What is Sunday?

So day before yesterday was Black Friday and yesterday was Small Business Saturday and tomorrow is Cyber Monday, but what’s today?  Is today something?  Am I going to feel bad later when I find out it’s “Save All The Kittens Sunday”?  Probably.  But since I don’t know entirely I think today should be Self-Promotion Sunday.  Today you should give yourself a shout-out regarding whatever it is that you do.  Your blog, your book, your art, your business, your knitting, your ability to whistle, the fact that you put up holiday decorations before December even started…whatever.  What’s going on in your life that you’re happy about?  Let’s hear it, because I think we could all use some happy words.

I’ll go first.  FURIOUSLY HAPPY has been on the bestseller lists for 2 months (although it’s probably off by now) and Indigo just named it one of the best holiday gifts of the year.  I’m heading back off on book tour next week and so far I have not had a nervous breakdown.  Also, I briefly considered putting up the Christmas tree and then decided that sounded exhausting but I’m giving myself points for even thinking about it.  Also, no one has been eaten by bobcats yet.  YAY US!


Your turn.  What do you want to promote or share?  What’s going on in your world?  What’s made you happy or proud lately?


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  1. I just launched a new science fiction series in novellas – called Genrenauts, which features inter-dimensional travelers visiting dimensions based on narrative genres – Western, Romance, Sci-Fi, and more. The first novella, The Shootout Solution is basically the pilot episode, and is available now: http://michaelrunderwood.com/books/the-shootout-solution-genrenauts-episode-one/

    In happiness, I am loving the soundtrack to Hamilton, as well as the comic series Wayward, Unbeatable Squirrel-Girl, Velvet, and Lazarus.

  2. My new blog. And my kids. We are watching Inside Out right now and I’m wondering if my joy feeling a little under the weather.

  3. Learned the “Big Wheel” crochet pattern, have been making gorgeous hats, scarves, and throws with it, ther being some amazing yarns now available.
    Also, have not been sending passive-aggressive responses to the management at wr0k.

  4. My Christmas tree & decorations are up!! I also got my Christmas cards ordered, so I’m ahead on the holiday hoopla at the moment!!!

  5. My small business Whimsical Warmth caters mostly to newborn/family photographers but also to mom’s as well as people looking for baby shower gifts. All items are handmade by me.

    I also have a Black Friday sale going on right now. Everything is 40% off and the coupon code is listed in the announcement section of my shop.


  6. Next Saturday is our Friends of the Library craft & bake sale, all proceeds go to the new library building fund (balance is <$100K; we need $1.4MM). Everybody come! Buy! Donate!

  7. I have a YouTube channel and it is slowly gaining more subscribers 🙂 if you like video games, check me out at YouTube.com/Wenchfaery

  8. I LOVE COOKING! Soups, baked goods (my pie crust is on fleek! Whatever that means…), entrées… And my favorite part of it all is sharing it with others. Today is chocolate cookies for my coworkers and beef with portobello gravy over roasted potatoes & pan seared green beans for myself & my daughter. I will likely do tiramisu for my coworkers for Christmas. Food=Love and Love=Food! <3

  9. I want to share the joy of my tiny micro-business finally spreading its wings. Calming Bottles – used for kids and grownups, allowing them to focus on something else besides time-outs or anxiety. I’ve had so many people thank me for making these, it gives me some joy to be doing something that’s good for my family financially, that’s also good for other people.

  10. Well, I’m having a good month with my Jamberry business. It’s very spotty for me because I’m too shy and neurotic to go after business, so it’s nice to have good friends who want to host shows. 😊 And I got kudos from the school principal, who is also my new boss, for doing good work as the newest Para, working with a littl autistic boy. Three weeks and counting! Also, I just painted my downstairs bathroom. I think this calls for a Sunday nap. 😜

  11. I finally admitted, out loud, to a doctor, that I have depression; and started medication and therapy to help me find my way back to the light. Is it pretty or sparkly or something to celebrate with fireworks and glitter? Nope. But I’m still proud of myself for asking for the help I desperately need and have been (stupidly) denying myself for years.

    And I will not let the shame silence me. Not anymore. Happy holidays, friends. May your heart be filled with joy and love and a remembrance that we are all worth saving.
  12. I just recorded a live episode of my Doctor Who podcast, Verity!, in front of an audience at the Chicago TARDIS convention. It was great fun! That ep won’t be up until Wednesday, but if anyone is curious about the podcast itself, you can check it out at veritypodcast.com

  13. My non profit organization Girls TALK. I am in year 3 of the program and teaching girls to be true to themselves and good problem solvers. I am working on a goal of publishing the curriculum for 2016! I am one of the featured non profits at our local Giving Party on Giving Tuesday this week.


  14. I started writing again. I haven’t done this for a long, long time. I started a blog a couple of weeks ago, just to keep me going with it–I figured if I had an audience, even if it’s only 2 people, I would feel an obligation to continue. It’s something I forgot that I needed in my life. I’ve been trying to fill that space with so many other things, but they haven’t fit. So I’m plugging away, and it’s rough and raw and probably not awesome, but it’s mine. It’s filling that space.

  15. I’m proud of myself, divorced one year, working full time, paying the bills, and with 3 wonderful children in my life. We spent the weekend making Christmas ornaments. There was a time I thought I couldn’t do it myself, and it kept me in a verbally abusive relationship. So glad I took the leap, and I’m a better person for it! Life isn’t perfect, but I’m muddling through it. Shout out to myself!

  16. I write the Stick Chick, a blog about the martial arts, Filipino Martial Arts, and my perspective on martial arts culture.

    I cover everything from nerdy topics like mechanics and technique, to silly martial arts videos and humor, to observations on the larger martial arts culture, and women in the martial arts.


  17. I’m building an awesome community of readers over on my Patreon page. My mental health meant I had to quit my job but I’m working so hard to do what I love and to make it count.
    I am a woman living with anxiety and depression but I’m also a poet and a writer. I’m doing better by doing what I love and sharing it.
    So here we go, sharing with this amazing community of beautifully weird and wonderful people: https://www.patreon.com/vc?ty=hh

  18. I reckon it should be called “Feet up and watch Netflix Sunday” That’s what I did (as well as some housework and Christmas shopping, and walking around the lake and cooking…).

  19. My car broke down in August and I’ve finally saved up enough for a new one! I’ve been working 6 and 7 days a week since then so I’m happy that there’s an end in sight.

    Also, I had to have one of my kitties put to sleep about 2 months ago, and my other kitty and I are finally adjusting to life without him. It’s been a rough few months, but we’ve made it through and life is looking up again. Your awkward tweets have helped me tremendously! You have no idea 🙂

  20. I do comics and novels! The comic is about ghosts, technology, and the strange and blurry lines between the living and the dead. The most recent novel is about what happens when the second-worst psychic in the world tries to enjoy a quiet vacation in Greece and bumps into the ghost of Helen of Troy instead.


  21. I was going to make a chocolate pudding pie. I pre-baked the perfect pie crust, using the fancy-schmancy pie weights. I went to pour the little ceramic balls out into a bowl, when the whole thing slipped, and the crust broke into pieces and slid into the bowl along with the weights. It could have been a disaster, but my husband just smiled, took a piece of crust and spread it with strawberry jam. He pronounced it much better than a pop tart. He has spent the morning trying different jams to decide which one works best.

  22. I am struggling with PTSD, TBI and recurrent meningitis, but was able to pick up my puppy yesterday that will be my service dog. I have decided to start sharing my story by blogging about it at http://www.MichaelHrehor.com and hope it can help others. Still trying to raise the remaining amount to help pay for all the training for the dog.

  23. I am happy that I have an amazing business that is helping others change their lives, both health wise and money wise. Helping people be healthier is awesome but I love helping people learn about how to become debt free even more!

  24. I love writing, but was spending too much time trying to find the perfect thing to write about. So I started a blog as an outlet for regular writing: http://blog.ashocalypse.com/
    I also took a skiing lesson and didn’t die or break anything despite running face first into a bush. I’m fairly proud of that, actually.

  25. I am surviving the holidays and dedicating this time to writing. I’m over 80000 words into my novel, and it’s going to be awesome when it’s finished (hopefully)! I’m really proud to have created this smart, witty, sarcastic, and strong female lead.

  26. I didn’t choke anyone over Thanksgiving. And I also thought about Christmas decorations. That’s about as much good stuff as I can handle right now.

  27. I lost the homepage for our library website the day before Thanksgiving. I emailed my boss at 4:52 am to ‘Kill me. Kill me now.’ My former boss would never have let me learn from my mistake. I’m so happy to have a new boss and the chance to develop a skill that will bring people to our library and provide a ‘user-friendly’ website!

  28. My back pain that flared up on me 2 months ago is so much better!! I’m so thankful that my husband is a chiropractor and helps me heal.

  29. I have depression and anxiety and the past year it has gotten steadily worse, I was having panic attacks almost weekly and had started to think about taking my life. I finally got the courage to ask for help and was put on meds a month ago. No panic attacks, I can go out without being scared to and I want to continue to live. My husband is happier and my kids have told me how much of a difference they see. I am scared it will go away and be worse than ever but I am happy and can actually see a future right now.

  30. I work with this fantastic organizations that teaches kids historical arts and music. The kids gain confidence, musical and performance ability and an unprecedented understanding of history through the art and music of the time. Many of the kids in our performances are finding their tribe for the first time. They fit in. That is an incredible gift for all of us. http://historicalarts.org/

  31. My back pain that flared up 2 months ago is so so much better. I’m so lucky they my husband is a great chiropractor!

  32. I just survived a 5.5-week-long tour of the UK and Europe without going crazy or killing anyone in the band, either accidentally or intentionally. And for once, I returned a tour vehicle unscathed even though it was way too big for the teeny British streets and I had it going on the wrong side of the road! And now that everyone is all back home alive, we’ve got a brand-new single out, “Hanukkah In The Village”. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hanukkah-in-village-single/id1058084590

  33. I volunteer with an NGO in Peru called Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru (HOOP), where we provide after school and weekend tutoring and activities for children in one of the poorest parts of our city (Arequipa). We also provide social work and legal assistance to their parents, and we distribute food and clothing donations among them. To raise money for the school next year, 17 of the volunteers and staff are climbing Chachani volcano NEXT WEEKEND and attempting to break the world record for high altitude hula hooping at the top – at 19,872 feet above sea level. Here’s our fundraising page! https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/hulahooping-world-record-to-support-kids-in-peru

  34. For the last year and a bit, I’ve writing a weekly humour/satire blog called mydangblog. It keeps me focused on all the good and funny things in my life, especially when things aren’t good and funny.

  35. —-Jenny,
    I loved loved loved Furiously Happy. I mean, I LOVED IT. Get it? love love love.
    You could say: It made me “happy.”

    PS. just interviewed my sister’s son about domestic violence. His father killed his mother 5 years ago. The interview has been viewed by many people on My Inner Chick’s Site…. so this also makes happy.

    Oh, and cats make me happy…Big fat purring Tabby Cats!

  36. First off, I am so proud and inspired that you haven’t had a breakdown, Jenny. Keep taking care of yourself.

    My friends and I are working on opening our own performing arts company, and hoping to restore an old college theatre as our performing space and room for classrooms. It’s so exciting, but VERY scary, trying to raise the money we’ll need, as well as simply getting the word out. This week we’ll have a float in the Christmas parade.


  37. I graduate with an AAS Accounting next month, and am looking for a new position to launch this career. I guess that means I’m congratulating and promoting me! I’ve come a long way in the last few years. I’m back from a long, dark time and am very pleased with the progress I won’t stop doing all I can to be healthy and happy. Communities like this make that possible!
    ~ You are all wonder-filled spirits. Thanks!

  38. I am (slowly) sorting my clothes today into wear now, wear in the summer, give away, and throw away. This is major for me and I hope I can hold on and get it finished today. I do way too many crafts and have a booth at a local maker’s market. I have been struggling for at least a year now with getting things made to my standards and deciding what of the overwhelmingly many projects to do next. I am slowing down with age. That frustration has been a big part of my depression lately, as well as the overcluttered clothing. Last night as I was finishing the machine embroidery on a really cute apron that says “Do Not Call Rudolph Names”, I just sat in my craft space and realized I have crafted myself into about two inches of free craft space, so I just sat for a long time. Sometime in there, I gave up the idea that I “had” to get more things made. I’m going to survive the next week by knitting on a hat just for myself and taking more Ativan when we go on our family vacation so i can try to enjoy being with people I love for 24 hours a day. This is pretty long and not all that upbeat, but it is what it is and I’ve got my survival plan ready. For the next week at least. That is good. Keep rolling, y’all.

  39. I drafted the patterns to make the dolls my daughter thinks she needs to add to her collection of Muppets-never-made-into-dolls. I can start sewing tomorrow, so that’s something.

    I found a bunch of old French ladies’ magazines at the National French Library (online), and hat patterns in them, so I’m indulging my millinery lust and downloading them for my collection to start sewing (after I translate them) after New Years. Hats… I can’t help myself. And bérets are my most hugest weakness. I will self-care in the New Year by retreating to my happy place and making a million hats. (Just recognizing I need to is pretty huge.)

    I’m also still pretty proud of all the work that went into my book (updated edition). If you’re a family historian/recipe collector, perhaps you’d be interested. 🙂 http://www.creatinganheirloom.com

  40. I have completely supported myself solely as a freelance editor for just over a year now, and working from home is just about the best thing ever.

    My dad and I have gone on a 3- to 4-mile walk 3 times a week, every week, for more than 9 months.

    I have almost finished editing my best friend’s second book this year (tiawritesbooks.com).

  41. I got my first A on a homework assignment in my class last week. Considering I’m hoping this will be my new career so I can escape retail hell, the fact that I’ve gone from C’s to A’s in the the course of things is pretty damn excellent.

  42. I used to blog, but I haven’t in a while because I can’t sleep, like seriously not sleeping. It turns out that I have severe sleep apnea. When I did an overnight at the sleep lab to get titrated for a CPAP device I couldn’t sleep long enough for them to set me up with the machine. That was a month ago. My head feels like the inside of a pinball machine.

    But you know what I am happy/proud about? Instead of letting myself get frazzled by the not sleeping, I’ve decided to keep a sense of humor about it (because I read Furiously Happy), and when I get down I go out and buy a book for myself or someone else and I give five or ten bucks to our local Food Pantry.

  43. My Christmas is planned and I have time to make multiple copies of your “misadventure” doodle. I like to call it Dreamwhale. I’m using Granddaughter’s pens. She has lots to share. There’ll be whales of many colors.

  44. I have a blog! It is all about my life and creative projects here in the beautiful Lone Star State.

    In happiness, I am happy and grateful to finally be home after visiting family for the holiday (& to take a nap in MY bed) and to have the new episode of Doctor Who waiting for me on my DVR! 😀

  45. I’m celebrating my ability to “let go” this Thanksgiving! Instead of making myself tense by trying to make the perfect meal (when we’d be gone all day anyways), I put off cooking our holiday meal until Friday. You’d think this was “common sense”, but for years I’ve told myself that I was a bad mom/wife if I didn’t get up at the crack of dawn to prepare a feast, just to have leftovers.

    As for my HAPPY today…I just found out that the book club at the church I attend has decided to read Furiously Happy for our January meeting! I may have danced around the kitchen in pure joy! Okay, no maybe…I totally did! Whippeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  46. Promoting a friend’s book. She has such an interesting story; ups and downs, twists and turns–from an alcoholic home, to 20 years in the convent, falling in love with a priest, to the psych ward, then on to married life. . . all woven together by lessons in healing and forgiveness Available for pre-orders on KickStarter (some donation levels include a personalized poem by the author).

  47. My husband and I just started a screen print & embroidery business! threadmadedesigns.com It is more work than we could have ever imagined but our motivation is taking 10% of profits and buying school uniforms for students in need in our community.

  48. Today is my birthday so you can celebrate that if you want to! I’ve been having a rough day so this is a good challenge for me. I think the thing I’m most happy about is that I’m an encouragement to so many people in my life. Yes, I find it draining to be an empath & at the same time, I’m keeping others from giving into the lie of depression.

  49. We are spending a couple of years traveling full-time in our RV to figure out where we want to live when we grow up. For 20+ years, the US Navy told us where to live; now it’s our turn to choose, and it’s scarier that we thought! Still, not a bad lifestyle for two folks still on the underside of 50! And yes, of course I’m blogging about it. It’s what you do.

    And thanks to you, Madame Bloggess, a mini-metal-chicken-on-a-stick travels with us and marks our spot at every park. Her name’s Mary Jo. Find her, and you’ve found us!

  50. All these people, so productive! My gawd! What about people like me who do not do the “happiest season” worth a shit, and are just curled up in a ball, sucking their collective thumbs and waiting for January to get here? Huh? Huh?

  51. Oh, and I thought about you and your bobcat when we woke up to a herd (?) of javalinas here in west Texas this morning. Yeah, I really wanted to pet them.

  52. I just finished your book on Friday night. That makes me happy because I love your books. Sad because I have to wait for the next one.

  53. I just want to share the fact that I am adulting like a mofo today, writing a 10 page paper on fetal microchimerism, studying for finals, and I HAVEN’T CRIED ONCE! I’ve even managing to get some laundry done! I deserve a trophy, or at least a kitten and some chocolate or something

  54. I’m SO glad no one got eaten by a bobcat. Those pictures before had him looking like a badass mob moss wandering up to your place.

    I’ve been getting down on myself recently as I switch to winter clothing and find I don’t fit in my clothes like I used to. BUT then I tell myself that I HAVE been learning to jog and my shins don’t hurt so much when I do it now and maybe some of my muscle is, you know, just having a rest in my boob area and one day it’ll realize it’s not very comfortable there and it will hasta luego. Or I could learn Spanish. BE POSITIVE.

  55. Oh, I like this!
    I did a jewelry show today for my (very) small business, http://www.singingstonesjewelry.com.
    I have a benefit coming up in which I’m singing for a local friend’s church. I’m helping them raise money for a new handicapped accessible bathroom. Check out the blog link below for more details on my singing. http://Www.kellyandgeoff.com
    I found out last week that I’ve been nominated for an award at one of my jobs. I get a small cash prize just for being nominated and a larger one if I win. I’ve worked there for 11+ years, so it’s nice to get some recognition.
    And the most important: I woke up on Wednesday and felt good. I felt good for the first time in years. It was amazing.

  56. I have started a YouTube channel! I use it as an outlet to both ask and answer uncomfortable questions, most of which are in the social justice spectrum. The goal is to pose the question, give my thoughts, and carry on in the comments section. Check out the videos here: https://youtu.be/gVlShL5RtYo?list=PLIirY9VF_-MibtXLn9SNP2fbyn9RGpKrk

    I have also been running around screaming at everyone to buy Furiously Happy. Congrats on all the success!

  57. Promoting a friend’s book. She has such an interesting story; ups and downs, twists and turns–from an alcoholic home, to 20 years in the convent, falling in love with a priest, to the psych ward, then on to married life. . . all woven together by lessons in healing and forgiveness Available for pre-orders on KickStarter.com (some donation levels include a personalized poem by the author). Beauty From Ashes by Charline Payne on Kickstarter.com

  58. After basically losing three full years to depression and anxiety and the general not-ideal-ness of the world, i have been progressively getting better and more productive all year. Since June, me and my creative partner have been continuously working on our own art and putting things out into the world: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYqK7qYPkti_SmG-rOmu0xQ

    Right now, I am working on a holiday special and episode 2 of our Depression and Anxiety Life Hacks, which is the most soul soothing, rewarding thing i have probably ever done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rx3ZCvd1dzM

    It’s hard to get back to doing things and being alive when you spent some significant time just battling your demons for mere survival, but it IS so very possible and so very good.

  59. After many months of struggling to write, I am feeling insanely proud of my recently reaffirmed passion and dedication to my writing and my art. I am also feeling very grateful today for this opportunity to share my pride here, with you.
    Smiles all ’round.

  60. Black Friday… Small business Saturday…Cyber Monday…. I think today is Satisfaction Sunday ! There are so meant amazing tribe members here ! I love reading these post ! My accomplishment for the day is just getting out of bed and letting depression and fibro know they did not winning today dammit ! Oh ! And I may have actually vacuumed ! 🙂

  61. This entire month has been an exercise in feeling like I’m looking through a window at life, and the glass is warped so everything and everyone is sort of fuzzy and out of focus. It’s been hard to get out of bed so the most I’ve done is go to work and feed the dogs when I get home before sleeping. I spent Thanksgiving and Grandma’s farm (peopling!) AND yesterday went to a Star Wars marathon party (peopling again!) and stayed for two full episodes. Still mostly numb overall, but it must be progress.

  62. Self Promotion Sunday!
    Walsh’s Handmade – Handmade lip balms, soaps and other beauty/bath products. On Etsy!
    Also – I made it though an unexpectedly difficult Thanksgiving! Yippee to me, my hubbity and my in-laws!

  63. Woohoo! Thank you for inviting us to share in the joy you’ve been spreading.
    Proud Momma Moment here – my son has designed many boardgames, but this is the first one to hit the retail stores, and it’s doing really well. First printing sold out, and ranking high on a bunch of geek lists that I know nothing about. The game is a strategy game for up to 8 players, ages 13 and up (though there have been some 8-year-olds who wupped their parents in this game…)
    Steampunk Rally – this is one of my favorite reviews (couldn’t find my very most favouritest):
    This is the video from last year’s Kickstarter…
    My “boy” is “Samual Yrench” in this video:

    ‘Nuff bragging!

  64. My dog isn’t going to die, she’s going to get better. And I have mostly forgiven myself for asking my Dad to pay her vet bills. If I can’t swallow my pride and ask for me, I can do it for her. I’m starting a blog, to get some of my thoughts out of my head, and even though I haven’t published my first post, I’m working on it. That’s a huge step from being stuck with no way to change my life.

  65. I have made a 50s style dress complete with embroidered poodles and a Jackie Kennedy style jacket and pillbox hat for my daughter. I have part of a cross stitch project done for a friend’s Xmas present. And I have everything I need to start doing silversmithing in addition to my polymer clay jewelry (www.orbitalsjewelry.com) so that I can start making some of the things I have bumping around in my head. Wish me luck!

  66. I’m so excited that Furiously Happy made the best seller list! I’m not going to lie, I drove to a bookstore 30 minutes away to grab a signed copy the second day it was out. I would have gone the first day, but I stepped in puke and hurt my back. So I went home and the neighbor yelled at me when I got there. Then a solicitor came to the door just as I started having a sneezing fit. By the time all of that was over all I wanted to do was hide indoors.
    At any rate, I wanted to say that Pone (what I call my fiancé) has created a replica of the baby from Eraserhead and has it up on eBay.

  67. After you responded to me the other day, I thought it was a good idea to get additional insight from your wisdom and bought your book off Amazon. (I don’t think you have time to respond to every post I write, so a book is the next best thing :)). My grandmother always used to say, “If you’re going to read a book, open to a random page first and if there is a sex scene or a swear word, it is not appropriate to read.” You had the word “fuck” in the book jacket and I knew it was going to be great. I’m only a couple chapters in but I read the part about the pharmacist to my husband and he said, “that sounds exactly like something that would happen to you… I thought you were the only one that had so many odd occurrences happen to one person.” I suffer from many of the same disorders, trichotillomania is one… Alopecia was another when all my hair fell out from one bout of total long term anxiety. The best thing about this book (and you) is that you talk about all this out loud. I have never found this before. And if I were you, I would have had the same urge to kick that lady in the crotch at the airport who said depression isn’t real. Love this and can’t wait to finish this.

  68. Started a blog 3 months ago and it doesnt feel like anyone reading it at all but i still love it it give me something to do rather then to just fall back into that dark hole i call depression.I took A big step Today and I Went to church on my own with out having a panick attack and i even drove past the beach.And Im Super Pround Of Myself…so yay

  69. I’m nearly single-handedly creating an audio podcast called Managlitch City Underground. It’s about a pirate radio station broadcasting in a city where magic and technology co-exist, and where reality breaks on a regular basis. I’m sixteen episodes in – that’s about eight months’ worth – and I’m amazed I’ve made it this far; but I’m pretty proud of it!

  70. As a survivor of assault and a writer of romance, the one thing I’d always avoided was writing a romance heroine who’d survived sexual assault. When I finally decided to, it felt so huge I wasn’t sure I’d finish the book. It took almost two years, but I did finish.

    I’ve gone on to write two more in the series. The first in the series, At the Stars, is currently on sale for $0.99 in ebook at most vendors: http://www.amazon.com/At-Stars-Evergreen-Grove-Book-ebook/dp/B00UUOF8ZS

  71. I’m nearly single-handedly creating an audio podcast called Managlitch City Underground. MGCU is about a pirate radio station broadcasting in a city where magic and technology co-exist, and where reality breaks on a regular basis. It’s been a lot of fun! I’m sixteen episodes in and sometimes can’t even believe it.

  72. My not so secret dream job is to be an author. It has been since I was young. After hearing so many of my friends tell me that they looked forward to my Facebook posts because they make them laugh or that they think I should write a book, I decided to start a blog. Yet my life as a wife, mother, and special education teacher doesn’t allow me much time to just write. Maybe this post will inspire me to find time to write…after doing my lesson plans, of course.


  73. I am furiously happy that we have recently been inundated by a shitload of frozen H2O because that means all of the midge fly babies are dead! Wait… that sounds terrible. It’s not so much that I’m happy about thousands of innocent midge fly babies going to… wherever the fuck they go (maybe…midge fly purgatory?) so much as I am happy the little bastards (fuck. sorry… maybe adult midge flies have wedding ceremonies) are no longer providing all you can eat buffets for the thousands of goddamned oak-mites and all their babies that have been blowing in the breeze… and falling from the trees… and biting me and mine for the past several months. So, yeah… YAY for hard freezes in Wichita! Oh, and bubbles. Big wobbly orbs of color and light wafting into the mystic. Bubbles are just beautiful… and they like the cold and wet… and they don’t bite people and make them all red and blistered and itchy. Oak-mites don’t even like the way we taste. RIP (rest in permafrost) you little flying chigger motherfuckers… RIP.

  74. I thought about putting up Christmas decorations but decided to take a long winters nap instead. Yay me! 🙂

  75. Oddly enough, I AM saving all the kitties today! Well, maybe not all… Put out feral cat shelters so kitties without human families have somewhere to go to get out of the cold and wet this winter. It’s really easy to build your own out of a plastic tote, styrofoam, duct tape, and straw. You can google for instructions.

  76. Well this isn’t at all related to me, but I am supremely happy that Berke Breathed has started doing Bloom County comic strips again. And I am traveling the country spending a month in various places I’ve never got to explore before. So I am currently in a happy place all around.

  77. I’m with you Ken Buchanan….well not WITH you….but in the great Kansas feeze out. Power outage sucked but no more bugs!!! P.S. I love me some bubble lights!! They’re just so dagum bubbly!!! 😉

  78. slipawayx0 is my instagram handle. I am happy and excited about learning to use Instagram to offer my repurposed clothing that I have restyled!

  79. I recently launched my photography business, and I’m selling 25 sets of limited edition prints, for $25 each – but offering 15% off for Black Friday / Cyber Monday this weekend! They’re up at superflash.ca, and the code is BlackFriday2015 … my instagram is superflashphoto for more details! 🙂

  80. I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up! I’m editing, and it’s so much fun! I mean, yeah, it can be a slog, but I love the English language, and the opportunity to help make peoples’ stories better feeds my need to help people (and my reading fetish lol).

    It’s so great to finally be doing something I love to support myself. Who knew my pathological rule-following could be lucrative?


    Excellent Sunday, everyone!

  81. After 2 months of trying, I finally got a 6 week medical leave approved and I am trying to get healthy. I celebrated by walking my dog and taking up crochet again. I visited the horseys down the road and feel more hopeful than I have in a long time.

  82. My husband and I started a screen printing & embroidery business!
    Threadmadedesigns.com It has been a lot of work but our motivation is donating 10% of all profits toward the purchase of new school uniforms for students in need in our community!

  83. I’m pretty thrilled about my blog. And fighting my crappy cancer. I’m starting a new treatment as a clinical trial on Wednesday. This could be the one!

  84. First, I’m still blogging once a week at http://www.SquirrelsintheDoohickey.com. This in itself is a monumental feat because every week I tell myself it’s time to give up the blog and focus my attention on my newly-hatched copywriting business, which so far has two clients and an almost-complete website: http://www.JustGreatCopy.com.

    Second, I’ve learned to honor my feelings. If I’m anxious, I honor that, and find a way to ease the anxiety and still live my life. If I’m sad, I allow myself to feel the emotion, listen to its message, and honor it while moving through it.

    Third, I make time to practice meditation, my medication of choice. I’ve learned, without the daily practice, I start to spiral.

  85. Jenny, I hope Furiously Happy stays on the best seller list for a long long time. Although, I think when it gets into the remainder bins, it’ll probably do the most good, you know reaching folks who can’t pay full price.

    Me, I am pleased that I got through hosting Thanksgiving which normally makes me cranky. I love the people, love to cook, but my family members all have different and difficult dietary needs and nobody cooks but me. I lived. Everybody ate. I didn’t kill anybody. It was a damn good holiday.

  86. Just before reading this, I hit “submit” on my final paper of my first semester of my PhD program (which I commute from Chicago to Philadelphia on some weekends while holding down a busy full time job)! Woot! Yes, this means I’m going to be Doctor Sex Geek (specifically Human Sexuality Education) in a few years!!!

    Also, I have a slightly dilapidated and chronically ignored Etsy shop, should you be looking for some handmade jewelry for holiday gift giving. Or for yourself, because dammit, you deserve it!!!


  87. I am happy that my mental state is about 110% better than it was at this time last year. I’m so glad I got help and started taking antidepressants. The cold, dreary days still get to me and sometimes I don’t feel like getting out of bed, but at least I’m not staring over cliff edges (literally) or wondering why the hell I exist.

  88. I really hope that someday you’ll write a children’s book (maybe co-authored with your daughter??). Maybe the title should be, “It’s a bobcat, Jenny!”

    Ok, self promotion. I’m writing a book titled Not So Sweet ’16 this coming year. I’m going to follow the World Health Organization’s sugar guidelines of 20 pounds or less of sugar for an entire year (most people eat 100-150 pounds).

    I’ll write it as a comedy. Health comedy….I think I just started a new genre.

  89. After my mother’s house burned down in a fire I started working with a non-profit that helps people understand insurance issues after a large loss and eventually we received a grant to write a book about it which you can get on Amazon. http://amzn.to/1XBLN7r

  90. My creative outlet is handmade soap. There are unlimited combinations of ingredients, fragrances, and colors & patterns, and I get to make science 🙂
    I recently had a table at a local holiday bazaar, and it was heartwarming to see how many people appreciated my soaps. (And bought them! Which helped fund many future batches of soap!)

  91. I have posted on both my blogs (bipolarjan.wordpress.com and janetcobur.wordpress.com) for the umpteenth week in a row. And I’m signing up for the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop with special guest Jenny Lawson, as soon as registration opens on Tuesday.

  92. I made it through the worst year of my life and I’m alive! I’m still not sure who I’m still breathing. Lost my grandmother in January, my husband of 18 years left me in March for a girl young enough to be his daughter and I moved out of my home and my kids and granddaughter elected to stay with him. Thanks to good therapy and an amazing doctor and a perfect medication regimen I’m starting to feel alive again,

  93. I am a personal chef, product specialist for KitchenAid and teach cooking classes, love what I,do. I was off last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! I cooked dinner for us, baked bread and made apple butter on Friday. Life is good. And my husband does not think I am so odd since I too would think about huggin a bobcat. Thanks!

  94. I recently published my book “Eureka! Inspirational Activities for Kids” on iBooks! It felt so good to finally get it out there after years of delay. Very scary, liberating, exciting and kind of a big deal.

  95. We are so excited that our movie, Life Inside Out is now out on DVD and VOD!
    “A middle-aged woman (Maggie Baird) rediscovers the passion she had for music during her youth and uses it to connect with her troubled teenage son (Finneas O’Connell), who soon discovers his own musical gifts.”
    Life Inside Out is family friendly, full of awesome music and stars real life mother and son Maggie Baird and Finneas O’Connell as mother and son Laura and Shane. It’s a wonderful movie to share with someone you love!

  96. I didn’t eat a whole chocolate pecan pie by myself. (There is second pie on counter though… I can feel my will power crumbling like that buttery crust.)
    I’ve exceeded my 2015 goal for total number of blog followers repurposedgenealogy.com
    Today, I can still button my jeans after a week of gluttony. (Tomorrow? Maybe not if the pie wins)

  97. I’m pleased that all these commenters have something to “toot their own horn” about. I have nothing to be proud of, but there is always tomorrow.

  98. I am going over (and over and over!) my director’s notes for the first play I’ve ever directed, “A Very Merry Radio Show”, in Madison, Indiana. I am simultaneously excited and petrified for our opening night Dec. 11. I am a very organized person, and I am hoping that doesn’t lead to too much self-confidence and I forget something crucial. Like the keys to the venue. Or putting on my kick-ass retro ’50’s dress. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!

  99. Today my daughter marched with her Jr. ROTC UNIT in the holiday parade and when I saw her so young and strong and happy I let out this sort of strangled sob and realized that is the sound you make when your heart bursts with pride. I’m immensely proud of her (and proud of myself for not crying in public). I hope this fits in to the topic.

  100. I always read but rarely comment. I make things and attempt to sell them on the internet. I also sell a few vintage items.


    P.S. I have failed at saving any kittens IRL today, but in my head I save them all and we have a glorious party.

  101. I’m an author and a freelance editor and I might actually make my deadline for the latest book I’m editing in spite of a ton of obstacles including root canals, migraines, and my usual fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety attacks! Whee!! Take that, insanity! 😜 And by the way, today is Take a Kitten to Lunch Day. Hope you didn’t miss it!!

  102. I desperately want to follow in your “not having a nervous breakdown” footsteps, as we head into my son’s next neurological appointment tomorrow. I suffer writer’s imposter syndrome, but I kinda liked my most recent post about being thankful at greaterthangravity.wordpress.com.

  103. I learned that I was an introvert about a year ago and started a podcast with my friend. The podcast is called Introvert/Extrovert (I am the introvert) and it is doing well enough that we are having guests from the introvert community come and talk with us. When we started out, someone could type in the exact name of the podcast in iTunes and we weren’t on the page. Today, you can search “introvert” in the podcast section of iTunes and we are the second channel that comes up.

    I am also excited because I am driving up from San Jose to see Jenny in Corte Madera. I normally hate crowds but I am willing to brave most anything to get my new copy of “Furiously Happy” signed by The Bloggess.

  104. shuffles feet Um, I was hired to co-host a YouTube channel. I do the shows about comic books and it’s called The Fortress of Dorkness and the link is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFTVz8CHUM-SuFfZSdZh-FA/featured Um, in case anyone here likes comics and humor and wants to watch the show. I’d be ever so grateful.
    I’m a nerd actress, so hosting this show is very, very much the sort of thing I want from my career. If I could just do this show and other good nerdy acting jobs, I’d be satisified.

  105. I regret not attending your book signing while you were in Toronto! (Sorry, I found out too late in the day.)

    I’m going to celebrate writing a difficult email to a client about a portion of work he’s given me that I’m not being paid for. YAY US.

  106. We just hosted the Orphans Feast with great success. It is the annual gathering where we feast viciously upon the orphans to appease the gods and control the population boom. We had a werewolf mascot for this year’s gathering.

    Nah, really it’s a gathering of friends, originating with a bunch of us “orphans” with no family in the area to do holidays with. We expanded it out to our whole social circle, and just last night packed a whopping 20 people into our tiny little condo for much feasting and drinking. AND! We’ve already managed to get the house mostly cleaned up from the party, which is super surprising. Like seriously, by the time the last guest had left, I had decided I wasn’t leaving bed for a week, and yet… so woo!

  107. That I made it through Thanksgiving without my family and I didn’t let myself fall into a big funk about it. I’m 46 years old and I am still working on giving up my expectations of the “perfect family holiday” which doesn’t actually exist. So that’s it….now to tackle the Christmas holiday 🙂

  108. I…. left my newsletter at the last minute and have to build one tonight (!!) to be sent out tomorrow, and because I still have to work 40 hours/week at my sad day job combined with 4pm sunsets, I have almost no neat photos to work with.

    November was a pretty rollercoaster month. I don’t want to be a downer so I’m hoping to brainstorm a bunch of nice, joyful things we’ve enjoyed this month instead. It can be done! Of course, I’ll shamelessly post a link to that: http://eepurl.com/Rzd15

    Unless you prefer something like watercolour youtube videos, you can find me there under “Yellowmelle” instead :3

  109. I’ve always been cautiously proud of my book, <a href=http://www.amazon.com/Better-Living-Through-Bad-Movies-ebook/dp/B001U3YPUW/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1448847163&sr=1-1&keywords=better+living+through+bad+movies”>Better Living Through Bad Movies, and after hearing the first few chapters of the forthcoming audio version, I kind of fell in love with it again. Or at least with the parts my partner wrote, because she’s hilarious.

  110. My twin sister and I own a vintage goods and gift shop in a restored circa 1862 home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We just celebrated our second anniversary! I’m happy to say after all our hard work we are still here and doing well enough to pay the bills! We have a nice selection of vintage, antique and new goods and gifts for you and your home. Look for us on Facebook at MySisterandMeLLC, Lake Geneva or visit our shop on Main Street in beautiful downtown Lake Geneva. Also find us on Etsy at: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/mysisterandmellc.

  111. I am very proud of my husband Ray who graduated from coding school in September and is now a web developer and designer. https://rgoodwin.azurewebsites.net

    I am also very proud of his digital comic book company IWOA Comics. Iwoacomics.com

    I am incredibly proud of my 21 year old transgender daughter who was dropped off at a homeless shelter on 10/1/15 and finally understood what “adulting” meant. She now has two jobs and is able to support herself. Her awakening to the real world has finally repaired our difficult relationship and we are getting along better than we have in several years.

    I am proud of me for taking some VERY much needed time off work and giving myself the time and space I need to figure out what I want out of life 2hile not having a panic attack about spending our savings.

  112. I made it through this entire last week only backing out of one “thing” – when I have a week as full as this, I always go into it with the best of intentions, then realize I’m totally overwhelmed and end up backing out of most things. I made it to dinner with the in-law family, dinner with my family, and actually showered, got dressed, left the house to run errands. The only thing I skipped was going to Mom’s house Friday to help with dinner prep…Thursday wiped me out, and dinner with my family was put off until Saturday, so I knew I’d be no good Sat if I didn’t recharge on Friday. That sounds so selfish….

  113. And wow, when I read all the other comments, I feel like my “proud-of moment” this week is pretty lame…

  114. New anxiety meds still working; have realized that I will have spent too much time traveling to spend time with family between mid-Nov and mid-Dec that I really just want to hermit at home for Christmas. Now I have to figure out how to convey that to in-laws without sounding offensive…

  115. I am happy and terrified because I finally quit the job I hated, even though I don’t have another lined up. But now I’ve got time to work on knitting a baby blanket for my soon-to-be nephew, which is wonderful, and to consider my family’s suggestions that I open an Etsy shop.

  116. My friend and I started crafting things and actually sold some at a local craft fair! Go us!!

    I’m making microwave heating pads that I call “heavy hugs”, because that’s why I started making them. My kids would ask for “one more hug” and we found that one of these pads felt warm and heavy just like a hug, and helped them get to sleep. I’ve got tons of kids’ designs, like Olaf from Frozen, Star Wars BB-8 and R2D2, Hello Kitty, and My Little Pony (as well as more general preschool age stuff like bugs, jungle, cars, etc) but the folks at the craft fair only seemed to want the grownup designs.

    My crafting buddy is making rag quilts as well as weighted blankets and weighted lap pads for special needs kids. She makes them in custom weights and has several unique factors in the way she makes them (pellets are in separate packets so they won’t shift, extra layers of batting make the pellet texture less obtrusive, etc) and she offers free shipping!

    You can find us at http://www.thehomestitch.com (that’s my friend’s site, but if you’re looking for a heating pad, you can request one there). Free shipping on all orders!

  117. I volunteer for a pit bull rescue and we’ve gotten some difficult adoptions done to wonderful people in the last month.I get to stalk the potential adopters and poke into their private lives – all in the name of rescue. Save a dog, invade some privacy – good times. Keeps the fibromyalgia fog away – can’t flake on a dog in need. If you’re in the Northeast looking for a great dog, http://www.pmarinc.org

  118. I’ve been doing my “art” on a chalkboard and posting to instagram as jammi_o. I would appreciate people checking it out and following if you like what you see. I can’t draw and have a hard time writing on a vertical surface, but I’m getting a lot better and always trying new things.I’m kind of proud of how far I’ve come and really enjoy doing it.

  119. I finished my 9th NaNoWriMo successfully. Someday maybe I can publish even one of the novels I’ve written! 🙂

  120. Thank you for letting us do this! My business is called Leaves of Paper and we make gifts and decorations all from paper. From journals and earrings to adult coloring books and mini origami stars, we have something for everyone! We use eco-friendly paper (we love Neenah paper!) and practices as much as possible, and we also do custom orders in case you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

    Come check us out! leavesofpaper.etsy.com

  121. I’m happy that I finally found a group of people online who understand what it means to have (or have had) brain fluid leaking out of your nose. Crazy. But scary. And difficult to navigate without fellow warriors. So I’m pleased to be coming out of that dark, solitary place and finding others wandering around in the light. 🙂

    Always happy for your light, too, Jenny. Even when you’re in the dark, your manage to bring the light to others just by being you. Thanks for that.

  122. I smiled for the first time in months on Friday. I went out with friends for the first time in years and had someone flirt with me for hours. 🙂

  123. I am feeling generous and I started a Christmas gift list. I usually hate and fully opt out of the Christmas gift merry-go-round, giving gifts only to my daughter and my Dad. I will also put up the decorations on Christmas Eve and keep them up for two weeks.

  124. I finished putting up all my Christmas decorations today, inside and out! (Didn’t do it all today, just finished today!) I also only have to get just a gift for my sister and stocking stuffers for my hubby and I’m done buying everyone’s presets! Go me! (Oh and I’m glad none of you have been eaten by bobcats yet!! Have you seen more of them?)

  125. I self-published a contemporary fantasy (with hints of fairy tales and myths) last year called “The Golden Orb” and am currently working on revisions on a sci-fi novel set on a space station orbiting Earth in 2114 called “When We Were Forgotten”. I’m hoping to self-publish it in early 2016. I have a blog too with info on my books (and life in general) at http://acooksbooks.com.

    Mostly, I’m happy my husband kind of pushed me to go to Thanksgiving at his parents’ house rather than let me wallow in self-doubt and pity at home. I actually enjoyed myself once I got there. And we took our young sons to a movie today, “The Last Dinosaur”. They sat through it like pros, despite their sensitivity to loud things. We all enjoyed it.

  126. Hi I had heard about your site here and thought of look it up and wow I’m so surprised by the posts and comments.
    I have heard of your books but never been able to get one. All I heard was she is an amazing writer. Congrats !!
    I know a lot about what your are going through with nerves and so on its hard to deal with and not to mention what to expect from day to day. Holy cow we are only human ! Lol
    But we try to keep pushing forward and looking for the best.
    I have to share my little bit of my happiness with you. I have had a couple friends that became homeless about 3 weeks ago and we took them. The young lady is pregnant and due Dec 8th by c-section. Our home is full to the max of course but I wouldn’t change it for nothing. I’ve been trying to find a way to add rooms on to our home for them or find a bigger home to fit us all. No luck on either one. So sad that I can’t get help with what I need at a time of need and I do and do and do for others. Just so upsetting to me and gets me down so bad. I feel as if I should give up and not try ever again. But my big heart won’t let me. I can’t even get myself to put the tree up and I have a lil one that would enjoy it so much. I wonder what’s wrong with me or is not me or just all me. Am I the one that can’t handle things ? Do I give up ? Nope I keep trying and looking because there is so much riding on this new place to call home or adding on.
    Best part is I did make a few paper snowflakes today ! Lol
    Plan was to hang them all over the ceiling like a winter wonderland for my lil guy.
    Hope I can keep this thought process going. Lol
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  127. I became a stem cell donor a week and a half ago. 8.5 hours over two days and hopefully I helped save a life. Oh and I got to listen to Furiously Happy while I donated and as I couldn’t move it was the best distraction so thank you for that!

  128. Something happy. Ok. Here it goes. I’m happy that I stopped pretending to be in a happy marriage, and while he served me with divorce papers because he had to be in control, I feel a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders. Happy, that as incredibly difficult this year has been, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I will not beat myself up for not having the courage to do it sooner. Almost 14 years with someone, most of it secretly unhappy, was incredibly exhausting, while dealing with several chronic illnesses and consistently short of spoons before getting out of bed each day. Happy, that I am getting better at dealing with his cruelness (“you’re only acting like this because you’re on antidepressants.” “You blame yourself for our son being the way he is because you were on antidepressants while you were pregnant with him.” When telling him I thought I needed to go back on medication: “I think you’re stressed out and just need to get back to the gym.”), that was always really there, especially when he didn’t get his way. Happy, that I know I am stronger today, than I was yesterday; than I was 2 months ago; than I was six months ago; than I was a year ago. Because a year ago I realized I was done with my marriage over an empty soap dispenser. I am happy for 2016. Knowing I have shed a layer of skin. And I feel reborn. Stronger, in so may ways.

  129. My – not on any best seller list yet I’m still very proud of it – book: Creating A Joyful Life: The Lessons I Learned From Yoga & My Mom.
    And that I replaced the fill valve in the toilet today all by myself without having to call anyone for help or doing (too much) cursing.

  130. After months and months of studying, terrifying standardized tests, tracking down decades-old transcripts and professors, writing many many essays. polishing my resume and editing and updating old research papers- I am about to hit ‘send’ on my applications to PhD programs. I can’t believe I pulled it all together, and you bet I’m gonna shout it from the rooftops! I’ve got a great feeling about the future. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams!!

  131. I started a travel blog back on LiveJournal about a year ago now, and in July, I moved it to a WordPress site. A new post launches at least every other day and I have posts scheduled through December 15. I hope to get my next couple of posts done tomorrow.

    In my blog, I am recounting my past travel experiences (starting with family trips during my childhood), places to visit in both South Texas and Northern Illinois, and I am attempting to read and say something coherent about every article in every issue of National Geographic ever (right now I’m done with December 2013 through September 2015; at this rate, it’ll take me about 125 years to get all caught up, assuming that the magazine continues to be published through 2141).

  132. I’ve started exercising regularly while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and tweet once a day about the episode I’ve watched. Keeps me exercising and motivated, damn I love Buffy (#ExerciseWithBuffy). Also over on my blog I’m celebrating all things Sherlock Holmes with Sherlocked!

  133. My daughter, who’s been away travelling for two years will be arriving home the day after tomorrow!!! So excited to have her back again, and for Christmas, too!

  134. Tonight? I paid for our groceries with money I earned with my ART! squeal And I’ve been dying to show you the new direction of that art. I … well… you’re one of the biggest inspirations for the direction my work has taken, Jenny. And these two specific prints I’m linking… and the project that will hopefully be built around them? They make me cry, like nothing I’ve ever done. It’s like they aren’t even my work. And you, and this tribe, are among those I’m doing this for. Why am I sniffling trying to write this? SHEESH I’m gonna short out the damn keyboard.


  135. I simply love this…there are very few places I feel comfortable praising myself for my accomplishments…thank you for providing us this space…

    3 short months ago I took a huge risk and started my own business and I’ve surpassed all of my own expectations, hitting all the goals and significant milestones I set for myself! Yet even now I am scared for what the next 3 months will bring (or subsequently, what they won’t bring). But for today, I am proud! I am proud of myself, not only for exceeding my goals, but for my commitment to doing better for my family. Thank you!

  136. I’m so excited to be leading an Adopt-A-Grandparent program with my Mary Kay team!!! We are accepting donations of $10 per grandparent, to present a lovely gift for the residents of Bridgewater Assisted Living Facility in Mount Dora, FL. Many seniors are overlooked at this time of year, and we are so happy to be able to help make their holiday a brighter one, as we deliver their gifts and sing carols to them on December 21st!!!
    If anyone wants to help, please message me thru my website at: http://www.marykay.com/pbaker4228. I will sign the card with your name & include it in your gift to them. Spread the love!

  137. Something I’m happy about: I successfully hosted a post thanksgiving thanksgiving dinner for my chosen family, with china and our inherited silver, and it was fantastic. Something I’m incredibly irritated about that would have otherwise made me furiously happy: I was really looking forward to going to your book signing in Pasadena, but I just checked Vromans site and they are requiring a book purchase with store receipt to even get in the signing line. For those of us that have already purchased one or more copies of your book, this seems really ridiculous. I didn’t think this was something they were allowed to do. Sad panda.

  138. I read Furiously Happy while on mandatory bed rest (stranded turtle position) prior to surgery for my broken ankle. Once I get the OK from the doctor, I’ll be back at my sewing machine, finishing the quilt for my about-to-be-born grandson. (Would have been finished already, but when you break your ankle in every possible way, like a Boss, it slows you down.)

  139. I made a pizza ornament that makes me laugh every time I look at it. Also, turned a long time obsession to make things into a small business where I get to design and sell people adorable things like pizza ornaments or blobfish pins. But really, right now it’s all about this ornament’s face.

  140. My son is doing a food drive for the Cache Valley food pantry for his Eagle Scout project. If you live in Cavhe Valley, Ut, and want to help, go over to my blog and comment on any post. I’ll get an email with your comment (and it won’t post til reviewed), and can email more info.

    ALSO, my oldest son is a graphic artist. He has a page on SocietySix.com… You can find very cool original art products at societysix.com/brownbeerd. Make great Christmas gifts!

    AND FINALLY, I do a blog about family law (in Utah) and divorce and life. My goals with it are to inform, educate, comfort, and hopefully encourage civility in family law. You can find it at marcatanner.wordpress.com. Check it out :).

  141. I am amazed at your energy level and have seen you in action at the Denver book signing. I would hire someone and then get a massage. We all know that being Furiously Happy can take it out of you!

  142. Our old dog died almost three weeks ago, and we are very sad about that, because she was fantastic. But today we adopted two other dogs, and they seem pretty fantastic, too.

  143. I want to promote Trades of Hope. It is my small business, but IT’S NOT ABOUT ME! It’s all about the thousands of women artisans around the world who are able to empower themselves out of poverty through sustainable work making jewelry, scarves, handbags, home décor, and more! If you want to change the world, you start with what you can do, and you can shop these artisans’ products, host a party to spread the word to your friends, or join me as I get to share the opportunity to help others on an ongoing basis as a Compassionate Entrepreneur.

    Thanks for asking, Jenny!

  144. I am researching how to make life better for people with HIV. We are discovering pretty great things and I hope they help people soon.

  145. I’m a little late to the party, but I figured better late than never. 🙂 My husband and I have been trying to raise money for IVF for almost a year now and have been wildly unsuccessful. Here’s the link to our go fund me campaign. Please feel free to share this with any and everyone. Thank you all in advance. Kellie 🙂


  146. I pushed extra extra hard to write the past two days, though I’m slipping into the fog and can’t quite see a way out yet. But you’ve got to celebrate all those triumphs right? Also, I’ve recently crocheted two pretty awesome backpacks for my kiddos, and an afghan for my dad that was part of his Christmas present, but I gave it to him today when I finished it since the house is kind of cold. Also, I’m closing on my house this week. That means we no longer have a house note until we find a new place (living in my parents house… all 5 of us in one room… probably part of the cause of the depression.) Most of the Christmas shopping is done, so that’s a plus. And I’ve gotten to spend the past 10 days with my Handsome because he took time off of work. And tomorrow we’ve got the day to ourselves. Going out for lunch. Maybe I’ll even fix my hair and put on make up…. WHO KNOWS? Anything is possible. Maybe not probable… but possible.

    Also I think it’s freaking amazing that you’ve kicked this book tours butt. It was great to see you in Nashville and I hope you continue to stay well on your trips. Your blog is one of my happy places, as are your books. Thank you for those!

  147. I survived today and I’ve decided to survive tomorrow, too. It’s not much but I figure if I can survive the parts that feel utterly unsurvivable then maybe I will end up doing something cool with my life that I’m proud of.

    My hope is that in a few years I’ll be able to say “I help people save and change their own lives because I’m a therapist who gets to be the person I always needed — and eventually found.”

    Thanks for your positivity, Jenny.

  148. I’ve been working on setting up my online shop. It’s been a slow process and I’m almost done, but tackling pricing my items and investing in shipping materials is the latest grind to a halt. It’s hard to convince myself to put value to my efforts and my head keeps trying to tell me I shouldn’t invest more because no one is going to buy outside of family & friends.

    Either way, I have a secondary site with a couple items listed for sale currently. They are 3D printed plastic. Two items were designed for contests, but can work as ornaments. I like designing moving parts, so they have lots of fidgety goodness going on. The other item is a display stand for certain types of collectible gaming figurines. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/arcadelabs

  149. Bought a pre-lit tree from Home Depot- put it up a week ago- cat kept trying to eat the pine cones on it- took it down and returned it. Now I’m $100 richer and that makes me happy- on a blue Monday

  150. I have nothing to promote, I’m a bit of a spirit in a completely useless body, not much you can do with that. You asked last time about my diagnose. I have late stage Lyme disease with coinfecrion Babesia, Bartonella and Mycoplasme. Babesia suckers are nibbling at my spinal cord and all my joints and yes it feels like RA on steroids. Wrt medication they have something here in the USA called the war on drugs.
    This is to prevent that people who are addicted can’t get their meds and also people who are in a last stage if an illness prevent to get their meds because they are afraid you will get addicted. I won’t go into that I’m sure you know how sickening and wrong this is. I can not take an extra painkiller to get me comfortable because I won’t have enough at the end of the month and my pee test will show I did not use them correctly. Enough of this.

    Today I was a little bit proud that I send my 2 grand kids an alternative advent calendar. Instead of the usual open a window and get a chocolate, they have a stack of books wrapped up in Christmas paper under their tree and every night they may open a package with a new book.
    I thought it was a great way to fill up their library. Their mom, just like me loves the feel of a real book so we’re still doing that. I purchased classics that my daughter loved whe she was young and a lot of new authors with fun books, like ‘The PooFactory’, that I’m sure is going to be a hit.:-)
    Yes, I’m proud of that tonight! 🙂

  151. I’m in the last few hours of my annual birthday coupon for my novel. It sucks that my birthday is always on Thanksgiving, especially because it means the coupon gets drowned out by Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Squirrel Camel Toe Awareness Sunday/Whatever.

    So hey, if you’re cool with letting me post the coupon here, the one or two sales I might actually get will make my day! It’s called Finding Gaia, a geeky romance full of adventure. Go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/180554 and use coupon code XG82V to pay $0.99. That’s 80% off. The coupon expires tonight.

  152. Celia and I made a book a while ago called “Bunny And Demon Go On A Picnic”.
    There are scripts for more books but we can’t really do them unless the first one makes a bunch of sales (hint hint). 😀

    Also, my friend Amy has started selling these lace-up hearts.
    I don’t know if they’re broken hearts, mended hearts or corset hearts but they’re awesome.

  153. Congrats Jenny on the success of your book! I love this post idea. My book blog hit its five year anniversary this year and is going strong. http://thebookstop.wordpress.com. Also I’ve been on this migraine prevention diet for four weeks and it’s helped a ton – no severe migraines in three weeks which is a big deal for me!

  154. I’m a day late, but I don’t care because I’m more than a bit crazy. I want to promote myself, but I’m not sure if I’m making my job harder, or telling people to love me. I’ll have to sneakily convince folks to love me, without raising their expectations too high, because I don’t want a harder job than I already have. Sound good? Good.

  155. I cannot wait to click through all these awesome connections and see what y’all are up to!

    I saw this post last night, but I actually had to wait to respond to this until this morning, because my brandy-new blog didn’t launch until today! After years of falling in and out of face-to-face book clubs, I put together my own corner of the internet to fill the gap. My Imaginary Book Club is still a baby site, but it’s a place for bookish things. Check it out over at http://www.imaginarybookclub.com, and you’ll literally make my day (I’m just sitting on Google Analytics stalking people).

  156. I have started a new Adoption Agency Rating & Review group in Facebook. The goal is to provide families a safe place to get real, honest stories about agencies so that they can make an educated choice about who they will work with, and choose an ethical agency. If you have adopted, please join and share your review: https://www.facebook.com/groups/457938251059776/

  157. I launched my health coaching practice in April, got fully certified in September, and recently shifted focus to help my clients repair their relationships with food and with their bodies. Basically I try to help people relax around food so that it’s not a source of anxiety and also to build up trust with their bodies. That was a scary shift to make because so many people in my field are focused on weight loss and meal plans and that is not at all what I do now (though all of my clients have lost weight, just by making these simple perspective/trust shifts). Definitely the scariest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, aside from parenting!

  158. I’ve been making real flower resin jewelry to pass the time and make a little extra money now that my husband’s migraines leave me alone most of the time. The flowers are from my mom’s garden and everything is handmade by me. I’ve even got special rainbow rose jewelry where all the links are from the same roses.
    I’ve got tons more than I’ve listed because I just haven’t had the time, but my shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/pristone. I’d be glad to gift wrap anything, make custom photo/memory jewelry for you, and do low-cost co-worker/group/staff presents in bulk.

  159. I write endlessly on running and mental health. My new crap can be found on jefftcann.com. My old crap is coming out in a book. Details about this on jefftcann.com. I like corresponding with strangers about writing. My email address and facebook profile can be found on jefftcann.com.

  160. I wasn’t sure I was going to do be able to do this when you posted this Sunday, but I’m committed now! And it’s kinda scary.

    I guess what I’m promoting right now is my Trey’s Christmas Fund project – which is basically a hail mary pass down the desperation yard line, as I try to somehow afford a few Christmas presents for my stepson – THE BEST KID EVER. On the planet.

    I was laid off in May, I’m still out of work, and unemployment has run out. I’m sending my resume out left and right, but it’s all pretty bleak right now. So, I’ve decided to try to raise some money by playing video games. Live, on stream. WITH MY FACE AND EVERYTHING.

    It’s terrifying, but I’ve got the support of a great community and I’m hopeful. But anyway, it’s all in my latest blog post. (Including what makes my kid so amazing.)

    Cross your fingers! And thanks for the opportunity to self-promote! (Which I’m terrible at.)

    (I love your kid. Just sent $50 from Santa. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  161. OK. I know I’m a day late…but for the past month, I’ve been in isolation mode. I’ve missed 6 or 7 important social events because I couldn’t face people. However, I am dressed and at work this morning and have a somewhat better attitude than I did yesterday. I am going to call that a win.

  162. I’m launching a record label with a friend and so far all the extra work and stress has only turned me into a mildly crazy person instead of a full on lunatic. Go team me! Also I got a bunch of “likes” on facebook for the thing, which society tells me I should be proud of b/c it’s good promotion or something. Anyway, the thing is Lonely Atom Records and if you go to lonelyatomrecords.com you get to see our IndieGoGo campaign that I helped put together and am also proud of. Now I just need people to actually support the thing with dollars and not just “likes” b/c while the “likes” are great, I can not spend them on materials to make more records 🙂

  163. nice idea! 🙂 well, survived more than 7 months at my new job, which sometimes seemed impossible to me. i published several articles and short stories in anthologies. i started writing my fist novel. also i crashed the car of my boss and still hold my job. i started my new blog in the beginning of this year and would love for you to check it out: http://anyasunita.blogspot.de/ Happy Selfpromote Day!

  164. I am gathering books for NICU babies because it is the first step in my attempt to create a world dominated by lifelong readers. Reading saved my life more than once, so it is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Here is a post that tells why I decided on this project. http://buildinglifelongreaders.blogspot.com/2015/09/building-lifelong-readers-nicu-edition.html

    Here is the current post that allows anyone who would like to help, do so.


    I am passionate about reading and wish I could every child in the world a library.

  165. I think my comment was eaten by the internet.

    I am passionate about reading and wish I could give every child a library. I collect books for a local NICU, so that each new baby can go home with a small library of five books. You can read here about my reason for doing this.


    You can read here to see how to help us get more books.


    Imagine a world where being a lifelong reader is the norm. Books have saved my life more than once, so it is a gift I wish I could give every single person.

  166. Proud of my grandson who joined the Marines! And proud of my brother who has his first book on Amazon! Sentence of Death–Gary N McCloud. Jen

  167. I challenged myself on Goodreads to read 50 books this year and I have blown past my goal – I’m at 65 now and still counting. A friend has met her challenge too. We’ve bought tiaras and are having a celebration lunch.

  168. Happy is a bit strong for what I feel – but I am deeply, deeply grateful that my daughter chose life a couple of weeks ago. Still pulling through every day and grateful that she’s still here.

  169. May I still self-promote even though it’s Monday? After 9 yeas working in an independent bookstore, I was brave enough to change careers. I applied to & was accepted at the grad school of my choice. I started grad school this fall and was doing really, really well (exceptionally well) until my semester was disrupted by illness. I started a blog called The Adventures of Library Heather to chronicle my journey through my Library & Information Science master’s degree. All of my professors are great and I’ve made some wonderful new friends – who do nice things like message me to say “We miss you. Class is not the same without you.” Also – completely unrelated to academics or my future career – I’m an awesome aunt. And my husband loves me and claims I’m a good wife, even though being sick has me feeling (temporarily) tired, frumpy, and boring.

  170. I could self-promote about making it through the first Thanksgiving without my Grandparents, and that I held it together enough not to cry more than once at the dinner table, but that isn’t particularly interesting to anyone but me and the 40 other people that we had at Thanksgiving dinner – so instead I will self promote about the little online store I launched in October. I always wanted to have a place to show off all the great small company, made in the USA, such-a-good-present-i-kept-it-for-myself things I found. So I decided to start a shop and spend a small fortune and put my bed up on blocks so I could put shop merchandise under there (New York City apartment!) and it would be nice if anyone wanted to check it out. It is –
    – and you can use the code “Cheerwine” for free shipping, because that is the best soda in the world, from my home state on North Carolina – and lord knows the South needs to do some self-promotion these days.

  171. I’m taking care of my adult daughter who has debilitating depression. We’re hanging in there together and doing pretty well. I’m proud of us. (We learned a lot from Jenny Lawson.)

  172. I tried twice to post a comment but neither one showed up here. S’ok. I read more of the comments other people posted and am humbled. That’s all.

  173. I put up the Christmas decorations, only the ones I liked and hid the rest. I finished off the Thanksgiving leftovers and didn’t pop a button. Yeah me. I pulled into the garage and didn’t hit the dog. Yeah dog. Watched 3 Hallmark movies in a row and only cried on two.

  174. Yesterday I told a semi-acquaintance (okay, it was the deli guy at the grocery store) that have a mental illness and my depression was acting up. It was the first time I told someone other than a shrink or family, Funny, I felt more normal afterward. Thanks, Jenny.

  175. I’m psyched to share the news of my newly published funny memoir! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pee your pants (either from laughing, crying, or just because you don’t want to leave the book to go to the bathroom). It’s got plenty of hilariously random stories about life in my 20’s, and the best part is, it’s a quick read—which means you’ll be able to change out of your pee-soaked pants before some serious chaffing starts.
    Check it out here!

    Or, download it for free in exchange for your honest review of it

  176. I’m good at doing Reiki. Because I always feel better while helping someone else, I will give anyone a free distance Reiki healing if they contact me by email with their name, general location, and a description of the issue(s) or person(s) they want changed-for-the-better. Seriously. Go to my website, or just send it straight to ladyocn~at~yahoo~dot~com
    Best wishes,
    Christina in S. CA

  177. I’ve started participating more online and not hiding my face as much as I used to. I have bipolar disorder and am just getting over a bout of what felt like poisoning from a psych med. Glad that that is over. Happy that I found your blog because I am enjoying it immensely. Still trying to figure out what I want my blog to be about but I get the feeling it is mostly going to be about books.

  178. Years ago I got hit head on by a drunk driver in a car accident and gave up my massage therapy career. I missed it so much that I decided this year to go for it in spite of having fibromyalgia & it has been amazing! I love helping people feel better & it’s helping me get stronger too! Sometimes we just need to step on our fear! Thanks for naming the day so I could pat myself on the back! As always, you rock!!

  179. I’m late to the party–but my wife writes a web serial at midnightmoonlight.reverietales.com (full of generalized anxiety disorder, vampires, werewolves, and everyday concerns!), and I edit it. I also occasionally blog.

  180. Promote Yo Self! I blog about a massive home renovation project, which I love and hate equally. Relationship status: it’s complicated. Reading other people’s blogs – I’m looking at you, Jenny – is my escape!!

  181. I found you because of the Indigo website….. How could I resist a book with a Raccoon on the cover that looks like he wants to hug me!!! (Yes I live in a bubble, well not literally, but you know what I mean.) Thank you for writing, you have no idea how much this book has meant to me (I haven’t finished it yet and I have already bought 2 as gifts as well as 2 copies of your first book). So my win was finding you.

  182. Guess what I have done?!?!?!?! Breathed in and out and for the most part…stayed semi maybe sort of sane of the first holiday road bump. Now…onto the HOLIDAY hell that is always dark and deep. MUCH LOVE.

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