Dorothy Barker is made of springs and rubber, I suspect.

Today we’re getting on the road to pick up Hailey from sleep-away camp, which is nice because it’s been entirely too quiet here and every day I worry that she’s not eating or sleeping or brushing her teeth or that her arms have fallen off.  We did get a picture though from her camp counselor and Hailey looks very happy but I couldn’t help but notice that she is missing a saddle.  Victor says that’s the second stage of horse camp…the part where you learn to ride bareback, but my first thought was that they’d run out of food and were boiling down the leather to eat.  Victor is probably right, but I’m still bringing oranges with me in case she has scurvy.

Hailey and her horse.  Hopefully neither of them have rickets.
Hailey and her horse. Hopefully neither of them have rickets.

But while I’m gone, I’m leaving you with a short slow-motion video I took of Dorothy Barker jumping so you can see why I’m convinced she has mutant super powers:

Click to embiggen
Click to embiggen

PS.  This is how I look when my food comes too:

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  1. That’s a great slow motion shot! I had a dog that used to be able to jump like that…
    And make sure you check for ticks, too, while you’re at it.

  2. Hi! I love your blog. (although i just started reading today) Please check my blog out, it would mean a lot to me

  3. I’m pretty sure they slaughter the old horses first, saddles are pretty expensive.

  4. Ha, my favorite bit was when she tried to jump on your cat who was having NONE of that. 🙂 That was adorable.

  5. She is the perfect dog for you. The phrase that INSTANTLY sprang to mind when seeing her was “Furiously Happy” ☺️

  6. ha ha…that’s how my friends and I look when we see a server carrying trays of food……that’s not ours…even if we just ordered five minutes before that. “what? it should be ready already!” ::)

    Your dog has amazing jumping powers. had to watch the video a few times!

  7. Again, I’ll have what she’s having! Saving this for when I need to enbiggen my happiness supply.

  8. I am in love with Rolly’s face of sheer “CALM THE FUCK DOWN” expression. Safe Trip and Hug that kid for us.

  9. Around horses, you can never tell. One tried to bite my arm off. She failed, thank God, but I’m much more wary of horse teeth these days. Important note: Anything with a mouth will bite.

  10. Trust me when I say this – don’t even bring her socks home. Just throw them out at the camp. Camp socks are always a lost cause!

    Also, I’m pretty sure Dorothy has a future in the circus, should she choose to run away one day.

  11. Embiggen picture needs to be rainbow colored and applied to all manner of things. I realize there is an extra one, perhaps the two middles can be combined. I think I’m on to something.

  12. If Hailey’s arms are missing for some weird reason, look at the bright side– MORE COMFY POSITIONS WHEN SLEEPING. Many nights I can’t get comfortable in bed and it seems like no matter what position I get into, my arms are in the way. Those are the times that I wish I could temporarily remove them for the night. But then how would I get them back on in the morning? My son or husband could help me but they’d probably be jerks sometimes and put them back on backwards. But at least I would finally be able to reach that itchy spot between my shoulder blades. OK, sorry to ramble. I’m, I’m glad that Hailey will be back home with you soon.

  13. I appreciate the fact that you cut the video before we had to watch the cat beat up the dog for touching her…

  14. I have a small question about your P.S….do you lick your own nose boogers when you get food as you jump in the air? Because I would like to see THAT slow-motion shot!

  15. Look at it this way: freak out persistently about the silly stuff, and when shit gets real, you’ll be so pooped out that you’ll just handle it.

  16. Just before I feed my Papillons, they spin. One spins clockwise, and the other spins counter-clockwise. This may be the only thing keeping the world in balance. 🙂

  17. I think a photo of Hailey with a saddle but no horse would be more worrisome.

    Either way, the oranges are probably a good idea.

  18. We had a rat terrier that I could’ve sworn had pogo sticks for legs because she was always jumping when she got excited. As cute as this is, try to discourage the jumping because Dorothy Barker could hurt herself if she lands wrong.

  19. Oooooh, the wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things, their bottoms are made out of rubber, their tops are made out of springs…

    You wuz LIED to. That’s not a DOG, it’s a TIGGER!

    And Hailey looks happy, healthy, and wonderful.

  20. I’d worry more if you saw a photo of NO horses. That means they’d eaten the horses. Or the horses had taken over the camp and were taking the photo. So many questions with that one…

  21. Dorothy looks like a normal happy excited dog. She’s incredibly cute ^_^

    Huzzah for Hailey coming home 😀

  22. That video of Dorothy has me doing this weird crying thing. I think it’s because it’s the first time in days I’ve genuinely smiled and belly laughed. Thanks for pulling me out of the hole for a few minutes Jenny.

  23. My dog jumped like that. Exhibits a and b

    Also, he couldn’t bark without lifting both front feet off the ground with each bark. At least a couple inches off the ground.

  24. Aw, I’m sure you are thrilled to be picking her up from camp! Have a wonderful reunion. I’m pretty sure she’ll still have arms. Dorothy can jump crazy high. I have a miniature schnauzer. His only talent is barking but he’s really good at it.

  25. My dog does this. Don’t know that it’s normal. Check her toes when you get her. Wild animals could have nibbled her feet.

  26. That video has me doing this weird crying while laughing thing. I think it’s because it’s the first time in days where I have genuinely smiled and belly laughed. Thanks for pulling me out of the hole for a few minutes Jenny.

  27. Love the pic of Hailey! And Knives is so adorable. Looks like the cats really like her too. And you are hilarious, lady!

  28. Great job cutting that adorable video at the exact moment that Ferris Mewler was about to kick Dorothy Barker’s butt! (at least, that’s what my cat would have done if my little dog dared lay a paw on him like that….)

  29. Our dog totally jumps like that, only she’s like 35lbs and can jump as high as I am tall… 5’6″ (FINE 5’5″ but i refuse to admit i’m shrinking!). It’s kinda insane how high she can jump with such ease.

  30. I thought the Dorothy Barker video ended too soon, but the key to success is to always leave your audience wanting more. Here’s hoping Hailey’s scurvy hasn’t progressed to the frothing at the knees stage.

  31. What is that song?

    You have yourself a jumper! How awesome. I have diggers who thankfully are pretty happy not jumping.

  32. All small dogs are made of springs and rubber. Big dogs are too, but they are too massive to jump that high.

  33. I have three papillons. They also all jump that way. The tiniest one jumps the highest. I think he’s compensating…

  34. Is there no saddle because she doesn’t have feet for stirrups? I bet she had a fabulous time and will regale you with inappropriate shenanigan tales all weekend. And that’s just excellent. 🙂

    It’s the slo-mo of DB that makes her super-hero material. Get a cape, send the tape to Marvel. She can be Iron Man’s sidekick.

  35. My dog had the super power of being The Mighty Leaf-Warrioress! No leaf escaped her sight! None could cross the yard without her chasing it down and ‘killing it’.


  36. Dorothy Barker is a Tigger.
    “The wonderful thing about tiggers
    Is tiggers are wonderful things!
    Their tops are made out of rubber
    Their bottoms are made out of springs!
    They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
    Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!”

  37. We had a poodle who could jump as high as my head (It’s not that impressive – I’m only 5’1″).

  38. I love how at the end, she’s like, “Kitty! We’re getting food! Be excited with me!”

  39. The cat is the best part of the video for me. He’s all, “What the hell you moron?!”. And Dorothy is like, “JUMP, JUMP Motherfucker.”.

  40. Dorothy is adorable, and thanks much for the cute video of her jumping. That’s a beautiful picture of Hailey and her horse. Hailey is gorgeous, and looks just like you!

  41. Dorothy Barker could probably be trained to be like those dogs that go through obstacle courses in shows. She is a star in spite of what the cats say.

  42. I’ve never figured out how to ride a horse with or without saddle without making me feel like I got kicked in the jimmies.

  43. Haley will have all her parts when you see her, and will be full of fun stories about camp. That said, now I’m worried she might NOT have all her parts….

    As far as Dorothy’s jumping, that is quite common in papillons. That’s why they excel in agility and are often used as circus dogs. I think you need to come up with a circus act for you and Dorothy barker!!

  44. Ok but WHAT HAPPENS AFTER SHE SMACKS THE CAT‽‽‽ I was blindsided by the cliffhanger ending!!

  45. My dog Tonks does the same thing anytime she sees some one she knows after a period of time apart. That period of time can be as short as a trip to the movies, so we get an enthusiastic welcome home every time.

  46. if she ever learns to flap those ears she is going to fly…
    I love the quote “Get tough or die… this is camp”

  47. Oh! My dog used to do that. He died on Monday at a very elderly 15 years old, but through middle age, when he was excited he would BOUNCE as though all 4 feet were spring loaded. It can be disconcerting for strangers to have a hundred pound wolfdog suddenly springing up to eye level.

  48. Hailey looks like she’s had a great time (although, being an experienced actor, I’m sure she’s doing a great job of covering up how much she’s missed you). And not a bear in sight.

  49. Sidenote- have you seen the movie ‘sleep away camp’? If you haven’t you totally should. Just wait till she’s home, it’s a b-level campy horror flick.

  50. You are a better woman than I am … although I am getting ready to suck it up and put my 14 year old on a plane by herself to my aunts house on cape cod for a week. Kind of like camp with family…. I dont know how I will handle that!

  51. Ms. Dorthy Parker from my guess, (since I don’t know from previous posts) that she might have some Brittany in her. My Brittany rescue (and a friends) all bounce. It’s seriously the best!

  52. Ms Barker is amazing! I love that the cat was just like “no”. 🙂 I don’t see any hot lava in the picture of Hailey, but if there was some, at least she had the smarts to get onto the horse for protection! check her for ticks when she gets home. No joke. Glad she is back now! 🙂

  53. I loved camp — horse, foot, Great-Aunt, whatever. Looks like Hailey does too. That’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

    The weirdest bit about coming home was looking down at my feet after a month of being elsewhere, always looking up and around, and finding out that my feet were farther away after a month of summer growth spurt.

  54. I never liked sleep away camp as I like basic luxuries (like a bed & indoor plumbing) too much. Never saw the point in roughing it, so was sort of a killjoy around the old camp fire. Hope Hailey had a lovely time, but am sure she’ll be glad to be back home! And Dorothy Barker is definitely made of springs!

  55. Hailey is a force of nature….and Dorothy bouncing is totallyTigger-iffic.

  56. Oh, that Hailey smile! She’s just stunning. You may end up renting a trailer to bring home her new 4-legged friend. My daughter texted me from camp: “Can Little Joe come home with me? He fits in my pocket!” accompanied by a photo of her and the sweetest horse in the world.

  57. Your cat is just there like, “Have you no dignity?”

    The Sprog is about Hailey’s age, and she came back from Jewish sleepaway camp after surviving off of bagels and Cheerios even though there was plenty of other food on offer. You can regulate her diet when she gets back.

  58. I agree with Megan! What happens when she hits the cat!? Adorable! My dog bounces on her hind legs at people walking by the yard, I call her “Jumping Bean” when she does this. The people on the other side of the fence just laugh at her antics.

  59. Loved the “hit and run” on the cat. My German shepherd jumps around like that trying to get a squirrel that has run up a tree. We call it the Squirrel Dance.

  60. Her impressive super pawers have grown in leaps and bounds.

    Although, there was nothing to gauge the scale of her jump… I’m assuming she can leap over a tall metal cut steel 3D model of an imperial walker with ease. The force is strong in this young pawdawan. She looks 3/4 Papillon, 1/4 Wookie.

  61. I am pretty sure that’s how the really little dogs act, with the bouncing. LOL, but she is so CUUUUTE! 😀 i think she’s part rabbit….like a Dabbit! :3

    Anyways, I hope that Hailey had fun at camp! high five to her! (unless she has rickets, then it’s an air-five!)

  62. Hahaha, I look like Dorothy Barker about 90% of the time because I’m always eating.

    Hailey is so badass; I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride bareback.

  63. FWIW that picture looks pretty good. I taught horseback riding for a long time, including at a summer camp. She’s wearing a properly fitted helmet. Her posture is good. She feels balanced enough that she’s not gripping the mane, and her grip on the reins looks good too. The arena and fencing look safe. The horse looks healthy and sane. You did a great job of picking a camp to send her to.

  64. Actually a normal, happy dog thing. I had one that did that, too. About 4′ in the air. =)

  65. I have a Papillion and he does the same jumping. He does it so much i started calling him poppy instead of his actual name! Maybe a breed quirk.

  66. That’s just the way fox and rat terriers jump. My daughter used to own a JRT who was just that springy … and who ruined all our living room furniture upholstery by bounding up onto it in order to bark at every person and animal who walked by the window–and given that we live in Hyde Park, that was a LOT of people and animals.

  67. This made me giggle at the end of a long day. Thank you, Jenny 🙂

  68. My dog also jumps crazy high–onto the kitchen counter where we USED to keep our bread until the dog ate an entire loaf. She’s a doxie-lab mix so the loaf of bread was approximately the length or her body.

  69. My Doberman, Elka, will do high speed jump-spins across the yard if/when she realizes we’re out there for me to throw a tennis ball. She doesn’t jump very HIGH typically, and thank God she doesn’t realize she could jump very high indeed, as we only have a picket fence. I know Doberman folks online whose dogs can clear a 6 foot privacy fence.

    And don’t worry, scurvy actually takes a couple of months for the effects to begin. I know that because…reasons…

  70. If you ever got a video of Hailey’s horse insanely leaping like Dorothy Barker, now THAT would break the internets more than a Kardashian.

  71. As a cat person through and through, that poor exasperated cat was my favorite part 😉 But I secretly have to admit that Dorothy warms my heart very time 😀

  72. Yay Hailey survived camp and can you imagine how high Dorothy Barker would jump if she was on a trampoline?! Like seriously space would be an option.

  73. Hailey survived, you survived. All is good in the world. Dorothy is a cutie.

  74. Dorothy Barker has remarkable jumping skills. My daughter’s “Boston Terror” jumps similarly. She got her front paw caught in my v-neck shirt one time. Had to catch her. And congrats on you and Hailey surviving camp.

  75. Your daughter looked very happy. I hope she successfully got the hang of bareback riding (or failing that, that the saddle was delicious).
    By the way, it was fascinating to see Dorothy Barker’s slow motion jumping. Amazing what happens when you electrify the floor.

  76. You obviously stopped recording then because the cat tore poor Dorothy Barker’s throat out.
    Bareback riding takes skill and balance, your beautiful daughter is turning out GREAT!!!

  77. OMG-it just occurred to me that after several years reading your blog that Dorothy Barker is not safe! You may actually try and take her apart one day to see if she is indeed made of springs and rubber!!! Do NOT do this!!!! It will invalidate her warranty-you do not want to fuck with her warranty! (Hopefully this tactic will work!)

  78. Sweet heaven woman, I have looked at your blog for all of 5 minutes and almost have tears in my eyes laughing. Its so good to know that I’m not the only weirdo with thoughts like this

  79. I pick up my baby in one more sleep! They had bats at her camp and I am pretty sure you shouldn’t eat them or their saddles. Isn’t that how SARS got started? I will pick up a bag of oranges just in case.

  80. my poodle (who is slightly bigger than dorothy barker) does that kind of jumping too. 😀 it’s ALWAYS funny too watch! 🙂

  81. Yes, your dog has superpowers. Can I be her sidekick, please?

  82. She hasn’t been gone long enough for scurvey to set in properly, and it looks like she still has her teeth. She also has really nice posture, Kudos to her riding instructors

  83. Holy CRAP when did Hailey become a teenager??? She looks like she is fourteen! Slow down, young lady!

  84. As a former camp counselor, I can confidently say that, at least after the first day, she probably ate and slept just fine. We keep ’em busy, so they’re good and hungry and tired! She probably didn’t brush her teeth or keep clean as much as she would at home. I mean, I always made sure no one stunk up a storm or had moss growing in their chompers, but kids will be kids and kids aren’t big on hygiene. One week of only half-assed brushing won’t rot their teeth out (I did send them to the bathroom to at least brush in the morning and before taps (and did require that they at least get their hair wet in the shower every other day), but I wasn’t standing over them with a stopwatch to make sure they did their full two minutes). Even the teenage girls gave up on “trying” after a couple of days, and decided that no makeup and low-maintenance hair was better than melting makeup and frizzies from being outside with a “do.”

    Also, to the early commenter who said something about “camp socks”…who wears socks at camp? I had, like, a pair of hiking sandals, a pair of shower/water shoes, and a pair of flip flops and nothing else with me the entire time I was a camper AND counselor. I had the most badass sandal tans after 10 weeks in my Tevas!

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