I’m alive. You are too. And for that I am thankful.

Right now I am on my way home from the last leg of the Furiously Happy book tour, which was filled with giggling adventures, new and old friends, tears and stories whispered in signing lines, terror and anxiety and adrenaline, and a particularly virulent case of food poisoning that left me stranded in Arizona for an extra day. Right now I am weak and tired and relieved and in an airplane beginning its descent home. And I find myself crying, startling the uncomfortable businessman beside me who doesn’t know what to do with this too-pale frizzle haired girl who looks the very picture of a nervous wreck. I explain to him that these are happy tears. Because they are. Not just because the call of home is so near but also because I will miss you. That’s odd to say because I hate traveling, and speaking is scary but I will miss seeing big groups of you, so many of you looking at me with the same scared look reflecting mine -reminding me that I am with people who understand me and will nod if I hide under a table. I will miss your stories and the cool hands on mine as you assure me my panic wasn’t too obvious. I will miss your smiles and stories of people you met in line who are now new friends. I will miss the emails from those who couldn’t make it but still wanted to share their stories, and the handwritten notes given by shaking hands of friends who were too afraid to speak but still managed to proudly make it through the line. I will miss you. But I know that you will still be here, helping me write my next book as you helped me through the last two. I know that even if I don’t see you in person that you are real and important and are in my strange camp of wonderful misfits. I know that I am not alone. I hope you know that too.

As I write this the taxi is nearing my house and all I want to do is melt into my family and couch and furry babies but before that I want to say thank you. Thank you for being my family, both on the road and off. And in a day or so I’ll be back with something lovely for us to do, but until then I wish for you all the love I felt from our amazing, talented, bizarre and far-flung community and I hope you understand how much you mean to me, to our strange tribe, to the world.

Thank you.

Ps. Ignore the typos. This is what happens when you write on your phone after almost no solid food for 30 hours. Also, this is where I’d put pictures but I’m too exhausted so instead I’m linking to Instagram so you can relive the last 3 months of touring with me if you like.

Thank you.

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  1. Next time you are in Connecticut, please stop by. Oh WAIT…you DIDN’T COME TO CONNECTICUT. Your tour arranger needs to start all over.

  2. Enjoy your time at home, recharging your heart and soul with all that is familiar and comforting. xo

  3. Thank you! I loved seeing you at Book People in Austin, and confess I wondered at first (because I got there early) if I was going to have to find the bathroom you were hiding in and sit there with you, but out you came, and you were fabulous.

    I’m so glad you shared yourself with us and the rest of the country, and now you get to charge up again with your wonderful family.

    Hugs and such, Victor is always right, and have a wonderful holiday.

  4. It was so amazing to meet you in Seattle <3 You’re so brave and so awesome and you should get to hide out under the covers at least as long as you’ve been on tour.

  5. Hey there! I relate, and I share your pleasure at returning to the comfort of one’s fortress. Hang in there (and eat healthy).

  6. So glad you made it home safely ! I hope to see you on your next tour and I hope you feel better soon too !

  7. I get this. Truly.

    My friend: What’s your favourite place in the whole world?
    Me: Hmmm, the South of France. No. Wait. My bed. My bed is my favourite place in the whole world.

  8. Welcome Home Jenny, and well done! Your beautiful words made me cry happy tears too. I’m so grateful to have you in my (internet) life, you always say the right things. xx

  9. Jenny! You are amazing and meeting you was amazing! I wanted to tell you my stories and share how proud I am of us for making it through another day… but I could barely contain my excitement and nervousness. But THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You are a constant inspiration and source of joy (for so many).

    Happiest of Holidays to you and your family. Enjoy being home! <3

  10. “the handwritten notes given by shaking hands of friends who were too afraid to speak but still managed to proudly make it through the line” … I was one of these, and I’m happy to hear that you saw me and you saw my note and understood why it was a note. 🙂

  11. Thank you for coming to see us in St. Louis! Even though we knew it wasn’t easy for you, it meant a lot that you did it anyway! You made my autumn!

  12. Yay to living! Yay for new friends and new adventures, there is no where quite like your own home, your own bed and your own cats. I hope you are smothered in cat fur upon your arrival home and lots of snuggles with your family.

  13. Thank you for leading the tribe. Your bravery and humor continues to inspire me daily. Congratulations on being done for now! Xoxo

  14. I was happy to be there in spirit. Except for the food poinsoning; I admit I checked out for that part. Welcome home!

  15. we will never met, ’cause you will never come to Europe .. but let me tell you this: you are special, in very amazing way. 🙂

  16. Thank YOU for facing so many of your fears to come see us. Thank you for leaving your family for us. Thank you for being so generous, honest, and patient with us. We were quite the mob of blubbering, shaking, overwhelmed messes. Oh wait. Maybe that was just me having a massive panic attack and hardly being able to speak to you. I think you would be amazed if you could just see how glorious you really were. You are special to all of us. You are lovely and brave and beautiful. Enjoy your family and your snuggles. Thank you from all of us in Los Angeles.

  17. Thank you for coming out to visit so many of us!!! <3 Cause it’d be rough on your plumbing if we all showed up there. xoxoxo.

  18. Glad you’re home, safe and sound. I’m so grateful I was able to vicariously enjoy your book tour through your blog, Twitter feed, and Instagram posts.

  19. Enjoy your home-time and remember to keep yourself occupied for a while after such a busy, vibrant time travelling to make sure to keep the comparative solitude at bay. Much love 🙂

  20. Sorry Arizona treated you so poorly – wish I’d had whatever it is it takes to actually come see you in Tempe, I really wanted to. Glad you’re back home safe and sound.

  21. I couldn’t visit you this tour, but hoping that next time everything will be more favorable. Maybe all of us can go do a puppy and kitten stress-down after the event…I am/know people who could arrange it in Saint Louis 🙂

  22. Be it ever so fur-filled, there’s no place like home. Congratulations on making it through all of this and coming out the other side happy and exhausted and grateful and humbled (albeit with an unasked for side order of food poisoning). We love you, Jenny. It’s as simple as that. We just love you.

  23. Glad you are at home. I, too, am a survivor of food poisoning on a business trip. I ended up in the hospital in Cape Girardeau, MO. I will be forever grateful for the manager of the motel I was at for taking me to the hospital and coming back 4 hours later when I was released. She then took me to Walmart to fill a prescription and when we got back to the motel, arranged for their small kitchen to make me some dry toast. It does restore your faith in humanity.

  24. No matter where in the world you roam, there is no place like home. Hey, I’m a poet…. 🙂

  25. No, thank you! You and Rory brightened our days and this is the time of year when everything “dies, freezes or falls off,” as Anne Lamont says. Rest up and rejoin us misfits for more adventures!

  26. No, thank you! You and Rory brightened our days and this is the time of year when everything “dies, freezes or falls off,” as Anne Lamont says. Rest up and rejoin us misfits for more adventures!

  27. I’m furiously happy that you are home safe with your family 😛 (and I cannot wait for the fun stuff coming soon)

  28. I’m sorry I missed you in Toronto, but with the internet, we’re never too far, really. 🙂 Welcome home, Jenny. You are awesome. 🙂

  29. Hi Jenny! Thanks so much for saying it was ok to scurry out of the book signing in Tempe! I was so happy to see you in person…but just could not bring myself to stand in line for long. I was mad because I could not do it. I had been waiting for this signing for months…but nope. I did make it to the signing this time though…better than the last book. I had a friend stand in line for me….so thank you.

  30. Crying as well because you always make me cry. (Mom, Jenny made me cry again…) Glad you’re home and that the tour is over. Happy that the book did so well and that this tour gave you more breathing room. Glad that Lg Fry and I got to see you in Washington DC. Hug your people and your pets, drink some ginger ale and then eat some delicious food when you can.

  31. Congratulations on finishing your Furiously Happy book tour. I cannot wait to start reading it. Should arrive in the mail from Barnes & Noble anyway now!

  32. Thank you for being all you are, and above all for being honest about what you go through, and that it may be a part of you, but it is not you. I mentioned after I finished this book, that I was going to lend it to a person I know, because I believe that your story can be of a help during their own troubles. I tried, but they left it behind, so I will have to try again. Still even if it does not help, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also, welcome home. Give your daughter and critters a big hug, and go back to arguing over stupid stuff with Victor, put your feet up for a bit, and embrace the love of family and home. You deserve it.

  33. We love you SO HARD! Like, crash test dummy smashing hard. (Hint: it’s a lot) It was fantastic meeting you, and thank you so much for doing this for us. I know it was hideously stressful, and you are amazing for doing it. You are absolutely adored. <3

  34. We’re all happy for you Jenny. You’re actually able to make a living off of this – this reality. And you’re staying honest and good and kind to those of us still just working our crummy jobs and living with “it.”

  35. I came to see you in Portland and wanted to ask you (but was too scared) why you do these tours when there is so much about them that terrifies you and is hard for you. I was curious if tours and readings are something that you’re forced to do by your publisher, or that you need to do to promote your book, or if there are personal reasons that drive you to do them even though it’s so difficult. This post helped me understand a bit better, so thank you. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see you and listen to you.

  36. Hi Jenny! This is Liz from the Arizona signing! I am proud to report my 153 days is now 155 days clean!! I tear up everytime I think that I have made it this far! I enjoyed the signing and talking to you! I hope you have a great week and a wonderful weekend. Much love from a new fan in Arizona

  37. Reading Furiously Happy and meeting you in person were definitely highlights of an otherwise shitty year for me, so thank YOU! And congrats, you made it through a grueling tour. Well done, you!!

  38. We love you so much! Thank you for being the head of this community and letting people all over the world know they’re not alone in your beautiful, funny, bizarre way. We can’t thank you enough.

  39. I tried leaving a reply before but it didn’t take so I’m trying it again, feel better Jenny!!

  40. Welcome home! Know that if nothing else, your books convinced someone on the fence about seeking help for her anxiety and OCD to see her doctor. You probably won’t remember me–there were so many people in Austin–but you told me you loved my Autobot/Tardis shirt, and we talked about being Jennifer’s from the 70’s. Two minutes prior, and only three people away from your table, I was ready to run out of Book People. I was frantically texting my husband and BF in line, and they were working very hard to make sure I would stay. And then I remembered the chapter about your audio-book, and I took out my own sharpie and wrote on my arm: pretend you’re good at it. And I managed to stay. And a week later I realized that maybe I wasn’t just a little quirky about biting my fingers… and I made an appointment. Then I canceled it. But then I made another one, and kept it and now I’m on some nice medication, and my fingers (and toes, lips, face) are in the process of healing b/c I haven’t been picking and biting … as much. Thank you. Thank you for telling me you liked everything about my outfit (including the unicorn purse), and writing about your OCD… because I am doing better. Thank you.

  41. JENNY…I am sending HUGS and HAPPINESS your way. You made it through it all and you made it home. REST and RECOVER. Your tribe will be waiting and smiling and crying and cheering right there with you.

  42. I got teary reading your post. I will never forget seeing you and talking with you and telling you that I love you and it was ok if you threw away the sheep in a bottle that I gave you ( in Toronto- just in case you got more than one sheep in a bottle, which would be unlikely for most people but not for you).

  43. Thank you, a million times over, for all your kindness and awesomeness and courage. Also, on behalf of Arizona (hey, I’ve lived here long enough to get stung by a scorpion – in my bed, mind you – so I think I can speak for the whole state), sorry for the food poisoning.

  44. My son was strong enough to check himself in to the hospital when depression was telling him to end himself. I brought him your book and he is now a fan. Thank you for helping us both and being there when we needed you

  45. Your post made me weepy. I guess tears of joy. Or tears of omg how intensely heartfelt. Glad you are home.

  46. I’ll be telling people about the Church in Chicago, and everyone lining up to take pics of Rory photobombing Jesus. And I also recommended your book to two people having a hard time right now, and offered to loan my copy.

  47. Thank you Jenny for giving the people of your tribe a place to congregate with like minded souls. Thank you for confirming that damaged isn’t necessarily a bad thing, not if you accept it for what it is. I know that you will be surround by lots of love when you get home and hopefully someone will have you a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup and some buttered crackers. Love you!

  48. I’m Alive, and You are too, and for THAT, I am truly grateful.

    Food poisoning sucks. I wonder if mine was simply empathetic, rather than legit. I had a low-grade fever and everything! But I SO understand that “haven’t eaten anything solid for 30 hours” feeling (or at least, “haven’t kept anything down for 30 hours”). Blargh.

    Thank you for touring! Thank you for coming to Pasadena! Thank you for getting home safely to Victor and Hailey, et al!

  49. I’m so happy for you with such a successful book tour. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and hear you speak in San Francisco. Enjoy your time with family and animals and thank you for coming to see all of us who adore you.

  50. Welcome home. Be kind to yourself for a couple of days. We’ll leave the light on for you. But take some time to regroup, love your family, and feel their love in return. Then you can deal again with all the rest of us!

  51. Glad you are home and on the mend. I have your next book on my wish list already!

  52. Yea Jenny! You DID GOOD! (Carl Sagan once advised me to “DO GOOD”)

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to Tempe to see you, but you are always with me as I carry your book from place to place with me. I don’t want it to end–so write ANOTHER BOOK ok?

    When my daughter gave up the fight 2 years ago, I went to Therapists and Support Groups, at first with only one plan: This pain is severe, Teach me how to “get over it” in a reasonable amount of time. I was a woman on a mission to stop these terrible feelings of despair.

    The Therapist wisely said many times: this is your NEW NORMAL–sadness, depression, just getting out of bed in the morning is a success. Baby-steps she said. New Normal.
    I finally accepted that when I just wasn’t getting over it. Grief and Depression are buddies, who always call Remorse and Doubt to help them.

    It was your book that helped me embrace my new normal, and find a way to laugh myself through it all. Now my new normal is evolving, slowly, sometimes I even surprise myself with what I can accomplish. But more often now I am surprised with what I can dream of accomplishing.
    Hope–thanks for the Hope, Jenny Lawson.

    Keep handing out that Hope–we all need it.
    We’ll send it back to you when you need it.

  53. It was awesome to see you again! I’m so happy I was able to find someplace in San Francisco to park that day. I know you feel me on this.

    Until next time. 🙂

  54. I have been following your travels and I am amazed at how many of us you were able to meet in person. You are right about finding other of “our people” standing in signing lines or sitting next to them waiting for you to speak.
    I am about to take on the task of standing up and speaking for those with chronic pain. I’ve started a new organization and I will need to make appearances on TV and at local groups to get the word out of how we can help, and more importantly ask for money to help the large number of people who have chronic pain diseases.You are going to be my inspiration and my motivation, because honestly I am scared to death!! I imagine I will have one of my little stuffed animals in my pocket at all times as a way to stay grounded.
    I was one of those people who almost didn’t make it to the signing. I have an embarrassing sweating problem and I generally look like a drown rat. I was afraid I would freak you out by my sweatiness. Although I really wanted a hug, I still liked how our picture together turned out. In closing, Jenny you ROCK GIRL. Welcome home, put your feet up and relax, you are amazing.

  55. Jenny, I am so glad you are in the world, and thankful to be in the world at the same time. I don’t know how you managed to get through such a massive book tour, but I am so proud of you and glad to have you as a model that it is possible to do very hard things. I wasn’t able to go to any of your book signings, (and your book is on my Kindle so not sure how that would have worked!) but I am so happy you sent your signature to those of us who couldn’t be there in person to get our books autographed. The day I got the envelope with your signature I was so excited my husband became involved. “What is it, a book acceptance?” “No, Jenny Lawson’s signature!” Which now hangs in a place of honor on my refrigerator reminding me I am not alone.

  56. I was sad to miss your Portland stop, I really looked forward to meeting you. I admire, so much, the way you are able to verbalize your fears, your joys, your wonderful relationship with your family. I hope your holidays are filled with the joy of the season, and loved ones surround you while more strange and wonderful things happen to inspire your next awesome book. Until then I will continue to read your blog and chuckle out loud.

    p.s. I really, really wish I had known you as I suffered through my debilitating depression and anxiety. I had a wonderful counselor trained in EMDR and the worst is mostly behind me. It would have been so nice to know someone else who would think laying on the floor of the office manager because of a horrible anxiety attack was somewhat normal!!

  57. I was too scared to come alone, and a friend who was supposed to come with me bailed. I’m sorry, Jenny, I really wanted to meet you. I’m so amazed at how you’ve pulled off this massive tour and all that travel and all those people! Thank you for making it okay to be broken and mended again. 🙂

  58. I’m thankful you are home safely, and thankful you are on the upswing of the food poisoning recovery. And very, very thankful that one day you decided to give blogging a chance, and that you give us all a part of you every time you post something. You have no idea how many times a week I remind myself to be “furiously happy”. I wasn’t able to work up what it took to attend your signing in Houston, and I really regret that. Hopefully I will do so for the next book tour. I vote we all bring blankets to the signings/readings, and make blanket forts with the tables and chairs, that way we can ALL hide under the tables!

  59. My daughter and I saw you in Ohio. We met a lot of people while standing in line. Several strangers shared some of their stories with us. It was wonderful. Thank you Jenny for doing this. People respond to you in a way that I have never seen before. It is wonderful to be a part of this.

  60. We LOVED meeting you and getting to tell you how much we adore you! Welcome home! 🙂

  61. Welcome home (even though your home is not my home. My home is London. I’m not welcoming you to London as that would be strange, wrong and wholly incorrect. Aagh. Im confusing us all now. Let me start again)
    Congratulations on a successful tour filled with love & support and hopefully fulfilling affirmations. Thank you…just thank you. And I want to ‘welcome’ you, from my heart, back into the safe heart of your loved ones, and as all your fan-friends do, and all the love and protection you get from them. You’re a rock to me, and I wish you everything good about being back with yours xx

  62. If I had to face that many people staring up at me, and then read to them my own deepest thoughts, well…the table wouldn’t provide enough of a hiding place. Well done, my dear. You are amazing. Great photographic journey.

  63. Thank you for being so real and honest which is also hilarious. It’s a gift to be open with strangers but you’ve made us feel like we are friends. But I feel like I’m extra special because I did get to meet you and hang out in Huntsville at the Rocket City Lit Fest. You also made my son Palmer’s day telling him he had great hair. He was Homer Hickam’s handler. Next year he will ask to assist you!! I hope you get well deserved rest and spend fun times with your loved ones. Soak in the little moments!!!

  64. Coming to see you and getting my Kindle signed not only got me out of the house, I drove three hours by myself to get there, and I got a room at the hotel and stayed there alone that night, had dinner at the bar, and drove myself home the next day. All because of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your life with us in the blog, in the books, and in the book tour. Live long and prosper, Jenny Lawson.

  65. To Jennifer (#70) and Jenny… How funny. I just started re-reading Furiously Happy and it clicked the second time through that there was a name for what I’ve been doing, like, my whole life. I chew my fingers too, and for some reason the first time I read the book I didn’t pay attention but now I feel less crazy and like omg there’s something I can do and I’m not the only one!

    Thanks for being brave, being honest… And I’m so sorry about the food poisoning. I haven’t read your first book, so I’ll be on to that next… And waiting for #3…

  66. So glad you’re done driving the porcelain bus, home safely, and had the chance to meet members of this fabulous tribe. What a great experience that must have been for everyone! If I owned a bookstore, I would totally have an under the table book reading. 🙂

  67. Jenny,
    I was so excited to learn that you were going to be coming to Nashville. What I didn’t know is that my psychiatrist was going to be slowly weaning me off the Xanax and onto another medication for my anxiety. I was two/thirds of the 3 month process when you came to share yourself with us. Leaving the house that day to go downtown was so incredible hard. I managed to stay for the talk and enjoyed your readings and answers. I was not in a place to get in line for the signing, but I still felt that the evening was a success. Until I face planted in the parking garage on my way to my car. Three lovely members of our tribe made sure I was okay. I hobbled off to my car, completely mortified. Anxiety and stress were coming. But on my drive home I remembered all the brave things you had shared and started to find the silliness in what had happened. I was laughing and tearing up when I got home. This is a long story to tell you that I am extremely grateful for your willingness to put yourself out there. Your bravery leads to others feeling brave, if Jenny can do it, I can do it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you, tribe, for being the lovely, wonderful people that you are. The world is a much better place because of us all!

  68. I just think you’re amazing and wanted to say hi! Enjoy all your family time and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  69. Jenny,
    I was so excited to learn that you were going to be coming to Nashville. What I didn’t know is that my psychiatrist was going to be slowly weaning me off the Xanax and onto another medication for my anxiety. I was two/thirds of the 3 month process when you came to share yourself with us. Leaving the house that day to go downtown was so incredible hard. I managed to stay for the talk and enjoyed your readings and answers. I was not in a place to get in line for the signing, but I still felt that the evening was a success. Until I face planted in the parking garage on my way to my car. Three lovely members of our tribe made sure I was okay. I hobbled off to my car, completely mortified. Anxiety and stress were coming. But on my drive home I remembered all the brave things you had shared and started to find the silliness in what had happened. I was laughing and tearing up when I got home. This is a long story to tell you that I am extremely grateful for your willingness to put yourself out there. Your bravery leads to others feeling brave, if Jenny can do it, I can do it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you, tribe, for being the lovely, wonderful people that you are. The world is a much better place because of us all!

  70. DARNIT! My stupid brain forgot to remind me you were here in Phoenix! I really wanted to see you and bring my daughter who is working on her severe anxiety and phobias. I wanted her to see your beauty and grace and ABILITY.

    Thank you for being you.

  71. welcome home. Time to hibernate at home in your jammies with the family. We agoraphobics will wear our jammies at home in solidarity (and also because it was what I was planning on doing anyway, because that is what I do)

  72. I got to see you in LA and, of course, thought of all things I could have said while on my way home. But I did say the most important thing: Thank you. Thank you for touring, for speaking with us, and signing our books. Thank you for being someone who knows exactly how I feel when I have to speak in front of a crowd and my heart’s pounding so hard it feels like it might burst out of my chest and run away. Thank you for making me laugh so hard I’ve had tears in my eyes (and a few funny looks from the cat). Thank you for being the voice that has others saying, “Me too,” letting us all know that, whatever our struggles, we are not alone.

    Welcome home. Now go relax and enjoy your time with your family. You’ve earned it.

  73. You were only 3 hours away, in Los Angeles….I could have driven to Texas or Idaho by myself….but not to the California southland.

    But Look At YOU! You did it! And it is over for now…now, rest….

  74. Thank you for being here for me right back. I am thrilled that I got to meet you and thank you in person for the impact your words have had on me. My words are inadequate to capture and convey my gratitude and sense of “she gets me,” but I will continue to try. You know why? Because you said so! You helped a dear friend of mine when she needed to know she wasn’t alone, and I’m so, so grateful for that as well. Now go home, and stay there!

  75. Thank YOU for touring and sharing your wisdom and humor and general awesomeness which helps get me through life’s shitstorms. Hopefully you don’t have to Christmas shop and can give everyone copies of your book.

  76. Welcome home! Rest, rejuvenate. I read your book while on bed rest (for an ankle, not a baby) during a power outage. I love my book light almost as much as I loved your book. My husband just finished it today, which is huge because he doesn’t understand my own flavor of depression/illness. I think he understands a lot more now. So thank you for that, Jenny. You rock!

  77. You should totally edit this comment. Make my day.

    I have gazillion things to tell you. I wish that I had had the patience to wait in line for 3 hours in Santa Cruz to say hi to you, but I didn’t. I sent you messages of strength and love from the audience though! My cat loves my Rory mask. Sometimes, often, I wake up in the middle of the night and wish I could just die. Your voice gives me strength and hope, thank you for narrating your own book. I wish you were my next door neighbor.

  78. I’m so (furiously?) happy to be part of your tribe. I happened upon your book when it was reviewed in an independent bookstore. Read in two days and laughed so hard I was crying-my husband was concerned my mess needed to be adjusted. I recommended it to my psychiatrist during my appointment and attempted to explain how mental illness really was addressed. As I burst into laughter trying to explain about taxidermy, koala suits and hiding under tables. The rest of my session was spent discussing how a warped world view could save one’s sanity.
    I suppose family members considered me some sort of “in”sane and an embarrassment so I suppose it’s time for me to embrace being “out”sane. Thanks for laughter and the tears. And by the way,
    just bought “Let’s Pretend” today. I’ll review it for my doctor during my next session. PS I’m certain you must be my daughter😉

  79. Jenny,
    I felt so lonely today, which is strange for me, but you made me feel as if the world is full of hope. It’s going to be okay. I hope you feel better, I was worried about you. Despite the world seeming big and lonely, you made me feel as if it’s going to be okay.

  80. Thanks for everything you do and for your presence in the world. I waited an hour and a half for just two minutes with you but they were the most important minutes of my last two years. You liked my shirt. It said “Freakishly Strong.” Before my latest depressive episode I thought it was a brag about myself. Now I see it as a disclaimer… a warning for others. Here’s where you can get one: http://www.runningdivas.com/products/detail/Long_Sleeve_Sheer_Jersey_T_L2001e — Thanks Jenny. You mean more to me than you will ever know.

  81. Dude. I was at your Pasadena signing on Sunday, and then I got hit with crazy food poisoning on Monday. Because I didn’t want you to feel alone, I guess? YOU’RE WELCOME. We all love you that much.

  82. You are more amazing than you even know. I had the pleasure of listening to your sweet voice, and laughing as you threw around the F bombs like nobodies business Santa Cruz and I’ll forever treasure those memories. You made my heart happy in a time when I really needed it. So THANK YOU.

  83. I’m sure you’ll never read this with all the comments, but Jenny you saved my life. Like I was listening to your audio book about to make it all stop… And I stopped and listened. You saved my life. I’m not alone. Thank you from the depths of my heart…. Thank you.

  84. I enjoyed being a part of your adventures even though I wasn’t close enough to come see you in person. Enjoy being home and relaxing with you family!

  85. You beautiful, wonderful, and all-around impressive woman: Thank you! We love you and are glad you’re home safe and sound! Enjoy your furry cuddles. You deserve them.

  86. Family stuff intervened, causing me to miss your stop in Minneapolis. (I was going to get you to sign my Kindle.) I am sorry that I missed the chance to hear you speak. You’re the de-facto leader of our tribe of flawed-yet-fabulous people, so that would have been a milestone for me.

    Nevertheless, I’m glad you’re home with Victor and the adorable Hailey, and Ferris Mewler and the other pets that I can’t recall the names of at the moment. Snuggle in and have a handful of the Judy Garland Trail Mix.

  87. We missed you! And I missed you when you were in Austin and in Houston because stuff happened and I didn’t make it to Book People or Blue Willow and then I literally ran out of money because stuff happened (same stuff as above, just more of it) and couldn’t even buy your book and now I’m sad about that but I’m so very happy you’re home. Welcome back!

  88. I finished reading your last wonderful book. I finally found someone who understands me. I’m glad not to be so strange 🙂 Today I was sick because of depression,my classmates and my family do not understand how I feel. thanks for your book that helps me to see things in the right way and accept me for who I am.
    Welcome home!

  89. Welcome home Jenny! Please partake of all the comforts there. Next time please come to NC. Uh… sorry… there I go being demanding again. Sorry.

  90. Thank YOU for all the you-iness you bring to my world. Seriously, I can’t express just how much comfort has been added to my life in knowing it’s ok to be the special breed we happen to be.

    Wishing you warm hugs, good Netflix and soup!

  91. Thank you for your amazing humor, inapproriateness and honesty! It is refreshing to know that we are all a little (or more) nutty!! Glad you arrived home safely.

  92. i would kill for frizzled hair. And I am so glad to know how well it went for you, and even gladder to know you will be recuperating and home for good. Missed ya

  93. Welcome home, and give Victor, Hailey, and the kitties hugs.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful self with the whole country and thank you thank you thank you for sharing your lovely niece with us in Pasadena. Neener-neener-hah-hah! to the rest of the country! We got Gabi! Gabi the talented, wonderful, charming, dead-raccoon-in-her-Papaw’s-face Gabi!
    Thank you!

  94. I can’t even begin to describe how sad I am that I didn’t hear about you and Furiously Happy until literally the night you were in Boston. The event was going on as I read about Beyonce for the first time. Please write another book soon so you can come back, and I can have another chance to be in a room (or I guess out on a sidewalk?) with people I can relate to. Maybe I’ll think to bring Rowdy, my taxidermy fox, for you to sign?

  95. So glad you are home safe with your fam. Thank you for coming out to see all of us! I’m really freaking proud of you!

  96. I’m glad you’re home. I’m sad I wasn’t able to come to one of your events. However, thank you so much for writing your book. It has helped me so much!!

  97. Love, love you! Thank you for giving us so much of your time of the tour. Take care of yourself. Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids. Can’t wait to hear from you when you’re ready.

  98. Welcome home! I’m sorry I missed you in Milwaukee; I was too scared to come. I’ll try to come the next time. There WILL be a next time, right?

    Feel better soon. Food poisoning is a bitch.

  99. I’m trying to come up with words to say what your work means to me. Words are my thing — my only true thing — and I got nothin’. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it, but that’s all I can come up with. The darkness has been . . . thick . . . recently. And its avalanche of lies has been more than I can overcome. But the audio version of Furiously Happy (your words in your voice), your make-me-spew-coffee-through-my-nose perspective, and your certainty and reassurance that we are all enough keeps me in touch with a thread of my sanity. It made me laugh out loud during a time when joy has again departed and I am otherwise practically incapable of laughter. (By the way, I fucking hate it when people make me laugh when all I want is to be miserable, but I know afterward it was the most amazing, healing drug ever conceived.) And it reminded me when I so needed to be reminded, that the real me is still in here somewhere and she will emerge again. You are a priceless treasure.

  100. Food poisoning sucks the life right out of ya! Take good care. It was the highlight of my year to meet and hug on you! Thank YOU for being the best tribe leader EVER!!

  101. Food poisoning sucks the life right outta a person! Take good care. Meeting you and getting to hug on you was the highlight of my year! You are the best tribe leader EVER!!

  102. @jenny i was reading your book while at a friend of a friends house. You know 1 of those situations where you have been dragged along by sheer force of will and its really uncomfortable to actually talk to the friends friend cuz u dont really know them n the 1st place… so u grab up the 1st thing in sight to at least give the appreance of being busy so your not expected to be a real live social person n have small talk with a virtual stranger just because they r ur friends friend…. well that was a lil more wordy than i would have liked… but if u r still with me then basically my point is ur words got 2 me. Its like u r living inside my head and somehow escaped and wrote a book that i accidentally came across 2 avoid a socially awkard diaster… and as soon as i can afford it im gonna buy it and whatever else youve written since apparently my local library doesnt stock it (*big surprise since they dont even keep vonnegutt n e more either) because its not everyday you find your subconcious out writing books making u feel less alone in the world n not such a freak. Thanx chic. Keep on with the awesomeness.

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