If it’s Sunday this must be Los Angeles.


Hello, Los Angeles!  I’m here so you should be here too.  Okay?  Deal.  I’ll be at the Vroman’s in Pasedena at 4pm.  Please come?

Also, there might still be some weird language on the Vroman’s website about having to have a receipt from the bookstore to get in the signing line but just ignore that because I’ll sign everything even if you can’t afford a book.  (Although usually people who buy the book from the bookstore get a guaranteed spot at the reading and can go first at the signing and are lovely for supporting the bookstore.)  But my rule is that you should be able to come for free and have anything from boobs to books signed, and if it becomes an issue we’ll all just walk to a bar together and I’ll sign shit there until we get kicked out for disturbing the peace.  Either way, it will be interesting and probably a good learning experience.  For the bookstore and the bar, I mean.  I never learn.  This probably goes without saying.

Next (and last) stop?  Arizona!

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  1. Arizona and I are both so excited for tomorrow night! Did I mention we have a Christmas tree made of tumbleweeds?

  2. I discovered your book (Furiously Happy) on Sunday. I’m bringing my son home from a mental hospital Monday (anxiety and depression…nothing stabby). And you’ll be in Tempe on Monday. Serendipity? Perhaps. See you at Changing Hands…unless the kid wants a burrito or something.

    Thanks for being weird. I ordered up some nice weather for you. Enjoy.

  3. Though it is painful to say, I have to agree with Victor. The worst nightmare I ever had followed a visit to the Natural History Museum. And it wasn’t the dinosaur bones.

  4. Books to boobs ? This stop may be interesting ! As for should vs could …hehe…could is more fun ! Have fun and let us know the weirdest thing you get to sign !

  5. I bought the book elsewhere (also known as Amazon)so I missed you in Boston. Next time I’ll just show up. I love both of your books. Thanks for being awesome!

  6. Great. Just when you’re going from CA to AZ, I’m motoring from AZ to CA. I fail at scheduling.

    But I’d totally let you sign my boobs. The right one had cancer in it two years ago, so it’s had some experience with Sharpies (marks for surgery, more marks for radiation), but that totally wasn’t fun at all.

  7. Besides getting a book signed, I think it would be fun to pull random things out of my purse. “Will you sign this piece of yarn? How about this saltine cracker? A tampon?” and then see which things you would (or could) sign. 🙂 I have your signed bookplate on my refrigerator. It seems a shame to put it inside the book, where it mostly remains unseen.

  8. I’m driving about 1.5 hours to come see you. I’ve already scoped out a sports bar, because I have to see my football game before the signing!! I cannot wait!

  9. Victor needs to re-think his position. Doesn’t he know how much joy your love of taxidermy has brought to your fans? Your taxidermy habit makes the world a better place! You can’t put a price on that. 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful event in Los Angeles today.

  10. I always take your side. Every time. Buuuut this time I am siding with Victor. He’s right…there are only so many things you SHOULD do with a dead raccoon.

  11. Loved seeing you in Santa Cruz and can’t wait to see the photo of the ghost penis!

  12. Hey Jenny- you should of escape for a bit and visit Whimsic Alley while you are here… It’s full of geeky goodness (think Doctor Who and Harry Potter) and there are handcrafted geeky goods today until 6:00!

  13. I was too depressed to get out of bed yesterday, but I will see you in a few hours. I’ve been waiting months for this and I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss it.

  14. I might just buy a second copy today, because I love Vroman’s and want to support them as well as you. I was so happy to see you were coming here, but I’m a little worried I might not be able to handle it if it’s really crowded. I hope to see you soon.

  15. I’m freaking out. I keep telling myself I can do this. Pasadena is 45 minutes away, I don’t even have to drive. I don’t know why my anxiety is so bad. It’s 72 degrees and my teeth are chattering, I’m clenching my teeth so hard I’m giving myself a tension headache. But I will do this. I will be there. I will. If you see an overweight long haired redhead wearing grey standing in line and looking freaked out, that’s probably me. Hang out with me? Share war stories?

  16. Remember the khereva mantram:
    1. Victor is right.
    2. If there is doubt, see rule 1.

  17. There must be hundreds of things you can do with a dead raccoon which has been stuffed. The paperweight options are endless in and of themselves not to mention the stop go animation possibilities.

  18. Thanks for creating this book. I missed your stop in my town, but I am not even halfway through it and have ordered copies for my sister (who has depression) and mother. I average 6-10 pages before I get to laughing to hard and have to stop.

  19. I saw a taxidermied magpie yesterday and it was beautiful. I didn’t buy it because she said touching them is bad for them. What else would you do with it? It needed to be stroked! I would never have co sisters it until I read your escapades with the raccoons 🙂

  20. I’m still bummed about missing out when you were in Boston. I would have had you sign my copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, and maybe asked you to add a personal note with the pre-signed copy of Furiously Happy that I ordered online (since I knew I was going to miss out on seeing you), and I probably would have let you sign my children. In Sharpie. And then you’d see what a spaz I turn into when I’m fangirling, and I’d feel like a weirdo, and you’d probably call security, but maybe I’d get an autographed restraining order out of it, so bonus for me. Anywho, have a great time, be safe, and watch out for the crazy people!

  21. That’s a great book store and it’s a beautiful day today in Los Angeles. Wish I could stop by and give you some support, but I’m heading to Ojai for a writer’s retreat. Have a wonderful time!

  22. Hi Jenny, would this be the place (where you’d see it) to ask about the Furiously Happy bookplates? I requested one when the word went out, but haven’t received it yet. Does that mean you went thru them all and i’m s.o.l., or it got lost in the mail (happens more than it should) or i should wait some more coz it’s still workin its way to me? thank you and enjoy what’s left of Cali!

  23. I think you could quote a little Shakespeare here and shut Victor right up:

    There are more things in heaven and earth, Victor, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    I like to pull out Hamlet whenever someone tells me what I could or should not do. Besides, I think Rory would appreciate the posthumous notoriety he’s received.

  24. So, you mention signing anything and then Gina W mentioned random things including yarn which made me think of twine wich reminded me of Nathan Fillion which reminded me that he was on an episode of Dinner at Tiffani’s and she had the nakins decorated with rosemary and twine and Nathan had to untie his napkin AND HE WAS HOLDING TWINE and there’s video proof.

    Whew, run on sentence for the win!

  25. I thought you weren’t supposed to be in LA until the 12th!! Now I can’t go because I’m working!! WAAAAAHHHHHH

  26. also, if you have extra time in Pasadena you should check out Gold Bug, on Union st. in old town – full of lovely taxidermy and all sorts of other strange things.

  27. Cassie, I will be wearing a stuffed sloth around my neck. Come over if you see me and we will hang together.

  28. Of course you are learning. You are learning how many things you can do with a dead racoon. And how many different things you can sign – you know, all the important things in life.

  29. We once had a racoon in our attic. We caught her in a live trap and took her and her babies to the woods to set them free. If she hadn’t had the babies, I would have been tempted to have her stuffed, so I guess motherhood saved her ass.

  30. Soooo disappointed. Drove for hours only to be told by vromans all books were sold out!! Really wanted 2 and especially one inscribed for my 30 year old daughter. Is there any other way to have you sign them? Can I mail them to you? Guess I’ll have to see you at your next book tour. Loved your book. Started reading on a plane…was laughing so much the person sitting next to me asked me if I was OK…lol. Have a great end of tour and enjoy getting home!

  31. I love that you are willing to sign anything. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever signed? What, don’t answer that. I may not want to know.

  32. Cry. So busy studying for finals and trying not to get sick. Missed it. Sniff.

  33. So I totally googled the dinner at tiffani’s thing, and it’s at about 10:30 into the video on youtube… 😉 Nathan Fillion Holding Twine.

  34. Couldn’t get a book…solthere so wouldn’t let us get in line. there were too many people already there. Is there any other way to get a book signed for my 30 year old daughter?

  35. Thank you so much for coming to LA! I used up all my spoons getting there (a bus and two subways and 2 hours on local transit one-way… oh, and that’s all after a Chinese final exam this morning, damn grad school), so sorry for being a bit of a blubbery mess when I finally got up to the table. I thought about confiscating the post-it-note-guy’s stash, but he’d disappeared and it probably would have been even more awkward to have you sit there while I wrote notes. Here is what I wanted to say:

    (1) Batshit-crazy runs in my family (you signed a book for my mom, who is bipolar, and two book-plates for me, a PTSD/depression/anxiety bundle of surprise-we’re-going-to-cry-now moments), and as much as I try to normalize it (and spin another round of let’s-see-which-med-might-work-now roulette), it helps SO MUCH to have a spokesperson like you who is willing to get up and write and say everything that is buried inside, and to see other people rallying around you saying “Me, too.”

    (2) [This is way late now, but from the safety of being miles away I’ll throw it out there.] Can I hug you? virtual hug!!

    (3) Have you ever tried knitting? I like your drawings, but I was just curious– I knit for self-solace, and as a bonus prize it’s rather nice to have something soft and cozy (and hand-bloody-made) to snuggle/cry with on the days you can’t get out of bed.

  36. Thanks for coming to see us. And thank you for being brave enough to share and write what you write. I think you make my wife feel less alone, and I know you make her happier, and that makes me happy. And I think your books allow me to understand her journey a bit better, which makes us both happier.
    And please encourage Victor to write his own book; I would love to hear his thoughts on dealing with a loved one who lives with these things, and especially to hear his side of the story(ies).

  37. Jenny, thank you for being so incredibly generous with all of us today! You are AWESOMATIOUS! 🙂

    Please thank Gabby for sharing her talents as well. It was totally cool to meet Lisa and her family!

  38. Thank you! I drove 2 hours and then was near the end of the line so I was so tired and excited but you were still so nice after signing a gazillion times! Best first book signing for me.

  39. It was wonderful to meet you at Vroman’s today! Thank you for doing this book tour for those of us who follow and support you. I know the touring isn’t easy, it must be quite the challenge and I want you to know that what you do matters! You are the voice of a group that at times hangs our heads low in the darkness. You are the voice that says its okay, its real and offers support and validation. Never stop talking and writing about these issues. Please know that the people you help far ou weigh those who don’t understand or find themselves offended. We love you!

  40. So excited. While I’m reading your blog hubby is sharing an Instagram post of a guys whose beta died so they built a boat and gave it a Viking funeral. Obviously scared the poop out of the swans on the lake, but their faces say it all! So, welcome to Tempe! You’ll fit in well here! Cannot wait. Will probably be too wired to sleep, so I’ll be the tired looking one.

  41. Doing a speed-scroll looking for your post, run run run, pictures blurring by…wait! Did I see the words “dead raccoon”?…I”M HOME! Will you ever come to Vancouver BC?

  42. OCD and dying because of the error…should read “I’M”…Have I mentioned I really need you to come to Vancouver?

  43. Such an amazing event! You, Gabi, the Vroman’s staff, and the crowd were all wonderful. I got there 3 hours early and was advised by staff to “make a friend”. What are the odds I’d end up next to another librarian with a library card collection (pictures stored on phone!)?! So lovely meeting Brandy, Penny, Rena, Laure, Eleanor, and especially you, Jenny! If all crowds were as great as yours, I’d definitely go a lot more places!

  44. I feel fairly right to tell you about this website, and specifically this stuffed guinea pig with mini dog collar and nose ring: http://perishedpets.com/product/liquorice/

    Furthermore, they have mouse terrariums that look startlingly like Christmas ornaments…

    A few posts late but I very much enjoyed seeing you in Denver last month! Cheers!

  45. quelletopia- Is that Kelly? You were lovely, I was so happy to sit next to you! Thank you for being so patient about Eleanor. Taking a toddler to a book signing was so risky, but I think she behaved well and having a patient neighbor like you helped so much! I think you were gone already when she met Jenny. Eleanor climbed halfway up the table so that she could see her and had an entire conversation (that I couldn’t hear because I was supporting her). We really enjoyed meeting you Jenny, thank you for doing this and being patient with my little girl and for the reassurance, it helped a lot.

  46. I wish I’d seen this blog post earlier! I planned to come on Sunday but then finals got insane and I’m a broke graduate student so I couldn’t justify both skipping out on school AND buying another copy of your book (because I obviously bought one already) in order to go.

    tl;dr – You’re awesome. Love your book. Sad I missed the event.

  47. I wish I’d seen this blog post earlier! I planned to come on Sunday but then finals got insane and I’m a broke graduate student so I couldn’t justify both skipping out on school AND buying another copy of your book (because I obviously bought one already) in order to go.

    tl;dr – You’re awesome. Love your book. Sad I missed the event.

  48. ah, yes, lady-with-the-toddler. Because it wasn’t stressful enough for me to be there, I had to miss half of what Jenny said due to your child singing, stuff getting dropped on the floor, you rooting through that huge bag, the enormous stroller taking up the aisle next to you… I left early, because some people apparently do not know what is and is not an appropriate place and time for a toddler. The poor little thing did her very best to behave, but what possible appeal could a reading hold for someone who is not yet old enough for comprehension? But I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Yeah, I know, we’re all nice here, but I had to miss something I had been looking forward to for months because of you. Not because of your child, because it was not her fault that she was someplace where she had nothing to keep her happy and occupied, but because of you, mother who made the choice to bring her there.

  49. I’m so sorry MaryEllen. I wish you had said something to me at the time, I would have taken her to the children’s section. That was my plan if she had been disruptive, but the people near me assured me that she was not. I’m really sorry. I wish there was some way I could make it up to you. Please let me know if there is. My email is iiambe@gmail.com.

  50. I do want to say one thing about the stroller though. The people at Vroman’s put me in that spot so that the stroller would be out of the aisle. I don’t think they anticipated that people would come along afterwards and block the aisle in violation of fire safety codes. It was never my intention to inconvenience anyone, and again, had I know that I was keeping you from enjoying yourself I would have done something about it.

  51. I do want to say one thing about the stroller though. The people at Vroman’s put me in that spot so that the stroller would be out of the aisle. I don’t think they anticipated that people would come along afterwards and block the aisle in violation of fire safety codes. It was never my intention to inconvenience anyone, and again, had I know that I was keeping you from enjoying yourself I would have done something about it.

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