Looking for happiness

Yesterday I had a shitty night and I was starting to fall into the darkness.

This morning I woke up to see slightly more positive and happy news on my Facebook thread than bad news and it reminded me that things are not as bleak as my head sometimes says they are.

Thank you for sharing your lovely, happy moments as well as your hard ones.

I often see an apology that’s added with the happy or proud announcements – as if we’re embarrassed to admit good things have happened to us or that we’ve accomplished something or that we’re proud of ourselves or our family.  I do it myself.  It seems like tempting fate or bragging to share those happy moments.  But it’s that good and positive news that adds up and makes such a profound impact to battle back the negative and the scary and statuses that remind us how fragile and broken we sometimes are.

It would be easier for me to write the things that I feel are wrong right now, but instead I’m going to write the good, because that’s the best way I can practice self-care right now.

  • Dorothy Barker is finally going to the bathroom outside slightly more than inside.  If you don’t recognize how awesome this is, you’ve probably never had a puppy.
  • Last week when I was sick my daughter insisted on putting me to bed.  Then she brought in a book and read me a bedtime story.
  • Your amazing response to my new book turned me into a puddle.
  • We’re working on surprising Hailey with tickets to see Matilda this summer.  She’s wanted to see it for years and we know all of the songs by heart.

Your turn.  Tell me something good.  Something you’re proud of.  Something that makes you happy.

No apologies.  Just goodness.

I was considering teaching this dog to dance but she already dances better than I do.
I was considering teaching this dog to dance but she already dances better than I do.

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  1. Oh! And if wordpress makes you remember a password to leave a comment, just go back and change your email address to something made up. It just does that when you already have a wordpress account with that email. PROBLEM FIXED. MORE GOOD NEWS.

  2. The star magnolia trees on my street are blooming. This is the most beautiful week on my block all year.

  3. I’m still employed! (Also experiencing a bit of darkness so will return to see other folks’ good news.)

  4. Not only do I have a book contract, my editor is letting me leave in my snarky comments about the Skunk Ape. The Skunk Ape also makes me happy, and now you have to Google Skunk Ape.

  5. I had a horrible morning….like all the emotions. It ended with my kid NOT going to jail…so that’s my good news. Which really…is AWESOME fucking news.

  6. My daughter would love to see Matilda with your daughter. My daughter (she turns 6 tomorrow) sings all day long. Seriously, Like her life is an operetta.

  7. I get to finish my graduate program a semester early. It’s terrifying and exhilarating at the same time!

  8. I had a good meeting today. More to the point, I remembered that I CAN have good meetings. Self-doubt & depression can make that knowledge go the hell away, and today the knowledge came back.

  9. Well, I’m not going to share my name, because this is embarrassing, but after years of terrible online dating, I have met a man who appears to be a reasonable human being and does not seem to be a serial killer. It makes me super happy 🙂

  10. Loooooove you, I created a countdown clock to the release of your new book, that’s my happy thought right now. .. I look at it when I need something just a little to look forward to.

  11. I’m on vacation with my teenage daughters, and they are actually getting along and being very nice to each other and me. Believe me, this is a welcome change. Hope things get better for you soon. Can’t wait for the new book.

  12. I learned today that my chances of conception are low. Instead of wallowing, I’m celebrating the beginning of my adoption journey.

  13. After escaping a 7 year long abusive relationship, I have found a loving, caring man who loves me and my son unconditionally. We are tentatively planning a Hill Country wedding next October. <3

  14. It makes me happy to know that there’s a Matilda musical. It’s my son’s favorite Roald Dahl book, and it’ll be touring near us later this year.

    Also basset hounds. Basset hounds make me happy.

  15. I have two things this week that make me smile. The very best one is a new niece with an awesome family legacy name (Molly) who has the most adorable round head.

    The second one makes me laugh until I cry – my 4-year-old has been waving and pointing only using her middle fingers lately and it’s completely innocent but also completely hilarious.

    Hang in there!

  16. I’ve been overcoming my anxiety in some pretty big ways. I’ve applied for a few jobs, and even interviewed for one. I didn’t get it, but it’s a heck of a first step. I’ve also started online classes at my dream school, and volunteered to be team leader for a group project. That’s insane to me! I just knew I wanted an “A” so bad, I pushed my fear aside. Very proud.

    I’m also starting a new blog about being different and not caring what others think. It’s kind of a memo to myself, but if it entertains or helps others, that would be stupendous!

    You’re amazing Jenny! Depression lies. You taught me that. Thank you! I’m pushing ahead, and I know you are too. Much love!

  17. my BFF’s son got a new heart week!!!! And he is doing great!! Nothing makes me happier 😊

  18. I just got notified that I am being invited to an Honors Breakfast because I have maintained a 3.85 GPA while working to get my Associates of Applied Science in Agriculture. ;-). AND my baby girl will be graduating high school in less than 2 months!

  19. Recently bought into DVC (Disney’s version of a timeshare) so I can go to my happy place more often and more affordably.

  20. I also sent a book proposal to an agent that actually contacted ME and asked for it. It’s not good news..it’s nail biting..but it MIGHT be good news. I need all the good thoughts. Unless this was all a joke and they’re going to tell me I suck.

    I hope you manage to kick depressions ass this go around. Depression is a dick.

  21. I am going to a UIL competition with my favorite kids tomorrow. And my aunt is in town. Also, only one more six week until summer!

  22. My girlfriend recently presented a paper at two separate conferences, and one of those presentations won her a Best Student Paper award. I am very proud of her.

    Also, I officially have a girlfriend. The news is a couple of weeks old, but it’s a fairly unique occurrence in my life, so I’m pretty happy about that.

  23. My sweet, stubborn, dark and twisty, smart as hell daughter got into her first choice High School without hiding or changing a damn thing.

  24. I’m closing on a house on May 1. I’ve been working (back) towards being able to do this for the last six years, and every time I stop to really think about it I’m reminded of how hard I’ve worked and how far I’ve come since the one Really Bad Year that left me starting all over from the bottom. I am SUPER proud of myself. 🙂

  25. Here’s something that makes me happy: Twenty minutes of purring!

    (Those little guys were rescued from the bottom of a trashcan where they had been left a few days before they were discovered. They are now all spayed/neutered and have GREAT homes where they are pampered and adored!)

  26. You are an amazing woman. The darkness catches so many of us from time to time. I find myself in a current struggle as well. But somehow, knowling I’m not alone, makes things a bit less bleak.

  27. I organized my spice cabinet yesterday and discarded all the spice that expired between 4-7 years ago. I was so proud of myself that I could finally be MORE organized in that cabinet.

  28. I hate my job and am taking a leap of faith by quitting at the end of the month to pursue what I really want to do.

  29. I am heading to Nashville in 16 days for a girls-only weekend with my mother in law and sister in law. I cannot fucking wait. First time I’ve gone anywhere away from my kids for more than one night.

  30. My 14 y/o niece is babysitting my 3 y/o today, and she just called to tell me that he just threw up all over her. I’m not necessarily happy about this, per se, but I am secretly thrilled that I’m at work and it didn’t happen on my watch. Also, I survived my annual GYN exam this morning and don’t have to deal with that for another year. And it’s sort of almost September, and your book comes out then!

  31. Ottawa Senators winning their NHL game last night to keep themselves in the playoff run. They are working so hard to win, and the enthusiasm is soooo contagious! Rookies scoring goals, an AHL goalie on a win streak. It’s awesome!

  32. I’m fostering two puppy siblings right now. Started at four weeks and now they’re six weeks. Unbelievable amount of work but a ridiculous amount of cuteness and puppy snuggles. There’s NO WAY to look at them and not be happy. If you need a dose of the happy pups, feel free to look at my instagram pups. Insanely sweet.

  33. Good things. I am married to a wonderful man. May 10th will be 10 years together 😀 I am working on my blogs. I have really good friends. And there are great people like Jenny that let me know I am not alone when it feels like the world is closing in and I want to hide under my desk all day.

  34. My Kickstarter tarot cards are doing really well! Which means yes, money, always needed, but also that people, most of whom AREN’T EVEN RELATED TO ME think my cartoons are worth cashy money. This is very exciting.

  35. My brother got fixed yesterday and I sent him a ficus tree, a balloon, and of course a card that said Sorry for your lossess. When my mom had her hysterectomy my weirdo grandmother sent her a ficus tree. 🙂 Also I checked the funeral box for the reason and the idea of the tree people figuring out what balloon to send for a funeral makes me laugh harder than it should.

  36. The sun is shining here in Central Washington and we have a duck couple who have moved back in to our research station grounds so we get to watch them waddle around and lay in the middle of the driveway.

  37. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of the year. It’s a hard road, and I’ve still got almost 50 more to go, but I can do it!

  38. My kid has his driver’s license, and last weekend was given the opportunity to take the car, pick up a friend and go to a movie, while I tried like hell to not lose my marbles or start drinking at 1 in the afternoon.

    He came home a half hour late after getting lost in someone’s huge subdivision and not thinking he should pull over and call us. But he’s home and he’s alive and I didn’t cave in to the desire to start drinking. Success all around!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share. Keep working at holding back the darkness. Can’t wait to read your new book.

  39. After over a year of unemployment/under-employment, my husband has a final job interview on Friday, and the director has given him every indication that he will be getting an offer! And not only that, a GOOD offer! We can go back to being an actual two income family and start to crawl out of our debt! I’m excited! Also, this will likely mean us moving, but that’s not a bad thing. We will be closer to my family and in a city that costs a lot less than where we’re living now. Having just navigated the puppy thing last year, I can attest to the GREAT news that going to the bathroom outside is!

  40. I have to wear one of those walking boot casts for a while and I thought it was super ugly, so I added strips of rhinestones to the straps. The response has been amazing! Several women stopped me at a Saks Fifth Avenue store (a place I feel like a fish out of water) to compliment me on my boot. One of them even told me I should go into business embellishing ski boots too!

  41. Having a terrible day (mid-divorce emotional ish). Saw this post and reminded myself in 3 weeks I’ll be around the corner from my super awesome nephew. I can’t wait!

  42. I’m almost half-way through making all the pieces to a giant weird ceramic totem pole that I’m going to put up on my front lawn and scare the neighbors. Making it makes me very happy and nervous that it might not work out but I do it anyway because I like the happy part more than the scary part.

  43. Our 9-year old dog, after being rather grouchy the past 9 months about having a new baby in the house, brought him toys to play with Monday night. They’ll be best pals soon enough!

  44. i have a mild flirtation going on with someone who i’ve known for a bit through work, but we never realized how much we have in common.
    i have two potential new job offers right now. up in the air about this.
    pay day is this week!
    the sun will come out in a few days (dreary days in the northeast)

  45. My friend and I have been making a lot of fun Game of Thrones crafts for my Game of Thrones themed birthday party this weekend. It has been super fun and rewarding 😀

  46. i’m normally 5’2 and today i’m 5’7 because I have amazing shoes, and the very best part is that I havent fallen a single time.

  47. I won an election yesterday, so I’m going to be a member of our local school board. I am really hoping to make a difference in my community!

    Also, I introduced my mother-in-law to the Bloggess. She started reading your book while going through chemotherapy, and it was so good that she was able to laugh while going through something so awful. What a wonderful difference YOU are making throughout the world!

  48. I havent been bitten by a squirrel yet, & I’m almost 42. This delights me!

  49. On my morning walk with my dog, it was lovely to see and hear all the signs of Spring this morning: bright sunshine, birds chirping, and I actually stopped to appreciate all the Nature around me. 😄

  50. I was told in December that I had, at most, six to eight weeks left with the furry feline who has been my best friend for 10 years– that cancer was going to take him from me that quickly. He’s still here, still not showing any symptoms or signs of discomfort. Every day really is a gift Jenny. And for the record, you are a gift to all of us. And you are loved.

  51. I haven’t listened to the Buffy “Once More With Feeling” soundtrack in ages, but I still know ALL THE WORDS. (And am torturing co-workers with them.) I win!

  52. I turned my best friend onto Doctor Who a few months ago & she set my ringtone up as a Dalek shouting, “Answer the phone! Answer the phone!”. It makes her laugh as she answers & that makes me laugh. I’ve also taught my three year old niece to yell, “Exterminate!” as she runs around with a whisk.

    I’m rereading your first memoir right now & it still makes me giggle. Another best friend told me about your blog as I was coming out of my breakdown & finding out about this wonderful band of weirdos has helped me immensely over the past couple years. I hope that we can all be an encouragement to you as you have been to us. The world is a richer & more interesting place because of you.

  53. I’m going to be 43 in a couple of weeks and everyone thinks I’m 30ish. This makes me happy. Plus my cats did not throw up on my bed yesterday. Also happy making. And I can’t wait until your new book comes out! 😀

  54. 2 things….firstly, two weeks ago I took students to our state speech competition. The night before they competed, I gathered them up and read them a bedtime story…from Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. They went to sleep laughing, and said it was the best bedtime story ever. Secondly, my assistant coach and I have already marked our calendars for the release of your second book. We plan on driving to the nearest Barnes&Noble (about 60 miles), purchase our copies, and then laugh hysterically all of the way home, taking turns reading. We’re very much looking forward to it. Your writing is a delight…keep it up! 🙂

  55. I have thick legs. They make me a little crazy because I’ve always wanted to have long thin gorgeous gams. Last week I was snorkeling with my husband and he was following me in the water. After we got out and were drying off he said, “You are such a strong swimmer! When you would see something and take off I had a really hard time keeping up!”

    Because of my thick legs. Because they are thick with muscles.

    So now I know if I am out snorkeling with a group of people and we see a shark I can out-swim most of them and not become dinner. So I totally have that going for me now.

  56. I want to post an adorable picture of my kitty but I don’t see a place to post it. So instead I’ll tell you about my sixteen year old autistic son who is totally mainstreamed and is getting straight A’s in tenth grade. He will be taking pre-calculus his junior year because he’s a year ahead in math. He is the best surprise I ever had.

  57. My wife and I are foster/adoptive parents. We have 2 girls, both age 5 that we have adopted. We also foster a 2 year old boy. When we did our Easter Egg hunt, one of the 5 year olds (who is a special needs child and is developmentally about 3) found her first egg and promptly placed it in the basket of the 2 year old. Both girls helped him find eggs and shared freely with him. They’re such little sweeties.

  58. I helped a woman in my apartment building decide to not let the darkness win and instead to go with the nice policeman and get help. I feel like a superhero. And my Manx boy, Walter Bishop, made me laugh my ass off this morning when he successfully retrieved his favorite ball from under the couch. Seeing that pudgy belly, the extra-long back legs, and the bobtail flailing around with the effort was priceless!

  59. our adopted son James is going Home from the hospital tomorrow. He’s been in since in was born on 03-03 and we just can’t wait to start our life with the little guy!!!!!

  60. I’m an RA patient advocate. My efforts to help others who have this disease are actually beginning to work! That makes me really happy and inspires me to keep trying. There is so much to live for, so much that’s beautiful in this world, it’s just sad to miss it or watch it pass by without engaging. You make me smile–and often, laugh out loud–almost every day. Thank you for that! Jenny, you’re one of the beautiful parts of the world, one of the sparkly ones. Please know hope.

  61. I started a new job last week, and I’ve never been happier. I can have blue hair, visible tattoos, and any piercings I want. The people are fabulous and the products are awesome. I feel like I’m home.

  62. I managed to overpower a massive anxiety attack in order for my children to do something they wanted to do. My flight instinct was screaming, but I held in there and endured 40 minutes so that they could have fun. It was hard. Very hard. But it made me happy to make it through. (I took a tour in an underground mine. It was hands down THE HARDEST thing I’ve ever done and I didn’t think I could overcome the darkness that was closing in on me….but I did!!!!)

  63. I’m finally ready to walk away from someone who is no good for me. Hooray!

  64. My 4-yr-old told me last night that he loves me more than my husband because I’m so beautiful. He said it in front of my husband. So now I can end every argument in our house with “Well, I’m more beautiful AND more loved than you, so you may be right, but I win.”

  65. After three years & two LSATs, I finally got into law school & I am SO excited. I want to be an employment lawyer, which I discovered after the shitty experiences that I had with the jobs I’ve had during those three years.

    You’re awesome, Jenny. The community here is fantastic.

  66. I’m competing in the Literary Death Match tomorrow night — nervous, but excited to read from a book I published then (accidentally) ignored. I love reading YOUR stuff out loud, so I’m going to try for the same level of enthusiasm for my own ; )

  67. Reading your puppy news made me happy. We have a puppy and are not there yet. I will party when we are!!

  68. That “going to the bathroom outside” thing is for the dog, but I don’t know your life, I don’t judge.

  69. It’s been a week for my family. We thought my beloved dog might have bone cancer, BUT it just turned out to be bad arthritis that he’s doing better with now that he’s happily drugged up. And I our quest to be responsible grown up adults, I just accepted a job that will moving all my family from where we are comfortable to have chance awesomeness. The only downside is that I won’t know where I’ll be living in Sept. so I can’t preorder your new book. : ) We are working on turning scary things into happiness here ourselves!

    Also, while the weather sucks here today, there are many days in a row of forecasted 50-60 degree days. After the winter we’ve had up here in Boston, you don’t know how much happiness that really is : )

  70. Things I am proud of: My 5 year old son is officially riding a bike without training wheels… which means he is already more advanced than I am. I got a new tattoo yesterday and it’s badass. I pre-ordered your book the other day and I am super excited for it to come out right after my birthday.

  71. A little less than a year ago I reached my goal weight and I’ve kept it off. I did it for me – to feel healthier and to be an example to my kids. I only had 20 pounds to take off, but on a 5’2″ frame, that translates to two sizes. Since I’ve kept it off for a year, I took all of my jeans that didn’t fit any more – and won’t fit again – and cut them up to make a picnic blanket. I started sewing it last night. I’m proud not only of my weight loss (and maintenance), but I’m excited for our new blanket.

  72. We became a 2 car family for the first time in 7 years. I’m a stay at home mom to a 3 year old. This caris an amazing gift.

  73. After a week of having to close the restaurant where he works, my husband will be home tonight when I get there. Being able to see him will make me happy.

  74. My husband has finally healed up enough from his shoulder surgery that he played bass last night with one of our bigger local talents. He loved it and and had a wonderful time!

  75. Your puppy is darling. I love what you have to say. Sometimes i feel like i am reading my own thoughts. Weird right!

  76. Well, I know we’ve known about each others existence for a long time…think PNN days…and I guess that means that my happy thing to share with you…is that I love you. And I’m not all fan-girly about it either. Genuinely, I care about your well-being and not just to get a response from you either. I think people need to be less afraid to tell people they love each other.

    I was going to share with you some sappy post I made with a fee good tone, but I’d rather just let you know you are loved. Genuinely. No strings.
    Love, Carm

  77. My little guy was diagnosed with DS when he was born. At 18 months he got leukemia and nearly died. At 3 he had open heart surgery. Today, he is healthy and strong. In homeschool today, he totally owned the number 9 as it applies to subtraction, grouping with quarters and the father of our country. Every day he makes my life better because he’s in it.

  78. My 7 month old just slept for 2 hours straight. STRAIGHT. It was joyous. I cleaned.

  79. I’m happy because I’m off of work for the next nine days, and about 90% of the time I will be in my pajamas, sitting in front of my sewing machine, or lounging on the sofa reading…best way to celebrate 44 years on Earth…😃

  80. I watched a five year old hula hoop this morning with a hoop that I bought her. She was so ecstatic and her hula hoop technique consists of a wild swinging of the hips from side to side. It is the most joyful and hilarious thing I have ever seen. Love you!

  81. It’s only been 3 days but, the procedure I had on my left knee to help with the pain of osteoporosis seems to be working. That’s my good news <3

  82. In December I was told I had, at most, six to eight weeks before cancer was going to take my feline best friend– we’ve been inseparable for ten years. He’s still here, not showing any signs or symptoms of being in discomfort. I watch him like a hawk, and treat each of these additional days together as a gift. The ARE a gift. So are you. We love you Jenny. Legions of us love you.

  83. My 9 year old daughter usually wants her dad to put her to bed. Lately she’s been reading a new series of books and now she wants me to put her to bed so she can read to me. The series? Nancy Drew. The ones I got for her when she was 3 and was hope, hope, HOPING she’d love.

  84. I just had an article accepted to a parenting magazine! It is the first article I’ve ever published outside my blog and I got paid for it! So it’s my first paid article!! Plus today it was 71F here in Switzerland so I took the kids to the park for bike riding and we got ice cream!!

  85. I took my daughter to the doctor by myself today even though I might have had a panic attack and not had my husband there to save me.

    I didn’t have one. But I could have. And I did it anyway. Because I’m learning to be my own safe person and to embrace my anxious brain. hashtagbabysteps

  86. I recently read that drinking a glass of red wine was equivalent to going to the gym for an hour. So I got THAT going for me. 🙂

  87. I’m finally in a good enough place that I can try decreasing the dosage on my antidepressants for the first time in over 2 years! And I fell off a horse and got back on without any panic attacks.

  88. We had a break-in a couple of weeks ago, and a buch of our stuff was recovered by the police in a different town. We get to go get out things back today!!!! yay for our stuff!

    And also yay for the hard work the police did to make it possible. This is totally pennies from heaven. When it happened I was very down, and re-read your book. It helped get me through. Thank you so very much for the gift of your words and voice!

  89. I’m starting a photography business with the instructor I met when I took part time classes these last 2 years. I totally look up to him and today he told me i was awesome and that he felt fortunate to have connected with me! It made my day & week!

  90. After two years of pure torture at my old job, I’ve been at a new one for two months. Today I got an email from my new boss, “YOU R DA WOMAN!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” It almost brought me to tears to have someone not only appreciate me again, but to so emphatically express it. I know he can’t understand how much that means, but it was a bright spot that I’ve been desperately needing for two years.

  91. I made it through oral surgery yesterday (I am severely needle phobic, so this is a big deal for me- my anxiety was terrible ) Today is much better. Less painful- and I managed to stuff a cookie in the back of my mouth. Small steps.

  92. We submitted our foster/adoption application! We are really excited about bringing home our first child. Maybe for a while, maybe forever, we will love them for always even if we have them only for a short time.

  93. I’m happy that flowers are popping up outside. My kids are silly and kind. My boobs have grown a cup size bc I’ve gained weight. Can we laugh about that? 🙂 Is it warm enough for you to enjoy an inner tube ride at Schlitterbahn? Your 2nd book is done- that’s worth a lot of feelin great!

  94. Last night I listenedt o a recording of a conversation I had with my daughter while she was on the potty. She was 4 then, she is 9 now. I think of the amount of time between now and then, 5 measly little years. 5 years? No. Nope. No way. It’s been way longer. It’s been a lifetime. A lifetime of crazy. I listen to her little voice and her hilarious sense of humor and I am filled with amazement and perspective and…joy. I don’t feel joy enough. But that recording brought joy to my heart and soul.

  95. Next year I’ll be celebrating 20 cancer-free years! I was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer when I was 25, and I won’t lie, it was ROUGH. But I’m happy and healthy and that [insert your favorite, most breathtakingly offensive word here] cancer hasn’t shown its face since. There were so many times I just wanted to give up, especially since the next two years were awful as well, but I’m so glad I didn’t. Things can always, ALWAYS get better. I promise.

  96. You made me realize I can still fight against my depression and anxiety, and not give up 🙂 So I am trying medication again. Thank you.

  97. Yesterday I had the house all to myself on a cool and drizzly day. I spent some of it sitting in the chair in the front window crocheting on an afghan. Yuki decided she needed to be in my lap too. It felt really good.

    Photographic evidence

  98. Found out I’m one step closer to adopting my kitty. Her name is Bobble (her head is a little too big for her body). I’m still trying to pick a middle name either: Bobble Edith Head or Bobble Cattasauqua.

  99. My 21 year old son finally friended me on Facebook and I’m loving seeing his life in pictures (he lives 5 hours away).

  100. Having truly horrible darkness on the work front and trying desperately not to lose my shit completely. So I’ve been focusing on the fact that between my beautiful daughters and my amazing partner, my entire personal life bubble is bursting at the seams with love and happiness. Every day at 4PM, I get to climb out of the darkness and drive home to the sunshine. Three and a half hours left today. I can do this!

  101. I sent a Horsie sculpture to a gal in Canada ( portrait model of her childhood horse) It made it there in one piece (Yay) and she was opened it while I waited. She was so moved, she was sobbing and her hubby had to put it on the shelf for her.

  102. Right now I live at Disney World. Im doing an internship and even though I have to work on a register at a store (not a bad thing) I get to live here and go to any park anytime I want as much as I want. This is an awesome thing.

  103. I had something wonderful happen recently. I found a half-sister I’d never met. I’d known about her for some time now but was afraid she wouldn’t want to have any contact with me. I finally decided to find out one way or another & reached out to her. Well guess what! Not only have we worked for the same company for nearly 15 years but we live in the same subdivision, only separated by a few streets. I wrote her a letter, she called, we talked… Both cried & we are now going to finally be able to meet. I was not rejected as I’d feared & feel like I’m on the road to filling in some pieces of this puzzle…

  104. I’ve started the process to become a licensed baseball umpire in the state of Illinois. Signed up to take the test, and I’m looking at a couple of clinics. I love baseball more than anything, and this is a dream of mine, so I’m going for it.

    I’ll probably never actually BE an umpire, but it’ll be a fun thing other than boring lawyer jobs on my resume!

    Oh, and when I go to games and a friend argues with me over a call the actual umpire made, I can be all “who’s the licensed umpire, me or you?”

  105. I got my passes to Star Wars Celebration! I wasn’t sure Id get to go, but noe I do and it is going to be super fun! Also one of my best friends is traveling across the country to go with me!

  106. My daughter has a heart condition that means she’ll have open heart surgery this summer. She’s only 2.5 months old. The happy part is she’s doing incredibly well for what she’s got going on and her oxygen levels are higher than the doctors expected. Also she’s beautiful and growing like crazy. And my two sons adore her, which makes my heart happy, too.

  107. I recently found out that two of my stories got into two parenting anthologies (Martinis & Motherhood & It’s Really 10 Months) and last night, after almost 5 months of searching, I found the necklace that my husband gave me when our 5 year old was born.
    I hope the rest of your week is filled with good news and light!

  108. I’m happy and proud of a few things. Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor was released yesterday on Amazon and I’m so proud to be a part of it. You inspired me to write authentically and believe in myself. Thank you for being out there in the world and being the inspiration that you are to so many, not just lil ole me.

  109. I have a new house that we bought at the end of fall. About a week ago, I found surprise hyacinths growing out of what I thought was an empty space in the flower beds. Happy flowers!

  110. The dermatologist doesn’t want to see me again until next year! Seriously, big exhale there.

  111. During my morning walk with my husband and our dog we saw skunks a bit further up crossing back and forth over the trail. By the time we got to that spot they had disappeared and my dog didn’t even seem extra interested in where they had been… so we didn’t get skunked this morning!

  112. We’re all safe. (Considering what’s been going on here, that’s a big thing for me). Kids are healthy and happy, and we had our 12th wedding anniversary last wk.

    No metal chickens though. sigh

  113. There must be something in the air? water? because I am struggling right now, too. Can’t even write. But last night my space obsessesed 8 yr old was talking about how it seems like trees and mountains are so big but really they are small compared to the Earth and the Universe and ended her smarty pants observation by saying, “So remember, Mommy: when you think something is big, it’s not as big as you think it is.” She didn’t mean to be philosophical, but those darn kids. So that’s what I’m reminding myself of today.

  114. For the first time in quite a while I felt genuinely good yesterday. I’ve been in the darkness lately, but I am starting to see some light. That deserves a celebration! I think it’s largely due to spending two hours laying a flagstone patio, exercise and a sense of accomplishment! Also, my girls (3 and 1) are amazing and awesome and healthy. My husband is supportive and loves me, even when I feel unlovable.

    Finally, I think I might (might might might) be ready to take the leap and start my own business., which I hope to combine with a tutoring center (a la 826 Valencia http://www.826national.org/).

  115. My two year old woke up at 4 am and refused to go back to sleep. This is extremely abnormal for him he’s a great sleeper. So now today we’re both tired and cranky. In fact I’ve even cried a few times just from the exhaustion. I’ve been reading Harry Potter to keep myself awake and a few minutes ago after throwing some things around the room in a fit my son climbed on the couch with me sat right in my lap and gave me a kiss.

    He nevers gives kisses. Not unless we make a big silly game out of it so for him to just randomly hop up and do it is pretty huge. I can’t wait to take him to therapy this after noon and tell his speech pathologist she’s going to be just as excited as I am.

  116. I spent yesterday, yes all of it, in a bubble bath reading two absolute popcorn novels of no literary merit. Ahhh….

  117. Last week, my youngest son told me that he didn’t think the tooth fairy was real anymore. I started to feel a little wistful and sad. But then he told me he had figured out that instead of the tooth fairy, there was an underground village of very rich people who were nocturnal. At night, the tooth under his pillow rolled out and into the air conditioning vents and down into their village. The underground folks had special machines that could then extend out of the vent and deposit a coin under his pillow. He doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy anymore but he believes in something even cooler.

  118. i remembered to get out of bed this morning.
    I made it to an aqua aerobics class.
    My 12 year old asked if I had a copy of hitchikers guide to the Galaxy and a towel.

    I think I’ll preorder your book today.

  119. Oh, and I just realized that I did a shout out to you in my last post, so hopefully it counts as good news that random people’s lives have been touched by your words.

  120. Something happy…. I would post a picture of my cat wearing a tie on his first day of work but I am not sure how to do that here. You will just have to imagine that part for now which kind of sucks because it is a pretty awesome picture. The happy part is that my cat does volunteer work with kids. He is one of a very small percentage of therapy animals that is a cat because as we all know cats usually only care about themselves and can be little assholes most of the time. My cat (who is named Raul) goes with me to the Boys and Girls Club, local elementary and middle schools to have kids read to him. The kids love it because Raul is cute and does not judge their reading skills since he can’t read at all. He also speaks some sort of weird mix between Spanish and cat so even if he did talk trash about their reading they wouldn’t understand him. So there you go, a cat that wears a tie to do volunteer work with little kids is a happy feel good story for you. He also told me that if you are in need of a therapy cat to make you feel better he is your cat. Or maybe he told me to leave him alone so he could nap, I can’t understand him.

  121. I just celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary with my husband. My 14-year-old daughter signed me up for Snap Chat and she sends me messages from school even though she shouldn’t be doing that in school. She said I was her best friend. I don’t know how I have my teenaged daughter as a friend, but it’s amazing.

  122. My performance endeavors are taking shape! My circus is getting invited to perform at conventions and bars, my burlesque pieces are in an upcoming show, & my hip surgery is coming up which is scary but I am looking forward to getting more flexible and stronger again!

  123. Oh. And I sent my husband a gloating message about the ice cream and he sent a message back that at first looked like it had an emoticon of a scrotum, but when I put my glasses on and looked closer was actually just a tongue.

  124. I’ve also been dealing with a lot lately and have been getting dark. It’s like fixing one thing just aggravates another and it’s hard to pull out of it. BUT… I’m transferring departments within my company in a few weeks which is VERY GOOD NEWS because then I’ll be able to start taking care of myself again, and doing work that I actually care about. Plus I pre-ordered your book this week and that made me VERY HAPPY. 🙂

  125. A blog post you made over a year ago is motivating me to learn to play the piano and write songs, which is a lifelong dream I’ve had. Thank you!

  126. I have baby chicks hatching almost every week. They zip a circle around the fat end of the egg and then pop the top off like a lid. One wing and the head flop out. The baby lies exhausted, panting, a scrap of soggy feathers and birth fluids. Their eyes are bright, though, when they aren’t closed with weariness. The chick eventually heaves itself out of the bottom half of the shell, crying piteously. It learns to manage its clumsy, oversized feet; to keep itself upright. Its down begins to dry and fluff, shedding bits of keratin from feather sheaths no longer needed. They cluster by instinct, peeping together, pecking at anything in front of their beaks which will bear the egg tooths at the tips for another few days. Eyes are fair targets. So are beaks and toes. Innocent and harmless, the newborns are sweet little peepers. They are good news embodied. 🙂

  127. I just won a coupon for cat food I’m giving my friend because it’s for the brand her cats eat. My “Always Keep Fighting” shirt from the charity campaign Jared Padalecki ran benefiting To Write Love In Her Arms arrived yesterday and it’s nine kinds of comfortable. And I’m expecting delivery of a new cat tree for Sammy and Harry so they can have access to all the windows in the apartment (the bedroom one is very high and they need help getting there – I got a shorter tree for the lower windows and moving the tall tree to my room).

  128. I did a random act of kindness and when someone tried to make my doubt that I should have done it, I changed THEIR mind and they did the same thing . . . brought someone out of despair AND influenced someone to be a kinder person. Happiness all around!

  129. After a year of her stubbornly refusing to participate, we finally have my 3.5yo almost completely potty trained.
    We adopted two new kitties in February, and in the last few days one of them seems to have designated himself as Mine. Which I really needed.
    My work life has been tanking for the last few months, but every time things seem to plateau and I start thinking maybe it’s not really so bad and I don’t need to stretch out of my comfort zone and start interviewing, something even more abysmal happens. I know that doesn’t sound like good news, but it’s telling me that leaving is the right option, and also that the Universe is watching out for me and won’t let me get stuck here because it’s easy.

    And Jesy Payne, you are awesome. I so need to do that.

  130. I wrote a blog post for the staff at the library I work at. It was a very nerdy post about the Putnam Classification system, which was developed by a Minneapolis librarian. It then became the Library of Congress Classification system. Anyway, my blog post is going to be turned in to a Wikipedia article. Exciting stuff for a librarian!

  131. On Friday, I get to dress up as a unicorn and perform aerial work to accompany a musician I really, really like.

  132. I’ve been writing comedies for local dinner for ten years, now. We perform every May, and two of six nights are sold out, and three more are no more than ten away from sold out. I know my fellow players have a hand in that, and it’s only local, but I have to say, it makes me feel good that people want to see something I’ve written.

  133. I am sooo happy I will have a new awesome Jenny book to read. Because you always cheer me up.

  134. I just finished a huge project at work. Something giant and stressful and that makes me sooo happy because now I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I did a proverbial mike drop when I sent the email to my boss letting her know it was done!

  135. Long distance relationships can be challenging, but it has given my boyfriend and me the opportunity to REALLY get to know each other by TALKING – A LOT – with short visits every few months! And I’m getting on an early flight in four days to visit him for a week and meet his kids for the first time. Yay us!

  136. My dad took my mom this morning to have a minor vein procedure on her leg. Today is their 48th anniversary. At the check-in desk, my dad, who’s a bit of a jokester, asked the lady if they’d sing “Happy Anniversary” to my mom before the procedure. She replied, “But is SHE happy about it? We don’t like to bring up bad memories before surgery.” My mom said the look of befuddlement on Dad’s face was the best present she could have gotten after putting up with his jokes for 48 years.

  137. I signed up yesterday to run my 2nd half marathon. I used to be really, really fat, so it’s kind of a big deal.

  138. I’m 45 years old and FINALLY starting my own business doing what I love rather than staying in a job I despise. All of a sudden this year, business has started to boom and just today alone I received three possible new clients. I’m terrified (because I still have the FT job I despise), but I’m getting closer to the point I can leave it and be happy to get out of bed in the mornings.

  139. I just took my 5 year-old to Kindergarten screening and the only complaints they had were that he needs to focus on following directions more closely, and work on drawing and writing because he holds a pencil like he’s afraid to snap its neck. No concerns about cognitive or developmental milestones. I don’t know why that’s always worried me, but it has, and today they were like, “No, just try to get him not to talk so much and maybe stop quitting half way through things because he’s bored or they’re hard.” and I was like, “Yeah, hello, my name’s Amanda and we’ve clearly never met, but I see you’ve gotten to know my clone. None of that is going to happen. I’m chatty and bored RIGHT NOW.”

  140. After being on steroids for about six months I am finally off of them!! The doctors and I have been working really hard to get my body to cooperate and it seems to be working. Also, I am almost finished with my second semester of school and have maintained awesome grades all while being a mom of two awesome but rotten children, working full time, and maintaining an equally awesome relationship. The man that has stood by my side through all this has requested that my children and I move into his home and share it with him and his equally awesome 14yr old daughter. After putting up a good fight it seems that I am seeing the good I have fought for!

  141. In December I was told I had six, maybe eight, weeks left with the furry feline who has been my best friend for 10 years. Cancer was going to take him away that quickly. Now it’s April, he’s still here, not showing any signs or symptoms of being in any discomfort (let alone pain). I watch him closely, but treat each of these extra days together as a gift. The ARE gift. So are you Jenny, a gift to all of us. Legions of us. You are loved.

  142. My fiance and I are moving from So Cal to Las Vegas! (Both happy and sad news.) After his tenants of 15 years moved out of his Vegas rental in December, leaving 95 cats (yes you read that right.. 95 cats) the house was completely trashed, filthy, smelly and uninhabitable – It’s been gutted and new drywall went up. We spent the weekend there spraying primer and are going back this coming weekend to paint. On the first of May we move. I can’t wait – it’s a gorgeous house and we’re having a unique opportunity of furnishing it literally from the studs and concrete slab up!

  143. My 10-year-old daughter is spending her Spring Break at a cooking camp. She’s having a blast and is bringing home dinner for four every night that she made at camp, AND the food, so far, has been delicious!

  144. Seeing pictures of your pets with your funny captions always makes me happy!

  145. I have two beautiful cats and this morning the ophthalmologist said my eyes were healthy. A roof over my head and food in the fridge. Moving these to the front of the list above the demons. Your writing has helped me endure the sharp dark corners. Hang in there.

    Think sunny daffodils dancing in a warm breeze.

  146. My cats did not puke on my bed AT ALL yesterday! And Avengers AoU comes out in just over 3 weeks!!!

  147. My two Jack Russell rescue dogs make me smile every.single. day. We found each other 4 years ago when I was going thru a particularly dark time in my life. I’m not sure if I saved them or they saved me. Either way I really grateful

  148. I’m happy that you are here with us. I’ve read your first book 4 times and still laugh out loud at it. The news that your new one is on the way is the best thing I could hope for. You are light in my world.

  149. Bailey, my pibble/rottie mutt, has discovered that if she wakes the puppy early in the morning, he wakes me up to let him outside to pee, leaving my (warm) side of the bed available for Bailey to steal.

  150. I am glad you are all having the good stuff today! Curiosity–how will posting about a surprise for Hailey on the blog stay a surprise?

  151. By the way…I just read all of these comments and now feel even better. Thanks for asking for this, Jenny! You are AWESOME in every way. Still love you! And always will! Not in a stalkery-I’m-coming-to-stare-at-you-through-long-range-binoculars-way, but in an I-admire-your-humor-and-determination-and-love-of-animals-way.

  152. I couldn’t have children, and adopted my daughter 20 years ago out of foster care when she was 11. It’s been really, really hard. There were years when I didn’t think she would survive. She is 6 weeks from graduating from nursing school and yesterday got a job in a private eating disorder clinic. She said that she has struggled so much over the years with her mental health, that she wants to help others like her. She has such a huge heart for those in pain because of where she has been.

  153. Electric blankets make me happy. I’m home in bed with w/ a cold, but warm and toasty

  154. Yours is the first book I will ever be pre-ordering because you make me feel like I’m OK.

    Also, it’s Wednesday, and I am wearing pink, because “Mean Girls.”

    Aaaaaand, um…. Someone made “Golden Girls” Legos: http://www.themarysue.com/golden-girls-lego-set/2/

    And as always, let us never underestimate the healing powers of pie.

    You are loved and treasured. (Yep. Treasured. I said it.)

  155. The City of Salem (MA) public schools had an art showcase of all the students’ artwork from every school at the Peabody Essex Museum last night. So my first grader got to show his artwork in a real museum! He was so proud of himself, as were his dad and I 😀

  156. our new horse that has been so terrified of us, today allowed me to brush her and put the fly mask on and she was quiet and seemed to enjoy the attention. Someone I love as a father told complete strangers ” this is my daughter” for someone with no family, this made my heart sing with happiness…I was unsure if he felt the same about me as I did him…that one statement made me want to keep living again.

  157. Today is my birthday, and I feel very loved today! Everything is pretty awesome, even when your brain is lying and trying to tell you it’s not.

    By the way, I work at a bookstore, and I recommend your book a dozen times a week to people. I love you, and your blog. ❤

  158. I am learning to try to find a positive in every thing- boy is that hard sometimes. My precious son who is 14 is on the Freshman baseball team at his school. He has never gotten to play a full game and let me tell you that fucking pissed me off! I asked him how he feels about it and he said he feels great just to be on the team. He has made some great new friends and loves the attention he gets even tho he hasn’t played a full game. Needless to say I was so very proud of him for this and as I go to yet another game and don’t see him play, I will remember that he is ok with this even if mommy is not. Be brave, Be strong

  159. I’m coming to the end of my first full time semester as an adult undergrad student after returning to school following the unexpected death of my husband. I chose John Stuart Mill as my “speed date” for a psych activity, AMA. So much work to do in the next 3 weeks, but it’s for the greater good of helping others long term and I just want to get through, asap, so I can.

    Also, I got bloodwork back today that proves that real self care works if you listen to your body’s needs and honor them.

    Thank you for asking for help. Depression lies – and we can get through this together. Sending you love. I recommend a living room dance party for the brightening of spirits at short notice.

  160. my happiness today comes from the fact that I was able to get up. Able to get to work. And I finally chose something for lunch (which took an hour because I was hungry but the idea of eating was exhausting). I’m here, I’m alive, and at the end of the day I get to go home to two perfect cats who will demand food and petting. And I will take a billion photos of them.

  161. I’m laying on the floor in my office because I just had to interact during a business lunch and I’m exhausted like I ran a marathon.

    Positives – I have an office. With the privacy and space to be me and lay on the floor when I need to. I have business lunches.

    In other news, I flat ironed my wrist this morning. Sometimes you can’t have it all.

    I love Dorothy Barker. And you. You’re amazing. Don’t let the bastard get you down, Jenny. Xo

  162. My daughter did an amazing job helping clean up from dinner last night without being asked to.

    In February mother nature dropped the most adorable little kitten on our door step late at night in the freezing cold. BK (bad kitty after the books) has been a bright ray of sunshine and smiles for me. It also means I nearly never have to worry about going into the bathroom alone. He’s such a helper LOL

    My husband is so thoughtful that when he’s going out of town for business he tries to make sure we’ll still have super yummy food to eat instead of using my mad box mac n cheese making skills every day.

    You are still here Jenny and you help me be ok with who I am and I can’t thank you enough for that.

  163. My daughter got an internship at the number 1 news station in Cincinnati. I’m so happy and proud I could just burst!

  164. While I have been sick the last week my kids have been very good to me. Additionally when my son could have got in trouble this past weekend he came to me to tell me first so I didn’t hear it from anyone else first. I chuckled at what he did. Teens making out in cars never change. I just love them both.

  165. My sweet daughter came in to our room this morning before everyone was up just to give me a hug and say I love you. Then she went back to bed.

  166. Yesterday my professor singled me out in class and said, “You’re probably the only one who’s going to get this…” and proceeded to quote a science fiction show. I AM THE REIGNING BIGGEST GEEK!!! Very, very proud.

  167. I’m proud of myself for getting up out of my bed this morning and stepping on that treadmill. And for not tolerating my little brother (who is 10 inches taller than I am) treat me like a lesser human being).

  168. I was able to spend last night at a friends house talking, eating and drinking until after midnight. We call it book club, but it’s so much more than that.

  169. It rained here in inland southern California, which makes today stunningly clear and beautiful with spectacular mountains all around reaching up into a lovely blue sky. Lawns will live another week, although people are heeding the governor and grass is starting to brown across the city. Yay for common sense and changing cultural norms. Our okra is sprouting, the California poppies are growing and should bloom soon along the north wall, and the yearling cat wants to snuggle. Sparrows are taking wisps of cat fur caught on the southern fence to use in their nests, and our hummingbird feeders are being used at night by nectar-drinking bats.

  170. Spring has arrived and we get to do more things outside! This year we’re are getting horses (Yay!!!) so we will be building fences and a small barn for them! Also my chickens are laying good, my children are happy and healthy, and my husband is amazing still after 15 years. All is good here!

    The sun is shining, the trees are budding, and life is grand.

  171. I checked today and I made it onto Google Maps and I’m waving! So that means I’m officially waving at the entire internet. 🙂

  172. Oops, I messed up the website link. Please remove it, leave twitter tag. Thanks 🙂

  173. Three things are making me happy today:
    1. I’m partially employed after talking nearly three years out of the job market to take care of my kid with cancer.
    2. Cancer kid is doing great on the latest clinical trial and has been free of disease now for more than seven months.
    3. The 7yo volunteered to write more thank you notes before school to people who donated to his fundraising drive benefiting St. Baldrick’s foundation, the largest private funder of pediatric cancer research. Our team raised more than $13k this year already!

  174. My sister and I never used to get along. Our relationship has been slowly improving over the years. Last year, she got married, and I was hugely surprised (and honored) when she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Yesterday, she sent me an email asking me to come out to spend the holidays with her this year. Included in the email was a link to this instagram account :


    She said that she knew I’d been feeling stressed and anxious, and she hoped some pictures of a beautiful golden retriever might help. The reminder that someone cared–especially someone who I used to think hated me–was what really helped.

  175. I bought my daughter concert tickets to see Weird Al in concert for her birthday this summer. She’s going to be 10 and is the coolest kid I’ve ever met. So way more responsible and kind and smart and compassionate than I can dream of being. No idea why she picked me to be her mom, but I’m eternally grateful she’s mine. And my husband is finally recovered from pneumonia. And there was breakfast leftovers at work this morning from a meeting so I got good coffee for free!

  176. I donated my kidney to a complete stranger two weeks ago and we are both doing great! Her labs indicate she is healthier right now than someone with two working kidneys, and she is finally going to get to do everything she hasn’t been able to. She’s only 25 and I am ecstatic for her! ! Science is AMAZING!

  177. My husband and I just celebrated our 2nd anniversary and we are OLD…well, 54 and 52 years old…. we are the “oldylweds” and so in love. <3 PS: cheer up, things could be worse….now you’re thinking, “oh great….that bitch just got me thinking of ways things could go even worse than they are now!!!” You’re welcome. hehehe PS#2 – I bought your book! #Happiness

  178. My Service Dog just turned 10 and is in great health. We had a party and he loved all his new toys. I don’t know how to post a pic or I would. 😀🎂🎉🎁😀

  179. I’m spending my day in my craft room…sewing & working on all the wonderful crafty things that make me happy & keep me sane! My little 10’x11′ space is my sanctuary.

  180. My 18 month old granddaughter Ella watching a movie about Bears and laughing when the baby bear cub climbed on the momma bear….baby laughter, that makes me happy.

  181. Six years Cancer free and the love of my life has asked me to marry him. And I accepted despite not being yet divorced.
    Never happier!

    Keep smiling, lady! Keep your eyes on the light xoxo

  182. I am wearing silky underwear today. Never underestimate the goodness of silky underwear.

  183. In 2 weeks time, my husband and I are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary by going to Calgary to watch Cirque de Soliel. Watching those incredible artists and athletes always transports me. Have courage, better days are always ahead.

  184. I was in an emotionally abusive marriage for 16 years. I don’t dwell on that….in fact, it helped make me the person that I am and I LIKE who I am. But now I’m remarried to a man (for going on 5 years) who treats me as an equal, encourages me, believes in building me up (not tearing me down), has the best listening ear I’ve ever known, and doesn’t play mind games. There are hard things in other areas of our lives right now, but there is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars that I’ve got a rock solid best friend to tackle them with.

  185. My kids were too tired after baseball last night to fight while getting ready for school this morning. This is a big deal with 3 elementary schoolers in the wee hours before dawn. It’s sunny and warm here, that always puts a smile on my face. I also saw a snail the other day. A real live snaily shell covered snail. He was cute.

  186. I just found out I my new grand baby that’s on the way is a girl. And I am finally finally making a crazy quilt for myself. I’ve wanted one since I was a little kid.

  187. I am going to cancun with my husband. It is our first vacation in four years that is at a hotel….last year we went down A river that is called camping not a vacation.

  188. My cat usually wakes me up for breakfast by standing on my chest and wailing like an air-raid siren. This morning, he laid down on my pillow, put his paw on my face, and purred until I opened my eyes.

  189. My dogs Barkley (Aussie mix) and Molly (Rhodesian/Lab mix) never fail to make me smile. Their antics keep me and my husband in stitches on a daily basis. Never underestimate the joy of spending time with the furkids!

  190. Because of you, Jenny, so many of us don’t feel alone anymore. You totally fucking rock, even on your bad days

  191. 2/3 of my children demanded a hug and a kiss from me before I left for work. The other one was asleep and I let her sleep.

    I will feel those hugs all day until I’m home.

  192. My son in law, who is a Presbyterian pastor, changes his profile pic on fb every so often, to a picture of bizarre angels (weeping and not) to get a rise out of my daughter. Don’t Blink. I love him.

  193. I got some tasty Easter candy for half price at the Rite Aid last night. Malted milk balls & Cadbury creme eggs. You have to snap ’em up fast before they throw them out to make room for the 4th of July candy.

  194. It’s a beautiful day and the honeysuckle is blooming. Like a kid I still pick it and suck the honey out. The sun is shining and warm.

  195. I haven’t had cake in 3 weeks. Stupid diet. I saw that someone left a cupcake on a co-worker’s desk. I ACTUALLY THOUGHT ABOUT STEALING THAT CUPCAKE. I struggled for 1 whole minute before walking away. Here’s the good part – I didn’t steal it. And my reward will be that I will stop on my way home and BUY myself a cupcake. And it will be the best cupcake EVER.

  196. My 10-yr old son worked really hard to impress the mom of the girl he has a crush on during yesterday’s school field trip. 🙂
    “I was very careful to be extra polite.”
    And just grew his first underarm hair and used deodorant for the first time.

  197. My kiddo, who also suffers from sometimes crippling anxiety, got into the private school of his dreams. Public school has been incredibly tough for him, so despite the fact that this will be a big stretch for us, I think this school – which focuses on kindness as well as scholarship – will be just the right fit for him. We knew we couldn’t say no when we found him sleeping on his bed with his acceptance letter in his hand.

    I hope the darkness fades and the dawn comes soon, my friend.

  198. My boyfriend went to our terrible, bitchy, neighbor’s yard this morning to cut flowers to put in our home.. with the vase in a window facing their house. 🙂 Floral theft for all the right reasons (she really is an awful person) 🙂

  199. I’m registering my daughter for high school today. Which means she survived junior high.

  200. My pup (well, she’s full grown, but she was a stray) is also going where she should more than where she shouldn’t! I met her the day your brought Dorothy home!

  201. Today is Bonnypendance day: the anniversary of the day that my divorce was finalized after I woke up and realized that I deserved a whole lot better, allowing me start down the path to marrying my soul mate. And that’s a whole lot better 😉 It’s a Very Good Day.

  202. So my girls took up archery in their easter dresses the full story and pics are found here. It will make you smile! PS I also have a dear friend who battles depression and she is having a good week which makes me happy!

  203. I handled a court hearing today that got my client one hearing away from her adoption goal. Always nice to end a court appearance with a hug.

  204. You, this post and the comments, Beyonce the giant metal chicken, your first book, your upcoming book, my dumb dogs who still go to the bathroom in the house whenever they don’t feel like going outside…these are among the things that help me get through the days!

  205. Finally starting to come out of my latest depressive episode. Now that’s DAMN good news!

  206. I’m going to London for a few days with some close friends to watch our football (soccer) team play. I was in a dark place yesterday because I have a cold and was feeling awful and I have to fly in 48 hours and I’ve been planning this trip for months and thought it was ruined. But I woke up feeling much better today. So, that’s my little happiness. Silly, I know, but I do love that weird energy the body gives off when it’s getting better–like oh, hey! I’m a human that can DO things. With prayers and decongestants and Airborne, I think it’s going to be okay.

    Oh, and the best part of this post is reading everyone else’s happiness. So many awesome things are happening to people!

  207. This weekend I’m taking my 91-year-old mother shopping for dancing shoes.

  208. I rode 8 miles on a bike last night even though I wanted to set fire to the entire world I was so grumpy and felt so poorly. I’m glad I did it, and I managed to keep most of my dark cloud over just my own self. I feel like a boss for having done it considering I was in pain and super unhappy. Yay!

  209. My week has been a mix bag of good and bad. But I’m not letting the bad win.

    The bad: My aunt Pam passed away unexpextedly.

    The good: She had a huge gnome collection,(because she loved our Scandinavian heritage), and a backyard “Gnome Island”. In her obituary, her family encouraged others to get their own gnomes or make a “Gnome Island” at their house to celebrate her. So, I’ve been having a lot of fun planning on what to get or make. And I even thought it be fun to put a little “fairy door” in a local park- but instead make it a “gnome door”. Maybe put a gnome behind it drinking tea and reading a book.

  210. Okay here is what I do : for laughter I watch “idiot abroad” on Netflix
    I review my last publications (to reaffirm that I am a published artist and people really do like my work. )
    I call my children (they tell me how much they love me and love talking to me and something has no doubt happened to them that we can laugh about) you of coarse would have to substitute your on children here as mine would not do, but your free to use them.
    I can re-read your squirrel story (farted, snorted, couldn’t breath on that on in a Barns and Noble. Better yet we could film our selves reading it and that would lend a whole new layer.
    There’s are a few!!

  211. My husband is finally home after being gone for 3 months and I got to spend last evening visiting with my very best friend. I was so happy to be breathing warmish spring air on my way home. There are good things in the world and that makes me so very glad.

  212. I get to cross something off my bucket list tomorrow! I finally scored a ticket to Augusta National for The Masters! After years of only seeing this course on TV, I now get to walk around that beautiful place in person. I can hardly wait to see all the azaleas and dogwoods! (Oh, and apparently there’s a golf match going in, too.)

  213. Our youngest child is officially potty learned. It’s been 2 weeks since she’s peed on the couch! Also, my couch is clean and smells very nice now (thanks to the urgent need to deep clean it due to the potty learning toddler that was curious about where pee comes from while sitting on the couch. Lol) And I am very confident in my couch cleaning abilities too (after the 5th time, you feel like a pro.)

  214. I spent yesterday planning to make pizza… working through all the steps involved (sauce, chopping toppings, rolling out the dough, etc.)… liked how it looked pre-bake and wanted to take a pic so I could blog. Hubby asked, NOT “can I help you find something?” but “are you looking for something?” When I said something snarky in reply, he snapped, yelled at me, tried to goad me into a fight, and then stormed out. I told him dinner would be ready in ten minutes, and he didn’t know how to angrily respond.

    He returned as I was plating the pizza, on the phone with his mother, much calmer. He apologized for his behaviour, and we all sat down to eat.

    I’m married to a fifty-year-old man-child who throws temper tantrums, but so what? I still make a pretty good pizza! And I can manage to be furiously happy.

    Hope your day improves, Jenny.

  215. Three weeks ago, i impulsively bought (I know. I should have rescued, but impulsively) two bunnies on a trip to buy horse shampoo. Not only have I absolutely fallen in love with them, but they have been excellent little therapy bunnies, helping to get me through some trying times. Sometimes those insane impulse purchases are really just the universe saying “buckle up, and snuggle these bunnies, because things are about to get bumpy.” And that makes me happy.

  216. I started painting again recently, it’d been over 10yrs since I picked up a brush. There is a new episode of Supernatural next week, thats always a good thing. I recently, at 34, finally got the courage to dye my hair weird colors for the first time. Its now pink,purple, and blue. My husband doesnt really like it, but it makes me feel so pretty it brings tears to my eyes.

  217. I have lots of good news, but I share the best. My grandma, who has lung cancer, had her scan the other day and the tumor shrunk 33%! It’s been five years and the doctors said the way that cancer goes, she only had a couple years. This weekend we’re throwing her a 85th birthday part. =)

  218. I got this text in the wee hours from my mother. It’s the second of it’s kind in less than 2 weeks. I present it verbatim…

    *** Just so u know bout my last snake story. 4am went potty. The dirty bastard was on the dr floor. Well! I grabbed it by the taile & beat his head on the kitchen floor! Took it out & eeat its head against the concrete steps. That is the end.

  219. For the first time in months, I have felt the urge to write something lengthier than an FB post.
    I have a job that pays bills; with my current paycheck I am going to make my first payment on my student loan. Afterwards, there will be money left over for ice cream.
    I have a super-squishy, green pillow that has soft Morrocan tassels all around the edges. It is the best snuggly thing, ever.
    I am going to the shelter today to rescue a kitty.

  220. I’m feeling nearly competent at playing the super tricky trombone parts in Holst’s The Planets. Who knew this gorgeous music was soooooooooo darned harrrrdd to play? But…I’m nearly there!

  221. i didn’t draw the short straw to assist my mother in law with her suppositories.
    My puppy loves me the most, nearly trained the kids to do the washing up they’ll be leaving home before fully trained at this rate 😉

  222. I met a really great guy a couple of weeks ago, while gay camping (gamping, as I call it) and now we’re becoming fast friends. He’s a comforting presence in my life.

  223. My cat hugs my baby kitten. Seriously! AND I would show you a pic of that if I knew how to do that.

  224. I’m house sitting for a friend, & her dogs are happy & healthy, even the one with the flu last week is 100% better. Oh, & I didn’t kill her beloved garden. She works so hard on it, it’s just beautiful. So, I have been enjoying that too, for the past few days!

  225. My youngest (age 3) belted out “Video Killed a Radio Star” in the middle of a restaurant the other night, and my oldest (age 7) can identify many Beatles songs after a few notes, making us feel like we are properly overseeing their musical education. 🙂

  226. I have a vacation week that I am spending at home with my baby and husband After a very stressful month of work.

    Also, I bought your book! I gave up Facebook for a while so when I finally logged on, I was excited I was able to order it. 🙂

  227. My 4yo uses her hands as spokespeople to talk me into giving her more chocolate. I didn’t want to laugh but inside I did.

  228. I am so proud of my daughter Joelle. She and the other leaders at the University of MN were featured last night on the news for their work on eradicating sexual assault. It reminds me that we have future leaders uniting to work TOGETHER on important issues instead of bickering over the ones they don’t agree on. It makes me feel confident that the future is not as bleak as it sometimes seems. If you are interested, here is the news clip.

  229. I’m 14 weeks pregnant! after a miscarriage last year I was really scared it might happen again

  230. The wildflower season here in Central Texas is the best one we’ve had in years because of all the rain we had during the fall and winter. YEAH!!! My mother (who has a decades long history of depression and numerous hospitalizations for being suicidal) is coming down for a visit and we’re going day-tripping to check them out.

    My daughter is getting ready to graduate high school and managed to snag a super duper awesome scholarship to the private university that was her number one choice.

    That our puppy is also learning on how to do her business outside and not inside.

    I’m at the cusp of finishing my first novel.

    The best of all? My husband of nearly 30 years and that we still find happiness and contentment with each other.

  231. I struggle daily but my kids can almost always seem to lift my spirits. A conversation I overheard between my 10 year old and 4 year old.
    4yo: knock knock
    10yo: who’s there?
    4yo: vagina
    10yo: (silence) Merley we don’t tell vagina jokes
    4yo: …….vagina

  232. A recently acquired 95 pound St Bernard puppy was playing football on the stairs with one of our cats!! They are friends!!

  233. During Easter my two-year-old niece and I got booted outside to play because we were both making too much noise. I feel this makes me a super-boss adult.
    Also, according to my niece, dinosaurs are part of the Chinese Zodiac. That’s what she told me when I pointed to the dragon. I am so goddamn proud.

  234. As a teen and young adult, I would do ANYTHING not to speak in front of people. This morning, I ran a workshop for a capacity crowd of mostly people I didn’t know on a topic I wasn’t nearly as familiar with as I’d have liked,and it was a success.

  235. After spending the better part of a decade watching my depression and anxiety creep into more and more parts of my life, I finally found a brilliant, compassionate, funny therapist who gets me and has genuinely helped me to like myself (and who finally found me some meds that work). Now, happiness is not a momentary spark in the blackness, but more of a steadily dawning light on the horizon. I’m always going to struggle, but at least now I believe that I have the resources to manage the struggle.

    Also, Dorothy Barker’s adorableness and the fact that I can look forward to your next book are pure goodness.

  236. Todayi was able to return to my gym after being sick for three weeks. I managed to complete the whole program with some modifications in 22 minutes, only behind a much younger woman by less than a minute. This was a great victory, getting out of the house in the first place, and then working out with no injury or illness. Yay me!

  237. I totally love reading all these happy comments. Look at what you have created here!

    I just won a scholarship for the whole semester tuition and fees. I’m furiously happy. 😊

  238. Last night I had a dream that my cat was badly injured. This morning when I got up, she was extra lovey, like she knew. Even more amazing: she stretched out and let me pet her belly without shredding my hand.

  239. I am sick and my cat is playing nurse until my husband gets home to take over. This mostly involves extra cuddles and an occasional pat on the face.

  240. My 15 month old daughter is starting to talk and has a few words in her vocabulary already. Her newest is “kitty”. Which she pronounces “TITTY”. It’s awesome. 🙂

  241. My 15 month old daughter is starting to talk and has a few words in her vocabulary already. Her newest is “kitty”. Which she pronounces “TITTY”. It’s awesome. 🙂

  242. My good news: I have enough consulting money coming in to keep bills current and put a little away in a retirement fund!

  243. I am alive and I am a Mom. Weird how quickly I forget those incredible blessings and focus on piddly problems that won’t matter in 3 months.

  244. Apparently there was an exchange between two of my students that went something like this:
    “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
    “A Superhero!”
    “And what would your Superhero name be?”
    “Jen Krohn” (That’s me.)

    I pretty much want my superhero name to be Jenny Lawson. You’re awesome. (And I bet you have the best superhero cape around!)

  245. Matilda! My kids (who are now 28 and 29) loved the book Matilda. When it came out as a movie, they entered a drawing and my daughter won a doll like the one Matilda carries in the movie. It was great!

  246. I paid for the breakfast of the stranger behind me at the drive through this morning. Paid for someone’s lunch last week; and have tried to give out compliments to strangers too. Trying to get back into the habit committing random acts of senseless kindness.

  247. You have raised a daughter sensitive and loving enough to know when it is appropriate to tuck you in and read you a story. That is a major achievement and something you should make you incredibly proud.

  248. The board-game company I accidentally fell into writing short stories for loved my last novella so much that they want me to do a full-length novel for their next project, and have even said they want to help me get it into mainstream publishing. After doing the “what you know” thing (degree at uni) and the “who you know” thing (making writing and publishing friends/connections) for eight years, the universe went and handed me what’s looking set to be a steady job in fiction writing because I happened to mention my passion to a guy in a board-gaming group I nerd out with on Saturday nights because I’m too anxious for clubbing but kept getting told to get out of the house occasionally.
    Sometimes things just go so, so, so well, for no apparent reason at all.
    (And yep, my instinct through this WHOLE paragraph was to apologise for talking about my success and being ‘self-centered’. But you told me not to, so I will battle through!)

  249. I’m reading these comments and suddenly I realized that my face hurt from smiling. And then I started crying. That good, relieved, cleansing crying.

    Holy shit. I had no idea how much I needed this.

    I’m so proud and happy for you guys and so lucky you’re part of my life.

  250. My 20 year old daughter told me yesterday that she often thinks “What would Mom do?” when she’s trying to be a nice, more wise person. I guess I did okay after all.

  251. Yesterday, my DIL told me that her boss’s erratic, irrational and micro-managing behavior is not her (my DIL’s) problem or fault, it is her boss’s issue. Huge break through for my DIL (who I love like a daughter and is the most amazing person). She (DIL) is starting to love herself more and more. I am so happy.

  252. I got to spend some quality time with my nieces and nephew Sunday, my hair hasn’t frizzed yet today, and my co-workers offered to bail me out of jail if I high-fived our boss…in the face…with a chair. 😀

  253. I found out recently that my darling husband, who I met when I was 42 and he was one week from his 32nd birthday, has been bragging about me and telling the young guys he works with they should all date older women. I found out from the women he works with who are always telling me they envy our relationship and how happy we always are and how well he speaks of me, never complaining. So, I kissed a lot of frogs, found my prince and am living the fairy tale. I always wanted kids, but since that’s not my story, I get a different kind of bliss every day.

  254. I made a new friend recently. I found out she also knows and loves you and your writing! Now I know FOR SURE she is going to be a good friend because she is one of us! We texted a lot yesterday…I texted her “knock knock motherfucker!” and she texted back “15 years is giant metal chickens!” Thank you!

  255. My 9 week old bullmastiff puppy Calvin pees outside more-ish than inside.
    My kids are pretty damn brilliant in university and middle school so am rethinking that switched at birth thing being a ‘bad’ possibility.
    And of course, Pie….because its just always a good thing.

  256. My reactive dog Pumpkin actually decided on his own to move away from an oncoming dog instead of getting up in it’s grill. This is a huge step for him, as he’s been an insane man for 10 years. So proud of him! Oh and I met Carrie Fisher and she was awesome.

  257. There is a bar/restaurant in Pennsylvania you would love. It is described as follows:
    “Pennsylvania has more licensed hunters than any other state in the U.S., a statistic that you will not doubt after you’ve visited Joe’s Bar. Otherwise a run-of-the-mill roadside bar, it has hundreds upon hundreds of taxidermy animals that adorn the bar area as well as multiple rooms upstairs.”
    Sounds like your kind of place, no?

  258. My husband just got a huge promotion, which means great things for our family. I am so proud of him!

  259. i get to help transport a dog from Buffalo TX to McKinney this weekend! It’s such an awesome feeling to help animals! I really do it selfishly for the high it gives me from all the fluffy goodness. So pumped for an awesome spring time mini road trip where I will get to bribe a little dog into loving me by feeding it lots of treats!

  260. My special needs daughter is still learning how to poop on the potty. She’s almost 12. We’re finally getting it.

    However, this also means we now have the new phrase of “High Five Poopy!” – so when we were at Joann Fabrics, and she had to poop, and did so successfully, she went around the store going “High Five Poopy?” to every adult.

    The best part? My friend was with us and was all “High Five Poopy!” right back at her. Because true friends high five for poop no matter what.

    (Amen. That last line needs to be on a t-shirt. ~ Jenny)

  261. I got fired on Friday. That’s actually good news, for the most part, I swear! I’d been at the job about a month and pretty much hated it already. They changed my start time and total hours every week, and I’d started stress-crying by the second week. It wasn’t the right job for me, and while the loss of income sucks, I still have another part-time job, I get some benefits from the state, I’m about to open a play (which I will get paid for!) so now I have more time to work on my lines, and that’s the work I REALLY care about and enjoy. I will find another job that doesn’t make me stress-cry, and maybe it will be something I actually like!

  262. After 15 years of unsuccessful (but, occasionally, hilarious) dating in NYC, I have finally made peace with the fact that a forever someone may not be in my future. To that end, I have started trying to figure out if single parenthood something I can emtionally and fiscally swing. It is a terrifying prospect but the overwhelming support I have gotten from friends and family makes it feel slightly more possible!

  263. my son spent 20 minutes brushing my hair last night and learning to braid from my daughter. While it’s super relaxing to have my hair gently brushed I figure he’s going to be a serial killer/stalker when he grows up. So I’ve got that to look forward to! (J/k…he’s really a sweetheart).

  264. In a fit of panic last night I canceled my order for 21 ducklings. I realized my time and resources were not as great as I had been hoping for. However, I am still getting 6 goslings to raise so my front yard farming adventure continues on. And I now have an excuse to go the animal swap this summer – I’m going to need more ducklings, just not 21.

  265. Reese’s peanut butter eggs are currently half-price at my local grocery store. Now THERE’S some damn good news.

  266. I was told that I would never be able to have kids. After months of fertility treatment I was told this was our last option before having to decide between adopting or attempting IVF (when I hadn’t been responding to the current egg making drugs). It was this cycle that finally worked and we found out that we were having twin boys. I have spent the entire pregnancy freaked out waiting for something to go wrong because part of me still can’t believe that this is true. Now I am entering my third trimester and though the pregnancy hasn’t been the smoothest for me, the boys are strong and healthy despite having a spazoid for a mother!

  267. I had a major breakdown recently and am now taking the first steps to change aspects of my life that have needed an overhaul and I’m really, really excited about it! And the lilacs are blooming. And you guys are going to love Matilda. I was so lucky to see it with Bertie Carvel as Miss Trunchbull a few years ago and thinking of it still makes me smile.

  268. I ran a full 5k around my neighborhood the other day, less than a year after having my third surgery on my right leg. I couldn’t run that far before the surgeries, let alone after. I’m determined to get down to a 10 minute mile before the summer ends.

  269. Working full time and going to school online – all while raising an (almost) 8 yr old daughter, trying to maintain a semblence of a marriage … and I’m nailing the 4.0 GPA


  270. My older daughter is on a week-long field trip with her class (camping!) and so my younger daughter gets to be an only child this week. She is LOVING IT and we are having so much fun just hanging out together. Simple things – reading together in bed, going out for breakfast… it doesn’t take much but we are having a great time.

    Jenny, you are fabulous. Proof – your sweet daughter putting you to bed with a bedtime story. Great job, mama.

  271. We have a 3 legged kitty who loves Cheezits and lets my 5 year old carry her like a baby doll. They sleep together every night.

  272. Just had a six day weekend that was glorious with sunshine! Included walks at the beach with the papillion who only wants to socialise with dogs twice his size. Hehe. Blessed long summer I the Southern Hemisphere in NZ. Can’t wait for your new book!

  273. yesterday we booked a vacation to anguilla (My favorite place in the world!) we’ll be there in november and i’ll be taking your “furiously happy” with me.

    also, i just found candy in my desk drawer.

  274. Hmmm, not sure if this will be a duplicate post because of the sign in thing but it doesn’t matter 🙂
    Today is my son’s birthday, and though it’s the last of his “teen” years he will always be my sweet, wonderful, loving baby boy!
    AND – it sounds like your daughter is an amazing human being too!
    Tucking mom into bed, how sweet!

  275. I remembered to bring gum to work today!
    This is a happy moment because it means I will not be hungry and snacking on crap I shouldn’t eat all day long.

  276. Just came back from lunch to read on Facebook that one of my high school classmates and her husband will be bringing home their new son from Ethiopia in a couple of months. They never thought this day would come–held up by lots of red tape for the last year+.

  277. My husband and I have been married for 25 wonderful years and I count my blessings every day to have him as a companion. Also, he just had his best day ever when we went to see John 5 play and he called Sean up and put his guitar on him and told him to go for it. Sean rocked out! That and a truly epic wave he caught in Santa Cruz several years ago are his two best memories. And I am editing his chicken book (currently untitled, maybe Pura Chicken or Je suis poulet or the more basic I’ve got a Name). It is so funny and quirky and amazing and I am looking forward to getting it edited and done. I think you would like it too 🙂

  278. I got a porch swing FOR FREE from a neighbor who posted it on a community list. I’ve always wanted one and gently rocking in it while watching the light fade and the street lights come on is even better than I imagined.

  279. I am defending my dissertation in a month after 6 years of working on it! And I got a job offer yesterday! Also, my sick toddler has been able to keep down water without puking for several hours now! 🙂

  280. I hereby present stories that are so light & cheerful they float. They are our favorites for long car rides with our daughter — because she likes them and we the parents like them too!

    Squonk the Dragon http://escapepod.org/2006/09/07/ep070-squonk/
    Squonk the Apprentice http://escapepod.org/2007/06/07/ep109-squonk-the-apprentice/
    Squonk and the Horde of Apprentices http://podcastle.org/2010/09/28/podcastle-124-squonk-and-the-horde-of-apprentices/
    Squonk and the Lake Monster http://podcastle.org/2012/06/12/podcastle-212-squonk-and-the-lake-monster/

    All by Pete Butler.

  281. It’s Book Fair week at school. Kids are excited to buy all kinds of books! (And erasers) but so many books!!!

  282. I’m happy to be reading all of these happy moments. It makes me feel like there are still people who aren’t sociopaths. 😉 also, I have 90 lbs of beautiful golden retriever sitting in my lap and a healthy, incredible daughter and an awesome husband…and I’m almost finished with another semester of college, and I’m pretty fortunate to be able to do that. Life is good. Thanks for the reminder.

  283. I’ve gone almost 2 weeks without smoking and I’m actually STARTING to like running! My cat also cuddled me last night and he is usually a jerk. Also, my photographer from my wedding has been posting more pictures from it, which is very exciting.

  284. The glass is neither half full, nor half empty. The glass is refillable. Lately, I’m grateful for small things/small victories. Enough of them should add up to big ones eventually, right?

  285. I made a huge effort to help the new girl in work feel welcome, wanted and appreciated

    I’ve been making the effort to be extra happy, made her an info/welcome pack, made her cake

    And I think (hope) it’s working.

  286. I picked my daughter up from school this afternoon to take her to a dental appointment and she came into the school office and ran over and gave me a big hug.

  287. I helped fly a cat to his new home. Everyone said I was crazy, but seeing him in his new home, makes me happy. My therapist said I was the least depressed she’d ever seen me at our last appointment – and that’s with me not working and on short term disability.

  288. I’ve been rearranging the mental furniture lately, and trying to postion the lamps so they make as few dark corners as possible. Sometimes it works, sometimes… not so much.

    BUT. I have been severely hearing-impaired all my life, and in ten days I have my cochlear implant surgery to begin my journey (hopefully) to hearing! I saw a bunch of old friends yesterday I hadn’t seen for a while, and they were all so happy to see me and excited about my surgery, I was really touched. (I’m about equal parts excited and anxious.) One woman even put her hands on me and prayed over me out loud, which was a bit odd, but she’s sweet and a sincerely good Christian, so I didn’t really mind. Besides, I need all the help I can get!

    Hang in there, Jenny, and just keep thinking about how many people are REALLY HAPPY about your new book!!!

  289. In a rather formal work email, I advised an important person that I would be muted on the conference call, taking minutes “like a ninja”. I wasn’t sure if they’d notice the ninja-part or not.

    They did, and now constantly call me their ninja, and this makes me happy.

    Also: I worked really hard in March – long hours and reasonably high stress – I kept my grace and humour the whole time, AND got random applause from one of my groups of people who I hadn’t even met before, because I impressed them so much with how smooth everything seemed. Now I want to start randomly applauding people for doing well, but I feel that would work best if more than ONE person was applauding.

  290. My best friend and I are celebrating 30 years as BFFs by taking a girls’ trip to New Orleans in June- can’t wait!

  291. Today I took my mother to Hever Castle, which is a place she has wanted to visit for a very long time. It was wonderful to see her enjoying it.

  292. My cousin is pregnant with a girl, the first girl in our family! She already has a son; her brother has two sons; her mom just had another son nine years ago; and there are no girls in her husband’s family.
    I am currently knitting all the baby things!

  293. My sister is getting married! (and her fiance is a great guy #bonus)

    Also, my husband and I are happy and stable. The world may be falling apart around us (aside from my sister’s engagement of course) but we have each other and that’s enough.

  294. When I got to meet Alex Kingston (briefly) a couple weeks ago I told her that I wanted to be cool like her when I “grow up”. She said. “Oh sweetie, never grow up”. This is now my life mantra. And I KNOW you heard her voice too in that quote. Remembering that = happy!

    I’m off now to set random happiness reminders on my calendar – including several about your latest book coming out! Preordered. Now the wait…

  295. I forgot to mention that I named my daughter Matilda. However, it’s not from the Roald Dahl book, but rather Natalie Portman’s character in the movie The Professional. Her character was a bad-ass survivor of about twelve years old. I thought there is no better hope than my daughter to be a bad-ass survivor. 🙂

  296. I am finishing a PhD and getting married in the exact same window of time. I finished my PhD in a record 2 1/2 years; most people take 5-7. The wedding is international and I made all of the dresses myself (and they don’t look shitty!).
    All of this is insane to do alone, let alone at the same time. I am rocking it, and haven’t had a breakdown once. I am proud of myself.

  297. I get to work from home today, with my creaky old cat yelling whenever I take a call on speakerphone, and my husband typing nearby as he fights the urge to yell whenever I take a call on speakerphone.

  298. After reading your post I immediatelt went to leave a comment and ended up in happy tears as I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and scrolled. I began to feel I’d never find the bottom where I could post. What a beautiful amazing thing you’ve done!! So much happiness on here. I pray your day is blessed beyond your wildest dreams and it makes you forget all about any crappy night you’ve had.
    My happy is that my kids all slept for about 5 hours straight last night!!!!! It was glorious!

  299. The food pantry I started in my kids’ elementary school was just awarded a $500 grant 🙂

  300. My twin daughters were born 12.5 weeks early (27weeks 4 days gestation). A week from Saturday they will turn 2, and are bouncy happy healthy kids with no obvious problems, except the desire to CLIMB EVERYTHING and an inability to stay in their toddler beds (necessitated by twin A climbing out of her crib on several occasions).

    Thanks for this – I needed to focus on the positive.

  301. Isn’t it totally awesome when you kid takes care of you?? In any little way – makes me feel like I am raising good people, in spite of myself. 🙂

  302. After a terrifying doctor visit last week (why do doctors have to freak you out? why can’t they just admit that they need to run tests before giving you an answer) followed by an ugly case of kidney stones I’m now making major dietary changes and am already feeling better. And that scary doctor visit – I’ve given that one to God to worry about. Plus I’m pretty sure the dietary changes will solve that problem as well as the recurring kidney stones.

    Oh! One more good thing. I preordered your book this week. I’m as proud of you as I would be any of my real life friends. That shows how much you mean to me even though we’ve never met and I just sounded like a creepy stalker.

    Oh! Oh! One more good thing. I’m just a few edits away from passing my manuscript on to my beta readers. That means I’m one step closer to finally seeing something I wrote on the shelf of a bookstore.

  303. My husband isn’t sure he loves me anymore after 16 years together, but the GREAT NEWS is that our daughter loves me unconditionally – I am so damn proud and honored to be her mom AND I think I’m pretty fantastic!

  304. We have a pair of ducks nesting in our lilacs. I am so thrilled about that. But then I think about how incredible it will be to have blooming lilacs AND ducks my heart can’t hold all the happiness.

    P.S. The Facebook group dedicated to St.James Garfield works true miracles every day. 😊

  305. I’m wearing an awesome red sweater and we’re getting much needed rain in the next couple of days and I’m listening to all sorts of music I love. breathes

  306. After graduating 3.5 years ago with my master’s degree and working two part time jobs as a secretary and at a gas station since then to make ends meet, I finally got a job in my field this past January! Next week, I will finally get to move into my own apartment after living with my supportive, long-suffering parents. I am so excited I can’t sleep, and so happy I want to cry tears of joy. Just feeling like I am moving forward with my life is making a huge difference with my depression! Sending lots of love your way Jen, and hoping the darkness lifts soon.

  307. A friend’s life is beginning to improve. She has lived so far below the poverty line for so long that the influx of a couple hundred dollars a month represents a fortune. She is getting bills paid off, getting her vehicle repaired so it is safe to drive, and may soon have a working shower in her (inherited) house for the first time in years. I provided a micro loan for rare breed chickens which are laying lots of eggs for chicks to sell and barter. People all over the country are being very generous in trading up for things she needs in exchange for these rare chicks. She has something good to tell me every day, which is a new experience for her, and worth every penny of the loan – which she is able to pay off now in regular installments. I love seeing my friend’s life improving weekly.

  308. It’s been a very hard past 6+ months for me, which resulted in “that” kind of hospital stay. I got out on Friday.

    I came home to an email from my Professor saying the last day to make up my final from last semester’s incomplete was this past Monday; despite the social worker in the hospital telling me it was too late. It was an F). I studied my ass off all weekend, took the test & while I don’t have my final grade for the course yet, it doesn’t even matter to me.

    I freakin’ did it. That incomplete was hanging over me all semester. No matter what I get, my average will get me the necessary C I need for the course. Way better than an F.

    Also, fuck you, Elaine for making me think I’d failed. You made me feel like shit and I proved you wrong. That’s the best type of news.

  309. my three year old likes to announce in public (by pointing) which stranger has a vagina and who has a pee pee

  310. Things are getting pretty dark here also, but I have to tell you I have your Beyonce the Giant Chicken post bookmarked on my tool bar because it makes me laugh every time I read it. I have parts of it memorized and it still makes me laugh. That’s my happy news – that a friend sent me that link a good while ago, and I’ve been reading your blog ever since.

  311. My husband and I successfully did our spring planting, my older rescue dog did beautifully with his dental cleaning yesterday (and delighted the entire staff by actually being brave and accepting petsies for the first time since we rescued him 4 years ago), and because of the eye drops I have to use, my eye lashes and darker and longer than they’ve ever been 🙂

  312. My high blood pressure is back to normal so I will be able to have my c-section on Monday and meet my new daughter!

  313. I saw Kinky Boots yesterday and it was fabulous. I also got out of taking my son to baseball practice and cooking dinner!

  314. 2 things:

    1) This morning, I got up before my grueling day job and wrote a critical scene in the novel I’ve been working on for the last 3 years. Even if no one ever reads this book, I’m writing it goddammit.

    2) When I went to comment on this post, I realized there were 367 comments. 367 is my lucky number- it was the house number where my grandmother lived. Must be a good omen. 🙂

  315. I had a terrible iep meeting for my son this morning. I want him to repeat 4k (he’s the youngest and not meeting any of his iep goals so he qualifies) the school phycologist basically tried to steamrolled me into giving in for almost an hour. I came home and cried about how hard this is for like an hour. But then raidens special ed teacher called me to tell me how proud she is I stood my ground and made valid well thought out points based in facts not feelings. She told me more people were on my side then I thought and if I repeat myself in the next meeting with the 4k supervisor I have a good chance of it going my way. Asd is hard. Being a parent is hard.I needed that boost to be my child advocate.

  316. Had to take away my 15 year old’s cell and internet access this week. And since she’s not on the phone CONSTANTLY with her stupid boyfriend, she’s being a chipper, happy, talkative person! Almost makes me want to take them away permanently… I’m so happy to have some semblance of my real kid back!

  317. You bring me joy often. I burned sage today, sending you love and light.
    I also recommend an episode of Veep

  318. I watched my son score his first goal play on the varsity team, he was so excited and I was thrilled I was there.

  319. i’ve been searching for YEARS for a signed copy of ‘instructions’ by neil gaiman. this weekend i whine-tweeted about never being able to find a copy and neil gaiman himself tweeted me to tell me that he had just signed some. then the bookstore he signed them at tweeted me. now i’m waiting for the book to arrive! AND lisa snellings is doing a custom poppet reading ‘instructions’.

  320. My five-year-old’s new favorite song is “Magic Dance” from Labyrinth (my favorite childhood movie). We listen to it on the way to school every day. I’m weirdly proud of this. She also recently drew a picture of David Bowie. That’s normal, right?

  321. My fifth grade students did better on their science test at mid year than they did at the beginning of the year. I’m at least slightly responsible for this improvement.

  322. I have an amazing husband that tells me every single day how lucky he is to have me, regardless of how horrible I think I am (severe depression right now, so I desperately need it). He tells me that I am beautiful both inside and out and that anyone who fails to recognize that is a stupidhead (my words, not his, but the intention is the same). He keeps me alive. He also happily promises to change my diapers for me when the Alzheimer’s sets in.

  323. I found out I’m eligible for senior housing in a neighborhood where I’m going to be happy to live. And the waiting list is less than a year. This makes me happy.

  324. I am getting married in three days to a wonderful, kind, loving partner who, while he cannot understand falling into darkness himself, tries his hardest to understand, empathize, kick my butt when I need it, and support me. He makes me want to be a better person — for him, but also for myself.

    We are going to New Zealand for two weeks on our honeymoon!

    Also, because life has to fall apart somehow right now, I broke a tooth — but found a dentist who can take care of a crown in two hours and takes my insurance. That made me pretty damn happy.

  325. It’s Rex Manning Day!

    “We mustn’t dwell. No, not today. We can’t. Not on Rex Manning day!”

  326. On Friday I get made redundant. From my shitty job working for a faceless multinational. In a month’s time, I’ll go work for a small family owned company. Less money, much more job satisfaction.
    Right now spending faceless entity’s money getting happily shitfaced, browsing the interwebs in an old comfy armchair in my conservatory on a beautiful sunny evening.
    Had some very dark days of late, but the sun is shining now.
    Much love Jen xx

  327. https://youtu.be/hwOj57XVoaI
    This video is of two twin babies dancing when their mama sings. It is adorable, and reminded me of my childhood. I used to LOVE when my mom sang to me or sang in church. I thought she had the most beautiful voice! I grew up loving music, and sing in choir to this day. (I’m nearly 32)

    I love you, Jenny! You have pulled me out of the darkness before, and I am glad you are celebrating positive things!

  328. I took a shower yesterday & I don’t have to take one today. And I treated myself to 2 Starbucks lattes within 3 hours between the first one & the second one.

  329. I sorta collect happy-making things on my Facebook out of habit. Hope this doesn’t think I’m spam…..

    Pugs snoring together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hYjbeQAbnA
    Engineers’ guide to cats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHXBL6bzAR4 (and the sequel with cat yodeling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=85&v=zsl_auoGuy4)
    Humans acting like dogs: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=766487776704998&pnref=story
    Thought this was just cute little animation: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=283196148471389
    A tortoise with terrible depth perception. Named Kevin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrYs5lwhjow&feature=youtu.be
    and THIS KITTY HUG: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=500632280075113

  330. I was having a really hard day but I read this post and all the comments and now I feel a little bit better. Also I’m seeing one of my favorite movies tonight with a live orchestra playing the music. I was too broke to buy tickets myself but my awesome cousin Colleen got them for me because she knew how much I’d love it.

  331. I got married 6 months ago and I’m still pretty much sure it was an awesome idea so I’m thinking we are off to a great start. The husband and I decided to get a dog and got an adorable puppy about a week after you got Dorothy Barker. I love her. We are in the first phases of steampunking our guest bathroom. I’m almost done knitting a sweater for an in utero nephew. My sister is moving back to driving visit distance. I am currently obsessed with pancakes and they make my world go ’round. It is a good thing to write all that good stuff down and remember that it way outweighs the bad or annoying. Thanks for the suggestion, Jenny!

  332. My second daughter, Lilith, was 4 weeks premature. I struggled with breastfeeding daughter number 1, but have managed to make it these 10 weeks and I love the way it makes me feel. Even did it in public very discreetly once.
    Also, went and tried on pants and am now two sizes smaller than I have been for the past 7 years since I quit smoking.

  333. Today I finally had the courage to wear a short dress (read: knee length) without wearing Capri length leggings under it. I have always been timid about my thighs showing or the junk in my trunk hiking my dress up too far but today I said screw it and wore a really cute dress to work and feel super pretty and have receive many compliments on how cute I look! Body positive-ness and good hair day ftw!

  334. I have started a new job at, of all places, a Christian seminary–very liberal and forward-thinking, but still. I went to the weekly chapel service today, kind of dreading whether I would fit in with these very committed Christians. The place was full of students, staff and faculty of different races and religious traditions as well as accents from all over the world–also intimidating. Then we prayed and sang together, and we expressed our worries and felt listened to, and it was lovely. It reminded me not to be afraid because there are lots of good people around you just waiting for an opportunity to be kind.

  335. My daughters’ first dance competition of the year is this weekend. They are 11 and 7 and are doing a duet together. They are at each others’ throats constantly (‘cuz that’s what sisters do, I guess), but watching them work together on stage gives me happy tears and good mommy feelings 🙂

  336. Thunderstorms this morning (I love thunderstorms when properly housed), and sunshine this afternoon. Grass is greening up and flowers are blooming – people are even mowing! It makes me laugh because of the rain, but I love the smell. Laundry is done, dishes are put away, hound is happily sleeping. Commonplace? Yes. Wonderful? Also yes.

  337. My 17yo son got his wisdom teeth out yesterday. When I asked him who he liked he pointed to himself (he’s always been comfortable in his own skin, thank goodness!). And then when I asked him what he was going to do tomorrow he said “Take over the World” and then gave us a maniacal crazy laugh. And then when he got home he told his dad he loves him, which is very rare for him to do!

  338. #1-Walked into Target this morning and saw all the cute outfits they have. Like, seriously cute! It motivated me to buy an exercise DVD I’d been wanting. I came home & was able to make it through the whole thing! That’s so out of character for me. I’m motivated to exercise, so I can be healthy and look decent in the dresses I saw today!
    #2- I’ve been listening to “On Writing” by Stephen King on Audible and he’s inspired me to continue my writing. His no nonsense approach was uplifting and encouraging. I want to be him when I grow up! The man is brilliant and I’m so excited!

    I’m a SAHM of 4, 3 are in school all day, so there’s no excuse regarding exercise and writing! I’m going for it!

  339. After 3 miscarriages in a row, it looks like we’re going to have a positive outcome this pregnancy.

    I decided to call the baby “Bob” until we know for sure what we’re having because I’ve been singing 3 Little Birds every single day. A baby named Bob amuses me.

    My daughter insisted on bringing me breakfast in bed this morning since I wasn’t feeling good.

    My daughter is registered for kinder and we don’t have to worry about having to go to one of the overflow schools Northside has been warning everyone about.

    We are definitely going to South Padre this summer with the grandparents my kids haven’t seen in over a year.

    My kids’ behavior has improved after eliminating certain foods. It’s to the point that it’s like my daughter is a completely different child.

  340. I ate my weight in ice cream at Serendipity over the weekend and finished your book. Vacations rule!

  341. I once got to have my birthday on the beach, where there was homemade huckleberry ice cream and chocolate cake. That was 39 years ago, and one of the perfect days of my life. I’ve kept that perfection to myself for a happy place, but now I share that decadent sun baked perfection with all of you.

  342. I get to take a weekend trip with my often-out-of-state-for-work boyfriend this weekend, and I’m incredibly excited.

  343. My six year old niece drew this for me: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CBrgvkQUgAA8HE5.png
    and wrote this message on the back: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CBrgvmUVIAAZNFL.png

    Every night when I put her to bed, her stuffed bear Lewis tells me goodnight after she does, and sometimes he sings songs about me to tell me how much he loves me and how awesome I am.

    A couple months ago, her 11 year old sister complained when I told her I was going to stop tucking her in with a kiss on the forehead every night. Then a couple weeks ago, she told me that she’s going to make me still tuck her in when she’s in high school. I know that won’t happen, but for now, I’m enjoying the sentiment.

  344. My cat giving super cute snuggles makes me happy. His name is Pip, short for pip Squeak. At almost 20lbs and 2ft from nose to but, he’s not so pip squeakish any more. content://media/external/file/7459

  345. I have tickets to see Van Halen in September! This makes me furiously happy. And my best friend may not know it, but she is going with me even if I have to kidnap her.

  346. I’ve rediscovered the drive and discipline for writing I thought I’d lost during a nasty bout of postpartum depression. I’m almost halfway done with my second novel, and have more than one agent reading the first one. I spend so much time on my kids lately, it feels foreign to talk about achievements that are mine alone, so thank you for giving me a place to do so!

  347. I took a mental health day off and don’t feel too guilty about it. My girlfriend is coming over to cuddle and chat tonight. <3 Early spring is a tough time for a lot of us.

  348. I solved a problem at work yesterday that has been ongoing for months! It felt so go to finally figure out what the issue was that I did a happy dance in the office 😄

  349. So not too long ago I got an arm birth control implant. My 15-year-old cat tries to heal me. Check it out on my blog 🙂 There are really cute pictures!

  350. On May 12, after two and 1/2 years of waiting and paperwork, we finally get to adopt two kiddos who have had crappy early starts to their lives, and give them slightly less crappy (we hope) lives. I’ll have to wait until their auto-biographies come out to see how it ends.

  351. I have been altering an ancient thrift store brown coat to be Mal Reynolds (Firefly) browncoat. My daughter is going to wear it to Comicon, while the rest of the family will be Jayne (Dad), Kaylee (me), and Wash (our son). I am really enjoying something creative to do!
    Btw Jenny, because of your Christmas campaign for Project Night-Night, I made them four blankies! Without you I never would have known about this wonderful charity! You are a rock star!!!

  352. Girl, I hear ya! My night sucked as well. But I woke up in a better mood, kissed my husband goodbye and had a productive first half of the day. I’m leaving work early (I got here early) to go cash in my frequent flyer points and finally buy that iPad I’ve been wanting for nearly 3 years! It’s gonna be a good day!!

  353. I’m happy for shirtsleeve weather. Even though we really need the rain here in California, it’s just so delightful being in the warm sunshine.

    I’m also so happy and grateful for the way our 3 daughters have developed into thoughtful, independent, strong young women. I may not always agree with their opinions, but they have arrived at them through a rational, thoughtful process. I love that they are so independent without being strident about it. I adore that they defend their opinions in the face of opposition without dissolving into puddle of goo or becoming in-your-face obnoxious. It makes me so happy to see them support each other (finally! after growing up together in the same household, I was certain someone would severely damage another!)

    I love how my husband is supportive, enabling and a goof. He loves me as I am, not how I think I “should” be. Who could ask for more? (well, yeah, I’d also like a clean house and a chef, but let’s not tempt fate. 🙂 )

  354. So this is my good thing: I’ve worked for the same company for nearly 20 years and last week they accepted my application for voluntary redundancy and I leave in July. It’s scary but it’s time for me to be brave, put me first and get on and do something I love and am passionate about. I don’t know what that is yet, but I’m taking the time to find out what! I’m looking forward to July!!

  355. I’m having my first child and at last we are past the risky part (knocking on wood). And I can already feel him kick which is the awesomest thing ever cause I know he is still there and well.

  356. I re-did some wonderfully tacky lamps, so our bedroom is now Level 7 Fabulous, it smells good outside, and I found some red shoes that make my RA-weary feet comfortable.

  357. For years one of my worst fears was not being able to have a baby or for the child to have my depression. Our daughter is now 6 months old and is constantly laughing and smiling, making all the other moms jealous because she is so happy and cute. Who cares for sleep when your baby girl smiles at you 😉

  358. I participated in an artroute (a dutch thing) passed weekend, and despite me not being prepared for it at all I sold 2 little artworks 😀 I earned just enough to cover the fee, space rent and travel costs but it’s so exilerating to learn that people can love your work enough to buy it <3 I also had some really good conversations with strangers about my work, it was about depression and the start of not only knowing but also feeling there is hope. It feels good to know I educated and touched people with it 😀

  359. Happy – I’m alive and I have people who love me. And I had AWESOME Mexican Cornbread for lunch. And I got to play bridge with friends during lunch. So yea, that’s happy.

    I fighting a period of depression right now also – so yes – I’m going to go read all these HAPPY things when I get home tonight.

  360. I too entered the darkness yesterday…I’ve been alone most of my adult life and yesterday one foot slipped into the shadow. Today I woke up, I walked my dog, and went to work. Like I do every day. But today… I brought hope with me….

  361. I am glad the Facebook updates had positive, but even more happy you were able to take it in and use it. ((hugs))

    And now to chastise you. 🙂 Your puppy should be having NO INSIDE ACCIDENTS. Take a paper and gently slap your own head while saying “train your puppy.” I have had many puppies, and adult rescues who were feral or “outside dogs.” It is a pain in the butt, but if you follow these simple instructions, I promise you’ll have your darling pup trained and without more inside pottying. 🙂 And then explore the site with your daughter. Mary Woodward makes training so happy and simply you’ll feel faint. http://www.clickerlessons.com/housetraining.htm

  362. My dad is doing even better after being in the hospital with pneumonia a few weeks ago. The Thai waitress at a little hole in the wall breakfast joint has started calling him “baba”..I think it’s papa in Thai. She’s really funny & sweet & we always leave her ridiculously huge tips. My sister was there with us this time. It’s become a weekly thing.
    The husband got a security camera, but we’re using it to watch the birds on the side porch. A woodpecker has started coming by for seed.
    Last night I heard my first spring peepers. This winter was so brutal, those little frogs singing songs of lurrrrve does my heart good.
    Also, at a book exchange yesterday, I heard some other ladies mention your name.
    I hope you’re better today.
    Just keep swimming.

  363. Aw, thanks to Sara for posting the 4yr old’s vagina knock-knock joke – cracked a smile and got me to laugh today. Needed that. HUGS for EVERYBODY!

  364. I have freedom. A variety of freedom, in all sorts of forms.
    I also have cats to pet and baby goat videos to watch.

  365. My son is 14 months old. I can count on one hand the number of times he’s slept through the night. He’s been constantly battling ear infections and colds from daycare. Well, last night he slept through the night. He probably won’t do it again tonight, but hey, it made me happy today!
    xo, Sarah

  366. It RAINED last night! To a Southern Californian, that is pure magic and joy. And my old cocker spaniel is a love bug…and there is peace between me and my 22 yo daughter and I’m spring cleaning for the first time in years. Life is good. Bkessings and grace abound even in hard, lean times. ✨💖✨

  367. I went home at lunchtime today to do some supper prep and decided to throw some muffins in the oven for my coworkers. I returned to work with warm banana chocolate chips muffins and everyone was super excited to have them.
    My husband, who was an amazing sound engineer but left the business when his mom was sick and our oldest son was a year old, recently finished school and got a new job! Bonus: He still works on his own music (and he’s pretty awesome at that).
    After almost 7 months of missing my “knit night” while my husband was in school, I’m finally able to leave the kids with hubby and go laugh with my wonderful knitting friends.
    My sons, almost 2 and 5, are so ridiculously adorable and silly and they make fart jokes.

  368. We got a landline phone – for the life of me, I don’t remember why. The number we were assigned belonged to a (now defunct) business, and we get calls from people looking for them at least twice a day. Google Business Directory, Visa, American Express, you name it – if I pick up the phone, they just start talking. It’s annoying. Usually I politely tell them this is a residential number and they either hang up on me or they apologize. Lather, rinse, repeat. Today, the phone rang and I answered it, and the guy on the other end started his spiel. And my coffee kicked in. So I carried the phone into the bathroom, set it down on the counter next to the sink, and just started letting nature fly. He was gone by the time I washed up and picked up the phone again, and I felt better.

  369. I am having a Doctor Who wedding on Halloween, with my super amazing and supportive fiancée, and just sent out the Save the Dates, starring me, my fiancée, and Ms. Billie Piper, holding signs proclaiming the wedding. Not only am I getting married, but I braved a scary convention with lots of people to get that photo!

    If it weren’t creepy, I’d invite you, because your writing helped me through some pretty dark times these last couple years. Even if it weren’t creepy, it’s a room full of strangers and anxiety triggers. Still, know that you have played some small part in getting me to my big day.

  370. I haven’t lost my temper and have had almost all positive disagreements and not added any fuel to fire to my ongoing difficulties with my 16 year old autistic daughter all break. Not that it hasn’t been close. And you just reminded me of how to refrain a stressful period of time. May you find the happy you have repeatedly given me!

  371. This morning my husband said “why can’t you do it?” when I politely asked him to clean up his yesterday’s leftover lunch container. I explained and we worked it out. Fast-forward an hour: our toddler pulls on his poopy diaper in the middle of changing it, it makes a mess my husband has to clean up (I’m at work.) Happy, and human.

  372. Avoided a horrible car crash pile up on the way home. Daffodils are blooming.

  373. I finally got a proper diagnosis (RA) and start my meds this weekend. I’ve never been so happy/excited/scared in my life. But you did, and it makes me feel like I can too.

  374. Last night we found a $10 bill in our backyard. Our dog had shredded it in to 3 pieces and I’m pretty sure ate it, then processed it. It’s currently soaking in a glass with dish soap. 😁 But we found $10!

  375. The snow is finally gone off the back yard and my flowers survived the long cold winter!! Makes me happy to see them poking up thru the dead leaves and growing daily.

  376. This week I’ve been freaking out (I’m a 24/7 anxious person) about having to squeeze in a medical appointment, a visit to the biomedical lab, go feed my cousin’s cat, go to the post office, and somehow still eat lunch before going to work today… and then get in trouble for inevitably being late for work.

    Got to the appointment 20 mins early to find the clinic completely empty, didn’t even have to sit down and wait, was finished before I was even supposed to arrive there, got a new prescription (bonus!), AND I didn’t even have to go to the lab!!!!!! Everything is done and I have plenty of time to eat lunch.

    fat grin

  377. I got the results back from bloodwork, and all the carbs I gave up (no Thanksgiving stuffing, no Christmas cookies, no Shamrock shakes!) have paid off — my blood glucose is back down into normal range, and I don’t have to go on diabetes meds like the doc was threatening me with.

  378. Pulled into the driveway with two crying little children in back of van. It was raining and the trash cans had to come in before I could take the children and their gajillion bags inside. At which point I’d be rewarded with an evening of more crying, a husband was working late, and overwhelming depression.

    I park, lean around and unsnap carseat buckles, open their doors. Take a deep breath, grab up said gaillion bags, exit car, turn to get cans.

    The two kids were already there, age 3 and 4, struggling together to bring up one of the trash cans.

    Told them I wasn’t crying, it was just the rain.

  379. My beautiful son is asleep on my chest where he feels 100% safe. We all felt so secure at some point. It’s a wonderful realization.

  380. We are rescuing a puppy today! I guess I should say dog, but still, we’re giving a pup a home and we’re gonna snuggle him and give him lots of chores to do, which mainly include playing with my other dog. 🙂

  381. I have kept both kids alive and (relatively) uninjured today, AND I managed to feed them and put a bra on myself!!! Woo hoooooooo!!! One day/hour/minute at a time, we can do this 🙂

  382. I’m off on a Grand Adventure tomorrow! I’m visiting Prague, Berlin, Heidelberg and Amsterdam and travelling solo for the majority of the trip. Excited and nervous to be stepping out of my comfort zone and getting a little adventure in my life.

  383. I have lost 115 lbs. in the last year after 40 years of struggling with my weight. You and your wonderful followers have actually helped me through this journey. THANK YOU!!

  384. I leave early Monday morning for a “sisters only” trip in Las Vegas…meeting my sister Heidi there, spending a few days, then flying home with her to California to see my niece, nephew and my parents! Can’t wait!!!

    We will totally make an exception to the “sisters only” rule if you want to join us in Vegas!

  385. I’ve registered for a writing course. I’m nervous about it, and I feel a bit awful that my dad paid for it, but I’m also feeling excited to get back into the swing of things. I’m also slightly concerned that it will get cancelled, because the writing courses I register for ALWAYS get cancelled and then I’m transferred to another writing course. I don’t like the other courses offered this term, so if it does get cancelled, I think I’ll take the beginner’s French course. That way, I can communicate only in French when I’m at my sister’s housewarming, and if anyone gives me a hard time I can say, “I’M PRACTICING!”.

    Also, the weather was amazing this morning. Granted, it was rainy and windy, but when I let the dogs out I was like, “OH MY GOD, IT’S LIKE I’M ON A PIRATE SHIP.” (My mind works in strange ways.)

  386. I thought it adorable when my cat was playing with my phone. Until I got a confused text from my husband asking me why I signed up to attend a South Korean Beer Festival. I’m not sure how the cat did it…

  387. The barn swallows have returned to their mud nest near the ceiling on our front porch, and we’re waiting to see little baby bird beaks poking out.

  388. I’ve been sober for two years, eight months and nine days. Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed, or that my life isn’t getting any better, I just remember that I haven’t gotten drunk and tried to hide from my problems in almost three years. So that’s my happy at the moment. That and pasta chips (because OH MY GOD CHIPS MADE OUT OF PASTA).

  389. I’ve started seeing a psychiatrist so that I might get better. Also will see a therapist at the end of the week.