If it’s Wednesday this must be Austin.

Last night I threw an online book launch party at my house and thousands of you came even though the Muppets were on at the same time.  It was amazing to see so many people hanging out together – alone – and making friends online and being hilarious and fantastic.  Entertainment Weekly wrote about it, which is a bit surreal because John Stamos never came out of the bushes and I didn’t even start anything on fire or get arrested.  If you missed it and you’re not able to get to a signing then you can watch it here:

The response to the book has been extraordinary and I can’t stop refreshing twitter and Facebook to see people share quotes and laughter and gifs like this:



And today the official book tour starts!  I’ll be in Austin tonight at BookPeople (7pm) so please come!  If you order from BookPeople you’ll get priority tickets in the signing line.

Tomorrow is Hailey’s birthday so I’m taking off that day but then I’m back on tour again and it’s going to be awesome.  Here’s the schedule.  Some places are already sold out so call to get a seat, but even if the reading is sold out I’ll still stay and sign books as long as you’re there.

Tour info:
official furiously happy tour poster

The devil and the details:
9/23 Austin Bookpeople 7pm
9/25 Houston, Blue Willow 6pm
9/26 Dallas, Half Price Books 3pm
9/29 Atlanta, A Cappella Books 7pm
9/30 Nashville, Parnassus 6:15pm
10/3 Miami, Books & Books (Coral Gables) 7pm
10/10 Huntsville, Alabama Rocket City Lit Fest  11am
10/12 Washington, DC Politics & Prose 7pm
10/15 NYC Barnes & Noble/ Union Square 6pm
10/17 Boston, Porter Square 6pm
10/20 Toronto, Indigo Manulife 7pm
10/23 Dayton, Books&Co 7pm
10/25 Chicago, Women & Children First 4pm
10/27 Milwaukee, Boswell Book Company 6:30pm
11/2 Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Bookstore 7pm
11/4 St. Louis, Left Bank Books 7pm
11/6 Wichita, Watermark Books  6pm
11/11 Denver, Tattered Cover  (Colfax store) 7pm
11/13 Seattle, Third Place Books (Lake Forest Park store) 6pm
11/14 Portland, Powell’s  (Burnside store) 4pm
12/1 San Francisco, Books Inc.  (Opera store) 7pm
12/2 Corte Madera, Book Passage 7pm
12/4 Santa Cruz, Bookshop Santa Cruz 7pm
12/6 Los Angeles, Vroman’s 4pm
12/7 Tempe Changing Hands 7pm

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  1. I would comment again on the exclusion of Philadelphia, but that would be boring and redundant, so I’ll just keep it to myself this time.

    I will, however, repeat myself as pertains to congratulating you on the book: Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Holy CRAP the location in Seattle is RIGHT BY MY HOUSE!

    Also, you should know I was laughing so hard in bed last night reading the chapter that I’d just heard you read live that my poor husband honestly thought I was going to hurt myself laughing. You lady, are awesome.

  3. hey wow I’ve always wanted to be one of the first to respond in the comments section…everyone must still be sleeping from the party last night. WOO HOO I win!!!…..crap I don’t really have anything to comment on.

  4. See you in New York City!!! I’m sorry my city is the obnoxiousest (concoctulary!) of places.. also I’ve been scouring the website but it doesn’t seem like there are any sort of advance tickets to obtain, so maybe I’ll just show up at like 5am to be safe.

  5. I was so sad the live chat thing didn’t work, I don’t use twitter so I just waited to see what would get asked from the questions.

    But otherwise I loved it! I was supposed to be studying so uh, I guess I’ll see how my tests go!

  6. FYI to other Nashvillians: The Nashville event is sponsored by Parnassus but happening at the downtown library as part of Salon 615. The website says they are sold out, but the guy at Parnassus assured me that they only make about half the tickets available for preorder online, so the other half are available first-come-first-served. The website also says “To join the signing line at this event, you must purchase a copy of the author’s latest book from Parnassus Books…. If you previously purchased a copy of the author’s current book from Parnassus, you must show your receipt or other documentation from Parnassus Books to join the signing line.” So that’s kind of a bummer….

    (That seems wrong. I let my publicist know and she’s working on it. I made it clear to all the stores that I’d stay and sign anything even if you don’t have anything to sign. Signings should be free even if I have to do them in the parking lot afterward. ~ Jenny)

    (Me again. Just confirmed with my editor that every store has agreed that the signing line must be open to everyone, although they can choose to give priority spots to people who bought the book there. She’s going to have them change the wording so thanks so much for the heads up! ~ Jenny)

  7. I will definitely come to see you in Portland (as you are coming all this way to see me). Congratulations on another stunning success!

  8. Congratulations on throwing a party with a head count in the thousands and not a single arrest!!!! That has to be some kind of a record.

  9. I’m nowhere near L.A., but Vroman’s made me think of Abe Froman from Ferris Bueller, so now I think we should get to call you the Sausage King of Chicago. Where should I put the link for my petition? 😉

  10. I was there and I actually did my very first twit, oh I mean twat, oh I mean TWEET to #FH! Fun stuff! Have fun doing your book tour!

  11. Looking at the schedule. I am so sorry that they have you going up north (Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Minneapolis, Milwaukee) when there will probably be snow. 🙁

    I was tricked into moving up north – I am a Texan in exile – and didn’t know until I got here that people have entire collections of snow-removal equipment and of winter coats. No such thing as A shovel or A winter coat. Bring chocolate – you will need the fat for the calories to burn to keep from freezing.

  12. I’m sorry I missed your online launch party. Goddamned business travel sucks so hard. I will see you in Toronto, my fabulous and inspirational friend!

  13. Intended to come see you at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, but they’ve sold out 🙁 That’s what happens when you visit an old East Coast city where everything is crammed up on top of everything else, and they just don’t have enough room for all your glittery fantasticness…

  14. I just disrupted my entire library when my copy of Furiously Happy arrived. I called on my lunch hour to read part of the author’s note to my son. My pre-ordered personal copy is due at home any day, so I’ll return the library copy (11 holds on 7 copies and we just got them in today!) so someone else can enjoy it. I can’t wait to recommend it to my patrons. Thank you for being someone who would “get” my weird sense of humor and who writes wonderful books and blogs. Librarians LOVE LAWSON!

  15. I find it rather thrilling that EW wrote about something I was part of! I loved the whole thing–it was a great idea. Tweeted to you last night, but once again, best of luck on the tour. (And happy birthday (tomorrow) to Hailey). 😉

  16. Have fun on your book tour. If I could, I’d come see you in Portland or Seattle. Wish you’d swing by Boise. A girl could dream …

  17. I’m so sad I missed your online launch party!! And you should totally change the date for the Miami signing since I can’t make it that day (I’m photographing my best friend’s mother’s wedding). Feel free to swing by Naples either before or after Miami! We went to your first book signing in Miami for “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened” and it was fantastic!

  18. I spilled a half a bottle of wine on your book almost the second I opened it, which really pissed me off until I realized that it was sort of awesome to have a book that smelled strongly of booze. Anyway, it is amazing. Well done.

  19. With a little luck and some co-parental cooperation on the part of my stepson’s dad regarding pick-up time for his weekend this Friday, I’ll be at the Houston signing. In all my awkward, slightly terrified glory. Which is to say, not really very glorious at all. Unless you count nervous twitches and eyeing everyone there with a deep and penetrating suspicion they they all want to make fun of me.

    But I’m excited! And also scared. But excited!

  20. I missed the fun last night (boo life for getting in the way) but my book arrived and all I could think about was that I have a box of milk bones EXACTLY like the ones in the picture, only they are just for my dogs. I’m trying to lose weight.

  21. I was there! I couldn’t hear most of what you were saying because my ears are out of service but enjoyed it immensely anyway! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

  22. I’m Furiously Happy to see you on Saturday! So damn excited. Bonus:I may be able to bring my goldendoodle/emotional support dog with me because most HPB locations are dog friendly! So prepare yourself for goldendoodle snuggles when you feel like hiding under the table (we’re totally game to build a pillow fort if needed). Seriously though, I am so excited to finally get the chance to thank you in person for bringing light, and a lot of laughter, into the darkness of my world. See you soon!

  23. I tried but I couldn’t connect! I’ll be in Austin too selling books at Barnes and Noble, in the Arboretum, and buying one of yours for myself!

  24. I just got my copy which is bound in cardboard which also happens to be human skin! (It’s one of the mysteries of Bloggessianism.) I didn’t know that it would be so SHINY! sssooooooooo sssshhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnyyyyyy…….. It’s a good thing that I planned to spend hours staring at it, anyway!

  25. I am sorry but I missed the party too, ended up spending time with our grandson! He loves saying ‘Hey Guys’ instead of Nana or Grandpa. Can’t stop giggling!
    Anyway, I ran to the bookstore at lunch time today and found your book! Bought right there and have now gotten the bookstore lady interested in you and your books! You may have a new follower soon. 🙂
    Congratulations, again!

  26. I got to see most of the party last night and it was awesome – It totally deserved recognition in EW. FH downloaded itself onto my Kindle late Monday night, so I’m furiously happy even though my adorable 1 year old twin granddaughters have given me another day care virus. I hope you have some awesome happy times on your book tour, and Happy Birthday to Hailey tomorrow. I’m stuck on using the word awesome. It’s time for another nap.

  27. You’re coming to DC literally 2 days after I finish the comprehension exams for my PhD! This is wonderful! Your blog has been so helpful to me. I’m so excited to read your book and meet you, even if it’s only for the few seconds it’ll take you to sign my copy!

  28. Got mine last night & started reading. My fave so far: “Benedict Cumberbatch is like Alan Rickman Benjamin Buttoning.” Seriously. Reading your book is the literary version of slamming box wine with Harry Potter’s funnier, half-Muggle cousin from Texas.

  29. I read more of the book last night, after the most awesome book party ever was over. I laughed so hard, for so long, that my dog became very concerned that I was having a fit of some kind. I finally had to put the book down for the sake of his sanity. And also so he would stop trying to lick my face. Best Tuesday night ever.

  30. I used to live right near Porter Square in Boston, but then we moved so the kids could have a more suburban area to grow up in, and though I’m only about an hour away, I’m currently going through a moderate agoraphobic relapse. But I bought the signed copy of the book, and I’ll re-watch last night’s online book launch/pajama party, so I’ll be there in spirit. I love you, Jenny!

  31. I’m so happy and excited for you even though I’m a wee bit disappointed that you’re not coming to my city. Please have another live event even if you don’t feel like doing question and answers. It’s wonderful to hear your talk.

  32. Got mine last night. Favorite part so far: “Benedict Cumberbatch is like Alan Rickman Benjamin Buttoning.” Seriously. Your book is the literary equivalent of slamming box wine with Harry Potter’s funnier, half-Muggle cousin from Texas

  33. I really enjoyed the book launch party. It was great to hear you read the chapters, answer questions and look so totally happy.

  34. Jenny, I really enjoyed the Launch Party. I don’t twitter, so I couldn’t ask any questions, but I did like your readings. Listening to others’ questions being answered was fine. I felt like I do at any party: in the background, present, but not participating. However, it was an opportunity to see you live along with Victor’s arm, the cat’s tail, assorted taxidermy animals, and Dorothy Barker. I hope you have more live chats because it’s the only way for me to get to see you because: I can’t handle crowds (tend to turn into a statue), fear of big city traffic (I live in a rural town), and rooms full of people bring on panic attacks. Congratulations on the new book. My copy will be arriving in a couple of days. Can’t wait to be Furiously Happy! Thank you for being the voice for those of us who cannot express our pain.
    P.S. I also think David Tennant was the best Dr. Who!

  35. I’m so dumb. I saw “Huntsville” and got all excited and I’m looking at this “Alabama Rocket City” thing and thinking, “I don’t know where that’s at,” must be new. Duh. The OTHER Huntsville.

  36. I was laughing so hard reading the book on the subway yesterday that I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open and I was all squinty trying to read through the tiny little space between my eyelids and shaking from trying not to laugh out loud and I think my eyebrows were doing some weird wrinkly thing on account of the squint-reading and then when I got to my stop I realized COMPLETE STRANGERS WERE STARING AT ME AND I DID NOT CARE. Total un-self-conscious Happiness on my morning commute during rush hour. You are SO MAGICAL, Jenny Lawson.

  37. I know you hear this all the time: I wish you were coming closer to Toledo, Ohio! I am (not so) patiently waiting for the book to arrive via Amazon! Drive faster, Amazon trucks!!!

  38. I laughed my head off and bawled my eyes out, which means I’m a headless corpse with no eyes, but I loved your newest book times infinity. I both appreciate the boost and encouragement to survive and the acknowledgment that this shit exists and matters. For all the people. Many much loves to you and yours

  39. I saw an article in the new People magazine about new books coming out. It made my day.

  40. Dammit…you are making me regret moving from Houston eighteen years ago; especially when I note that NC isn’t on the list. Congrats! And happy birthday to Hailey.

  41. DH and I are appropriating “Jesus Christ, did you just punch me in my neck” as our new pet phrase 🙂 the book is brilliant, and beautiful – just like you!

  42. I’m reading your book and you’ve made laugh out loud and snort twice on a day when I didn’t think it was possible to even smile. Thanks Jenny!

  43. Finished the book this morning (I had to stop reading it last night because my laughing out loud is apparently hard for some people to sleep through). I didn’t think I would like it as much as your first book, because let’s face it, your first book was awesome. But I knew I would still like it an awful lot. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I like it even more. You are so funny. And so honest. And so funny again. I did the cliche “I laughed, I cried” moments.

    Thank you for being the very best you there has ever been. Really.

  44. You are awesome and your book is, too. I hope you can feel the love that all of us with crazy issues have for you. Thank you for all of it: your blog, your books, your videos and your willingness to be out there speaking up and speaking out.

  45. I swear that I’m not a grandma, but you are so cute, I want to pinch your cheeks and give you a butterscotch candy! ♡

  46. Went in to Barnes and Noble in Wesley Chapel Florida today…….no book??????….they told me it had not been delivered, so paid to have it shipped to me as soon as it comes in…disssapointed

  47. I was able to watch the party on YouTube, and binge listened to the book. All I can say is that I wish I had this book 13 years ago when I went through the worst depressive episode and subsequent hospitalization of my life. I believe if I had access to this book, blog, and community that I would have spared myself the pain of self harm and of being ostracized afterwards. Really, the book is that powerful. Jenny, your sense of life is beautiful. Thanks!

  48. My book came today. How did you do that? I can’t stop peeking into it and reading big chunks. At this rate I should be done by bedtime. It’s great!!

  49. I had my own realization (which has nothing to do with pandas) when you were talking about your Halloween costume. Or I was just drunk. I was drinking a lime daquiri made with Cruzan, the rum Chesney sings about on the blue chair album. I’m another one-drink. No straw, I just used my mouth. Anyway, I need to know: is ruined-souffle Juanita Weasel a Dalek? Or a genius? Maybe you shouldn’t publish this comment, so it can be our secret. 🙂

  50. I had so much fun last night! Your reading was amazing, and I was laughing the whole time. I hope you had has much fun as we did!

  51. Grats on the book! Super bummed I won’t get to see you in KC this year (you’re going from St. Louis to Wichita! Skipped us right by), but I’m still excited to read it!

  52. My book finally came!!!! Yay!!!! I felt so left out when I realized everyone else had theirs delivered yesterday….Amazon, you failed me. 🙁 Anyway, it was in the mailbox today, and the kids are fed and distracted so I am going to go open it up….Hopefully I can make the trip to Seattle or Portland to get it signed. That would be great. Now, off to read.

  53. Because of you, last night I dreamed I was at one of your book signings and John Stamos showed up. You tried to hide behind me and were trying to convince me to tell him that I was you.

  54. I FORGOT! I meant to get online after work the day of the party and hope it was still going and I FORGOT! Yay for it being available in video form, because the wait list at my library is at 35 holds and counting, and I want book now. So this will tide me over until I can get the entire thing.

  55. Great! I have a few months before you hit Tempe, so I can try and gather myself and NOT just stare at your blathering with spittle on my lip, (yeah…that’s not going to be enough time for me to master NOT being a dumbass)

  56. Happy Birthday to Hailey, and I CAN’T WAIT until you come back to Tempe! You’ll like the weather better in December, you’ll be FAR less likely to be blown away (as I recall, there was a massive dust storm last time…)

  57. If you would come to Oklahoma City I would be there. I know, I know, it’s just sooo far up here from Texas.

  58. The non party party was a blast last night! I already asked off from work, so I shall see you in Dayton!

  59. I can’t can’t can’t wait for my book!!! I hope I dont get panic attack while waiting for it! But I live outside of US so its gonna take awhile. I love you, all the best! Are you going to start writing book 3? haha…

  60. “…thousands of you came even though the Muppets were on at the same time.” That’s probably because you kinda promised Kermit would have been there with that ::Kermit flail:: in the previous post. I guess. Maybe a taxidermied Kermit, I’m never sure what you really mean with all the animals..

  61. Congratulations on a successful book launch party and what sounds like a wonderful new book. (I’m waiting for my library to receive their ordered copies.) I do wish you were coming to Vancouver, BC. Maybe next book?

  62. I have had my blinders on to anything about the book, as I pre-ordered mine and it won’t be here until today . I’ve planned my Friday and Saturday around it…alone with great pajamas, good food and no interruptions . Yes, I do know how to throw a furiously fucking amazing party! Can’t wait😊

  63. Any change the book is coming to Brazil’s shelves someday? I’d buy at Amazon, but 1 Dolar means 4,15 Reals, so you can feel my pain in buying anything in dolar these days 🙁

  64. The launch party was brilliant. You made me cry. I’m politely waiting for my book to arrive. You totally hooked me up without realizing it. I just had my birthday and my mom likes to do special gifts with thought behind them. I was just going to order the book on Amazon, but then I had an idea… One of the two stores in the entire state of Tennessee selling autographed copies is a place my mom has an “in”. *** side bar*** My mom lives in a magic house. She bought it from a woman who worked in a bookstore and publishers just send books to the house. Free, new books. My idea of heaven. That woman moved back to Knoxville after her divorce and works at the afore mentioned bookstore. *** So my mom was able to snag me an autographed copy. She also says that the wrapping paper will make me “furiously happy”, so I’m very curious. 🙂

  65. Frown – release date in Australia is 29 September, and I was planning to read on my iPad on a flight to London tomorrow night 😢 My husband is probably relieved, because he gets embarrassed when I laugh out loud watching movies on planes, and I know your latest will leave me in a hiccupy, tears running down cheeks, can’t stop laughing to read him the funny bit state. But poo. I really don’t get why Amazon and iTunes have different release dates for Aus and USA – too weird.

  66. My mother is in the hospital and it’s looking like I might not make it to your signing on Friday in Houston. I’m supremely disappointed. I hope you have a wonderful tour!

  67. Halfway done with your book already and feel positively bipolar as I swing from crying to laughing hysterically and back again. Thanks for making me feel not so alone. You are an amazing person. Depression lies!

  68. omg nyc? we’d get along so well. i’d love to be a single serve friend! it’s a quest of bravery for me to get out of my house and trek to the big city, but i could bring my bff with me. he’s really attractive!
    congratulations jenny. you may be hard working, charismatic, and you may have the x factor- but importantly, you’re also lovely like softly yellowed lilies and seussian, and that’s why i love your work. i had spread the word of “let’s pretend…” in an internet support forum for people suffering the wrath of bpd and its complications. those that read it smiled, laughed, were able to experience relief from our hellholes for half a sec. thanks for this.
    the pope is addressing congress and us who are watching him on tv. i still keep waiting for bohner to cry- not today, again, though it’s evident his allergies are acting up. the pope’s accent is thick and borders sexy. thought i’d say hi to get away from all my news-watchibg responsibilities i hold myself down with. : )

  69. Congratulations on the success of your book! I was watching the party instead of doing the dishes. My hubby surprised me with a copy of your book, but I also
    purchased vip tickets. So I will get three copies of your amazing book. I am going to give one away and I’m keeping the other two. I’m greedy! I need a back up copy, just in case…..see you in Alabama

  70. Holy shit, just six days until you’re in Nashville. I’m so grateful to Joell at comment #7–lucky number 7! And also glad that the event isn’t happening in Parnassus Books itself. I love the place but it’s tiny. An overflow crowd would be about ten people.
    On the other hand there’s a really good sushi place in the same strip mall, so I’m sorry you’ll miss that. Or maybe you don’t like sushi in which case you’ll be far away from it and hooray for things working out.

  71. Great job! It worked and was excellent. Amazon is being slow at delivering my book. I can’t wait for it.

  72. You made the Nashville “Downtown Details” email that goes out to people that work downtown every week to let them know about upcoming events! Same email as the Mayor’s inauguration. Hope to be able to get tickets on day of….pre-sales are gone. I am slow on the uptake apparently.

  73. I got my call from the bookstore that my book and ticket is ready…can’t wait! To be fair, I ordered the advanced signed copy but I still am going. I wanted the book bound in human flesh, I’m quite strange that way…I’m just hoping you remember it’s from last time.

  74. Please, please, please some to Omaha or Lincoln, NE next time!
    The party was a hoot, but now I feel obligated to learn how to use Twitter….yeah, technologically challenged 🙁

  75. I AM SO FRIGGIN’ EXCITED!!!!!!! jumps up and down like a crazy woman I just bought my book and will see you at Blue Willow!!!!!! …along with several hundred other people…..I was late in purchasing a copy so I’m in the 4th mass of people….you will be totally over this thing by the time I get you to sign my book….but I am such a fan girl! The weather has cooled down at least one or two degrees, so it is perfect timing to be outdoors! I will be read-ay to par-tay! Just sad I didn’t purchase a Rory T-shirt before-hand so I could flash you. …my big Rory smile. ;p …oh, and I sat outside last night and the mosquitoes are still being pesky…so you might want to BYOBS* (*bring your own bug spray)….just sayin’…..safe travels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. I got so excited with I saw Portland on your book tour list…… alas, it is Portland, OR not Portland, ME. Have a great time in Portland, Oregon, but I won’t be there…… ;-(

  77. Really enjoying reading Furiously Happy. Didn’t watch the whole video, b/c honestly two hours is a LONG time and I’ve already read those chapters. Still, I LOVE Jenny and LOVE the book and SHARED the video – so, who knows, maybe someone else will watch the whole thing – someone more patient than I. I should mention that I have bipolar disorder, my thoughts race, I can read faster than I can listen, I have little to no patience for videos – though, I do enjoy mindless television. Go figure.

  78. Happy bday, Hailey! There must be something about today, because it is also my niece’s birthday (she’s 10) and she is one of the funniest, most creative kids I’ve ever known!

  79. Boston is sold out but I ordered a signed copy from the bookstore and I’m listening to the audio right now. Awesome so far!

  80. Rats! No stops near Washington, DC – which is probably a good choice for sanity as our traffic and federal government are crazy – so your DC fans will just have to read the book. Oh, and I have to tell you about my niece’s skeleton family. At age 5, she adopted a life-sized skeleton from the Costco bin, named it George and insisted on sleeping with it (“he needs to be under the covers; he has no skin. He’ll be cold.” – 5 year old logic) and learning all the Latin names of bones. Now she has an entire skeleton family, with skeleton pets and – well, it’s totally out of control. I believe my niece belongs in our tribe. https://www.facebook.com/OctoberSkeleton?pnref=story

  81. We loved the party and now have your book on both our iPads. Then yesterday we went to our independent book store, Antigone, here in Tucson and got a signed hard copy! Yippee!

  82. I just finished your book and I wanted to tell you that I effin’ love you. If I weren’t scheduled to have a baby on 11/10 I would be the first person in Denver to come give you a hug and tell you how amazing you really are. Be well Jenny, the world needs you. ❤️

  83. Just picked up your book from Barnes & Noble. Totally pimped you out to the booksellers. So excited to see you again when you come to Seattle!

  84. Thank you. For FH and LPTNH and your blog and for letting us know you’re out there. For bringing us together and letting us know we’re not alone. For making us feel worthwhile and valued and like we have friends, even when they don’t know us. Thank you for giving us someplace to point others to for some light and some understanding and some feeling of belonging, someplace we know has helped us, when we find them struggling like us but don’t feel like we can or should try to help them alone. Thank you for making it feel okay to hide and lurk and read and listen from the corner, to cry and smile and laugh in the corner, without coming out. And thank you for making it feel okay to say thank you, or to say anything, and to come out of the corner when we feel we can and want to: this is my first comment, or post, or review, or anything else like this online ever, here or anywhere. Thank you for being an example of resilience and determination, of openness and of valuing and accepting privacy. Thank you for making mistakes and surviving and letting us know about both. Thank you for not making it look easy–for making it look hard but possible, worthwhile, and even fun, even or especially when neither we nor the world are anywhere near perfect, or even whole. Thank you for making it feel like being broken can be magical. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for letting me publish my novella in your comments section. Thank you for adding chupacabras to my vocabulary.

  85. It could be that nobody will ever read this comment, but I feel it needs to be said: I just started reading Furiously Happy. I’m about a quarter of the way into it, and I had to stop. I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself, my stomach hurts from laughing for so long, and I’m pretty sure the incessant idiot grin I’m wearing has aggravated my TMJ. This is indeed a terrible and wonderful book, and as soon as I’m done reading it I will begin forcing it on my friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances (but not strangers, because then I wouldn’t know who to hunt down to get it back).

  86. Just wanted to say: Thank you! I was not able to attend the live party, but listened to it the evening. You are the best

  87. Hi there, Your Vroman’s appearance in Los Angeles is the book signing I won’t to attend. However, everytime I check their calendar for the date you have listed, it is not showing up.

  88. opps, I mean “WANT” to attend. And, I forgot to include my name on my Vroman’s entry.

  89. I want to thank you. I’ve suffered from depression in my life but miraculously have been in some sort of “remission” the last two years. I work diligently on keeping it at bay and use all my coping tools, etc. However, my 23 year old daughter fell victim to it last year and we’ve had some hard times. But I was able to tell her, “depression lies to you.” I had her read the first book and we just got the second one. We’ve been giggling over stuff like, “I have the right to bear arms!” And we talk constantly about how when you have this illness you can’t measure progress against what the rest of the world is doing. We have to come up with our own standards of progress. “You went to work today! Good for you! This time last year you couldn’t bear to leave the house and now you’re going to work! Wonderful!” I’m hoping she’ll come with me to see you in Minneapolis. We bought a confidence wig yesterday. But see Jenny, you’ve given us so much. We know what a confidence wig is. We can say things like depression is a liar. We can laugh and cry together while we read what you’ve written. You’ve done a huge favor to so many people. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  90. I started reading Furiously Happy last night. I seriously was laughing so hard at tmes there were tears in my eyes and I couldn’t see the words and my husband and kids thought I was a lunatic – AND I AM. You are so brave for sharing your story and perspective. Depression is a fucking liar, and living furiously happy is the best! Love love love. Can’t wait to keep reading.

  91. NOOOOO! The day you will be in LA is the same day I have a hockey game and it’s my 2nd favorite team! I only see them once a year so I can’t meet you. Again. SOBS

  92. It was so wonderful to meet you in Austin at BookPeople! After I left there, I had to go to the ER because of back pain and found out I had a degenerated disc, but your book kept me entertained while I was there. 🙂 Also, whenever my husband said “degenerated” it sounded like “Jennifer,” so that’s what I’ve decided to name my bad disc. Goddamnit, Jennifer.

  93. You seem to be missing ALL of Canada 🙂 Well maybe some other tour? It’s great up here (and we love your books too!)

  94. I can’t believe you’re coming to Huntsville!! I can totally believe, however, I’ll be about 15 minutes down the road at my sucktastic job handing out Jamberry business cards under the table. Online jobs are more fun! And filled with less creepy people. Ish.

  95. You are such a lovely person, Jenny. It is so rare to see an author so genuinely concerned and interested in his/her readers. You deserve the best.

  96. The first thing I thought of when I started watching (haven’t finished yet) was that I hoped you were wearing pants because it seems like there are people in your house. Unless your ok with a no pants party that include other people. In which case you are braver than I am.

  97. Hi Jenny! So ever since you announced this book tour my sister and I have made a date to attend your Toronto stop. Sadly, I’ve been hit with a brutal Crohn’s disease flare. Basically, I won’t be able to meet you because I’m stuck on the toilet. I’d blush, but I spend so much time on the damn toilet these days I no longer have any shame. Alas, the pre ordered copy of furiously happy shall remain unsigned. 😢

  98. I missed the party because I’ve been in hiding until recently…but I am SO there when you come to Portland. I don’t have any taxidermied animals to bring you, but I do have a shitload of dog hair laying around. Maybe I’ll bust out the glue gun and make you a sculpture.

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