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  1. Jenny, I’m in minneapolis and would really love to see you however it’s on the other side of town and I have so much class and work on Monday that I wouldn’t make it, plus riding the bus late at night is more than mildly scary. Is there any way I could meet you earlier in the day? I’m a real fan of your work, and would love the opportunity to meet you. Either way loved your first book and your second, you always cheer me up. Thanks, it makes a big difference! 🙂

  2. If it’s Tuesday this must be another shitty work day (for me anyway). Yep. Have a great time in Milwaukee! Schemeel, schlemazel, Hasenfeff Inc. You’re gonna do it! 🙂

  3. I am so sad I can’t see you today! I get married in Milwaukee in 3 days, so how about you just stay in town through Friday and you can come hide under the tables? That would be the best wedding gift ever!

  4. I absolutely commend you for all this traveling. I don’t know how you do it; I absolutely suck at traveling, and also hate it immensely. Kudos for not losing your mind like I would!

  5. Boswell’s is a great bookstore. Be sure to pick something up from Collectivo coffee nearby if you need stimulants, and if you need a drink – well, it’s Milwaukee, there’s a bar every block.

  6. Welcome to Milwaukee! If you need a violin while you’re here come over to my store.

    If I didn’t have a rehearsal tonight I would be at your reading. Boswell’s is my favorite bookstore. Hope they can hold all the crowds!

  7. Cannot wait! Skipping out of work early for it.
    Don’t tell my boss.
    I’m wearing a Copernicus shirt at the office today. Second guessing my decision to pair it with a scarf, since he loves strangles so much.

  8. Can’t wait to hear you do a live reading tonight in Milwaukee! You are so funny, and down-to-earth; thanks for keeping us all so entertained, and laughing hysterically!

  9. I’m so pumped for your visit to Minneapolis! I bought the book again to guarantee my spot on the signing. So worth it. I’m coming in my Halloween costume- a raccoon!

  10. I agree with Musings, Rants & Scribbles…that should be on a pillow. As a grandma myself, I approve of any quote that includes the words “stupid bullshit”, “shitty”, and “go fuck yourself”. The world would be a better place if more people used and heeded those words.

  11. Your humor and light are just the medicine I need right now 🙂 I’ll be there with bells on! (Well not literally, because I prefer to blend in, but I am so super excited to meet you, and at a wonderful local bookstore no less!)

  12. I’ll be there tonight! And I would love to print out that quote from your grandma and give it to all of my students as a Life Lesson, but I’m pretty sure that would get me fired.

  13. I will be there with several friends tonight! I can’t wait! I may or may not be bringing a chicken.

  14. I am a librarian and have to run a program tonight or else I would be there! I am so disappointed to miss you.

  15. Your grandmother is badass!!!! I greatly admire you for doing this tour, and I hope you’re anxiety has been manageable.

    I’m the person in Alabama who posted about my depression and anxiety overwhelming me with their lies. I had suicidal thoughts and drove myself to the ER. They did admit me to psych and changed one of my meds. I’ve been out of the hospital for a week and I’m mostly OK. My anxiety’s still bothering me more than I want it to, but I’m coping. It’s still really scary sometimes.

    Thank you again for being so open about your struggles. It really helps to know that there are many of us out there going through similar things.

    (I’m so glad you’re here and I’m so incredibly proud of you for taking control. That takes such bravery. ~ Jenny)

  16. I CANNOT WAIT!!! This makes me Furiously Happy. To reminisce from your first book… You may be lucky and see some Friendly Wisconsin Quail. 😄

  17. I am SO excited you’re coming!! I’m going to be there with my blue hair. Also, I made you something with my own two hands and I can’t wait to give it to you!

  18. I have been waiting for this day since you announced your book tour! The Wisconsin Jumbo Quail Preservation Society, Eagle Chapter, will be at Boswell Books soon to greet you! (No Jenkins sightings as of yet…)

  19. If you get the chance, drop by the Book Trader in Minneapolis. It is a bookstore that is jammed to the gills with weird taxidermy and all manner of astonishing stuff, owned by the awesomely gruff Fluffy. I have gone home from there with an ear/eye/nose model, a packet of “Devil Seeds” created as part of the premiere of a gloriously cheesy early-70s horror movie, vintage 3D goodies, and lasting memories of dead squirrels, frogs, ermines, and chipmunks in astonishing costumes and scenes.

  20. Can I just say that although we have never met and probably never will, you are my best friend.

  21. I cannot believe tonight is finally here. Wearing my silver shirt and bringing you a little something special from Wisconsin. We love you, Jenny!! See you tonight

  22. Hurray for you, making all of these appearances and stops and readings! Be sure to enjoy the part where you get to be home again and start recharging your batteries in awesome, silly, and crazy ways. You deserve to!

  23. Thank you, Jenny, for saving your spoons for us. Reading to a large crowd unmedicated* for the first time takes such immense amounts of courage and strength, and you did it flawlessly. You are not a fraud, but rather an inspiration for so many of us struggling with anxiety and depression, and living with those similarly afflicted. Thank you for signing all of my books, especially the one for my son, who I can’t wait to grow up so he can read them both, and not just the parts about Jenkins, Beyoncé, bathroom psychopaths, and Japanese toilets. Thank you for the laughter, the tears, and the hope. Thank you for creating a space where we can go so that we know we are never alone. Thank you for being you. <3
    (* BTW spellcheck is telling me unmedicated isn’t a word. What a button hole!)

  24. You were (and are!) marvelous. A gorgeous, colorful blend of hilarity and down’n’dirty serious stuff, you rocked on through your cognitive immersion and inspired us all. THANK YOU. I am so incredibly glad you came here. Come back!

  25. Jenny, it’s such a relief not to be alone. When I want someone to get to know me and understand me, I just give them your book and tell them that your writing is the same voice I have in my head (with fewer F-words and more guilt). Weirdly, I usually don’t see the friend or the book again, but what the hell. 🙂 I just ordered my 4th copy and ordered a book plate since no local Nebraska booksellers have any SIGNED copies. I will keep the book plate until I finally stop giving my copies away. Which is either when I find the right medication or I quit trying to get people to understand.

  26. You were fantastic yesterday! And way to go on surviving reading without meds. It was inspiring!

    My friends (with the deer jaw) and I had a great time. And I really hope you will deputize someone to find out about the dog-treat-eating pharmacist. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. I never heard my grandmother (who was from Milwaukee) say anything like that, but apparently, she could let fly. She was the cigarette smoking, beer drinking grandma on whose dead body my friend Ilene had to put red lipstick. The funeral home guy had put Sylvia in light pink lipstick. We looked at her in her coffin, her red red nails on her hands with a ring on every finger and knew my grandpa would not recognize her.

    “When I cleaned out her bathroom,” my aunt Pat said, “I found 12 tubes of lipstick. Every single one of them was deep red.”

    My friend Ilene, who came along for the ride because she, a Jew, had never been to a Catholic funeral, said, “I have some red lipstick in my purse.”

    We all looked at her. She knew what to do. She took out the lipstick and made my grandma right.

  28. Thank you for coming to Milwaukee. You were fantastic. I wasn’t able to stay to have my book signed but just seeing you and hearing you was terrific. You’re a beautiful soul and gift to us all. Stay strong warrior!

  29. Just finished Furiously Happy and I loved it! I’m lucky and don’t personally suffer from depression, but a very good friend of mine does and now I feel like I understand so much more. Also, my husband thinks that Victor should write a book called Being Victor. Good luck on your tour!

  30. I’ve missed you… I’ve been gone while you have been rocking it! I am so happy for you and your inevitable success.

  31. ARGH!!!!!!! I can’t wait another whole month PLUS for you to get to Los Angeles! Can’t you somehow come sooner, and do your signing at a local BURBANK bookstore (or North Hollywood, even)? That would be so awesome. I wanna come see you! But Vroman’s is so far away, and I don’t even know whether I’ll be working on December 6th or what?!

    I do still need to purchase my copy. I’ve been pretty lazy about that, but I definitely will be reading it, as I loved “Let’s Pretend…” So. Much. Plus, I already received my signed bookplate! Squeeee!

  32. I have to say that you are amazingly nice in a what must have been a very long and tiring episode, and applaud you for for ability to to do it in the face of what must have been crazy fear and anxiety, Glad you have a few days off, but also really glad your books are so successful, and resulted in a standing-room-only display of weird-and-awesomeness in Milwaukee! also great props to Biswell Books for not only hosting it, but also being a real bookstore that exists today….

  33. Are you going to be running the yearly Saint Garfield’s post this holiday season like last year?

    (I want to but it depends on how tired I am after the tour. I’m going to try. ~ Jenny)

  34. Greetings from Colorado.I too have had a “touch” of the crazy my entire life. I have developed a wicked sense of humor in spite of it. I cannot decide if we cultivate our wit to feel something other than profound sadness and the terror of our brains fucking with us constantly or if it’s Gods way of leveling the field. Anyway I too have decided that anxiety has robbed me of enough joy and vow to live furiously happy as well.
    Its been a week of medical appointments and I have just a smidge of medical anxiety. Yeah, good times. Given myself the pass to ride the Klonopin train to get through . Add a full moon and Halloween to that and my life is a perfect shit storm.
    But I vow….
    I work with kids and today is historical character day. I am dressed balls out as Rosie the Riveter. Somehow I failed to register that I also have my yearly lady appointment this morning. I have no time to change before I go. So I am willing to bet it will be a first for my Canadian transplant Doc. Rosie gets her cervix swabbed. Not exactly an American Girl selection of the month. So I’ll be thinking about you Jenny. Your honesty and humor has been the most precious gift to our tribe.
    Enjoy your weekend with your sweet little family.

  35. YAY! Driving 5hours and staying overnight in “The cities” to see you! Can’t wait!! It’s a bit chilly here in MN, so don’t forget a warm hat!

  36. I wasn’t able to make it back to Milwaukee…poo. 🙁 Could you make it to Madison WI sometime? Pretty please??

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