For David. For you.

I’ve been carrying this around since yesterday and I wasn’t sure if I was going to write about it, but if it affected me then maybe it will affect you, so here goes.

There’s a guy named David who you probably know, but probably also don’t know.  He’s been part of our community for at least the last seven years.  You sometimes see him in the comments.  He encourages me on Facebook.  He’s always smiling.  I never spent any real time with him but I knew him well online and as part of this amazing community.

Sunday he told his online friends that he’d been diagnosed with cancer and that he wouldn’t survive it.  He said it in a Facebook post that was alternately horrible and inspiring and he ended it with this:

“Much love to you all, and thank you for your friendship. Above all, don’t take tomorrow for granted. Live today as if it counts, because it truly does.
Enjoy every sandwich.”

And then, yesterday, he was gone.

He’d be mad if he knew that his passing caused sadness because he was all about joy and laughter, so I’m passing his words on to you only if you use them for good.

Whether you knew him or not, listen to his words.  Enjoy life.  Laugh.  Play with dogs.  Do silly things.  Be great.  Be you.  Do something for yourself.  Do something for others.  Walk barefoot in the grass or build a snowman or read a book or adopt something wonderful into your life.

Go right now and make a decision to do something fun or silly or glorious that you hadn’t planned until you read this, because it’s the best way to honor the passing of those we love who want us to be happy, and also the best way to honor the life we’ve been given.

Enjoy.  Every. Sandwich.


PS. Today I had a german brisket hoagie covered with fried pickles.  And I made myself enjoy every bite.  It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

Thank you, David.

And thank you for your friendship.


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  1. Yesterday, I lost my dear sweet cousin at the age of 32 because of cancer. She had been fighting since 2013 but Tuesday they gave her just a month to live. She was gone on Wednesday. And I have regret that I never made that one last visit, that one last phone call, that one last text message. Telling her the same thing that I have told her for many years, of how much she is loved. But like with any death, their light will continue to shine bright long after they are gone. And cancer can go suck a big bag of dicks.

  2. Thanks for this post and though I didn’t know him, thanks to David. May he rest in peace.

  3. I didn’t eat a sandwich, but I did eat the hell out of some chicken wings a bit ago, and when I look at the scale tomorrow, I’ll remind myself that self-criticism wasn’t what David would have wanted. I’m sorry for the loss, Jenny. Losing a part of your tribe is the roughest. ((HUGS))

  4. Such good advice. Similar to that of an old friend who unexpectedly passed away from cancer a few years ago – his was “tell someone you love them.” Cancer sucks.
    (That sandwich sounds divine, btw.) hugs

  5. I’m leaving tomorrow for a fun but slightly terrifying trip through 4 European countries in 8 days. I was looking forward to the food, know I’m on a mission to find an amazing sandwich and enjoy the hell out of it. I’ll eat myself silly for David.

  6. I just decided to take 13 ten year old girls to Mackinaw Island for a weekend with the girl scouts. That is pretty crazy!

  7. I may now need an “Enjoy every sandwich” mug if anyone is running a memorial.

  8. My husband died quite unexpectedly 5 months ago. I’ve learned to never pass up ice cream. But enjoy every sandwich is the same idea.

    I met you at your book signing in Nashville just 2 weeks after my husband died. I drove there because life is too short not to get a book autographed by a favorite author.

  9. Just found out yesterday that an old friend doesn’t have long to live. We are exactly the same age. David’s words are inspired. I will definitely enjoy more sandwiches.

  10. This is a wonderful tribute Jenny and doing it with a sandwich too is very special. Thanks for sharing. It’s made me determined to enjoy my day and my tomorrows.

  11. This is very timely. I have a good friend battling cancer right now, and she was told that she might have a year or two if the treatment works, and only a few months if it doesn’t. When faced with something like this, it puts your life into perspective. And it reminds me to always tell those we love how much we care about them and to share our feelings. You just never know what might happen tomorrow.

  12. I needed to hear this too. Lately I’ve not been allowing myself to enjoy life because my mom is busy slowly dying from alcoholism. Thanks David, and Jenny.

  13. F**k cancer. Cheers to David and his love of LIFE, and thank you, Jenny, for sharing.

  14. Everything you write touches me in some way. Sometimes it feels like you live in my head and articulate my feelings better than I ever could. Thank you.

  15. “Enjoy every sandwich” is credited to (the excellent) musician Warren Zevon, who coined it when he learned that he had terminal cancer. I try to think of it at least once a day.

  16. It’s 18 months since my sister died of cancer. It has taken this long for me to “recover” from her ordeal. I’m ready now, at last. New beginnings. Major changes. Thanks for sharing this Jenny. David’s advice is just the push I needed today. XO

  17. I get caught up every day in the routine of it all. It’s so easy to forget that this is a life we’re living when we have bills to pay and meals to cook and bathrooms to clean. But this was a reminder that life is about making memories with those we love and creating an environment of happiness and joy.

    My mother will be here to visit me in just three short hours. I plan on our time together to be filled with joy and not let the worries get me down.

  18. “Enjoy Every Sandwich” is a quote attributed to one of my favorite musicians, Warren Zevon. He too passed away from cancer and faced his end with grace and good humor. Towards the end of his life he was appearing on David Letterman who asked what he had learned from facing a terminal illness; he answered “Just how much you’re supposed to enjoy every sandwich”. It sounds like your friend David also faced his mortality in the same manner……thanks again for the post Jenny. We all need to enjoy every sandwich since we never know which one will be our last…. xo

  19. Whether we knew him or not, he’s now touched all our lives for the better. What more could anyone ask for in life?

    May he rest in peace.

  20. I received similar news last week about a friends life who was cut to short. he exuded happiness and inspired people around the world. His passing was a hard reminder to live life to the fullest and treasure every moment. I am so sorry for your loss – sending you a big hug.

  21. My best friend of 24 is in the last few months of her life due to cancer, and I feel this everyday. Trying to enjoy the moments in-between the grief… and eating all the carbs in the world. Thank you for sharing Jenny <3

  22. I lost my father 4 years ago today….I’ll be having a sandwich tonight in honor of him and David.

  23. David must’ve been a hell of a guy– I’ll bet he was a Warren Zevon fan, too. Their words are what we should do: ‘enjoy every sandwich”

  24. My brother, David, went to be the the angels last night, too. He also had cancer. He bravely battled it for nine years. Be at peace, David. Thank you, Jenny, for reminding me all the Davids want us to be happy and enjoy ourselves.

  25. I’m struggling. I wish I knew what to enjoy. I work too hard and I’m tired all the time and my pants are too tight because of all the sandwiches I’ve eaten to fast to enjoy.

  26. Thank you for this reminder to savor all the moments in life, both big AND small. I will think of David when I have a glass of wine tonight.

  27. enjoy every sandwich is a Warren Zevon philosophy – and I’m so glad David embraced it. I did not know him. But I can feel how his disappearance impacts you and others.

    Today I didn’t have a sandwich. I’ll go make one now. For David.

  28. Live your life without regrets and with as much joy as you can pack in. Thank you for the reminder, David. May your spirit fly high and your memory be for a blessing to all who knew you.

  29. May his smiles live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him & may their sandwich enjoyment be everlasting.

    I just ate a chipotle panini & it was delightful.

  30. My oft-repeated sentiment: cancer sucks.

    Prayers to those who loved him. RIP. Carpe every fucking diem.

  31. Thank you for sharing. I just hugged a coworker! I’m not a hugger but I adore her, she makes me laugh, and she IS a hugger!

  32. I’m having a gyro sandwich with double meat, and will enjoy the hell out of it, although my first reaction is to cry. Thanks to you and David for the reminder to enjoy each moment of this precious life.

  33. I’m a 2-year breast cancer survivor, and I recently reminded a friend, “Life is short. Use the pretty soap!”

    It’s not quite as eloquent — and definitely not as nutritious — as enjoying every sandwich, but the sentiment is the same.

  34. My husband left us almost 3 years ago, at the age of 48, after battling cancer for 6 awful, terrible, horrible months. I hope David is at peace and I’m sorry for another loss to cancer. We’ll enjoy every sandwich, for David and for my husband, and for every victim of that bullshit cancer.

  35. If cancer had a face I would do a lot more than punch it. Cancer is just one cause of death too soon, but it really sucks because it is the body betraying itself. Or something like that.

    Condolences on David’s passing. I haven’t had a sandwich today but I will soon.

  36. I lost a friend a couple weeks ago, and am set to lose another friend any day now thanks to that evil bitch cancer. I had a damned good sandwich for lunch today, and I might just go make myself another one in David’s honor.

  37. I’m sitting here crying over David’s loss and I didn’t even know him. His is a light gone from the world too soon. Thank you David for your amazing words. May you rest in peace.

  38. Beautiful tribute.

    My dad has cancer that he likely will not survive. Every day we remind each other to live for today, and enjoy each day as it comes. I will do my best to keep David’s words close to my heart. Thank you.

  39. I too will feast upon a grand sandwich today because when wonderful people give advice, it’s smart to listen.

    I’m also going to look into adopting that kitten (because cuddles smother sads an anxieties and make the little things even better).

    Thank you Bloggess and thank you David.

  40. It can be painfully quick when Cancer takes someone these days. The brother of a friend of mine, who I knew, and had many interesting conversations with on FB died suddenly of Pancreatic Cancer over Christmas. It was just three weeks or so from discovering it, to his demise.

    I agree, as yet another David in your life, that life should be enjoyed as much as possible as we are only promised THIS minute. My rule is “Life is too short to eat bad food”. I know that the other David’s passing has been a challenge, and left a sharp pain from the hole in one’s heart his leaving has produced. Let us celebrate his life, though, and know that the wonderful threads he added to our fabric of life will, in time, weave over and heal that pain.

    This has started out to be a tough year, way too woven in with death. On a personal level, I pray for strength for all of us that have directly suffered the loss of friends and family. I, for one, had a long-time companion animal die a few weeks ago. Violetta was a great cat, and very tough. She lived a hard life on our new property for quite some years, then, about seven years ago, when we took possession and started building a house, I worked with her, and gradually gained her trust. She ended up being an inside cat, and wonderfully affectionate. I still weep today at her rapid deterioration and death…although I take some comfort from the years I was able to bring a positive and enjoyable life to her, and what I did to make her demise as comfortable as possible. On a broader scale, the loss of David Bowie, Abe Vigoda, and a variety of other great musical and acting talents have darkened our world. I can only pray, too, that the year will improve.

    Strength and peace to All of us!
    And Enjoy that Sandwich!

  41. Thank you for the reminder, David and Bloggess! Thanks for sharing this, it is great to know that his comment will affect people, remind them to live their lives! It definitely moved me!

  42. My dad told me to “enjoy every sandwich” at a very young age. I didn’t understand it until I hit 23 and was almost blown half way to hell in Afghanistan. After that I understood very well what my old man had meant. For that I do enjoy every sandwich and every moment in between. Bless that man and his struggle. It affects us all.

  43. Important reminder. Thank you for sharing and I’m so sorry for your loss, and the loss his loved ones are experiencing now.

  44. Thanks for this, Jenny!
    I am going to buy a $40 keyboard today because I want to have music in my house again that I make! And a crockpot too. Because I love food and I work and a single woman can buy anything she wants!

  45. Fuck Cancer. I was going to have pizza for dinner tonight, but now I’ll have a sandwich instead. No, I’ll have a pizza sandwich and enjoy the shit out of it. Rest in Peace, David. Thoughts to his family.

  46. Dear Emily, I can understand that entirely, thank you for being brave enough to say so. I have no idea why, of all the comments, yours touched me the way that it did, but I am going to think of you tonight when I say my gratitude for today. I know there is nothing I can say to make you feel better, but today was one of the days when my trousers didn’t feel too tight and I could enjoy my food. (Not because I’ve lost weight), so I think what you wrote was just a wake-up call for me to appreciate that today. You are not on your own, you are part of this wonderful tribe of non-standard people and you are beautiful, tired, overworked, struggling, eating too quickly – it’s all part of being that wonderful person that only you are. I wish you all the best and hope that you manage to find even one tiny speck of something to enjoy, but if you don’t, it’s not a failing, it’s just how life is at this small moment. Take care, Jo

  47. Nine days ago my SIL and high school BFF was told to go home and enjoy the days left to her. It was a sudden diagnosis and we are all still in shock. Except her. She has dealt with this with grace and dignity and good humor. She is enjoying every single moment of the days left to her. The words “live every day as if it’s your last” were just words to me, until a week ago. Now they are real. Jenny, thank you for your message. Yes, let’s enjoy every damn sandwich.

  48. Dad died from cancer 10 years ago Sunday. Cancer, I hate you. I am so sorry for David’s loss. Hugs to all of us. And a sandwich.

  49. Oh my, Jenny…So sorry for your loss and this community’s loss. But David’s words – and yours – have me sitting at my desk trying not to sob because they’re both tragic and amazingly beautiful and I so needed them right now. Hugs to you and everyone else here. Now let’s all enjoy a sandwich 🙂

  50. I was glad to see 2015 end…I lost family and friends…it sucked. What I can say from the experiences, some jagged and rushed…others were prolonged and expected…what I learned…is we are ALL going through SOMETHING and kindness REALLY matters. Sandwiches matter too.

  51. Today I attended the funeral of my 91-year-old great aunt. She would have said the same thing, I am sorry for everyone’s loss, today. Remember them for the good times. Celebrate life.

  52. Last Monday my uncle died very suddenly and unexpectedly while eating dinner–choked to death. My aunt is first-aid certified but couldn’t do anything to help him. He was there one minute, happily eating and talking, and gone the next. It’s made me seriously think about how I want to spend my next years–I was hoping to work longer, but now retirement might be the best thing. Time is so precious, and you never know how much of it you have left.

  53. i have a hard time passing up dessert, because what if i do, and then get hit by a meteor (i’d be peeved)? i’ll try to enjoy my sandwiches more too, in honor of David.

  54. Now that’s a damn good sammich! David speaks the truth. Even on my bad days, I’m glad I put a big dog bed in the closet and enjoy the quietness.
    I fucking hate cancer. I killed my Mom a couple years ago. She loved wine. I wish a I did. Have a glass for my Mom for me.

  55. Thank you, not only for this, but for introducing me to David’s words “Enjoy every sandwich.” This brought up some intense feelings of loss from last year that I still have not let go of and made me think of my friend James who would undoubtedly say the same thing because he surely enjoyed every sandwich, esp if it was one of those damned McRibs he loved so much.

    May David’s memory be eternal!

  56. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say, but I feel the need to say it anyway. This is one of those times. When someone comes in and helps you see the beauty and goodness in life and the world around you, it’s hard to face the reality that they might not be there any more. Yet still there is always the reminders, the memories, the joy that they shared. They don’t really fill the hole that is left, but sometimes they can be the balm that keeps it from aching so much.

  57. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for dinner tonight but we have Hard Salami in the fridge and I’m suddenly craving a sandwich. I will enjoy it.

  58. Eating my fried egg sandwich, watching it snow and reading this post. Thank you David and Jennie. Beautiful reminder

  59. I shared with a friend’s husband who recently lost his father how after the death of my brother and father, finding ways to laugh helped in my healing and once the overwhelming sadness began to subside, gratitude that they were a part of my life came to fill in the void left by their absences. My hope for him, and all of those going through the loss of a loved one, is for laughter and gratitude to make their way back into their days.

  60. Thank Jenny. Last year was a pretty suck ass year for me. Divorced my husband after years of being unhappy and had a cancer scare myself. Thank God for my 3 kitties!! I have already made the decision to be good to myself and enjoy life to the fullest. Off the pity pot!! So very sorry for the loss of David. Had a great beef sandwich on garlic bread with cheese and peppers. RIP David <3

  61. Beautiful, sad, touching and just what I needed to read today. Thank you for sharing.

  62. It is sad. What’s sadder is that I know I could be living life “more,” but I’m so darn tired. That said, tell us where to get a hoagie like that. (I love friend pickles.)

  63. Thanks for sharing, Jenny. As so often happens, you write exactly what I need to hear. Cancer sucks and so does losing friends. Living life and choosing joy is the best revenge and an awesome way to honor those who would love another day to eat a sandwich.

  64. David was a friend of my wife and I. In fact, he was one of the guests at our wedding reception. Your tribute to him is touching and was proof of how wide his heart’s reach was that your comments about him were referred to me by a friend who never knew him, but was able to connect the dots between my own comments about his passing and your own. Thank you for your lovely comments about him.

    Tomorrow, I will have a Po’ Boy from one of my favorite restaurants, along with a glass of very nice wine. To David.

  65. I do love a good carb. Huge fan of sandwiches – the white bread kind.
    Never knew you, David. But thanks for the reminder that I can eat what I want. Rest, sweet soul.

  66. Thank you David & thank you Jenny for sharing. I have just discovered Cotton Candy Ice cream, who would have thought it would be spook gooood! Who ever concocted this recipe is a genius….right up there with Fluffernutter Sandwiches! Pure genius! So here’s to you David, Fluffernutter Sandwiches for dinner & Cotton Candy Ice cream for dessert! As with Nathan Fillion, we have an extra seat at our table for you to join us (in spirit of course) Bless your soul, David & before leaving this earth, have some spiritual fun & go scare the shut out of some people💖

  67. I’m awaiting the phone call that my grandmother has passed. In the mean time I am able to FaceTime with her since I am across the country. I sent her a fuzzy blanket that she got today and told her it was a hug from me. So along with enjoying every sandwich… ENJOY EVERY FUZZY BLANKET!!

  68. Well, as I read this I’m eating peanut butter toast. It’s not a sandwich, but it’s the best damn peanut butter toast I’ve ever had and I’m enjoying each bite. Thank you David.

  69. Two weeks ago today, my sweet husband had his right kidney removed because of a renal mass. His recovery has been hard, really hard, and we’re both exhausted. Today though, we got the god news that although his mass was malignant, it did not spread outside the ‘capsule’ and the margines were clear. No further treatment is necessary. Somehow, his wheelchair was a little lighter on the way out and the sun was a little brighter and warmer. And would you believe we both laughed for the very first time in two weeks as soon s the the doctor left the room when my husband smiled and said ‘I’m a cancer survivor!’

    He’s been on a clear liquid diet since surgery, but I bought him a piece of German chocolate cake to celebrate.

  70. damnit.
    and thank you for sharing.
    this tribe is something special. I’m sure he’s gonna save a place on the couch for you.

  71. Than you for sharing this, Jenny. I did not know David in life but he will continue to live in all our hearts.

  72. Thanks for sharing. I think we all need this reminder – I think I will have a sandwich for dinner tonight! 🙂

  73. Every year on his birthday, I remember someone I lost by doing something special that I shared with him. He loved honeydew melons so I eat one just for him, he looked good in lavender so I wear lavender, stuff like that. Every year I think we should all eat a really good, extra special sandwich for David!

  74. Enjoy every sarnie, appreciate every sunrise and every sunset, watch the clouds make shapes and animals and birds, and take pleasure from the simple things.
    I think that your friend David would agree
    Hugs to you for having lost a shining light of friendship

  75. I think I would have liked David very much. And that sandwich too. I’m going to look for a pottery class to sign up. I always wanted to learn pottery and it’s time.

  76. We were just talking about similar thinking at work. People here are in an uproar over decisions about schools openings or closing after a blizzard. Meanwhile, I have a friend who has been on life support this week. Thankfully, it appears they have found the cause and he is getting better. My friend at work has a friend who has lost her job and is having trouble with rent. My mom has been fighting stage 4 ovarian cancer for two years. Take the time to enjoy your kids’ snow days and life in general and be thankful snow days are all you have to worry about, so sorry about David. I will do something silly and fun in his memory.

  77. Will make my favorite sandwich for dinner tonight. Grilled Brie cheese with granny smith apple slices. May add a cup of tomato soup on the side. So comforting when remembering lost loved ones on a cold winter night. Thank you, David and Jenny.

  78. Every year on his birthday, I remember someone I lost by doing something we shared this get her. He loved honeydew melons so I eat that just for him, he looked good in lavender so I wear lavender, stuff like that. I think we should all pick a day and eat an extra special, really good sandwich, just for David!
    (Aside from what we should remember from him every single day)

  79. I have read all the comments thus far, and I really hope that wherever David is today, he knows what a profound impact he had on so many people. And I hope the loved ones he left behind know too. Bless.

  80. I love David’s words! My family has been through a lot of cancer in the past few years, my Dad died 6 months after being diagnosed with Melanoma, my Grandpa died in October after a 2 year battle with sarcoma and my grandma was told earlier this week that due to AML she has only days left to live. My mother in me was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer in June, fortunately she’s a fighter and working hard to beat it!

  81. Today I (by chance) ignored my lunch I brought from home and snagged a capricola and mozzarella on an onion roll. It was beyond delicious. I learned a while ago (when my own mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer) that I only get one life, and I am going to love it and enjoy it. <3 This was a perfect entry for today.

  82. I have lost so many, many, many people, & so your motto comes up often. But because I think you would appreciate his story, there’s one I’d like to tell you about: a very close friend of mine in high school, Bob Flanagan. Bob was born with Cystic Fibrosis, & was literally a poster child for the disease. He was also awesomely talented artistically, & one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He was supposed to die before reaching 20, but instead made it to 44. They say that you’re not supposed to let a disease define you, but in many ways he did: he made incredible art around it. What he didn’t do is let it limit him. In adulthood, he came out of the masochism closet; he had endured so many painful physical therapies in his life that he equated pain with love; mastering pain was also a way he could be in control. I won’t go into detail here, but there is both a book & a film about him, both titled, “Sick”. The film won the Cannes jury prize 20 years ago; it is funny, poignant & inspiring – I recommend it to you. Bob was the embodiment of “Enjoy Every Sandwich”.

  83. It IS so important! I am 48 yrs old, and only two days out of a 5-day hospital stay because my body decided to quietly grow a blood clot that extends from my left calf up into my upper abdomen, and surprise me with it in the form of a giant leg that I’m sure truly belongs to a completely different human. The clot has been named Eustis, and I can only envision it as the tentacled spawn of the Alien AND Predator creatures, complete with dreadlocks. I was lucky. I will be fine. My heart breaks for David, and now his family and friends. But the message IS SO IMPORTANT. Even if you know it already; even if you do enjoy every day; even if you think you take nothing for granted – enjoy it more, appreciate it more, share your love and light and joy more. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    Thank you, Jenny, for sharing David’s story and his message. Thank you for all the ways you amuse and cheer us. Thank you for being one more thing we can enjoy and appreciate every day. <3

  84. as a blogger, i have lots of people like this in my life, who i have never even met, but who affect me deeply, and positively
    . this is such a good reminder, to just fucking make sure you’re having some fun, because the whole circus can pack up and leave tomorrow. thanks to you, and thanks to david.

  85. Today I quit my job at a boys rehab: i adore my clients but the “higher ups” are , um, well , bad people. Anyways I didn’t want to quit. I didn’t want to walk out on adolescent guys who have drug and alcohol and family and self esteem issues but I’m a recovering person myself and I couldn’t let the administration steal my joy for one more minute; i needed to stand tall and say NO you’re not going to treat us like this anymore! Blah blah blah. ..thank you for the David story!

  86. The last few years have been a slow-motion shit-storm punctuated by a few glimmers of outrageous happiness. My tendency is to dig into the suffering and to forget the good things. I think that I’m doing it to honor a person who is sick has died. But your friend David’s take on making life a fitting tribute by enjoying each moment is a point well taken. Thank you.

  87. I just went to the deli and got a hot pastrami on rye with onions and extra mustard. Here’s to you, David. Thank you for the reminder.

  88. I’m so sorry for your loss. I am facing one of my own, but I don’t know when. If the doctors had been believed, he’d have already been gone for 6 months. The time may be closing in though. It’s spread to his brain now (lung cancer). He has made the most of his extra time. He got his affairs in order. He went fishing as often as possible. He went to the mountains and the beach. He walked both of his daughters down the aisle (one wedding moved up just in case). He buried his own mother who fell, contracted pneumonia and refused treatment because she didn’t want him to die before she did. I hear he is not so mobile these days. He won’t answer the phone, but will visit if you drop by. He’s a former co-worker and a great friend of my husband’s and as much as I will feel his absence, my husband is in for a much harder ride. Still, I have to admire my friend. He lived his life the way he wanted to and now he’s dying the way he wants to – living it right up to the end.

  89. Thank you for this. It was just the motivation I needed to contact a dear faraway friend and make arrangements to fly down and visit with her.

  90. Such good advice. So hard to remember. “Enjoy every sandwich” was Warren Zevon’s words when he found out he was terminal. It’s a good one….

  91. My mom is loosing the battle with Esophageal cancer. She has not eaten in months. Her favorite food has always been FRIED CHICKEN. Please – let’s do FRIED Chicken and MORE GRAVY for everyone in her name. (Patsy)

  92. Thanks for being an inspiration to the end, David! You’ll be there in every day for the people who loved you, and a reminder to live fully at every lunch…and that is going to make the world a better place for a long time. Blessings!

  93. I’m crying now and I definitely know I need a sandwhich. Need one. I hate cancer. Sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing it with us. I needed a reminder to enjoy sandwiches.

  94. We call need Davids in our lives.
    And if we can’t find them, we can be them.
    Dance among the stars, David. Shine brightly like the supernova you are.

  95. My seven year old nephew has Glioblastoma stage four. He, his little brother, and my ten year old son are going to enjoy the hell out of some metaphorical sandwiches. Thanks for the reminder.

  96. Godspeed.
    I’ll be having ice cream for dinner, tonight. To David.
    And much love to you, Jenny, and all the tribe. xoxo

  97. Cheers David! It amazes me how someone we never knew in real life can be so missed once they are gone because we connected on social media. I’ve lost 2 friends online to rheumatoid arthritis and miss their kind words daily. RIP Kind David. We will all miss you.

  98. I have found myself, involuntarily, waiting, almost crouching inward, unable to move, as my father gets closer and closer to the end of his road dealing with cancer. It’s harder than I ever thought it would be, because he’s so far away, but I also never thought that I would have to deal with him being gone so soon (he’s just 70).
    Dealing with my own health issues isn’t helping, and is making life kind of ridiculous to deal with, but I am going to try so hard to do this.

  99. Another stolen life. I’m sorry for your loss Jenny. This totally sucks. Thank you to David for leaving a legacy of sunshine on the internet and beyond.

  100. There must be magic in a sandwich. My uncle passed away a year ago from cancer – a few months after diagnosis, he was only able to eat by a feeding tube. The thing I remember most is him saying that he would give anything for a “cheese and bologna” sandwich. Its clear that the every day things will be the things missed most – so enjoy the f&#k out of them!

  101. Thank u for this. My mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has had 2 surgeries already. We are hoping they got it all finally but won’t know for several days. In honor of David I will enjoy the pie my bestie got for me and enjoy my mother being alive and well.

  102. Today I walked barefoot in the snow. Okay, maybe I pranced. Tiptoed. Something faster than walking or jogging, but slower than sprinting.

  103. My honorary grandpa passed away last week and his family asked that everyone perform a random act of kindness in his memory, as that is what he would have wanted us to do.
    It sounds like David would have liked that philosophy, so maybe everyone here who is feeling his loss could perform a random act of kindness in his honor?

  104. I do not usually comment, because I think I’m not really part of the tribe here (because I don’t comment, natch), but this! I lost tone of my best friends in the world last March. His name was David. We were friends for over 20 years, and had seen each other through some dark times, as well as joyous happy times. There were times he thought the world was too much, and wasn’t sure he could take it. And we’d go out and hear music or eat pancakes and talk talk talk, or often not talk, until his legs were back under him and he’d want to keep on keepin’ on.
    In the couple years before he died, he had mostly vanquished his demons, and was happy most always. He died while snorkeling in Bali. Bali!
    Before he died, he lived, and that was HUGE for me, just huge. I started paying more attention to my own spark no matter how tiny.

    I am taking today’s post as not just from your David, but from mine, too, because sometimes the world seems like too much, and I’m not sure I can take it. And you know what? Even feeling like that, I can go enjoy that sandwich anyway.


  105. Working on an animal habitat with my kid today. Will not get frustrated. Will be silly and fun and smile. Will take deep breaths when the little one tramples on all our paper trees. Thanks, Jenny. Thanks, David.

  106. I think I need to make a Cuban sammich in his honor, and enjoy the hell out of it. My family is suffering from the monster that is cancer too: my husband’s dad, his sister’s mom in law, and his brother’s mom in law are all trying to beat it right now. My thoughts are with you and yours.

  107. Very good advice. It’s important to be grateful for small things that add joy to your life. Taking a trip to town was nice for me today. I had a Chipotle Burrito and enjoyed it very much.

  108. I guess he was before your time, but your friend David was quoting Warren Zevon, who said “Enjoy every sandwich.” It’s a tip of the hat to the amazing Mr. Zevon and his outlook when we quote that, and David knew it. Zevon’s biography is “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.” You will get some additional insight into David if you search Warren Zevon, too. Bless David, wherever he is. <3

  109. Thanks for sharing this. Re-positions one’s perspective about the important things. Sad for your loss and David’s life lost too soon. Love all the stuff you’ve written about appreciating, and finding joy in the good things …and simple things, amidst our own personal daily soap opera/dramas. Need reminders like this one. You’ve given me a nudge to adopt something new that will bring calm to my life. My dad died within a very short time of pancreatic cancer. I still channel him for advice, and encouragement. Have shared to my fcbk page.

  110. thanks for sharing this. in solidarity, i will eat a delicious dessert after dinner. i’m sure david would approve. sending him, and everyone else, love and light.

  111. I’m eating a tuna salad sandwich right now and praying for everyone who loved him. Hugs

  112. Cancer tried to take my Dad 22 years ago and he kicked it’s butt. It won the second round and took my beloved Dad 5 years ago. Cancer can bite me. I think I will take David’s advice, though I think I’d rather enjoy a stir fry. I haven’t made one in years. I can enjoy the heck out of a stir fry!!!

  113. It seems to me that David left us all the best possible thing, and from your words, he lived what he said. I cannot think of a better memorial to him than this.

  114. Oh, tears in my eyes. I did enjoy my sandwich today but I think I’ll try a little harder tomorrow to be present for that. And I’ll stop worrying about the nagging bits for now. We all know it ends but when it’s right there in front of us–oy. Wishing David (and you) peace.

  115. Welp…I know what I am having for dinner tonight…a damn fine sandwich…<3<3<3

  116. Cancer does s*ck big ones. So sad that it takes such a tremendous loss to remind us that the little things really are the big things. Dogs, cats, friends, balloons, tree leaves, passing clouds, there is beauty in everything and we have to enjoy every minute, we don’t know how many we will get. Hugs to you Jenny and to all who knew and love David. #enjoyeverysandwich

  117. I knew your friend David through his posts on some pet blogs. I never met him but felt he was a nice guy. I discovered a GoFundMe page was created just a few days ago by some of David’s friends. A plumbing problem was discovered in his house, and his friends wanted to help his wife deal with it. The goal was $9,500 and over $14,000 was raised in just over a day. David seemed to have many friends and touch many lives. I wish I could have met him and maybe enjoyed a sandwich with him.

  118. Thank you for your tribute to David. He was one of a kind and so many of us loved him dearly as did you. Like you, he was my FB friend. I looked forward to posts from him. A few of my friends IRL knew him well. Gina was his dear friend. We grieve for the loss of our friend. There are lots of sandwiches and bacon in my future.

  119. I had 2 slices of Stawberry Rhubarb pie for dinner. And tea with whiskey. Life is good.

  120. Yesterday I learned I was a survivor of a very rare congenital disease. So lucky and so blessed. Changes your perspective on things (time, specifically). Still processing.

  121. I’m a pediatric oncology nurse and so, this resonates with me. I’m constantly horrified by these diseases. However, each child I meet is inspiring in some way. They aren’t all nice or cute or funny…but they are are unique and fight their little asses off. So, David is right. You should love something fiercely. You should enjoy as much as you can. Be a decent human. And don’t deprive yourself of the small wonderful things. Like sandwiches. Or gummy bears.

  122. You know, I’ve been on the fence about whether I whether I should try to get into grad school. Lots of self doubt and mind trash. Well, I think I’m going to now. Thanks, David. I needed that.

  123. David was my neighbor, and had two lovely Doxies, Cami and Harry Potter. He was as lovely a man in person as he was online.

  124. Tragic things happen to beautiful people. It doesn’t make these events any less sad, but I think sometimes it helps us remember people at the peak of their beauty, and that is, ultimately, their greatest gift. Thank you for sharing and peace and love to all who knew him. hugs

  125. Can I have the recipe for the sandwich and pickles. It’s it something regional or did you make it up? I’m going to call it “the David”

  126. Jesus Jenny thank you. Goddamn I am grateful for you. I decided to check my email on my phone after work while waiting for my car to warm up past -26celcius
    I read your email/blog and now instead of shivering in the dark in a cold car with a sore back, after a long workday, I’m crying and laughing and just feeling fucking grateful for every chunk of ice that falls off my windshield, and for a decent home and a warm cat waiting with my husband to say hey.
    My deepest condolences to David’s family and friends. I’m sorry for all that happened, yet I’m glad I heard his wisdom tonight.
    Thank you.

  127. I read your post, and before I even got to the end, I closed my laptop and asked my kids if they wanted to play a board game. They were so excited, because I am rarely the one who initiates a board game in this house. My kids and I thank you for an hour of fun that I probably wouldn’t have had without this blog post.

  128. Thank you for this post about David. I knew him too, and you have captured his spirit perfectly. I miss him too, it is nice that others who share the loss can share his spirit and memories. And that keeps his spirit and memory with us always. (planning a hot pastrami in his honor!)

  129. Six years ago this Sunday, one of my 7th graders lost his 2 year battle with cancer. Collin Zimmer will not be forgotten by me or his classmates. Cancer sucks. Prayers to those who have lost their loved ones to cancer.

  130. David, you are an awesome man. Thank you for sharing the legacy of your words with us. I promise to laugh, love, and enjoy every sandwich in honor of you and all the awesome,wonderful, inspiring people in our tribe. Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

  131. RIP David.
    Hugs to Jenny and everyone else who may need one.

    Next month will be the first birthday I celebrate without my Dad. He made it a point to have me visit so that he could join in on having cake with me and singing the birthday song to me.
    In his final months I was glad for every opportunity I had to make him his favotite ham sandwich and Campbell’s tomato bisque soup.

  132. I’m sorry to hear about David. We are a little family. I will enjoy that sandwich and God fried pickles sound so damn good now!!! Thank you for sharing because I needed to hear this at this very moment.
    Thank you

  133. It’s good that we can all be together here for the bad times, too. It’s like when you pull a string the knot gets tighter. I guess we’re like a knot.

  134. Cancer is an asshole. It stole my dad when my baby was 11 days old. We tried our hardest to enjoy those final days because we new he was holding on for her… and me.

  135. My step-father (the only father I ever really had) was diagnosed with small cell carcoma Monday, so this really generated the feels…. the good feels. The determined feels. Thank you for posting it, and thank you David, for inspiring it.

  136. In honor of David, and being part of the community, I want to get to know a few people of our Lawson tribe. I would love to get to know everyone but then I won’t get back to everyone. By get to know I mean really know and develop a good friendship. Even if that friendship is only for a short while and we drift out of each others lives by the end of 2 years. Can always use more friends to get a groupon to enjoy sandwiches with for $5.

    Hi I’m Monique its great to meet you all!! Who am I getting to know and saying hello to? 🙂

    p.s. If you reply I might not see it with so many comments, so my email is

    Monique Rowe

  137. For reasons I’m not quite ready to write about, this is very timely for me. Gives me a different perspective on a challenge presented to me today. And as always, cancer sucks.

  138. I lost my husband of almost 50 years to cancer a few months ago. Sometimes I think I didn’t appreciate what a wonderful man he was while I had him. I miss him dreadfully.

  139. Today my five year old had a upper scope and biopsy. Scope looked good, waiting for biopsy. Life returns to normal routines tomorrow, even though I want to grab the whole family and go somewhere fun and crazy… sigh…. So, I ate oreo’s and had a Coney Island hard root beer, it was awesome. 🙂

  140. David was actually a friend of mine. I was one of the fortunate ones that got to meet him In. Real. Life. He was in Austin on business and he demanded we had BBQ. He wore a sweatshirt from my alma mater that he happened to have. He made me laugh. He was the first one to comment on my posts. He would just send me random “virtual hugs”. He called himself my “brother from another mother”.

    He told some of us about 6 weeks ago and two days ago, it actually hit me. I cried for about an hour. And then I woke up the next day and he was gone. Stunned isn’t actually a good enough word for how I feel. However, the fact that you introduced him to your “huge” world has put an INCREDIBLE smile on his face. Guaranteed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (I’ll share this with his family and wife in case they haven’t seen it yet. xoxo)

  141. I am drinking a bottle of Poet Oatmeal Stout in David’s honor. It’s a special person who gives so much happiness to people who never knew him face to face.

  142. I’m listening to your audiobook right now, and I know the words in your book and David’s words are Truth because depression lies. I will enjoy every sandwich and will be grateful that you are in this world.

  143. Cancer affects all of us. It has the ability to unite us in our humanity. It will be 1yr ago on Feb 4th that I lost my grandfather to cancer. He was an amazing man that subtly held our family together. We didn’t even realize how much until he left us. In his final days he was angry and in a lot of pain, it had gone into his brain. He was a physicist with as many goals as a dreamy 7yr old. His life was full of stories, travel and adventures. He cussed a lot, talked a lot, always tracked me down if he hadn’t heard from me in a couple weeks, loved black licoric, beer and inappropriate jokes. The last coherent conversation I had with him he said,” ahh, I remember my thirties. I was fuckin everything that walked. Oh, the good ol’ days”. He was lively and opinionated. His favorite thing to say was “might as well do what you want because everyone’s a fuckin critic”. People were always entertained with whatever crazy thing flew out of his mouth. He was also a brilliant. It’s hard to hold the hand of someone you love while they fight to hold on to everything but I’m grateful to have been with him in his final days. So many leave us. All of us are affected by cancer. Thank you for sharing David story and how he still shared his love at the very end. I only hope, when it’s my time, I greet death so gracefully. Thank you ❤️

  144. I lost my dad a year ago Jan. 13th and my step-dad a year ago on Feb. 8th. Neither one was to cancer. My dad was due to an infection in his toe that never was cured for almost a year and caused cardiogenic shock and added to his lengthy health problems to where he had his foot amputated and almost his leg. The report just came in on my step-dad and I haven’t gotten with my (half) sister yet to see what it said exactly but when you workin in Uranium and Silver mines most of your life since you were a teenager until you retire and you smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day, and your father died of tuberculosis in his 50’s, it could be anything but they implied that it was cancer and sent him home from the hospital to die! 7 years ago my hubby’s middle brother passed away this month from non-small cell carcinoma (lung). In January 1999, my mom’s step-father passed away from melanoma. My mother-in-law (brain) and my great-grandmother (carotid) also passed away from cancer many, many years ago. My step-sister (who’s dad passed on Feb. 8th last year) had a husband (45 y/o) who died from cancer on my birthday a couple of years before my hubby’s brother. Some of them passed quickly and other’s lived years with their cancers. All I know that it’s still a shock when they are gone no matter when it happens.

    David being gone shocked me even though I didn’t know him. Peace, Prayers, and Blessings to his family and to you! I am here with you.

  145. Thank you for sharing with us. May David rest in peace, and may he be enjoying a sandwich buffet in eternity. I needed this message. Recently a family member commented about my weight gain, and I’m only a size 4. I used to be a size 0, so I’ve gained about 25 pounds. Menopause, age, eating three meals a day, it’s all to blame. I let the comment get to me a little, but I will take David’s advice and enjoy every sandwich.

  146. We all need to grieve – it is not sadness, it is feeling the loss of something valuable in our lives that is now no longer completely present. Regret is personal punishment, please anyone who reads this learn (self talk, meditation, counter bad thoughts with good memories of what you have done not what you haven’t) to let regret and guilt go. They hurt you.
    Accept the blessing of having people in your life who mean so much, accept the lesson in life when they go. No one lives for ever, and death is an equal opportunity employer.

  147. When Mommy died in her car accident in 2006, we were left with a small insurance settlement. Daddy divvied that up amongst us, and I took my “cut” to buy myself ballroom dance lessons, because the one person on the planet who would have loved to watch me dancing was the person who made it possible, and the only person who mattered that was no longer on the planet. So I get David’s sentiment, and I appreciate how you want US to use it.

    I already ate half a sandwich; it was essentially “shit on a shingle” but slightly healthier, because I’m like that – pulled pork, diced tomatoes, broccoli, and cheddar/horseradish pub cheese. DEE-LISH. I enjoyed the hell out of that sandwich, without even knowing I did it in honor of David.

    What a beautiful post, Jenny.

  148. Thank you David. And thank you to this tribe of people for making feel like I finally belong.

  149. In two days, it will be 7 years since my mom passed. Truly a sad thing about David’s passing, but his words are a great reminder about living every day to the fullest. I wish my mom had done that.

  150. Currently trapped in my blanket of depression and anxiety (although help has been sought and I am fighting back) and some days it is hard to see beyond myself. I needed to read this today. Snuggled in bed now so sandwiches will have to wait until morning but in honour of David I will be getting an egg mcmuffin on my way to work. So much deliciousness and as I enjoy my sandwich for David calories don’t count!

  151. I am so sorry for your loss Jenny and the loss of all who knew David. Sadly, it seems I often need these reminders about just enjoying life and the simple things. I find it so easy to get so focused on the trees that I miss all of the forests. Going to try harder to #enjoyeverysandwhich. ❤

  152. Four years ago today my husband also passed away from cancer. It was less than two months from diagnosis to departure. He was 31 years old. I was expecting our daughter at the time. He too, was an encourager. Today, we celebrated, as we have each January 28th since. I can’t think of a better way to honor someone I cherish than to remember. With custard donuts, in our case.

  153. Yesterday I buried my mother, 6 weeks after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I agree, and she would too, with every word you wrote. Here’s to life X

  154. Today (*Jan. 28) was my Mother’s birthday. Yesterday, I had a heartbreaking ‘sad’ + anxiety so bad I had chest pain. I cried so hard my eyes were swollen. Because, there’s no celebrating since I lost her in 2003😇. She bravely fought cancer & I was with her All through it. Gone too soon. No more hugs, talks, only memories. I will never get over losing her. When I am sick & scared, I want my Mom. So blessed, I still have dear Dad. We talked, & his advice was “keep fighting, honey. Don’t give up”. Ok, Dad – I never will. I LOVE my parents 💗. This is where I can say it. I know y’all understand. Thanks, Jenny & the tribe.

  155. Jenny; Please accept our condolences on the loss of your friend. I’m certain that he is enjoying a nice roast beef and cheddar on a thick onion roll (or something similar), somewhere. Stay strong.

  156. I have been trying to embrace each day for the gift it is for a very long time. It is good to have a reminder, thanks David, I had a ham and cheese sandwhich heated in my grilled Cheesus machine…loving that, praising God for the gift of humor today, thanks Jenny~

  157. Emily -enjoy the fact that a random person in England is sending you a big hug (because saying enjoy the moment when you get to take your pants off sounds too dodgy if you’re British!!) xxx

  158. Thinking is overrated. I think David would appreciate our very favorite Auntie Mame who reminds us (uncensored): “Life is a banquet, and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death!”

    Depression lies. Cancer is an asshole. I’m worried about my own IRL/pen pal David as well. I have been fretting more than doing, and then TRYING to do and then some stupid thing falls apart (internal, external) — I get overwhelmed with all of the possibilities. I can give great advice, but not always listen to what I am telling everyone else.

    But I will continue to enjoy every motherfucking sandwich and any other crumb of good that I can find — for David, for me. And also for you, Jenny.

  159. I’ve lost five people in seven years to cancer, my husband of fourteen years being one of them. Its evil and horrible and terribly unfair. This community has helped me immensely. I’m learning to live each day furiously happy. I love y’all. Every one of you.

  160. The joy that the David’s of the world give us is PRICELESS. My David was Wes who died a few months ago. Everyone should be a “David” or know one. Life is more heartful when you are or do.

  161. You, as always, are the best, Jenny. I hope David’s family sees this, and all the kind comments, and knows how much you and all the rest of the community you’ve built here, cared about him and will Enjoy Every Sandwich going forward, in his honor and that of all the others we care about.

  162. One of my favorite songs (much to my child’s annoyance) is from an episode of Arthur, one of those real people bits in the middle of the show sung by a teacher. “Sandwiches are beautiful, sandwiches are fine. I love sandwiches, I eat them all the time.”

    RIP David. And hugs to you Jenny. BTW I saw a video of someone snuggling a bobcat and I kept saying #itsabobcatjenny : D.

  163. Cancer indeed sucks. I lost my beloved cousin four years ago to brain cancer. She was 51. Fifty fucking one and the best one out of all of us. This was a beautiful post and tribute to a member of our tribe. I’m sure David can feel the love we are sending out in to the world because of him. Hugs to you Jenny and to us all. damn….

  164. Read this just as I was tucking in to a salami, cheddar, ham, olive & Dijon mustard panini. I will savour it.

  165. Jewish sliders in honor of you, David. Challah with mini-latkes, brisket, and brown gravy.

    Fuck you, Cancer…fuck you.

  166. So sorry for your loss. How simple but true his words are. I received my own cancer diagnosis last April and I can truly say I now endeavor to appreciate all that life has to give.

  167. I am gonna play with my dog and have a toast to David. Thanks Jenny. Rest in peace friend David. We should all go play with our dogs. Or cats. Or ferrets. Hedgehogs are cool too.

  168. I bet he would be so happy that his message was shared with so many people, and knowing that they took it to heart.
    Sandwiches for everybody!

  169. “Your joy can fill you only as deeply as your sorrow has carved you.” KMM
    RIP David…thanks for the reminder.

  170. I have never commented before, but i am sorry to hear of your friends passing. Your books and blogs speak to my soul and remind me that i am not alone.

    Thank you and now i might make that sandwich!

  171. I just went and laid down next to Ben, my sweet Golden Retriever, to nap for a few minutes in the sun after reading this. Thank you David for your wisdom and to you Jenny for sharing it.
    Sending my sincere condolences to his friends and family.

  172. Right before I opened this I started eating the worst sandwich. I started to get in a horrible mood about it. This puts it all into perspective. I can eat and enjoy the cheese from the worst sandwich.

  173. I posted a photo in memory of David on your FB wall. I’m having a sandwich today for lunch and I will ENJOY!!! But I will ENJOY all that I’ve been given.

  174. It’s so sweet of you to notice and remember someone of all the hundreds/thousands of people who comment on your blog/tw/fb/etc.

    Also I’ve been thinking about that line from the Sandman comics a lot lately where Death says~ “You get what anybody gets – you get a lifetime.” Not exactly comforting or cheery, but the truth of it is… another word for comforting that isn’t comforting.

  175. WOW…..what an amazing human!!!! I just started reading this blog and get thrilled everytime I see a new post (actually my first blog and only)…….this post just made me want to cry and rejoice at the same time!!! Thank you David!!!

  176. I knew David, and he was just as wonderful and smart and funny in person as he was online. And I was lucky enough to enjoy a sandwich that David actually made for me… grilled cheese with mustard. It was delicious. He also loved bacon. Thank you for your beautiful tribute. I’m sure it made him smile.

  177. Fuck cancer, it’s taken so many people out of our lives lately, it’s a wonder they haven’t called it an epidemic. RIP David, will be thinking of you when I eat my sandwich.

  178. I have list of foods I’ve eaten that I still remember enjoying and dream about one day eating again. There’s a donut on there. And an ice cream. But most are sandwiches. One is a Cubano (UGH so good) and the other a pastrami from the Boston Public Market. A perfect pickle and slaw on the side. David knows what he’s talking about. Sandwiches, man.
    And also a big “suck a dick” to cancer. I’m running the Boston Marathon for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute this April, if anyone is inspired to give, I’d be honored.

  179. Rest in peace, Dave.

    Today I played tag with my daughter and her friends while we waited for the school bell to ring. Fun for them, fun for me 🙂 I got some strange looks but I don’t care. I was fun

  180. RIP, David. My heart goes out to his family and friends. It is so hard to lose the people we love.

    Today, before I read this email, I tentatively agreed to put aside my boring lunchtime errand in order to have a sandwich with some friends at work I don’t get to see very often. I was on the fence about it. Screw it – that errand can wait until tomorrow. I’m going to enjoy this sandwich.

    Thank you, David.

  181. Before I read this post. This blog post. Not this email. Damn it, now I can’t come back here…..

  182. My mom told me in November 2000 that she’d been diagnosed with cancer. Two months later, she found was told it had spread to her lungs, and less than a week later she was gone. She was only 57.

    To hell with this horrible disease.

  183. This just blew my mind…I’m tearing up. Not because I knew David but because the Universe knew David. I not only ate and enjoyed a turkey avocado sandwich on squaw bread yesterday but I also brought sandwiches to my two high school sons during lunch which I never do. Mind you I didn’t see this post until today Jan 29th. I love how consciousnesses works. Thank you for being here and sharing your gifts with us. Bless David.

  184. As someone looking nearer that doorway to forever than some (I’m 64), I often think about how life truly is lived moment by moment. Thank you, David and Jenny, for the reminder. Sandwich for lunch it is! Hugs….

  185. The bread Im baking today will be sweeter, and finer, because there were and are people like David in this world, if only for a short time.

  186. Damn it. Fuck Cancer.
    And I’m getting the messiest, most ridiculously awful-for-me sandwich I can find today. RIP David, and thank you for bringing together this tribe of fabulous weirdos, Jenny.

  187. Had just sat down with my turkey, pepperoni and provolone on a pretzel roll and decided to read your blog during my lunch break. The sandwich was delicious and I put down the side of “oh my gawd, the prednisone is going to make me eat my own legs today!” guilt. And I enjoyed the heck out of every.bite.of.that.sandwich.

    Thank you and David for being you and sharing to make us all a little better and the world a lot more joyful even when we are sad or sick.

  188. I beat cancer. Sometimes I feel survivor’s guilt over that, especially since I lost a good friend a few days ago and find myself wishing I’d known him better. I find myself wishing we’d had a few sandwiches together. But it would be disrespectful to his and David’s memory, and the memories of all those who got taken down by the crab, to do anything but enjoy life.

  189. Yesterday I went to my local gourmet grocery store, which I don’t normally do on a weekday, much less on my lunch hour. But that morning they had advertised a super deal on the first 50 purchases of some really great organic family-farm maple syrup, so I made an exception. I justified it by saying to myself, “While I am there I will pick up some good lunchmeat and cheese and make a sandwich at home for lunch.” I was craving a sandwich, what can I say? So I got to the store and found out the maple syrup offer was over because 50 people had already redeemed it. Mentally I damned those 50 fortunate maple syrup purchasers who apparently didn’t have to go to a job at 7 am and instead could only dream about being one of the first 50 to get to the store for syrup. I’m sure those 50 yahoos leisurely sauntered to the store that morning with no care for the syrup denial of toiling desk-jockeys. Anyway, the ham and swiss sandwich was delicious.

  190. A dear friend of mine’s father died yesterday as well. He had had Parkinson’s disease, had been bed-ridden for the past 5 or so, and has been non-verbal for at least the past 2. I remember him before. He was a big, happy guy who loved kids and was always encouraging mine. He gave them high-fives everytime he saw them. And then he was turned into this shell of a person. He could not have been happy that way. So while I am deeply sad for my friend (I cannot imagine losing my daddy!!), I am very happy for her dad. Because he is now free to do and go and be what he was before, and even better! and that’s a very good thing.

    And I am going to enjoy every last sandwich until the end of my days 😉

  191. While I’m not dealing with a loved one facing cancer currently, it took my mother away from me when I was 10. What I am dealing with is trying to figure out how to be happy myself with a spouse that is not making that easy. A girlfriend and I are headed off on a weekend adventure shortly, to begin with barbecue sandwiches actually. I will keep David’s words in my mind as I travel forward in this journey and try to make all the little things of every day count.

  192. So sorry to hear this news about David. Thank you for passing on his message.

  193. I think “Enjoy every sandwich” is the best advice I’ve ever heard. Find enjoyment in every little thing. I’m sorry to hear about David. Eff Cancer. I think you should sell rubber bracelets / non-rubber bracelets in your shop with “Enjoy every sandwich” on it, and donate all the proceeds to the Gesundheit! Institute – that place that Patch Adams dreamed about. I think that’s the best silliest way to honor David. Just my two cents though.

  194. My last paternal great uncle recently passed and I felt such a strong pull to honor not only him but my also departed great aunts and uncles, as well as beloved grandparents, with living a beautiful life, to face fears and challenges as I embrace all the things that are pretty damn amazing. Sandwiches are obviously included.

  195. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face for the passing of someone I have never met but who by his passing, made me pause and remember to enjoy life and not just get through it. Thank you David and thank you Jenny for sharing.

  196. I attended the service today. When people tell stories about him, I can picture myself in their spot in the story, I can just hear his dialouge in my head. He was truly a one-of-a-kind character.

    I don’t know where you all live, but I live in the city of Boston. The actual city, not the suburbs. And so maybe you don’t experience this, but often, living among so many humans, you walk down a dirty, squalid city alley, and you think you’ll retch from the overwhelming stink of humanity. But sometimes, in the midst of that heinously fragrant hike, you catch a hint in the air of clean, fresh laundry. Unexpected. Wonderful. And for however long that lasts, no matter the alley you are in, you are no longer among the mortal funk, but instead frolicking through a field of wonder and hope and truth and promise. That’s how I will remember my brief time with David. Unplanned, unexpected and fleeting, but intense and wonderful, so wonderful. I miss you, sensei.

  197. I lost my brother to suicide last July. Suicide and cancer both really really suck. I’m very sorry for the loss of David. Thank you for the reminder to just enjoy life for as long as we can. For David and for Eric, I’m going to enjoy every sandwich.

  198. I just found out on Wednesday that my husband, no that title does not do him justice, my sane maker, my deepest love holder, my comedy in life, my music maker, the father of my fur kids and my dual dreamer will not survive cancer. What does one do with that knowledge? Enjoy every moment, try to remember every instance, truly taste every morsel of that damn sandwich!

  199. I lost my cat last week to lung cancer. Yeah I know people may say ‘it’s just a cat’ and I get that it’s not comparable to a human but GD it was so sad watching him go through it the past couple of months. I’ve cried my eyes out for days for his little soul. Cancer sucks balls no matter who gets it. It’s funny I came to those same conclusions after his diagnosis as well. Life is short man. Order the dessert. Snuggle your pets. Go streaking. Whatever. You never know which day will be your last.

  200. Well dear David you will be in great company with David Bowie and Alan Rickman as well as some other great people that have left as. Party on with Sandwiches of course.

  201. I’m blessed – despite the hardships in life that threaten to pull me under at times, I try to remind myself daily that I’m blessed because I, my kids, and my grandkids are all healthy. My best friend died of cancer when she was just 34 – she had six children and the youngest was just three months old (they discovered the cancer when she was pregnant and she opted not to get treatment then so the baby would not be harmed – and then it was too late). I tried to reach her before she passed, but she died the day before I arrived. I talk to her often (people probably think I’m nuts) – and it reminds me that I’m blessed.

  202. Just over a year since we lost Susie (at 39). She had the same outlook and would be pissed if we were sad. Sandwiches all around.

    Sniff There must be onions on mine.

  203. Just over a year since we lost Susie. She had the same outlook and would be pissed to know we were sad. Sandwiches all around.

    Sniff There must be onions on mine.

  204. I’ve decided that when I go (many years from now I hope) I’m going to have organised with my travel agent to have my ashes scattered in the bay near Nanuya Island in Fiji where I had a beautiful week a couple of years ago. No funeral parlour making big bucks out of tear-jerking video/photo montages, just a loved one having an all expenses paid trip to paradise to send me where I want to go and hopefully help them remember to enjoy living.

  205. Thank you for the wise words and the reminder to live every moment with purpose of joy, laughter and love. David would want that.

  206. Thank you. Thank you for reminding us that life is short. Thank you for reminding us that life needs to be enjoyed. Thank you for reminding us that life needs to be lived.
    We each have a story, they are all different, but at the same time so similar. We find ourselves existing each day without living, we breath, our hearts pump blood, but we don’t experience what life is. Thank you for taking 60 seconds of my day and reminding me that life isn’t about existing, it’s about living!

  207. I’ve been re-reading this post & the comments daily. It’s so timely for me. I’ve been thinking so much about David’s thoughts and wishes & how important it is to tell the ones we love what they mean to us. To life live to the fullest – even if it sounds cliched. And then my friend’s father died on Saturday and all of this came rushing back again. I’ve been so sad & then something amazing just happened. I work for a surgeon. A patient needs surgery that she cannot afford. She just left our office frightened and worried about the surgery and its associated costs. Another patient (a stranger) came up to the window right after she left and paid for this patient’s surgery. There is plenty of sadness in this world, but there is good too. There are miracles and there are miracle-makers, and I have to believe that the good will always win. Jenny – thanks for sharing & David – God bless!

  208. Oh Dear Oh Dear, it appears that not a one of us actually knew “David”, God Rest His Soul. But we came here because we know the power and pain of loss, and the need for community and leadership and emotional refueling.

    Lt. Tuttle, I salute your valiant last efforts, as we eat our sandwiches and wish for a better life together.

    Would someone please post David’s Obit or some detailed info? I know a David, I sit here wondering if it’s HIM that has died. I hate not knowing when tragedy strikes.
    My daughter Victoria died in 2013, when Gravity ruined her 21 Floors from the roof experiment, apparently.
    and I did learn then that “Depression Lies”. That is the BEST quotable sanity of the decade, “Depression LIES”. Thank you Jenny Lawson.

    Please forgive my fear, my daughter’s best friend is named David, but he’s not in touch with me. Who died?
    People should just stop dying; it’s too painful.

  209. Holy cow!
    I’m not an active member of ‘this community” and I didn’t know David, but his words completely strike a chord with me (loud and strong) and almost bring me to tears. I want to copy and paste his sentiments everywhere I can. Thank you for sharing this, thank you, thank you.

  210. I was standing in line waiting for a sandwich as I read this. I’ve been contemplating a major life change to make myself happier. Or to at least make an attempt. This has sealed the deal.

  211. Thanks for sharing this! It really is inspiring and . Smile when you still have teeth, walk in the rain too, and feel everything and indeed honor the life we’ve been given!
    RIP to Flavia and Colette who recently passed due to cancer.
    But most of all, PRAY

  212. Hey my lovely…. I know I don’t comment any more but this really touched me.

    Cause I am eating a fucking sandwich. My first in months, with this paralysed stomach of mine, I am truly enjoying every bite.

    Never ever thought I would be thankful for a damn sandwich. RIP to your friend.

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