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  1. You know how Google has a box on the right with the factoids of what you’ve googled? Well, I googled Corte Madera, since I never heard of it (Sorry, Corte Mederites) – and in the box they list “Events” – and you are NOT THERE. You should sue. Or maybe, just maybe, you are NOT THERE?

  2. I’m glad that my younger self never had a crush on Kirk Cameron so that I didn’t suffer excessive anguish when he went crazy.

    Hope you have a great event tonight, Jenny!

  3. Your tour schedule is exhausting to me. I can’t imagine what it’s like for you. Actually, I can imagine it, and I imagine you’re just phoning it in at this point. Maybe you’ve hired a lookalike to read passages for you. Maybe you’re just showing your Chicago appearance instead. Oooh…are you using slides to do that? Help slideshows make a comeback!

    Good luck with the remaining few locations!

  4. Welcome back to CA, Jenny, sorry I won’t be able to see you on this tour, but love your blog and your books. This is in our local TV news today and may also be a national story. I thought of you as you have said before that you sometimes snap a rubber band on your wrist, which I have also done. I won’t be putting any more bands on my wrists after seeing this. The photos are pretty scary and graphic. Enjoy the rest of your tour. http://www.mandatory.com/2015/12/01/hair-tie-sends-kentucky-woman-to-hospital-with-deadly-infection/6

  5. Ah, California. Home of many benevolent weirdos. My first son was born while we were stationed there, and I was pregnant with our second when we left. Pretty sure that second sentence explains something about the third. . .

  6. I used to measure time in the same way, but then 80s era fashion started coming back. I was at a concert last night where the people on stage were wearing neon and had permed side-ponytails. We’re apparently entering the neo-hair-scrunchy epoch. I predict dark days ahead.

  7. Wish I could come to another book signing. Since you mentioned people bringing that beautiful drawing you made and having you sign it, I’m insanely jealous and want one of my own. Are you going to sell prints?

  8. Hey Jenny! I just discovered your books/blog, and I’m in love. Keep writing!! I’m in super-star-struck-fan-girl mode right now, because I realized that I grew up LESS THAN A MILE from you in Wall. We didn’t got to high school together though because I was class of ’03. BUT my dad totally brought his rattlesnakes and bobcats to your dad for the last 30 years. Anyway, love your stuff. I’m sick that I missed your book tour dates in Texas. Maybe I’ll get a windfall of cash so I can fly to LA in the next week. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  9. I haven’t heard mention of Corte Madera since the days I lived in Marin County. A beautiful place. There must be an interesting story as to why you ended up at Book Passage. It seems like it would be a fairly unknown place to people who haven’t lived in the Marin area. And since it’s my birthday today, I am took this coincidence this as a sign and just started “reading” the audiobook of Furiously Happy I picked up last month on Audible. I love the way you start the audiobook!

  10. I’ll be seeing you in Los Angeles. I’m bringing a mostly well behaved toddler, but don’t worry, if she gets fussy and coloring doesn’t quiet her I’ll take her to the kids play area.

  11. My daughter and I have had this on the calendar since summer. We will see you tonight!

  12. I’m the same way except for me it’s before Tom Cruise went crazy. Tom and I have the same birthday btw.

  13. I never troll people online and I would never do that to you because duh, I adore you, but I had an overwhelming urge to leave a goofy comment like: “Corte Madera! What’s the weather like in Spain?”.

  14. I’m just wondering why, in your Facebook link to this post, it says “Pregnancy Calendar at AlphaMom: Amalah’s week-by-week guide to the miracle of pregnancy and all the various indignities that come with it.” That’s just odd. Wait – what else should I expect around here? 🙂

  15. I’m coming! Can’t wait to meet you. I’m starting my own business and sadly can’t afford the $27 book price, but I’m going to be there to hear you read and say hi. Maybe read you a poem. If there’s time (it’s short).

    Can’t wait. Hope you’re enjoying your stay in the Bay Area and are able to get out and see some of the beauty here. Let me know if you need a tour guide 🙂

  16. I’ll be with you in spirit, Jenny, as it is Nutcracker season and the two hour drive south is just too much for me. My 9 year old has three roles this year and I have been run ragged with rehersals and fundraising, not to mention holiday shopping and planning. Enjoy the beauty of the area, and stop by the Cheesecake Factory (on the other side of the freeway) for a delicious slice.

  17. Thank you for sharing such a personal story, I’m loving “Furiously Happy!” I share a lot of the same challenges, but one thing that has helped me is that I stopped thinking of myself as broken; it’s too much pressure. Broken implies that at one point I was “whole” or not like this. If I’m wired this way, then this is what “whole” looks like for me. To me, broken said that I was going along just fine and then one day I cracked, and if only I could somehow fix myself I’d be back to being just fine. Broken made me feel pressured to be “fixed,” and I know that’s not possible- there’s only degrees of improvement and management, no “cure.” It also allowed others to expect me to get fixed.

    And, this is why I’m okay with all of that- I believe that our beautiful souls are bobbing around and they’re great, but they’re not whole- they know all there is to know, but they can’t understand it without emotions and feelings. So, we’re born and we are here to feel all there is to feel so that we can leave this earth and our souls will be whole. Maybe we can accomplish all of that in one lifetime, maybe it takes several, but we keep coming back until we’re perfect, then our souls go wherever souls go, all happy and perfect, knowing all there is to know and understanding what it means. So, it’s my job to feel this huge range of emotions, and it’s my job to stay open, as hard as that can be. It’s my job to learn from me and sit it in and be messy with it.

    Anyway, I don’t know if that’s helpful or annoying, or if you even read it, but there it is. My own little bit of public vulnerability. I hope it helps someone.

  18. I would have thought for sure you’d make a stop in wine country. Our maybe that’s what you are doing during the day. Need a tour? Let me know. I’m the pro. Hope to see you tonight anyway.

  19. I really wanted to be there but then I had to work late and now I feel paralyzed by the idea of leaving the house and and and AUGH. CRAP. I wanted to bring a hedgehog.

  20. I’m so sad, I just realized I’m going to miss you when you come to Tempe. Of course it’s the one week I’m flying to South Carolina for job interviews. =(

  21. What is really scary is that Kirk Cameron is living in my town making a new movie. Word about town is he’s here for good. Has found his niche in a local Funde group. He even has his kids enrolled in their school.

  22. My mom and brother met you last night in Corte Madera and were thrilled! Thank you so much for doing this tour. I wish I could have been there!

  23. So this is totally random and I guess that’s why I decided to post this comment here. I was listening to a chapter in Furiously Happy where you were saying a line about how its probably not a good idea to punch squirrels, and low and behold there was a dead squirrel in the middle of the road on the way to my neurologist’s office. Needless to say it reminded me of you and I almost thought about stopping.to take a picture to see if it was something you wanted taxidermied (totally joking… kinda) but then I almost caused an accident and realized stopping in the middle of the road to.take a picture of a dead squirrel was probably not.the safest thing to do. Needless to say, I love your book and you are hilarious. Thanks for being you and helping me be me.

  24. Santa Cruz tomorrow!!!

    I just hope to get there on time. Because of my insane anxieties on traveling into San Francisco (which is soooo much closer), I will be traveling from Sacramento to Anya Cruz tomorrow. During rush hour. And I cant leave until 3:30-4.

    I am so going to be late. But I will be there. I just hope YOU’RE still there by the time I arrive. :0 (

  25. Just finished Furiously Happy while on vacation. At times, got strange looks while I was sitting in my cabana laughing, nearly fell off aforementioned cabana whilst laughing and got my husband to read it afterward with him stopping to tell me the part he was reading (and laughing) and retelling the part to me so double laughs for me. Loved the book! And closed the book thinking, there is someone else in the world just a bit more weird than me! in a completely good way! You are a talented crazy lady….I sincerely mean that….in the very nicest way possible. xo

  26. Really sad to finish tour book, and since I read your other book it means no more. Pfffhhh, loved them both. As good as seeing a best friend and spending the day on teh couch with covers, teas and booze and laughing and crying and gossiping about life’s realities and absurdities. Thank you from Switzerland! Clea

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