It’s how the light gets in…

So, yesterday we got a dog.

Most people would end that sentence with an exclamation mark, but honestly I wasn’t looking for a dog. I’ve said “no” to hundreds my daughter has begged for (and even a few I wanted myself) because it hurts too much to lose one. When Barnaby Jones died  four years ago I said “never again“.

And then Hailey fell in love with this tiny dog. And then Victor fell in love with this tiny dog. And then I said, “No.  Get it away from me.”  But the puppy ignored me and curled up in my lap as Victor explained that this dog was practically medicinal, and is well-suited to being an emotional support dog, which he thinks  might help with my anxiety disorder.

So I said yes…and it was very sweet to watch her frolic with Hailey, but my heart is still broken from dogs so I kept my distance.  (Much like Hunter S. Thomcat, who was similarly reserving judgement, as you can see below.)


Then last night she whimpered as she was put in her crate, so I moved her next to my bed and put my hand on her until she was comforted enough to sleep. I told myself not to look, but at midnight I turned on my phone so I could use its glow to check on her.

She’d curled into a small, content ball and the odd markings on her side smooshed together to make a tiny perfect heart. Well, not perfect exactly, as a small line broke the heart in the middle.


Then, as I watched, she snuggled up tighter and the heart became whole. And she was mine. And vice-versa.

So now we need a name.  These are the contenders to far:

  • Dorothy Barker
  • Louise L’Amour
  • Lola
  • Little Sheba
  • Happy
  • Valentine
  • Rabbit
  • Charlotte
  • Penelope (pronounced PEE-nuh-lope)
  • Rocket
  • Little Edie
  • Bunny
  • Dixi
  • Gracie

PS. I just read that Marie Antoinette had a papillon and carried it all the way to the guillotine as a comfort to her.  Conclusion: I think Marie Antoinette invented the first emotional service dog, and look how well things worked out for her.


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  1. I would vote for Lola. Lola was my mother-in-law, and she was completely domineering – but in a lovable way, of course. So very much like a little dog. They are absolutely identical. She did not have any kind of heart tattoo, but we can overlook that.

  2. Aw, she reminds me so much of my Coco I lost a few months ago. I JUST got done reading about Barnaby Jones, so this seems very fast to me, but I’m pretty sure four years is enough grieving time. I hope you and Lola have many more years together. (p.s. I like Lola, so that’s what I’m calling her.)

  3. Going with the heart/love theme I suggest Louise L’Amour. (Lola)

    (That is brilliant. Going on the list. ~ Jenny)

  4. Oh Penelope definitely! I love her heart – my cat Bruce (named for the shark in Jaws) has a similar marking.

    And I totally understand how you feel – after I bought my own house I rather recklessly got a few pets (rescues, so I knew I was saving those little lives). However, once you lose one or two (or now 5) of them, your heart cautions you to hold back before you leap into taking another life into your care. I believe my critters enrich my heart (even when they break it). And more than once they have been the reason I don’t just walk in front of a bus – knowing they depend on me is an important reason to stay here. So I guess I rescued them, and they pay me back by rescuing me too!

  5. The pup is precious. Because of the heart appearing when she snuggles I would name her “Corazon” (Spanish for “heart”) and call her “Cora” for short.

    I get it about the pain of losing pets. That’s why I don’t have any anymore.

  6. I don’t do dogs that weigh less than my cats, mainly because I’m afraid they will eat them, but I will chime in on the name – obviously for you, Dorothy Barker. I have a wire haired Jack Russell who has a red heart on her side, but it’s only visible when you shave her down. Heart dogs of any type are the best. Maybe you will mend each other’s hearts in some way??

  7. I vote for happy because my grampa (mom’s dad) had a dog named Happy and when my mom first started getting sick with Alzheimers we got her a cat and she named it Happy. She loved that cat until she died last year. I miss my mom so you should name your dog Happy. It makes perfect sense and kind of all about me even though it’s your dog.
    PS Hailey is getting so grown up and beautiful. She looks a lot like you.

  8. I dunno .. I’m thinking you called it with Marie Antoinette. I realize that’s not one of the options, but there is it.

  9. How about calling her Love? If she’s hiding in the house, you’ll be looking for Love. When you find her, you can say you found Love at home.

  10. Coeur is heart in French (although masculine, those darn gender languages!) but you could call her “Par-Coeur” which is “by heart” as she’s stolen yours. It would be pronounced par-coor. Although it could sound a bit close to parker. Hmmm, I may have to vote myself down and go with the Lola explanation above (Louise L’Amour)!

  11. Dorothy Barker is a perfect name and if you don’t use it, I’m stealing it for my next dog. Then I’ll get more dogs and name them all for Algonquin round table regulars.

  12. I vote you name her Cake. Because Marie Antoinette.

    Also, I’m jealous. I want a dog so much!

  13. My Yorkie died over 20 years ago and I refuse to get another dog. I can’t deal with the pain. Just can’t.

  14. I like Lola, however it really doesnt matter. I named my dog Max and he has gone from Max to Maxy to Maxypoodles to fluffernutter to Poodles to Moodles to Mooples to Mooblies. I have taken to singing to him lately, “Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s Moobalies.” I am probably giving him dissociative disorder, poor dog.
    Whatever you name the new pup she will help fill in a little bit of the hole that Barnaby left. Not all of it, but enough.

  15. She is beautiful. May she live a long, healthy, happy life with your family.

    As for the names, Dorothy Barker is the best. Goes well with Hunter S. Thomcat and Ferris Mewler, and, for the record, Dorothy Parker was the shit.

  16. I’m voting for Coral. That way you wouldn’t have to wait for the Walking Dead to start again to go around the house yelling “Corall!!!” and no-one would look at you funny because that’d be your dog. You could even take that shit outside if you wanted. You’re welcome 🙂

  17. I vote for Lola…or Killer. I’ve always loved the thought of small dogs named Killer or Cujo or something similar.

  18. Dorothy Barker. Though in my house, we’d shorten it to DB (Dee Bee) O.o she is fantastic. (Hugs) <3

  19. I’m partial to Dorothy Barker, and it fits best for you (IMO). It’s so cool to see how she was meant to be yours.

  20. Definitely Penelope – cause it would be the most fun to yell when she gets outside. As for not having pets because prior pets have died, isn’t that like saying no more men because the others broke your heart? If you’d followed that policy, no Victor, no Hailey…just sayin’.

  21. I like Dixi…it’s a quick name. You need a name that sounds good when you yell at it from across the room before it does a dump or eats one of your shoes. So yellability is another feature to think about.

  22. My Mom used to pronounce “Penelope” like “Pen-a-lope”– rhymes with canteloupe. Just throwing that out there as another possiblity. No matter what name you use, I’m sure you’ll end up with a gazillion loving little nicknames. What I always think is hilarious is that after a while the animal will respond to the nickname as well as the regular name. Which is how you find yourself yelling outside for the neighbors to hear, “Come here you litte tootie-wootie!”.

  23. When looking at the cast of Barnaby Jones, there were few female characters besides Betty Jones. However, there was an Anita Parks, which you could make Anita Barks. Otherwise, I like Dixie.

  24. Valentine. It’s so adorable. Ever since I read “Ender’s Game”, I’ve wanted to name a little girl Valentine but even though I have two daughters, I didn’t have the balls to do it. Therefore, you should name that puppy Valentine!

  25. I vote for Dorothy Barker. I also liked the Corazon suggestion. Really cute little dog!

  26. I’m voting for Dixi – I’ve got a Dixie (and she has saved me many times! Drives me crazy, but she is my emotional support.)

  27. When looking at the cast of Barnaby Jones, there were few female characters besides Betty Jones. However, there was an Anita Parks, which you could make Anita Barks. Otherwise, I like Dixie.

  28. Penelope! I can’t see that name without pronouncing it Pee-nuh-lope, either.

  29. She looks like a Gizmo to me, but Rocket would be good, too. You can only hope she has the personality of a fearless antisocial genetically enhanced raccoon.

  30. I think Dorothy Barker! You get all the absolute coolness of Ms. Parker AND you can call her Dottie for short! Win-win!

  31. Dorothy Barker is awesome and so you. Lola is cute, but common and you are not common.

  32. Dorothy Barker is a genius name for a dog who lives with Hunter S. Thomcat. My second vote is Penelope. Because of course it’s pronounced PEE-nuh-lope. Duh.

  33. Instead of Valentine, why not Valentina? Makes it a bit more girly. She can’t be Dorothy Barker because she’s too sweet, and the real Dorothy Parker had some vicious zingers.

  34. I think she should be Louise L’Amour. Cynthia is 1000% right. You could call her Lou. Or Louise Or Louise Valentina L’Amour when she was in trouble. Or she could be Louisa Valentina L’Amour if you like the alliteration. Or if you are enamoured with the letter ‘a’.

    Cynthia is a complete and utter genius.

  35. Dorothy Vanessa(Butterfly, i.e. Papillon) de mi Corazon Barker

    Sometimes tiny dogs need big names.

    Also how old is she? Will she get much bigger?

    (She’s two months old. She’ll get around 8 pounds. Smaller than any dog we’ve ever had. I’m terrified I’m going to step on her. ~ Jenny)

  36. Dorothy Barker ..hands down. Dorie for short. Or Kudzu…my next cat will be Kudzu….and he will climb all over me.

  37. I would name a girl dog Joni Bitchell.

    (Holy shit, that’s awesome. But not really something I want my 10 year old yelling across the street. ~ Jenny)

  38. How about “Cake” in honor of Marie A.? Or maybe “Guilley”? 😉
    She is adorable and congrats!

  39. Also, if she was being loiter-y when she was outside, you could sing Louie, Louie to her. Oooh, oooh. We gotta go now.

    And I got carried away with the name. But I think it is extraordinary and telling and lovely and wondrous that her little spots create a heart. How very cool.

  40. Dorothy Barker seems just right. Most of my animal friends have several names. The one they start with and the ones that that one morphs into as their personalities reveal their inner monarch.

  41. Has it really been that long? You lasted longer than my mother’s friend. Barely a month passed before she took my mother with her to look at a dog. My mother was supposed to stop her from taking it home. She failed.

  42. Cora – short for Corazon (heart in my less than perfect spanish). Not in the list, I know.

  43. If she has a little heart on her side why not call her Lovely? I know it doesn’t help adding names. Add for the support dog… It works. I have awful anxiety and depression and my dog has helped so much. They get in time with your moods, even when you don’t realize you’re acting twerky.

  44. I vote Penelope… just like my bunny (who happens to be a lionhead which is the closest in appearance to a pappillon… by a stretch). It’s a good name, a strong name (but only ever to be pronounced PEE-nuh-lope).

  45. Congratulations! I’m sure in no time she will find a permanent, soft, safe place in your heart. I completely understand the urge to avoid the pain of losing a pet, and kudos to you for opening yourself up again. I work at an animal hospital in Canada and I would like to suggest that you check out pet insurance options for your latest addition. There are several very good companies that offer a range of coverages. Just in case anything should happen, it is nice to not have to worry about the financial end of things when considering medical care for your pets

  46. I’m suggesting one not even on the list:


    Because that’s what you have found with her – Faith that all will be good with this little girl.

    I also suggest you watch a 10 minute beautiful movie on YouTube called “My dog Marimo”. From a dogs perspective no matter how long they have with us it’s enough for them.

    Congrats on your new baby. 💗

  47. Omg! Tears. You gave me tears. XO
    As for the name, I love dixi and I love gracie. But for your family I think Dorothy barker fits perfectly. Unless she doesn’t bark. Then it doesn’t work so well.

  48. Every time we add a pet to our life, we know that we will more than likely outlive them. Well, unless it’s a parrot, those things are so mean that they stay around just to taunt us. Yes I own a parrot so don’t flame me. Her name is Evil Parrot for a reason. As for dogs and cats, they just don’t live long enough. We lost our much loved Border Collie in October. She was only 13. Thirteen is actually a good lifespan for a dog, but no amount could be long enough. I still have 2 more furkids here, and I am sure I will find another puppy this spring. I refuse to stand in sub temps waiting on a puppy to find that spot to piddle in!! I’ve now went through the pain four times since hubby and I got together. All of them lived long lives, but again, not long enough. No matter how much it hurts, you have to let yourself love them. The happiness and love they bring into your life is worth the pain because you brought them into your life and gave them the love and attention that they crave. In a way, you save each other. And when they leave they take a little piece of your heart, but not too much, cause they want you to be able to give your heart to another furbaby that needs saving. And the new pup eases the pain. You never forget the baby you lost, but you have a new baby that will take your time and your attention. And in return they will offer you kisses and snuggle and antics that make you laugh. They give so much to us and expect so little from us in return. So enjoy your new baby and don’t think about the future. Just live in the now with your newest pack member 🙂

  49. Since her Heart is so notable, I think you should go with “Barracuda”. Also, one of their albums/songs is “Dog & Butterfly”. 80’s nostalgia, species confusion, and wicked awesomeness in one nice package.

  50. Do we get to vote? Or do you not give a shit what we think because it’s your dog?
    Well I’m voting anyway. Charlotte because that was me Grandmas name.

  51. You put that tidbit about Marie Antoinette in there but Marie Antoinpup didn’t make the list of possible names?

  52. Dorothy Barker, since you have HST. She’s such a pretty girl! Good on you for falling in love with her. I bet Barnaby would love the idea of you getting puppy slobber on you again on a regular basis. Puppy slobber is a magical substance.

  53. Oh, she’s unfairly adorable…I want one…and I’m not a dog person. Dorothy Barker is clever, but she looks more like an Evelyn or Eleanor or Josephine (queen Josephine, if you please), to me.

  54. As a big Louis L’Amour fan, Louise gets my vote. She’ s definitely a cutie.

  55. Yay for Instagram! You’ll like it, people lost loads of insane shit on there. The dog is very cute. As for the name, I’d go for THE MONARCH, obviously, although it’s always gonna be incorrect, because cats are the real royalty and everybody knows that.

  56. This post literally could not have come at a better time. My mom just added to her furbaby family after losing a much beloved pet back in December. Her current dog has been in mourning since and a friend of a friend knew of an older dog whose family didn’t want him any longer. Love is the thing…love will fuse us together…even if some are resistant at first. (My dad is super pissed right now on the new development.) Congrats and good luck on the new love of your life!

  57. I’m voting for Bunny cause I’m partial to bunnies since they are the cuddliest things that exist in theory. In reality, not so much, you know cause of the feet and everything. But also Cuddles would be a great name for your doggie. I had a VW bus named Cuddles and it was the best car ever till the engine blew out. But dogs don’t have engines so I think you’d be safe with that one. Congrats, Jenny!

  58. Congratulations! While it’s heartbreaking to lose a dog, they give us so much love and joy when they’re here! As for the name, I like Gracie. Every night when you put her to bed, you can say “Say goodnight, Gracie.” It’s the little things, y’know?

  59. We had a great dog names valentine, but that little dog looks like a Lola. Though I liked the Hailey comet idea.

  60. Lola. L-O-L-A!
    Dorothy Barker is cute too. You can call her Dot.
    She is adorable. It hurts like hell when we lose them, but they bring so much to our lives.
    I had a husky curled up behind me and a Chihuahua curled up in front of me last night and it was one of the best feelings in the world.

  61. Dorothy Barker because then you can call her “Dot” for short which is kind of like giving her two names without actually having to make up your mind.

  62. You could always go for “Heart” in another language. Corazón, maybe? Or you could get downright anatomical with “Aorta” or another part of the heart. For your listed contenders, I like “Charlotte” and “Valentine.”

  63. We must be psychic twins because i am going through the same exact thing rot down to the heat with the line through the center! My mom got herself a pomeranian puppy and that little fluff decided to pick me to be her human! We named her Dixie (mom and dad were thinking daisy at first but she’s too sassy, so i suggested Dixie instead. First place she comes when she’s let out of her crate? My room.

  64. I just lost my sweet Roxie on Wednesday. They leave a gaping hole. But I got Lola after losing Lacy and even though you KNOW what’s inevitable they’re fabulousness is worth it.
    Maybe name her Marie Antionette?

  65. I was going to say Lola, but now I’ve got Barry Manilow’s Copacabana in my head. This is not good. So I will suggest an alternate name. Tallulah Barkhead.

  66. I recently got a metal blow fish & kept thinking her name should be Lola. Since she’s a blow fish, I have named her Blola. You could call her Lola Coca-Cola.

  67. Johnnie after Johnny Cash. Because his version of Hurt shows the pain and yet shows the strength in admitting to the pain.

  68. I’m going to loan you a name I have reserved for something small, cute, and fluffy in my future (I have three cats and two dogs, so it’ll be a while before something gets added to my household): wait for it…

    MEGATRON. You’re welcome.

  69. I think something referencing her breed….since pappilon means butterfly in French, THE MONARCH fits the bill! Or maybe Steve McQueen since he played Henri ‘Papillon’ Charriere in the movie?

  70. Our Labradoodle, Lola, is the best dog ever. We got her because one of our sons was scared of dogs (so we got a dog to get him over his fear…or torment him…whichever), but she is great for our other son’s Accute Anxiety. She knows when he’s having a problem and will go to him. Or if I see he’s having a problem, I’ll tell him to go hug his dog. We’ve even talked about getting her licensed as an official service dog.

  71. This is my dream dog. I always seem to end up with huge dogs.
    I say Gracie or Dixi. Simple and cute.
    Yes, losing a beloved pet is hard. Damn hard. That is NEVER a reason not to get one. It’s not the end you should focus on – it’s the journey there.
    Have fun with your new puppy. I hope the journey is fabulous.

  72. Love Dorothy Barker and going with Dot for short. Also love Louise L’Amour and going with Lola for short. She’s adorable, and I completely understand your fears. I look at my pets sometimes and worry that I love them too much because it’s really going to suck when something happens to them. Then I turn on some 80’s music and try not to think about it. (Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world…)

  73. Instead of breaking my heart I prefer to think of their deaths as leaving a hole in my heart. And each hole lets your love light shine out a little brighter. My heart may look like very Swiss cheese but that is because it has been shot full of love from all the sweet fur balls who have filled it over time. And she looks like a Lola because whatever Lola wants Lola gets, or all is not right with the world!

  74. Roxie Heart. Who only wanted to lover somebody so they would love her. Cuz none of us got enough love in our childhoods, and that’s show biz. Kid. (See Chicago is this is an unfamiliar musical reference. )

  75. This dog needs to be named Steve McQueen. From the movie Papillon. Get it? (Or Stevie McQueen – she can sing Landslide for you!)

  76. Lola!there are at least two songs you can sing to her, “lola” by the kinks and “Lola montez” by volbeat for those days she’s a little more rock and roll.

  77. She looks like a Lola to me! I named my yorkie Lexie because she is even better than Lexapro for me…

  78. Dorothy Barker for the win. Mos def. It also lends itself to the most nicknames, which I think is important for when you’re feeling creative or just bored. Thea, Dottie, Dot, Dee Bee, Big D, Lil D, The Devine Miss D, Mrs. Barker… You get the idea.

  79. It might interest you to know that Marie Antionette was not the only woman who managed to smuggle a small dog to her execution to comfort her. Mary, Queen of Scots also brought her little Skye terrier with her on the day they beheaded her.

    So it would seem to me if your name is Mary, and you are a queen of some sort, you should probably avoid getting a dog. Someone might decapitate you.

    No wait…that’s not the lesson here. The lesson is that dogs will love you right until the very end. Congratulations on the newest member of your household.

  80. One of my guinea pigs is named Lola and she is a damn good animal. I vote Lola (or Valentine). Lola is an easy name to make songs and it sounds great in a sing-song voice.

  81. Furry little heartbreakers, but they’re worth it. And you need her, you’ll see. I’m offering Cheartlett. Little heart, C word. 😀

  82. Our 12 year old dog passed away a month ago and although it’s impossible to imagine getting a new one right now I am not allowed to go to Petco alone in case they have one of those pet adoptions out front. We’ve decided to take mercy on the two 18 year old cats and let them live out their remaining days as the sole kings of the castle. Your new dog is seriously adorable!

  83. I like 3:

    1. Corazon, with Cora for short.
    2. Going with the heart/love theme I suggest Louise L’Amour. (Lola) #8

    3. Dorothy Barker.

    Best wishes, this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Such a beautiful puppy!

  84. She is beautiful. She is the dog I want… the dog I probably need… but I just can’t because we’re gone all day, every day, at work and school, and I just can’t do that to a dog. 🙁
    Someday, though. someday.

  85. Congrats on the new family member! Out of your list my favorite is Dorothy Barker. However, Marie Antoinette’s favorite little dog was named Coco. I’m a nerd, so I’ll also toss out Lindsay Wag-ner and Precious.

  86. I think she telepathically told you she’d like to be named Marie Antoinette. Did Marie have an nickname given to her by someone who loved her? Or the French word for comfort?

  87. This might be the most brilliant thing you’ve ever done. Just remember that they are tiny spaniels and they are super SMART!! My Papillons make every day better!

  88. She looks like a Lola to me.

    My coworker brought her papillon puppy in to work on Thursday and I got a nose full of tiny puppy tongue. He likes to ride around the office in a baby sling. If ever there were an emotional service dog, it’s the papillon.

  89. Steve McQueen, because she’s a papillon and Steve McQueen was in Papillon. Then you can call her Stevie, or Queenie or something sufficiently nickname-y

  90. Although I really like “Dorothy Barker,” she really seems like a Lola to me, for some reason.

  91. This is so awesome. I’m a crazy dog person person, I was thinking Braveheart for a name but that doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue when they are stealing your sandwich from the counter. What about Mischief?

  92. It’s gotta be Penelope. Imagine the fun of chasing her around the house, joyously yelling “come here, little Peen! Come out and play!”

  93. My grandmother’s name was Charlotte and she always made us feel better when we were sick, so I think it is a great name, very befitting of an emotional service dog. That being said, I do kinda favor THE MONARCH… it’s just cool.

  94. Marie Antoinette,duh. Or pee-nuh-lope. Also, I grew up with papillons, and they are perfect little puppy nuggets.


  96. You should let your daughter name it and go with her choice unless it is really bad.

  97. I vote for Heart, because of your story. Or anything else relating to the love theme. Or Lola. Because Lola is a nice name.

  98. Dorothy Barker for sure! You can call her Dotty for short if you have to! I have a papillon as well, we rescued him from an abusive home when he was a pup…we named him Nebuchadnezzar, but call him nezzar for short! I had never heard of Pap’s before, but he is a delight, as I am sure your little lady will be as well 🙂

  99. Dogs respond best to one or two syllable names. Don’t know why, but they do. I think Lola is pretty. Papillion means butterfly in French, so you could call her Madame Butterfly or Fly for short.

  100. I still cry when I read about Barnaby Jones in “Let’s pretend This never Happened” and I will admit, my eyes are tad moist reading this now too, but for exactly opposite reasons. I am so very very glad she has come into your world Jenny, and I hope she brings you much love, much comfort, and serves as a reminder that sometimes just a little bit more warmth can mend a heart split in two.

  101. Please please PLEASE name her Little Edie because if you don’t I’m going to have to go out and get a dog to name that.

  102. Deline Ceon, because Her Heart Will Go On. Deline Ceon has a bittersweet association for me. That was the drag name of my best friend’s late brother. Still a great name though.

  103. I vote for Penelope (pronounced PEE-nuh-lope) or Dorothy Barker.
    But I would also like to suggest Scarlet D’Pupernel or Sansa Bark.

  104. Dixie sounds about right! I spotted that heart first thing and I am so glad she healed yours to let you love again! I know it hurts to lose a fur baby but you have to admit that all the love they give is worth the risk. Enjoy your new fur baby!

  105. I like Dorothy Barker or Virgina Woof as someone mentioned it. She’s such a cutie it’s no wonder she stole your heart at the end.

  106. I wanted Gypsy Rose Chi for my chihuahua mix. My daughter went Whovian with Rose Tyler.
    Whovian is always a good idea.

  107. I think Louise L’Amour [aka Lovie or Lola or Louie or Lam or LuLa or Armor] is a great name. (Picking a name with lots of nicknames is how I roll with pets). My second choice would be Dorthy Barker but there aren’t as many fun options with that one. I would probably extend that name to Dorthy Parker the Carnival Barker.

    Papillons are wonderful dogs. We had one with I was a wee little speck and one when I was in college. Both of them were sweet bundles of love.

  108. I vote for Dorothy Barker. It fits so well with the cats’ names. Also, thanks for making me have to have a Leonard Cohen listening marathon. 😀

  109. So impressed, you didn’t just get a dog, you got a Papillon! You will never pee alone again! Beautiful little butterfly, do you remember meeting Pierre, my foster boy, at the Tempe Arizona book signing? I had a Papillon service dog and he worked amazingly well with my social anxiety. I carried him everywhere in a bag and no one knew he was there (I was pretty incognito with the whole anxiety/service dog issue – although he would sit right on my chest when I was having a panic attack – miracle worker!). He was the most amazing little guy ever. His name was Bu, short for Bubel which is a German term of endearment for a baby boy. I fostered over 30 Paps over the years and have had a ton of great names. One of my favorites is Rika (Pap-rika) I think that naming creatures is one of your great talents and that you should go with your Hailey’s favorite name. PS – you can visit Marie Antoinette’s dog – she/he is stuffed (hopefully ethically) and displayed in a stairwell in a museum in Prague.

  110. I’ve got a chihuahua named Penelope. (We call her Nell-a-pee, mostly.) I was leery at first but she is the light of our lives now, the spoiled little cutie.

  111. My contributions: la lavette, Tapas, Amuse-bouche, Lilly (as in Lilliputian), Minute (big as a), Nano, Quark, Micro (as in management) or if you’re a fan, Mike Rowe (as in Dirty Jobs). Guess it’s time to stop drinking.

  112. I would name her Corazón and call her Cora or Cory. She’s adorable! My little mini dachshund that I lost May 1, 2013 was a silver dapple and had a seahorse shape on her back. She was already named Zoe when we discovered it otherwise I would have searched for a name to honor it.

  113. I’ve got a chihuahua named Penelope. (We call her Nell-a-pee, mostly.) I was leery at first but she is the light of our lives now, the spoiled little cutie.

  114. PEE-NA-LOPE! Only because as a child my gma gave me a doll named Penelope, but I insisted on pronouncing it Pee-na-lope. And if not Pee-na-lope, then Charlotte. Charlotte is a strong, pretty name. And maybe if you name her that she’ll start shooting spiderwebs put her ass. Shit. Maybe Charlotte IS better than Pee-na-lope….decisions decisions…

  115. The sadness you feel at the loss of a pet is only equal to the joy you experienced when they were with you. I don’t think we should miss out on the joy in order to avoid the pain.

  116. Definitely Lola, because what Lola wanted, Lola got. And right now, Lola gots you.

  117. Dorothy Barker, because it is a name that commands the respect that her tiny-yet-supremely-Big presence deserves. When she is feeling jaunty/sassy, though, she might want to go by something a lil more fun-loving — ‘Dottie’ strikes a nice retro-hip with a touch of street-cred balance, and it describes her very special custom heart spot. So much love there <3

  118. Aww what a sweetie pup. We had an Amish cat (long story) with that same heart deal on her side when she curled up. We called her Tiny short for valentine and of course she grew to be a butterball of a cat. Hee hee

  119. Dorothy Barker or Cora- I like the first to match the cats, but I have to admit, she looks like a Cora.

  120. I agree with Lola. Then you can sing the Barry Manilow song to get. I change sons to add my dog’s name & sing them to him all the time.

  121. I vote for Louise L’amour. The heart on her side is perfect for L’Amour. Also Louise means “famous warrior ” so she would be the famous warrior of Love. Perfect! (Also I have a soft spot in my heart for dime store westerns.)

  122. When I look at the picture, I immediately see a Coco. But I like Dorothy Barker. Or Marie Antoinette.

    The key to not getting your heart completely broken when losing a dog, is to have another puppy before you lose the first one. We lost our Bambi about 4 years ago, but Bella was a great comfort. It’s not perfect, but it helps.

  123. Dorothy Barker is excellent but I love the way you pronounce Penelope.

    Also what about Roisin pronounced “roy-sin”? Or Persephone pronounced “Percy Phone”?

  124. Because of the heart, I’d definitely go with Louise L’Amour or Valentine/Valentina.

  125. This is comment is 100% unrelated to this particular post….with that being said, I just have a question for anyone who might be able to answer. During Christmas, your blog did an amazing thing…there are many happy children come Christmas morning because of your wonderful community. I am still in awe with the generosity of so many strangers. So kind of along the same lines….my sister is dealing with some incredible uphill battles at the moment. She has been dealing with a nasty divorce that is still not final five years later….needless to say, it has drained her bank and taken an emotional toll on her and my beautiful nieces. The government claims she makes too much money and has refused her assistance of any kind. Her house is about to be foreclosed upon and she is falling apart not knowing what to do. Our mother, myself and a few friends are scouring the internet trying to find some program that could help financially. We are pooling our resources trying to come up with that magic number to at least pay the property taxes. Does anyone know of such a resource?? I keep finding a ton of TANF and government assistance, but she has already been denied that. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for this unrelated posting….

  126. Or Valorie Barker – because you needed courage to risk your heart, and she gave it to you.

    “valor – noun
    1. The quality of mind enabling one to face danger or hardship resolutely:
    braveness, bravery, courage, courageousness, dauntlessness, doughtiness, fearlessness, fortitude, gallantry, gameness, heart, intrepidity, intrepidness, mettle, nerve, pluck, pluckiness, spirit, stoutheartedness, undauntedness, valiance, valiancy, valiantness.
    Informal: spunk, spunkiness.
    Slang: gut (used in plural), gutsiness, moxie.
    2. The quality or state of being heroic:
    gallantry, heroism, prowess, valiance, valiancy.
    The American Heritage® Roget’s Thesaurus. Copyright © 2013, 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.”

  127. Dorothy Barker is great, but I have to say that Little Edie is brilliant.

  128. I agree that one of the hardest moments of having a companion animal is that day that they shuffle off this mortal coil before we do. However, I am glad that you opened your heart to this little creature. The benefits of having a companion animal FAR outweigh the costs and pain. I am sure the cats will finally admit that the dog is part of the family….Actually, you could name it “Cat Toy”….since that is usually what they become!

  129. I know they’re not on your list but first names that come to mind are:
    Treats (just to confuse her)
    Tin Tin
    Itsy Bitsy

  130. I vote Dorothy Barker first and Loiuse L’amour second. What a cutie. She seems to have found her perfect home.

  131. Pee-nuh-lope! Looks like Dorothy is highly recommended, but her nickname should be Dor (door), which really is obvious. Or Dor B. Hahaha, that just cracked me up. I choose Dor B

  132. Oh, and Winnie the Pooh, so you can justifiably yell out “POOH!!!!” whenever you want and a cute dog will come running.

  133. Jenny, I’m so happy for you and your family! I’ve lost many dogs over the years, and each loss rips me apart, but I would never give up the joy and love that a dog provides. I just couldn’t. Even the heartbreak of losing one isn’t enough to make me willing to live without my fur babies.

  134. Oh, and I can’t suggest a name for her. The dog will let you know one way or another what her name is. 🙂

  135. It is truly hard to lose our furkids…It’s been a yr since my boy Dozer died. I’m still sad but I love the companionship and fun antics dogs have to offer so i’m also getting myself a pup here in Feb. <3 Can't help but love them…because that's ALL they want… Not sure if I'm ready to puppy proof the house and potty training again…ugh!!!!

  136. You will always miss Barnaby Jones because you loved him. And this new sweetheart will never be Barnaby Jones in your heart, she will be someone new and wonderful. My favorite thing about hearts is about how they expand and expand and never stop growing, there’s always room for more love despite the pain of loss. And please name this little sweetheart something that won’t embarrass her when you’re calling her in for supper! xox

  137. Little Edie. Because she’s little… And Edie, because she was the most remarkable person and she would be honored to have your pup named after her.

  138. I think whatever name suits your dog’s personality is fine, it’s a personal thing; though of course nothing wrong with looking for a consensus from the community that is your readership.

    We got Harry, a retired racing greyhound a year ago, partially to have a pet, partially because I too have difficulties due to anxiety & other issues.

    In the year since Harry joined us, there has been a dramatic change in both him and me.
    I feel that when I go walking with him, he’s almost an extension of me, & he gives me great comfort when I’m otherwise alone.
    He’s less flighty now, & not so prone to want to chase after cats, or wander off, but dog training is an ongoing thing, & cumulatively it makes a big difference over time.
    Each time we go for a walk is really also a training session, both for him and for me.

    We’re currently in the process of getting Harry registered for training as a “Mind Dog” (, I’m sure you’d have some sort of equivalent in the US.
    Basically, as you’ll see from the link, a Mind Dog is an assistance dog for people with mental health issues, & they are true assistance dogs with all the same rights as assistance dogs for the deaf or blind.
    There’s no such thing as a particular breed of dog that suits this purpose, & provided you can put in the effort in the way of training (or get a professional to assist if required), the outcome is that you will have a furry companion that can accompany you practically anywhere for support.
    It means that those times when you feel like you can’t cope on your own, you can have your furry assistant there to help make things that bit more tolerable.

    Of course there is always going to be that concern of not knowing how long your pet (or therapist as Harry will be classified once he completes his training) will be with you, but the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience, concern & worry that your dog will not last as long as you’d like them to.
    In our case, Harry is now 7 years old, & we’re well aware that this is likely the mid point of his life expectancy.

    I figure a pet or assistance dog is there to help as long as they can, to keep you company & help you out when things get difficult; after all, you can’t always count on your psychiatrist, doctor, or carer to be available 24/7 over 7 or more years, so it’s a trade off, but on balance I’m pretty sure it’s worth it.

    Good luck with your beautiful new furry companion, & I’m sure that the richness & joy that it brings to your life will far outweigh the anxiety of facing the inevitable; everyone has to go some time, but obsessing over mortality only holds you back from making the most of now.

  139. Lol has my vote. When she goes out in public & people try to pet her, you can sternly say, “nobody touches Lola” if they laugh you know they are worthy. Whedon fans get a pass. 🙂

  140. She does look like Dorothy Barker but with the heart and all I am thinking she may be a Clementine.

  141. I don’t know if you’ll get this far into your comments before you name her. Here’s my vote anyway. I think you should name her Gracie, as in The Grace of a Broken Heart.

  142. I would like to vote for the puppy to be named Lola. There aren’t enough Lola’s in the world. Plus, it’s such a sway name, and she looks like a sassy pup. Princess Lola, The Papillion Pup.

  143. I have loved and lost a few sweet friends – and as much as each takes a piece of my heart when they cross the Rainbow Bridge- what they leave behind is so much greater. I choose to adopt older dogs – the ones who may get passed by as people pick younger, healthier dogs. My vet likes to call them my “projects”. A few years ago we lost 3 dogs in less than a year- my husband took it very hard and wanted to wait before we adopted again but as much as my heart still ached I thought: there are so many dogs who need a home and we have a home- so why wait? Of course it hurts when they die but knowing that I was able to give them the best possible life while the were with me fills my heart with joy. I can’t do anything about how their lives begin but I can be part of making sure the rest of their life is filled with love. Please consider opening your home and heart to a senior dog- I promise you will not regret it.

  144. Somebody mentioned Josephine – what about Josephine Barker? But what do I know – I have a cat named Maus.


    if not, one commenter suggested Virginia Woof, which I think is brilliant.

  146. Lola is super cute – how about Lola Antoinette? In any case, she’s perfect and I find my dogs to be a great anxiety/depression lifter. Nothing like their joy at seeing you, warm dogs in laps and too many doggie kisses to count.

  147. My heart dog, who passed away in 2005, was named Tiamo, which is Italian for “I love you.”

  148. You really are such a wonderful writer. Raw, funny and brave. Just had to say it after this post.

  149. I do like Dorothy Barker.. But with a heart on her back and all, I’m thinking she might be a Clementine!

  150. I love the write in candidate Virginia Woof- and the cats would be all like” who’s afraid of Virginia Woof? Not us! Step off bitch!” And you could call her Ginny for short- and who doesn’t need a good Gin now and then ?

  151. I say “Lola” (which is my favorite aunt’s nickname for me), but hubs says “Happy.”

    Dorothy Barker makes me giggle, as does Virgina Woof.

  152. Well girl, since I just finished your book !!❤️!! This story and the pics left me in tears so I’m super sappy right now. I’m so happy for your family. My suggestion is “Heartitude”. For Heart Attitude. It lends itself to both moral and bad ass implications.
    Enjoy her tons!!

  153. So if you do go with the name Rabbit, can you please for the love of god name it Rabbit Toast? Please? For me? Okay thanks.

  154. I vote for Lola because I like signing to my dogs so it would give me an excuse to sing the song… Lola, la la la la lola, la la la la la Lo-la-ha

  155. Oh my god, Little Eddie so you can dress her up and play Gray Gardens!
    Or maybe she and Hunter S Thom cat can have conversations about how crazy the Kennedys and Johnny Depp are.

  156. I adore Dorothy Barker, but for this puppy, Louise L’Amour is more fitting.

    P.S. Cats break your heart, too. You’re already screwed, so you might as well go all the way.

  157. Shoot! I so badly wanted to be the first to suggest Corazon/Cora, but I see I’ve been beat many times. But seriously! Think about it!

  158. Homg! This post just made me so happy. I have a papillon and she is, hands down, one of the best things to ever happen to me (I’m talking, like, top three here). I named her Annie, short for Antoinette. She is such a little love and smart as a whip! She will learn new commands in under ten minutes and her first night home managed to unlock her crate and climb into bed with me. She helps me so incredibly much with my anxiety and depression. Some days I’m not quite sure I would still be here if it wasn’t for her. Papillons are so amazing, I don’t think I will ever have any other breed again. And don’t be fooled, they are definitely big dogs in small packages – kind of like tiny border collies. Annie has hiked down a mountain with me, joined me in kayaks, participated in sailboat races, and completed an agility course.

    My initial vote was for The Monarch – Mona for short. But Dorothy Barker is definitely growing on me, too. Whatever you decide, this was the best. decision. ever. ♡

  159. I vote for Marie Antoinette, because the poor woman deserved to have something named after her. BTW, put a little kitten bell on the pup’s collar until she learns to stay out from underfoot (and away from office chairs with rollers. That little detail cost me $3K at the vet once, and a lot of guilt!.

  160. Our Papillons are Brego and Birdie. You can probably figure out Brego, and Birdie is short for LadyBird. He was purchased years ago after extensive research and interviews; she was rescued from a puppy mill last weekend where she was used for breeding. He’s got several agility titles (they’re amazingly smart little dogs and they LOVE agility!) while Birdie is learning to just be a dog.

    I’d call her Inara. Check the meaning – you know the reference. If Hailey decides to train her in agility or some other dog discipline, you need a strong name. This breed can be wildly independent. Oh, and don’t let her get by you with the crate-training. You will NEVER regret crate-training her.

  161. I’ve been advised that I should have just said this: Inara means “ray of light” or “illumination”. So, how the light gets in…

  162. An emotional service dog isn’t intended to prevent disasters — that’s asking too much. The point is to help you cope with your impending decapitation (as an example).

  163. I got choked up reading this, my dog, Boadicea was put to sleep on new years eve – and my heart is broken, but I wouldn’t change a thing. She brought light into my life when everything else was darkness and I am honoured to have known her. Enjoy your new furry friend, show her nothing but kindness and in return she will make your life a brighter place.

  164. How about Meriweather? As in Lee, and also the fairy in Sleeping Beauty, and also b/c she brings fair weather? And all will be merry …

  165. Penelope or Valentine. And my little guy is a papillon mix. Adorable adorable animals!

  166. I vote Lola- because whatever Lola wants, Lola gets! 😜

    Also, secret? My rescue dogs name is Lola too, and she captured my heart much like your pup! Good luck!

  167. My mom has an emotional support dog and Evie has been great. I have to admit my mom really did put good work into training her and Evie is great in public places and mom plans on taking her to work. It has been great for my mom.

  168. Name her Valentine after her heart. Call her Tiny for short… because she’s so wee. Ya

  169. I suggest Stella. That way, when you need to yell for her, it’s like “Streetcar”.
    Second choice – Lola. She looks like a Stella or a Lola.
    Congrats on welcoming her to your home 🙂

  170. I suggest Ann or Nancy since the Wilson sisters were responsible for founding the band “Heart”. Either that or you could call her Dreamboat Annie in light of your revelation at midnight and and homage to the band name.

  171. That sweet baby is Dorothy Barker. The end. Also…this post made me a bit weepy. Loosing beloved pet members of the family is gut wrenching.

  172. My youngest dog is named Joyous Heart. Her call name is Joy. I feel you really can’t sound angry yelling Joy. I like having multiple dogs with different ages so when one dies, I don’t say never again.

    1. I like dogs with people names. There’s just something adorable. I’d like to have two dogs and name them Pat Sajak and Vanna White.
    2. Wonder how Ghost Dog will react to the new dog in town?
  173. I’m throwing “Papi” in the ring. For Papillon. Even though the Papillon in the book (and movie) was a tough, gritty though charming convict. It’s a great name and I think it would fit your awesome girl puppy perfectly!

  174. May I throw in a new one? Pixie. I don’t feel like she has a lot of Dorothy Barker in her. Too cute!

  175. I also vote for Madame Butterfly. And if anyone says, “I love that opera,” just say, “What opera? She’s named after by great grandmother, who ran a brothel in New Orleans.”

  176. Most definitely Gracie. She’s beautiful. Our cat Bubba, whom I loved more than anything and anyone, passed away suddenly and I had the same feelings. Five months later, we adopted a new nugget named Oliver and, even though I know that someday, he will be gone, too, he’s stolen my heart almost as much. I also had a cat named Gracie once – a beautiful, sweet girl with the same coloring as your new little girl. I hope she’s everything she needs to be and more.

  177. I love her. My beloved Ella died last spring. She helped me through the darkest time in my life. The heart is magnificent. xoxo

  178. I read somewhere that dogs respond better to names that are two syllables long and end in a vowel. So Lola would be perfect!

  179. My vote goes to Dorothy Barker – so apt for your pets, family and your world-wide readers (we’d all get the reference).
    Congrats on getting a new puppy. I have a Chihuahua and, like you, I was so afraid of standing on her so I put a bell on her collar. It worked a treat. Enjoy your little K9.

  180. I’m going to guess that if you name her Penelope (pronounced PEE-nuh-lope) you’re going to regret it the first time she pees in the house. I’d absolutely go with Dorothy Barker. Then you can call her Dottie. And we’re all a little dotty around here, aren’t we?

  181. I really get not wanting another dog. My heart broke when our first dog, Merlin, died. He was my constant companion for 15 years. I never want to feel that pain again. A friend reminded me that you only fall in love for the first time once. The afternoon we brought our new dog home my husband said, “That’s the first time I’ve heard you laugh in months.”

    Our Papillon is named Rocket Noodle (RoNo) for short. We were going to name him Einstein or even Oppenheimer b/c our last Pap was sooo smart but he wouldn’t answer to those… And naming him officialy “Knucklehead” didn’t feel right. He also is closing in on 13 lbs! The husband jokes we got two for one!

    Don’t tell Victor he’s right, Papillons make incredible emotional support animals. So, dearest Jenny, fall, fall in love. There is beauty, healing and magic in these butterflies. xoxo

  182. I vote for Dorothy Barker, because it would be cool if your dog was named after my grandmother.

  183. I vote for Dorothy Barker. It would be very cool if your dog was named after my grandma.

  184. Congrats on the newest addition to the family!
    Not sure if you’ll make it through all of your comments, but my husband works for a company here in Montana that manufactures dog & cat beds & toys, in case you want to check them out…. West Paw Design.

  185. It seems like Victor is learning to argue like you. You might want to watch that. Or change tactics.

  186. It should be Valentine because of that beautiful little heart marking on her side. Adorable!

  187. I think she looks like a Dorothy also, but how about Dorothy Lamour? I recommend against Rabbit or Bunny. We have a cat named Rabbit, and it causes all sorts of confusion. We also used to have a dog named Frog. Imagine standing in a field yelling “Frog! Frog come!!!!!!!!” The looks we got were priceless.

  188. Looking at the picture of your new furbaby and her adorable heart spot, it reminded me that my sister once insisted on me calling her “Rainbow Heartlove” for over a year. So I offer it to you and Hailey for personal puppy use.

  189. Okay the broken heart becoming whole almost made me cry. You have so many good choices for her name but I am really like the Coraline for heart line. And Dixi. And Valentine. And Dorothy. But mostly Coraline.

  190. If I never had another cat it would be too soon, but a life without a dog is impossible to imagine. There is one in particular that broke my heart when I had to say goodbye, but I would do it again and again because he was worth it.

  191. lola is becoming over popular for kids and dogs. I like Dorothy Barker. You have a smart little dog there and oh so cute.

    Third: Just remember: they say it’s better to have loved and lost than to never know what it’s like to be awoken by a puppy shoving their tongue up your nose.

    Or at least that’s what Sir Rusty Venture Rocketship (aka my pupster) keeps trying to tell me.

  193. I’m voting for Lola because I have had “L-O-L-A, Lola… la la la la LOLA!!!!!” stuck in my head all weekend. Also: this post made me cry a little but I think it’s hormones so it’s totally not that I am a stupid softy.

  194. Lola is great, but it makes mes sad, because my mom was Lola and she passed recently. How about Phideaux, pronounced Fido, of course, or Fuji-little dogs have giant attitude, or Daemon?) Then there is Juliette, Babette, Django, thouh it is a big name for a small dog; Coraline, or Aeorta?

  195. She is clearly Dorothy Barker! How can there be any other name for such a darling? I love how her markings make the shape of a heart. So beautiful! 🙂 xx

  196. Marie Antoinette got her head lopped off b/c she was a raging a-hole, not b/c her service dog was a bad idea.

    Happy Dogging!

  197. She’s adorable! Papillion is french for butterfly, I think, if that helps. The cats have parodies of famous people, so Dorothy Barker probably gets my vote. Although Madame du Pompadour is a lovely Dr. Who reference (but awfully long when you’re calling her to come in).

  198. Call it Dave. It’s a perfect name for a dog.
    PS.. Isn’t a papillon a butterfly?.. Marine Antimatter carried a butterfly to the guillotine? I’m confused..

  199. Lola or Cora or Val (Valentine).

    I know how you feel about losing pets. My daughter’s cat has cancer right now. We are keeping him comfortable, but it will be soon. Breaks my heart.

  200. Aw, she is absolutely adorable. You couldn’t ignore the heart thing, so you were right to give in to the love. I vote for Louise L’Amour, Lola for short (not just plain Lola — she needs the grander “Louise L’Amour” to fit into the household properly). Congratulations.

  201. Dog names ought to be short. I vote for Dixi! And yeah, it sucks when a dog dies. But the cool thing about dogs is that they don’t mind if you get another dog when they’re gone. They just want you to love them when they are here. No dog or cat will live forever. But when they are here they are awesome. Go for it.

  202. I swore never again when I lost my pomeranian, Jacqueline Danielle (play on Jack Daniels). However, when I fell in love with my new pom (Jack), my broken heart opened wide and the happiness this dog brings me has no boundaries. I know that one day I will no longer have him, but I will not let that fact keep me from enjoying what he brings me now. One day, we will all be gone.

  203. I feel like that last bit of information means you should name her “Marie Antoinette”, but I love all your name choices and the dog is adorable. Congrats on the new addition!

  204. She is awfully cute. Funny how these tiny beings manage to worm their way into your heart against your will isn’t it. She definitely needs a name bigger than she is – Personally I like Louise L’Amoura Valentine Barker….. has a ring to it! 🙂

  205. I vote Lola. Then you can shout “Run Lola run!” every time she goes for a ball. I hope I am not alone in the “Run Lola” movie comment. Everyone has seen that film, haven’t they?

  206. YOU GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There – I added your exclamation points.
    I vote for Lola.
    Enjoy her… she’s gorgeous! I want to smoosh her.
    I just liked Lola – I don’t know the Run Lola Run reference (sorry.)

  207. I was thinking Cora given the heart in her color. And at least two others thought it too!

  208. In your hilariously perverse world I would think the obvious name choice for the dog would be No (or possibly Yes)
    The confused looks on your walks when you say, “No, good girl” or “C’mere No” would be fun. Of course if you actually named it no you would need anither word that actually means no for when she eats your piece of pizza.

  209. Welcome to the world of Papillons. The saying goes, they are like potato chips, You can’t have just one…..

    Owned by 4 of them…

  210. I’m torn between “Dorothy Barker” and “Louise L’amour.” You might want to save “Peenerloap” for if you ever get an antellopee.

  211. So you can’t beat Gracie. B/c she looks like one. And I get the heart wide open bit. I got a dog post-divorce for my boys and she is my third child. Literally. Gracie is beautiful:).

  212. Dorothy Barker is so YOU, but it is kinda long and does not roll off the tongue easily. We have a Happy, and even though I was skeptical at first, it is a perfect lovable puppy name! Good luck – so hard to choose. btw- she is ADOOORBS (my hubby hates when I say that;)

  213. I vote Valentine because DUH and Charlotte because that’s what I named my car. All great and wonderful things are named Charlotte.

  214. You are trapped! Oh how I know the feeling! I like Pappy the Happy. Or Happy the Pappy. Or Snookiewookiemoomoopoo. She is adorable!

  215. Congratulations! She is adorable and clearly a skilled stealer of hearts. You will never regret opening your heart again to welcome in a new dog. I know, there’s pain at the end—I’ve been there, too—but all the years of wonder and joy, plus the warm memories that accumulate and then echo in your heart for the rest of your life…well, there’s certainly more to love about a dog than there is to guard against.

    We named our Havanese “Zuzu Petals,” which works well for a tiny, cute dog. I think it fits your little sweetie-pie, too! Of the choices given, I’d pick Charlotte. The ‘C’ /is/ silent, right? Wait, it isn’t? OK, then, Lola.

  216. I like the name Lola – don’t worry, when owing a dog the good out-weighs the bad – always!!

  217. Just call her “Pond”. I named my dog Beru (after Aunt Beru of Star Wars fame) and now it’s easy to know you fellow kin when you take her on a walk. “Hi, can I pet your dog?” “Sure” “What’s her name?” “Beru” To which there’s either a look of confusion in which case you let your dog get some free love and move on, or a look of joy and a big smile. Then it’s like you’ve shared a secret with someone and it makes your day a little better. I think Pond would be a good fitting name for your dog.

  218. I vote for Dorothy Barker. It fits with your household. Welcome back to the world of Dog People! It’s a wonderful place that I never plan to leave!

  219. I dreamed about your puppy last night. Thank you, it was lovely.
    (In my dream we found and adopted her brother, who also had a heart-shaped mark, and who was a lot bigger so he was safe from my husband’s size 15 feet.)

  220. My heart has broken from losing them so many times, and yet my life is not complete without the fuzzy critters. Peace and love and fuzzy snuggles to you and your family and dog-to-be-named.

  221. Lola. Jumped right out of the list. And Cynthia nailed it with Louise L’Amour– Lola for short.

  222. I realize I am probably a day late and a dollar short, but…

    What about Ticker? She has a real heart there…or…
    Kardia – this is the greek word for heart

  223. oh, she’s so teeny and cute! i think Victor is right. My stepmom actually had her dog certified as a therapy dog so she’s allowed to go anywhere a guide dog is allowed (which is everywhere).
    I vote Dorothy Barker or Little Edie.
    Congratulations on the new baby <3

  224. I’m either horrible or amazing at naming my pets… My dog is a maltipoo and I named him Malty Poo (although it’s really Malt Ball Snuggly Poo and Malty or Malty Poo for short) and when I had a pony when I was a kid, I named him Henny Penny Kenny Rodgers.

    Also, my Malty is only 3lbs 4 oz, so I bought him a cat collar with a bell attached so that I can hear him and NOT step on him… someone else already did when he was a few weeks old & it broke his poor little leg, though luckily healed perfectly.

    P.S. I vote for Valentine or some derivative therein 🙂

  225. I can’t believe no one’s screamed GRACIE! (Or maybe someone has, but come on.. over 400 comments? Yeah, I’m not sifting through all of those. Point is, she just looks like a Gracie. The other options are cute and unique. They’d get giggles and questions. No doubt those names would have you and that pup the center of attention for years to come. But she’s beyond a doubt “Gracie”.

  226. Lola, because she looks like she could be sassy as well as cuddly! Congrats! She looks so sweet! Kudos to you for taking another chance on dogs!

  227. Dorothy Barker! Also, why isn’t this a survey? 450 comments is a lot to scroll through. My index finger is threatening to revolt.

  228. I propose a different name: Renette. Because she made the Doctor fall for her just like this little cutie made you fall for her.

  229. I’m thinking Heartbreaker – your worried she’ll break yours, which she will one day as they all do, and she breaks her own when she stretches after every nap.

  230. If I may add a vote for her name, I vote for Lola. Lola for Love…like the heart on her side. Best wishes in your new venture with her!

  231. Louis L’Amour–There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning………

  232. Gracie, because this kind of love is grace.
    This story made me cry and her place in your heart is too beautiful for anything less than Gracie.

  233. Definitely Dottie Barker. She looks like a witty little thing.

    Either that or Sloane Pupperson, Ferris’s girlfriend.

  234. I vote Dixi. I’ve understood that you are supposed to name a dog a two syllable name, something about it being easier for the dog or something. There are an awful lot of Dorothy Barker fans though aren’t there? Candy would be cute.

  235. I keep trying to talk The Husband into naming a dog McLovin’ but he doesn’t want to have to yell that outside to call her.
    That said, I like Happy. 🙂

  236. I propose “Kodos” (One of the drooling, helmeted space alien twins on The Simpsons …

  237. I vote for Gracie,,,when shes not listening you can yell GRRRAAACCEEEE like Edward mooney ..ties along with ferris mewler,,,just sayin

  238. Just purchased the “Be nice. Or I’ll Stab You” notebook for my husband for Valentine’s Day, because we just found out his ex-wife actually did stab someone to death.

    It’s good to keep them on their toes…

  239. Definitely Valentine. And I understand what you mean about how it hurts when they leave us. But the love shared and the wonderful memories make it worth it. The unconditional love of a dog is a gift.

  240. Ramona James Alexandra Ragsdale III.

    Although I LOVE Rocket, especially since she’s a girl.

  241. Coeur is French for heart. Maybe call her “Cora” or “Coraline”? Of the listed names, I like Louise L’Amour. Glad you have furbabies to soothe your soul!

  242. I have a black Staffie who was named Happy by the shelter staff who took her in with her new puppies when she was a pleased-as-punch mama. Having been separated from her pups very early on, and having endured whatever nameless traumas she endured pre-shelter, she is now by far the most emo dog you could ever meet (and who knew dogs could even BE emo?). Every time I tell people her name is Happy, I just hope they appreciate the irony. TL;DR: Naming your dog “Happy” is asking for trouble.

    I vote Dorothy Barker.

  243. I have seen so many people walk into our volunteer run animal shelter (Hardeman Adoptable Animals, Inc) and say “I just don’t know…” and then a dog chooses them. We often do not get to choose family. They choose us. Congrats on your new addition. May she bring as much joy and comfort as you obviously already bring to hers.

  244. I vote for Lola. I just adopted a part Papillion and part Chihuahua (a Papihuahua). His name is Rico. They could meet at the Copa Cabana…the hottest spot north of Havana.

  245. In honor of Marie Antoinette – you should name her Annie. Or Anti. Antie…
    Or after her spouse – perhaps Lewie.

  246. Well, considering I named my new pup Edie, I am partial to that one…but I think Dorothy Barker is the winner. And you can call her Dot, which is short and sweet, just like her.

  247. If she is anything like our Yapillion, sorry, Papillion, Dorothy Barker is the correct name.

  248. Lola just seems perfect for her. Plus, when you call her to come in you can call “…L-O-L-A…”

  249. I would vote for “Butterfly McQueen” — perfect for a papillon. And I’d call her “Queenie”

  250. dorothy barker for sure, dot for short. and if you haven’t fallen in love with/obsessed over Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries then do so and you’ll learn to love the name dot too!

  251. I think Dorothy Barker for sure. Gotta stay with the theme!
    Although Louise L’Amour is a really close second for me:)

  252. Dorothy Barker is pretty much the best dog name I have ever head. You know that dog is going to have some sass 🙂

  253. She’s a little sweetie. My labs may drive me nuts sometimes but I’d still rather come home to them than an empty house.

  254. Dorothy Barker or Penelope.

    Though my first thought after your story was “Marie”. But then I named my little dog Eva Perro (von Munchhound)

  255. Dorothy Barker. How have you not had a dog named Dorothy Barker? That just seems…perfect.

    Penelope is nice too – but I think Dorothy Barker is perfect…

  256. I hate when adorable pets get the best of you! I swore I would never, ever get a pet.

    We’ve had our cat for almost a year now, and I can’t believe how much I love him.

  257. I vote for Lola or Penelope (pronounced Pen-a-lope.) We adopted a nine-year-old dog (heart-break was eminent!) and named her Lola (it was short for long-lost-sister,) but her nickname became Lowly Worm (from the Richard Scarry books.) I hold a special place for the name Penelope, which I mis-pronounced in my head as a child for many years while reading. Our latest cat has a British accent, so I named her Petra.

  258. I think she should be named Serenity, because hopefully that is what she will bring on the anxious days. Plus, gotta love the Firefly reference!

  259. Another vote for Dorothy Barker. You can always call her Dot when you’re being informal.

  260. Louise L’Amour gets my vote. Or Tallulah Barkhead. Sweet little dog, I hope she brings you much love!

  261. Dorothy Barker, full stop. Just picture her thinking “What fresh hell is this?” when confronted by the cats.

  262. I was going to go w/Dorothy Barker, since it fits so well w/your cats’ names, but Louise L’Amour, aka Lola, is really good, too, and so are Josephine Barker, Tallulah Barkhead, and Roxie Heart, but I think I have to go w/the people who say she’s a Gracie–there’s Grace Hopper (who invented the term “bug” for computers thanks to a literal moth that got stuck in one, and who was a very impressive lady in other ways as well), or Gracie Allen, and lots of other Graces/Gracies that aren’t coming to mind right now…oh, and that movie Grace of My Heart! (The plot doesn’t quite fit, but the title is certainly appropriate, because it sounds as if she’s helping to mend your broken heart–you noticed the heart pattern in her fur for a reason!).

    While I haven’t lost any dogs (having not been a dogmom), I have lost several cats over the years, and I tend to think the pain is pretty similar; it’s worst of all when it’s a sudden loss, as Barnaby’s was. It’s easier and safer not to let another one in, but it’s just too lonely for me that way, and I like to think that perhaps the cat who passed most recently helps guide me toward a new furbaby, because they know there’s one who needs me and vice versa. My current feline overlord, Romeo, is a rescue cat who spent at least one winter living on his own in upstate NH and had to fight to survive, which is probably how he ended up FIV+; he had a rough life, and it breaks my heart to think about what he must have gone through on his own (we suspect he was abandoned), but he’s here now, curled up on my bed, happy and warm in spite of Snowpocalypse 2015 raging outside, and I love the little guy SO much–sometimes I wonder who really rescued whom?

    Anyway, congratulations on your new pup, and may she bring you as much joy in her own way as Barnaby did! (Are you sure he didn’t give Someone a nudge and say “Hey, she needs a new dog now–make sure she gets this one, OK?”)

  263. We have a corgi named Lola. Her name is actually “LoRida” (like LoRida., because (a) she’s a low-riding corgi, and (b) my teenaged sons thought LoRida was gangsta. Sigh. So we go with Lola.

    My vote for your pup is Dixi VonSpritzle Britches.

    Mazel Tov!

  264. I love Dorothy Barker, but Louise L’Amour is just about perfect. My idea was Valentina, just to throw another idea into the ring!

    I have severe depression and anxiety, and I was kind of roped into adopting a dog. Her name is Lucy and she’s a chihuahua, and she has turned out to be the best therapy ever. I even take her with me when I travel (if your psychiatrist writes a note with the DSM code for your disorder, and stating he has prescribed pet therapy, the pet must be allowed to accompany you at no charge. Lucy has flown multiple times. She even has a special vest !). She goes with me to the therapist. She’s so calming and warm.

    Dogs that have been bred for companionship (chihuahuas, papillions, Pomeranians) are excellent for anxiety. Your daughter picked the right breed, whether she knew it or not. It sounds like this little one was meant to be. <3

  265. The one thing God screwed up on was the longevity factor in pets. That we who love animals have to endure their demises is WAY up on the list of Universal Fuckups.

    Having said that, I hope the three of you love this little beast and enjoy her every day.

  266. Back up a little and I see wings on this little girl, head left wing heart right wing. i vote for Angel. No mistakes in this world

  267. Allow me to suggest the following: The Big Bowwowski (the dog abides), Notorious D.O.G., or Fydo Dogstoyevsky.