I have a big announcement to make and I’m not sure how to say it but it’s all your fault. Sort of.

So.  I’ve dropped a few hints about a project I’ve been working on but I haven’t really written about it because I lost my words.  But they’re coming back and so now I’m going to try to explain it and hopefully you’ll understand why it’s important to me.

When I was on book tour last year I would sometimes share the drawings I’d make when I was locked up in my hotel each night.  I’ve always drawn.  It’s my meditation when my anxiety disorder gets out of control.  It gives my hands something to do so they don’t destroy me.  When I was young I kept a journal filled with patterns I’d perfected…ones I’d learned from others or created myself that kept my mind free…and I’d spend hours filling pages up with doodles and pictures and words and ideas and the patterns I’d found on old walls or garish carpets or bathroom stalls.  Whenever things got hard I would go back to these patterns, finding comfort in the intricate but uniform lines that would fill the page – a way of bringing order to the chaos if just for a few minutes.

"Just because

When I lived in Houston a woman moved next door to us.  She’d just moved from India and she’d often invite Hailey and I over for tea and paint mehndi designs on our hands or feet while we visited.  She had journals like mine – but different, filled with hand-drawn patterns in beautiful styles, and she explained that when she was young it was common for girl friends to share designs with each other.  She’d draw a pattern or design that she’d perfected in their book and they’d do the same in hers and in the end she’d have hundreds of ideas to use when making her henna artworks.  She tried to teach me a few but I never quite perfected them.  I shared some with her out of my books, and we experimented with them and made them more beautiful and elaborate.


In the last few years I’ve found other people who collect patterns.  They do mandalas or tangles or textural collages.  They trade them with others to inspire and the patterns become more fantastic as each person puts their hand to them.  They -like me – take pictures of forgotten patterns on abandoned buildings, and crumbling tombstones, and resurrect them.  They see the motifs in nature – the movement of trees or the way that ivy grows and they embellish those designs.  You learn to see things in a different perspective…the patterns that make up a life, or the world, or the universe.

Click to embiggen.

Nine months ago I was on book tour.  My anxiety keeps me locked in hotel rooms when I’m not doing a reading so I often spent that time drawing, using stolen hotel pens and pilfered sharpies.  I used motel room cups and pill bottles as stencils to create overlapping circles and I’d fill the circles with patterns and with words that I needed to hear myself.  I shared a few on instagram and was shocked at how many people responded.  They’d print them out to color or frame.  They’d bring them to signings so I’d autograph them.  They’d tattoo them on their bodies.  They’d give them to friends who were struggling and needed to be reminded they weren’t alone.


These drawings were far from perfect.  They were wrinkled and muddied and I never had the right tools or pens but still people seemed to love them.  And suddenly instead of being embarrassed about them I was happy to share them, and I had the encouragement to share the drawings that usually only lived in my head or secret sketchbooks.  I saw them shared online, brilliantly tinted by people who used coloring the same way I used sketching…as an escape, a meditation, and a way to quiet a sometimes dangerous brain.  I saw people interpret them in lovely ways I hadn’t even meant, or add their own sketches to the drawings, or hang them up in cubicles or in frames.  I got a giant unexpected package from a classroom of 4th graders who used one of my images as an inspiration to create dozens of amazing stories they invented themselves.


Several months ago I feel into a pretty heavy depression and it’s one I’m still crawling out of.  I’m finally having more good days than bad, but one of the repercussions of this depression was that it made it almost impossible to write.  Or, I should say, it made it almost impossible to write long-form chapters.  I still wrote…but strange things that gave me strength to move forward in the dark.  Some funny, some silly, some irreverent, some dark and painfully honest.  But for some reason my head wanted a picture for each one.

I can’t quite explain it.  Maybe it’s part of my mental illness.  Maybe it was involuntary art therapy.  All I know is that I couldn’t work on the book I was supposed to be working on because this…thing got in the way.  These drawings.  These images and thoughts and patterns and words.  And once they were down on paper I could turn the page and feel free of the thought.  As if I’d archived the emotion I was stuck in and could now move forward and see the next one waiting to be acknowledged and recognized.

I felt like a failure for falling behind on life and missing deadlines, but I have no doubt that these drawing saved me.  They gave me a reason, and a creative outlet, and a way to count out the long seconds of the days with each stroke of the pen.  They were all drawn by hand, slowly and meticulously, and as I worked on them I thought of the words in my head.  Each drawing had stories written into them.  Each contained a sentence or paragraph or a page of strange thoughts that went along with it.  As they become more elaborate I shared them with my shrink and my agent and my editor and suddenly a book emerged.  It was a book that seems like it wrote itself.  Not easily.  It struggled its way out of me as if it had control more than I did at times.  Which was good, because I had very little control at the time and that can be a problem when you struggle with impulse control issues and self-harm problems.  The book found itself.  Half of it images.  Half of it words.  Some funny and irreverent and profane, and some dark and confused, and some to remind me to keep breathing and that depression lies.


So I made a coloring book.

Sort of.

It’s a coloring book if you like to color.  It’s a journal if you like to write in books that make you question what’s going on.  It’s a set of posters that make you feel less alone.  It’s a collection of one-page stories or important sentences or pictures to tape on bathroom mirrors for strangers to see, or to hand to friends.  It’s a companion piece to Furiously Happy but it also stands alone.  It’s what saved me this year and I owe you for supporting and encouraging me whenever I hesitantly shared my work.  It turned into something much bigger than I ever imagined and hope that you like it.  I hope you like it so much you buy a dozen copies so you can color it or frame it or give it away.  If you don’t, that’s okay.  But I had to get it out of my head so I could move on.


It probably won’t be in stores for a while because it takes time to publish books, but I should have a cover and title and all that jazz for you in the next week if things go smoothly.   In the meantime I’ll be sharing the occasional extra drawing that isn’t in the book here (most of what’s in the book is new and unpublished) and you can print it or share it or color it or post it up in your home or burn it in a fire to scare off monsters.  It’s up to you.

After all, you helped create it.

And I can’t thank you enough for that.

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  1. Your drawings are amazing!


  3. Your artwork is truly amazing. Why am I not surprised?
    Congratulations, Jenny. I’m excited for you. 🙂

  4. Beautiful. Really lovely.

  5. I love your illustrations especially the woman with candles in her hair. You should team up with Neil Gaiman and illustrate a book for him.
    Congrats on your creative doodling!

    susielindau recently posted Solid Gold Summer Sunsets.

  6. Oooo, nifty! I like 🙂

  7. You, delicate wondress (I made that word up) and invincible wit, are legendary. Thank you for hitting publish so often and walking to the microphone despite the weight it brings. I am so grateful for you.

  8. These are phenomenal! I can’t wait to buy one. Or a few. 🙂

  9. I’m so happy for you. And I can’t wait for the book. I’ll need at least 2 copies. One to look at. One to color.

  10. Oh. My. Glob. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing, Jenny. This red dress is probably the most amazing of all. Hugs, Love, and Light.

  11. 11

    That is so beautiful. The shining girl is such an inspiration. Keep going, we have your back!
    amy from germany

  12. 12
    Paige Turley

    This. Is. Amazing. Honestly. My wife colors to help her anxiety about work and life, it’s such a great outlet for her. I think it’s beautiful that you have found yet another media to pour your soul out on and share it with the world.

  13. 13
    Major Bedhead

    I can’t wait. I’m not a coloring person, but one of my daughters is and I would love to see what she would do with your words and images.

  14. I don’t think I’ve every been so excited about a coloring book. I can hardly wait to start coloring!

  15. This looks absolutely amazing, Jenny. These pieces are beautiful and like your books, they are going to help a lot of people. Thank you for continuing to ship important work.

  16. The sketches are amazing Jenny! And I think u stole my idea cuz I started sketching recently to help even out the rough edges as well (u started long before I did, so U must have snuck into my subconscious :)) ) I’m super stoked about adding the latest Jenny Lawson book to my library when it’s available!

    Gabriel Burkhardt recently posted “We’re not stopping till we HiKE to Erwin”.

  17. Love this!

  18. Your drawings are AMAZING! That tree just slays me, I had to print it out immediately and hang it at my desk in my office. Can’t wait!

  19. I’ve always admired your drawings, Jenny. Congratulations on having the strength to put your thoughts on paper, cup, or napkin. I am looking forward to being able to order it.

    Kristine @ MumRevised recently posted You Must Take Poo-Pourri to a Blogging Conference.

  20. I LOVE this. <3 Thank You for sharing.

  21. I can’t WAIT. You must tell us the instant it goes on sale. I love your drawings so much, and this is exciting. 😀

  22. Love this. Much love. It’s all love. Thank you!

  23. 23

    How on earth could I NOT like this? I took up journaling again on my last birthday for Reasons, and it’s really helped me. Now I get to journal with you. In a non-creepy but inspirational way, I mean. Thank you.

  24. I cannot wait for this to come out!!!

  25. A new book by you? YAY!!

  26. This is beautiful, unique and special – just like you

  27. This is amazing. I love it!!!!

  28. Oh yeah, sign me up. Want one!

  29. I love this. Thank you so much for sharing it and making a way for us to have it too.

  30. Very cool. I wish I could draw. I think if you color it though, you have to honor the Bloggess tradition and refuse to stay within the lines. Stay strong, Jenny. We all love you and everything you do.

    Sean Sandulak recently posted A portion of the pre-orders for The Zookeeper’s Dilemma go to support animal rescue charities.

  31. This is so amazing!!

    Lenore recently posted Three chairs (Part two).

  32. That’s amazing, your drawings are so beautiful and I love seeing them on instagram so I’m excited they will be in a book! I love how you incorporate words into your art, you are so talented!

  33. I love your designs. They are lovely, intricate, and melancholy.

    notquiteold recently posted The 8-Year-Old Skeptic.

  34. They are fantastic. You are super talented.

    Half a 1000 Miles recently posted Shit I Stuck to Other Shit.

  35. Congratulations! This is truly wonderful for you (and for us all).

  36. You draw. I color.
    Thank you for the drawings.

  37. What a beautiful gift to us all, born out of suffering. Thank you. I already know who to gift this work to.

  38. Oh I will certainly buy your coloring book! I love your art! I am an artist but can never get intricate patterns down like you do, and it is a type of art I really like and wish I could master. Art is awesome and is great therapy don’t you think?

    opinion8dhermit@gmail.com recently posted Kicked out of the post office (or, alternate title) too hot for meth labs.

  39. You awe me, Jenny. <3

  40. Goodness gracious! (I’m trying to cut back on swearing) Can’t wait for this to come out; my coloring pencils are already vibrating in their box! xo

  41. This sounds cool!!! Your drawings are awesome and I can’t wait to get a copy!

  42. Your stories are told in so many ways, every one so beautiful. Thanks, Jenny!

  43. I am SO EXCITED about this. I shall preorder.

  44. Amazing!

  45. 45
    Princess Leah

    I can’t wait!!

  46. I was hoping for this! 🙂

  47. First, “I felt like a failure for falling behind on life and missing deadlines,” Jenny, no. A failure is an event, not a person. I respect your right to feel the way you feel, but I strenuously disagree with you. You are a bringer of hope even when you, yourself, have none.

    Second, what you have created here is awesome in the truest sense of the word. I’m working on shading and coloring the tree drawing and I have spent upwards of 20 hours on it. I can’t even tell you how much it has helped when I’ve been screaming inside but have to be calm on the outside. My coworkers and I own you a debt of gratitude.

    Thank you and be well.

    Kelly and Geoff recently posted Sometimes, there’s just too much going on to write.

  48. Holy crapoli! Your drawings are FABULOUS. Can’t wait for the book!

  49. this is so wonderful, and beautiful! congratulations. looking forward to owning one!

  50. Dude, I’m tearing up from all the awesome. Thank you.

  51. These are incredible!!


  53. WOW!!! These are incredible and such a great idea!!! I used to draw patterns that looked like quilts in my notebooks when I was too anxious to pay attention in classes. Now I color to help ease the anxiety. This is absolutely perfect!! Thank you!!

  54. I collect colouring books and never make the time to colour in them. Must add this one to the shelf … Maybe it will be the one that helps me change that pattern 🙂

    Absolutely beautiful pictures Jenny. You are amazing!

  55. This makes me so, so happy. I am so happy that you are still here.

  56. I can’t wait. This is the most beautiful coloring book I’ve ever seen.

    Quirky Chrissy recently posted Should You Really Pinterest Your Own Wedding?.

  57. This made me cry. Thank you.

  58. this is simply wonderful. thank you for sharing.

  59. 59

    YAY. Your artwork is lovely. Tell me when I can try to find a copy!

  60. This is amazing, Jenny! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Your drawings are beautiful!

  61. Thank you! I love your patterned drawings and have printed some out for coloring.

  62. Beautiful! I’m creative by cutting up perfectly good pieces of fabric and then sewing them back together to make a quilt.

  63. Sometimes I wonder about the old adage about artists suffering for their art. I sure hope creativity can also spring from joy. But in your case, dear Jenny, it seems you are destined to create in both the light and dark. You are a treasure.

  64. 64

    Your images and words are so soothing and beautiful. You are a beacon of love and hope for those of us who are so broken and lost. Thank you for being here and continuing to share yourself with us.

  65. Hey! That’s awesome!. I’m excited for you. And now I have all sorts of ideas about how I want to color.

  66. Jenny Lawson – saviour of my soul. Thank you. x

  67. 67

    I used to doodle like this during classes and meetings. But mine are just chicken scratches compared with yours — yours are absolutely gorgeous. I’ll be looking for this book.

  68. These are truly beautiful, thank you so much for sharing them.

  69. I am so excited to hear this! I cannot wait… thank you!

  70. Awesome!

  71. I’ve been waiting for this announcement! Your drawing are gorgeous little pieces of inspiration and comfort. I’m really excited and thankful that you’re sharing them with all of us.

  72. That makes my comment the other day about making a coloring book look kind of….late. But I stand by my suggested titles.

  73. Thank you a thousand times over. I am so looking forward to the book. I’ll probably buy about 10 copies. To start.

  74. Congrats, Jenny! Your images are deep, thought provoking and beautiful!

    terib19 recently posted Listen To Your Mother videos are up!!.

  75. Holy cats. These are gorgeous!

    Kaji recently posted Joyce Lamont's Favorite Minnesota Recipes and Radio Memories.

  76. Please keep on keeping on, your writing and drawings are awesome. They keep me going when i feel I can’t go on.

  77. That’s wonderful! I think your drawings are amazing and I’m glad you are sharing them in whatever form.

  78. I’ve been coloring The Walking Dead graphic novels as my therapy. I’m excited to add your book to my therapy as well! Thanks for being my hero!

  79. Thank YOU Jenny for these beautiful pieces of you. Metaphorically of course.

  80. I love to color – it’s my meditation, and I try to do it every day for at least 15 minutes. I cannot wait to buy this! I love the candle in the bare tree – the light that we all seek when we’re in the darkness. (HUGS)

  81. Can’t wait to order these

  82. I love this! I guess I connect, because I have done similar in small ways over the years- really helps to be able to read this, Thank you, and Love you!

  83. Ah, Jenny, I’m crying. This post is beautiful. Your art is beautiful. I will definitely be buying the coloring book whenever it finds its way through the maze that is publishing. Thank you for sharing all these pieces of yourself with us. <3

  84. I am so happy for you! You are finding yourself and finding the light, and in doing so, you are lighting a candle for others. My sister will be receiving your book “Furiously Happy” for Christmas this year, and if the design book is out, she’ll get that, too.

    Depression lies. It says that there is ONLY one way to write or to create. You proved it a liar. Writing and creating takes so many forms. I cannot wait to see this book in print!

    becomingcliche recently posted It’s hard to be brave.

  85. Hey, lady! You NEVER owe us. If anything, we owe you. We need you, we appreciate you, you help us, but you never owe us.
    This, however, this I NEED!

  86. AMAZING!!! I love it.

  87. I’m so glad that your beautiful artwork was as healing to you as it is inspirational to us. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book (or two – one to keep pristine, one to color or whatnot). Thank you for being brave enough to share them with us.

  88. Okay, so now I feel normal. When I sit on the toilet and look at the travertine floor I see cherubs, puffy clouds and even panthers. I’ve contemplated tracing them. Now I will. I came out of a suicidal depression in April and find coloring these detailed drawing with sharpies a way to turn my thoughts on something positive. You are a beautiful, gifted artist. I will be supporting your newest endeavor!

  89. Color me so proud of you!! Congratulations!

  90. I adore the trees, so bring it on, great idea!

    rhondafriedapn recently posted Celebrating the Assholes.

  91. Congratulations! This is so exciting! and what a gift you are sharing with us all – right from your very heart. Thank you, Jenny, for continuing to share your gifts.

  92. (Fist punch in the air!). YES!!! Ian in awe of people that can take their pain and turn it into something good. Way to go, these are phenomenal drawings and it’s a wonderful idea! Yet another example of taking what you need and putting something out there for someone else. You rock, Blogess!!

  93. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I definitely look forward to getting a copy of this.

  94. Thank you!

  95. Reading this brings me to tears. I like the idea of buying several, to keep or share… or color each differently. Big scary changes happening in my life, and I can’t wait for this! But I will.


  96. Wow! Just…wow! I have loved these doodles as they popped up and have shared them with my best friend as we both struggle with mental and physical illness. I cannot wait to bring these into my home and carry the inspiration out into the world. You are a hero to me, Jenny, and I hope these words continue to help you.

  97. Beautiful!! And thank you for the work you put into it so we can share it with the people we love. As I was reading your words and looking at the gorgeous drawings, I kept thinking of the people I wanted to order a copy for!

  98. This is amazing and wonderful!

  99. 99

    Wow. Just WOW!

  100. They are beautiful! I would love to get one as a tattoo! I love your honesty in dealing with your depression and anxieties. I’m sure you have heard it a million times, but it makes me feel so less alone when I can read the same thoughts and fears I have had, written in someone else’s voice.

  101. OMG you are one talented lady!! Absolutely perfect!! I love them!!

    What a fabulous outlet you have!! I am so happy for you!!

    Kind Regards and celebrating with you!! – K

  102. I love the illustrations you post. Looking forward to the collection!

  103. So excited about this! Thanks for being brilliant in so many ways!

  104. Pretty sure I will need a box of these! I already have a list of people I will give them too! Amazing, inspiring and wonderful! SO happy you have found such a beautiful way to crawl out of your depression…hugs and love.

  105. So touched. I’m crying right now. Your art is beautiful. So intricate & emotional. Looking forward to seeing this wonderful book. Loves and hugs.

  106. I was so hopeful this would become…well…this.

  107. This is fantastic news! It shows how your job in life as an artist–whether with words or images or jubilant honking sounds–is so much greater and deeper than the illness that tries to stop it. You NEVER STOP CREATING.

  108. This is great, Jenny! Thank you, I can’t wait to buy the book.

  109. 109
    Debbie A-H

    I love you, you talented goddess.

  110. 110

    This I love. It is beautiful. And amazing. And perfect. Yes…perfect.

  111. 111

    So this is awkward; but I saw the drawing of the tree with the candle in it, and even though I love the caption of following the moon; all I could think was I bet the tree sees the dark closing in all around it and doesn’t realize where the light is coming from…

  112. These are heart-thumpingly beautiful! You’re a true inspiration <3

  113. I haven’t commented on your drawing before, but I absolutely love them and think they are beautiful. I’ve always thought of art as something for me to enjoy, and would never have thought gut of coloring or adding to them, so thank you for that permission. I also have a really hard time writing in books because I was taught that they are special and should not be defaced. The weird thing is that I really love reading the notes people put in margins when I find them. Thank you for this unexpected gift.

  114. 114

    Stunningly gorgeous! Can’t wait to buy many copies!! Much love to you for all that you share, from one you have helped.

  115. Thank you for sharing the beauty that lives inside you with us. Can’t wait to hold them in my hands 🙂

  116. I LOVE this!!! You are an inspiration and beautiful and oh my god thank you!!!

  117. I will buy about ten copies of that!! ALLLLLLL my friends love you, and we’ve all been hoping a coloring book was what you were hinting at. These are goregous. You should make a Pinterest board for your fans where we upload pictures of your drawings colored. Thank you so much for sharing all your talents with us!! We love you in WV!!

  118. A coloring book (sort of) with heart and soul and life in every line. Can’t wait! I LOVE the drawings you’ve posted so far, they’re absolutely gorgeous.

  119. My friend and I used to always draw mehndi designs on all our notebooks and folders. I dunno why we went with those… but it was fairly therapeutic. I lam really excited for this!

  120. 120

    Love, Love, Love, LOVE THIS! Can’t wait to buy multiple copies!

  121. 121
    Melissa Marie

    I can’t wait to buy it!

  122. Art is so helpful with dealing with pain especially the silent types. Your drawings are beautiful. Please keep us posted on the publication. Meanwhile I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Namaste!

  123. 123

    This is awesome and insanely beautiful. And reading your post I thought I need to buy this immediately but then you said it’s not in print yet. And I remember that these things actually take time no matter how much you wish they didn’t. I can’t wait to read it. You’re writing is incredible.

  124. 124

    Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these gifts with all of us.

  125. When you described your sketching it kind of sounded like you were just doodling. Those are some amazing doodles. Beautiful artwork.

  126. 126

    It’s so beautiful!! I can’t wait to have a chance to buy this.

  127. Wow lady, talk about art therapy. This is amazeballs as per usual and I am always so proud of you when you crawl out from under your dark places. I always remember one thing you said here or in a book; “She only has one mother.” One day Hailey will really REALLY know what it means to have a mother who presses on despite the impulse to do the opposite and all for her. I had a parent who didn’t do that. Your strength is beyond what most people can ever comprehend. Much love to you.

  128. 128

    Your drawings are beautiful!

  129. How exciting!! I’m so happy to see a book of your drawing – I’ve got a number of them up at my desk at work (they help me feel not quite so alone), and they get commented, and complemented on often. You’ve got a talent missy, an incredible talent.

  130. Gorgeous!!!!!

  131. Thought-provoking images and words. Thanks for sharing.

  132. This is absolutely lovely and it made me cry. I remember seeing the one with the blindfold and the candles and I wanted to print it out and frame it. I don’t care for coloring books but your drawings resonate on such a deeper level for me. Thank you so much for sharing this gift you have, of bringing darkness into the light, being open about the struggles many of us face (but aren’t willing or able to share for whatever reasons). Even in the midst of a depression–or maybe because of–you have an amazing way of creating connection and community. Sending you tons of love and hope this book process moves smoothly.

  133. I had hoped this was your news. I am so happy for you but even more happy for all of us. I can’t wait to buy 12 copies.

  134. 134

    Yay, Jenny! I don’t color and I’m not artistic but I’ll buy your book because I love your drawings – and thank you for making it something we can write in, as well as color. We were hoping you’d come up with something as cool as this with your drawings. Thanks.

  135. I kind of hoped you were doing a book of your amazing drawings with the affirmations. Thank you. I’ll be watching so that I CAN buy several and share.

  136. Yay!! I’m so damn excited. I’ve been having a rough year and your posts are one of the things that I can count on to pull me out of the darkness a little bit. Thank you 😊

  137. 137

    These are exquisite — definitely a great use of your imagination when your words are stuck. I want to tell you that I had printed a few of your drawings for my own use, and a bunch of other sayings and pictures for my nine year old daughter’s room. When she saw the stack of images, she bypassed all the ones I had intended for her, and instead chose three of your drawings. They are now framed and hanging in her newly redecorated bedroom. She has anxiety and hair pulling issues just like you (and me), so I guess your beautiful weirdness resonated with her mind the way it does with mine. So thank you for giving her something to inspire her.

  138. HOLY GORGONZOLA CHEESE BATMAN!!! I love this! Congrats! I can’t wait to see it in print!

  139. These are so lovely. I can’t wait to see it and be inspired and have all the feelings and a pretty pretty book to document them in.

    Smug Singleton recently posted Using your phone as a…phone?!.

  140. These drawings are so, so beautiful, and I am so happy that I will be able to buy them and have them. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  141. OH. MY. GOD! I absolutely LOVE your art and I would buy a book in a flash! Not exaggerating, not trying to make you feel good. Truly, genuinely love your art!! Really, really, really hope you get these published before Christmas, as I know a lot of people who would get one as a gift from me. Amazing!

  142. 142

    Jenny this is so stunning. Your head is an absolute treasure (and of course by that I mean the thoughts therein). I can’t wait to buy it and maybe even attempt to color in it. You raise us all up with your brilliant shining strength.

  143. Love it! Can’t wait. Well, I guess I have to…

  144. Coloring is my happy place activity, my therapy, my escape. I can’t wait to buy your book. Thank you for sharing with us.

  145. Jenny, you are truly an inspiration to us all. While you are struggling on the inside, many of us flock to your blog and twitter feed to find comfort in your words. You’ve hit out of the park with this one! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  146. Big Fucking Smile.

  147. Congratulations! Your drawings are amazing, and I love that there’s writing in almost every one (at least the ones I’ve seen).

  148. 148

    I want it right now.

  149. 149

    So excited and so proud!! I can not wait to get it 🙂

  150. I am so excited for this book and can’t wait to buy multiple copies. I have people in my life who need this book, probably as much as you needed to create it. Thank you Jenny!

  151. OMG this is the best news ever! I love it and all the the amazing work you do!

  152. I want it right now.

  153. So excited about this! Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  154. I was hoping, hoping so hard, that this would happen! Thank you for sharing this part of you!

  155. So excited to have a book of your drawings. I also want to share, yesterday my kids and I were driving home from visiting family in Kansas. It was raining, traffic was horrible, people were driving like complete idiots, and we were in the middle of St. Louis so I couldn’t exactly stop and get out. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and about 500 hundred other stupid things, so when I felt the familiar tendrils of anxiety slithering around in my head, I thought ‘WWJD?’ (The J standing for Jenny.) Since I couldn’t pull out my color books or crawl into bed with a Netflix marathon of Grace and Frankie, I popped a Xanax and had my kids play several inappropriate rounds Cards Against Humanity to distract me. See? You aid and inspire in all kinds of ways.

    Disclaimer, my kids are 25, 23, and 19. I would never force young children to play the very non p.c. game of Cards Against Humanity. *pause while I think about whether or not that’s a true statement No, I probably wouldn’t let young kids play CAH…probably.

  156. Oh, Jenny! I don’t have the words to express everything this post makes me feel, but I want to say thank you – for sharing the beauty that comes from your darkness and turmoil, and the telling of how and why and of others who do the same. It’s just amazing, and I can not wait to buy the book!

  157. I wants it. The minute it is out, I wants it.


  159. 159
    Flatlander in VT

    Thank you for being you. You are consistently a light in the darkness for all who wander.

  160. Yay! What a wonderful outlet for you and what a great way thing for us.

    One technical suggestion/hope: in your last pic, I see the drawing in a spiral notebook with perforated page. Will the book you release be the same? Or at least perforated? It’s such a great bonus (and worth paying a little more) for that kind of convenience.

  161. Will absolutely be buying. Your words are often enough to get me on the right track to find my way out of an anxiety attack. I don’t know other ways to thank you other than to buy all the things 😃 Your drawings are beautiful and I plan to frame several. Can’t wait!!

  162. These are beautiful! And I’m glad they’ve helped you. I can’t wait to buy a few copies.

  163. I havent been able to read or write or draw, but ive been crocheting the hell out of some yarn. And making a little bit of money at it, so theres a plus. But its hard when your brain doesnt brain like it should. And i get mad at my meds for not doing their job, and mad at my body for not working right, and mad at my soul for being broken, and mad at the universe for not saving me from myself. But I, like you, am slowly crawling back into myself… i saw that instead of crawling out, because i dont know that ive really been down… just not myself. So i get it, and I cant wait to read your words and color and write and try to live as furiously happy as i can while dealing with a broken mind.

  164. These are stunning!! Thank you for sharing. I know sometimes we feel trapped, like our mind is a vault and the door is set on its own random timer, but these images are proof that there is beauty in your chaos. Let it out and let it flow.

  165. Jenny, you are an artist. I mean this is the broader, more general sense, not just in the “She can draw real good” sense (although you CAN draw real good. I’m blown away.) Being an artist, encompassing some kind of genius? Is messy work. Your art comes from a little bit of chaos, and the chaos is an integral, beautiful, scary, amazing part of who you are. So deadlines and responsibilities? Those are not all that important (but like, I get it. You have a kid sooooo….maybe a little important sometimes). Just don’t beat yourself up when your art takes a turn you didn’t expect. You are changing lives here. Thank you.

  166. Is it selfish to say how glad I am that the things that help you bring ME so much joy? Your books brought me an important understanding and patience for a couple very dear people in my life and I am grateful. Glad you are feeling stronger lately and I look forward to your drawings.

  167. These are beautiful! They speak to my soul!

  168. Thank you for sharing your amazing creativity!

  169. This is great news! I love your drawings they inspire me when everything is dark and I need that the most right now. I can’t wait for this to come out. I’ll be colouring it with copic markers so I hope the pages will be cardstock thick and one sided.

  170. It would be a crime if these didn’t get shared with the world.

    DayLeeFix recently posted ToddlerBandit's Scared of Cops and it's All My Fault.

  171. 171

    I’m so glad drawing helped. When I was in the psych ward of the hospital for my depression, I discovered mandalas. I would sit with one or two other patients with mandalas and a pack of markers that we shared, and it helped. I’ve never tried drawing my own patterns, but coloring them in is so soothing for me.

  172. YESSSS! I’m so happy about this! Your drawings are AMAZING! I’ll color some, I’ll probably frame some too! Thank you for all you do!!!

  173. Wow that is AMAZEBALLS!!!!! Can’t wait to get it! A close friend who died this morning (FUCK YOU CANCER) was from India, and loved to doodle/create artwork so this post was so just right for me. I will buy it in memory of Sharon.

  174. Simply amazing. Lovely. Beautiful. Awesome.

    Brian recently posted the damage is done.

  175. 175

    Beautiful & amazing! Can’t wait to see it!

  176. Even on your dark days, your ability to reach out is awe-inspiring. A few words, a photo or these amazing pictures offer hope for serenity and peace to your ‘followers’. Thank you for sharing yourself; I know you’ve impacted me! Hugs~

  177. Yes! This is exactly what I hoped would happen and now I want it! Thank you for making this, Jenny!

    janice recently posted How Many Double Chins Can I Make?.

  178. 178
    Karen Billings

    Brilliant and moving, beautiful! Thank you for drawing unspoken thoughts and processes. Thank you so very much.

  179. I’ve always loved your drawings, so I was hoping this was the announcement you had been teasing. I can’t wait.

  180. Your creative genius is amazing. Having been married to a musical artist who dealt with anxiety and depression, I feel qualified to say that most creative people have, at least a touch of, mental illness. Love you.

  181. I can’t wait to get one!! I will share it w/my kids. My son especially, his brain gets so full I must give him paper at night to “empty out my brain so I can sleep”. Playing w/color might be another “brain emptying thing so I can sleep momma” thank you for this. You have no idea how much this will help him, he is 8 and very tender.

  182. YAAAAASSSS this totally made my shitty day better!

  183. 183
    Lynn D Dougherty

    Beautiful & amazing! Can’t wait to see it!

  184. This is gorgeous! I can’t wait for the book…and I am so drawn to the whale tail drawing (oh….after reading that, thank GOODNESS it wasn’t a picture of someone’s thong peeking out of their pants) and the sentiment on it about misadventure! That could make a really cool tattoo…..
    Thank you for sharing so openly with us and inspiring us!

  185. Powerful images that tell such stories!
    I’m so impressed with your honesty and your strength in always learning and growing and trying and never giving in. I love how you’re able to channel the emotions into creative outlets. It’s something that helps me – and I try to encourage the students I work with to find their own creative outlets. Thank you – and I’ll certainly be on the Buy! list 🙂

  186. “Your road to happiness is paved with creative genius.”
    ~ me

  187. ** LOVE **

  188. 188
    Bridgett E.

    Hot Damn!!!!! Pleaseohpleaseohplease, let this be out before Christmas because I know so many people who would love to have one!! But only after I get my copy. I am so happy you are doing this- I love your drawings!! They are exquisite works of art, and I intend to frame as many as I can, hang them in my classroom, and anywhere else I need to see them. My dashboard….on the kitchen cupboard…bathroom mirror….I can’t wait to see it!

  189. Congratulations.

    Kristin recently posted Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless by Laurie Penny..

  190. YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!! I will have to have at least two. One I can color in and one that will stay pristine. Your art is amazing and wonderful, just like you. I just finished reading Furiously Happy for the second time. It really helped me get through a rough time where I was sick almost every day and had no idea why. I’m finally on the other side of it and so I know how it feels to be stepping back into the light, blinking at the brightness and a little wobbly. I love you. I hope you feel better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today.

  191. 191

    I just fininshed Furiously Happy and was sad when I was done because I wanted more…now you have provided it. This blog describes the creative process in a way so many would love to express but do not have any words at all. Thank you for providing the words AND the pctures. I can’t wait to see it. I hope it comes out by Christmas because I will buy it for everyone I know. if not, then it will take the thinking and decision making out of birthday presents.

  192. I was hoping this was the big news! I’m so excited for this project and can’t wait to order the book. The drawings you have shared have really spoken to me in times when I couldn’t concentrate enough on words alone…they are magical in that way. Keep drawing and doing your thing! Everything you make is lovely and profound.

    Beebe recently posted Not alone.

  193. The cracks let the light shine through…Sometimes being broken is beautiful :).

    Marca Tanner Brewington recently posted Real Life is Far Less Pleasant… Or, It’s Not All About First World Problems.

  194. That “breathing room” one caught me off guard. You somehow managed to draw exactly what I need in my life right now. So much is changing and so much is too close to me, I need these beautiful things and people around me but maybe with a little space so I can enjoy them more.

    I can’t wait to see the final result of this project, it is a beautiful, amazing extension of beautiful, amazing you.

  195. 195

    This is amazing. You are amazing!

  196. YAY for this!!! Thank you! Great job!

  197. I can’t wait to see it!! Your drawings are amazing!

  198. I KNEW IT! I LOVE IT!!! You are so amazingly, fantastically talented & I cannot wait to own this new book! Actually, I will have to buy two: one to keep pristine & the other to frame some pieces.

  199. Oh, Jenny, this is such a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing. Really, there are no words for how much I appreciate the fact that you shine a light for those of us with panic and anxiety so that we know we’re not alone. Because it feels like that sometimes, when I’ve not left the house for two or three or sometimes a month at a time. Thank you. Truly.

  200. You made me bawl this morning, but in a good way. I’ve been stuck in hospitals for weeks and I have a picture folder saved of your art and it makes me feel so much better to look at when I’m having a shittastic day (which they’ve kinda all been). I can’t WAIT for this to hit stores!!! Love you Jenny. ❤️❤️😘

  201. 201
    Jacki Williams

    I love your drawings. I love that you find a way even in the depths of depression to be creative. I love that you share them with us. Thank you.

  202. Awesome, i was so hoping for this…I love your drawings…Can’t wait.

    The Hellion recently posted What Are You Afraid Of?.

  203. YES!!! I love coloring and these designs are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  204. CAN. NOT. WAIT! Cannot wait! holy excitement!

  205. Simply gorgeous. You once again amaze and inspire! Thank you for sharing the journey that gave birth to these. I can’t wait for the book!!

  206. 206

    What an amazing project and thank you so much for sharing. The thought behind each one makes them so special and personal. I can’t wait!

  207. I’m so glad that you continue to share your art (written and visual) with us…but I can’t really explain why without getting all maudlin and mawkish. Looking forward to seeing more!

    Thank you!

  208. I am so very happy! For you & for us!! Congrats!!

  209. Yes! You rock Jenny! Just saw you in Cedar Rapids and loved it!

  210. 210

    Oh, Jenny, you are such an alchemist. Yes, yes, yes.

  211. I love it! Especially as I am a combination doodler/colorer when my emotions get in the way of living.

  212. 212

    I love your drawings. I love your writing. Thank you for your contributions to the world.

  213. My daughter draws these elaborate tattoos all over her body. I know it’s to keep her hands busy and because she enjoys it, but I also wonder if it’s a way for her to deal with some heavy emotional stuff, including the death of her dad.

    At any rate, congrats on the book. Your drawings are lovely and complex.

    Suzannah recently posted On Words, Love, And The (Im)Perfect Crabcake.

  214. I have been waiting for this. I’m thankful your editor/publisher can discern the value in all your creations, for all of us, even if it’s not quite what they were expecting.

  215. That feather. Perfect!

  216. You are a beautiful soul.

  217. 217
    Gribble Girl

    Thank you, so very very much, for sharing your thoughts and these pictures with us
    Colouring-in is one of the things that keep me contented with not being able to go outside very much, and knowing that I will be able to do this with your pictures makes me happy on a day where I haven’t been feeling hugely happy.
    Thank you

  218. Thank you for your words and your art alike. As soon as it’s available for pre-order I’ll be pre-ordering. Physical book not Kindle. I’m also offering up prayers to the great gods of publishing that there is a hardcover with high quality paper that feels more like art than like an art book — and also a less expensive paperback version for those of our community who need the art and may have trouble affording it.

  219. Jenny – your drawings are amazing and I especially loved to hear your drawing evolution story because I recently found “tangling” too. I’ve done some henna designs before but the whole squirting paste out of an icing bag looking thing onto a body part was too much pressure for me 🙂 and it had never occurred to me at the time to put the designs to paper instead (duh)
    I’ve also knitted for years. Mainly simple cotton wash clothes. Lots of them, lots and lots of them. It’s a pattern that is easy to remember, has a nice rhythm, but most importantly is very quick – I can knock one out during a flight between KC & Phx which I do once or twice a month.
    I’m a miserable failure at meditating or “centering” myself, attempts at that introduced me to the fact that I do in fact have some ADD – but knitting & even more recently, drawing (because honestly how many wash cloths can one house hold? 😉 both have a very relaxing, calming effect on me when I’m feeling anxious or worried, or half crazed, or all 3.
    Anyway thanks as always for sharing these pieces of you and your journey, you are a little candle in the dark for so many of us during our own dark patches. And you inspire us all to understand that letting a little of our inner whackadoodle show on the outside is not only ok, it can actually make everything a little more fun (or at least entertaining, sometimes later on, but eventually 🙂
    So thank you! And doodle on mighty bloggess! Doodle on!

  220. SOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! You can’t see me but I’m doing a wild and crazy happy dance!! Actually, even if you were here you wouldn’t be able to see it because I’m disabled, but I’m doing it in my mind!!!! And it is AWESOME just like your news!!!! Thank you so much!!

  221. 221
    Loretta Howard

    Thank you for sharing your emotions on paper when your thoughts couldn’t transcend to paper. So excited to get the coloring book and will be getting numerous copies because I myself like to color sometimes, but always like to look at original artwork for inspiration! Have a wonderful day and sending lots of happy thoughts your way! Much love!

  222. Thank you for bravely sharing your struggles and gorgeous drawings! So brilliant and talented! Thank you for putting how so many feel into words and beautiful images!

  223. Why you would apologize for such beauty is a mystery! What a talented, amazing and puzzling mind you have! I wish I had a drop of your artistic abilities. You are such a gift to this world!

  224. I can’t wait to order some for my work, Jenny. I work with people living with mental illness in poverty, and I often share your writing with them–they always say “She gets it!” You are truly an inspiration, and I hope you know that you help literally thousands of people every day, just by being you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  225. 225

    Bravo! You did it!!!! So here is the honest to goodness truth ( I hate it when people say that because it sounds like they always lie otherwise but whatever you get what I’m saying) I have tried and tried to get the coloring book thang…and just can’t ….it’s too cutesy or I don’t know. It seemed dumb
    I have seen you trickle out your drawings and thought….I could color those! I would do that….that would help me. ❤️
    Thank you for following your gut even when it appears to be all tangled up. I will buy a dozen and give them as gifts and color my own and put them on mirrors and leave them as notes to random strangers.
    Be Well

  226. These drawings are both beautiful and chaotic. And I mean that in the best sense😊

  227. Beautiful pictures. I’ll take a couple when it comes out. 2 for me, (1 to color, 1 to keep pristine) and 1 as a gift for a friend. She’s heading into a dark place right now and needs a lifeline. Best wishes Jenny. Hugs.

  228. 228
    Kelly Helms

    Seriously, how many people can say that the head of their church made a coloring book? EXTRA GRAVY FOR US ALL!!!!!

  229. 229
    Caitlin Butterworth

    Your mind is a beautiful thing!! I absolutely love these drawings & can not wait to purchase the book! I have just recently “found you” & admire your courage & creativeness in expressing the sometimes scary & crazy moments in life. I struggle with expressing my feelings/thoughts into words….usually just end up all over the place & confusing my husband more than anything! Haha. I loved Furiously Happy & am getting ready to read your first book. Keep up the great work! So excited for this

  230. Beautiful. Your drawings, and you. 🙂

  231. 231

    I love you. That is all!

  232. This is wonderful and I can’t wait to get a copy. 🙂

  233. 233

    These are amazing Jenny! You are so talented!

  234. 234

    OMG – that is brilliant! I’m so excited for this…Thank you so much!!!

  235. Oh! I’m so excited. Your images are perfect. I can’t wait to buy the book and get colouring!

  236. 236

    These are amazing Jenny! You are so talented!

  237. 237
    Elizabeth Speer

    And this very reason is why we provide coloring pages and blank paper in our library. My daughter and I have doodled or colored for as long as I can remember to relieve stress. This lets my community college students who have never been away from home or who are returning students have a creative outlet when they need one. It helps them be calm and manage their anxiety and stress. I would really like to add any drawings that you share to our collection of regular offerings. I think, at least for me, knowing where they came from…and that they helped someone else will make them more meaningful.

  238. You are lovely and these drawings are lovely. I’m sorry you have to deal with depression and anxiety but your coping mechanisms are genius and I’m honored you are sharing the results with us.

    Ima color em.


  239. Love your work! Your drawings, your writing, basically just you overall. It’s so weird to feel connected to you when I only know you from the universe seeking me out when I was handed a copy of Let’s Pretend. And now I smile constantly when I peruse your blog, and Twitter. Such a huge fan. But even more so you’re that person we all say, “Wow, can we be friends?” Because sometimes that’s how I feel. Like we must have been friends in another life you are inspiring and so so SO much like a warm blanket of “it’s all going to be ok”. Thank yo for your courage to write and share your life. You are one of the good eggs. 💗💖

  240. I think these are wonderful. Thank you.

  241. I am super excited about this!

  242. Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more talented, these drawings surface! Thank you for bearing your soul and your words and drawings for the good of the world. They are stunning and remarkable, just like you!


  243. congratulations and thank you : D

  244. Super exciting! I will definitely buy and share with my high school students. Love!

    whatwouldgilliesdo recently posted A New Diagnosis for the DSM.

  245. Your drawing are fabulous! I can’t wait to see the book – it must be mine.

  246. 246

    I am so excited about this for so many reasons and I cannot wait to give this to my daughter. She has bought coloring books to help her anxiety but I think this one will speak deeply to her. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself with us.

  247. Dude…I don’t even know why, but I totally started tearing up as I read this. I was so glad, for some reason, (and a tad envious, I ain’t gonna lie, as an amateur pattern-drawerer myself 😉 when you started sharing your pictures. I can’t explain what it was/is about them that just pops me right in the ol’ soul, but they’re so bizarrely comforting to me. I can’t wait to pre-order this book, and I am so happy that you’re making it.

  248. My dear–1 0your drawings are pasted up in my home and at my job. @at my second job I sell books (in Austin). I have seen every journal out there. none is quite right. I would buy one of these—special request—could the writing pages be blank, NOT RULED…?please???we all have our crazies and mine seem most impacted by stationery supplies. In the meantime feel good. Do noe make this something to pressure yourself with.Thanks you for being beauty to naming the crazy.

  249. Amazing Jenny. Cannot wait to see the finished product!!

  250. I will be getting a couple or more! Love it!

  251. Your drawings are great and I wish I could draw that good. I’m so happy that you have found another outlet for your madness.

  252. Oops! I just posted with an error. I meant “baring” your soul, not “bearing.” I was confused by your love of bears and taxidermy and animals and creatures big and small. Pardon me. This is what it should say:

    Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more talented, these drawings surface! Thank you for baring your soul and your words and drawings for the good of the world. They are stunning and remarkable, just like you!


  253. So, so beautiful. I’ll buy a copy as soon as it’s available. Thank you <3

  254. 254

    Your drawings are amazing!

  255. This is an amazing gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing something so precious and personal with us all

  256. Art can be such a huge part of managing depression. I don’t believe in “recovery” for everyone, but we can make suffering more manageable, we can change it. Art can do that. Does writing have the same effect?

    Ordinary_Madness recently posted Normality from psychology to Lacan.

  257. These are beautiful, my hands are itching to color them!! I just got into the adult-coloring-book game and it has become an amazing stress-reliever; I will be buying this as soon as it comes out. The fact that you were still creating even while going through a low point in your depression is inspirational; feel well!

  258. 258

    We are always here for you and each other! Way to fight the demons.

  259. BRAVA, Jenny, BRAVA!!

  260. *squee!!
    I’m so excited. Thank you for sharing yourself in this way…
    And thank you for encouraging all of us through your art!!

  261. I’m so happy that you’ve done this–you are SO talented in so many ways!

    mydangblog recently posted My Week 93: Detective Duos, Plagued by Aliens.

  262. Coloring in your coloring book will be like getting a hug from you when I need a hug really badly. I can’t wait! Thank you Jenny.

  263. LOVE!

  264. Beautiful and wonderful. There is no surprise, because I see repeatedly how amazing you are. Can’t wait to get these.

  265. 265

    Your drawings are amazing and I’m so glad that you’ll be publishing them. I’m also delighted to know that creating them is an outlet rather than a drain.

    Just wanted to add to the chorus of people or here who care and whose lives are better because you exist.

  266. 266

    you make a difference in so many people’s lives…<3

  267. 267

    💗 I can’t wait!

  268. 268

    This is beautiful and you are amazing! Thank you, Jenny. Today I really need this inspiration!

  269. 269

    I can’t wait!

  270. OMGosh, I love it! I love to draw and doodle too, but my skills are limited to your basic trees and flowers. I do have a coloring app on my phone, which helps. I can’t wait to see the finished version. 🙂

  271. Very cool. A dream of mine would be to take all the doodles I ever did and make them a coloring book. Of course, I would have to locate all my old high school notebooks, etc:) Long gone, sadly. I like your idea of collecting patterns. Thanks for sharing!

  272. 272

    Jenny, thank you for sharing something so personal and intimate. Yours is a light that shines to all of us who are in that dark place too. I’m glad it’s easing for you, for now. Please keep shining. We all love you!

  273. I was hoping this was your news! I absolutely adore your “doodle” drawings and always save them when you post. I don’t believe these should ever be called doodles, you are Making Good Art.

  274. 274

    Can we preorder?

  275. You are such an inspiration. Speaking out when you’ve struggled helps so many others with their struggles. Sharing your coping via artwork, or laughter through your stories, will enhance other peoples ability to cope. Blessings be with you, always. I can’t wait to buy two copies: one for me and one to share with my mom <3

  276. I’ve never had a tattoo but if I knew an ink artist talented enough, I’d get your feather tattooed forever on my person. You are amazing and you surely help me know that I’m not alone.

  277. You are amazingly talented, and I’ll be among your first customers when this is available.
    I. Need. This. Book.

    Thank you for sharing your struggles, your achievements and your progress. I find you an inspiration in many ways.

  278. 278

    Can you do a Rory drawing?

  279. Holy shit! Brilliant and beautiful! Can’t wait to get a copy.

  280. Thank you!

  281. 281
    Jenny Glasgow

    Hauntingly, exquisitely, stunningly beautiful!!

  282. I’m so pleased for you – and me! I can’t wait to buy one!

  283. 283

    Yay!!!! Will be watching so I can order some ASAP 😀

  284. 284


  285. 285

    I’m not sure what I love most about this! I love that you are finding another way to wring goodgreatwonderful out of your sometimesverybad. My boyfriend is in the deathgrips of a very bad cycle of bipolar disorder and I wish so much he had any outlet at all that made the BP into sometimesablessingifyouturnyourheadandsquint. I’m so proud of your insistence on the book’s interactivity…or not. Thank you for allowing us to co-create with you! And on that note, I’m very happy for me, that I’ll someday get to color something so lovely on the ironing board in the other room while I’m momentarily surrendering my sunshine-bringing when his infernal, eternal pessimism invades the space between atoms. Thank you and congrats!

  286. 286

    Thank you for being the light in the dark. Your drawings are beautiful. Your books are wonderful. I will add this one to my Jenny Lawson collection!

  287. 287

    Stunning! Can’t wait!You are awesome!

  288. These are amazing. I want a copy for myself when it comes out, of course, but I would love to be able to give these to clients as well. (I’m a counselor – currently not yet employed as such but hopefully I will be soon.) Such beautiful images with such inspiring messages. You’ve provided a concrete reminder that it is possible to find and even create beauty in the darkness. When this is released, would it be permissible to copy pages to share with clients?

    Natalie recently posted An Explanation of the Name.

  289. Thank you for opening the door and facilitating a few more baby steps on my own journey….

  290. Omg, I’m not crying, you are! dries eyes
    I’m so happy for you and I’m so grateful that you want to share this with us.
    I love your work and I’m soo looking forward to this <3

  291. LOVE

    LoveLoveLove. Love this, love you, love the tribe.

  292. Can’t wait to buy this for my daughter who’s leaving for college next month. You and your art are amazing! Sending hugs.

  293. 293

    What you do to keep yourself safe, keeps other people safe too. I hope you know that and remember it when you need to.

  294. You touch my heart like no other writer or artist. Thank you.

  295. This. Is. So. Fucking. Amazing. I love everything about this – and I hope – PLEASE – that when published it will be spiral-bound. Colonists/journalers totally dig spiral-bound books! Thanks for sharing even more of you, Jenny. ❤️

  296. Thank you, Jenny. This is so so much more than a coloring book, or a journal…..and it’s an amazing gift to all of us. Knowing a little of what it took to bring it to life is incredibly inspiring and humbling. As Dory would say….”just keep drawing, just keep drawing…………” Love to you.

  297. Wow, everything I can think of and felt has been posted. Thank you Jenny for letting us into your world.

  298. How absolutely extraordinary. Thank you for sharing this piece of yourself with us

    Laura recently posted What to do when you can't write....

  299. 299

    You are a treasure.

  300. 300
    Linda Kish

    It’s beautiful…just like you.

  301. This is so fantastic. It’s amazing that something so beautiful and productive could come from something so harmful and destructive. You’ve inspired so many people to find the beauty inside their own messed up brains, me included. Thank you for staying with us.

  302. 302

    You are unbelievably creative. Thank you for sharing yourself.

  303. Jenny, you are the most amazing woman! You have always inspired me. Now even more!

  304. So exciting! I can’t wait!

  305. You are just too damn talented! I look forward to buying your coloring book.
    I read your first book flying home to WV from Phoenix and I made a spectacle of myself. As I was reading, I kept choking and making uncontrollable weird squeals, squeaks and snorts. Thanks a lot. : )

  306. I can’t wait!

  307. You make me happy and I love you.

  308. This is so beautiful! I’m already making a list of my friends who need a copy, mostly for the words, but also to color these gorgeous drawings. Thank you!!

  309. 309

    WOOOO!!!! The first time I saw one of your drawings, I thought, “I want a coloring book full of these!” As more kept coming, and more people started saying the same thing, and then you said you had a big announcement coming, I was SO hoping this would be it, and it is!! I know the dangerous parts of your brain have been saying very loudly that this is a mistake, and I know from personal experience how monumental an effort it is to ignore those voices and move forward. HUGE congratulations for being strong and brave enough to do so, and equally huge thanks for doing so in a way that gives such a beautiful, healing gift to so many.

  310. Fantastic! Many congratulations! Your art is beautiful!

  311. Yeay!!! I am so Furiously Happy right now!!! (Ok, that was beyond cheesy, but also very true.) I am glad to have seen this mold itself from the beginning. Can not wait to pre-order. So very proud of you. ❤

  312. This is amazing! Your drawings are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your artwork and stories with the world, we need them.

  313. 313
    Michelle R.

    So wonderful, I can’t wait to buy them for everyone I know who will love them as much as I do!

  314. Fan-Tastic! looking forward to getting one.

  315. We are all artists. Some of us just don’t know it. Putting clean dishes away can be art. So can cooking for a loved one. Hell – scrubbing a toilet can be art if done with grace and care. And then there are those of us who are artists of an altogether different ilk. Hallelujah – you are One.

  316. Inspiring!!! I took up quilting many years ago due to a love of patterns and the puzzling challenge of making pieces fit together. I think you are creating your quilt. I can see these prints dripping with watercolors. Glad you are on the upswing.

  317. 317
    Dallas Miller

    Your inside is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  318. 318
    Danielle E.

    Your drawings are absolutely incredible!

    I’m so grateful to the friend of mine who recommended your blog. You’ve helped me in ways I can never quite put into the right words, other than to say thank you, as I continue to keep fighting my own struggles, ever-racing mind and the tangled web that is me. I’ve recently jumped on the adult coloring bandwagon as another form of therapy, so I’m very excited for the future publication of this next book!

  319. This is awesome. I’m so excited to see the finished book. I love the pictures you’ve already shared, they hold so much of you in them. The way that you incorporate words in the design and the words that you use to help people (including yourself) stop and take a moment to think, to rally their courage, and to keep fighting is amazing. I look forward to adding it to my bookshelf along with your other amazing books. Thank you Jenny!!

  320. 320
    Ravenclaw Rattler

    It’s funny, I keep thinking you should make a coloring book whenever I see your drawings. I’ll be getting one, and if I don’t drop out of law school/these are out in time for finals, I’ll grab extra copies for my classmates to use during reading period.

  321. You have such a gift in how you offer things to the world. You acknowledge these are your drawings, your doodles, your healing, but they are also communal drawings and doodles and healings. They are the seeing and the sharing of patterns, collecting and connecting the dots, a web of creativity woven through the lives of … everyone.

    Thank you for connecting us.

  322. 322

    You are so amazing. Thank you for YOU!

  323. YAY JENNY YAY!!!!
    As I read this my excitement was growing hoping that you would say what I hoped you would say, that you were putting these wonderful creations together in a book, after I’ve been saving them and printing them out. I will buy lots of these, for me and my kids to color, to hang up as posters, to give to people for encouragement… I’m genuinely thrilled.
    Thank you, you precious treasure. Thank you for sharing yourself so openly, showing us by your brave example that it’s okay to be who we really are.

  324. You are a beacon of light, Jenny. When your whole world is dark and you can’t see any way out of it, the sudden appearance of a light to point the way is salvation. Thank you.

  325. Jenny, you are so brave to “live out loud “and share so much of your experiences with us, the good, the bad, the hilarious, and the really tough too. It’s obvious you’re helping a lot of people to understand themselves, and feel less alone with her and struggles, including me. Thank you for that. And thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork! You may have started off thinking it was just random doodles, or nothing special, but it has a beauty and grace and I’m sure it will be as inspiring in its own way as your words have been and continue to be. Hug
    I am a big believer in the concept of namaste, and so I bow to you as the light and darkness in me recognizes the light and darkness in you.

  326. Hurrah!!!! An adult, non-childish coloring book! I use my cross-stitch patterns to color when I am stressed. But then I see the world in terms of colors…

  327. This is amazing! Great news.

  328. 328

    I hope, for sure, that you have the feathery/ leafy one in your book. That’s my favorite. I hope you feel better soon.

  329. 329
    Julie Parsons

    Oh, Jenny. I’m crying. The love and good you put out in the world is overwhelmingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing you with all of us. The drawings are saving you; you are saving some of us; and the world goes round in love.

  330. Thank you for writing how these drawings came to be. Such an organic, necessary, honest process and sharing. So grateful. xo

  331. But I need to buy this immediately. Like, today. Please, unicorns, make it happen.

  332. beautiful, maybe this is how your mind keeps the beat until your thoughts can dance again

  333. Fantastic! I am so happy you did This! I love your art and think this will be so helpful and inspirational for us all. 😍

    Shari recently posted Awesome Pottery Studio For Sale.

  334. Very, very cool and I am so looking forward to buying a lot of copies and sharing them with friends. Thanks so much for providing such life-affirming stories and pictures.

  335. Love these!

    Amazing how much the lady with the candle hair reminds me of some rubber stamps I have from Paula Best.

  336. So, beautiful!

  337. Yes!

  338. 338

    I’ll take four!

  339. 339

    I think I now know where I’m going to get the idea for my second tattoo from….

  340. I think maybe your drawings have some sort of magical medicinal power.

    Lemme ‘splain.

    I have a headache, per usual. So very per usual that I don’t really register this fact.

    I don’t register it until I scroll to your first drawing, my eyes find their focus, and my whole head goes, “Ahhhhhh, relief,” like a big sigh.

    I carry on reading and enjoying your words and I don’t register the headache or the pressure behind my eyes until the next drawing relieves me of them. Rinse and repeat.

    There’s magic in your mandalas, Jenny.

  341. You have a whole lot of talent in your being. I think it’s wonderful you’re allowing yourself to share more and more of it with us. <3

  342. I cannot wait to colour these! Jenny, you are astounding and beautiful, and your work, in whatever form it takes, makes me feel warm and welcome and thoughtful and witty. We will probably never meet, but like so many other people who love you through the internet, you somehow feel like a soulmate. Maybe someday we could be room-mates in a big old house somewhere – you, and me, and Mallory Ortberg, and Mindy Kaling. Like the Golden Girls. I hope that’s not creepy. Love from Canada.

  343. I love it and I am FURIOUSLY HAPPY!!!! Yes, I am one of the many who print out the drawings and keep them safe for those moments when I need them. Then one day I took a chance to make my own little doodle. I liked it and I have continued for me and my brain. Again, you have inspired and helped your tribe in ways you never intended.

    THANK YOU from the bottom of my broken heart and mind!!!!

  344. Beautiful. I can’t wait to see the book! Thank you for sharing your mind with us.

  345. Oh! I am so excited! I love to color, and I have always wanted to learn to doodle better, so thank you so much for sharing your patterns! 🙂 So excellent

  346. I don’t actually like to color, but some of your drawings really move me. I especially like the blind woman in the dark with lanterns one… That one really hit home with me.

    Jenny Bristol recently posted Olio #14: Jane Austen Mad Libs*—Sense and Sensibility.

  347. Jenny, I know you’re a bit of a nerd. Go and watch the scene where the 11th Doctor talks to the curator at the Van Gough exhibit. What the curator says is pretty much how I feel about your artwork. You take all that pain and insecurity and everything your going through and create something so beautiful. You are truly magical. Love to you and yours.

  348. 348

    All I can say is Thank You. Thank you for Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Thank you for Furiously Happy. Thank for this soon-to-be coloring book. Thank you for being you. You (among a few others) make me believe that I am exactly who I am supposed to be and that I am a good person for being who I am. Thank you.

  349. These drawings are so moving and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your humanity with us at great peril of vulnerability to cruelty. I am grateful for your courage. <3

  350. Oh, lady. These drawings are the reason humans still deserve a chance.

  351. I have a theory: The most creative people are fucked up….Van Gogh for example or Heath Ledger. I struggle with depression but I refuse the meds because they shut down my ability to create and to, you know….um….enjoy the bedroom. Does this even make sense? It’s like someone puts a blindfold on me…..sure, I can function in the real world at a fairly high level but I can’t find any inspiration. I’m not saying that UN-fucked up people can’t create, I’m just saying that the MOST creative people are fucked up.

    Or not. Maybe I’m just full of shit. But until someone proves me wrong I’m sticking with the Theory. You’re completely fucked up but your creativity is amazing.

    Mrs. Completely recently posted Solitaire and the Art of Deviousness.

  352. I was so hoping that this would be what the news was!!! I already bought and framed a print to help keep the demons at bay, and I love to color, and I just can’t wait. You touch so many lives, and I’m so glad you are here. 🙂

  353. I just can’t even. No words for how _______this is. All good thoughts, but simply, no words.

  354. 354

    Thank you for your art and your courage in sharing. You help me get through the dark places.

  355. I read this post and took my first full breath in a month. Thank you, Jenny.

  356. […] Jenny Lawson is doing something completely different for her next book: The author has put together a collection of sketches that she describes as a coloring book with bits of writing, she announced on her website, The Bloggess. […]

  357. Can’t wait to buy a copy!

  358. You and Tim Burton would make a powerful team!!

  359. 359
    hello haha narf

    throwing your own beautiful words right back atcha…
    jenny, you may not see the light you bring, but never doubt that you shine.
    looking forward to purchasing this book. many times. love to you.

  360. My eyes are all watery reading this, a little from sadness for what you (me and so many others) go through, but mostly from the beauty of it all. From the beauty of your drawings and my extreme excitement over your book!!!! From the beauty that emerges from what we all go through. From the beauty of your words and all you share in your blog, and your books and now this, this amazing new creation.
    Thank you so much Jenny for all you do and share and your light in this world. And thank you to this tribe that shares and uplifts and inspires. No matter how many of us are down sometimes, there is always, ALWAYS, enough to keep a spark going so our lights don’t go out. I am so grateful.

  361. Your drawings are fucking awesome, thank you for sharing them! Keep drawing.

  362. Gorgeous, haunting sketches and inspiring words. (You know you shouldn’t be able to do both. It’s not fair. Sigh.) Cannot wait to have one of these in my hands.

  363. Amazing art, dear one! So beautiful. Your tree helped me at a dark time and I got to share it with a dear friend, so that will be 2 copy’s please 😉

  364. 364
    Emily Hiber

    Sometimes I can’t even believe how fabulous you are, and I am so glad that you share so much of yourself. I hope that most of the time you love yourself even half as much as we do, because we (your fans, friends, and followers) love you a lot! I can’t wait to buy, color, share, and be inspired by your new book 🙂 Thank You!!!

  365. I can’t explain this feeling, which as a writer means I fail, but it’s something like… relief… that you’ve done this. And gratitude, like the kind with tears welling up. You are putting so many gifts into this world, and I can’t wait to unwrap this one!

    it's nothing, really recently posted We are not better off without you.

  366. You are amazing and will add so much beauty to the world again. Bravo!

    jule recently posted #MillionsMissing.

  367. 367


  368. I had your ‘Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not real’ on my fridge for MONTHS.
    I found this brilliant quote last week: “You must transform your pain, or else you will transmit it.”
    Transforming your anxiety into these beautiful whirled images is just brilliant. Thank you for not leaving and reminding us how depression lies. You are a light.

  369. “And once they were down on paper I could turn the page and feel free of the thought. As if I’d archived the emotion I was stuck in and could now move forward and see the next one waiting to be acknowledged and recognized.”

    This. All of it. I have had this nearly my entire life – thoughts going around and around and around that I could only put to rest by writing them down. Once they were safe on paper I could let them go and stop obsessing. You’re SO not alone, Jenny.

    Cannot wait! for this lovely present you’re making for us.

  370. Healing is one of your gifts.. sharing it with the world. Bravo!!

    Burns the Fire recently posted Lucky Lou & the Garden of Eden.

  371. What an awesome idea. I can’t wait to get a copy. Maybe it’ll help me when I get in one of my funks. 🙂

    Lisa Orchard recently posted Kindness: A Slice of Life Post.

  372. 372
    Jen Vincent

    This is beautiful in both concept and execution. I know a couple people who I will give it to already.

  373. Wow, they are fanbloodytastic, you are very talented, look forward to seeing the book cover and eventually the book xxx

    HelenReidAlwaysBlog recently posted A Blog With A Life Of Its Own.

  374. Beautiful!

  375. I forgot to tell you the pics are awesome, by the way!

    Lisa Orchard recently posted Kindness: A Slice of Life Post.

  376. I’m so excited about this! I love, love, love your drawings and I want to play with them. Thank you for sharing them.

  377. Love this!! Can’t wait!!

  378. 378
    Darcy Smith

    Jenny, your soul is emerging for all of us to see and appreciate and take comfort from and love! Thank you for sharing what is arguable the best part of you!

  379. This is awesome, Jenny! When in doubt, make something. Anything.

  380. So funny that it all started 9 months ago – the time for human gestation. You’ve just given birth! Congrats!

  381. So excited for you and for us. I’ve love your pictures so much. I don’t color, but your pictures inspired me to write sometimes. I have a small story about your tentacle picture. It’s a very short story that I wouldn’t share with most people but it inspired me. You inspire me. I’m so looking forward to your book.

  382. I want to add to the chorus of ‘You are amazing!’ for so many reasons, but especially for being so giving of yourself.

  383. Beautiful, Jenny! I want at least a dozen copies, so I can share it!

  384. All those drawings and art you make is so beautiful! I am really excited that you’re making a coloring book with your art and drawings. I love coloring, although I don’t make nearly enough time for it. It’s a great way to relax and not think and just colour.

  385. 385
    Manda Jayne

    Self preservation therapy… You instinctively on a subconscious level helped yourself. The other upside is you also help the rest of us struggling with anxiety and depression. Win win in my book. I’m not good at drawing or painting but my go to anxiety relievers are crochet and knitting, working out to les mills combat or doing some yoga and meditation depending on my energy level. It fluctuates each day. I used to write in a journal… Since the age of ten or so. Then I began writing poetry, short fiction stories… None of which has ever been completed. I have a mental block about calling a project done lol.

    Thank you so much for letting us see you at not only your best but your worst too. It’s hard enough to not feel alone in our struggles… Just knowing you and other fans of yours struggle sometimes helps me. Keep being a rockstar, Jenny!

  386. I have your Not Real Ship poster on my kitchen table at home and a cup full of Sharpies next to it. I color a bit almost every night, so I am elated to hear I am not abnormal in wanting to do this. Or I am, and I’m in wonderful company. 😉

  387. 387

    I absolutely cannot wait for this to be published! I’ve been hoping this was what you were up to ever since you teased us with the girl/tree picture. The amount of Love & Light this project will add to the world is going to be huge! 💜✨

  388. Fantastic! I can’t wait to buy a copy or two. Love you!

  389. 389
    Mary Owens

    I am so moved by your words & drawings. I can hardly wait for the book. Thank you for….well….thank you.

  390. We loved them as you gave them to us–wrinkled and muddied and not quite perfect–because that is who we are. At least some of us. Me. I can’t speak for anyone else.

    I photograph environments in the same way. Light, texture, stuff speaks to me and the way my brain works.

  391. You’re so fracking awesome! I’m glad that you are in the same universe as me.

  392. I posted this on Twitter, but I’ll put it here, too: These drawings are lovely, moving, unique and wonderful, Jenny – just like you. I’m so excited about this project and I can’t wait to get my hands on this colouring book!

  393. Oh I just love this so very much! I do want to buy ten copies and give them away! I wish it was available right this minute, as it would be a perfect gift for something I need a present for next week.

  394. I’ve been waiting for this for so long! Thank you!!!

    Bride Of Sparky recently posted You can’t ‘gotta catch ’em all’ here!.

  395. Every time I read your blog I am reminded of how much I respect and admire the way your mind works. Thank you for sharing your wonderful, tangled, silly, honest, creative, amazing thoughts and helping us all celebrate the strange uniqueness in each one of us.

  396. i can’t wait to send this to my best friend.

  397. Sounds like your one of us – check out @SickNotWeak on Twitter it or Facebook, or http://www.sicknotweak.com. It’s all about sharing for people with suffer from mental illness. The name says it all!!

  398. I think this is when the kids say “Shut up and take my money!” I WILL own the entire Jenny Lawson collection of books – both colouring and written.

  399. Jenny, you just don’t realize how much I love your crazy, tortured, brilliant, funny as hell, irreverent, singularly unique soul. I wish I could express the things you say half as eloquently (or blatantly at times) and my heart just bursts every time something you say hits me right in the feels (or gut, it’s hard to tell sometimes). I hate that you struggle with so much so often but I think you were also given your amazing drive and ability to keep moving forward, even an inch at a time, and inspire others who struggle to do the same. Shrinks can say nice things to you, but having someone like you out there giving all she’s got to keep fighting amidst the raging war zone in her head and turning it into hope for others just makes me… well, FURIOUSLY HAPPY!!! I can’t wait to get this book!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  400. Yay! I’m running in circles yelling, “W00t! W00t! W000000t!” (Which is a problem because I work in a library. Oops.)

  401. 401

    Love it! I just got into Zentangle and find it works great for calming the monkey mind.

  402. 402

    Breathtaking and healing! Thank you! Can’t wait to buy one or fifty!

  403. Color me furiously happy! MUST HAVE!

    keithcraker recently posted A Study In Contrasts, Part Two.

  404. I cannot wait to get my hands on this! I love to color! Your designs are so beautiful, and I love that there are sayings on them too. I hope you know how much you mean to the people who come here. You are extraordinary—you beat depression again and again by giving your light to the world.

  405. I absolutely LOVE these. can’t wait for the book to be out!!!!!

  406. 406
    Evelyn Majors

    How exciting!!! I definitely want one as soon as you have copies to sell. Just tell me how much they are.

  407. 407
    Becky in OH

    Jenny, I am so excited! I was hoping this was your big surprise. I got into coloring last summer after a friend shared hers with me, but I haven’t felt like I could spare the time on myself during the school year (I teach). Now that it’s summer again, I have still felt guilty about “wasting time” on coloring. As of today, I’m digging out my pencils and books and starting again. It’s soothing, and it helps center my scattered brain. So as long as I accomplish my must-dos each day, I refuse to feel bad about taking this time for myself. Thank you for reminding me. Much love!

  408. YAAASSSSSSSSS! This is a wonderful, awful, beautiful, terrible, phenomenal idea. You’re talented and amazing and a savior to more than can be counted, and I know you don’t believe me, but that’s ok, because we’re all together holding that here for you in the times it feels too heavy to bear. But once in awhile, please hold it for a moment. It might leave a lovely mark on you, I hope. It might be so filled with shock and awe that you’ll need to hand it back after a second. But that’s ok, too, because we’ll be right here holding it for you until you feel well enough that you can take it for another second. And repeat. And even if you can’t hold it for more than a second, it burns so brightly that the lovely mark it leaves behind can softly lend you a little magical power to walk a little farther.
    After all is said and done, you have your Victor, your hailey, your lovingly bequeathed gifts from your tribe, your tribe (duh), and a knitted ballsack of magical beans. After all is said and done, what more do you need?
    God, I love you, woman. And I’m sorry if that’s weird because we only met twice. But I’m not the only one. And I swear to Thor and Loki that if we ever met in a library, we’d start whispering obnoxiously loud at each other until the librarian threw us out, because OBVIOUSLY she doesn’t understand maximum awesome when she sees it. And then we could go to the nearest bar and drink and tell each other our great and terrible stories until we passed out on the table and the bartender called a couple cabs and put us in them headed back to our homes. Because OBVIOUSLY she WOULD understand maximum awesome, and hear me now and believe me later, WE WOULD BE IT. Unequivocally, irrevocably, unapologetically FUCKING IT.
    And this was so delicious AND nutritious to write that I just did a copy/paste just in case Teh Innernetz eats it, I can say, NOT TODAY, TEH INNERNETZ; not today. Except this paragraph, because, NOT kidding (I just thought of the sad dog on YouTube who gets teased by his owner with bacon), I super really did copy/paste. I’m not sure how long my clipboard can hold it because of like, the metric shit long ton of sheer maximum awesome it can barely contain, because unlike the imaginary librarian with her stupid tight sphincter, my clipboard CAN and DOES recognize. And I mean that like, RECOGNIZE. RESPECT MAH AUTHORAHTEE.
    Ok, I’m gonna stop, because there’s the ever so slight but probably certain chance that I’ve scared you. I’m backing away now. And feeling like the emporer’s taken my clothes (the cheeky, newly-enlightened fucker.
    (WOW. That’s the first time in years that I felt satisfied with something I wrote. Like when you have a massive dump, and you know your large intestine gave it everything it possibly could. Except less disgusting and more genteel.)
    (Who am I kidding; the word “genteel” will NEVER in the history of EVER be used to describe me.)
    (I better copy again. On second thought, my clipboard can’t take it. It could before; it can’t now.)
    (Ok, I’m really done.)
    (I lied. I’m not. I love you.)
    (Ok, NOW I’m done. Really. Until the next time I verbally diarrhea in your comment section. I do feel sorta mad; I’ll send The Rug Doctor in. It’s on me.)

  409. I have nothing interesting to add here but since you specifically requested that we “Please, please like this” I want to let you know: I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS

    I’m sorry for yelling.

    You’re wonderful, Jenny.

  410. I love it! I want a book now! when I started buying coloring books, it really helped my anxiety. I truly thought I was the only one. I thought I was a weirdo. I am so glad I am not. Thank you so much! I cannot wait to purchase the book

  411. So amazing! Can’t wait!!

  412. This is wonderful, and also good news for your readers. I paint – it saves my sanity and then some, on the really bad days. Thanks for this… Cheers – s

  413. So excited! I’m glad you were able to share your amazing work so that we could tell you how amazing it is. And it inspires me to draw more. Color more. Write more. Create more.

  414. This warms my expressive art therapist heart. I love you and your ‘involuntary art therapy.’ Thank you for sharing your process and your art with us.

  415. I cannot wait till I find a job again and have the money to be able to buy this and Furiously Happy. Reading your blog really helps with my depression and while I do cry like a baby, it’s also and great help to remember that there are ways to combat it. With laughter mainly from your twitter postings or silly ramblings here on your blog. I want to be able to lose myself in coloring sometimes. I hope to order the Oatmeal’s NSFW coloring book as well, the title alone makes me giggle. Thank you for being you and sharing your awesome self with us.

  416. I meant mad=embarrassed, not mad=stabby. I thought that might be important to clarify.

  417. Congrats.
    How lovely to get inside ( a little ) the mind of “YOU.” x

  418. I cannot wait to get a copy of this book into my hands! Beautiful artwork and you are an inspiration to the rest of us struggling with our own demons. Thank you and love you!

  419. As I was reading and seeing your drawings, I was thinking “please be a coloring book, I hope it’s a coloring book”. Can’t wait!

  420. 420
    Robyn Pierce

    I love you

  421. We have art so that we may not die by the truth. (Friedrich Nietzsche)
    that goes for pictures AND words.

  422. Absolutely stunning!!!! Thanks for sharing it means more than you will ever know.

  423. I’ve been getting back into colouring. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. And I’ve been deciding on a book to get. (For now, I’ve been creating random — totally nothing like yours — doodles and filling them in.) I’ll have to wait for yours, so I’ll find another for now. But trust that I will be buying yours. Your drawings are complex and beautiful and challenging and frightening and engaging and an invitation to reflection. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  424. This is wonderful. I also draw every day and always have and although I had never thought why, now I have an idea. Thanks!

  425. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! Yes to the coloring and yes to pre-ordering as soon as I can and YES TO YOU AND THANK YOU!!!!

  426. Why would anyone hate this? This is your soul beautiful. Because even when we’re sad, there is beauty coming from us. Because no matter how much depression lies about it, we matter. We touch people. I cannot wait to get one, and then buy a dozen to give as Christmas and birthday gifts.

  427. I have been battling depression over the lost of my dog recently and you have been a small beacon of light for me. Your drawings inspired me to try a little. Its one small step and i have you to thank for it. Will be buying your book from a real bookstore when its available. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  428. They are beautiful. Breathtaking. And speak volumes. I am grateful every day that you’ve chosen to share your journey with us. That the #depressionlies has come to unite so many people. Thank you, Jenny

  429. WOW! Burning one of your pictures in a fire scares off monsters! I must have the entire set!

  430. These are breathtakingly beautiful. I love them all. Thank you for sharing these gifts with us!

  431. I teared up reading this. Thank you for sharing you, and the drawings are gorgeous. I love looking at them!

    My bossy request / hope: could the pages be printed blank on one side? I have the “Secret Garden” book, and even pencils show through the pages. My friend has a mandala coloring book and it’s printed one sided. What a difference that makes!

  432. 432
    Ovis Obscura

    Dearest Jenny,
    I don’t think I can tell you how excited I am about this announcement. I’m excited for you, because you have taken super tough things and made them into beautiful things that we can take in, hold onto, and then share with friends who need them. I am excited for me, because OMG Jenny your work is BEAUTIFUL and I can’t wait to color it!
    I will probably color mine and then mail them to people. Thank you for sharing the love, for being honest, and for being you. <3

  433. 433
    Shannon Lovelady

    You are awesome. Thank you. ❤

  434. Those are beautiful, and I’m looking forward to the book.

  435. I KNEW it! This is so effin’ awesome… It doesn’t seem fair that we get a ‘gift’ because of your struggle…but Thank You all the same.

  436. How incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with all of us, and thank you for all that you do. Your work often makes me feel better or at least less alone about struggle.

  437. This looks exactly like what I would love to put down on paper if I had the talent. Bless you. Remember that depression lies and you have friends and family and friends and fans and ferns and familiars and… feathers and other f words I can’t think of. Thank you for sharing your talents with us, it is so appreciated.

  438. Your angels are helping you through this! And your drawings are simply amazing. Good luck with your new venture! You are so talented on so many levels.

  439. These are utterly gorgeous!
    SO glad you are sharing them (and that creating them helped you )

    margomusing recently posted House and Garden.

  440. That’s amazing!!! I was hoping you would come out with a book of your beautiful drawings! Congrats! Can’t wait!

  441. […] Source: I have a big announcement to make and I’m not sure how to say it but it’s all your fault… […]

  442. Oh, hooray! I was hoping your project involved your drawings which are beautiful and haunting and comforting all at the same time. I can’t wait for it to come out.

  443. I cannot WAIT for your coloring book to come out – I’ll be first in line! ❤️

  444. Holy shit. Just…holy ever-loving shitcakes. I will gladly buy/print/color/love these and hang them in every room in my home. Thank you for sharing.

  445. Wow Jenny Lawson. Just Wow. You won’t believe it when we tell you this. Because you won’t. But …. You. Are. An. AWESOME. TALENTED. being. That’s all.

  446. I can’t wait! Your drawings are magical!

  447. These are really beautiful.

  448. Jenny, this is absolutely amazing. I am so excited for this book to come out! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. Your stories and struggles have helped me so much!

  449. 450
    Diane Martel

    I’m so happy about this book. I will be waiting in breathless anticipation for its arrival. You know people will be snapping them up, and I won’t be sharing this one with friends. They’ll have to buy their own.

  450. OH. MY. GOD.
    I am so unbelievably incredibly fucking excited for this!!!
    Your drawings are haunting and beautiful and amazing. Just like all of our brains.

  451. Awesome! I can’t wait 🙂

    stonecrab1122 recently posted Letter of September 14, 1918.

  452. I am speechless. I am without speech. These are totes awesome.
    (Um, speaking of totes…. would make super bags). <– you heard it here first

  453. OMG OMG OMG! I do the SAME THING for the same reason—“I have no doubt that these drawings saved me.” And they are in a style that speaks to me. Jenny, YOU ARE A LIGHTHOUSE! When I need to get back to shore, you help me! I will buy three: one for my studio, one for work and one hug repeatedly.

  454. I am so excited for this. I love your drawings. They make me feel. Period. I need that. I have a feeling I am going to buy two, one to use for framing or to give individual drawings to friends as needed; and one to color.

    Thank you for sharing your brain’s inner workings and heart and soul with us.

  455. I can’t WAIT!!! I color to quiet my brain and your drawings will help even more!

    Valerie recently posted Phoenix Brain.

  456. and one to HUG repeatedly! LOL

  457. Captivating images! I will enjoy every calming second colouring them!

  458. OMG! I love, love, love them!

  459. I cannot begin to read the 450 comments ahead of me, but I kind of feel I know what they will all say. Thank you. We don’t just save you, you bring light to all of us also. And smiles. And tears. But always light.

  460. Jenny, as always thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us who love you so. I look forward to this book like everything else you create. I am in awe of your amazing ability to reach in and bring out all the things I feel but can not always express.

  461. Wow… that’s amazing!

  462. Awesome. I’d love to get this book. Kudos to you!

  463. I adore these. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents and spirit. You’re an inspiration. Can’t wait until the book is ready!

  464. Your drawings are amazing! I can’t wait to see and color in the book – thanks for sharing your art!

  465. 466
    Davida Vangen

    Thank you! Over the last week I’ve had a fibromyalgia flare but at the same time a burning desire to create. I’ve tried all sorts crafts over the years but never found one that I was passionate about our felt connected to, but I doodle with no particular path. Yesterday at my counselors, we had a conversation about finding an outlet and she recommended art journaling and today… you are here, and I see stories in your art and journeys waiting to start! Thank you for your willingness to share with all of us, I believe that each of us can help another by being open about our struggles, for then we are not alone.

  466. Jenny, you are an amazing, wonderful artist. Your artwork is inextricably linked with your life, and your storytelling. Embracing that chaotic mix and turning it into something cohesive that embiggens the soul is what makes you a true original. You create a generous invitation to us strangers. I am so lucky because I get to glimpse into your world.

    You mentioned ‘perfection’ several times. Perfection is silly. And unattainable. Just ask Dali. Please walk away from that idea.

    Perfection is boring. Getting better is where all the fun is. Dragos Roua

    All my love and support from San Francisco, xo Alys

  467. YAY! Can’t wait!!

  468. Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    StarOfGrace recently posted I Got Nothing.

  469. That’s so awesome! I’m a firm believer in keeping a well-stocked toolbox: art therapy, journaling, music therapy, chocolate, wine, therapeutic pups and kitties. You can never have too many. 🙂

    twisteddill recently posted Summertime Sadness Slain.

  470. On tough days, remind yourself of how beautiful a gift it is to be so talented in more ways than one as you put pen to paper. Amazing Jenny! Amazing!

    onegirlbreathing recently posted Yoga Is My Savior.

  471. Extra special amazing awesome.

  472. Fantastic, wonderful, out standing (I try not to use the word awesome, it is so over used!) I can’t wait to get my hands on one!! I plan to colour them and then secretly tape them into the bathrooms at work to help other nurses relax their minds. Help them broaden their minds, to think beyond their textbooks!! Big Hugs to your struggle to climb up and out of your depression. Love Dawn

  473. I am so excited that you are making a (sort of) coloring book! Your drawings are fantastic and they need to be shared.

  474. OH M GEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO EXCITED for this! And so impressed, thrilled, gobsmacked! Your talent is just BEYOND amazing!!! <3 <3 <3 I WILL buy MANY of the books and in the meantime, I will continue to collect the images and tape them on my wall (I know like a teenaged fan girl—whatever!).

  475. Can’t wait! I’ll be getting one for me, both my daughters and
    my sister. You are a blessing to so many people 😘

  476. YAY! I don’t care how long it takes – I love that your self-care can be turned into something to help others. Can’t wait to buy one!

  477. #artheals I love this. The world is your canvas, Jenny. I love that you can still astound me with your capacity for beauty. Thank you.

    Elly Lonon recently posted Hate Is Not New.

  478. THAT.IS.AMAZING!!! I love your art!!! Art is how I deal too. I am a goofball, social-anxiety wreck when I open my mouth, so art is the only way I can really say how I feel. I think I’d have lost the battle long ago without it. I love seeing your drawings. They are gorgeous, and different, and make you look. Life is too crazy. Art is great because it makes you look at something new that 100% came out of another human’s mind.

    fallingtowardsfair recently posted Awkward Truths.

  479. Love you Jenny and your artwork is stunning!

  480. I’m going to have to have at least five of these. To start.

  481. I’ve always felt that the thing that makes us creative can destroy us. The sensitivity required to be an artist can make it difficult to live with our emotions, in an overwhelming world. Creativity is such a powerful force, and sometimes we bleed for it. We torture ourselves over trying to get a project done, and done to perfection. Sometimes we need to back off and recharge. Sometimes some other project is pushing to be born and we need to honor that. What you’re experiencing is part of the flow of being a creative person. It’s natural.

    Well done, getting that coloring book into the world. Speaking as a book buyer who sees tons of coloring books in publisher’s catalogs, and frankly won’t buy another one unless it’s something new, your book, if I had seen it in a catalog, would have made me sit up and take notice. And order.

    Looking forward to the finished product!

    digbydigz recently posted When the Small-Town Parade Passed Me By.

  482. Congrats, that’s awesome!!

  483. AAAAACKKKK!!!! This news just MADE MY SUMMER!!!!!

    I love you. That is all.

  484. Jenny, you are great at everything you do–these are wonderful, and so “you.” Whether you’re ‘wording’ or ‘drawing’ or just thinking out loud, we are the lucky ones you share it all with, so thank you! I am now going to get my Tangle book out (or whatever it’s called), draw a little, then work on my ms…b/c you’ve inspired me, and isn’t that cool? xo

  485. 486
    Crystal Pauley

    I hope you are able to appreciate how important you are to people, and what a difference you make in so many lives. The way you openly share about your worst days, the way you let us watch you as come back into the light-I don’t doubt for a second that you have saved lives. This book is a little slice of your soul that you are sharing, and so many need it. They need to see how someone faced some of their darkest days and worked their way back. I own and cherish your other books, and I’ve bought many as presents for others. I can’t wait for this one so I can continue sharing with others and reminding them, DEPRESSION LIES.

  486. I’m so glad to hear you are winning your battles. That we get lovely art is a bonus.

  487. Jenny, these drawings are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them!

  488. I love this! One of my three wishes to make if I find a genie is to be able to draw. I have always imagined it to be brilliant therapy, but because I suck at it, its not. Congratulations!

  489. 490
    Heather Greywolf

    OMG, Jenny, I was SO HOPING that you would do this!!!!!
    I want this so badly, I could scream for joy!!

  490. Stunning, Jenny! Thank you for sharing, yet again. XOXOXO

  491. Patterns mean comfort to me in some undescribable way. I very much look forward to seeing more of yours.

  492. YES YES YES GOOD. I’ll need at least two for myself!

  493. Great rejoicing! I can’t wait to see it. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, even the dark, confusing stuff. It helps me so much with my own.

  494. Simply amazing! Love looking at your work.

  495. These are remarkably beautiful!! I CAN’T WAIT to buy and frame some of them! Also – I’m currently reading (and LOVING) Furiously Happy. Thank you so much for everything you put out into this world.

  496. This line: “But I had to get it out of my head so I could move on.” YES. Stop making me cry. My mother recently passed away and I had this image in my head of what she was doing now – that came into my head when we were writing her obituary. It was so clear. But it was in my head only and that was driving me insane. So I asked an artist-friend if I could describe to him what I was seeing and if he could draw it. He said yes and we worked on it – and because of him, I now have a tangible piece of what was in my head on paper. And I didn’t realize I needed it so I could move on. I thought I just needed to “see” it and for others to see what I was seeing. It will always live in my head – just like her – but getting it out of my head I hope will allow me to move past it. To no longer NEED to place it in front of the door where I’ll constantly bump into so I don’t forget it. So I can move on. Thanks for that line.

  497. Your drawings are magical. I remember seeing them on Ibstagram and hoped that maybe one day you would share more. I cannot wait to buy a copy (or three!). Congratulations Jenny.

  498. What beautiful, intricate drawings. I’m like #163, crocheting to manage the life and I delight in the patterns it makes. But oh, I miss drawing.

  499. I play with string – making tatted lace – when I need to withdraw.


  501. 502

    Jenny – they are gorgeous! I am an artist and love what you’ve done. I also do embroidery and know your drawings would be so cool on pillows, tees, purses… There is a website that buys designs. Urban Threads. Check them out. I would buy them!!


  502. 503

    Awesome!!! I haven’t gotten into the coloring book craze yet, but now I’ll have to! Furiously Happy has helped me get past the worst lies of my depression/anxiety/ptsd by reminding me that, when I’m not in the clutches of my mental illnesses, my life fucking rocks and I just have to make it through the lows, no matter how deep they go, so I can get back to the highs and really enjoy the shit out of my life! It’s awesome how you have taken your experiences and used them to help so many like me! Thank you!

  503. 504
    Mary Saburn

    I can’t wait to buy 5!!!! I LOVE to color and this will be the perfect thing to calm my mind and enjoy the messages that I also need to hear so often. THANK YOU!!!!

  504. Very,very cool!

  505. 506

    Here. hands over all the moneys

  506. You are a comfort and beacon to those of us travelling a similar path. Please tell you publisher we Canadians need this colouring book as soon as possible too!

  507. I remember you wrote once that you knew what resonated with your readers by the responses you got after posting. I am STUNNED, not by the responses you got, but the quickness of people to react to your announcement. This should tell you, absolutely, that you nailed it. If colouring books can make the bestseller list, you’ve got it! Love you, Jenny, and you should never doubt yourself with the tribe you’ve got behind you.

  508. 509
    Dawn Nussbaum

    Wow! You are so super talented. I loved Furiously Happy, and I love your drawings too. Keep up the great work. You are fabulous!

  509. 510

    Love love love love this!

  510. 511
    Marina Stern

    Your drawings are beautiful. I can hardly wait to start coloring.

  511. I fervently prayed that this would happen as soon as I saw your first artwork. For it is art: deep, beautiful, poignant art. Thank you for everything you share with all of us, and now this. <3

  512. I am amazed.by your love and compassion. Most of all I am really proud of you.

  513. Wonderful!! Can’t wait!

  514. You beauty. Thank you. 🙂

  515. how beautiful! thank you for this <3

  516. You truly are a gift to me… I’m in tears reading this post… your art work is so visually pleasing – and very very very beautiful… I stand beside you with anxiety that is near paralyzing… depression that I fear I won’t climb out of – but I’m functioning. Thank you for being so open, and allowing us all to feel that we are less alone.

  517. 518

    I’m so happy for you and yes I’ll definitely buy several copies so I can give them to my family and friends.

  518. Cool! You draw so very well and I believe that one can draw or write oneself out of a depression or anxiety. Not always, but drawing or writing helps. You do not need anyone else to do this. Just yourself and your tools. Room service helps also. One gets into a zone and out of time. So, pleased that you are doing this. I hope it encourages others to do the same.

  519. 520
    Joan Tinnin

    Your pain breaks my heart. You are beautiful. This world is cruel. Thank you for your beauty

  520. I well and truly cried. Big ugly tears, but good tears because I know it was hard for you to share such a personal part of you but it helps me (and others) so much to see what beauty you create from your struggles. i’m not sure i’d be where i am today without you and your stories and drawings. you remind me that i’m not alone, and more importantly, that depression lies.

  521. I always love you and everything you do! Please let me know when I can pre-order copies of your new coloring book.

  522. wonderful!!! I’ll take 4 copies, maybe more…

  523. Absolutely LOVE this!!!! 🙂

  524. This is all absolutely gorgeous, and touching, and gut-wrenching, and I can’t wait to buy at least two, one to keep and one to colour. You are so wonderful and talented.

  525. 526
    Beth Loesch

    Your drawings are beautiful! (I’m a gallery owner so I’m certified to say that. 😉 ) You should meet my amazing friend, Meggan Hayes. She has anxiety and depression as well. She makes these wonderful drawings to help her cope. She is pretty amazing and so are her drawings. As are you and your drawings!

  526. 527

    YES! The very first time you shared one of your drawings, I hoped that this type of project would be the result! I’m thrilled for you and, much more selfishly, thrilled for me. I can’t wait to buy it!

  527. They are so beautiful and dark and light and sad but cheerful and soothing. They make me cry, but in a good way I think, I’m not really sure.

  528. I’m so looking forward to this! I’ve already printed off several pictures from this post so I can color them while I’m sitting here in the hospital with my sister.

  529. So excited! Excited for you that this helped you move forward…and excited for us as we reap the rewards. I color to help with my anxiety…so yeah, will be buying as soon as it’s available. Love you!!!

  530. That’s amazing news!! I can’t wait to get a copy (or two)! Your drawings are spectacular. <3

  531. Oh my God, Jenny, congratulations, and thank you. What a gift you are giving…and have received. Knowing those circle started as coffee cups and pill bottles makes them even more beautiful.

  532. Wow! I mean, WOW! I love them. Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to the book.

  533. I was so hoping that your news would be a coloring book. I am so impressed with your drawings and words, I can’t wait until I can purchase this. Congratulations Jenny, and thank you!

  534. Wow. That is all.

  535. I know what I’m asking for Christmas this year along with the new mini Nintendo! Love everything you do Jenny. Thank you for sharing your thought, feelings, fears, and joys with us.

  536. I feel lucky to have been a part of this in some small way. Even if I wasn’t really vocal about it, I LOVED these when you first started sharing them here and there. This new book is already a huge success, and YOU made that happen. I’m so proud of you, happy for you, and thrilled for all those who will get to enjoy such meaningful artwork. <3

    Lisa recently posted I slept all weekend to avoid fighting.

  537. I had no idea that you could create beautiful art like this! Huge congratulations on your new book and the inspiration that it will pay forward!! I create in fiber (quilts) and this is my sanity when the dark times hit, which fortunately for me, aren’t often or too terribly dark. Sadly in the place I’ve been lately with the death of my Mom, I have to force myself to work on things and when I do, it always brings me happiness for that time.

  538. I know this feeling of something trying to be created and how it drives and pulls and pushes. This looks like a great book. Wishing you great success.

  539. 540
    Linda Roberts

    The girl in the boat reminded me of the book “The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making” by Cat Valente. These are fabulous.

  540. Your beautiful words flow into my heart and make tears flow form my eyes. Some are happy, some are sad and some are in wonderment of you.

  541. I am so excited! I can’t wait to get one of these (or 12 of them)! Your artwork is amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  542. Yay! I’m so glad you’re releasing this, I love your art! I love to doodle like that too, I started when they taught us about tessellations in art class, and somehow it morphed to that. I think the focusing on just drawing those lines and details helps us to just breath and not think as much.

    I’m gonna buy, like, six. <4

    nerril recently posted It’s like a weird Spam Sandwich.

  543. 544

    YOU….GO….Girl! I bought coloring book from the margin of your blog and love it! I CAN’T WAIT for yours!

  544. Your description of the gestation of this effort moved me to tears. It’s like life tells us to take on one task, and then the real, sometimes unconsciously-secret work begins. Your stories, your struggles and now also your art brings me joy, strength and hope. Thank you, Jenny. I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

  545. LOVE these … Can’t wait for the book!

  546. 547

    take this for what it’s worth, from a 64 year old white guy: you go, girl!

  547. 548

    Thank you, Jenny, so much for sharing your words and your thoughts and your pictures. You are an amazing gift to all of us out here who suffer alone, in silence, trying to tough it out because there is no other option. You make it okay because the loneliness is what makes the bad so much stronger. I will be waiting anxiously for the link to buy your book, all of your books, all of your thoughts and words and drawings, so that I can hold them, and you, closer to my heart, where you have been for such a long time. Thank you.

  548. Your drawings astound me. You are an amazing and incredibly talented person. I am consistently awed and inspired by you. So much so that I can’t really word right now. Can’t wait for this to happen so I can buy many copies.

  549. Not that you wouldn’t rather have skipped the 7 month THING… but it occurs to me that it was necessary in order for this book to find it’s way out of you. How could it have happened any other way? Would these drawings have come out of you had you not been unable to write? I don’t know – but it seems to me as though this is one really, really good thing that came out of the depression.

  550. 551

    I am speechless your drawings are amazing

  551. I don’t even have words for how these drawings touch me. I cannot WAIT for this book to be available. Your work is simply incredible. THANK YOU!

  552. Amazing work! Thank you so much for sharing yet another piece of yourself.

  553. The tears are running down my cheeks. What you wrote are many of the thoughts that float around in my head that I didn’t know how to express. I am an artist as well; my art is not anywhere near the caliber of yours, but it’s art all the same and it’s mine. I am an artist, and creating keeps me sane.
    Thank you for sharing how important art is to many of us who have demons in our head and use creativity to make them go away.

  554. This is awesome!! I love your drawings. They are intricate and strong, yet understated and simple all at the same time. The words are so powerful and they touch the heart. And I completely understand needing to keep your hands busy. If my hands are busy, then my brain doesn’t have as much energy to hurt me.

  555. Very cool! You should check out Zentangle, if you haven’t already. http://www.zentangle.com

  556. 557
    Carole (the pretty one)

    I love you so hard right now, Jenny. Spectacular news!

  557. I LOVE COLOURING !!!!! I’m beyond excited omg!!!!!!!!!!!

  558. 559
    Diane Clemens

    Thank you!

  559. 560
    Kay Simpson

    You never fail to amaze. So much talent, creativity, compassion and love in one woman!

  560. You rock. No really, you rock it hard. Thanks!

  561. 562

    I’m so excited for this! I bought a set of colored pencils just so I could color in one of your “doodles”. And I wanted to tell you this: I have a friend who has been having a very, very hard time. I printed out the one with the woman with candles for hair and put it in her mailbox, half-colored, with some colored pencils. She told me that it saved her life. She was thinking seriously of suicide but getting that in her mailbox steadied her, gave her something else to think about, and got her through that long night. So thank you from her and from me.

  562. 563
    Hope minus the less please

    I am not doing so well right now. I want to scream I want to cry. I am angry. I don’t know what to do. I need to get the fuck away. Hopeless. When everything is black or white and you try, really try to see gray but you just don’t see it? I don’t want to be a waste of space. I hurt. I need help but there are even obsticals to asking for help. Asked for some but will it help in time?

    I just want to get off disability and work. But it is destroying me! I’m dieing inside. I’ve never been a quitter so I’ve continued to push myself through. But things I care about are already slipping from my grasp.

    To be honest I just dont want to acsept that I can’t do this job. I want to be able to so much. There are opportunities if I keep it up for a few months. But this is only the third week, and things have gotten a so bad.

    This morning when I tried to explain to my boss that I’m a little distracted because I just lost someone the night before I started the job, boss said I’m sorry and then I was told when you get to work your personal life has no place, to leave it at the door.

    The world won’t end nor will my life if this job does not work out. It just feels that way. (Fact checking) I’m using my DBT skills. I’m using a lot of them.

    you can only do your best and try. Problem is so often my best is not good enough. But I keep trying because I’ve never been able to give up. It’s why I’m still alive.

    This is my fist blog post. I just Needed to share this with someone. Not sure if these can be responded to but if you can would someone out there send a note of encouragement? Thank you for taking the time to read this. And whoever you are I wish you the best in life.

  563. 564

    I am so glad that you are finding a way through and that you have an outlet. I’m so excited to see more of your wonderful work. You are a marvel.

  564. Amazing! Congratulations! Your post today immediately came to mind later on while I was watching the trailer for “A Monster Calls.” The artistry and the storyline seem to go hand in hand with your daily message.

  565. 566
    Meegs Trerice

    Oh Jenny!! I can’t wait to get one. Your art is absofuckinglutly beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!

  566. Congratulations! What a great project.

    kstewand4cats recently posted Kitty Boudoir.

  567. Congratulations on the colouring book Jenny. What a great companion to Furiously Happy.

    Gary Lum recently posted State of Origin Footy Food.

  568. I was hoping that would be the announcement!! Your drawings are so incredibly beautiful and intricate – they always seemed perfect for a coloring book for those of us who aren’t good at the creating side, but still want to participate in the beauty 🙂

    Alice recently posted The saga of the crib mattress.

  569. 570

    I knew you were doing a coloring book! Can’t wait till it is out so I can buy one for my dtr and for myself. Waiting with anticipation

  570. This speaks to me so deeply it made me cry. Thank you.

  571. 572

    I needed this today. Thank you.

  572. That is amazing and beautiful and real and I want one, or three, or more.

  573. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you turned this into a book! It’s what I was really, really hoping was going to happen with those amazing drawings of yours!

  574. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL JENNY!!! I’ll be the first in line to get on the pre-order list!!!

  575. Wow wow wow…wow.
    There is beauty in ashes after all. I can’t wait to get my copy. Thanks for sharing the exciting news with us, Jenny.

  576. I think the correct title for this is “I have a badass announcement.”

  577. Yay, so excited! 😀


    Ealachan recently posted turns out I may be part raccoon.

  578. This is so beautiful. Can’t wait to hold the book in my hands.

  579. 580

    I will preorder the day it’s available!!!

  580. Those are just beautiful. I can’t wait for the book! xxoo

  581. Jenny – these are beautiful! I would buy the fuck out of this coloring book. <3

  582. 583

    Oh sweet Jenny, here, take my money!!! When this becomes available I shall want multiple copies for my crazy ass self and my deeply worrying friends…You are saving so many of us from despair dear child, what a gift you are!

  583. Those are awesome.

  584. Jenny, thank you for sharing something so personal and intimate. Yours is a light that shines to all of us who are in that dark place too. I’m glad it’s easing for you, for now. Please keep shining. We all love you!

  585. I am so excited! I need this at work with me to help calm me down when I get stuck inside my own head. Can’t wait x

  586. Sometimes I wonder if the depression cycles are ruled by the universe somehow – the moon, the tides, the atmospheric pressure, something like that. It seems as though I am crawling out of the spiral at the same time you are, and at the same time as other friends. In a way it’s nice, because it makes me feel less alone; but on the other hand, the people in my tribe who truly understand how it feels are in the same spot I’m in and are not in a position to help me any more than I am to help them.

    I think your coloring book might be exactly what we need. Every single illustration you have ever shared with us has spoken to me on a level much deeper than most imagery. I can imagine myself starting at the beginning of the book, possibly coloring the whole thing in shades of grey and black, and by the end there is finally color peeking through the dark. I am very excited for the book’s release… and even more excited that you and I are both crawling up into a space where we can BE excited.

    Thank you. For everything. Really, really, thank you.

  587. Your depression is just trying to tell you…trust yourself. In the zillions of DNA strands that comprise each of us, we’re all unique, in infinitely different ways. It’s what makes your creative energy so wonderful. You can’t put an impassable deadline on that. Thank your depression for rejecting the roadblocks around you, because this time it pushed you to a breakthrough in your art. It’s brilliant.


  588. I love them. <3

  589. As I scrolled down this post, I came to the tree and I just burst into tears. That one says so much.

    Jenny, you’ve spoken for so many of us who just can’t, or haven’t found the words. Thank you.

  590. What a beautiful project. I want to buy this for my 10 year old. He has so much anxiety, and his favorite art projects have been drawn patterns like the ones in your drawing. I never put the 2 together until this post. He loves coloring intricate, tiny shapes and I feel like he would get so much out of this book. Your words always touch me, and I’m sure they’d touch him too.

  591. Wow! Look at the number of comments! Judging by that alone, I can see the impact this project has on everyone, including me! Not that I would EVER wish depression on anyone, Lord knows I’ve been there and still go there sometimes, but maybe there was a purpose to your depression this time around. Depression lies! But, maybe, just maybe, sometimes it has a purpose and a higher calling. I LOVE this project! I think it represents all the beauty that we can find and that can truly come out of the dark places in our lives, if only we hold on and make it through. And these drawings and these words help to make it through. They helped you, and they have inspired me and I am sure hundreds or thousands of other people!

  592. 593
    Kay Howard

    I do the same thing! I don’t think I have ever met someone like me in that respect. How awesome to be able to have your works published. I cannot wait to get the coloring book.

  593. Cannot wait to spend some money on this! For me and for gifts! 🙂

  594. So amazing! I can’t wait to buy it!

  595. You continue to inspire and entertain just by being your flawed and wonderful self. Congrats, Jenny!

  596. Thank you, Jenny, for all you have done for your followers. You are such an amazing person! I always look forward to seeing what you have to share–whether it be a funny story, a dialogue between you & Victor, even a sad story–because I can always find something I identify with. I am so excited about your new book & I know I’ll be buying a few for myself & friends (& sisters) I know will enjoy it. Congratulations!! We all love you!! 🙂

  597. Simply beautiful.

  598. 599
    Sharon Pierce

    First of all, I will not apologize for my part in “making you” create the amazing piece of work that you did Madam! Seconditional, it’s a little unfair that you received the amazing humor gene, the incredible writer gene, AND the phenomenal doodles/artistic gene. Can you leave some for the rest of us non-creative folks? With all of that being said, I adore you; I LOVE your books & your doodles & phrases are both breath-taking & inspiring! Well done Jenny!

  599. I am so incredibly sorry that you had to go through that dark, ugly place to get this beautiful work out. I am selfishly happy for all of us and so glad something incredible came out of it.

  600. Those drawings are fantastic . And you’re going on a book tour toO? Congratulations !

    carefreespiritfairy recently posted First blog post.

  601. 602

    Congratulations – this is great news! I have a mental list of 8 or so people I plan to give one to, plus I’ll get at least a couple for myself to use in some of the different ways you’ve mentioned. Thank you for this, and for all you’ve done in the past to lead me and some of my friends out of darkness.

  602. 603

    Thank you Jenny for your beautiful drawings and all you share with so many people.

  603. 604

    I can not tell you how excited I am for this book – both as a testament to how truly amazing you are, but as a big, giant f*ck you to the things that drag us down. Thank you for reminding us, each and every day, that our illnesses, our damages – however large or small – are not an end, but a stepping off point into something more profound and more amazing that we know.

  604. 605
    Emilee Pakele

    I cannot wait for this!!! Your books, blog and tweets have literally made me feel so much better and different about myself and my own mental issues, but in a good way! I really love your work and I can honestly say that I would probably be in a much darker place in my life if not for you. So for that, and this up and coming coloring book, thank you 🙂

  605. I love everything about this. Well, not everything – that whole depression and anxiety thing is the utter pits. I’m always banging on about the benefits of creativity to our mental health, our wellness… And there you go offering up the best explanation ever. Thank you! These drawings are delicious amazingness and I can’t wait to get a copy of this.

  606. This is so amazing! You are amazing! This community you’ve inspired is amazing!

  607. I think now you can show your depression that even when it tries it’s hardest to fuck with you, your spirit can and will overwhelm it and something great and wonderful is the outcome. I can hardly wait to get your book!!

  608. I feel a new tattoo coming my way in the not too distant future!

  609. Jenny,

    You take mental illness and turn it into magic.

    Thank you.

  610. Can. Not. Wait! I knew this was going to happen the first time you posted one of your drawings. They reach out and draw you in, inviting you to see the detail and add your own. I am so furiously happy that this will be a real, physical thing one day soon! All my friends will be getting a copy. Well done, you.

  611. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been kind of mad at you for not blogging your usual blogs. I thought it was the usual, “I wrote a book, so I don’t need to blog anymore” thing, and I was sad and cynical. I’m sorry for feeling that way when you were having such a hard time and creating something so magical at the same time. It’s an awesome project.

  612. How wonderful. Thank you again for your creativity!

    Kathleen recently posted Swimming in the Rain.

  613. 614

    These are marvelous. Thank you for sharing.

  614. Yay! I can’t wait to see this! I love all your drawings! I use them as inspiration to stop farting around (heh) and start drawing again.

  615. Something tells me you can’t paint this with your vagina;).

    Inspirational and admiration –


  616. Thank you for the news I’ve been waiting to hear.
    I “caught” my 10yo with print outs of some of your images the other day (she’s become hooked after watching me giggle reading Furiously Happy on the ferry). Needless to say, we’ll be buying multiple copies for this household alone.
    Can’t wait… I hope this publishing and stocking business doesn’t take too long.

  617. 618

    Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love!

  618. Thank you for sharing your drawings. They are amazing. Can’t wait for them to be available. I love them, and make me want to fill them with color. Thank you again for sharing

  619. I was so hoping this was what you were doing! I’m excited! runs in a circle, flailing her hands Once again, you’ve taken the bad things and turned them into your minions, and that makes you Grade-A Badass. Much love!

  620. I am an AFOC (Adult Fan of Coloring) and love your illustrations. Really impressive you’ve been able to take something painful and make something so beautiful. Coloring is my zen, but it seemed a little–pointless…? I guess is the right word–until I found a book that had inspirational comments worked into the images. I color them and then use them as a mood board of sorts for the month. And your idea of a coloring book with words, either expressing what you’re going through or to inspire out of it, is so perfect. Thank you for finding an outlet and sharing it to inspire others. I guess that also makes me an AFOJ 🙂

  621. 622

    My first thought was that you were PREGNANT!! AND YOU WERE, only with a Book.

  622. De-lurking to say: I LOVE THIS AND I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT I’M DOING A LITTLE DANCE!!! Ahem. Sorry for the yelling. Your drawings are amazing, and I’ve been looking at them for awhile thinking: “These would make a great coloring book.” So, yay!!!

    Reactivating Lurking Device.

  623. These are beautiful, Jenny! And heartfelt. Just like you:).

    candidkay recently posted I am not those other girls.

  624. 625

    Beautiful! I’m interested in the recurring candle imagery…

  625. 626

    Love all of it, I will be looking forward to the book. 💜

  626. Happy for you and soon for us, will pre-order ASAP. Thank you for sharing your life and art.

    #564 (hope minus the less please) shook me to my core. Please know that many readers can identify with your comments, depression lies and you ARE using your DBT skills just by writing this post. Please search out some help online if you don’t have a local support group or suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255. Help is available, just reach out. I hope you post again to say that things have improved. Take care.

  627. This is freaking amazing. <3 AWESOME.

    mommatrek recently posted Drowning in Podcasts.

  628. 629
    Lee Bradley

    Jenny, I was first made aware of your drawing skills when you posted a month or so ago. Now I see you will publish your work. You are very very skilled and interesting. In many ways. My brother Chip Bradley has of late been drawing mandalas and most recently even more abstract stuff. I own and have read your books, bought extra copies and sent them to friends. I also work with a woman Shelly Castiolla (The Pattern Maker) who draws marvellous things. Good luck with the drawing book. I will of course buy it. Lee Bradley

  629. Bravo Jenny :-). Thanks for being you and sharing your writing, drawing and awesomely bizarre life with the world. Looking forward to your next book. You rock!

  630. So excited to see this and so proud of you for doing it. I wonder if it wasn’t your depression taking you this time though, but your creativity screaming for a new release? Because I feel like this is something that is so uniquely you that it could never be brought to being otherwise. And I’m with other commenters I’ve seen, I’ve been supremely uninterested in this whole adult coloring thing, until now. Thank you so much for being exactly who and what you are, which is nothing short of breathtaking. Will definitely purchase the finished product. 🙂

  631. Your art is incredible! Will you be selling individual prints? I’m ready to buy!

  632. Oh, I’m so pleased you are doing this! I’m having 2 copies (at least!) one for me because I like pretty, profound and difficult things and one for a friend who needs a lift. Well done, you, your art is fabulous in a Gieger/Escher/weirdandsometimesscarey way.

  633. You’ve no idea how badly I would like to color that breathing room one right now. Unfortunately about 16 hours from home for the last week with no printer. Also love the whale tail one something fierce.

    Congrats on the new book!