Don’t judge me.

Okay, this is weird and might not even work because I’m doing it on my phone but I caught a UFO on my phone when I was taking pictures of a jackrabbit in a Texas cemetery.

To be fair, I didn’t see it until it showed up on the photo so I have no idea if it was flying but it’s something weird in the sky that wasn’t there and then was there and then wasn’t there all in the course of 2 seconds. I’m going to try to upload the picture I took a second before and a second after so you can see this weird and totally non aerodynamic thing that seems to be in the air.

Here’s the picture taken taken one second before:

Nothing there.
Nothing there.

And this is the picture taken a second later:

And then there it is.
And then there it is.

These are shitty pictures and I haven’t enhanced them yet.  I think if you click the pictures you can see them blown up.  Is it a bug?  A UFO?  A weird glitch?  A ghost fucking with me because I’m in his cemetery chasing rabbits?  No clue.  Love to hear your thoughts if you have some.

PS. It was St. Joseph’s cemetery outside of Fort Davis.  We didn’t hear anything and     nothing else showed up on the other pictures before or after.

PPS.  I feel incredibly stupid posting this

UPDATED:  We think we know what it is.  Click here for details.




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  1. Hmmm…no idea, really, but you’re not any weirder than usual for posting this, if that makes you feel any better. 🙂

  2. U need a good camera i blow up the pic but is super blurry so theres no way to tell but ur not weird I will have too freak out

  3. Not gonna lie, I was hoping it would be Rick Astley. #UltimateRickRoll

  4. I WANT TO BELIEVE – THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE (I may or may not be bingeing on X-Files right now…)

  5. Not gonna lie, I was hoping it would be Rick Astley #UltimateRickRoll

  6. Holy crap, I was the first commenter?!? How the hell did THAT happen?!?

    Also, that’s the rabbit on the roadway, right? I don’t know about Texas, but we have a plague of them in greater Boston–I’ve been seeing them around my neighborhood with surprising regularity lately. It’s normal to see rabbits on the Simmons College campus (where I’m working on a Master’s in Library Science); I saw 5 of the little boogers racing around presumably playing (or maybe breeding; it looked like there might be a bunny 3-way maybe happening…) earlier in the spring, but now they’re all over the damn place. (Oh, and Simmons also has somewhat aggressive Canadian geese who crap all over the sidewalks, so you have to watch where you step, and will actually stop traffic when they decide to cross the street because nobody wants a goose the size of a small child as a hood ornament, or the damage that hitting one would cause. The campus newspaper’s April Fool’s edition suggested that the cafeteria “mystery meat” was actually Canada goose, which would be one way of dealing with the problem, but I digress. Anyway, if you get into Boston early enough, I can take you on a tour of the Simmons campus so you can check out the banging bunnies and literally shitty geese, eh?)

  7. Drone, maybe? These days, they’re pretty common, and move erratically (when I’m flying them at least). Don’t freak out, it’s probably something normal seen through a different perspective.

  8. I think it’s that elevator from Willy Wonka carrying Charlie and Grandpa Joe.

  9. The funniest part is that for anyone who doesn’t know you Jenny, the fact that you were in a Texas cemetery taking pictures of dead jackrabbits would be the strangest part of this story.

  10. Ooh? Are you headed to Marfa while you’re there? The Marfa lights are amazing, if they show up for you. And the McDonald Ocservatory is an amazing site as well.

  11. It looks kind of like that Weasley’s flying car. But at least it didn’t look like a Borg cube when I zoomed in, so that’s good.

  12. Some neighbor with a drone and a weird sense of humor (or none at all, which is scary)?

  13. Yep – definitely a nuclear missile. But wait – I thought we were getting along with Russia BETTER now than we were in the 80’s? Did I miss something?

  14. dang, cube ufos are usually bad (resistance is futile). maybe it’s a temporal anomaly : D

  15. Well, the boring answer is it looks like a pixel failed in the camera. It may work the next time, but that would account for the square shape.

    More fun to think it’s a UFO.

  16. Maybe it was the rabbit’s ancestors trying to distract you away from the rabbit?

  17. Well, technically it’s not saucer-shaped, so it’s not a flying saucer. But since it can’t be identified by that photo, and it appears to be flying, and it’s an object, then yes…it’s definitely a UFO.

  18. Definitely a bird, looks like a hawk to me. It’s flapping and both of it’s wings are all the way down which is why it looks so weird.

  19. That’s the satellite from Pluto (sent by the aliens on Pluto, of course) doing a fly-by of Earth.

  20. Whoa that rabbit has some SERIOUS ears (sorry, city girl here)! Oh and in the sky? It’s The Great Space Coaster, of course.

  21. I’m pretty sure it’s the disembodied head of the stay-puft marshmallow man. Which is weird, since when they told me to choose the form of the destructor I was pretty sure I was thinking about fudge.

  22. I’m gonna guess that it’s one of those rectangular parachutes like they use in para-sailing. Either that or there’s nothing in the sky in either photo but it’s time to clean my laptop screen.

  23. It’s Buster Brown. Big rimmed hat, giant bow tie, yep, it’s Buster Brown.

  24. I think while you were taking a photo of the jack rabbit, the ufo was taking a picture of YOU! ha ha Very freaky. Let us know if you find out what it might be.

  25. Omg if that happened to me I would be totally freaked out. I totally believe in UFOs. Ether that or the Government testing out more secret weapons and aircrafts.

  26. Definitely an object near to your field of view. You can tell because it’s completely out of focus. Looks like a fly or bee to me.

  27. I’m going to say it’s a plastic bag caught in an updraft. I think that makes you the weird kid with the camera in American Beauty.

  28. If a team of people wearing all black stop by and ask about this photo, say you’ve decided it’s a weather balloon.

  29. Well that’s the Tardis. You shouldn’t feel stupid for this, you should feel special!

  30. It’s a crow flying at an angle away from you with the setting sun hitting its wings.

  31. ANYTHING is possible. I feel that it is arrogent as all hell to believe we are the only intelligent life in the vastness of the universe. You rock for posting this!
    I can’t tell what it is in the pic, but interesting none the less!

  32. Okay this is a bit odd, but I want to know why you’re chasing bunnies in cemeteries. Or were you just touring the place and saw a rabbit? I don’t care about the UFO part too much. And it’s that flying car from Planes. Fritz or whatever.

  33. That’s super weird. Now you have to post when you find out what it is.

    p.s. I’m glad you weren’t abducted and/or probed.

  34. To me it looked like something stuck on one of the power lines above the cemetery because of how it lines up with the utility pole to the right…but then I thought about it and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen power lines running OVER a cemetery, which probably means that to put lines there would be a zoning violation or possibly a religious faux pas, or maybe both.

    So I’m going with: potentially heretical zoning violation with wind-blown litter attached.

  35. To me it looks like a bird caught with both wings down-flap, so to speak. But I also like Elizabeth’s heretical zoning violation, because I’m all about heresy these days.

  36. If that’s a UFO it definitely belongs to the Vogons. Time to polish up those poetry appreciation skills!

  37. I’m going hawk as well.

    Here’s my UFO story. It’s possible to see Venus in daylight with the naked eye. I’ve done it a few times, and you have to know right where to look. One morning, I tried it again and couldn’t, so I got out the binoculars. Right about where Venus should have been was this bright green thing, just sitting there. I spent 45 minutes trying to get a telescope on it, but without being able to see it, or to see something nearby to use as reference, this is basically impossible.

    For 45 minutes, it hung in the air. Mocking me and puny efforts to identify it. I was actually thinking supernova, not UFO.

    When I finally got the scope on it it was… A freaking helium balloon on what had to be least windy day in the history of our planet. Or possibly tied down with fishing line just to screw with people. I could see the knot and the string, and it still didn’t move.

  38. Holy Sheep dip! The ears on that bunny! Up here in Canada our bunnies have floopy ears that hang down on either side of their face. I’ve never seen a critter with ears that stick up that far before. From the time I was little I thought it was silly that the old TV antenna were called rabbit ears – after all they weren’t sagging down both sides of the TV. Now I know it was a Texan who called them rabbit ears. Whew! I bet that bunny could get channels from two states over.

    The sky thingy is likely a drone. There s a blurred area above it that could very well be rotors. You haven’t pissed off the NSA for any reason have you Jenny? 😀

  39. It’s definitely a UFO: it’s a flying object we haven’t identified.

  40. It looks like a small building was coming in for a landing. No tornadoes around, eh? Cool picture.

  41. did you see it through the lens or only after you looked at the photos? I actually looks like a stray pixel (aha the attack of the Pixels from Outer Space…)

  42. I don’t think its a UFO but may be something else. You are not weird at all. You have an intriguing mind that’s all

  43. Personally, I love cemeteries. The fact that you caught something like this is awesome. 😀

  44. NO idea what it is, but my first thought was a flying cow, so maybe UFO makes more sense. If you figure it out, let us know!

  45. Maybe Pluto is checking us out now. Hmmmm….
    Or it’s the Borg.
    Did you see the bunnies in a hurdle jumping contest? This jackrabbit looks like he could take the trophy if he’s willing to put in the training.

  46. That’s definitely a bug, but the thing under it is clearly a crashed ufo with an alien in the cockpit, about to emerge and either anoint you ambassador to space or eat your brains. Or maybe it’s a mountain, hard to tell, because cell phone.

  47. Ms Frizzle and her magic school bus on a field trip is my guess.
    Having seen a UFO as well I was left feeling excited, but also overwhelmingly “Who do I tell and not get laughed at?” (If that is even an emotion.)
    Love the post.

  48. Is that a tent just past the bunny? Is someone living there? The UFO looks like someone’s gas stove blew straight up.

  49. Maybe it was a drone. We saw one flying back and forth across the highway and back over our heads while we were at a Gabriel Iglesias show in Texas.

  50. It is a mockingbird. It is flying and both wings are in the down position. If you look mockingbirds up, you can see the thick white stripe on the wings, which matches in your photo above.

    Yesterday I read a book about flying saucers, so part of me wants to insist that is what this is, but this is just a mockingbird mid-flight.

  51. the shape is odd, but it’s definitely something out there. I’m pretty sure I saw a ufo the other night, it was moving VERY fast and then just disappeared in a slight flash of light. (also in Texas, so maybe they’re checking us out for some reason)

  52. I’ve seen that very same UFO! You know those mini tornado’s ( dust devils) you see out in the fields? When they move out of dust and over grassy areas, they clean up of the dust…..but not the garbage they pick up. Your UFO looks like a grey Walmart shopping bag!

  53. It doesn’t look or feel metaphysical to me. My first thought was bird, and zooming in, I agree with the previous poster that it’s a bird with its wings in the downward position. They’ve got a white stripe across them.

  54. Could be a drone, were you naked at the time? They seem to come out in force when that happens.

  55. It is clearly a VW Bug that’s been turned into a helicopter. Either that or someone tried to catapult a storm trooper helmet at you.

  56. It’s either a furiously happy raccoon that’s flying, or a hawk looking for a snack. Maybe both. They are both sneaky and endemic to parts of the U.S.–mainly your house. ;D

  57. I believe that’s a blogging device thingy tracking you and your whereabouts cuz you’re the Paris Hilton of the blogging community or some shit! x

    PS. is that really a rabbit?

  58. Some people have said it already, but looks like a hawk or some other bird with wings in a down flap. Plastic bag would float and not disappear as quick. TARDIS at a great distance is still a possibility though.

  59. This post is no more weird than your others 😉 Totally a ghost asking you nicely to leave a carrot for his pet rabbit. All rabbits eat carrots, right?

  60. I think it is a chupacabra being held up by a carabiner. It is West Texas.

    Mostly because those are two of my favorite words and this the first time I could legit (Ok, not really legit) use them in a sentence together.

  61. Definitely a tear in the space time continuum or the soul of a dead jack rabbit. You’re in a cemetery.

  62. Since it’s not identified, it’s clearly a UFO. But zooming in (which you can’t very well on your phone) it really looks like a plastic shopping bag. And they are known to do that.
    You are not weird for posting it.

  63. If you look at the picture without, there is something next to the second pole from the right that isn’t in the picture “with”. It looks like whatever it is it flew from that direction! Totally weird! I’d be freaking out too!

  64. Don’t feel stupid! Any unidentified object flying around is a UFO. I’ve seen some weird shit and didn’t get photographic evidence, so kudos to you for snapping some!

    At first glance, maybe you got droned? Are there stealth drones? Now it’s creeping me out…

  65. I love that the most common logical response is, “It’s probably a drone, don’t worry.” Because we now live in a world where that’s considered both normal and nothing to fret over.

  66. It looks like the flying Winnebago from Space Balls. Maybe the Swartz is with you.

  67. I think it might be Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba. Did you see a guy dressed like Bootsy Collins, carrying a large Ghetto Blaster anywhere near there? Or perhaps some little kids doing Cool Tricks?

  68. My first thought was “It looks like a flying Winnebago”. Then I noticed that someone else already made that comment. Maybe you should make an online poll. Be sure to put “Flying Winnebago” as a voting option because apparently it’s a popular choice. As is the Tardis. What about the cube spaceship that the Borg used? That would be my third choice. In case you’re keeping count…

  69. Let’s see…a drone or a gnat on the lens or you caught a plastic grocery bag in mid-flight before it gets tangled in a tree for the next 100 years. What I’m more curious about is what appears to be a lean-to further back in the cemetery.

    It’s not stupid to ask. Nor to take photos of jackrabbits in cemeteries. We’ve all been there – or somewhere close.

  70. I thought once I moved to Arizona I’d see all kinds of gigantic crafts hovering above my house, but NOOOOO… They are apparently in Texas now! What are some good elementary schools/diners/liquor stores in your area so I can plan my next move?

  71. The rabbit obviously threw something. He’s messing with you. They do that.

  72. If you think it’s a UFO it probably is… your intuition……sightings are extremely common now…..everywhere in the world

  73. Let’s pretend this never happened? (Ha! Kidding)

    Interesting, to say the least. When i increase the size on my iphone, it looks like a translucent square….

  74. When I zoomed in on it, the image was pixelated, unlike the surrounding image. Very suspect. Either Jenny is playing with us, or someone is playing with Jenny.

  75. If you look at the first picture, I think whatever it is was actually to the right of the second-to-nearest telephone pole at that point, leading me to agree that it was probably a bird and it changed course when it saw you.

  76. It reminds me of the baby buggy being pushed through the sky by Janosz in Ghostbusters 2. Let’s hope a medieval megalomaniac isn’t being reborn somewhere!

  77. I can see a dot next to one of the power poles in the “nothing there” picture that is gone in the “and then there it is” picture. Same object moving closer into the shot?

  78. Yeah, so in our little suburban neighborhood in a West Cleveland suburb have witnessed something similar. My husband is convinced it’s some strange drone-like remotely powered thing that may or may not be taking photos or recordings of images. He isn’t paranoid at all, so you know he’s right on this one. The form in your photo looks VERY similar to our little friend in the sky. (Insert and “a-ha/puzzled” face here).

  79. Looks like a VW van to me, Why is it flying ? hmmm maybe it’s caught in a tornado on it’s way to OZ , yep that’s totally what it is !

  80. Well if that isn’t a Dalek trying to exterminate a rabbit…..

    But seriously, at first I thought I was seeing wings and that ‘square’ below them…. probably just blurry from movement. But on closer inspection, I think it’s the same as the objects seen on all the power lines. (Only the actual lines probably look invisible because of the brightness of the sky. That happens a lot in my photos of my neighbor’s acreage). Do you know if the power lines actually extend in that direction? Although…. that object does look larger than the rest. They do look similar though.

  81. Somewhere out there is the ghost of a UFO thinking “damn those jackrabbits always messing up my lawn”

  82. Jenny ghosts and UFO’s love you! You are a human tracker for them…but in this case it might be because you are hanging out at a cemetery and weird supernatural things go down at cemeteries on the regular. I think they know you aren’t scared of them. If I was an alien I’d totally be knocking on your door for wine and horror movies.

  83. Typical Muggles. This is easy.
    Try typing “Harry Potter Ford Angla” into google images….

  84. First impression, it looks like you have an old VW bus driving right at you (or away from you, who knows) in the sky. Which… Well, I’m sure that’s not the weirdest airborn thing ever, right?

  85. I don’t know if this has been brought up yet, but I think only now realize what it is. If you look close, you will see it is the mini-Stonehenge from “This is Spinal Tap.” It must have had a jet propulsion system built into it.

  86. don’t feel stupid mama. believe. the truth has got your back. your post reminds me of what was my favorite poem of mine long time. it’s autobiographical:

    bunny, squat horrendously
    on the parking lot
    of the same hospital
    under the same moon
    which i was born.

    out shits
    television antlers.

    i think they’re calling me home.

    all the best jenny. enjoy what you enjoy.

  87. I think definitely a drone. As well Ray, rude-ass Yankee seems to have caught it in the first image as well, so it seem it was flying into the space above you when you were capturing the Jackrabbit. Stalker fan? or just the government keeping eyes on the Blogess? 😉 Keep your eyes to the sky!

  88. Drone. The same thing happened to me on WILSHIRE BLVD in LA, which is ridiculous because it’s such a huge street with a ton of traffic etc. It was there and then suddenly it was a block away. I thought I was losing my mind until I called my sister and said, “Guess what I just saw on Wilshire Blvd” and she calmly replied, “A drone.” They move really fast and do look like UFOs.

  89. The way I see it, It is imperitive that Victor buy you a quality camera, lets be honest, smart phone camera’s although good just aren’t up to snuff when dealing with UFOs and the supernatural. I mean really Victor in the name of science OUTFIT Jenny with the proper tools to keep us all totally freaked out…..

  90. Lego Superman, of course – the legs are too blocky to be a person’s, the cape too still…

  91. Your updated link doesn’t work. Anyone else having a problem?

  92. You have a very rare picture of the Jackahawk in the air. It is the flying mate of the Jackahawk you have in the picture on the ground. Those long things on the head that you thought were ears are actually WINGS! It is a relative of the Jackalope and Jackadeer family. I’m sure you’ve seen the most common member of the family, the Jackalope, in novelty shops.
    Glad to help.

  93. Probably a drone. It pisses me off that now we can’t even enjoy UFOs because of improved technology. No one will ever again accept something as a UFO because chances are too high that it was bought in a magazine. About the prevalence of bunnies this year. I’m pretty certain they are surveillance devices deployed by Homeland Security to monitor the goings-on in suburban neighborhoods.

  94. Hmmm, if you zoom right in, it looks like a disembodied hippo head? Maybe you caught a quick glimpse of an Egyptian deity, Taweret, who protected mother and child in childbirth? Who knows; that’s what you get for hanging around cemeteries in the middle of the day. Dread to think what you’d have caught on camera if you were there during the middle of the night.

  95. I was just in Fort Davis! Sorry I missed you. BTW, while you were in that part of the state, did you go to Terlingua to see Clay Henry, the famous stuffed, beer-drinking goat at the Starlight Theatre?

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