Ghost dog

This is a weird post so ignore it if you like.

Without getting into the weird details, I can feel things.  Like, things that aren’t there.  I’m not psychic and I’m not gifted but I can tell when I’m not alone.  It doesn’t bother me and I end up doing lots of ghost-hunting and staying in haunted hotels but I almost never see anything.

That being said, I think we have a ghost dog in our house.  I realize that sounds insane but we’ve all seen it so often that we’re used to it. (Not a full dog or noises…just the shadow of a dog passing by you, usually upstairs or on the stairs.)  It’s not a bad thing and we usually just say “Good dog” and leave it at that but this morning I was taking videos of Hunter S. Thomcat and Ferris Mewler playing with their toys on the stairs and when I watched the video I saw a ton of weird little light artifacts.  I’m sure it’s just camera crap but it’s weird so I thought I’d share it.

Also, I took this with my shitty, outdated iPhone and uploaded it to youtube.  If you see nothing then you’re probably more sane than I am.

Around the 14 second mark there’s a bluish glow near the cat toy.  At the 25 second mark you can hear me talking over me. I don’t know how that happened but I don’t think a ghost dog is involved so it probably speaks more to how unreliable videos are. At the 36 second mark a light moves from Ferris’ back foot up the stairs.  At the 50 second mark a half-moon moves from where the toy is to the right of the screen.  1:08 mark.  Same weird blue glow on the cat toy.  1:15 orb moves up the wall near the hot air balloon painting. 1:23 When I move on the stairs the lighting changes to a foggy white for a second.  1:33 almost imperceptible but something flashes before the camera in a downward motion.  1:45 Cat’s eyes glow because they are possessed by Sata-oh hang on.  That’s just normal cat stuff.

Also, I used youtube to slow it down so you could see it better and I’m not sure if it’s really that helpful but it’s creepy as shit starting around the 40-second mark.  Like if that “It-puts-the-lotion-on-it’s-skin-or-else-it-gets-the-hose-again” guy made cat videos.

Is there a point to this?  Not really.  Just wanted to share what is almost certainly nothing at all.  Blogging at it’s best, y’all.

Couple of screen shots:

Glowing ball.  Probably just contrast against shadow.
Glowing ball. Probably just contrast against shadow.
Click to embiggen.  Traveling semi-circle across the cat's butt.
Click to embiggen. Traveling semi-circle across the cat’s butt.
Glow in left corner.  Not in next frame.
Glow in left corner. Not in next frame.
Orb on wall.  Dust?
Orb on wall. Dust?
Click to embiggen.  Light traveling across bottom.
Click to embiggen. Light traveling across bottom.
White spot moving for a split second across the TARDIS.  Probably some sort of tear in the time/space continuum, or maybe a moth.
White spot moving for a split second across the TARDIS. Probably some sort of tear in the time/space continuum, or maybe a moth.


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  1. Ok, that’s creepy.

    On the other hand, I often sense when people (or letters) are coming before they actually arrive. Weird, I know, but it happens.

  2. Soooo . . . . I sometimes just know things. And feel energy, like in a house or apt. So I don’t think that’s weird. Also, lights tend to go off or on around me–streetlights, etc.–regularly. Esp. when I’m feeling a strong emotion. Now that might be weird:). But your weirdness we all enjoy so keep sharing!

  3. As someone who has woken up in the middle of the night with strange people staring at me who disappear in seconds, I believe you. There is so much we don’t understand, but energy cannot be destroyed.
    I am finishing up a debut three book series which is based on some of my experiences. Creepy?
    You betcha!

  4. It probably is a ghost dog, or something like it. Especially if you were already pretty sure it’s been in your house for a while. Those lights don’t like like something that is on your camera lens.
    We live in a haunted house – not like Stephen King I’m-here-to-possess-your-soul haunted, but just “normal dead guy hangs out here” haunted, and the house is only 10 years old. The previous owner died in our bedroom. When we first moved in, tons of weird stuff kept happening; things being moved, lights constantly being turned on and off. One day I finally just decided to have a conversation with “him” and it stopped.

  5. I love it! We had a bad ghost when we arrived at our new house and I would talk to it a LOT to try and calm it down. We finally got out the holy water (I shit you not) and blessed every door and window and each had a sip. The ghost is now ok with us living here and the dog has stopped his nervous reactions – he started chewing his feet and wouldn’t go anywhere near me. I wish I had video though. Jealous…

  6. We have a house fairy, so I have no problem believing y’all have a ghost dog. The most astonishing thing to me in the video is the three actual cat toys. All the ones I buy vanish into an alternate universe within an hour.

  7. Nice to know I am not alone in being open to shit just being…unknown. I don’t have “belief issues” so I’m siding with the Ghost Dog theory. To be fair I have also; owned a haunted car, worked in a haunted restaurant, think household Brownies steal my shit and 99.02% believe in fairie folk so I may not be the most reputable source.

  8. My husband believes any talk about spirits and ghosts is bullshit, but I’ve always believed there are people who can see and feel things others can’t. I’m glad to be one who can’t as I am easily freaked out, kind of like how I’m getting now after reading all this stuff about ghosts and weird things happening.

  9. Susielindau, it sounds like you are describing hypnopompic hallucinations. If it has happened a few times in your life, that’s totally normal, but if it happens regularly, it can be a symptom of narcolepsy or another serious sleep disorder, and you should talk to your doctor about it.

  10. OK, if you aren’t into podcasts and you haven’t heard the endless ads for them yet, you should listen to the NPR Invisibilia podcast – this last one (Fearless) touched on some work done with sweat, and I think if it’s true it explains so much about that sixth sense thing. Maybe it’s not ghosts, but leftover emotions. That and the crapton of reflective surfaces you have around your stairwell and I’d say there is probably a reasonable explanation.

    But then again, ghosts are cool too. Or maybe it’s some sort of telepathic playmate f-ing with your cat. That’s be awesome.

    (I’m a fan of that theory. I think it’s more likely that if ghosts exist they are like reruns running over and over rather than an aware entity. Like when you walk into a room and can tell if someone has been in the room recently. Some say it’s because you pick up on things like lack of stale air and an increase in dust motes but I think it’s more than that. ~ Jenny)

  11. I think energy can stick around after someone or something dies, and that some people can feel that energy. I’d far prefer your ghost dog to the creepy haunted room in the house I grew up in. The rest of the house was totally not haunted — very suburban 1970s boring — but that one room just made my skin crawl when I walked in. And once, when I know I was alone in the house, I saw a man standing at the top of the stairs near that room, but when I looked again, he was gone. Not cool. A ghost dog that makes lights show up on your cat’s butt, however, is very cool.

  12. There is no explanation for some of the creepy stuff I’ve seen before. I just acknowledge the creepy and go on. I do plan to haunt anyone who allows hellfire and damnation preaching at my funeral though.

    (Autocorrect just tried to make damnation into Damien. See what I mean?)

  13. it’s dust reflecting off the light on your camera- you have the flash on when you were recording? When small dust particles float around they get picked up by the flash, and since your camera auto focuses on one thing far away (the cat), the dust gets between the focal point and the lens making it out of focus and reflective. Go into a dark room and turn the flash on while recording a video and you will see the dust particles everywhere. Makes you realize how bad you miss maid service (well, at least I do).

    The voices in your head and such? That’s totally normal.

    Jana, a TV camera person!

    (Makes sense. I didn’t think I had the flash on but the cats have those glowing eyes so maybe I did after all. ~ Jenny)

  14. The Ghost Dog likes your cat’s butt. Creepy AND disturbing.

    I always thought my “feelings” that I get were just my craziness…but there’s other people out there that have them, too! I do catch shadows of people walking past me every now and then when I know I’m completely alone, but I never get creeped out by it. Now I might be!

  15. the purple “glows” are a common digital camera artifact on high contrast edges. the orb at 1:15 is something there – but I’d bet it’s a reflection of light off your phone onto the wall. The lighting change/blur at 1:23 is an artifact of digital compression (all the stationary stuff moved, so the needed data rate spikes and the picture gets soft for a second until it the movement slows). the 1:33 something in front of your camera is most likely a finger.

    Which isn’t to say that you don’t have a ghost dog. Your cats don’t seem to mind, but that’s probably because ALL cats are from Satan.

  16. We have a ghost cat..actually two a black tabby and an orange one. I’ve seen cat paw prints appear in the fabric as I’m vacuuming furniture, I’ll admit that I love both ghost cats.

  17. the purple “glows” are a common digital camera artifact on high contrast edges. the orb at 1:15 is most likely a reflection of light off your phone onto the wall. The lighting change/blur at 1:23 is an artifact of digital compression (when you move the needed data rate spikes and the picture gets soft for a second until it the movement slows). the 1:33 something in front of your camera is most likely a finger.

    Which isn’t to say that you don’t have a ghost dog. but it isn’t bothering your cats probably because you’re right about why the eyes are glowing. Your cats are from Satan.

  18. Well, of COURSE a dog (ghost or otherwise) would be sniffing the cat’s butt.
    I would love to have a closer look at the cool art on your stairwell wall.

  19. I had a ghost cat at my house for a while, so I completely believe that you have a ghost dog. Why not?

  20. I about peed myself when I heard your voice in the slow motion video! At the the cats are not bothere by it.

  21. Look at the first screenshot that you posted, the one just above the caption that says:

    “Glowing ball. Probably just contrast against shadow.”

    If you look in the lower right hand corner of the image, you’ll see the same blue color on the side of the stair. In the other photos, this part of the stair is white, just like all the painted parts of all the stairs.

    The “blue glow” is coming from somewhere off to the right, behind you and perhaps outside. It’s a light or illumination shining from that general direction. You can see the cat’s butt illuminated by the same light in one of the subsequent screen captures.

    What time of day was it? Is there a window over there? Is there some source of illumination outside like a car’s headlights or something that would cause this?

    Don’t think is anything creepy, but I don’t know the layout of your house.


    And thanks for the millions of snorts, giggles and coffee sprays over the years. You are seriously amusing person!

    (It was morning. Mostly still dark. There’s a window behind me so maybe light reflecting off the TARDIS? You guys are excellent debunkers.~ Jenny)

  22. I’m pretty sure that your voice in the slowed down version of the ghost dog video will haunt my nightmares. That being said, or written, I believe that having a ghost dog is pretty awesome.

  23. I told my parents that grandpa was up in heaven with Jesus while we were in the car coming home from somewhere (pre-cell phone days). When we got home my grandma called to tell my mom that her father had died. Pretty sure my dad wanted to put me up for adoption at that point but was scared I’d start his head on fire with my mind.

  24. Didn’t see a thing in the original video. Your voice in the second video gave me the creeps, still didn’t see anything, though. The stills were helpful. I think if it was a ghost dog, things would be much more obvious. Like, it would lick itself obsessively until you yelled at it to stop.

    At least you have something on which to place the blame for random flatulence, so there’s that.

  25. I am completely distracted by the pictures on your wall. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO HANG THEM ALL STRAIGHT?

    (12 hours. It was insane. They’re still not totally straight and I’m constantly moving them. ~ Jenny)

  26. You can see reflections of the outside in all the artwork on the walls, and they show a blue sky. So some of this involves natural full-spectrum light on areas that are shaded from the yellowish inside light. You can see it most clearly on the edges of the staircase, where each step has a small blue triangle cast against the wall.

    That said, the hypnotic green eyes at the very beginning of the video are friggin’ awesome.

  27. Not weird at all. We’ve had a ghost dog in our house since we moved in. At first, it was unsettling–we’d see a little gray shadow run past the top of the stairs, and my husband and I would look at each other and ask, “did you see that?” For a while, we were convinced it was just our eyes playing tricks on us, but then we heard a faint barking. Then one night, not only did he and I see the little shadow at the same time, but all three cats’ heads swiveled at the exact same second to the exact same place where we had seen it. We figured, if the cats can see it, it’s not just us. So now we just say “Hello, Ghost Doggie” or “good dog!” and leave it at that.

  28. I wish we had a ghost dog. I’d love to have a pet again and an incorporeal dog would be a good way to get around our building’s No Pets policy.

    I’ve felt odd presences at my in-laws’ house. They only hang out in the old part of the house and you can feel the difference when you leave their turf and go into the newer rooms. They’re not menacing, per se, but when you’re in the room with them it kind of feels like you’re being studied like some sort of lab experiment. Sometimes when you’re trying to sleep and you can tell they’re right there watching you, you kind of want to go, “Do you MIND?”

  29. The fact you can say “maybe light refecting off the TARDIS” referencing your house makes me super happy and jealous!

  30. I have a ghost cat in my apartment. I see her shadow and she plays in the blinds. Her name is Sparkles.

  31. Either light artifacts or your cat’s butt is haunted. The emanation clearly materialized at the butt.

  32. It could be a ghost. Did you have a dog that died? My brother and his wife had to put their dog to sleep about 6 months ago. However my nephew, who is now two, wakes up and says he sees the dog or starts talking to it. It’s super creepy but I sort of think he does see him.

    (We’ve had two dogs die in the last twenty years but both were small and this is more the size of a lab. ~ Jenny)

  33. I used to work at a large boarding facility/ animal clinic. I had to be there at 4:30 am to bathe dogs and I was always the only one there for several hours, I’d turn on the radio and get the bath stuff ready and start my day. One day I had a little dog in the tub and I felt a dog push his nose into the back of my knee, I turned to see a streak run down the hall…I thought CRAP a dog is loose! I put wet dog in a holding kennel and went looking for the loose dog, there was no loose dog, All dogs where accounted for. I figured I was just imagining it. I went back to washing the dogs and again I felt a dog beside my leg and no dog. I wasn’t spooked by it I was saddened by it. When the rest of the staff came in, I told them about the wandering dog I couldn’t find. They all looked at each other and not me…then one of the guys started freaking out and yelling that he told them there was a ghost dog! So I wasn’t the only one that had a cold dog nose on the back of a knee. Poor fellow trapped is such a horrible place… I said a prayer and hoped he would be able to go on. I think though he may have enjoyed freaking out the humans.
    I’ve always seen and heard things no one else can. At 50 yrs old I’ve learned to except it. I could show you so many pictures of explained lights and orbs.

  34. I don’t see anything, but I am the most non-psychic person I know. In our first house, which was built in 1840, the previous owner was trying to communicate with us, but I just didn’t notice. The deceased old lady was so desperate she resorted to calling us on the kitchen phone. THAT, I noticed.

  35. One of my sisters and I used to take turns saying “It’s for you ___” seconds before the phone rang. We lived in a house full of women. We were always right. We could have simply felt the electronic pulse prior to hearing the ring and may have been really good at guessing, or there could have been more to it. We’ve done it with success a bit as adults too, but it’s a lot easier to “guess” with cell phones and caller id.

    Yours could be due to refracting light, or you could have a friendly dog ghost who likes cats. I like the latter explanation much better, myself.

  36. Thoughts: Coming from the perspective of this-is-my-life and also this-is-my-life’s-work, yes you have a ghost dog in your house, along with other animal spirits which share a specific and common relationship: you.
    There’s nothing going on that you need be fearful or concerned of. In its way, it’s completely normal. Which, when you think about it, is completely cool. Also, it’s very sweet that they want to be around you, and play with your current animals. Lots of love there.

  37. A car going up the street reflecting light in the window and off the Tardis coupled with a dusty room – Nothing unusual at all. The voice on the other hand…probably the ghost dog. He would like some blueberry pancakes!

    By the way, could you send me the meds you are on…they seem to be working very well! 🙂

  38. If that room has windows, I would suspect the sun reflected off a car or its mirror. The bubble moved when the car moved. The cat was interested because PRETTY.
    If the room has no windows, look for anything else reflective including your own jewelry and the camera lens.
    If no to both… get an agent and a reality tv show.

  39. Interesting that when the bluish light moves past his hiney he seems to react to it for a second and then goes back to playing. We have a few ghosts in my house and one of them is my dog Honey, she nudges the back of my knee sometimes. She was blind at the end and that was how she oriented herself, she followed me around and would gently touch her wet nose to the back of my knee. We also have an older gentleman who we think is the original owner of our house, and a little girl who we have no idea where she came from. And it does get creepy sometimes but after over 20 years we are used to it.

  40. We had a dachund that was hit by a car in front of our house. For months after he passed we all heard him running down the hallway, catch a shadow of him occasionally, and I would feel him jump up on the bed at night.

    In other news, my general take on this video is “cats, cats, cats, OOOO TARDIS! cats cats cats.” Cute cats, but TARDIS FTW.

  41. I’m probably more sane than you are? Really, probably? On a scale of “Everest” to “Jenny”, Bobcat Goldthwaite is somewhere around “dandelion”. There’s a separate entry in the DSM for “bloggess”. “Animal Planet” is planning a new series, “Ghost Dog”, sponsored by Prozac.

    And I love you for your gifted insanity!

  42. Good stuff on the digital artefacting and lights. I understand some of it, so it’s good to see that other people know stuff so I can learn more. Given that your cat’s eyes glowed, the phone probably has some kind of light on it that could be causing the artefacts.

    I think we have a ghost cat sometimes. I’ve seen a flicker of motion in a place that it is impossible for a cat to move, given that we have furniture there. Things have fallen off a chair with our cat not near it. I worked with a guy who swore his pet iguana haunted the house after it died.

    I think ghosts could very well be places remembering the people and animals that lived there. Our theater’s haunted where I work, though the ghost has been quiet lately. Active ghosts…. probably less common, but I’m not discounting the possibility. Too many people have had things happen.

  43. I definitely saw some of the lights you’re talking about. I fully believe some people are more in tune than others to feel/see this kind of thing. So the verdict: not crazy on this count.

  44. The slow motion video almost killed me with your demon voice:) I believe! 🙂

  45. Interesting that others comment about knowing when the phone’s going to ring. I think I have some of that, too. A lot of the time, I’ll take my cellphone out of my pocket or put it on a table near me or something, or I’ll take it out to check the time, and while I’m still thinking about it, it will ring. I’ll wake up just before it rings with a call that I need to take. Doesn’t always work, but a good portion of the time it does.

  46. I didn’t see anything on the videos, but I totally believe you because I’ve had a ghost for years that has followed me from house to house. Also, please send me the picture of the bunny in the red smock because I want it.

  47. We had a ghost cat in our old house and no one believed me about it! I’m so glad to see that someone else has ghost pets.

  48. Short bio: I used to work for a local TV station, my college degree is in film & TV production, and while I’m not a still photography expert I know enough to be the person people throw their camera at at weddings.

    As someone mentioned above, the orbs are typically dust particles–I couldn’t see them on either of the videos, so I can’t speak to how they were moving, but in the stills they look like dust motes.

    The blue glow on the cat toy is easily explained by looking in the foreground of the video: note that the balusters on your railing are similarly blue in color. That’s usually from having two (or more) different color temperatures of light; I’m guessing that you had your curtains open (natural light tends to be blueish, and some companies have started making indoor lighting that matches that) and some indoor lights on (which tend to be yellowish or warmer). The cat toy is in a corner where the stairs were throwing shadow from the indoor light source (above & to the right of the frame?) but they weren’t blocking the natural light source, so it looks super blue.

    The moving glow on the cat butt (one of the better sentence fragments I’ve typed this year)…I’m not entirely sure, but it’s behaving like a reflection, like somebody had a semi-reflective surface pointed in that direction & then moved (or, if your shades were open, it could be reflecting off a car/bicycle/supervillain carrying a mirror riding a Segway driving by. Another possibility: I don’t have an iPhone, but on my digital camera the meter on the autofocus gives off a greenish light like that, though (and ruined some of my long-exposure pictures, boo).

    Most of the other things you mentioned I couldn’t see, sorry. 🙁

  49. I suspect that the artifacting that you’re seeing is explainable by science. That being said, you very well may have a ghost dog, but he seems chill, so no worries. Hubs and I bought a 60 year old house that only belonged to one family before we got it. As we were doing some work in it around midnight, we heard an alarm go off. It sounded like a travel alarm or a watch alarm. We only heard it in one room, we searched that room thoroughly (it was empty), the house had been vacant for at least 2 years, and once we moved in, we never heard it again (we did heard it a few more time before we moved in). I did explain to anyone who might be listening that we loved this house and appreciated the work they had done (the husband had built it himself). Now we occasionally hear sounds that sound like something falling, but nothing’s out of place. Oh, and the Helper Dog sometimes growls at the wall.

  50. My parents own a 300 year old farmhouse, and I have seen MANY strange things there over the years. I got so used to seeing the colonial era family hanging around by the time I was 14 or so that i didn’t think much of it … until my best friend slept over one night and got up to use the bathroom at 2am. She came RUNNING back to the bedroom, completely freaked out about “the people in the downstairs room who disappeared” when she turned to look at them fully. I just sleepily muttered, “Colonial family? Mother, father and two kids, right?” (she nodded) “Yeah, don’t worry about them, they’re fine. All they ever do is watch.”

    That being said … on the video, I didn’t see much, but that small greenish blue cloud (you called it a half-moon) that moved from your cat’s hindquarters off to the right was pretty unmistakable, and didn’t look like a trick of the light or a weird reflection.

    Oh and just a tip? If you’re like me and can often sense (though VERY seldom actually see) dead people … you should do yourself a favor and stay away from battlefields like Gettysburg. Unless you particularly ENJOY the sensation of standing in the middle of a large but completely silent crowd of deceased young men.

  51. We have a little ghost black cat. You will see him walk by out of the corner of your eye. I saw him for years but didn’t mention it and then one day my girls told me that they both see him!

  52. Thanks Jenny, this is just what I needed to read and see on this long weekend that I’m staying at home all by myself.

    Honestly though? I love how you just take the other worldliness in your badass stride.

  53. I think the real mystery here is that you have cats that play with their actual toys!! Now THAT is a phenomena I have yet to see. My cat could play with a bread tie for HOURS and completely ignore everything else.

  54. There is some kind of ghost that occasionally hangs out in my bedroom. I can feel it and the cats can see it. I go by the premise that if they aren’t worried, neither am I.

    I am fascinated by cat eye reflections – I have a cat whose eye reflect turquoise! I like to think that turquoise is not a Satan color.

  55. We have a ghost named Eric who came along with some used furniture my mum bought. He used to make noises in the house when someone was here alone, but that stopped when my cat & I moved in. (We assume it’s because nobody is ever alone with the cat here.) A friend of mine who sees things told me Eric wanted a radio, so I got him one, and ever since then, we’ve had a “I won’t bother you if you don’t bother me” agreement.

  56. We have a creepy old cabin in the mountains in Idaho, build in 1867, we have “orbs” or unusual circles of light in many of our photos as well. Always hearing foot steps when know one is there and so on. Your not crazy, there are just some things that can not yet be explained. At least that is what I keep telling myself…. 🙂

  57. It was really hard to focus on the lights because I was distracted by all of your cool stuff. Not being able to draw a conclusion from an iphone video, you should set up a night vision camera and hope it doesn’t go all Paranormal Activity for you.

  58. I do have more than my fair share of ghost experience. It’s my family’s tradition it seems. If I ever lived in a place with no ghosts, I would be amazed.

    I would not be worried about the video as most of that are pretty obviously light flares so it is nothing.

  59. Linda, I had a cat whose eyes flashed turquoise…and had an aversion to holy water. Maybe it was just my cat, maybe there’s a connection. I’m just saying.

  60. I definitely hear the voice of Satan in the second video. Have you considered that the haunting may be caused by all of those, um, interesting pictures on the wall over the stairs rather than a dead dog?

  61. I woke up early morning one time, because I heard footsteps in my hall, bedroom door opened, I woke up with something standing over me and gesturing for me to get up and go downstairs. I did as I was told, come to find out the burner was left on low on the glass top stove, and a cereal box was on fire. The fire detectors never went off. The house was built in 1910, and I thank my ghost for waking me or the house could have gone up in flames taking us all down with it. TRUE STORY!

  62. Absolutely love this post. And besides the adorables quotient of kitties playing on the stairs with ghost dog – your voice (the un-slowed down one) is frikkin’ cute as heck! : )

  63. In the slow motion clips, the half moon one that moves from Ferris’ butt, totally saunters like a dog. I agree. Ghost dog. And because I say, you KNOW it’s real. psh LOL

    Have you given him a name? Or her. Maybe leave dog treats out to see if something happens?

  64. When my husband and I moved into our brand-new house, we would hear thumps from upstairs and sometimes footsteps. I would be sitting right next to my husband so I know it wasn’t him pranking me. Even the dogs heard the noises.

    I wondered if the house was built on a Native American burial ground. Since the ghost wasn’t disruptive or threatening, it didn’t bother me. In fact, I felt like I had a protector. I was disappointed that the ghost moved out shortly after my husband did.

    More attached to him than to me, I guess.

  65. Looks like what light from yonder window breaks. It is the sun, and your ghost dog, the reflection.

  66. I don’t see anything but I have no doubt that your house is haunted by the ghosts of a thousand Taxidermied animals. I’m sure they mean you no harm though. P.S that mermaid thing you posted awhile back has haunted my brain ever since. What was seen can never be un-seen.

  67. I had my house ‘cleansed’ too. The weirdest experience. But the odd little things stopped straight away.
    I was told to keep a sage plant by my sink and not let it die as there was some blocked energy there. Needless to say it died immediately. :-/

  68. Mickey Alice Kwapis has a writeup about her taxidermy classes on DailyMail today. Is she a relative?

  69. My psychic friend told me that my house was untidy because the pull of blocked energy from spirits in the house encouraged us to clutter these spots. And there I was thinking it was because we’re a family of hoarders with too little storage and housework bores me. Now I just blame the ghosts!

  70. I’ve always been an energy magnet and my spirit guide started showing himself to me about 5 years ago. I’ve often woken up in the middle of the night to see him chase off a spirit with bad energy. I think it’s interesting to see that so many of us have the same ability to sense things and I’ve developed a theory about mental illness. What if anxiety, depression, panic disorder, etc. are all just side effects of being psychic mediums that just haven’t figured out how to control our abilities? I have a feeling, however, that if I tell my doctor “I’m not mentally ill; I’m psychic,” I might end up in a 72 hour psych hold.

  71. First of all.. I love your staircase. I would NOT have the patience to put those pictures up.

    Secondly, I love that you might have a doggie ghost! I bought my place from the Estate of the only other person who owned it.. and sometimes I will stop what I’m doing and look into the bedroom, expecting to see something. I feel like she’s in there when I’m not, but that she’s not a bad presence. Once, a psychic told me that the previous owner likes what I’ve done to the house and is thankful I’m keeping it nice.

  72. Energy lives on. This is one of my favorites.

    The following, written by NPR commentaitor Aaron Freeman, is a gem!

    You want a physicist to speak at your funeral. You want the physicist to talk to your grieving family about the conservation of energy, so they will understand that your energy has not died. You want the physicist to remind your sobbing mother about the first law of thermodynamics; that no energy gets created in the universe, and none is destroyed. You want your mother to know that all your energy, every vibration, every Btu of heat, every wave of every particle that was her beloved child remains with her in this world. You want the physicist to tell your weeping father that amid energies of the cosmos, you gave as good as you got.

    And at one point you’d hope that the physicist would step down from the pulpit and walk to your brokenhearted spouse there in the pew and tell him/her that all the photons that ever bounced off your face, all the particles whose paths were interrupted by your smile, by the touch of your hair, hundreds of trillions of particles, have raced off like children, their ways forever changed by you. And as your widow rocks in the arms of a loving family, may the physicist let him/her know that all the photons that bounced from you were gathered in the particle detectors that are her/his eyes, that those photons created within her/him constellations of electromagnetically charged neurons whose energy will go on forever.

    And the physicist will remind the congregation of how much of all our energy is given off as heat. There may be a few fanning themselves with their programs as he says it. And he will tell them that the warmth that flowed through you in life is still here, still part of all that we are, even as we who mourn continue the heat of our own lives.

    And you’ll want the physicist to explain to those who loved you that they need not have faith; indeed, they should not have faith. Let them know that they can measure, that scientists have measured precisely the conservation of energy and found it accurate, verifiable and consistent across space and time. You can hope your family will examine the evidence and satisfy themselves that the science is sound and that they’ll be comforted to know your energy’s still around. According to the law of the conservation of energy, not a bit of you is gone; you’re just less orderly.


  73. OMG, Sherry (commenter above me) I love that quote by Aaron Freeman so hard!!! As a scientist-y type, I can affirm its accuracy.

    My only question to you, Jenny, is why isn’t the cat sensing it? Aren’t they supposed to be extra-sensitive to energy? Or is your cat just doing that cat thing where they ignore everyone else in the room? Probably.

  74. You got orbs. Congratulations. If the cats play with your visitor, it’s probably cool.

  75. My husband had a brain aneurysm burst 9 years ago, and ever since then, he can see and talk to people/spirits or whatever one wants to call them. It used to freak me out, especially when he would “ask for a sign” and lightbulbs would flicker and burst, but they’ve also told him where to find earrings I’ve lost. So, I just accept that they’re there and they’re not bad or evil.

  76. A few days after my cat Sammy died in 2008, I was at work and I kept seeing him running around the foot of my desk, out of the corner of my eye. Then I “felt” him jump on the desk and lay there while I worked. I assumed I was grieving and/or crazy, so I told no one. When I returned from lunch that day, one of my co-workers was in the hall looking at files and when I walked by she looked at me and said “There’s a cat up here”. I was so stunned to hear her say that, I replied “I think it’s Sammy”. And she reponded, “I thought that’s who it was. He’s been running around in your office”. I don’t know what I believe about what ghosts are or aren’t, but I have no doubt there’s something to it. I love the mysteries of life.

  77. I live in a house built in 1862. We have a special friend who lives here. Will is the son of the original owners of this house. He has appeared to a few of us–me, most of all. Will has been our protector for over 45 years now. His very first appearance was to his Mother in the cellar . He died at 32. There is so much we do not know about what lies beyond…….

  78. We had a dog when I grew up. Got her when I was 12 and my parents had to put her down when I was 28, eight years ago now. She loved laying at the foot off my parents’ bed on the floor and would pull down some of the comforter and then curl up in it. For several years after she died they would feel, in the early hours of the morning, the comforter being tugged on as she made her little nest. RIP Daisy-Dog.

  79. I don’t know if you can really prove anything like a spirit through digital evidence anyway. I believe it if you sense it, because I’m the same way. The house I’m in now is very neutral, for which I’m eternally grateful, because houses with a lot of negative stored energy–I can barely even be in them. They just make my skin crawl and I want to hide under furniture. I actually had to cleanse my boyfriend’s mother’s house because there was so much crap in there.

    I don’t know if your friend is a ghost or just a spirit in canine form, but I don’t think anything can take on the shape of a lab and not be something good. Especially if the cats are okay with it. The cats may be evil, but they’d know if something were more evil. I don’t think they don’t sense it so much as maybe they just don’t care. You know how cats are. Maybe you just need an extra companion right now in the form of this woof, or maybe it’s drawn to you. You’re doing the right things, just leaving it be, honoring its presence but not making a big deal. It’ll move on when it’s time. I imagine spirit dogs are smarter than spirit humans a lot of the time and will know when it’s time to leave. 😉

  80. We’re in a rental in Leander for the time being. There’s a ghost cat in the master bath who likes to rub against my legs whenever I’m in there getting ready. There’s a old lady who tends to hang around in the kitchen- she’s really sweet and likes white flowers. There’s another person who sometimes wakes me up at night and kind of freaks me out. And just recently, my husband spotted the silhouette of someone walking down the side of the house- really freaked him out since he never really believed in this stuff until we moved in here. I’m finding that Central Texas is EXTREMELY active!

  81. I see cats that aren’t there at almost every house I’ve lived in. It used to kind of creep me out but I’m used to it now. Our cats see them and react too, sometimes.

  82. Orbs are just dust catching the light on or near the lens, but I have no doubts about your ghost dog. My sister and I swore off the Ouija board when we were teenagers because of something we called No Name that made gaunt grey faces come out of the walls, poster eyes glow red, and lightbulbs explode when we asked for a sign that it was real. That house always had things falling over violently, more like they were swiped down than tipped over.

  83. We lived in a house in New Hampshire built in 1728 and as the story went, a young girl died there in the early 1800’s. As the mother of two young girls, this scared the hell out of me but everyone said she was a friendly ghost who just ate your peanut butter late at night. It is true the peanut butter disappeared, but I think it was my husband putting it on top of his chocolate chip cookies.

  84. this has nothing to do with ghosts or cats or dogs, but rather the art in your stairwell. i thought of you yesterday when I was at a shop in Bellville inspecting a roof. They had prints on old pages out of a dictionary. Including the Tardis. So, that’s weird.

  85. In our old apartment I know I was watched by an old woman in a housecoat. I just sensed her (particularly while I cooked–I think she resented me in her kitchen). My husband says he always sensed the same.
    Our current house: nothing. Boring. Never get that sense at all. I think that’s why I can’t help believing this stuff.

  86. I was once at a friend’s house and very definitely felt something hit my head. My friend took a photo immediately and there was very definitely an orb floating above my head!
    Now, it could probably be explained rationally, but whose to say there aren’t other explanations?

  87. I’ve got the ghost of my old cat still hanging around. She likes to bang the food dish. Some things just never change….

  88. Judging by the comments (and my own experiences), you totally aren’t alone or weird. I feel things sometimes, too, and I know for a fact my house has ghost cats.

  89. Explainable, maybe. But fun to watch and speculate!
    I personally believe there is so much more to humans and animals than meets the eye or can be measured by science.
    Energy lingers, our emotions are powerful, our actions echo through time. Which is why I believe in doing or choosing the right thing , whatever lands on the side of good and on the side of kindness.
    Anyway, anyone remember this song by Edie Brickell?
    Edie Brickell & New Bohemians – Ghost of a Dog – …:

  90. Not weird at all. I can sense things too. WHen we went house hunting before purchasing our home, there was a house that I told my husband we would never buy. There was definitely something there – and not in a good way. I think a ghost dog is cool 🙂

  91. I couldn’t pay attention to the light as I was completely fascinated by your stairwell. I really love it!!!! Every time there are pictures of your house, I think, “that is so cool. I wish my house was this cool!”

  92. Jenny. I saw the glowing things and thought they were cool but then I made the mistake of listening to the slowed-down version of the video and I am creeped out by your scary voice. I’m going to be hearing that voice in my nightmares tonight. Thanks a whole f@*king lot

  93. In my first apartment, where my best friend was my roommate, we had a ghost dog who used to steal our clothes and hide them in each others’ rooms. Like, my best friend seriously had absolutely no desire to wear my peach-colored bicycle pants, but they were under her bed. And lest you think I’m making things up, Paula visited a psychic who voluntarily said that we were being followed by a ghost golden retriever. SpoooOOOoooOOOoooky!

  94. We have a small black ghost cat I sometimes see out of the corner of my eye. Still your tribe. 🙂

  95. OMG, totally creeped out by your slow-mo voice. In my car. In broad-ass daylight.

  96. Oh my gosh! I so want to go ghost hunting with you. My husband and I actually run a website called Haunted Places (mostly just so we can travel with a tax write off to ghostly places) and we have stayed in almost all the bigs. We stayed in one near you ( the Menger) near the Alamo a while back. Nothing exciting happened though… alas.

  97. I so totally think your posts are excellent. Any bunch of words that keeps my attention till the end is … how do I finish? … good stuff. One of the many who’ve read your masterpiece, I follow you, who knows, may yet meet you … I haven’t even viewed the the video but will. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, I will watch it. Just wanted to say “Hi” and to make it clear you are very very interesting.

  98. I saw the ghost a a rabbit once. It was really sad, because while I watched the rabbit jumped off the curb, hopped once and dived into its body laying in the street three times before I drove by. My thought was “That was amazing. I’m so glad I don’t see that kind of thing all the time!”

  99. I love your posts Jenny. I love your book. I read your posts to the end. How many posts are interesting enough to deserve that? And I haven’t even watched the ghost dog video yet. That’s how good your posts are.

  100. Totally with you. I sense energy like that too and I’m pretty sure there’s a ghost cat in my apartment. Definitely some mischievous otherworldliness at foot.

  101. Linda and Rachel: Holy or Unholy, most cats don’t like and will avoid having water sprinkled on them.

    Jenny–I agree that the blue light is caused by reflections or sunlight shining through the “light fixture” on top of the TARDIS.

    That being said, I totally believe you guys about your ghost dog. I lost my beloved kitty Riley (AKA RileyGirl) last August, that is until I noticed she is always jumping up on our bed when I am trying to sleep. First time it happened, I was ready to shoo away our other kitty, Moondoggie, but he wasn’t there. It’s happened more than once and I am perfectly happy to know that she is still with us and wants to snuggle with me at night.

  102. I don’t have anything wild or unusual to add, except that I’ve had ghosts too – a little girl who used to run up and down the stairs giggling in my Victorian, and some entity who f’d up all the electrical systems, one by one, in our new house. I spent my whole adult life without a TV, but boyfriend is addicted to them. They make me nervous. Even when they’re off, it’s like they’re watching me. His TVs started randomly turning themselves on and off last October, and wouldn’t respond to remotes or obey the buttons on the sides. I had to unplug them to get any peace. Worse than poltergeist. Rather than go without though, he just got new ones. Bigger ones. Ugh.

  103. Creepy yes, but what did you expect when you decided to keep a TARDIS in your house?

    Wherever the TARDIS appears, there’s always some crazy crap going on!
    It could be a trick of the light, similar to what some people (including me) do to keep birds out of the garden; hang a CD from a fishing line, the sun reflects off it, & moves around with the wind, this keeps my dog occupied for some time when he visits the backyard, as he tries to catch the light reflection in the garden!

    On the other hand I can remember a long time ago when I stayed in the recently vacated house my grandmother used to live in overnight by myself.
    She had died a few years earlier, & other previous occupants of the house had also passed away over the years (the house remained in the family, but was rented to tenants a few times, none of whom felt comfortable, or stayed long term – my grandmother had insisted the house remain the property of our family – which it has).
    Before going to bed, I locked all the doors, turned off all the lights, & woke to find the lights on and the doors unlocked & no one in the house but me.

    There are all sorts of anomalies that could explain the phantom light in your house, some quite mundane, some downright creepy, but I’d suggest a scientific approach; look at all the lights and light emitting devices in your house & all the reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, pictures with glass over them, anything shiny, etc, especially anything that may move, like a mobile, or fan.
    If that doesn’t explain it then, either it’s that you’re missing something, or it is something inexplicable.

    I don’t know what to believe about psychic phenomena, but I have had more than a few inexplicable experiences in my life, & can certainly see the “ghost dog” or whatever it is in the video.
    So I’d be inclined to say the TARDIS caused it, or it is a ghost dog, but best to have a thorough check, & maybe get someone independent to look to see if there’s anything you’ve missed that may have caused this phenomenon.

  104. There have been MULTIPLE times where the children and I were alone in our (not very big) house, and we heard a door slam. We all thought my husband had come home for lunch. Then…nothing.

    Turns out, searching the city’s records, the original owner of our house (an older lady) died of cancer here. Since I figure she’s an older grandmotherly type ghost, I consider leaving butterscotch candies and recordings of Lawrence Welk on for her. Or at least proclaim (loudly) how much I just LOVE moth balls.

    Keep hoping she’ll pitch in soon and help with laundry (or just bake for us), but it hasn’t happened yet.

    You should definitely leave Ghost Dog a bone. It is the nice thing to do.

  105. Yep, cats seeming demon-possessed is pretty average. I’ll never forget, in a history class focused on heretics and witch trials, the instructor remarked, “I own both cats and dogs, and I know which ones I’d suspect of being in a Satanic conspiracy.” So true.

  106. Ghosts are afraid of me for some reason. I walk into a place where people swear there are ghosts and they run away.

  107. I’m someone who can easily communicate with “the other side.” I was always open to the idea of ghosts, spirits, and energy, but I wasn’t a full believer until I was able to start communicating with them myself. They can do a lot to help us on this side. That said, I’m not getting anything major off of your video except for the doubling of your voice. I think the explanations that others have given you about light and dust are more plausible in this situation. I also have to agree that the creepiest thing is your slowed down voice on the second video!

  108. I have two words for this: Wine. Slushies.

    Everything looks blue after awhile.

  109. You have a TARDIS in your house and you’re surprised by unusual lights and noises?

  110. Your slowed down voice sounding like Satan’s grandmother is the best. BTW, I totally saw the ghost dog/semi circle. Time to call the medium.

  111. I had something happen in my life (I live overseas) and for some reason 2 people back home popped into my head. Had no idea why it was those 2 people. Within the week, I got messages from both. The thing is, it would be out of the ordinary to hear from them as I don’t stay in touch (one is an ex boyfriend, bleh! the other is someone I went to highschool with). I feel like I’ve always been able to sense things, it’s really strange and usually never makes sense at the time, but it’s there. So yeah, I totally believe in the unexplained! Creepy McGee!

  112. Yup, experienced the creepy orb thing with cameras before myself – even had a weird face shape turn up in a picture before. I’d say it’s a good sign that your cats aren’t freaking out, it means whatever is occupying your space (dog, cat, llama) is content with your presence. That is the biggest battle right there. Also, your cats have the best names ever. 🙂

  113. I’m Fox Mulder when it comes to ghosts — I want to believe! I’ve “felt things,” too. I’m not at all afraid of ghosts. I figure if they were decent people they should be okay as ghosts (I might be scared of the ghost of a serial killer). A dog would be a good ghost. I have seen cats around the house that have passed on, so I figure they stay awhile.

  114. i’m a grave-finder, myself (runs in the family), but i have lived in places where there has been a resident ghost. the presence in our current place hangs out in the corner of our bedroom and is generally grumpy; the other morning, it shoved me on the shoulder when i was trying to sleep in. i rolled over and yelled “FUCKING STOP!” and went back to sleep.

    totally not kidding about any of this.

    i love that you have a ghost dog. living or dead, all dogs want to hear that they’re a good dog!

  115. Ghost dog was a GREAT movie.

    Once I saw someone standing in the middle of the street and then just vanish. Weirdest moment of my life.

  116. I don’t know about the ghost dog, but your voice in the slowed down version may very well keep me up tonight…. o.O

  117. I totally want to believe in a ghost dog! Because it’d make life more fun. Also, I don’t know why I never noticed this before, but you have a very pleasant-sounding voice.

  118. Where you’re “talking over you” there is a second voice saying “stop it.” There is also a white object dashing from left to right very clearly. I don’t see any dogs whatsoever but you definitely have entities around (I am a “psychic” – or “intuitive” if you prefer- so consider yourself validated.)

  119. I’ve never believed in ghosts, than we bought our forever home (it’s very very old) We have a ghost cat, two kids who sit on our stairs and talk to each other happily, and an older lady with a huge hat. Oh, and a military guy who walks thru our house, in a hurry, from back to front every morning.

    I thought maybe I was crazy, I could feel I was being watched while I was stripping wallpaper and such. I told no one what I was seeing. When we first moved in there was this horrible sick feeling in my stomache, than slowly it started to change to a happy vibe.

    One day my husbands very old aunt told me “she wants me to tell you she is very happy with the colors you are choosing”. I said, whattttt? She told me she was very sorry, she never told anyone stuff, it just came out. So I asked her what else have you seen, she told me there were two children who died at a young age from a sickness, that they loved the house and were not ready to leave yet, the old lady with her favorite hat that was very confused with all our changes, than she saw we were making good choices in the colors. And a cat who loves the light. I finally asked her about they guy? She said, I don’t see a guy …. But she has never been at our house early in the morning …

    So, we would chose our paint colors, and strip the layers of old paper, and the original paint colors have always turned out to be very similar. In one room I even chose an orange, never in my life have I ever chosen orange, and it was the original color.

    Also, when my 18 year old cat died – while my husband as in Afghanistan – for a few nights after I could feel a cat jump into bed with me and lay by my feet, so I guess our ghost cat felt I needed comfort.

  120. My 8 year old cat Luna died of cancer earlier this year, and as we were driving out to my parents farm to bury her body, I saw a black cat that looked just like her when she was younger, up in a tree on the side of the main road to my parents house. I didn’t think anything of it until a half a mile later, when I saw another black cat that looked identical, sitting in another tree, and a half mile after that another sitting by the side of the road watching us drive. Twice since then I have been woken by the distinct feeling of a cat landing on the bed beside my leg. I don’t feel her around all the time, but those two times were real enough to shake my mattress (she was a big girl).

  121. My 15-year-old cat Smoke died of cancer three years ago, but still pops in to say hello now and then. I’ve felt her settling into her favorite sleeping spot against my stomach (our current cats are not allowed in the bedroom at night, because they think my internal organs are trampolines). We’ve also seen her perched in the living-room window from outside — when we’re outside, that is. And again, not our current cats because they are shut out of the living room when we’re not home, so they don’t hassle our guinea pigs.

    My mom’s dog stopped by too, after it died. I could tell because I got a very strong whiff of the dog’s horrid breath. (Dog had teeth issues but was so old that fixing them wasn’t a priority. The dog also never came into my apartment. The stink was unmistakable.)

  122. I think I have a ghost cat in my bedroom. You know how it feels when in the middle of the night, your cat daintily hops up on your bed and curls up by your leg? Well, sometimes I feel that. But I don’t have a cat.

  123. Was going to show the video to my hubby, he’s an IT guy at a haunted hotel so he’s examined a lot of footage and photos that people send in. (BTW, orbs are dust 99.99% of the time.) But everyone’s done a good job of critical thinking on it. I still believe in your ghost dog, though. We spent the night at my mom’s after her dog passed away, and before I fell asleep I felt the dog jump on the bed. Looked, no dog there.

  124. I had some strange things happen before we moved into my house. When we were let in to measure and take pictures, my camera started buzzing,making a LOUD whirring and the flash kept going off. I got a feeling that the prior owner’s elderly Mom was pissed at us for moving into her place, and spoke calmly to her about us respecting and fixing up her house (she may or may not have died here) . Nothing weird happened here since. Except for the ghost kitty who snuggles me (and only me) at the foot of the bed some mornings.
    I’ve also seen/heard a little girl ghost crying while babysitting at a Victorian mansion in my 20’s, and had a chair tossed at my leg from behind me in that house.

  125. Not a weird post to me. I enjoyed it. I’m also the person that never sees anything, but seems to alway be with someone that does. I look for the explanation like it’s probably a piece of dust that the light caught in the lens. I still love a good ghost story and wish I could be that person that sees the unseen. When my son was 3 we were eating dinner and he told us he saw 2 shadow people float by and disappear through the front door. He’s still convinced we have a ghost. I tell him if we do it’s a nice one.

  126. my 2yo watched it with me and immediately started talkng about a firefighter doggie for no apparent reason. Is your ghost dog a Dalmatian?

  127. I know jack $#!t about light reflections and such, but I think this is not your ghost dog simply because the cats are unbothered by it. Animals sense/see things all the time that we can’t.

  128. Haven’t seen any ghosts or felt spirits myself…actually, I take that back now; both times when I’ve lost cats over the past 5-6 years, I’ve felt them hop up on the bed and walk across it at night/early in the morning a handful of times, so there’s that, but I’ve never actually seen a ghost. My mom, on the other hand, swears uphill and down that when she and my dad went to visit his brother at the nursing home a few years back, only to find that he’d passed in his sleep just before they walked into his room, she saw Dick standing in the corner of the room, looking like his old self, smiling and laughing and happy to be out of his broken-down body. Who knows? If energy never goes away but only changes form, then it’s entirely possible that someone’s essence is still hanging around for whatever reason.

    (I’ve heard it said that your standard human ghosts are usually people with some kind of unfinished business, who often died suddenly/prematurely/violently, with parents of young children–especially mothers–figuring prominently, which was why hearing some people claim that John Lennon is/was haunting the Dakota makes perfect sense to me. I wonder if he’s still around now that Sean is all grown up?…)

  129. It’s your voice overlapping without an edit in the video that’s the weirdest.

  130. I wait so eagerly for anything cat related on your blog! I totally think you have a ghost dog. Do you know if the previous owners had a large pup that passed away? I think Ferris senses something too.I know he could be hearing anything, but do you see the way his little ear rotates around in start of the 2nd video? Of course, it’s hard not to sense something that’s haunting your tushie.

  131. You must have had a strong light source behind you to make the cats eyes light up like that. I am guessing there are specular reflections off camera striking your lens or lens cover – like a low budget version of JJ Abrams lens flare (see the new Star Trek – not Into Darkness, the one before that – for examples). I had something similar happen with a used HTC One where the lens cover had it’s antireflective coating damaged. Somehow you have light shining on your lens. It’s either that or you live close to a haunted nuclear power station and you are infested with radioactive ghosts. But I’d go for the simpler one first 🙂

  132. I’m not so up on camera bizarreness; I always thought that only happened on films, not digital. That said, we had a “black thing tht ran up the stairs” at the last house I lived in. Multiple people and the cats all saw a black blur rush up the stairs that was about 18″ tall…but there wasn’t anything there in ‘reality’. (Nevermind I was once downstairs ‘alone’ but for both cats with me and I heard distinct footsteps walk diagonally across my roommate’s bedroom above, despite the fact no one was up there and her waterbed would have prevented anyone walking across like that…)

  133. We have a couple of ghost cats. They mostely jump up on the bed at night or you will catch movement out of the corner of your eye and know it’s the cat… except there is no coporeal can there. So yeah, totally agree that you could have something there.
    BTW, beautiful stairs!

  134. I believe in ghosts but I’m thinking that your lights are reflections of light bouncing off something. Or it could be a ghost cat. The kitties were way to casual for the ghost to be a dog.

  135. I do see the glows and lights you point out, but if you look in the stills at the corners of each step, they all have a bluish glow, which is also on the bannister supports. It looks like this is sunlight coming in at a particular angle. When Hunter moves through the sunbeam, it makes a shape on his butt. He reacts slightly because it’s probably a warmer spot than the rest of the air around him. Also, there seems to be some reflection off the toy. But sunlight looks bluish in contrast to the yellower indoor lighting, so I don’t think you have a ghost dog, you just have nice windows. Sorry. But having a ghost dog does make things more exciting.

  136. Oh, I feel stuff like that quite often. My sweet beagle Doc visits me quite often at home. He doesn’t know where I work I guess, so when I’m not there, he hangs with our other beagles George & Gracie. I really do think they talk to him sometimes. They bark at nothing, so I assume it is ghost bovine (we live on a converted cattle ranch) or Doc visiting them in the yard. He was a big barker also.

    I also have visits from various family members. I’ll be dreaming of them and wake up just realizing that they were asking about events that are happening now in the present. When I wake up I actually see them sitting in the chair in our bedroom. Freaked me out the first time, but no longer.

    What really freaks me out however is my De Ja Vu episodes…. Yes, there are things I see in dreams that happen in the future. I call it my person glitch in the Matrix and roll on. Creepy thing!

  137. I am no fun at all, but I feel the light effects are totally explainable. This is your front entryway, no? Are there interesting cut-glass details in your front door or sidelights? Cars going by outside and reflecting the sun can cast weird fast light/shadows especially when enhanced by the prism of decorative glass. (I am in love with your curved staircase, by the way.)

    Ghost dog is much more fun.

  138. Two things: This video is fun to watch. And your cats are so happy.
    During a ghost hunting adventure of an old theatre I witnessed a shadow person, with my eyeballs, not a camera. We could all see it at once, which makes it more credible. Startling and fascinating, but not scary. Additionally, one portion of my backyard has copious numbers of orbs when photographed at night.
    Some of it can be explained, some of it can’t, I relish the possibilities.

  139. I have a ghost cat! My dog will suddenly raise her head and follow this invisible object down the hall. I’ve seen it out of the corner of my eye. Cool shit.

  140. Glustickmom #87: I think I must have a veritable army of spirits blocking energy channels in my house. Otherwise it just means that the kids are untidy and I’m too tired to get on to them about picking up their stuff. I think I will enjoy blaming the ghosts!

    I have the same psychic talent as a brick, but a friend of mine predicted that the space shuttle would explode a week before the launch (in 1986). She was getting more and more upset by the premonition, but watched the launch desperately hoping that she was wrong. When it exploded, she said that it was exactly like her vision, even down to the smoke trails.

  141. I see the orbs for sure. The bluish light looks like you had the flash on while filming. Interesting though!

  142. so, my screen was blank both places I am assuming you put in the video footage (which i blame on the ghost internet which plagues my home). damn it, because I love ghosts. but I did see the spots on the stills. i am a true believer in all kinds of spirits. we used to live in a rent house in downtown san Antonio near where all the missions are and i swear we had some dead soldier walking around. it was never scary, but it was downright unsettling at times. footsteps outside a closed door. a spoon clicking in a coffee cup type sound nearly every morning – when NO ONE was there. the constant sense that someone was passing through or behind you in a room. just stuff. we got used to it, but it changed us. good luck with your ghost dog and you can be thankful for the cheap dog food price. ;o)

  143. Howdy, Jenny! I am psychic and I’m aware of folks-not-presently-inhabiting-physical-bodies wandering all over the place wherever I am. The whole world is haunted as far as I’m concerned. I’m also aware of animals and most of my beloved friends who have died have been back to visit me frequently. It’s all good, nothing to worry about. I’ve never met a nasty, mean ghost, just angry and frustrated folks who couldn’t figure out that they were dead or knew they were dead and were mad about it or folks who were disoriented and unsure of what was going on. I try to comfort and talk to them as I can and sometimes they even listen. I don’t worry about them or feel “haunted” by them. They’ll figure it out eventually and they have lots of other folks around them who can help them if these stubborn ones would allow it.

    Anyway, don’t worry about it. I enjoy having ghosts hanging out and animals in particular. It’s not creepy or frightening though I’ve certainly been started a few times. Just enjoy and don’t worry about it, ok?

  144. How did you even see all that “evidence” in the first place? I watched the videos watching for the time stamps and couldn’t see anything. Even in the zoomed in stills all I could think was “How the hell did you see those things in the first place”. Perhaps I’m ghost blind. Guess I wont’ be seeing dead people. [frown]

  145. I once had a ghost cat (probably related to the piles of cat hair I found in the freezer of my apartment when I moved in). I loved ghost cat. It would sit in the window, or follow me down the hall. I even tied a string around a doorknob for him to play with when I wasn’t home. Then a new roommate moved in and decided she would “cleanse” my apartment. Ghost cat never came back. I miss ghost cat.

  146. I think you should buy the dog a toy and see what happens. Super cool video and pics. Thanks for sharing.

  147. That’s funny, I’ve had a “ghost cat” in our house recently. I’ve never really thought about it, just thought “hey it seems like there’s a cat in here” if that makes sense. Or I’ll see a cat movement for a second. We haven’t had a cat for years!

  148. My college friend’s dad collected Civil War memorabilia and had an exciting acquisition of many belongings from one man – Archie (I think that was his name.) It was all in a special display in their attic, which was really a finished third floor to their house. Her adult sister’s old bedroom was up there, and I was with a group of other girls who were staying overnight at her house. Her mom was divvying up the sleeping arrangements and said she felt she should mention to whoever got the attic bedroom that they do have a ghost up there and that he makes himself known very infrequently, but that if the rocking chair was moving or if we smelled pipe smoke that this was just Archie and nothing to be afraid of. This was my first experience of normal people talking about a ghost like that, and I couldn’t get past how they were not joking! I chose to sleep in the main floor guest room.

    When my daughter was 2 she ran from her room to look down the hall and waved into the living room and yelled “Hi!” We were home alone so I asked who she was talking to and she said “The boy!” I said “What boy?” And she just shrugged and said “He’s gone now.” And went back to playing in her room. She is now 5 and nothing like that has happened again so I guess he was just passing through.

  149. OK you are clearly showing off your cute kitties and your freaking AMAZING wall of FANTABULOUS COOLIO prints…! I think you should pitch a 60 mins tv show of the “Bloggess & kitties – Ghosthunters in their OWN home” and just film the cats playing “IS THERE A BUG?” on your bed duvet etc… that way we can continue to see all of your cool collections and decor and yes, even more of your kitties who just CAN NOT be seen too much…! Excellent work – two ghost paws up – woof woof!! xoxo

  150. Young children usually can see, hear or at least sense spirits or extra dimensional beings because their brains have not yet been conditioned by society as to what is considered ‘normal’. Maybe that indicates that you and your family still have the wonder and open mind of a child. Nothing wrong with that and it’s too bad that the rest of us have lost the ability to sense these things. Good dog!

  151. Your ghost dog must be cool, or your cats would be forever trying to whap it. I think Ghost Dog is just bored, and is reduced to playing with a cat toy. If only you could find some ghost doggie toys or treats, then Ghost Dog would not be so bored. Keep saying “good dog” — everybody loves praise and recognition.

  152. The first time I ever visited my friend Debbie’s condo, she showed me around and introduced me to her cats. At one point I asked which cat had just gone into the utility room. She looked puzzled and said neither usually went in there. What had it looked like? I told her it was tan and had a bushy tail. Neither of the cats she had introduced me to was tan. She gave me a funny look and said, “that sounds like Autumn. She died last year.”

  153. So…I may not sleep tonight after the slowed down version’s “you got it don’t you”

  154. One day I was home sitting at my desk and across the room was rustling sound, like air moving, a sort soft pop or sigh, and l felt energy. I looked over and there was this section of air about six feet off the ground that was like something was there but not really. I could see through it but it wasn’t completely see through. “Fat air” is how I described it. It seemed like it was seething amongst itself. I got up and slowly walked over to it. It just suddenly wasn’t there anymore. I walked near where I saw it and just stared and for awhile. I had just about convinced myself that my brain made it all up when I glanced down at my hamster’s cage. She was standing in the upper portion of her cage on her hind legs looking curiously at the same spot I was. Hamsters sleep all day, something got this one up and alert. Then I looked around the room and a couple of my cat were sitting up, staring and looking just as alert. Then I realized the mini blinds were slightly swaying. I have no idea what/who it was. I asked out loud “Vivian?” (a deceased relative) wondering if it was her. It’s never happened again. I’m totally receptive to another visit though.

  155. Okay seriously, back in college I lived in house haunted by a dog. I moved in earlier than the other girls and I was feeling pretty lonely… so it was kind of comforting to feel another presence. Long story short, I’d hear it panting or walking around upstairs when no one else was home and sometimes there would be a puddle in the middle of the kitchen floor (that wasn’t so cool.) One of the other girls was a big time believer in New Agey things and she thought it had to be a demon… so she did a smudge ceremony and my dog went away.

  156. We have a ghost cat who was really up in my shit when we moved to this house, but has since calmed down a lot. The worst part is that it looks like one of my actual live cats, grey tabby with a white bib. So, I would be sitting on the couch and out of the corner of my eye I’d see this cat staring at me for a few minutes and when I turned to say “come here, baby, what do you want?” it was gone and the cat in question was fast asleep in a box. That lookalike (live) cat also used to have TOTAL conniption fits on the stairs, howling and hissing and running around like her butt was on fire, but now she only does it once in a while.

  157. The weirdest thing in this video is that your house is so damned clean. 🙂 How do you do that? Mine always looks like a bomb went off. Sigh…

  158. We used to have a ghost who would say weird, mundane things like “meatloaf” but she has moved on, probably because this household is too crazy for a mundane type of ghost. In a former house, a man died in a car wreck right outside the master bedroom window (the cars were pushed up that far from the street.). Before that, the house was fine, but after that the house was creepy. We could hear people talking downstairs in the night (no living person was down there) and there were strange lights and shadows. People who didn’t know anything about this would stay overnight with us and report they were creeped out and awakened all night by strange sounds and lights. One night my husband was traveling on business and I was alone in the house. I didn’t want to sleep upstairs because it was too creepy, so I slept on the couch in the family room. At around 3 am, my normally placid cat jumped onto the back of the couch, stared at the closed shutters on the window behind it, and hissed like a Halloween cat with big fangs and fur sticking out all over. I freaked and just huddled into the couch under the blanket. A minute later, the doorbell on the kitchen door rang! Nobody was supposed to be ringing my doorbell and freaking out my cat at 3 am! Of course I didn’t answer. I was convinced it was the shuffling zombie of the dead guy looking for dinner. I just stayed frozen on the couch until morning and lived to tell the tale

  159. I had ‘someone’ get on the empty elevator with me at work the other day. The doors were almost closed when they opened, the elevator voice announced ‘third floor, going down’ and I saw a flash to my left in the opposite corner. I left the elevator at the next stop. We did not exchange pleasantries.

  160. I’ve seen a ghost cat in the apartment of a friend who knew it was there, but never saw it. She heard it from time to time and felt it brush by once. I, too, was way too distracted by the pictures on the wall to look at anything else. What a beautiful stair well!

  161. …. It… looks like you have a dangling crystal or glass or reflective ornament somewhere catching light. My cats would chase reflections on the walls all the time from our holiday ornaments. >_>

  162. I’m sure there’s a better way to communicate this, and given the content I can’t imagine anyone seeing it who wouldn’t immediately think of The Bloggess, but here it is: Creepy Figures Posing With Taxidermy Animals

  163. To hell with the ghost dog, this is the first time that I have taken a good look at the pictures you have on the wall going up the stairs. They are fantastic! Please remove entire wall and send to me, will pay for demolition.

  164. Thinking about it, we’ve had a poltergeist for some time; once in a while (usually at times of high stress) the screen door locks itself (usually when I or we are outside) & can only be opened with a key.
    We’ve replaced the lock barrel & the whole security lock, yet it still happens from time to time.
    Usually with a lock like that it only locks if the snib is loose, & can be unlocked by flicking the snib, but this is seriously an issue of the door locking itself, usually in broad daylight!

    We also get random thumping in the roof cavity, which is definitely not rats or the water pipes.
    (I check frequently)
    Strange thing is, my wife & I are the first people to live here, as the unit complex was only built in the 1990’s, so it’s clearly not a previous occupant.
    There were no houses on this site before then, only an old Military storage facility.

    I have heard that poltergeists can in fact be the result of a living person’s spirit in turmoil, which would certainly correlate with what we’ve been living through the past few years.
    We may be haunting ourselves!

  165. I strongly suggest you purchase a book called “Spook” by Mary Roach. She writes a lot like you do, which is to say she’s hilarious. I think you’ll enjoy reading the book and you will learn a great deal about the study and history of supernatural spiritualism. There may be a scientific reason you feel you have a ghost in your house that has less to do with ghosts and more to do with resonances and vibrations from certain machines. I cannot recommend the book, or indeed anything written by Mary Roach, more!

    (I love all of Mary Roach’s books. She’s fantastic. ~ Jenny)

  166. I think you’re glossing over the important part in these videos, which is that your cats are INDEED the spawns of Satan. I mean, those are not normal cat eyes. I mean, if you’re taking still photos you’ll get a flash like that in their eyeballs, but not in a video. So I’m thinking that what’s really happening is that these Satan cats have summoned the ghost dog to do their bidding and the black/gray cat has the ghost dog trapped on the stairs and is toying with it (while pretending to play with its catnip mouse). That curved light was the ghost dog running like hell to get away, but alas, there is no escape from Satan’s cats. I suggest putting holy water in their water bowls and then a proper exorcism. Good luck with the furry soul-suckers!

    On a more personal note: I had a ghost cat that followed us from house to house for years and still occasionally shows up. (It was not, incidentally, a Devil cat). I would be lying on the bed and all at once feel one of our cats jump up on the mattress and walk across and then stop. I’d turn over to pet it but (insert menacing music) NOTHING WAS THERE! I have also felt someone sit down beside me when I was lying in bed, but the pressure was too heavy for the cat. I finally decided it was my mom who passed away in 1990, just coming to pay me a visit. <3

  167. My household has ghost cats. One turned the reading lamp off with the wall switch. That was when we were certain at least one of the cats was absolutely Sam our ungodly smart cat with a penchant for devilry. Coolest cat ever. We also caught an orange cat on film. We had an orange cat once. And since our 19 year old cat’s passing, I am often convinced a cat comes up to me by my chair and reach down to pat the cat. My hand encounters nothing. This all makes my family oddly happy; we’re big time cat people. Our dog also occasionally stares down the hall and barks and will not go down the hall for anything at all. We are convinced Sam is sitting in the hall saying “THOU SHALL NOT PASS!” to the dog. Only he doesn’t have to do anything but -look- at the dog, because he was that bad ass.

  168. Several years ago, my husband and I had to have our beloved tabby cat, Chelsea, euthanized after a long life of cuddly, sweet, happiness. We asked that her remains be privately cremated, which meant we had to wait about 10 days to get the ashes back. In those 10 days, my husband and I both repeatedly heard her jumping onto and off of the bed to/from the hardwood floors upstairs, saw her out of the corners of our eyes, watched as interior doors opened a few inches for no perceptible reason, felt her brush against our ankles, etc.

    Finally, we picked up Chelsea’s ashes from the cat hospital and positioned the little cherry-wood box into her favorite spot—in a daylong sunbeam—and we have never since experienced any of those unexplained noises. All she needed, apparently, was to come back home to us. <3

  169. Totally possible and believable. I’ve cohabitated with several ghosts and currently work in a haunted building.

  170. {{shiver}} EEE… your slow-mo creepy voice totally freaked me out and I actually had to stop listening! {{shiver}}

  171. Our home is the 2nd home on the lot as the first burnt down, and the sole casualty was a dog. I keep expecting a ghost dog to no avail. But i swear i hear mumbling at night but it is probably just the fan. I dont tell my husband for fear he will think i am schizophrenic. And dogs dont mumble so i am not hearing the non existant ghost dog.

  172. Hey, I feel weird stuff sometimes too.

    But most of that’s dust; I know because I’ve watched every single episode of Ghost Hunters, ever. Five or ten times. It’s almost always dust moving around, and cameras being weird. Sometimes tech just goes weird when it’s older, and glitches images.

    You could try catching EVP (Ghost Hunter lingo! Electronic Voice Phenomena) by setting up a recorder in a quiet room, and then asking questions to the walls. Then you use headphones (because ghosts don’t speak up very well) and listen to the static in between your questions to see if you hear anything. I kinda suspect that that way lies obsession and painting your car black and wearing sunglasses indoors, because sometimes our minds (like old technology) like to play tricks on us and freak us right the hell out with scary stories.

    But yeah. Dust probably. Not that that means there isn’t a ghost dog, just that weird light floating around is not ghosty stuff.


  173. I had to turn it up so I could hear it. but the audio on the slowed down version is truly disturbing. It made me laugh though! You should record your voice saying creepy shit and then slow it down so you can sneakily play a ‘disembodied voice’ to trick people. And especially if Victor doesn’t believe in ghosts, you can use it to persuade him.
    As for ghosts, I had one in my parents house (which was brand new construction, so weird.) maybe we dug up an Indian burial ground, or maybe some wandering spirit thought their walk in basement was a cool place to hang out, but all sorts of tiny weird stuff happened there. The usual unexplained sounds footsteps when no one is on that floor, the sound of doors opening or closing. I’ve always been more sensitive to it than anyone else in my family, but anyone who winds up in the house alone at night winds up turning on lots of lights, and putting on the TV. It doesn’t help that the house is way out in the woods.
    I’ve also had the occasional psychic moment. The problem with being psychic is that a lot of times the things you sense coming either a)You don’t bother to take it seriously and so the warning is useless, or b)You do something preemptively to change it, and then you never know if it was going to happen or not.
    Like I dreamed we bought a new house and I had to move into it even though I hated the kitchen. I woke up thinking “That’s stupid. I’m never going to move, I love this house.” A month later Hubby got a job transfer forcing us to relocate. (I haven’t gotten into a new house yet, but I refuse to get one with a crappy kitchen!)
    That’s the first kind. The second kind was that I dreamed that my hubby’s old beater completely died on his drive home and stranded him without a car. So we decided to trade it in and get a newer car. That ‘premonition’ never came true because I acted, so now I can’t prove it was even a premonition at all. :/
    There have been plenty of other instances where I have gut instincts, or know what someone is going to say before they say it. But ultimately I’m more skeptical of myself than I am of ghosts.

  174. All those lights moving across your video are probably reflections of reflections. Look at all those glass picture frames in a curve. Light comes in, reflects of them, then hits your camera lens at a weird angle. Couple that with you moving your hand and walking around makes it seem like the lights are shooting about. The glow on the toy is an optical illusion created by a combination of shadows around the toy.

    Ghost dog is 100% real though

  175. My 2 dogs started barking FOR NO REASON a few seconds after I started this video. When I stopped it, they stopped barking.

  176. Okay, but where did the artwork on the stairs come from??? I’m in love.

  177. Hi, I’ve only recently become a fan of your blog and am only commenting because in the pictures of the cat you use the work “enbiggen” to see details. In college, everyone thought I was nuts when I suggested we sell “biggened” cookies – like the size of a plate. They sold like crazy and I’ve never seen a reference to”biggening” anything until your post today! Awesome.

  178. Not weird at all that you feel things when you aren’t “alone”. I’m that way too. And we had a ghost cat at a previous residence, so I totally feel you there! We used to say good kitty 🙂

  179. I love your print pictures. Where /how did you get them? Also, you are hilarious!

  180. Interesting, I came across your blog looking for similar happenings..
    Recently Ive been seeing dog.. two actually, a large brindle dog and a small furry gray one. The first time I seen o e it was the brindle.. I was standing in my kitchen washing dishes .. my own dog was wondering around.. out of the corner of my eye I saw brindle.. assuming it was my Charlie I kept doin what I was.. but when I got done I walked over to where I saw the dog lay down, on the other side of the stove by a door, and was going to tell her to lets go… nothing was there.. I didnt see anything move once it layed down. My dog was on the other side of the kitchen by the backdoor. Weird. Anyways today the furry gray dog showed up.. I was sitting at the kitchen table playing in my phone, and I seen it walk by out of the corner of my eye.. I didnt look up.. Ive been very curiouse since I saw the brindle.. the gray dog dissapeard after a few seconds.. then just about 15 mins ago my brother walked into the room and it followed, I looked up and it was gone.. I only see these two out of / the corner of my eye and just for a second or two. Ooh then the other day my moms chi acted like her was stuck in an area of our kitchen (where I kept seeing the brindle) and I looked over once and he was looking up and backing away like something was smellin his face or something. No one else sees them. :/

  181. I saw all of those. Weird. It’s possible that they’re, for example, reflections from a moving car’s window or something, but they seem a bit too. . . otherworldly for that.

  182. There are two ghost dogs, I don’t know what else to call them but I see them every night. At first there was one, small shadow dog , it didn’t bother me I would just walk through it on my way to the bathroom but now there is another one that’s larger, I actually stepped around it. But that’s not all I see but ill start here. If anyone has had an experience like this, please respond to this. I’m beginning to get very uncomfortable.

  183. I am not a believer in ghosts – I am not a non-believer – just not a believer.

    My wife works with dogs and helps them a lot. We have 3 dogs of our own. Lately I have been experiencing something I cannot yet explain. On several occasions I have ‘thought’ I have seen what appears to be a grey/black long-haired dog running by the bottom of the stairs or down the hall but only ever from the corner of my eye and of course when I turn to look – nothing. Since I am 57 I chalk it up to my ‘old eyes’ playing tricks on me, nothing more.

    My wife caught me once looking like I has seen something ad I mentioned hat I thought I saw one of our dogs downstairs and she said “Grey dog? Long hair?” and I said “Yeah” and she indicated that she has seen it too. She thinks it’s a dog she helped (Beauregard) that “followed her home” – Still – easy to chalk it up to a hyperactive imagination on her part.

    Now my in-laws from England are visiting and we’re chatting and I get up to walk towards the kitchen and I notice one of my dogs diving under the dining room table but I turn around and all 3 of my dogs are lying down in the living room. I look under the table and nothing is there.

    As I said I do not believe in ghosts (yet) and I never get a really solid look but this is happening with such regularity now that the only explanations I can come up with are “Ghost Dog” and “Senility”

    I hope its a Ghost Dog…

  184. This was a long thread, didn’t bother to read through it all, I’m guessing this one won’t be read by anyone either in amongst the hundreds of posts. Anyways, due to the crappy camera, it can just be that the camera isn’t very good, could be a combination of dust particals, insects, reflections on the lens of the camera or something reflecting on the wall, etc.I’ve picked up strange things with my security monitoring camera, as I have tons of recordings from every time I leave my house, its set to capture movement, some I believe are just insects flying about. And also when I have taken photos with old type of film (negatives), I have gotten some strange things on those. I don’t want to jump to any conclusion about what causes it, or the reasons for it, one of those things that makes life a little more exciting. I am always open for natural explanations no matter how far fetched the natural explanation may be as those explanations feel more the long run. Like Nasa always has these reassuring explanations when astronauts film and take photos of strange stuff, they just say its space debris or x-rays that has temporarely messed with the camera. I like to find natural causes, and usually there are natural causes, and when you can’t find any natural causes it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any, just haven’t figured them out yet and also when you don’t find any natural causes then you have to like do something about it, and that can be a drag.

    Anyways, what I really wanted to comment on is that, those things you point out doesn’t really bother me as much as those psychotic picture hanging over the stairway, now those really freak me out. I wouldn’t worry to much visting your house because of a ghost dog or glowing blue light and transparent fuzzy things flying about,, but, I’d probably have nightmares about those pictures.on the wall.

  185. We are renovating an 1860 house and we have a ghost cat. It jumps on the bed and walks around, creepy as hell, but apparently not dangerous. We moved in about a year ago and both my husband and I have felt the ghost cat, although it seems to like the guest bed more. When I was working on my dissertation I would write in the middle of the night in the guest bedroom and often had to leave because I couldn’t sleep with a ghost cat walking all over me. I actually found this post because I was searching to see if other people had experiences with ghost cats.

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