I’m licking all of your faces right now. But not actually, because I understand personal boundaries and virus prevention.

There’s a real post coming but I just wanted to share that we’re in the Wall Street Journal today.  It’s a little bit about me but it’s mainly about you and that makes sense because you guys are who made all of this possible.  Also, we’re currently hanging out with Benedict Cumberbatch.  Just on the page, but still.  Pretty sure that counts.


If you can’t read this because you don’t have super-human eyes you can click to read it here and see the other pictures.  Also, yes…that is a picture of me running terrified from everyone while clutching my “CAT LADY FOR LIFE” book bag.  But happily.  Which sums up my whole life, really.

You are amazing and I love you more than tacos.  And I love tacos.  Like, a lot.  And I love that the world is discovering how fantastic you are.  I hope you are discovering that as well.  You are magic.


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  1. I now know how much you appreciate us. anyone willing to love us more than tacos means business. thanks for all the laughs and tears Jenny.
    p.s. tacos are literally the best food. ever.

  2. You are magic Jenny. I saw this on FB yesterday and I thought you looked terrifically terrified and perfectly cat-lady Furiously Happy. And that is pretty good ink there above the fold and full half page. Congrats!

  3. So sorry I missed you in Boston, I was visiting my daughter, but my friend Jen was there and sent a picture of you and her. It meant so much! Plus you look like sisters along with having the same first name.

  4. You made it to the WSJ! Congrats beaucoup! (My brother got interviewed once at the MD State Fair)
    The only thing is, I’m now even sorrier that I couldn’t make it to the Washington DC reading (some one in my department had a vacation day that day). I’m not really a member of the club because I don’t have crippling anxieties or agoraphobia (YET) — but I would have been happy to bark at anyone or anything that threatened (or even just appeared to threaten) a Jenny Lawson fan.

    Rest up, milady. Ya earned it.

    (Come to Lancaster, PA sometime, pretty-pleez)

  5. Woohoo! Sharing the page with Sherlock.
    I just want to say, I was at the Pasadena reading and signing, and it was incredible.
    Thank you for signing my book. 🙂

  6. Next book, I hope you come to a city near me! Not attempting to make you feel bad at all for refusing to visit, but you know… keep it in mind for next time…

  7. I read this yesterday and was THRILLED for you but simultaneously a little sad because you didn’t make it to my city this tour but if you had I would totally have been one of the people waiting in line for hours because YOU are one person who is totally worth the wait. Seriously. Not just blowing smoke up your ass. (Not that I would. Would anyone really? Such an odd expression…)

  8. I was just reminding my longsuffering wife how fabulous you are. Good to see even yankees get it.

  9. Marvelous, amazing—so proud of us, so proud of YOU. Icing on the cake—you are snuggled up at home again with your family, your dog, and heaps and heaps of warm kitties.

  10. This week has sucked to a spectacular degree, but that article made up for all of it. So happy to see you and this tribe getting such well-deserved…huh. What’s a word that means publicity and love at the same time?? Lovicity? Sure, I’m going with that.

  11. yay tacos! yay us!

    Can your next book tour just be a big taco bar? I mean, like, little taco bars at every place not one great big one because that taco would be gross and toxic by your last stop. 😛 besides we already had prison-art-gallery-barbecue! 😉

  12. Marvelous, amazing—so proud of us, and so proud of YOU, my dear. Icing on the cake—you are snuggled up at home again with your family, doggie, and heaps and heaps of warm kitties.

  13. I’ll admit, I teared up a little. “Teared” up? “Teered” up? I mean, “tear” could be, ‘teer’ or ‘tare’, which are both equally simple to spell, but have much different intended meanings. What an odd duck language we have.

    Which reminds me, back on point. I love you all. I may feel equally as messed up in the head as I ever have, but at least I’m not alone. And not I’m not alone, AND Cumberbatching. Us oddities are really tearing things up. Fuck.

  14. What a wonderful article for you! I am so happy that the tour went well(minus your illness at the end). You are an inspiration. You’ve helped so many, including me, with your openness. I’m so thankful for you and my friend who sent me a link to your blog years ago.

  15. “It’s a little bit about me but it’s mainly about you and that makes sense because you guys are who made all of this possible. ”

    Well yeah, you can’t have GROUP THERAPY by yourself. That’d just be crazy =P

  16. I also noticed that you are above the fold, and above Sherlock, which is an amazing accomplishment (not that the rest of this isn’t amazing, but that is even MORE amazing). In short, congratulations – you deserve all of it!

  17. I bought both your books as a birthday present for myself and wrapped them up and I can hardly wait till the 22nd to open them up and get reading!!!!! I needed a reason to look forward to turning 61 and the thought of being able to read about my tribe leader is making it all worth it!
    Hope you become super-rich and get a sitcom!!!! Who do you want to play you?????

  18. i wanted to see you in santa cruz SO BADLY. but i just couldn’t do it. the older i’ve gotten the more anxious i am in crowds. and even though that crowd was the tribe, i chickened out. 🙁

  19. Squee! Seeing close personal friends in the WSJ! Jenny AND the audience! I remember everyone in those photos. The lovely woman I spoke with while waiting is the wife of the bear ears wearing man. The three see-no-evil ladies.
    And Tiffany, the super friendly sweet lady who gave me a seat is right there in the picture with Jenny; and thank you lovely blonde lady sitting in front of me and sparing me the freak out of being in the photo. I think I see my hands, but my hands don’t mind their picture’s being taken.

  20. “A typical event feels like a raucous support-group meeting conducted by the funniest stand-up comedian in town.”

    I don’t think it gets better than that!

  21. Omg it has to be hormones but I started crying happy tears for you. Nope you don’t know me in the real world but you know me better than anyone except for one friend. You are amazing. I’m so so excited for you… I couldn’t get to a book signing this year I’m to weak and I don’t get along with cars well the driving part of cars so I ordered a signed template. I was telling my nurse about how she needed to read your books. (It’s interesting how we know one of us without being told). I was about to let her borrow mine because I know where she lives and I’d show up to get them but then I realized she had a teething puppy at home and changed my mind so I bought her furiously happy target only stocks let’s pretend online I was more than miffed! From the little blurb in Oprahs magazine and looking at your blog literally reading every post to meeting you in Boston during a thunder and lightening storm fight off extreme pain & fear ( I hate driving in Boston) thank you so very much for giving me courage laughter and so much more.

  22. LOOK AT YOU WITH MY TOTE BAG! (I mean, it’s your tote bag now. But you know what I mean.) You are so great and so is the work you’re doing in the world.

  23. It’s a lovely article about a lovely lady – you!!! So print the article and blow it up to poster size, and put in on your bedroom door. And then when those stupid voices start telling you mean things, you can read this article out loud and shut them up.

  24. I think we all need to be on top of Benedict Cumberbatch. Not at the same time, though. We could take turns. BLESS FOLDED NEWSPAPERS.

  25. So Benedict is handsome and all, but your pic is much more engaging:). Bet he’s wishing right about now he had been in a crowd, running, with a cat lady bag. I mean, then he would have stood a chance of competing for attention on the page.

  26. I’m pretty sure that being on the same newspaper page as Benedict counts as a date. So now you’re dating Benedict Cumberbatch. Hope Victor is OK. That’s what fame does though.

  27. It’s always reaffirming to know that we are truly never alone. If there is one thing the internet has given us, it is the chance to connect with others just like us. I’m sure Benedict is saying “I’m on the same page as the Bloggess – score!”

  28. Yay you! Congratulations. Also, congrats on the starred review for your audio book in the November 30th issue of Publisher’s Weekly. ” Her language is not for the faint of heart”…hahaha.

  29. Can’t think of anyone better to share the page with than Benedict and Martin! Also, I need that Cat Lady for Life book bag in my life…

  30. Like those before me, allow me to be super impressed and excited that you got to top Benedict and Marton!
    I mean, you deserve it, of course.
    Well done, lady, you are amazing.

  31. I started crying reading that article when I read how supportive of each other your ans are. A fort of sweaters sounds lovely. I hope to see you at a tour in the future.

  32. What are the tax implications of writing off each stop on your tour as a huge group therapy session? I’d look into that further.

  33. Since you love tacos, you might enjoy the cookbook, “The Taco Cleanse.”

    A feature in The Wall Street Journal, published by Dow Jones and Company. Well done! They’re probably rife with anxiety disorders.

  34. Can we just talk for the teeniest tiniest second about the caption on the photo? ‘Author Jenny Lawson, with tote bag.’ Like I understand it makes sense, but it still makes me giggle a little like the tote bag is a really important character in this story. Anybody else think it’s even a teeny bit funny? No? Just me? Oh well 😉

  35. And many a night, I’ve lain awake staring at the ceiling and thinking of your taco as well.

  36. I love you for so many (non-creepy) ways but mainly for creating this place.
    A place where everybody feels welcome… That’s no easy feat but you made it happen and for that, we all thank-you! xo

  37. I can’t tell you how much help your books have been to me. I wish there was a magical way to spirit you to New Zealand so I could admire you from a-closer (i’m currently admiring you from afar). Thank you so much. My daughter took an OD of pills last week and it has been a hard time. You have helped me to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You make me know we aren’t alone in our own tortured worlds.

  38. I didn’t make it, of course. Hell, I sneak out the side door at my own office parties. Just can’t cut it. How you did this tour is unfathomable to me. I WANT some of those pills! And…congrats!

  39. Two things. One, did they really have to identify you in the photo as “with a tote bag?” Did they think otherwise people would assume you have some weird side-hanging appendage, or that you normally carry bag-lady bags so this is a step up in homage to your peeps? Two, when I opened your site to read this, the pop-up on the side was an ad for a ginormous stabby knife. I didn’t do it, I swear!
    Okay three. Three things. You are awesome and you deserve naps and candy!

  40. You are magic! Also, you like us more than tacos?! That’s a lot (I think tacos are amazing too)! Thanks for being you and keeping me laughing! :-).

  41. More than tacos? That is a LOT of love! Trust me- I have this on the authority of my eldest child. And we all know 18-year-olds are never wrong… 😉 (but I’m pretty sure she’s right about tacos…)

  42. I’m SO glad the kid in the Jenny Lawson costume made the article. Also glad you brought her up and recognized her when I pointed her out to you. (I don’t know if you realized it was me who did that) She was a really sweet kid and trying desperately to get her friend or sister or whomever she was with to share her joy during your reading. It was all fantastic to witness.

  43. Thank you Jenny. I’ve only recently come to a place where I am comfortable again with my weirdness.

  44. But are we better than Benedict Cumberbatch serving you tacos?

    So glad you’re getting the recognition you so richly deserve! Hope you’ve totally recovered from the food poisoning and are enjoying your family. 🙂

    I look at the books several times a day and say to myself, “Wow! I’ve met this wonderful person — and she signed my books!”

  45. If I am ever fortunate to meet you, you may, of course, lick my face but a hug would beat least as good.

  46. I mean, seriously. As if all the prior hype hasn’t made me psyched to read your book, which by the way just arrived at my doorstep from B&N yesterday. Signed and all. Thanks in advance. I am excited to contribute more fully to this conversation. I have a feeling I am going to need a cat.

  47. Seeing you again in Tempe was wonderful but I didn’t take a picture with you, I thought that I really didn’t need it. Just knowing that you share so much is wonderful. I couldn’t imagine being that popular, now that would freak me out!

  48. The more I read, here and on Twitter, the harder I kick myself for not making it to your Austin signing. I know I did what I had to do to take care of myself, but it really sucks sometimes that taking care of myself means missing out on events like this. Hopefully by the time your next book rolls out, I will be able to kick anxiety, agoraphobia, and PTSD square in the ass so I can see you in person. Until then, I remain the anxious, agoraphobic massage therapist fan. 🙂

  49. Oh how neat is this? Oh wait you mean the article about you not Benedict? Okay, okay off to read it…JK…it’s a great article and well done! I am furiously reading Furiously Happy now and nearly wet my pants reading about your gallbladder surgery! It’s so nice to know I am not alone in all of my ‘things’ whatever they are! You (we) ROCK!!!

  50. Well done!! The bit about Benedict is so well written…when did you meet him?? Okay, okay JK your article is great and I am so thrilled to have found you! I am furiously reading ‘Furiously Happy’ and nearly wet my pants reading about your gallbladder surgery! I have so many ‘things’ my things have things and it’s so neat to not be alone in the having of things! You ROCK! Thanks for the voice!!

  51. I love you for so many reasons. One really good one right now is you show the world we’re crazy in a good way, unlike Ted Cruz or Greg Abbott.

  52. You were magic first.

    Yet, there are so many comments here, because you’re more amazing than you’ll ever know, you’ll probably never read this, and it’ll probably make no sense if you ever do because there’s like twenty million comments before this one. Either way, it is meant, wholly and completely.

    And thank you.

  53. Great story, though I feel the tote bag was definitely under-utilised as a character. Will look forward to the tote bag getting its own spin off. 5/5, would come back for all the crazyamazingtacomagic again.

  54. Thank you for sharing your perspective and stories. (I was at Romans with a friend, but we were in the “Radio Show” section behind the calendars.) And pretty amazing to share paper-space with Sherlock. Well done!

  55. Brené Brown move over…Oprah needs to interview a new star for her ‘Super Soul Sunday’ can’t wait for her to call you and ask you to bring all your taxidermied animals to her beautiful backyard in Montecito, Ca. it will be great…I will be waiting.

  56. Was hoping to find you on Twitter Saturday night so I could commiserate with you about office christmas parties.. gah, I am so socially awkward. I did not crawl under anything to hide, but did “go to the bathroom” to recharge my batteries. Then I spent hours after the party worrying that I said something wrong to someone, evaluating every conversation, shaking a little on the inside.. took me 4 hours to wind down and all I thought was “where’s Jenny she’d understand”. Love you and your understanding of awkward and all things that go on in your brain after being thrust into a holiday party! (or any social situation!)

  57. And you know who else likes tacos…DRAGONS LOVE TACOS! by Adam Rubin. Awesome kids book.

  58. I took “Furiously Happy” on my Honeymoon last week, and I have laughed so hard. I want to thank you for being so brave and talking about your anxiety. It is not something that my husband understands. He did not know why after 4 days of no anxiety meds (forgot to pack them) I wanted to karate chop him in the throat for tapping his foot. He does not understand that sometimes it is incredibly difficult to be in your own skin or to need to drown out all noise and just be. But you get that. I am extremely grateful for women like you who are making it OK to be broken. I cry for no reason sometimes; I have irrational fears of snakes, needles, and blood. I have to fight to keep my temper in check with things that do not bother anyone else. And you get that. It helps to know that you get that.
    I am also incredibly thankful for my best friend of 22 years. She’s broken too. She has social anxiety and battles depression. She has overcome an eating disorder, and I have had to talk her out of driving her car off the side of the road. We are broken. But we have each other.

  59. I had to laugh at the stock art that was used in the story about #FuriouslyHappy on NextAvenue.Org. It’s a shiny, happy …. grandma.

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