I love you and your fucked-up pets too.

Yesterday I posted a picture of Ferris Mewler in an awkward position and was quickly flooded with the most ridiculous pet pictures ever.  There were too many to retweet so I put my favorites right here.  Go see them now.  Even if you aren’t an animal person you will enjoy.   Probably.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.12.04 PM

You can look at my mentions for more.  Or we could use a hashtag to make it easier to see.  How about #awkwardpets?

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  1. You have a polydactyl! I’d like to see more pix of Claude, though.

  2. I don’t even know how you do it, but you post a laugh just when I need it most. I just got a text that my dad is being moved to a nursing home and they don’t think he will be coming home again. I’m in tears, at work, and I see this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Reminds me of some of the positions I find my grandkids, or kids, or myself if I’m honest, when reading a book or watching a movie. My mom could never get how I could be comfortable reading with my head hanging off the chair and my legs over the back, but it worked for me.

  4. I love the photo of Ferris. Don’t you know that cats are fucking elastic? Mine does all kind of strange shit.

  5. I showed this pic on Instagram to @ToddlerBandit yesterday and he just kept saying “Gimme dat kitty. Dat mine. I can have it. Him me. Me love it him nice nice.”

    So apparently he is a cat person.

  6. We help with animal rescue, and with literally hundreds of animals having lived in our house the past couple years, you would think I would have some really great photos to share. But in reality, the easiest way to get a photo is while they are asleep and all my cute picture attempts end up with the critter jumping out of frame.

    Y’all sure have some cute critters, though.

  7. Titus, my dog, does what we call his “sexy pose” where he splays himself out for all to see and admire. It’s not really that sexy, Titus.

  8. The internet wants me to know head pressing is going to kill my cat, me and probably all the houseplants. I hope it’s wrong, cause there was epic head pressing in there.

  9. I don’t have a pic, but our cat Kiddo sticks her front paws straight out likes she’s flying. Like she’s SuperKitty.

  10. Those green eyes are amazing! I can’t even handle this picture! And I don’t have pets, only kids

  11. I lost my sweet little dog two nights ago. I’ve been a puddle of sadness ever since. But this post with all its happy, silly, furry weirdness has put a smile back on my face. Thank you.

  12. One of our dogs loves to sleep next to me in the bed but if I move even a little bit he lets out the saddest, longest groan imaginable. How dare I move.
    It’s hilarious but doesn’t really take a good picture.

  13. Omg…the persian cat with the dreds..reminds me of the Khaleesi on GoT.

  14. You’re right. I DID need to laugh today. Thank you for this and for the ice cream I consumed during my lunch break (okay, maybe you weren’t responsible for the second part): it helped. 🙂

  15. Okay, so you may not be able to share the captions, but you and Rachel will love the pics…

  16. Recently found your blog, like yesterday I think, through a friend on face book who had posted a David Thorne blog excerpt and through his I found a link to yours…. and now I am rambling. Great. Nice first impression. Anyway, much amused, glad you’re here, it makes here much less boring.

  17. keep trying to get a picture of my dog tilting her head at me like she thinks I’m crazy. So far, I have a bunch of pictures of her looking bored, and she probably really does think I’m crazy. Oh well.

  18. THANK you for posting all the awkward cat pics! And dogs, a goat and a horse!!

  19. I am cat-less at the moment and having an awful anxiety day. Thanks everyone for the pics.

  20. Yep, my dog (weirdo pet #50 on the list) mostly sleeps like a demented pretzel. But that’s actually preferable to when he’s awake and hiding food in my bed throughout the night. I’m not sure who he’s hiding it from… I’m the only other person there.

  21. Elaine, you came to the right place, friend. Glad you’re here. You’re anxiety may be high right now, but it won’t be like this forever. Be gentle with you.

  22. So many goofy greyhounds! I lurve them all! The “on your back with all paws in the air” is known as “the dead cockroach” round these parts 😉

  23. I love you. I love your animal photos. Can’t figure out how to post a picture of my crazy-wonderful cats. I am writing this after undergoing a breast biopsy today for a “probable” cancer. The lump is very small, but they still think it is malignant. My kitty Grace, sister of Will, came up and sat on my lap today. She never does that. I just think they know when we need them. They can be assholes, for sure. But today, Grace just sat on my lap and licked my hand and purred. Thank you for everything you do. I also suffer from a LOT of anxiety. Imagine how I feel today! Hugs to you. And again, thank you.

  24. Shirley, you came to the right place, too. Glad you’re here.
    My biopsy, four years ago, required a LOT of cat attention. Luckily, Rufus always knows when I am scared shitless and at those moments he transforms into “Doctor Rufus” and won’t let me out of his paws, much less his sight.
    Given his track record at seeing me through bizarre medical scares, he’s really not charging me enough.
    Hang in there, friend.

  25. No kitties here, just one tiny prissy poodle that we swear is a cat in a dog suit. Mr Mewler is indeed a flexi-kitty! Shadow is all about the “cat loaf” position, with all her legs tucked under her.

    I did have a borde collie mix who sat with his back legs splayed out. He was ridiculous. He could also herd the 2 cats we had at the time, so herding cats can indeed be done, it’s just DIFFICULT, although Wolfy thought this was great fun. (He could also herd toddlers, as we found when we had a few friends with small children at the house!)

  26. My sweet kitty, Socks, passed away today. I needed this so much.

  27. I need to find some of the really good pictures of Churro (the flame-point with his fuzzy belly dangling down through the hole in the cat tower) – he’s extremely photogenic. That was just the first semi-ridiculous one that came to hand!

  28. I love these!!! I just wrote about why dogs are better than kids (see below). Perhaps my next post should be “Why Awkward Cats Are Better Than Dogs (Who Are Better Than Kids).”

  29. Thank you! The last time I laughed so hard I cried at something on the internet was when you reposted all those embarrassing stories.

  30. He’s totally rocking the pose though! Makes you wonder what is going on inside his thoughts as he gazes out the window into the distance.

  31. Oh, Brianne and The Hellion, I’m so sorry, guys.
    Our Rufus isn’t expected to make it past May, so my heart is really going out to everyone who is grieving for a beloved creature of awesomeness.
    But maybe that is part of what had me laughing until I peed (a little) when reading this entry. If they weren’t such likable little incomprehensible balls of fur and wackadoo, then it probably wouldn’t suck so bad when they go.
    Wishing y’all comfort and resilience and lots more relieving laughs.

  32. I believe my cat Rosebud-yes, Rosebud-my children picked out the name-if the kitten we chose was a male, the name would have been Orlando Bloom-thank god it was a female…but I digress..Rosebud I think has some sort of attention deficit. She will be going on doing her cat job and will stop and spontaneously start licking the floor for no apparent reason –then just carry on…my floor is not dirty and yummy, so I don’t know what’s up with that…

  33. Get six of these cats together and you can do a cat version of Dali’s ‘Persistence of Memory.’ I swear cats can fit through a keyhole no matter how big they are. Best thing about out cat – she knows when I’m anxious and comes for some petting to calm me down.

  34. What a great way to start me work day. Thanks for making me laugh out loud. Those are great and the last one is a perfect way to end!

  35. My favorite was Samer Costello’s cat hanging backwards from the couch. Only a cat could find that comfortable! I wish I could send a photograph of my own, but I’m not allowed pets in my apartment building. I did find a moth by the front door once. Sadly, it wasn’t in a very interesting position. To be honest, I’m not even sure it was alive.

  36. You make me want to join the twitter sensation, just to follow you and join in on the fun.

  37. Hmm… Hi, Jenny! At the high risk of just being another fan mail misplaced among comments, I just wanted to say hello… I met you through Rory. Actually, the cover of your Furiously Happy book. I had no idea who you were, but just had to have that raccoon book. (wanted a raccoon, but they are not allowed in my country…)
    Anyway, a shout out from someone who never met you and feels so freakishly similar to you. I tried to reach you on Facebook, but the idea of people reading the message got me too anxious to write it. So, a blog comment! Nobody reads this things, right? (even you might not read it, but it was worth the try)
    Thanks for being the same kind of crazy as me.
    Kisses, kitties, puppies, and wine,


  38. One of my cats loves to do the “frozen turkey” pose as he sits. (You know, the one with all four legs tucked under him, but his front two elbows are sticking out, so he looks like a frozen turkey. Except his head is still attached. And he’s a cat.) Okay, stopping now.

  39. You know you have back problems when these posts make you laugh, but they mostly make you want to recreate a few of those stretches immediately

  40. Don’t know what Ferris’s looking at out the window, but given the relaxed position, it’s presumably not edible.

  41. My husband and I had a contest once to see who could get a better picture of our cat licking his privates since he insisted on sitting right next to us or in front of us when he did it.

  42. My husband says we can’t get any more cats after ours dies….so I think he’s trying to kill her and I’m trying to make her invincible. I have a sneaking suspicion he will eventually win…

  43. so i’m using the search feature of wordpress to look for the love of my life and i typed in “awkward.”
    maybe i’ve been drinking.
    maybe i’ve been twittering too much.
    maybe my life doesn’t make sense to me and i’m just grasping at straws (wait…is that even an expression?)
    maybe i’m desperate…but not serious.
    if i looked long & hard enough i’m sure i could find a picture of an awkward pet. here is a picture of my dog norman who never loved me & refused to sleep in my bed with me and basically just treated me like i was the hired help. it’s his fault i moved to wisconsin & met my second exhusband. rotten dog. i planned to make him into a dogskin rug when he died but chickened out….
    crap. i don’t know if i posted a picture or not. i ended up tweeting it & coping that link? fuck. i don’t know how to do this. (add that to the list.)

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