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  1. Happy birthday, Hailey! Your mom – including this post – help me commit to being furiously happy! You’re a pretty lucky kid to have her. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to your Medium Fry! (I say Medium because she’s no longer Small but has not reached Large yet – that’ll hit when she’s a teen.)

  3. She’s in that weird place where there’s one foot in childhood and one foot just crossing the line into teenagerhood.
    It’s a fun time! I hope she enjoys many of the minutes. I’d say every minute but that’s impossible because not every minute can be a good time.
    Happy birthday, Hailey!

  4. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! Wishing you many more years of smiles (both getting and giving!) and fun times with friends and family!

  5. Wait a minute, didn’t Hailey’s birthday just happen like last year? Where does the time go??? Happy birthday to Hailey! 🙂

  6. What a lucky girl to have such wonderful parents! What lucky parents to have such an excellent daughter!

    Happy birthday Hailey! Wishing your 11th year to be full of fun, laughter and love!

  7. Oh my gosh, she is so lovely, and obviously smart and unique. Good job parents! And Happy Birthday Hailey!

  8. Happy birthday Hailey! You are absolutely gorgeous, just like your mama, but more importantly, you are intelligent and inquisitive and full of spirit! I have a daughter who will be 11 in December. Tweens, soon to be teens!🎉

  9. She’s a lovely young lady – very impressed with her last night at your signing in Austin! (Caught hell from my daughters when I admitted I forgot to ask Hailey about Dorothy Barker…) I wish we would have known to sing Happy Birthday to her.

  10. Happy birthday Hailstorm!! Happy 11 and big warm fuzzy taxidermied wishes for many furiously happy years to come!

  11. Happy Birthday Hailey and bloody well done Jenny and Victor! My small person is 8 today and am still looking for the instruction book….

  12. Absolutely a delight, your beautiful daughter! Eleven exciting, enchanting, enthralling years~happy birthday, Miss Hailey!

  13. Happy birthday, Hailey! You’re looking more and more like your mom. You have a fantabulous year!

  14. Happy birthday Hailey!! I didn’t realize you were a year older then my kid sister. She turned 10 this year. Have a great birthday!

  15. Happy birthday Hailey! She shares a birthday with Jim Henson, Phil Hartman (who she probably doesn’t know unless she’s watched all of News Radio like my just-turned-11 year old did last month), and the kid who played Benji in Pitch Perfect.

  16. How you have an awesome birthday Hailey! I have a September birthday, too ;-).
    My best friend took me to the MN State Fair (2nd biggest in the nation – after Texas). We ate all kinds of crap, including an ice cream bar dipped in chocolate then rolled in bacon. EVERYTHING is better with bacon!

  17. A very happy birthday wish for Hailey! May she have a year filled with many more ups than downs and may she continue to radiate as much joy as she is in the pictures!

  18. Yay, Hailey! As I said last night when I got to briefly meet you and your dad, Thank you for sharing your mom with us. You’re awesome!

  19. Hippo Birdy Two Ewes! Hippo Birdy Two Ewes! Hippo Birdy Deer Hailey! Hippo Birdy Two Ewes!

  20. Wonderful wishes on her special day! I hope she gets everything she needs and some of the things she wants. And best wishes to her mom for making it through 11 wonder-filled years.

  21. Woo-Hoo! Beings Whovians, you will understand when I say Hailey looks nothing like Matt Smith…happy day to all the family 🙂

  22. Happy Birthday Hailey!!! 11 is an awesome age. My daughter just turned 11 last Friday! Good week to have girls with Birthday’s Jenny!

  23. Happy birthday brave girl. Hope this year is filled with learning & adventures. And happy 11th parenting anniversary Jenny & Victor. The 3 of you are so lucky to have each other!

  24. Happy birthday to the lovely Hailey! What a wonderful day for you all to celebrate (looks like Dotty decided to celebrate by eating the birthday girl’s cheek!) My Girly just turned 11 last week, too. 🙂

  25. Happy birthday Hailey. May your day be full of sunshine and unicorns. You are a beautiful young lady!!!!

  26. Also, and really I can’t believe no one has mentioned this yet, her birthday missed the September 1 start-of-term, and she is still eligible to get her Hogwarts letter next summer. I will be keeping my fingers very, very crossed.

  27. Happy Birthday, Hailey! You are absolutely adorable and so photogenic. And you have the best mother! I wish you the best today.

  28. She’s GORGEOUS!!! Victor had better invest in shotguns soon, because the boys will be beating down your door in a few years!

    Happy Birthday, Hailey! Be true to your self and keep it weird like your Momma, anyone who doesn’t like it isn’t worth your time 🙂

  29. She is so very pretty! What a looker! (And we already know she’s smart!) Just looking at that first picture makes me think that gal’s not just gonna break glass ceilings, she’s going to SHATTER ’em. Happy birthday, Hailey! (Hang on for the teen years, Mom.)

  30. Happy 11th Birthday Hailey!!! I’ve got one who just turned 20!!! She’s not a teen anymore! Augh! How did I end up with an adult all of a sudden?

  31. Happy birthday, Hailey! Wishing you raccoons and chocolate and all kinds of wonderful things! (And happy anniversary of the day you became a mom, Jenny!) hugs to both of you!

  32. Wow–she’s so grown up. My favorite picture is her look of unbridled excitement when you had that kangaroo or whatever marsupial you brought into your home for Victor. And she’s such a young lady now-but I still see that spark in her eyes! Happy Birthday Hailey. Never lose your inner child.

  33. What a wonderful young woman. Raising a good human is a difficult glorious privilege.
    Good job, Victor and Jennny!!

  34. Happy birthday, you awesome Whovian you!

    You bring so much light to your mom – who brings so much light & laughter to many people. So, thanks for helping us all by being you!

    From Sarah (a fan of big metal chickens & a recent binge watcher of Doctor Who) & Emily (my soon-to-be 11 year old who makes me understand just how precious you are to YOUR mom by just being her awesome self, too!)

  35. Absolutely beautiful. Happy birthday, Hailey – I’ve never met you and likely never will, but I have no doubt that you are amazing.

  36. Today (the 25th) is my birthday! Happy birthday, fellow amazing Libra! I hope you had a great day full of those beautiful smiles!

  37. Happy Birthday Hailey!!! Being unique and different from everyone else, and loving yourself for it is the best gift you will be able to give yourself! Lots of hugs from Phoenix, AZ! <3

  38. I know your heart must be bursting with pride when you look at your lovely girl. Plus I think it’s cool that she can program robots. Could that girl be any more awesome? BTW, Sept. 24 is my wedding anniversary (21st) so it’s nice to know that you and I both share sentimental feelings for that date. Of course, I was in a white dress and eating cake and drinking champagne on my September 24. Your were in a hospital gown, probably in pain, with everyone on the floor checking out your hoo-ha on a regular basis. But the end result was just as awesome!

  39. Happiest of days and wishes for a most wonderful year to Hailey!!!

    And booze and stuff to you for having an almost teen!

  40. Belated Birthday Wishes! Hailey, your sunny disposition and your love of life come right through the computer! 🙂

  41. So I am late. Really late. But Birthdays rock and kid’s birthdays really rock. Such a beautiful thing. Hope you had a great birthday and hope it’s ok that your mom is a rock star on tour and not at home. Bet she will be home soon though and ready to hug big time. Happy Belated Birthday!

  42. Rather belatedly as well, happy birthday, Hailey! You have a beautiful, happy, and vibrant daughter, Jenny. How lucky you are on so many levels. Also, if that’s what she looks like at 11 (I was a total troll until about 19), you’ll be beating boys off with a stick (or a taxidermied cobra), if you aren’t already.

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