First off, thank you for yesterday.  Thank you for listening to me and for making me laugh and for making me feel less alone.

Secondly, today I’m having a rare bout of energy.  I showered and took Hailey to camp and facetimed with Victor (he’s traveling with his new job) and finished a few things only slightly behind deadline, and I can already tell that soon I’ll need to crawl back in bed to rest, but before that I saw that today is #nationalselfieday and although (as you can tell from my instagram) I’m not really a fan of selfies I decided that today I would make an exception and post the only sort of selfie that I think people really enjoy, which is a selfie that includes sloths or explosions or David Tennant or cats.  I am out of the first three so I made do with Photo Booth and grabbed all of my pets (except for Atticus Fish II and Monster Mash because fish fucking hate cameras and aquariums are sloshy) and did a series of shots at my desk.  And it made me laugh.  And bleed a little.  But that is the price of a good selfie.  Or at least one that includes 3 cats and a dog who made me legitimately smile and feel human.


Your turn.

Unless you don’t want to be in a selfie.  Then just photoshop your face over Hunter S. Tomcat’s and it’ll be like I’m giving you the biggest sqwunch ever.

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  1. Hahahaha! the kitties are like, “oh, dear god, woman…let me gooooooo!” 🙂

    (They don’t understand selfies. The first one is the only one I got of Rolly. She launched out of my arms one second after I grabbed her. Elusive, that one. Ferris Mewler was almost as bad. Hunter and Dorothy Barker just gave up and went limp. ~ Jenny)

  2. LOL I nearly had tea coming out my nose from laughing at these pics! Thanks for the smiles. 😀 My fave is the second to last one (bottom left) where the pets are like, “Okay, that’s enough…time to try and slide out of her clutches!”

  3. Oh my God the first picture in the second row!!! I would watch my back for a few days and definitely my shoes. Hahahahahaha.

  4. The cats are jealous of Dorothy but they’re all cute! Try taking a selfie behind or next to the fish. Lean the cats over to make them look hungry!

  5. Hey, your selfies turned out way better than this guy’s! http://barnapkins.org/petphotos.htm

    Dorothy Barker seems to be an incredibly good sport about the whole thing, and I love Hunter’s pogo-stick-legs-of-protest. “I will sit here because I don’t hate you, BUT I WILL NOT PRETEND TO ENJOY IT.”

    (“Pogo-stick-legs-of-protest.” I love you. ~ Jenny)

  6. Selfies are against my religion, as I am the founder, leader and sole member of The Church of the Unselfie Holy Crap Batman Redundancy Church. But in the spirit of ecumenism and as a fan of all things Cat, Dog, and Jenny Lawson, I salute you!

  7. You’re so silly. I love animals too! At my house I have 3 dogs, 2 birds, 2 frogs and a partridge in a pear tree. At my fiance’s house we have 1 dog, 1 cat and 1 turtle. I have started reading your book furiously happy and it’s cracking me up. Love it :oP

  8. OMG – this was ME yesterday! Shamelessly squeezing my two cats together for a big cuddle bunch with me;) your joy is like mine – just endless for these little know it all lovers:)

  9. So glad you are having a great day! I like how your dog looks like it’s thinking “I will not look at the camera, I will NOT look at the camera!”

  10. Just what I needed to help remind me that I am leading a healthy and balanced life( relative to all the cool people worth comparing myself to). Thank u again Jenny!

  11. At least 1 of the 3 of your animals will try to murder you in your sleep tonight for this…

  12. The key is to take the selfie when they’re sleeping or laying next to you. 🙂 I have great ones but can’t figure out how to post a pic.

  13. Anytime one picks up one’s cat, they immediately get a look on their face that says “PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN NOW! AND THERE WILL BE REPURRCUSSIONS (purr; get it?)” So glad you are feeling better. xo

  14. So glad you are having a great day! I like how your dog refuses to look at the camera haha!

  15. I love it! That definitely made me laugh – what a hoot!! I love the look on the yellow tabbies face as you progress through the pics ( the crap I have to put up with for this woman). Thanks for the smiles today. Glad you’re having a better day today.

  16. It’s Texas so I’m sure the next explosion is right around the corner. 😀 I’m glad you got to treat yo selfie and you felt a little better today.

    Also, to paraphrase Bill Murray: “Cat’s and dogs selfie-ing together! Mass hysteria!”

  17. Also, these are great selfies. I’m glad you’re feeling better today.
    Oh, and I’m about 75 pages into Furiously Happy and love it as much as your first book.
    “Pretend you’re good at it.” will become my new mantra. 🙂

  18. You are such a beautiful goofball! Hunter S. has the best expressions, what a patient beast.

  19. I have greyhounds. The only way I could get us all in a single selfie was if we all happened to be laying on the same bed.

  20. Based on the murderous looks on your cats, it would be wise to check in every hour so that we know you’re still alive.

  21. Those are so funny! Ferris actually looked at the camera a couple of times!

  22. Love Ferris, with his ice cold gaze into the camera. Also love your dress/top/whatever you’re wearing – it’s beautiful. I avoid selfies like the plague, and I’m still in pajamas with my hair un-brushed (love working from home), but if I did take a selfie, I’d want it to look like these instead of the Kardashian-filtered-all-the-makeup kind.

  23. I have five cats. A selfie would undoubtedly require sedation. The cats would need some medication, as well. 😏

  24. The 6th one for sure is the best, because that gray cutie is clearly expressing: “let me go or I will end you,”

  25. Dorothy Parker looks like she’s just gonna lick your face until you let her go!
    Such a kiss up.

  26. I needed this today. I can’t believe we actually got a picture of Rolly. Ferris Mewler is furious, Dorothy Barker is oblivious, and Hunter S Thomcat is like his namesake ( or really Bob Marley ), just stoned and going with it.
    I’m so happy you are feeling better, I’m crawling around in the dark but I know the light is somewhere. I may go selfie with my fur babies although two out of three dogs are large and the five cats would never sit still together.

  27. That’s got to be the best depiction of “herding cats” I’ve ever seen. I don’t know about your fish, but my goldfish Mishima is a narcissistic diva, and his Twitter page is full of selfies.

  28. I cannot BELIEVE I haven’t followed you on Insta until today! I feel like a big dumb dumb! Would it be weird if I went back and retroactively liked EVERYTHING??

  29. Jenny, does Hunter still give crazy adorable hugs? I think about those dang cat hugs all the time.

  30. You are so going to pay for this photo shoot during your nap!! I freaking love it though and it makes me wish we hadn’t just lent our kitty dino costume to a friend so i can get in on the selfies with kitties plotting murder <3

  31. I’m from Rio, Brazil, and here there’s a famous cat: “Chiquinho”. Search on Google: “gato chiquinho rio de janeiro” or “chiquinho cat brazil”.

    And is so good to know that you’re fine! Have a great lazy day!

  32. You look beautiful, Jenny. And I’m jealous of your cat snuggling time. Mine are (still) in foster care as I try to rebuild/climb out of the depression hell-hole. I love the reminder that I will get to cuddle mine again, though.

    Thank you for sharing all that you do with us. You’ve helped so much and I think you are a wonderful and amazing person! I hope you have a relaxing and restful afternoon.

  33. You said 3 cats and a dog. I only count 2 cats. Unless you are a cat. Are you a cat in human disguise? Because that would be awesome.

  34. This is adorable! Your pets are so cute. You should have someone photoshop an explosion in the background with David Tennant carrying a sloth to safety.

  35. This is an awesome set of Photos. Love it! and I love your new Book, you rock

  36. This gave me all the giggles and I’m green with envy because I’ve tried this and my dog is just too big.

  37. So I totally posted all over your FB page, but then blogged about it because why not, and then it became this –

  38. I do this to children. They’re my own, so it’s less likely that they’ll press charges. Flip side: more likely that I’ll have to pay for therapy. It’s a 50/50 gig. Glad to see you’re feeling springtime fresh, today!

  39. I love your selfie and the fact you have so many cats and a Sheltie! I had a Sheltie and they are the best dogs to have as a companion. 🙂

  40. Ever heard of The First Church of the Last Laugh; I think your cats are founding members….and are planning that laugh right now. Stabby…. should be defined as laying on top of your human pet, purring to obscure the fact that those claws going in and out aren’t a sign of pleasure… but practice.. PS…The President needs a cousin called The Lord. PPS, I wish I could turn a humorous phrase the way you do….PPPS Thank you for sharing, it really does help the rest of us keep bailing out our awash boats.

  41. The Amount of Healthy Belly Laughs at your attempt to make that happen is many. BUT you DID make it happen and those animals are all famous and self-a-tized now!!!! The reluctant resignation on Hunters face is priceless and Rolly was having ZERO FUCKS about the situation and Ferris is just writing this all down in the manifesto.

    You are lucky to get out of that alive and/or with proof. You live dangerously and I call you my “friend” in my head. GOOD JOB FRIEND!!!!

  42. I don’t do Selfies. Ever. And if possible, I avoid photos of any kind. Because, while I’m not a bad looking woman, photos of me look like “OMFG! What ARE you?!” It’s just better for everyone concerned if cameras get no where near me. Apparently that’s NOT one of your problems because you are fucking adorable which makes me like you slightly less at this particular moment.

  43. I don’t do selfies. If I knew how to insert, I’d add a pic of the rabbit I took this morning, but I don’t, so I can’t. But you can see it on my Twitter if you’re so inclined – @admiralandrea

  44. Don’t laugh, but I needed my grandson to show me how to do selfies. Ok you can laugh.

  45. Why do we have a “day” for just about everything? Jenny I bet you could come up with a great one..please do….and i love your selfie..

  46. ohmigosh, that made me laugh out loud. The second to last one with the kitty looking up at you was so funny. Thanks for that. I needed that today. Puppies and kitties make everything better.

  47. I’m impressed. Every time I try and take a selfie with a dog, 99% of the photos show me with my face all scrunched up because OMG DOG SO CLOSE TO HUMAN FACE BEST DAY EVER DOG MUST LICK HUMAN FACE NOW OR WORLD WILL END. And that’s without an armful of cats to contend with at the same time.

    (In the other 1% my face is being obscured by a dog-shaped blur because dog spotted something vaguely resembling food across the room. Turned out to be dust bunny. Ate anyway.)

  48. Sadly, I can’t do selfies with my cats because they hate each other. Also they don’t like to be held. But I am imagining myself holding them lovingly in my arms while snapping a photo of us all looking dreamy and non-murderous. PS I cannot, even with my glasses on, see a third cat??

  49. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love you any more, you go and do this.

  50. I’d definitely watch my back after today’s photo shoot — Ferris has the “Must kill now” look. You might also want to keep an eye out for strategically placed hairballs. Just in case.

    You look adorable. So glad to hear you feel a little more like yourself today. That makes me smile even more than the selfies.

    Your timing is great too because CatConLA is this weekend. Mew Hoo! 🙂

  51. I am so glad youhave had a good day! The pics are great! You look so happy and silly and just like you are having fun! Personally, I do not do selfies, I think I look horrible, no matter howmany furry things I hold. I, however, take pics of my dog, Connor. He will even wear a hat, he’s so laid back!

  52. Cat #3: For those of you looking, the cat in the first photo is Rolly. She is not the same as the gray cat in the other photos. That’s Ferris Mewler. Hunter S. Tomcat is the orange guy.

  53. How is it there is so much joy in photos where the pup is just resigned to her fate and the kits are clearly plotting your painful demise? LOVE IT!

  54. It’s too hot here to hug animals or anything with fur. My fake animals will take selfies all day but at least they won’t pee on the carpet. (Is that a faux paw?) If the Joker’s jokes were funny, he’d be a superhero like you are.

  55. Oh dear, not a single photograph in which they are all looking at the camera at the same time. They remind me of my children except for the fact that I can no longer pick them up without a forklift.

  56. I just want you to know I used “maybe not lupus” as my mantra yesterday when it felt like the world was crushing down on me. Thank you for sharing your pain, because now I know that I am not alone.

  57. Jenny, I love these photos. You are smiling, laughing, open and happy. Completely genuine. They’re beautiful photos. They made me laugh and smile too. Reminded me of trying to photograph my 2 furball lunatics. 🙂

  58. I don’t know how to post pics on here. I’m using an android smart phone. Help?

  59. I’m going to take a page out of Hunter and Dorothy’s playbook…when someone wants me to do something I don’t want to do, I will go limp…if memory serves I think toddlers do that too.

  60. I love these pictures and genuine smiles on all of you. Ok, maybe the animals are more grimacing than smiling, but you know. Your smile is genuine and I love it.

  61. I like the bottom left one. Cause though slightly blurry….cleavage 😜😂😂.

    I will now go and take a timeout for being a heterosexual white male.

  62. This is fantastic. It’s like a reenactment of the scene in the Titanic where everyone was running around trying to get off the ship but the musicians were like, nope, we’re going to stand here and play beautiful music while we all die. (You are one of the musicians and the cats are the frightened passengers in this scenario. I’m sure that’s clear but I can never tell)

  63. I’m not really a fan of selfies either (way too much “self” in the world)….but selfies with cute animals make me smile! Thank you, Jenny…I needed that. My 17 year old kitty went to heaven 3 weeks ago today. Missing those kitty hugs.

  64. Ferris looks like the belligerent 16 year old emo cat who does not want to be in a family picture. He is so over all of it.
    (and I love ALL of it)

  65. It is pretty impressive to get over 100 folks being supportive in such a short time! I hope you can remember this when the Darkness tries to sneak in again! You do look quite lovely in the pictures, and, I am just impressed that you did not bleed more in the process of getting them! Cats are wonderful little furballs that turn into buzzsaws of sharp points when annoyed!

  66. I say Number 4 for next book jacket photo!
    I’ve looked at these pictures to the point of obsession and I can not see a third cat! Is this like those magic eye posters? I sucked at them!

  67. The dark cat in the first picture (Rolly?) is a beauty. The grey one (Ferris?) has beautiful eyes. The second to last pic (where they are all bailing) is hilarious. Hunter’s foot stool impersonation is more or less what my dogs do when I have to grab them (except that’s 80lbs of lab each). Amazing how difficult they can make simple tasks (Dorothy seems pretty OK with it though).

  68. Eugene and Queenie Liza Shapshay Beller Minelli would never pose for any selfies. Eugene is crazy aggressive and sleeps in our dust pan and Queenie loves to vomit on things before you sit down. Love those cats though. xoxo Mara

  69. This is the funniest thing ever – I can just imagine the words coming out of your mouth as you ‘convinced’ your furry family to pose for a group shot. You made me day! Hope you feel better again tomorrow!

  70. No selfie today, because I’m pretty sure I haven’t showered in…far too long for there to be internet evidence. BUT. I wanted to tell you that my depression has been SO long lasting that I sometimes feel like it will never go away, and I also have 5 million medical problems (but probably not lupus).

    You make me want to write again, and lately even that has been really, really hard.

    Maybe I should try a gluten-free diet.

  71. I’m glad you had a good day. Is there a ghost cat? I can’t see the third one. Why am I focusing on cat counting? So not like me. Jesus, that’s hilarious. You are doing it wrong but I like your style.

  72. Ferris looks pretty resigned, too. Churro (cat who thinks he’s a dog) likes to photobomb me when I take selfies.

  73. You are so RICH! So many lovely animals. You also look very nice. But, I know you are ill and looks have nothing to do with it. Save your energy to sass the next person who says. “But, you do not look SICK!” I cannot think fast enough when someone says that to me but I can considering writing down some snappy answers… or not. Too many people carry guns down here and they are still cranky about losing the Civil War. As I am a “Damn Yankee”…
    I am so pleased when I hear from you and I can tell you give so many others such a lift.

    Mary Ann

  74. For those who aren’t familiar with the famous head-sitting Rolly, please visit the archives for January 11, 2010.
    Warning: Archives may prove hazardous to your schedule.

  75. sooooo friggin cute!!!! dogs are the best at humoring their humans. cats are the reality check.

  76. In the 7th photo, Ferris face down looks like the pic you posted from neko atsume of Pickles face down! Apricot did that to me the other day!

  77. No no thank YOU! I have kinda been in the same place (up all night playing Candy Crush or Cookie Jam, sleep all day…) No motivation, no “feelings” – just ambivalent about everything. And beating myself up about it all, because my poor husband is working all the time, then has to come home and see dishes in the sink, or that I’m still in bed. I know I’m not alone though, and that helps…

    Your pictures are awesome, and I see joy in your face (not so much Hunter or Ferris…) You make me smile just reading your posts!

  78. I would absolutely do this – but my dog/Maev is 50 lbs…. my youngest cat/Raz (Rasputin) a black haired green-eyed Maine Coon weighed 15 lbs at last weigh in…. my other boy Heath (Orange tabby with white patches) – is part Maine Coon and he weighs 12 lbs…. and my middle kitty – Rainey – weighs about 7 lbs – and she’d make it look like a Chupacabra <OMG Spell check just told me I spelled that wrong? It’s just like YOU SAID!> attacked me. Well so would Raz. They are all rescues and they all have quirks but they make me happy! Great idea to make us all happy

  79. Yay for days with pet selfies… or selfie pets… it switched on me and now they both sound wrong.
    Or right.
    OK. Yay for good days and pets!

  80. Your Ginger cat looks almost the same as ours (except we have tree, and if I tried to pick them all up, I would be in A&E right now)

  81. Jenny, in the last pic I hear Dorothy Barker saying in a Ricky Ricardo voice “Lawson, you got some ‘splainin to do….”

  82. I celebrated National Selfie Day yesterday by sending my husband a picture of my newly-acquired Bell’s Palsy. Didn’t know that’s what it was, though. I thought I had a stroke. No stroke, according to the never-charming ER doctor, but I’ll look funny and have difficulties eating for quite a while.

  83. I missed out on selfie day (was busy having an anniversary, and also getting my daughter new braces – totally unrelated), but thanks for sharing yours!

  84. I love how Dorothy seems to love it while the cats are visibly pissed off!

  85. Dear Jenny. I’m so happy to see you look happy. I’ve been following your blog since i read your first book and it has inspired me every time. Sometimes i laugh so hard i cry. Sometimes i just cry because you explain so well what we all go through. I love your music, your store, your book recommendations, everything about you! And just so you’ll know – I’m 65 – and i can totally relate to everything (or almost everything) you say! Especially your remarks on my imaginary boyfriend Alan Rickman! Tonight my book club is doing Furiously Happy! Just thought you should know, and thanks again for all your inspiration and insight and hilarious sense of the absurd!

  86. You may either want to sleep with one eye open OR keep Hunter S. Thomcat out of your bedroom. He looks like he is considering using knives.

  87. The fourth frame is worthy of enlarging and framing…seriously. Dorothy has her sweet, sweet face next to yours. Hunter and Ferris are like, yeah, we love our mom and will do anything to make her happy (for the next one second), and your smile is beautiful Jenny.

  88. Just a huge thank you for being you! For making a place for a tribe I feel like I belong to. For being a bright spark, providing a place of joy and humor. Jenny you are simply purple sequins, sparkly nailpolish, sparklers, honesty, someone who sees, someone who is brave and honest, and who knows its sometimes a crapola sandwich, and tells it true and with love. Thank you for being a voice that bravely says “I see too” “things stink sometimes” “not everyone has their shit together and that’s okay”. You make the world a better place. Love you for being you and for sharing that with us readers. Hoping that you feel better soon and that your tests show nothing scary or unfixable.

  89. Your critters are awesome! The kitties are like…” Whatever you want mama….it’s all good.” Your second pic of Mr. Tomcat reminds me of Mellissa McCarthy holding the big red kitty up to Sandra B. at the end of the movie… The Heat.
    From a gal who hears these words quite regularly..WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???
    Don’t ever change!

  90. Jenny, I have a question. Do writers give other writers their books when they are published? I mean like Mary Roach’s new book “Grunt” is out and I just wondered do you guys trade books and for that matter do you sign them before you trade them. Is a protocol in place for what to do and what not to do between best selling authors? Do I have to become a best selling author to find out…like a secret handshake?

  91. No selfies for this girl, but I’m sensing a lot of self-love, which makes me super happy! I think the Full Moon/Summer Solstice combo gave us all that little pep in our step that we very much needed and deserved. Keep your head up– those fur babies (and all of us!) love and need you! 🙂

  92. these are great. hard pressed to pick a favorite but probably bottom left. b/c everyone looks to be trying to escape and you have the biggest smile and it’s just slightly out of focus. Kudos.

  93. Hi Jenny!

    I recently started reading Furiously Happy. It encouraged me to write my own blog about my experiences with my mental illness. Would you read it? I would love to have your feedback, connection, etc. It would mean so much. I have never been comfortable sharing my mental illness before (my closest family members and friends have no idea what I struggle with) so sharing them online is a big step for me. You and authors like Brene Brown are role models and heroes for me. Thanks so much.



  94. I was in a small bookstore in a small town in Oregon, trying to order a copy of “Furiously Happy” for a friend’s birthday. The bookstore owner kept referring to it as “Seriously Happy,” and when he finally got it right told me he thought the raccoon on the cover was very scary. I just gave him my biggest grin. Thanks for all the giggles and guffaws.

  95. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. A friend sent me a link and I now how to buy then a huge thank you present (I’m thinking a five foot chicken because that was the link she sent me). I have been reading your blog all day (who needs to do work, seriously?) I have laughed, I have laughed until I cried, I’ve cried but most of all I have felt your pain. Thank you for your blog. And in a completely non stalkerish way, I love you! 🙂

  96. Just wanted to say how freaking hilarious the bottom left shot is of Hunter. He is sliding out of your grasp like melty ice cream from a cone and he has zero fucks to give. I seriously love him. And the whole dang gang of you.

  97. I laughed so hard at your description of cat rodeos. This from the woman who found an old cabbage patch diaper and then struggled to to put in on the duck. After an troubling length of time I realized that I was panting and sweating and the duck was still not diapered. Marilyn (Manson the duck) was panting too, parted bill and heaving little chest and all. We made eye contact and both came to the realization that this was so wrong on many, many levels. For both of us. I can only imagine how your cats look at you very, very differently after the raccoon affair.

  98. So, I’ve recently come to your books and your blog and find that I am yet another one of those people that feel much of what you feel. Although, you still seem to be able to make a pretty good life and write about it in the process! I am still struggling for the correct balance of medication and behaviorial therapy, but boy its hard. Days when I don’t feel like doing anything!

    Anyway, the reason for this post is that years ago, after I got married my husband and I went back to his home town in Colorado (we live on the East Coast) and it was in this small southern town of Colorado that I came upon one of the BEST THINGS EVER. It was a shop that specialized in three things: Please know this is a TRUE story–I have photographic evidence. So, anyway, what they specialized in was car detailing, hair styling and….wait for it…taxidermy. And here is the best part…the name of the shop: FLUFF ‘EM, BUFF ‘EM & STUFF ‘EM.
    I swear to God I did not make that up. It actually existed….and for some reason I wanted to share that with you in the hopes that it would make you laugh. Sort of like a thank you for all the laughter you have provided to me!

  99. Thank you for the huge chuckle today. I now feel gooey inside. And my kitty is running away scared. hehe.

  100. These are truly awesome possum pics but why won’t it let me like other people’s comments without registering for WordPress? My blog is not ON wordpress. I’m perplexed. Cute pets though. And it’s good they bring you such joy!

  101. It looks like Hunter S. Tomcat and Ferris Mewler are now plotting to smother you in your sleep or poison your food.

  102. I take the worst selfies. Not even going to try plus I hate my face. I know I need to get over that. Can I just take selfies of my cat instead?

  103. I came to your blog through the recommendation of a friend and I am hooked. You are an amazing writer and after just a few posts it’s crystal clear we have similar mindsets, which I rarely publicly let people know because of the damage it could do to their reputation, but I can tell it wouldn’t phase you because you’re already damaged. And I’m pretty sure you confirmed it by chuckling after that last sentence because you know it’s intent isn’t mean, but rather reverence. With your writing and thinking stream of consciousness fuelled by ADD and energized by unapologetic curiosity, I think we may be twins. I have this bizarre desire to marry you. I say bizarre because you have cats and I’m allergic to cats. Oh, and I’m already in a happy and loving relationship. Oh, and it’s to a guy and I’m gay. See? Bizarre, I told you. I guess I’ll just have to binge-read your blog, buy your books and bump down my favourite bookmarked links to make room for yours in the coveted #1 spot. I’m not sure who covets it, but now I’m thinking you do. Thanks for sharing your incredible talents: living and writing about it. Cheers from Canada. 🙂

  104. Hunter S. Tomcat? I will faithfully follow you forever because of that, lol. You’re hysterical and possibly looking in my life =D

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