Na na na na na na, YOU SAY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY.

Na na na na na na, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOO!

Na na na na na na, no, really…it’s my birthday.  Is it really your birthday?  Happy birthday!  Even if it isn’t your birthday you should say it is because everyone has at least one shitty birthday and you should get a do-over, so it’s now your birthday too.  EVERYONE WINS.  Especially me because I woke up to messages like this one from my sister:


I got a crazy weird miracle birthday present in the form of three used copies of the exact same book but it’s way too long to explain and when I paused to say “ISN’T THAT INSANE?” you’d be like, “Um…I guess?  Is that the miracle?  ‘Cause it just sounds like you got too many copies of one book, weirdo” but in my head it’s a message from the universe that something good is out there and that’s exactly what I needed.

And I thought maybe it’s a sign that I should give back books so here’s what…the first ten people who leave a comment telling me they really need a copy of Furiously Happy but haven’t been able to afford it yet will get one.  Not a signed copy (because I’m lazy) but I’ll send you a gift card for the book through your email.  Just leave me a comment if you’re in a bad spot and need to read something to remind you that depression lies and that things will be okay.  Because they will be.  I promise.

And in lieu of birthday presents what I’d really like is for you to tell me something you’re happy about.  Something little.  Something big.  Videos of goats screaming.  Anything.

I love you guys.


Bonus birthday photo of me and Hunter S. Thomcat, who was named the king of photobombs last night.  CATOUFLAGE!  (That’ll make sense when you read the book.  Probably.)

UPDATED: Those first 10 copies went quickly, but I just got an email from someone who wants to anonymously gift another 10 copies.  More emails going out tonight.  I love y’all more than cake.

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  1. I own your (audio) book, so I’ll leave that for the next person. Happy birthday Jenny! Ummm small good thing: my tree is still pretty alive after 3.5 weeks, which makes me happy because I’m not ready to take it down. Also, the DayQuil just kicked in, so yay?

  2. I borrowed a copy from the library but I’d love a copy!

    My cat makes me happy. The demon.

    (You didn’t leave an email so I’m hoping you came back and that you’re one of the other 10 who did. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  3. I have the audiobook, but I have a friend who battles depression & can’t afford the book.

    (check your email. ~ Jenny)

  4. Happy Birthday!! Something HUGE I am happy about is how much better life is now than this time last year. It has been a hard road and it’s not over yet but I can see light…it’s there…and I am experiencing happiness I thought was only meant for other people.

  5. I would love a copy since I borrowed it from the library and don’t want to give it back. 🙂

    My demon cat makes me happy on my black dog days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WONDERFUL LADY!

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  6. Super happy about being an absolutely kickass adult college student with no winter session class right now. I own the book & audiobook so do not need a copy but thank you for being awesome.

  7. I am happy/excited/giddy to be starting a new job in 2 weeks. I like my current one, but the new job is one I plan to love the everloving shit out of. But in a not-gross, totally professional way.

  8. Happy birthday! I’d love a copy of your book, I haven’t been able to find it yet here in The Netherlands.

    (I totally want to send you a gift card but I’m using amazon and the shipping is CRAZY EXPENSIVE to ship overseas. Sorry! But it’s being published in like 7 languages so look for it soon maybe? ~ Jenny)

  9. I did buy the book, so someone else can enjoy, but what’s making me happy now is my new essential oils and the fact that my brother gave me the complete words of The California Raisin Band on DVD for Christmas. The TV commercials, specials, and TV cartoon show. Major win!

  10. Happy birthday! I NEED to know there are still fun things out there, your book being one of them! Please send me one!!

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  11. I’m happy that our ancient cat, Garcia, turned out to have conditions treatable with ear drops and eye drops. And I need a do-over birthday, or maybe two.

  12. No book needed as I already have your book — and love it — but I also received 3 copies of the same book once for my birthday. I now feel even more of a kinship to you.

  13. I need a book! I am depressed! Life just kind of sneaks up on me.

    (I get it. Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  14. Small good thing: I was able to talk about my fairly severe (but hidden) phobia of hospitals this week for the first time like… ever! And I was listened to!

    I have your book on Kindle so not commenting for that. Just to share a victory!

  15. I finished reading your book a few days ago. I laughed, I cried, I cried even harder at that last part. It made me realize I’ve been suffering long enough and it’s time to get help. I’m thankful and happy I’m still here to get the help I need and to be taking that first step.

    Thank you.

    Happy birthday. <3

    (Now I’m sniffly. You rock. ~ Jenny)

  16. Kitty toes always make me happy! Also, I’m happy because I JUST had a job interview today that went pretty well!! I didn’t embarrass myself! And I needed it to go well (even better, to be hired fingers crossed) because my current job is ending tomorrow and this has been an epically crap year otherwise.

  17. Happy birthday!
    You are an inspiration to me, as I am a fellow Silver Ribbon gal who decided to be furiously happy before I had ever heard the term.
    I own both of your books, and don’t need a copy for myself. However, if I do win one, I know of someone I would give it to, who could sure use it!
    May this be your best year, yet!

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  18. I have the book. But thank you for making me feel like I am not the only one who feels the way I do. As for happy? My mother in law made me a photo block of my nephew and I. It makes me smile just looking at it.

  19. Happy birthday! My dog makes me happy, but I have been waiting to get your book for ages because I can’t afford it! Thank you!!!

    (check your email. ~ Jenny)

  20. Happy Birthday!!!! I am good and the thing that is making me the happiest is that I think I found someone that I like, like…like. (And it is scary and funny and happy all at the same time.)

  21. I have a tiny Groot in a pot on my desk at work. He sings, but he doesn’t dance.
    My mother knitted me a scarf for Christmas. One end has a Dalek pattern, the other, a TARDIS pattern.
    And my son gave me a Doctor Who Loot Crate for Christmas. I think my family finally gets me. Which makes me happy.

  22. Happy Birthday!

    Today, I am (still) happy because I received a new, black hoodie as a Christmas gift, only to later discover that it has CAT EARS. (Needless to say, I wish to be buried in said hoodie).

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY…JUDE…(and Jenny) <3 I just started reading the book so I don’t need it (yay!) actually I totally need it, but I got it…so…THANKS!

  24. I don’t own your book yet but I love you and you are a hero!! My boobs tried to kill me but was unsuccessful. Actually, it was only my left boob. The 2 have not formed a gang yet. I also want you to know that, when I retire, I am going to have a gourmet grilled cheese food truck with specialty cupcakes. I think your cat cheese will fit right in. The truck will look like a flying pig. I am telling you so that you are not confused when I pull up to your house. I will let you drive the truck if you want!

    (I totally want to drive a flying pig. Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  25. What made me happy today? My gay neighbor finding the guy I’m dating attractive. I called it, and dating guy was completely clueless. Didn’t even know what a bear was.

    I’d love a copy 🙂 Days are good, but nights are bad,

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  26. Happy birthday! I don’t need a copy of the book (read it, LOVED it!) but getting another birthday greeting is never a bad thing.

  27. I’d love to send your book to my sister. She’s so much more fabulous than her brain will let her know. I worry about her. I love her. I think she’s pretty damn cool.

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  28. I would love a copy of your book, but I am not too poor to afford one, so will leave it for someone that REALLY can’t afford a copy. Love your blog – it is one of the things that makes me happy! My dog, sleeping with her head in my lap, makes me happy!

  29. The Beatles streaming on Rhapsody has me smiling. I get to make my own playlist and share it with my grandson. Life is good. Happy Birthday!!

  30. I’m happy that two friends gave me the gift of Furiously Happy (One in a store at a signing with you, the other with an awesome letter written in the front) for MY birthday, and I’m keeping both of them. Forever. Or at least until I die and my nieces and nephews fight over who gets my books.

  31. Happy birthday! Something good….there was still cold pumpkin pie for breakfast this morning. My antibiotics are working. Hobby Lobby has holiday stuff on sale like half off and I found cat stockings!

  32. Happy birthday! It’s my wedding anniversary today and we got over a foot of snow. As my three year old just said, fucking snow.

  33. Happy happy birthday! Thank you for shining the light out to the darkness. You make the world a happy place.

  34. I’m really happy about a secret. That’s been like 6 years in the making…but I’m also scared as hell. Does that count?

  35. I am unpacking, and a fair amount of my mother-in-law’s discontinued china pattern and my Waterford is broken (that isn’t what makes me happy – what makes me happy is it is just STUFF). I’m choosing to go “Hey! Look at all the stuff that isn’t broken” as opposed to old me, which would have cried over the stuff that easy.

  36. Happy birthday, Jenny! I don’t need a book…well, ok, I probably DO, b/c my damn teenager took your book to high school. She thought it would be a great way to meet other kids. sigh

    But, I’ll get another copy eventually.

    But happy birthday!!!

  37. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! People with December birthdays are awesome. A disproportionate number of my closest friends over the years have/have had December birthdays (as do I), so I know it’s true.

    I do not need a copy (gots me a hard copy and a kindle copy!) but love that you’re sending some out, so go you.

    I’m happy that… huh. I’m just happy. Go figure. Ain’t that a kick in the pants! Oh, wait! I’m happy that I’ve started changing my not-so-great habits from over the holidays now rather than waiting for the magical “New Year.” I get to make my life be magical whenever I damn well choose. BOOYAH. HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!

  38. I got a promotion at my library job last week. Today I got to tell someone that they could contact me for future questions because I was the Reference Supervisor. My fiance told me he was proud of me 🙂

  39. I’m happy that I’m still in my super warm and cuddly pajamas. The top and bottom don’t even match but I am so cozy. Heaven – it’s the little things. 🙂

  40. Happy Birthday Jenny!! I don’t need your book for myself because my wonderful daughter got it for me for my birthday which coincided with it’s release. However I do have a wonderful friend who I would live to gift it to that could really use the reminder that depression lies, especially at this time of year. If she lived closer I’d simply hand her my copy, unfortunately that’s not the case.

    (Check your email. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  41. Happy Birthday! I would totally love your book, because I’ve been having a rough time lately myself. I know depression lies, but sometimes it’s really REALLY hard not to listen just a little bit.

    (I tried to send you an email but it bounced back. Sending you love, sweetness. ~ Jenny)

  42. Happy birthday, Jenny!

    Honestly, I am just happy to be where I am. After nearly 7 years of being apart (due to military stuff and then civilian life sticking her in a far away city), my partner and I were able to spend our first Christmas together in our home this year! AT best, in the past, I would fly to visit her for Thanksgiving, and that would be the only holiday we would get together, but once she got her feet planted with a civilian job upon retiring from the Army, I moved in!

    I hope the new year brings you much peace and happiness (and lots of posts for us, yes I am selfish!). Much love to you and yours, Jenny, you are a wonderful person.

  43. When Furiously Happy came out, I requested it at the library both in book and audiobook form, hoping one would come soon. Surprisingly, it was the book. I read Furiously Happy and cried. Happy cried, because I’m part of the tribe. Knowing there is a tribe helps. Finally, the audiobook came. I thought I didn’t need it, but listened to it on the way to and from work. Hearing you say these things helped. Somehow it hits deeper. I would love to own either of your books in any format, but it’s a struggle. For the holidays, I asked my gifts be lunch dates, one on one with low pressure. I’ve been staying home a lot because I’ve needed to but catching up with the family has been great. I know it will get better. I’ll be able to handle groups and crowds again, but it may be a couple months. The winter is hard for me, like a lot of us.

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  44. Already got the book. In honor of your birthday, I’ll be gifting a copy also. So that’s your present. Feliz cumpleaños!

    (You are the best. ~ Jenny)

  45. I don’t need a copy of the book but my local library desperately needs one. I know I am not one of the first ten but if anyone sees this buy a copy for your library, that way I can check it out and read it finally.

    (Library books need specific bindings so they usually won’t take a normal copy. Tell them to email me though and I’ll see what I can do. ~ Jenny)

  46. I already bought the book, so thank you for that! Happy birthday! (It’s not my birthday but it was two days ago so I can happily pretend it still is!)

    Something making me happy is how much my 14 year old niece has fallen in love with reading again recently.

  47. Wow! When I started to write that it said their were only 6 comments…. Now their are like 60!! Forgot to say Happy Birthday!!

  48. I have multiple copies of both of your books, so I too will pass that along to the next person, but I’m happy that you went on your book tour and came to Huntsville so I could meet you and that I have people in my life who get me and who still seem to be ok with hanging out with me.

  49. I own your book already, so I too will leave it to the next person! Happy, happy birthday, sweet Jenny. Small, but good thing? I love this little book of yours. I am still reading it, ever so slowly, because I cannot stand the thought of it ending! Have a lovely day, and week for that matter! <3

  50. Happy Birthday! I would love a copy of your book! I’m reading your first book now!

  51. I have the book, my hubby bought it for me on a low day. I devoured every word. I’m alive today to see my kids grow and thrive because I paused for a moment before self harm and remembered somewhere deep in my brain that was still lucid that depression lies. You helped me remember that depression says I’m worthless, but I am not. The happiest thing I’ve seen all day was my almost 2 year old trying to wash her doll’s boobs with deli ham. To which my husband replied, “You can’t wash up with ham!” Parenting is so fucking random. I love it.

  52. I have 3 copies of your book (2 that still need to be sent out to friends – oops)!

    Something I’m happy about…after dealing with anxiety, depression & self-harm for 19 years I finally met with a therapist last night! Baby steps…

  53. I am happy to have found your blog, bought your book (read it) and that you are by far the funniest person I read online. You make my day!!!

  54. I need your book! I read a library copy, but would love a copy of my very, very own to re-read as needed.

  55. I already have a copy. I’m happy for 2016 to get here, because I am going to make 2016 my bitch! (Well, not really, but you know). I’m also happy because my real birthday is just in 9 days, and I always get sushi and mai-tais on my birthday, even if no one else cares, because it’s a week after New Year’s and they’re all partied out.

    (All joking aside, seriously, reading Furiously Happy has made this time of year 10000x’s better than it typically is for me. Thank you, Jenny, our wonderful, funny, loving & lovable Bloggess, for reminding me that depression lies and I can still be happy and weird, forget what the rest of the world wants me to be for them.)

  56. I have both books on audible, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Or “yom huledet sameyach,” if you are in the mood for Hebrew today. 🙂 I love that you are gifting others on YOUR day; you are a mensch. (What is the yiddish word for a female mensch?)

    (Wench? ~ Jenny)

  57. Happy birthday! I hope the next year is as successful as this year has been for you. Because DAMN! Also, I want to get texts from your sister. Please?

  58. Oh, and something I am happy about…
    Yesterday, my youngest daughter and I went to see Star Wars. She is 15. It is the first time I’ve ever taken her to a movie. It wasn’t as hard as I thought… I just pretended I was good at it.
    Thank you, again.

  59. I’m in a box set of Regency romances based on fairy tales (mine is based on The Dirty Shepherdess, who isn’t into porn, I promise, but is in fact, just a shepherdess). It’s #1 in folklore on Amazon! Whoo hoo, #1 best seller!

    And happy, happy, happy birthday!

  60. I have had a crap day at work, (well at least the last few hours have been crap) and when I finally got home, and unlocked my door completely ready to have a big glass of milk and cry, I was knocked over and attacked by my herd. The three corgis and the one large Weimerainer knocked me down 1/2 in and 1/2 out of the house and were so excited they were jumping, and snarfing, and licking me wherever there was exposed skin. That, that right there is the essence of my happiness.
    ALSO! A very happy birthday to you!

  61. Happy Birthday! I’m just happy and thankful to have my family and a roof over our heads for another year.
    I would adore a copy of your book. I can’t really afford much in the way of book spending, but I checked out both of your books multiple times from my library, so there’s positive stats in a way…

  62. Happy Birthday!! My friend Jen would benefit greatly from this book. She suffers from depression and she’s been dealing with complications from the birth of her third child that have left her bedridden temporarily (which is, you know, just great when you’re struggling with depression). I bought your book for my kindle and as I read it I kept wishing she had a hard copy so she could read it as I know it would really strike a chord with her.

    (Check your email. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  63. Wishing you a furiously happy birthday! Already have your book, which makes me happy. Also, happy that someone else has a bumble for a tree topper. I am now legit in the eyes of some of the more judgemental members of the family. Woot woot! Not that their opinion matters, or anything…

  64. I’m happy that I got a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas so I can get your book!

  65. For Christmas by boys (ages 18 and 16) painted the ugly fucking wall i had in my living room. the wall that pissed me off everytime i looked at it. which was every day because i live there. and stuff.
    i wasn’t allowed to come home on Christmas eve while they did this. So they gifted me extra by forcing me to be outside on a day off so i drove through Rocky Mountain National Park and Big Thompson Canyon and communed with nature and shit like that which i didn’t realize i NEEDED until i was doin it and it was glorious.
    Basically – Happy Birthday to you – my kids are the fuckin best boys EVER.

  66. Happy birthday. Your story and of course yourself are a beautiful light in my dark world. I haven’t been able to get it yet.
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  67. Happy birthday!

    I gave my niece a copy of Furiously Happy for Christmas. I slipped a note around the epilogue and told her when she’s having an especially bad time, to read those pages and realize that she’s not alone and never will be. So I’m happy I found your words to help me tell her this. She cried but also called me her biggest supporter which was a pretty awesome Christmas gift back 🙂

  68. Happiest of birthdaus, dear lady. I’ve been a fan for so long that sometimes it feels weird that you’re not walking into my house & grabbing a glass of tea. 🙂

    What I’m happy for: my daughter was riding her bike home from work and was hit by a car. I’m happy because she wasn’t seriously injured, and that it happened at a slow speed. So, I’m happy my baby girl is ok.

    Hope your day is a delight, and filled with all the wine slushies you could dream of. 🙂

  69. I have your first book but not the second! Would love to check it out.
    Many happy returns!

  70. I keep telling myself depression lies, but it seems to be a losing battle. What makes me happy? My cat Molly gets upset when I leave the room and has to follow me. SOMEBODY loves me!

  71. You signed my copy in Santa Cruz, thank you for that! Also, happy birthday to you! And to me (happy pretend birthday!)

  72. We don’t need a copy of the book, since we already bought it, so bumping that to the next need.

    A big happy spot recently, I got to spend almost a week with my daughter and geek out over games (Video, RPG, & Board), and share podcast loves like Welcome to Nightvale and Lore. It had been since August that I’d had much time, beyond a ride to her mother’s from school, or a ride to a friends for X or y event. Still from her mom’s place The rest of the house also joined the the geek fest at times and when interests combined.

  73. Happy Birthday Jenny!
    I already have your book and it was great! Ready for another one but I’m sure you have heard that before. Food, cats and reading make me happy!! Hope your birthday is amazing and stress free!

  74. Happy Birthday! Something happy… I survived my son’s first trip to his dad’s for more than a few hours, and tomorrow I get to pick him up and smother him with kisses! (That’s extra happy, because he’s 12 and still lets me do embarrassing things like that!)

  75. Things that make me happy: reading Furiously Happy; sharing banana nutella muffins with my work family, and when someone brings me coffee unexpectedly. These are all tiny-but-big
    good things 🙂

  76. I have your book on my kindle, so I’m good there.

    A lot of things make me happy. Right now, I’m happy that I have a mini vacation that starts at 5pm. (I’m off work until Monday.)

    I’m happy that I get to spend a bunch of time at home with my kitty, Jules.

    I’m happy that past me left some yummy chocolate in my desk for current me, because current me needed it.

    And Happy Birthday! 😀

  77. Happy birthday Jenny! Thank you for sharing so much of you with us. For that, I am grateful.

    I do not need the book – I own it on my nook.

    What makes me happy – my 15 year old dachshund Bella, laying here on the couch with me, while homemade sauce and meatballs cook on the stove with Blue Bloods on my tv.

  78. I definitely need a copy of “Furiously Happy” as I’m just furious at this point. Donkey’s in hammocks, mini pigs, just about any farm animal antics make me happy.

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  79. I’m happy because my daughter’s endoscopy this morning went well, and it looks like she doesn’t have some weird, unnamed digestive disorder like I was convinced she had because WebMD and Google both told me and the Internet never lies, so how was I supposed to know it would be something totally ordinary? I mean, I was all prepared for appointments with specialists and “We’re going to name this disease after your daughter,” but no. It turns out she’s just a weird kid who doesn’t eat enough. Way to go, kid.

  80. Something I’m happy about: I finally got angry, reconnected with my feelings, and stopped feeling suicidal a couple weeks before my birthday (the 25th). Thank you for being part of what has kept me going through all of my downs and ups.

    (These comments are gold and they are saving me. Thank you. ~ Jenny)

  81. Well, that sucked. I was #3 but had to fight with WordPress while 40 other people commented. Anyway, happy birthday. I hope the year brings you lots of dead animals. Or not, in case you think you have enough already.

  82. I’ve been on the library waitlist for your book forEVER! I guess that’s good for you! But I would love to actually read it. 🙂
    Furiously happy? Christmas vacation with my kiddos. Definitely. Happy Birthday!

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  83. I’m furiously happy the Broncos won. I was too nervous to watch the second half, so I went to bed. Then I was too nervous to sleep. Then I couldn’t sleep because I was elated. Now I’m happy to still be upright. Happy birthday Jenny.

  84. It would lift my spirits no end to get a copy, but someone else could probably use it more. Someday, though! Happy Birthday!

  85. What makes me happy was when I remember getting to meet you at a book signing recently. You’re my version of a rock star and any time someone I know is struggling, I send them my favorite posts that you’ve done. Also, Hunter S. Thomcat makes me happy (as do my 3 crazy cats). 🙂

  86. As a fellow mom, I’m sure you can relate when I say my son brings me happiness every day that I didn’t think possible before he came around. Seriously, there isn’t a day when I am not in awe of how much is growing and learning and does those cute little thing that makes the tantrums worthwhile.

    PS- I’ve never had a cat and I’ve never really liked more than a couple of other people’s cats. I’ve always had dogs, and even those cats I liked were described by their owners as “(s)he thinks (s)he’s a dog!” But Hunter is making me rethink all that–he’s freaking ADORABLE!!

  87. Happy birthday, Jenny!!!!

    My happy for the day: I went and saw The Force Awakens for the second time this morning but this time I got to go with my best friend. Plus, I got a haircut and it doesn’t suck! 😁

    Enjoy your day!

  88. Happy birthday! I already have your book, so don’t send me one. What makes me furiously happy is shopping with my daughter, especially thrift store shopping. She makes me laugh every time we get together.

  89. While watching the ultrasound of my gallbladder this morning, I yelled out, “That’s no moon.” I’m nicknaming the giant gallstone the Death Star — now to schedule Skywalker for its ultimate destruction. (I’m happy because I finally get to get this sucker out.)

    Happy birthday!

  90. I finished work early today, and the weather is perfectly gorgeous. So I caught the bus to Haywood Road and settled down at the bar in Universal Joint with an interesting book. I read, ate a delicious bacon and blue cheese burger, drank a rich & dark porter, bobbed along to great music, and enjoyed the gentle breeze blowing in from the wide open garage doors (used to be garage). Then I walked the 2.6 miles to my house under wide, cloudless blue skies at a comfortable, if bizarre, 66 degrees.

    I am so content right now.

    Happy birthday.

  91. Happy Birthday!! I’m really happy to have just learned that we have no early releases on ads (I work on grocery ads) after the one on New Year’s Eve. Since the beginning of November, all the print schedules have been shortened, and it’s dizzying trying to make sure the correct files are finished and approved on the correct date. This happens every year for holiday ads, but this year was the most difficult because (a) I’m old and sick of my job and (b) my dogs don’t understand why I work late.

    [mentally inserting photo of me with a ridiculous dog toy atop my head on Christmas Eve]

  92. I would love a copy of your book but it’s my birthday on Saturday so fingers crossed someone related to me will get it for me 🙂 I’ve not been able to buy luxuries like books since having to move back in with my parents (i’m nearly 35) so hoping family treat me
    Yesterday I was subjected to a torrent of abuse on Facebook from my cousin’s slightly racist husband. I was in tears over it which I knew was ridiculous. I then went out training with my wonderful fitness class who helped me forget about it, when I got home there was loads of messages from my friends telling me he was an idiot & out of line for the viciousness he levelled at me.
    So, to those people I never realised were friends & to my family who rally when I’m being attacked, they make me happy

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  93. I bought two copies and gave one away! I don’t need a free nother.

    One thing I’m happy about is that in three hours I get to do a killer bike ride in the cold and at least one buddy will be struggling worse than I.

  94. Hellz yeah I’ll take a copy of your book! 🙂 Your blog makes me happy; seeing a new post from you in my feed always makes me smile…and sometimes giggle uncontrollably. 🙂

  95. Happy Birthday!!! I do NOT currently have a copy nor have I gotten to read your new book so that would be kinda awesome to receive….but I’m not in dire straits or anything so use I guess you’ll just have to make a judgment call on that on.

    As for happiness I’d say getting to come to work today as opposed to the last 5 days I got to spend listening to my kid play GTA V literally ALL.DAY.LONG has made me really relish my job environment. So it’s kind of a damned if you do/damned if you don’t kind of happy….if that makes sense.

  96. Unborn Baby poking the kitty in my lap then they both settle down to purrs. Makes me very happy.

  97. The world is a shinier place because you’re in it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I had a lovely Christmas with my sisters and nephews. They’re 22 and 17 and they are turning out to be wonderful young men – not guys or bros or dudes, but MEN. I am so happy to be related to them.

  98. I’ve already bought your book twice – so I hope whoever gets it enjoys it as much as me! For Christmas, my dad gave me an electrician and he arrives on Thursday! Finally, I can begin changing my kitchen around and making it a room I love!

  99. I was given a copy of Furiously Happy for Christmas but had bought my own on pre-order before it came out. I would love to gift the extra copy to someone in need. Otherwise I might leave it in a local little red library. I really just want to pay it forward.

  100. Happy Birthday to you, sweet Jenny. It’s been sort of an “off” couple of days for me, but I have found over the years that baking often helps soothe my soul. So I’m going home to decorate a cake I baked last night. It will be for a friend’s 50th anniversary tomorrow, and I hope it makes them smile as much as it calms my angst. 🙂

  101. Happy birthday!!! I’ve already bought three copies of your book, so I’ll leave that for another. But your books make me happy. And my obese cat who lays on her back in the middle of the floor and rocks herself back and forth while trying to lick her belly.

  102. I just bought the book on my Kindle and read it! You are something happy that happened to me this year. In a sense that I discovered your humorous writing, not that you are like a visitor or a pie to the face.

  103. May your Birthday be Furiously Happy, and full of cake, or cheese, or maybe cheesecake. And a Very Merry Unbirthday to Me, I guess!!

  104. I have your first book but not the second. Would love to check it out!
    Many happy returns!
    (sorry if this posts twice, I think my earlier comment got eaten)

  105. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I would love a copy of your book. I would give it to my daughter who is battling a pretty serious bout of depression right now.

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  106. Happy Birthday! I don’t need you to buy me a book. Happy thing…something that makes me laugh. If you, like me, are a fan of British panel shows…The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2015. FANtastic and hilarious. Here you go. https://youtu.be/cxA_5X4YAIs

  107. Wishing You the HAPPIEST Of Birthdays!
    Watching the Black Squirrels playing in the yard,makes me Smile 😀

  108. Happy birthday! Something that makes me happy on a daily basis is my wife, because she is awesome, which is probably an understatement seeing that she supports me on a daily basis with my struggles with anxiety.

    Also puppies. And Star Wars. And coffee.

  109. And yes, I laughed at your book, but I was brought to tears by those who tell you they are #25. Wow – what a difference you are making in the world – one starfish at a time!! Kudos!!

  110. My mom took my daughter to Subway (this child really loves sandwiches). She saved the cookie for me. Broken into like twelve pieces but touching. And good. White chocolate macadamia.

  111. Already got the book. In honor of your birthday, I’ll be gifting a copy also. So that’s your present. Feliz cumpleaños!

  112. Happy birthday! What makes me happy is knowing I’m not the only one who’s out there trying to keep going.

  113. I tried to leave you a birthday message and I kept getting an error message and then I refreshed and finally sent one (or so I think). Although it might have been marked for spam and the others might have actually gone through. So in case nothing actually made it through… happy birthday!

  114. I already have your book but today is also my best friend (of 28 years!!) birthday and SHE could use a copy of your book.

    The good news I have to share is that I’ve had the same best friend since I was 7.

  115. Happy birthday! I do not need you to buy me your book, but thank you for the offer. I listened to your audio book and loved it (as I did with your first book) so I forced my husband to listen to it and he also loves it. Side note, he is a psychologist and he totally validates you. (That sounds vague, but frequently he’ll say “yeah, that makes sense” when you’re talking about your mental illness, so … that to me sounds validating.)

    Also, here is a video of dog bffs being cute: https://youtu.be/J4rAOg1o2q0 It makes me smile.

  116. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! My Happiness right now: Tom Baker (The Doctor, the 4th Doctor, the Definite Article, you might say) was signing Christmas Cards this year. Personalized Christmas cards. My husband has been a Tom Baker Doctor fan since he was … 12? He’s going to be 44 on the 31st. The last time Tom had offered anything signed on his website it was exorbitantly expensive and I couldn’t afford it. This was in my price range (actually, it was super cheap!) and it was PERSONALIZED. And the picture was super awesome on the front. So, I had Tom write “To Adam, the Definite Article” on the inside and he autographed it on the front and under the greeting. I themed Adam’s Christmas gift completely around Doctor Who. There was a 4th Doctor Pop figure, the 4th Doctor’s screwdriver, The E-Space Trilogy DVD, and a How to be a Time Lord book with the card tucked in the back.

    He knew something was up but I don’t think he expected the card. He cried. Serious, lovely, happy tears. He was a child again for a moment and it made me cry and pretty much the entire family cry. Tears of joy. I wish I could give Mr. Baker a hug for making my husband feel like a child again. I video’d it because I wanted to have it for myself. Whenever I feel like I need a good, happy cry I’ll break out the video.

    I hope you have a birthday that brings you so much happiness. You deserve it! HUGS

  117. I got a late bday gift (you and I have very close birthdates!) of the in-laws watching my boys
    Husband and I haven’t had a date night in 5 yes 5 years. I ate and peed alone yippee.

  118. I’m happy I don’t have to wash my hair today. Woke up to Stu the cat licking it like I was his long lost kitty.

  119. Happy birthday! My big happy is that I made it through the Christmas holiday. No, seriously. My lil sister’s big gift to the family turned out to be a big bust, and there was some drama. But we got past it, cuz my family is awesome, and we stick together even when we piss each other off.

    Also a big happy — seeing the excitement on my mom’s face today when we used her Christmas present – a Legacy Box. She can’t wait for those 19 old reel-to-reel home movies from her childhood to come back in digital form so she can watch them again. I can’t wait either. I’m a HUGE family history buff. Would love to be able to see these films.

  120. Happy birthday Jenny! Thank you for always making me laugh when I need it most. I would love a copy of furiously happy- it was on my Christmas list, and I need something funny to kick off this year after a not so great 2015!

  121. Happiest of birthdays! My happy thing is very tiny but I’m clinging to it. One of my degus has been at the vet since Saturday night, very sick with pneumonia. It’s still very touch and go, but he was a little bit better this morning, and this afternoon I went to visit him. I’m hoping it’s not the last time I see him, and that one day before too very long he’ll get to come home.

  122. Happy birthday to you!!
    I’m happy that my teenage daughters are friends too and do things together like spend the afternoon drawing while binge watching Harry Potter movies while the dogs are curled up between them. I love how they respect their differences and celebrate them instead of using them against each other.

  123. Happy happy birthday to you 🙂 I am happy to have a wonderful husband who loves me and 5 furry little kitty angels.

  124. Just got invited to spend a week to a month in San Diego with a good friend. Westward ho! Happy birthday, Jenny!

  125. I don’t know if I’m in the running for a book, but I do have a friend who is really struggling that I would love to send your book to… I don’t know of any one more in need to be reminded that depression lies! happy birthday to you!

  126. Happiest of birthdays! Mine was yesterday! So here’s to shitty December birthdays! Cheers!

  127. Happy Birthday Jenny!!!!! What makes me happy? Xanax and Klonopin… nah, they make me not freak out. I guess I should say my husband. He tries so hard to fix me and make me smile. And hearing my children play music.

  128. My grandchildren make me happy.
    I already have your book. There’s a pretty cool bookplate in it, too, and that makes me happy, too.
    Happy birthday, you!

  129. I’m 46 years old and I got toys for Christmas. My family got me the whole set of Harry Potter Funko Pop toys. They get me. I’m a lucky girl in every way that counts. Happy birthday!!! You should totally have the Funko Pop dudes make a Beyonce version. The whole taxidermy toy area also is an untapped market. I would stand in line to buy a Rory action figure (with kung-fu grip, of course). 🐓🐓🐓

  130. Happy birthday Jenny!! Hope your day is fabulous. 😊 My depression’s been okay, but my anxiety has been messing me up for the last week or so (lousy sleep, worrying about everything, Dad hospitalized for Christmas – he’s thankfully doing better, but it was scary and crappy) and I had been hoping to get your book for Xmas… But instead my husband got me a book I already own and three books by one author that I was kind of like “Oh! I liked him back in 2002. And now I have three books of his to read that I didn’t know existed. Because it’s not 2002. 😐” If I’m not gifted a book by your lovely self, I’ll just exchange one that the husband gave me and hope he doesn’t ask about it – haha!

  131. I can see I’ve missed the cut-off, but I know someone who really needs a pick-me-up. He just posted that he really struggled this last semester at college, and although I expect he knows depression lies, I think it would help. Let me know what you think if you can. Thank you and have a terrific rest of your birthday! 🎂

  132. Happy Birthday Jenny!
    Plenty of things make me laugh. Lots of things make me smile. Tons of things make me feel content inside; the best episodes of Doctor Who, a great song, my Mom’s chocolate chip cookies.
    But nothing makes me feel happier in my universe than the laugh of my son. I don’t care about anything else at that moment. He is magical.

  133. Happy Birthday Jenny. My do-over birthday would have had to be my 30th; I came home from work to find my husband had left me. Turned out to be the best birthday present I ever had – but at the time it was devastating. But I preordered Furiously Happy the day you said it was available.

  134. I need a copy because I’ve been unemployed for two years and can’t afford tampons, let alone a new book….
    But i’m like way down the line so….

    (Yes, but I’m jumping around randomly. Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  135. Happy birthday! I just scored an autographed copy of Ann B. Davis’s “Brady Bunch Cookbook” at a local junk shop. That made me happy.

  136. I have the book and that it’s signed makes me furiously happy!

    Happy Birthday Jenny!

    Something to make you smile
    My book club did a gift exchange where we had to bring a book from our collection that we loved, wrapped with a brief description. I brought Let’s Pretend This Never Happened 😀
    I hope it makes the recipient very happy.
    (Don’t worry I also own the audiobook!)

  137. Happy birthday!! I’d love to get a copy of the book for my sister, who manages her life around multiple chronic health issues (MS and RA being at the top of the list), which has of late taken a toll on her both physically and emotionally. She could definitely use a reminder that depression lies and things will get better.

    I’m happy about the fact that I was motivated enough to put up some outdoor decorations at my house for the first time in about 4 years – so our 3 LED lighted penguins (Ondre, Charlotte and Miranda) got to come out of the shed for a while.

  138. Happy Birthday!!!! I’m happy that we got a new grandson in December. Wylie River Isaacson was born with a heart defect but it’s treatable so all is good (or soon will be). Grandkids are great for depression.

  139. Happiest of birthdays to someone who makes others smile even when they thought they could not! I’m happy because you found your calling.

    I’m also happy because, even though a friend and mom of four passed on this morning after a long illness, another friend legally adopted all four of her children and is on the way to giving them a wonderful, loving, warm and celebratory life with the new parts of their family. There is so much good and so much love in the world. You can’t keep it down, which is how I know depression lies. Thanks for doing your part to help us all realize that. 🙂

  140. Happy birthday Jenny! I really need a copy of your book. This time of year is very hard, (emotionally and financially) and you always make things brighter and make me feel less alone. If I’m too late, reading these comments works too 🙂 I have a sleeping kitty on my lap and that always makes me happy. I hope your day is a great one-you deserve it.

  141. I have your book in digital and audio formats so I just want to wish you a very happy birthday.

  142. Just got invited for a week to a month to San Diego by a good friend. Westward ho! Happy birthday, Jenny!

  143. I’d love a copy of your book if they haven’t all been taken.

    Happiness today has come in being with my son and boyfriend and seeing their faces as they opened the belated Christmas presents (shared custody.)

    Much love and happiness.

  144. Happy Birthday, Jenny! Thanks for always being real and sharing yourself with us. So which book did you get in triplicate?? I am eating bacon at 1:14pm PST and that makes me furiously happy. ❤️

  145. Happy Birthday Jenny! I had your book on my Christmas wish list and no one got it for me. 🙁

  146. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jenny!!! I am happy because you made it my Sort-of-Birthday, which gives me another reason to be drinking coffee with Irish Cream in it, which tastes really good until you start to wonder what Irish Cream is….but also because my cat did not pee on my bed today. It’s a good day.

  147. I have the book already (and love it), but would just like you to remind me again that depression lies. It’s been rough around here lately.

    Happy birthday, dearest Jenny. 😘

  148. Heh I bought a copy of the e-book even though I didn’t really have the flexible income to do it because I needed to hear that depression lies. But I’m hopeful, I have two potential jobs that may come through early int he new year and either one of them would be wonderful (who knew having 3 kids and no affordable health/dental insurance could be so stressful?!?!)
    As for what’s making me happy right now, I just spent the entire day letting my OCD run wild and re-organizing every single cupboard in my kitchen!! Hooray for being able to find tea when I need it 😀 Have a very happy birthday and may the new year bring awesome stuff for all of us!!

  149. I’ve been having a crappy time lately depression wise. Sometimes it’s hard but I have good friends. Good friends that buy me food and love me when I’m at my lowest point. Happy birthday and have a good New Year!

  150. I gave the book to my sister in law for Christmas
    and I’d love one for myself…I nearly pee’d my pants reading your
    last book😍

  151. I would love a copy if you still have one! Well, I am sure you have some…the giveaway ones. Love you!!!!!?

  152. Happy birthday, Jenny! I haven’t commented in so long, but I haven’t stopped reading. What makes me happy is when my 2 year old tries to make my 6 month old laugh by singing a song about the months of the year that she gets REALLY into. There’s even a dance.

  153. I (Norah) bought the book on my Kindle since we are reading it for our book club, but a friend of mine who battles anxiety hasn’t been able to get it because she hasn’t had the money and there are a bazillion holds on it at the library. If you have any copies left, I’ll leave her e-mail address and name for a surprise! Loved the book …

  154. My something good is also why I need your book. In a couple weeks I will be moving across the country and starting a new job – my first time being a real adult and starting a career. So, yes, good, exciting stuff but also terrifying. My anxiety tells me all these lies about how I’m going to fail at adulting and will be miserable and useless. So I need your book to distract me from that and help me remember I’m actually a badass capable woman but because of the whole no-job-yet thing, I haven’t bought it. Plus my cat wants me to have it so I don’t kill him with my attempts at finding comfort in his fluffy catness (not to be confused with Katniss, his archery skills suck, unless you count playing with the string).

  155. Kitty paws are my favorite! They make me happy, thanks for sharing Hunter S Thomcat’s paw! And Happy Birthday!

  156. I’ve bought several copies of your book (my adult kids keep taking them), so I’m good. But I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! And to tell you my werewolf shingles have finally healed, which makes me happy. Also, I’m well enough to go back in the studio and resume working on my album today. So that makes me extra happy! Hoo-ray for us!

  157. I’m really happy that i got to spend some time with my sister and mother this past weekend (they live 3 hours away). every time I visit with them I always feel better afterwards

  158. Happy birthday! I’m happy that California got some more rain! I’m also happy that our dog is finally learning to trust cats. She’s been scared of them for years.

  159. Happy, happy Birthday, Jenny! Hope you have an awesome day. Happiness to me are my cats, their quirky behaviours and how they always make me smile or laugh. What better way to celebrate your birthday than with your family … people and furbabies galore!

  160. Happy Birthday! And Happy Birthday to me, I just had a shitty birthday last week so this is a nice do-over. My dogs make me happy and are wonderfully therapeutic. So does my roomba which helps me clean up after my dogs. Cheers!

  161. Happy Birthday, Jenny. Actually, happy birthday to us since it’s actually my birthday too which makes the 29th even more awesomer.

    Just finished the book. May have peed a little from laughing.

  162. Every year I forget that we share a birthday! Happy Birthday! I’m cooking dinner and doing “Christmas” with my two 20-something boys who are very busy at Christmas time. So today we’re doing my birthday and Christmas together. They bought me a joke book that is Pat The Bunny except it’s Pat A Zombie. Have you seen it? It’s freakin hilarious and so cute because I used to read Pat The Bunny to them when they were little. Now I have both books displayed in my bookcase which is TOTALLY something you would do.

  163. I would love a copy if you still have one! Well, I am sure you have some…the giveaway ones. Love you!!!!!

  164. Happy Birthday!!
    I hope your day is filled with joy and laughter.
    (Also, I don’t need a copy of your book because I already own it.)

  165. Happy Birthday! Got your book at a signing this fall and looking forward to reading it! I am happy that last night I finished a novel I started 6 years ago! The last chapter is total shit, but nothing a little editing can’t fix. It was my goal for 2015, and I accomplished it on top of working two jobs. Just thought I’d share, because after a tough year and tougher holiday season, I really needed to tell someone (or lots of someones), so it feels real.

  166. Happy birthday!

    I read your book right before Christmas and about half-way in I decided that my best friend NEEDS it. Since it was the day before we were supposed to exchange gifts and we live in Norway (the land of REALLY slow postal service, especially with stuff from abroad) I obviously couldn’t just buy it off Amazon as I usually would. That shit can take weeks, yo.

    So, I started googling for book shops in Oslo where I could buy it, but for some stupid reasons, none of the shops here lets you know what’s on their shelves without actually going there. After having gone to all the ones close to work and my house, I decided to brave the big one next to the Christmas market around where all the tourists hang around without realising people around them might have shit to do. And there I found it. One small copy on the bottom shelf under “memoirs”, surrounded by mainly historical figures and people from the soccer world. Just in time for me to nab it, tell the store clerks to get more and to let the non-soccer-stuff shine for once, before I ran home to wrap it so I could give it to her.

    Fortunately, she seems to like it. I wouldn’t have exposed myself to christmastourists otherwise.

    So that’s my christmas/jul/yule-story/trauma from 2015.

    Hope you’re being taken well care of and that you’re having an awesome day!

  167. Happy happy birthday Jenny! I already have your book (which I love, and was lucky enough to have you sign), but I wanted to wish you a joyous day! My oldest son turns 10 today, so you are b-day buddies 🙂 He makes me pretty happy!

  168. Happy Birthday and cat hugs! (One of my cats just leaped through the air to land on the other one. None of the other cats appreciate his Circe de Soliel artistry when he does that, they hiss at him and scratch. He just looks hurt and confused that they don’t enjoy his antics.)

  169. My son (7) just told a medium-sized dog “Don’t eat me! I’m too handsome to die!” He makes me laugh (and subsequently is the reason I’m also crazy).

  170. Happy birthday!
    I’m happy because tomorrow we get to take my almost three year old to Disneyland for the first time thanks to his awesome Grandad & G! He’s about to smile his lips off of his face talking about seeing R2D2 and “this is Halloween” (how he references anything from Nightmare Before Christmas! He has wild curly blond hair to help give you a visual! His happiness is truly contagious, hope it translates even just a little here!

  171. I have your book on Kindle, but my husband needs a print copy so that he can BEGIN to understand what I’m going through.

  172. I have the book – already read it multiple times and love it! However, I wanted to say “Happy Birthday” and that obviously only super amazing (but maybe slightly fucked up) people were born on Dec 29. My evidence is you and me!

  173. We got a puppy for Christmas, and his puppy breath makes me furiously happy (even though we already HAD three dogs, and everyone says we’re crazy for getting a puppy.)


  174. Happy Birthday! I’ve been wanting your book since it because available for preorder (has been on my Amazon wishlist since then) but haven’t been able to get money that I could set aside for it, so was planning on waiting until I get my tax return. I’d love to get a copy, though I’d kinda feel bad because I’m sure there are people worse off than I am right now who’d deserve it more.

    As for something that makes me really happy, I got some BB8 socks that are white and orange and are FREAKIN FANTASTIC. I’m going to see the movie again soon, and will so be wearing the socks while I watch it.

  175. I already have two copies of Furiously Happy. (I always need a back-up.) I am so happy that you are happy for your birthday. As a present to you I would love to provide 5 copies to others. So, here is my email. Pick five folks send me their addresses or whatever works and BAM! Happy Birthday to you!

  176. On Christmas, my sister handed me a book I had given to my niece for HER birthday, and said, “Merry Christmas…” and then my niece said, “Mom, why are you giving Jennifer MY BOOK, the book she gave to ME?!” and my sister looked at both of us and said, “I wondered how THAT book got into MY house?! It wasn’t bringing ME any joy so I took it off the shelf and I thought I should give it to Jennifer instead…” That book was by Donna Tartt so I suppose we can sort out why it was joyless, but I handed it back to my niece and told my sister that she needs to only give BOOKS that actually belong to her! Do you think that trifecta of books you received actually “belonged” to the people who gave them to you? This whole fiasco from Christmas has me flummoxed about books!

    I actually gave my niece YOUR BOOK for Christmas this year (she is THRILLED) and we made a pact that it would stay UNDER HER BED so my sister couldn’t go giving it to other people because it didn’t bring her joy. Although how can a book called FURIOUSLY HAPPY not provide JOY?!? The mind boggles.

    I just need to know, did you get the goat? I have not slept since you asked us to tell you to not get it. It would make the happiest birthday for all of us if you did. xo

  177. Happy Birthday! What made me happy today is that we finally have snow and it looks so pretty outside. On another note, do you periscope? If not, can you please?? I’d follow.

  178. Love me some screaming goats, but hey look what I just saw on imgur..! happy birthday girl, you’re the best!

  179. Happy birthday, Jenny!

    Currently making me happy: this video of an epic lightsaber prank that my 9yo nephew and I just watched three times and are now plotting our own version of because Star Wars.

  180. Happy Birthday! I’m happy it’s your birthday!! I’m also happy about my nice warm house, happy marriage and good kids.

  181. Im happy because you always manage to bring me out of my darkest corners and lead to the light i forgot there was.

  182. Here is a thing that makes me happy: I invented a holiday birthed from the ashes of a disappointment. It is my gift to everyone willing to abide by a couple simple rules – it’s your Birthday Holiday Season. It begins when you receive your first gift or birthday card and ends only when the last candle is blown out. This way, nobody can “forget” or “miss” your birthday ever again, they’re simply extending your own personal holiday! I’ve had birthdays that last for months, and that’s a lot of stupid fun, especially if you insist that everybody wear a party hat.

  183. I have the book and that it’s signed makes me furiously happy!

    Happy Birthday Jenny!

    Something to make you smile
    My book club did a gift exchange where we had to bring a book from our collection that we loved, wrapped with a brief description. I brought Let’s Pretend This Never Happened 😀
    I hope it makes the recipient very happy.
    (Don’t worry I also own the audiobook!)

  184. Santa (aka Amazons flash sale) bought my copy, but I’m Furiously Happy that my dad is still alive and I got to celebrate one more Christmas with him and so far looks like he will make it to 2016! As a 31 year old woman whose mom died from cancer in 1998 and watching my dad slowly deteriorating from cancer, I’m just blessed to be able to spend so much time with them (caregiver to both). I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

  185. Your my lost twin, my Birthday is also in December. My family is also crazy… also known as crazy awesome in that crazy awesome sort of way. I have a bought of depression and anxiety. I don’t have my shit straight but somehow I keep it straight. I got your first book for Christmas. I read it with the lights out… no not with night vision goggles (that would be cool, WHATS UP SANTA???)… and find myself laughing histarically (wtf spell check?) into the dark while my husband grumbles strange things at me (probably something like “I am so jealous.” Because he could not be saying, “She is not shining a light in my face at 2:00 am in the morning when we both have to get up at 5:30.”) Did I mention, as I type this my children just destroyed a game called Marble Run, upon which they are chasing marbles all over the floor (ya know cause they bounce like they were made out of rubber, but are glass)… I don’t think they really understand this game, or the maker was secretly laughing saying it was an engineering game, but it is really about chasing the marbles around the house as they bounce into special places for me to step on in the middle of the night so that I will land face first in a china closet or, if my son leaves the toilet lid up, a toilet, face first. SPLOOSH

    Anyway, I know you probably have given all your books away, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for all of the laughs and the feeling of normal. No really, I feel normal when realizing there are others like me…. really it isn’t normal, it is truly awesome. 😉

  186. I would love a book, but I stopped counting while scrolling down the requests. That can’t be good for my chances.

    But I would also like to wish you a great birthday, so enjoy it and tell that neighbor bobcat he (or she?) can’t come to your party. That Bobcat looks shifty as hell. It would eat your pets and probably your new BB-8, in addition to all of the snack foods in the house.

  187. Happy Birthday! I’m happy my wife made it through surgery last month. I’m sending you a virtual spoon. I hope you’re winning today.

  188. Bappy Hirthday to you! I think that’s how it goes, maybe I should have another glass of wine… don’t tell my boss I’m at work. Sad I missed your giveaway but OMG laughed my ass off at your text convo with your sister. Those are the kind of conversations I have in my head all the time. Have a great day!

  189. If I hadn’t been slow, I totally would have nominated a friend who needs your book! (Unrelated:she gave her son a book on botched taxidermy for Christmas, so she’s definitely one of the tribewhether she knows it or not…) But happy birthday!

  190. I’m happy because we share a birthday – really! It’s really my birthday too! Happy birthday to us. 🙂

  191. I am furiously happy that I get to hang out with your sister and her family all the time. I am furiously happy that my 13yo is besties with your 5yo niece. I am furiously happy that your sister got my copy of your book signed and then gave me a signed Furiously Happy audiobook for Christmas.

  192. Happy Birthday! And right now, Hunter S. Thomcat’s photobomb is making me happy. But also, cupcakes from the fancy cupcake shop across town – those were delicious!

  193. I am ridiculously happy about the fancy blender I got for Christmas from my parents.


  194. Woo Hoo! happy birthday! I’d love a copy of your book. You see, I was on the waiting list at the library. I finally got the email, then forgot the email, then forgot to return the other 8 books that I had all intentions of reading. So, I lost out on my long queue, and had to pay over $5 in late book fines. And if I did get a copy I would read it and then forward it to my friend to introduced me to the giant metal chicken. The chicken has thus linked us forever.
    And something that I’m happy about? I teach yogalates – one person really let one rip and no one laughed. Because if someone had snickered, I would have lost it. Then again, I might have been hearing things…
    Happy Birthday – thanks for making me laugh!

  195. Happy birthday. 🙂

    Aside from the fact that I’m being happy that depression hasn’t killed me yet, and hopefully won’t, I’m glad I still have my parents, and that I was able to rescue a gorgeous dog from the shelter.

    I’ve already read your book, thanks to my favourite place: the library. I was reading it as I helped dad make his deliveries and he asked me what I was laughing at. 🙂

  196. Feliz cumple! I’m happy that LSU is playing Texas Tech in the Texas Bowl today and that it comes on after I get off of work so I can actually watch it! Also that if LSU happens to lose, Kliff Kingsbury will take his shirt off in celebration thus soothing my hurt feelings about the loss – RIGHT KLIFF???

  197. Happy Birthday! Here’s a virtual spoon! I’m happy my wife made it through surgery last month.

  198. I’m happy because at this time 4 years ago, I was waking up in a mental health facility after a suicide attempt and for the first time ever, I didn’t spend the day in bed. (Okay, but just the morning!) Happy birthday!

  199. This year you mentioned me in your blog and I met you at your book signing in NYC. You were so warm and sweet and wrote the NICEST thing in my book. And my friend’s book. He read it over Thanksgiving and loved it! And I was able to give you a delicious pastry. Lots to be happy about!

    Happy Birthday, Jenny from your friend Norma. You are MAGNIFICENT and I’m so happy to know you! XXOO

  200. I would love a copy of your book. Not going to go into why, because it’s way easier to smile and let everybody think I’m fine. Even if I’m too late for a copy, I just wanted to say that I somehow always manage to fine one thing to be happy about every day. Even if it’s just that my kitten licked my nose, it’s something!

  201. I gave your autographed book to my cousin. She said, “but I have that book.”

    My mom smiled and told her, “Look inside.”

    Cousin didn’t say anything but her eyes got wide. And we got hugs.

    She wrote her Senior Thesis on your first book, though I can’t remember the name, sitting in the eye doctor’s waiting room.

  202. Of course, when trying to correct a mistake made by auto-correct, it says that I’m “being happy”.

  203. Happy Birthday! I’ll share it with you in spirit since I tend to have shitty birthday-days. I already have the book (and where am I keeping safe that special signed book plate you sent me that I should now put in the book?!) It makes me happy that Christmas is over and I finally made a post publicly on fb about doing a Children’s Tumor Foundation fundraising race in my underwear. In Detroit. In February. Brrr.. https://my.cupids.org/craddock It will definitely take a few shots of liquor.

  204. You already have a gazillion responses to this post so I’m going to assume the books are gone already. However, if you ever run across cheap used ones again, I’d love to have a chance to buy one. My son battles depression and anxiety and has your same awesomely weird sense of humor. I think it might help him to hear another voice that isn’t his counselor or his mother… Not that we are bad voices, we’re just, you know, the voices no one wants to listen to. And to be fair, I don’t get it because I don’t experience it. I’m trying to get it and trying to support him through it but it’s so HARD. So, if you have any resources or advice for a parent of someone who battles depression and anxiety, I would love to hear them. He’s 20 and this all boiled to the surface about a year ago but we are learning that it was there all along.

    Anyway, Happy Happy Happy birthday to you!

  205. Tonight my whole family is getting together to celebrate my dead grandfather’s 100th birthday (except him, naturally), and it’s my (living) cousin’s birthday too, so that would be kind of rude for me to show up and be all, it’s my birthday, mofos!!

    Have a happy birthday yourself, though!

  206. I have a copy of your book that I have shared with friends who can’t sort of afford it…they are very happy I did!! I lost my beautiful cousin today and I although I am sad beyond words, what I am happy about is that I go to see her TWICE this fall (after an eight year absence) and will remember her warmth, her generosity and her spirit!! Thanks for the opportunity to share, Jenny.

  207. Happy Birthday!!!! I own the ebook and a signed bookplate- which may be weird because I have no actual book to put it in- but I carry it in my purse to remind me that I’m not alone. When I hit my lows I read your blog and comments because it helps. Today is a low for me. I’m having one of those days where I can’t face real people but I have to be at work so my door is shut and every time someone knocks I pretend I’m on a call and turn my back and wave them away. I’ve cried for 3 hours And I can’t stop then I feel stupid because I don’t know what’s wrong or why I feel broken. I should be happy. I have a job. I have benefits. My kids are healthy. My husband is not but with my insurance he has the care he needs. Because of the community here my kids had the Christmas I couldn’t afford so I should be happy. But I’m not happy today. But I hope you are happy today. And I hope those that get your book smile today. I’m not asking for a copy because it would be greedy since I have the ebook. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and thanks for being you because you and this tribe help me through the bad days.

  208. I’m happy because I’m two years into a job (that I started on my birthday!) that I love insanely and very, very happy that I am free of the horrible public health job that I was stuck in for 7 years. I’m so happy that the permanent soundtrack in my head since the day I started this job is the song “Happy”.

  209. Fuck! Yes! Please! I am hating myself as we speak, especially for being so damn broke! I desperately need a laugh…

  210. I already have two copies. 🙂
    I am happy happy happy because I just returned from an impulse trip where I learned two Very Important Things. 1, I can wrangle two kids, two car seats, a stroller, a suitcase, and three backpacks through the airport by myself AND stay relatively sane. 2, the area I decided is where I want/need to retire & settle down, DESPITE NEVER HAVING BEEN THERE BEFORE, turned out to be freaking awesome and perfect for me. I am a little bummed to be back in TX now, but I’m returning to OR & WA this summer to pick the town where my kids and I will be “from” for the rest of our lives, and moving there within the year. For someone who has spent half their life in the military, moving every few years…this is huge. I’m gonna lay down some roots & grow as tall as those gorgeous trees that make me so happy.

  211. Happy Birthday! It’s also my sister’s birthday. She lives in Texas and loves animals so maybe I missed the memo and you’re actually my sister? That would be cool because then your next book could be all about being raised by a pack of bikers. There’s stories in that life.

    Anyways, here’s the thing that makes me so happy. He’s the best thing ever, even if he dances like a white boy.


  212. I can’t think of a reason to be happy right now. It’s your birthday and my husband Matt’s birthday (you’re a year apart).

    I was recently told (by my doctor, not like some guy at the pizza place cause that wouldn’t bother me so much) that a recent ekg shows I have had a heart attack but she’s trying to straighten out my blood before she sends to a cardiologist. Then I had a mammogram and now they want to send me to a specialist for more in depth testing. And then the day after Christmas my mother died. I’m thinking “REALLY?!?”

    But it just occurred to me that I have blessed myself by buying Furiously Happy which I can re-read and remember why my life is beautiful. Thank you for being you…and, more importantly, for living your life out loud. It’s like a siren song…except without the death at the end. You’re the anti-siren. Happy birthday. May your light shine ever brightly.

  213. Already have the book you signed in Dallas, so just sending birthday good wishes to another December baby!

  214. Happy Birthday! What makes me happy are my awesome friends and my cat which survives anything (beeing abonded by his former owners, hit by a car and beeing shot by an air rifle) and which likes me enough to sleep on my belly. 🙂

  215. My birds doing weird things makes me incredibly happy. today I got to watch Cappy, who was adopted a few months ago (after being a breeder rather than a pet, and is slowly getting more comfortable) steal a peanut and make off with it out of his own bowl. it was very stealthy, furtive, and completely unneccessary

  216. Happy birthday to you! It’s not my birthday, but it is my son’s birthday! (He’s 14, ugh.)
    My kids gave me your book for Christmas (meaning I ordered it and told them that’s what they were giving me), and it is so excellent! I’m just starting to treat my own depression and anxiety; my middle son asked me why I looked so sad all the time, and I just didn’t know what to say. I still don’t. But I’m working on it.

  217. Well, I’m guessing I’m not #10…. But would you just send me an email so I can show off to my friends? Have a wonderful birthday, and I will, too….even though it’s in March, but I needed to do-over year 10 when Mom started a fire in the kitchen and we ate cake outdoors cuz of the smoke.

  218. First things first HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    Second , I feel like I’m probably not the best pick but I’d really love to get Furiosly Happy , because I’ve read Let’s Pretend this never happened(this gives me bonus points right?) and I absolutely loved it , it was the book I needed at the time I read it and now I literally lend to my friends ( I usually don’t lend books , that’s my rule number 1 of surviving this world) so yeah , I think it be pretty cool if you’d send me your book .
    if you got to the end of this super long comment well done you and the thing that makes me happy is books (and no I didn’t say this just to get bonus points but that helps right?) no but seriously I do love me books , I love reading and I also love getting to know people although they don’t like to meet me .
    That’s all hope you have a wonderful birthday 🙂

  219. Happy Birthday! If you haven’t given away all 10 copies, I’d really love one of them, to give to my recently-diagnosed bipolar daughter. They haven’t found a medication that works properly for her yet, and she’s really struggling.

  220. Happy happy birthday Jenny!!! 🎂🎂🎂🎂

    I’m happy that I’m not alone in being ‘broken’– & that we’re all finding ways to live life to the fullest 😊

    Hope your day is fabulous, with no dimes or granny panties in sight!
    And thank you for sharing your life with us. Cheers! 🍷🍷

  221. Happy Birthday! Mine is on the 8th. Would love a copy of your book, but cant’afford it… Depressing state of affairs here…

  222. Happy Birthday! I don’t need the book. I received the signed copy from my husband for Christmas. (Insert giggling and joyful jumping in chair here.) But one of the thing that makes me happy right now is, as weird as it sounds, coloring. Mainly with gel pens and sharpies, but it has been soothing and the finished pictures always make me happier.

  223. I’m happy that the photo of you and Hunter is posed in such a way as to NOT show kitty butthole.

    (I think I’ve been playing too much Neko Atsume where kitty butthole is abundant)

    (And only here would a statement like that not raise an eyebrow. For which I am also happy.)

  224. Today I’m happy that my toddler was able to communicate that she needed to throw up before it happened. This was huge, as I don’t really like being covered in vomit.

  225. Probably too late, but moving across the country this month without my wife’s help is kicking my butt and my cat’s and I can hardly afford any of it nevermind a book.

  226. Hapoy Birthday Jenny! Mine is coming up on the 8th. I would love a copy of your book, but it’s not in my poor girl’s budget. Sad state of affairs here..

  227. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and tell you I have never laughed as much when reading as I did when I read your books this past month! Thank you!

  228. Already own the book, but happy birthday! I’m happy my nephew (15 mos) was really into snuggling with me this past weekend!

  229. Things that make me happy: cat nipples, pretending I can speak some English so I can write you a message, puns, the hour I spent this morning trying to decide if Daniel Craig was my favourite UILF (as in MILF, but with “ugly” instead of “mother”), World War One books (the drama and the lace)… And specially that last part of Furiously Happy which made me realize I have finally overcome my depression (I call it “dementors”, apparently Harry Potter also makes me happy!). And I´m not looking back, just like that raccoon on the cover! Not sure what the future will bring, but I´m not scared to find out 🙂
    MANY THANKS for that über inspiring-eye-opening-hilarious read and furiously happy birthday to you from the other side of the world!!!

  230. What makes me happy today? We found out this week that our 12 year old son will be discharging next Monday from an inpatient treatment center for children with severe anxiety and depression, where he’s been since early November. I’ve never been away from my kids for more than 4 days, so not having him home for almost two months, especially during the holidays, has been awful for all of us. I can’t wait to have my whole family together again! I’ve allowed him to read certain parts of your book, and to see him laughing until he cries is such a wonderful sight! I’ve also kept a copy that you signed when you were in Milwaukee in October for when he’s a bit older and can handle the more adult topics 😉 Thanks for all you do, Jenny. You’re an inspiration and give so many hope. Depression lies, anxiety sucks, but through it all, there’s hope, and help, and I consider you part of our treatment team <3 Happy birthday, Jenny!

  231. I’m happy that this evening I will be seeing friends whom I have not seen in weeks. We’ll be drinking and painting. None of us actually knows how to paint, so this should be RIDICULOUS.

  232. Happy Birthday, Jenny!!!!!!!
    YOU make me happy!!!!!
    Right now my brain is being a jerk and trying to supplant stupid, negative thoughts into itself about issues that probably aren’t even real. Time to go color in my new grown up coloring book I got for Christmas…

  233. Happy birthday! I’m grateful to have such an amazing man in my life that somehow manages to deal with all of my crazy.

  234. Hey Jenny! :). Happy Birhday! Just FYI: you share a birthday with one if the coolest people to ever have lived on this hurtling greenish-blue ball of goo we call home; my oldest brother Matt. He died in a car accident in ’88 about a month before he turned 19… But like you (also one of the coolest people on our goo-ball) he lived furiously happy while he was here. I feel furiously blessed to get to know you over cyber-social-alternate reality. Peace be with you on this glorious day!!! Keep the freak flags flyin’… ;)~

  235. Happy Birthday! I read Furiously Happy and laughed until I cried and a couple of times, cried until I laughed. Now I’m reading your first book. Last night I sent my boyfriend several texts. I started with p.s. and ended in p.p.p.p.p.s. one was to assure him it was p.p.s and not p.s.s. I Google it! Imagine my surprise when two pages later in your book, you did the same thing!!! It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one that can’t stop the random thoughts. And I can’t wait to tell my boyfriend he’s not the only one to endure weirdness. He thinks he’s a flipping saint!!!

  236. What’s making me happy today? A smiling goat picture that my boyfriend sent me last night from thousands of miles away when I couldn’t sleep. It made me laugh at a time I really needed to laugh and I really wish I could post it here to share it with the world. That, and drinking coffee with my aunt and my mom today, also laughing.

  237. Happy Birthday! My little happiness, is really furiously happy, baby #3 was born on Christmas and now I think my family is complete.

  238. Getting to meet you last November, was part of my birthday gift to myself. Your birthday wishes to me, in my copy of “Furiously Happy” was very special. I’m a hard-core bubble head. Being able to give you a book full of bubbles… with Rory’s happy face in all of the pictures? Yeah… extreme happiness vibes going on from that. Happy Birthday Jenny!

  239. Yay, December babies! I also think sharing a birthday with Jude Law is awesome. I share mine with… Aaron Carter.

    Hope you’re having an excellent day! Happy birthday!

  240. Happy Birthday Jenny! I don’t need anything from you. You’ve already given me countless laugh-til-tears-run-down-my-leg moments AND touched my heart with your beautiful, generous spirit. That, right there, makes me happy.

  241. I would love a copy of your book! I found “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened” at a thrift store and this would complete the collection.
    Today I am happy that my snoring, adorable orange cat is lying next to me making sweet noises and his brother is here too. Today cats make me happy. (they do every day)

  242. Yes, a birthday do-over! Happy birthday to us! I had to put my cat to sleep on my birthday in June. It sucked. A lot. And delaying the inevitable a day wouldn’t have helped anyone. So a post about birthdays and cats, ahh, tears. I’m going to say one more sucky thing before I post the happy thing. The EF-4 Texas tornado was across the lake from where I live. A little lake between me and massive day-after-Christmas destruction.

    BUT NOW THE HAPPY THING. Everyone I’ve come in contact with is not “poor me and my slab of foundation”. Nope. They are FURIOUSLY HAPPY. I’ve been across the lake conducting what business I can to spread the economic love, and cashiers are asking me, “did you get hit? How can I help you?” And I’m like, “Nope, I’m good, how can I help YOU?” And they smile, and they’re good. It’s neighbors helping neighbors across the lake.

    So what makes me happy is knowing that I’m in the right place at the right time to witness strength and resilience in the face of darkness.

  243. Happy birthday Jenny!
    A confession: I still haven’t read “Furiously Happy”. I have a copy, but I have been studying for a certification exam (that I have already failed once) for what seems like forever.

  244. Happy Birthday!!

    My grandmothers birthday is tomorrow and mine is next month.

    Today I am really happy to have the day off from work, and I finished a project I was working on, and I also have a cat who loves me.

    I’m probably way to late for the books (stupid power company picked TODAY to turn off the power for some work), but one of these days I will be able to afford your new book. I do have the first book and I read that again when I want the reminder that I’m not alone.

    Have a wonderful birthday. Go watch some things on YouTube. 🙂

  245. Happy Birthday!!!

    Something that makes me happy: my mom bought me a coloring book for christmas. I’m in my 20s… and I’ve been coloring every night. With vigor!

    And wine.

    And markers.

    Oh, also this

    [facebook url="https://www.facebook.com/linkuptv/videos/1042304872478263/" /]

  246. Happy Birthday!
    I’m happy that I got to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my son this year! It’s the first time that’s happened in 13 years.

  247. Happy Birthday! I just finished the audiobook of Furiously Happy. Favorite part was when you had cat fur on your bottom. It’s a struggle that’s all too real.

  248. I hope your birthday is great! Or at least less sucktastic than a somewhat bad day. (That made more sense in my head, but I’m leaving it.) I’m happy because my dog lets me pretend she’s a giant teddy bear when I sleep.

  249. I bought a copy of Furiosly happy for my daughter for Christmas. It was TORTURE to have it in my closet for a week and not read it…. I didnt want to spoil anyhting if my boyfriend bought me my own copy (it was one of 2 books I asked for) He bought me a SIGNED copy!!! SO HAPPY!! and he got the other book too….

  250. Happy Happy Birthday – one of the great things about this past year – reading your books and blog. A funny thing for me – my sons have 4 dogs and I bought them all toys for Christmas – Carmen, the sneaky one, casually took all the toys for herself.

  251. I’m happy that so many early responders noted that they already HAVE your book, so are happy to see them go to ten OTHER lucky people. I’m also happy from having watched my two big brothers dancing around my kitchen, preparing their contributions to Family Christmas Dinner. It’s been years since I saw them cooking together (or adjacent to one another), since their wives tend to shoo them out of their own kitchens, so it was a joy to see them working side-by-side and laughing together. Not to mention negotiating for the practically non-existent counter space. Seriously warmed my heart. Happy Birthday and Happy Almost New Year! The light is on its way back!!

  252. I am happy I finished your 1st book last night. I read the 2nd last month. I am late to the following of you. And my family wishes I never found your books. I literally laugh out loud any where I’m reading it. They are tired of my coughing fits. Well because I’ve been sick with a cold for like 6 weeks and when I start laughing it starts a coughing fit. My husband say that “it can’t be that funny, nothing is that funny”. He doesn’t read, he has no idea how hilarious you are. I borrowed them both from the library. But I think I need it to read over and over. So I’m sure all the 10 are taken, but just incase…pick me pick me!

  253. Happy Birthday! My good thing is that for the first time in a long time I’m doing a little cooking for fun. I made cherry jam last weekend and I’m going to try it again with a tweeked recipe just because I want to!

  254. I cried on Christmas day because, yes, I have family, and also, they made me feel crappy that day. Then I read your book whilst locked in the bathroom (again….it’s a thing around here….your book is, ah…on my toilet. Permanently. That’s a compliment, you’re welcome!), and I felt better. So YOU made me happy!

    Also, today I went to the cancer prevention doctor (family history of breast cancer) and while examining me, she told me my skin looked fabulous and what did I use. I thought she meant my boob skin, and I looked at her funny. Then she quickly said, “The skin on your FACE, it’s so lovely.” So that also made me happy! Also I was worried about her checking out my boob skin even if it did look nice. And then I thought of you microdermabrasion chapter and I really, really wanted to blurt out some quotes from that at the doctor, but I DID NOT, so that’s a win. I think. Or maybe a loss, because maybe she totally would have laughed. We’ll never know.

  255. Already have the book. Already love the book even though I already knew depression sucks and it lies and so do some doctors who don’t know how to treat it. But happy birthday anyway. I hope you are not one of those December birthday people who get shorted presents by some cheap people who say they are combining your Christmas and birthday gifts…. they lie, too

  256. Happy birthday.
    Will you get this far? I KNOW Im not one of the 10~ and I also noticed you can’t count. 🙂

    Life… Sucks. No beginning to the “suckiness” and no end in sight.
    However- I added your book to my library wish list… Behind a bunch of other people…. Because of THIS comment…

    24Jill W | December 29, 2015 at 3:05 pm
    I finished reading your book a few days ago. I laughed, I cried, I cried even harder at that last part. It made me realize I’ve been suffering long enough and it’s time to get help. I’m thankful and happy I’m still here to get the help I need and to be taking that first step.

    Im neither thankful or happy to “still be here” but see a glimmer of light wayyyyyyyyyyy out there…. In book form.

    Your generosity brightened my day. So does knowing Im not totally alone in the sucky dark.

  257. Happy Birthday! Something that’s making me happy right now is that I just started reading “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” and think is awesome – hilarious and sad, but in a good way. You’ve got a wonderful, supportive community going here on your blog, which is also making me happy.

  258. OK, I was in a bad spot before Christmas, but then you came to Seattle and I got to meet you and I talked like a manic squirrel (sorry, I know how you feel about squirrels) and then we got: KITTENS. Two little brothers, totally superglued bonded to each other, 10 weeks old, flame point siamese/possibly ragdoll sweetiepies. Phoenix and Blaze. They like to have me snuggle them to sleep while holding them both at the same time. Which is adorable now but is going to get pretty awkward later as they grow. So now my profile pic is of me holding them both and we put a meme caption on it that says: “I’m not saying kittens fix anything, but EVERYTHING is better with kittens.” I think we need to turn it into a poster for rescue kittens. 😀 And when they’re not begging to be held while they fall asleep, or wrestling all over the house because/BOYS, they’re randomly posing adorably for photo ops like this one: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153999433363974&set=pb.573898973.-2207520000.1451426239.&type=3&theater

  259. I’m happy that I was able to go to a couple’s massage for my anniversary today, and not freak out about a stranger touching me (especially my feet). I loved your book, and am thankful I finally got the help I needed to get my anxiety in check.

    Happy Birthday, Jenny–from one of the other myriad of Jenns, Jennis, Jennys, and Jennifers from the 1970s. What were our parent’s thinking?

  260. Happy birthday Jenny. Having found your books and blog make me happy cause I love them, and you. Your amazing, thanks for being you, and thanks to your mom for springing you from her lady garden 😉

  261. Happy Birthday Jenny!
    I’m happy because:
    1) I am in a much better place emotionally today than this date last year
    2) my lunch consisted of three chocolate covered peanut butter crispy balls and they were fantastic
    3) I get a therapeutic massage in 3 hours
    4) I did something really physically hard earlier this year and was successful, if still requiring the above massages 3 months later
    5) It’s your birthday and your presence and the presence of this community has added so much good feeling to my life through the words and deeds of you and everyone else here.

  262. Happy Birthday Jenny, I am furiously happy because my 20 year old who has been to hell and back over the last 7 years is still with us, doing great and has just gone camping with friends.

  263. Happy birthday Jenny!
    I commented over on Facebook, and you get so many comments, but wanted to add my well wishes over here. 🙂
    My co-worker lent me your first book last year because it made her think of me, which made me go “really? well, yeah, thanks, I’m pretty crazy and awesome and if I remind you of Jenny Lawson, well that’s pretty frickin’ awesome too!” I immediately bought your second one the day it came out because I had a feeling it would resonate even more with me, and it did.
    My best friend was in the hospital for a month just recently for a serious episode of depression and I lent her my copy, which was then passed around to a couple other ladies on the ward. I always forget that not everyone who deals with mental illness has been dealing with it for as long as I have (since I was 13 and I’m 30 now), and your books and blog are such a HUGE help for someone who is just starting to figure it out.
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with the world, and helping people better understand what it is like to deal with mental illness, but also helping us laugh at ourselves at the same time.
    I hope that all that good stuff you are putting out into the universe comes back to you 1000x over and that your birthday is full of unicorns and kittens and cute goats yelling.

    Also, if you are interested in adding to your repertoire of silly things that will help you get by on dark days, I have a couple Pinterest boards that I use.
    One is things that make me smile. And they are just stupid silly images that will make me laugh no matter how shitty I feel. There are quite a few cat-related pins.
    The other is dealing with depression. Which is more motivational type stuff, some of which is funny, some that is more serious, and some that may or may not be from your book. 😛

  264. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a super fantastic day today and everyday!!! You make laugh out loud and I lv u😍💜 I’m disappointed in myself for missing seeing you at Left Bank Books here in St. Louis!!!! So I want to selfishly ask you to please hurry and put together another book but also take your time and ignore my request because I know touring is stressful and causes anxiety. Just know you brighten my day and anytime I’m having the wrong feels I open your book to have the right ones! Thank you!

  265. Happy happy birthday, Jenny!! I don’t need the book since I already have it and refuse to part with it EVAR. Some things that make me happy: Homemade fudge from my uncle’s girlfriend, my cats, warm slippers, getting to dress up for going out to dinner tonight with my husband for our 24th anniversary (it was yesterday), and the fact that my 3 kids 13, 16, and 20 all slept in the same room at my sister’s house for 3 nights and not only didn’t kill each other, but had fun together!

  266. My happy thing: my best friend, inspired in part by your honesty about depression and being open about hard things, has been blogging lately about the joy and struggle that comes with not only parenting (4 month old twins and a 3 year old), but also with finding the balance in an authentic and meaningful life. https://whyarethere2.wordpress.com/

    Also: this dog caught in the act with a can of whipped cream. https://www.facebook.com/casey.schnakenberg/videos/10208789636964576/

  267. I’m happy that all the ridiculousness that is ‘family time’ at the holidays is over and I can chill indoors during a snowstorm with no bra on because let’s face it, the best gifts are the ones you don’t have to wear. Also this video of a hippo farting because it made my 4-year old daughter laugh so hard she snorted and started coughing while laughing and could barely breath enough to ask for it again. Happy Birthday, may you only have the support you need without and underwire. 😉

  268. I do not need a copy of your book. I read it, listened to it, and recommended it to countless others.
    Happy birthday, or unbirthday, whichever it is. Today is one of my unbirthdays. I had my real one last week.
    You askedon’t us to tell you something happy. I am on depression meds and they work quite well, but I just realized I have CAD, Christmas Affective Disorder. So what has been happy? On Saturday, after all was said and done, I spent the entire day in my recliner reading and sleeping. It was truly awesome. Everyone should do this weekly, or daily, whatever works. After that day of recharging, I can face the world again and enjoy things until the next overdone family gathering. Best wishes to you and your wonderful family. Thank you for being here for us.

  269. Happy Birthday! Cat nipples would be too small to milk and cats shed so much, you would need to double filter it. Or get a hairless one. I dont really need you to send me a book. I havent got one yet but mainly because I’m lazy not because I’m not interested.

  270. I live in an “Over 55” community in Florida. A while back, I decided to let my hair go grey, which I am happy about. A new neighbor (you can only imagine the turnover in these communities!) said to me, “So what made you decide to let your hair go grey?” Like, why had I given up on life? I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from saying, “So how does it work? Do you just go to Walgreen’s, cruise the Clairol aisle, and look for the box that says “Bozo”? Is that how you’ve managed to get that shade of red/orange?” Sadly, i did not say it out loud.

  271. I got a new job 2 weeks ago and I’m quite enjoying it. I’d forgotten what it’s like to work for people who aren’t psycho, and it’s a constant pleasant surprise.

    Happy birfday!

  272. I’m happy because I bought myself a copy of FH when it came out, and then a dear friend got me a copy of FH for my birthday- which means a) her first gift to me was the wonderful feeling of knowing I have a friend who knows me well enough to know what I would love to read and b) what she actually then gave me a wonderful excuse to go stand and stare at aisles of beautiful books to see which second book I get to get (since I also already have LPTNH).

  273. Happy Birthday Beautiful!! I hope you have a day filled with joy and love and that this year is filled with more happy than less than moments!

  274. Happy Birthday Jenny! I’m happy today because it has snowed 24+ cm here (almost 10 inches) and because I work at home I don’t have to deal with it. 🙂

  275. Happy Birthday Jenny, may it be a furiously happy year for you! I am very happy that my meds are working and life is good! Depression is a lying mofo!

  276. Happy birthday, Jenny!

    I just returned from spending Christmas with SJG friends. I was invited by a lovely saint and had a great time. We made all sorts of treats, including Christmas cookies which I hadn’t made in years and went to see Star Wars. It was the first Christmas I had truly looked forward to in six years and it was great to enjoy it again.

  277. I don’t need a copy because I got one for MY birthday last week and I’ve already devoured it. 🙂 From one December girl to another, happiest of happy birthdays to you!

    And the thing that makes me happy today is seeing people at the museum where I work actually reading the signs I put hours and hours into writing and designing.

  278. I already own your book so yay me, but I just had to share that today is also my daughter’s birthday and she’s 16 this year and OMG HOW DID I GET OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A 16 YEAR OLD??? In other news, I took her to get her driver’s permit today and she passed so I let her drive around the back of our local Target and she didn’t hit anything! So, you know, #parentingwin! Happy Birthday, Jenny! Thank you for bringing joy into our lives!

  279. It’s seriously my birthday too, my 40th to be exact! I love your posts and your books, totally makes my day when you post!

  280. Happy birthday, Jenny! I already have your books (signed)! I also have shared them with many who needed to read them. Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day! Also, Happy Birthday to Dexter Holland! Two amazing people share the same birthday! 😉

  281. Happy Birthday! I am (unusually for me) happy about a lot of things, very happy and thankful for the folks that posted cute photos of cats, screaming goats, silly orangutans, etc., on this blog.

  282. The stray cat my neighbor and I had been taking care of disappeared two weeks ago, which made us both really sad… then today, on my Facebook page, I saw his picture on the link for the town animal shelter. He is pretty ill from diabetes, but the animal control officer let my neighbor and I get him back without any fee, because of his impending vet bills. He’s going to live with her, and I gave her the gift of cat sitting him for the rest of his life, as well as subsidizing his medical fees. The animal control officer sent him home with me with a bunch of things- cat food, beds, litter and litter pan, toys- and the cat seemed really happy to see us again. No idea how he got from one side of my town to where he was picked up (something nefarious, we think), but he’s back home with the people who care about him. It may not be all that important, but he’s a sweet guy who has had a rough life. Oh- and I’m really thankful that Bloom County is back- and even better than it was before, thanks to Facebook. No editors to censor his strips.

  283. Hi Jenny and Happy Birthday. I’m happy because I’ve got a roof over my head and food on the table. I’m unhappy because I moved in with mom to take care of her (she’s 85) and gave ALL my stuff (including books) away. Now I’m getting sad because nothing is mine and it feels weird. I’ve struggled with depression all my life but finally feel well enough to maybe go off my meds. But I’m scared that I will get depressed again. Anyhow, I think reading your book could give me insight. My library has it, but I’m 256 on the wait list, so it will be awhile. Anyway have have a wonderful birthday and I hope you got lots of presents that weren’t both birthday and Christmas gifts. That sucks. Happy New Year.

  284. p.s.-OMG- forgot to say this- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Was reading your book while getting my windshield replaced; pretty sure they think I’m nuts now from all the laughing, but I don’t care.

  285. I am happy that my family and I have had the first really good Christmas in about a decade. Drama every damn year, and this year we were going into it after a nearly solid year of being super broken and hurting and just hoping to maybe not be entirely miserable. Or, well, I was anyway, I didn’t really take a poll, but I know I and the Beloved were feeling that way. And instead of the usual shit…love happened. Clear communication, gentleness, apologies, small favors – the kind of things that aren’t so big taken one at a time, but together amounted to happy tears and joy instead of curling at bay in separate corners.

    God, I’m exhausted. But it’s a good kind. It’s the kind where safe isn’t just a wish, and okay is really okay, not a fancy way of avoiding saying “awful”. Bloody hell, we earned this one.

    Happy Birthday, Jenny.

  286. Happy Birthday! What’s making me happy is my kitten I got from a shelter, who is the most adorable and loving little girl ever, and the awesome books I just read, “Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead”, and “Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie We’re in Trouble”.

  287. Happy birthday!

    I’m about to go sell a bunch of books at half price books and I think yours will be one I buy if it isn’t too expensive. I’m selling an entire tub of books (have to pare down, I have over 400 books and they’ve outgrown my shelves) so I’ll probably make enough to cover it. Plus I have a signed bookplate already and I’m not daring enough to stick it in a different book and confuse people. So I kind of have to buy it now.

  288. I’m happy because we finally got some serious snow yesterday, and I got to go sledding with my 5 y.o. granddaughter, and I didn’t have a cardiac event. Or, pee in the snow. But, then I came in and I 10 cookies. They’re all gone now, and that makes me happy, as well.

  289. Happy Birthday Sunshine! My animals make me happy…and chocolate…mmmmm…chocolate! Thank you so much sharing so much in Furiously Happy! It is eyeopening to many who don’t understand and life-saving to those that understand all to well about mental illness. Bless you!

  290. I already bought “Furiously Happy” as a birthday gift to me! Tomorrow, a big mug of tea and I will be reading that book (the big mug of tea doesn’t read, but it’s my wingman for reading, keeping those energy levels up to turn actual paper pages). I can’t read it today because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Really. Happy Birthday, Bloggess. You rock the world!!

  291. I’m happy I got to meet one of my favorite writers (nudge-nudge) this year. I’m happy I have terrific people in my life who remind me that all is not lost. I’m happy I find lots of material to generate loud, inappropriate laughter ’cause I–we all–need it. Cheers to you, Jenny. Happy, happy birthday!

  292. Messages from the Universe happen in the best ways!! Radio songs geared to your need to be confirmed…MY NAME AT THE TOP OF THIS BLOG??? Message received 🙂 Thank you… And spread that Happy Birthday joy in your unorthodox and addictive-ly insane way that brings confidence to us all.

  293. I really, really need a copy of your book, can’t afford one, had a crap christmas, and want to pass it long to someone else who needs it even more. After I finish it. btw, just found you can’t believe I haven’t known about you before, us both being in Austin area and you being incredibly funny and insightful and an awesome read. Thanks for everything, especially the first post I read, which was just, hey, if things are shit at the holiday, you’re not alone. I needed that so much it was a gift. and Happy Birthday!

  294. So I live in an “Over 55” Community in Florida. A while back, I let my hair grow out so I could see how much white/grey I had. I liked it. A new neighbor (you can imagine the turnover in these communities!) said to me, “So why did you decide to let your hair go grey?” It was said in a tone like, “when did you just give up on life?” I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from saying, “So, how does it work for you? You go to Walgreen’s, cruise the Clairol aisle until you get to the color called Bozo, and that’s how your hair ended up that color?” Sadly, I did not say it out loud. Nothing screams “this is my natural color!” like a 67 year old woman with home dyed orange hair.

  295. Happy birthday, Jenny! I am all set in the awesome books by you department, but was feeling a bit depleted in the feeling awesome department…and then I read this post and saw you giving your book away to a bunch of people who really needed it and …whew. I feel so much better. I was just feeling damp and bluesy after my daughter and her family headed back home a few hours ago. Still miss them but in a normal way. Thanks for breaking my funk with your kindness!

  296. My awesome husband bought your book as a Christmas gift to me (AND YOU LIKED THE PIC ON TWITTER OMG!!!) so I’m no longer in need. Something happy? I have M&Ms and chocolate covered cherries to make me smile on an otherwise yucky day. Not that your birthday is yucky, just that Tuesdays are Methotrexate recovery days and I generally feel like moldy ass crack. Ahem.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I snorted and laughed so hard when I read about the cat rodeo that I nearly choked on my own breath. I promise, that’s actually a compliment, despite it sounding like my kinda blaming you for my almost death. It’d be a hell of a way to go.

  297. Happy birthday, Jenny! Reading every word you write makes me extremely happy! I am desperately craving your new book.Desperately. 🙂

  298. I’m happy that on Christmas morning at 1am and the whole of Christmas weekend, the emergency vets were able to say my dog from a terrible death and heal her! I love my fur baby and she’s not allowed to leave me yet!

  299. When I read your book I kept thinking, “oh, I do that too, I think that too!” And eventually, “Jenny sees a doctor and it helps her, so…” I started therapy and things are getting much better for me – thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  300. I won my copy from Goodreads so in honor of your birthday I’d like to buy someone else a copy. Can you give me the info to make that happen?

  301. My birthday day gift to you is those precious 3-5 seconds where your cat who usually just farts at you lets you rub their belly. Always makes me happy 🙂

  302. Happy Birthday! I was just talking to a friend I’ve known for over eight years from the internet and phone calls. We’ve never met. She was telling me about a gift her sister gave her for Christmas. A book written by some mentally ill woman. Which truthfully, did sound strange. Who wants a book written by a mentally ill person? Until she told me the title. And then I was, YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF JENNY LAWSON? You will LOVE this book, START READING IT NOW and check out her website and you will want to get her first book too! We’ll be able to discuss it, just as soon as I can retrieve my copy which I loaned to my therapist. The Happiness is Spreading. 🙂

  303. Happy Birthday! And thanks for your book, Furiously Happy, I really needed to read it.

  304. Happy birthday and a heartfelt thank you for your wonderful books. I’m happy because a friend just sent me a link to a five-year-old girl drumming (on a totally real drum set) to Jump by Van Halen. It was awesome.

  305. Happy birthday Jenny! I’m so happy for you.

    I’d like to put my name in the running if I still can. My husband has been stuck at an oil rig since the beginning of this SNOWMAGGEDON bullshit and it’ll probably be a couple more days until He can still come home. To say things are stressed is an understatement, to say the least.

  306. Today really is my Birthday too!!! So Happy Birthday to both of us awesome Capricorns! I have both of your books & reading them makes me happy!!

  307. Happy birthday! We had our first (much later than usual) storm today. Instead of seeing people being upset about the snow I witnessed several acts of kindness like people helping strangers push stuck cars out of snowbanks and a taxi driver helping shovel out a stuck city bus. As I was shoveling after I got home from work, a neighbour I don’t know came to help me cheerfully stating “‘Tis the season!” when I thanked him.
    Faith in humanity at an all-time high!
    I also sent my first copy of Furiously Happy to an on-line friend I met when I sent a Traveling Red Dress out into the world. I got a second at a book signing 🙂

  308. Happy Birthday! I don’t need another copy of your book. I already bought two. One signed copy for myself that my kiddo decided was missing a few words that he added in scented marker (just when I thought the book couldn’t get better, now it smells of cherries), and another to put in the Little Free Library in my area. If you don’t know what a Little Free Library is, here: http://littlefreelibrary.org/ All libraries should have your books.

  309. Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for continuing to be amazing and reminding people like me that we aren’t completely defined by our physical pain or our depression!

    (I already have copies of both your books.)

    What makes me happy today is that my new glasses came in and I can see properly again! It’s pretty fantastic, after about 2 months of wearing my 5 year old ones because my current pair broke. Vision is the best!

  310. Happy birthday Jenny! I already have an audiobook copy of Furiously Happy and am furiously happy I found it! I wanted to tell you that I just found out that I have cancer and am having a total hysterectomy on Thursday. I wanted to find a book that would make me happy and guess what I found? I have laughed my butt off going to and from work everyday since I bought it. It has made me forget to be depressed and I have had so much fun listening to you everyday. What started out as a really, really, really depressing week is completely awesome now! Thank you so much for sharing your story, your incredible wit, and hilarious stories with us! I will definitely be reading “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” as soon as I finish Furiously Happy. I bet both books will be even funnier as soon as I have my hands on that self-administered happy juice in the hospital. Thanks again for cheering me up and have a fantastic birthday!

  311. My 3 legged kitten, Larry, is 1. alive and 2. featured in a new coloring book–Color The Cats by Pamela Hodges. If Larry can make it, we all can!

  312. I’m happy that my wild and wonderful six-year-old boy has made himself a kangaroo costume out of construction paper and is hopping around the house with a paper baby in his pouch! A six-inch stack of construction paper, scissors, and a case of scotch tape are all this child needs for a wonderful day. Happy birthday!

  313. Happy Birthday Jenny.
    Your books made me happy. It’s stinking hot summer here in Oz (34c today) and the fact that I have books and awesome air con also makes me happy 🙂

  314. Jenny! So you are a fellow Capricorn! I knew there was another reason I like you (besides your obvious talent and wicked wit). I don’t need the book as I have the digital copy and bought two copies for friends as gifts so please give the gift cards to those in need but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and thank you for letting us share your daily life. You ROCK!

  315. I already read your book…I sent you a photo of me reading it.. I’m the middle aged hag outside next to a birdbath and 11 feet of python hanging off my shoulder all while reading your book.. remember me? I’m here coping with getting through the day without a meltdown. Yesterday this wonderful article on birds with its salty language and great pix cracked me up and was forwarded to totally everybody I love.

  316. I feel like we were misled when you billed Lisa as the “normal” one in Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

    Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just that cat cheese is a suggestion that I don’t see coming from a “normal” person.

    In conclusion: Normal people are boring. Who needs ’em?

  317. Happy Birthday! And now I really need to know what book it was that you received so many copies of… that’s a weird coincidence, but even weirder if it’s some rando obscure book that no one has heard of.

  318. Happy Birthday!!! I don’t need another copy of your book, but thanks. I already bought two. One signed copy for myself that my kiddo decided was missing a few words that he added in scented marker (just when I thought your book couldn’t get better, it now smells of cherries), and a second to put in the Little Free Library in my area. In case you don’t know what that is, here: http://littlefreelibrary.org/ because your books need to be in ALL libraries.

  319. Now I really want to know what book you received so many copies of!! Books always make a lovely birthday present, but I must know exactly how weird this is – was it some rando book, or something super popular???

  320. Oh man. I have the book (it was the one thing I asked for for Christmas), but those of us who can (sometimes) afford it have been giving them out through amazon giveaways in the James Garfield Miracle Facebook group. There are many people there who don’t have it yet. I was tempted to get it for everyone who had it on their wish list but alas, I could not afford it.

    Anyway, I have a few happy-makers today. My son and I have been having a really rough day (moreso I’ve been having a rough day parenting correctly) but we managed to get out of the house and to Gigi’s house to open some of his belated Christmas presents and he just started acting so much better as soon as we got in the truck and was SO excited about his new presents, he even found it amazing when his grandmother put a small present hidden inside a bigger cell phone box. So that was nice.

    Also I’ve been reading your book all day and am SO motivated to write, more than I’ve been all year, and that’s always super wonderful so that makes me really happy. I need to get a recording device though cause I’ve already forgotten half of my ideas.

    Happy Burberry! (That was supposed to say Birthday but auto correct got me so I decided to go with it. It seems to work.)

  321. Happy Birthday! What makes me happy is that, because of you, I called the Lifeline to get over a hard day(s). You let me know that they are there even if you aren’t in full crisis, but need help just to get through to the next day. Thank you, Birthday Girl!! 😁

  322. Please help me get the book I hate to ask and thanks for all you do on making us laugh and bringing awareness to mental health it’s been a crazy year for me but I’m slowly getting back on track but still having financial difficulties

  323. Everything is too dark right now but a good thing I did was write nearly 2000 words of something new

  324. Happy Birthday, Jenny!
    I love that when I woke up feeling grouchy and lethargic this morning, that I could come in here and laugh. Hope you had a fantastic birthday. <3
    (no book request from me, I already bought several copies 🙂 )

  325. Happy Birthday Jenny! Love your book(s), can’t afford the new one yet but will soon, Your blog makes me laugh which is a really good thing!

  326. I do not need you to buy me a book. But HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

    Something good I can share: My family of choice is the bestest ever! While I may not be the best at changing and learning, they love me anyway. They are wonderful, and I love and appreciate my loves so much!

  327. Happy Birthday~! Mine was a week ago and somehow nothing changed. But I got chocolate so I’m happy. (I’m easy to please).
    Aaanyway I bought your book just after the release but that reminds me I may want to reread it. Because why not? (BTW when I was pre-ordering I had two options and one was 30% cheaper than the other but came out two days later. Don’t ask me why, both were ebooks in English. Weird. But somehow appropriate.)

  328. Honestly, the thing that is making me happy is knowing that I can laugh again. I put away your book because I was trying to savor it, but I was really down and decided to pick it up and start reading it. Within the first few pages I was laughing uncontrollably at your arms not working. Actual tears running down my face, muscle-cramps in my stomach from laughing because I NEVER use those muscles, type of laughing. It had been so long since I’d even smiled, let alone actually laughed or physically showed ANY emotion, that I was so relieved to know that maybe “I’m still in here.” I love you for that. Happy birthday <3

  329. I already have a copy of Furiously Happy, so thank you for offering and Happy Birthday! I am happy because I got to go out snowshoeing with a friend today!

  330. I’d love a copy since I haven’t made it to the library to borrow one. I can’t even finish writing my book since now I’m not talking to anyone in my family. Makes for a fun Xmas. Happy birthday. If there’s someone worse off than me, please give them a book instead.

  331. I’d love a copy of the book! I’m sure I’m too late, but never hurts to try. Making me happy…a fantastic visit with family this past weekend…nieces and nephews are the BEST!! Happy happy birthday to you!!

  332. I’m in a pretty dark place right now, to be frank. Family issues, namely parental alcoholism, my Dad’s cancer, my own chronic health issues and the strong suspicion that my own cancer has come back. I’m trying to be upbeat, but I’m melancholy as fuck right meow. I don’t need a free book, because I’d like to support you. I just appreciate you being a bright spot in a rather crappy time for me. In the past few years, I’ve gone through a heinous divorce with an abusive person, lost a few friends, and met a side of life I never knew existed. Thank you for helping me feel ok with my own anxiety, depression, and emotional issues. I’ve come to learn that it’s ok to not be ok.

  333. I’m super happy because my blue tongued skink, Eugene, let me put his unicorn horn on, so now I can send out Halloween cards. My other lizard, Alice, was super cooperative and I have dozens of pictures with her in a princess crown.

  334. Happy Birthday to your fantastic self! I’m slightly biased, but Decmeber babies are the best 😀! Hope you are having a wonderful Birth-day, Birth-week, Birth-month! What’s making me happy is a safe and warm home and being able to cook for my family and friends.

  335. Already own both hard copy and audio. My son is reading the hard copy after walking in while you were reading to me!

    I am Furiously Happy to have raised a Boy who finds stories like yours the kind he wants to read. He’s my bright light on those shadowy days. And you help drive the shadows out, too.

    Happy Birthday and thank you!

  336. My step son gave me a turntable for Xmas (ours had long since died and been disposed of) and now all our old albums are like brand new and I”m just hiding in the basement doing nothing but listening to old records all day. It’s wonderful! 🙂

  337. Happy Birthday! I am happy because when I’m reading your book in bed and keep laughing out loud, my husband, who is trying to sleep, just says, “I love to hear you laugh.” And then I read him the part I’m laughing at and we both laugh. Thank you for making us both laugh.

  338. Happy birthday Jenny! Totally agree about the cat nipple thing, although it’s totally sizeist and if Hunter S. Thomcat were a girl cat she’d probably be really offended. I’m waiting for my book to arrive and I’ve been chasing the mail man like a Jack Russell Terrier but with no success so far. A happy thing that happened? Ummmmmm…a great family get together without mean comments about my life and home, only wonderful camaraderie and feelings of being blessed to be with the special ones I love. Yay!


    I finished FH a few days ago (permanent place on my book shelf!) and just picked up your first book at the library today 🙂

    Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone.

    I’d love to gift a few books myself, if that’s okay with you… Just let me know 🙂


  340. Happy birthday, Jenny. I hope that this next trip around the sun brings you many more good days than bad. If there is someone out there that desperately needs a copy of your book but was too late to this give away please let me know and I will buy one copy for them. I don’t have the words to express how much easing my debilitating chronic pain has saved my life, but it has and that makes me happy.

  341. If love a copy of your book to give to a lovely young friend who battles depression every day. Thanks very large!! And feliz compleanos!

    Patty Dunlap
    Piperdwn@msn. Com

  342. Happy Birthday, Jenny! 🙂 And I’m happy about how cute my doggehs are when they sleep together (in a non-sexual way).

  343. Happy Birthday!!

    I only recently discovered your blog and books, and it was exactly what I needed in my life, so thank you! You’ve helped to remind me that everything will be ok, and helped me to not feel guilty for being depressed.

    Little things that are making me happy right now: the antidepressants I just started taking again seem to be helping, I had the energy to clean for the first time in ages, I’m getting a hair cut tomorrow, and for Christmas I got a fantastic polka dot blanket scarf. 🙂

  344. I would love to have a copy of your book. I have been trying to save up for a copy but I have not quite gotten there yet.
    I am happy to have the love and support of an awesome man that I love dearly. For all of the things that are not going right, I have that.
    Happy Birthday!

  345. Happy Birthday! I already have a copy of your book (and have loaned it out to several people who needed it as well), so I’ll just leave you with today’s furiously happy moment – we got around 15 cm of snow last night and a random kind stranger plowed my driveway while I was at work. I expected to come home and shovel, and instead I cruised into my lovely clear driveway like a flippin’ princess. Amazing!

  346. No book needed (read it the INSTANT it downloaded to my Kindle), but wanted to wish you your very best year yet, starting with a Happy Birthday. My good thing for the day is my 6-year-old daughter choosing to watch Star Wars (for the fifth time) instead of Frozen (for the 400,000th time).

  347. I had my first daughter when I was 30. I had twin daughters when I was 35. Either pregnancy could have turned out horribly wrong, since I was an “older Mom”. But … they were text book pregnancies (if you call the twins’ Cesarean section “normal” (because they were BOTH breech .. I think they did that just to start their lives off on the right foot, so to speak … ).

    I am happy and eternally grateful that all 3 of them are now independent adults, healthy all their lives, and all of them are happy with their lives. I can’t think of a greater gift a parent could have.

    Except, of course, wanting them to clean up their doggone messes that they make when they come back home to visit. Or refilling our car with gasoline after they’ve used it to visit their far-flung friends. And tidying their bedrooms when they are about to leave and return to where they now currently live. Gripe, gripe, gripe, ya know? FWP … I’m glad I have them. 🙂

  348. well my birthday isn’t till August, which is when I planned on splurging for your book. I have your first on audio. I love to read anything by people as zany and crazy like me with a heart of gold, you. btw, Happy Birthday Jude, you randy, rascally, sex God!

  349. Happy birthday! I am happy because yesterday I got to swim in my mum’s pool – after the hot weather, it just reset my chi or something and I still feel so calm today 🙂

  350. Congratulations on keeping up with Jude Law for another year!

    Currently making me happy: finding cover art that I love and getting the OK on it for an upcoming chapbook.

  351. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I’m happy that you’re around, bringing hope and laughter and a real sense of community to people who really need it. :^D Your birthday falls exactly between my two daughters birthdays (my youngest was born Dec. 27, my oldest on Dec. 31). <3

  352. I can afford to buy the book on my own, so don’t waste a free copy on me. But I am happy that my brilliant neighbors got me a slightly late Christmas/Early New Year’s gift. A Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book. They understand me better than people who’ve known me much longer. 🙂

  353. HAPPY BIRTHDAY smooth jazz from the 40s makes me happy and a nice breeze in summer x have a good rest of your birthday!’

  354. Have the book, wrote a Goodreads Review of it, and the same text is on my blog here:


    I love this video. We adopted two cats from this litter. Trudy, the one at the beginning, is now our Kaylee, and we also have one of the dark torties, River, who was born Nonnie. 🙂 We’re so lucky to have baby movies of our cats, and they’re adorable.


  355. I got the audiobooks of both your books for Christmas (sort of, it’s a bit convoluted). Today my family celebrated my pseudobirthday, aka “the day on which we do all the brithday things for Amanda while she’s home for Christmas because her actual birthday is in the middle of the semester.” It still rocks anyways.

  356. Happy birthday! My happy thing is that yesterday was my third anniversary and marrying that man was the best thing I ever did. Plus the cake I made him was not a total disaster! (I have a low bar for success when it comes to layer cakes.)

  357. Happy birthday Jenny!

    Being in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada makes me happy.

  358. I’m happy that I have wine in my fridge and that even though I’m a 39 yr old grandma I still have enough sense to know to keep it in the fridge.

  359. Happy birthday!!!! My happy thing is your book. The past 2 1/2 weeks have been hell – serious family illness, cat illness, and I’m getting a divorce and my husband moved out. But somehow reading you book made me literally laugh out loud, many times. It’s an amazing reminder not only that you are wonderful and hilarious, but that, just like you, I can apparently still find laughter even when things are unbelievably awful. It gives me hope that things will get better again, and then shitty again, too, but to hold out for the good. I sincerely can’t thank you enough.

  360. Something that makes me happy: friends and cats – not necessarily in that order…

  361. Have a fabulous Birthday! Something I love. Crystals. I love them, I own a fair amount but always want more. My husband jokes that he’s been hauling rocks around for me for over twenty years.. I love quartz, amethyst, all gems both large and small. The most unusual one is a very large Herkimer diamond quartz. All my best ones were gifts or bargains and the largest one is a huge amethyst that has millions of little clusters that shine like stars.

  362. I’m happy that the holidays are over, well… almost, but New Years isn’t a big thing. I’m also happy that I’m over the stomach flu.

    I also think it’s awesome you’re giving away copies of your book, I bought it on my nook, read it in bed, and my husband stared at me like I was insane because I couldn’t stop giggling. He doesn’t understand 🙂

  363. Happy Birthday Jenny! I just finished listening to your book today (Furiously Happy) and LOVED it! Thank you for writing about depression in such a real way. You rock! Also, my son makes me super happy. He’s 4…and he’s hilarious and healthy and even on days when I wish he would be quiet for 30 seconds, I can’t help but laugh along with him and all his crazy happy ways. 🙂

  364. Happy Birthday to us! My landlady who lives downstairs surprised me with a piece of cake as I got home from work, so yay!

  365. Happy Birthday Jenny! I am happy you write such great books and share your life experience with us. Also, we got snow at last, here in Minnesota and everything looks so nice and wintry now. I already own your book (got it for my birthday!)

  366. My birthday was yesterday and I love having a Christmas birthday. A friend sent me a “5 Ways to Annoy Someone With a Christmas Birthday”. Enjoy! 1. Wrap b-day gift in x-mas wrap. 2. Talk about x-mas at their Bday party. 3. Give them a combo gift. 4. Tell them what a bummer it must be to have a Bday around the holidays 5. Write Happy Bday!! in their Bday card.

  367. I’m happy to be the 444th comment and I’m happy your alive to bring joy to so many. Its your day, enjoy it. Meanwhile, in the backyard I’m happy to see new standing cypress seedlings growing from seeds I stole from a landscape down the street. I did not trespass, the mother plant was hanging out into the street.

  368. Happy birthday fellow December Capricorn. My bday is tomorrow. not sure if that is better or worse than the 29th. The good news is my girls and my hubby remember that it’s my bday and bake me cakes and such. This makes me feel like the queen of the dregs of the old year.

  369. There are way too many comments for anyone to read, probably, so this is just another drop in an ocean, probably. But the ocean is made of drops and i like being a drop in an excellent ocean.

    Happiest of birthdays, Jenny! You make the word a better, brighter place every day and your birthday ought to be an official holiday, really.

    Incidentally, it’s also the birthday of one of my closest friends, Bea Bacher. She also released the video to her new song today, and it makes me very very happy:

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNGPMLjjT8o&w=560&h=315%5D

    I also discovered the utterly amazing spoken word poem The Nutritionist by Andrea Gibson today, and i made me weep with gratitude and relief and probably actually did change my life a little bit: https://player.spotify.com/user/thunderclouded/playlist/5RimqvptYLPbWZVWIf4J54
    (or else https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfY4ePGIuMM)
    (or just for reading: http://ohandreagibson.tumblr.com/nutritionist)

    I had a really really good day today, a productive, creative sort of day when things are meaningful and move in good directions. So it really did feel like a very good birthday.

  370. Happy Birthday to all of us! 🙂 I am happy because my sister-in-law took a risk and got me a dna test kit for Christmas. After 37 years I might make a connection with my birth family. I still don’t have words for how that feels.

  371. Happy Birthday Jenny! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. You are the bomb! You have brought me back from the edge on more than one occasion. Things that make me happy include that I had twin great niece and nephew born today (I am totally not old enough to be a great aunt!). I’m also on a mission to get a BB-8 RC droid and let Rory ride it around the house. Just the thought of that makes me smile! Hope it was a great one!!

  372. a copy of your book would be wonderful and so very, very, incredibly timely. happy birthday and thank you.

  373. Happy birthday Jenny! I’m happy for tons of reasons, like my amazing husband who pus up with all my nutty ways, my 2 cats, the fact that my Christmas decorations are almost all put away ( I love them for exactly 4 weeks then they have to go away again), I’m on vacation until January 4th, I’m going to Disney World this week … and I enjoy your blog pots so much!

  374. I got the book when it was one of the amazon flash sales. But if you were so inclined I’m sure my cousin would love a copy. I know she can’t afford it and it would be so relevant to her!


    and happy re-do birthdays to all of us ;). I’m happy that you are your weird self and even when people try to tell you your wrong, you always find a way to make your new logic make sense and be happy. I’m just happy you exist and please don’t ever change.

  376. I agree with Don above — I’m remarkably happy to have paged down so far to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I’m just happy to be alive.

  377. I am happy that you take the time to tell me to think of something happy to tell you about! I am so busy trudging through life that I forget to
    appreciate happiness and actually express it! Happy Birthday! Thinking of you always makes me smile… inside and out! <3

  378. Happy birthday!!! I’m watching my loves play lego Harry Potter so I’m very happy. I hope you had a wonderful day!

  379. Happy birthday! I am happy today because after 2 months of first trimester pregnancy sickness and four day of stabbing pain everywhere but especially in my throat (starting on Christmas, yay?) I finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep throat yesterday and given a huge horse shot of antibiotics in my bum. This afternoon for the first time in way too long I’m feeling close to human and happy… well, except my bum, which feels sore and angry at me but it’ll have to take one for the team this time. I hope your day is wonderful!

  380. Happy birthday! I’m happy cuz my birthday is next week (holla to everyone who has a birthday within 2 weeks of Christmas!) AND because I just realized what I can get with the Amazon gift card I got from someone at work (it’s your book! Yay!). Oh, AND, my husband promised me that we can get a cat in 2016. My Facebook friends had better be ready for ALL THE CAT PICTURES.

  381. I’m happy I’m finally reading your book :). My adoptason and bff lives by L.A. and he went to see you in the bookstore and get a signed copy. December has been a rough month, but while in the waiting room for a post-op check on my youngest daughters foot (Morton’s Neuroma) I started reading it and both my younger daughters were questioning my snorting with laughter and then trying to hide it and choking on my spit instead. Then while we were waiting for the Dr to come in, I started reading your 2am notes to self out loud and I was crying with laughter while they sat there giving me concerned looks. So worth it.
    I could say you make me feel sane, but you don’t, you make me feel less lonely and less alone and I’m proud to call you a personal hero and someone to look up too. Never change.

  382. Happy birthday! May you be showered in gravy. In whatever manner you deem fit.

    I am happy that I am handling my gestational diabetes in a better way. It was depressing me very badly when I would have one high number, but now that I am heading into month 7 I am feeling like I can do this. Because I can do this!

  383. Happy Birthday!

    Today my guineas played “Pretend the ground is Lava”. Or that is what I told myself they were doing, which made me happier than cursing at them that the snow would NOT kill them and they did not have to screech their displeasure with me from trees and tops of things! Guineas are not bright creatures. They are noisy things that will pretend they like you so they can claw the crap out of you when you forget they are like mini Velociraptors and are just waiting for you to get close enough to try to eat you.

    Wait, Never mind the Guineas. Ducks! Ducks make me happy! ;p

  384. Happy birthday soul sistah, I received a copy of your book for Christmas from my daughter. What makes it even better is she read it first and wrapped an emergency spoon with it. The bafflement was fun! The sentiment is heart melting. I love you and thank you for saving my life (problemly)

  385. Don’t need a copy. One of my best purchases this year. Really I just wanted to give you props for quoting Chuckie Cheese. You know he’s a mouse, right? Arch nemesis of the cat….

  386. Happy Birthday! I adore your books and pick them up to read when I’m feeling down. The best thing I ever did was to adopt my daughter from China when I was 45 years old. She makes me super happy. We recently celebrated 20 years together. She is a great person and I feel like at least I did one thing right.

  387. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The batch of chicken mulligatawny soup I made on Sunday evening is making me so very happy this week. I could eat it all day long!

  388. Happy birthday!! I’m happy that I got a signed copy of your book for Xmas from my sister who really needed to meet you. Also thanks for the do over birthday, my 35th was so bad that I have not celebrated any birthdays for the last year and a half. So tonight it will be my do over birthday so I can get over the bad one and get back on the birthday track.

  389. Happy Birthday!!!! In this very moment, after a great lunch with my crazy girlfriends, I am happy to take off my pointy boots with heels and put on sneakers:-)

  390. For my 50th birthday, I am going back to the surgeon so he can move my broken ankle about and see how it is healing. (NOT my idea of fun!)
    I’m so happy I bought your book and read it… and then my husband read it… and I think my 20yo son read it… and today, the library sent me a notice (FINALLY) that it was my turn to read their copy and I was able to cancel that request (because, obviously, I bought it and read it after I broke my freaking ankle to smithereens) and now someone else will get to read the library copy of your book! That makes me FURIOUSLY HAPPY. Truly. Oh, and my newborn grandson. He’s pretty awesome. 🙂

  391. Have a wonderful birthday filled with cats and cake and presents and adorably creepy taxidermy. Much love and kittens.

  392. Happy birthday!
    My kid, chickens, dog, and my cat (tho she died a month ago and I miss her very much) make me happy.
    As does your writing.
    Thank you.

  393. Happy Birthday!! We’re visiting my mom for Christmas. She’s 96. When we go home on Friday I’ll be able to Skype with her again as we do every night. Well, not when we’re right here. Obviously. But it makes me happy.

  394. I do not need your book — I met you and got my copy signed, which made me Furiously Happy. I love you and this tribe you have created, because I have been having a really hard time seeing the light lately, and reading your words and the comments remind me that I’m not alone. Have a wonderful birthday!!

  395. I’m happy I’m finally reading your book :). My Adoptason and BFF was in LA for your signing, and you signed a book for me, and he sent it and YAY! December has been a rough month, and it’s been a struggle to get through it. However, today we were in the waiting room of the Dr’s office, for the first post-op for my daughters foot surgery (morton’s neuroma), and I started reading it. I was trying so hard to stifle laughter through just the first chapter that I was snorting and choking on my spit. The we were swept to a back room and while we were waiting for the dr, I started reading your 2 AM notes out loud to my teenage girls and while they didn’t quite get the humor, they appreciated it enough to not be too mortified when the Dr walked into my red face and teary eyes.
    I could say you make me feel sane, but in all honesty, you make me feel less lonely and less alone. And for that, I will always look up to you and regard you as a personal hero.

    Happy Birthday!

  396. Happy birthday!! In discussing what to share that I’m happy for, my boyfriend and I decided to share that we’re happy we found each other. Our lives simply wouldn’t be complete without the other and we look forward to one day celebrating our own big metal chicken anniversary!