Because bobcats.

So, remember a few days ago when I almost starved to death because of an overly friendly bobcat who wouldn’t stop until he got my attention?  (If you’re lost you need to look at this post and also scroll back through my twitter feed to find that “#itsabobcatjenny” is the new “YOU’RE GOING TO BE MAIMED, YOU IDIOT”.  But one of the things that people said was that if a bobcat shows up and starts shoving its face in your face it’s a sign and according the the bobcat-totem-possibly-made-up-but-maybe-not-lore, it means that 1) you are a solitary person and should cut assholes out of you life and 2) it means that I’m supposed to do something I’m afraid to do regarding a secret talent.

First one?  Done.  Second one…hmm.  Okay.  I’ve been doodling since I was a kid.  I did a ton of art in high school and enough in college to realize that I was not talented enough to make a living at it, but I’ve noticed that the sketches that I always refer to as doodles are something that actually seem to appeal to some people who deal with the same weird issues.  Which is really nice because first of all, it’s what I do to keep myself from literally pulling my hair out when I’m stressed, and secondly, it’s a way I have to share the stranger thoughts that stick in my head because each drawing is based on the words I hide inside every page.  So I think I might actually do something with these drawings, and I’m not sure if it’s going to be a coloringing book, or prints, or illegal graffiti on unguarded walls, but I think I’m going to find some way to share them.  Because bobcats.



It might be hard to read, so here’s what this one says: “She always felt far too afraid for adventures, but that was okay, because misadventure was her true calling.”  (Particularly fitting after being almost loved to death by a bobcat.)

More on that later, but just a quick thanks for being so awesome and encouraging.  And now that I’ve written this it’ll force me to actually think of what to do with this stuff.  Also, a ton of you have brought copies of this print to my book signing for me to autograph and then apologized for bringing it and you need to stop apologizing because the fact that so many of you actually liked it enough to have it printed was what encouraged me to share more.  Thank you.

So!  Back on tour again, and this is the last jaunt.  Four stops in California and one in Arizona.  Are you coming?  Please?  Full details here.


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  1. Wow, I love that! Would totally hang a print. Would also be excellent for colouring and so much more interesting than a lot of the frou frou colouring books out there.
    (Ok, I really just wanted to the opportunity to say frou frou, but I still meant what I said)

  2. Well, if all my local bookshops (and the supermarkets, come to think of it) are anything to go by, adult colouring books are massive at the moment. Get in there while they’re hot.

    I love the sketch.

  3. So pretty! Why do some people get all the talent and looks at own blog made entirely of poorly drawn cartoons some people get none?!?! NOT FAIR!

  4. I drew something earlier this week that ended up becoming a beautiful illustration – it’.s nice to be surprised by your own talents. Biggest issue for me is self-doubt and pooping on myself. Sometimes you gotta just keep trying. . . And boom, art.

  5. That is gorgeous, and I feel I should thank the bobcat for inspiring you to share it.
    That was a HUGE bobcat.

  6. First, that is gorgeous! Second, I just had something happen to me that made me run to your blog to share. Two nights ago I lost 2 ducks and had 2 turkeys maimed by a mysterious creature. I assumed raccoon cause seriously turkeys are big. This morning I looked outside and this giant cat was leaving my backyard. I freak out, it looks like a bobcat! Then when I realize I’m half awake and the thing has a giant tail, I realized it’s most likely someone’s pet Maine coon cat. It stared at me before escaping into the woods. I guess it wasn’t hungry enough to stand on my doorstep!

  7. That is NOT a doodle!!!! A doodle is a stick figure and some squiggles. That is a piece of art! It is beautiful, creative and inspiring. I would buy it as a coloring book.

  8. Beautiful! May I recommend Zentangles to others who love your drawing and want to explore a similar creative expression… I doodle a lot but use ZT too.

    (When I was in high school all the girls did zentangle -although we didn’t call it that – and everyone would come up with new patterns to line the borders of the notes you’d pass in class. When I shared my one of my first pieces online and someone recommended zentangle it was like finding out that I wasn’t the only one still collecting these repeating shapes and patterns in notebooks. I want to learn paradox but I can’t get it down so I end up sticking with the ones that come naturally. ~ Jenny)

  9. Wow. That is very, very good. So impressive. Personally, I would call this art, not doodling, but if that makes you comfortable, ok. I would love to have come up with anything close to this. You calling this doodling is a little like a skinny person whining that she is fat around me, if you can follow that odd simile.what I mean is that it’s a little frustrating because it’s something I have always wanted. But, anyway, I’m so glad you shared and I do hope you share some more. Judging from this “doodle,” I would be one of the first in line to buy a book featuring your art. ❤ you are such a wonderfully talented and beautiful person.

  10. AND I love the caption. It all fits beautifully. Yep, not only “i would buy that.” I want to buy that!

  11. I love the idea of a coloring book as that just begs to be filled with wild color. Or, calm color. Whatever floats your boat!

  12. I love your drawings and I’m so glad you are inspired to do something with them. I can’t wait to see more.

  13. “I’m not sure if it’s going to be a coloring book, or prints, or illegal graffiti on unguarded walls…”

    Why not all three? And also greeting cards or postcards because I know quite a few people who need to be reminded that misadventure was her true calling. Also I regularly write about illegal graffiti, like this piece I saw recently and it would be fantastic to be able to connect a work of graffiti to a specific person because most of the time I’m in the dark when it comes to the artist’s thought process.

  14. This needs to be a Woot shirt so we can all wear our love for the Blogess. Talk to Wil Wheaton about how to do it. We all need shirts to wear to signings.

  15. The Bobcat lore is correct and true. You MUST fulfill your calling or you will be naming random bobcats for the rest of your life. Better to get one bobcat on board and ‘totemized’ than avoiding the inevitable for however long you think you can handle surprise bobcat visits.

  16. Please think about putting together a coloring book for adults with art like that. You’d be surprised how many people I know use coloring as an anxiety relieving thing (myself included, I even have a coloring app for when I can’t whip out my colored pencils).

  17. I would love this to be a coloring book- I color at least 4 times per week to keep me from freaking out. I also knit. A lot. It’s my non-drug company prozac.
    Love you, Jenny! You have no idea how much you mean to so many of us.

  18. Your sketches are seriously great. If your close encounter with a bobcat made you decide to do more of them and share them with the world, then thank you very much, Mr (or Ms.) Bobcat.

  19. I was a medical illustrator and still draw our family’s Christmas card every year. In my very humble professional opinion, you are MOST talented!

  20. Wow… That’s really gorgeous. I love all the detail. You could totally do prints and/or adult coloring books. Or a calendar of your sketches/doodles. I’m not artistic at all so I find it amazing that you can make something so beautiful out of pens and paper and your brain.

  21. Nice sketch! Can’t help thinking it’s a shame The Beatles have long since disappeared. Your sketch would have looked great as a classic cover for one of their albums. 🙂

  22. Please make a coloring book of your doodles. I have been so impressed with them since the first time you shared one. You are so talented in so many ways!

  23. Here’s a crazy idea. I like it because I benefit and don’t have any of the work.

    If you made that into a print and sold them to us – we WOULD buy them. And if you wanted to you could keep the money because kids got to go to college OR if you felt inclined you could give profits to charity or something.

    In any case, i would own a very cool print.

  24. Coloring book. Pretty please?? I would buy a bunch and hand them out to everyone and the world would be a happier place.

  25. I hate you and all your ridiculous talent. Okay, no I don’t hate you because of your talent, I am just bitterly, seethingly envious of your talent. So much so that I, yes, okay I hate you and all your ridiculous talent. Please make a coloring book! I said so before on the last image you posted with the Squid and the boat (you do seem to have a theme of huge aquatic things lurking beneath the surface). I like it. Do a coloring book! Pretty please?

  26. Love it! It somehow reminds me of the art that accompanied Shel Silverstein poems! And I think we can all agree that there was never anything less than awesome in those books.

    (That is the greatest compliment ever. Silverstein and Gorey are my ink idols. ~ Jenny)

  27. You should totally do a coloring book and include taxidermied animals and other crazy things. j

  28. Chiming in on the coloring book, plus coloring books are great for adults… like meditation but more colorful 🙂

  29. A coloring book would be nice, but I really would like a way to hang quality prints on the wall! I got the other one from your store and would be happy to continue to do it that way if it would work for you.

  30. I do enjoy coloring this doodle. I’ve thought of putting a teeny friendly bobcat in the boat with you, but maybe that wouldn’t work out well. Thanks for the history of your doodling!

  31. If you would release that print you linked, I would buy it and frame it. I don’t know how it is for the artists but I really like Society 6.

  32. Art, specifically collages, has helped & continues to help me work through stuff. I love your drawings & would love to see them collected in a coloring book! I recently bought myself a set of Crayola Twistable coloring pencils for journaling. Keep up the great work & I hope the last leg of your book tour is awesome!

  33. I would love your doodles as a coloring book! I’m not that good at doodling, but love coloring, especially pictures that are as exquisite as this one.

  34. I’m a bookseller, and trust me, coloring books for adults are hot, hot, hot now. Move quickly, before the market is oversaturated. Booksellers can handsell your coloring books (if you go that route) alongside Furiously Happy.

    Your coloring book offers dual benefits: it calms the brain of the artist when designing each piece, and it calms the brain of the person who colors it. Wow, what a potent combination! If your coloring books sold throughout the world, what a mellow bunch of humans we would all be.

    A coloring book on the bestseller list? You could do it, Jenny.

    No pressure. Ha!

  35. Holy shit, but that is an amazing drawing! If I were the kind of person who got tattoos (i.e. wasn’t afraid of pain and needles and things that can’t be easily changed), I’d be pretty happy having that drawn on me forever. When I doodle, the resulting squiggles don’t look appreciably different than they did when I was a bored-in-class third grader; apparently, when you doodle, you make art.

  36. I would absolutely buy this print. It’s gorgeous most importantly but after going on an epic off trail hike in Virginia that resulted in me being bruised over my entire body and still insisting “we were not lost!” AND getting bit on ass by a dog on Thanksgiving day I’d say that misadventure is my bag.

  37. I want a big print… To color and hang on my wall because my true calling is misadventures! Love it truely. You are beautifully talented!

  38. Sent you a DM on Twitter a while back with a link to a song about doodlin’, hope you get a chance to listen.

    I don’t know if others have already said it but you really should include your doodles in your books!

  39. The first thing I thought of after seeing your “doodle” was Shel Silverstein’s books. I think a coffee table book of Jennydoodles would sell like hotcakes.

  40. It’s me! It’s me! This drawing is so lovely, and beautifully represents where I am right now. Thank you!! I am planning to be at your signing in Phoenix with a copy of this (if I can figure out how to print one) in hopes that you’ll sign it for me. You encourage me so much – thank you.

    PS I’d buy a coloring book!

  41. I would absolutely buy prints from you! These are amazing, and I love the detail in them.

  42. Absolutely you should find a way to share your “doodles.” Adult coloring books are a thing now, so that market looks tailor-made for your style. Just think: you relieve your own stress by doodling and could help others relieve their stress by coloring in….plus which, they’re just beautiful. And I take exception to you downplaying your talent, Jenny — you’re an artist, no doubt about it, whether it’s words on a screen or pen to paper. Jenny Lawson, writer, artist, humorist, mental health advocate, fundraiser, all-around-amazing person…and bobcat whisperer.

  43. I would totally buy that as a print. I have a thing for whales (How much time do you have?) and that really speaks to me.

  44. I LOVE your doodles! I would totally buy one, frame it and hang it on my walls so poo on the head of whoever told you that you weren’t an artist.

  45. I love your art. They look exactly like the adult colouring books I’ve been buying and not colouring in because they look so nice and I don’t want to fuck them up….

  46. Coloring book, please. I’ve been doodling and coloring for a long while; it is often soothing when I am anxious and stressed. Bright Blessings! (oh–and I am jealous of your bobcat encounter.)

  47. Your next book needs to be coloring book…I am just beyond impressed. You have such a beautiful, creative spirit. Let it shine.

  48. I love your “doodles” and this one has the perfect words in it! Being able to have prints and/or a coloring book would be amazing!

  49. Jenny, I’ve enjoyed the sketches I’ve seen you post so far. This whale-tail one ( ) and at least a couple of your others remind of some of the the Kipling drawings which accompanied his “Just So Stories”. That’s a good thing, imo. If you were make a collection of them, or just to make them available someplace where people could look at them, that would be a good thing, too.

  50. I LOVED your tentacle picture!! I didn’t want to print your picture without your permission or at least some acknowledgment of your work. Like I would buy it from your shop totally. I’d love to see some more of your “doodles”. I love the intricacy the hidden and the seen if that makes any sense.
    I totally love the idea of prints but they can be expensive to make so I could see the benefit to making your art into a coloring format. I’d still frame them or display them in some way and enjoy them uncolored unless you’ve done color pictures I’d totally dig those too.

  51. I’m gonna go look and see if this one is up in your Zazzle store yet. I got the first one you put up and I can’t wait to get a frame and mat to put it up. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  52. The tribe has spoken. We demand (or politely request ok) a coloring book! You are way too talented to keep this away from us. 🙂

  53. It’s heartbreaking that so many of us (this includes me) think that the art we make “isn’t good enough.” So maybe we won’t become rich and famous off it, but we need to do it anyway. You never know (and this includes me) what will happen. Jenny, your doodles are so gorgeous. I would probably buy coloring books for all my friends.

    And yes, trying to figure out how to transport myself and daughter to Pahsahdenah to see you next week. How long do the readings/signings usually last?

  54. I have a BFA in art from a reputable art school… you draw better than I do. Very nice Ms. Jenny.

  55. I’d have several suggestions but then it feels like I’d doing a “Here’s what you should do” pressure kind of thing so enjoy what you do and it’s cool that people like them. 🙂

  56. I love your drawings like cake. They’d make an awesome coloring book =D

    I so badly want to come and meet you in Pasadena next Sunday but I don’t think I can handle feeling so freaky awkward waiting in line with the cool people of LA (I’m a native but not cool by any stretch), and then blubbering incoherently when I finally stand in front of you. So I will continue to love you from afar and pretend that we could be besties =)

  57. So you have this project to do and also you have to figure out a way to compile all the awkward tweets in a way that doesn’t get you in trouble. “Awkward Humans of Twitter”.

  58. I would totally buy a Jenny Lawson adult coloring book!! Please make that your next book!!!

  59. Please make that shit into a coloring book. I am so tempted to print out and color that whale. You don’t even know…

  60. So I bought the Kraken print because it spoke to me. I rushed and bought a frame before it arrived and was silently cursing the mailman about the length of time it was taking to deliver even though it arrived several days before the estimated arrival date. BUT I haven’t framed it yet. And I couldn’t figure out why i haven’t found the energy to do so…until I saw this “doodle” and realized this one…THIS ONE is the one meant for me. And I have a friend that will love the Kraken. Please oh Please Jenny sell this at ETSY too. PLEASE Please please ….pretty please with sugar on top…..

  61. I would like to 75th the suggestion for a coloring book!
    I’ve always wished I could do two things: sing well and draw. Sadly, I am good at neither. But I am pretty awesome at coloring inside the lines (when that’s my aim.)

  62. Coloring book for sure! Unless you want to color them yourself, then coffee table book. Maybe both!

  63. Beautiful doodle Jenny. As I was reading it through waking up eyes I thought your wrote drooling and thought what a great skill. I’d like to drool as a skill 😀

  64. Well as a pseudo “art collector” I really hope you sell prints. Cuz that shit’s cramazing (Crazy Amazing) and I’d buy a few prints for my new home in a heart beat!

    Because it does appeal to me and my weird thoughts.

    Bet a lot of us can identify.

  66. Please please make a coloring book! Please! Clearly, there is a mighty need, especially among our tribe!

  67. Oh please! Please please please pretty please make an adult coloring book! Too many adults have forgotten how soothing it is to color a beautiful drawing! <3

  68. Might be coming. To Pasadena. But Vromans is requiring purchase of your latest book from their store the same day with a receipt check or they won’t even let you in the signing line. Thought this was against the rules or somerhing. Not pleased. If I buy one more copy of your book my husband might just murder me.

  69. If you are looking for a place to post your art online (besides your blog), I recommend If you haven’t discovered this website already, it’s got a wide variety of art and fiction (including fanart, fancomics, and fanfiction). And I thought your drawing was beautiful. 🙂

  70. I think a coloring book would be fantastic. I haven’t joined in on the fad of coloring books because I haven’t found one I like enough. I would buy yours. Your drawings speak to me.

  71. Oh my god. I’m so in love with this, I definitely encourage putting these in print.

  72. Congrats on even just having #1 done:). Not an easy thing and takes a lot of stamina and courage. Which is a perfect segue to #2:). You’ve got this.

  73. Why not Vancouver BC Jenny? We’d love to see you here 🙂 I just watched a video of a guy squeezing stuffed cats to the tune of “Over the Rainbow” and immediately thought of you…not sure what that says about either or us…wait, that sounds wrong, not stuffed cats as in taxidermy, but toy stuffed cats with squeakers in them, all lined up like a piano keyboard…
    real stuffed cats would be just too weird. And PS, your artwork is gorgeous!

  74. I would love love LOVE a coloring book full of drawings like this! I have several coloring books at home and our office has several more – would love to add yours to both stacks 🙂

  75. OMG – Jenny – make a coloring book. It’s the newest craze for adults – your drawing is gorgeous and it would be so much fun to color. PS – I claim 10% royalty – LMAO

  76. Two things . . .
    1) because bobcats might be the best because EVER! And I’m totally going to use it for situations that don’t involve bobcats. Why? Because bobcats

    2) I would totally buy anything you do with your ‘doodles’. You have a talent. (Lots. Mostly is inspiring those of us in your tribe to be brave…)

    3) My dog chewed my book. I am not furiously happy. But now I need to find a way
    get to a book signing and have you sign Because Bobcats on it.

    That’s 3 things…..because bobcats.

  77. For the record I would totally buy the Official Church of Bloggessianism #itsabobcatjenny Coloring Book.

    Your superdoodles always brighten my day (they’re too pretty to be called mere doodles).

  78. Please please please do a coloring book! I would buy it for me, my sister, my sister in law, well for pretty much anyone! I love your sketches that you share.

  79. I think your art needs to be an adult coloring/doodling book akin to the “secret garden” book by Johanna Basford! While the concept may be similar I think you have a more structural, less “line drawing” kinda style which, while I love secret garden, appeals more to me. I’d buy such a book in a heartbeat!

  80. Just a thought but you can probably put your doodles on items in zazzle and make profit off them. I mean the one in this post is amazing and I doubt it’s the exception, meaning they are all most likely amazing.

  81. Please make a coloring book! That would be awesomeness that I would buy for sooooo many people!!!

  82. Your “doodles” are pretty amazing. Seriously. You could absolutely sell prints of these IMO.

  83. The “doodles” would look great on T Shirts, I know I’d buy one if you went down that path.

    You already have your online shop & sell various items there, including some T shirts, so why not?

    What have you got to lose?

  84. I need a print of this to go on the same wall as your other one!
    I NEED IT, JENNY. Because bobcats.

  85. It’s so funny that you had a visitor at your house, I also had a friendly visitor that was knocking at my window. He is a squirrel that has been coming back for the past three days! It’s incredible, it’s like your book I’m reading, Furiously Happy, is calling all the animals out of the woods!

  86. thank you Jenny, you touched my heart today with the art you posted above…on a day that I needed it. I would buy a print of this if it ever becomes available. Bless you, you are often there when I need it most.

  87. Yes! I love it! That print would remind me that… you know… I shouldn’t pet a bobcat, even if it looks friendly. Or my cat, for that matter. Cats are vicious unless they are stuffed and mounted. Three pets exactly for a pet cat. How many for a bobcat?

  88. Your “doodles” (a.k.a. ART…all caps because I am indeed shouting it and would likely be kicked out of a museum…but your museum would be too cool to kick out overly awestruck art lovers so it’s all good…) Anyhoo, your “doodles” are magical goodness and should be shared with the world. Please.

  89. It’s a whale of a tale; I love that more-than-a-doodle doodle.

    Great work, you. Thanks for sharing…

  90. Clearly, you need to sell your “doodles” in your shop as art prints. (And coloring books. And your calendar. And…)

  91. I’ve loved all of the art you’ve shared with us. There is one piece that appeared on a wall at your house, that I’ve coveted ever since. You should definitely publish your “doodles” as a coloring book – it should be at a price point that a lot of people can afford, or save up quickly to buy. Then offer some limited edition prints for the more affluent of your fans. But coloring book first, please. (Not just ’cause that’s something I’m into right now, but also ’cause it’s unknowable how long the popularity will last). Good luck whatever you decide.

  92. Please, please, please make us a coloring book. Please. . . pretty please. With sugar on top. And a cherry. Also, my therapist wants me to use affirmations. I’ve been having trouble with them. But this week, it’s going to be “Because bobcats!”

  93. I think a coloring book would be awesome! Not only would you let your rabid readers have a chance to share your artwork, but coloring is good meditative therapy!

  94. My mum says you should publish a coloring book so that she can color pictures of mis-adventurous whales and probably delighted taxidermy. She is, even now, insisting that I get her your coloring book for Christmas. What can I say, crazy runs in our family. But you should totally put out a coloring book so that I don’t have to look at her I’m-very-disappointed-in-you-because-I-don’t-have-a-coloring-book face over Christmas dinner. Just a thought.

  95. I agree with everyone else, a coloring book would be amazing and I would totally buy one!! You could also do color-able greeting cards!

  96. Pleeeeease publish a coloring book with angst and beauty, then all who follow you can color your world!

  97. Yay! You are pretty gosh darn awesome at making things actually happen. I hope you realize that?

  98. I hope you sell prints, because I have loved all of the drawings you have shown us. I definitely would hang the one above on my wall. It’s amazing. I also think it would make a great gift for a couple of female friends of mine who don’t realize how truly amazing they are.

  99. Coloring book would be amazing!! Then we can all have color club, like book club or fight club (except not fight club because of something I’m not supposed to talk about) and we can all color the same page together alone at home and photo the finished version and you could screenshot quilt them into one giant image of awesomeness! Everyone’s version in all the different colors together!

  100. I would love a coloring book of your artwork. I have a few friends who would, too. Also, this inspires me a bit–I’ve been having some urges I’ve been considering following, but haven’t been sure about. I think I need to just take the leap. Thank you.

  101. You drew one a little while ago that said Just Because You Can’t See it Doesn’t Mean It’s not there. I printed it out and keep it under my keyboard at work where I can see it and exhale. thanks

  102. I don’t want a coloring book. I want a book of HUGE individual pictures to be colored and then used as wallpaper. Or something else that will cover a wall. If not that, then just post them all somewhere so that we can steal them and print them out and color them and stick them on our walls or doors or the back window of our SUVs.

  103. Poster sized would be good. I think it might be really neat to see a collection of the different ways others colored your doodles.

  104. I would totally buy several copies of that coloring book. Send a sample to the people who print Joanna Basford’s books!

  105. I would 1000% buy a coloring book of your doodles! But if you don’t ever make a book, I hope you keep sharing them here because I love them 🙂

  106. That sketch needs only two things. A teeny little cat accompanying the girl in the boat, and color

  107. Holy cow, How have I not seen this before? And it most definitely speaks to me. I do the same types of doodles… Way too afraid to ever share. But your words make sense to me. Thanks.

  108. My doodles wish they were your doodles. =)
    If you decide to sell prints, I would definitely get some for my office…..or maybe my sunroom…..or my living room?

    Ok, I don’t know where yet, but they would be a part of my house. It’s kind of a requirement.

  109. Señor bobcat is right! You are one talented person!

    Sooooo excited to see you on Sunday!

  110. I LOVE that doodle! And now, after the LOOOOONG wait, it’s suddenly December, and I remember you’re going to be SOMEWHERE in Los Angeles VERY SOON (is it the 6th?) and the “full details here” link takes me to your twitter page, not the schedule, and I don’t yet have my copy of your book, but I SO want to come to your reading and signing, and I’m FREAKING OUT just a bit here, because I never make plans in advance, I just always RSVP “maybe” so I don’t have to be a typical LA FLAKE, but I need reminders and reminders and reminders so I don’t MISS you!

    shit. calm the fuck down, emelle. have a wine slushie. or at least a glass of wine. argh. and blergh.

    also, the comments thing isn’t linking my latest blog post. argh. and blergh. definitely time for wine!

  111. I doodle kind of like this too! (Only mine don’t look as good or as deliberate and often they’re in biro). And I only recently realised that it’s some kind of universal thing that lots of people do and love. Definitely do something with it.

  112. yes, this is amazing, far more than you are willing to take credit for…but out of all that awesomeness, you know what I like about it? That little rowboat with cartoon Jenny sitting in it,
    watching the huge whale/monster…

  113. YES for an adult coloring book! I love the quote, what a beautiful and serene piece of art. Yeur talent knows no bounds.

  114. So I know you probably won’t see this, but I have to say, I’ve been wanting to get an adult coloring book (not of NSFW type, but just designed for fingers older than 5) but I don’t like any that I’m seeing. However, I’d love to color your sketches. So yeah, if you do the coloring book thing, please make sure you blast it on FB and Twitter and here so I definitely see it. 🙂

    <3 <3 <3

  115. Coloring book, absolutely! A) They’re lovely and well defined, so perfect for coloring, and B) coloring is a great anxiety management tool. At least for those of us for whom yoga and mediation bring out homicidal tendencies.

  116. People are much more talented than they think. Including me, I’m told. I think it has something to do with the fact that if it’s a talent, it probably comes easy, and you don’t realize that it’s really a big deal to a LOT of other people. You could totally sell prints. I wouldn’t go for a coloring book, but I’m also a super-purist in a lot of ways, and I love your prints in black and white and would never color them in. BUT… a regular art book would probably be awesome. I’m working on my own of that right now… but you have a publisher you could probably bribe to do it for you. I’ve been teaching myself Adobe products and searching for a printer to self-publish. blech. It’s military related… I’m gonna “self-promote-sunday” a few days late ;-P
    to be a book once I get a proof approved by the Marine Corps… sold as prints for now

  117. You really are an artist Jenny. I absolutely love your ‘doodles’ and really hope to see you selling them! I think this one is my fave. Incredible. Really and truly.

  118. These drawings would make an AWESOME colorable calendar!! I’d buy all of them! You are amazing😄

  119. Hi Jenny! I love that you’re thinking of selling prints of your doodles and I’m here to tell you/ask you/implore you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO IT! Your doodles are moving and incredible and encouraging and marvelously quirky. I want to have one (or a bunch) on my walls. I’m an art history student and I love collecting prints of artists or art lovers and I want one of yours so much! That’s my two-cents. Can’t wait to see what you decide! Hugs and kisses from me and my two-legged chihuahua.

  120. So…all I can think of is I would love to colour that in. Is that wierd? I hope not. It’s beautifully strange and inspiring. Just wanted to say that if you ever did a set of these kinda things as a an “adult” colouring book I’d be all over that like almond joy fudge. Thanks for sharing it. It’s lovely. 🙂

  121. Don’t you have a store? And it’s December, so couldn’t you make a calendar? You probably already have 12 awesome drawings laying around that you could randomly label “January, ” “February,” and you get the idea. Maybe I’m being Mrs. Obvious and Not Very Creative here, but I’d buy that calendar.

  122. PLEASE! Make this doodle into a T-shirt in the shop. I need this, my spirit needs this, I am this. Please?

  123. Will a print of the “She always felt far too afraid for adventures, but that was okay, because misadventure was her true calling.” be available for purchase in your store too?

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