UPDATED: The Sixth Annual James Garfield Miracle

Did you know it’s December?  Because it is.  And I’m freaking out because where did this year go and what am I doing now that book tour is finally over?  Answer: Feeling a little lost.  Which is the perfect reason to do something awesome and also why we are going to do the 6TH ANNUAL JAMES GARFIELD MIRACLE.

What is the James Garfield Miracle?  It’s a weird thing we’ve done here each year in an effort to get a ferociously jolly taxidermied boar’s head (named James Garfield) recognized as an actual saint.  Every year I say it’ll probably be the last and every year the people who were helped the previous year email me to ask if they can be donors this year to give back what was given to them and then my heart grows eight sizes and doesn’t fit in any of my sweaters and I decide to do it again.  This year is no exception so I’m blaming you for this, wonderful-people-who-remind-me-that-this-has-become-the-truest-way-get-my-cranky-ass-into-the-holiday-spirit.

James Garfield and I love you.
James Garfield and I love you.

So this is how we do it.  If you want to help those who are struggling you can do it in a number of ways, but these are my favorite.  You can donate online to Project Night Night, which is crazy easy.  For $25 they provide a homeless child with a bag containing a blanket, book, and stuffed animal.  It is awesome.  Or you can donate to Heifer, who helps families around the world.  Or you can come here and help anyone in the online community who is having a hard time getting toys for their kids for the holidays.  It’s awesome to get help but honestly it’s even more awesome to help others, so if you need help with a few things for your kids please ask because we have all been there, y’all.  Here’s how it works:

If you need help:  Go to Amazon and create a new wish list.  Name it whatever you want.  Make it “public”.  Go to “view details” and it’ll let you adjust list settings.  This is where you have to add a shipping address for that list or else no one can send you anything.  It’s also where you can add details on the ages, gender and number of kids need a special santa this year.  Find the stuff you want and then add it to your wish list. Here’s my sample list so you can see what it looks like.  Put a link to your wish list in the comments.  No need to use your name or give any personal info but it’s helpful if you just share the ages of the kids.  Make sure you pick stuff that is in stock and it helps if it’s listed as eligible for Prime because shipping is free for a lot of us on Prime stuff.  Good examples of what to put on the list: artscrafts, books, stuffed animals, warm coats, mittens.  Bad stuff to put on the list:  video cameras, live tigers, bags of lice.  I have to approve the comments so if yours doesn’t show up for a bit that’s just because I’m probably busy eating or sleeping.  It’ll show up eventually.  (Also, if you aren’t in America please add that in your comment so that donors in your country can find you.)

If you want to help:  Go to the comment section and click on a wish list.  Buy stuff on the list.  When it asks for the shipping address just choose the person’s name.  It’ll go to that person.  Easy as pie.  (MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE PERSONS ADDRESS OR IT MAY DEFAULT TO YOUR ADDRESS.  If they don’t have an address it means they haven’t added one yet and need to go in and add it.)  I have a few things built-in to make sure people aren’t gaming the system, but honestly people don’t really want to game the system over children’s scarves and hot wheels so it’s not much of a worry.  It is the best present ever because it is literally a kindness to a stranger and for a lot of us it’s like going back in time and buying things for ourselves when we were poor kids or struggling parents.  If you want to leave a comment for the person you bought for telling them what you sent and when it’ll be delivered that’s always lovely but not a requirement.

My mind is still mushy from 3 months of book tour so I’m probably missing something important here.  Oh…hang on…I remembered…

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing with others.  Thank you for allowing others to share with you. (The second one is the hardest so double thanks for that.)  And thank you for all of your support this year.  It’s because of your tremendous support this year (for my blog and book) that’s given me the opportunity to be a donor again this year, so even if you can’t help someone else this year know that if you stopped by the blog, or recommended Furiously Happy, or just left a kind word that helped me through a sometimes tough year you are a part of this small miracle.  By the way, I don’t keep great tabs on this stuff and it’s done entirely without sponsors but in the past 5 years we’ve given over a quarter of a million dollars to help children around the world and that’s pretty damn incredible.

As a special thank you to you I just sent Project Night Night packages for 40 children, and donated a live llama and some bees in your honor.  (The llama and bees are for struggling families through Heifer International, not for homeless kids.  Live bees would be a terrible present for kids.  I’m not sure why I’m having to clarify this.)

Comments will stay open until things slow down, or until we all run out of money.  I’ve got several thousand dollars to give that comes directly from the support that you’ve given me this year so I’ll be helping out as long as the money lasts.  I’ll also be randomly picking people to send signed audiobooks to because I just got a big box of them and I hate the sound of my voice, so if you get an email from me, that’s why.  Forgive the typos.  I’m still not totally recovered from travel.


UPDATED – DAY 2:  It has been a very long and very amazing two days. I’ve seen hundreds of families so happy to be helped, and hundreds of others even happier to be able to help. I’ve gone to buy special requests and found that they were already bought by others who beat me to it. I’ve seen people hurting, and others reach out to remind them how important they are.

I cried a little from joy and also a little from darkness, and then I took a deep breath and said, “That was good.” And it was.

Comments will still be left open and there will be more people who need help and more who will offer. And it never stops, which is something that I find both wonderfully exhilarating and terribly draining and a little symbolic of everything that makes up the world. Thank you for reminding me of the kindness of people. Thank you for letting me see into the background of these small miracles, because the stories you read here are amazing, but the stories I see behind the scenes are even more moving. I don’t know how much was donated to Project Night Night or Heifer yet but I checked the purchases on the first page of comments (before my head got melty from too much math) and I counted $30,000 in donations from strangers to send small comforts to children around the world. I don’t have the energy to add up all the other pages still filled with people giving out help but I know that a lot of people were given the gift of a happy holiday and a lot of people were given the gift of buying presents for a family they got to adopt. And it was amazing.

And now I’ll slip quietly back into the shadows where I feel much more comfortable. Yay for comfort. Yay for miracles. Yay for the fact that all the Doctor Who Christmas specials are streaming on Hulu this week. We win, you guys. And that’s how we take back a little bit of the light. Thanks for letting me see it.

James Garfield for President, y’all.


Hello. It’s me. It’s the end of day 3 and this is the day when things start to get overwhelming. This is when the excited and relieved comments start to come in from people receiving the small things they asked for. It’s when strange little miracles happen. It’s also when things get confusing and you realize that, just as in life, some get more than others and some slip through the cracks. It’s when I finish up my own final purchases ($7k in tiny increments going to children around the world – which comes directly from your support of me through the year so it is a present from you technically). It’s when I tend to slip away a bit because it’s also when a few people will try to mess with the system, and it only takes one or two to make you disheartened in spite of the thousands of others that are helped. I’ve had a few people contact me with concerns that a person might not be trustworthy or that someone is exaggerating or even pretending to be two people to get more gifts, and that will happen. This is the world, after all, and none of us are perfect. But I remind myself of several things. 1) It would be a terrible thing to be so desperate as to take something that would have gone to a child on Christmas or Hanukkah, and if that person is so desperate then they need our care and pity, and forgiving them and helping them is a true act of holiday spirit and generosity. (And that they’ll probably get stabbed with a fork at some time because karma does that.)  2) That regardless of the honesty of the person asking for help, most of the requests are for children’s toys and children deserve to have presents even when the people who love them go about it in not-entirely honest ways. 3) That people giving are kind, but they are also smart, and mostly the gifts given are toys and children’s books and necessities of life that will help a family in need, because most people helping can tell by the list who legitimately needs a small helping hand to make a child smile.

As always, amazing things happened here and so many people were helped in lovely ways and they helped others with their stories. You all inspired me and I thank you so much for this.

I’m going to step out now and stop doing so many checks on people, so that means there is a giant “BUYER BEWARE” after this if you decide you want to look in the comments and help. It’s slowing down and most people have been helped and I’d probably close comments but I sort of like them open because it’s so nice to see people leave comments of happiness as packages arrive.  If I were you and I just found this post and I was looking to help I’d stick with helping people who want a single small toy or children’s book, but it is totally up to you and I know there are a lot of amazing people who are in need of help and a lot of amazing people who specifically are looking to support people who remind them of people they’ve lost. And that’s lovely and the way it should be. Most people are wonderful and in need of help or in need of someone to help and that’s a very happy coincidence.  Also, Project Night Night is a PERFECT way to help a child in desperate need and I cannot recommend it enough.

I think next year if we do this again maybe we’ll just stick with books? No one can say no to a good book and anyone who’d pretend to be two people to get more books for their kid is automatically forgiven in my mind because BOOKS. Remind me of that next year when December rolls around?

Love, love and more love.

PS. If you want to see what the person asking for help has already been sent you can just add this to the end of their wish list. /ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_v?reveal=purchased

PPS.  Thank you.  For everything.  Going to pass out now.


And on the fourth day there was clarity.  And rest.  And possibly tuberculosis.  Long story.  But to make it short, happy comments from people receiving presents are coming in, and I’m getting sweet pictures of adorable smiling children who are already holding wrapped gifts (which I’m not sharing here because privacy is good thing) and it’s made me feel (for lack of a better term) furiously happy.  This is winding to a close but remember that Project Night Night goes all year long helping children.  Thank you for being awesome and thank you for the love you’ve shared with others.  At last count over $60k was given to help children have a good holiday and I’m sure I’m underestimating that because I stopped counting halfway through after math gave me a headache.  And now I’m off to get tested for TB.  Again.  Long story.  I wish you all a merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and Good Kwanzaa and Jolly Flying Spaghetti Monster Day or whatever else you might celebrate.  High-five, you bad-asses.


UPDATED:  DAY…what day is this?

Hey guys. Unfortunately a scammer has found us as of this morning. (I lied about not checking anymore. Sorry. I’m devious that way.). I’m not approving their list so it won’t be seen but now that they know how I found them they could avoid that little trap so right now I’m going to stop publishing any more lists. It’s about time to wrap it up anyway. You can still leave comments and thank yous and all that though. And thank you to everyone!

Also, if you have a fake list you should take down anything on your wish list right now. I don’t want to have to share your information and it’s shockingly easy for me to expose you and I’m sure it would be awfully embarrassing to be identified as someone who would lie for such a terrible reason.  (Fake list = pretending to be more than one person, a list asking for help for made up people.)  There were a few that were iffy before, and some that looked iffy but turned out totally legit, but this was the first that I could definitively prove was a lie so I’m shutting down all further lists as of now.

Sorry to be a downer, guys. Just want to keep this a safe place and I think we’ve mostly done that. Even with the problems that arose this was still worth it for the happy people who were helped.

Also, just as a final housekeeping thing, I’ve gotten a couple of “undeliverable” messages from Amazon because either the shipping address the person gave on their wish list was wrong or the person deleted their info.  I can’t trace who the gifts were supposed to go to because Amazon just says “gifting address hidden for privacy”.  If that happens then any money refunded to me will go to Project Night Night and any gifts forwarded to me (I’m not sure how Amazon handles that yet) will be given to Toys for Tots so that no matter what someone is helped.

Also, I’m getting some messages that are saying “Couldn’t leave your package as there was no safe place to leave it and will try again tomorrow” which is good in a way because I know last year several people never got their gifts because they had their packages stolen off porches but also not good because you may not know that your mail person is having problems delivering your package.  In the past people have left notes to the mailman on the door telling him/her to leave packages in a more hidden location (behind bushes, etc) so that’s an option.  Just wanted to let you all know because inevitably a few things don’t arrive, get lost, etc., and that’s just going to happen, but the more we can head off those issues the better.  🙂

UPDATED: DAY…where even am I?

I wasn’t going to update again but I need to because of the email this morning I got from the lovely people at Project Night Night:

“Hugs. Hugs. Hugs. Wanted to give you an update that we have received just over $20,500 since Monday which puts Night Night packages into the arms of 823 children. This is incredible and we are so grateful.”

Me too.  I love y’all.

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  1. I have no kids, have a wish list but don’t really need anything off of it, could use some help paying bills, but I’ll live…just wanted to say thank you. Thank you Jenny and this community for keeping me going on days that all seems lost and hopeless. Thank you for making my world a bit more worth living in.

  2. Last year I donated to Project Night Night and they sent me a picture of one of the kids who got a bag from me and I cried for days. Hoping I can donate again this year.

  3. This is great, my daughter, who’s a BIG fan of yours (she’s 11) and has a stuffed racoon (Not taxidermied stuff, just regular stuffed) named Jenny, will love helping out on this. We’ll check the lists for Canadian kids so we can help North of the 49th.

  4. I wish it was that easy for me. Got informed of two weeks of furlough starting next Monday (no pay) and my car needed 700 dollars in repairs this past weekend. Worst feeling in the world is not able to get gifts for your sister or help your elderly mother out with bills.

  5. I will so be doing this when I get home from my holiday weekend with my sisters and their husbands. About two days too long, at least one sister. I had a small meltdown last night, cried in my room for a bit. Also missing my cat who lived with them that had to be put asleep this year, didn’t know it would hit me so hard.
    Anyway, donating to make someone else’s holiday happier will lift my spirits too. Getting home to my kitties will raise my spirits too.

  6. You are an amazing woman!!! I asked for your new book for Christmas this year. I read the first one in the car on vacation a few years ago and it killed me not to laugh hysterically in the car!!

  7. Oh! If you have problems leaving a comment because wordpress insists you had an account and you need to remember a password that you’ve forgotten just means that the email you’re using has a wordpress account set up to it. Just request a new password, or just use a new email address that isn’t associated with wordpress. It’s a weird work-around but it comes in handy if you’re forgetful like me.

  8. Thanks to the awesome people in this group, my daughter had Christmas last year! A year later, I’m electronic friends with them and many others. Thank you, Jenny. Hoping to pay back just a little this year.

  9. Thank you Jenny for making this happen again! I hope you get lots of rest and you-time after your book tour.

  10. So much love! I can’t wait to buy for someone! Thank you for this opportunity and so much more!

  11. This is a great idea. I’ll check back later once people have a chance to upload their lists.

  12. Just donated to Project Night Night and will be checking back here to see how my 7-year-old and I can help. Thanks for doing this.

  13. Just because I am contrary I would like to point out that my middle son would be delighted to receive bees as a holiday gift. We took a beekeeping class and have all the stuff and everything (it seemed like a cool thing to do for the environment). Bees follow a certain logic and being on the autism spectrum, the kid understands them in a way that is kind of magical. Unfortunately our bees froze to death last winter and we couldn’t afford to replace them this year. We aren’t SUPER broke anymore so I’m not asking to be a recipient, but THAT’LL TEACH YOU TO MAKE BLANKET STATEMENTS ABOUT BEES, JENNY! <3

    (Ha! Big fan of bees here too. My great grandfather was a pro beekeeper and I used to help with the hives a bit as a kid. ~ Jenny)

  14. Last year, on a different blog that I found through this one, I had made an offhand comment that although I usually shop well in advance, that it had been a hard year with job loss and medical problems, and would be a small Christmas. From that one comment I was sent a $50 Target gift card that allowed me to make Christmas something that my kids loved.
    Something that can seem like a small gesture can mean so very much to others.
    I look forward to seeing things listed. My kids and I try to donate to something every year (except last year obviously) and will enjoy letting my kids pick out another family to help out.
    ‘Tis the season to spread the love!

  15. As always, you, Jenny, are an angel.

    I don’t have kids, so I don’t need anything. But I’ll be alone this Christmas, so if your commenters could just send some holiday cheer my way, that would be plenty. (Also, how is “commenters” not a word?)

    I’ll check back and donate what I can once the comments start showing up.

    Love to you and yours, Jenny. xoxo

  16. I’ve got my helpin’ pants on! Thank you for hosting the James Garfield Miracle again I’ve participated every year, in thin times and… uh… thick, and it’s always one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

  17. My name is Amanda. I have three kids, ages 4,7,and 8. Last year was tough, but this year has been almost unbearable. I had meningitis twice, my son broke his femur, resulting in a body cast for two months and our family car died. I could really use a miracle as that this month, I barely have money to cover groceries. Thankyou, and I promi that if someone can help us out, I will gladly pay forward the generosity when I am on my feet.

    (Hey, Amanda. Happy to help. Go to Amazon and put together a wish list. It’s the easiest way for others to help. Mostly this is for toys and such but you can put some foodstuffs on your list and see if someone can help. Amazon isn’t great with food but some of the stuff under “meal essentials” have pretty fair prices. http://amzn.to/1McUO01 ~ Jenny)

  18. I will be keeping a lookout for somebody to help today in memory of Sandy Hook

  19. You are wonderful. You make me happy even when I am in a dark scary place. Thank you for who you are and all you do.😙

  20. This is amazing. A few weeks ago, I would’ve signed up for help, but my kid is taken care of this year. II’m still unemployed, bills are still late, and foreclosure looms, but my awesome, generous, selfless son WILL have a Christmas, by Odin! And it’s all thanks to you, Jenny. And to everyone else who helped out.

    People can be wonderful, if you give them a chance. It did me good to remember that this year. I’ll try and help out with some small gift to help make another child’s Christmas happen. I don’t have much, but I’m inspired.

    This tribe does wonderful things. You’re all amazing.

  21. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful Christmas miracles happening in your comment section. You are pretty fucking special.
    I got my boys covered this year but just barely. I wish I could help someone else out but I just don’t have it. I’ll watch and enjoy the miracles here.

  22. I have been waiting for this Christmas miracle again. Come ON people, start posting links to lists….

  23. Jenny, thank you. You built this community and gave us all the space to realize that our crazy is normal. That is an immense gift. The reason we help each other is because you helped us first.

    DC FOLKS: if you need something not able to go on an Amazon list (pick up from airport, help burying a body) please email me. My address is first name.lastnameATgmailDOTcom.

  24. I am personally not in need. Just wanted to say thank you. I think it’s incredible that this is the sixth year. How awesome and way to go James Garfield and Jenny! And thanks to all those who help.

  25. Jenny, what can we do for some of the commenters who need actual money for bills?

    Thanks, Ardin

    (Once it gets to bills it gets complicated and overwhelming which is why we stick to kid stuff, but there are two options…you can leave your email address in a comment and have a specific person contact you so you can send them help or you can go to a place like Wish Upon a Hero and look for people there who have specific needs that are more serious. https://www.heronetwork.com 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  26. I am crying big tears. I just hung up the phone and got turned down for a loan for Christmas even though they make local decisions because they know “what happened” to me this year and they don’t think I’m a good loan right now.

    I lost my 17 year old son, Rhett this year to known and treated chemical depression just before his high school graduation. He will be forever 17. Every day, I grow another day away from him. It is a struggle knowing that a friend told him that he wasn’t enough when he was, indeed, enough and that I’m enough and I’m getting out of bed every morning and keeping my 15 year old daughter reminded that she’s enough, too. I’m doing the best I can every day to remind her that I love her and that I’m here and we are in this together.

    We’re in therapy, we’re going to groups, and we’re surrounding ourselves with the light and the love and the people that are helping us and we’re letting the hate and the negativity fall away. Every penny that I earn right now is spent on bills and copays and prescriptions and food (and trust me, we’re eating PB&J but we’re okay.) I had believed, truly believed that my Mom was going to help take care of Christmas for my daughter, Marie as she promised me she would. Marie knows that things are tight- but she built a list for her Grandma on Amazon and then the B.S. hit the fan and the lid got blown off of everything and now it’s back to just me and Marie and a whole lot of therapy and groups (which is, by the way ok.)

    My Mom lives an hour away from us and is very much of the false belief that we can just pray our imbalances away. She was the only relative we had. On Wednesdays after school, Marie attends a teen grief group which is fantastic for her and she looks forward to it every week and she comes out of each session lighter. My Mom suggested that Marie should go to church on Wednesdays (we’ve never been, we’re mostly non-theists) because “God listens to knee-mail” or some such thing she emailed me repeatedly. Marie, being 15 and wanting to please Grandma (because Grandma holds Christmas in her hands and Marie loves Grandma) consents to go once, even if it means missing group. We agree to an extra family session of therapy to make up for the time and Marie goes to church. Marie finds it confusing and isolating and well, quiet (her words.) She tells Grandma so. Marie tells Grandma she would rather not go to church again on Wednesdays because she likes grief group better and church isn’t really her thing but thank you anyway. I stand with my daughter. Suddenly everything blows up and then we are shunned. It was uglier than this but I don’t want it to have any more power.

    My sweet daughter doesn’t understand why speaking her truth has cost her this relationship. We’re working on it in therapy. And I’m working on it in therapy. I am okay with letting my Mother go. Because this is monstrous. We got disowned because we chose therapy over church and I can’t replace the Christmas that’s been promised to my daughter because there’s no time for me to take on extra hours and there’s no approved overtime and there’s no money because everything is wrapped up in the last of the funeral expenses, prescriptions, bills, and copays. And this sucks so much. It makes me feel so helpless.

    But my girl was saving for a fitbit, because our therapist recommended that she and I could measure our healthy choices together because it would remind us to do so, with money she was earning working on jobs for Grandma and now she’s lost that income. She was saving for a single PS4 game to play in the office while I’m in my therapy appointments because there’s a system in the nurse’s office that she has permission to use but no one leaves a game behind for her to try out. The loss of her goals that she was working towards- it worse somehow than anything else because we have lost so much already this year. The loss of understanding- the ignorance: both of suicide, and of chemical imbalance- and the need for our little circle of support and therapy and feedback and doctors and how badly we need it. How delicate and precious the whole balance is.

    She’s bright and smart and funny and has this sense of comedic timing that just blows me away every single time. She’s one of us. She’s just the PG-13 version of us.

    Thanks for hearing me out. I feel a world better just for telling someone other than my therapist and her therapist how freaking awful the crush of this year has been and we’re okay but if we could help Marie get back to keeping her plans in place that would be most super sparkly awesome excellent marvelous thank you please. Xoxo Mo
    Her list:

    (Hey, sweetness. I tried to order some stuff but it tried to send it to me so I’m thinking you might not have a shipping address set up for that wish list. Just go into settings and make sure you have one selected. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  27. What a beautiful bunch of magical humans you all are. Thank you for bringing us together Jenny and thank you everyone for being so bloody lovely. X

  28. Hey Jenny,
    I read this and started crying. I thought we were going to have the worst Christmas/Birthday ever for my daughter this year. Add to that the fact that she turns 16 on Christmas Eve and I’ve been feeling like a horrible parent. Things just piled up. Our rent got raised, our truck broke down monthly for the past 6 months. Money’s not coming in like usual. So my daughter maintains a wish list on Amazon and any help would be appreciated. https://amzn.com/w/YZJBX8YCRGW7

    (Sent a stuffed animal goat to confirm that everything is set up correctly. Looks like it’s working. Also, FYI, your address is hidden for privacy. We just see the city it’s going to. Just in case anyone is concerned about that sort of thing. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  29. I’ll be donating to Project Night Night again – thank you for this.

    I was at your reading in Mikwaukee, WI but wasn’t able to stay to get my book signed, anxiety attack won and I had to leave suddenly. But I loved attending the reading, it was something new for me.

  30. HI Bloggess, and thank you for what you do. I love my daughter very much, but cant provide the christmas i want for her for 2 reasons. 1. i am unemployed and disabled with Depression and anxiety disorders. 2. She has declined all contact with me for 4 years now. If anyone would wish to show her a merry christmas from me, it would be so very grateful. here is the link. http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/3ATOR3TWMR14V/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_gln

    Happy Holidays

  31. I’ll be looking for lists as well. I donated to Project Night Night last year and, because they’re a qualified 501(3)(c) I was able to get a company match. Double the gift! Just a PSA to check with your company when you make your gift. Love you Jenny!

  32. I would love to help; I like the fact we can help someone in the tribe. Can’t wait for the lists to show up! Jenny, what a wonderful idea. I’m just sorry I wasn’t here for years 1-5.

  33. Amazon Account:
    Jennifer Salas: Leander
    Zach age 14: fallout 4 game
    Emily: age 11: 3d doodler pen (she wants to major in art)
    D.j. Age 19: cd
    Me: secret garden doodling book

    Family of 6: one person working: disabled spouse. Recently diagnosed mental illness and was hospitalized.

    (Hey sweetness, can you put a link to your wish list? Otherwise people can’t find it. Don’t forget to add a shipping address for it. ~ Jenny)

  34. Looking forward to buying stuff off of someone’s Amazon wishlist. It’s ridiculously fun for me. Donating to Heifer is also incredibly fun. My kids love it, too. They like to pick out small cute things, but I tend to lean more towards things like water buffalo.

  35. I love that this is happening again this year. Last year, I was on the receiving end but I’m in a space now where I can pay a little bit forward. This SJG miracle has led me to some wonderful friends and I’m so glad of it and them and you.

  36. Hey, so, I don’t have a boatload of spare cash, but I do have a box of xmas cards and a pen. If anybody would like a snail mail card cuz sometimes it’s nice to get mail a people touched, I’d love to send one, until I run out… Might include authentic child art, or cat hairs. Email me katylululabelleATyahoo.com….

  37. My car broke down while I was on my way to volunteer for a Christmas charity event. 900 bucks later, the alternator and battery was replaced. I’m single mom, working 3 jobs: caregiver for hospice patients, house cleaner, and librarian clerk, yet I’m nowhere able to afford Christmas for my 10 yo son. If anyone can help, I would be so happy.

    Christmas for Jeremiah 

    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/BBB6BFSAVVL7

    (It’s not giving me an address to send it to. Can you go to list settings and put in a shipping address for that specific wishlist? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  38. First off, I want to thank you. I have been part of similar efforts in other places for the past few years, and it has been invaluable….to us and friends of ours that needed help, and to us and friends of ours that needed to find more ways they could help. As for me, well, I’m now the disabled, full-time, special-needs mommy to arguably one of the most amazing ten year olds in the universe. We’re no longer drowning in the medical debt that sucked us in — oh look at that! — a decade ago, but we have yet to get past treading water. So….yeah….we have a wish list. It is made up of needs we can’t meet, and a few wants for our son, too, because sometimes getting the chance for something that ISN’T just a need, IS a need. He never really asks for much, but I’m pretty sure that if he ever asked Santa for more than one thing, orthodonture wouldn’t be next on the list, you know?! Eniways, may the blessings of the season and Saint James Garfield light upon whoever they end up lighting upon! I’m no taxidermied boar’s head, but I’ll see where I can maybe cast a little glimmer, myself.


    (Your list is working! Sent a book. ~ Jenny)

  39. Hate to be Debbie Downer here but I need help…just not that kind of help. Been in a black hole for weeks now and it is just getting worse. I think I have forgotten how to smile. I am not sure if I can make it through this holiday season….I do have a wonderful family but not sure if I can take getting together and hearing about how wonderful it is going for everyone else – they either have new jobs/promotions/new SOs/bought houses/going on great vacations/etc. I am a giant failure who has really screwed up this year. One of my closest friends I feel is abandoning me because I just won’t think “good thoughts” and “be grateful for what I have”. Because that is a cure for depression, don’t ya know????
    Don’t get me wrong I am SO glad things are going well for my sibs, they work hard and deserve it. Just so hard to hear it all.
    Am actually contemplating ending it all New Years Eve. Just seems like a good time.
    There…I have not told ANYONE this. Except for all of you, who hopefully understand.
    Thanks for listening.

    (You are not alone. You are part of this community and we’re here for you. Remember that depression lies. The darkness will lift. Sending love. Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  40. my husband had to have surgery and has been out of work since august. we are struggling, but trying to make the best of it. happy holidays everyone. we will enjoy no matter what. xoxo

  41. I had hoped to be able to donate this year, but, life happend.
    We are just a regular family living paycheck to paycheck making just enough to not qualify for any assistance . Christmas is the most difficult time for us, but we know it isn’t about the gifts under the tree. We are just a typical family with three littles. My middle son has sensory processing disorder (sensory seeking) , my oldest daughter loves science and dinosaurs, and the three year old likes Jake the Pirate and trying to drive me bonkers! My middle son keeps us on our toes. This year we have had six stitches and a broken bone, which is mild compared to last year!
    Each of our kids have one gift right now, and one on the way from a dear friend. With one paycheck left before Christmas and many bills, I unfortunately am posting this wish list for the kiddos and the crawling away. My email if you have questions or would like to contact me is Jennifer_mercurio109 at yahoo dot com.

    Thank you for your generosity and honesty, Jenny. You are an inspiration to many.

    Josalyns Christmas
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/22OZPZOF4P834

    Jonas Christmas
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1DEJHNICMV5DT

    Jacksons Christmas
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/19CE486G1MGFT

    Jonathan’s Wish List
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/32F3XWBC77YEJ

    (Your list is working. Sent a book. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  42. Thanks for making this so easy, Jenny. I’ve given a significant amount this year already, but I just finished your book and loved it so I gave again to thank you for that.

  43. Hooray for Jenny and James Garfield! The JGM inspired me – the kids in my life have everything they need and then some. Last year I wrote each one a letter explaining that their aunt spent their present money on other kids and they (my kids) loved it! We’ll do the JGM again and we bought presents for a foster child in a group home here in SC. (When telling my husband, I used the word “adopted” to describe being responsible for the kid’s presents. He thought I was bringing her home to keep. I should probably avoid that term.) I am looking forward to writing the kid’s letters this year and telling them about the kids they’ve helped.

  44. I managed to fall down a flight of stairs and break BOTH arms Thanksgiving weekend.
    We had life mostly figured out until this happened. I cant work for 6 weeks and unemployment wont kick in until the first week of January. Thank God we will pay rent though. I’ve been riding out what little I had squirreled away to put food on the table and get us immediate necessities.
    Collin(10) and Jack(7) have been a HUGE help to me this month. Learning and helping cook so we can have a good dinner, doing extra chores to help me keep things in order, putting up the Christmas tree with my direction, and poor Collin has even had to help me stand up from the floor once or twice because I got stuck down there not being able to use my hands to boost my butt off the floor. We chuckle about it because its all so ridiculous but we are tired and I am at my wits end with Christmas around the corner.
    They’re good kids. They dote on mom and shower me with hugs and kisses. Collin can rattle off facts about things you’ve never heard of and be right, every single time. Jack will build you pillow forts, make you coffee or fancy drinks(complete with crazy straws), and find you your slippers.
    Any little thing is helpful. They deserve to be happy.

    (Hey sweetness, go to list settings for that wish list and add a shipping address. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  45. Hi! I’m a single mom with no financial help from ‘dad’. I’m going back to school right now, so I can hopefully make a better life for myself and my two kids (10 & 12). They are both avid readers, and would love some new books if anyone finds it in their heart to help. I hate getting to the point where I have to ask strangers for help to give my kids Christmas, but they deserve so much more than I can provide at this point. Thank you for considering


    (Hey Robin! Go back into the details for that last and add a shipping address, okay? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  46. Hello, I was a recipient last year and I was trying my hardest to not needing help this year but I was faced with some crazy challenges. Unplanned (but super loved) pregnancy and my apartment building got bed bugs whic forced me to move and as a result we lost a lot of our belongings trying to get rid of the bugs.

    I’m a single mom and I’m disabled. As a result of the bed bugs, I lost lots of money and we had to throw away all of our books 🙁 One major bright side to this year is that last year’s Christmas miracle led me to making some of the best friendships with some awesome people that I wouldn’t have ever known if it wasn’t for this site. They have been my guardian angels over the past year and have helped me through all the scary (and wonderful) parts.

    If anyone is able to help me build back up my kid’s bookshelves with books, I would’ve forever grateful. I’m really hoping that next year leads me to a place where I can be Santa for the Saint James Garfield miracle 🙂

    Christmas Wishes for the kids
    Link: https://amzn.com/w/I91ZOWWJBP6M

    (List is working. Sent two books. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  47. My Christmas donation went to help with funeral expenses for a 5-year-old boy who died from neuroblastoma cancer on Nov. 30th. <3

  48. Quick question (I’m new at this): When someone fulfills all or part of someone’s wish list, is there a way for others to know that it has been fulfilled so we don’t double up?

    (Good question. Once an item is bought it disappears from their list. That’s why sometimes you’ll be buying something and it’ll disappear. Once enough stuff has been bought to cover the kiddos the person will usually delete everything else on their list. A blank list means that they’re set. ~ Jenny)

  49. THANK YOU JENNY, for using your space for good instead of evil. Congrads on the success of the book and Merry Christmas.

  50. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I was able to donate last year to some families, but this year, the tables have turned. I literally was in a constant state of anxiety/depression this weekend, because I just don’t know how I’ll afford to give my children a Christmas. I was caretaker for my grandmother for years, and she passed just this summer and required my full-time attention the last few months. As such, I have only the meager child support I receive from my children’s father who could care less if I’m able to provide a Christmas. I’m looking for a new job, but with my youngest still in 1/2 day preschool, it’s been hard. Thank you all for an opportunity to crawl out of my dark place and give my children a few presents! God bless you all!

    (Your list is working! Sent an art desk set. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  51. Leslie O’Donnell,
    A DVD and game should get to you on the 16th.
    Praise James Garfield!

  52. I am a single mom to two amazing kids 10 y girl, 12 y boy. This year has been tough on us all. Having no financial support from the other parent, I’m trying to do Christmas on a shoe string budget. I am going to school full time to try and makea better life for the kids and I, but that means less hours to work. Both my kids are avid readers, and would love some new books of their own. If you can find it in your heart to help, here is their wish list:


    (Go into that particular wish list and add a shipping address, okay? 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  53. Jennifer Salas–I searched Amazon for your name, and there are tons! Could you maybe provide a link?

  54. I love that your daughter has so many books on her list Mo Wood. The Giver boxed set is on it’s way 🙂 I will look out for some more lists later today. Thanks Jenny for all you do!

  55. I am leaving a wish list for a friend of our family. She has taken in her granddaughter due to the parents being unfit and is just not financially prepared to give her a Christmas she feels her granddaughter deserves. It is a very sad situation and she is hoping to bring a little joy into her granddaughter’s life with a very Merry Christmas from Santa:


    (Your list is working! Sent scrabble. ~ Jenny)

  56. I am leaving a wish list for a friend of our family. She has taken in her granddaughter due to the parents being unfit and is just not financially prepared to give her a Christmas she feels her granddaughter deserves. It is a very sad situation and she is hoping to bring a little joy into her granddaughter’s life with a very Merry Christmas from Santa:


    (Sent the 500 lego pack. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  57. Lovely Idea… Although my husband and I are both unemployed this year (media jobs, who knew? ;)), we will help someone this year. Times may be hard for us right now, but there is always someone worse off… and don’t worry, my daughter is set this year. Thank you, everyone, who is doing this… you are wonderful people.

  58. Hi my name is amanda. I actually have several lists. My husband works. But I am a stay at home mom. Had some health issues. If at all possible I would love to receive some help MERRY CHRISTMAS.. I am asking for help with gifts and necessities. For my mom dad son daughter and myself.

    Household :: http://amzn.com/w/2BPZ68NDAM7Q8
    My son :: http://amzn.com/w/CSE3194EJ2CG
    My daughter. http://amzn.com/w/18A9JDSC7O0XA
    My hubby. http://amzn.com/w/X5UIU8OWFIOI
    Make up daughter and me. http://amzn.com/w/17LRLG5FQCE6
    My brother. http://amzn.com/w/36US7UBD4DYUI
    My dad. http://amzn.com/w/2186M650ICTQG
    My mom. http://amzn.com/w/31S7WOBJJ1XCS
    Myself. http://amzn.com/w/1R79SMSF8K7TV

    (Sent socks for kids and household stuff. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  59. I’m asking for help for the sick kids of Iowa. This year is the 20th anniversary of Jolly Holiday Lights, which is an awesome 3.5-mile-long light display that you can drive through. The lights, electricity, etc, are all donated by sponsors, and the admission fee ($10 per car) goes directly to Make-a-Wish Iowa. Unfortunately, this year, we are in the midst of a huge amount of rain, and the park where the lights are has flooded, so as of yesterday they have to tear the whole thing down. The majority of the cars that go through do so between now and Christmas, and this is Iowa Make a Wish’s biggest fundraiser. I am hoping for people to donate just $10, and pretend they got to drive through and see Santa. Jenny, I thought about not posting this because I hate to add another thing for you to deal with, but I am really sad that this means kids in my community may not get their wishes this year. A link to the news article is here: http://m.kcci.com/news/lights-out-jolly-holiday-lights-closed-for-the-season/36946334 and Make a Wish Iowa is here: http://iowa.wish.org Thank you for considering this as a holiday giving option!

  60. My life has been wonderfully, insanely changed because of St James Garfield.
    Last year I broke down for the first time after having had surgery, and looking at more surgery and allowed myself to ask for help. I ended up with the gift of friends that I didn’t know I wanted or needed. For the first time in my life, ever, I have had people to talk to who also understand the value of not talking when your anxiety meds run out, lol. They have saved me, literally, and that is a miracle that to me is a daily wonder.

    With big daily medical mountains to climb for myself and our middle son who has a rare autoimmune disease life can just be too much sometimes. When you can’t find the wherewithall to get dressed, how will you ever figure out how to replace the water heater or whatever other big stuff us looming? We fight and work and do the best we can, and the grace of the beautiful women I have befriended this year has taught me that that is all I can effing do, and I still can Have a Good Day, Dammit! 🙂

    My boys have two gifts each already and my daughter 3. They are all things they picked out for their rooms which are sorely in need of furnishing so far. I would be so grateful if you could put a few happy gifts under the tree for them… The stuff on the list is stuff they have picked out, so some of it is a bit much, but I let them dream. Just skip over the big stuff. I just want one more year to have them wake up and think all is right with the world, to foster the hope and positivity that will carry them through whatever the new year brings to us. Thank you, even if all you send is a prayer our way. 🙂 I will leave their WL link below and then I’m off to neuropsych testing for my middle dude. Oh, and bonus, since I’m proud of my kid… this is my smallest son who was internet famous for a minute earlier this month! http://abcnews.go.com/US/year-boy-donates-money-piggy-bank-mosque-vandalized/story?id=35291105&nfo=/desktop_newsfeed_ab_refer_homepage

    My Kids http://imgur.com/RXF6BlW
    Me ;p http://imgur.com/5f9BmFF
    Their joint list http://amzn.com/w/2JEYMG2UGC70

    (Yay! Sent a book and pajamas. ~ Jenny)

  61. We lost my 5 year old niece the day after her birthday – I have a hole in my shattered heart, and am not feeling Christmas this year. I will donate the money for what would have been her gift to another child.

    (Sending such love. ~ Jenny)

  62. I love this idea, thank you so much for doing this! I was just thinking this morning that I’d like to do some sort of random act of kindness for this holiday season, so your timing is perfect!

  63. Nicole, above… I would love to send you boys some books, (The Miss Peregrine series – my 11 yo daughter loves those.) But your address is not available.

  64. I work with a girl that has twin two yr. olds and a five yr. old. She recently had to leave her husband and is staying at a weekly rate motel. It’s sad. She really doesn’t have much of anything for the kid’s Christmas.
    My kids are older so I hope I did well on picking for them.

    This is so cool! Thank you!

    (Good choices but you have this under “gift ideas list” instead of a wish list so nothing can be shipped to you. Just start a new wish list, add that stuff and then choose a shipping address for that wish list. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  65. Oh, I love the James Garfield miracle! The first year when it went crazypants huge, it was impossible to watch and not participate. This year I find myself on the side of not being able to contribute, aaaaand that hurts my heart a bit. I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful kiddos that keep me hopping as they are both on the autism spectrum. My husband commutes almost 3 hours A DAY to work and is a job coach for college students with disabilities. This year has been a challenge because I have been in the hospital multiple times for pulmonary embolisms and was recently diagnosed with a butt kicker of an autoimmune disease. Medical bills have sucked up so much of our income that we are struggling a bit for holiday presents for my babes. So, it’s pretty darn humbling to post a wish list link to ask for help, but I’m doing it anyway because my kids are awesome and they are the world to me, so…

    Merry Christmas to you, Jenny and your family — and everyone who read this.

    (Excellent choices but there isn’t a shipping address. Just go add a shipping address for this wish list. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  66. Just a note to say hey. I LOVE James Garfield and his annual miracles!! Reading the comments always restores my faith in humanity (which has taken a beating here lately, TBH).

    P.S.: Thank you very much for reminding me of Project Night Night. My son’s 1st grade teacher requested we make a charitable donation this year instead of getting her a teacher gift (bless) and Project Night Night is perfect. Happy Holidays, Jenny!

  67. Tomorrow is payday, and dangit, I’m going to donate some rabbits through Heifer. Thank you!

  68. Jenny, thanks for telling us about Project Night Night, I just made a donation to help 4 kids. I’ll check back to see about helping others. Thank you for being you.

  69. Mo Wood- I’ve sent some of the items on Marie’s list. I hope they help make Christmas a little easier for you all.

    Bec xx

  70. Kenn, sent Totoro pillows for your daughter. With them I couldn’t send a gift note (dang), but I think she’ll know they’re actually from you. All the best for you! <3

  71. When this miracle thing started years ago we didn’t have the extra money to participate, but we did have extra ‘stuff’. So we donated old toys and good condition clothes to a needy local kid that we found through Kijiji. My daughter has gathered her stuff together to do this every year since. Three days ago, we gave our annual care package to a family that’s down on its luck and needed some help giving gifts to their little girl. This is our new family tradition. Yay! Thanks for the miracle again St James Garfield!

  72. Mo, your Marie sounds like a lovely girl, and her wishlist reminds me of my own (at that age or now at almost 35). I wasn’t going to send this year as times are tighter than normal, but I heard the voice of my recently passed Grandfather in my head telling me “What good is money if you can’t use it to do something good for someone else.”

  73. Been waiting for this day all month, and already donated a Flock of Hope and some Honeybees. Hoping I have enough money saved to give to Project Night Night. Jenny, you rock the Casbah.

  74. I think this is such a wonderful thing. I wish I could afford to help out. Like a previous commenter I do have some Christmas cards leftover and if anyone would like to receive a card please email me at jgargarello(at)gmail.com and I will be happy to send cards until I run out.

  75. OK, I’m checking the lists. amazon still has a 25% off coupon on one book. Apply 25OFFBOOK at checkout.

  76. Thank you for the info on Project Night Night. I just made a donation in my son’s 2nd grade teacher’s name. What a wonderful organization! Merry Christmas, Jenny, and I hope you can try to have a stress-free holiday and if you can’t, there’s always the Harry Potter coloring book and Christmas cookies to help keep you sane. xo

  77. This is wonderful, Jenny. I am delighted to have participated in previous years by giving what I could. This year, for the first time, I am in need.

    We had a job loss in our household that devastated our finances. I have one son still at home. He is seventeen. We haven’t been able to afford to get his drivers license and I would really like for him to have a good Christmas. Here’s his wish list:


    Thanks so much for your continuous and seemingly bottomless generosity. It’s a blessing to be part of this community.

    (Go back in and choose a shipping address for this specific wish list so we can send stuff. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  78. Missicat, please, hang in there! Find someone you can talk too locally. You need help, and it’s ok to ask for it. I know it feels really bad right now, I have been there… It got better, for me, and yes, I still have dark days, but please, please, you have many people who want you around.

  79. Last year I was able to buy a few things for people, this year it’s my turn to have to ask. Health issues, and having to care for a chronically ill family member has drained me of resources, and now Christmas is right around the corner.

    Trying to get gifts for two kids, one a younger teen who is artistic, and an older teen who is much into geek and oddball stuff.


    (Sent a movie gift card. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  80. this is the first year that i feel financially ok enough to help out!!! Or that can just be some resiudule funds from my graduate plus loan, either way I really want to help some kids out! xoxoxo thank you for this opportunity

  81. Messicat.
    I’m sorry things are rough right now. Kathleen has it right. It does get better.
    You are stronger than you might think. You are more than this pain.
    Be gentle with yourself.
    We need you out there.

  82. To Mo Wood (28) and Missicat (43): My heart hurts for you both. I was thinking this morning of my first boyfriend who also lost faith in life at age 17, 28 years ago. I still miss him and the world misses him though they don’t know it.
    Mo, take care of yourself and your daughter first – no one else matters right now. Get through this – there is no getting over it. And remind yourself to be kind to yourself, your daughter and your mom. She may be grieving in her own way. Your daughter sounds amazing – let her support you and vice versa.
    Missicat, try to be kind to yourself. Please find some real help – good thoughts won’t make you “better” but depression lies and bad thoughts don’t make you “bad”. Family can be wonderful but the best of them can be exhausting, annoying and just hard to be around. Give yourself a break – maybe short visits and lots of naps.
    Lots of love to you both.

  83. Jenny, thank you for always doing this. And to the Tribe members sharing your families’ needs, I am sorry you are in a hard place, but thank you for letting us help.

  84. Voss, you need to fix your account. tried to buy but your not showing up as a send option. Post when you fix it and i’ll try again

  85. I am struggling to buy gifts for 4 boys this year in Minnesota. My own kiddo is 5, and loves anything to do with science, robots, and outer space. I am also trying to care for my sister’s 3 boys, a newborn, a 4 year old, and a 7 year old. I am a (pretty newly) single mom living off the money I make doing free lance writing gigs, so its pretty tight around here. I would be so grateful for any help making Christmas magical for these beautiful boys! Thank you! https://amzn.com/w/21HA6R3A3AGES

    (Sent you Inside Out and The Story of Ferdinand – I LOVED THAT BOOK WHEN I WAS LITTLE. ~ Jenny)

  86. I do not know a homeless child. Who can I send it to?

    (Just order a Night Night Package from the project Night Night link and they’ll deliver one to a shelter for you. ~ Jenny)

  87. I am bawling big hot tears here. I am so glad I found this place. I’ll be doing some shopping later!

    Thank you. Thank you for setting this up, thank you for keeping it going. Thank you to everyone helping, you are all amazing.

  88. Hey, Mo Wood – I was able to kick in for a gift card for your daughter. My son’s name is Rhett, so your story definitely hit me hard in the feels. Hope I could help a little.

  89. I created a wishlist for my nephew Alexander. He is 12 years old and had moderate-severe Autism. His mom is wonderful, but is on her own raising him and has a hard time working enough hours as a massage therapist and being able to be to support them, nevermind coming up with money for his birthday and Christmas. He’s a great, loving kid, and I”M proud to call him my godson. Thank you for any help. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season! http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/Z84RJJC963HN

    (Sent a National Geographic book. ~ Jenny)

  90. I’m so so grateful for this opportunity. I’m a single partially disabled mom of a beautiful sixteen year old girl. She’s already been told Christmas will be very light – as work was, likewise, very light the last few months – and assured me it’s “totally OK, Mom.” But … I’m Mom. I really would like for her to have at least something she wants to open on Christmas morning and I’m not sure I can do that. Here’s her list link – http://amzn.com/w/2DE6RR48VYARI – PLEASE NOTE: That “Jeffster” shirt was something I added months ago. We do NOT NEED TWO – one was for me (she insisted). If someone wants to get that for her, one will be plenty! THANK YOU! <3

    (Sent her a book. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  91. Amanda Mejia – tried to send a gift, but cannot seem to find where to put your address. I don’t know if you need to amend your list somehow, or, HEY HIVE MIND – am I missing some crucial step in checking out which will allow me to send it to her? I freely admit I am a Luddite. Thanks –

    (A lot of people don’t realize that they have to add a specific shipping address for their wish list. I’m trying to go through all of them and order at least one thing so I can test each list and let them know if it’s working. It usually takes a day for everyone to get all of their lists in order and working. 🙂 ~Jenny)

  92. This always makes me cry in a good way. You are the absolute best person Jenny. Project Night Night, here I come! Love to our tribe 🙂 <3

  93. Sarah, I just sent your friend’s granddaughter a few things, they will come in two packages. I have a friend who also ended up raising their grandchildren so I know how difficult a situation this can be. Happy Holidays to you, and thank you for thinking of your friend and her girl 🙂

  94. Hi guys! Jenny is truly a miracle worker. I’m a mental health counselor with a non-profit organization (CHS) that works predominantly with impoverished kids (age 0 to 21) referred by DCF and schools. The families I work with experience a lot of barriers to treatment…an​d that includes arranging holiday help for their kids. Barriers include things like no transportation​, working under the table, odd work hours, and other things like extreme poverty and homelessness. These are the families that don’t even have cell phones or internet to see things like this. (To find them at times, I have to ask their kids where they are staying this week, or if they have a new number).

    Our toy drives this year didn’t have a great turn out and we have a bunch of kids haven’t been “adopted” yet, or didn’t have services prior to sign up deadline (I have 25 on my own caseload!) We are making sure that every family we are helping have not been signed up to get help through a different agency. Every single toy that is sent to me will be taken straight to my agency for distribution, so all the therapists and case workers can get some presents to their assigned kids who don’t have anything. I’m dedicating a lot of my extra money this month to also buying items (I’ve been hitting thrift stores and Family Dollar), but with so many kids, I can’t help everyone on my own. That’s where you generous folks come in! I set up a huge list to give people options to choose from. Since we have babies, all the way to young adults, there is something for all of them on there.

    I was awed by everyone last year. Thank you for just reading this, and if you actually send something, I’ll probably faint from sheer joy and shock.

    Now, my boss knows that I’m about to post this, but her boss doesn’t, so let’s keep this on the D-L, and surprise the crap out of EVERYONE!


    (Sent you 9 things. You do good work. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  95. So, Jenny, I’m just verifying that if I go to a list, only the stuff that hasn’t been bought will be there? Right?? I am so exited to pay it forward when I can, but I don’t want to duplicate! Thanks so much for doing this

    (Exactly. I just bought some stuff off a list and when I refresh it’s gone. Sometimes though people will ask for multiples of things (like toothbrushes, etc) but once something is bought it’s removed from the list. The person can always change what’s on the list though, or add more or delete it when they have what they need. 🙂 ~ jenny)

  96. OMG – thank you Jenny for doing this. Our past year has been ok. Not good, not bad. We were asked to move from our home of 6 years this past summer (our landlords needed our home back for their father to live in.) We were very lucky to find a home we are happier in then our previous home, however that came with a rent increase of $500/month. I hate to ask for help, as we can pay our bills most months and we can usually afford food (even if it’s rice and beans some weeks.) But without help, there won’t be any gifts for my daughter Ashlynn and she has been SO good this year with everything.

    Ashlynn is an enigma – she loves math and science just as much as she loves art and creative writing. She is 9 and still plays with dolls and I’m not planning on having her stop any time soon. Her favorites are Monster High. And she is SO MUCH HELP at home. As I’m a primary caregiver to my grandmother, and I am out of our home about 60% of the week (day and night) Ashlynn has to be responsible for a lot more then she used to – but she does SO GOOD! She keeps on top of homework, helps with laundry and dinner, and generally helps keep the home running until I get home to help for a day or two before I head back to my grandmothers. I can’t say enough about how proud I am of her.

    Here is her wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/QRQ4WT47JY4L

    We would so appreciate any help that we can get and we will definitely pay it forward in any way we can. Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has an amazing holiday season!!!

    (Sent a monster high doll. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  97. I debated posting this because I was really hoping to be on the giving side this year.

    I have two amazing kids – Cassady, who is about to turn 16 and Jack, who just turned 6. Things are getting better after a few rocky years, but I have limited funds and would like to provide a nice holiday for my children. They are so patient when I can’t quite scrape together anything for ‘extras’. (Including glasses for my daughter, which I am saving up for right now.)

    Cassady: http://amzn.com/w/3TW5VXHK4T6BH
    Jack: http://amzn.com/w/2DUPM4FGZWSJD

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

    And Jenny, thank you. I can not tell you how grateful I am to have this opportunity.

    (Sent a coat and a book. ~ Jenny)

  98. Shannon from comment #51–the fact that the number one thing you are asking to have for your kids is books hit hard–be on the lookout for a package on Wednesday! Chutes and Ladders was my favorite as a kid, so I couldn’t resist including that. I hope this will help you guys to have a very Merry Christmas!

  99. I don’t need anything and for that, I am blessed. I did go to Project Night night and leave a donation. It makes me tear up to read some of these comments (which causes awkward questions since I am at work.) And every child deserves a Christmas. This community is simply the best.

  100. Mo Wood – A “Hunger Games” set is on it’s way on behalf of my sweet, wonderful 13yo son who struggles with depression, and from me, his mother, who has also struggled since I was a very young girl. You are loved. Your children are loved. ~ Staci

  101. My name is Edward and I am a US Veteran and I have fallen on hard times. I was hoping to be on the other side of things by now and be able to provide a wonderful Chirstmas for my children but my wife has recently just gotten out of the hospital with Diverticulitis and Kidney problems after having multiple issues after having our daughter 7 months ago, so we got behind on things and her wanting to make sure our children were safe with a roof over their heads and food on the table prevailed and now I have no clue what we are going to do as it is too late to get on most lists out there now. My children are Age 10 Girl http://amzn.com/w/RNRASQ87CHHQ , Age 6 Girl http://amzn.com/w/A5CO1UXRNKNB, Age 5 Boy http://amzn.com/w/1TAGRMP00WRGN , age 3 Boy http://amzn.com/w/7VQGY1ONP8TB , and 7 months Girl. Myself, my wife and my children Thank you from the whole of my heart.

    (Sent books and toys. Thank you for your service! ~ Jenny)

  102. To Sheryl Sisk — Your daughter sounds like mine. We are blessed, aren’t we? Mine is 15 and works as much as she can babysitting to pay the several thousand dollars for high school cheerleading and to buy her phone and pay her way so I have one less thing to worry about. Never a better kid could I have asked for. Bless yall!

  103. This is amazing. I don’t know how I didn’t see it last year. True story, both last year and this year I’ve only asked for one thing for Christmas — your books. I’ve always been an avid reader but have found myself struggling to get into books lately, but as soon as I got your first one I dove into it and didn’t stop. I hope that happens with Furiously Happy, too. They also motivate me to write, and seeing as how I hope to be a writer, that’s always a good thing.

    Anyway, personally I am broke, but thank goodness my father and roommate always make sure my son has a wonderful Christmas. Too wonderful, even.. I’m afraid he’s getting spoiled. I have gone through all of his old toys and gotten together at least 5 bags full of them to donate this year, but I have also checked out several of the Amazon wish lists in the comments and will get my son to pick out which gift he wants to give. Every year we save a little of the Christmas money my father gives me (to buy things for my son), and I include my son in the process of using that money to buy a gift for someone else. He’s only 4, and he truly amazes me with how giving he can be sometimes.

  104. Jennifer Salas, your items are on the way. My son is getting the same xbox game, so I couldn’t resist. I hope your son and the rest of your family enjoy your gifts!

  105. If you’re thinking about helping someone out, but are worried that small gifts don’t help – SMALL GIFTS HELP.

    For example, a simple, very modest, cheapest-on-the-lot Christmas tree made my son light up with joy. With Jenny’s permission (just nuke this comment if you don’t want it here), here’s a small thank you video I put together for the people who have helped me this year that features the tree. And his happiness.

    If you’re on the fence about helping someone, just watch it. When you’re desperate to give your kid everything but can afford nothing, ANYTHING helps.


    I’ve looked through some of the wish lists people are posting, and it breaks my heart. Nobody is asking for much; there are no big ticket items on the lists I’ve seen. It’s just a bunch of loving parents desperate to give their kids SOMETHING for Christmas, and I know that feeling. It’s awful.

    But you know what? The little notification ding, or the email, or the whatever that gets sent when one of those items – any of them – gets ordered? THAT feeling is amazing.

    Keep being amazing, guys.

    (Amen. And people love buying stocking stuffers and books and socks and little things like that for others. ~ Jenny)

  106. Hi, I’m Eyreka! I have a 7 year old son and a nine year old daughter. I went to a part time server job from a full time office this past summer in order to finish my degree (so close) and my lovely man is a farmer. Bills are paid, food is on the table, but we’ve only got a few dollar store gifts coming their way. It would be nice for them to get some things they need/want, but that we just can’t afford. Their names are Mia and Joseph and we’d sure would be grateful for anything that comes our way. Best wishes to everyone! https://amzn.com/w/131Z1Z8VMIA5W

    (I don’t see anything on this list, which either means that your stuff has all been bought (yay!) or that you may have added to the wrong wish list. Just FYI. ~ Jenny)

  107. Missicat – I’m glad you shared, and you were definitely heard and we do understand. I’m sending you love and light AND hope! I know it might sound silly, but do you know the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Kimmy says, “You can handle anything for ten seconds.” So she counts to 10 get through a tough moment .. theory is if you can get through 10 seconds, you can get through another. I’ve used it during deep depressing times, by myself and with my kids, and it’s helped. I know it’s not a cure, but maybe it’ll help through the holidays and the New Year and keep you here for 2016 & beyond! Huge ((hugs))!!

  108. Missycat, everyone screws up. Don’t give up and check out–you make a difference. Your story has made me cry and wish that I could reach out and hug you, or sit quietly next to you. You matter. Please call 800-273-8255. Like Jenny says, the clouds will part and sun will return. Getting there might take time, drugs, and lots of support, but it WILL happen.

  109. Abby – I just picked a few things out and have them on the way to you. Hope it helps!

  110. Jenny, you amaze me with all you do. I am disabled and trying to raise my 8 year old grandson. My son came back from military service and sadly is unable to take care of himself much less a child. Never thought I’d be back in the “mom” role of PTO, sports teams, Cub Scouts but I am so blessed to be here to do this. And thank you for making me laugh out loud, I can always count on you to bring a smile to my face. Thank everyone who helps in making Christmas better for our children. Merry Christmas to you all! https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=1576LHV14U83&type=wishlist

    (Sent a book! ~ Jenny)

  111. Thank you SO much for doing this, Jenny! And thank you James Garfield! My holiday season has been feeling pretty flat and meaningless, and being able to help a family out directly is such a good thing. I believe that one out of one Popes would agree.

  112. I wish I could afford to give this year but I decided to go back to school and I’m not working at all due to back surgery. The day I started school my husband was laid off from work so it’s a non existent Christmas for us this year. Just breakfast together. Hopefully next year I can donate to someone in need. Thank you to all the angels who do donate.

  113. I used my discretionary money to donate to a local charity event to raise money to buy gifts and necessities for a few local families. While I can’t be a donor for JGM this year, I’ll check in every day to read the updated comments and tear up. It’s a beautiful thing. Hopefully next year I’ll join the JGM and find a bright young woman wishing for something science-y.

  114. Abbey (#98), some presents are on their way to you. Happy holidays to everyone, and than you Jenny for spearheading this awesomeness! ~Chelsea

  115. While I hate to have to do this, I’m sharing a list for my kids. We’re in a really shitty situation that won’t benefit from the usual channels. We bought a new house this year, and still have our old house. My brother was supposed to fix it up while he paid half the mortgage until we could sell. Well, he sat on his ass and now we are dependent on his payment whether he works on it or not. So we have two mortgages. We’re fucked. My husband’s car needs four new tires and I don’t even know when that will happen. I just want my kids to have Christmas. My son has autism and is being bullied, so I put Under Armour and Nike stuff on the list so he’ll fit in a little more. We’d even take gently used. He’s 11, a size medium and shoe size 4. Also, he plays trombone, cornet and piano. His trombone case is totally falling apart and I wish I could buy him something to carry the thing. There are no more handles on it. It’s almost as big as he is. My daughter is 16, and totally aware of my mental illness. She is a very talented musician and has a great head on her shoulders. She knows we don’t have money for Christmas, but she shouldn’t have to pay the price for it. She can’t get a job until we get new tires to take her to work and teach her to drive. They both desperately need new backpacks. I thank anyone who would even put a positive thought into the universe for us or by chance gets something on this list.


    Jenny, you’ve helped me out of the dark hole before. I’ve saved your emails. I read them a lot. I’m there again. You’re the sweetest stranger I’ve known.

    (Sent an under armor hoodie and a book. Love! ~ Jenny)

  116. I should have included this info in my first post, but this sort of thing makes me so nervous. I want to say that last year I was the recipient of a lot of help from incredibly caring people on this site. Thins really have gotten better, but so much of our income goes to medical/therapy bills for my kids that there is never much left over.

    My daughter was sexually assaulted by my ex husband for several years, starting when she was 9. I found out three years ago and our worlds turned upside down. We have dealt with the court systems (ex is in jail, thank GOD but only until next October) and therapy – my precious girl has really struggled and has been hospitalized with suicidal ideation 3 times.

    I have been working to try to treat my daughter to things to make her feel better about herself. She is convinced that she is basically garbage and it breaks my heart to not be able to treat her to a starbucks on bad days, or be able to buy her fancier personal care items so that she knows she is absolutely worth pampering. I want only the best for her and it is hard to not be able to provide that.

    My ex husband is my son’s dad & he is having a hard time too, just differently as he has had to deal with having an absent parent who is in jail. For him we try to keep life as normal as possible. He just learned to read not too long ago and is doing so amazingly well in kindergarten – a miracle considering that two years ago when he still had to visit his dad every week, he couldn’t talk and was not potty trained.

    Thank you again for this opportunity this holiday season. I can not tell you how grateful I am for the your kindness.

    (Sending you love. And presents. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  117. My paycheck is based largely off of commission and with this mild winter so far (and the mild summer we had) there isn’t much commission going around (I’m in the hvac industry). My next check (12/24) is going to rent and we have bills to pay with my husband’s check this week. Luckily we are able to pay all of our bills, we just don’t have anything left after that.
    I have 2 step-kids, M and G. M is going to be 18 in January and G is 13. J and L are our other children- J is 9 and L is 8.
    I have attached our wishlist- there is some big stuff on there- but I’ve shared this list with the grandparents as well and it’s also for their birthdays, which aren’t too far off. There are a couple things on there for my husband and I (including Furiously Happy!!!) and our cats (Stink, Whiskers and Oreo). J is on the autism spectrum, so there are some sensory things on the list as well.

    (Sent you Ticket to Ride. I didn’t understand how a board game could be $40 until I started playing it and realized how awesome it is. Good for the whole family too. ~ Jenny)

  118. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ls/ref=navm_hdr_wl

    My name is Raquel and someone on a Facebook mommy page I’m apart of posted this for all the moms. I thinks it’s amazing that y’all are able to help so many people out! Once I get to a stable place in my life I would love to donate. I am a mommy of a beautiful 2 month old boy, will be 3 months right before Christmas! I know he is young but would love to have a fee gifts for him this year. Currently I am not working due to just having a baby and my poor fiancee just can’t catch a break. We are just staying positive! I’m so glad I found this blog too, I enjoyed reading through it! I hope everyone has a blessed holiday and an amazing New Year! Much Love!

    (The link doesn’t go to a wish list. Try again? 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  119. Btw how can we tell if someone’s wish list has been fulfilled or not? When my aunt buys off my wish list it tends to stay there until I clear it. Just curious if I’m missing a step.

    (It disappears if you buy it directly off their list and have it sent straight to them. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  120. This it’s such a beautiful thing! After moving halfway across the country this summer to live nearer to my husband’s 11 year-old daughter and 12 and 13 year-old sons, we’re tapped and can’t afford much of anything but rent. We couldn’t care less about us hanving a nice Christmas, but the kids certain deserve one, so I’ve been crafting until my hands feel like they’ll fall off to make gifts for them. If someone feels generous enough to help, we’ll accept, but knowing that there’s people in the world like you, Jenny, is so exciting!


    (Go in an choose a shipping address to go with this specific wish list so we can send you stuff. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  121. I’m not sure mine posted so I am trying again. There is a young girl at the restaurant I work at that has 3 small children. She is having a really hard time and doesn’t have much of anything for them for Christmas.
    They like Pepper Pig and Paw Patrol and books (the small ones) and Princesses and books for the older one.
    I think I made the list right.

    Thank you Jenny!

    (Yay! It worked. Sent books, socks, etc. ~ Jenny)

  122. Jenny thank you for all you do. I am disabled and raising my 8 year old grandson. My son came back from his military service unable to take care of himself much less a child. I never thought I’d be back in “mom” role with PTO, Cub Scouts, sports and the like. But I am so lucky to be able to do this and watch him grow! Thanks so much for helping with Christmas and mainly thanks for the laugh out loud posts that make everyone’s lives brighter. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=1576LHV14U83&type=wishlist

    (Sent a book! ~ Jenny)

  123. I have been trying to figure out what to get my grandparents for Christmas because, really, what do you get a 79-year-old, an 80-year-old, and a 95-year-old who already have everything AND who have loads of grandchildren buying them presents?

    James Garfield has inspired me to make a donation to a local charity in the name of my grandparents. It’ll make me feel good and it’ll make my grandparents feel good and–BEST PART–a few locals will hopefully have a bit of Christmas joy.

    Merry Christmas, Jenny and Victor and Hailey!

    (Love this. ~ Jenny)

  124. My husband, kindergartener, and I made six trips into her school early this morning with armloads of gifts for a family that can’t afford Christmas this year. I love providing an amazing Christmas for my daughter each year, and am thankful that I earn a good living to be able to provide that for her. But, what these four little girls–who are strangers to us and thought they were getting nothing this year–will look like when they see their pile on the 25th…that’s what the season is all about!

  125. If anybody is looking to help alleviate the boredom of an amazing little girl who gets super antsy during her chemo treatments, I’d love to read my niece The Princess Bride over Christmas. It was always my favorite, but I lost my copy during a move last year and I’m not in a position yet to be able to spend money on something so “frivolous”. I thought she’d love this edition because it is illustrated. And I’m not going to lie, I’d get a kick out of turning the next generation on to the Best Book Ever Written (aside from Jenny’s, of course). Thank you.


    (By the time I opened this it was already bought. Love. 🙂 ~Jenny)

  126. Missicat, I’m in the same boat as you, but I know I won’t end it. I just can’t do that to my kids. The guilt is worse than the pain. I am thinking of you, and hope we both claw our way through this feeling. I know the pain of hearing the joy of others. Please hang in there!

  127. Voss,
    Some art supplies are on their way to you! Looks like they’re coming from different places, so they should be there on the 16th and 17th.
    Happy creating!

  128. I chose three things from three different wish lists to try to spread the help out a little – I have been there – there were a good number of years where buying a bag of pretzels for my kids was a luxury – I’ve been there, I know how much it sucks. I still can’t afford a whole lot, but hopefully I’ve helped a little bit! Thank you Jenny – this community that you’ve built helps heal my heart regularly.

  129. Last year my kids were blessed to receive gifts from some lovely folks. This year we’re struggling again, but rather than sharing my kids’ list, I’d like to ask for help for my Mom. (http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/QSODLCNA8005)

    She is experiencing early dementia due to deteriorated brain matter caused by pressure from a brain tumor. She has been in the hospital for 5 weeks waiting for placement in an adult foster home. I have finally found her the perfect one and she will be moving today or tomorrow, depending on the swiftness of her case manager. She is only 54, so the transition from living independently to living in an adult foster home has been hard on her.

    This list only has a few items on it, as she doesn’t have room for a whole lot. My wish for her is to have a few things to open on Christmas day that might bring her comfort and help her feel settled in her new home.

    Thank you Jenny and all you other wonderful folks who make this such a spirit-renewing event every year. My kids were thrilled with their gifts last year and I have met some AMAZEBALLS people because of last year’s miracle. You are all incredible and I wish each of you a happy holiday b/c I know adulting is really hard this time of year!

    (I don’t see the wish list anymore so I’m assuming everything was bought off of it? ~ Jenny)

  130. Sent Project Night Night some support. Much as i love heifers and bees, they are hard to wrap

  131. It would be wonderful to have my children receive something frivolous that they’ve asked for this Christmas. I have one payday left before the holiday, but if there is any money for gifts I need to buy them some colder weather clothes. There is a 10 year-old boy that is an avid reader, loves building and logic games, an eight year-old girl that loves monsters, ponies, unicorns…and thanks to Jenny, I’ve put a Narwhalicorn on her list! A six year-old very into Shopkins and Little Pet Shop, and an 18th month-old boy who loves Mickey Mouse and stacking things.

    (Sent 4 books. Good choices, btw. ~ Jenny)

  132. My husband and I are in a bind this year, as his job’s pay has decreased dramatically, leaving it difficult for us to afford food let alone gifts. With expecting baby #3 and homeschooling full time, I have been unable to help my husband with extra income, and finding full-time work for my husband that pays the bills has proven to be very difficult. We have been living off approx $1500 per month for the last half of this year. We have two wonderful girls, ages 2 and 4, who very much deserve a Christmas. They have had to go without quite a bit this year, and they’ve been troopers about it. After downsizing, having to sell our (and their) belongings to pay the electric or grocery bill, and the amount of stress, my little sweethearts still have smiles on their faces. They won’t be expecting much for the holidays, and it would be amazing to surprise them with a few things!

    Thanks to anyone who is kind enough to send them anything.


    (Sent coloring books and stickers ~ Jenny)

  133. Andy Shuping #1 and Mary #16: just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean that you aren’t important too! I would be happy to help you out if you post a link or list.

  134. To be terribly honest, this request isn’t for me. And it’s not for any wishlist. It’s just that my best friend of 20+ years, my perfect hetero-life-mate has had what could possibly be termed the worst year in existence (we’re talking epic) She’s having a helluva time just making it day to day, so my request, in honor of Saint James Garfield, is just that you send some warm and hopeful thoughts (addressed to Skye) her way. Thanks, y’all, and hope your holiday (in whatever denomination you may celebrate) or non-holiday (whichever applies????) is amazing and not filled with spiders. Unless that’s your thing.

    (Done. Love to you both. ~Jenny)

  135. I forgot to add my 7 month old daughter’s list to my original post…sorry here is the fixed post. My name is Edward and I am a US Veteran and I have fallen on hard times. I was hoping to be on the other side of things by now and be able to provide a wonderful Chirstmas for my children but my wife has recently just gotten out of the hospital with Diverticulitis and Kidney problems after having multiple issues after having our daughter 7 months ago, so we got behind on things and her wanting to make sure our children were safe with a roof over their heads and food on the table prevailed and now I have no clue what we are going to do as it is too late to get on most lists out there now. My children are Age 10 Girl http://amzn.com/w/RNRASQ87CHHQ , Age 6 Girl http://amzn.com/w/A5CO1UXRNKNB, Age 5 Boy http://amzn.com/w/1TAGRMP00WRGN , age 3 Boy http://amzn.com/w/7VQGY1ONP8TB , and 7 months Girl http://amzn.com/w/2BW78DYJABHHT . Myself, my wife and my children Thank you from the whole of my heart.

  136. man you guys are fast! Cai (comment 147) – this cancer survivor (and Princess Bride fan) wanted to get the book for your little girl, but someone beat me to it…! Keep on laughing

  137. Last year I discovered your blog and through the Christmas Miracle I met so many great people that I still keep in contact with and I am now a regular follower of your blog. I can’t tell you how much of a difference that particular post made in our lives! We’re still struggling this year but things are looking better.

    I’m a divorced mother of four kiddos. The kids are all pretty young and I stay busy keeping up with them while going to grad school. We’re looking forward to the day that we can log on and make someone else’s Christmas wishes come true. Thank you for all that you do!


    (Sent books. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  138. Thank you very much for organizing this totally unorganized wonderful gift exchange!

    And to anyone struggling too much to even post – please know that even though we might not know you yet, we do care about you. Hold on for just one more breath, and then another. Give us time to meet you.

  139. Single mom of three kids…two boys aged 6 & 7, and one toddler girl.

    I’m in my last semester of grad school and have not been able to work due to school obligations. I’m hoping that by completing school, I will be able to give them a great future.


    (Sent hot wheels and baby bottles. ~ Jenny)

  140. Andy Shuping #1 and Mary #16: just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean that you aren’t important too! I would be happy to help you out if you post a link or list. In fact, I know lots of people will be helping out the kiddos, so please tag me for adult needs!

  141. Tonight, before we head out for Christmas shopping with the kids, I’ll have my girls pick out a couple people to support on here. We don’t have a lot, but we have enough and we have extra. I was a kid who benefitted from the kindness of strangers years ago and I love to give back. Thank you Jenny. 💕💕

  142. I’m able to help this year, and I’m so happy to do it! I’ve been on the other end before, and I’m so grateful you give us this chance to pay things forward, Jenny. Love to you and everyone here.

  143. Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/3GA2X4NADK5TR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_it_gl_o_DrUBwbV477S47
    I created one for my 9 month old grandson James! . He and my 19 year old daughter live with us. I watch him while his mom goes to school and her part time fast food job. She hasn’t started receiving child support yet so we help out as much as we can until she can support themselves fully.

    (You don’t have a shipping address assigned to this wish list. Update when you can. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  144. #113 – Pinkesh
    Could you email me? I’d like to see if I could help getting glasses for your daughter through an online glasses store. I’d just need some info and to know what glasses style she likes.

  145. I’ve had a hard financial year myself, but I’m so excited to feel like I can send one or two small things to someone. Thank you for doing this Jenny. You are the best.

  146. The kids and I will be choosing some gifts from wishlists this year. I love that you do this and love that I’ll have money to go toward it this year. 😀

  147. Thank you all a million times over: http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/Q8UABGIMGMWK – health issues this year are preventing us from doing much of anything holiday wise for the kids and it is breaking my heart. I cannot express what it means that there’s a community that would do this. Humanity is alive and well here. Thank you for making me aware of that today. <3

    (Sent an art kit. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  148. Hey Jenny. Hey Tribe.

    I guess it’s my turn to ask for help this Christmas. I don’t have a wishlist or anything. I actually just need ideas.

    My mom was diagnosed with advanced small-cell lung cancer right before Thanksgiving, and given about two years to live. We got her through the first round of chemo and home for Turkey day. She had her second round of chemo starting last Wednesday. That night, she suffered a massive stroke that has caused her to lose all motor control over her left side. She can’t swallow, or lift her arm, or scratch an itch, or anything else we all take for granted.

    I want to do or get something nice for her and dad this Christmas, it would make my entire year to see them smile, but I can’t even begin to conceive of what to do.

    Tribe, in the good name of James Garfield, do you have any ideas? Can you help me out at all? I’ve spent the last four days sitting watch in mom’s hospital room, wishing and hoping to see any improvement, and I’m completely out of spoons.

    I love you all! I hope you have the merriest of Christmases.



  149. I love your voice! I go to sleep every night listening to one or the other of your books! So kind of over and over and it never gets old…

  150. The last few years have been rough on my family. It seems that anytime we get ahead something always happens and knocks us back down again. This year has been no different. I thought we would have Christmas covered last month, only to find out that our car needed 4 new tires and some electrical work. There went the Christmas monies. I’m so fortunate that my kids are so good and never really ask for much, but it’s so hard because I always feel like such a failure. I have three kids, my oldest son is 16, on the Autism spectrum and he really loves Pokemon and Manga, My middle son is 13, and he loves Nerf guns, playing the trumpet (hence the valve oil on the wish list), Lego and mine-craft, and my daughter is 7 and she loves Frozen, cats, Lego and coloring. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help any of you can possibly give this year. Here is our wish list http://amzn.com/w/1SRGQ2DGHYNP

    (Sent a book, art supplies and a pokemon hat. ~ Jenny)

  151. I love this so much I’ve shared it with everyone I know. I’m grateful to feel like we can help a little this year. I know how it is when you want nothing more for your children to have a joyful Christmas. Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday, <3

  152. This makes my heart so happy to see people getting help for their children. I thought our year would be better but we’ve been hit with news that my husband could be losing his job and with it, our health benefits. This is especially hard after we found out we’re expecting our 4th child.
    I have my eldest son, Xavier who is 8. He loves science but he has an adoration for space and the constellations. My daughter Aurelia who is 5 and is having a difficult time in school due to her speech problems and she loves being imaginative, playing with dolls and figurines and finally Raphael (named after the ninja turtle) who is such a happy baby. He loves chewing on things and dancing. I’d be so appreciative if anyone could help me this year.
    Thank you all for doing this.


    (You don’t have a shipping address assigned to the wish list. Can you fix? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  153. I want to help so much, but this has been a very tight year. Outgoings have been high (still holding out hope that it will pay off in the long run), and sales have been, not so great. Luckily, my husband’s day job keeps us going, and we’ve been fortunate to have a little extra to donate to a little boy in Memphis that goes to a school my friend works at. I wish I could do more. I wish I could give everyone a giant hug, and be hugged back, and we’d all turn into a sobbing, happy, huggable mass of togetherness. So, although I’m financially tapped, and it’s probably not much good, I’m sending out universal hugs to everyone.

    @Mo Wood, if you and Marie see this, a special hug to both of you. Suicide has touched my life and taken away so much too many times. I struggle with it myself. Additionally, family ties were sometimes strained and sometimes lost completely over differences of religions and beliefs. Forging our own paths is not always easy, but it’s always worth it.

    Wishing everyone a Blessed Yule! Hold your important people close today and throughout the year. Much love.

  154. I would like to nominate my daughter for this she has two wonderful children and really needs some help, she recently went through a very rough situation of leaving her fiancé who was becoming more and more abusive. Over the last year he has developed a drinking and drug problem, none of us including his mother have been able to get him to seek help, he used to be so sweet and kind but started becoming meaner and meaner as the months went on. Slowly he started smacking my daughter she stayed because she thought she could still help him kick the habit.

    Last month she got off work early and found him sleeping around on her, they got into a fight over it and he started beating her then tried to strangle her saying it was his right as a man to do as he pleased. She knew she had to leave so she grabbed what little she could and left, I myself do not have a lot of money I care for my teenage son and my elderly grandmother who is ill, thankfully myself, two family members and what my daughter had in her savings got her a small apartment the only problem now is the kids aren’t going to have Christmas because none of us can afford it, her and the kids need clothing and food, and her car is falling apart on her. Her world started falling down around her and I hate seeing my daughter and grandbabies like that. She needs new shoes, hers are leaving sores on her feet and she needs shirts for work, the kids can use clothing in general.

    Any help would be appreciate, I put together a walmart and amazon wishlist for them with things they need and can use. Both kids have Birthdays coming up so I put parties supplies on the lists as well. Any walmart or amazon gift cards donated will go toward clothing/food for the three of them. I would Love to surprise them with decorating their house and helping with some of the things they need.

    If anyone wants proof of her situation I have a number of photos from her attack that we took for court (custody/restraining order). You can email me at Grandmakisses3 AT yahoo DOT com if you want proof before helping.



    I made a wishlist for my son as well, all of my extra funds went towards putting a roof over my daughter and grandkids heads:


    Thank you

  155. I would love to donate some trees and animals to heifer International, but I’m always wary of certain charities. I want to know that 100% of my donation is going to helping others and not just a small percentage not taken up by administrative fees. Does anyone have any information on Heifer International so I know where my money is going?

    I’m sure Jenny did this research herself, but I just like to make sure with stuff like this. An article or anything telling me more about this charity (From a source other than the charity itself) would be super helpful.

    I love that this is such a success every year! Donating to those in need is what Christmas should be all about, not about plastic toys that will be forgotten by January! I don’t have much, but I have the ability to help out a little bit this year so I will do whatever I can for whoever I can!

    Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  156. Jenny, you are magical in your way of posting the message most appropriate for my mood on any given day. I have no needs other than for an uplifted state of mind, so being reminded how I can help others is perfect today. Plus, seeing a community of strangers helping each other is a great reminder that the world is full of wonderful people, even if the news focuses on the evil ones. Thank you, everyone, for being lovely human beings.

  157. I’m so glad I saw this. I’m desperately trying to figure out how to have more than a dollar store Christmas for my kids. My husband decided that leaving me during the holidays was a great idea, leaving the kids and I devastated, and I had a job but ended up in a nervous breakdown due to everything, and am now on an unpaid leave of absence while we get my bipolar medications working again. We’ve moved back in with my mom, so we know we have a roof over our heads, and water, heat, and food, but because she is supporting three extra people, she doesn’t have extra money for presents or to help me get presents for them. My ec-husband, not the current just left me husband, has chosen to put all the time he should be working picking up yet another girl, so that means we aren’t getting child support, which would be $400 a month, which would be nice, but it’s not coming now. Anyhow, my kids are amazing, my son is 10, the light of my life, and the most easy going child I know. He loves to read about mythology, he plays Minecraft and Magic: The gathering, and is pretty much happy with anything. My daughter is 7, a drama queen who likes to be the center of attention. She loves to sing and act, loves Barbie’s, though she doesn’t have any, baby dolls, cabbage patch dolls, and makeup. I’ve added a lot of family games to the list, because we love to spend time together playing, and it helps with critical thinking skills. My son is into educational items more than just tohs, and my daughter is more into babies.

    I tried to make a list with things they would enjoy, but they would be happy with anything.

    Thank you so much.

  158. I don’t need anything but can vividly remember a five year stretch starting in 2005 when my wife and I had to quite literally go hungry to make Christmas happen for our daughter. Where I can clearly remember counting dimes before going out to make sure I could pay for enough groceries just to barely get by.
    That’s why for stuff like this I say to you (that’s an all inclusive Jenny and everybody) THANK YOU!
    We give a lot to a local charity here that’s like Project Night Night, and also to one that brings presents to seniors who don’t have anybody left in their lives. It’s really true that nothing feels better than being able to help someone else, especially when you’ve been there.

    Side note – special thanks to you, Jenny. I met you in Toronto and said it then, but I’m really not sure I’d be here today if it hadn’t of been for your book showing up the day it did. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference, and you provide more little things than anybody else ever.

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas

  159. Danielle, some goodies are headed your way. It says they should arrive by Christmas Eve. I’m hoping a little bit sooner. Have a great Christmas.

  160. My husband just walked in and asked why I was crying and I told him it’s because I just bought sheets, socks, and underwear for some kids don’t know in Illinois. 💜

  161. Jenny, ii can’t find where to add my address for the wish list. I went to settings, but it only came up with ” add as default” and a selection of private or public. Any suggestions?

    (I was going to give details but I see that you just figured it out. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  162. Hopefully you are feeling better and resting now your tour is done ! I love reading your blog Jenny ! Some days its the only thing that gets me thru the day ! I hate to ask but Christmas is the holiday the kids dream about and I hate ruining that dream ! A host of problems and health issues (mine) have made this year so hard on them. I would love for Christmas to make them smile ! I hope it’s okay, I added “Furiously Happy” to K’s List, but it is actually for me ! I want to read it so much ! Thank you and Merry Christmas ! T.J.’s list http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/VFQWLPFW0HEW/ref=cm_wl_list_o_5?
    A’s list http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2WCRPJ4AYLB2F/ref=cm_wl_list_o_4?
    K’s list http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3ACWTEWK70AWU/ref=cm_wl_list_o_3?

  163. Thank you for doing this, Jenny, especially after your hectic, exhausting book tour. Bless you and all your readers. I am hoping that to see many, many wish lists! I am also reaching out to ‘Missicat’ to say I am hearing her pain and I wish I could do something. Please, please do not take your own life. You are too important to this world and you do not even know it. And just because things are tough now, they won’t necessarily stay that way. If your family can’t be supportive of you during this rough time, politely decline, and find a group of women who will. Sending you some bright light from the miracle of James Garfield, and check back in here and post a wish list. We support you.

  164. I just want to say, that this is an amazing idea, and the perfect meaning of Christmas. I SO wish that I could participate, but I am struggling to keep myself afloat this year. We’re living client to client (we’re dog sitters), and each clients money goes directly to food, rent and utilities. But, even tho I can’t send money, I want to send my deepest appreciation to those of my friends who went out of their way to bring us food, or gift cards so we could get groceries, and such. I would also like to thank my wonderful father, without whose support I would literally be on the street. And I would like to thank you, Jenny, for bringing laughter into the world that is my head. Thank you, and prayers of peace and light to all of you this holiday season, and all year long.

  165. I would like to nominate my daughter for this she has two wonderful children and really needs some help, she recently went through a very rough situation of leaving her fiancé who was becoming more and more abusive. Over the last year he has developed a drinking and drug problem, none of us including his mother have been able to get him to seek help, he used to be so sweet and kind but started becoming meaner and meaner as the months went on. Slowly he started smacking my daughter she stayed because she thought she could still help him kick the habit.

    Last month she got off work early and found him sleeping around on her, they got into a fight over it and he started beating her then tried to strangle her saying it was his right as a man to do as he pleased. She knew she had to leave so she grabbed what little she could and left, I myself do not have a lot of money I care for my teenage son and my elderly grandmother who is ill, thankfully myself, two family members and what my daughter had in her savings got her a small apartment the only problem now is the kids aren’t going to have Christmas because none of us can afford it, her and the kids need clothing and food, and her car is falling apart on her. Her world started falling down around her and I hate seeing my daughter and grandbabies like that. She needs new shoes, hers are leaving sores on her feet and she needs shirts for work, the kids can use clothing in general.

    Any help would be appreciate, I put together a walmart and amazon wishlist for them with things they need and can use. Both kids have Birthdays coming up so I put parties supplies on the lists as well. Any walmart or amazon gift cards donated will go toward clothing/food for the three of them. I would Love to surprise them with decorating their house and helping with some of the things they need.

    If anyone wants proof of her situation I have a number of photos from her attack that we took for court (custody/restraining order). You can email me at Grandmakisses3 AT yahoo DOT com if you want proof before helping.

    Amazon Wishlist ID # 1XTDC7OG1BIU2

    Walmart ID # : id=8f3ad91b-b7c2-4bc1-8c18-09803ccffb14

    I made a wishlist for my son as well, all of my extra funds went towards putting a roof over my daughter and grandkids heads:

    Amazon Wishlist ID # N5T36J7WUNVD

    Thank you

  166. Bethany,

    A Pikachu blanket for your older son, trumpet supplies for your younger son, Ramona books for your daughter, and Big Hero 6 for the family should all be there this week. All my love to you guys. Hope things turn around for you soon. <3

  167. I love the timing of your post, Jenny. I’ve had a pretty rough year – I lost my health insurance at work and Obamacare is a nightmare when you have chronic health issues. But just this morning I found out that we’re getting our insurance back. It is a Christmas miracle. Since 2015 is ending on a high note for me I want to help make sure it ends better for someone else too. Thank you for giving me a chance to make someone else’s Christmas brighter.

  168. Money is tight here this year, but I think we’ll be able to manage. My kiddo is almost 15 so a couple gift cards make him much happier than any of my homemade crafty items.

    So…because I don’t have money to share, but I want to do SOMETHING, I want to donate some craft items to some kiddos who will get a smile from them. I can help 2 kiddos, so if you wanna email me becominneurotic@gmail and list the subject Jenny Said So, I’ll answer you ASAP.

    **Hope this is okay Jenny. It was all I could figure out to be able to help. Happy holidays!

  169. For anyone else having problems adding the shipping address, you have to be on full site, not the mobile version.

  170. I am wishing for two families as they have no internet at home. First, list here: https://amzn.com/w/C0HORFYKWIR4

    My best friend and my brother’s kids.

    BF: A and S 15 and 11 Awesome kids, Mom works two jobs, Dad had a couple major surgeries and is disabled now. (Major neck surgery that caused some severe nerve damage)

    Bro- T, C, H 12, 10,3, Two boys and a 3 yr old autistic girl. Brother has custody of the kids from past relationship and has daughter with his new wife. Both work their butts off to keep the family going.

    These two boys are my heart and soul. What 12 and 10 year old would run over to their, fat disabled aunt, at school and give her a hug? Those two. With no qualms.

    They are all very hard working kids who do their best to deal with the lack of money. Thank you so much for any help you can give them.

    (Four DVDs on the way. ~ Jenny)

  171. I do not have children. I do have a niece who is wonderful and smart and so creative. I had hoped to be able to be in a better position financially this holiday season, but it has been a rough year for me, like so many others. Chronic health problems, a couple of weird surgeries, and the requisite car breakdowns have made this a banner year in my world. This blog is one of the few places I can go to feel normal. My anxiety and agoraphobia are not only not weird here, they are almost prerequisite conditions! If, after helping those who have kids of their own, someone would like to help me make my teen niece’s Christmas special, I would appreciate it so very much. http://www.amazon.ca/gp/registry/wishlist/253NUB3094DH3

    (I can’t order from Canada but if anyone is looking for a Canadian, see above. ~ Jenny)

  172. I have a list for my kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. Ages 16, 14, 11 and 8. This year had been going ok until my hours at work got cut in half. My husband is a disabled veteran (PTSD, TBI and a slew of injuries) who is unable to work so he stays home with the kids while I work at a grocery store and try to get freelance work as a photographer. He homeschools the kids because he’s awesome, but I can tell he’s really worried and trying to keep it together for my sake. My kids haven’t been expecting a big Christmas and we’ve tried to focus more on enjoying the season instead of all the presents, so they’re not expecting much. I can’t do any shopping for them myself until the 23rd when I get a paycheck and it’s basically been a rough month trying to plan. I would love to surprise them with just a few more things then they probably expect. If anyone is inclined to help, I’d be so so grateful. https://amzn.com/w/3BPGP2VEO0GXR

    (Sent you BattleShip Star Wars and a science kit. ~ Jenny)

  173. As the solo parent to an AMAZING child, I’ve struggled. I’ve tried to do it all on my own, but I’ve found that being willing to accept help is something that takes a lot of courage. I have accepted help. And it was hard to do, it was humiliating, but it heartwarming to know that good souls do care.
    This year I’ve been fortunate enough that my business ventures are skyrocketing, and the financials are not as rocky. I’d like to encourage those of you who do need help to ask for it, please.
    Some of us believe in paying it forward, so you’re really helping us out by letting us help you! 🙂 Do it for us! It’s all about us and our need to pay it forward and put some smiles on some faces!
    Now, let’s hit those wish lists…

  174. So I’d like to ask for help for a friend. Anthony is one of the kindest people I know, and he’s struggling with a still-undiagnosed illness that might be CIDP (a condition where your immune system is attacking your nervous system). Things got to a crisis point this autumn when he fell in his home and was trapped there for 3 days because he was too weak to get back up on his feet. He’s gone from being an amazing teacher and incredible mentor to being mostly homebound. 🙁 (More info can be found here:https://squirrelsinmyhead.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/daily-chance-to-do-good-help-out-one-of-the-kindest-people-i-know/)

    (Ant has, up until now, always been active and athletic.)

    It would take me a long time to tell you all of the reasons Ant is a remarkable person. His life has gotten really hard and more than a little scary…it would mean so much to see him get some help. If anyone is looking for a Random Act of Kindness to give, I’ve love it if you would consider looking at Ant’s list and helping him out. Thanks so much, y’all.


    (Sent towels. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  175. My wishlist for my kids is short, Stockings are complete, but the two things asked for this year are not, my daughter 8 is asking for a piano keyboard, she’s been dabbling during music class at school, and really wants to learn to play the piano. My 16 yr old son is asking for headphones for his computer/gaming needs so he can chat with his friends while they play.
    Thanks to everyone who is able to help out the many many people who need it this year. You guys rock! And to Jenny – you ROCK for setting this up!!!



    (Headphones on the way to you. ~ Jenny)

  176. I did this for the first time last year and it was wonderful. Even better than the generous gifts from strangers were the friendships I made. My life was incredibly enriched because of this post last year. Thank you for that, Jenny.

    I had hoped to be in a better place this year, and I am. It will be a few more months before I can stop buying off the discount shelf, but I will probably keep doing that anyway – I love bargains! 🙂

    I really wanted to be on the giving end this year, but I am posting to ask for help. Not for myself, but for my aunt. I also posted on her behalf last year. She and my uncle are raising two of my young cousins. Cheyenne is seven and Travis is eleven. Uncle James and Aunt Jean are very low income and everything they have goes to keep a roof over their head. Christmas is always rough. I help when I can but last year I couldn’t and this year I can’t. But last year YOU did – and I never told her who was responsible for the UPS truck pulling up with a stack of boxes. It was her Christmas miracle and, if possible, I would like for her to have another one this year.

    Thank you for being an angel, Jenny. And thank you for our tribe!

    Here is my aunt Jean’s wish list. I put several things on it for each child – options, not because I expect it all to be bought! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a wonderful future to all!


    (Barbie and a cystal mining kit on their way. ~ Jenny)

  177. This year has been a trying year medically for my family. I have a 4 year old with autism that doesnt feel pain so we have had a lot of hidden injuries including a fractured ankle and 2 skull fractures.
    We also have a 18 month old boy who was diagnosed with epilepsy and cerebellar hypoplasia. He also has some vision, balance and hearing problems. Between the therapy, hospital stays and drs visits for the two boys out time and money are slim. We also have another little human we help care for and she has been a huge blessing to our lives.

    My husband works very hard for our family and we get most of the bills taken care of but we have fallen a bit behind and we struggle daily for the simple things like clothes and food. My 4 year old has had a recent growth spurt and has out grown all of his school clothes. We also havent been able to do much of a christmas for the kids.

    There is a variety of stuff on the list and we definitely dont expect to get everything but its more to pick and chose. We appreciate any help.

    The therapy items would be amazing but again we arent in dire need at the moment.

    Thank you again for doing this! Merry Christmas

    Davis Family Christmas 

    (Can you add a shipping address to this list? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  178. Just found you Jenny! You appeared like a life preserver in the midst of my ocean. Left you a message on your Facebook page. Now I am kicking my a$$ into gear to go out and buy your book. I read a sample. You made me laugh! You made me want to cry in gratitude because I know YOU understand so well when everyone around me thinks I’m faking it. Thank you my darling one. You have a fan -books, blog, Facebook – for life.

  179. This is such a generous act during what is a very difficult time for so many people. My littles are 15, 11 and 1 this year. I’m a full time working, single mommy who tries her best to make ends meet and thankfully my kids understand that bills are more important than the “extras” in life which is great. Still, like most moms, I’d love to see their faces light up Christmas morning opening their presents. Maybe it will make the older ones believe in the magic of Santa for one more year! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this!

    (We didn’t Test This Game on it’s way to you. ~ Jenny)

  180. Leslie O’Donnell there will be a package arriving on Wednesday! Merry Christmas! Thank Jenny for organizing this again this year!

  181. Thank you for anyone who considers gifting my daughter and her children, this has been a hard time for all of us and a pretty scary situation to be in.

  182. My husband and I have four young children. Every year is difficult but we always find a way. We gladly go without because in our minds the joy of Christmas is for Children. Nothing makes me happier than watching their faces when Santa somehow magically got them just what they wanted. We have survived years that seemed so much worse than this one. A few years ago we nearly lost our youngest son (age 6) to a growth issue that still hasn’t been completely resolved. He is doing better and I am thankful everyday that he is growing and able to go to school everyday. However, this year he has major behavioral issues. He has violent tendencies, sensory processing issues, and we are working towards a adhd diagnosis. Through it all he has managed to stay pretty positive and make a few friends. He is slowly learning to read and count past 10. My youngest daughter (age 3) has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. I have lost track of the family events we have missed due to seizures and not all (most actually) family members are very understanding. She is the happiest child I know despite everything. She is the main reason that I get up everyday. My older two are what most would consider normal kids. They have the biggest hearts and want nothing more than to make everyone they know happy. My oldest daughter (age 9) is smart (pulling all A’s) and very artistic. She loves dance, gymnastics, and anything to do with drawing and crafts. My oldest son is very smart (sometimes too smart) and extremely funny. They have nothing medically wrong with them unlike their younger siblings however, I can see where having two special needs siblings is taking its toll. They believe a little less that things will be ok. The best present I will get this year is seeing them as happy and healthy as possible. Christmas is usually my bright spot of the year. My husband is a very hard worker and December always brings a bonus check to make up for the long hours and time away from family. Despite the fact that he has been told all year that losing our insurance would be made up in his bonus, pay cut would be made up in his bonus, unpaid hours would be made up in bonus, he was just informed that there will be no bonus this year. We opted to pay bills and buy food donor there isn’t anything left for Christmas. No insurance means I am dealing with my anxiety and depression without medication and as many of you know that is less than ideal. All I want is to be able to assure my children that Santa will not forget them this year. All that’s on my list is for them. I included two toys, a book, and some needed clothes and shoes for each of them. The hardest thing to do is ask for help and this is a huge blow to my pride. It makes me feel like a bit of a failure as I am supposed to be able to provide for them. I will put there ages and likes below so you can get an idea who you are buying for.

    Girl age 9: Loves her 18 in doll she would like a wheelchair for her doll since her sister uses a wheelchair to get around part of the time.
    Boy age 8: Wants a drum set or a remote helicopter. Thinks the minions is the best movie ever.
    Boy age 6: loves anything with a remote, Superman, and lego’s
    Girl age 3: loves anything Minnie Mouse
    Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2BO35QXZV49ZW/ref=cm_sw_r_ip_wl_o_2qUBwbQNP9SVS

    This is an amazing thing you are doing Jenny. I hope next year I can come back and buy for someone else.

  183. Jenny,
    Thank you. Thank you for doing this. I am a single mom to my son, Grayson. He is an amazing, busy, funny little boy. Last year, we left an abusive relationship, which was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. We also moved to another city, about 3 hours away, as I received a promotion with my job. This last year, we had dealt with a lot of custody issues and have been in and out of court. Thankfully, my attorney is letting me pay a little bit each month, as there is no way I can afford his fees, as I have a hard enough time paying my regular monthly bills.

    Earlier this year, my son was returned to me, from a visit with his “dad”, with a big, red hand print on his bottom. I spoke with my attorney about this and he felt it was best to speak with his “dad” about proper discipline so that it would not seem like I was going after him. This summer, Grayson came home with a HUGE, hand shaped bruise on his bottom. This time, I took him to the ER to make sure that nothing else was wrong. The doctors at the ER were required to get DSS involved. The courts were involved in this as well. Grayson’s “dad” and his new wife lied on the stand, saying that there was no bruise when they put him in the car. They also denied the bruise from earlier in the year too, even though his “dad” showed it to me in the parking lot at the exchange. The judge did decide that there had been abuse but, since DSS was involved, he ordered that the visits continue.

    I work 45+ hours a week and am on track to greatly improve my situation in the next year or so. I have already passed one of my exams and received a national certification in my field. We have come so far since leaving our abusive situation, and it kills me that Grayson still has to go through it. We do have a wish list that we put together to give Grayson a great Christmas. There are a few things there for Mommmy and for my furbabies, but Grayson is my priority.

    Thank you for thinking about us and thank you Jenny for your love and thoughtfulness (oh, and also for your sense of humor. I am convinced that we would be excellent buddies!)

    G. in NC

  184. I am asking here for my daughter Ariel’s Christmas. She is 7 has Asperger, ADHD, and a whole alphabet soup of other issues. I am here asking for books and art supplies for her. She is illiterate still so I read to her all the time. And art supplies because that is her outlet, drawing is her soother. It would mean so much to get some help with these items for her. Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=topnav_storetab_wl

  185. @Voss Guillotine & some warm sheets on their way. Merry Christmas.

    @Jenny: Thank you for organizing.
    @elbowglitter: that is a great quote from your grandfather. Will have to borrow that.

  186. Thanks for the reminder to donate to Project Night Night. A donation was the first thing on my daughter’s Christmas wish list, so I just donated in honor of my 2 kids. Happy holidays!

  187. I’m so glad you’re doing this. I’ve never been in the needing predicament before, but this year is different . I lost my job in October and we don’t even have a tree up. I’m lost. How do you explain to your daughters that they’ll have to be content with knowing we are safe and loved this year, as opposed to being scared to go to sleep like we were when we lived with their dad? Leaving was terrifying, but I never imagined not having a job, at least. Ever.

    My daughters are 18, 17 and 15. I’m not including much, just things they need (ok the watches are fancy but just clothes seems sad). If anyone would feel led to help I’d really be grateful. Next year I’ll contribute back. http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1A9YJ3EHBBFUU/ref=cm_wl_huc_view

  188. Leslie O’Donnell there will be a package coming on Wednesday! Merry Christmas!
    Jenny thanks for getting the tribe mobilized to do good!

  189. Mo Wood, (#28), I have a Fitbit Flex that I got last Christmas that I will happily give to your daughter. It’s not one of the cool fancy ones, but i have fun interchangeable wrist bands to give too. Not as nice as a new one, but it works fine. (I just got tired of the thing judging me when I didn’t get to 10k steps! 😀 ) If you’re interested, let me know. magandmoo@yahoo.com

  190. pinksesh–Pete the Cat is one of my daughter’s favorite characters, so Jack will be getting the Pete the Cat book from one fan to another. xoxo

  191. Sorry for the double post. (My original post was comment #151) The last link I posted was for a shopping list, so I changed it up and made it a wishlist instead. Here is my Mom’s story so no one has to go back through and find my original post.

    Last year my kids were blessed to receive gifts from some lovely folks. This year we’re struggling again, but rather than sharing my kids’ list, I’d like to ask for help for my Mom.

    She is experiencing early dementia due to deteriorated brain matter caused by pressure from a brain tumor. She has been in the hospital for 5 weeks waiting for placement in an adult foster home. I have finally found her the perfect one and she will be moving today or tomorrow, depending on the swiftness of her case manager. She is only 54, so the transition from living independently to living in an adult foster home has been hard on her.

    This list only has a few items on it, as she doesn’t have room for a whole lot. My wish for her is to have a few things to open on Christmas day that might bring her comfort and help her feel settled in her new home.

    Thank you Jenny and all you other wonderful folks who make this such a spirit-renewing event every year. My kids were thrilled with their gifts last year and I have met some AMAZEBALLS people because of last year’s miracle. You are all incredible and I wish each of you a happy holiday b/c I know adulting is really hard this time of year!

  192. I should’ve kept reading! @Missicat, I truly hope you’ve read some of the supportive comments sent your way, and that you read mine. We’ve all made mistakes, I’ve made some pretty epic ones myself! It gets better, then we have more darkness, and then it gets better again. It’s like a partly cloudy day when the wind pushes the clouds in front of the sun, but it also pushes them away from the sun. Enjoy the sun, it’s all the brighter because of the clouds.

  193. i was going to link you to my kids list but in reality i know a girl – an army widow – with two boys under 6. she found out shortly after her husband died that she has stage four cancer. She needs this more than me, she needs the tribe BAD guys. so im asking for her, she has no idea. If anyone is out there and wants to give this lady more ammo for her fight then please send her love and support https://www.facebook.com/MudgeStrong/ I dont have an amazon list for her kids but i have her gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/tp88x2j I know Christmas is for children but just so Jenny and EVERYONE here knows I posted a go fund me page last year on this site for retweets and hashtags and it got so much love my friend was brought to tears. Thanks to you guys he survived another year and is still very much alive, so basically you guys gifted me TIME with my loved one. you’re better than santa your god damn TIME LORDS YALL!! i love you guys so much! #mudgestrong #jamesgarfieldforsainthood

  194. This is a HUGE thing you’re doing here, Jenny. I hope you take lots of time out for you today.

    I gave up on Christmas and told my kids that we just can’t do it this year. It’s just me and my 14 year old daughter and my 1 year old grandson living at home now, and I’d love to get them something for under the tree but my food stamps got cut this month and I can’t afford presents AND food.

    Where we live it rains almost every single day, and my daughter desperately needs a waterproof jacket. There are other things on my list but if somebody could just buy her the jacket it would make her every day a little bit better.


  195. Dear Jenny – Thank you for all of the joy you continue to bring through this blog, your books, and the kindness you share! Things are a little tight, so at the moment I can’t donate, but if the opportunity arises before Christmas I sure will.
    This shout out goes to Mary (comment #16) – if you are anywhere near Nebraska you are sure welcome to hang out with us this Christmas! One of my best Christmases I spent alone, 1500 miles away from all family and friends – but I had my dogs and my horse, and it was actually a blessing. Hoping you will find the peace of the season no matter how you spend your day! And this is where I would insert happy holiday icons if I had any clue how to do it!

  196. With a heavy heart, I created wish lists for my three children. While the tree is up an decorated, I haven’t been able to place a single gift under the tree this year. In November, everything looked good. We even had children pick a name off a giving tree at the YMCA and purchased gifts anonymously for them. Now, a string of misfortune, auto accident and bills, leaves us with little to buy for our own children. Timing couldn’t be worse. If anyone could help, I would be forever grateful and would continue to pay it forward to others when we are able.

    Aidan, age 7 – https://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/3FQGHWV61B4VO/ref=cm_sw_em_r?
    Megan, age 8 – https://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/11870APM5BLX5/ref=cm_sw_em_r?
    Owen, age 11 – https://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/28UKZOVSWXUKP/ref=cm_sw_em_r?

  197. Thank you so much for doing this! 2015 has been the Year of Broken Things, and my husband has been out of work since August. It’s been an impossible year and I’m hoping this will give my kids something to look forward to. (Ok, and me, I left a cookbook on the list. :”>) I have 2 girls, 17 and 12, and 2 boys, 14 and 7. The youngest is autistic and has asked for a video camera and dinosaurs, so that’s what I found for him. The girls homeschool, but the boys go to school and both need coats. My younger daughter is a manga artist, the older wants to crochet. Thanks again, everyone, and especially Jenny. I hope I did this right… http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=cm_wl_upd_succ_mng

  198. I was fortunate enough to help last year and the previous, and hopefully next year too. This year things are tighter than usually. My husband is a disabled veteran and through a glitch in the system of sorts he has lost his income for 6 months!! Ugg! Our kids will not be going without but it will be a very small basic Christmas. They are 6, 10 and 11. They are great kids who deserve the moon but are happy with the dirt pile in the back yard!!


    In lou of making donations to charity this year we have all been volunteering at a local horse barn that serves individuals with cognitive, physical, and emotional issues.

  199. I am a single Mom – 3 sons – one who is a 26 year old with autism; one in college and one trying to find his way (while helping me with his brother). Two of the three could use coats and gloves; and pajamas, art supplies and a couple “toys” for the disabled man/child. Pulled ourselves out of a deep housing hole this year, and could seriously use some help with Christmas. Thank you, in advance. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=PHW0SLXN2MH7&type=wishlist

  200. Also? Jenny, you are made of awesome and win and all the cookies. I was just realizing how much you’re giving to people in these comments. Wow, Jenny. All the virtual hugs are yours for this internet moment. 🙂

    This year, I can’t give to Project Night Night (which is a shame because I friggin’ love this charity and give when I can), but I’m gonna be knitting up some hats and such as donations. (If anyone here needs such things? Email me. elionwyr @yahoo.com.)

    Also…Missicat/commenter #43? Hold on. I’ve been there. I’ve had the exit plan and the absolute sureness that it was the right thing to do. I was tired of trying, in a way that you can’t understand unless you’ve hit that wall. But it really does get better. You can’t see it right now – otherwise, you wouldn’t be where you are emotionally and mentally! – but I promise depression is a lying bastard and things really will get better. My email address is right up there. If you need someone to listen, my inbox is always open. <3

  201. I’ve donated to Project Night Night because it is a cause that is so close to my heart after watching my own children and thinking of what it would mean if they had no home and nothing to hug at night. I’m also donating to two families. I am in a very good place both financially and emotionally this year and I want to share. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

    I also just want to thank you, Jenny, so much for everything you do. It means so much to so many. This year, I introduced one of my students to your site and books at a time that she was really struggling emotionally and it made such a difference to her. My ability to talk to her about the struggles I had back when I was in college (and the struggles I still have) is a direct result of reading your site and your books. I wasn’t ashamed to talk about it. Opening up to her made me realize how important it is for us all to share and how much we can help each other. She told me how just knowing that I went through what she is going through and am successful made the difference. It changed my life hearing that. I did, in fact, make it through a craptastic time and have so much. And, now, I’m crying. Anyway, thank you. For everything.

  202. Sheryl Sisk (104) – A little bit of light for the end of the year is on its way (fairy lights)! I want to send the Jeffster shirt, too (also a big Chuck fan), but it can’t be shipped to a gift registry address 🙁 Is there any other way to get it to you? My mom lives in your town! email at tarynDOThansonATcoloradoDOTedu if you read this 🙂 Taryn

  203. @Trish Sams–

    Hey, I sent the robe and coloring book. I hope it helps. My mom’s in a bad way right now too, and my heart goes out to you and her.

    Stay strong!

  204. @SCA #157
    My boy loves Magic cards too. There’s a big pile of them on the way for your boys’ Christmas. I hope it makes them (and you!) smile. 🙂

  205. Molly, (#236) it’s not showing a wish list address to send to. I’ll check back to see if it’s been updated in a little bit.

  206. Hello Jenny and Hello to the Tribe ! I wish I didnt have to ask for help but due to a really crappy year of a multitude of health problems (OA, Firomyalgia depression, and 3 surgeries) and getting my first denial from disability, I am finding I need help, so I come to ask you all. This is the first year I have ever spent with my grandbabies and I am unable to give them anything. I have a walmart list but if I need to I can make a amazon one. Walmart is just so much cheaper.
    https://www.walmart.com/lists/view-wish-list-items?id=da60132f-784c-46df-b953-4c5d0c0c5508&adid=1500000000000039380010&veh=eml Thank you!

  207. this is such a lovely thing. i <3 you, Bloggess.
    for once, i find myself not in need, and i have no children.
    so what i ask for is a donation to the above charities, since i cannot afford it myself. just while someone is donating, add an extra for me! love and light to all and may everyone have what they need for the holidays (and beyond!)

  208. I really wanted to let you know what you have done but after creating a long post it disappeared before I could own it.
    I am struggling so hard now just to keep my nose above these waters of depression. Can I find the strength to write it again. Probably not.
    However you deserve to know the short version.
    I just read a sample of Furiously Happy and it lifted and buoyed me like a life preserver.
    This time of year sinks me with its short days and it enclaves my smoldering depression. Your writing made me laugh ( no small feat) and also had me tearing up in gratitude for meeting someone who not only gets what it is all about but has the art of being able to write about it. I am your newest adoring fan – blog, Facebook and your writing. Thank you, bless you for showing me how to laugh at the “dragon” within.

  209. @Laura (original comment 69–did you plan that? massive props) I speak French, too, so I had to pick up a book for your daughter who is learning! And of course a few other things for the kiddos. (I LOL’d at your comment re: the headphones and not having to listen to their crappy music!) All stuff should be delivered Wednesday/Thursday so keep an eye out and don’t let the kids get the mail first. James Garfield wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

    I saw a video on Facebook of your youngest son giving away his piggy bank money to the mosque that was vandalized. Such a loving heart! Good job, momma!

  210. I have only recently find your blog and can’t wait to read your books.
    Today i found this post, and it really moved me.

    I don’t like the holidays at the best of times, but since my partner of 12 years died on august 5 this year I really wish I could skip them all together.
    Grieving on top of depression/anxiety is no fun, I can tell you.
    And my person to laugh-about-all-this-shit with is gone now, it’s horrible.

    Anyway, i wish I could afford to donate or send gifts, but unfortunately i can’t, can barely afford to buy food for myself.
    But just coming to this page and reading all this lifted my heart and spirit just a little bit and I want to thank you for that.

    I wish all of you the best holidays possible and to find connection in whatever way possible may just be the best gift.

    xx Tamar

  211. I’m hoping my post doesn’t get lost in this incredible outpouring of support..

    Last year I was blessed to be able to participate in the giving of gifts to random strangers through this very blog. This year I find myself needing to ask for help.

    I just recently lost my job – completely unexpected and at the worst possible time. Fortunately my husband’s wages will pay for the bills but not much else. I had been making out a Christmas list months ago for my kids and then when this happened, I abandoned it. I could really use help this year, anything would be greatly appreciated. If not gifts, we could REALLY use help with some food and household items.

    Gifts List: http://amzn.com/w/3HF45UT2LUPBX
    Food List: http://amzn.com/w/2WDUFVX5FY49U

    (A book, oatmeal, pokemon decorations on the way. ~ Jenny)

  212. Are we able to post things other than Amazon? My mom has a friend who is in the process of adopting her grandkids. These kids have had a rough time the past few years. And my mom’s friend, Melanie, is an absolute angel. The kind of person who would give you the shirt off her back if you didn’t have one. She currently has guardianship of the 4 grandkids but is working toward adoption. Her daughter and friend set up a GoFundMe account here: https://www.gofundme.com/adoptionformelanie

    Melanie and the children don’t have a lot, but she does her freaking best to make things the best she can for them. She is ALWAYS smiling, no matter what. She just had double knee surgery this summer and never ONCE complained. She’s seriously the most amazing woman ever,

    Jenny- If not allowed, please delete. I was thinking that if the GoFundMe thing didn’t work for people, I could maybe secretly ask her daughter about what they want/need and set up an Amazon wish list for the kids?

    This whole thing you’re doing… The generosity of random strangers… The people willing to say “I need help!” and the people who say “I’M SO EXCITED TO HELP!”… Wow, you guys. Wow. Brings me to tears.

    THIS. This is what’s Christmas is all about.

  213. I’ve tried to shop for several people on this list but no one seems to have a shipping address! Kris, I’d love to get some art supplies for your sweet boy, please add an address!

  214. I love this community and am so grateful for it! I come here frequently for up lifting words and thoughts.

    My husband was laid off early this year and it had been hard, really hard. The hardest part is asking for help, even though it’s the best thing for my family. It seems as though once one thing happens, getting out of the bad spiral is so difficult.
    I have one sweet, tender hearted little boy. He is almost 4. He loves it when I read to him and he loves trucks. We read your books, Jenny, but only the funny parts (he is a little young for the darker parts!). When we find Rory’s name on a page, he makes a raccoon face and hold his hands out for a good tickle! Thank you for the best gift of little boy giggles!!


    (Link isn’t working so either there’s a problem or all of your wishes have been granted. ~ Jenny)

  215. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you so much for doing this! I’m not sure how to add a link but three of my kids I did list. My fifteen year old told me not to worry about her (she has such a big heart)! Brooklyn, 9; Braeden, 4; Deklan, (almost) 2. All of my children are wonderful souls and deserve a Christmas. I am going to school full time and working part time. My husband is trying to work full time (for little pay), but has some mental illness issues that sometimes prevent him from working; and therefore gets fired. Four times this year, so needless to say we’re behind in bills and don’t have much money for Christmas. He is seeking professional help and is a wonderful father, but these things take time, unfortunately. Thank you to anyone willing to help! Next year I plan on returning the favor, Thanks again!! Jackie Ayres

    (Just copy the link of the wish list and post it in your comment. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  216. For Morgan H. what made my parents smile when they were in care were looking through family photo albums full of pictures of better times with family and friends. Even if you aren’t there with them, their care-givers can help flip the pages. And I can’t tell you how much they enjoyed showing off their family to others. I hope this helps you even a little bit! Big hugs to you and your loved ones!!!

  217. This is the sweetest thing. 🙂 I don’t know if anyone will want to give us a hand, and it’s really okay if not. My son is 16 and he’s pretty selfless. He’s honestly all right with not getting anything, but that always just makes me want to do more for him. This year has been tough, from my girlfriend’s dad having cancer to a sudden and awful loss in my own family just a couple of weeks ago. We are still floating, but not enough for much of a Christmas. I’m blind, and not able to find work in this little, rural Minnesota town we currently have to live in, so until things change again or I can find something online again floating is the best we can do.

    I put a few things on a list for my son, but really, if someone got just one of them I would be so incredibly grateful. He’s a great kid and I’m glad we have each other. Please prioritize the little kids here though, I feel like it’s what my boy would want if he knew I was doing this at all.

    (Sent a book. Terry Pratchett. Excellent choice! ~ Jenny)

  218. Anonymous #178, a Frozen doll gift set is coming for Aurelia, given in memory of my darling niece. Hope she enjoys it!

  219. What a kind thing to do. We are usually the ones helping, but this year is a little different, because we adopted our granddaughter, and adoption is expensive. Thanks to a loan modification and a raise for the hubby, we’re able to keep the house and keep the lights and water on. Being able to give Stella a nice Christmas would just make this whole year even better. Her wish list is here.

    (Cooking set on it’s way. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  220. Are we able to post things other than Amazon? My mom has a friend who is in the process of adopting her grandkids. These kids have had a rough time the past few years. And my mom’s friend, Melanie, is an absolute angel. The kind of person who would give you the shirt off her back if you didn’t have one. She currently has guardianship of the 4 grandkids but is working toward adoption. Her daughter and friend set up a GoFundMe account here: https://www.gofundme.com/adoptionformelanie

    Melanie and the children don’t have a lot, but she does her freaking best to make things the best she can for them. She is ALWAYS smiling, no matter what. She just had double knee surgery this summer and never ONCE complained. She’s seriously the most amazing woman ever,

    Jenny- If not allowed, please delete. I was thinking that if the GoFundMe thing didn’t work for people, I could maybe secretly ask her daughter about what they want/need and set up an Amazon wish list for the kids?

    This whole thing you’re doing… The generosity of random strangers… The people willing to say “I need help!” and the people who say “I’M SO EXCITED TO HELP!”… Wow, you guys. Wow. Brings me to tears.

    THIS. This is what’s Christmas is all about.

  221. Jenny, thank you for everything that you do. I grew up outside of Amarillo, TX, and so your first book had me laughing so hard with recognition that I almost hurt myself. I cannot thank you enough for being so open about your struggles. I have always been a positive and chipper person, and have never struggled with any depression or other problems. The best I could be for those with mental health problems was sympathetic. But I have had a very hard pregnancy with our much wanted second child, and I was diagnosed with pre-natal depression last week. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t get worse after baby is born. But because of your blog and your books as soon as my husband said he thought I was getting depressed I actually felt lighter. Once I had a name for it, and it wasn’t just me being a crappy mother, I could understand it. And so I was able to seek help right away, and I know what to do if things get worse when baby in born in March. Your insights showed me that having depression was not the end of the world, and it is something that can be handled. Thank you.

    I am reminded every day how fortunate my family is. I have never given with your community before, but this year it seemed like the right thing to do. I hope that my gift to help a teenage girl will help both her and me see some beauty in depression.

  222. I Forgot to include the kids ages, her son is 2 and her daughter is 5.

    I would like to nominate my daughter for this she has two wonderful children and really needs some help, she recently went through a very rough situation of leaving her fiancé who was becoming more and more abusive. Over the last year he has developed a drinking and drug problem, none of us including his mother have been able to get him to seek help, he used to be so sweet and kind but started becoming meaner and meaner as the months went on. Slowly he started smacking my daughter she stayed because she thought she could still help him kick the habit.

    Last month she got off work early and found him sleeping around on her, they got into a fight over it and he started beating her then tried to strangle her saying it was his right as a man to do as he pleased. She knew she had to leave so she grabbed what little she could and left, I myself do not have a lot of money I care for my teenage son and my elderly grandmother who is ill, thankfully myself, two family members and what my daughter had in her savings got her a small apartment the only problem now is the kids aren’t going to have Christmas because none of us can afford it, her and the kids need clothing and food, and her car is falling apart on her. Her world started falling down around her and I hate seeing my daughter and grandbabies like that. She needs new shoes, hers are leaving sores on her feet and she needs shirts for work, the kids can use clothing in general. They had to start over from nothing.

    Any help would be appreciate, I put together a walmart and amazon wishlist for them with things they need and can use. Both kids have Birthdays coming up so I put parties supplies on the lists as well. Any walmart or amazon gift cards donated will go toward clothing/food for the three of them. I would Love to surprise them with decorating their house and helping with some of the things they need.

    If anyone wants proof of her situation I have a number of photos from her attack that we took for court (custody/restraining order). You can email me at Grandmakisses3 AT yahoo DOT com if you want proof before helping.



    I made a wishlist for my son as well, all of my extra funds went towards putting a roof over my daughter and grandkids heads:


    Thank you

  223. I truly can barely read these comments at work because they keep making me cry. Thank you, Jenny, for building a safe harbor here for so many who need it. Thank you, wonderful brigade, for being so wonderful. I’m going to go through the wish lists later today — from somewhere where it won’t matter if I’m bawling!! — and send some Christmas cheer. I don’t have much but I don’t need much. I appreciate all of you so much.

  224. I soooo wish I was holding a winning lottery ticket so that I could purchase every Christmas list that’s out here!

    Kris (comment #86, who requested board games) – can you add your address to your wish list? I would love to send you some of the games you have listed, but I don’t have the option to send them to you!

  225. I am so so happy to be able to participate again this year. Christina, Jill, Judy, Bonny and Beth – You all have a little something on the way for the special little snowflakes in your life. As the mama of an amazing little nugget myself, I selected your lists to honor all the hard work you do as mothers (and god mothers) of kids with Autism. So from Marci, Owen, Jackson and Willa in Colorado, enjoy your gifts and hug your kiddos for us!

    GREATFUL MOMMA (The Davis Family) I tried to send you something but I don’t think you have an address on your wishlist.

  226. Last year you wonderful/crazy ppl helped my family. My 3 kids got many wonderful things for Christmas last year and it was all because of you! Thank you thank you thank you! This year I shopped only second hand through out the last 6 month so Christmas wasn’t such a hardship and my 3 kids would get some things they need and some that the wanted. I wanted to make sure I could give back this year, it’s not much, but I’m glad I can. Mo Wood (comment 28) an Amazon gift card is coming your way. Merry Christmas!

  227. Now posting as my alter-ego to tell you about my own Christmas miracle last year. When I met this wonderful tribe, I had a huge cat overpopulation in my house, and although an out-of-state rescue had agreed to help, it was going to be a long slow process. I was sinking, very badly. When I found the courage to explain my problem, I was surrounded by an incredible amount love and support. And cat food! OMG, the cat food!

    The wonderful people I met on this blog have spent the past year making sure my cats were taken care of. They sent food, they helped with vet bills, they donated to the rescue who is rehoming them. And so many other things. And then on Thanksgiving weekend, a wonderful friend I had never met drove over 2300 miles to get me and the last group of cats to the rescue.

    These are the kind of people you attract, Jenny. People with hearts the size of a universe who give whatever they have to help someone in need. They saved my cats. You saved my cats. Thank you. Thank you all!

  228. I picked two random amazon lists and bought a little something for each kid… I wish I could do more, but am happy that at least this year I was able to do something!

  229. Hi! My name is Amanda and I have 3 kids. Abraham, 17, Aaron, 13, and stepdaughter Mia, 10. We were very blessed to receive some help last year and I was really hoping we’d be in a much better position this year, and able to be on the giving end, but alas, we’re just not quite there yet. :-(( I’ve made a list for them if anyone is willing or able to help. :-(( I’ve made a list for them if anyone is willing or able to help. http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/155TJKW7GLXFS Thank you so much, it’s appreciated more than you’ll ever know. ❤️❤️

    Thank you, Jenny, for coordinating this Christmas miracle yet again. We’re all so grateful. ❤️❤️

  230. Jennifer Mercurio, one of my daughter’s best friends has sensory processing disorder, so we know all about that. 🙂

    You have one toy for each of the kids coming your way (Jake and the Neverland Pirates towel/hood, a Balanstix game and the Milles Bornes card game) and it should all get to you by Dec. 17th.

    I wish I could have done more, but money is tight here too. 🙂

  231. This is a wonder and amazing place. I can already see so much being given out. This has me so awe struck. And beyond words.
    Hi my name is amanda. I actually have several lists. My husband works. But I am a stay at home mom. Had some health issues. If at all possible I would love to receive some help MERRY CHRISTMAS.. I am asking for help with gifts and necessities. For my mom dad son daughter and myself.

    Household :: http://amzn.com/w/2BPZ68NDAM7Q8
    My son :: http://amzn.com/w/CSE3194EJ2CG
    My daughter. http://amzn.com/w/18A9JDSC7O0XA
    My hubby. http://amzn.com/w/X5UIU8OWFIOI
    Make up daughter and me. http://amzn.com/w/17LRLG5FQCE6
    My brother. http://amzn.com/w/36US7UBD4DYUI
    My dad. http://amzn.com/w/2186M650ICTQG
    My mom. http://amzn.com/w/31S7WOBJJ1XCS
    Myself. http://amzn.com/w/1R79SMSF8K7TV

    A little more about my family. I am the mother of two wonderful children. Had to have surgery on my wrist. Was not fun. http://imgur.com/SLXl8NR
    I had an abnormal ekg sound many heart doc trips later stress tests. Ecogram. Found I have a thicken heart muscle that just has to work a lil harder is all. Thank god. Now I have to see a stomach specialist. To see why I have chest pains and a hell of lot of heartburn.. I suffer from depression a lot. But life is good as it can be.

    My mom had a stroke back in May. Scared the hell out of me. I thought I had lost her.. but many doc trips and therapy later. She can use her right arm again.

    My 7 year old son is amazing. He is a gift from God. Loves animals games. Being out doors. Just being a boy lol

    My 17 year old daughter(where the hell did time go?) Is looking into college. Straight A’s.. Being a good ball. My dad and brother have been my rock while we took care of mom. Sorry to bore u lol. Just wanted to tell u some about my family.

  232. Okay, I dont think my last post went threw cause I forgot some details I think. I am asking for gifts for my daughter Ariel. She is 7 with Asperger’s, ADHD, and a whole alphabet soup of other disorders. She is still unable to read so I read to her constantly. I am asking for some books for her as well as craft supplies as art is her outlet for her anxiety. Thank you in advance for reading and Happy Holidays.

  233. Molly (#237) – The coat is on its way for your daughter. I live where the weather is crappy, too, so I’m hoping this provides a warm and dry hug for all of you.

  234. Kristian Bland, I loved your video! Thanks for sharing that!
    Molly, I had a third party item on your list and that’s why it wasn’t showing an address. Once I took that off, it worked. Jacket and a little something for the littlest one on the way.

  235. Thank you for this Jenny! My son AJ is a special little boy going through a very difficult time, as are we as a family. I would be so grateful to anyone who might be able to assist us in helping him have a Christmas. He needs sneakers (he is 12 and wears a men’s size 8), and is extremely fascinated with engineering. He is working at school to learn how to build computers. We are trying, as a family, to buy him a few components at a time so that he can build himself a computer, which is something he currently does not have. His father knows how to build computers, too. I’ve been very worried about him staying after school and having to walk home from his Homework Club, Leo’s Club (a joint effort with the Lion’s Club of America) so his having an inexpensive cell-phone (that we can use on Boost Mobile) would be so incredibly reassuring to me. I hesitate to mention this, but AJ identifies as gay, and has had great difficulties in school with bullying, and you hear so many scary things. I’d just really like him to be able to call me, or me him, if there is a need. Thank you so much, even just for reading this, and please know that we would be forever grateful. AJ’s list is at https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=1SMPDZ8M2419M&type=giftlist

  236. Brilliant! I’ve been talking with my kids about what they want to do for their “heart gift ” this year– since they were small, they have given a donation to one cause or another as part of our holiday tradition. They always get to pick. I now have 2 new suggestions, and I know where mine is going too. It’s a miracle, James Garfield!

  237. Morgan H. (174) My grandfather passed of Alzheimer’s 2 years ago. One of the things that lit him up was pictures. He had piles of photos labelled with who we were and would flip through them and practice like flash cards. So a photobook as suggested above might be a great idea.
    Once he got really far along I’d make him a photo calendar every year (Shutterstock and SnapFish are great) Each month would be a big picture and on birthdays I’d have a picture of the person. His care givers helped him look at it and helped him cross off the days.

    Another idea might be one of those record-able story books so she could hear your familiar voice even when you can’t be physically there.

  238. #243 katia64, a Bob Ross master paint set is on it way, by Dec 23 (turns out I’ve always wanted to say that and never even knew it.)

  239. I’ve had a very rough year – my husband decided he wanted a divorce, my mother’s disability still hasn’t yet been approved, and I just went from being a SAHM for the last 8yrs to working again, but right now it’s the slow season, so income isn’t what it could be. My husband and I are recently started working towards reconciling, but his hours were reduced from 45hrs a week to less than 5 due to an illness that has randomly left him hospitalized and because he’s not yet able to get medical assistance he’s not able to yet have the surgery needed. So, two adults unable to really work and three children, age 2, 8, & 13 to care for on a meager income right now… Any little bit of assistance is greatly appreciated. https://amzn.com/w/5HK21QZOSCQ9

  240. It would be wonderful if anyone wanted to give a gift to my children. I haven’t done any shopping yet as I hope there is some available funds from the last paycheck before Christmas. If there is though, I need to use it to purchase some warmer clothing, and I know it’s nice to get clothes under the tree, they truly wish for toys and fun.

    Boy – age 10 loves building and logic games
    Girl – age 8 loves monsters, ponies, art and perhaps Narwhalicorns?
    Girl – age 6 loves Shopkins and Littlest Pet Shop
    Boy- almost 2 loves Mickey Mouse and stacking things to tumble

    Jenny, I tried posting a couple of hours ago but don’t know if it went through because my computer’s acting peculiar. If I’ve just been impatient, please forgive and ignore. So love your books and blog and presence, introduced my niece to them and it has helped me to bond with her through her diagnoses. I hope she always feels I am someone that can be depended on to talk to and lean on.

  241. Jsucevic #134 – I sent your son the trombone case. Tell him to keep his chin up. I am sorry he’s getting bullied at school, but he has some friends in Colorado! Happy Holidays!

  242. Thank you to the people sending their well wishes for my daughter and my grandbabies, you are going to make me cry even just some words of kindness go a long way. It was a hard experience on her and the kids and she hasn’t really had anyone aside from me to talk with it about and get her worries and such out.

  243. I am Jackie, I’m a long time reader of your blog and was able to help out last year. Things have turned on for us this year and we are in need of help. My world as I knew it ended back in Feb. My husband confessed that he had been cheating on me for years and then walked out the door. He cleaned out our bank accounts and pretty much left us with nothing. I went from married for 20 years with a stable life and happy kids, to a newly single, in the process of divorcing mother of 3 not so happy these days kids. I am doing my best for them but we have had to virtually start all over. We had to move from the house they grew up in to a small apartment where they have to share bedrooms. They had to change schools and have had their lives completely uprooted. I was a stay at home mom when we were married and now I am working one job during the week and a side job weekends so they are adjusting to that too. I have really struggled this year to even pay the bills and put food on the table and could use some help give them a Christmas. I have never had to ask for help before and am a little embarrassed but I know that you guys are my TRIBE and so I have a lot less shame.

    My oldest has been such a huge help to me, she watches the younger 2 while I work and helps out around the house all the time. When she has free time, she usually spends it watching TV or online.
    She is 17 and her wishlist is here: http://amzn.com/w/2AXYECYWH4YKU

    My middle child is such a delight. She is a sweet caring girl who is at a very awkward age. She is pure sunshine who lights up the life of whoever meets her. She is an honor roll student and she collects monster high dolls and loves animals.
    She is 12 and her wishlist is here: http://amzn.com/w/3BXJOIDYEXMLN

    Last but not least is my tiniest little one. She is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. Blonde hair and blue eyed angel. She is a bundle of energy and she is obsessed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
    She is 3 and her wishlist is here: http://amzn.com/w/2PXIOPFPWGO8R

    Thank you Jenny for doing this, thanks for being there for me to laugh and smile and cry with. Thank you to anyone who helps out my family! Merry Christmas!

    (A small surprise for each of your kids is on its way. ~ Jenny)

  244. #28, Mo Wood — one of the items on your daughter’s wish list was a Class of 2018 sweatshirt, and she left a little note beside it that said “Because I’m awesome.” Amazon wouldn’t let me add a gift note to the purchase, but I couldn’t turn that note down because she IS awesome and so are you. I was in her shoes 8 years ago, and I know from experience that it’s going to be a rough Christmas no matter how many miracle gifts turn up, but I’m sending so, so many good thoughts your way. Merry Christmas!

  245. Thank you Jenny for this little bit of hope in a very dark room. I had no way to prepare for this or even know I would have no work,therfore no pay for this holiday season. I feel absolutely worthless and with all the comments from people asker needing help, I rather doubt it’ll help. But every little light is worth grasping for right? My kids are older and understand but I feel so low that I can’t provide for them right now.

    (You don’t have a shipping address assigned to the wish list. Can you change? ~Jenny)

  246. Hi there. My name is Jessica, and I am writing on behalf of my beautiful nephews. Their mom is awesome, but is having an extremely hard year. She is a single mom and taking care of her two boys on a waitress’s income. She had to be hospitalized for kidney problems this summer, and was not able to keep up with rent, so they had to move into my parent’s goest room. She is so deep down in depression right now because she is working so hard, but can’t seem to dig out of the hole she is in. She is lonely and defeated and needs to believe in good again. Her sweet boys are 5 & 6 years old. Right now, she is struggling not only to provide Christmas presents, but also just the basics, like clothes. We are trying to help as much as possible, but I myself am currently job searching. If you would like to help, I know it would be wonderful for the boys, and it would help my sister believe that things won’t always be so terrible. Here is the list I made for the boys http://smile.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1QYI55QDPFPZX/ref=cm_wl_list_o_7? The boys are the same size (boys, 7) and they like to dress alike, so I asked for two of most of the clothes. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for choosing to give to children you’ve never even met. Just the thought of it has me crying my eyes out.

    (Two sets of TMNT pajamas and a football flying your way. ~ Jenny)

  247. #240, Shawn, Mom to 3, a gift to each kid is on the way by Dec 17.


  248. My name is Jesi, myself and my family have seen our share of hard times. This year my husband lost his job for three week prior to this holiday season. We spent what we would have on our children for bills and our youngest son’s medical bills.Anything you can do to help would be very lovingly appreciated. 🙂
    Kaid: http://amzn.com/w/2BZUAEBV6PAWE
    Sarah: http://amzn.com/w/3K7WHPHNC5NGH
    Tyler: http://amzn.com/w/2L1KSH2BK9J7Y

    (Legos, a doll and a helicopter on the way! ~ Jenny)

  249. Last year I was too late for this. Or maybe I was confused, but I think everyone’s wishes were filled by the time I got on to it. But this year I’ll fill a wish or two and send that incredible bag to the kiddos. Because of the love and strength your community shows, Jenny, so many people will have a beautiful holiday. XO

  250. #233 Trish Sams, mom can expect a warm blanket by Dec 23 (reminds me of the fleece blanket I got for my Grandma years ago.)

  251. Won’t let me reply inline to someone directly, but Mo Wood, keep an eye out for boxes! What you’ve been through is so rough, but you keep sticking to your guns for you and your daughter. Us “non-theists” have to stick together. Have a wonderful year and may the magic and joy of the holidays fill your hearts.

  252. #227 Bethany, you need to add a shipping address to the list and allow Amazon to share it with third party merchants!

  253. I have a very hard time asking, but I could really use some help this year. My husband was recently let go from his job due to serious medical issues, and I am 100% disabled so I’m not much use for bringing in income. My 9yo step-son is very much looking forward to Christmas, and we are trying to get into the spirit as well, but it has been difficult. This is always a hard time of year for me because of my PTSD, but the strains of the last few months are making this year particularly overwhelming. So we are trying to make it as special as possible and push away the bad. 🙂

    Anyway, we also have two dogs, a Siberian Husky and a German Shorthaired Pointer named Mandi. Mandi is my service dog, and has also developed medical issues that are forcing her into an early retirement. I have been fundraising since we got the news, and recently was able to get a puppy to begin training to take over her lifesaving work. He will be coming home just after Christmas and my birthday. Any help we can get with getting him some of the things he needs is also greatly appreciated. <3

    Thank you everyone for being as awesome as you are!


    (Toy airplane flying to you now. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  254. #224 Anonymous, you posted the wrong wish list link. Use the one that pops up under when you click on Share. (You posted one that takesthe viewer to their own wish lists.)

  255. What a lovely idea!! I wish I had known about it in previous years so that I could give; once we are back on our feet (hopefully next year!) we will certainly come here to pay this forward. I come to you this year as someone who is in need. My husband and I have one child, he is 8. He is special needs so developmentally he is about 5ish. He’s a sweetheart of a little boy with a high spirit. He’s on the autism spectrum, very hard of hearing, has sensory processing disorder, a few other possibilities they’re working out and was very recently diagnosed with epilepsy. We are still reeling from that one. :-/ He’s also incredibly adorable. 😉

    Right after Christmas last year, my husband lost his job. Unable to find gainful employment, he enrolled full time in college and works part time. I am also a college student. We figured we didn’t ever want to be in this position again so we were going to go all out and ensure that it doesn’t. We mainly live on student loans, plus part time work. My husband does work study to help offset some of the student loans and they are WONDERFUL about the work he’s had to miss due to the epilepsy diagnosis (our son just had to do a 48 hour EEG last week) but the bad part is he doesn’t get paid if he misses. We are barely making it just paying bills, buying gas and groceries and what we had put aside for our Christmas budget has gotten eaten up by increased bills and missed work for our son.

    My husband and I don’t need Christmas gifts but our son is Mr. Christmas this year! He is ENAMORED by all the lights and merriness and is BEYOND excited! He turns the Christmas tree on immediately after he gets up; he’s a little character. 😉 We don’t want him to not have a good Christmas because of our money problems. He’s so happy and excited, we just want that to carry through for him. He makes us happy and he lifts the doom and gloom. I’ve never asked for gifts or anything for our son; we’ve always been able to provide until this year. And my pride has been getting in the way of asking but that’s not fair to a little boy whose had a rough go of it and deserves the happiness that Christmas morning brings to children.

    I included things on the list that he likes and is into, as well as educational items that would help him, therapy items, and things he needs (like jeans; meds made him gain some weight). Anything is appreciated. 🙂

    I thank you, in advance, should anyone decide to pick something off the list I’ve created (I didn’t know how many things or at what costs to choose! lol). Bless you for ANY person that you help – we truly can make a difference for others.

    (Toy truck and drill on its way! ~ Jenny)

  256. Please help. I’m a single mom with two kids. I have a daughter name hailed who is 3 years old who loves to read and learn. I also have a daughter who is 4 months name Abby. I just lost my job and don’t have anything for my kids for Christmas. I really diapers and wipes. I also need some warm baby clothes. Any other items would be greatly appreciated. http://amzn.com/w/LSLDI47I2CG3

    (Diapers, wipes and a toy on your way. ~ Jenny)

  257. Jenny, I got your note about my list and thought something might be faulty. There was nothing there, so I added a few things to see if I could get it to add and they did, but then…but THEN! I realized I was looking at the “unpurchased” drop down menu. I switched it to “purchased” and, you guys, someone got all those gift for my kids! Why didn’t I laminate my notes for finals! All these flipping tears! Thank you to anyone who created this little miracle for my family. I will pay it forward in every way I am able to in the future! My heart is bursting!

  258. #306 I realized that a bit too late and added a new comment to reflect that later on down lol, thank you for noticing.

  259. I am #182.

    My Daugher and grandchildren haven’t been helped yet but I want to thank everyone who is offering kind words, prayers and offering assistance it means more to the people who need help than you realize and will truly make the holiday season magical. Jenny you are amazing for posting this for everyone.

    Kids wishlist:

    Clothing they need:

    I made a wishlist for my son as well, all of my extra funds went towards putting a roof over my daughter and grandkids heads:


    Thank you everyone.

    (Fingerpaints and a doll on their way. ~ Jenny)

  260. This will be our first Christmas that we are not either homeless or crashing with family, it has been a whirlwind getting here, and we spent the first few weeks living out of our car while trying to find a place we could afford, but we did it, we drained our meager saving to pay first month’s rent and deposits, but we finally moved into our very own apartment in mid-October, our first home of our own since we have had kids and I want so badly for it to be perfect. The parts I have control over will amazing, baking, decorating, singing, crafts, coco and snowball fights… I’ve got that down! What I don’t have is the ability to buy gifts for our two children, I am beyond thankful that we have gotten to a place where we can pay rent and bills all on our own, however after those are paid we have no money for extras, let alone Christmas presents.

    So, if you are still reading, I thank you, and let me introduce you to my two amazing children:

    Roswell-Elizabeth is almost three; she is an imaginative, silly, dramatic, creative, and active little girl. Rosie loves Frozen, dancing, art, and singing. She is extremely smart and curious, a severely picky eater (she is in the 3rd percent for weight and the 98th percent for height!), and a doting big sissy who loves to care for and boss her little brother around!
    Sherloch-James is almost two; he is a sweet, mellow, happy, smart and lively little boy. Loch loves music, Frozen, Minions, and food! Loch is a climber and a fearless boy who runs into a falls off of everything (he keeps me on his toes!). He loves when his sissy plays with him, and he tries so hard to follow her around…. And steal what she is playing with!

    Here is there wishlist, I have added a variety of things, to help give choices and options, not at all because I expect anything or to be greedy (just wanted to explain that 🙂 )

    That got long, thank you for taking the time to read this and getting to know my family. We are grateful for anything you can send our way, to help make our children’s first Christmas in our own home the wide-eyed, exciting, joyful experience it should be.

    Love and Light, from my family to yours,
    Sha, Zack and the littles, Rosie & Loch

    (A movie and a book headed your way! ~ Jenny)

  261. Thank you for this lovely post, My name is Tom and I have one daughter along with three step-kids. I need help getting gifts for my daughter and two of my step-kids.

    Two years ago I suffered a stroke at the age of thirty-three, it was unexpected and they aren’t 100% sure why it happened all they know is my heart hasn’t improved since the stroke. When I suffered the stroke I was going up a flight of stairs and ended up rolling down them during the stroke, I had a hole in my elbow a few cuts and a gash. My wounds healed, my memory became clear again as did my speech (I knew what words I wanted to say but they weren’t coming out correctly or I couldn’t remember a word I wanted to use). My heart didn’t recover it was left enlarged and with a low infraction rate. I’ve had three different operations, the first was to implant a pace maker but it wasn’t placed right so I had to go back into to be opened back up to move it. The third was to place a better pace maker and put it under the muscle instead of above the muscle, it was a more painful experience than the other two. I’ve been to the ER numerous times, I constantly have to visit the doctor and have been placed on the transplant waiting list. Things have really changed, I can’t go on long walks or do sports and related activities anymore because I get winded easily or my blood pressure drops so low I have to rest before I can get up again. I get depressed due to not being able to do anything and also from my medication, before my stroke I worked a lot and was always busy doing something now I feel like I’ve been knocked back down to the ground and have to learn how to re-live with all the restrictions I have to face. Once I receive a heart transplant if my name eventually makes it’s way up the list I hope it will help better how things are health wise.

    I’ve been trying to apply for disability but was denied, their reason being I am too young and ‘can still work’ my doctors say otherwise and I have recently been placed on the heart transplant list. I currently have a lawyer working on the case who thinks we will win and that my case has been handled wrong, I don’t have to pay her unless we win the case at which point she will receive 15% of what ever back pay they give me. I currently live with my girlfriend of five years, her disabled mother, her teenage son & daughter, along with my daughter when it is my weekend/school break.

    The kids didn’t ask for much this year because they know things are tight, My daughter is 8 things on her wishlist, my step-son has 7 and my step-daughter has 11.

    Wishlists for the kids:




    We have a list of house/food needs as well:


    I am sorry if I reply slowly I use a cell phone to surf the web. If you have questions you can email Crazy4porsche @ yahoo.com

    (Two movies and a gecko light on the way! ~ Jenny)

  262. My cousin is in desperate need. She has three little ones: ages 4.5, 3, and 19 months. Her and her husband are going through some very rough financial issues currently and are unsure if they’ll be able to provide Christmas for their kids this year. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

  263. Christina from Palmdale, I sent you some Paper Pups. Should get there Wednesday!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  264. my kids benefited last year, and now I have the most amazing support group of women online. I don’t need help this year, but because of last year and the women I have met I have managed to start my own business and get to place where we don’t need help but we’re not quite set up to help anyone else yet. Maybe next year. All I really want for Christmas this year is for this gosh darn baby to get out of me.

  265. Jeannette (#294) Keep an eye out for an Amazon package in a couple days. Merry Christmas to you all!

  266. #295 Jeremy Impson. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My autistic son loves Bob Ross, and will be thrilled. It’s one thing he does that makes me feel very good about himself. You’re an angel!

  267. @Missicat – Please, please, please call a suicide hotline for help. They can set you up with real help. Depression lies and you are completely worth every heartbeat and breath you take. I hope you change your mind and wake up with us all on January 1st.

  268. I am throwing this out for anyone who might be interested.

    I live in Rochester, NY and earlier this year, I learned about a woman who goes into some of the most under-served areas of our city and feeds stray and feral cats. She does this at 4:30 in the morning EVERY DAY. And she has been doing this every day for 15+ years. She feeds close to 100 cats each day, rain or shine–and Rochester winters can be BRUTAL. Each week, she traps and neuters a few cats and tries to find homes for the kittens and the cats who are strays and and not feral. She has picked up cats with acid burns, tumors, ulcerated tongues. She has had the authorities called on her, had the shelters for the cats be destroyed and has been (thankfully, mildly) assaulted. The city should be doing something about the cat population, but like most cities, they are NOT.

    Most of the time, a large portion of the costs of food, veterinary care and spaying & neutering comes from her own pocket.

    I started a campaign to raise money to cover the cost of feeding these cats so that she can have a break. If you are at all inclined, please consider checking out Feed a Cat for Christmas, as well as the rest of her blog: http://thebean10.blogspot.com/p/feed-cat-for-christmas.html.

  269. I absolutely adore you for doing this. Well, I adore you anyway, but more now. As if that were possible.

    And I wanted to say to Mary who will be alone this year, if you are anywhere near Tacoma, Washington you are more than welcome to join my insane family for Christmas. If not, you will be in our thoughts for a peaceful holiday.

  270. Thanks for giving me a place to do a bit of good (especially for a fellow Whovian, we timey wimey people have to stick together). <3

  271. I can’t believe I’m asking, this is really embarrassing. I could use some help this year. I quit my job a year ago to take care of my parents (Dad was going through chemo and Mom has Alzheimer’s). I moved out of state for pretty much the entire year, flying home for a week every 6 weeks. I brought my 4 year old with me, and he had to deal with everything that was going on. When I came home for good at Thanksgiving after my dad passed, my husband told me he found someone else and was leaving. My savings are gone after not working, and I have to pay for care for my Mom. I don’t have any other family. I’m going to lose my house in the divorce. Things are really tight this year and my son hasn’t heard from his dad in almost a month.

    Anyway, my now 5 year old deserves to have a great Christmas. He’s a great kid, but when I put him into school back in my town in November he began getting bullied. He loves science and Legos and animals. We volunteer together at the Senior Center. He really wants to learn how to read and write better.

    Here is his list:
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2RGHWCXCLSUXZ