If it’s Friday this must be Houston

Photo by Justin Hackworth
Photo by Justin Hackworth

Hey!  So Wednesday was the first stop of the FURIOUSLY HAPPY tour and it was amazing and I may have cried a few times and laughed slightly hysterically.  Tonight I’ll be in Houston at Blue Willow Bookshop at 6pm for a reading and signing.  Please come?

Also, Entertainment Weekly has a review of Furiously Happy this week and it’s so great I have to share it with you because you guys and your rampant awesomeness are making people really take note of this strange book and I love you for it.  Thank you!

See you in Houston tonight, then I’m off to see the rest of the world.  Check out the tour details for a stop near you.



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  1. I’ll be there! Well, that’s the plan anyway. Assuming I don’t chicken out or get stuck in the endless traffic loop of Houston.

    I even got all my weekend laundry, dishes, and cleaning done, just so I wouldn’t have any excuses for why I couldn’t go. Except for the living room. Because screw the living room.

  2. I just got an email from Amazon that my order has shipped, and then I looked at the status online and it’s to be delivered TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Everything else must wait. OMG SO EXCITED!!! I just wish you were coming to NC again, but alas, you’re not. happy dance

  3. BTW, happy dance because FH is arriving tomorrow, NOT because you’re not coming to NC. That would be sad face.

  4. Hey, Gin! You’ll pass right through my miserable little neck of the woods on your way. (Beaumont). I can’t leave until around 3:00 though, after my stepson’s dad picks him up for his weekend. I fear many things, but hitting Houston traffic during rush hour is right up near the top.

  5. What an awesome review! I can’t wait to see you in Chicago!
    Can you tell me where you got the dress you are wearing in the photo on the top of this post?

  6. This is one of those moments that if I didn’t have a small child (and more disposable income) I would buy a last minute ticket to Houston on Priceline and show up in Houston to surprise you. And you look great in that photo by the way…

  7. What a great photo! And the EW write-up is super cool! I felt like I got to be a cool kid, if just for a little while, because I was there for your book launch party! And it was awesome!

  8. I was thinking this morning about how to go about complimenting you so that you could accept it but then realized that you’d probably be just like my Lg Fry who tells me “Reverse psychology doesn’t work on me.” Instead, I will just thank you and tell you that I appreciate you muchly.

  9. I LOVE it! But, I feel like I should note that, I was the only one actually attacked by a possum. I don’t care what Amanda says.

  10. I love the review. I do think this sentence was a little odd: “Lawson shares her reality of living with mental health issues like clinical depression, severe anxiety disorder, and rheumatoid arthritis.” Has rheumatoid arthritis been reclassified as a mental health issue? I mean, it definitely causes mental health issues, I just kind of chuckled when I read that!

  11. I’m really sad because I preordered your book with Barnes and Noble over a month ago, and they just now tell me that it’s out of stock. That’s what happens when you don’t go through amazon! Why didn’t I just order through amazon?! *sigh

  12. Woo hoo! Hope everyone has a great time! I won’t be able to afford the book anytime soon, so I went to the library yesterday and asked the librarian to reserve it for me as soon as it comes in. I can’t wait to read it! I told the librarian all about the online book launch and how awesome it was, and then we traded anxiety and medication stories, LOL.

  13. Thank you for coming to Minneapolis , in November: First of all because nothing else good EVER happens in November in this state. Second because my girlfriend’s son has Bi-polar, my daughter has it- and the two of us with this really terrible thing in common are bonding over it now and making it something really healing and heart warming by planning Dinner and attending your book signing together.

  14. I work in a library and just went to the circulation desk because I got a notice a book I’d asked for was ready. And guess what? A book I hadn’t yet asked for because I was going to buy my own copy WAS WAITING FOR ME.
    Even though I work in a library I’m not a librarian, but I do work with librarians. And librarians are magical.
    Now I’m hoping this picture posts correctly. That’s my big ball of string that I put in there just to make it slightly more interesting.


  15. You look just like Hailey in that picture or that picture makes it very evident how much Hailey looks like you. Something. Great picture.

  16. I’ll see you there! I’m so excited to finally meet you…I may totally geek out and/or cry, so please forgive me in advance!

  17. I’m so sad I won’t be able to be at the signing tonight 🙁 I am absolutely loving your book, thank you so much for sharing all your stories. ALL your stories, even the very hard, sad things that must have been very difficult to share with the world. But sad or furiously happy, they are the stories that make you you, and as someone who never shares everything with anyone, I greatly appreciate your doing so. And my cats don’t know it yet, but I may be staging my own midnight kitchen rodeo soon!!! I hope your book tour is lots of fun and hugs and laughter and old friends and new friends.

  18. I just finished reading Furiously Happy and I loved it, it’s totally relatable and I love your sense of humour! I’m totally writing a review about it, which says all wonderful things (and is less review, more my ramblings about how awesome I think various books I’ve read are). I hope that your book tour goes great. Are you coming to anywhere in Canada?

  19. Ah!!! So happy for you! That picture is gorgeous. That quote is gorgeous. And I am so sad that I won’t be able to come to one of your signings!! You’re the reason I became a writer and without fan-girling too much I just want you to know that. Good luck on your tour!!

  20. Pleeeeze don’t start right at 6! I have to drive all the way to Memorial from downtown during rush hour but it is totally worth it because you are awesomeness in a sippy cup.

  21. Great review! I can’t wait to read the book–it’s waiting for me at the booksigning in Boston!

  22. Good luck tonight! I was looking forward to it, but my body had other plans (silly bronchitis). I will druggily wave from Pearland. 😷🙊🍐

  23. You look terrific! Hand in there, everyone loves the book and you, too. Next book PLEASE come to Rehoboth Beach to our wonderful bookstore, Browseabout and meet the old women who love your stuff. Rock on.

  24. My book came today and I cannot wait to get home and start reading, crying, and snorting while my man constantly says “What now?” LOL! I wish I could get to Portland to see you…maybe next time, add Boise or Spokane? Pretty please??? <3

  25. I came to the Dallas stop last time. Not so sure I can muster the energy this time. But your book made me laugh hysterically for two solid days. And I do wish that it was magic to chase all the demons away forever. But it’s not, and so I will be vicariously furiously happy.

  26. First, love the whole Nancy Sinatra Hey-Baby-is-that-Mystery-Machine-made-from-cannabis-and-if-so-do-you-have-room-for-one-more vibe. Second: Conspiracy theory #796: Barnes and Noble hates you. Evidence: Not a single Barnes and Noble in Southern California has your book in stock. Check it out. Motive: Create chaos and plant seed for total world domination. Please send ninjas.

  27. I was excitedly telling my boss about your book on Wed morning and decided to buy her a copy of your first book on Thursday afternoon. This morning she came in and thanked me with tears in her eyes. It was exactly what she needed last night. A good roaring laugh that made her husband come in and complain! She did mention it should come with a package of Depends because maybe she was laughing so hard it made her pee. And then we both laughed so hard, and then maybe we both peed a little. Is this type of boss/employee relationship normal? You used to be in HR soooo….

  28. I just saw your book at our locally owned, awesome bookstore in northern Michigan right next to Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book. I picked up your book first, well, because there’s a raccoon.

  29. We will be there for the signing in Somerville but missed getting tickets for hearing you read. As I am deaf it’s just as well. Looking forward to seeing you and also reading your book.

  30. Cleveland or Columbus, OH! Please?? I’m already halfway through your book, even though the past few days have been crazy. I had people looking at me all weird because I was laughing hysterically in a completely empty room. Thank you for that 😀

  31. Was it worth spending 12 hours driving and waiting and panicking, just to make it to the signing?

    YES. Yes, it was.

    My wife and I had a great time. It was funny and touching, and topped off at the end, with big heaping spoonfuls of general awesomeness at the signing table.

    This might sound weird, but I’m going to frame my sign from tonight, so I can hang it someplace special as a reminder to always stay FURIOUSLY HAPPY.

    More here. With pictures. Now in Technicolor!*: http://www.coqdiddles.com/2015/09/26/the-time-i-met-the-bloggess/

    *Not really. It’s just regular color. I don’t even know what Technicolor is.

  32. Good luck with the tour. I’m sure it’ll be a roaring success.

    I agree in spirit with the picture at the top of the post, incidentally, but there are at least a few moments in life when you really do have to be a grown up. I mean, it’s not easy buying beer as a fifteen-year-old.

  33. Voice of terribly mature doom, here: Pace Thy self. Please.
    I KNOW you, because I know ME, and I tend to dive into the water
    at the deep end, paddle like hell, and then realize Im in the
    middle of the pool and there is no shallow end out here.

    enough with the strange metaphors.

    the photo is great, btw. and yeah, You and Hailey resemble
    each other a LOT which is kinda cool.

  34. I went last night to the Houston signing, and even though I was terrified and completely spazzed, I’m glad I did. I was at first going to have you make it out to me, but after hearing you reading the chapter about you talking to your mother about being crazy, it didn’t feel right anymore. I knew my sisters, mother and niece would benefit from your book, too. So, many of your stories sound a lot like our stories. Thank you, the women related to Sandra C. will enjoy your book immensely, and it might even help us live with our crazy a little better. Of course, I’ll make them buy their own copies.

  35. I was so excited to meet you that when I finally did I kind of shut down and didn’t tell you what I wanted to… which is that your “depression lies” got me through some rough patches, just knowing I’m not alone in dealing with that helps! Your mention of “imposter syndrome” sounded horribly familiar. I know my husband does not understand why I am periodically convinced for no reason that he (and everyone else) is going to suddenly go “I hate your stupid face and only ever spent time with you out of charity and a christian compassion for the less fortunate. i’m done…” so again, thank you for letting me see I’m not alone.

  36. It was great meeting you last night. Seriously you need to get an RV and do your book tour. First you always know where you are sleeping at night. Second, Dorothy Parker could be with you all the time. Third if you ever see some incredible stuffed animals along the way – you have a place to keep them. In fact get a big stuffed ferocious bear and put it out the RV entrance – ha that will keep bad people awa.

  37. I’m the girl who knew nothing about you, last night at the signing. I’ve started reading the blog…It has let me in tears. It’s hard to type this, yet I now know just how ‘not alone’ I am. That terrifies me. I showed up wearing a silver ribbon, and was one of the women (well, I am still a girl) who made and passed them out last night. I sincerely hope you enjoy wearing your own silver ribbon, as much as I am going to enjoy continuing to make them. I don’t want to scared, or ashed anymore. I’m not sure that you actually read these, and yes that is my anxiety talking, but I don’t care. I want everything to do with recovery. I’m making you (yes, all of you) a part of it. Thank you, to the ends of the universe, and straight back to the loony bin.

    Sincerely a new cult member who thinks her name might be,

  38. I pre-ordered an Audible copy months ago. Thank you, thank you! for narrating your own books! You write with great voice, and your voice is great (if you get what I mean).

  39. You look just like Hailey in this picture! Which seems backward to say, but is totally what I mean.

  40. All I can say is I abso-fucking-lutely love my online family. We are weird, but awesome! Thank you, Jenny Lawson, for creating this community and being the awesome person you are!!!!! I enjoyed meeting so many fabulous people in line Friday night! ….and…they didn’t run out of wine while I was waiting…so cheers to Blue Willow!

  41. Thank you for sharing your energy and spirit with us in Houston! Loved hearing your read from and talk about your book and life. Hope you know your awesomeness as you continue your tour. All the best to you, Victor, Hailey and your pets.

  42. Loving Furiously Happy! What was that treatment you had called? Trans-something magnetic brainfrying? I’d like to ask about it but can’t recall the medical term. Btw I love ferrets too. When I had 5, they made me laugh every single day!

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