If it’s Wednesday, this must be St. Louis.

I’m in Missouri today for a reading and signing.  Come be in Missouri with me?

This is where I normally put in a graphic with a quote from the book but instead I’m sharing this $25 bill, which will only make sense if you’ve read Furiously Happy (which is on its 5th week on the NYT list, thanks to you guys!).


I carry these with me to tuck into copies of my books in airports and bookstores, and when I was in DC last month I went to the US Treasury to ask if they’d make it into actual currency but the secret service was like “You can’t be here, ma’am” and “We’re not going to ask you to leave again” (which was a lie because they totally did.)

Also, you might be asking how I knew they were Secret Service and it’s because they were all wearing black vests with SECRET SERVICE written on them in bold letters, which is not how secrets are supposed to work at all.  Just saying.

Next stop?  Wichita!

See the whole tour here.



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  1. I could totally work for the Secret Service since I never pay attention to the main event, but to everyone milling around. Some people call that ADD, but I think it is perfect.

  2. Not quite the Secret Service but one of my favorite movie lines: “You know I could have been in the NSA but they found out my parents were married.”

  3. yeah, the secret service does sorta suck at secret. When I was a child, we stayed at a hotel where the Secret Service was staying preparatory to a presidential visit to town. Now mind you this was in the early 70’s. And at the restaurant for breakfast they TALKED INTO RADIOS FOLDED INTO THEIR NEWSPAPERS!!! You could see the antennas sticking up out of the folded papers!! (Not to mention–only people in the hotel wearing 3 piece suits)–so yeah, not so hard to figure out who they were!

  4. Welcome to St. Louis. Many many many people here adore you. Me, too. But I won’t be there. Because of a meeting. Sorry.

  5. I listened to the book so had not seen this!! Thank you for posting! You are a ray of sunshine for me – just sayin’

  6. I live across the street from a dude who used to be in the Secret Service. He’s in the FBI now. I am always a little worried when I break the law. It doesn’t stop me though.

  7. So excited to see you tonight! Hope you have a wonderful stay in St. Louis. Sorry about the fog this morning. You are completely awesome!

  8. I recently did the White House garden tour with my sister. They were all over her with the dog, checking her bags, and making her dispose of both her water and coffee. I was asked if my water was “medically necessary ,” hacked up a lung in response, and nobody came anywhere near me or my used tissues. Go figure.

  9. I love that you spelled Wichita with an extra t. I do that all the time and all my KS friends correct me, but now I can point to this post and say, “Jenny says Witchita, therefore… truth!” Looking forward to seeing you on Friday in good old, Witchita. 🙂

  10. I love that you spell Witchita the same way I do. All my KS friends correct me but now I can point to this post and say, “Jenny Lawson spells it Witchita and she is full of truthiness and ipso facto fandango… truth!

  11. can’t make the signing tonight & SO want to be there. My happy thoughts are with you! If you are looking for an awesome place to have lunch, go to “The Fountain on Locust”. which has the 3 words every woman longs to hear: ice cream martinis.

  12. Don’t go up in the Arch! It still freaks me out to just think about when I did.

  13. Today, I started listening to Furiously Happy, the audiobook, in the car as I drive to and from work. I read the ARC, I read the published copy, and now I’m listening to it which means I’ll most likely crash my car from laughing first in expectation of what’s coming then laughing at what’s actually being said and then laughing at myself, afterward – or crying in expectation, real-time, and then afterward – and not be available to see you in Denver which will make everyone sad because I’m holding onto several people’s sign-line tickets.
    Sometimes, I make poor decisions. I should have waited until AFTER you’d visited to start listening to this book that I’ve already read twice. :/

  14. As I am mixed up about how many times I must press enter to post a comment.

  15. Please tell us if anyone ever sends you a photo with the binding ripped open on your book. (Which would be horrible of course because books are practically sacred things). But you just know that there will be at least ONE person out in the world who has to check for the money. Just in case.

  16. Please come to Grand Rapids. I very much would love to meet you and probably say something awkward and weird and then we’ll laugh and laugh and I’ll probably cringe a bit. <3

    Sounds fun, right?

  17. I was born in Wichita, so I’m technically from there and I still can’t spell it right. I have to look it up every time. Personally, I think they should just change the spelling. I like Witchita much better!

    (Me too. Also, Phoenix is now Pheonix. ~ Jenny)

  18. I really wish I could be in St. Louis (or at any of your tour stops, really) but am consoling myself by reading these posts and all the wonderful comments.

    Friday is my birthday and I’d really like to celebrate with a random act of kindness by purchasing 2 copies of your book for 2 people coming to the Wichita signing (especially someone who might not otherwise be able to afford it.) If that’s you – or if you know of someone who deserves a free copy of Furiously Happy – get in touch with me and I’ll have books held at Watermark books. Actually, 1 copy of the book should go to someone at the signing and the other should go to someone who’s too depressed/anxious/sick to leave the house and go to the signing (so I’ll make sure it gets shipped to them)

    My contact info is libraryheather [AT] twc [DOT] com

  19. Jenny, I’m not going to be able to see you Saturday in Wichita because I apparently have to work at my bookstore!! And apparently calling into your job at a bookstore to go to a competing bookstore os frowned upon by management. T.T
    Hopefully you comeback again sometime soon…

  20. I’m going to DC at the end of this week to visit a friend and have had to take anti-anxiety meds daily. Nothing like being equally excited to see a friend after MANY years and terrified of leaving the house (flying doesn’t bother me – just the leaving of my nest).

  21. You know what sucks about the $25 bill offer? I bought an e-version of the book and took my fucking Nook apart looking for it. Son of a…

  22. Cannot wait to see you in Portland! Hope to get one of those bills tucked into my copy of Furiously Happy! See you on the 14th!

  23. I don’t see Kansas City. 🙁 You practically have to go through to get from St. Louis to Witchita. I would have come out even though I have leaves in my hair still.

  24. I absolutely hate Wichita, but am making the drive from OKC and staying the night just for your event. I’ll be in the moose hat with plenty of meds on board for the trip. I can’t wait to hear and see you.

  25. I SOOOOOO wish I could come see you today, but my terror about finding parking in that part of the city is keeping me away. 🙁 I hope you’re made to feel welcome and loved! But not too loved, because that’s creepy.

  26. I agree they really need to work on how to keep a secret, I mean I don’t want our country to be known as the worst secret keepers ever.

  27. Jenny – it made me “furiously happy” to meet you in St. Louis tonight. Hope you got to read my tiny little note I wrote for you. Not sure it made the best sense, I, too can be a bit rambly (is that a word? If not, I’ve just concoctularied it!) so my attempt to use that tiny space was probably only semi-coherent. You were so gracious to hang in there so late with all of us. You truly ARE THE BEST. Enjoy the rest of your book tour, and hope you get a chance to rest up a bit tomorrow (travel can be exhausting!) Take care & thanks for visiting us in St. Louis! (Hurry up & write a 3rd book so you can come see us again soon!) 😉

  28. Read these at work thinking I could do it without laughing until I cried. I was wrong.

  29. I wanted to tell my friend I got a prescription for amoxil, but I said botox instead because I was pretty sure she’d had it – botox that is. I think she knew what I was thinking.

  30. I was just reading your chapter on Voodoo vaginas and that reminded me of the time I got a message from my friend that ended with a vagina emoji.🙏🏼. I replied “Why did you send me a vagina?” She said, “Those were praying hands, you goof!” I still think it looks more like a vagina
    And it is good to know that it is there in case I ever have the need to send it to someone. Maybe when I am feeling really goofy.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful books! I 🙏🏼 you write more!

  31. Oh…THAT needs to be a T-Shirt. Or a bookbag. Or SOMETHING.
    “Never stop awkwarding, you awesome weirdos” FTW!

    Wait…that’s “for the win” not “fuck the world” because while “fuck the world” is also applicable, it’s slightly creepy in this context. Then again, maybe that makes it perfect in this context. I’m shutting up now.

  32. Diana (#47), I’m not sure about you, but if my vagina had two big blue spots on it, I’d probably consider getting it checked out. Just sayin’. xoxo

  33. I hope you got to enjoy a little bit of STL. I spent the week there this past week and LOVED the fall weather. Have I missed a San Antonio book signing?

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