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  1. I’ll be there, I’ve been waiting for months. I’m wearing my lazy but still fancy clothes. I’ll be bringing my stuffed stout dragqueen, Gordly Malcome.

  2. You missed another good episode of “You’re the Worst” on FXX (no affiliation) this week. Maya’s depression and Jimmy’s inability to understand/relate are featured.

  3. Jenny. I just finished your second book, it really helped me- you probably get that all the time. This book makes me want to call you on the phone and talk about how awesome it was. I also want to meet Rory, does he send autographs? That could be a money maker 😆 I’ll be hiding under my kitchen table waiting for your next book release

  4. I don’t know Benedict Cumberbatch or Alan Rickman, probably because I spend all of my time hiding in corners.

  5. I can’t wait to see you in Portland, tomorrow! Important recommendation: You will be mere blocks from Cupcake Jones, which has delicious filled cupcakes. Just up the street from Powells. Great for anxiety, those cupcakes.

  6. so question….do you travel with an entourage or body guards. not that I’m trying to harm you in any way…I’m not. I just wondered what it is like on the road. maybe your saving up to write about it later….I think I should just go away now

    (I often have a chaperone to help me if I panic. My editor will be there tonight. She’s super sweet. ~ Jenny)

  7. Wow! Can you believe you’re almost finished with your book tour? Maybe they’ll make a movie about your adventures on tour … but first, you’ll have to write the book! Have fun in Seattle and Portland!

  8. Jenny!! So glad you are up here! Welcome to our first wintery storm of the year! I am heading to Portland tonight, otherwise I’d come swoon and fawn over you at the book store, but I may try to catch you in Portland this weekend! Hope you have a lovely time here!

  9. I’ll be there with the hubs! Probably won’t get a book signed because I’m a little shy, but just know that somewhere in the room will be me, who turns to your writing when I’m having a depression or anxiety flare, and who you were kind enough to email personally when I reached out to you with my own story of anxiety hell. Love you, Jenny. Welcome to Seattle.

  10. Have been waiting quite impatiently for you to reach us! Looking forward so much to seeing you tomorrow in Portland and hoping that it will be a good day so I can make the trip! Also wondering your policy of getting hugs. Sure you get lots of folks lunging at ya, so want to make sure it is actually appreciated! I also belong to the subset of huggers who pat at the same time.

  11. Something like this tour must be very hard on you. I just wanted to thank you so much for venturing out to meet us all. Stay well until you can make it home to your safe place.
    PS – Finished Furiously Happy in one sitting, up until 3AM. Wonderful!

  12. I will be there and I can’t wait!! I am actually getting off work two hours early to come and see you. Woo! Welcome to Seattle. Beware, there is a gale warning in effect until late this afternoon. Watch out for Gale! Tonight I am going to attempt the signing line, and will try very hard to not burst into tears, but that might mean I don’t actually get to say anything out Lloyd. Ha! Out loud. I have a neat bookmark for you. I’m so excited!

  13. Woot! Ferries willing, I’ll be there. We can discuss Benedict Cumberbatch AND Alan Rickman.

  14. Jenny, I am giddy just knowing you are so nearby! Welcome to Seattle. I have been trying to work up the nerve to come to the signing for a long time now, but my anxiety and big girl awkwardness are teaming up against me. I’m not sure how my six-year-old daughter would cooperate either. She loves to correct people when they swear. That might prove distracting for you…and cringeworthy for me. I just love ya Jenny. Your books, blog, and wonderful social media posts have been a life line for me as I pick my way through an unusually tough depression that won’t take a hike already. What an amazing gift you have given us. Being able to genuinely smile and laugh when every day tasks take a Herculean effort is like a little miracle. If I did work up the nerve to go to the signing I’d probably burst into tears before getting even half of this out. You are so appreciated. I hope you enjoy your time in Seattle despite the craptacular weather. Take care!

  15. I was planning on skipping a social function for my school major (that had free food even!) to go, but it looks like I can’t make it out of bed today 🙁

  16. I can’t wait! I put on make up and forgot to take my antidepressant because I am so excited. Oh, and I will be wearing a shirt with a swear word on it.

    PS. I have now taken to calling you ‘My Friend Jenny’
    Pps. I’m gonna cry

  17. This should be held in a barn instead of a bookstore. It’s going to be PACKED. And we all need something to hide under/behind. Not enough room for that unless we all hide behind each other. And the poor people in front are shit out of luck. I am bringing my stupid weird thing! And possibly wearing a wig because my hair sucks today. Or a hat with butterflies on it. I haven’t decided yet.

  18. stupid me, i forgot to ask off work/ask for a morning shift. i will be working until 9:30 up in lynnwood (like, a 10 minute drive north and west). enjoy your time in our delightfully blustery city!!!

  19. Seriously SO bummed about this.
    I live in Portland, but am headed to Seattle tomorrow for a wedding.
    Why didn’t you check my calendar, Jenny?!

  20. So excited to meet you – drove almost 2 hours there to get my books (that were previously purchased and read on my Kindle), so I could get in the priority signing line! I’ll be driving again another 2 hours in the lovely wind and rain to come tonight – but so worth it – can’t wait!!!

  21. Your Portland link goes to a page for the Seattle bookstore…..??
    SEE YOU TOMORROW IN PORTLAND!!!! Hopefully I won’t pee myself.

  22. I can not wait to see you tonight at Third Place Books. Stay dry and don’t blow away. 🙂

  23. We’ll be there with bells on! Well, not so much bells as winter coats. But we’ll definitely be there!
    I wonder if Third Place allows wine…

  24. Although I adore him as an actor, and love his voice, and he seems like an excellent human being, I don’t actually find Benedict Cumberbatch good-looking. Now Alan Rickman on the other hand… swoons hits head on table on the way down starts bleeding from scalp laceration embarrasses self in front of imaginary Alan Rickman crawls away to hide in shame

  25. I have 10 minutes to decide if I will go or if I will be staying home to eat meatballs…..

  26. Just to add to your mortification gems: my dad died of accidental electrocution on the job when I was a child. If I had a dollar for every time someone uses the words ‘shocked or shocking’ after asking me how he died, I could buy us both a Grande Latte at Starbucks….and maybe a pastry!! I end up feeling mortified for them, comforting them, or watching them run away as fast as possible! The mind is a terrible thing!!

  27. I wanted to go so bad but I’m stuck at work until 8, sad panda. Though I don’t have a physical copy of either of your books anyways so I’m not sure what I would have you sign even if I could make it but I hope you have fun and enjoy the little bit of Seattle that you get to see!

  28. I had been looking forward to seeing you here for MONTHS, but alas, toddler. At least between fits of neediness he’s being cute. Well since I’m not going to see you in person, I’ll just have to tell you here: thanks for being you 🙂

  29. Hi Jenny, I hope you are enjoying our beautiful city, even if it is a bit blustery. I couldn’t make it. I tried, I really did. I had everything ready to go and just couldn’t do it (granted, it’s been a really crappy week). Now I’m sad because I really wanted to see you and possibly meet you. I wanted to thank you for being courageous and honest. Maybe, I’ll get to meet you in the future. In the meantime, thank you for sharing your journey; it has helped so many of us not to feel alone.

  30. Apparently I’m incompetent and can’t get my replies to post (either that or I’m going to look stupid when they all post) – but either way Jenny, I want you to know, I tried to be there. I didn’t make it and I’m really sad about that, but for now let me just say thank you and I’ll send you an email that you can read or delete. 🙂

  31. It was seriously a treat attending the signing. Got to see the Q&A and some readings from the book, but I couldn’t stick around for the actual signing itself because of work. Thanks so much for coming to Seattle!

  32. My daughter and I came to see you tonight–unfortunately we couldn’t stay for the signing because I had to find her some food before she began gnawing on the audience. I’m grateful she got to see you speak, though–I’ve had depression and anxiety for 25 years, and the poor kid has inherited all that plus OCD and ADHD besides. We call her the Alphabet Soup Kid. Once she realized how funny you were it persuaded her to read the book, which I hope will do her some good. I’ve mostly dealt with my issues, but she has a long road ahead of her.

    I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet you in person, but thanks for sharing your stories with us. It helps.

  33. Jenny, As the end of my semester gradually falls apart and I want nothing more than to hide in a corner under the extra large conference table that occupies most of our seminar classroom, I find the strength to move forward by reading about your own exploits and pretending that I’m confident secure person that everyone seems to think I am. Congrats on the continuing success of your book tour!!

  34. Can’t wait to see you in Portland tomorrow. Have been looking forward to it for ages.
    Took the book with me on the plane to/from Chicago recently. Emotions ranged from all choked up and sniffling (the depression/anxiety parts – I can relate so well), to laughing out loud (any story involving your dad and his adventures in taxidermy). My seat mate on the return trip looked over and said “that must be one helluva book” Me: ” that’s putting it mildly – take a look!” I think you have a new fan – he seemed impressed!

  35. Thank you Jenny for an outstanding reading tonight. As someone who also suffers from a bevy of mental illnesses, including social anxiety, I hope you can appreciate that I drove alone, in the rain, for an hour to hear you. I left my book there because the thought of standing in the crowd any longer, was making me want to pull my face off. Thank you for giving me permission to leave. I didn’t get a chance to meet you, but I got way the fuck out of my comfort zone and I’ll put that in the success column. I just had to roll up my sleeve and pretend that I was good at it.

  36. I was really excited to see you last night. I wasn’t sure I could manage going somewhere at night, and a long drive to boot, but I got my whole family to come (and my spouse to drive). I wish it had been close enough to leave our books to be signed, but it took an hour and a quarter to get there and I couldn’t see driving that again for a book. It was too bad, though, because the book plate I signed up for also never arrived. (Assuming it was supposed to, which I don’t actually know.)

    You sounded slightly worried about the children in the audience that you were “scarring”. My daughter has loved your writing since I first read snippets of your blog aloud. When I finally got your first book (I’m slow to buy; I think I first read it from the library) my daughter insisted I read it to her. So I marked chapters that were appropriate/she would reasonably understand, swapped out a few swearwords, and ended up reading her about 2/3 of your first book. We’re now on the most recent. I’d love it if you ever wrote your stories for kids to read, but right now I’m mostly hoping that you don’t mind that I read your book somewhat bowdlerized. (The chapters you read aloud were both ones she had heard, but she was delighted with how many more swear words you used than I had. She said she hadn’t learned any new swear words, though.)

  37. It was good to see you last night! Next time you’re in town, you, Cristi (MotherhoodUnadorned) can go grab beers and hang out in a bathroom stall somewhere. 🙂

    Have a fabulous time in Portland and safe travels home.

    ps. I told my husband the bat story. Crying. Tears.

  38. Thank you so much for coming – you are so sweet and brave and i feel honored to have been able to meet you.

  39. It was wonderful meeting you last night. You must be exhausted. I appreciate how you took time with each person in the book signing line. I love my picture with you and will remember the evening as a very special one. Keep telling your stories. The world needs you. Have fun in Portland!

  40. I’m verklempt that your book tour did not come to New Mexico (not really new, not really Mexico). I did suggest both of your books to my book club and we’ll be (re)reading and discussing both in the near future. As the resident blogger who has actually seen you in person at BlogHer, my club thinks you and I are BFFs or something. I don’t know why they would have gotten that impression 😉

  41. Jenny, thanks for coming to Seattle last night and spending time reading, signing books, and taking photos with us! You are awesome!! My significant other came with me last night and was quietly kicking my foot and smiling when you read the hilarious passage about your cat. That’s the chapter that got me booted out of bed as I was laughing so hard. Me reading and laughing. Him trying to sleep and saying – you are not allowed to read that book in bed anymore! Me- you have to hear this, let me read it to you – it’s hysterical! Him- fine, read it to me. He laughed and said that’s awesome – you still can’t read it in bed. He enjoyed hearing you so much last night that he is now going to read your book. He’s my “Victor”. Thanks for being you and for sharing. You made us Seattlites feel great despite the gloomy weather!

  42. Thank you so much for last night’s reading at Third Place. I almost didn’t make it but I’m so glad I did.

  43. I dashed through the rain to the wrong Third Place Books full of hope and excitement. Ah well. I am excited to read your book too and hopefully that will have a happier ending. And maybe I will catch your next tour: “The Return of the Taxidermied.”

  44. Jenny your books have been inspiring and encouraging. After reading Furiously Happy I bought a gift I thought appropriate, unfortunately I was unable to have my book signed by you but would still like to send this gifts . What is your fan mail address please.. And thank you for being you

  45. It was amazing to meet you and hear you share those chapters, and the Q&A was fabulous. But the best part was meeting you and introducing someone I feel is a long time friend of many years (you) to someone who is a new dear friend (Crista) and her awesome daughter Abbi and most especially to my sweet hubby Chris. You did a wonderful job here, and we were pleasantly shocked that you made it all the way through the signing line as far as we were at the end of the B group, and there was still MOBS behind us. Our pics are really cute babe. Seriously, we all look amazing. Now that you’re done with this leg of the tour, enjoy your break and get lots of rest. It’s officially cold and flu season, so I hope you can stay healthy. LOVE YOU. 😀

  46. I was going to bring both your books to get them signed, but…just couldn’t. I know you get that. Thank you for coming to Seattle! The city was nicer because you were in it!

  47. I said “I can’t say what I wanted to say to you because I will start crying” and then hustled off in embarrassment 😉 And even though there are no Rory hands in our photo, and I hurriedly scurried off, that 5 seconds of interaction, made my night. I didn’t want to be another person telling you all the same stuff you hear from everyone else, but you really do inspire me. Dealing w/ depression on the levels that I have (and so many others, do) finding someone, anyone, that can relate, is a big deal. But, finding someone who can relate, and then also shows you that you can be important, successful, fun and funny, in spite of it, is everything. Thank you Bloggess, for existing. <3 You and your books make me Furiously Happy.

  48. Not just Seattle, but Lake Forest Park! 🙂 (It has meanings to me).

    A friend (who I have not enlightened with you) wandered into the store, and posted a picture of herself with a Rory half-mask and told about the “great storyteller” she heard. Maybe another fan!

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