If it’s Monday this must be Arizona.


Hello, Arizona!  It’s the last stop on my tour!  Come see me?  Please?  I’ll be at Changing Hands in Tempe at 7pm.  Buying a book there gets you a better seat and usually a better spot in the signing line but I’ll sign anything even if you don’t have a book.  Unless it’s a confession.  Then it’s a maybe.  

Next stop?  HOME!

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  1. Sometimes not even mended yet, but it’s ok to have some dangling parts.

    notquiteold recently posted Unfair!.

  2. Wow, you are up early! (Says the girl who watched the clock hit 4 this morning. Ugh.)

    emrohrer recently posted Sometimes, you meet up with a boy from your hometown. And sometimes, there’s a bear on the ski lift..

  3. How true! It’s the “sheltered” that worry me most.

    Mona Andrei (aka Moxie-Dude) recently posted I’ve decided to break some bread with y’all. Although we may need a sledgehammer..

  4. In terms of being “broken” – often when we ask people what makes them who they are – it’s often moments of trauma and hardship, so having been broken also means survival and resistance.

    Krimrat Picklesauce recently posted I'm a wittle sick baby..

  5. Things that are broken and put back together are often stronger for it.

    Manicmom recently posted Sparkly part II: The mean girl at work.

  6. Congrats on the last leg of the tour. The next time you need some cheering up – here you go.
    I died watching it. Goodness! But immediately thought of you and had to send it.


  7. You may not see this before this evening or even have time to answer but I’m gonna ask anyway just in case: Is a ticket required for this evening? I know you have to have one for seating preferred spot in line but if I just show up tonight to say hi, is that allowed?

    (Anyone can come to the signing line whether you have a book or not, so come! – Jenny)

  8. So excited!! to be celebrating my 50th b-day week tonight with you at Changing Hands Tempe

  9. I am sitting in a hotel in vegas crying right now, I was so excited to see you tonight, then work. Thanks goodness my son is going tonight in my place, and you have no idea how hard it is for him to do this, but he loves me and is the best son ever. I am so so so so sad I won’t be there myself.

  10. I just started your book yesterday and LOVE it! You speak to me in a way no one else can. Thank you for your humor, honesty and insight on life with mental illness. I see you are in Arizona today, that’s where I live. I wish I was able to come see you, but sadly I am unavailable. I can’t wait to keep reading and carry on this journey with you. Keep it up!!!

  11. Welcome to Arizona! I’m just down the road from Tempe (okay, about 100 miles, but it’s a really easy drive that I have made about a million times), but I can’t be there tonight because work. So I will physically be in my office, repeating “I love my job” until I believe it, but I will be at Changing Hands in spirit.

  12. And broken and mended and broken and mended…

    You made it to the end! It’s all smooth sailing from here. HAHAAH. Maybe not. Who knows.

    Michelle recently posted Panic At The Grocery.

  13. I love this quote. After reading it, I woke up my wife, and read it to her. She’d already finished her copy. >.> I’m no longer permitted to read anything by Jenny Lawson whilst in bed.

    Rory recently posted The Oppressive Fog of Depression.

  14. You can cover up the scar but still see the tear. Mended, mending, to be mended. Congrats on the completion of a successful book tour, Jenny!

  15. 15

    So excited for tonight! The valley welcomes you and is excited to be your last now on this amazing book tour adventure of yours!!!

  16. Had hoped to see you in Tempe, but my husband is having an endoscopy early tomorrow morning and we live in Tucson (long drive – at least for us). We have both read your books and love them!

  17. I love Arizona, but I hate it also. It’s a very bittersweet place for me. Enjoy your time there. Hope you’re doing well and keeping it all together. Seems like the dark is hitting most of us lately.

    thismamaiscrazy recently posted Outgoingly Shy.

  18. We are all broken. And beautifully so. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE STILL HERE, AND THAT IS BEAUTIFUL.

  19. A HUGE “atta girl” to Jenny for completing her book tour. We know it must have been exhausting, frightening, and awesome at the same time. Thanks for coming out to meet us!

  20. 20

    I am going to your signing tonight even though both of my copies of Furiously Happy are already signed. (They came that way when I bought them.) I am far too anxious to actually start a conversation with you, so I imagine I will stand there silently while drooling on myself while I nudge already signed books in your direction. That is pretty much standard behavior at one of these things, right?

  21. I’m so worried that once you relax and let your guard down, all your autoimmune crap will go SLAM! That’s what always happens to me. We will understand if you don’t post for a month. Just take care of yourself…..you DID it! A book tour that would have killed many of us. Your Grandma would be so proud of you, and so are we!

  22. Hi, lorilovesmullets!! That’s my fear, too. You can totally stand next to me…I’ll be in the boot with the googly eyes. I’m looking forward to seeing other people like us!

  23. Are you going to do the Christmas lists again this year? I look forward to that every year. I really want to help.

  24. Hope you have a wonderful last stop on your book tour, followed by lots of rest and relaxation. You certainly deserve it!

    Library Heather recently posted In which I am a library leader (sort-of)..

  25. Heading out to see my hero and be shy and anxious around members of the tribe. Pretty sure I’m going to blurt out something totally inappropriate such as, “Um. I’m so in love with dead things! Sign my book, please?” Please accept my apology in advance.

  26. I am in Payson AZ and will not get to make it down to see you. 🙁 I hope the signing goes well and you have safe travels back home.

  27. I wish I could go, to meet you and have my book, and Bloggess paper dolls signed. I live in Payson AZ and my daughter and I have Girl Scouts in 40 minutes. Hoping someday I’ll meet you. Safe travels back home. 🙂

  28. I’m totally stoked and waiting next door having a beer before 7 since the drive over here has me still shaking from anxiety.

  29. Jenny, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being broken and mended, and mending while broken by going on a book tour. I wish I could have brought you a wine slushie yesterday at Vroman’s. You made me laugh, and cry, and laugh/cry/snort, and we look drunk together, and that’s about right. Thank you.

    emelle28 recently posted Whassup?.

  30. Wishing I could visit you on your book tour. It’s almost over and you are doing great.

    Jenny Gargruella recently posted Sleep Walking.

  31. I feel I have finally found an author who can relate to my experiences. The OVERWHELMING anxiety. The debilitating fear. I’m slowly conditioning myself to infiltrate the bastion of extroverts and learn their ways!

  32. Oh boy. “I’ll sign anything.” Now you have to tell us the weirdest thing you’ve been asked to sign:). Come on. Has to be something bizarre in the bunch . . .

    candidkay recently posted The director’s cut.

  33. 33

    I feel I have finally found an author who can relate to my experiences. The OVERWHELMING anxiety. The debilitating fear. I’m slowly conditioning myself to infiltrate the bastion of extroverts and learn their ways!

  34. It was AMAZING to meet you! I swear the cupcake wasn’t poisoned. And if it was…it wasn’t me, you can blame those bitches at Urban Cookie Bakery. (No, seriously, they’re amazing, and I think they hardly every poison people.)

    MeglyMc recently posted Awwwww….teenagers..

  35. You were amazing and so gracious. Thank you for coming. Hope to have an opportunity to at some point have a relaxed te a te with less drugs in all our parts.
    Please have a safe journey home.

  36. I love that about being broken and put back together. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been put back together backwards…but put back together no less.

    Musings, Rants & Scribbles recently posted Why Is Finding a Dog So Hard?.

  37. 37
    Musings of Caterina

    I hope you post the picture of your last reading. It was wonderful to hear you do your reading and I thought it was awesome even at the start when your meds hadn’t even kicked in yet. Would have loved to get my picture with you but we were in group “G” and there were a lot of people ahead of us. You have inspired me though. After 31 years of marriage I have separated from my husband. Life is scary right now but I finally did something on my bucket list and went and heard an author read her own stuff. I’m learning to live again. Your book made me laugh until I had tears running down my face and cry until I had tears running down my face. Having fought depression my whole life and being a self harmer I did feel that this year I have found my “people”. Thank you for sharing yourself…

  38. Thank you for coming to Arizona. I enjoyed your reading and am a bit sad that I couldn’t meet with you to get my book signed (at the end of the line, feeling under the weather and had to bee at work at 6:30 am). I had wanted to tell you my own David Sedaris story. I too am a lover of his work and finally had my chance to see him in the middle of nowhere Illinois. He was signing books after his reading and Q&A. I was so giddy with excitement, I was going to talk to one of my favorite authors. I mean, it’s David fuckin’ Sedaris! Drunk on awe and admiration, I took a quick picture of him. He looked up and said, rather sternly, “No pictures. I don’t do pictures.” My heart sank into the pit of my stomach. I annoyed my favorite author. I was crushed and wanted to crawl in the closest hole, bury myself in shame and never see the light of day again. It’s horrible to meet one of your heroes and fuck up inadvertently.
    He’ll never remember me, but I’ll always remember that one moment where I annoyed someone I truly respect and admire greatly. Thinking about it now, I want to cry.

    Love your writing and thank you for years of a glimpse into your life.

  39. Sometimes you have to break a container to know what’s inside.

  40. I saw a picture on facebook that said that some cultures put gold in the cracks when they mend something to make it more beautiful. I like that idea – that all my broken parts are healed with gold or glitter or red glitter – yes, red glitter.

    Catherine recently posted A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.

  41. Jenny,

    Sorry to bother you. I love you. You are awesome and hilarious and witty. I saw you on part of the book signing tour and I had one small thing that messed it up a bit for me. Not that YOU aren’t perfect, but there was one small thing that happened.

    You made an easy joke about politics/religion and the entire room applauded and laughed. As I didn’t agree with the comment, it immediately made me feel severely anxious. And you are allowed to make any joke you see fit, I am not down on you. But when the entire room feels like a big group of people with all one mind and good people and funny people and interesting people and then the entire room pulls away from you, it feels like if I had admitted I was of a different religious/political opinion that everyone would have turned on me; and if I didn’t pretend to be just like everyone else bad things could have happened. It was, to be honest, pretty freakin’ scary.

    It was a simple, common joke of the sort you hear on every late night talk show. And I know you are witty and smart and clever enough that you don’t need to go for the low hanging fruit. You can if you like, I will not stop loving you, because Awesome, but know that when you wander into those areas, you isolate a lot of your audience who is already feeling isolated everywhere else.

    Big Hugs! Thank you for all the effort you put in on the tour!


    (Thanks for the comment and I’m so glad you made it on the tour. :). I am full of inappropriatisms so rest assured that I offended many people of different belief systems, including several I love and even married. I can’t think of anything off hand regarding religion that I said so I’m assuming you’re referring to when I said I didn’t like Trump or Bill O’Reilly? Although I think I did once accidentally say I didn’t like Pat O’Reilly. And possibly I don’t. I get everyone confused. Is Pat O’Reilly religious? If so, this comment now makes more sense so rest assured that it’s basically just me being stupid and not taking my ADD meds. Sorry so rambley. I’ve been sick for two days. Live! -Jenny)

  42. Thank you for coming to Arizona!!! We really enjoyed your reading, and i love to mee you in person, you are a very kind, down to earth lady. Keep writing, you are awesome at it, Jenny Lawesome!!

  43. Quickly joining in to applaud your strength in completing this final leg of your tour. Shining for crowd after crowd must have been truly exhausting – and you weathered it like a crowed king. Hugs and margaritas to you and yours. <3

    Vivienne Mathews recently posted Immersion Therapy 2.0 ~ Nope. I didn't die beneath a stack of newspapers..

  44. I was at your signing last night (yay, clown porn!) and I have to say…you are just so gracious and kind. I sat in a spot where I could watch the first part of the group go through your line and the way you interacted and listened and cried with people was just so awesome. I know to you it likely feels like you just being you but it’s lovely to see that yes, YES! there are people like you and that crowd in the world. Kind, loving, gracious people. I didn’t have a ticket and a woman heard that and said “you’re my plus one!” Other people that were leaving gave their spots to others that were staying. Everyone was kind and funny and amazing and I just want to say THANK YOU for being the hub that brings it all together. It’s beautiful and so are you.

  45. It was wonderful to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to come do the reading, for staying to sign our books, for talking to us about possible alien octopi, and for taking pictures with us in the most flattering pose possible. You really are quite amazing! I hope you made it home safely and are enjoying the sanctuary of being in your own space.

  46. Did you get your “I Had A Booksigning In Arizona And All I Got Was This Lousy Food Poisoning” shirt?

    Thanks for signing my Rory Frozen In Carbonite pic.

    Shawnte recently posted Tour Diary: Portland DAY THREE mini Book Tour of the Pacific NorthWest.

  47. First, welcome home! Hide in the snuggle-comfort of your family and fortress.
    Second, I had no idea until reading your book that someone else had the same unusual travel phobia. It drives my wife nuts. Ah, the bliss of knowing we aren’t alone. (As if my shrink cannot convince me.)
    Third, take all the time you need away from us while you recover from the stress of the book tour and gastroenteritis. God knows we aren’t going anywhere.

  48. Look at me when I’m yankin’ your chain, baby! You was here, and you was smoochin’ with my brother! You’ve been smoochin’ wit everybody! Snuffy, Al, Leo, Little Moe with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Boney Bob, Cliff. I could go on forever, baby! WAIT! This ain’t the “Angels with Filthier Souls” blog! What’re you tryin’ to pull here, toots? I’m on to your game now, see?

  49. Hi when I first saw this book I thought oh how iwouldlove this framed and hung on my wall for all to see as these are the words that describe my life since a very young age ! and it still does as a 58 yr old tired, disabled granny and mom..oh my what a great conversation piece ,idfeel sorry for the person wanting to ask me about how ive been broken asthey would probably fall down from shock..anywho i just wanted to tellyou ive just startedtoview you site and did try to add someitems to wishlist on amazon but im notsure i did it right , I used to be the giver but now im literally $broke$ and wished for grandchildren ,wheni ever get my disability iwill help pplagain!! you are awesome ! sorry if this is sorta messy typing hands are not workin well today …peace,love,joy,faith, Beverly


  50. I AM SO INCONSOLABLY SAD THAT I MISSED THAT YOU WERE GOING TO BE IN AZ!!!!!!!!! i will have to more closely monitor your blog. i am truly devastated and no amount of chocolate can ease my pain 🙁

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