Thank you.

Just a quick sketch I made to thank you for your amazing support and encouragement when I need it most.  You make such a difference.


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  1. Your “doodles” are art. Please publish a coloring book. Your tribe could use one from you in our toolkit.

  2. Please sell these as prints or posters. I would love to hang this on my wall. it’s gorgeous and classy and meaningful.

  3. Likewise, Jenny. Thank you so much for all you do for us. For years you’ve been supporting & encouraging us (and making us laugh very loud in public) through your blog, books, and Tweets. Now you’re sharing your art with us, and it speaks to so many people, myself included. Thank you for your generosity. If you are “uniquely broken” it’s amazing how you use that unique brokenness to make the world a better place. May we all aspire to that. Lots of light & love to you and the tribe.

  4. Your “doodles” are mesmerizing, but I especially like the little messages hidden there. Very cool!

  5. Your doodles are truly beautiful Jenny, just as you are. I would love both a coloring book and prints… Thank you for everything you do… You have helped me in so many ways.

  6. And thank YOU.

    Ummm, could I wear this illustration on a t-shirt, please? Please, pretty please?

    It’s so strange, I was just having one of those odd brain moments when I looked at the word “please” as I typed it and it looks terribly odd. Likes it’s defying me to type it that way ever again. Is it really spelled like that? It looks wrong. But it’s right. Are the letters playing tricks on me? Are my eyes messing with me? Uggghh.

    Anyway, a t-shirt, por favor? S’il vous plaît? Per favore? Bitte? Onegaishimasu? Pakiusap? I need to do one more . . . alsjeblieft?

    Ahhh, I feel better now.

  7. I look at your doodles and think they must take hours or days – they are so detailed and beautiful. You are the creative queen.

  8. Gorgeous! And I’m sure someone has said this already but your art could be really cool in the format of one of those adult coloring books–everyone could take what you’ve given us and make it their own, which is what everyone is doing with your writing anyway…

  9. this is beautiful! your message and your honesty and your stength is important and it makes a difference. You say the things most of us would never be brave enough to say. thank you for what you do – and for being so damn funny along the way.

  10. Wait…a quick sketch? I wonder if that’s what Da Vinci said when he dashed off the Mona Lisa.

    Your creativity is limitless, Jenny. An inspiration to us all!

  11. Thanks for sharing! Is there anyway you could add a new tag to your blog for your sketches? I hope to see many more of them and want an easy way to sort through your post. For example, this one is under ‘random crap’ currently but could also be tagged under ‘doodles’ as well. Thanks for everything you do!

  12. I keep checking in, hoping you’ve posted “The Giving Post” (I don’t know what it’s actually titled)- the one where you can buy something off of someone’s Amazon list. I really hope you do it again this year because I loved shopping for the little ones last year! My mother-in-law even wants in on it this year. ❤️

  13. Art therapy! Yes for t-shirts! Thank you, Jenny, for being you. Annnnd now I am motivated to leave my house.

  14. Your art is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with it!

  15. That’s beautiful and if this is how you say “Thank you” it makes me want to keep being nice to you.

    Not that I need to be bribed into doing that.

  16. I would buy a coloring book of your beautiful drawings. There are other books out there with these type drawings, but I have not seen them with encouraging words included. Please create a book for us to all enjoy!!!!

  17. I agree with Marjorie. Your next book really needs to be illustrated with your art. I love how you place your philosophical wisdom in the picture, just blending it in, making the observer have to really engage and find them, then think about them.

  18. You can draw too?! So much talent in one human. You’re pretty spectacular in a lot of great ways.

  19. Thank you, love. I’ve been having a horrible couple days of it, and discovered a bloody fingerprint left on the bathroom door that I’d missed when cleaning up after the pain-mess I’d made. It was awful. I’m starting to feel better, but it’s a long slog.

  20. Okay…I need this one too as a print. PLEASE in English and in all the languages Tiffanie at #14 used add this to your Etsy Shop. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (I suck when it comes to other languages. I mangle them, I try but I mangle horribly)
    Now I need to buy a sketch book….

  21. I don’t comment often, but I would so buy a T shirt. And even though I’ve given the coloring book trend a pass so far, I would buy a coloring book full of your incredibles for everyone I know. Please, pretty please??!

  22. Beautifu! Please consider doing a colouring book – something especially for all of us in ‘the family’; your insight, perspective and artistry is truly uplifting. thanks.

  23. So beautiful! Your recent book really helped me come clean that some of my own “issues” might be more severe than I let on. Thank you.

  24. I really want to print this and frame it and put it on my teenage daughter’s wall. I second the request for a high-res printable download if you are willing.

  25. Or you could put all of your drawings together and create and adult coloring book. Its a thing now.

  26. This is so beautiful. Just finished reading Furiously Happy. It helped me through the dark. THANK YOU! x

  27. Don’t know if you ever watched Smash, but this song speaks to me in the same way:

    “Something second-hand and broken can still make pretty sound.”
    “I still have something beautiful to give.”

    Just the idea that something perceived as imperfect can give beauty is lovely and uplifting. We’re all messy. But we each have something beautiful to contribute.

  28. beautiful. thank you jenny. you keep me going when its hardest to. much appreciation and love.

  29. A feathered inspirational…truly beautiful. Can I risk pushing the envelope further and suggest that if your going to do a coloring book, a t-shirt and prints of your awesome artwork, why not add on a line of greeting cards? I’m an old fashioned letter writer and I have many friends who would be thrilled to find a little love in the shape of a feather in their mailbox!

  30. Oo, seconded on the colouring book – that would be awesome! And colouring can be therapeutic, too.

  31. Thanks. Reminds me that I need to add “artistic ability” to the list of superpowers I’d request if ever given the opportunity. Right up there with “singing voice that does not frighten coyotes” and “math.”

  32. As many others have said – a message when I needed it most.
    Thank you for being you and spreading your wisdom and heart.

  33. I love these, both the drawings and the messages. The messages made me remember Brian Andreas’ Story People poems which were always short and beautiful and true.

  34. Would you consider adding stationary to your zazzle store? Your “doodles” are stunning.

  35. Julia – great minds. I was thinking the same thing. For all the detail to show it’s have to be HUGE though.

  36. Awesome! I just printed it out to color. (I love to print stuff, because our printer is on this weird stacked office-paper-sorter thing and it all wobbles when the printer goes off, which alarms the dog and makes him growl.)

  37. Who ever told you that your drawings weren’t good enough for you to be a commercial artist is CRAZY. Your drawings are simply amazing,

  38. Dear Jenny,

    Met you last night in Corte Madera-I was the one on the aisle laughing extremely loud. It was a great reading. A total highlight of a good and tough year.

    I’ll get to the reason I’m posting this in a minute, but while I’m typing this I’ve got the Tv on in the background, and there’s this ad where I assume a women is doing affirmation she’s saying “You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you” only it turns out she’s talking to her closet. Which means either 1) I absorbed so much Jenny-ness last night that I expect even ads to be about embracing your own wonderfulness 2) The world is truly fucked up if we’re supposed to think closets are likely to give us the support we need from ourselves and people we love. Or both.

    So back to my point, or what I thought I was my point. The first time you posted a doodle I was blown away, but it was a bad day, and I also thought, God Jenny is incredible, is so unfair that she’s so funny and can write and her house is actually decorate, and she can draw too. Then a couple of days later I just started doodling while my kids were doing something, and I remember that doing it was fun, and I kind of like what I did, and turned a doodle into a face, and decide I could do faces well enough to do cartoons. So you inspired me to do something too. And yes Please put these on something and in your store when you get done with the tour/

    (Now the commercial is for a dog tongue cleaner, that you put peanut butter toothpaste on and let the dog lick it off. I am pretty sure the whole thing is bigger than Dorothy Barker. God I’ve got to start watching better television).

  39. If that’s your idea of a quick sketch, I can’t wait to see what you produce when you really try!

  40. You have no idea how very talented you are, do you? You are strong enough to share your pain and your triumphs with all of us in a way that benefits us and makes us all feel worthwhile and able again, and I don’t think you realize how rare that talent is. I believe that you are a lovely and delightful artist who spreads hope and humor, in that order.
    Thank you for sharing yourself and your talents.

  41. This one looks like a mutant rose from another dimension. I can’t read the secret messages (bad eyes) so I just make up my own. Thank you, though.

  42. Holy of holies. Is there anything you can’t do? Your brain is so lovely and perfect with all the creativity and art!

  43. Holy crap girl….you made that? WOW!!!!!! I am so impressed with you. You are so talented!

  44. I LOVE YOUR SKETCHES SO MUCH please publish a coloring book immediately. okthnx.

  45. WHOA. I didn’t know you were also an artist! That is beautiful. T-shirts, please.

  46. I’ve been reading your blog for about 5 years and have always thought of you as one the funniest bloggers, authors, social media ‘personalities’, etc. and think you have so many interesting qualities. The fact that you can ALSO draw these amazing doodles…it’s like MIND BLOWN. Have you been hiding it from us all these years? They’re truly amazing and need to be made into a book, calendar, framed art or something. They’re beautiful!

  47. @ Steph P: it says “She taught me that it was better to be uniquely broken than perfectly the same.”

    I have visual impairments too! 🙂

  48. Thank you, Jenny! Your artwork speaks to me (and obviously others) on such a deep level. I love that you’re brave enough to share this side of yourself with us. I also wish that I had the talent and discipline to draw! I would also love to see a book of your drawings one day, and I know if it’s meant to be, it will happen. In the meantime, please keep sharing them!

  49. All of us are broken. Some of us are in denial about it. The rest of us are letting it beat us or we are dealing with it. I’m grateful Jenny helps me deal.

  50. I’m going to Amazon and preordering my Bloggess Coloring Book now so I hope you publish one some day.

  51. Would you object to this being used as a tattoo? What a great reminder. You inspire me everyday. Thank you for always being candid and wonderful. SOme of us who feel broken everyday are happy to have met you through your blog and your book. <3

  52. I just finished Furiously Happy, so funny! I am anxiously awaiting your first book in the mail. I feel like if I knew you we would friends. You are truly an inspiration, even on you so tough days.

  53. Ditto on the coloring book. If people are interested in more of these — not with the depth and heart of our beloved Bloggess, but still fun — check out These are more in the related world of zentangles.
    And thank you to Jax, who posted about kintsukuroi. I had to look it up… So worth it everybody. It’s the Japanese art of filling cracks and breaks in pottery with gold and silver lacquer, making their being broken part of their beauty. How cool is that!

  54. You are awesome! I can only say that an illustrated colouring/coloring book of your art coupled with your quotes would be very much appreciated and very well received!

  55. Your art is a as wonderful as your thoughts! Please publish a colouring book! This is better than any of the ones I have seen.

  56. Loving this…not just because it’s so very beautiful, but because it’s also the words that are written on my heart. I hope you do choose to illustrate your next book, at least a little, if you feel like you can manage to.

  57. I agree with previous posters, please put this on a T-Shirt for us. The words and drawing are incredible. You are so very talented Jenny!

  58. Jenny, hon, we met in Seattle. You liked my husband’s Doctor Who t-shirt, and that we read your work to one another. Did you get some sleep?

    This is a thoughtful piece, and the words made me wonder if you’re familiar with kintsugi? Victor doubtless is — the short explanation is that it’s a Japanese method of mending broken pottery with gold dust mixed into the repair medium, treating cracks and breakage as an event in the life of an object, part of its history, not something to hide or a reason to stop using it.

  59. Thank you Jillian, for passing along the message with this drawing. Very kind of you. And thanks Jenny, for the truth in the message, itself.

  60. Broken is how I’ve been describing myself most of this year. This picture brought tears to my eyes.

  61. I love to color, but your art is so stunning in black and white that I would feel like I was defacing it with color graffiti. I’d buy a book of your artwork, perhaps interspersed with inspirational and humorous quotes from your first two books, in a heart beat. A journal with your art and blank lined pages for writing and empty pages to add my own doodles would be great too. Add note cards, tote bags, t-shirts and on and on to spread your inspiration! What a gift you are to the world! ~kj

  62. I printed this out to tape it up by my computer station and it had a mishap landing in the sink and getting a bit wet. I laid it out to let it dry and my husband spotted it. He said please don’t tell me you plan on getting this tattooed and I thought WOW this would make an amazing tattoo!!!

  63. Ah, Jenny, you make a difference too! Thank you. I love your drawings along with all the rest … your books, humour, pictures, and all the ups and downs.

  64. It’s Zentangle, you guys. Check it out. You can do it, too. It’s wonderfully relaxing

  65. i JUST commented on the other post. JUST.

    I definitely like the book idea. whatevs… make it a coloring book… I just won’t color it 😛

    I’m not sure I could afford all the prints, but a book? I’m already debating buying it (and sorry, but I haven’t bought either of your writing books… I don’t have time to read real-books… I have toddlers, lol… although i really should put them on my amazon wish list…)

  66. I’m very new to blogging, and very new to your journey. I gotta say, you’re very cool! Love the new doodles, too. Good luck with the book tour 🙂

  67. WOW!! Had no idea you were such an amazing artist!! Please put this feather on a tee shirt or mug or an otter or something that I can buy! (Cuz I’ve always wanted to buy an otter.)

  68. Please please please please make these available as art prints on Zazzle!! I know so many who would love them as gifts, and I would buy them for myself, and and and… ALSO, I am SO EXCITED to come see you Sunday night!!!

  69. So many people ask you to put your art in book or poster format, so I’ll ask too because it’s that good. Have a wonderful weekend.

  70. Sooo…can I get this as a tattoo? Like, will you find me, sue me, and then buy me coffee so we can talk about your blog and then hang out by knocking Morse code to one another through hotel room walls because of the anxiety meeting a new person will create? Just wondering. (and totally not joking..
    The Social Anxiety Artist

  71. I recently received an autographed book (FH) from BAM for my Supervisor at work who is extremely intelligent but somewhat wacky (50’ish, single guy, keeps busy, and reads a ton and active in many Union organizations). I think your wacky humor may really be of interest for him and maybe he may buy more of your books. My confession is that I have not read one as yet but may do a Kindle down-load at Christmas. Painting, working, and moving furniture for now. Richard Perretta.

  72. i love your whimsical, modern-art nouveau tickler, to the degree, in fact, that i pushed my worries that i’m being judged as a sheep for pecking at my mobile in the medicaid taxi i’m in right now. < 3

  73. This is amazing, I love the words. You should sell these. I bet everyone on this thread would buy one! Put it up in your store! PLEASE?????

  74. Jenny – this is absolutely amazing. Would you be offended if I got these words tattooed on me? It’s a wonderful reminder.

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