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  1. Is there any chance you’ll ever do Europe? I have it on good authority that it would love to be done by you. Plus: it’s tiny, and I could get pretty much anywhere in it in under 3 hours…

  2. I want to use that grammar quote meme as my Facebook cover photo. And wear it on a t-shirt. And have it tattooed across my back. And make it my anthem.
    You sing the songs of my people.

  3. I bought a laminator. I know this doesn’t seem relevant, exactly, but you need to get one post haste. For your epic doodles. And for some reason I keep laminating stickers. Which seems counter productive. Or avant garde. Or at least safer than couch cushions.

  4. No “E” in judgment. But no judgment here. I forgive grammatical and spelling errors from those I love. My husband says “carte a blanche.” I’ve considered a divorce, but it is cheaper to forgive him.

  5. I just moved to town a week and a half ago and I’m so excited to come see you tonight. But the snow is giving me major anxiety (I live 30 minutes away) I may just have to catch the bus, eek!

  6. True fact– Denver has the highest percentage of nose pickers in the US. Dry air makes for dry nasal passages which leads to incessant nose picking. I used to notice it while waiting in traffic when my parents used to live in Denver. A friend who lived there told me the same thing about the nose picking at red lights, so obviously it’s true. Feel free to pick your nose with abandon while in the mile-high city. No one will probably even notice.

  7. I’m currently housebound due to epilepsy and living – as they say – vicariously through your book tour. Looks up at sky Please let something funny happen to Jenny today so that she can write about it. Amen. PS. On the bright side, I live in the country so have a fantastic view of farmer’s fields and sunsets 🙂

  8. lol @notquiteold – if you think “carte à blanche” is bad (and it certainly is), my boyfriend thinks ‘to boycott’ means the same as ‘to sabotage, pester or annoy’ as in “What are you doing?” – “I’m boycotting the cat, lol” – NO you’re not! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  9. Oh how I looked forward to seeing you tonight – my ticket for the signing line has been under my Nessie magnet since your book came out. But alas it’s one of those days/weeks/months. The plus side is, it just means you need to write your third book post haste – third times the charm, I will totally make it next time.

  10. Rolling in from a few miles north tonight! Amanda Palmer made a pillow fortress in the same space about a year ago, so feel free to rearrange downstairs till you’re comfy 🙂

  11. say Hi to the Tattered Cover for me! One of the best bookstores on the planet and perhaps the only non-human thing to miss about Denver. I’m sure you’ll have a lovely signing there. Keep in mind Kristine @ MumRevised up there ↑, her words speak truth!

  12. Looking forward to meeting you tonight in Denver. My daughter and I bonded over the audio version of “Furiously Happy” while we commuted to her high school last month. She was grounded from driving b/c of stupid mistakes, but it ended up being a lucky opportunity to share, well, YOU, with her. She is coming with me tonight. She’ll be the tiny teenager with pink hair. She swears that you are the only person who really “gets” her. Thanks for being a great conduit for me and my little love to connect!

  13. Have a great time! I’m in Illinois…my friend showed me some pictures of the snows in Denver today…very pretty. Stay warm!!

  14. I’ll be there with bells on! Not really, that would be disruptive and rude. I’m so looking forward to meeting you and sharing this experience with tribe members from the area!

  15. I love following your journey here and on social media. Enjoy Denver. I was there this summer and they are totally a bunch of awesome weirdos! I fit right in.

  16. I’m gonna see you in Seattle on Friday! I’m really quite excited. My hubby is coming too (he’s also a fan, though he’s slightly less manic than me) and I’m bringing a new friend that I met in the nervous hospital over Halloween weekend. We got to stay for the whole weekend plus a few days. I promise not to squeal or be alarming in any way. unless you squeal first, then all bets are off, because that’s the mating call for those of us in the batshittery club.

  17. I’ll be there. I might be the guy in the Doctor Who t-shirt. Unless there are more than one of us. Then I’ll be a guy in a Doctor Who t-shirt. Or I decide to dress nicer, because a t-shirt might be too informal, in which case the guy in the (a?) Doctor Who t-shirt is probably someone else.

  18. I hope I get to meet you tonight! It’s my sister, Patty’s, birthday and I’m trying to persuade my family into stopping by… So far I’m winning. 🙂

  19. The Tattered Cover! You lucky duck:). I know it’s a long shot but I hope you got even the teensiest hike in those gorgeous Rockies. With snow shoes on. Good for the soul:). Knock ’em dead.

  20. Just an FYI – there is the Denver Film Festival going on as well at the Sie FilmCenter, which is in the same complex as Tattered Cover. So parking may be an issue – the garage has been pretty packed all week. All that’s left right now is roof spots. There is a lot of street parking around though.

  21. I’m bringing my sister to see you! We feel like you are one of our many lost sisters (there’s a whole story about kids who were dropped off elsewhere and the ones who made it back home…well, nevermind) I think this will be her first author event. She’s terribly excited. We’ll both try to behave ourselves but…that’s a lie. We’ll just be giddy and say dumb stuff, as is our way.

  22. None of these places are close to me. ::::flinging myself on the bed and crying hysterically::::
    ::::self-soothing by rocking::::
    :::::painfully realizing that’s not working::::
    ::::taking my meds::::
    ::::feeling a little better::::
    ::::letting a single tear slide down my cheek while I touch my raindrop splattered window, thinking about how none of these places are close to me::::
    :::flinging myself on the bed and crying hysterically::::

  23. Oh Denver and Seattle, you’re just teasing us Boiseans, aren’t you (tired of hearing complaints from all those whose cities you aren’t visiting yet? Sorry. I’ll get over myself).

  24. I’m a Denver native but life recently said you gotta check out another part of the state so I’m four hours away…I’m bummed I’m not able to meet you in person but I think this just means you need to eventually write book 3 and hopefully I’ll be back in Denver when that book tour happens…p.s. I asked you awhile back if you would be ok if I printed one of your blog posts that talks about depression and you said yes…I’ve given it to sooo many patients I work with and your words, as you know, continue to change the lives of others every day…thank you for being you

  25. Saw you tonight! You were amazing. I laughed. I cried. I clapped. And I even peed a little. Thanks!

  26. I’m really bummed I couldn’t see you tonight. I’m recovering from satanic hernia surgery, so I had to stay home. I’m sure it was lovely, you were gracious, and a good time was had by all.

  27. Inspired (apparently) by your recent “awkwarding” post, I recently went ass over teakettle in my yard. While chasing a donkey. In my nightshirt. Commando. My attorney will be in touch.

  28. Thank you, again, for visiting us in Denver and being wonderful and welcoming, gracious and delightful, for staying until whatever ungodly hour you stayed until, signing all the things and not stabbing anyone (namely me).
    So my sister. I mentioned above that yours would be her very first author event. She was enraptured the entire time. I thought she wasn’t enjoying herself because she was quiet, just watching you, not really laughing or responding. Turns out, she was in that state kids enter when they see their first movie or some other incredible thing that just blows their minds and they’re too overloaded to do anything more than watch. I guess that also describes a train wreck but that’s not what this was.
    We were standing in the sign line afterward and I asked her, “Is there anything you want to ask Jenny or say to her? Last time I did this, I planned what I was going to say for days! Of course, I forgot the moment I was at the table and I just yelled things randomly, but it’s always good to prepare in advance, nonetheless.”
    She said, “I want to know if she cleans all her taxidermied animals. She said she has a maid service so do they clean the animals? Do they have to be specially trained? Does she dust them? Or vacuum them? But, like the dead alligator, that probably shouldn’t be vacuumed.” Then we discussed if it’s a good idea to gently wipe down dead ‘gators or just clean ’em up with leather cleaner.
    As we drew closer, she said, “I’m not going to say anything. I don’t want to sound weird.”
    I stared at her with squinchy eyes. “You don’t understand where we are, do you? No one sounds weird here. NO ONE. It’s practically impossible. We’d have to have a contest to outweird each other and no one could win. Did you not SEE last weeks awkwarding tweets?” But she didn’t because she’s not on Twitter.
    She didn’t ask anything. She got shy and overwhelmed.
    But she did talk to your editor (Amy?) who was also very nice and welcoming.
    I think that was a good start.

    The point here:
    Do you vacuum your dead animals and/or clean them with leather cleaner?

  29. I was going to come see you in Seattle, but my boss changed my schedule to have me working Fridays because he needs someone who actually works. Basically, I am being punished for being a good employee.

    Since I can’t tell you in person, I will here. I love your books and your blog. When my depression is bad you still make me cry from laughing even when I can’t otherwise smile. You are beautiful inside and out. You are an inspiration and you give me hope when I have none. Thank you!

  30. I AM BEREFT that i will be out of town during your Portland stop! I looove you! The mortification posts have had me in tears for days, you have made the world a better place!!

  31. Like several others, I’m not able to make it to any of your tour stops, but I am so enjoying the vicarious book tour experience online. I’ve bought three signed copies of your book so far (one for me, two as gifts) which is almost like going to a book-signing… except for the “hearing you talk” and “seeing you in person” and “meeting other fans” part. So, yeah, maybe not much like a book-signing at all. 🙂 The past month has been really rough for me so Furiously Happy (along with your blog posts & all the comments from the tribe) have provided much-needed laughs. Thanks, Jenny!

  32. Haha that grammar quote is so funny, especially since you misspelled “judgment” right before that 🙂 unless you did that on purpose, in which case you are a genius! #loveyourblog

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