Neko Atsume will ruin your life. But in a good way.

If you don’t know what Neko Atsume is then just run away now because it is tremendously stupid and I spent months making fun of my sister for playing it until I downloaded it and now I stop what I’m doing multiple times a day to feed the non-existent electronic cartoon cats that live in my phone and take pictures of them and yell with joy when one leaves me a damp, empty matchbox that also doesn’t exist in real life.  What’s the point of this game?  Answer: There is no point.  Unless you’re compulsive like me and must get a picture of every cat and every momento and can’t sleep until it’s done.  It’s almost as bad as Simpson’s Tapped Out, which is the only other game I play but I’ve played it for years and have spent real life money to buy imaginary buildings in an imaginary town that exists only on my phone.  It’s super fucked up and I don’t even have a joke for it but I just logged in to Neko Atsume and Pickles was embodying all of me today and I thought you could maybe relate.

neko atsume bloggess

PS.  This isn’t a well-written post.  I don’t have an end for it.  Sorry.  See above.


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  1. Wow a bloggess post with no comments yet. I’ve never seen this before

  2. It doesn’t need to make sense. Because cartoon kitties, dammit.

  3. I finally, FINALLY got pics of all at cats. That Frosty, man. Also, I renamed one of the cats Schroedinger and now I get irrationally annoyed when he is not sitting in the cardboard box.

  4. At least you didn’t get sucking into the Family Guy version of the Simpson’s game (forgot the name, but does it matter?). I too gave the Simpsons my money and then got bored. I didn’t give The Family Guy money, but I am resisting Neko Atsume because I know me and my need to throw money at things.

  5. I love getting mementos and all my albums are full. I still have no idea why I love this, but I can’t stop!

  6. This is my favorite post ever. I started playing this & got my daughter addicted to it. My job as a mother is done.

  7. I love PIckles. If I came to the yard and saw him like that, I would also take a picture (as I do of every cat, and every group of cats), and then I would probably make it my background screen. 😀

  8. Hah! You do have a streak of real cruelty amidst your other, mostly stellar, qualities! We of the OCD community salute you! With one digit! xoxo.

  9. Totally addicted to Neko Atsume. Now I must buy a mat to get a cat to do that. I just saved enough for the room expansion. more kitties for me.

  10. I have been playing this game obsessively for weeks! I’ve even made my coworkers admire my extended yard and the multitude of cats lounging about! They keep trying to give me the number for Employee Assistance Services for some reason. My coworkers, not the cats.

  11. Yes Neko Atsume; the game for non-gamers. I’m completely addicted and have basically bought everything there is to buy for the cats; umbrellas, scratching devices, 5000 beds and pillows, and a carboard shop.
    It’s ridiculous, but indeed, in the best way possible

  12. I’m adding a second level of difficulty… Get a snapshot of all the regular cats’ buttholes. Good times.

  13. Oh my goodness! One of the girls we were fostering temporarily told me about this. I meant to go check it out on my own and completely forgot. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  14. If only they had this with chickens instead of cats. That, I can get on board! I go out on my deck a few times a day just to watch my chickens scratch and peck in the backyard, and of course take pictures, that my husband is very kind to pretend that he’s interested in.

  15. I DID NOT KNOW YOU COULD RENAME THE CATS. This changes everything! I can’t get Apricot for a pic either, but I also haven’t gotten Callie, Gabriel, Bolt, Peaches, or Willie. (I am still relatively new at the game.)

  16. My friend talked me into downloading that, too. I read your post and looked on my phone and it’s still there, but I seem to have neglected my electronic cat. 🙁 Don’t tell my real-life pet cat, she’ll hate me.

  17. I play Simpsons Tapped Out too, and I’m somewhat ashamed and I just can’t stop, but now I feel less alone…
    And now I might have to become the crazy cat lady on my phone that I tried to hide being in real life.

  18. Hahaha ,YES. Been playing Neko Atsume a while now, I can’t stop. I love Pickles (mine is named Hodi. I’ve only done the Japanese version, so mine all have different names than everyone else). It’s truly awesome.

  19. OMG.

    I’ve been addicted too and I went to check it after reading this post…I WAS LEFT A DAMP MATCHBOX.

  20. Ramses is my nemesis- he shows up in the middle of the night all.the.time I cannot get a picture of him. So annoying but I still love this game for some reason

  21. I haven’t played it myself, but I sure do identify with power level zero!

  22. I cannot get Neko Atsume to load on my iPod!!!! It’s bugging the heck out of me.

    However I am playing Egg Baby, which is just as useless but I can rock the eggs to sleep and they’re cute and I’m kind of addicted

  23. You can re-name them?? This is something I did not need to know. Goodbye productivity. I only chose pictures of cats to save if you can see their little ‘X’ butts so clearly this game DOES have a point.

  24. I feel your pain. I had to remind myself that it wasn’t real today when I finally got a pic of Billy the Kitten, who has been eluding me for weeks.

  25. I had to delete it. When you start yelling multiple swear words at a cartoon cat for being a fat piggy it’s time to stop playing.

  26. I kind of blame/thank you for my Neko Atsume addiction. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one, besudes my kid and he’s 7 so it’s perfectly acceptable when ge does it, who gets stupidly excited when the cool cats visit. That, and it amuses us probably way more than it shoukd that you can see their butts. Ha.

  27. If I was going to attract cats to my garden, they would have to be pretend cats who won’t poop in my arugula. My own cat refuses to go outside because she’s a diva, so she’d be a lousy addition to the game. As a memento, I will give her a nice Chardonnay. Then I’ll drink it myself.

  28. My son and I are both totally addicted. I have started buying additional album pages because I just can’t delete a picture of one of the kitties. That would be WRONG! I mean, how would Callie feel? She would think I didn’t like her! ITA with Vickie: Tubbs is a menace. I totally identify, but, then, I’m a menace too.

  29. I’m totally addicted to this game myself. The only cat I don’t have a picture of is Sapphire. She’s visited a couple of times but not when I’ve been home. I have all the goodies and all the different rooms (they seem to like the Zen room best). I don’t have all the gifts yet. My goal is to have 17 cats together in one room. So far I’ve only managed 15, once.

  30. I have tried in vain to get ANYBODY I know to play this. Renamed them all. Several of my cat’s have 4 pages in their scrapbook because they are so damn cute! Me wants the stuffed animal versions and plastic charms. Those buttholes are cuteness plus! Why isn’t there a litter box where I can obtain goldfish if I clean it out? Why not have them poop out silver and gold fish? Hope you get your daily password.

  31. I don’t want to know. I waste too much time already losing at online Gin. I thought I was a good player and it hurts me deeply to find that I actually suck. If I suck at Neko Atsume I will have to move to Chile.

  32. My life has been ruined by this game and I blame you 🙂 I did not know this app existed until a month ago and now the cats have taken over. My co-workers even ask if I have checked on my cats… I am a mess 😄

  33. I have all the expansions, toys, and pictures. I got the last of the mementos today, and now I feel like my life is pointless.

  34. Every new item and cat I basically have to get. My friend has actually yelled at me because of this game and how obsessed I get. Basically, we send each other pictures of when we get a new cat or momento and just scream because ‘HOW DID YOU ACTUALLY DO THAT’. How to have an A+ life right there.

    PS – Tubbs is my hero. I am Tubbs. He’s just so smug in how he accomplished to eat all the food.

  35. Simpsons Tapped Out ftw. I have managed to not spend money on it…so far.

  36. Consider this me sprinting in the other direction.

    I quit Tapped Out cold turkey right before the monorail event last year. It felt like escaping from a Saw-style torture scenario, only where the trap was an addictive app and the Jigsaw killer was a friend of mine who told me, “Hey, you love the Simpsons, right? Awesome. Because I want to play a game…”

  37. Yep. One of my agents at work got me started. I blame her for my excessive waste of time.

  38. I LOVE this game. (And Tapped Out, which I still play.) My kids play it too. Kitties! So cute!!

  39. My husband (the Candy Crush addict) keeps saying “But why? What’s the point? What do you do?” Meanwhile, my son has had multiple visits from a cat named Conductor Whiskers, and I’m googling “How to lure rare cats.”

  40. I love this game. My husband makes fun of me and I tell him to stfu. Leave me and my virtual kitties ALONE! And yes, Tubbs. Every time I see the food bowl empty I assume it is his greedy butt. He doesn’t realize I’m putting out that premium food to attract other kitties and that he needs to share.

  41. I played Simpsons Tapped Out for about an hour when I went on a game downloading spree. It seemed fun but for some reason I just didn’t get into it.

    Candy Crush is the only game I play on my phone these days. I don’t even know why. It’s mostly luck and only a tiny bit of skill.

    I play other games (on the computer) but Candy Crush is a nice way to pass the time if a show I love is getting boring and I still want to have it on in the background so I can be up to date with it but not completely invested.

  42. That stupid Peaches. I hate Peaches. She just comes by, eats, plays but never lets me see her. Its the last one missing. That bitch

  43. Dammit Tubbs, and yet… you rock Tubbs, eat on!. I can’t have real kitties, because Dog will eat them, so these lovelies will have to do. And I’m in love with Snowball, she’s always, always there for me.

  44. My dogs have blocked any cat-related games, memes or videos on my phone and they won’t tell me how they did it.

  45. I read this and spent 20 minutes reading Neko Case’s twitter stream. Thanks, Jenny.

  46. I’m obsessed with that game. I’ve collected all of the cats, now I’m working on the mementos. I’ve also bought every damn toy offered in the shop and have moved on to the yard remodels. My fiance doesn’t understand how I can spend so much time on this game. I told him to get me a real cat to play with.

  47. Snowball is the town bicycle but I LOVE this game. I wake up automatically at night to feed my kitties, just like when my kids were small. That’s not problematic, right?

  48. I made fun of my roommate for months over how happy she was about virtual kitties. Now I own it, too. Checking on my cats has become a little quiet haven in my day.

  49. Ha! My son loaded Pou onto my Fire. Love that kid enough to try and keep the damn thing alive when I take my Fire away on business trips. But ugh. I do not understand the point of the program (am not OCD so…..)

  50. Tubbs is so misunderstood. Yes….he eats you out of house and home. But he’s always grateful. He leaves a ton of fish when he’s done.

  51. I was just on vacation without Internet access and I actually caught myself worrying that the darn Neko Atsume cats would not get fed. Seriously concerned for my sanity. Not that I wasn’t already, I suppose.

  52. You got me addicted to it, posting about it. But I’m not allowed real pets in my flat, so I gotta have someone(s) to love! I’m desperately trying to work out how to get the last half dozen or so to show up and got quite excited when I had a new one appear the other day.

  53. I appreciate that you gave us fair warning that we should run away before this game destroys our lives.
    Sort of like cigarettes but without giving you cancer.

    I hope.

  54. I lost my phone somewhere Wednesday night, and my boyfriend made everything worse because he said, “Who’s going to feed your digital kitties now?” So not only is my phone I can’t afford to replace missing, but I’m worrying about my Neko Atsume cats starving to death.

  55. My reasons for liking Tubbs: he leaves lots of fish that more than make up for what he eats, he makes no excuses for his weight or the lack of fucks he has to give the world, and I don’t have to wonder if I’ve gotten a pic of him in that pose yet! It CAN get annoying when trying to catch certain cats and he just wiped out the dish, but Tubbs just does Tubbs and that’s pretty damn commendable!

  56. I’ve had all the cats’ photos for months but there are four holdouts who still haven’t left me mementoes arrrrrrgggghhhhh…. Peaches is impossible!

  57. I told my coworker about tracibub’s idea (getting a snapshot of all the cats’ buttholes) and it said “that’s a cat-ass tropy!”
    I think I need to go home for the week.

  58. I too am addicted and I first heard about this game from you, so thank you? I have seen the Conductor and how about Joe DeMeowgio? I have not seen my cats do any face plants though, will be watching for those.

  59. I have been told I should play this game, and I might, if there was a web only way to play. But my smart phone is just old enough that it doesn’t have the space and I am WAY too busy. I am OK with this, I have the tribe to tell me all about it. I feel like I know Tubbs already.

  60. Ramses the Great just showed up for me today. Yep, I can relate. 😀

  61. I struggle to keep plants alive; they have to be hardy enough to survive my strict regimen of desertification followed by monsoon. So far I can only declare success with dandelions. Clearly, having a Neko Atsume cat is beyond my capabilities but I really admire those who can be that devoted and consciencious. :o)

  62. Kathmandu is avoiding me he pops up and disappears so fast I can’t get a picture of him.

  63. I cannot get the last 2 new ones. And I have spent really cash money to get more gold fish. One day!!!!!

  64. My son and his girlfriend are obsessed with this game. One of his cats’ favorite toys? A Plastic bag! That the cats put on their heads! It’s all very upsetting.
    My favorite quote from my son’s girlfriend that I hope is not predictive of her future- “I’m not a crazy cat lady. I only have like 35 cats, that’s not even a lot.”

  65. I’ve renamed Conductor Whiskers to Skimbleshanks (of course) and the black cat is now Regulus, after my own kitty.

  66. I don’t need something else that will suck up my money. I promised myself I would never spend money on Pet Rescue Sage. I kept my word for 220 levels. Then I caved.

  67. Ah the face splat cat. Working on building my cat book with those photos. 😀
    I agree, it is super addicting but I like that I can also put it down, leave it alone a few days, and it will be okay. Not like tapped out where I have to farm and farm. Also don’t download ZenKoi either.
    Hashtag Enabler

  68. That was me with Cookie Clicker, before I broke the habit. My save file on my desktop was “Jesus fucking Christ I have a problem.” My teen named it that. Did I mention he’s the little bastard that introduced me to it? And now HE’S addicted to it. Ha!

  69. I had no idea. I’m not going to download it. I’ll be addicted to keeping them alive or if I may terminate them.

  70. This is truly my life. I work at a vet. I have two real, live cats. I pet actual cats all day long. Yet, I still feed imaginary cats that live in my phone. And I LOVE Pickles, esp when he sits in the pickle jar, all smug in his irony. But the face plant is the best. One of my real, living cats is a silver tabby and she face plants while she sleeps. It’s the best part of my life. I should quit my job to stay home with my cats, though, clearly, they’re not enough cat for me.

  71. There’s also Notice Me Senpai. Basically, it’s Neko Atsume for cartoon boys and where you get stories. You feed them coffee and snacks/toys. I check on them both one after the other. You know you wanna…

  72. Neko Atsume is my zen place.
    How can you be so anxious and/or depressed when they’re lounging around the yard?

  73. Ha! Those are the only two games I play as well. I lost all progress on Neko Atsume and have to wait to see all the cats again, and as I check them during icing/ESTIM when in physical therapy my PT mocks me. So. Dumb.

  74. I tried to play this several times, but just cannot get into it. It’s a game where nothing happens as long as I’m actually running it, it wants me to turn it off for some indeterminate amount of time, so I do and then forget about it for hours, and when I finally do remember to come back, all the cats are gone. Every. Single. Time.

  75. I love it when they sleep facedown. 2. I’m feeling a sense of loss or something because I have pictures of all the cats except one! Frozy? Frosty? IDK. All I know is that the cat is supposed to want to be comfortable and I’ve bought all the recommended stuff because there are a million blogs analyzing the fake cats’ moves but still…no final cat.

  76. Thank you for ruining my life. I started to play Neko Atsume after you mentioned it on Instagram. It’s all your fault! Since I don’t spend any real money on it, it took me ages, but I just bought the last remodel today, I have all the toys and I only need six more mementos. Of course before the last one (probably Peaches!) leaves the memento, there will be another update with more cats and stuff and I will never finish the game!
    Also I renamed all the cats after Game of Thrones characters. Tubbs is now Wyman Manderly. I am not weird!

  77. You introduced me to this marvellous and addictive app and now I’m at the point where I’m texting screenshots of the garden to my husband squeeing over how cute the cats look and laughing at your tweets about Tubbs and reciting them to my husband, and he’s nodding and smiling and thinking I’m even more barmy than he initially thought but it’s too late because we’re married and he can’t (easily) get rid of me, and basically this app has made my life that little bit better and my husband’s life that little bit worse but it’s a small price to pay. I’m so hooked I jump on and feed the kitties and check how they’re doing even through my working day (oops sorry not sorry boss).

  78. I’m just like you! Those are the only two games I play regularly, even though I know they are ridiculous and pointless – but they’re fun and distracting! Yay! I get so excited about the rare cats, especially Senor Don Gato and Xerxes.

  79. Whenever you don’t have an ending you can always say “…and it’s all Justin Bieber’s fault.” Darcy from and I decided that was an appropriate catch all.

  80. I’ve never owned a device that’s smart enough to play video games. Yep, it was just me and a pile of tiddlywinks.

  81. I totally just took a mental break from work and read this post. Pickles totally describes everything I’m feeling at the moment. THANK YOU AND THANK YOU PICKLES!

    Now back to the grind.

  82. I recently saw a cat butt sticking out from under the Kotatsu and I laughed and said “oh good onya Tabitha!” and took a happy snap for the album. Then I paused and thought, ah bugger, I’ve just recognised a fake cat, by her butt. Damnit.

  83. You’re the reason I started this game too! I’m totally hooked and love the cats. But I hate it when they come and eat but I don’t see who ate it! I’ve only just started a few weeks ago though…. so long to go!!!

  84. I have Neko Atsume because you told me about it. I have encouraged my friends to download it on the grounds that it is calming and peaceful. No, I tell them. There is no point. You can’t win, That’s the whole point. That IS winning.

  85. I know that feel Pickles, I know that motherfucking feel.

  86. I had all the pictures and all but 5 of the mementos. And then work sent me a new phone and I had to start all over again. FML

    I was able to walk away from Disco Zoo (after I got all the animals and statues and had a hat in every pen). And I abandoned Tiny Tower after I had all the floors but had not yet maxed out on dream jobs. But this one is gone to suck my attention forever.

  87. I would get attached to the fake pets on the and become very emotional. It’s bad enough that I have a 1 -104 record against my iPhone playing friggin Checkers. I’m vowing to never download another game to the phone or tablet. Good day to you.

  88. I’ve played the Neko game because my brother got me started. I’ve often thought about all the thousands of things I could be doing instead of feeding electronic cats and trying to make sure the electronic cats have comfortable places to rest. I’ve also played Simpsons Tapped Out for over a year and have also spent real money for not real stuff for that game. Sometimes we just need to have something to entertain ourselves even when there is no real point.

  89. Um, I think I’m going to regret asking this, but does the damp match box thing make sense in context? At all?

    (I think it’s damp because it’s been in the cat’s mouth? ~ Jenny)

  90. I finally got a picture Sapphire and Jeeves who only show up as a pair, and only if you lay out the most expensive food. Last cats done… until they add some more. I’ve been down this road before.

  91. I got overly giddy for a grown person when the screen went black and Peaches walked on to give me a momento. OVERLY GIDDY.

  92. I did not get the purpose of that particular item at all, until this very picture. And now I have purchased it. Currently trying to decide how long a wait interval is appropriate before going back to see if any kitties are using it yet. Sigh.

  93. If you do a “Neko Atsume” search on Amazon, suddenly all your money disappears. Just warning y’all.

  94. I used a translation app to find out what some of the words meant, Tubbs was originally Mr Satisfaction, I really want a little figure of him.
    I love the game because I can has lots of cats and not feel guilty if I forget to feed them for a week, also no litter box.

  95. My phone game obsession are match 3 games, not the special added stuff in them, just plain old match 3 games that I don’t have to think hard to play. They are repetitive and extremely relaxing for me. My two absolute favorites are “Matching in the rain” & “Jewel World Skull Edition” I can play them for hours, especially when stressed. Of course plain old Solitaire is another fav. On that I customized my cards with Furiously Happy Rory on them😸

  96. My cat Kisses sleeps just like Pickles. Face down, no apologies.

    I used to play a game called Superpoke! Pets (anyone? Anyone? Just me, then?) that I became completely addicted to, to the point of waking at 3am each Thursday for the release of new items. I miss the game terribly, and I wouldn’t mind a new one to occupy me. But I don’t have a real cell phone. Is this a game that can be played on PC?

  97. Jenny! Please add me on Tapped Out! I would love to be your friend there (and send bandits to invade your town and steal your guns, axes, and hats currently)! I’m your friend-from-afar-that-you-don’t-really-know-about here (it’s not creepy – I promise!). My username: HinduDurga.

  98. The trick with Tubbs is to put the good food in the bowl higher up. He’s not a jumper.
    Now if I can just catch Frosty…that little jerk has been by and even brought me his memento, but I still haven’t seen him.

  99. Love Pickles! And I’m going to find you on Tapped Out, because I’m also addicted to that game!

  100. Oh Pickles…. I can’t believe I am identifying with an animated cat.

    I will be talking to my therapist about this! 😉

  101. I. Love. This.

    1) I haven’t gotten sucked into Neko Atsume, and I have no plans to, so thank you for the warning.
    3) We’re having a digital detox weekend, which means we are (HE IS) not allowed to use our phones or other electronics, except as Telephones (gasp!) or Word-Processing. No games, no internet, no “other”. It’s going to be awesome. Or we’ll end up killing each other. Someone please check on me by Monday, ‘k?

  102. My compulsive game was Harvest moon back to nature….I totally get you!

  103. I have one word for you. V] WE ALL had these many years ago!

  104. Ooooh my goodness, this game stole way too many hours of my life. Pickles is my spirit animal, if that’s how he do, though… Well, him and Tubs… x3P

  105. So I have just got rid of goodies that cats who have already visited were wasting my time with, then reinstated the goodies to attract the kitties I really want to visit! Obsessed? Moi? Surely not …

  106. Oh and by the way I have a photo of Speckles just like that at the top of the Cay Metropolis. Cute af 😊

  107. Have you guys ever had entire DAYS where they don’t give any gold? What’s up with that? Do I need to buy more expensive food? I got the yard expansion but now I want the remodel!!

  108. Some are more generous than others (Lexy always leaves loads of fish for me) but it seems to vary wildly. Sometimes expensive food pays off but other times Tubbs just eats it all!! Remodel is good fun.

  109. Thanks, Jenny! I added you on TO. Now I will wait on tenterhooks for you to accept. Anybody else who is a TO and Bloggess fan, please add me too!

  110. Also, is this real? Do they really lie face down like that? Why does he have a 0 power level??? Can you tell I’m still a novice??

  111. Playing Neko Atsume makes me think that perhaps I understand bird watchers now.

  112. When I opened my app and saw Guy Furry cooking a pizza on the heating stove you would have thought I had won the lottery I was so excited. Sad, I know.

  113. I have recently become the same way about the Meep game/app as well as Dragonvale. I’m checking in at least twice a day to make sure my little alien blobby thing is clean and well fed and that my dragon eggs are ready to hatch or my dragons are ready to breed or what the heck ever.

    Except for Vulcan, my lava dragon. He just looks grumpy all the time and my lightning dragon looks like somebody shocked him with a taser.

  114. As I was reading this post to my wife, she jumped up and said “My cats have been neglected.” and left to get her phone.

  115. I have a feeling these cats will also be living in my phone today.

  116. So, I have a real-life cat named Pickles and he looks different than your Pickles, but it pretty much captures him as well, so good job with reality, weird, cat-based game.

    I tried to play that game but the cats wouldn’t come for me. But my Tapped Out town is motherfucking THRIVING.

  117. My whole family got sucked in. I justified it by saying it was a fun family activity we could all enjoy together. #suckers

  118. I’m at level 1410 on Candy Crush so I have no room to talk, or time, because I just got 6 hours of unlimited play so I have stuff to do.

  119. Is it really bureau with pot?
    Or just a pot on the bureau?
    How is it a goody if it’s just a pot?
    I’d better go find out…

  120. You play Tapped Out?? I need to add you as a neighbor unless I already did and forgot which is highly possible. I’ve been playing it for like 3 years since it first came out.

  121. I got all of the kittens and mementos some time ago, but still feel compelled to check on them regularly. It’s not healthy, I tell you.

  122. Omg. I love your writing and I love this game.

    Those having problems with Apricot, I recommend the chocolate tunnel thing. Also, Tubbs is an asshole.

    My favorite cat is Princess. She’s so pretty!

    How many are using the free album to collect pictures of cat buttholes?

  123. But they love me. I just know it. And it’s so much fun to feed them. I love feeding pussycats.

  124. As soon as I read this post, I had to download the game, and as soon as I purchased a red rubber ball, Snowball came to play with it. I am worried that I am so excited by this.

  125. Willie has visited FIFTY-FOUR times and NO memento! What do you want from me, Willie??
    Meow Meow Meow

  126. My boss has also suggested that I need some kind of help. I explain frequently – happy! Because cartoon cats. What else is there to understand? And I can’t catch Peaches either – what’s up w her?

  127. What happens when you get all the momentos? Do you win cash?

  128. The stupid game just makes me feel all Veruca Salt. I want it ALL and I want it NOW!! Relaxing, my ass.

  129. I immediately renamed the first onslaught of kitties, so now I get messages telling me “Scott Baio has left you a memento”, which is always the high point of my day. Also, I’m irrationally smug when I attract “rare” cats before my 11-year-old son does. HE’S ELEVEN, MEGAN. CUT HIM SOME SLACK. I should also never be allowed to name animals, because I have kitties named Stink Floyd and Beelzebub.

  130. Well duh. You just stopped in the middle of a sentence to go play. Thanks for remembering us AT ALL!!

  131. Tubbs is great. Just don’t refill his dish until he leaves. When you follow his plan, he gives you skads of fish that only exist on your phone. Love it!!!

  132. I like Pickles also – partly because I have a garage cat named Polly Pickles. I also have a cat named Dottie. Tubbs is such a little scamp. I love this game because it is all about caring for kitties and there are no levels to conquer. I am, however, trying to get all of the rare cats to visit me. I have had a few come by but only found out when scrolling through the gift list. Even harder than enticing them to visit is being able to SEE them during their visit.

    I was lucky enough to see Guy Furry in the yard and Senor Don Gato and Ramses the Great and Mr. Meowgi. I have been visited by (but NOT seen in the yard) Kathmandu, Joe DiMeowgio, Chairman Meow, Conductor Whiskers, Sassy Fran, and Billy the Kitten. There are also a few cats I have not seen yet at all.

  133. the only way I can explain this game to friends and coworkers is that I am on online cat hoarder. And Tubbs needs a fucking shock collar … stay away from the damn food ass hole

  134. You should add me on Simpsons Tapped Out! I picked it back up again recently. My UN is Ipsyduck

  135. I loaded Frozen Free Fall on my iPad for my grandchildren, but they’re too young to play it. It’s similar to Candy Crush, only it involves ice and Disney characters. It seemed a waste not to try it out. I am now on Level 128 and not happy that I had to use 3 cups of hot chocolate to get to this level.​

  136. I have all the cats except Sapphire and Jeeves, they JUST. WON’T. COME. It’s like they are real life cats and are all: What you want our attention? Nope, sorry, we have better things to do like stare at this wall for hours. My coworker started the game two weeks after I did and she has all the cats. I hate her a little. Now I’m working on the last two and momentos.

    BTW Jenny, my obsession with the non-game is 100% your fault. And I thank you.

  137. Tubbs is an asshole, and I found him passed out by the empty foodbowl, covered in Ritzy Bits crumbs. So what do you have to do to get a larger yard? I’m all out of space for cushy beds, balls and two level cat seats.

  138. OMG, me too. I rolled my eyes at my daughter until I got bored and downloaded it one day, now I’m almost as obsessed with it as I am Ingress.

  139. Of course, immediately after reading your post I had to download Neko Atsume. Because…cats!! I am now sucked in! Thank you for that!! I love it when their little butts are hanging out of a box!

  140. So, I downloaded not for cats but because I HAD to know what they meant by “pot”. Surely they didn’t have DRUGS for cats. I mean, wouldn’t it be catnip?!?

    Turns out it’s a pot. Like a badly translated vase. This day just keeps getting more and more disappointing…

  141. My favorite moment so far was when Lexy brought me a ‘dirty toy animal (gently used)’! I did an involuntary Beavis & Butthead style chuckle at that one!

  142. I relate so much to this 🙂 hahahah . except i had to get a new phone and all my hard work is gone. have to restart again on the new phone with the new app :'( much struggle

  143. I have been playing since I read this posting. I now have 4 co-workers playing too — mwahaha!

    Tubbs is not an asshole — if you let him sleep it off and do not refill the bowl until he is gone, he will reward you with many, many fish!

  144. I haven’t read your blog in sooooo long (life and other shit keep getting in the way), but I just started scrolling through a backlog of posts and OH MY GOD YOU AND I BOTH STARTED PLAYING NEKO ATSUME AT THE SAME TIME AND I CAN’T GET SOME OF THE RARE CATS TO VISIT AND IT MADE MY DAY WHEN I FINALLY SAW PEACHES AND NOT ONLY AM I OBSESSED BUT SO IS MY THREE-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER. So, yeah, I feel you.

  145. Wow,I just started to cry because of this. Reason? I used to have a grey and white tabby named pickles. He was missing first pet living on my own. He had to be put down 11 years ago. I love him so much and think about him all the time. Crazy how life works sometimes.

  146. You just fucked me … But in a Good way.
    I relate this…. L.S.D. Ruins your life but in a good way.

  147. I lost all my progress from when I started last Sept.! I had several yards, almost all cats, toys & momentos. Is there a fix for this? I could just die…

  148. Does anyone know what the pig thing is, it just appeared and now my cats will not come around. How do I get rid of it?

  149. I had all the cats but 2. I got a new phone, was promised my game would transfer & it did … but without ANY of my kitties, expansions, or goodies!
    So frustrating!

  150. Deann he, that happened to me as well I can’t find the answer anywhere. Its so annoying!

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