. And his wise words:). And your ideas for kids. My son is ecstatic this AM just b/c it’s Xmas break and I made him the “best scrambled eggs ever” for breakfast. Don’t be jealous. We can’t all make the best scrambled eggs ever. Some of us have to fight Godzilla. Divide and conquer:).

  41. My sister told me it was like the giving tree of the Strangelings. Except she didn’t say strange things because she doesn’t know about cool stuff like that. I’ve got two things coming it still hasn’t arrived, and since they’re both for my daughter who has a birthday next month, it’s okay if they are late.For some reason, probably having to do with the solstice and the Sun or some nonsense, I have always been in or on the edge of depression at Christmas. But not this year!Thank you to everyone for that, cuz I work retail and customers really suck right about now. But when I tell them about you guys and what you did for my kids even the grumpy ones leave smiling. and that right there is awesome shit.

  42. Thank you for doing this and inspiring so much good will in the world. You are one of my heroes for so many reasons. Happy Holidays!

  43. I haven’t been called someone’s Godzilla since I trashed my bedroom as a kid… I feel like this version is much nicer, but I’m still skeptical.

  44. Thank you, Jenny. Because of this and because Christmas gift buying and wrapping and shipping was SUCH a pain this year, I think next year everyone gets bees and pig butts.

    Now, to channel some of that Godzilla energy for work tomorrow.

  45. I make a fucking awesome Godzilla!

    Maybe a t-shirts that says (1) I am God. Zilla. Or if that is too on the nose (2) Are you my Godzilla? Unless, of course there are copyright issues, then maybe (3) Be my awesome monsterling!

    Just some super-tired ideas.

    Enjoy your early celebrations and libations, Jenny. You are so super-swoopy!

  46. I am so humbled and forever grateful to Jenny, Laurel, and the anonymous person who sent gifts for my two daughters. I wrapped them and put them under my Christmas tree while the girls were in school today (I think their break gets shorter every year), and they were so excited when they got home. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me or another family. Merry Christmas!

  47. Thank you for being a perpetual catalyst for positivity, Jenny. I was bummed that I couldn’t give much this year, but the gratitude expressed by the person I helped reminded me that the act of giving makes more of an impact than the amount. I am not the biggest fan of this whole holiday season, and winter gets me so depressed and exhausted that I feel like a lazy waste of space. But this year, my heart is a little warmer. I made a connection. I did a thing. See that tiny ripple there? I did that. All because of you. Thank you again.

  48. 4 packages showed up tonight. THANK YOU so much to the people who bought Christmas gifts for my step son and to you Jenny for starting all of this and inspiring people to give so generously to perfect strangers. We are so grateful. We will be putting the Amazon gift tags on gifts to show him the beautiful kindness in the world.

  49. To the Strangleings o’ the Church of the Bloggess, praise be Godzilla:

    Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You made my niece’s and nephew’s Christmas, mostly because they get a glimpse into a world of kindness and good-will, from people they’ve never met. This community is a-freakin-mazing.

    So much love to you all.

  50. It’s very sad. One of the parcels I ordered looks like it won’t be delivered because the address given on amazon isn’t current. The reason given by the carrier is ‘the customer has moved’.

  51. It’s very sad. One of the parcels I ordered can not be delivered because the address given on the amazon account isn’t current. The reason given by the carrier is ‘the customer has moved’. That means any thing anyone else ordered for the little boy by others will get returned too.

  52. Those were great ideas for inexpensive or free gifts. I never would have thought of creating a playlist or Pintrest board but I could see my kids loving it.

  53. You should add a gallery tab to your page of all the wonderful artwork your banner pic has inspired. I know I’d love to see it all in one place 🙂

  54. Thank you so much to our Godzilla, Carolyn from Pa who funded two books from our wishlist! My boys will be so happy to get them under the tree! Big heaping boatloads of gravy for her!

  55. It’s great that someone has created a Facebook page for those to give thanks for the gifts they’ve received. However, those of us without a Facebook page (Yes we exist and don’t plan to ever have a page if we can help it) are unable to view it without an account. Can whomever started the page give it public access so those of us ‘Facebook-less’ people can view it? I’d appreciate it. I’d like to know if my gifts were received so I can track them down if they were not.

  56. Well, it’s nearly 2.30pm on Xmas eve here in Australia and I’ve gone from ‘hohum’ to smiley and happy in a few minutes and it is all thanks to James Garfield!! Giving makes you feel like Santa!!! Thanks Jenny. This couldn’t have happened without you, your generous spirit and your wonderful strangelings (that includes me!). I hope you have a truly wonderful Xmas.

  57. ej, you can always ask here for the recipient to get in touch with you. There’s nothing to guarantee that they are on the FB group anyway. Furthermore, while it’s understandable that you don’t want to have to bother with an FB account, expecting dozens of people to make their activity public for your convenience is rather shortsighted.

  58. We are dealing with tough times this year (hence not being able to donate here), but we’ve given some of our gifts to family already and they love it–my husband made each person a mix CD (exactly as you describe), and I wrote each a personal (hopefully meaningful) letter. The only thing we purchased were MudLove bracelets. They are super affordable and each one you buy gives a week of clean drinking water to someone who doesn’t have it. We felt it represented our hearts, and so far, so good. More to give on Christmas Day! God bless the Godzillas.

  59. merry christmas! You cost me a buttload of money this season, biotch 🙂 I read your book and had to buy a copy for my favorite coworkers. Most of whom live in australia. Usps are a bunch of mafia thugs. But as their reactions to your writing come trickling in to my fb page, i’d say it was money well spent.

  60. I’ve been reading this blog for what seems like forever. this is the first year that I’ve been able to help anybody (the last few years have sucked for pretty much everybody). I’ve sent some goodies to New York, Arizona and here in Florida, thanks not only to Jenny, but also because of the inspirational people who visit this blog.

    I’m a firm believer in paying it forward, and I don’t know of many people personally who haven’t been in these same situations at one time or another. I don’t believe in karma per se, but I do believe that if you’ve got it—share it.

    My kids have what they want/need, my bills are paid & I have food in my pantry. It seems to me that if all that is good to go, then the natural thing to do is spread it around.

    I know I’m one of the lucky ones this year. I hope the same for all you as well.

    I suppose I’m officially a “tribe member” now. I feel so lucky to be among the strangest, warmest, terrifiyingly wonderful people in the interwebz. Thank you for letting me a part of all of you.

    Best, Deb

  61. HUGE THANKS TO CAZ, ALEX, AND KIDNURSE! You made Christmas a reality for me and my fur babies. I am endlessly and eternally grateful. I laughed, I cried, I cried some more… BLOGGESS UNIVERSE IS THE BEST!!!

  62. I wanted to say thank you again.

    There’s a line in John Scalzi’s “Being Poor” essay, something like, “Being poor is being tired of people expecting you to be grateful.” I’ve felt like that almost my whole life; I’ve felt the bitterness that lies behind it. The way you’re supposed to be so all-fuckingly overwhelmed by scraps, even when your actual life never gets any better. Y’all don’t need my whole life or anything, but suffice to say I grew up as a kid with a shitty mom; there were five of us and we lived on three hundred welfare bucks a month. I grew up in the town I live in now, which is an excruciatingly poor town. There are other stories, but that’s the framework.

    I try not to be bitter. I’m trying to teach my son about joy. There’s another line from Scalzi’s essay that’s about “the choices you didn’t know you made when you were 14.” I try to let go of those. I feel like I do all right, most of the time. My son and I are alone and we’re poor, but we’re also happy and close and smart and engaged and full of love. It’s better than what I have. So when I say that I feel ugly at the holidays… you know, that’s a remnant. It’s one I am overcoming all the time, because I have this amazing #bestkidever and he makes everything so sunlit and happy.

    Still, though. We don’t get the assistance we probably should, because I’m so tired of being grateful. We don’t make the friends we need because I’m tired of being asked to explain the choices I made at 14, 15, 19, 20. We are lonely and our lives are joyful but bare.

    What you guys — Jenny, commenters, donors — have done for us, it’s so much more than just the presents, just the camaraderie. We’ve participated in this twice and at no point has anyone ever drilled us for a big fake gratitude display, or acted like a miraculous savior. Nobody has shit on me for this life I’m fumbling, or my son for being a kid. Most of you have stayed anonymous and just sent little notes of kindness and love with your packages — no public credit, no Big Man Fixum Dumb Woman show.

    I can’t tell you what it means to me, that you all have been so kind and so realistic about it. It isn’t just what you’ve done for my kid, which is amazing all on its own. It’s what you’ve done for me, it’s the way your hearts are straightforward and disarming and unconcerned with credit or blame. I can’t articulate any of this well, but you’ve made me less sad, less bitter, less resentful, and that’s… it’s just so big. Thank you.

  63. @sarawr ~ i am humbled. And bawling my eyes out. You are an amazing woman. Your son is so lucky to have you.

    “the choices you didn’t know you made when you were 14.” Ain’t that the truth. The essence of that sentence might be what draws us all together.

    Warmest wishes for all better things for you and your son.

  64. Big preChristmas thanks to Penny L, Melissa M, Paige S, Heather P, and Christine P. My girl has no idea what is going to happen in the morning due to the devotees of Santa James Garfield. There will be tears at the thought of complete strangers giving her presents. And a reinforcement of what Christmas is really about. Thanks to all of the other Strangelings who helped others with gifts, money, or just personal contact. I hope to put a couple of pics on fb tomorrow. Thanks, Jenny, for transforming a Grinch.

  65. To: The Bloggess (Jenny), Carol H, Sunny S, Erika K, Rebecca W, Laura S, Shannon M,Jeremy I, & Charli S.


    We were expecting 0 gifts this year and thanks to all of you, we have an abundance. The stuff was bought for them so fast that I didn’t even have time to disable the links before we had so many gifts that I couldn’t have ever imagined this year. I never even shared my story, just that my kids were okay knowing there was nothing this year and you all stepped up and gave me a hand. It’s Christmas magic at it’s finest. I am in the middle phases of preparing for back surgery so some of the gifts are combined into groups but I attached all of the Amazon gift tags to each gift item so my children know the true spirit of this season. GIVING, not getting. I cannot thank everyone enough. I will be blogging pictures as soon as I can.

  66. sarawr – Your son is so lucky to have you as his Godzilla! Love and HUGS to you both.
    PS – Yes – those choices at 14……yikes. If we only knew……

  67. @sarawr I have no words for what you have just made me feel. Happy Christmas you wonderful woman.

  68. I just want to say, thank u again to every elf, Santa, Godzilla, tribe members or angel that decided to poor out unconditional love onto my little family. I think of u daily wishing you and yours well wished and love. I will pay forward every chance I get. I’ve gotten a chance to read the blog too luvn it. So I’ll say it again because you all ROCK, THANK YOU!!! T_Baillie at yahoo dot com

  69. Your mention of your dad’s taxidermy shop reminded me of this book review, recently spotted in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper: “Crap Taxidermy, by Kat Su (Ten Speed Press, 95 pages, $15.99). A mouse unzipping its own skin to reveal a Superman shirt beneath? A squirrel containing a bottle from which to pour your chosen libation? An ocelot whose badly positioned eyes give it the air of understanding the atrocities visited upon it in the name of taxidermy? All here in this horrifying little book.”

    I thought you might be interested.

  70. I wanted to give my sincere thanks to everyone that is a part of this amazing community. Bloggess Jenny, you are one awesome woman.

    My husband and I are grateful and different people after experiencing all the love and kindness you all shared with us and our daughter. The amazing love and kindness you all shared with so many families. Strangers.

    We do our best to try and make ends meet but it’s been harder and harder the last couple of years. We do without a lot and often it is not easy. Our daughter will be 2 this year so we tell ourselves she is too young to notice things… but it hurts our hearts knowing that we can’t always give her what she needs (like shoes!) let alone things she may want for fun. Seeing her prance around on Christmas in her new ballerina tutu seriously brought us to tears. She was so happy!! Wearing her new rain boots outside and not getting soaked feet is a huge weight off my shoulders. But it is not the gifts…I’m not being very articulate here… of course we are grateful for the gifts… so much more than grateful. But we are so touched that complete strangers cared enough about our dahghter, about our family, and reached out and helped. Like I said before, we are changed. We don’t feel “less than” or judged for being in our current situation and asking for help. We are thankful for that. Thankful and hopeful that there are good people in the world doing good things. We send love, good thoughts and prayers to each and every one of you. We hope this year only gets better for everyone.

  71. (I’ve just posted this on the original post, but I wanted to let folks on this thread know because… reasons 🙂 )
    Just a quick update. I know I gave thanks here just before Christmas, but I wanted to make sure this was seen, if a few giftees/santas/godzillas didn’t see my previous post.

    My heartfelt thanks go to everyone who helped us out of the pure kindness of their own hearts this festive time. From those who read, to those that gave good wishes, to those who gifted anonymously and quietly, to those who let me know who they were so I could pass on my thanks personally, and most of all to The Bloggess. THANK YOU all 🙂

    The mix of things we received helped so much to make all the difference. Those who also have some sort of chronic pain as part of health issues will know how valuable a good night’s sleep is. Well, with an angled cushion this was a lot easier. Lifting of considerable stress helped tonnes too. Things like jar openers, sensory toys for my 10 year old with ASD, and items such as sheets, duvet covers, pull ups and wipes have all had a major impact on how comfortable we’ve been. Films and books and clothes for the kids have all been swiped up with joyous faces, and yeah, the knowledge that the little fella’ (3) will have smart new clothes to start pre-school with on Monday, and newer bits of uniform that my ever growing 10 year old can grow into has made me smile so much too. And oh yes, the simple joy of a selection box to kids in the UK can never be underestimated!

    One gift that was sent to my e-mail allowed me to be able to finish off my handmade gifts to my gorgeous little nephews and nieces to whom I am very close. I didn’t say beforehand, but I’d been working on putting together their gifts all last year, and was getting very down with not being able to get them the last little bits to go in them. I couldn’t afford any pressies for my partner or my parents (they’re adults though, they understood!), but my nieces and nephews I really wanted to do something for. With this list’s help, I was able to finish off making 5 ‘craft boxes’ for my nieces and nephews (all under age 10. Phew!). I was able to get cheap boxes of paints, sketch pads and colouring books to add to the items I’d already raided from my own craft supplies (tissue paper, fabric scraps, blank masks, sequins, beads), and little bits from over the year (stickers, bobbly eyes, crayons and the like), and create something really nice for them. My sisters and their kids were made up with the idea, and I’d like to pass along some of that thanks to here, as you guys passed it along there too.

    All in all the festive season just meant so much more this year, and the good feeling has pushed me through to the new year. It really is the little things that make all the difference when people are having a shit time. Even just knowing that someone has read and said, ‘I hear you’ makes so much difference, people just don’t realise. I’m making plans already on how to pay things forward, and that in itself is helping keeping my head busy, and out of depression. I’m still ill, times are still hard, but the attitude is heading on up, baby!

    Hold on in there and smooches and good thoughts to you all.
    Much love,
    Gaynor (and Jay, Nathan and Corben!) xx

  72. I wanted to thank all the wonderful people that gave presents to my 3 kids! You are wonderful beyond compare and my children were just in awe of how many “secret santas” they had and it was because ppl out there love them. I couldn’t hide the large amount of boxes that showed up for 3 days straight! It meant the world to my husband and I to see their faces light up every time they opened a gift on Christmas morning.

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