We’re those people.

We couldn’t get tickets for the new Star Wars movie tonight so instead we’ll be at the theater in the morning, with our daughter who we are taking out of school for the morning because we are bad parents and we consider this to be an educational field trip.  Hailey and Victor will probably be dressed as Leia and Boba Fett, while I’ll be dressed in a Star Fleet uniform because I like to see Victor’s head explode.*

No spoilers here, but I have to share these…

Star Wars:


The Empire Strikes Back:

Return of the Jedi:



*Kidding.  I don’t own a Star Fleet uniform.  But I for real might be dressed as Goose from Top Gun.  Depends on what’s clean.

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  1. You’re killin’ me, woman!

    Have a blast at the movie and I hope you have a great Christmas. Take a break and vegg for a while—you deserve it!

  2. A Star Feet uniform sounds a lot more interesting than Star Fleet. Thanks for a typo that improves all the hype a bit.

    (Now I want Star Feet and I don’t even know what they are. THANKS A LOT, ME. ~ Jenny)

  3. I’ve never seen any of the SW movies. Friends keep threatening/offering to set up a marathon viewing. I keep resisting.

  4. Thank you for being yourself, a gift, to me. OMG your awkwarding-together viral tweets were a godsend to my husband and I- published at the same time we lost a beloved family member. I’d come over here to your site for parts 2 and 3 so we could just laugh and not think about our grief.
    Thank you for everything you share, you’re like la mere, the mother to a lot of us, the lost (but not alone), the awkward (but alive) tribe.

  5. Strap Danishes to each side of your head, and then you’ve got both a Princess Leia costume and breakfast! You’re welcome.

  6. I’m with you – you gotta have priorities! My family all went tonight, and they are there now, despite the fact that both my sons have final exams tomorrow and my daughter has a science test! In our defense, they did study their butts off before the movie…
    I didn’t get to go because i had a concert to sing. Oh well. I’m sure someone will want to go tomorrow!

  7. You are awesome parents! And she deserves it for winning the spelling bee. She’s obviously smart enough to miss a few hours. 🙂 I was not quite two years old when the first one came out, and apparently my mother took me to see it at the drive-in theater. I obviously do not remember the experience itself, but I have loved Star Wars all of my life. I had a stuffed Chewbacca when I was 5. I cut all of his fur off…… (spell check says Chewbacca should be backache….stuffed backaches are not good gifts for children) I

  8. you’re the awesome parents. i’ve done similar when my girls were little. hubby & i get to see this monday morning, thanks to his work. they rented a theater for the employees + 1. He thought of taking one of the kids, but i said NO. they won’t appreciate it as much. =P

  9. I love that you could put that out there and no one would think twice about your owning a Star Fleet uniform, or that you would create just a spectacle just for Victor. Have fun!

  10. We take our son out of school to go to Emerald City Comicon every year. Every year we tell his teachers that we’re exploring the evolution of popular graphic arts, the psychology of group behavior and crowd dynamics, and the contrast of heros and antiheroes in contemporary literary dynamics. I don’t think they’re falling for it anymore.

  11. I’ll be glad to see the end of the widespread commercialism filth from ALL THE BRANDS that have been coasting on the taints of the Star Wars Franchise! But enjoy the film tomorrow! (**TOO HARSH?) xo

  12. Just a heads up, a lot of theaters are now banning costumes, especially if they’ve got face masks or painted faces. Might want to check your theater’s rules before heading out all dressed up in the morning.

    I hate that idiots have screwed up the fun for everyone else.

  13. We took our kids out of school to see Harry Potter. Of course we told them they were going to get their vaccinations. Everyone likes a good surprise….

  14. If Wisconsin parents can close the schools the first day of hunting season, then geeks everywhere should be able to pull their kids out of class to see Star Wars. At least nothing gets killed (especially if aimed at by a Stormtrooper!). — Your kids will thank you later. I think sitting in that theater in Avon Lake, Ohio, in 1976 was still one of the very best days of my 12 year old life!

  15. We’re more of a Tolkien/Potter family but I admire family commitment to fandom and the general badassery of this plan.

  16. I think the star fleet uniform is super slimming. A local radio program has a daily game called Don’t Blow It where three callers have to answer a pop culture trivia question and all three have to answer correctly to win. This morning:
    DJ: Name this woman who was the only female character in the original Star Wars trilogy.
    Caller 1: Ummmmm…
    Caller 2: Princess Leia
    Caller 3: I don’t know! (followed by dipshit giggling)
    Apparently there are people who live their lives under rocks.

  17. OMG my husband and I were just watching those bad lip reading videos about an hour ago. Laughed until I cried. They’re as good as the walking dead ones.

  18. I can’t wait to see this movie 😻 You guys are awesome parents and I hope you have a great time seeing the movie. I’m not sure when we’ll get a chance to go see it. I bet it’s going to be an great movie.

  19. My husband is out there right now, waiting to see the film this evening. I’m home. I should be binge-watching Star Trek and Doctor Who. I just don’t care At. All. about Star Wars.

  20. Mr.Spouse (who lives under a rock) called me from the road a bit ago. “Would you look up the traffic patterns? My GPS is telling me it’ll take 2 hours to go the next 2 miles! What’s going on? Major wreck??!?”

    I dutifully pulled up the traffic maps, studied them a moment.

    “You’re going to be late to work. It’s Star Wars Night! YAY!!!” He groaned, then noted that inside the cars around him, light saber battles were going on, and when he rolled down his window, he could hear multiple soundtracks of the films going.

    “THANKS A LOT, FANDOM!” he grumbled.

    I told him resistance is futile (a joke he didn’t get, of coruse) and that he should just call into work, as I’m pretty sure “trapped behind a Death Star” is a legit excuse.

  21. I thought that sounded like Jack Black. Funny!! I’ll have to show my ten year old. He’ll love these. We’re all watching the movies before we see the new one. Two to go!

  22. My boyfriend and I will not be attending the movie because I wanted to dress like Anakin and thought it’d be funny if he dressed like Padme which he did not think was funny and we had a huge “disagreement” about the whole thing. I told him I’d dress like Han Solo if he dressed like Chewie, but apparently me dressed as a boy is unacceptable to him because he doesn’t understand the rules of feminism or people in general.

  23. All I know is that my kids remembered that I pulled them out of school to go to the movies with their dad and myself. That is one of the best memories I hold on to. Life is hard now…memories will always live on. One of the best decisions I ever made.

  24. You are truly awesome! We’re driving 4 hrs just to see it on Imax. I may end up as yoda….my daughter has called dibs on my leia wig! I love my geeks

  25. Can’t think of Goose without thinking of that famous line: “Take me to bed or lose me forever.” Hopefully no one besides Victor or George Clooney says that to you tomorrow:). Enjoy the movie!

  26. She’ll likely remember the movie more than the math she wouldn’t learn even if she was in class. So it’s all good.

    Plus when she is older and becomes rebellious, you can use this as one example of why there is nothing whatsoever against which to rebel. Because you are not the evil empire. Which she’ll know all about instead of knowing about math. See? Circular logic.

  27. I would absolutely consider Star Wars an educational field trip and would happily pull my own kids if they weren’t homeschooled already lol.

    But I have a couple of Trek uniforms – I could make my husband’s head explode…considering the merits of said plan

  28. I’m waiting for the post tomorrow that says “really people, I only needed ONE star fleet uniform!!” 😉

  29. Bravo for taking her to see the new Star Wars! I understand it passes the Bechdel test and is much more relatable to girls than the first 39 episodes 😉 Hopefully you will post before we head out Friday night with a group of gownups (ugh). I plan to be my usual old, offbeat self and go as Carrie Fisher.

  30. Wouldn’t it be hysterically great if you saw a few other parents/kids and a teacher or two from your school there too!! An enterprising teacher could have pre-thought a school trip with curriculum tie-in. Such a missed opportunity!

  31. Star Wars can’t wait to see it have been looking forward to it for a while im thinking of going after midnight hopefully will get the place to myself.

  32. I’m a teacher and while normally I’d grumble about pulling kids for a movie, if your schedule is anything like ours, its the last day before Christmas break, nothing academic will get done (grades are closed, kids are hyper) and star wars sounds a lot more fun to me than a class party!

  33. my best friend was lucky enough to score tix for thurs at 7pm and I was actually worried about having an anxiety attack but thankfully the theather was overwhelmed (don’t ask my why, its freakin’ star wars!) and we had a great time. That being said, be prepared for an emotional roller coaster, it was an amazing film

  34. I hope Wil Wheaton reads the comments because he was EPICALLY BRILLIANT last night on BBT!!! Between him and Bob Newhart trying to stab his ghost self with a light saber!!! It’s getting me through the day! As to your costume – you could dress like one of the gals from Sisters (the movie opening today opposite Star Wars) and pretend you just got sucked into the vortex of Star Wars!

  35. Totally off topic here….My copy of Furiously Happy just arrived. I tried the audio and it was hard. I wanted to stop and laugh for a few minutes, and that’s really hard to do with an audio.=)
    I can’t wait to start from the beginning and enjoy the lines I missed while trying to laugh.

  36. I have vivid memories of the first time I saw Star Wars. Can I say the same about most days I spent in school around the same time?


    You’re not bad parents. You’re giving your daughter a memory she will cherish for a lifetime. Unless the film sucks, of course, and then you’re giving her a memory she can laugh about when she’s much older.

  37. Welcome to the bad parent club, Jenny! We’re glad to have you aboard. My husband and I took the kids to the 9:30pm show last night (tix were bought months ago) and also pulled them out of school today so that they could meet their friends for the 11:45am show this morning. I left a message on the principal’s voicemail “that we have a family matter to attend to” and indeed we do…re-hashing Star Wars.

  38. I let my son skip school when he was little to go see the band Super Furry Animals in Atlanta, a decision that I will never regret:)

  39. When Episode 1 came out, right around my husband’s 18th birthday (he was not my husband at the time) I convinced his mom to write a note saying he had a doctor’s appointment and picked him up from school and we both played hooky to go see it. 🙂

  40. This has nothing to do with Star Wars, but I was introduced to it about a week ago and can’t stop listening. Maybe it’ll pass the time until we can get to the theater.

  41. This comment has nothing to do with this post.

    I haven’t read your blog or your first book before. A friend told me about Furiously Happy so I bought it and read it that same night.

    From one mentally ill women to another, thank you.

    I will read your first book next. I am terrible at keeping up with blogs, so I won’t promise that.

  42. I just found out that Jabba the Hut was based on Sidney Greenstreet in The Maltese Falcon, aka “The Fat Man”. Jabba even wore a fez in production sketches.

    I have a cat who looks like Jabba the Hut, now I want to buy him a little cat-sized fez.

  43. well … i can imagine that happiness , …
    very Happy kids with starwar costume while whatching the spectacular film of this year.

  44. OBVIOUSLY it is more important than school. She won’t remember the day she missed — but she’ll never forget seeing the movie and knowing her parents understand the important things in life.

  45. Jenny, please help. Don’t know what to do. Drunk and I definitely don’t want to be here. Only thing that bleeping me here is my so . He’s 18!though–maybe he’ll be ok. I’m so tired of hurting and fighting ting. Nobody understands how hard it is to pretend to be normal and happy.. Just so tired.

    (I am sending you such love. Please get help. You are so important and depression is lying to you. ~ Jenny)

  46. It
    I’m sorry!! Didn’t mean to bother you! I’m ok . So sorry!! Please don’t be upset! Thanks!

  47. Dear Bloggess,
    You are an enormously generous person to set this up every year, especially this year, after just returning from the book tour. For your records, I donated two $50 gift cards to a family who requested them. They asked for 4, and 2 were already purchased. This process makes it so easy to give directly to people like you. Thank you, Jen. Love to you and Victor and Hailey this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

  48. I can’t find my post on here, so I can’t reference the number. But, it must be on here somewhere because someone sent 2 of the books on my daughter’s wishlist, and I’m in tears. THANK YOU so very much!!!!! She is going to freak out when she sees them!!! You guys are awesome!!!!

  49. Of course it’s educational. There are way too many popular cultural references to the Star Wars universe and she’ll be out of the loop if she doesn’t see it. I assume at some point you’ve have her watch the earlier trilogies, both sets?

  50. Did you see on The Big Bang Theory, Will Wheaton wore a Star Trek uniform to the Star Wars movie and when people booed him, he said “Live long and suck it.” Love that show.

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