Get ready to waste a good hour.

My friend, Christine, introduced me to Dreamscope where you can add filters to your photos.  Not normal filters though.  Stuff like, “What would I look like if I was made out of gummi bears?” or “What if the world turned into raspberries?”  An hour later and I have a million variations of me.

Get ready to waste a good hour of your life.  But it’s for creative reasons, so I’m pretty sure it counts as art therapy.

bloggess dreamscope

bloggess dreamscope 2

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  1. The next time I take a 13-hour flight from Atlanta to Moscow, this is what I’m gonna do. Oh, and during slow times at work.

  2. “computing…this may take up to 5 minutes.” HELL YEAH!! Who needs to work!?!?

    (That’s why you open up 10 windows on your computer and do 10 images at a time. Until your computer crashes. -cough- ~ Jenny)

  3. So I was cleaning my cat’s nipples last night, because they gave her a kitty abortion, so she still has bigish nipples, and they sometimes get crusty. But cleaning them puts her into a happy purring sleep and relaxes my OCD need to clean/pick at things so it’s a win/win, except for my husband who thinks it’s weird and gross. And last night she fell asleep happy, OCD was satisfied, and no one knew.

    This has nothing to do with the filters. Just throwing it up here.

  4. the second to last one completely freaks me out. like one of those salt-sucking lamprey-hagfish-monsters from the old Star Trek.

  5. Next-to-the-last-one…DEFINITELY. I love how it makes you look like a vacuum-mouthed alien with large nostrils….kind of like a cross between a pig and a Hoover….but it a beautiful, groovy, 60’s mod kind of way. That one is a keeper!!

  6. Oh good, I was wondering how I could avoid doing anything productive on a Friday afternoon.

    Time to Vincent Van Gogh myself.

    Though perhaps I’ll keep the ear.

  7. Crap! I’m addicted to photos and photography, and am behind in what I’m supposed to be getting done today, and now this! Oh well, I didn’t really want to take a shower or get dressed, or eat today anyway.

  8. This is perfect timing. The last thing I felt like doing today was making another petty update to a contract for some asshole who will just sit on it until it’s expired again.

  9. Favorites: Stained glass, roses, and whatever the hell the penultimate one is. It makes you look like a cross between a peacock and a monkey…but in a good way!

  10. Hours of fun – thank you 😀
    (am not sure some of my friends and family might not when they see themselves made of gummi bears though, especially my sister-in-law who loves them but will soon feel like she is some kind of weird cannibal once she is made of them) (I am evil enough to be highly amused at this prospect) (ok, a bit bad too but the amusement factor is winning)

  11. I’m not trying to butter you up, but you look like a goddess in the stained glass one!
    The Bloggess Goddess!!!

  12. Seems to me that if one had a (grudgingly) willing husband, some pets an active daughter and a giant metal chicken, one could stage a number of photographs, run them through the filters and make an instant comic book with a few well placed word balloons…

  13. Meh. Am I the only one who can’t sign up? The damn “sign up” button just does a sexy, is somewhat mocking, wiggle when I try.

  14. Gah! Awesomeness. I’m not trying to butter you up, but the stained glass one makes you look like a statue of a classic Greek goddess. The Bloggess Goddess.

  15. Just what I needed on Friday afternoon. Well, at least I think so – my boss, probably not so much.

  16. Well, my employer’s already lost me to the dregs of the internet, so this might be a better use of my time today.

  17. I feel dumb because I can’t get it to do anything beyond upload a picture. There aren’t that many options! What am I missing? Kids these days and their websites and java applets…

    (Upload the pic. Then pick the filter on the bottom. Then click the “get painting” button. Or something like that. ~ Jenny)

  18. Everybody gets their own personalized Bloggess! So awesome. I’m going with Hokusai Bloggess.

  19. A lot of these filters actually look really cool. I’m trying it out. Already got a dozen tabs open.

  20. Oh bloody hell. I’ve got enough problems with Pinterest. Cannot. Even. Do. Another. Thing…..

  21. If you combine the eight and ninth images from the bottom, you’ll be written in Gallifreyan. You know Who, don’t you?

  22. Holy smokes. This is just in time. Now I can disguise my aging process and camera ineptitude in a way that does not involve Photoshop filter gallery. Many thanks for passing this along!

  23. Is the pinkie red one called “what would i look like if I were made out of meat”? 😉

  24. even as we speak one of my former cats is having his picture painted. Oh thank you for one more thing to do on here…

  25. I have a kaleidoscope program that my Gbaby loves to do kitty snowflakes with… wonder what we can decorate with this! Thanks for sharing 🙂 (My fave is the next to last one! Groovy, Baby 🙂 )

  26. I have no interest in filtering myself, although I do LOVE your gears, roses, and the BUBBLES the best! (I don’t understand why the others here are either creeped-out or just can’t identify that those are BUBBLES).

    Ennyhoo. Thanks for wasting time on my behalf. I have plenty of other ways to waste time. Like today, I worked on my taxes all day. :/

  27. Who would have thought gummy bears and roses would be so trippy? I am NOT going on this site. Nope. Not going to do it. Although I’d love to see what color gummy bear ends up most prominent. See what you started?

  28. This is my first time on the site. This art is off the chain. Your blog is splendid, and you should feel splendid. A chirpy hello to everyone already in the community.
    Sorry to hear about David’s end, but delighted to benefit from his wisdom. It’s always a wound to lose a fellow sandwich lover and I will now redouble my efforts in his honour.

  29. I think the 7th from the bottom really captures you and your spirit (though I love all of them). Thanks for sharing this.

  30. I figured it out. I was using Chrome, and it doesn’t work without a plugin of some sort.

  31. Oooooor not. At least I got the ‘start painting’ button but then it takes me to a blank screen. I think it’s time to put the mouse down and walk away.

  32. I love playing with apps! A great way to be creative with very little effort on my part! Your second to last one…zombie perfection!! 🙂

  33. Gummies and raspberries are awesome. Also the roses are like an instant face lift or something…makes your eyes seem so much bigger or brighter or something.

    Went to the calling hours earlier in support of one of my coworkers…this year seems to be so full of death just in the first month alone; hoping this is just the year blowing its wad early (pardon the expression) so that the rest of the year will be calm.

  34. Fourth from the last. It feels like you’re looking straight at me, and it helps.

  35. Fascinating. The one looks like the images generated by the Deep Dream generator. Wonder if it uses the same engine? Deep Dream pretty much makes everything into eyeballs and dog heads.

  36. Holy crap! I just put a close up of my extremely fluffy and much-missed cat Zach through a Van Gogh filter and a gorgeous thing resulted. I mean, a really beautiful image that looks like someone with talent painted it. I admit, the original photo is a good shot of Zach, but this takes it to a whole new plane.

  37. I’m a little late reading this, but I’m commenting anyway. 🙂 My husband found out about Dreamscope not too long after our cat Frisco suddenly died in his sleep shortly before he was two years old. We had plucked him out of a bush when he was about two months old squealing every time he heard one of our cats meow. He led us a merry chase, even so.

    Anyway. We took a picture of him, put it through Dreamscope, saved it, messed with the size and resolution in Photoshop, then had a canvas print made at Walgreens. Frisco was a special cat, and now we have a beautiful piece of art to help us remember him.

  38. This is awesome! I’ve not posted many selfies since everyone started to really anal about photo shop & shit…so yeah, now I can cover up my imperfections with this. Thanks lady! 🙂

  39. Thank you. I’m weepy and lethargic today, I may as well try to amuse myself.

  40. These are fabulous–can’t possibly decide which one I like best…can I see a picture of Victor now?

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