WTF, Kevin.

No weekly wrap-up today because my head is full of stuffing and walnuts but I had to share this with you because this is exactly why we need to be prepared for the robot revolution.  Because Kevin is a real douche-canoe.

PS. It strikes me that “douche-canoe” is still fun to say but it might be time for something new.  Cock nugget, maybe?  I don’t know.  I’m open for suggestions.

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  1. Ohhh…can I suggest “Douche Twizzle” or “Wank Stain”? I am most fond of wank stain. Not actually wank stains because that would be weird. I am fond of calling people wank stains.

  2. Good Grief Gertie!
    Kevin’s a dick.
    And I could never get up from my knees like that…
    Can’t top douche-canoe.
    I usually go with ‘hateful dum-dum’ when it comes to name calling.
    And character assassination.

  3. Last year, after an “incident” my younger son referred to his high school administrators as “fascist cock waffles.”

    I was way too proud and impressed to scold him.

    And it still makes me giggle.

  4. Does his voice remind anyone else of someone on MST3K?
    And for insults I like Douche Waffle – rolls off this tongue nicely.

  5. I’ve been called a DICKWEED BY A GUY. NOT DIRE HOW THAT WORKS – I love dick and hate weeds. Snapper Butt, Puddin’ punk. There’s a whole load of terrific curses that you can say in front of your Mom

  6. Now that was funny! Douche Canoe yes! Stupid Kevin. Another moniker for Kevin? How about Richard top?

  7. I’d like to nominate “penis-leech” for consideration. I’ve been saying it for about 30 years. I’m not sure exactly how to define it, but I know one when I see one.

  8. Now I want a smart ass robot. I also want him/her/it to clean bathrooms, floors. and windows. And I don’t think douche-canoe can ever really go stale – it’s a classic.

  9. I’ve always been rather fond of “twatwaffle”. It’s super fun to say, so I always get a little excess joy when using it. Give it a try!

  10. So for some reason the video showed up as a sloth who wanted to cuddle and I was so confused.

  11. Weeeel, DD and I still use “douche canoe” with terrifying frequency when driving but we also like “dick wagon.” Was that one of yours? We can’t remember where we acquired it.

  12. Depends on who. Certain politicians are currently known as Crotch Nazis. In general I am currently backing Butt Slug, Taint Biscuit and Sphincter Pilot.

  13. Frozen post licker has always been a favourite of mine – it might be a function of growing up in Northern Ontario…

  14. Hmmmmm……dick- whistle? Douche rocket? Butt brain? My four year old usually goes with bum bum, which is hilarious, at least to those preschool punks he hangs with….

  15. I love the term Douche Canoe, but I most definitely think I’m adding into my vocabulary cock nugget.

    And this is why I love you.

  16. Finally figured out what a douche canoe is… It’s a kayak! Because lots of douchey people own them because they’re “Too good” for a canoe.
    But not everyone who owns one is douchey…

  17. Really can’t beat the Bard. From “Henry IV”: Part 1
    “You starvellng, you elf-skin, you dried neat’s-tongue, you bull’s-pizzle, you stock-fish! O for breath to utter what is like thee! You tailor’s-yard, you sheath, you bowcase, you vile standing tuck!”

  18. Better watch out Kevin or you might get hit upside your snot locker! You numb nuts, don’t piss off the robots! Douche-Canoe is classic and will never get old, it rolls off the tongue so easy, so poetic😂🍷😬

  19. Ima work out some more so I can stand up from a full kneel like my new robot hero does at 1:29.

  20. No one excels at swearing like the Brits, so may I offer ‘spunktrumpet’ and ‘fucknugget’ (both new to me) and my personal favorites, ‘fuckwit’ and ‘gobshite’. Countless hours of Brit telly are finally of use.

  21. I’m personally fond of doucheweasel. I feel like it takes the classic douche canoe to a new, modern level.

  22. I am fond of “F*ck Knuckle”. Of course, it is not always suitable since it contains the F Bomb, but it sure does roll off the tongue.

  23. Douche-Canoe is still great, I also like Michelle’s “douche twizzle”, and a long time ago my friends used to say choad belly a lot…

  24. All suggestions are delightful and I can hardly wait to use each and every one. I am so old, I remember when dick-wad was new and still employ it on occasion. A fun one to use with the younger set is Mr. ____ Pants. Fill in the blank. Mr. Smelly Pants. Mr. Buttcheek Pants. Mr. Jalapeno Popper Pants. Fun for the entire family.

  25. Dickweed is a good catch-all phrase. Unless this autocorrects, in which case duckweed works too.

  26. I’m sticking with douche canoe. Although cock nugget is also pretty apt.

    You’re sick, Jenny? Me, too, although mine is more feverish than congestion. Here’s hoping we’re both better soon!

  27. Kevin is a twat waffle, and he’ll be sorry when the robot revolution happens. Some other suggestions, since cursing is just my favorite thing:
    Knob cheese (British cursing is awesome)
    Sperm burping hussy
    Cock knockin’ bastard
    Turd muffin
    Diseased snatch muffin
    Puss bucket
    Inbred gutter who’re
    I can do this all day…..

  28. I love Douche Canoe, of course my phone auto corrects this to Douche To-Do, which sounds like a formal event. And this video made me snort.

  29. One of my friends, while driving, was being annoyed by his brother. Traffic was awful and he was getting fed up, so he turned around and yelled, “Shut up, shitdick! I’m trying to drive here!”

  30. So…this is why the Cylons rose up against the humans, right?

    All this has happened before, and all this will happen again…

  31. Never fails to crack me up. Reminds me of in terms of humor and style.

  32. DORK… is the name for a whale’s penis. Really! Look it up! :p

  33. My new favorite, and I can’t remember where I got it from, is fuckwhistle.

  34. Douche canoe always sounds like an insult to females and we get enough disrespect as it is.

  35. I have no useful suggestions, but I needed that video and this comments section today! I’ve picked up a few options for yelling at the computer while I do my taxes…

  36. Swear word dice, heard about the hem from walking dead crew! I need to make a set!

  37. Dink-eyes. It was my kid brother’s and my favorite insult when we were little brats. Made us giggle like giggly things.

  38. “Rat-bastard” is still one of my favourites. Also, “You smell like ass,” and “Fuck you and everyone who looks like you.”

  39. Honestly, I think it’s the name Kevin. Really, it’s not his fault…

  40. I think it’s because his name is Kevin. Really, he can’t help himself…

  41. That was awesome.

    Cock gobbling thunder cunt is one of my favorites, but it takes a pretty high level of pissed-offedness for me to break it out.

  42. One of my hubby’s favorite curses is to call someone or something a “whore skunk”. As in “you’re a whore skunk”, or “what a whore skunk”. I’ve used it extensively where you can’t call some one a mother fucker.

  43. Hubby started using dickass a couple of years ago.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  44. I like bandersnach it sounds horrible but it’s just a character from Alice in wonderland. “Stop being a bandersnach” Also once when I was a kid I called my moms ex husband a “black hearted billy goat” she asked were that came from I said I didn’t know but I was mad. She was so impressed.

  45. I’m fond of “god rot” as a general swear word because the word “drat” is the contraction of it. Sometimes long form is better.

  46. Uncontrollable laughing throughout our house as we watched this. WTF Kevin?!?!

  47. Twatwaffle is my go-to. And Kevin was being a major twatwaffle with all that fuckery. Fuckery and twatwafflage. My favorite words. It’s a good day. Unless you’re the robot in that video.

  48. I have been ready for the robot revolution ever since I watched Wizard of Oz. All I need is a garden hose, and they rust up like nobody’s business. NO FEAR HERE!

  49. Although it is truthfully hard to top douche canoe, I am a big fan of ‘window licker’. I’m pretty sure that Kevin is less of a window licker than that douche canoe who pushed him from behind. What can I say? I have a soft spot for potty-mouthed androids.

  50. i have complained about that so many times. that shit fucker. this is EXACTLY why they turn on us. shit like this right here!

  51. I recently saw a meme that included the word “twatsicle” and made it my new fave.

  52. Shitpickle. My husband gave me that one, and it comes in very handy when I’m writing briefs for myself about terrible people.

  53. God I loved this. Of course, when skynet is born, our robot overlords will show their young ones videos like this.

  54. The comments are so creative! And educational.

    Kevin is a wicked wicked douche canoe; the robot isn’t going to gander any sympathy with that attitude. Why does this have to be in Boston? Is this where the uprising starts?

    I think everybody has the flu right now; feel better. My husband’s favorite is to tell someone to go suck a wet fart. I happen to say fuck you you fucking fuckity fuck a lot. Also, holy fucktards and son of a whore.

    Eat me still remains in my pantheon of curses. As far as G rated ones, I’m pretty stumped. Hosehead is still an oldie but goody.

  55. I like fuck knuckle, doorknob and dingus. One of my students used dirty booger. I thought that was very creative yet classroom appropriate.

  56. I sometimes use ‘cockroach fucker’ as an insult. It shuts up an entire room, so it’s too potent to use everyday. Save it for really special cases. 🙂

  57. Current fave – Cock-womble.
    Wombles are stuffed creatures that live on Wimbledon Common. The sing and tidy stuff and have cool names like Orinico and Madame something . . oh now I have to google British ’60s kids programmes . .

  58. How about ‘cockwomble’? A Scottish fellow taught me that one and I use it as much as possible and even a bit gratuitously because I love it so fucking much.

  59. Kevin will be the first to go when Skynet takes over. And, I have no suggestions regarding a replacement for douchecanoe, as there have been so many amazing ones so far that I have no hope of topping (or even contributing for that matter).

  60. I’m a serious suck-rag because all I can think is I want to see that robot beating up another swearing robot.
    Or beating the douche twizzle bandersnatch twat waffling douche tit cockwomble taint fondling douchecraft carrier wank stain butt bunion carbuncle ass cactus printer in my office.

    Don’t get me started on how much I want to live out that climactic scene from “Office Space”.

  61. One of my favorites is Orca Dork (this has nothing to do with a persons weight… look up the definition of dork). 😉

  62. A family favorite is inbred booger-eatin’ moron. It works best with a southern accent.

  63. I really love twatwaffle and feel that I don’t use it nearly as frequently as I have occasion to but today I was introduced to douchelord. Now I have to work it into my daily conversation too. sigh Just plain “fuck” will always and forever be my trusty go-to though.

  64. Whatever happened to flaphassling clamhandler? Carpfaced goat-heckler? Mangy, gout-nosed skunkbaiter? Lamb-trampling assgoiter? &c

  65. Yesterday, my adult son said “That guy is such an enormous douche, he must be heir to the Massengill fortune!” which I must confess made me very proud!
    Personally, I love, for a female, “Sun-dried piece of cunt-jerky” (I got permission to spread that around by the originator) and for males, “douche nozzle.”
    I also agree with many others that douche canoe is a timeless classic!

  66. I’ve got a special saying for my ex husband…. A douche canoe floating down a river of dirty tampons!!!!

                      Jo Whittom
  67. I’m really enjoying reading these comments out of context. In your head, or aloud for bonus points, preface each one by saying “Donald told Shirley…” then read the comment. Try it with #122 first 🙂

  68. Douchecopter and sparkle nozzle are still a couple of my favorites. 🙂

  69. My new all-time favorite video…until the next one.

    Personally, I am a huge fan of douche canoe. Although I have been called fuckbag in my life.

  70. My favorite is “balloon knot.” it is both a) not actually a cuss so you don’t have censor it and b) what an asshole looks like.

  71. I think my favorite is penis potato. But really that has nothing to do with this. It’s just another way to day dictator. Get it dick tater 😂😂

  72. My favorite go-to is “ButtMunch.” It’s useful in so many situations!

  73. Doug’s (Kevin Nealon in Weeds) “cock juggling thunder cunt” just really flows and always makes me giggle and so does “cum-guzzling gutter slut”
    Then i feel like a bad feminist because they are both pretty awful to women.
    I really love “asshattery” to describe bad behavior and “fucknutter” is a whimsical exclamation.
    There was a news story once that called a man a “subterranean little troll” and that one’s pretty tame but direct.

  74. laughing so hard because I saw the original non-swearing one a few months ago. This makes MUCH more sense!

  75. Moosecock or Cockasaurus are some of my favorite insults. My Scottish partner likes buttnugget…well the word, not actual buttnuggets. That would be wayyyy off.

  76. I just remember back on Regretsy (RIP), they usually used “term for genitalia” + “breakfast/dessert food”

    Twat waffle
    Cunt cake
    Cock bacon

    Mix and match.

  77. My friends ex husband called her and her friends (me included) cum-guzzling gutter-sluts. So there’s that.

  78. My Air Force roommate was always fond of “fuckstick” as an insult, and it grew on me.

  79. For what it’s worth, my 21 year old cat who never purrs is next to me. When I read “douche canoe” (I read your blog out loud to her so she doesn’t kill me (she hasn’t yet so as far as I know it works)) she purred.

    She purrs when when she hears “douche canoe” AND. NO. OTHER. TIME. (except when she makes me bleed)

    So the 21 year old Mena cat basically says “No, don’t change it fuck you I’ll kill you if you do I’m a tiger and I’ll murder you!” (So sorry, she’s old, cranky, slight crazy, doesn’t do punctuation and at almost 6 pounds believes she’s a tiger.)

  80. I have a recent fondness for “assmunch”.
    Beyond that, I do tend to go back to the classics. “Dipshit” and “Jerk” never get old. Nor do toad and weasel. (Bonus? I can say those last two around my 9yo without wondering if I’m going to be “THAT PARENT” who introduces new vocabulary to the elementary school…)

  81. Of course, Jenny, you put douche canoe in my everyday vocab—but I already used “shitski”. Have no idea how I cam up with it. (pronounced Shit-ski).
    Totally needed this post today. Made me laugh. Not feeling great so this was good.

  82. I’ve always liked, lower than pond scum.I have actually said this to a number of people. Last time I tried to comment, it didn’t work and I lost the whole lemur blog, with all the pictures.

  83. I have been using fuck tart it’s short, direct, and can be used for more then just an insult.

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  85. Male horses get cock nuggets. Actually they are called beans and made up of gross stuff that gathers in the sheath but still. They are nuggets next to the cock.

  86. I’ve always been fond of “fucknozzle” myself. And by “always”, I mean since the beginning of 2016, during the Whiskey Inhalation of Friday Night.

    It wasn’t even a dare.

  87. Ass Cactus
    Turd ball licker
    Turd burgler (someone that burgles the turds).

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